Promos from Sierra Browne, Bloody Mary, The Syndicate and more. Incomplete.

(The scene is the Halton Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina. The camera view starts with a distance view of the ring, showing three people sitting behind a desk, a wall of monitors behind them. Then the camera angle starts circling and moving inward as Atomic Dog by Parliament, the GDWA theme music begins the play. Finally the camera stops, showing two women and one man. The woman in the middle has cafe au lait skin and blond hair, wearing a blue blazer with the GDWA logo on the right side. The man wears wire rim glasses and a matching blazer. The other woman is Asian, her hair dyed ice blue, wearing street style leathers in black and ice blue.)

Nina: Welcome back after a short hiatus. I’m Nina La Roux and this is the MVP! Coming to you from scenic Halton Area in Charlotte, NC. Joining me as usual are Razor Tsuruta and Rod Harrison. Usually we try to start with a few words from one of the GDWA Champion, but Dementia has been unusually quiet of late, word is she was not even there for the contract signing for her to face Nomad.

Razor: Get it right, the rumor is Dementia’s fragile psyche could not stand being the champ, so she had to be re admitted to a mental institution, that’s why she really has been so silent. We saw the clues in her most recent appearances, the little breakdowns. Poor dear could not stand the strain. *smirk*

Rod: Well, we know what rumors are worth. Dementia is signed to face Nomad at this coming card in NY. The good news is that instead of Dementia we’re starting out with a far more popular up and comer. Sierra Brown, new Western Heritage Champion.

Sierra Browne

[Fade in:

A shower of gold cascades over Sierra Browne. She is dressed in a little gold bikini which displays her rippling abdominals and her sculpted legs. The Great Western Heritage title is perched over her shoulder.]

Sierra: I’ve never felt better in my life. My leg is feeling good and I’ve got a date with a tiger. Lady Tiger, I’m coming hard for that cruiserweight title. So doux-doux darlin’ I tell ya this I’m not going to be lenient with you. Consider me the immortal ‘and and eye dat will frame your fearful symmetry.

[Sierra smiles brightly.]

Sierra: Dey does have a saying in Trinidad. “Goat don’ make sheep.” Medusa ain’ create a soft woman. Lady Tiger, I will show you who is de wilder of de two of us. And you can tank Daisy Butterfly for dat, too. Butterfly, you tink I wasn’t watchin’? You does tink I was impressed because you can use me armwringer-superkick? I’m not. I nevah woulda be wit as pitiful a display as dat.

[Sierra stops and takes a deep breath. When she speaks again her accent is noticeably flatter.]

Sierra: Sometimes you really vex me, you know, Butterfly. Sometimes you really do. I ‘ave a feelin’ dat it’s going to be me and you in de ring for de belt and believe me when I say this. You do not ‘ave my ‘unger. You do not ‘ave my intensity. You want to imitate my moves? Great. I’ll create new ones then. You may follow de trail I created, but you will never blaze one of your own. And dat will ruin you. Now, as for de Great Western Heritage title. I am not one who intends to be a closet champion. I will never take dis belt and hide in a closet. Never. So I ‘ope so one of you ‘as de courage to accept my challenge. Lady Tiger, I also challenged you. I want to make our cruiserweight match a Great Western Heritage match, too. You pin me or make me submit and you win de belt as well as move on. Dat’s a offer ya cyan’ refuse if you is a real competitor like me. If you is a real wrestla. And you know, you’ll ‘ave to excuse my English. My time back ‘ome in Trini was so sweet dat I lapse right back into me old ways. But I promise, doux-doux darlins’, I will never lapse into me old ways in de ring. It is my duty to keep coming and coming and coming at you. And dat I will do until dere is nuttin’ left to conquer. Tiger, Butterfly, Mita, I comin’ for you, you know. Tek good cyare na.

[Sierra blows the camera a kiss before stroking the Great Western Heritage belt and smiling as the camera fades to black.]

Razor: Is it just me or is Sierra’s accent as fake as other parts of her body. One five minute lay over in Trinidad and she suddenly can’t speak anymore.

Rod: I could understand her just fine. Sierra is the newest young Superstar in the league. Literally coming out of no place to beat Officer Order twice, winning the Western Heritage title!

Nina: And Double O is not at all happy about it. Roll that tape!

Officer Order

[Shot opens on Officer Order, dressed in a Black sweat suit with SFPD across the front and wearing a bandage on her head, sitting on a bench in a locker room>

Order: First off, I wanted to say congratulations to Sierra Brownie, she won the belt. Now comes the hard part, keeping it. We both know that I wrestled when I wasn’t up to it, that’s my problem. I never back down from a fight, even one I’m in no shape to handle. Don’t get too comfortable with that belt just yet. Just ask yourself, did I deserve to win? Am I worthy of the western Heritage title? I think we both know the answer don’t we.

[Order looks in to the camera with fearless determination>

Order: and Medusa Rage, OH Ms. Rage … you’ve gone too far. You violated your probation, BIG TIME! You KNOW you crossed that line. I’ve dealt with your kind before, you’re the ones who call us Five-0 or the Fuzz, the kind of person who will break the law, when they think they can get away with it and the scream police brutality when we bust you. But this time you’ve got more than you bargained for, This Time your parole is going to be REVOKED!

[Order slams her locker door shut to drive home her point.]

Order: You got allot of nerve calling me a cheap shot artist. DAM if that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black! Medusa, YOU ARE THE QUEEN OF THE CHEAP SHOT! Every time you or one of your girls get in the ring, the only thing we can expect is for someone who isn’t part of the match is going to jump in. I guess you aren’t up to fighting your own battles.

[Order shakes her head in disgust.]

Order: Oh sure, I hear you bad mouthing the old schoolers in this fed about not being around. Hey, I never went anywhere! Girl, you don’t get double digits in the win column by hiding from a fight! I was right here the whole time, if you wanted a piece of me all you had to do was ask.

[Order holds out her hands and gestures, as if inviting Medusa to bring it on…]

Order: The way I see it, we geriatrics, have just been giving the young bloods a chance to prove themselves, a chance to work on their game. In fact, I think you’ve been trolling for an easy win, tryin’ to hit some poor kid who isn’t ready for the big time. But that’s not good enough for you, NOOOOOOO . Just ’cause we don’t jump in every first timer, you want to call us out? You made a big mistake this time, you came looking for a fight and now you got one!

[Order stands up, and begins shaking her finger at the camera.]

Order: Maybe you haven’t noticed, or maybe no one has translated it in to your language but the name of this federation is the Grand Dragon WRESTLING association. That’s what we do here, WRESTLE! Once I’m back up to speed I’d like to give you a wrestling lesson, in fact, what to you say to a technical wrestling match? Nobody is protecting me but me, why don’t you set up and see who’s better in the ring?

Razor: Trolling for easy wins?? Hit some poor kid who’s not ready for the big time?? Hey Andrea Chandler! Nikita Marx! You know someone is calling you easy wins? Medusa has fought the best.

Rod: Which explains her recent match with Tiffany Chandler. One 5 minute pummeling of a girl new to the league. Thus ends the big Syndicate-Age of Rage feud, not with a bang but with a whimper.

Razor: Oh, shut up!

Nina: Before this gets violent let’s cut away to another group who is not very happy.

Wild West Management

(Scene is at Mary’s house where the whole entourage is gathered, High Flying Dolls, Gladiatrixes, Anna Conda are all gathered, Mary acts as spokeswoman for all as she leans addresses the camera)

Bloody Mary: Well, Tuesday night came & went, TV time ran out. Dolls looks like you got stood up like me! Double O’s you watch out, girls! You see we get impatient we get our tempers up. BUT….we’ve been honing that emotion into a skill! Our tempers have become like a fine wine or cheese…we turn that emotion into a fighting skill, channel it into a positive energy, Kasumi, Kurumi, you’ll find out. And Keiko…Crippler you dodged me again…TV time running out! Heh, isn’t that wonderful? You dodged me one more week, hell you even dodged me out in the parking lot after the card! But you can’t escape. If you aren’t there next Tuesday, I’m going to channel some of that energy & physically remove you from your house or under the nearest stone or where ever you hide & place you in that ring myself, got it (She says with her teeth clenched as the others smile)

Now Dolls, I got all the confidence in the world in you. Glads, you let us down.

(The air turns tense as Tawny & Rusla look concerned) But you fought well, not quite well enough. Even with Anna coaching you, but Anna lighten up, gawd if The Brown Girls wanted to shake hands, let them! (Anna looks down)

But someone that let me down even more was Medusa (everybody looks up stunned) Medusa, you didn’t tell me that Marissa was Sierra’s replacement, girl! When we signed for The Brown Girls we thought we were getting Sierra & Indigo, not this new Amazon. I guess I could put Anna in just to teach you a lesson when we meet again but well we’ll save that. Don’t get me wrong Medusa, I’m not mad at you, just a little disappointed. I don’t expect you to share all your secrets just as I’m not sharing mine but this was one hell of an omission!! Lets all get together & talk, The Browns did fine, my girls did well, & for you out there salivating at the thought the United Front has already crumbled, well wipe your mouths because we just had a minor misunderstanding & I’m still behind Medusa all the way. I said we’d fight each other & we will. We’re not like The Syndicate, by the way super job Radhi, you were robbed but good dancing on Andrea. No we’re a force to be reckoned with. Medusa we’ll talk about this card & the next & the next, as I see you & your girls have a lot of challenges. Please save a little of Micki for me is all I ask for now. After I finally rid The GDWA of the punk, Keiko, I’m setting my sights for you Micki, then Nikita, then well…the possibilities are endless, but onward & upward, eh girls. (Everybody nods)

Rod: So Bloody Mary’s not happy with Medusa. She claims we’re not seeing cracks in heel alliance, but I’m not so sure.

Razor: Gah! We agree! I’ve said before this can’t last. Mary has to break off with Medusa if she ever wants to get out of the shadow of the Age of Rage.

Nina: Speaking of cracks in a foundation. All is not well in the Syndicate either. Let’s see what is up!

The Syndicate

[Words pop up on the screen, “2 Weeks Ago”. Scene opens up in a study of sorts. Immediately shouting is heard.]

Tiffany: What in the hell could have possessed you to take up with Medusa Rage? Can you stab me in the back one more time? I think you missed my heart! Minutes before I go out there and try to beat her ass, you come out in front of the whole world and side up with her! I couldn’t even concentrate after that. I felt like the whole lot of you betrayed me! I got my ass beat because of you..

Andrea: You’d better back off, little girl. We didn’t “side up” with her at all. We arrived at a mutual understanding, and that’s it. If you’re going to cut it in the bigs, you’re going to have to get that kind of thing out of your mind, or get eaten by the girls that CAN.

Tiffany: Don’t give me that!

Crystal: (rolling her eyes) What the hell do you expect? To come out of the box and win ten in a row? Damn…

Micki: Oh, for the love of God…Tiffany, this is a joke, right? I can’t believe this…you’re whining like a damn ten-year-old…

Tiffany: Oh.. don’t you patronize me! You were out there going along with all this two. No one even said a word to me. I had to watch it on the damn monitor while I was trying to prepare for my match. I thought we were supposed to be the top organization around here?

Kingpin: Look, girl, we were the top organization long before you even got here, all right? You’ve started out a little poorly, and you’re upset. I can dig that. But we’ve always been the number one organization, and the TEAM comes first here. You dig? I had to remind Andrea of that, I’ve had to remind Micki of that, and now I’m reminding you. The TEAM comes first.

Tiffany: Then I want to know what we were doing being social with Medusa Rage?

Andrea: Tiff, “being social” isn’t the term for it. It wasn’t like we had a backyard barbeque or something. She called me out, I came. She asked me a question, I responded. Chris and Micki came out, they said their piece. It was business, Tiff. You’ve got to learn the difference.

Tiffany: Well.. just let me know what’s going on next time. Dammit, I felt left out of the loop. I felt like you all had turned on me or something.

Micki: Hey, look…I’m not gonna be the one to hold your hand and coddle your feelings, okay? This is the real world, kid, and you’ve got to learn to handle yourself, okay? No one turned their back on you. You were out of the loop because you were training so hard for Medusa. No big deal. You just need to pay a little more attention, okay?

Tiffany: I’m.. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have been accusing..

Andrea: That’s alright. You’re a Chandler, which means you’re a hothead. I don’t mind you getting mad, I just want you to give your family the benefit of the doubt. Am I being clear?

Tiffany: Yes. (Smiles.) Very.

Andrea: Now, there’s the little business of dealing with your loss to Medusa. Don’t feel badly about that–she’s almost as good as Micki or me. We’ll just have to step up your training regimen to accelerate your progress. We can’t have you struggling against the Keiko Mita’s of the world, now can we?

Tiffany: *nods then smiles* Sure. I’d like that. When do we start?

Andrea: First thing tomorrow. Bright and early. Micki, Chris, and I will push you, and push you hard. By the time you get back into the ring, you’re going to be a wrestling machine. If you’re going to be in the Syndicate, we–and you–can’t settle for less. Understand?

Tiffany: Yes.

Crystal: Good, because tomorrow morning, I’m gonna be kicking your ass from here to Chile and back. I’m sick of seeing you lose.

Kingpin: Look, you’re good, kid. Micki sucked when I first started to manage her, and she’s been a World Champion more times than anyone I’ve ever managed. It took her and Crystal a year to win their first gold. Andrea got her shit kicked in the EWWA for a while before she started to listen and pay attention, and look where she’s at now. You want to be one of the big ones, you gotta start listening to me, okay? I know what’s best for you. And With Micki, Andrea, and Crystal around, how can you possibly lose?

Andrea: Now come on, everyone. Let’s go find some champagne and toast our new commitment. Chris, are we re-stocked?

Kingpin: Is Zaranna gonna get her ass beat? (They laugh, and scene fades….)

[Words “To Be Continued” are displayed.]

************************************************************************** *

Rod: There is another disappearance. Zaranna has not been seen since the PPV.

Razor: So how do you know she is not the Phantom that was playing mind games with Styles?

Rod: This another one of those rumors? Or does the Phantom saying ‘Watashiwa Tenshi’ give a clue? What the hell does that mean anyway?

Razor: Hey, interpreting costs extra, I’m a journalist now.

(Missing more of this card)

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