Promos from Dementia Praecox, Sierra Browne, Tiffany Chandler, The Otanashis and more.

(The scene is one of Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance studios located in Tacoma, Washington. Two men are sitting behind a desk. They are wearing a blue blazer with the GDWA logo on the right side. A woman sits between them with a red and brown suit jacket and skirt. The lights start to come up, and “Atomic Dog” by Parliament–the GDWA theme music–begins to play.)

Dunbar: Wrestling fans, I’m Paul Laurence Dunbar with Sam Mutt and Sonya Blade bringing you the Monday Night Tease. Tonight we discuss the World Title situation, the Ironwoman Square Dance Matches at the Fall Moonsault and tomorrow nights card!

Blade: We have about 3 weeks left of ring action before summer break, and I can’t remember a more heated time of the year for the GDWA.

Mutt: Oh Yeah! WE talkin’ about politics, rivalries and out right hatreds…and I tell ya, everybody is out to get Micki Duran! If you knew what I knew about….

Dunbar: WE can’t discuss that on the Tease, Sam! Now, we begin tonight with the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Dementia Praecox who has some words for Medusa Rage and the INTERNET champion ‘Legend’ Micki Duran!

Dementia Praecox

(fade in on a shot of Madame Hecate, artfully arranging a bouquet of black roses in a conference room. She is wearing a simple black sleeveless dress, and her arms are wrinkled and veiny.)  Hecate: I hope your actions please you, Micki Duran. I have had much of my week tied up in boardrooms, asserting the validity of Dementia’s victory over you. Duran, you may whine, holler, swear and throw tantrums all you like. My life has seen its fair share of that sort of behavior. You are no better than any of the poor people who come to me to repair his or her shattered mind. I truly pity you. Fortunately, my charge, Dementia Praecox, does not.

(Pause, Hecate adjusts some of the flowers)

Many of you may be wondering why Dementia herself has not been heard from lately. I regret to say that, with my attention diverted with Duran’s pouting as of late, I have been unable to devote the attention that is necessary. As a result, Dementia has suffered another relapse, but this time, she has failed to recover. As of right now, Dementia Praecox is the most dangerous being alive. There will be no more autographs, children. There will be no meetings to approve of T-shirt logos. All of the hard work that it took to tame Dementia has come to nothing.

(Looks squarely into the camera)

And you are to blame, Micki Duran. That leaves me with quite a dilemma. You clearly must be punished, and yet I shall not reward you by offering you another match with Dementia. That is a privilege you have twice attained and twice not deserved. Your legacy to the GDWA, Micki Duran, is that you have unleashed a Dementia Praecox who cannot be controlled and cannot be beaten. How ironic. But don’t fret, my dear “Legend”. Your deeds shall not go unpunished. Despite my withered body, I harbor every bit as much danger as does Praecox. And I’m coming for you personally. In my pity, I wish you pleasant dreams, because your waking hours will soon be taking a nightmarish turn.  (Fade out).

Mutt: Medusa, you see what you’ve done?! The rivalry between Duran and Praecox doesn’t seem to be over! My God! And I heard Duran has challenged Praecox for a World Title shot at the Fall Moonsault…

Blade: But will Praecox be champion by the Moonsault?

Dunbar: Fans, if you recall last week on the MVP, it was ruled by President Denmark Vessey that if all the other Top 5 contenders stepped aside, the INTERNET Heavyweight Champion “Legend” Micki Duran would get another shot at the Praecox’s World Title. Well, let’s just say a challenger has stood up…

Officer Order

[Shot opens on Officer Order, as she sits at her desk under a mountain of paperwork. She is holding a letter in one hand and a stack of cash in the other and she’s shaking her head.]

Order: Have you ever had to make a tough choice? I mean a really tough choice? One between what you know is right and the smart thing to do? That’s where I am right now.

[Order drops the letter to her desk, gesturing with her free hand.]

Order: Now, everyone knows I’ve got my hands full with Organized Crime and the last thing I should do is go looking for trouble with the Syndicate. I’ve never been one to live or die for a belt, heck I don’t even want the titles. That’s not why I’m here.

[She sighs and then looks down at the stack of cash. A look of anger crosses her face.]

Order: But, I have never backed down from a fight and I for DAMN sure have never taken a bribe!

[With that Order slams the cash into a trash can next to her desk with a loud thump.]

Order: I’m sorry, but there’s no way I’m going to step aside for Ms. Duran. In fact I’m going to challenge Dementia MYSELF!

[People around the squad room begin to look over at her, and Double O calms down and smiles.]

Order: Now as I rule I don’t fight people who aren’t all there, and Praecox is a definite 51-50. She beat one of the best to get the belt, and I got to respect that. She just hasn’t done anything with the title.

[Martial Law walks up behind Order and set’s a cup of coffee in front of her.]

Order: The World Champion should stand for something. She should be someone that the fans can look up to. I think you guys deserve a better Champion, and that’s why I’m going to win that belt – for the best fans in the world! You’ve always been behind me and now it’s time for a little payback.

[Order stands up and put’s her hands on her hips, grinning widely.]

Order: I also want to remind SOMEONE that “legends” are built up over time. They are the ones who get in the ring against people everyone else is afraid of. They are the ones who put their titles on the line even when they’re injured. A LEGEND is someone who EARNS the name. Ms. Duran the only gift I’m willing to give you is a fair title shot, once you earn it!

[Order picks up her coffee and looks up at Law]

Order: You ready to roll partner?

[Fade Out]

Dunbar: WOAH! Order implying Duran has had her opportunity and came up short…and now undeserving of a title shot! Further, SHE wants a crack at Dementia Praecox. Question: can Order defeat the woman from Parts Unknown?

Mutt: Are you kidding? First of all, let’s name the folks who’ve defeated Andrea Chandler…Sierra Browne under controversial circumstances and Dementia Praecox!! And Order sure as hell got her ass kicked by Sierra Browne…what the hell do you think Dementia will do to the copper?

Blade: But Order has a record of defeating all the GDWA’s greats. Zaranna, Porter, Sachie Yokoyama….

Mutt: But she can’t beat Andrea Chandler! We saw it last year at Dawg Pound Night pay per view for the World title then! And if Praecox can beat Andrea, doesn’t that complicate things for the San Franciscan?

Dunbar: Praecox issued a challenge to any member of the Rage family last week as well. A crack at the World Title for ANY of Medusa’s relatives. One of them just happens to be the WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION. Let’s hear from ‘Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne…

Sierra Browne

[Fade in:

Sierra Browne fills the screen, smirking. There’s a dangerous glint in her eyes. Her golden robe is thrown open and her hands are on her hips.]

Sierra: Dementia Praecox, you know who’s going to step in to face you in that challenge. You know who. See, Dementia. You and I had problems since you tried to burn my face when we accepted our wrestler of the month awards. Do you think that’s going to sit easily with me? Do you really think it is? I gotta tell you, this isn’t the Sierra of old that you know. I’m not gonna take this kind of crap any more, Dementia. You and I have a score to settle. Bring your bag of tricks, bring your madness, bring all your gimmicks. Because I promise you, Dementia Praecox, when you get in the ring with me. There won’t be enough of your carcass left to carry out.

[Sierra pauses, smiling.]

Sierra: One other stipulation, Dementia. I know it’s been the vogue to have these bare rings and put people under the threat of suspension. Well, I don’t really like that sort of thing, but then again, I’m no stupid, either. Dementia, we each get one representative, you Madame Hecate and me one of my entourage. Everybody else is banned from the ringside area, including the stands under threat of suspension during and from Fall Moonsault. How’s that. See, your little island primate cracks aren’t exactly the kindest words of all. And I feel them, too. Hecate, you have no idea what words of those kind will do to a Black woman like Medusa, like me. But you will. You will when we step into the ring. I promise you that. I’ll see you sweetie.

[Fade out]

Blade: Who will Praecox defend against…and now that Duran won’t get her shot prior to the Moonsault…will another challenger step forward? Andrea Chandler maybe?

Mutt: I would love to see a 3 Way Dance for the World Title! How about Order, Browne and Praecox all vying for the title AT ONCE!!

Dunbar: Speaking of Officer Order, Ma Porter and she had another classic matchup last week. Porter achieving quite an amount of success since reforming Organize Crime. With comments, here is ‘Big’ Ma Porter….

Big Ma Porter

(Fade in on a shot of Ma Porter and Tony Angelo sitting in the back of a very spacious car, likely a limo. A Champaign bottle sits in a bucket of ice at Tony’s side, and Tony has some papers resting on a briefcase, on the seat between him and Ma. Tony is wearing a 3 piece Armani suit, and Ma is wearing grey sweats.) 

Tony: Alright, that was a good workout, Ma. Driver, how long will it take to get to the florist? 

Driver’s voice: No more than five minutes, Mr. Angelo. 

Tony: Good. Ma, we got 5 minutes to do over our contracts. After the florist, we gotta hook up with BJ and Taylor to plan the bridal shower. 

Ma: (out of breath) Right. 

Tony: First, about the pay per view. My sources tell me that Gojira is apprehensive about facing you if she has to wrestle another match that evening. 

Ma: (spitting) She ain’t nuthin’ but a coward! I know big dames like us ain’t got the stamina, but I wrestled in the Ironwoman tournament… 

Tony: And damn near won! 

Ma: Yeah, an’ I’m a whole lot older than Gojira, too. 

Tony: OK, maybe if you wrestle another match too, she won’t be as scared. I’ll try to set you up with something. 

Ma: Ok. What about this crazy Yukon broad? 

Tony: You mean Yukon Jane? She challenged you a couple times, but I don’t think she’s quite your caliber. 

Ma: Hey, I wouldn’t mind a piece of her! You know how I feel about the rookies nowadays. 

Tony: Yeah, but folks expect Ma Porter to wrestle the big matches. Folks expect Ma Porter to fight an Officer Order, an Andrea Chandler. You get what I’m sayin’? We wasted way too much time fighting jokes like Sierra and Sexy Sally. Ma Porter is Major League, Yukon Jane is little league. 

Ma: Gotcha! 

Driver: We’re here, Mr. Angelo. 

Ma: (Climbing out of the car) I tell ya, Tony, sometimes it seems like there ain’t enough hours in the day. 

(Fade out.)

Blade: Last Fall at the Fall Moonsault was my debut as a broadcaster. And I must say, as a former GDWA competitor, Porter wrestled some of her finest matches ever in the Ironwoman Square Dance Tournament. Now this year she doesn’t want to step down from Main Event status.

Mutt: So are you trying to say that ‘Yukon’ Jane is a sap? No, Jane isn’t in the same league as Porter is, but Jane is a HELL of a competitor. She beat ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda who is to date the longest reigning WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION…and tomorrow night Jane is gonna beat Radhi again!

Dunbar: Back to the Fall Moonsault, who will Porter face? And what of the other members of Organized Crime? Nikita and the Suicide Blondes…

Mutt: The Blondes just might be defending the World Tag Team titles that night.

Dunbar: But Nikita doesn’t have a match. And speaking of Nikita Marx, let’s hear from the Russian Nightmare herself.

Nikita Marx

[Shot opens on a desert Airfield, where a Lear Jet is waiting with several men in Armine suits carrying assault rifles stand guard. A New BMW Z3 Roadster roars up and slides to a stop next to the plane. Outstep Uncle Bob and ‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx. Bob in his usual immaculate tux carrying the steel briefcase and Nikita in a red low cut jumpsuit under a long black cloak. Both step toward the jet, as the camera tries to follow, two of the large guards step forward blocking the way. Marx notices this and steps forward between them.]

Nikita: Sorry, Darlings I don’t have much time to chat. The Family keeps me very busy running amends for them. I do however want to take a moment to send a personal message to that Brim-stoned person.

Nikita waves her hand and the two men step back.]

Nikita: Darling, why do you talk such trash about me? I’m am hurt. One would think that someone who speaks English as poorly as you do would, how do they say? …Keep her mouth shut? Well no matter, meet me in the ring and I will shut it for you, yes?

[Uncle Bob steps forward looking at his watch, grinning.]

Nikita: Of course if you do not have the guts to face me sooner, then I guess I’ll have to wait until the Survivor Series. I was hoping to give Daisy my undivided attention, but I do not think that you will be much of a distraction.

[At this Uncle Bob leans forward and whispers something to Nikita, who begins to smile.]

Nikita: You must forgive me darlings, I must run. Ta – Ta.

[And with that Uncle Bob and Nikita enter the plan as the guards usher the camera away. FADE OUT.]

Dunbar: Organized Crime giving new life to Nikita Marx…will we see a Brimstone vs. Marx match up next week…or at the Fall Moonsault perhaps?

Mutt: Will we see Brimstone do her first j.o.b in the GDWA? That’s all I care about. She may be undefeated in rookie status now, but she ain’t stepped up to the competitive level that Marx can bring to the ring!!

Blade: But Brimstone sure did KICK HER ASS last week to prevent the run in. Marx attempted to attack Officer Order and at the last minute Brimstone runs in for the save…

Mutt: Hell! Marx was about to put that crapper to sleep!

Dunbar: Speaking of re-births, Medusa Rage seems to be going through a metamorphosis as well. Here is Medusa Rage with her brother Derrick.

Medusa Rage

[Fade in:

Medusa Rage and her brother, Shadoe, watch Madame Hecate’s last interview via satellite. Medusa clenches her fists so tightly that her knuckles shine white. She grits her teeth.]

Medusa: Turn that off. Just shut her up.

[Shadoe switches off the set.]

Medusa: Been called worse than an island primate? Hecate doesn’t know a damn thing about what she’s talking about, does she. Racist little bitch. She’ll figure out just how much that raises my ire. She’ll find out.

Shadoe: What will you do?

Medusa: I’ll bust her head.

Shadoe: How?

Medusa: I’ll … [she catches herself] I won’t go off half-cocked. I’ll bide my time. I’ll think about the avenue of attack. I’ll catch her at her most vulnerable. Her weakest point. That’s when I’ll strike. That’s when I’ll take over. Intelligent violence, right, Shadoe?

Shadoe: Extra intensity, but intelligently applied. You want to go off and brawl with everybody? You want to react from the gut. That doesn’t do you any good. No, it doesn’t. That doesn’t help you at all.

Medusa: You’re right. [She looks around her and the camera pulls back for the first time to show what the scene is. They are in an old gym. A few West Indian youngsters train, working out with free weights and skipping rope. In the center of the ring there’s an old wrestling ring.] That’s what dad used to do, wasn’t it? Before he got blackballed.

[Shadoe nods.]

Medusa: (spinning to look out over the empty gym.) This is where I first met him. I snuck in here to get out from the rain. There couldn’t have been more than fifty people in here watching him, but he was pouring his heart out in the ring, putting his body on the line for a house that was nearly empty. I snuck back into his dressing room to meet him. He was bigger than life to me.

Shadoe: He was to us all. The man who never stopped striving for perfection. The man of flaws who did everything he could to overcome them. Yeah, he was something all right. He was something special.

Medusa: He asked me where I lived. I told him nowhere. He asked me if I were telling the truth and I told him how I lived up in that little squatter’s shack, eating by the grace of the rich people down below. He showed me a picture of Dalbello. He said that was his daughter, but he could always use another one if I wanted to be. And he took me back to Canada just like that. He made me agree to legally change my name. I was young, I didn’t know any better. He took one look at my matted knots and called me Medusa. Sounded cool. I didn’t realize what would happen when I got to school, though.

Shadoe: (smiling) Pops never was one much for practicality. He let his imagination soar. Just like you’ve got to do. Let your imagination soar. This is a good place, isn’t it?

[Medusa nods, wiping away a tear.] Yeah, it’s a very good place.

[Shadoe stands. He is dressed in his wrestling gear. He holds out his hand.]

Shadoe: Best of three falls in the ring. Let’s see if you still remember his lessons.

[Medusa stands.]

Medusa: You’re on.

[Fade out]

Dunbar: Medusa Rage….

Mutt: What the hell is wrong with her? She’s getting as bad as Lanny Manson…every time she gets a minor setback the woman goes through a change! Damn! What the hell. Did she get hit with ‘the End’ so hard that it knocked all of her sense out of her?

Blade: Personally, I like the change. Medusa has always been an evolutionary combatant!

Mutt: Well, she needs to bring the Rage out of herself fully! What’s all this All in the Family crap?! Frankly, I don’t care if she’s been an orphan or not!

Dunbar: Fans, as you all know Medusa was fined nearly 10,000 dollars and suspended for a month from ring action since interfering in the Duran/Praecox World Title match up.

Dunbar: Next time we see Medusa Rage in the ring will be when the CCW/GDWA/SJPW present: The ICW Memorial PPV

Mutt: Yeah, so what! CCW is a men’s league and SJPW has all the Women’s wrestlers that *couldn’t* cut it in the GDWA…just ask Rekka Sakura!

Dunbar: Fans, this joint pay per view is in honor of the promotion our roots come from….

Mutt: As far as I’m concerned, the GDWA comes from the ‘original’ Dawg Pound Wrestling…nobody cared about the ICW!

Dunbar: Fans, speaking of Medusa Rage, we have comments from a family member of hers. Let’s hear from Dalbello Rage regarding her Captains match against Angela Bassett.

Dalbello Rage

[Fade in:

Dalbello Rage goes through her stretching routine, getting her powerful legs massaged by a personal trainer. She is wrapped in a towel as the man twists and jabs at her with ruthless efficiency. Dalbello grits her teeth and scowls, but bears the pain. Lauryn looks on, wincing.]

Lauryn: Damn, that don’t look right.

Dalbello: It’ll feel good in the end. It’s what I need to keep my skills right. Gotta keep limber and loose. Don’t want Angela to catch me all tight and tense, do I?

Lauryn: Guess not, but do you gotta be so mean to yourself?

Dalbello: She won’t lighten up. Whippersnapper, I’m not as young as you are any more. I can’t just go run and come back. I’ve got to work. I’ve got to stay in shape. I’ve got to think about what I’m doing in there. Angela is going to see a Lady D she’s never seen before. And that’s gonna kill her.

Lauryn: I hope so. Me, I can’t wait to get my turn in the ring. This is gonna be something.

Dalbello: It’s going to be perfect. I promise you.

Lauryn: I like that.

[Fade out]

Mutt: Dalbello against Angela is gonna be great!

Dunbar: It seems like the Rage family is a family of champions…

Mutt: Well, I’m sure TIFFANY Chandler would argue that her family has that same accolade. At least Tiff WANTS to boast a title or two as well.

Dunbar: Let’s hear from ‘Brilliant’ Tiffany Chandler.

Tiffany Chandler

[Tiffany Chandler is in a board room. a long table sits in the middle and chairs line up along each side. She stand at a podium and behind her is the GDWA Logo..] [Tiff] Let me address a few issues here…

Apparently Chelsea Vanderbilt doesn’t speak the English language. Let me say this once and for all so you understand. No.

Now, Sierra Brown… you open up and say my name, then you shut up? Now, don’t disappoint me. You see, I’m not someone who takes rejection well. Sign the match for Fall Moonsault.

And for you Keiko Mita… I’ll be keeping a very close eye on you… we’ve unfinished business… don’t get /too/ distracted in other things…

[Tiffany gives a devilish grin and winks… as the camera fades]

Mutt: You see, while Sierra Browne has her eyes on the WORLD title, and acquiring that Internet title shot she earned, Tiffany is gonna snatch that Western Heritage title right from under her feet!!!

Dunbar: It is always competitive in Grand Dragon, that is for sure. Moving on to tag action, we’ve got word from the this week we once again have WHO’s HOT & WHO’S NOT with Medusa Rage! Sam, what’s gotten into you?

Godiva Rage

[Fade in:

The GDWA studios. Dalbello Rage sits behind the desk as the Great Gate of Kiev starts to play. She leans back, enjoying the music, twisting and flipping a pen in the air before snatching it between two fingers.]

Dalbello: Ladies and gentlemen … due to certain technical difficulties… Medusa Rage will not be performing tonight. Instead, you get the greatest athlete in the world to provide you with some of her “Perfect” insights. This is going to be a great treat for all of you out there in TV land. Now listen closely because I’m not in the habit of repeating myself.

[Dalbello adjusts the GDWA blazer and then takes it off, preferring to display her own silk poet’s blouse beneath. She tosses the jacket aside.]

Dalbello: Hot. Well, I have to start with Sierra Browne. And before you start accusing me of nepotism let me explain why. Sierra Browne has been on a winning streak since she entered the Cruiserweight tournament. She has defeated Officer Order twice, handed Lady Tiger her first loss, was Wrestler of the Month and a runner up the following period. She has positioned herself to win even more gold, having a challenge from Dementia Praecox lying on the table and a mandatory match with Micki Duran. Not to mention the Cruiserweight finals tomorrow. Three tough opponents, but I don’t think there’s a doubt in anybody’s mind, especially Sierra’s, that she can beat all three of them. That’s the mark of a true champion and a truly hot commodity. Think, she may become the first GDWA wrestler to win all four singles titles within a month!

Also hot. Keiko Mita. This girl has carved out her own territory, too. She’s proven that she can hang with the tough girls like Bloody Mary and the technically-brilliant like Daisy Butterfly. She’s been wrestling on a bad knee, but that’s been nothing to her. She’s tough. She’s hard. She’s developed an edge. She’s come a long way from the girl we used to know, stumbling and bumbling around the ring.

Hot. As much as I’m not sure why, but the Syndicate is still hot. Actually, I’ll explain why that is. These wrestlers define the notion that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The Syndicate is a name that inspires fear and respect. Someone goes up against the Syndicate they hear the hype, they see Andrea Chandler’s record. They realize that they’ve drafted the top-ranked wrestlers in the biz. And then there’s all the tough talk. All the specious logic that they employ to gain and hold onto their titles and rankings, this Dementia suit being the latest in the long line. The Syndicate is hot because they know how to put themselves out there and we know to keep believing the hype.

Hot. Organized Crime. I’ve got to hand it to MA Porter. She’s shrewd. I understand she’s the most intelligent woman in the GDWA. I know she’s the most cunning business woman in the sport. There was a void in the structure of the league. The GDWA had dismantled the Rage family from ever competing together or watching out for each other and the Syndicate, while not devoting it’s time and energy, to machinations to unseat Dementia Praecox, then they were wrestling lesser talents. Along comes Ma Porter, enlisting Nikita Marx, the Suicide Blondes. Now you have a stable that really has power. That is really dangerous. Ma Porter, I wish you all the success in the world. If there’s anything I appreciate it’s a woman who knows how to apply power.

Hot. Stables. This is where I start to philosophize a little bit. It seems nowadays everybody needs to be in a clique in order to get ahead. It seems that everybody watches too much TV. Turn off your television sets and read. Imagine. There’s too much joy in the defeating opponents one-on-one to be wasting your time with gang fights. Sure, a little backup now and then is cool. But if I have beef with one person why do I have to go find fifteen other people to back me up? I never did like Westside Story. I don’t like this, either. That’s why you’ll see me in Japan for the next little bit enjoying a cleaner style of wrestling where individual wits are pitted against each other rather than numbers.

Anyway, forget all that. I want to talk about the cold spell that’s been breezing through the GDWA now, too. And believe you me. There are names on this list that will surprise you.

Cold. Bloody Mary and Wild West Management. Two teams who lose regularly and Bloody Mary is so intent on being like Medusa that she’s racking up losses. This is what being locked down in a group does to you. You get overshadowed, you emulate. You lose focus. You get held back. If anybody needs to learn that lesson I’d say it’s my own flesh and blood. Dusa, I know you and Dre have acknowledged a friendship, but girl, she’s plottin’ and schemin’ on you every day since. You should be Internet champ now, but twice dre sold you out. A word to the wise out there. Learn from Bloody Mary. Learn from Medusa. Be individuals. That’s when you succeed. Anybody else out there whispering in your ear, unless they’re teaching you how to get ahead, is doing nothing but climbing over your back.

Cold. Micki Duran. What? The Internet champion? The “greatest” technical wrestler in the GDWA? What? How could she be cold? She’s out there on TV. She’s beaten Medusa Rage. She might even have beaten Dementia Praecox! What are you talking about cold, Lady D? I know. I know it sounds crazy, but trust me, Duran’s better than this. So far her title reign hasn’t been about the Internet championship. She’s only been looking for that shot against Dementia. A champion should honor her title not be looking to trade up at every opportunity. See, Medusa forgot that about Duran. She’s all about winning by any means necessary. So, when she got her second defense after keeping the first on bogus outside interference by the supposedly “noble” Andrea Chandler then she got the Kingpin to wreck the count when she was going to lose the second. Every speech, every twist of logic was about Dementia. She hasn’t given a thought to the Internet championship. Now she’s arguing complete nonsense trying to get another match. She dropped out of the Big 5th and she tries to review a match, claiming it should be wiped from her record. What? Come on. She still gets a mandatory shot because Dementia challenged her? Dementia’s THE champion. She doesn’t challenge anybody for her World belt. Micki, you got your mandatory shot. You got screwed. You lost it. Just like the Syndicate did to Medusa. Just like Dementia did to Andrea. The Syndicate, as an organization, displays a considerable lack of maturity in dealing with title losses. Instead of going back on talent, they go and try to find the back door into the spotlight. And the true tragedy is that it’s allowed to work. Micki, we’re cool. I love your skills. I love your style, but do it by yourself. You’ve got Kingpin, cool. Do you really need Dre whispering strategy in your ear all the time? Stand on your own two feet girl. Don’t just win. Win well.

Cold. Jumping Jennifer Grier. Jennifer, I’ll make you a deal. Get in touch with me right now and I’ll turn you around. I’ve watched you work so hard and come up with nothing. Why? Because you haven’t got a clue. You’re the kind of wrestler I’d love to work with. You’re the kind of wrestler that I could build from the ground up and make you succeed. I’m serious when I make you this offer. Get in touch. You can be a Ms. Perfect protégé.

Cold. Individualism. See, there’s a time in everybody’s life when they’ve got to come out of the shadows. They’ve got to stand on their own two feet. You know something. I personally don’t like the best bone in Officer Order’s body. Or in Daisy Butterfly’s. But they come out alone time after time to face the odds. They just have to learn from Ms. Perfect about how to get around that. You know, people have been accusing me of quitting because I lost the GDWA tag-team belts. That’s not why I quit. That’s not why I gave up on the team. Listen, when you’ve been at this as long as I have — and I have been at this a very long time — you start to get grumpy. You start to want things to be exactly your way. The Misfits, that used to be my team. Then ‘diva started taking it over. We got rougher. We fought. We ran in. And suddenly I was thinking I haven’t WRESTLED in eight months. I haven’t PINNED anybody. Every victory was a disappointment. Every win was a loss for me. When I saw Terry hit the ground and the bell rang I just deflated. And all I could think was. Thank God, it’s over. Now I can go back to being a one-on-one competitor. You may see me in the GDWA. You’ll damn sure see me in Japan soon enough. GDWA, before I leave, I just want to remind you of the joy of beating somebody. Forget managers. They’re a part of you. But I mean winning without having 50 bodies slugging it out in the ring. I tell you sometimes, though, I’ll break my own rules if it suits me. But by and large, Ms. Perfect when you see her in the ring, is going to be a solo star, demonstrating to everybody just how talented I am. This is the time when Medusa would say hugs and hisses, but I don’t like tag lines so I’ll just say goodbye. It’s a Perfect thing. Try to understand.

[Dalbello winks at the camera before leaning back and spinning to face the wall. Fade out.]

(Allen Bishop is seen bursting onto the camera, straightening his tie as well as his smile.)

Bishop: Sorry guys! I know I’m late but….

Mutt: Save it for your DAY job. Anyway, it sounds like Dalbello Rage is heading for Cherry Bomb Pro Wrestling after tomorrow night.

Dunbar: Fans, Win/Lose/or Draw Dalbello Rage wrestles her final GDWA match up tomorrow night against Angela Bassett of the Hyena Queens. Speaking of tag teams, we have comments from Idol Team Otanashi…

Idol Team Otanashi

[In the ring Kurumi Otanashi is pounding some poor schmuck in the corner with punches and karate kicks. The girl’s lights are going out… her partner comes in and tries to break up the assault, and Kurumi nails her with a devastating clothesline. Kasumi Otanashi enters the scene from the floor… smiling at the camera.]

Kasumi: Dolls… you face defeat at the hands of Idol Team Otanashi. My sister and I are of same mind now and we work together as a unit. No longer have different philosophies.

[Kurumi, in the ring, stuffs the second girl in a piledriver.]

Kasumi: Now we look ahead to other challenges. Burning Rain… Brown Girls… we want you in ring. We challenge you to match anytime. You name it and we will be there.

[Kurumi throws the girl out of the ring… and then hops out… she picks up the girl and rams her head first into the ring post… Kurumi runs to the corner and grabs the feet of the first girl and gives her a ‘crotch-to-post’ shot as well. ]

Kasumi: We get into shape now and we come to work our way to the top. We want shot at titles soon, but we work our way to the top. We not be stopped by no one.

[Kurumi walks over and puts an arm around her sister and grin evilly.]

Kurumi: Burning Rain… we come for you. Brown Girls… we not forget about you either. We will see you soon.

Mutt: I remember when the Idol team Onatashis were just a team with potential…now they are a force to be reckoned with! Oh yeah! Burning Rain, get ready to meet your match!

Dunbar: We’ll just see about that. Now, let’s go to HOTLINE news from Sonya Blade. Sonya?

Blade: Thanks Paul Laurence! Folks, there is now a ‘Brilliant’ Tiffany Chandler webpage! Apparently the Syndicate have a ‘few’ fans devoted enough to this….athlete.

Also with a webpage as many fans know is Lady Tiger. AN interesting article from fan in the Dawg Pound is posted on that page as well.

For more information on Tiffany Chandler and Lady Tiger, refer to the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance website at URL:


(Pauses as she reads some cue cards.)

Fans, as we conclude one title tournament tomorrow night, another will begin soon! The Tag Division is opening up a second belt. As you call know, the GDWA has been expanding as of late. Now, we have acquired the rights to the LEWA promotion.

(She flips through some papers…)

Blade: Fans, our secondary tag title will be called the Ladies Extreme tag team titles. Here are the current brackets for the title tournament!

[Ladies Extreme Tag TITLE TOURNAMENT]

 Misfits      —–\
 BYE          —–/
 (open)       —–\
 (open)       —–/
 Wren & Frank —–\
 BBFB         —–/
 Browne Girls —–\
 (open)       —–/

Blade: There are still a few slots open. As the GDWA still works on acquiring the rights to the LEWA name and copyright, it would be a perfect time for GDWA tag teams to enter the tournament! For more information contact Regional Promoter Curt Crane at:


(Flips through some more papers.)

Blade: Prior to the Fall Moonsault, the World, Internet and Western Heritage Title must be defended! Tomorrow night, Sierra Browne defends the WH title as part of a match stipulation against contender and Cruiserweight title finalist Keiko Mita. The Hyena Queens also defend tomorrow night against the Suicide Blondes….with approximately 3 weeks remaining, it will be interesting to see who gets those remaining title shots!

(A banner for the Fall Moonsault ’97 appears behind Sonya’s head.)

Blade: Fans, prior to the Fall Moonsault, there will be a Survivor Series matchup between 10 of the best women the GDWA has to offer. At the ICW Memorial pay per view we have ‘Yukon’ Jane, Medusa, and members of the Syndicate and Organized Crime going up against 5 of the GDWA’s most beloved fans…this match will be re-broadcast as part of the GDWA’s prematch show at the Fall Moonsault.

(Flips through more papers and smiles as the music comes up.)

Blade: That’s all this week for HOTLINE NEWS. Guys, back to you!

Dunbar: Imagine! A Survivor Series match up pitting ‘Jumping’ Jennifer Grier, ‘Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura, Lady Tiger, Brimstone and the ‘Franchise’ Daisy Butterfly taking on the mammoth force of ‘Sexy’ Sally McClane, ‘Yukon’ Jane, ‘Big’ Ma Porter, ‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx and Medusa Rage…

Mutt: I think that Survivor Series match up will set the tone for the Fall Moonsault! And notice how everyone on the rule breakers’ side has some weight to them…

Bishop: But they don’t get along either. The Syndicate and OC have bad blood…and we all know that ‘Yukon’ Jane isn’t too fond of Ma Porter…and Medusa doesn’t like ANY of them!

Dunbar: On that note, fans, we’ll see ya at ringside at the Tuesday Night Cat Fight!



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