We hear from Andrea Chandler, Dementia Praecox, Bloody Mary, Keiko Mita and more.

(The scene is the Cow Palace in San Francisco, California. The camera view starts with a distant view of the ring, showing three people sitting behind a desk, a wall of monitors behind them. Then the camera angle starts circling and moving inward as Atomic Dog by Parliament, the GDWA theme music begins the play. Finally the camera stops, showing two women and one man. The woman in the middle has cafe au lait skin and blond hair, wearing a blue blazer with the GDWA logo on the right side. The man wears wire rim glasses and a matching blazer. The other woman is Asian, her hair dyed ice blue, wearing street style leathers in black and ice blue.)

Nina: Hey all! I’m Nina LaRoux, lowly intern for the GDWA, and this is the Grand Dragon MVP! Joining us is Rod Harrison and Razor Tsuruta. It was a light week this week, only three matches. But between a title change, upset, and dressing room muggings we had a little bit of everything.

Rod: And this week only one of three matches with outside interference. Things might be looking up for the GDWA.

Razor: As if! It’s the calm before the Founder’s Day storm. When total war is going to break out.

Nina: Well, everyone is looking forward to the big PPV. Every title on the line, especially the Women’s Champion going against the number one contender. Let’s hear what’s on Andrea Chandler’s mind this week!


(Andrea chandler wanders through her meticulously pruned garden, flanked by exotic flowers of all shades. She stops before the camera and clasps her hands.)

[Andrea] Ah, spring is in the air, inspiring music, literature, theater, and, inevitably…passions. We all have passions of one sort or another, and here in the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance, with the tremendous competition present, they become magnified a thousand fold. This becomes obvious when seemingly meaningless developments get blown VASTLY out of proportion.

Case in point: a clerical error has made the lot of you positively apoplectic! Here’s the scenario: I was recently in a brutal, vicious, painful match with the ever-agitated Medusa Rage. Had it not been for the interference of a virtual army of wrestlers, I would have won. Watch the tape. Medusa was in my finisher. It was over. As it happens, in the aftermath, I was pleased at my performance, but absolutely LIVID at having been robbed of my just due. In my anger, my first impulse was to challenge one of the perpetrators at Founder’s Day–Bloody Mary. But, upon reviewing the contention, I decided that I should pick a competitor more worthy of a main event match, that being Dementia Praecox. She, too, had imposed herself upon my affairs, further adding to my interest in facing her.

Both requests found their way to Grand Dragon’s offices, but my preference was clear. Yet for some unknown reason, word got out that two challenges had been issued, and the wrestling world went up in arms. I never dreamed this would be a problem, but some have chosen to make it an issue.

Take Ma Porter, for example. This fat tub of lard has the GALL to be angry with me over not choosing her for the title shot. And why should I give a single damn? Let’s review the contention:

(A graphic appears on-screen, showing 🙂

Andrea Chandler_____________________Heel_______8/___1/___2/

1)Dementia Praecox                 Heel_______7/___4/___1/
 2)'The Legend' Micki Duran         Heel_______5/___2/___2/
3)Officer Order                    Face_______9/___5/___3/
4)Medusa Rage                      Heel_______4/___2/___2/
5)Daisy Butterfly                  Face_______9/___6/___3/
6)Nomad                            Heel_______2/___2/___0/
7)Wendy 'Wildchild' Marshall    Face_______2/___3/___1/
8)Staci X                          Face_______3/___5/___0/
(Internet Champion)
9)'Jungle' Radhi Ananda            Face_______7/___5/___4/
(W. H. Champion)
10)Ma Porter                        Heel_______6/___4/___4/

(The graphic fades.)

What do you know, that’s me at the top! And Ma Porter, that’s you…at the bottom. Not exactly a stellar record, Ma. And frankly, you’re are not a top talent. Micki handed you your ass when you fought, and the only advantage you’ve EVER had on the Syndicate has come by way of cheap shots. No, you were never a consideration, and until you prove your worth–by WRESTLING, not by short-cuts and sneak-attacks–you never will be. Find another playmate for Founder’s Day, Porter. And if you try anything during my matches–I mean ANYTHING–what happens to you won’t be pleasant. Or legal, for that matter.

Now, for everyone’s favorite bug…Daisy Butterfly. (Andrea sticks her lower lip out in a pronounced pout.) Are you disappointed in me? Oh, Daisy, I–I don’t know what to say, I–(She breaks out into laughter.) Yes, I DO know what to say! Get a LIFE!!! The issue of who I was to challenge was exactly what I claimed it to be–a clerical error–nothing more. I fear no one in this fed. I’ve taken your best wrestlers, beaten them in the middle of the ring, and still stand wearing the gold. I pinned Lanny Manson to win it. I pinned YOU to retain it. I forced the FIRST EVER submission from Officer Order to retain it. And I had Medusa Rage poised on the verge of the most embarrassing loss of her pathetic life. Further, I wrestled THREE TIMES in the month of January alone, where I dominated our current Internet Champion, Staci X, sparred a bit with Sonya Blade, and then battered Rage like an unwanted stepchild. And, with the exception of my closest friend, Micki Duran, I’ve beaten every woman in the big fifth of contention. I have NOTHING to apologize for, NOTHING to account for. I am the GREATEST wrestler in the history of Grand Dragon, I PROVE it with each match, as I proved it by slamming and pinning the “Iron Woman” of the GDWA. So for a no-talent like YOU to tell me that I don’t deserve to wear the belt comes across as the greatest compliment in the world. Why? Because I know envy when I hear it, and YOU, Daisy, are positively GREEN. Call me names all you like: bitch, coward, it means nothing to me. It’s what losers resort to when they fail. Ask Medusa.

(She walks to a bank of roses.)

So, as we all rush into Founder’s Day, I have this message for all those petty and resentful wanna-bes that disdain my success: whether you like it, or don’t like it, you’d better learn to love it. Because Andrea Chandler, Micki Duran, and the Syndicate are just the best things going today. (She leans over, and smells a rose.) Au revoir!

Razor: Hey, I -did- predict Andrea would face Dementia. Ma Porter has lost her edge. When she gets in the ring she’s dangerous, but you need to fight often.

Rod: Maybe, but Porter is owed a title shot. If not now, then soon. Andrea has faced announcers and other people not in the top 5. So that is no excuse.

Nina: The big question now is, is Dementia Praecox biting off more than she can chew. She’s the Internet title holder now and will still be challenging for the World’s Title to add to her collection. -Can- she become the first multi title holder in the GDWA? Let’s hear from the Demented one.


(Fade in on a scene of a well-lit office room. Madame Hecate and Dementia Praecox are sitting at a large conference table. Dementia, uncharacteristically, is wearing a conservative blue business skirt. Hecate wears a black pants suit.)

Hecate: No, Dementia, now that you’re the champion, you must adopt a more professional attitude. No more padded locker rooms. No more sacrificing live roosters. You must protect that belt

Dementia: Yes, Madame Hecate. (She picks up a pen and tries to write something with it, but quickly becomes more interested in making stabbing motions with it)

Hecate: You’re completely hopeless, you know that? I brought you to the top, and now I want to see you make an effort to blend in with the rest of the GDWA. We have no friends, don’t you realize that?

Dementia: (slowly breaking down) But….I’ve….never had friends….(sob)…. everywhere I go, I’m the outcast…(choke)….now I’ve finally won the I-title that I protected for Demonica for so long….and I can’t even be me? It’s just not fair!! (Cries uncontrollably)

Hecate: Well, GDWA, it does not appear as if Dementia will be quite the marketing gem that Charlotte was, or perhaps even Lanny Manson, or Officer Order. That does not matter. We intend to hold this belt for eternity. Andrea Chandler, by ducking Ma Porter in favor of Dementia, you have jumped from the proverbial frying pan straight into the depths of your personal hell. Rich Bitch, all the money in the world will not save you from the destiny that awaits you at the hands of my Dementia. So you had best be prepared to deal with the pent-up rage of a woman who can no longer differentiate between pleasure and pain. That’s enough practice for today, Dementia. (Walks over to wall and turns off lights)

Dementia: (roars and snaps pen, ink flies everywhere, and violently upends table. Crouches low in a corner) When future generations look back upon the remnants of the GDWA, they will see an example of the inmates running the asylum. (Giggles uncontrollably, falls over onto the floor)

Fade out.

Nina: Well, it looks like Dementia is having a little trouble adapting to her new life as champion.

Rod: Maybe, but she’s still unpredictable, dangerous, very very fast…..

Razor: And alone. Madame Hecate won’t be much use if ‘The Legend’ Duran and the younger Chandler get involved. Andrea is going to hold that belt for as long as she wants to.

Nina: Speaking of the Syndicate and people getting involved in matches, Kyoto Crippler Keiko Mita sent in nothing this week to us, but we did manage to get ahold of her talking to the Japanese press after her countout loss to Tiffany Chandler.


[Scene shows a battered a bruised looking Keiko after the match coming down the hall from the arena, still holding her head. She coldly brushes off any offers of help, finally sitting on a bench to talk to a couple of Japanese reporters. She starts speaking in Japanese with them, a voice over provides the translation.]

Reporter: You have had your debut in the GDWA finally, how do you feel about the match?

Keiko: I’m very disappointed I lost, but I think it says something that it took the GDWA Champion to make me lose. I had the match well in hand until Andrea decided to get involved. It says quite a bit about the lack of honor in the Syndicate. Battles between warriors are fought one on one. All they know is a common street fight. How convenient that Andrea chose to attack someone she knows cannot challenge her. Just another example of her cowardice. Like having me attacked back in the locker rooms. I’m not done with either of them yet.

Reporter: You have a match coming up with Rekka Sakura, an idol back home. Are you looking forward to the match and what do you expect?

Keiko: I’m definitely looking forward to it. I have my doubts about Rekka in many areas, but at least I know she will have the honor and courage to fight me face to face. We’ve both gotten off to bad starts here in the GDWA, but make no mistake, if Sakura can get focused, she will do well here. Unless I end her career or something. I fight full out. If she doesn’t do the same, I could easily do a lot more to her than Ananda did.

Reporter: (looking a little taken aback): Are you really planning on injuring the Burning Cherry Blossom?

Keiko: (Growing more agitated): I have nothing against Rekka. I think it will be a great match. But I’m here to make my mark on the GDWA. The Burning Cherry Blossom has not shown the focus and warrior ethic needed to keep up with the Kyoto Crippler. I’m not letting up until the match is over. The road to Andrea Chandler lies though Rekka Sakura.

Reporter: Um…ah…speaking of that. You are back in the same federation as Bloody Mary. I’m sure you…ah…recall the unfortunate incident with her. And her recent comments. Do you have anything to say about that?

Keiko: (making a dismissive motion with her hand): No! No…Not right now. Interview finished.

[Keiko glares at the reporter, then stands and makes her way back to the dressing room.]

Razor: Mita better be careful. That match with ‘ Brilliant’ Tiffany was the least of what the Syndicate is capable of.

Rod: We’ll see. Personally, it’s about time someone talked about honor. It’s obvious the situation with Bloody Mary is still unresolved though…

Nina: Mary is resting up from her injuries right now but don’t think for a second she has not been busy. Here’s what she has to say.


(Scene is a comfortable living room, Bloody Mary is turning off a TV. & picking up a magazine & newspaper, The magazine is GDWA.)

Bloody Mary: Here it is the day after the card & I was absent, didn’t feel like being there. The Dolls filled me in from the sidelines. The Gladiatrixes were there in the audience scouting the talent. Me….I’m still thinking over the Fri. Tease Show. I’ve got 3 subjects I need to address, get them off my chest! Clarify a little confusion.

First….The Heavyweight Title shot I declined. Ma I’m finding some of the politics behind the scenes of GDWA are as interesting as the ring action at times & this was one case. Andrea Chandler, if you think I backed down from you, girl you got another think coming. Any other time, any other place, you & me. You see I declined because Ma Porter came to me some months ago & asked me to join with her group. I declined….she said think about it, I’ll make it worth it believe me….I said again thanks, but no thanks. But I said Ma if there is ever anything I can do for you name it & left it there…until now. Everybody thought Ma was all but retired but some of us knew better & spotted a golden opportunity. Andrea you either played mind games with Dementia & I or just found a convenient way to hide your cowardice offering Dementia & I the title shots both & then retracting them & then offering them, and then…well you get it. This is my favor for Ma, I let her take my shot & Andrea there’s no backing out unless that mindcase Dementia takes her shot…but I doubt it….but then you’re good at backing out. Get her Ma!!!

Secondly, I’m touched hearing all the things said about me on TV & in the magazines, newspapers from all the pundits. It seems some think I’m the greatest thing since sliced bread, rocketing up the GDWA ranks. Others question my ability as a wrestler somewhat but further question any further talents like my overseeing my tag teams. Well you let me worry about that, you’ll see my talents in a limited capacity for now as The Dolls & the Gladiatrixes soar the ranks of the GDWA surpassed only by me in quality. If Medusa Rage can steer her teams while lying back on a chaise lounge or relaxing in the pool served grapes by her Serpentines, which I admire from a woman I have taken some lessons from. You’ll be amazed at what someone who eats, breathes & sleeps wrestling can do!

Let’s see there was 1 more thing hmmmm….Oh yes! Crippler! You said I chickened out from our match that wasn’t even supposed to happen….yet! You see I would’ve loved to kick your ass from the North Pole to the South Pole but these damned stitches are still in…Coming out tomorrow…but the Drs. said no Mary, you can’t wrestle just yet. The next available card it’s you & me, Andrea will no doubt turn tail. Anytime, anyplace, any kind of match you want. I’ll be there. You out there probably wonder why I hold a grudge for something like a dislocated & fractured knee that’s long heeled. Well besides that being a possible career ending injury that did sideline me for a long time I have faced other imminent danger when I faced Radhi & Medusa, got plenty banged up & could’ve lost my career then, too. But I didn’t hold grudges with them. Maybe what get me is this little tidbit I didn’t mention. CRIPPLER….Keiko…we weren’t just training together…no…You were my designated tag team partner & we made a good one for a short while. Then for some reason you turned on me. Oh you injured others as well….BUT WE WERE PARTNERS! WHY!! What GALLS me is the fact you come off as sugar & spice & everything nice…but I know the true evil you hide & I’m going to expose it!! You talk of honor & respect like some demure giesha…ptuii. Remember my motto, somebody hits me once hard, I hit back twice & harder…you break my knee…well…! In closing folks(Mary calms) I still find myself without a date to the prom….nobody to face me or my girls at the Founders Day PPV, c’mon, I’m…we’re open to all challenges….tick tock!

(Mary scowls at the camera as it fades)

Rod: You know, I can’t help but keep thinking there is more to this then either are saying. It seems like a little more leaks out week after week.

Razor: Not to mention Mary talked about admiring Medusa. Think about it. Medusa is a kick @$$ singles wrestler, who also manages two tag teams. Mary is an up and coming wrestler who has started doing the same. I’d say Mary is patterning herself after the leader of the Age of Rage.

Nina: And Medusa also is home…um…recovering from injuries. But don’t think for a moment that will stop her from adding her own controversial thoughts to what is going on.


[Fade in:

Medusa Rage lounges on a divan, Serpentine wrapped strategically around her body. She is naked, her dark brown skin glistening and illuminated by the flickering of candlelight. The serpent’s head weaves by Medusa’s face, its tongue flickering at her red mouth. Medusa’s dreadlocks are sculpted to rear up like striking snakes. She wears gold fangs in her mouth as she reaches down and plucks a grape from the bunch by her side.]

Medusa: Grand Dragon, I must have words with you. Things have changed around here for me. Things have changed for everybody. Does it pay to go to war with another woman? I wonder. How much does it hurt? How much do you suffer? Many people seem to think that I’ve lost my focus and my direction. They seem to think that my brief ranking as the number one contender has now removed me from contention entirely. Perhaps that is true, but it is a learning process, is it not? Isn’t that what the experience is about?

[Serpentine tightens its hold on Medusa, she simply tickles it jaw.]

Medusa: See, I don’t want to be Andrea Chandler, especially not on Founder’s Day. There are going to be lessons learned and lessons learned well. I learned those lessons, never use people, never let yourself be used. Andrea, you taught Dementia how to defeat me? You didn’t, you know. She won by bad decision, apparently because no-holds barred doesn’t extend to the referee. But turnabout is fair play, isn’t it? I would be very wary of using your Dividend Leglock against someone with Dementia’s flexibility. Who knows how you might find yourself. There’s the danger in that. There’s the real danger in that. Double-dealing, backstabbing. Perhaps we were allies once, perhaps we both do rule this world, you in the singles division, me in the tag-team ranks, but I want to assure you something. I won’t forget your treachery. And I won’t forget your pawns, either. I am going to take away everything you have, Andrea. All your friends, all your allies. Piece by piece, one-by-one. Dementia is an able student. She’s learning your secrets. (Pauses to laugh and she reaches down out of camera.) Andrea, you’re like a little mouse to me.

[Medusa lifts up a live mouse, dangling by its tail.]

And serpents like little mice.

[As Serpentine opens her jaws, Medusa drops the mouse inside, watching raptly as the snake devours it whole and live.]

Medusa: (laughing) Founder’s Day is going to be aptly named. This will be the day I build the GDWA in my own image. Dawg Pound Nights was supposed to be my day of arrival. Now we have this. This is going to beautiful. Andrea, dre, girl, your day ends right here. Hugs and hisses.

Rod: (Looking shocked) She didn’t…just…I don’t believe that! That woman is sick!

Razor: Dangerous, Rod, the word is dangerous. Much as a respect her though, I am starting to think she is losing her grip, just when it seemed like she might be the next World Champion and the Age of the Rage might be the next big organization.

Nina: Indeed, cracks seem to be showing in the Age of Rage just when they least need them. As we see here.


[Fade in:

A shower of gold descends from the screen, sprinkling the ground. Through the shower of gold Sierra emerges, wrapped in a long, flowing wraparound gown of gold lame. Her bare shoulders and face sparkle with gold glitter, her hair is tinted with little gold flecks.]

Sierra: My beloved fans, you can’t begin to understand how glad I am to have you in my corner. Looks like Founder’s Day won’t be including me, though. That’s a shame. I have my heart set on being there. And I will be there in some way, shape or fashion. See, I’ve been watching Medusa over the past few weeks and I’ll tell you I don’t like what I see. And I don’t think I can live with that. Medusa and I have always had an understanding that if I ever got that uneasy feeling about the direction my career was going we could suspend our association. Dusa, girl, it’s time I did that. We were the best, but you’ve gone rogue. The hunt for power has ruined you if you ask me. I won’t go down that road with you. I can’t. So, Medusa, this is goodbye for now until I see some changes in your organization. It was fun, but it’s really time I showed the world what I can do. That’s key. Take care. Everybody, remember how much I love you. I hope you’re still at my back. Sierra Browne, headed straight for the top! Whoosh!!!

[Fade out]

Rod: I wonder if we are looking at the end of the Browne Girls or just the teams association with Medusa. I could not help but notice Indigo was not there or mentioned.

Nina: This also puts a new spin on the four way dance the Misfits were challenging for. As long as the Browne Girls were with Medusa, that looked like an easy win. Now everything is up in the air though.

Razor: Or…it’s a cunning plan from the Queen Snake of the GDWA. If they can sucker in the Blondes and STRIKE, then both the Misfits and Brown Girl’s cooperate. Well…Just remember, Medusa has promised big things for Andrea.

Nina: To conclude our ‘Age of Rage’ section of the show *grin* Here are the tag team champs!


[Dalbello and Godiva Rage watch the match with the Suicide Blondes losing to Burning Rain. Dalbello doesn’t look amused. Godiva relaxes a little bit, though. She’s got a pen in hand, taking a few notes.]

Dalbello: Well, it doesn’t look like their unbeaten string lasted at all long. Suicide Blondes, I hope you learn a little humility because of this. Because we’re accepting your challenge for Founder’s Day Tradition. See, I’m tired of all this waiting around, I’m sick of being on suspension, I’m fed up with all the nonsense. The name of the game is wrestling. That’s what I’m about. And that’s exactly what I’m here to do. So, it’s just the two of us. I see it like this. You’re just something standing in our way, a bunch of loudmouths who aren’t good for anything. And you really got on my tits making fun of my father like that. You really did. Do you think that is something I like? Do you think that’s funny? Get your laughs, girls, because you’re not stopping us. Founder’s Day is the Misfits coming out party. Then we’ll finally be able to deal with the real problem in the GDWA.

Godiva: I see a bunch o’ African dogs are yappin’ at our ‘eels again. Hyena Queens, where’ve you ruddy well been. We’ve been waitin’ for ya. We know you’re the only ruddy team that even comes close to the Misfits. And STRIKE, sorry, you get closed out on this one. Why? Because you’re really inconsequential, have a terrible record and the Kingpin gets on me last nerve. Sorry, you’re gonna have to prove yourselves now before you can even think of getting a shot at us.

Dalbello: Denmark Vessey, oh, you think I’ve forgotten about you? You pissed me off, real bad, too. And you know what that means? It means you’ve got to pay to. You’re going to love your tag-team champions now that you’ve suspended me? You think you’ve brought me to heel? No, you’ve only made me mad. Keep all your fines and your suspensions. You know I was really prepared to let Godiva go it alone against the Blondes just to make a point.

Godiva: This title is about as meaningless as your pedigree, Vessey. You think because we are your standard bearers that we’re going to come to heel? I don’t ruddy think so. You’ve brought the Misfits in, locked us down to a contract. That means certain sacrifices on our part, true, but that means even more on yours. Vessey, Founder’s Day, is where the Misfits start making a little mischief. And you’re really going to regret it.

Together: The Misfits are it!

Rod: Misfits fitting into the Age of Rage, ranting at nearly every tag team.

Razor: But it’s obvious the Suicide Blondes have -really- gotten under their skin. When those two teams meet, don’t count out the ladies from Hollywood. They are the most devious team in the GDWA. Now, if they would only learn to use more foreign objects…

Nina: Let’s see what the fashion victims of Hollywood have on their minds this week after that surprising loss to Burning Rain.


(SCENE: The SUICIDE BLONDES, on a small soundstage bathed in red light…)

Baby Jane Ross: Well well, what do you know? ONLY in the Grand Dragon could a two-count get a win for a couple of cheap, no-talents like Burning Rain. President Vessey; Denmark, honey–our lawyers will be ringing you very shortly to discuss this injustice…

Taylor Monroe: Burning Rain, girls; we’ll catch you later when it’s our time to babysit you again. Right now, though, I’d like to speak to a few dear friends of mine. Two girls who define are a black-eye on the integrity of competition. These…Misfits, if you would.

Baby Jane Ross: Oh, I would, dear. Well, ladies. Awfully eager to defend your belts against three tough contenders, aren’t you? Look, girls, how stupid do you think we are? You came out and made a challenge last week that you KNEW you couldn’t keep. How incredibly tough of you. Then you go ahead and duck our challenge outright and issue this little WCW four-way dance. Look, ladies, this isn’t the brothel that your old crone mothers are rotting away. This isn’t “Where The Big Boys Play.” This is the GDWA; where you get on the bus or your agent scrapes you off the curb. You really think that we’re willing to step into a ring where you’ve got a four-person advantage? No, Medusa, honey–you’re a lousy wrestler and an even worse manager. You sign your own Flying Browne Stiffs to wrestle alongside your two no-talent sisters and take the brunt of the damage. Then Goldilocks and Rumpelstiltskin Rage enter the ring and clean up. We’re not having it, sweetheart.

Taylor Monroe: For real, dear. We can see right through you like you were your old man’s glass eye. You want us to consider this dance? Drop the Brownes from the line-up. BEG the Hyena Queens to come in and wrestle in their place. Get on your knees and PRAY that Burning Rain will tempt fate again with us in the same ring. Give a chance to Bloody Mary’s Gladia-TRICKS or the Rag Dolls. It seems to us that you can only win matches when the numbers are in your favor. I guess that’s the way you need to defend those belts. No ladies, we’ve got a better idea. Tell them, Jane.

Baby Jane Ross: It’s called a BOYCOTT. Something we learned from a Russian friend of ours. Charming lady, she is. If no teams accept your challenge for Founder’s Day, you have no one to wrestle. With no one to wrestle, you breech your contract with the GDWA. Your belts get taken away and we all get another crack at crowning new champs. I think this is the fairest, most democratic way to determine the true champions.

Taylor Monroe: Imagine that! A lesson on democracy springing from an earlier lesson on communist Olympic boycotts. Jane, your mind is truly outstanding.

Baby Jane Ross: Thank you, dear.

Taylor Monroe: Seeing how you never really WON the belts and you have yet to DEFEND the belts, it seems like the best way to deal with you two miscreants. I IMPLORE the other tag teams of the GDWA, fine women that they are, to join us in this crusade to see JUSTICE PREVAIL IN THE GRAND DRAGON.

Baby Jane Ross: Let freedom ring, sweetie…

Razor: Interesting idea from the Blondes. Another devious way of getting to the Misfits.

Rod: It’ll never work though. Much like America’s boycott in Moscow didn’t work. We stayed home but practically no one else did. The Suicide Blondes might stay home, but I have no doubt other teams are burning for a chance at the belts. So to speak *grin*

Nina: The Suicide Blondes might dismiss their match with Burning Rain easily, but not this next team, Double Otanashi!


[In the ring, the Otanashi siblings are sparring with a couple of unfortunate souls.] [Kasumi, the younger and gentler of the two, is currently in the ring. She executes a nice powerbomb slam… off the ropes with a bulldog headlock…and a spinning leg lariat. She glances at her fallen opponent and helps her to tag in her partner. Kasumi tags in Kurumi.] [Reporter] We’re here watching a workout of Double Otanashi’s, Kurumi and Kasumi. I believe that is Kurumi in the ring now.

[Kurumi with a chokehold on her opponent. Piledriver… and another. She reaches into her boot and pulls out a metal object and just rakes it across the forehead of her opponent, who immediately begins to bleed like a pig…Kasumi comes in and tackles her sister and pulls her out of the ring. They speak angrily in Japanese for about a minute before Kurumi pushes Kasumi and storms off to the locker room. Trainers begin to enter the ring to help with the spar opponent. Kasumi looks into the ring, worriedly.] [Reporter] Oh my! I cannot believe what just happened. It was only a practice spar and Kurumi Otanashi just bladed this poor girl open! Perhaps we can get a word with the younger sister, Kasumi Otanashi.

[The reporter approaches Kasumi] Excuse me, Kasumi. I’d like some comments on what we just saw in the ring.

[Kasumi] Hai! Mister Reporter… I very sorry for what happen to nice girl in ring. My sister have mean streak and not have much conscious… I try to talk to her but it does no work.

[Reporter] Your debut match for the GDWA will be at Founder’s Day Tradition. Your opponents will be Burning Rain. They had an impressive victory of the Suicide Blondes this past weekend.

[Kasumi] Burning Rain very good team. We seen them before. We think they be good challenge and we try best to win match.

[Reporter] Do you expect your sister to be as violent with Burning Rain as she was here tonight in this practice bout?

[Kasumi] Kurumi not have control sometimes. I hope that she no do those type of things in the ring. I want to win fairly. Not have to rely on dirty tricks. We do our best to win, but sometimes not enough for Kurumi.

[Kurumi storms out of the locker room, she’s just showered as her hair is wet. She rushes over and pushes Kasumi, and they speak again in Japanese…finally Kasumi throws up her hands and goes to attend to the bleeding sparring partner] [Kurumi gets up in the face of the reporter] You want talk about Kurumi, then talk now.

[Reporter] I was just wondering why you cut open your opponent in that practice bout.

[Kurumi] Cause I want to. That’s why. I cut you open if you open big mouth about me again. I like win matches. I no like to be loser. So I do what I have to do to win. Kasumi no understand how important winning is. Is pride thing and I have great pride. I cut Burning Rain open in minute. I do what have to do to win match. At pay per view, Kurumi win match against Burning Rain.

[Kurumi storms back to the locker room] [Reporter] Words from the Otanashis.

(Fade out)

Rod: You know, they had such promise. Kasumi is a credit to the sport, but her sister….

Razor: It’s a classic team. Technician and enforcer. Tell you what though. After watching Gojira Takeshima of Burning Rain almost beat the Suicide Blondes by herself, team up her with Kurumi and we just might have the new tag team champs.

Nina: The GDWA has been drawing its share of unusual teams of late. This next one was recruited by Bloody Mary and might well be the dark horse team to watch out for.


Then scene is in a rural setting near a barn in southwest Iowa on an unseasonably warm sunny day in Feb. Two women in unusual leather clad outfits are cutting wood near a barn. Three other women are watching. The camera moves in to reveal Bloody Mary & The High Flying Dolls. The women cutting wood stop & turn to the camera with Mary getting behind them & The Dolls standing aside.

Bloody Mary with her arms around each of the women: I’m so excited and delighted to introduce to you at GDWA, officials, fellow wrestlers & fans the NEWEST members of Wild West Management, THE GLADIATRIXES, TAWNY & RUSLA! Ladies the camera’s yours.

Tawny: (A tall thin well-tanned beauty with green eyes & wild curly medium length red hair dressed in Xena like black/brown leather outfit with metal trimmings & high skirt & black knee high leather boots) Thank you, Mary, Dolls, Hello all! We’re The Gladiatrixes. Thanks to Mary & The Dolls we’ve steered our wrestling careers to the best arena we could find, The GDWA!

Let us introduce ourselves first. I’m Tawny this is Rusla. I’ve been a veteran grappler in various promotions for over 12 years. I met my friend Rusla here training in the gym Mary & The Dolls own last fall. We floundered in small promotions throughout the country & finally get the chance to wrestle bigtime. We decided on our ring persona after visiting Italy last year & was in awe of the Colosseum. We named ourselves after past women warriors. Imagine 2 warriors enter 1 leaves, how exciting.

That’s the kind of challenge we want in the GDWA, 2 teams enter….1 leaves (she hisses).

Rusla: (A light black haired young woman with hair tied back in a ponytail, light complexion with large blue eyes & cherubic face wearing same type of costume except for brown lace-up boots that only to her calves, pulls out a sword from a sheath) It is so exciting. We’ve heard so much, seen so much of the GDWA on tape & a time or 2 in the audience. Unlike Tawny, I’m considered a novice only being active as a pro wrestler for about 2 years. Mostly a jobber wrestler bantering about in the sorry state of womens wrestling in this country it was Carpe Diem when I got the chance to join Tawny & form this tag team. We can hardly wait to get started, after we hash out a few problems with management.

Tawny: It seems that they are worried about our “accessories”. I assured them these are just props & won’t EVER be in the ring with us. (Rusla drops a paper on her sword slicing it easily) (Tawny looks around slyly at the rest) Also we’ve been told to remove all the metal trimmings from our costumes. They’re also worried about our armbands over our forearms, just leather, nothing else. We don’t need to load anything. (They make fists)

O.K. we’ll remove all that stuff… There’s also some concern about my high boots, they say it’s easy to hide objects in there or load them with shin guards. I draw the line there, unless they absolutely force me, I assure you these boots are no more harmful than anybody else’s.

Rusla: You mean like mine? (She pulls a small dagger out of her boot) I wonder how many others are this harmless. I’m just making a point, I wouldn’t carry this into the ring. I’m a hungry young lioness in this sport but not that desperate! Also they’re concerned about our leather costumes even without the trimmings, say they could be overly padded. Well, I’m not giving mine up & I’m not having some horny ref feel me up you’re just going to have to trust us.

Tawny: That’s right! Lastly, we’re here to join forces with Mary & The Dolls in a united front. The only time we will fight the Dolls is in an exhibition match, we’ve already sparred many times. We also are ready to protect the backs of Mary & the Dolls & they us, not that we’ll need too much. But Suicide Blondes, Misfits, beware, we don’t forgive & forget too well. That goes double for any of you wanting to attack Mary. Everybody that enters the ring calls themselves gladiators, we’re the one & only Gladiatrixes but unlike those of antiquity when we address For We Who Are About To Die We Salute You, won’t be aimed at any ruler…or audience it’ll be our opponents, we salute. (Tawny swings sword into log splitting it)

Bloody Mary: Welcome to the family girls, they tell me at the GDWA I have to limit my managerial duties or it’s a conflict….Medusa we have to talk. Anyway I’ll guide you to the ring a few times but I’m confident you’ll do fine without much help from me or The Dolls. But we’re always there if you do. See you soon, GDWA, from Bloody Mary, High Flying Dolls & now The Gladiatrixes…..A UNITED FRONT! (All pose in a fighting stance.

Rod: As if gang fights and foreign objects was not bad enough. Daggers and armor? And named after warriors of the past. Rusla maybe, but Tawny? Sounds more like a mud wrestler.

Razor: Well, I’m seeing a great trend here. First we have Gojira bringing a sword down to the ring. Then we have this new team with swords and armor. It’ll be interesting to see what happens if the Gladiatrixes meet Burning Rain.

Nina: Back to singles action and the delay of the debut of ‘Sexy’ Sally McClane.


(The scene slowly fades in to Sally McClane sitting on a large wooden desk as behind her stand two men dressed in black suits. Resembling the two men from Pulp Fiction, they stand with a cold stare. Sally wears a pair of black leather pants, along with a thin, silk, white shirt. And a sling on her arm. Along with a heavily taped shoulder, but she still smiles softly)

Sally: Well…well…well. Looks like I’ve finally got my first challenger here in the GDWA, and from who else but little miss muffer herself, Lady Tiger!! And at what a better time, when I’m injured!! And even though this little bit of info. Hasn’t spilled into GDWA rumor circles, I still know that you knew about it and that’s probably why you challenged me! Because you knew I couldn’t wrestle you!

(She stands and walks over to a window and peers out over the city below)

Sally: For those who don’t know, on February 15th of 1997, I had a career threatening injury come my way from a man twice my size, in the CCW! I was approaching the ring to console a dear friend of mine, Geoffrey Quartz after he suffered a horrific loss! And who else should pop in? Then Fast Fighter, a former wrestler, and Chief of Security/Commentator for CCW! I told him I wasn’t going to do anything, but that just didn’t seem to suffice!! Naw, he had to brutally attack me! (She turns back to the camera) Viciously grabbing me and throwing me to the ground! If it hadn’t been for the help of my dear friend and attorney, Jackie Tyson, and of course Geoffrey Quartz then I probably wouldn’t be here today doing this flash! Well, it goes without saying that Jackie is seeing to it that Fast Fighter pays dearly in court and as for me he’s hired these two men!

(She walks over and moves her left arm in a gesture toward the two men that stood behind her)

Sally: Mohammed (motions toward the black man) and Trey (motions toward the white man)!!! The two best bodyguards money can buy, because like I said it’s only the best for me!! These two guys are trained killers, former CIA that became Secret Service men only to be dishonorably discharged from service when they brutally assaulted the President, I won’t say which one, (winks) for hitting a woman!! And that’s what they’ll do to any man that lays a hand on me!!!

(She hops back up on the desk again)

But as for the women! I can handle them myself!!! With little or no, difficulty!!! Especially you Lady Tiger!! And yes I accept your challenge!! As soon as my doctor clears me to reenter the ring you may have your match!!! And so may anyone else that wants one!! Dr. Davis said that I had a month off to heal my injuries, but then he would reexamine me again and give another prognosis, well I feel okay, and by then I’ll be all healed and ready to take out my aggressions for this Fast Fighter on you!! And you can count on that!!!

(She then hops back down off the desk as the phone begins to ring and she answers it and says…)

Hey Geoff…I’m fine!!

(And then the camera slowly fades to black)

Rod: Weird….

Razor: Just the risk you take wrestling in too many places.

Nina: And what are Lady Tiger’s thoughts on all this?


(The scene opens up outside a kids help center. The door opens and Grand Dragon’s masked heroine, Lady Tiger, steps out, waving back at the door, where a cluster of children are waving good-bye to her)

Tiger: Bye kids!

Kids: BYE!!!!!!

(She keeps walking and, eventually, the children go back inside. She walks down the street a bit until she finally notices the camera)

Tiger: You cameramen are prompt, I’ll give you that.

(The cameraman continues walking with Tiger for a while, who is obviously in high spirits)

Tiger: Well, you approached me at a good time. There is something about being around children which makes me so . . . happy! Vonya, Founder’s Day Tradition is approaching fast. The Tiger gets another chance to wrestle in front of the great fans of Grand Dragon!!

(Her voice becomes a little more determined)

Tiger: I have not had much of a chance to wrestle for the fans lately, and it bothers me. Charlotte told me that the only thing which mattered was to be proud of myself. I have done a lot of thinking lately, and I do not think I have much to be proud of.

Tiger: I said I would wrestle on in the memory of my idol. I said I would make her proud. What have I done? I defeated Nomad. While she is a great competitor, 1 win will not make Charlotte proud. And 1 win will not make me proud, either.

(She stops and turns to the camera)

Tiger: Founder’s Day Tradition, Vonya. And I know Charlotte will be watching. I am going to prove that my pin over Nomad was no fluke. I am going to prove to you, to Charlotte, and to the fans of Grand Dragon that I am here to stay. You are a fierce competitor, Vonya, but when we face each other, I will prove to Charlotte that all her teaching was not in vain. And that the Tiger is someone to be proud of.

[Fade to black]

Razor: Lady Tiger looking a little more serious than last week. But doesn’t she ever train? All we ever see of her is her wearing that mask out in the streets, using it to hide her identity while she pickpockets from her gullible fans. From kids this time. Wonder how much candy she got.

Rod: Hey! Lady Tiger is just what the federation needs. Another big fan favorite. The faces have been in trouble lately. About time someone stepped up.

Nina: She had some comments on Nomad, however, Nomad has her mind elsewhere.


[Nomad is standing outside the ring watching a masked wrestler beat up her opponent in the ring. The masked wrestler lifts her opponent up then drives her head to the mat with a piledriver. Then she turns her over and applies the camel clutch. As the woman screams in pain and tries to submit, Nomad turns toward the camera.]

Nomad: “What do you think about her? Is she tough enough to be my partner for Founders Day against Wendy Marshall and Eleanor Royal?”

[The masked wrestler grabs a marker and writes Arabic characters on her opponent

Nomad: “That Eleanor, do either of you think you can take her on? Neither of you can even beat me.”

[Nomad turns back toward the ring where medics run into the ring while the masked wrestler is strutting in the ring. The medics lift the injured girl is being lifted onto a stretcher and put a brace on her neck. The masked wrestler motions for Nomad to enter the ring.]

Nomad: “This is just a preview of what Eleanor. A couple of weeks from now, it will be their Founders Day Funeral.”

[Nomad rolls into the ring and the masked wrestler and she begin to stomp down on the woman on the stretcher. Security officers run into the ring but they are thrown right back out by Nomad and the masked wrestler. The two women start stomping down on the injured wrestler again]

Rod: Speaking of masked wrestlers and criminal acts…

Razor: I have a feeling the mask will be off for the match. Right now it’s just mind games to keep people off guard.

Nina: Wow! And that brings us to the last clip of the night. Masks and mind games.


Once again, the lights dim, but this time there are two hooded figures approaching the ring. One with blue eyes, another with green. Both are still wearing the black concealing robes and black masks hiding everything but the eyes.

Blue Eyes: (This time a male voice) “Once again, a PPV approaches.”

Green Eyes: (Female Voice) “And once again, my name is on the lips of the GDWA!”

Blue Eyes: (Laughing) “That’s right, they have been mentioning you, haven’t they, dear?”

Green Eyes: “When weren’t they? Whatever happens at Founder’s Day: History *Will* be made!”

Blue Eyes: “And history has a habit of repeating itself.”

Rod: Creepy…any idea who it could be?

Razor: (smirking) Can’t be Sachie, she’d come back in an undertakers outfit and the guy would need an urn.

Nina: That’s about as low as we can sink for the night. This is Nina LaRoux wishing you all a good night.

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