Preview for the upcoming Saturday Night Special. We hear from Dementia Praecox, Nomad, Suicide Blondes, Sally McClane and more.

(The scene is one of Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance studios located in Tacoma, Washington. Two men are sitting behind a desk. They are wearing a blue blazer with the GDWA logo on the right side. A woman sits between them with a red and brown suit jacket and skirt. The lights start to come up, and “Atomic Dog” by Parliament–the GDWA theme music–begins to play.)

Dunbar: Wrestling fans, I’m Paul Laurence Dunbar with Allen Bishop and Sonya Blade bringing you the Friday Night Tease. A lot has transpired in the last week that we will debrief you on. Sonya Blade will discuss it on the GDWA update.

Blade: That’s right fans. Some disappointing news as well as some very INTERESTING information.

Bishop: Let’s talk about the show. We’ve got comments from everybody! How about word from the #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship Medusa Rage.

Dunbar: That’s right. She had some curious things to say about Dementia Praecox, the Syndicate and the Heavyweight Champion of the World, Andrea Chandler….


[Fade in:

Medusa lies in her hospital bed, rubbing the bandages on her head. The Misfits and the Browne Girls sit around her and the Serpentines stand guard in the background.]

Medusa: Dementia, the doctors say I shouldn’t take this match. To hell with them. The people saw me come off the injury list and take out Wendy Marshall. It’s gonna be the exact same thing with you. Why? You poor dumb animal, I’ll tell you why. Because I owe you. You want to sit in your asylum and ask me to be your friend like you did a while ago. I’ll be your friend. We can be good friends after I kick your ass. You big dumb animal let me explain one thing to you. I’m not the one to sit here and belly ache and cry about how anybody screwed me. I’m not the one to say I should be the number one contender to the Internet title because I’m more than that. I’m not the one to whine that I haven’t got a title shot yet, either. No. I just go out and do something about it. There’s no badder woman on the planet. Praecox, you may have gone made from some kind of funky-ass clap or syphilis, but I’m gonna knock some sense into your head if it kills you.

Sierra: ‘Dusa, don’t forget about the Royal Rumble. Surely that’s more important.

Medusa: Hell no. Look, I’m paying back all the debts that I owe people before I even look at a title. And Rich Bitch, this here is a little shout-out to you. You think you can duck and dodge from me? I promise you by Founder’s Day I’m going to be in that main event slot with you. I promise you. It’ll be you and me in the ring no matter what happens. I just want you to know that. And do you want to know why? Because I’m focused like I’ve never been focused before. See, I orchestrated all those blemishes on your record. Remember that loss. I engineered that. That draw with Sierra. I engineered that. That draw with me. *I* engineered that. And you know, tell your Kingpin to shut his damn mouth before I shut it for him. He wants to go on about how he’s holding all the cards for his title shot? You know, Kingy-boy, I don’t see STRIKE stepping in with the Misfits for a while, either. Gee, funny how that works. I got just as much juice as you. Hell, I got more. And when Andrea gets exposed and humbled by that old-ass cow Sonya Blade — guess who’ll be waiting to finish you off. Andrea, we’ll meet. You can be the Rich Bitch all you want. I’m the Queen Bitch. You just remember that. Watch your screen very carefully this Saturday. I want you to know exactly what it is you’re in for. Hugs and hisses. Saturday heads start to roll.

[Fade out]

Bishop: Wow! Medusa Rage has just laid down the law. She also had somewhat encouraging words for you Sonya.

Blade: Medusa Rage is nothing but blunt. I don’t hold it against her, but she does tend to get on your nerves…Honestly though, she does have the Syndicate in a bind. What is this? STRIKE gets a title shot against the Misfits if Medusa gets one against Andrea Chandler?

Bishop: Sonya, I’m pretty sure that’s what I heard. How’s your training going? You only have 24 hours till the big match.

Blade: I’ve trained. Now it comes down to a 3 count. Let’s move on.

Dunbar: Well, Medusa Rage had comments for her opponent this Saturday Night. The #1 contender to the Internet title Dementia Praecox earned that right by defeating the wrestler formerly known as Lady Starr and Medusa Rage in a 3 Way Dance. Now, the Demented One had this to say about Rage…

Dementia Praecox

<Fade in on shot of empty San Antonio stadium. It is a wide shot, and the audience can see that one solitary seat is filled in one of the upper sections. The camera slowly zooms in and then crossfades to a shot of a glum-looking Dementia Praecox sitting with her chin in her hands. She is wearing her dingy wrestling attire.>

Praecox: Why doesn’t anyone like me? (Sniffles, bites her bottom lip.) I have feelings too. (Stifles a sob). Medusa, we could have been friends. I never had a real friend before… (Stares off into space). I didn’t ask the Russky to interfere in the three way match. And now you say you’re coming to get me? Why? Winning the match wasn’t meant to be personal.

<Turns in her seat and faces a camera on her left hand side>

It’s because you don’t like me isn’t it? I didn’t want a grudge with you. I just want to be loved… (Slowly breaks down and starts sobbing) Well…you’ll regret….making it…personal. Rage? (Screaming, tears streaming down face) YOU DON”T KNOW THE SLIGHTEST BIT ABOUT RAGE, YOU GLORIFIED AUNT JEMIMAH!!!! And you want a no-holds-barred match against me??? The biggest mistake you ever made.

<Turns back to face original camera>

The internet title should be mine. All mine. No-one else’s. No tournaments. Mine. MINE!!! (Screaming again) DO YOU HEAR ME! MINE!!!!!!!!! I’m the number one contender, if Charlotte quits, it should be mine! Everyone’s out to get me, all of you. You want to back me into a corner, fine. That’s a mistake no-one makes twice.

(Sits glumly with chin in hands as camera fades out.)

Blade: What the hell is Praecox doing in San Antonio?

Dunbar: Also, have you noticed how Madame Hecate has taken a backseat since she began to manage Praecox. Perhaps she can’t control her.

Blade: Speaking of management, what’s wrong with all the fan favorites? Officer Order is challenging for the Western Heritage Title, Daisy is going after the Internet Title…are they afraid of Andrea Chandler?

Bishop: Well, perhaps they are looking at the long run. Better to go forward than to be spinning your wheels.

Blade: When I beat Andrea, she’ll still have the belt. My question is, who is going to wrestle Andrea Chandler next week for the WORLD TITLE!? No one has challenged her for next week. Medusa will be in the INTERNET HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE ROYAL RUMBLE and I’d think it fool hearty to go after the champ at less than 100%.

Dunbar: Someone will have to step up…and who will ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda defend HER belt against next week? She’s injured, but MUST defend the belt or risk losing her title. Fans, let’s hear from one of those top contenders to the WESTERN HERITAGE TITLE, Bloody Mary!


Scene is in hospital room. Bloody Mary is seated in chair next to bed, head bandaged, eyes blackened, I.V. hooked up to her. Mary subdued holding her head, addresses the camera;

Bloody Mary: Not accustomed to seeing me like this are you, folks? I’m not too accustomed to being in this position but I have a few times over the years. (She sips some water) First off I want to say how shocked & saddened I was at hearing of Sachie Yokoyama’s tragic death. On behalf of myself & The High Flying Dolls who are right now in the chapel, want to extend our condolences to Sachie’s family, friends & fans. I had the privilege of meeting her in her final bout & I’ll never forget her. I didn’t get along with her personally but I respected her greatly. She stood up to every challenge including mine & we will all be a lot poorer for not having her around anymore. (She sips some more water)

Mary: Rahdi, like Sachie I have to give you my respect. I could make all kinds of excuses like news of Sachie’s death throwing me off, but no doubt it affected you as well. Bottom line I challenged you to my kind of match & you accepted, stood up to me & beat me. This was one of my toughest matches, I had to have a blood transfusion, I have a concussion which will keep me out for at least a week or two but I want you to know I have no hard feelings to you. Our business is complete. No doubt we will meet again maybe not under such extreme circumstances, but for now I will concede you are the better woman & that isn’t just the painkillers talking, I mean that & Bloody Mary’s word is the solid truth. Now a warning to those others & you know who you are, Nelli, Nomad, Wildchild, etc., you see what measures I’ll go to finish business so beware….as soon as I’m back 100 per cent….you’re next!

Dunbar: Strange comments from Bloody Mary. Comments?

Bishop: I know that Bloody Mary is a tough Streetfighter. We saw that last week on her interview on Mat Profiles…but there was humility there. You know, Mary may not be the rascal I thought she was.

Blade: I’d agree. She already loves the roar of the fans…she could be the next Lanny Manson if she improves her attitude. But her hatred of Nomad and Wendy Marshall will cause her to do things that fans don’t approve of.

Dunbar: I’d agree. Mary is still from the streets, and needs more refinement to make any noticeable changes in her attitude. Speaking of her enemies, fans, let’s look at the card for tomorrow’s Saturday Nite Special…

Saturday Night Special: SIGNED

1) Nomad vs. Eleanor Royal ‘the Supermodel’

2) Officer Order vs. Crimson.

3) Medusa Rage vs. Dementia Praecox (No Holds Barred match!)

4) Suicide Blondes vs the High Flying Dolls (Tag Team match up!)

5) Sonya Blade vs. Andrea Chandler (non-title grudge match!)

Dunbar: Fans, a woman who is on Bloody Mary’s hit list is the Nomad. Nomad faces newcomer ‘Supermodel’ Eleanor Royal who scored a big win last week over Tiffany Chandler. With comments, here is the Nomad….


Nomad and Princess Nelli are looking at the rankings of the GDWA wrestlers. Nelli seems outraged at what she sees. She crumples the sheet into a ball and throws it aside.

Nelli: “The lack of respect Nomad has been getting it pathetic. She beats Wendy Marshall to a pulp. She crushes Lady Tiger. Yet she is still ranked lower than these two mediocre wrestlers. Here’s a promise to the GDWA wrestlers, win or lose in 1997, Nomad will strike fear in all her opponents. Anyone who goes into the ring with her will leave on a stretcher. This is not a threat but a promise.”

Nomad steps forward and scowls into the camera.

Nomad: “Eleanor Royal, you’re my next opponent. I’m going to make an example of you. Just pinning you won’t be enough. I’m going to beat you until you beg me to stop. And even then, I won’t.

The scene fades with the sound of Nelli and Nomad’s laughter.

Bishop: Nomad’s manager Princess Nelli seems rather upset that the Nomad is ranked so low. The Supermodel may want to be careful in this one.

Blade: One of the reasons I have such a problem with the Nomad is that she enters a match to HURT her opponents. She’s got some real hostility toward anyone and anybody. A match between she and Bloody Mary could really get violent.

Dunbar: Well, let’s go from the psychotic to the……

Bishop: Strange?

Dunbar: (ahem) Yes, I’d say so. Here are comments from the Tag Team of the Suicide Blondes…


(SCENE: A low-quality film strip begins to run, complete with the countdown numbers…3…2…Fade in to a clip of two Barbie dolls. One is dressed in some sort of doll-sized cocktail dress cut to look like some sort of wrestling uniform or frilly swimsuit. The other is painted head to toe with dark paint and has all of her hair clipped off. They are held up in front of a Lite-Brite with the words “HIGH FLYING DOLLS” glowing in colored pegs…)

Voice #1 (the cocktail dress-wearing doll is shaked, as if talking): Hello to all my fans all around America’s Heartland! I might not be much of a wrestler, but I sure do know how to sniff out a bargain! What do you think of my dress? I made it myself from an old handkerchief!!

Voice #2 (the brown painted doll is shaked accordingly): Girl, please!! Enough about your wardrobe, let’s talk about these Suicide Blonde girls!! Talk about a bargain; they’re willing to teach us a thing or two for FREE!! Oh please do! We two corn-fed cowgirls lack the sophistication IN and OUT of the ring that you two have mastered!!

Voice #1: And your clothes!! Oh, to die for! Why doesn’t the Wal-Mart near our farm sell those nice bodysuits you all wrestle in? And those rings–I’ve NEVER seen real gold like that, not even on QVC!! And I probably never will, seeing how my tag team partner is such an ugly, useless bag of sand…

Voice #2: Watch it, Gold! You know I’m pretty! I just want to hide my identity from the world! I’ve probably got good reason, too. And you’re the dummy of the team!! Ask Bloody Mary!!

Voice #1: NO! Please don’t!! She’ll hurt me again!! Don’t let her touch my

(From the top of the screen, two more Barbie dolls are lowered by strings; both dressed in black bodysuits and their hair styled. They are obviously representative of the SUICIDE BLONDES…)

Voice #1: Oh no! Oh no! We’re in for it now!!

Taylor Monroe’s voice: You sure are, little girls. Baby Jane, hon, let’s rock these girls…

(The Suicide Blonde dolls begin to swing and “hit” the other dolls)

Baby Jane Ross’ voice: Take that, you little tramps!

Voice #2: WAAAAAAHH!! I want BLOODY MARY!! She’ll save us!!

(A match drops down on the set and lights the scene on fire just as the Suicide Blonde dolls are pulled back up. The two dolls below begin to burn quickly.)

Baby Jane Ross’ voice: Brilliant, brilliant. Goodbye, Norma Jean…

(Screen goes to black and reads FIN)

Dunbar: The Suicide Blondes are…rather eccentric.

Bishop: They are some nasty girls, I’d say.

Blade: Well, the High Flying Dolls are coming along as one of my favorite Tag Teams. Now granted, in my prime I was a High Flyer myself…but these High Flying Dolls are something else. They’ve got something to say to these Suicide Blondes…


Scene is in a fashionable boutique called The Dollz, Lacy Gold is standing outside a dressing room in front of a mirror dressed in a black & gold paisley design French cut single piece wrestling outfit with high gloss vinyl wrestling boots. Out of the other dressing room emerges Midnight Fury dressed in a light brown single piece outfit leg openings not cut as high as Lacy’s with varying designs of earth tone browns & a splash of turquoise in a southwestern motif with dark brown high gloss wrestling boots & an ornately glittered & feathered brown & black mask. Midnight admires herself in the mirror.

Lacy: You look great!

Fury: I do, don’t I?

Lacy: (turns to camera as does Fury still half looking in the mirror) Suicide Blondes we heard your comments on our clothes, finances, wrestling ability, sexual orientation & we are here to set some things straight. First we dress for success in & out of the ring, our fans would expect no less. My makeover on Fury is not because of your comments, I’ve been working on getting her a bit more glamourous for a long time. And guess what this is going to cost Fury?? Nada, you see we own this place & 2 other boutiques like it, one here in Tacoma, one back home in Iowa, farm country as you put it & another in L.A. where we’re doing booming business & hopefully a shop to open this spring in the Greater New York City area & we’re already doing a thriving business over the internet. As you can see besides our regular line of fabulous clothes I’ve designed as well as bought lines of athletic wear like we’re wearing….I’ve already had some inquiries & a few orders from some of the other GDWA wrestlers. I’m planning possibly a line of clothes for our gentlemen friends, that’s right and we have a lot of gentlemen admirers as you’ll see on our entrance Sat. night. No doubt we do have our female admirers (shudder)

Fury: The Blondes sure noticed, eh? (Shudder)

Lacy: If I were you 2 I’d be more concerned with what’s going to happen in the ring Sat. night.

Fury: What kind of stupid name is Suicide Blondes anyway, Lacy. Do they expect to get pulverized or is this some kind of scary intimidation, if it is it’s not working but these 2 do scare me just to look at them.

Lacy: You got that right, I wonder if they serve each other rats as fun before they go out trolling the streets or trying to bed anyone desperate enough to put them in a movie? All I know is you don’t have to worry about Suicide this Sat., we’re not that type of wrestlers, we’ll just give you a good lesson in how not to make fun of people & a little pain you’ll experience from real wrestling. Remember we’re the team that ended the Browne Girls, split up rather than face us. See ya Saturday, Blondes.

Fury: What do you suppose we should wear for our next matches?

Lacy: I think I created a monster!

Dunbar: I must admit that The Suicide Blondes did a pretty good parody on the High Flying Dolls.

Bishop: …I just hope the HF Dolls are careful. The Blondes seem like the kind of team that’s willing to cheat.

Dunbar: That’ll be a great match tomorrow night. I wonder what kind of style a team called ‘Suicide’ Blondes will have? Well, we’ll just have to see. Fans, Sonya Blade is ready to give us the GDWA Hotline News. Go ahead Sonya….


Blade: Fans, we’ve had some shuffling in the lineup of the INTERNET TITLE Royal Rumble. Daisy Butterfly has removed herself from the competition. So now, in alphabetical order, are the 10 participants….

Bloody Mary Crimson ‘Supermodel’ Eleanor Royal ‘The Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita Medusa Rage ‘Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura Sierra Browne Staci X ‘Brilliant’ Tiffany Chandler ‘Wildchild’ Wendy Marshall

Blade: One of these 10 wrestlers will become the NEW GDWA INTERNET HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

(Sonya Blade checks her hair as a guitar riff of ‘Raising Hell’ by Run DMC is cued up….)

Blade: Bigger than Superbrawl and grander than Wrestlemania….Now, the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance is proud to present out next PPV!

(The lights dim and a banner pops up behind Sonya Blade.)

Blade: …FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION! This pay per view will commemorate the opening of the GDWA, back when we were the DPW’s Women’s Division.

Here is an update: The WCA has PULLED out of the Transfederational agreement that we made. Once they received a memo of the competitors from our singles division, they canceled on us; Daisy Butterfly, Medusa Rage, Bloody Mary and Rekka Sakura…was there any doubt that we were the best in the first place?

Also, one match has definitely been signed. For the shot at the Internet Champion that same night, ‘the Legend’ Micki Duran takes on ‘the Franchise’ Daisy Butterfly! The winner takes on our I-champ!

The pay per view event of the year, FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION will take place on March 10th. Wrestlers, get those matches signed!

(Flips through some more papers.)

Blade: Rumor has it that a former GDWA competitor is negotiating a return to Grand Dragon. More when there is more….also, doctors are concerned about the condition of Medusa Rage and Radhi Ananda. The WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda will have to compete next week while recovering from injuries accrued in a title defense 2 weeks ago. Medusa Rage is defying doctor’s orders unnecessarily to battle Dementia Praecox on Saturday. Next week she will be involved in that grueling 10 woman Battle Royal!

(Smiles as the music comes up.)

Blade: That’s all this week for HOTLINE NEWS. In the weeks to come, we will have more information on FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION. Guys, back to you!

Bishop: No Holds barred? With Dementia Praecox? The woman is insane! It will be a HELL of a match.

Dunbar: Don’t forget that match between Officer Order and Crimson. That should be rather interesting. Speaking of Crimson, let’s hear comments from the newcomer who takes on one of the most popular superstars in our sport…


*Scene opens in the GDWA weight room. Sitting on a bench is Crimson, with a towel draped over her shoulders. She is drenched in sweat, apparently having just finished a workout. She takes the towel from her shoulders and wipes her face dry, then sets it on the bench beside her.* “Officer Order, I was initially surprised when you challenged me. Why would someone of your reputation and high ranking challenge a rookie, an unknown?” *She stands and walks to the bench press. While she talks, she begins to put weight on the bar bell.* “Then it hit me. You are, I presume, a former police officer. You regard yourself as the person who upholds rules and decency in the GDWA. A job you do fairly well, it would seem.” *She checks the weight, nods with satisfaction, and sits down on the bench press.*

“Then I arrive. A woman who freely admits she has no use for the rules, who will do whatever it takes to get a victory, and feels no remorse for the suffering of her opponents.” *Crimson lies down on the bench and lifts her arm up, takes hold of the weights, and begins to lift them.* “This likely raised your ire.  …huff… Children who watch the GDWA, huf… were being exposed to another bad influence. ..huff… You feel you have to show them it is important…huf… to follow the rules, huf… and I am yet another rulebreaker. ..huff… So you challenged me because of that…huff… You have my respect. ..huff… You have the courage to challenge someone ..huf.. you know nothing about, because of your ideals. ..huf.. This shows courage, and courage impresses me. *She sets the weights back and sits up.* “I do not follow your rules. When we step in that ring, I am going to do whatever it takes to defeat you. I will stop at nothing. Achieving a victory is very important to me. I will promise you one thing though. If I defeat you, if you submit or are pinned, I will stop hurting you. If you are injured I will make sure you get medical attention. As well, if anyone interferes in the match with the purpose of attacking you, I will join you in repelling their assault. I despise cowards who would attack someone while they’re not ready. Having said that, I must now return to my exercise.” *She walks to the nautilus as the scene fades to black.*

Bishop: Should be great contest of differing wills and ideals.

(Allen Bishop pauses as Sonya Blade returns to the set.)

Bishop: Glad to have you back.

Blade: Hey, don’t mention it. Can’t wait to hear from more newcomers!

Dunbar: You’ll definitely do that. Let’s hear from another rookie to join the ranks of Grand Dragon. She is “Sexy” Sally McClane…


(The camera slowly fades in to a large press room. Situated throughout this room are many reporters, and other men in suits. They all sit around talking and trading rumors to one another, but when a man in a khaki suit takes a position at the podium at the front of the room they all silence)

Man: Good evening! I’d like to thank everyone for coming out here tonight. I speak for the whole GDWA when I say that this will be a press conference well spent! But I know that no one came here to see me, so here’s the one everyone DID come to see…”Sexy” Sally McClane!

(“Golddust Woman” by Hole begins to play as from the back of the room, an attractive young woman with long blonde hair, wearing a pair of tight black leather pants along with an even tighter top that comes down to above her belly button, approaches the podium. She reaches her destination and pulls off a pair of circular shades, as she looks to the clapping crowd in attendance and then to the man in the khaki suit)

Sally: Thanks, Jeeves! You don’t mind if I call you Jeeves do ya?

Man in Khaki suit: Well I…

Sally: I didn’t think so! (She then looks to the reporters) Sit down! Now I know that some of you may or may not know who I am, and for those who don’t, you can leave now for all I care. I’m here to talk to the interesting people…not you losers! (Looks around as if she actually expects someone to leave) Okay then! Since everyone knows me, we can continue. Now, as you all know I’ve been in the CCW for the past few weeks raising a little ruckus. I’ve been conducting a talent search of their top talent, and I’m looking for the very best, because that’s what I am, and I settle for no less! But I’m not here to talk about the CCW, I’m here to talk about the GDWA! A federation that will never be the same when I’m through with it! So all you gals from Grand Dragon better watch out, cause I’m here to get what I want, and I always get what I want!!!

(She turns to leave but is stopped by the man in khaki who walks to the mic again)

Man: Sally will now take some questions!!

Sally: (looks at him funny) I don’t remember agreeing to answer questions, but I guess I will!

(She looks around as all the reporters scramble to be picked)

Sally: You! The pathetic looking bald guy in the back!

(A man slowly stands up, and it is revealed that he’s Bob Brown from PWI)

Bob: Okay, Sally, you’re going to be up against some top named athletes in the GDWA, whereas you have little ring experience! Can you hold up?

Sally: What kind of question is that? Of course I can hold up! I’ll have you know that I wrestled in Europe and Japan extensively! Now come-on if you have nothing intelligent to say, please don’t get up! Next! (Looks around again)

Sally: You the overweight woman up front.

(A woman shyly stands, and she is revealed to be Sandra Burke from Wrestle World)

Sandra: I happen to know that in CCW, you’ve taken an interest in GQ Geoffrey Quartz! And that he’s gotten you photo shoots for Sports Illustrated, and other magazines! Will GQ be managing you here?

Sally: (rolls her eyes) What’s the matter with you people? Is GQ here now? NO!! Do I manage him in CCW? NO!! We’re just friends, if he wants to come to GDWA, let him, but outside of friendship, I have no ties to “GQ” Geoffrey Quartz! Now next question! (Looks around again, and then points to Sal Broker of The Wrestler) You right there!

Sal: HI! It was mentioned that you were going to be going up against some top competitors, now are there any of these competitors that you hold respect for?

Sally: That’s it! I don’t have to stand up here and answer these stupid questions and I shouldn’t be expected to! But to answer your question! There are a few that I respect in the ring! Ma Porter, “La Femme Nikita,” and even maybe Lady Tiger! But still that was the lamest question I’ve ever answered and that was the final one. Good bye!!!

(She walks down off the stage and puts her shades back on as the man in the khaki suit looks around befuddled. And then takes the mic)

Man: Sorry about that ladies and gentlemen! Sally, why don’t you come on back down here?!?

(She just raises her hand and exits as the man’s face takes an expression that is a cross between, fear, anger, and nervousness, and screen fades to black)

Blade: Why does the GDWA keep admitting such arrogant…bitches! She and Andrea Chandler would make good friends if Andrea didn’t have such a huge ego.

Bishop: Well, as you heard, she’s ready for all the GDWA’s best! And she even respects Lady Tiger!

Dunbar: As you heard, she manages in the CCW, Classic Championship Wrestling, which was publicized on the GDWA Hotline a few minutes ago. Check the ‘sexy’ one out if you so desire…Now, moving on, let’s hear from Lady Tiger….


(The scene opens up outside the booking offices in GDWA headquarters. Lady Tiger is just exiting one of the offices, with a stack of papers under her arm. She’s dressed in jeans and a GDWA t-shirt with a jacket over it. She’s also wearing her tiger mask and the purple scarf given to her by Charlotte. She also has a weary expression on her face.)

Tiger: Incroyable. Come pack a bit late from France and look at all the paperwork I had to go through. But it will all be worth it when I get a chance to compete for the fans of Grand Dragon once more!

(She pulls out one of the papers and glances it over once more, shaking her head)

Tiger: I did not believe it the first time I heard about it. Sonya Blade coming out of retirement for one match against Andrea Chandler. I saw her wrestle a few times in France, and I must say I was impressed. I only managed to see a few of her matches here in France; one against “Luscious” Lisa Thomas and the other facing big Ma Porter.

(Tiger gets a far back look in her eyes)

Tiger: Even though she didn’t have much experience, I remember her giving it her all in the ring, and thinking of how much potential she had. Of all the original competitors in Grand Dragon, I’d have to say she impressed me the most. (Chuckles) Of course that was before my idol, Charlotte LaMancha, hit the scene!

(She scans over the page once more and then tucks it under her arm)

Tiger: Well, Andrea Chandler, I don’t think anyone, even Sonya, could call you a fluke champion anymore. However, I hope you’ve gotten yourself very well prepared for this match against Sonya. Because if she’s anything like she used to be, you could be in for the fight of your life.

(Tiger takes the pages out from under her arm and starts flipping through them, muttering a few words in French as she’s going along, finally, with a triumphant “Ici!”, she takes one of the pages and shows it to the cameraman. It is a listing of competitors currently involved in the royal rumble for the Internet title)

Tiger: Well, it seems that GDWA has taken steps to strip Charlotte of her Internet Title. I guess they had no choice after what Ma Porter did to her, although it disturbs me that they let Ma off with only a slap on the wrist. However, I guess there are 10 people out there that are pretty happy Charlotte’s been stripped of the title. Because there isn’t one of them that could have taken her out one-on-one.

Tiger: However, among the list of competitors, I was a bit surprised to see “Wildchild” Wendy Marshall entered! I’d just like to take this opportunity to wish her the best of luck in that Royal Rumble. (Chuckles) I notice that Nomad hasn’t been bothering her anymore as well. I guess her and Nelli only like it when it’s a two on one. Congratulations on the victory over Bloody Mary, Wendy! Now, one more thing before I go . . .

(She reaches for the pile, but instead of searching through it this time, pulls the bottom document out to present. It seems to be a contract for “Founder’s Day Tradition”. On the final page, there are spaces for two signatures. One of them has “Lady Tiger” printed below it, and her signature above. The other has “Miko Azai” in printing below it, but no signature)

Tiger: This is only a copy of the real thing, Miko. When I signed with Grand Dragon, it was somewhat disappointing to find another Lady already here, “Lady Starr”. Well, since then you’ve decided to use your true name, Miko Azai, and you’ve developed a new attitude. That’s fine. But I still want the opportunity to take you on at “Founder’s Day Tradition”, Miko. And I’ll show you who the REAL Lady of GDWA is! (Tiger smiles and strikes a quick pose) Get ready, Grand Dragon, because the Tiger is back!!

[Fade to Black]

Bishop: Sonya….

Blade: (Smiling) I had no idea Lady Tiger was so well versed on GDWA history. It’s touching!

Dunbar: Fans, she just challenged Miko Azai to a match at Founder’s Day Tradition! We’ll see if the wrestler formerly known as Lady Starr will agree to sign. Now before we discuss the GDWA I-Title Royal Rumble, let’s hear from…


[Scene fades in showing the sun dawning over a blue ocean. The waves roll up onto a sandy beach, a long figure dressed in black going through a series of attacks with a wooden sword. The camera slowly zooms in on the spikey short black hair and intensely concentrating face of Keiko. As she slashes the wooden sword down in a particularly vicious stroke the scene shifts for a moment to The Kyoto Crippler jumping off the top turnbuckle, landing a head butt on a prone foe, then cuts back to her as she finishes her workout, staring calmly into the camera.]

The samurai used to say, a sword needs to be sharp to cut, but a sword sharpened too often weakens and breaks. I’ve been in training, ready for my debut in the GDWA. Now I simply need an opponent, something that has been elusive. I’m growing impatient, GDWA, it’s time to start making things happen.

Crimson, the other third of your challenge match, little Tiffany Chandler, seems afraid to give yet another rookie a victory in their debut. So I propose this. Forget her! I’ll take you on. One on one. The purity of honorable combat, the winner being the one to gain the most falls, as you proposed. You spoke of opponents worthy of you, well, I’m right here, issuing the challenge. Do you accept?

Rekka Sakura, you issued an open challenge to the GDWA. Well, I’m no overweight mother for you to buy off. And unless one of your fans runs up with a chair, they are not going to win you a match. Victory comes from honor, discipline and focus. I’ll take your challenge, Cherry Blossom. You’ll quickly find your chances of victory again me are as long lived as the blossoms you are named after. Here fleetingly then washed away by the relentless wave of time that is the Kyoto Crippler.

[Keiko stares into the camera coldly for a moment more, then resumes her workout against the background of the waves crashing against the beach as the scene fades.]

Bishop: ‘The Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita sounds serious. We’ll see what she can do next week.

Dunbar: And we will see what Rekka Sakura can do next week as well as she enters the I-Title Royal Rumble. With comments, let’s hear from ‘the Burning Cherry Blossom’…..


[Open camera on Rekka Sakura, training intently as always.]

Rekka Sakura: [throwing a fierce side kick at Lily, who has sparring pads on her hands] UUUGGGGHHHH!!!

Yukio: [shakes her head in disgust] C’mon Rekka that was pathetic!! How can you hope to beat anyone with such a weak kick?

Rekka Sakura: [smiling playfully] You want a power kick Yukio? FINE!! Lily after the first kick advance on me

Lily: [happily] You got it Boss…

[Rekka throws a hard kick, connecting with the pads. Lily steps forward and advances with a swing]

Yukio: [angrily] GET HER LILY!!

[Rekka steps back, then she whips a FIERCE snap kick. She ends up with her back to the massive Lily and grabs her in a standing chinlock. Next comes a quick yet brutal Diamond Cutter]

Yukio: [stunned] Geez Rekka where’d ya pick up that move from?

Rekka Sakura: [smiling, helping the stunned Lily to her feet] Oh, you know me Yukio, I just pick stuff up where ever I wrestle…

Lily: [shaking out the cobwebs] Any word on your first match yet boss?

Rekka Sakura: [sadly] No not yet, Dammit Yukio I need to get in the ring. My skills are getting stale!!

Yukio: [smiling] My my, could it be that our “Burning Cherry Blossom” is restless?

Rekka Sakura: [chuckles] I just want someone to wrestle dammit!! How can I hope to compete for a title when I can’t even get someone to wrestle me?

Yukio: [seriously] Patience Rekka, you’re too impulsive. Any title in particular you want to go after?

Rekka Sakura: [signaling Lily to get ready] Yeah, that Western Heritage title, I figure start small… [Seeing Lily is all set, Rekka feints a kick and shoots behind Lily. She gets Lily in a reverse standing headlock and then pushes her knees with her feet]


Rekka Sakura: [breaking the hold and letting Lily up] A male wrestler named Fire Angel taught it to me, it’s called the Burning Cross. It works as both a pinning combination and a submission hold

Yukio: [a bit miffed] Dammit Rekka, don’t start throwing new moves into your arsenal without telling me, how can I plan an effective match strategy if you keep pulling off new holds?

Rekka Sakura: [smiling] Hey it comes with being the “Burning Cherry Blossom”, Yukio… [Winks at the camera, fade out]

Blade: She DEFINITELY sounds focused. Guys, what do you think of the I-Title Royal Rumble?

Bishop: I definitely find it interesting that Ma Porter and Officer Order opted not to wrestle in it.

Dunbar: Definitely. You’ve got to figure that Ma Porter would have been the odds on favorite to win at over 200 pounds. And Officer Order has apparently settled on the WH title.

Blade: And look who else isn’t in it. Nikita Marx, recovering from her brutal match from 2 weeks ago…and Radhi Ananda. She definitely wanted a shot, but is ALSO recovering from injuries.

Dunbar: Fans, that’s it for the Friday Night Tease. Next week we have WHO’S HOT/WHO’S NOT with Medusa Rage, our comments regarding the NEXT Internet Champion and of course a host of comments from GDWA superstars.

Bishop: Okay fans, until the Tuesday Night MVP, for all of us here tonight I’m Paul Laurence Dunbar saying see ya at ringside!

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