The first Lanny Manson Award is presented; Also comments from Bloody Mary, Radhi Ananda, Lady Starr, Crimson and more.

(The scene is one of Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance studios located in Tacoma, Washington. Three men are sitting behind a desk with a monitor in the back. Two of them are wearing blue blazers with the GDWA logo on the right side. The third man is wearing a red suit with a black tie. He’s got red sunglasses and a Red and black top hat. The lights start to come up, and “Atomic Dog” by Parliament–the GDWA theme music–begins to play.)

Dunbar: Hi fans, this is Paul Laurence Dunbar with Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance’s Monday Night MVP. Allen Bishop here with me fresh from our first card in the new year along with MISTER Furious Styles.

Bishop: As always, we begin the show with the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. Andrea Chandler is peaking…

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy! Andrea Chandler, what can we say? I told ya’ll Staci X wasn’t gonna do nothin!

Dunbar: Let’s take a look at that non-title match up this weekend against Staci X…

ANDREA CHANDLER VS. STACI X (Saturday, January 26th)

Bishop: Great execution by the champion, and that Kneedrop is really becoming a potent short range attack for her. Andrea with a pickup, and Irish Whips Staci to the ropes. Staci bouncing off and ANDREA CHANDLER WITH A 360 degree POWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERSLAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!!!

(Dawg Pound barks as Andrea Chandler applies a Double Leg Pick up!)

Mutt: Yes! She’s going for it all!

Bishop: Andrea Chandler with a Double Leg Grapevine, and Staci is twisting around trying to prevent the inevitable….!

(Fans cheering as Staci X struggles.)


(Fans all screaming as Staci X shakes her head.)

Mutt: That Powerslam was something Andrea must have picked up from Japan. You jump up in the air–leaving your feet while you simultaneously catch your opponent off the ropes–and twist your body through the air for the slam.

Bishop: Andrea really sitting in on the Dividend, and Staci’s back is gonna snap!

(Fans still screaming as Andrea Chandler begins laughing.)

Mutt: Hold on, here comes ‘Miss’ Tiffany Chandler and ‘Legend’ Micki Duran down to ringside. Staci is screaming, and the ref is checking! The ref is checking!!!!

(Fans all on their feet as Staci X slaps her hands on the mat.)

Mutt: It’s over!! Ring the bell.


(Fans all booing as Andrea Chandler refuses to release the hold.)

Bishop: The audacity! The ref is making the count, and Staci is screaming her lungs off! He’s making the count…and Andrea releases.

(Fans chanting: ORDER! ORDER! ORDER! As the ref raises Andrea Chandler’s hand in victory.)

Mutt: Bishop, that’s why she’s the WORLD’s Champion. She’s got class.

Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen, ruled at 12 minutes 55 seconds, your winner via submission is…….Andrea Chandler!

Dunbar: Incredible execution by the champion. Thoughts gentlemen?

Bishop: Staci just didn’t look like herself. She seemed as if she was simply going through the motions of a match. Where was the strategy? Andrea Chandler is really at the top of her game.

Styles: I’ve known you for a year, baby, and that’s the smartest thing you’ve said thus far. Yeeeeeeeeees!!! Andrea completely dominated Staci X. The match was set for 30 minutes and it only took 12 and some change to put the Heavy metal jobber away. Look, Staci had some guts to get in the ring with the champ…but she ain’t ready. She needs to get this losing streak off her back.

Dunbar: Alright, what went wrong?

Bishop: Andrea tested Staci’s strength and found that she was stronger. Andrea stayed away from those dreaded clotheslines, and Staci just didn’t know HOW to wrestle the champ. I…

Styles: Enough chit chat baby!!! We talkin’ about a real question over here. Understand? Paul Laurence, Allen, outside of the Big 5th of contention, who can beat the World’s Champ.

Dunbar: Why are you choosing outside of the Big 5th?

Styles: Because the only wrestler in the Big 5th who HASN’T face the World’s Champ is Micki Duran. So, let’s see who can match skills with the Rich Bitch, shall we?!

Bishop: Good thinking MISTER Styles. Hmm…Nikita Marx comes to mind as well as Big Ma Porter. Ur…Charlotte is hurt so I’ll go with Radhi Ananda the Western Heritage Champion. Wow! I need 5?

Styles: YOU SUCK! How about you Paul Laurence?

Dunbar: I’ll keep my list to myself. I must admit, Andrea Chandler seems to be doing all the ring things right now. And speaking of the right things, let’s hear from Ms. Alison De La Cruz who has an awards presentation…


(A tall Filipino woman stands in front of the GDWA logo at the lobby of the Grand Dragon offices in Walnut Creek, California. She’s dressed in a brown business suit with her hair tied back. About a couple dozen fans wait patiently for the awards presentation.)

De la Cruz: Hell, I’m Alison De La Cruz & I’m the International representative for the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance. I’m pleased to present an award to 2 of GDWA’s best women. In honor of our first WORLD’S CHAMPION, we will deem it the LANNY MANSON award to the two most deserving fan favorites in wrestling. Voted by the great majority of fans in the Grappler Survey, I can’t think of two more deserving women.

(Camera pans over to Daisy Butterfly and Officer Order. De la Cruz gives them both hugs and hands them plaques.)

De la Cruz: May Order and Daisy, you two are the epitome of rule abiding, fan appreciative wrestlers. As a former referee, I can appreciate all that you’ve done for the fans of the GDWA more than any other administrator. Our fans obviously couldn’t choose between the two of you superstars…one the ‘Franchise’ and one being the law and (chuckles) order. So gals, I proudly present these plaques to you. Daisy: Thank you, Alison. AND THANK YOU, FANS!! WITHOUT *ALL* OF YOU I WOULD NOT HAVE MADE IT AS FAR AS I HAVE!! I LOVE YOU!!

(Crowd ROARS as Daisy grins and struts around the lobby.)

Daisy: Now, Ms. De la Cruz; if I may…

(Daisy looks into the audience and the crowd laughs)

Daisy: If I may, I would like to thank two women in particular. Two women who made this award possible. Two women who made my career possible, even if they don’t know it. Perhaps the greatest woman ever to grace a wrestling ring, and a woman who’s helped me more than she knows simply by demonstrating an incredible determination in and outside of the ring. The “FEAR FACTORY” LANNY MANSON!!

(HUGE CROWD POP as Daisy mentions Lanny Manson)

Daisy: And another woman; a woman who has been the backbone of this organization since day one. A woman who has made it a goal to keep LAW and ORDER…

(Crowd begins to roar louder and louder)

Daisy: …here in the GDWA. And a woman who, through your good graces, I am allowed to stand next to here and accept this plaque. OFFICER MAY ORDER!!

(The crowd *EXPLODES* as Daisy hugs Officer Order in the middle of the ring. Daisy wipes a few tears out of eyes as she continues)

Daisy: Officer Order-May-I thank you for guiding me by your example. Thank you.

Order: Thank you Daisy, I can’t think of anyone who deserves this award as much as you!

(Both women hug again before Daisy steps back and Officer May Order raises her plaque over her head with both hands.)

Order: This is for YOU, Fans of the GDWA! You are the ones that make this all happen. Not one of us would ever enter the ring, if you were not there to watch! So let me say THANK YOU ALL!!!

(Flashbulbs exploding across the crowd as they roar in approval)

Order: And don’t you think that this is the end, NO WAY! This is just the beginning, I’ve been here since this fed started. AND I’m not leaving anytime soon, ’cause as long as the GDWA has FANS, I’ll BE HERE, YOU CAN COUNT ON IT!!!

(The crowd erupts as Daisy and Double O raise each other’s hand in the lobby area.)

Bishop: Wow! Congratulations to both you gals. Daisy Butterfly who has become a preeminent fan favorite in the last few months and Officer Order who has been a mainstay in the GDWA.

Styles: (Yawns) Jobbers….Jobbers…Jobbers! Andrea needs some competition. Hell, didn’t Officer Order go screamin’ for her mamma at Dawg Pound Nights? And didn’t Andrea knock the living sin out of Daisy Butterfly just prior to DPN? WHO CAN BEAT THE CHAMP? Andrea is just possibly the greatest World’s Champ we’ve had in our promotions brief little history.

Dunbar: Well, we’ve gone from older wrestlers, let’s look at a newer one. Bloody Mary got a big win, although tainted, against Sachie Yokoyama on Saturday. Let’s hear from Bloody Mary.


(Scene is locker room after match, Mary is pacing blood smeared on her face & hands, she addresses the camera)

SACHIE, thank you, thank you!! You gave me the kind of match I wanted when I entered the GDWA & now I have my revenge against you. You can go away now, on with the next victim hahaha, I mean opponent. I guess that would be you RAHDI ANANDA & you Rahdi signed for the CAGE MATCH! Look at this blood, Rahdi & all you others this is mostly from Sachie.

IMAGINE Rahdi what I’ll get from YOU! I can’t wait, oh I’m hurting but I like pain, I LOVE IT! Right now I’m so pumped up I feel like I could take on all the GDWA at the same time. I can’t wait for our match Radhi. In a cage there’s not much to have to think about except survival, I did away with Sachie who was better than you & you’re better than Nelli & Nomad & Wildchild, well I’m just going to be eliminating you each very quickly & anybody else who had the guts to step in the ring with me. Sayonara Sachie, I’m waiting Radhi.

Bishop: What a battle! Bloody Mary in a Steel Cage? The street fighter may have found the perfect battle ground to take on Radhi Ananda…

Dunbar: That match has already been signed for this upcoming Saturday. Jungle has words for the challenger, but MISTER Styles, what do you think of Radhi Ananda as a challenger to Andrea Chandler’s title?

Styles: Cooooooooooooome, on! Jungle ain’t got nuthin’ on Andrea! Hell, she better worry about Micki Duran taking that strap! Duran is demanding a return match with the so called Western Heritage Champion. Jungle, Mary, watch out for the Legend. Remember what happened to Sierra Browne and Staci X this weekend!

Dunbar: Let’s hear from the WH champion…


(SCENE: An all-white room. Right in front of the camera a steel cage side sits. Pacing behind the cage is “JUNGLE” RADHI ANANDA, the GDWA Western Heritage title around her waist…)

Radhi: It’s easy for one like Bloody Mary to call this one a coward. Bloody Mary is surrounded in cowardice; it’s apparent under the thin veil of her ego. I would not consider myself cowardly-or even brave. I am simply power. I don’t succumb to your demands, Mary. You succumb to mine. You consider yourself unequivocally tough; yet you’ve never stepped into a steel cage with the Eighth Wonder. That, Mary-for all your muscle and intensity-is not your playing field. You might as well be stranded at sea, alone, with a mighty tsunami engulfing the sun above you. You’re lost and only getting further from yourself. One Bloody Mary never scares the Black Mother or Her sons and daughters.

Legends and “Syndicates” fall before us as well. Micki Duran wants to face this one again, for this belt that I’ve brought life to. Micki Duran wants very select stipulations added should she face me again. Your demands could make statues smile, Duran. You must fear pain to even consider adding the disqualification clause into a contract. Without pain, you will never win this belt from me. If you want a rematch, you’ll do it on my terms. Instead of removing “illegal” styles from our battle, I ask instead for a NO DISQUALIFICATION match to take place IN MY BATTLEFIELD-a steel cage. Just how bad do you want the Western Heritage championship? Enough to lock yourself in a completely closed cage with a crazed supernova? Watch what happens to Bloody Mary and then make up your mind-as I said before, the belt will NEVER be yours…

Bishop: Wow! Micki Duran has been challenged right back. In a steel cage no less!

Dunbar: Jungle has never been one to be intimidated. We saw this in that GDWA Flashback in a match between herself and Demonica.

Styles: Who cares! All that matters is that Micki Duran will be champ by hook or by crook. Now, I don’t recommend wrestling that nut in a cage…but Duran is a crafty individual. She’s smart, and will figure out a way to arrest that title.

Dunbar: Speaking of titles, a woman who is always on ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda’s mind is the ONLY woman who has ever pinned the Western Heritage Champion. Let’s hear from Lady Starr…


(In front of the GDWA Banner)

David Jones: Ever since I enter the wrestling world. I manage the best however gimmicks I don’t do. So, recently I gave “Luscious” Lisa Thomas here pink slip. She didn’t work hard enough to make it with me. So, I bet you all asking where is Lady Starr well sorry to say Lady Starr is eliminated! By one Miko Azai so here’s the lady who eliminated Lady Starr.

Miko Azai: Well, you stupid fools. I was Lady Starr getting destroyed and pushed around. But, no more I’m Miko Azai! I’m using my real name and showing my real face. My big brother is a wrestler also. Hashimoto Azai of the Japanese Dragons. So, I’m going to prove to the whole GDWA! That I’m not a loser anymore and you can stick that up your a$$ if you want to because I don’t give a f*ck. Because, Miko Azai is rising to the top!

(Camera fades out on Miko Azai with David Jones)

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy! I love Lady Starr….I mean Miko Azai’s new attitude. She’s a bad ass that has the right attitude now.

Bishop: You know, Lady Starr recently has had the same problems that Lisa Thomas always had. And by the way, sorry to hear that ‘Luscious’ Lisa Thomas is gone from Grand Dragon. She was a hell of a wrestler…but I’ve got to think that Lady Starr has gotten worse over time. She was once a very focused wrestler. Recently, she’s been lost in the ring seemingly without aim or strategy.

Dunbar: Nevertheless, we will see how Miko Azai does now under her real name. Moving on, let’s hear from newcomer CRIMSON who met with Mike Whalen after Saturday’s House Show…


*Scene opens on Mike Whalen standing in the ring. He is holding a microphone and looking at the camera. The arena is packed with screaming fans. Whalen smiles and holds his hand up, indicating that he wants silence. The fans quiet down — somewhat. Whalen lifts the microphone to his mouth and begins to speak.*

Whalen: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new wrestler to introduce to you tonight. Very little is known about her, but as everyone knows, most wrestlers in the GDWA are the very best!

*The crowd roars with approval.*

Whalen: So without further ado, here is the young woman from Yellowknife, Canada, CRIMSON!

*The spotlight aims at the hallway that leads from the locker rooms to the arena. No one is there. The camera focuses back on Whalen, who seems to be perplexed. He jumps as “Poison” by Alice Cooper suddenly comes from the sound system. The camera aims back at the hallway, where a silhouette comes into view and slowly walks toward the spotlight. The woman, presumably Crimson, gradually enters the light. She is 5’8″, and has a muscular, but not bulky, body frame. She is wearing black tights that is modeled like a one-piece swimsuit, and has on a pair of shin high wrestling boots. She resembles Medusa Miceli of the late 80s -early 90s, except for the red hair and green eyes.*

*The fans don’t seem sure whether to cheer or boo her, except for some young males who hoot their approval. As she slowly walks up the aisle, like a predatory cat, her intense stare never wavers from Mike Whalen. Eventually, she reaches the ring, and climbs in. She walks over to Whalen and stares into his eyes.*

Whalen: *smiling nervously* You’re not planning to attack me, are you?

Crimson: Only if you attack me first.

Whalen: *taken aback* Pardon me?

Crimson: I apologize for my mannerism. I have been trained to regard anyone in the ring who isn’t a referee as an enemy who must be defeated.

Whalen: I see. Well, what are your goals here in the GDWA?

Crimson: To defeat my opponents. To win titles. To attain greatness.

Whalen: Hmm-hmm. And in what way do you intend to do this?

Crimson: By doing whatever it takes to win. If technical wrestling is needed, I will do that. If brawling is necessary, I will do that. If I have to, I will hit my opponent with a chair. I will piledrive her on the floor. If necessary, I will DDT her from the turnbuckle to the floor. I will do whatever it takes to win. I show no mercy, nor do I expect it.

Whalen: So you intend to badly injure your opponents?

Crimson: Only if it is necessary. I do not take delight in crippling others, but I will not hesitate to do so if it seems necessary.

Whalen: And what is your opinion of the fans?

Crimson: They are not a factor. If they enjoy watching me wrestle, that is good. But I will not be concerned if they dislike me.

Whalen: Do you have any particular opponents in mind?

Crimson: I will fight anyone, anywhere, anytime. Ma Porter. Larry Manson. Lady Starr. Officer Order. Medusa Rage. The Misfits. I will wrestle any and all of them. I challenge anyone in the GDWA to step into the ring with me. I feel no malice toward any of you, but I will do whatever it takes to pin you.

Whalen: Well, that’s all the time we have, Crimson. Thanks for speaking with me.

*Crimson nods at Whalen, and exits the ring. She slowly walks towards the locker rooms, amid a mixture of cheers and boos.*

Bishop: I like the Crimson, she seems to have a real dedication to the sport…but she should try warming up to the fans a little more.

Styles: And what do the fans ever get you? Crimson, try a harder mean streak and everything will be fine, baby!

Dunbar: Well, all of this is purely conjecture. I’m sure Crimson will do fine making up her own mind. Now, let’s take a look at our final match from Saturday Night. A high flying, action packed match with ‘Wildchild’ Wendy Marshall going up against Sierra Browne…


Mutt: MISSING the flying kneedrop! And now Sierra Browne heading for the far corner. She’s facing the fans, and climbing up the turnbuckles. Sierra Browne with a Moonsault…….AND MISSING THE ELBOWDROP!!!!!!!!

(Huge crowd pop as Wendy Marshall rolls out of the way.)

Bishop: Wendy real slow to her feet. She’s limping around, and now standing over Sierra Browne. Wendy with a pickup and Irish Whipping Browne to the near ropes…….

Bishop: And Sierra Browne Springboarding off the ropes and CONNECTING with a Flying DDT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Biggest pop thus far!!!!)

Mutt: Man, did you see that?

Bishop: Wendy Marshall’s head bouncing off the mat and she tumbles out of the ring onto the floor. Wow!

(Fans all cheering as both women are down.)

Ref: …………..1…………….2……………3…………4….

(Fans still cheering while Sierra Browne rolls around on the mat.)

Mutt: THAT was a hell of a move! Wendy might be down and out…

Bishop: but so is Sierra! IT might be a Double Count out!

Mutt: NO it won’t! Sierra is in the ring…

Bishop: But she’s down on the mat!

Ref: ………7………………..8……………9……………!


Bishop: Medusa Rage charging into the ring, wants to know the results. Wendy Marshall just now getting to her feet. That Springboard DDT came out of nowhere. INCREDIBLE maneuver.

Mutt: Both women came well prepared in this one. Let’s hear the official word!

Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 12 minutes 23 second! Your winner via countout….Sierra Browne!

Styles: Ha! These girls call that high flying!? I wasn’t impressed!

Bishop: Well I was. The Wildchild was just incredible. That may have been her toughest match to date, despite what Medusa Rage would have you believe. Sierra was a top contender for the Tag titles so may carry just a little more experience than Wendy. In a couple months I’d love to see a rematch.

Dunbar: I can’t call it either way. Sierra may have had an edge in preparation, but otherwise these two were perfectly even. Another newcomer to Grand Dragon is a Japanese Superstar who hopes to make a big impact on the sport. Let’s hear from ‘The Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita….


<Scene opens showing a long distance shot of a young woman sitting under a tree. As the wind rustles through the branches, a few petals from a flower the girl is holding blow away. The girl has short, spiky black hair and is wearing an elaborate kimono. Calmly she says “The bloom of the rose declares the impermanence of all things.”>

<Scene shifts for a moment, showing the girl in black wrestling tights hurling herself over the top rope onto a foe at ringside, then starting to rain karate chops on her opponent.>

<The scene shifts back to the tree, the camera starting to zoom in as the girl stands, her face serene as she states “The blossoming chrysanthemum declares those who flourish shall be brought low.> <Scene momentarily blinks back to the girl leaping off the top turn buckle, guillotine leg drop slamming down on her opponent.>

<Scene cuts back to a close up of the girl, the calmness of her face twisting with anger now as she whispers “Women of the GDWA, you are this chrysanthemum. Right now you flourish, but just as surely as this flower will wither and shrivel away in the chill and snow, so too is your time coming to an end. Born to bushido. Trained as samurai. I am coming.>

<Scene cuts to the girl laying in savage karate kicks to a downed foe.>

<Scene returns to a close up of the face of the girl and the flower she holds. With a crunch her hand crushes the bloom, the petals scattering on the wind as she hisses “Your time is at hand. Winter is coming and she has a name. The Kyoto Crippler, Keiko Mita. Be ready”>

Styles: Actions speak louder than words. I’d like to see you in the ring with Dementia Praecox. She’d tear you limb from limb.

Bishop: Well, that has yet to be seen. Keiko Mita is welcome here, and she doesn’t need any threats from the likes of you, MISTER Styles.

Dunbar: Speaking of Praecox, Dementia Praecox is the guest of Kevin Page on Mat Profiles this week. Let’s hear from Mr. Page….


(Fade in on Kevin Page sitting in front of the video wall with GDWA’s logo. The Mat Profiles theme music plays. Kevin is wearing a black suit with a red vest, and sporting a new haircut)

Kevin: Welcome, everyone, to the first installment of Mat Profiles for 1997. We’re sporting a bit of a new look today, but hey, it seems GDWA is changing every day now, with younger, stronger, faster, and superior athletes comin’ in. Today’s Profile marks our first repeat customer. Many say that Dementia Praecox has never realized her full potential here in the GDWA. Feuds with the Evil Empire, and a commitment to protecting her partner Demonica’s championship have prevented Praecox from going after gold herself, despite the fact that she’s a mainstay of the 10 contenders. Now, Charlotte wears the belt, and Dementia earned a shot for it at the PPV in a controversial ending to a 3-way Dance match. Let’s see how it came down. (Cut to…)

Bishop: But Medusa grabbing onto the ropes! Medusa charging forward, scooping up Dementia Praecox and sprints toward the side ropes…


(The Dawg Pound explodes as BOTH women hit the floor!)

Mutt: That’s her finisher!

(The Dawg Pound barking: ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa!)

Mutt: Madame Hecate up on the ring apron complaining as the ref wards her off.


(Fans all booing as Medusa Rage hits the floor!)

Bishop: Nikita Marx rolling Praecox into the ring, and here come the Brownes! Here come the Misfits!

(Fans cheer as Nikita Marx is chased back to the locker room.)

Ref: ……..3……….4…………5……….

Mutt: Nikita Marx exacting revenge! She’s always hit her enemies, and hit ’em when they least expect it!

Ref: ………6………..7……….8………..

Bishop: Praecox is STILL down on the mat, just clutching her back…but Medusa ain’t moving. Sierra Browne trying to help her up….

Ref: ………..9………….10!

Blade: It’s over!


(Fans boo as they hear ‘Brain Damage’ by Pink Floyd!)

Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen, ruled at 18 minutes 15 seconds, your winner via count out, and #1 contender to the INTERNET HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP…….Dementia Praecox!

(Dawg Pound cheers as Madame Hecate helps Dementia Praecox to her feet.)

Kevin: Not pretty, but a win’s a win, and I don’t think Praecox cares too much about aesthetics. I had a rare opportunity to…er….chat with the Demented one *sans* Madame Hecate just one day after the PPV. Let’s take a look…

(Cut to a scene of an empty parking garage on a grey, overcast day. The camera pans left and right and finally focusses on Praecox, who is crouching in a corner)

Praecox: (Holding a bottle in a paper bag) So you’re here for another glimpse into the twisted mind of Dementia, huh” (takes a swig from the bottle)

Kevin: You might say. What are your feelings about your win in the three-way match yesterday? Do you think your victory was tainted by the interference of Nikita Marx?

Praecox: (hic!) How do I feel? Hell, this is how I celebrate. (Giggles for a while) That match was mine the minute it was signed. Who’s to say the Russian wasn’t just fulfilling her predetermined destiny in helping me to the Internet title. Whoa…deep. I don’t much care for Marx… (Face becomes darker) but I’m a big believer in destiny. I suppose that squares us up, Nikita. I hope you don’t think I owe you anything for what you did. And let the Island girl complain all she wants, what made her earn the name “Rage” anyhow. (Screaming) IF ANYONE KNOWS WHAT RAGE IS IT’S ME!!! (Stares out into space)

Kevin: Uh, what’s the story with you and Demonica? What do you think of her attack on Daisy Butterfly?

Praecox: (smiling) I rather enjoyed it. Although I personally would have done more damage to her pretty face. I always loved going for the face… (Tunes out for a moment, then back in) No, I wasn’t aware of Demonica’s plans. She may have a different agenda as of now. If so, the GDWA better watch out, cause she gets what she wants. I still hope to retain the services of Madame Hecate, mind you.

Kevin: Will Ma Porter’s actions against the woman you’ll be facing for the belt, Charlotte La Mancha, have any effect on your strategy. Will you try to capitalize on Charlotte’s injuries?

Praecox: Strategy??? (Laughs maniacally) The only strategy I’m gonna employ is to kill or be killed. That’s what happens when everyone is out to get you all the time. (Takes a swig from the bottle. Gets up and begins twirling around) Dementia Praecox, the next Internet Champion of the world. He he heh. (Flings bottle at wall, it shatters. Cut back to Kevin sitting at the GDWA desk)

KEVIN: Man, she still gives me the creeps. Anyway, she’s in a position to become the next Internet champ, with very little difficulty I might add. The GDWA rumor mill has informed me that Dementia Praecox has a hard training schedule ahead of her for the championship match, and Madame Hecate hopes to expand the Demented One’s repertoire. A new finishing move may also be in the midst of perfection, or so I hear. One can look at the Dementia we already know and shudder at the prospect of one hell-bent on winning a title. For Mat Profiles, this is Kevin Page. (Fade out)

Bishop: Hopefully Charlotte heals soon so we can get that match signed ASAP! Wow! That will be a great one.

Styles: You know Bishop, they’ve met before! I won’t even go into…

Bishop: I know, I know MISTER Styles.

Dunbar: Hopefully we’ll find out by the FRIDAY NIGHT TEASE! Okay fans, let’s go to Sonya Blade with the GDWA HOTLINE NEWS!




1) ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda vs. Bloody Mary (Western Heritage title/Steel cage)

2) ‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx vs. Medusa Rage (No Holds Barred match!)

3) __________ vs. ____________

Blade: We’re still attempting to have a 3rd match signed.

(Glares into the camera.)

Blade: And Andrea Chandler, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. I’m SERIOUSLY thinking about taking you up on your offer. You’ll be hearing from me soon.

(Flips through some papers….)

Blade: Bigger than Superbrawl and grander than Wrestlemania….Now, the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance is proud to present out next ppv!

(The lights dim and a banner pops up behind Sonya Blade.)

Blade: …FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION! This pay per view will commemorate the opening of the GDWA, back when we were the DPW’s Women’s Division. Can you believe it has been our 1 year anniversary already? More information about it is forthcoming. What we do know already is that ALL TITLES WILL BE ON THE LINE! We are due for it in about a month. Possibly just in time for Spring Break!!!

(Flips through some more papers.)

Blade: Rumor has it that Charlotte La Mancha may be out of action for a long, long time! We have an exclusive from Ms. La Mancha from the Kaiser Hospital in France on the Friday Night Tease.

(Smiles as the music comes up.)

Blade: That’s all this week for HOTLINE NEWS. In the weeks to come, we will have more information on FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION. Guys, back to you!

Bishop: Wow! Founder’s Day Tradition sounds great!

Styles: A one year anniversary?! Just think all we’ve had to go through to get to this damn 1 year. Hell, we’ve broken away from 2 men’s promotions, had to fire territorial promoters and even had communication problems with some of our affiliates…but I’m still here!

Dunbar: You mean WE ARE still here MISTER Styles. Let’s hear word from Daisy Butterfly who has something to say to ‘the Legend’…


(SCENE: The small San Francisco storefront fitness center partly-owned by DAISY BUTTERFLY. Daisy’s in, resting after a grueling work-out. She’s dressed in black Adidas track pants and a red tank-top; her hair tied into two pig-tails and bunned on the sides of her head. She wipes the sweat from her red face with a towel as she talks to the camera…)

Daisy: I’ve never prepared this hard in my life for a challenge I’ve yet to make. I guess this is as good a time as any. To the point; Micki Duran, I’m asking you for a match. You and your Syndicate have been pegged as the girls to beat and rightly so. After what happened in my match with Andrea Chandler, I’m stepping it up a level here in the gym. The GDWA is a rocky road and we’ve been down it riding parallel for some time now.

Micki, you’re one of the best the GDWA has to offer. So am I. You break rules when you NEED to, but all-in-all you’re one hell of a talented wrestler. So am I. Somewhere down the line, I can see the two of us fighting against each other for a title. But I don’t want to wait ’til then. I want to wrestle you NOW, one-on-one. Despite what others say about you, I DO have respect for you. A healthy, competitive respect. And if I ever want to get another shot at Andrea Chandler, I’ll have to earn it in the Syndicate’s eyes. Let’s get this match signed, Micki.


Bishop: Daisy is doing the right thing. She wants another shot at the World’s belt, and the Championship committee will look upon it rather favorably if she can defeat the Legend.

Styles: Sounds like a punk move if you asked me. Hell, she’s in the Big 5th of contention, all she got to do is ASK Andrea…I’m sure the Strong woman would accommodate the cockroach!

Bishop: If we get that signed it will be MAIN EVENT caliber. Two of the best wrestling machines in the business going at it. Now, for our final word tonight, let’s hear from Lady Tiger…


<For the convenience of GDWA fans, the following has been translated from French to English>

(The scene opens up inside a playroom for children. Various children are playing with a few different types of toys and several supervisors are playing with the children. A kid in the corner is crying, and two supervisors are over counseling her. The kids seem to be enjoying themselves a bit, but they all seem a bit shy and timid. Suddenly, a large overweight man enters the room)

Man: Hey kids! Guess what? We have a special visitor!

(The children look up as a slender figure enters into the playroom. She’s wearing jeans and a short cut t-shirt, and she has long blond hair as well. She’s carrying a big, bulging canvas bag. However, one particular article catches our attention as the kids faces light up)

Children: LADY TIGER!!! YAYYYY!!!!!!!!

(The children all run up and crowd around her. Tiger kneels down and catches as many as she can in a big hug. She has a big smile on her face as she greets the children. Some of the kids start touching her mask a bit.)

Tiger: Hey kids! How’s everybody today??

(The children are still caught up in the moment and cheer)

Tiger: That’s great! I was just in the neighborhood, and I thought I’d stop by to see how everyone was doing.

Kid (noticing the sack): Hey, what’s in the bag?

Tiger: What, you mean this? (holding up the bag) Oh, nothing, nothing at all. Nothing you guys would be interested in, anyway. (winks)

(The kids keep prying her; “Awwww!”, “Come on!”)

Tiger: Well, do you really want to know what’s in this bag?

Kids: Yes!! Yes!!!

Tiger: Are you sure?

Kids: YES!!!!!!!!!

Tiger (laughing): Ok then, if you’re certain . . .

(she opens the sack up and the kids start cheering as they see the contents of the bag. Lady Tiger starts laughing as she starts handing out toys to each and every one of the kids. The kids take the toys and start running around the room playing with them. Tiger takes a deep sigh, and then notices the girl still hiding in the corner. She starts to walk over)

Tiger: Hello there! How are you doing?

Girl (sniffing): Fine.

(Lady Tiger sits down next to her)

Tiger: Are you sure? You don’t sound so fine. Anything you want to talk about?

(the girl looks over at Lady Tiger, then over at the two supervisors)

Girl: No. I just want to be alone.

Tiger (with a serious look on her face): (to the supervisors) Could you give us a few minutes? (the supervisors leave) There. It’s just the two of us now. Tell me, what’s wrong?

Girl: Mommy doesn’t love me anymore. (the girl starts crying)

(Tiger takes the girl in a hug. After the girl has exhausted herself crying, Tiger looks into her eyes and continues)

Tiger: There there. Mommy doesn’t hate you.

Girl: Yes she does! She said it herself!!

Tiger: (pausing to think) Some mommies just have a hard time showing their love. Some mommies do things that are wrong, and it’s not fair. It’s not fair that beautiful girls like you are the ones who suffer.

(The girl, sniffing a bit, looks at Lady Tiger)

Girl: What’s going to happen?

Tiger: Well, that nice man over there is going to talk to your mommy about what she did. He’s going to straighten everything out and make things all better. Now, why are you still crying? You shouldn’t cry when you have so many friends around.

(Lady Tiger starts tickling the little girl until she starts giggling and laughing)

Girl: Thanks, Francine!

Tiger: Wh…what? My name’s not Francine, it’s Lady Tiger.

Girl: Sure it is. (winks)

Tiger: (shaking her head and smiling) Now, why don’t you go over there and play with your friends again? And if you ever want someone to talk to, that nice man will listen to whatever you have to say. OK?

(the girl kisses Tiger on the cheek and goes over to play. Tiger gets up and walks over to the overweight man)

Man: I can’t thank you enough for coming to visit. You really picked up those kids’ spirits.

Tiger: Hmm? Oh, it’s no problem. I like seeing them, they’re all so .. . innocent. (Tiger begins to get choked up a bit)

Man: Are you ok?

Tiger (weakly): Yes, fine.

Man: Maybe you’d like to come into my office and talk a bit?

Tiger: I think I’d like that a lot. Thanks.

(The man leads her down the corridor as the camera fades out)

Styles: How sickening!

Bishop: Lady Tiger truly a humanitarian.

Styles: Hold up! Hey, isn’t Charlotte La Mancha in a hospital in France? Ya’ll don’t think there’s any coincidence…

Dunbar: The action never stops here at the Grand Dragon. Fans, for all of us here on the Monday Night MVP, I’m Paul Laurence Dunbar. We’ll see you on the Friday Night Tease. See ya at Ringside.

Styles: Hey man, I asked a question….


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