Preview for the upcoming Saturday Nite Special with words from Andrea Chandler, Bloody Mary, Daisy Butterfly, Micki Duran and more.

(The scene is one of Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance studios located in Tacoma, Washington. Two men are sitting behind a desk. They are wearing a blue blazer with the GDWA logo on the right side. A woman sits between them with a red and brown suit jacket and skirt. The lights start to come up, and “Atomic Dog” by Parliament–the GDWA theme music–begins to play.)

Dunbar: Wrestling fans, I’m Paul Laurence Dunbar with Allen Bishop and Sonya Blade bringing you the Friday Night Tease. So much going on tonight! I don’t even know where to begin…

Blade: …let’s begin with the World Title! Andrea Chandler voted WRESTLER OF THE MONTH for an unprecedented 2nd time. Even I must admit her achievements are mighty impressive.

Bishop: And then you have Grand Dragon wrestlers coming out of the closet to express their near hatred for Andrea Chandler. I’d rather say it was jealousy on the part of rulebreakers!

Blade: And on the part of fan favorites I’d say it was spite. Andrea is still a rule breaker, and she is as arrogant as she is cocky.

Dunbar: Let’s hear words from the Syndicate and the Heavyweight Champion of the World, Andrea Chandler….


(Andrea is performing hammer curls with a huge quantity of weight, her biceps swelling with each steady contraction. A sheen of sweat glistens on her body, beading up on her skin and rolling down the curves and ridges of her sculpted physique. Grunting out one final rep, she re-racks the weights and looks up at the camera.)

[Andrea] Dementia Praecox…I pity you. You see, it’s bad enough that you’re having to wrestle twice in one evening: first against Micki, the sure winner of her match with Daisy Butterfly, and then against me. You’ll have to face two members of the Syndicate, and that guarantees you punishment that you’ve never felt before in your miserable life. But no, THEN you had the AUDACITY to deny me an opportunity at the Internet Title. I suppose I can understand why–you know I’m going to dispatch you as handily as I did the last time–but your lack of courage sickens me.

All you’ve succeeded in doing is PISSING ME OFF!!! And I’ve left a pile of bodies behind me for doing less than that. I’ve asked Micki to save something of you for me on Founder’s Day, Dementia. This means your UTTER destruction, you may rest assured.

On a lighter note, I would very much like to thank all those who felt me adequate to win Wrestler of the Month for a second time. It’s always great to know that the GDWA appreciates my efforts. I promise to maintain the highest standard this fed has EVER seen, and that the Diamond Express is going to continue mowing down all comers. Thank you, GDWA. Your faith in me is touching. (She blows a kiss.)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have more work to do here. I have to ensure that I come to Founder’s Day strong, so as to crush Dementia in my arms like an egg.

(She winks.)

See you there. Don’t DARE miss it!!!

Bishop: The World’s champ somewhat humble…

Blade: Humble? Andrea is never humble. I’d say she was curt.

Bishop: Well, she’s been awarded BACK to BACK Wrestler of the Month awards and that is unheard of.

Dunbar: Well, we can certainly say that some in the wrestling world weren’t too happy to hear about Andrea Chandler’s success. Let’s hear some comments from Bloody Mary…


(Bloody Mary is seated outside of business office in empty waiting room)

Bloody Mary: ANDREA CHANDLER, YOU REALLY SCREWED THINGS UP FOR ME & A COUPLE OTHERS DIDN’T YOU!! (Mary pauses & calms herself) I’m sitting at our lawyer’s office, mine, the Dolls & the Gladiatrixes. I’m here on their behalf. They are waiting for me at home. Why am I at a lawyer’s office?

That’s a good question, me Bloody Mary here & not bailing myself out of trouble. So why am I here? Ever hear of breach of contract, Andrea. You should….you’re guilty of it enough times. You probably just thought you were playing mind games with me along with Dementia……. …mind games with Dementia(she chuckles sarcastically), yeah right. Also Ma Porter, Medusa, even! First you offer your title shot at the most prestigious event ever in the GDWA to one then another then retract, offer, retract, refuse. Just can’t make up your mind, huh, playing around getting a couple of us excited at getting a shot at the title then deflating our emotions like a balloon, Miss Popularity, I sure didn’t vote for you, by the way. Well, now it’s my turn to play mind games with you, Andrea. I’m sitting here thinking. Should I start a lawsuit & block your title shot on grounds of breach of contract?

Maybe get a block against Dementia, although she’d probably think she was being invited to some party, she’d get her thrills either way. Maybe Ma might do the same thing, I’ve been talking to her. She doesn’t like lawyer’s offices, y’know, they make her nervous for some reason, she’s kinda like me in that respect. Medusa might be of some help but I doubt it unless she helps just out of spite. Yeah Andrea, I could really cause some trouble with your title shot, couldn’t I? But then that wouldn’t really be fair to the fans who want to see your butt kicked by that lamebrain Dementia. If I sued the GDWA they’d have to delay the whole card maybe….hmmmm, maybe, maybe not. Do I want to go in there & cause you all kinds of legal hassles…or do I want to wait till after Founders Day & get you with my own kind of justice, me as lawyer, jury, judge & executioner! Ma, I’m sure is thinking the same thing! What do I do, what do I do….

(Looking at the door rubbing her chin)?

Sweating Andrea? Does a blocking order show up at GDWA offices or do I take the law in my own hands later. I will be at Founders Day, Andrea, doing what? I don’t know…yet! Now who’s playing mind games, Andrea?

Bishop: Wow! Bloody Mary issuing a threat?

Blade: I’d say that Mary is doing what the Syndicate has made themselves renowned for doing…making people look over their shoulders.

Dunbar: Fans, we also have comments from a fan favorite with a rather strong dislike for Andrea Chandler. Let’s hear from the woman they call the ‘Franchise’….Daisy Butterfly!


(SCENE: DAISY BUTTERFLY, sitting in a Tilt-A-Whirl cart at a carnival. The ride is not moving and apparently, no one is around. She’s dressed in her red warm-up suit and has her hair down, two braids framing her face)

Daisy: Syndicate, my respect for you ends with Micki Duran. Micki, you got skills. I have skills. Our match at Founder’s Day will be nothing short of a classic, no doubt. If championships didn’t determine the schedule, our match would be the main event. Now girl, hate me for what I said about your girl Andrea. I don’t care. Just don’t underestimate me. I can get down with the villains if I need to. I’ve learned my mistake in the past with regards to watching my back. Let’s just say that I’ve developed two sets of eyes in the back of my head. Chandler, yo, you want to take this opportunity to make me swallow my words? Come down to ringside. Bring your lil’ clown…err, clone Tiffany down with you. Bring STRIKE. Bring whoever, ’cause I’m back with a vengeance, ready to serve it to the Syndicate should you step in my way. And girl, I’ve got eyes on YOUR belt.

You don’t think competition exists here in the GDWA? Think all the ladies are running from you? You better beat Praecox, sweetheart, ’cause I’m making a bid at your belt and your ass. What day is good for you, ‘Dre? The Saturday after Founder’s Day? Wanna go one more round with me?

With all these gangs making waves, you’re setting yourself up for the one-woman reclamation of the GDWA. First Duran and Praecox, then you Chandler. I have two good shoulders, just ITCHING to hang those belts. It’s time for some action. Sayonara, girls.

Dunbar: Wrestling fans that is the OLD Daisy Butterfly. Possibly the next Internet Champion threatening the WORLD’s Champ!

Blade: But that threat came in the form of a wrestling match. Competition. Not this gang warfare that has been going on lately.

Bishop: Well, she’s got to get past Micki Duran…THEN Dementia Praecox to get the gold.

Dunbar: Fans, we’ve got words from the OTHER founder of the Syndicate. With comments, let’s hear from the ‘Legend’ Micki Duran….


(Camera comes up on Micki Duran, in a dank, dirty weight room, sitting at a military press bench. She is pressing a HUGE amount of weight, and Crystal “The Crippler” Lewis is behind her, spotting. They rack the weight, and Micki sits forward.)

[Micki] We’re down to days, now, kids. Days. Daisy Butterfly, you and I are going to walk into that ring, and I’m going to prove once and for all that *I* am the Legend. *I* am the franchise. You were a great wrestler once, but those days are over, and this is the SYNDICATE’s day. Daisy, honey, I really hope that you’re ready for me, because I’d hate to just rumble over you on my way to the belt.

[Crystal] Confident, aren’t you?

[Micki] Confident? Hell, kid, you ain’t seen confident yet.

(She lies back onto the bench and begins to press the weights again.)

Bishop: Wow! Micki Duran having her say in all of this as well.

Blade: And what about Medusa and Ma Porter? They had bids for the World Title! Do they have anything to say about this Chandler/Praecox match?

Dunbar: It’s safe to say that Dementia Praecox is a decided underdog. The question is has she developed SIGNIFICANTLY since she met Andrea Chandler in the Semifinals of the last World Title tourney.

Bishop: Hopefully we’ll hear from the challenger, the INTERNET CHAMPION! But for now, we have comments from Medusa Rage…


[Fade in:

Medusa Rage is caught at a photo shoot for a photography magazine. She is naked, her skin painted in the shade of a serpent’s scales, snake’s eyes are painted on her eyelids and her hair is wrapped to resemble a rattlesnake’s rattle. She poses, elongating her body, bending it in various serpentine shapes, showing the long, graceful elegance of her body, its muscularity and femininity intertwined. She seems natural at this, the serpent’s fangs in her mouth, glinting as the photographer directs her. She hisses she rears back to strike. Serpentine, the python, curls around her groin and along her back… She tickles its head and poses with it. Everything about Medusa speaks of the snake.]

Photographer: All right! That’s a wrap! Beautiful shoot, Medusa! Somebody bring her a robe and get that paint off her. Again, really spectacular shots, Medusa.

Medusa: Thank you, darling. I liked them, too.

Whalen: Medusa, might I get a word with you?

[Medusa nods as she unwinds Serpentine from her body. The camera is digitally diffused as she stands gloriously exposed while and attendant wipes her body clean of the makeup and wraps her in a robe. When the picture becomes clear again Medusa is smiling into the camera.]

Medusa: Did you like that? Did you see it as wonderful? Or were you too ashamed to show my body. It’s sleek beauty, its muscularity. Did I embarrass you? [She teases with her robe and laughs.] You should never watch a snake shed its skin. It is particularly sensitive during molting. And you should never venture upon me nude if you are not man enough to gaze upon me.

Whalen: Um, I’m sorry. I wanted to ask you some questions. About Founder’s Day.

Medusa: Yes, what about it?

Whalen: You’re not wrestling, but I think the world is still wondering what you plan to do to Andrea Chandler. We know how deep your hatred runs for her.

[Medusa’s eyes have a glassy quality to them.]

Whalen: Medusa?

Medusa: I’m sorry. Sometimes I hurt so much. No, I wouldn’t accept a match at Founder’s Day because of the pain I am in. For too long I’ve been showing the world exactly how bad I am, ignoring the doctors’ orders, wrestling hurt. I can’t be so reckless any more. I must protect myself. No one else will.

Whalen: So you’re staying out of the big title match?

Medusa: I’ve done my bit. My secrets have been sold. Those who need to know what I know know what they need to know. [She smiles vaguely.]

Whalen: (looking confused) So you’re hoping Dementia Praecox wins it?

Medusa: I don’t really care anymore, Mr. Whalen. Time and rest is all I need now. Dementia, Andrea, either one will have to face the wrath of Medusa Rage. That’s merely the truth. I’ve waited so long to take the title. I can wait longer, I believe. I can wait. It doesn’t disturb me whatsoever. You’ll see that I am not without influence, however, even outside the ring. My presence will be felt at Founder’s Day. It will be felt. If you’ll excuse me, it’s time for my medication. Do forgive me. Thank you.

[Mike Whalen watches in amazement as Medusa sheds her robe as she stalks to her dressing room. The camera man snaps a few more shots of Medusa as she leaves the stage and vanishes into the dark.]

Bishop: Medusa Rage obviously still not 100% from all of those weeks of defying doctor’s orders. Hopefully we’ll see her back in action after the pay per view.

Blade: Rage is still in a rage! The heads of the 2 lasting stables in the GDWA now ready to renew their feud? World War 3 is about to commence…

Dunbar: Speaking of wars, we have the Suicide Blondes going up against the MISFITS for the Tag Belts at Founder’s Day Tradition. First, we’ll hear from the Blondes…


(SCENE: The SUICIDE BLONDES, reclining in a posh yet very kitschy lounge. Pastel-colored furniture, shag carpet, lamps of every trashy style. A velvet picture of Lon Chaney as the Phantom of the Opera hangs in the back, surrounded by movie posters depicting various B-horror films…)

Baby Jane Ross: Oh dear, Misfits. How…unexpected!! A STRAIGHT challenge from you two? Against us two? Taylor girl, has Hell frozen over yet?

Taylor Monroe: I think so, sweetie. I’d better move these to a warmer spot.

(Taylor reaches over and pulls back several 8 x 10 pictures, which she lays in her lap)

Taylor Monroe: Dalbello, Godiva; listen up. What I have here are PRICELESS. And they’re quite helpful, as well. You can almost hold them as your personal Book of Revelations.

(Taylor begins flashing the pictures before the camera. Several shots of Marilyn Monroe are evident)

Baby Jane Ross: Stills, ladies. Of the LAST film ever ATTEMPTED by Marilyn Monroe…

Baby Jane Ross: …and aptly titled, “The Misfits.”

Taylor Monroe: Call it like you see it, honey.

Baby Jane Ross: For all the GOLD that this “Misfit” had, it didn’t help her. All her clout went out the window when her body dropped. Official cause of death? Tell ’em, dear.

Taylor Monroe: SUICIDE. Ironic, isn’t it?

Baby Jane Ross: So very. Dear girls, it must be such a wicked thing knowing the exact day that your lives as you know them will end. Make peace with all your mothers now before you leave them childless.

Taylor Monroe: Childless? Can that be done to the Rage family? I swear, I saw a few of those Rage kids busing tables at Spago.

Baby Jane Ross: Spago? Sweetie, they couldn’t even walk on the same side of the street as Spago! Mopping floors at McDonald’s would be more like it.

Taylor Monroe: Such a shame that those two McJobbers held the belts for as long as they did. Thank God a REAL challenge came their way.

Baby Jane Ross: It is a dirty job, sweetie, but someone’s gotta do it.

Taylor Monroe: Sigh…

Blade: Mcjobbers?

Bishop: Do they realize this sort of language makes them MAD!? The MISFITS are the last team in Grand Dragon I’d want MAD at me.

Dunbar: Perhaps THAT Is part of the strategy. With the acquisition of the Suicide Blondes the Tag Division has gotten that much hotter! Fans, we’ve got comments from the champs…


[Fade in:

The Misfits sit with another, older Black woman who has elegantly coiffed, short-black hair and smooth, dark skin. They watch a tape of the Suicide Blondes “Poppy Rage.” The woman frowns and shakes her head in disapproval.]

Woman: I don’t like the way they portrayed your father. He wasn’t like that at all. He was a good man, with a very loving heart.

Godiva: We know that, momma. But you see why we’re the way we are. You see what’s ‘appened to ‘is name and reputation in the business. It’s terrible! Those wretched cows think they can just insult their way into a title match and get under our skins! I ‘ate them for the mockery they’ve made of our daddy! I ‘ate them.

Woman: Godiva, now you know better than that. I raised you better. That kind of thing is what killed your mother. Don’t let bitterness overtake you.

Dalbello: Celeste, bitterness didn’t kill our mother. The world did. You and I both know that. See, this isn’t about her. This isn’t about going down that path. This is about people mocking us again and again for our pasts and our family. I won’t let anybody insult my father. They’re making fools out of you and me! I won’t allow that. Period.

Celeste: You girls are so much like your father, quick-tempered. You just remember at this Founder’s Day thing that I’ll be there. And your ma and pa will there to, watching over you. Guiding you. See, these bimbos are just jealous of you. They want to have everything you have, friends, fame, money, titles. They’ll take them, too if you’re not careful. Don’t let them get to you and everything will be more than all right.

[She takes her two step-daughters hands and holds them tight.]

Celeste: And after this match is done we’ll make sure that your father is honored properly. I promise you that.

Dalbello: Thanks, but that still won’t let the Suicide Blondes off the hook. They won’t mock us. They won’t. I will not have it.

Godiva: Yeah, mums, we ruddy well ‘ave business to do. Fam’ly business. I know you ‘ate seein’ us get all beat up, but we’ve got to. Who else will defend the family name if not us? Who?

Celeste: Just remember yourselves, girls. Your dignity will outlast any title reign. These two are just jackals. You don’t let them get to you and they become impotent.

Dalbello: Suicide Blondes, see, you’ve just made the worst mistake of your life. And now the Misfits are coming after you. They said in a song that Suicide was painless. We’re going to prove you wrong.

Godiva: On our father’s grave, we will.

Together: The Misfits are it!

[Fade out]

Bishop: MISFITS sound like they have A LOT Of pent up rage. This may turn into an UGLY fight on our hands.

Dunbar: Fans, we have another situation regarding the Suicide Blondes. With comments, let’s hear from the team that UPSET them a little while back, Burning Rain…


[Scene opens in a gym, ‘Fire Angel’ Maria’s hands are covered with heavily padded gloves, held up as Gojira is hammering away on them with punches, karate thrusts and spinning back fists. As the camera focuses in both turn to face it.]

Gojira: Suicide Blondes

Maria: We were right about you.

Gojira: Rough

Maria: Tough

Gojira: Socially unacceptable

Maria: You think you can just pretend

Gojira: We never fought?

Maria: That you never lost to us?

Gojira: You tried to injure me!

Maria: You paid the price.

Gojira: Now it’s Double Otanashis turn

Maria: To face the fire.

Gojira: Kasumi

Maria: Kurumi

Gojira: One of you speaks of winning fairly

Maria: The other cuts sparring partners open and calls it wrestling

Gojira: We’re looking forward to an honorable match

Maria: Teams that respect each other giving their all

Gojira: But if it gets rough

Maria: We’ve shown we can beat anyone

Gojira: Play with fire?

Maria: Get burned!

[Scene fades as both raise their fists in a fighting stance.]

Blade: You know, the MISFITS are gonna have competition in the next few weeks. If they retain the belts at Founder’s Day, you’ve still got the Hyena Queens and STRIKE who have laid claim to the Tag Belts.

Bishop: At Founder’s Day Tradition, the women who walk away with the gold just may have a hard road ahead of them.

Dunbar: Fans, we have comments from ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda who probably has the single toughest title defense to date coming up…


(SCENE: “JUNGLE” RADHI ANANDA, sitting cross-legged at the base of a great tree. Her skin is completely covered in ashes and her hair adorned with a crown of yellow jasmines. The Western Heritage title is folded in her lap…)

Radhi: So this is it. Officer Order, by many standards you are considered the favorite in our match. We have wrestled once before, but it ended all too soon without a decisive victory. In some eyes, you had bettered me. But that was the past. You wallow in inactivity, surfacing only to make claims at this title and challenge rookies. Week after week, I have tackled the competition left and right without regards to their standing. I have bested the best in this sport. And I’m ready for everything. How clever of you to draw comparisons between the Eighth Wonder and a caged animal. Was it insight or an attempt to slander this one? I believe you underestimate me, Order. And I do not like that. I see you in a cage. Much like a diver would when observing a shark. Except this shark has already tasted your blood and fiercely circles you. You’re trapped; protected in one aspect yet certainly in rough waters. Let your skills become that cage, Order. And pray to whatever Gods that that cage will be enough to hold me back…

Bishop: Jungle sounds serious….

Blade: She does have a point regarding Officer Order. She like Ma Porter has been resting on her laurels and lounging in inactivity. But Sachie Yokoyama said the same thing after Officer Order took a 2 month hiatus from the ring…her first match back she pinned Sachie Yokoyama to attain the WESTERN HERITAGE TITLE!

Dunbar: Officer Order no stranger to the belt. That one hopes to be a true classic, and may be the most entertaining match on the card in terms of true wrestling action. Now fans, we have comments from Lady Tiger who had this to say about Vonya….


(Scene opens up inside a crowded gym. It seems to be a quiet day, as most of the facilities are open, and only a few people are training. Among them is GDWA’s masked wonder, Lady Tiger, who is training with a jump rope. She spies the camera and finishes up her routine. Slinging the rope over her shoulder, she walks over to sit at a bench, taking a water bottle with her.)

Tiger: Well, who would have thought that masks would become so popular as soon as I entered GDWA!! First, we have green eyes and blue eyes, both of them wearing masks. Then, we have Nomad’s mystery partner, also wearing a mask. And, of course, there is me, li’l old Lady Tiger.

(She takes a big gulp of water and continues)

Tiger: Well Vonya, I have not heard too much from you since this match was signed. No doubt, you are probably off training just as hard as I am, so it should be a great match! Founder’s Day Tradition is just a few weeks away, and I do not want to let Charlotte down.

(She gets up and grabs her jump rope)

Tiger: Well, back to work. Oh! Thanks to whoever voted me, um, even though I haven’t wrestled a match in February! It is still nice to see I have at least one fan out there! Au revoir!

(Tiger goes back to her training regime. Fade to black)

Bishop: That’ll be a GREAT match up! Vonya who hasn’t wrestled since the Evil Empire broke up, and Lady Tiger who hasn’t wrestled since the last pay per view. And she’s a so-called aspiring rookie?

Blade: Both women could use the win…this is turning out to be the pay per view of desperation! Daisy and Duran both have been waiting on belts for some time now. Praecox being in the league just as long as Daisy finally snatching a belt from another deserving woman in Staci X. And under all of this you have Ma Porter and Medusa Rage who have their own claims to titles.

Dunbar: Indeed. Fans, have another tag team who is in the heart of controversy is the Browne Girls. They had THIS to say about Medusa Rage and their status in the tag ranks….


[Fade in:

The Browne Girls stand back-to-back against a gold backdrop. The two sisters look strikingly similar, Indigo’s hair being cut in a slightly longer natural than Sierra’s.]

Indigo: People are beginning to wonder what’s going on in the Age of the Rage. They wonder if Sierra left or if we both did or if it’s just some ploy. We don’t believe in ploys. That’s a main factor.

Sierra: Medusa is like our big sister. Whatever she wants to do we backed her play. Hell, she made us celebrities around here, but the fact is that we can’t work with her anymore. She’s gone that extra step too far. All this gang fighting, all this anger she’s demonstrating. I can’t let it affect me. I can’t let it take me under. We’re here for the people. Medusa doesn’t care about them anymore, so we’ve got to fly on our own. That’s the truth. Will you see us with Medusa anymore? It’s not like we’re not talking. It’s not like we’re mortal enemies. You’ll see me wherever you see injustice. Because I for one am sick of all this nonsense that you have to bring 30 guys with you whenever you want to wrestle a match just in case the other guys bring you 40. It’s ridiculous. It isn’t wrestling. It isn’t even sport. It’s just brutality. Sheer brutality. And I for one won’t stand for it.

Indigo: People forget that the Browne Girls are here to send people a message. People forget that. We’re here to demonstrate exactly what this all should be about. And that’s competition. One-on-one competition. Not some silly who’s gang is bigger standoff. You see the Browne Girls and you see us alone. Certainly we’ve got the fans with us, but that’s the only protection we need. And that’s the only protection we should ever have. The Browne Girls, win or lose, the authors of our own destiny. Straight to the top!

Together: Whoosh!!!!

[Fade out]

Blade: That’s the best decision these girls EVER made. Splitting with Medusa Rage will increase their fan base and help them focus on their goals.

Bishop: I’d agree. It would seem this would also free them up from not getting title shots against the MISFITS. If they MISFITS retain the belts at FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION…the Browne Girls just may be their greatest threat.

Dunbar: Fans, our last comment of the night is made by the woman who shall face ‘Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura at FOUNDER’S DAY TRADTION. We speak of newcomer ‘Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita….


[Scene fades in showing Keiko peacefully meditating by a waterfall. She appears calm and serene as the camera zooms in on her, her dark eyes opening and looking into the camera as she smiles thinly]

Rekka Sakura, Founder’s Day is fast approaching. Are you going to be ready this time, Burning Cherry Blossom? Or are your hopes going to fall as flat as you were after facing Radhi. I’m going to enjoy facing you, Rekka. No threat of outside interference. No need to wonder if you are going to cheat. Just a battle of honorable warriors. I know your spirit burns hot, Rekka. But the wall of ice that is the Kyoto Crippler is going to douse your fire.

[Keiko stretches a gracefully before looking back to the camera more lazily.]

Mary…Mary. Digging up the past again. You too are like an iceberg. Showing a little but leaving so much more unrevealed by your words. Whatever might have happened in the past will not save you. Soon we shall meet. That is the only true way this can be settled. One on one. Face to face. You have proven you are without honor, then try to claim to know my true self? How little you truly knew me Mary, despite our time together. Soon I shall show you what I’m truly made of.

[Then camera draws back, the scene fading as Keiko looks away, returning to her meditations.]

Blade: Bloody Mary with some bad blood with the Kyoto Crippler! Even with Rekka Sakura on her mind, Keiko Mita is focused on Bloody Mary.

Dunbar: It appears old wounds are being slit open. Last comments?

Blade: I can’t wait to broadcast from Founder’s Day. It will be a true wrestling epic!

Bishop: That says it all for me…wait! Fans, we’ve got a special edition of the SATURDAY NITE SPECIAL coming up in a few hours! It’s our present to you 1 week after our birthday.

Dunbar: I’ll be looking forward to that one. Fans, that’s it for the Friday Night Tease. Until the Tuesday Night MVP, for all of us here tonight I’m Paul Laurence Dunbar saying see ya at ringside!

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