Post Catfight promos by The Syndicate, Rahdi Ananda, Bloody Mary, Staci X and more. 

(The scene is one of Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance studios located in Tacoma, Washington. Two men are sitting behind a desk. They are wearing a blue blazer with the GDWA logo on the right side. A woman sits between them with a red and brown suit jacket and skirt. The lights start to come up, and “Atomic Dog” by Parliament–the GDWA theme music–begins to play.)

Dunbar: Wrestling fans, I’m Paul Laurence Dunbar with Allen Bishop and Sonya Blade bringing you the Friday Night Tease. Happy New Year and welcome back to the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance! Our first card in 1997 will be tomorrow with a HELL Of a card.

Blade: That’s right fans. And did you see that pay per view? The action was incredible….speaking of action, hopefully we will have some information about our next pay per view later in the show tonight.

Bishop: Tonight, we have everybody! Rookies, Veterans, champions, ex-champions, you name it!

Dunbar: As always, we begin with the champ! So let’s hear words from the Syndicate and the Heavyweight Champion of the World, Andrea Chandler….


(The view pans across a bright, blue afternoon sky, nearly devoid of clouds or similar clutter. Slowly, the camera angles down, until the viewer sees a small landing strip and conning tower. Distantly visible is a sandy beach, flanked by palm trees. The whine of a Lear Jet fades in as the plane rolls into view. It settles to a stop beside a black stretch limo, and the door pops open. Laughter and music can be heard from within. The Kingpin is the first to appear in the doorway, and he offers a helpful hand to Micki Duran, Crystal Lewis, Tiffany Chandler, and Andrea Chandler, the GDWA World’s Title over her shoulder. Behind her, she escorts Mike Whalen, his hair a bit mussed, smiling. Spirits are high as they joke and converse with one another.)

[Andrea] Whoooo! Syndicate RULES, baby! (She and the others exchange a high-five, then turn to the camera.)

(Mike Whalen produces a microphone, then turns to the camera.)

[Whalen] This is Mike Whalen for the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance, and I’m here with the Syndicate on the heels of their incredible success at Dawg Pound Nights. We’ve just flown by private plane to one of Andrea’s island resorts in the Caribbean, where, as they put it, a party of “epic proportion” will take place. In fact, I hear several noteworthy celebrities and foreign dignitaries will be on hand to greet and congratulate them. Andrea, which celebrities might those be?

[Andrea] (Taking his arm, and sidling up to him.) Well, do names like Arnold, Sly, Sheen, and Bullock ring any bells?

[Whalen] Wow! That’s an A-list group by anybody’s standards.

(An airstrip worker walks over to Andrea.)

[Worker] Miss Chandler, terribly sorry to interrupt, but Patrick Swayze’s plane is low on fuel. Shall I give him permission to land?

[Andrea] Swayze? That has-been? He wasn’t on the list. Forget it. Tell him to make for Cuba or something.

[Worker] Very good, ma’am. (He walks off.)

[Whalen] Well, the Syndicate continues its path of destruction through Grand Dragon, and I must say that you’ve really put together a winner, Mr. Bell. What’s the philosophy behind your organization?

[Kingpin] Kick ass, don’t look back, and don’t be Medusa Rage. It’s just that simple.

[Whalen] You’ve got the world’s title in your stable, but I suspect you want more gold. What are your short-term goals?

[Micki] I’m going to take Radhi Ananda apart. Slowly. Then the rest of her cronies. Everyone around here is so quick to call me a cheater, and say I need Syndicate backing to win, and whatnot, but the way I see it, I wrestled Charlotte, and she cheated to keep her belt. I wrestled Radhi. She cheated to keep her belt. Oh, but I’m the cheater. That’s crap. Ananda, I don’t want them to suspend you. I don’t want them to hold up the belt. I want you in the ring, DQ resulting in you losing the belt, everyone barred from ringside. I want a chance to beat you into oblivion. Period. That’s my short-term goal.

[Whalen] Crystal “The Crippler” Lewis, you’ve been an intimidating force for your group, even though you’re not under contract with the GDWA. Are you aiming to get clearance to wrestle?

[Crystal] They don’t WANT me to wrestle here, but I’m working on a contract. Meantime, I’m just here to watch Micki’s back.

[Whalen] Tiffany, you’ve made quite an impression on everyone in the GDWA– but not necessarily a good one. You really infuriated the crowd with your speech. Did you really feel they were so far beneath you?

[Tiffany] *giggles* Do you think I made them just a little disconcerted? Oh dear… what in the world shall I do? *laughs outright* For all I care about those lowly poor excuses for human beings, why in the world should I be distressed or even disquieted by their opinions of one such as I? I mean, if you took all of their IQs, the entirety would be able to be counted on one hand. I have far more important things to ponder, than what those cretins have to think of me. I wonder who the GDWA is going to demand me to taint my hands on when I make my wrestling debut? I suppose it could be anyone… but to tell you the truth, it just doesn’t matter. Other than you, my colleagues… there isn’t anyone in the GDWA who has the thinking power that I do. Most of the GDWA wrestlers, lead with their heart… but that still won’t be enough when they oppose Tiffany Chandler.

[Whalen] Andrea, your hot streak continues as you overcame Officer Order to defend your belt. Some champs get complacent, but you’ve gotten, if anything, even more intense. Is this still about respect with you?

[Andrea] Partly, Michael. It seems amazing to me that I can come into this federation, win almost all my matches, and still not convince some people that I’m legitimate. I don’t think it’s asking too much to want proper credit for my accomplishments, but I know I’ll not receive it from those who dislike me. Very well. If respect isn’t forthcoming, then I’ll strive for something else: FEAR. Before I met Chip Bell and the Syndicate, I was a good wrestler. But since my association with them, I’ve learned that intimidation and terror get you a long way, and thus I’ve become a GREAT wrestler. So the way I see it, there’s a fine line between fear and respect, and if I can’t gain one, I’ll gain the other.

[Whalen] Order looked as if she really had you going on several occasions in your match, but you still won–and won cleanly. Was that important, to win without a seemliness of impropriety?

[Andrea] Absolutely. I may not get along with the fans, or the wrestlers that toady up to them like shameless fools they are, but that does not mean that I must cheat to accomplish what I set out to do. I am a WINNER, and I don’t have to take shortcuts to prove that. (She nods at the camera.) I’d like to say something else about that title match. Yet again, I go into a title defense, and yet again, I demonstrate to Grand Dragon why I’m the best thing going today. Don’t get me wrong–any one of the ladies with me will have this strap at some point. But I’m on a ROLL, and I’m only getting off when *I* choose to. No one’s bringing me down, you may rest assured of that. May Order, I can’t take a thing away from you. As competitors go, you were as capable and determined as they come. There is no one in the GDWA that is better. (She smiles.) And I DEFEATED you, made you submit, in the middle of the ring. Just as I DEFEATED Daisy Butterfly, and Lanny Manson before her. Great wrestlers all, and I cleanly, flatly won. But apparently, that’s not enough for some. Sonya Blade, if you don’t like my personality, I have no problem with that. But you are an announcer, and as such should maintain SOME semblance of objectivity. However, you’ve shown a total inability to do so. I grow weary of your attempts to sully me before our audiences. So, I propose this: how about you allow me to prove to you PERSONALLY what I can do? You’re still young, you seem to keep in good physical condition, and no doubt you still practice a bit. I would like to meet you, under whatever conditions you propose, in a ring, to convince you of my legitimacy. Because otherwise, no one’s going to buy what you’re selling. It’s put up or shut up time, Sonya. I dearly hope you’ll grant the former. (She tugs at Mike’s arm.) Well, that’s done. Now it’s time for the party! (Everyone cheers.)

[Whalen] W-well, that sounds great!

[Andrea] (Nods at the cameraman.) You’re allowed, too, just leave the equipment. My celebrity friends disdain the paparazzi.

[Kingpin] Alright, you heard the lady! Load up!

(The group prances toward the idling limo, and the view fades….)

Bishop: Wow! Sonya, did you hear that?

Blade: …………..

Bishop: Sonya, you heard Andrea didn’t you? That’s big news! Andrea…


Bishop: So what do you have to say to her challenge?

Blade: …..I need time….to think…..

Dunbar: Well, we can certainly say that the WORLD’S CHAMP is focused. I wonder who she will defend the title against in 30 days?

Bishop: And did you hear what Micki Duran had to say about Radhi Ananda? She wants Radhi and her belt with the DQ provision waved! Wow! Do you think Jungle will accept?

Dunbar: I don’t know, but we do have word from ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda the Western Heritage champion regarding her match with the Legend at the DAWG POUND NIGHTS. Let’s listen in…


(SCENE: A proper-looking study, done in Victorian fashion and a burgundy color scheme. The camera pans slowly to the right; showcasing a large, cliché bookshelf filled with an abundance of large tomes. A painted portrait hangs in an ornate golden frame next to the shelves, depicting a pudgy gray-haired man wearing a monocle and a bushy gray mustache. He looks suspiciously like a former GDWA broadcaster. The camera continues panning until it reaches an awkward corner in the same room, large votive candles burn before a ragged tapestry painting of the Hindu goddess Kali, hanging from the dual outstretched tusks of a GIANT stuffed and mounted elephant head. Yellow jasmines lay scattered on the floor all around the candles and base of the tapestry. Standing before the devotional display is “JUNGLE” RADHI ANANDA, wearing a flowing, old-looking yellow sundress. Her hair is as wild as ever and her eyes burn with trademark fierceness, but she allows her lips to display a slight smile. The GDWA Western Heritage Championship hangs from her shoulder.)

Radhi: Unpredictability is always what one expects from the Jungle. You can prepare in your best manner, push yourself to perform in super-human ways; yet you’ll always be caught off-guard. It’s not that the method differs it’s the sublime truth that NO MAN OR WOMAN can stand firm in the slapping winds of a hurricane, or the sustain the explosive heart of an earthquake. Legend Duran, it wasn’t the Evil Empire that cost you the opportunity to hold this gold. It was your own pride and arrogance. You were the one who fought her battles by playing the numbers game. There’s a sermon, passed down through the decades that I have always kept with me.

A man, faced with war, had but two choices as to the content of his army. His wicked uncle, with whose aggression he was faced, chose to hold the righteous man’s kinfolk as his soldiers and turned them against him. The righteous man had nothing but his charioteer and whatever council he could offer. During the course of battle, the righteous man opened his eyes to the true nature of his charioteer and succeeded in defeating his enemies. His prize? The kingdom that was rightfully his.

(Radhi holds up the Western Heritage strap)

Legendary Micki Duran, this belt is my kingdom. And my charioteer is my Black Mother. With her divine council I need no Syndicates, no Dragon Trios, no Roundhouse

(Radhi’s grin grows wider)

Of course, defeating a warrior at her own game is a prize in itself. Valkyrie, we are even now.

Bishop: Wow! Jungle exuding confidence and throwing that match in Duran’s face. Do you think she’ll give Duran 1 more title shot? A return match?

Dunbar: I don’t know, we’ll just have to see…Duran isn’t the only enemy Radhi Ananda has. Let’s hear comments from Bloody Mary!


(Scene is horse galloping through fenced in stable area during a snow storm. The rider is Bloody Mary, she yells “Whoa Nellie” as the horse rears & she dismounts. She addresses camera between wire fence with a strand of barbed wire on top.)

Mary: “Whoa Nellie! Nelli….Nelli….Nelli!! That’s one name that’s been constantly on my mind lately. Nomad & Wildchild are 2 others. Once again I was embarrassed & denied at GDWA & at such a prestigious event as the ppv. Nelli, Nomad…you had NO business in MY business! First I lost my debut match to dq & a shot at the Western Heritage Title because Sachie Yokohama had to interfere with Rahdi Ananda, NOW THIS! I want you 2 in the ring and Sachie I haven’t forgot you either.

I’m challenging all of you to only the kind of match where I can guarantee the match will be finished mujer a mujer…. a cage match. That way none of your friends can decide to finish the match for you and leave me with a dq and a big fat zero in my win collection. Wildchild, we never finished and I want my chance at you as well. I challenge you to finish what only got started. Unless you’re like Rahdi & is apparently scared spitless of me because she never returned my challenges either. I guess I’ll place an open challenge to both you & Rahdi to finish business in a scientific match.

Well, as scientific as we can get….OWWW, my eye still hurts Wildchild, I guess a thumb in the eye is scientific for you. No problem that’s my style too & I’ve been practicing a lot lately. Okay ladies challenges are out, who’s first? I’d be signing quickly because if I don’t meet you in the ring I’ll be ready for you in the parking lot or dressing rooms with a video camera to record it for the fans, I feel comfortable with that, do you?

(Mary shakes the fence one more time turns away & remounts her horse riding away)

Dunbar: Wrestling fans that…

(Paul Laurence Dunbar is shocked as Mike Whalen runs onto the set, hands him a piece of paper, and immediately exits.)

Bishop: What’s this?

Dunbar: Fans, apparently Wild West Management–the agency that Bloody Mary apparently belongs to–has negotiated a Western Heritage title match for NEXT Saturday against ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda!…in a steel cage no less!

Bishop: Wow! Hey, aren’t you gonna say anything Sonya?

Blade: ………………

Dunbar: Fans, let’s look at the card for tomorrow night’s Saturday Nite Special…

1) Staci X vs. Andrea Chandler (non-title match!)

2) ‘Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama vs. Bloody Mary

3) Sierra Browne vs. Wendy “Wildchild” Marshall

Dunbar: Fans, we have a big match tomorrow night. Staci X takes on WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Andrea Chandler in a non-title match. With comments, let’s hear from Staci….


(Scene opens up in a dark room, with a blue-grey flashing light inside of it. As the camera adjusts to the dim lighting inside of the room, a single figure is shown seated in a chair, in front of a television set. It is soon apparent that it is Staci X watching the TV, and sitting in some kind of recliner. She is wearing a dark colored t-shirt, and a pair of jeans. She soon looks at the camera and begins to speak)

Staci X: Well, Andrea Chandler, Ms. World Champion. You challenged me to a match? Bad idea. At the moment, I am not in a very good mood, and you decided you wanted to go at it with me. This is not your lucky day. If you think you’re gonna get an easy win, think again. This is gonna be the match of your life, little girl. I feel like putting somebody through the mat, and you just happened to be the lucky candidate.

You probably think that with my bad streak as of late, I’ll be easy pickings. I don’t think so. I’ve been just a little out of focus on my last few matches, but don’t expect that this time. I’ll be ready for you. I’m focused now more than ever, which is good for me, and bad for you. After all, you’ve seen me in the ring, you can’t expect a slump to last forever. Nothing lasts forever, remember that. Don’t worry, I’ll give you a reminder, so you don’t forget.

One more thing, to the rest of the Syndicate, Mafia, thugs, whatever you’re calling yourselves these days, try not to interfere in this match. Yeah, it may be cool smacking around the Evil Empire a little, but they’re nothing compared to me on a good day. Just ask them, they can tell you. Well, they probably would never admit to it, but they know. Anyway, don’t consider this a threat, or a warning, or anything like that, just a piece of advice.

(Scene fades to black)

Bishop: Wow! You know, if Staci wins she AUTOMATICALLY gets a World title shot! This is the chance she’s needed.

Blade: I don’t think Andrea will be able to bully her around the ring as she has with other opponents. Staci X is a big girl not to be messed with…and a big win here would give her just enough momentum to take the belt from that bitch.

Bishop: Nice to see you participating.

Dunbar: Turning our attention now to other matters, we have WHO’s HOT and WHO’s NOT with Medusa Rage. Go ahead Ms. Rage…



Sparrow’s “Hot! Hot! Hot!” pumps over the sound system as the camera zooms in on Medusa Rage. All around her come the sounds of grunts and basketballs thumping on the hardwood.]

MEDUSA: Hey! Hugs and hisses, y’all coming live from the hive! I’m Medusa Rage coming at you live from the home of the Hornets and we’re watching the Knicks practice before their game tonight.

[Medusa watches the action]

Oh that John Starks is so cute. Allan, too. Man, I gotta get back in that locker room. Charles! Oak! Oakley! Hey, baby. I don’t have a car with me, but you can rub my bumper down with hot, soapy water any time! For real. Call me! Ha! Ha! Isn’t it great being me?

[She chuckles with laughter.]

MEDUSA: Now onto more serious matters. The promoters wanted me to do another who’s hot spot. Listen, I don’t know how many times I have to tell you this. Can’t you guys analyses wrestling yourselves? All right, it goes like this. Could I have a drumroll please? No drum, well, you can get that cute little Starks over there to bang on my drum. I know he’s married. What’s a little spank between friends, eh?

[Medusa shakes her head.]

MEDUSA: Right, back to business! Hot! Andrea Chandler’s still sizzling up the GDWA. That Rich Bitch is proving the critics wrong. She isn’t lucky, no matter what Ms. Blade says. She’s good.

Hot! Officer Order. Hey, she’s a perennial and she’s a stalwart in the ranks. She’s still here while Lanny Manson and so are dropping like flies.

Hot! Wendy Marshall and Bloody Mary! These rookies learned from the beating I gave them and are now hotting up the charts. I’m glad to say I was the turning point in their careers.

And hot! ME! And it isn’t just from watching sweaty basketball players. I guarantee you that. It isn’t. This heat is coming from burning rage! Did you see Dawg Pound Nights? I had that imbecile Demonica right where I wanted her! Powerslammed to the floor. She was beaten. I had Lady Starr done in minutes. And what happens? What happens? That Nikita Kruschev comes out and bushwhacks me. That’s all right. I ain’t mad at cha, dog. I’m a just get even. You know what I mean? There’s gonna be an accounting between the two of us. And damn if I don’t make pay back a nuh. You pushed the button, now feel the fallout.

[Medusa grabs hold of her dreadlocks and twists them around her fist.]

MEDUSA: Cold. The Philadelphia 76ers. The GDWA tag-team ranks. Nomad. And EVERYBODY who ever *PISSED* off Medusa Rage. Nikita, that means you. You done gone made it personal like that. You know what that means? That means WAR!!! Ya hear? War!!! From Madison Square Gardens this is Medusa Rage signing off.

[Medusa glares into the camera with her “medusa” stare as the screen fades to black.]

Bishop: Sounds like there’s a little animosity between Medusa and Nikita Marx.

Blade: Allen, you haven’t heard the half of it. Roll the clip….



A single backlight casts the room in shadows. A muscular silhouette stands before the camera, head bowed in profile. The hair is pulled back into a thick ponytail, the profile angular and intense. When the woman speaks, however, the voice is unmistakable.]

Medusa: Nikita … Nikita … [fits of frustrated laughter as the lights come up to show Medusa wiping a tear from her eye] What have you done? [Medusa clutches her head in her hands.] What the hell have you done? I don’t know what you were thinking coming in and ruining my party. Dawg Pound Nights didn’t quite turn out to be the birth of the Age of the Rage, did it. No. That’s too bad. But I had that 3 way dance one. Dementia was a smear on the floor. Lady Starr wasn’t nothin’ but an annoying flea. I had it all in my hand. And you saw fit to rob me of it all. Rob me? Medusa Rage?

[Medusa puts her hand on her chest.]

Medusa: You know, that’s so damn dumb it isn’t even funny. It really isn’t even funny. What the hell were you thinking when you did that? You bust up my House of Styles segment. You call Sierra a brownie. Now you ruin my Dawg Pound Nights? Do you even understand what that means, Natasia Fatale? Do you? [Her handsome face wrinkles in confusion.]

Medusa: That’s your ass, Nikita. I mean it. That’s all of it. Because I’m going to be in the ring with you. Right there. With no one else around to save you. No one to help you. Nobody whatsoever. And it’ll be me and it’ll be you and I’m gonna make you nothin’ but a little pink stain. You think the collapse of the Soviet Union was bad? I’ve been watching every move you make, every breath you take. Every damn jack you’ve faked! NIKITA, I KNOW YOU INSIDE AND OUT! AND LET ME TELL YOU THIS, YOU DAMN RUSKIE! Let me tell you, and make sure you hear me well. You broke the rules. You broke ’em. You don’t ever ever take away my television time. You don’t ever insult my girls. And you don’t EVER mess with Medusa Rage’s matches. See, see, see … I’ve been trying damn hard to be good around here. You know. Do it on the good foot. But women like you just mess things up, don’t you? You should have left well enough alone. You really, really should have. You know, it’s quite popular for wrestlers these days to call themselves “psycho” and say they aren’t responsible for their actions. You know, that’s what they say. Not me, Nikita. I’ll be responsible for every bone of yours I break. Every drop of blood I spill. Me. Completely in control. Completely rational. And you know what. That’s what should scare you the most. Hugs and hisses, [fake Russian accent] darling.


Blade: Medusa just may have met her match. Nikita is shrewd and loves the spotlight just as much as Ms. Rage.

Bishop: Hopefully the promoters can get that signed for next week. Wow! That’ll define the word EXTREME!

Dunbar: Well, speaking of Nikita Marx, we have comments from the big Russian. Let’s hear what she had to say…


(‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx is working out of a treadmill, beside her Uncle Bob sits at a desk typing away on his laptop. Marx is wearing a black French cut bathing suit with a red star over her right breast.

Nikita: “Hello my darlings, Can YOU believe this so called … federation! They make up rules on a whim, then they break them when even they want. I had fought that annoying buzzing fly woman to a draw. The contract was for best out of 3 falls. Neither she nor I could win the third match. So rather than call it a draw, that ******** president Vessey forces me to fight again. I was not ready for such an underhanded trick.

Marx begins to jog faster shaking her head.

Uncle Bob: “After reviewing tape of the matches it is clear that Ms. Butterfly is holding back, fighting for a draw, not a victory. This along with other evidence which we have recently come in to position of, has proven to us that President Vessey had orchestrated this from the beginning as a way to punish Nikita. He seems to have a personal interest in Ms. Butterfly’s carrier.”

Nikita: “I’m hurt darling, why have you singled me out as a trouble maker. Why what have I ever done to you? Tisk tisk tisk… I am an international superstar, not some hood from the ghetto. Really!”

Uncle Bob: “And speaking of hoods, it was nice to see Miss Rage at the pay-per-view. I wonder how she’s feeling? “

Nikita: “Madam Rage, you came into the GDWA looking for trouble. I believe you have found it, no? I wanted to send you a very clear message at Dawg Pound Nights, I think you understood me! I hope you have learned not to … how do you say? Write checks with your mouth that you ass cannot cash?”

Uncle Bob: “It will be good to see the two of you fight, it’s been awhile since you’ve had a No Holds Barred Match. And right after you had a scientific rules match, how well rounded you are.”

Nikita: “Thank you for noticing darling”

(Fade out with a wink from Nikita.)

Bishop: No Holds barred? With Medusa Rage? The woman is insane!

Blade: No, just arrogant. Actually, both women have tremendous egos that need to be fed. So obviously when those two bump heads…it gets ugly.

Dunbar: Arrogance is not unique to Medusa Rage OR Nikita Marx….far from arrogant though, let’s hear from the 1996 Ironwoman of the GDWA. Let’s hear from Daisy Butterfly.


(SCENE: A locker/fitness room, only days removed from the GDWA “Dawg Pound Nights” PPV. DAISY BUTTERFLY soaks in a steaming sports hot-tub, recovering from the other night’s bouts and bruises. Her dark hair is tied back haphazardly on the top of her head. She looks exhausted, yet manages to maintain a sleepy grin when the camera emerges)

Daisy: Nikita, I gotta hand it to you. I expected you to bend the rules; hell, I even though you’d bend them further than you did. But, finally, I proved to the world and myself that I AM BETTER THAN YOU. Even WITH the Dark Asylum on your side, with Demonica beating me pillar-to-post in the back I prevailed. Even WITH Uncle Bob keeping the ref’s eyes one way while you try and break my leg I prevailed. The Butterfly Deathlock, sweetheart, had you CRYING in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go. How about that, gal? Months of sneak attacks and screwjobs and slander from you; and it all came to a head where it all began. Inside the squared circled.

Sachie, thank you for standing by my side and firing me up just when I needed it. But talk to me, girl. What the HELL is going on with you? You not only TURNED on Charlotte, but you left her out there FOR DEAD underneath the Behemoth. Why? What did that prove, Sachie? Did you need to sell your friend down the river just to prove that you’re the baddest? Did Porter get to you? Look how quickly she turned on you, also. The ONLY two people who stood by you The ONLY two people who stood by you were Charlotte and me. Now Charlotte’s off on the mend I don’t even know when she’ll be back. And I wonder if YOU are ever coming back. Sachie spelled it out nicely for the rest of the world…..the Dragon Trio is dead.

Good luck with whatever you do, Sachie. Maybe one day I’ll have to face you again for the world championship, no doubt. Charlotte, you know I’m pulling for your quick recovery. I’m still in your corner. 1997, a brand-new year and three brand-new destinies for three lovely ladies.

Bishop: Look, I heard the rumors but didn’t think they were true. But Daisy said it plain and clear…no more Dragon Trio! Will that have an impact on Sachie’s match against Bloody Mary?

Blade: I doubt it. But I do think it will affect the way in which stables handle themselves in the GDWA for now on.

Dunbar: Indeed. Fans, no doubt you are disgusted by this woman. Ma Porter is the woman who put Charlotte La Mancha in the hospital. Hopefully we’ll have word from her in the next few days. For now, though, let’s hear from the Mafioso of the GDWA, big Ma Porter…


(Fade in on a restaurant scene. Ma Porter and Tony Angelo are sitting at the head of a very loud and lively table, where several men and the odd woman are sitting. Everyone is wearing formal attire, but Porter looks uncomfortable out of her traditional wrestling attire. The room is smoky and Tony Angelo calls for quiet.)

Tony: O.K. boys, settle down. Plenty a time for celebration later. We got GDWA cameras here (points) cause ma an’ I had some things we wanted ta say. First of all, a hearty congrats to Big Ma for closing the book with Frenchie. (Everyone cheers) Now that Ma has almost single handedly dismantled the Dragon Trio, she’s settin her sights a bit higher this time. Tell ’em, Ma!

Ma Porter: OK, Porter Boys, listen up real good now, will youse? When I started in the GDWA, I promised to destroy every stable that stood up to Organized Crime. Now, the so-called Syndicate thinks that by bringin’ in their diaper-wearin’, slack-jawed relatives, they’re improvin’ themselves. Sorry, Syndicate, but youse are turning’ GDWA into a laughing stock. Double O tried to lock youse up, but she didn’t succeed. So, it’s up ta me to take care of youse, Mafioso style! I’m gonna erase youse all, one by one if I have to.

Tony Angelo: Organized Crime has plans for expansion, although Ma don’t need to bring in ringers the way the Syndicate does. Porter could beat any single one of those upstart phonies and make her beg for mercy. So beware, Syndicate, Ma’s got high ambitions for 1997, and one of ’em is to see you wiped out! Porter Boys! A toast to Cosa Nostra! (Everyone drinks, cheers, etc. fade out.)

Blade: It’s disgusting how Ma Porter revels in Charlotte’s demise. Officer Order ALMOST had me believing that Porter had changed…and now she’s going after the Syndicate.

Bishop: Definitely gonna be a hot one between those two. Don’t know who’s gonna come out on top in that one.

Dunbar: Moving on, fans, every Superstar in the GDWA had humble origins. One newcomer to the GDWA who hopes to become a Superstar is rookie ‘Supermodel’ Eleanor Royal….


[The scene opens with “Supermodel” Eleanor Royal finishing up another fashion show in Paris. She’s dressed in a short, metallic dress that shows off her long legs and well defined arms. After the final curtain call, she head back into the dressing room where she is met by a rush of photographers. Flash bulbs are flashing all around her.]

Eleanor: “Please, everyone I’ll be more than happy to talk to you about my retirement from the fashion world later but I have something I have to do now.”

[Fashion show people push aside the photographers so that she can go through a door at the end of the hallway. Inside the room, Eleanor meets with officials from the GDWA who hand her a lengthy contract. After reading the contract, Eleanor signs the contract and hands it back to the GDWA officials. Eleanor then looks up directly into the camera.]

Eleanor: “Yes GDWA fans, it’s true. I will be joining the ranks of the GDWA in the very near future. For those you that think that being beautiful means that I can’t compete in the GDWA, I challenge you to step into the ring and I’ll teach you a lesson you won’t forget.”

[Eleanor gets up, leaves this room though the back door and heads over to a dressing room that has her name on the door.]

Eleanor: “Sorry fans, you won’t be able to follow me in here but look for me when I show up at an arena near you.”

[Eleanor opens the door and starts to go in but she turns back and strikes a sexy pose and flashes a dazzling smile. The camera zooms in on her face then the scene fades to black]

Bishop: The Supermodel sounds fantastic. Hope she makes a great impact in the GDWA. So Sonya….

Blade: I’m still thinking on it! But tell you what, I’ll have an answer for you, the fans, and that bitch Andrea Chandler on the Tuesday Night MVP!

Dunbar: Fans, (slightly irritated) we also have comments from Sierra Browne who hopes 1997 is HER year to shine…



Sierra Browne stands before a golden backdrop. She herself is decked out in a golden outfit, gold blouse and miniskirt, gold platform shoes and gold sunglasses complete the ensemble. She’s smiling and blowing kisses at the camera. Her hair is a waved into little pin curls. Sierra whips off her sunglasses and winks at the camera.]

Sierra: HAPPY NEW YEAR, GDWA! Well, I can say it’s good to be back. And let me promise you one thing, you won’t have Sierra Browne to push around anymore. You thought you’d get rid of me by shutting down the tag ranks? I guess most people forgot that I started here as a singles wrestler, taking the great Andrea Chandler to the limit every time.

[She smiles conspiratorially.]

Sierra: I know people look at my record and say, well, you’ve never won a singles match. How can you be so self-confident? I’ll tell you how. Look who I’ve lost to. Andrea Chandler, Micki Duran and Radhi Ananda. That’s the GDWA’s elite. I’ve never had a low caliber match and I never intend to. You might notice the significance of my new color motif. Back in Trinidad they showered me with gold.

[She holds up ring-laden hands. Gold shines from every finger. She displays her big golden hoop earrings.]

Sierra: Gold. The gold I’ve failed to win in my GDWA career. But that’s all right, because that’s all going to change. You know, it’s good to be out on my own again. Standing under the spotlight, all eyes on me. That’s where I belong. And you should all know that. You will all know that. That’s why I’m challenging Wendy Marshall. A self-proclaimed high-flyer. Girl, I’ll show you what sky walking is all about. You’ve never danced as high in the sky as I have and you probably never will. My return to the singles scene begins with you if you have the courage! I promise, though, I’ll make you look good even if I have to carry you on my back. [She grins] Just kidding with you, darling. Don’t be so serious. [She winks] There’s never been a time when I’ve felt more alive. When I’ve felt more glorious. Never. And I love it! I absolutely love it!

[Sierra spins for the camera.]

Sierra: I’m out of everybody’s shadow now. I believe I can fly! And I will touch the sky! I will. Nobody can take that dream away from me.

[Her face grows serious for a moment.]

Sierra: No one. [She blows the camera a kiss.] [FADE OUT]

Dunbar: Let’s move on to the WESTERN HERITAGE title match….

[Micki vs Radhi–W. H. Title match, D*A*W*G P*O*U*N*D N*I*G*H*T*S]

Bishop: Jungle now, Irish Whipping the challenger to the far ropes. Jungle hobbling to the middle of the ring as Duran bounces off, and Duran….

Blade: Ducks the clothesline, hooking the arm and swinging around Jungle’s back and SLAPPING ON THE END DIAMOND CUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fans bark: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Spud: 15 minutes have gone by in the 20minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Bishop: No cover! Duran fighting the match of her career, blood all over the mat! But she’s down, unable to cover. Jungle is down too, clutching the back of her head.

Blade: The Kingpin jumping down from the ring apron, and slapping the mat for the Legend. Duran just now trying to sit up, with blood rolling down her face.

Mutt: Cover her!

Bishop: Jungle rolling onto her stomach, as Duran nears. And Duran with a double leg pick up, flipping over the champ. Duran stomping away now on the left knee of Jungle. Duran with a Spinning Toe Hold,


(Fans all on their feet as Radhi Ananda cries out in pain!)

Mutt: Hold on, look who’s comin’!!!

(Fans boo as the Evil Empire runs down the aisle.)

Bishop: Valkyrie, Dixie Foxy and Vonya storming the ring!


Dunbar: Radhi Ananda was completely DOMINATED in that match. Micki Duran tore into Radhi like no one I’ve ever seen.

Bishop: It was the technical wrestling. Once again, the Figure 4 turned out to be a rather significant finisher. Once again, Micki Duran shows her excellence and ability to achieve.

Blade: Look, I don’t condone cheating or outside interference…but Jungle gave ‘Legend’ Micki Duran some of her own medicine. She worked out a deal with Valkyrie’s Evil Empire and retained the belt. I don’t agree with it, but Jungle was giving back what was given to her in their first match up a few months back.

Bishop: Well, I’ll agree with you there. And contrary to what Micki Duran would like us to think, the ‘Legend’ DID NOT pin Radhi Ananda in that encounter. She won by count out after Andrea Chandler interfered. Andrea Chandler and the Syndicate have really made their presence felt in Grand Dragon I must say.

Blade: Well, we can discuss that next week on the Friday Night Tease.

Dunbar: It should be noted that Radhi Ananda seemed ill prepared. She seemed to have done what so many wrestlers do. Routinized her attack, and hadn’t really prepared for Micki Duran as a specific opponent.

Blade: I’d agree with that. She was definitely deadly and vicious, but didn’t seem ready to take on Micki Duran herself. Duran on the other hand had been training for weeks just on wrestling Jungle.

Dunbar: Well, rumors abound that the championship committee is having talks with the Southwestern regional promoter Dawn Lee. More on that next week from what I hear!

Bishop: Wow! Can’t wait to hear!

Dunbar: Let’s move on to the 2 newcomer matches…Nomad against Lady Tiger and ‘Wildchild’ Wendy Marshall vs. Bloody Mary.

[Nomad vs Tiger–Newcomer Battle 1, D*A*W*G P*O*U*N*D N*I*G*H*T*S]

(Huge crowd pop as Charlotte La Mancha, in a tank top and jeans, runs down the aisle toward the ring.)

Blade: Charlotte La Mancha here offering some advice. Charlotte slapping the mat, telling Lady Tiger to get on the attack. Nomad and Lady Tiger facing each other now, and a Collar Elbow Tie up!

Bishop: Nomad just overwhelming her with strength as she backs her into the ropes. The ref wants a break, and Nomad backing off, AND SPINNING AROUND FOR A DISCUS PUNCH.

Blade: No! Lady Tiger slipping through the ropes to the ring apron ducking the Discuss Punch. Lady Tiger now, driving shoulders into the midsection of Nomad. Nomad backing off and Lady Tiger catapulting herself into the ring and NAILING Nomad with a Flying Clothesline!

(Dawg Pound cheers as Nomad stays on her feet.)

Blade: Lady Tiger running for the far ropes as Charlotte and Wendy cheer her on! Lady Tiger bouncing off and nailing another Dropkick!!!!

(Dawg Pound chanting: Tiger sucks! Tiger sucks! As Nomad remains on her feet.)

Bishop: Lady Tiger with an Enziguri Kick, and Nomad doubling over.

Mutt: And Lady Tiger with a Front Face lock and hooks the leg for an Inside Cradle……..1……………..2……….3!!!


(Fans all cheering as the Dawg Pound boos as they hear “Eye of the Tiger”.)

Bishop: Princess Nelli entering the ring, and here comes Charlotte and Wendy Marshall. And she wants no part of them. Princess Nelli and Nomad leaving the ring, and I must admit…

Mutt: Admit what? This so called Tiger, Lady Tiger, needs to hit the gym. Nomad had a 1 dimensional philosophy. That and Wendy Marshall showing up lost her this match. Lady Tiger got a lot of pretty moves, but pretty don’t make you successful here in Grand Dragon!

Blade: Nomad is a big girl with a lot of promise, but that sloppy performance won’t get her anywhere in Grand Dragon.

Bishop: Well, let’s listen to the official word!

Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 13 minutes 25 seconds, your winner via pinfall, and making a SUCCESSFUL debut here in the GDWA…..Lady Tiger!!!

Dunbar: First of all, let it be said that Charlotte La Mancha is a true professional. Assisting the newcomer Lady Tiger with moral support and motivation. Now THAT is a champion for you!

Bishop: For starters, Nomad was incredibly unprofessional that night. She walked in and just thought brute strength would get the win for her. Brute strength usually won’t get you the win against anyway Nomad. This is the GDWA! You’ve got to have a sound strategy…

Blade: But you can’t blame Nomad completely. I mean, it was an OPEN CONTRACT. She didn’t necessarily know anything about her opponent. I blame Princess Nelli as Nomad’s manager for that major upset. Princess Nelli didn’t do a good job of preparing Nomad prior to and during the match. She was basically ineffective.

Dunbar: And Lady Tiger?

Bishop: Incredibly athletic and versatile. She knows how to wrestle, and should go far in Grand Dragon. Hell, she not only anticipated an attack before the bell rang, but she made a working agreement with Wendy Marshall for protection and motivation…and the appearance of Charlotte La Mancha was a bonus.

Blade: See I disagree. Lady Tiger is obviously a high flyer…but she is no Valkyrie OR Charlotte La Mancha. Her moves were flashy but careless and lacked real punch. Lady Tiger was lucky she faced Nomad that night. The Frenchwoman approached the match incorrectly. She doesn’t have enough strength to wrestle the way that she did. If she had faced Bloody Mary, the Streetfighter would have sent the Frenchwoman back to France.

Dunbar: Speaking of Bloody Mary, let’s take a look at the closing moments of her match up against ‘Wildchild’ Wendy Marshall…

[Wendy vs Mary–Newcomer Battle 2, D*A*W*G P*O*U*N*D N*I*G*H*T*S]

(Big crowd pop as Wendy Marshall flips on top of Bloody Mary!)

Ref: 1………………….2…………………………kick out!

Kosei: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 left.

Mutt: Both women down, and I must say, Wendy Marshall is in bad shape. Bloody Mary has destroyed her with those power moves. Hold on! What do we have here?

(Fans boo as Nomad and Princess Nelli head down the aisle.)

Bishop: Wendy Marshall holding her back as she picks up Bloody Mary. Wendy pounding away with punches now, and slaps on a Front face lock for a Snap Suplex.

Blade: Bloody Mary really struggling to stay in this, but Wendy Marshall has turned the tide. Wendy Marshall heading toward the corner now, and climbing up the turnbuckles….


(Fans boo as the referee calls for the bell.)


(Fans boo as Nomad enters the ring.)

Mutt: Nomad pounding away with punches, and here comes that damn Frenchwoman!

(Fans cheer as Lady Tiger runs down the aisle.)

Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen, ruled at 12 minutes 55 seconds, your winner via disqualification…….’Wildchild’ Wendy Marshall!

Dunbar: Comments?

Bishop: Incredible action from both. Easily, these women prepared for one another and actually had some professional jealousy on both ends. They had something to prove, and it was unfortunate we didn’t have a clear cut winner.

Blade: I remember the first time I appeared in the GDWA. It was February 24th at the Municipal Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. A beautiful clear night and it was the night to let it all hang out.

Bishop: Who did you face?

Blade: ‘Luscious’ Lisa Thomas in a match that went to a time limit draw. It was very much like Wendy Marshall vs. Bloody Mary. Lisa Thomas is a big strong Power wrestler much like Bloody Mary. I’d say that Wendy Marshall reminds me of my self (sniffs a little bit) in my prime. And just as my match with Lisa Thomas brought the house down, so did Wendy Marshalls. I see great things in store for the newcomers.

Dunbar: And what about the appearance of the Nomad?

Blade: How many times must Bloody Mary have someone interfere in her matches!? Both athletes in that contest were just about ready for anything. Wendy Marshall has a modified aerial attack that Bloody Mary took advantage of throughout the bout. Likewise, Bloody Mary was dominated by the ‘Wildchilds’ quickness and sharp attack strategy. I’d love to see a rematch!

Bishop: Yes, a shame it had to end that way. Really, it appeared as if Wendy Marshall had the upper hand, but you just don’t know. Nomad obviously still has some beef with Wendy Marshall…but perhaps Bloody Mary has some beef with Nomad now.

Dunbar: Fans, we have a host of newcomers entering Grand Dragon, and they could really learn from the preparation, electricity and wrestling ability of Wendy Marshall and Bloody Mary. Speaking of which…what a tag match! Fans, let’s take a look at how the Dragon Trio lost to ‘Crime & Punishment’….

[Dragon Trio vs. Crime and Punishment–D*A*W*G P*O*U*N*D N*I*G*H*T*S]


(Huge cheers as Sachie and Double O hit the floor.)

Blade: The referee running over to get the chair out of the ring. Ma Porter with a pickup, and Irish Whips Charlotte to the far ropes. Charlotte bouncing off, ducking the Clothesline…


(Fans all cheering in excitement!)

Spud: 5 minutes remaining! 5 minutes left.

Bishop: The referee turning around, and FINALLY sliding into position!

Ref: 1…………………………..2…………………………

Bishop: KICK OUT. Damn it, both women back up, and Charlotte with an Irish Whip. Ma Porter off the ropes and Charlotte jumps up for the Longbow Frankensteiner….

Blade: But Ma Porter holding on to the ropes at the last second! Charlotte hits the mat as Porter backpedals into the side ropes, bouncing off….

Bishop: and FLATTENING Charlotte with the Monster Splash!

Ref: 1…………………………2……………………….3!


Bishop: Order and Sachie fighting on the ring floor still! Sachie with vicious Reverse Knife Edges to the chest of Officer Order! Order with Karate Chops, and they are fighting all the way back to the locker room.

Blade: The bell has rung, and oh no! Ma Porter backing into the ropes, bouncing off and nailing ANOTHER Monster Splash! Porter is looking around the arena now, and the fans are sickened.

(Fans boo as Ma Porter backs into the ropes again.)

Mutt: Ma Porter bouncing off the ropes again, and HITS the Monster Splash! The ref threatening a reversal, and Ma Porter shouting back at him.

Spud: Wrestling fans, your winners, via pinfall! The team of ‘Double O’ Officer Order, ‘Big’ Ma Porter…Crime and Punishment!

Bishop: Charlotte La Mancha took a serious beating after that match at the hands of Ma Porter. I hope she’s all right.

Dunbar: What happened in that match? There was more there then met the eye.

Bishop: I’ll tell you what happened. Sachie Yokoyama turned her back on the Dragon Trio. Her insatiable desire to be WESTERN HERITAGE champion, and then her dislike of Officer Order caused her to possess a super ego. No one could get in her way…

Blade: But that doesn’t explain why she’d help Daisy later on in the night with Nikita Marx. I don’t think it’s all that simple.

Dunbar: It appeared as if Sachie Yokoyama had joined camps with Ma Porter, but at the last minute Porter TURNED on Sachie.

Blade: There’s more to this story then we know.

Dunbar: Strategy?

Bishop: Crime and Punishment were incredibly sound. They used a mismatch strategy. They attempted to have Porter wrestle Sachie and Charlotte wrestle Double O. Keep the Dragon Trio imbalanced. And on the Trios end, before all the confusion, they were attempting to keep Double O in the ring. Also, they utilized quick tags focusing on one body part.

Blade: I’ve wrestled Porter before, and I will say that SHE was the key factor to that tag match. The Dragon Trio didn’t account for her INCREDIBLE size and strength. Because of her low ranking in contention in the last couple of months, they thought she was all washed up. No one with Ma Porter’s strength and 200+ pounds is EVER washed up until you prove it to them.

Dunbar: Mike Whalen has told me there are some further developments with the Dragon Trio that will be discussed later. Now, our final match is the 3 Way Dance for the next shot at Charlotte La Mancha and her INTERNET TITLE!

**********[3 Way Dance–1st Victory, D*A*W*G P*O*U*N*D N*I*G*H*T*S]******

Bishop: Meanwhile, Medusa Rage back on Lady Starr…and a Crotch Shot! Lady Starr doubles over…..and Medusa Rage with a pickup…..and a Military Press Slam!

(Fans boo!)

Mutt: Sonya, stop shaking your head! Medusa never said she was above cheating. As far as I’m concerned, this is very sound wrestling. She’s got the Hot Shot from Japan grounded and unable to use those cute moves of hers.

Blade: She’s got loads of talent. Why waste it with dirty tactics like low blows?

Bishop: Back to the action…Medusa Rage with a pickup, and slapping Lady Starr’s head between her legs. Oh no, Medusa with a Waistlock and a pickup……


(Dawg Pound barking: ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! )

Bishop: Medusa Rage rolling Lady Starr over into the middle of the ring with her foot. She drops down now for the cover!

Ref: ………………1………………….2………….3!


Spud: Wrestling fans, Lady Starr has been eliminated!

Mutt: How?! What?!

Blade: That was COMPLETE domination of Lady Starr by Medusa Rage…and she hardly broke a sweat!

**********[3 Way Dance–2nd Victory, D*A*W*G P*O*U*N*D N*I*G*H*T*S]******


(Fans all booing as Medusa Rage hits the floor!)

Bishop: Nikita Marx rolling Praecox into the ring, and here come the Brownes! Here come the Misfits!

(Fans cheer as Nikita Marx is chased back to the locker room.)

Ref: ……..3……….4…………5……….

Mutt: Nikita Marx exacting revenge! She’s always hit her enemies, and hit ’em when they least expect it!

Ref: ………6………..7……….8………..

Bishop: Praecox is STILL down on the mat, just clutching her back…but Medusa ain’t moving. Sierra Browne trying to help her up….

Ref: ………..9………….10!

Blade: It’s over!


(Fans boo as they hear ‘Brain Damage’ by Pink Floyd!)

Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen, ruled at 18 minutes 15 seconds, your winner via count out, and #1 contender to the INTERNET HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP…….Dementia Praecox!

Dunbar: Opinions?

Bishop: Medusa Rage had that match all sewed up. First, she knows EXACTLY how to take care of Lady Starr. Lady Starr in the past few months since her sabbatical has looked just as lost in the ring as Lisa Thomas tends to. She was ill prepared. Medusa took care of all of Starr’s karate and high flying moves and just JACKNIFED her into the ground.

Blade: I agree. Lady Starr had no real strategy. She was simply going with the flow. Her best chance was when she attacked Medusa Rage and Dementia Praecox simultaneously. She forced both of them into awkward positions.

Dunbar: And what about Dementia Praecox’s performance?

Blade: Madame Hecate trained her WELL! Hecate’s strategy was to keep all 3 of them in the ring at the same time in order to utilize Dementia Praecox’s haphazard style. It worked for a while, and that is why Praecox lasted as long as she did. Beautiful strategy!

Bishop: What you have when Medusa Rage and Dementia Praecox wrestle are two women who don’t know each other very well. Medusa overestimated Praecox’s size and underestimated her own strength. Medusa is a true heavyweight, and ought to think of herself as so.

Blade: Also, Medusa had no clue that Praecox was so quick. Medusa was lucky that didn’t translate into a pinfall.

Dunbar: But Praecox gets the win anyway. As a matter of fact, Nikita Marx gets her hands dirty to prove a point INSPITE of the aid she gives Praecox. We all know Marx and Praecox have an unspoken dislike for one another.

Blade: Most definitely. I’d even argue that Medusa is looking for Nikita’s head on a platter.

Bishop: Oh yeah! Nikita upstages Medusa Rage on the HOUSE of STYLES and steals her interview time. Bad move. Then she insults one of the Browne’s which is a no-no. And her comments prior to the pay per view? Medusa is an Egomaniac, and Nikita could have done nothing worse. There will be trouble coming, mark my words.

Blade: You don’t interfere in a match with a woman of Medusa’s mentality….but then again, Nikita has gotten away with her arrogance against greater threats like Ma Porter, Dementia Praecox, Daisy Butterfly and others. Dementia Praecox benefits from this heat and now gets the next shot at Charlotte’s belt.

Bishop: Oh yeah, Praecox played the match out rather well. She and Charlotte should be a great match.

Dunbar: Fans, that’s all for the Friday Night Tease’s special post-match evaluation of DAWG POUND NIGHTS. Check out the Friday Night Tease next week where you will hear word from our wrestlers, our staff, and at times, even our officials!!! See ya at ringside!


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