A preview for the upcoming Saturday Night Special. New GDWA World Champion Dementia Praecox speaks for the first time since winning the title, plus Otanashis, Jennifer Grier and more.

(The scene is one of Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance studios located in Tacoma, Washington. Two men are sitting behind a desk. They are wearing a blue blazer with the GDWA logo on the right side. A woman sits between them with a red and brown suit jacket and skirt. The lights start to come up, and “Atomic Dog” by Parliament–the GDWA theme music–begins to play.)

Dunbar: Wrestling fans, I’m Paul Laurence Dunbar with Allen Bishop and Sonya Blade bringing you the Friday Night Tease. Founder’s Day Tradition is over and done with. And SO much to talk about.

Blade: That’s right fans. The return of ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson, and her possible return to wrestling action. The presence of the GDWA phantom. Title changes including Dementia Praecox losing the belt!

Dunbar: As always, we begin with the champ! For the first time in half a year, we will be hearing from someone other than Andrea Chandler. Let’s hear from the NEW Heavyweight Champion of the World, Dementia Praecox….


(Fade in on a shot of a very professional boardroom. The room is very Spartan, with grey walls. In the center of the room is a long conference table, with Dementia Praecox sitting at one end, looking tired, hold her head in her hands. She’s dressed in a conservative brown suit, but looks out of place and twitchy. Madame Hecate stands beside her, smoking cigarette with a long holder, looking exasperated.)

Hecate: Now try it once again, Dementia.

Praecox: Alright. (Stares out into space, speech sounds forced) Hello, little boy. What’s your name? Would you like an autograph? (Raises voice) Would you? (Starts screaming) WOULD YOU LIKE AN AUTOGRAPH YOU LITTLE SNOT-NOSED PUNK IN YOUR FANCY CLOTHES? HUH?

Hecate: (interrupting, banging the table) No, no, no! You’ve got to get this right, my pet! At the last autograph session, you made a crowd of 8-year olds cry. Now that you’re the champ, you have to present a more fan-friendly image!

Praecox: (whining) I knooooow, but I hate all this! I should be training to destroy opponents, not having marketing meetings!

Hecate: Now, Dementia, if your merchandise doesn’t sell, than the men in the suits will come and take your belt away. Is that what you want?

Praecox: No


Praecox: (screaming) NOOOO! I WON’T LET THEM TAKE IT!! IT’S MINE!!!! (Starts crying into her hands)

Hecate: Easy now, my pet. I won’t let anyone take it away. But you still have to practice.

Praecox: Well, okay. But all you pretenders out there who dare to call yourselves challengers, be warned. Anyone stupid enough to come after me is gonna learn the meaning of pain. This inmate rules the asylum, and that’s the way it’s gonna be from now on! When I step into that ring, I’m gonna remember every lousy autograph session, every marketing meeting, and take them all out on my opponent. Rage is my best friend, and I ain’t talking about snake-woman. When my rage gets pent up in these training sessions, no wrestler on earth will be able to contain me. Oh, and I hope you enjoy your new trinket, so-called legend Duran. The little one I picked up is a lot nicer, though. I hope you play nice and share with your friend Chandler now that she’s got nothing to play with. Hee heeheeheehee.

Hecate: Enough chatter. Begin again!

Praecox: (Staring out into space) Hello, little girl. Would you like an autograph….

(Fade out)

Blade: Praecox wrestled a HELL of a match. Unfortunately we weren’t able to see an athletic contest come to fruition.

Bishop: The Syndicate in a real war with Organized Crime…and its newest member…Zaranna? Wow! I knew the pay per view would be hot, but damn…

Dunbar: We must also acknowledge the splintering of the rule breaker locker room over this Syndicate issue. Players are being forced to pick sides. And simultaneously, the fan favorites have united to say OUTSIDE INTERFERENCE has become rampant in the GDWA. And as abiders of rules, they won’t take it anymore.

Blade: That could turn into a battle itself. Officer Order, Daisy Butterfly and Lady Tiger uniting to show the world they won’t take it anymore…but against the SYNDICATE *and* Organized Crime?

Dunbar: Speaking of the Syndicate, we have words from the FORMER World’s Champion and Tiffany Chandler. Let’s listen in…


[Scene looks to be a large gym. It appears to be completely empty except for a steady clinging. Tiffany Chandler, dressed in her tight workout uniform, walks by and notices the camera. Tiffany begins to pace the room as she finally speaks… more like rambles] [Tiffany] Don’t think this is going to go unnoticed. Don’t think we’re going to just sit back and let the GDWA conspire to take us out… this little incident, didn’t just involve the wrestlers of the GDWA.. This goes higher up… into administration. And don’t think we’re not going to file a dozen lawsuits against the GDWA and various wrestlers. One wrestler that won’t need to worry about a lawsuit is Zaranna… we’re going to take care of you ourselves.

 [Tiffany stops her pacing and glances off to the side for a moment.] [Tiffany] Medusa Rage, Dementia Praecox, Zaranna, Ma Porter… you’ve done what you set out to do. You see the Syndicate no longer exists. What you see before you now, no longer exists. The dream you have held of running the Syndicate from GDWA has come true.

[Tiffany pauses for a dramatic moment, then moves to the side. The camera follows and Andrea Chandler, face red with strain and concentration is doing bench press. She ignores the camera altogether as she keep count of her reps.] [Andrea] 76… 77… 78… 79…

[Tiffany] Andrea? The camera people are here.

[Andrea] 81… 82… 83… 84…

[Out of the shadows, “The Legend” Micki Duran appears, a huge bungee cord harnessed around her torso. On the other end, pulling with all her might, is Crystal “The Crippler” Lewis. Micki is running for all she’s worth, dragging Crystal.] [Crystal] (Screaming) You think because you win a belt you don’t have to work? Huh, you lazy bitch?! Don’t you know the whole world is out to get us? Do you want this team to keep getting shafted? Huh? Pick up your feet, trick ass bitch!

[Micki strains a bit harder, and her leg muscles ripple with the workout.] [Tiffany] Guys…the cameras?

[Crystal] *&$% ’em. We’re working here. And tell that punk bitch Dementia life as she knows it is OVER. Micki beat her ass once, and she can do it again.

[Tiffany looks concerned for a moment, then becomes angry, picking up a weight and throwing it across the room with a loud sound of glass shattering.. she breathes in and breathes out, then turns back to the camera] [Tiffany] As you can see, what you’ve unleashed onto the GDWA is far worse than the Syndicate. You see, we are no longer in control of our actions. We are no longer held back by our conscience. We no longer believe in right and wrong. We only believe in one thing and that, is pay back. Loss of life or limb mean nothing to us any longer. We’ve been far too compassionate in the past and that is something that has been rectified. Rectified by you. Without regret or remorse we’re going to put fear into the GDWA and we won’t stop until we feel we are vindicated from the actions at Founder’s Day Tradition. Who will we start with? You’ll find out when it hits you. Consider this your last rites, and death is knocking at your door.

[A look of hate and disgust cross Tiffany’s face… then a small grin and a twinkling eye as she concludes…] [Tiff] The Syndicate… will be vindicated. Payback is a bitch… and we’re four bitches you’re going to be sorry you messed with. 

Bishop: Wow! Andrea Chandler is…upset!! I think this thing is about to escalate.

Blade: The Syndicate have a point. Hell, I’ve NEVER seen such an elaborate scheme to take out a GDWA wrestler. Zaranna pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes…but this is the same woman who just may have cost Radhi Ananda her Western Heritage title. She’s just as guilty as other rulebreakers.

Dunbar: Impressive to see Tiffany Chandler step up to the plate and take charge of the Syndicate as they regroup. Another nemesis of the Syndicate had these words regarding the wild night we had last Monday. Let’s hear from Medusa Rage…


[Fade in:

Medusa Rage sits inside her study, a heavy, leather-bound tome open on her lap. She is reclined in a plush leather, high-backed chair. This Medusa seems different somehow than the Medusa we’ve come to know and expect. Her hair is head in place by a simple black head band. She wears a plain white silk shirt, open at the neck and showing the faintest hint of cleavage. Simple gold studs adorn her ears. She crosses her legs as she turns toward the camera and looks up. Her face is somewhat weary, bruises fading into light purple stains on her face.]

Medusa: Founder’s Day is over and done, isn’t it? Well, thankfully it is. I don’t know if the GDWA can take much more. It’s all changed, hasn’t it? We’ve become nothing more than a bunch of rabid packs, each squabbling with the other. Me, I’m all for gang warfare, but I wonder, and I ask you, how many matches actually ended based on athletic ability and how many based on numbers? Every title changed hands because of some outside interference. That’s very interesting.

[Medusa holds up her hands.]

Medusa: Let me be the first to say ‘mea culpa.’ I started all this, didn’t I? I was the one who in my war with the Syndicate raised the stakes. And I was the one who blew it out of proportion with the Serpentines. Well, if the GDWA takes its cues from me then it’s time to step back. Time to rewind the clock if at all possible. My Serpentines are no more. I’ve given them other duties. Nobody will have to fear them. Nobody will have to worry about me backstabbing them. From here on in I’m dedicating myself to one-on-one competition. No more you bring a gang and I bring an army. Where’s the fun in that? Where’s the power to gloat over a defeated opponent? See, the real reason I came to the Syndicates match was to watch and, yes, to help Andrea win. Surprise. I wanted Andrea to win that match. By any means necessary. Why? Because I am the one who is to dethrone the Syndicate. Me. We started together. We’ll end together. And when I destroy Andrea Chandler — and I will. I don’t want it said that it was because I had an army at my back. No, I have no armies any more. It shall just be me and Dalbello down at ringside. Tempting target for Organized Crime, tempting target for the Syndicate. That’s all right. I am making it my goal to return COMPETITION to this league. And I hereby challenge you all to meet me one-on-one and test your mettle against me. Officer Order, Daisy Butterfly, Andrea Chandler, Micki Duran. Come one at a time and watch me knock you down. The way it should be done. The right way. The only way. I look forward to this new era in my career. Hugs and hisses. Ta for now.

[Medusa winks into the camera as it fades to black.]

Dunbar: Medusa Rage calling a Stop for Violence.

Blade: Medusa. Do you REALLY think I or anybody else believe you came down to ringside to HELP Medusa Rage?

Bishop: It is entirely possible. Further, it was the SYNDICATE that attacked her and the Serpentines. In a sick way, the last thing Medusa may have wanted was Andrea losing the belt.

Blade: I agree with Sam Mutt…you’re an idiot Allen Bishop! Medusa Rage can’t stand the Syndicate. She wanted to bust up Andrea Chandler with her army of Nubian Bodyguards. Period.

Dunbar: Fans, apparently we have NO words from ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda. Mike Whalen attempted to catch up with the FORMER Western Heritage Champion, but to no avail. We DO have comments from a woman that had a grudge against Radhi Ananda. Let’s hear from ‘Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura….


[Open on the locker room after the Founder’s Day Match between Rekka Sakura and Keiko Mita. Here Rekka sits with a towel around her neck smiling jubilantly]

Rekka Sakura: [smiling] I won!! I promised my fans a win and I got it for them!! Let me tell you people something, Keiko Mita is TOUGH!! She gave me one hell of a match even though she was injured. In fact the one thing I regret about that match was the fact that Keiko was not 100%. Who knows Keiko… maybe we’ll get to try again when we’re both healthy, ne?

[Yukio enters from the left, her usual ‘tough coach’ face in full display]


Rekka: [stands up defiantly] I NEVER FORGET!! Officer Order challenged me and I accept that match wholeheartedly!! In fact I don’t even want a shot at the Internet title, I just want a good clean match with a fine wrestler. I insist on a non-title match against you, let me prove my worth at least!!

Yukio: OK you made the challenge, you know what that means don’t you? [Smiles evilly]

Rekka Sakura: [looks at Yukio in horror] NO!! I just finished wrestling!! Yukio even you aren’t…


Rekka Sakura: [sigh] The ball is in your court now Double O!! Accept and let me prove myself, you did what I could not by beating Radhi… NOW LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT A REAL BURNING CHERRY BLOSSOM CAN DO!!! WILDFIRE!!

[Yukio pushes Rekka out the door, shaking her head in disbelief, fade out]

Blade: I like her spirit…but I think Rekka Sakura is missing some things upstairs. Officer Order holds the Western Heritage title, NOT the Internet Heavyweight title.

Bishop: Well, besides that, we’ll see if Officer Order and she can get that match signed. I’m still wondering what is going on with Radhi Ananda!

Dunbar: Turning our attention now to other matters, we have comments from a young lady who is STILL undefeated in Grand Dragon. Let’s hear from Lady Tiger…


[The scene is located inside the Mall of America. Two GDWA personas are sitting at a long table, signing autographs and talking with their fans. One of them is GDWA’s masked wonder, Lady Tiger. The other is former GDWA Internet Champion, Charlotte LaMancha.] [Although obviously exhausted, the two seem to be enjoying themselves; posing for pictures and chatting with the fans. The camera man approaches the table, trying to catch either of their attention]

(The camera man mumbles a few words and catches Tiger’s attention as she is signing an autograph)

Tiger: AH, mes amies from GDWA! Of course I have time to say a few words to my fans! (Turns to her manager) Charlotte, think you can hold the fort for a while?

Charlotte (noticing the crowd growing): You’re leaving?? NOW??

Tiger: Just for a little while, I promise!

(Tiger finishes signing the autograph and turns her attention to the camera, kids swarmed around her)

Tiger: Where to start? First, I’d like to thank Vonya for a great match at Founder’s Day. I would have preferred her to be a little more . . .sporting, when I offered a handshake. Vonya made her choice, but luckily I was able to overcome her in the end.

Kid: Beat her?? You kicked ass!!!

Tiger (chuckling): Oh, come now!

Kid: Yeah! Me and my parents went to see Founder’s Day Tradition. You shoulda seen the look on mom’s face when you went over the railing! Dad thought she was gonna faint!

Tiger (smiling): You liked that, did you?

Kid: That was unbelievable!! Everyone stood up, and we thought you musta hit your head on a chair or something!!

Tiger (laughing): Lucky for me I didn’t!

Kid: Yeah, I guess so! (Child sees his parents calling him) Well, I’ve gotta go! Bye!

Tiger: Au revoir!

(Kid runs up to his parents. His mom gives him a hug, and the family walks off laughing. Tiger watches them go, a faraway look in her face. The kid says something to the parents, and the family waves to Tiger. She snaps out of it just quick enough to return the gesture)

Tiger: Where was I? . . . OH! It seems there is another competitor who’s been trying to catch my attention lately, “Sexy” Sally McClane. Although I must admit, her commentary was . . . entertaining.

Charlotte: It certainly was!! I was half expected her to get down on her hands and knees to BEG the syndicate to let her in! Talk about brown-nosing girl!

(Tiger turns to sing a few more autographs)

Tiger: Sally, I do not know why you are insulted that I would challenge you do a match! If you do not wish to step into the ring with a Tiger; well, just say so!! Sally, you talk like you own GDWA, when the truth is you haven’t even wrestled a match!! I challenged you because I thought I’d get a tough match; but all you’ve done is whine ever since then!

Charlotte: Hey, take it easy! (In a whining voice) The poor baby hurt her arm when someone tried to touch it! It must reeeeeeaaaally hurt.

Tiger: Charlotte . . .

Charlotte: Too bad she didn’t hurt her mouth.

Tiger (chuckling, and trying to get in on the act): Malheureusement, I think that mouth is impervious to pain.

Charlotte (with a crowd of kids around her): Almost done?

Tiger: Oh, right. . je m’excuse. Well, any final words for Sexy Sal, Charlotte?

Charlotte: Sally, if you still want to take us on, you can leave Dumb and Dumber at home . . .

Tiger (chuckling): Mahommed and Trey, Charlotte.

Charlotte: Whatever. Hey, tiger, you almost finished?? (Pointing to the line-up)

Tiger (seeing the amount of kids in the line): Well, I’d better finish this up, guys. One last thing. Sierra Browne, I’d love to take you on this week, but Charlotte wanted me to take this week off for some more training. So, next week, Sierra. It seems you’ve been looking for this match for quite some time now, and I’d be more than happy to accept. I imagine the real winners, of course, would be the fans. Next week, Sierra, see you there!

[A kid comes up and tugs on Tiger’s mask]

Tiger: Hey!

Kid: Lady, where can I get one of those?

Tiger (laughing): Sorry, these are one of a kind, I’m afraid!

[Tiger sits back down with Charlotte to sign more autographs, fade to black]

Bishop: Amazing. I still can’t believe Lady Tiger has acquired the services of Charlotte La Mancha. That’s her manager!

Blade: If Lady Tiger continues with this streak, she’ll be a contender for EVERY GDWA belt. The problem is this is only her second match, yet her second pay per view.

Dunbar: Much agreed. It will be interesting to see how Sexy Sally and she get along in these upcoming weeks.

Blade: Sally McClane is the biggest bitch this side of Andrea Chandler. Security was kind to us on Monday to get her away from the broadcast table.

Dunbar: Speaking of Sally, we have comments from Crimson who had some things to say about her.


*Scene opens with Mike Whalen standing near the entrance inside the GDW A arena. He is holding a microphone and facing the camera.*

Whalen: Good evening, everyone. I’ve just received word that after an absence of four weeks, Crimson is back. She is outside right now, approaching the building. Hopefully, she will tell me where she has been and why she left when her wrestling career had barely begun.

*The door opens, and Crimson steps through. She is wearing blue jeans, a sleeveless “GDWA” shirt, and a pair of sunglasses and has a tote bag over her left shoulder. She seems surprised to see Whalen and the camera.* Whalen: Welcome back, Crimson.

Crimson: Um…hello. What is this?

Whalen: Your sudden absence from the GDWA has sparked some rumors. Some people say that you retired out of humiliation after your losses against Officer Order and in the Royal Rumble.

Crimson: Those rumors were false. I was disappointed, but in no way humiliated. Officer Order is a very accomplished wrestler, and a worthy adversary. I felt no shame in my defeat to her. As for the Royal Rumble, I feel I did well. I was in the ring for more than half and hour against some very tough opponents.

Whalen: Another rumor had it that Tiffany Chandler hired some thugs to put you in the hospital, so that she wouldn’t have to answer your challenges.

Crimson: That was not the case, but it would not surprise me if a Chandler used these tactics. They seem incapable of wrestling a match without attacking an opponent from behind, or getting help from others.

Whalen: You’ve used some questionable tactics yourself, you know.

Crimson: I believe in hard fought battles without mercy. I do not believe in attacking an opponent before she is ready, nor will I resort to gang attacks.

Whalen: So where were you during the past four weeks?

Crimson: I cannot tell you just yet, Mr. Whalen, but I promise you that you will be the first person I will tell.

Whalen: Fair enough. In the meantime, can you tell me any of your immediate plans?

Crimson: There are two people who I will try to convince to get in the ring with me. Sally McClane, you say GDWA wrestlers are untalented and delicate. I think you should back up your words in the ring. I challenge you to a match. You may claim that I am trying to take advantage because of your injured arm. That is not so. If you accept my challenge and your arm is still injured at match time, I will have my left arm tied behind my back to even the odds. Therefore, you cannot use that as an excuse.

Whalen: You said there are two wrestlers you want to face?

Crimson: Yes. Tiffany Chandler, since you seemed too frightened to answer my first challenge, I will try another. I challenge you to a match of your choosing. Anything goes, barbed wire, steel cage, whatever type of match you feel comfortable with. Hopefully, you will find the nerve to accept this time. But now, Mr. Whalen, I must go to the exercise room.

Whalen: Well, thank you for your time, Crimson.

*Crimson starts walking towards the dressing rooms as the scene fades to black.*

Blade: Crimson with her own beef against Sally.

Bishop: And did you hear what she said about Tiffany Chandler?

Dunbar: As far as I’m concerned, Sexy Sally is making a lot of enemies in a rather short period of time. On the Monday Night MVP, we will hear from Sally McClane herself. For now, let’s hear from a newcomer to the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance. Here is ‘Jumping’ Jennifer Grier….


[The scene opens up to show a large man. He is wearing a black shirt, with the letters EMWF on it. Below the letters show the words: E-Mail Wrestling Federation. He smiles into the camera… and speaks.]

Man: Hello out there! I’m “Big” Robert Tucker, and I’m the lucky manager of the newest sensation in the squared circle. For those of you who recognize me as the ex-announcer of the (points to his shirt) EMWF, thanks for your support.

[He looks around… no reaction.]

“Big” Robert Tucker: Anyway, this isn’t about me. I’d like to introduce to you, the lady of my life. GDWA, meet “Jumping” Jennifer Grier!!

[The curtain opens, and you see a small brunette walk out of behind it. She’s got her hair pulled back, and you immediately notice the smile.]

“Jumping” Jennifer Grier: Rob, you’ve always been the long winded one. Let me talk for a minute.

[Rob just backs off, and smiles]

JJG: So… this is the GDWA. Damn impressive. I must admit, you hooked me up with some nice seats for Founder’s Day Tradition. In fact, I must say that some of you intimidate me. The talent here…. it’s amazing. But I’ve never been one to back away, just ask Rob here. I’m looking forward to a few good matches.

[Jenny adjusts her hair, and smiles back to the camera]

JJG: Quite simple. I don’t know enough about any of you. I’d love the honor to wrestle any one of you. I’ve left an open contract on the President’s desk. If anyone should honor me with a match, I’d love to get in the ring.

[“Big” Rob pipes up]

BRT: And she’ll show you why she’s going STRAIGHT TO THE TOP!

[Jenny looks back at Rob, and smirks.]

JJG: Thanks, Rob. I can handle it from here. So, GDWA. I’d like to open the negotiations. You can contact me through the desk of the President. Until then, good luck!

[“Big” Rob stands up and claps, and Jenny shakes her head as she heads back behind the curtain.]

Bishop: Well, I hope she enjoyed Founder’s Day Tradition. It was replete with Outside interference…

Dunbar: Even rulebreakers are beginning to voice their opinions concerning the recent outbreaks. With us now Via Satellite is Alison De La Cruz, GDWA Vice President. Alison?

De La Cruz: Good to be here.

Bishop: Hey Alison, what is the President’s and your position on the recent turn of events.

De La Cruz: Denmark Vessey was abhorred by the level of outside wrestler involvement in GDWA match ups. I prevented him from leveling many suspensions, expulsions and fines to GDWA superstars.

Dunbar: What was your reasoning behind this?

De La Cruz: This needs to be settled by GDWA wrestlers. They need to quit the war of words and match-jacking and get in the ring. Officer Order’s band of fan favorites is one possible solution. I just prefer managers and wrestlers without managers to call for certain stipulations when they sign against opponents.

Bishop: Such as?

De La Cruz: How about requesting 2 referees officiate the matches? How about Lumberjack matches much the way we solved a prior feud between Ma Porter and Officer Order that became a GDWA affair.

Dunbar: Right, at the Summer Supercard. But why no fines?

De La Cruz: Because many of those same people are complaining about SOMEONE else sticking their nose in their business. I say that is their own punishment. What comes around, goes around…and ratings are up as well.

Bishop: (Laughing) So what about those that were majorly screwed over. Daisy Butterfly for instance?

De La Cruz: Daisy has joined with Officer Order to squash this rampant rulebreaking. But I assure you that if this trend picks up, I won’t be able to dissuade President Vessey any longer.

Dunbar: Thank you for joining us Vice President De La Cruz.

De La Cruz: My pleasure.

Dunbar: Fans, you heard it from our VP herself. Live via satellite from Walnut Creek, California. Now, let’s go to Sonya Blade with the GDWA HOTLINE NEWS!


Blade: FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION! It has come and gone, and with that we have the competitors for our Cruiserweight title tournament!

Lady Tiger, Officer Order, Sierra Browne, Wendy Marshall, Daisy Butterfly, Keiko Mita and Jennifer Grier.

(Flips through some more papers.)

Blade: The Cruiserweight title tournament begins in 2 weeks! Can’t wait to see the starting action.

(Smiles as the music comes up.)

Blade: That’s all this week for HOTLINE NEWS. Guys, back to you!

Bishop: Wow! The tournament sounds great.

Dunbar: Along with everything else, Grand Dragon keeps getting bigger and better. Fans, our last comments of the night are from a tag team looking to make a name for themselves. Let’s hear from the Double Otanashis…


[A reporter is interviewing the Otanashis regarding their time limit draw at Founder’s Day Tradition. Since the Otanashis speak only Japanese, English subtitles are being used.] [Reporter] Kasumi, any comments on the match at Founder’s Day Tradition?

[Kasumi] Well, I’m disappointed that our first match turned out to be a draw. Burning Rain is a tough team. We look forward to a rematch with them at any time.

[Reporter] Kurumi… is there trouble in the Otanashi camp? I mean, you and your sister… well, you just don’t seem to get along.

[Kurumi] We get along just fine as long as my sister knows her place. I didn’t come here to play nice-nice with the locals. I came here to win. And we didn’t win at Founder’s Day Tradition, we got a lousy draw. So next time we get in the ring with Burning Rain, we are going to kick their ass.

[Reporter] So you want a rematch?

[Kasumi] Oh… definately… we…

[Kurumi – interrupting] Forget that… we want a rematch and we want no time limit and we want a decisive winner… none of this time limit draw, bull*censored*. Let us go until there is a winner.

[Kurumi storms off] [Kasumi] We’d like to congratulation the winners at Founder’s Day Trad…

[Kurumi from off camera] KASUMI!

[Kasumi] Umm… bye now.

[Kasumi scampers off camera as it fades.]

Bishop: They sound determined to take care of Burning Rain…but how do they operate as a tag team with so much dissention?

Blade: Perhaps it raises their level of competition. Anyway, that match has been signed for next Saturday when we re-open the promotion!

Dunbar: The action never stops here at the Grand Dragon. Fans, for all of us here on the Friday Night, I’m Paul Laurence Dunbar saying see ya at ringside!

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