Reactions from the GDWA wrestlers regarding the previous night’s Catfight. Includes comments from Eleanor Royal, Tiffany Chandler, Sonya Blade, Medusa Rage and more.

(The scene is one of Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance studios located in Tacoma, Washington. Three men are sitting behind a desk with a monitor in the back. Two of them are wearing blue blazers with the GDWA logo on the right side. The third man is wearing a red suit with a black tie. He’s got red sunglasses and a Red and black top hat. The lights start to come up, and “Atomic Dog” by Parliament–the GDWA theme music–begins to play.)

Dunbar: Hi fans, this is Paul Laurence Dunbar with Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance’s Monday Night MVP. Allen Bishop here with me along with MISTER Furious Styles. Guys, how about the matches for last Saturday?

Bishop: You had Eleanor Browne against Tiffany Chandler…

Styles: That’s Miss Tiffany Chandler for you Bishop!

Bishop: The self-anointed ‘Brilliant’ one wrestled a tough match against the Supermodel. Both women could use a lot of honing. Browne with several mistakes in the ring along with Chandler’s lack of focus. Not only did she seem lost, but the crowd seemed to be getting to her. You can’t allow that to happen as a professional.

Styles: Hooooooold, up! Tiffany is Andrea Chandler’s cousin. Understand that? That means she’s got genetic ability up in there. At Yale, ‘Brilliant’ Tiffany Chandler went UNDEFEATED as a wrestler. She easily outshined that Supermodel from Hawaii or wherever the hell.

Dunbar: Fans, as a matter of fact you will hear from ‘Miss’ Tiffany on the House of Styles this week. But let’s take a look at that matchup between the two rookies…


(Saturday, February 2nd)

 Bishop: Chandler losing her composure as Royal gets out of that predicament. Royal with INCREDIBLE reserve. I’m impressed. Chandler now, with a pickup and an Irish Whip to the ropes.

Mutt: Royal looks beat as she comes flying off the ropes!

Bishop: Chandler in the middle of the ring and catches her for a Tilt a Whirl…

Mutt: No! Royal counters by sliding across the slower Chandlers back and Body Scissoring the midsection for a Roll up!

Ref: 1……………………2………….3!

Mutt: NO!


(Huge pop as Tiffany Chandler strikes the mat in anger.)

Mutt: She had this match won! There’s no doubt WHO is the better wrestler. You talk about luck!

Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 13 minutes 46 seconds! Your winner via pinfall, and making a successful debut in the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance….’Supermodel’ Eleanor Browne!

Dunbar: Thoughts gentlemen?

Bishop: Eleanor Royal ‘the Supermodel’ showed UNCANNY resilience and great awareness. That Sunset Flip came from nowhere. And I must say, I haven’t seen that sort of intestinal fortitude since FORMER World Champion Zaranna was in the squared circle.

Styles: Okay, let’s give the little tramp her due. But come one, did you see how Tiffany Chandler, ‘the Brilliant’ one, controlled that match up. Between brains and power, she’s gonna be great in the GDWA.

Dunbar: Alright, speaking of the Supermodel, we have words from her…


[Eleanor Royal is sitting in front of a TV and she studies the tape of her match with Tiffany Chandler. Several times she pauses the tape, rewinds it a few seconds then plays it again. Finally she stops the tape and looks into the camera.]

Eleanor: “Not bad for my first time out. I could have done better in several areas and will do so in my next match. Enough of this chatter. I have to go train. The challenges are out, accept them and I’ll see you in the ring.”

[Eleanor picks up a gym bag and heads out of the room. The scene fades to black.]

Bishop: Sounds like she’s ready to move on. I…

Styles: Ohhhhhhhhhh, hell no! Let’s hear what the ‘Brilliant’ Chandler has to say about that crap on Saturday…


[Tiffany Chandler sits behind a desk. The office around her has a very expensive look to it. Walls of books. Behind her is a giant window, overlooking ‘the city’. She’s on the telephone…] [Tiffany] …I don’t give a damn about that… look, you work for me and you’ll do what I want or you’ll be schmoozing with the people at the unemployment office. Do you understand that? Fine.

[Tiffany reaches over and presses another button]

Geoff, get be William. *a moments pause* William, any word on that rematch? What in the world am I paying you for, you little cretin. I want that rematch and I am not taking no for an answer. You get that weasly commissioner of the GDWA on the phone and you get me that rematch! That little bimbo was lucky to get that win over me and I will /not/ be denied my rematch. If you can’t get the results, then call the Kingpin. Fine. I want all the handhelds we took of that match too. Yes, all eight angles. I want them now!

[Tiffany slams down the phone… then looks out the window for a few moments… she sighs and turns back and pushes a button on the phone…]

Geoff, get me Andrea. *another pause* Andrea… again… just wanted to apologize for my performance last night… I know I let everyone down… I’m trying to get the rematch so I can redeem myself. Yes. Don’t worry… I had 8 of my employees at 8 different locations. I’ll be reviewing them all day. Tonight? Hmm… Oh really? Hmm. I’ll be there! What time? Got it. Thanks again.

Dunbar: Perhaps we can get that signed for next week. Miss Tiffany does not sound ready to put Eleanor Royal behind her.

Styles: She got ‘Ritch Bitch’ blood in her. You really think she’s ready to put the Supermodel behind her?!

Bishop: Speaking of blood, Crimson had a run in with GDWA reporter Steven Dobbs…and I must say that the Crimson is INTENSE. She’s just itching to get in the ring.

Styles: Crimson has got some potential, but I think we won’t know what she’s all about till she get in the ring.

Bishop: Dobbs, take it away…


*Scene opens with a thin man wearing glasses, blue jeans, and a GDWA t-shirt standing in front of the camera. Behind him is a small gym. He lifts the microphone to his mouth and begins to speak.*

Man: Hey GDWA fans! I’m Steven Dobbs and I’ve been recently hired by the GDWA to interview all the great wrestlers we have. For my first assignment, I’m in Halifax, Canada. In that gym is Crimson, and I’m going to try to pry an interview out of her. Let’s go inside!

*Scene switches to inside the gym, where Crimson is alone. She’s doing squats with a bar bell and an undetermined amount of wright. She glares at Dobbs and the camera as they approach her, but she doesn’t stop her exercise.*

Dobbs: *He doesn’t seem to notice her penetrating gaze in his eagerness for the interview.* Hello, Crimson. I’m Steven Dobbs, and I’ve been sent by the GDWA to interview you. Hey, it seems you’ve got the gym all to yourself!

Crimson: *Still doing the squat exercise, but her eyes never leave his. She speaks through clenched teeth* That is because I paid extra money for a solitaire work-out. I do not like to be disturbed.

Dobbs: *Oblivious* Yeah, that’s a good idea. So, Crimson, are there any wrestlers who you look up to? Who you tried to style yourself after?

Crimson lifts the barbell over and in front of her head and drops it at Dobbs feet. He jumps back just in time.


Dobbs: Hey! What did you do that for?

Crimson: Did you not hear me? I. Said. I. Do. Not. Wish. To. Be. Disturbed.

Dobbs: Well now, I’m just going to ask a few questions! Surely you have time for that?

Crimson: *Sighs* Very well. I’ll make a statement. Tiffany Chandler. Keiko Mita. I have challenged the two of you to a most falls in 30 minutes triangle match. Have you accepted the challenge? I hope so. In case you haven’t I have other challenges to make. Eleanor Royal. You were impressive in your debut match. I believe you would be a worthy adversary, so I challenge you to a match of your choosing. I would also like to challenge Rekka Sakura. She seems willing to face anyone. Now I must return to my workout, as I have to be ready when I enter the ring.

*Crimson walks through a door and shuts it behind her. Dobbs tries to open it, but it is locked. He turns to face the camera.*

Dobbs: Well, that seems to be all I’m getting from her for the moment. Bishop, back to you.

Dunbar: Steven obviously having a hard time getting an interview. The lot of a GDWA reporter is a tough one, especially if he or she has actually been in the ring. Such is the case for Sonya Blade who has some words for the HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION of the WORLD Andrea Chandler.


(Sonya Blade pumps iron in Lord’s Gym in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She’s laying down on the bench press staring up at the lights.)

Blade: Fans of the GDWA, it’s been a long time since you’ve seen me in the ring. I retired shortly after my match against Lanny Manson in the Semifinals of the ORIGINAL World Heavyweight title tournament. If I couldn’t be the best, I swore that I’d involve myself in some other aspect of professional wrestling.

(Sonya unracks the bar and begins pressing weight.)

Blade: And then you show up…Andrea. I was simply reporting on your antics in the ring. You cheated in your first match in Grand Dragon, and I reported it. You attacked Daisy Butterfly and Charlotte La Mancha, and I reported it. You even caused someone of such low repute as Dementia Praecox to lose her chance at the WORLD TITLE. That’s when it all clicked for me…you like an old haunt that won’t go away. A cancer sore in the heart of the GDWA. (Chuckles)

Blade: Now that I know who and what you are all about, I’ve got to come out of retirement…for this one match. The day you called me out, in front of a national and international viewing audience, it all made sense. Someone has to stand up to you. Someone has to stop you….someone has to make a point.

(She racks the bar once again, and sits up from the bench. She drapes the towel over her soaked tank top as she glares into the camera.)

Blade: This is bigger than any World Title shot that I never received and always wanted. This is for Lanny who you’ve mocked in the last few months with all of your arrogance and bravado. This is for Daisy who had your shoulders down for a 3 count…this is even for Dementia Praecox who was mugged by your damn Syndicate. But most of all, this is for the fans of the GDWA. Andrea Chandler, this Saturday prepare for a fight.

(She unracks the bar once again and benches even more weight.)

Bishop: Wow! Sonya Blade is ACTUALLY going to step through those ropes one more time for her fans.

Styles: For her fans? Look Allen Bishop, I know you ain’t too bright. Let me explain this to you because I know you kind of slow. When Sonya gets in that ring, it will be because of her own selfish reasons. She ain’t done it to Nikita Marx who is considered arrogant. She ain’t done it to Zaranna who was a contemporary of Sonya Blade. Sonya is doing this for her, and nobody else…and Andrea gonna beat the snot out of her!

Dunbar: That will be an incredibly contested affair. Now, Andrea Chandler, win lose or draw against Sonya, must defend her World title against one of the Top 5 contenders next week…who?

Bishop: I don’t know. Barring Micki Duran for obvious reasons, Officer Order should probably give it another shot…maybe Daisy. But Order in my opinion came closer to defeating Andrea.

Styles: Excuse me? Now, let’s forget the fact that you are ignoring the #1 contender to the belt! Dementia Praecox is READY! Now, of course Dementia would have to wrestle the match of her career, but Madame Hecate could change things.

Dunbar: And Medusa Rage?

Bishop: A Wild card. How focused is Medusa on winning a Major title in the GDWA? And is she willing to abide by standard rules. Her victory over Nikita was because of the No Holds Barred Rules.

Dunbar: Speaking of Nikita and Medusa, let’s take a look at that incredibly physical match up…


(Saturday, February 2nd)

(Fans all cheering as Sierra Browne tosses the briefcase into the ring for Medusa Rage.)

Bishop: Nikita bleeding profusely from the head, and Medusa heading over to the near corner, climbing up the turnbuckles. Oh she’s hurting! Nikita off her knees, on her feet staggering around…


(Hardcores chant: blood! blood! blood! as red splatters the canvas.)

Bishop: Medusa isn’t done yet! Medusa with a Gutwrench pickup….JACKNIFE POWERBOMB!!!! WHAT STRENGTH!!!!

(Crowd chanting: 1!…………………….2!…………….3!)


Bishop: Nikita is in pain. She’s rolling out of the ring, and Medusa still with that briefcase. Medusa on the ring apron…AND NAILS NIKITA IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD!

(Fans all booing as Nikita Marx picks up the camera cable.)

Mutt: It’s over, and Nikita is still getting beat up.

Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 14 minutes 25 seconds, your winner via pinfall…..Medusa Rage!!!

Bishop: What a battle! Nikita perhaps never should have signed a NO HOLDS barred match up with Medusa Rage. That’s right up her alley.

Dunbar: We’ve got comments from Medusa immediately following the match.


[Fade in:

Medusa is caught on tape after her brutal match with Nikita Marx. She is bloody and looks slightly dazed.]

Whalen: Medusa, can we get a few words with you? That was just an absolutely brutal match! Is the score settled between the two of you now?

Medusa: I’m done with Nikita as far as I’m concerned. If she wants to come back and try me then I’ll take her ass out again. No, it’s on to bigger and better things. That’s getting payback against that imbecile Dementia Praecox. We got another date with destiny, girl. This time, I’m getting my revenge on you. You think you can blotch up a perfect…

[Medusa pauses as she looks faint]… Dementia … Dementia … I’m coming for … you….

[Medusa collapses face first on the ground.]

Whalen: Medusa? Medusa?

[The scene backstage goes crazy as medics rush to get her on a stretcher.]

Whalen: Medusa? What’s the word on her condition?

[Dalbello Rage comes out of the confusion.]

Dalbello: Whalen, get out of here. Just get out. You’ll get a report later on, all right. Just leave us alone right now. This is family business.

[The medics roll Medusa away, but she raises one fist in the air.]

Medusa: The Age of the Rage! The Serpentines forever!

Whalen: We’ll have more on Medusa’s condition soon.

Styles: Well, we got up to date comments from the Matriarch of the Rage Family later on tonight. I want to focus on some of these new wrestlers…are there anymore with spirit like Chandler and Crimson?

Bishop: Sure, how about Rekka Sakura?

Styles: Oh yeah, that Lemon-Lime girl or whatever she calls herself?

Dunbar: Her name is the ‘Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura, and let’s take a listen to what she has to say…


[open camera on Rekka Sakura training intently at the gym she has built in her new apartment in New York, present are her trainer and several high powered attorney’s]

Rekka Sakura: [looking up at the monster her trainer has put her in the ring with] Geez, Yukio, where in the name of Aja Kong did you dig this one up?

Yukio: C’mon Rekka, you’ve faced bigger!! Lily here was the best I could find under such notice!!

Lawyer: Ms. Sakura what about the proposed publicity campaign proposal from Nike?

Rekka Sakura: [still sizing “Lily” up] Right… tell them thanks but no thanks, Rekka Sakura isn’t for sale…

Yukio: Now be gentle with Lily here Rekka, remember the last sparring partner you worked with?

Rekka Sakura: [rolls her eyes] It’s not my fault her arm got broken Yukio!! I mean you keep getting me these frail girl to wrestle

[Sighs as she shakes “Lily’s hand]

Lawyer: [stunned at the refusal of the Nike offer] But Ms. Sakura, the offer is very lucrative, it was the best we could negotiate!!!

Rekka: [sighs as she turns to the Lawyers] Look Jin, I left Japan because I was tired of being over exposed!! It affected my main profession. You do remember what my main profession is don’t you Jin? Lawyer: [considering his words carefully] Yes, you are a multimedia star who made it big through professional wrestling…



Lily: [confused] uummm, when are we gonna start Ms. Sakura, I have to pick up my daughter from school soon…

Rekka Sakura: [stunned] You’ve got a daughter Lily?

Lily: [shy] Uh, yeah, in fact when she heard I was gonna spar with you she wanted to come with me…

Rekka Sakura: [looking confused] Why are you wrestling Lily? I can tell by the way you carry yourself you’re not a wrestler

Lily: Times are tough Ms. Sakura, I lost my job a few months back. I’m just doing whatever it takes to put food on the table for me and little Jenny.

Rekka Sakura: [moved, a tear comes to her eyes] My god Yukio, why didn’t you tell me about this?

Yukio: [shocked] I didn’t know Rekka honest!!

Rekka Sakura; [looks at Lily] OK first get out of those wrestling tights and get some clothes on, second you have a new job.

Lily: [confused] Huh? What?

Rekka Sakura: From this point on your job is to keep idiots like Jin there from ruining my career!!

Lawyer: WHAT?

Rekka Sakura: [smiles] That’s right Jin, you’re fired. Lily, show him the door…

[Lily smiles and grabs Jin by the collar and drags him off]

Rekka Sakura: [smiles and winks] And Lily, when you’re done, let’s go pickup your daughter and have her meet your new boss

Yukio: [frustrated] Great!! No work out, how are you gonna practice now?

Rekka Sakura: Hey, I need my fans to know that they’re the ones that matte the most Yukio!! No more crap endorsement deals, Rekka Sakura is a wrestler and wrestler only [looks at the camera] GDWA, look out me and my little army of “Burning Cherry Blossoms” are heading your way. I hereby issue an open challenge to anyone who wants to WRESTLE!! Step in the ring with me if you want but be ready to get … BURNED!!! WILDFIRE!!!


Bishop: Wow! Rekka Sakura sounds like a true role model. Much like Sachie was when she first entered the GDWA.

Styles: Here we go with this crap again!

Dunbar: Rekka definitely has the same spirit Sachie possessed. Speaking of Japanese Superstars, let’s hear from another one. Her name is the ‘Kyoko Crippler’…


[Scene fades in a martial arts dojo. In the background students in white karate gi’s are working out in unison. Clad in a black silk gi with a red belt, Keiko is seated next to a punching back, staring calmly into the camera. Her voice is quiet as she speaks.]

In ancient times the test of a samurai was not what they accomplished at practice, but instead how they handled themselves in battle. They would travel for miles to test their skills against each other in matches, sometimes for position, often simply to see who was better. The purity of honorable combat was their life. Now I’ve come to the GDWA for the same reason. The challenge of combat. To prove who is truly the best.

[Scene cuts to Keiko evidently in a karate tournament, flurrying vicious punches as a larger opponent.]

Before I answer the challenges that have been flung at The Kyoto Crippler, I wanted to discuss one wrestler here in the GDWA. Bloody Mary. I watched your match with Sachie, Mary. I was there when you faced Ananda for the title. You might not have seen me. The cameras might not have seen me. But then, fighting is but one skill of a warrior. I’m surprised someone who attacks opponents from behind, who needs to resort to foreign objects for her wins, that such a -dishonorable- wrestler would dare say my use of the martial arts has no place in the ring.

[Scene cuts to Keiko being physically dragged away from a downed opponent in another karate tournament, the girl down clutching at her knee.]

A true warrior uses every weapon she has while obeying the rules. Any warrior who gives less than 100% should not even be in the ring. You have asked me to stay away from you, Mary. The Kyoto Crippler makes no promises. However, there is no honor in challenging an injured opponent. So for now, our paths will not cross. But I’ll be watching….and soon, Mary. Soon we’ll meet again. You say I sicken you? I don’t play. When I’m in the ring my total focus is on my opponent. I will not stop until she is defeated. If that means she is injured, that is the risk she took stepping into the ring.

[Keiko’s eyes harden for a moment as she stares at the camera before she resumes her calm, serene expression.]

Now, onto the challenges. Crimson, your challenges was honorably given and as such I must accept it. We’ve both seen with the ‘Brilliant’ Tiffany Chandler can do, but no doubt her loss in her debut will make her doubly determined to come back. I look forward to the match and seeing what you both can do in honorable combat.

[Keiko’s eyes take on a slightly puzzled look for a moment]

Dementia Praecox. Top contender. Ranked 3rd in the GDWA. I did not expect a challenge from you. It’s easy for me to imagine what I can gain from a win over one of the top names in the federation. But you risk so much just to pick up a notch in the win column. Do you think that rookie means inexperienced or unskilled? Ask Bloody Mary about me, then. I accept your challenge. I fully expected to have to work my way up the rankings, but as I said earlier, I will never refuse an honorable challenge.

[Keiko grins suddenly, her eyes lighting up.]

In fact, I can hardly wait. Time to start preparing for my debut in the GDWA. A single pebble can create ripples all through the GDWA, well, get ready for a tsunami!

[Keiko starts hammering karate kicks and punches into the heavy bag as the scene fades.]

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy! Now SHE has some of the spirit of Sachie Yokoyama. Give her a few weeks here in Grand Dragon, and she might turn out as Dangerous as the ‘Dangerous Queen’.

Dunbar: Speaking of newcomers, we have comments from Lady Tiger…

Styles: Lady Tiger? She ain’t got no potential. She’s like that other loser Charlotte who was a no talent.

Bishop: You know, Lady Tiger spent extensive time with Charlotte La Mancha while back home in France. She may have learned something from the Former Internet Champion.

Styles: Yeah, like how to lay on her back and count to 3 (Laughs!)

Dunbar: Let’s hear from Lady Tiger…


(The scene opens up inside an airport. Several passengers are getting off of their recent flight picking up baggage, etc. A suitcase flies by on the treadmill with the GDWA logo rolls by the camera. After a few moments, a lady picks up the suitcase and approaches the cameraman. She’s getting her fair share of stares from the crowd since, well, she’s wearing a mask and a purple scarf)

Tiger: Hi guys! Thought you could catch me with my mask off? Well, too bad I knew you guys were waiting here for me. Better luck next time!

(She picks up the suitcase and starts walking with the cameraman)

Tiger: Aaah, it’s good to be back in America! I actually missed the place while I was gone, to tell the truth. And I can’t wait to get back in action in the GDWA!

(She stops walking and her face takes a serious tone)

Tiger: To tell the truth, I wasn’t certain if I’d be back this time. I’ve gone through a lot in these past few weeks. Charlotte’s retirement hit me pretty hard. (She sighs) But, I’m glad that I got the chance to know her better in my short stay here. I never believed in my wildest dreams that one day, I’d be able to refer to my idol as one of my best friends.

(Tiger noticeably brightens in her expression and continues walking)

Tiger: At first when I was on my way here, all I could think of was vengeance. Ma Porter. Sachie. But I’m glad that Charlotte had that talk with me. I don’t think vengeance quite suits me. Two weeks ago, I was blaming all of this on myself. Now, all of a sudden, it feels like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

(A young boy rushes up to the Lady with his mother and asks for an autograph. A smile creeps across Lady Tiger’s face as she bends down and asks the boy’s name. She signs the autograph and poses for a photograph, then continues a walk)

Tiger: Yes, it definitely feels great to be back! So Grand Dragon, look out! The Lady is back and better than ever! (She clasps the purple scarf for a moment) And the best thing of all is that no matter where I go, I know that my idol is behind me.

(Fade to black)

Bishop: Rededicated and refocused. Lady Tiger has shown she can overcome adversity…hope she makes an appearance at FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION!

Dunbar: We’ll have a live report from our one and only Sonya Blade later on tonight. Now, let’s hear comments from a truly revolting new tag team…the Suicide Blondes.


(SCENE: Right in front of Mann’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Hordes of tourists gaze vacantly at the landmarks and snap off roll after roll of film in ignorant glee. Mingling with the crowd, mics in hand, are the SUICIDE BLONDES, the tag team duo recently signed to the GDWA…)

Baby Jane Ross: (addressing the crowd through a portable PA system) Bigger than STAR WARS, bigger than DANTE’S PEAK; THE SUICIDE BLONDES!!

(Ross and Taylor Monroe smile and wave to the crowd, who snap pictures without even questioning their identities)

Taylor Monroe: Tell it like it T-I is, sweetie! Let’s uh, cut to the chase, shall we?

Ross: If you would, honey.

Monroe: I would. Now we see that the GDWA is smack dab in the center of the Valley of the Dolls. Barbie dolls, Voodoo dolls and even a few High Flying Dolls.

Ross: MmmmHmmm, girl…

Monroe: These girls are real go-getters; real “pick me up by the bootstraps” kind of young ladies. They work hard trying to promote themselves…

Ross: Don’t forget about the timber, sweetie. As if! Attention: Melissa Etheridge? Private concert down in Council Bluffs…

Monroe: (through laughter) …trying to promote themselves and looking for a fight. So I called up my girl Baby Jane and do you know what she said?

Ross: Tell ’em for me, girl!

Monroe: She said “Let’s bury these Cowgirls.”

Ross: Maybe not EXACTLY like that, but the sediment was there. Dolls, girls; we’re willing to give you a few free lessons. First up; style. Please, we got Miss Gold blowing her non-existent paychecks on a few frilly dollar-store dresses. Wise up, fashion victim; those tart bargains would NEVER get you in the door in any self-respecting establishment outside of the Midwest. But, I suppose, that’s the reason you stayed there.

Monroe: How about that Midnight Fury?

Ross: In those head-to-toe drab brown bodysuits? Uggggghhh!! I swear, pin a few stamps to her shoulder and mail her back to the cellar. How repulsive.

Monroe: Pretty girls would never hide their faces behind a brown paper bag. I think I summed that up quite nicely?

Ross: You did, honey. Point taken and filed for future reference.

Monroe: Thank you, dear. Now, perhaps the High Flying Dy…umm, Dolls, will take some constructive criticism and do some work before stepping into the ring again? Accentuate the positives, girls. For your sakes, I hope that’s the wrestling…

Ross: MmmmmHmmmmm…

Styles: They are from California?! I like ’em already!

Bishop: But you don’t like Daisy or Officer Order or…

Styles: They make me sick! But these blondes are cool! Tag Teams, look out for the Suicide, baby!

Dunbar: Well, we’ll see what the High Flying Dolls have to say about them. That match is SIGNED for Saturday Night. Now, let’s move on to that incredible Steel Cage match between ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda and Bloody Mary…


(Saturday, February 2nd)

Bishop: And now, Jungle with a pickup and Irish Whipping the 160 pound challenger to the ropes. Mary bouncing off…!


(Big Pop!)

Bishop: Bloody Mary clutching her throat as Jungle slaps on a Full Nelson….


Ref: …………………………………………………..1









(Fans cheer universally as the ref raises Radhi Ananda’s hand in victory.)

Mutt: Radhi Ananda is the queen of the steel cage…using the ref’s belt buckle and leather straps is cheating in any other setting.

Bishop: Radhi Ananda has done it! Her methods were ruthless, but she retains the title once again.

Kosei: Ladies and Gentlemen, ruled at 29 minutes 15 seconds, your winner via pinfall…….and STILL Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION…..’JUNGLE’ RADHI ANANDA!

Styles: Ha! A belt?! Jungle had to use a belt to retain the title?! She’s a punk! As far as I’m concerned she ain’t got no place in the GDWA. There was a time when Jungle was under the tutelage of ‘Congo’ Paul Roberts…

Bishop: Yeah we all know, and since dumping him she’s become a champion.

Dunbar: Let’s hear from the champ herself……


(SCENE: RADHI ANANDA, walking about a large overgrown & unkempt estate garden.)

Radhi: Bloody Mary, you truly earned your moniker Saturday night. You learned that the Eighth Wonder bows before no one other than her Black Mother. Understand this; Radhi Ananda is a branch that never bends nor breaks. Her roots dig deep into the soil, into the foundation; into Kali. Children, brave and ignorant to the simple truth, attempt to climb the tree but always falter. Warriors, so full of aggression and without sight, try to chop the tree down but are repelled by the quiet savagery of the rustling leaves. Fail to understand, Mary, and you remain forever clawing at the bark.

The Western Heritage title that I have worn so long beckons me to continue. I have rightfully earned a chance to compete for the Internet title, but without a bearer my challenge holds no water. This belt, to which I have brought glory to, remains my kingdom. I have defended it with the ferocity of a hurricane, with the cunning of whirlwinds and with the courage of a thousand-man army. Simple men and women dispute my claim, but their words fall on deaf ears. They are nothing more than hyenas crying for the lioness to leave them corpses for feeding. Kingpin, with your talk of power and money, knows nothing of the Jungle. Fear every move you make towards it…

Styles: Actions speak louder than words. Jungle, defend that belt against Micki Duran…then we’ll see!

Bishop: Well, Bloody Mary was ready for the title, she just entered the jungle of Radhi Ananda…and I don’t think ANYONE can defeat her in the steel cage.

Dunbar: Speaking of Bloody Mary, she’s our guest this week on Mat Profiles. Let’s hear from Mr. Page….


(Fade in on Kevin Page sitting in front of the video wall with GDWA’s logo. The Mat Profiles theme music plays. Kevin is wearing a black suit with a red vest, and sporting a new haircut)

Kevin: Welcome, folks, to Mat Profiles. Tonight’s featured profile is the newcomer who has the attention of the fans, announcers, and her fellow wrestlers alike. None other than Bloody Mary. I was a bit nervous doing this interview, knowing Mary’s history with journalists, but I figure I may just be more easygoing than my friend Styles. As it turned out, Mary was more cordial than I could have imagined, but don’t let that fool you. This is one ambitious lady, and she had some words for the rest of the GDWA to heed. Let’s take a look…

<Cut to Kevin finishing a game of pool in an upscale billiard hall, watching Bloody Mary sink some last shots. Mary is wearing a sleeveless white blouse & black pants & black pumps. Her long blonde hair has been recently styled in chic curls tied back with a black tie. Mary invites Kevin to a private dining area where a pitcher of beer has been served. She is in a mellow mood & smiles demurely, still a bit uncomfortable with the one on one setting. They sip their beers & go on with the interview very casually.>

Kevin: Well, nice to meet you Mary. Thank you for inviting me to meet you & for the game of pool & drinks.

Bloody Mary: Well, thank you for having me on Mat Profiles. I’m a little nervous, I usually don’t like to be asked questions, you know open up my life and all. I don’t really wear my heart on my sleeve. But this place relaxes me and I know the fans have asked about me so I guess, ask away (smiles nervously).

Kevin: Wrestlers & fans seem to have given you a lot of attention in the GDWA magazine, mostly in “best rookie” categories. Do you think you represent a new class of wrestler?

Mary: Well, first of all I was surprised at all the attention I got in the GDWA magazine, that’s why I agreed to do this profile. I had a big ego when I entered & thought I was going to take over the organization the first day but got a wakeup call right away. It was tough going, still is, so I appreciate all the kudos I’ve received from the fans, organizers & my wrestling peers. I don’t think I represent a “new” class of wrestler necessarily. I’d rather think that I’m revitalizing an old style of wrestling that has been put aside in favor of cheap theatrics & women who think knowing a few gymnastic moves qualifies them as being a pro wrestler.

I want to bring back the hard hitting action and excitement I remember as a kid and that so many people want to see again from what I’ve heard. I really don’t want to be anyone’s role model but if I can be the vanguard to my style of no nonsense wrestling then fine.

Kevin: No-nonsense is a good term to describe you. As a relative newcomer to the fed, what aspirations do you have?

Mary: Originally it was to beat every opponent to a bloody pulp, never mind the titles, that was just cheap jewelry as far as I was concerned. I’ve had a change of heart over the past few months. NOW, I want to beat every opponent to a bloody pulp, AND take everyone’s title. (Smiling confidently)

Kevin: Now, you’ve developed a reputation for being a loner. Is there anybody in the GDWA you would seek an alliance with?

Mary: No, I like being a loner. Although lately I’ve felt like I could use some help, you know convincing certain wrestlers to sign for matches, keeping others from interfering. I’ve had a lot of trouble in these areas. Ma Porter has offered me a place with her. I have no intention of joining her but if her & Double O can ally themselves on a special occasion, I might consider asking for some help, with the emphasis on consider. I also admire Medusa Rage, I feel her and I are a lot alike. Now I don’t like her at all but I admire her immensely. I know an alliance wouldn’t work with our egos and differences. But if I were to ever have a tag partner, I visualize her or someone like her, (laughs) we’d be unstoppable!

Kevin: How did your street background hone your fighting style? Any plans to incorporate more technical wrestling in your repertoire?

Mary: My street fighting is the back bone of my whole style. I’m a brawler. I like to fight hard and intend to stay that way. I do want to include some technical wrestling, I’m always trying new holds with the High Flying Dolls help and watching others. I’m a student of wrestling, I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning and don’t want to stop. I do feel my edge as a brawler has hurt lately & with some matches I hope to have soon I want to regain that edge so for now I’ve pretty much stayed with the simple brawling style I like. You can’t go wrong with a good solid punch or kick. (Raises her fist)

Kevin: Speaking of solid punches, I would have thought you and STYLES would see eye to eye on most things. Why did you lay him out?

Mary: Oh, I was afraid you’d ask about that! (She laughs) Styles is plain and simply a jerk! I don’t dislike the guy, really, I don’t, I just don’t take him seriously. He reminds me of some burlesque comic you see on old movies. I have to credit him with jump-starting my career in the GDWA. He kept goading me like I was some little nobody. But I used his rhetoric, the constant slams against me until I decided to let him have it. I was somebody then. The matches started coming & I’ve been going since. Styles, honey, (raising her beer glass in a toast) I owe you big time!

Kevin: OK, Thank you, Mary for your time. I think we’ve got to know you a little better. Any last comment you’d like to make?

Mary: Well, you’re welcome, and thank you, this has been fun. It’s nice to just relax for a while but now back to business. The only comment I can make is to all you out there who have interfered in my matches, made fun of me, avoided me, Rahdi, Nelli, Nomad, Daisy to mention a few, I don’t forget just watch your backs. And for all the newcomers, especially The Kyoto Crippler, I remember you from Japan, but to all of you I’m ready for all challenges, you be ready. (Scene closes, Mary & Kevin shake hands)

Dunbar: On the Friday Night Tease we will have comments from Bloody Mary.

Bishop: She’s a competitor, but I must admit, I don’t like some of her tactic.

Styles: Look, it’s rugged tactics that make you a winner. Just ask Demonica…well we would if she hadn’t been expelled.

Bishop: Case and point.

Dunbar: (Laughing!) Okay fans, let’s go to Sonya Blade with the GDWA HOTLINE NEWS!


Blade: Thanks Paul! Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance would like to acknowledge the OTHER Women’s Wrestling promotion. Hopefully we can do some joint cards with your ‘little regional promotion’ in the near future.

(The lights dim as a Huge Banner pops up behind Sonya Blade.) Blade: The GDWA Internet Championship Royal Rumble takes place a week from Saturday. Those who have entered already are Sierra Browne, Wendy Marshall, Daisy Butterfly, Medusa Rage and Staci X. 5 slots are still open.

(Mike Whalen skirts across the screen and hands her some papers.)

Goodness! As ruled by President Denmark Vessey, if all of the slots for the Royal Rumble aren’t filled by Saturday, rookies may fill in. So, for those newcomers who were denied participation before, you may get on a wait list for this once in a life time opportunity.

(Flips through some papers….)

Blade: Bigger than Superbrawl and grander than Wrestlemania….Now, the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance is proud to present out next ppv!

(The lights dim and a banner pops up behind Sonya Blade.)

Blade: …FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION! This pay per view will commemorate the opening of the GDWA, back when we were the DPW’s Women’s Division. ALL TITLES WILL BE ON THE LINE! The Western Heritage title, the Internet title, the Tag Titles and of course the World Heavyweight title!

First, Officer Order challenges for the Western Heritage Championship. Second, Micki Duran has filled the first slot for the right to wrestle the Internet Champion on that night. We are still waiting for a 2nd wrestler to fill the other slot opening.

A FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION pay per view update should be out shortly!!!

All challenges are welcome for THE PAY PER VIEW EVENT OF THE YEAR!!!!

More FDT announcements to come…

(Flips through some more papers.)

Blade: Rumor has it that Dementia Praecox is HIGHLY upset that she was not awarded the Internet title after Charlotte was forced to forfeit the belt. Her manager Madame Hecate is appealing to the GDWA championship committee.

(Smiles as the music comes up.)

Blade: That’s all this week for HOTLINE NEWS. In the weeks to come, we will have more information on FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION. Guys, back to you!

Bishop: Wow! Founder’s Day Tradition sounds great!

Styles: A one year anniversary?! Just think all we’ve had to go through to get to this damn 1 year. Hell, we’ve broken away from 2 men’s promotions, had to fire territorial promoters and even had communication problems with some of our affiliates.

Bishop: Fans, a woman I’m sure will BE at FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION is Medusa Rage who had these comments during her hospital stay…


[Fade in: Medusa is in her hospital bed, surrounded by her 10 Black female bodyguards, the Misfits and the Browne Girls. Mike Whalen tries to get through, but the women block him.]

Medusa: Let him through. Let him through.

[The bodyguards grudgingly let him pass.]

Whalen: Medusa, why did you call me here? And who are all these people? Medusa: These are my Serpentines. They watch my back and they love me and I love them. I’m an icon in this sport you know.

[Medusa’s head is heavily bandaged and she has a vague, faraway look in her eye.]

Medusa: I built this sport out of nothing … me, the Medusa … don’t ever call me Angela … that was years ago.

Whalen: What? What are you talking about?

Dalbello: She’s a bit dazed. Don’t worry. She’ll recover.

[Medusa grabs Whalen and pulls him close.]

Medusa: Listen, tell this to Dementia Praecox. I’m coming for her next week. If she’s got the guts to walk out of the hospital then I do too. Tell her, no disqualification, no holds barred. I’m going to prove to you all who’s the baddest bitch on the planet. Do you understand that? I’m the baddest. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Hugs and hisses.

Whalen: How will you ever get doctors permission to wrestle?

Medusa: Remember Wendy Marshall? To hell with the doctors. I’m Medusa. And me and my army of Serpentines is coming to destroy all of you.

[Medusa shoves Whalen away. Fade to black.]

Styles: Rage is back!

Bishop: She’s insane to wrestle that lunatic Dementia Praecox next week! Hell, she’ll be in the Royal Rumble as well!!! And will she be healed by then?

Dunbar: Doctors don’t think so, but we’ll just have to see. Fans, that’s all for this week. For MISTER Furious Styles, Allen Bishop and all of us here at the MVP, see ya at ringside!  

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