Promos from Medusa Rage, Micki Duran, Big Ma Porter, Yukon Jane and more.

[The scene fades in…] [Q.Q. Ellis sits at his desk.]

Ellis: Howdy, sports fans! Q.Q. Ellis here, saying a big ol’ ‘howdy’ to everybody out there in GDWA-land.

The last few days, people have been asking me just what was running through my head when I walked out and issued a challenge on behalf of one of my protégés to Tiffany Chandler. The fact is that I’m not real fond of people who call themselves “brilliant” and think wrestling is their best career choice. You have to be crazy to do something like this. Like me. Watch “What the World Is Watching III” from the ESWP and you’ll see what I mean.

But there’s more to it than that. I don’t start at the bottom. I like to come right in and see where I stand right off the bat. But I also hate cheaters with a passion, and I seek to prove the folly of their ways.

[Ellis holds up a picture of Tiffany Chandler.]

Ellis: So here’s target number one. Tiffany Chandler, textbook trained, comic book talented. And after that, we’ll go after…

[Ellis drops the picture of Tiffany Chandler to reveal a photo of Andrea Chandler.]

Ellis: “Little Miss Perfect” Andrea Chandler. Muscles of stone, with the head to match, and an ego the size of a landfill. You’re going to find me and my protégé to be awfully tough customers.

[Ellis reveals a photo of Medusa Rage.]

Ellis: And Medusa Rage! Hmm. Did you really want that hairstyle or did your stylist get bored?

By the time we have dispensed with these folks, we’ll be set for a shot at one of those purdy title belts. Gold works for me, and you can bet we’ll have it soon enough.

See you at the arena!

[Fade out.]

(The scene is the Spectrum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The camera view starts with a distance view of the ring, showing three people sitting behind a desk, a wall of monitors behind them. Then the camera angle starts circling and moving inward as Atomic Dog by Parliament, the GDWA theme music begins the play. Finally the camera stops, showing two women and one man. The woman in the middle has cafe au lait skin and blond hair, wearing a blue blazer with the GDWA logo on the right side. The man wears wire rim glasses and a matching blazer. The other woman is Asian, her hair dyed ice blue, wearing street style leathers in black and ice blue.)

Nina: Welcome to the MVP, coming to you from what was a jam packed Spectrum for the Tuesday night cat fights. I’m Nina LaRoux and joining me as always are Rod Harrison and Razor Tsuruta. This last card had some BIG surprises, not the least was the sudden, totally unexpected appearance by none other than Q.Q. Ellis, head of the Ellis Alliance.

Rod: This is a great move for the GDWA, the alliance with ESWP already paying off. Q.Q. Ellis manages Chelsea Vanderbilt, the ‘Golden Eagle’. She’s won just about every title there is in the ESWA, her record is 11-1-1.

Razor: So now she steps up from the minors to the major league. If this Ellis guy scouts her first opponent as well as he did Andrea Chandler, she’ll equal her ESWA loss total in one match. Anyone who has followed Andrea’s career knows she is one of the smartest, most cunning wrestlers in the game. And insulting Medusa? Always a -bad- move.

Nina: Maybe an even worse move now. After Medusa Rage did her run in on the Dementia-Duran match, GDWA officials acted swiftly, hitting her with a month suspension, including manager duties. How did she react? Let’s see!

Medusa Rage

[Fade in:

*CRASH!* Shattering glass is heard inside Medusa’s dressing room. Voices shout. Bodies crash against the walls. Carefully, the GDWA cameras poke their way into the dressing room. Medusa Rage is insane in the center of the room, throwing around everything, furniture, clothes, glasses, combs, brushes. She smashes a mirror with a chair then hurls the chair with all her might at Godiva Rage. Godiva just barely manages to block it with her forearm. The Brown Girls, Marissa and Indigo, lurk helplessly at the fringes of the destruction, trying to find a way to get close enough to Medusa to corral her. Lauryn Rage is already down, cut across the forehead. Dalbello crouches over her protectively, trying to prevent any further damage. There are two men in the locker room, too, the Prophets of Rage, the 7’2 Derek and the flamboyantly-dressed Shadoe Rage. The giant Derek draws Medusa’s attention as Shadoe lunges in to lock her in a full nelson. Medusa elbows and kicks her way free, ramming him into the edge of the dressing table and throwing him over her shoulder.]

Medusa: (swinging wildly at an unseen foe) I’m going to finish her! I’m going to finish her once and for all! Dementia, I’m going to kill your carcass! Nobody calls me an Island primate! Nobody! You thought I forgot? I never forget! I never forgive, either! Dementia Praecox, I swear I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!

Derek: Medusa, settle down! Shadoe, get her legs. ‘Diva, Dal, pile one! Marissa, don’t just stand there like a lump! Do something! She’s lost it!

[The Rage family struggles to follow the giant’s orders, but to no avail. Medusa headbutts Godiva and kicks Shadoe in the jaw as he tries to tackle her legs. Dalbello manages to tie her up, but Medusa rakes her eyes and sends her gasping to the floor with a thumb to the throat. She leaps towards the door.]

Medusa: (shrieking) _DEMENTIA!!!_

[Derek Rage catches her in a viselike grip, fastening his big hands over her forehead. He holds her there as she swings at air, trying to knock him loose. Marissa grabs her from behind as does Godiva. Indigo grabs a leg. Shadoe grabs the other and they manage to force her down.]

Marissa: Chill out, girl! It’s over! You hear me? It’s over!

Medusa: This isn’t over! It ain’t over by a long shot! Dementia thinks she can just call me an Island Primate and walk away? She thinks she can do that? She must be mad. Next week I want her in the ring. No title challenge. Nothing. I’m just going to rip her head off!

[Derek pushes his way into her face, fixing her with a hard stare.]

Derek: There is no next week, ‘dusa. You went over the line. You got yourself suspended. You’re done for a month. You hear me? One month.

[Medusa shakes her head no. Tears well in her eyes.]

Medusa: I’m not done! I’m Medusa Rage! I’m the reason there is a GDWA! I’m not done. This is my league. They want to suspend me? They can’t. I’ve done everything they asked of me. I’ve beaten everybody who ever wrestled me fairly. I can’t let them do this to me. Every day somebody tries to crush me. Everyday somebody holds me back! I won’t let them ruin me. I’ll destroy them all! I’ll destroy them all!

[Medusa breaks down into racking sobs.]

Medusa: I’ll smash them all. How can they do this to me?

Shadoe: Sis, you’re caught right in the eye of the Rage. Come on, girl. Come back to us. You’re in an ugly place right now. Just follow my voice. Walk through the pain. Walk through it.

Medusa: They all hate me here. They all want to destroy me. They hold me back. Hold me down. They took my family away. They took away everything that meant something to me. Even the people I call friends conspire against me. I’m sick of it! Dementia, you think you can just call me an Island Primate and escape my wrath? I’ll kill you all! And you’re my family! How the hell are you gonna hold me down? Huh? How are you doing this to me? Me? I brought you all your success. I led each and every one of you to the Promised Land. They bought you off! You got what you wanted! The whole GDWA wants to see me fall. Well, they won’t. I won’t let that happen.

Dalbello: ‘Dusa, girl, you’re losing it! Nobody’s against you! It’s just part of the business. You’re throwing away something great here. Get a grip.

[Medusa seems to calm slightly. She takes deep breaths, blinks to clear her eyes.]

Medusa: All right, all right. [Drawing a deep breath.] I’m sorry. I lost it. I lost it! Let me up! Let me apologies.

Godiva: You frosty, luv?

Medusa: (drawing a deep breath) Frosty

[Godiva nods to Derek. The Rages slowly disentangle themselves from Medusa. As soon as she’s free she shoulders them aside, clotheslining Derek. She breaks for the door, shoving aside the camera man.]

Medusa: (staggering down the hallway) _DEMENTIA!!!!_

[Fade out]

Rod: She’s lost it again. I mean, she did before, but Medusa pulled herself together, but this time she’s really just out of control!

Razor: Well, she’s not handling the recent reverses for her family well, but Medusa has always shown her ability to bounce back strong from troubles. And this month off just gives her a chance to prepare for the Ironwoman Square-dance at Fall Moonsault.

Nina: Well, we know who Medusa’s mind is on. But the ever unpredictable GDWA world Champion Dementia Praecox has other ideas!

Dementia Praecox

(Fade in on a shot of Dementia Praecox backstage in her locker room. The place still looks sanitized and friendlier, but Dementia is wearing a straightjacket and sitting on a cot in the corner of the room. She is perspiring heavily and has an agitated look about her. Madame Hecate is in the opposite end of the room, carefully not moving too close to Dementia.)

Hecate: I want to thank you a great deal, Medusa Rage. Your inane and pointless actions have caused a regression from which Dementia may never recover! The entire GDWA would have been indebted to me for taming Praecox, now I do not know if even I can control her. What you have let loose on the GDWA, Rage, I cannot be held accountable for…

Dementia: (snarling, foaming a bit at the mouth) Medusa…heh…Thank you for those wonderful tips on how to defeat Duran…hee hee heh….but you really ought to have had more faith in me!!! (Shouting loudly) ****I WAS BEATING THAT WALKING JOKE FROM PILLER TO POST! heeh heh heee….****WHO THE HELL NEEDS YOU, RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!***** (Takes a few deep breaths) Wait, it’s all becoming clear to me…You came down to save Duran’s title, when you saw I was about to put her away! Then, you attack her as well, to make it look random. ***WELL, I’M NOT FOOLED!!!!*** There are conspiracies everywhere, all out to get me! But I won’t let them! Will I? No!!! Hee heh hehh hhehh.

Hecate: Try to relax, Dementia. Picture a calm blue…

Praecox: *I’M NOT FINISHED YET!!!* Duran, *YOU* are the worst champion the GDWA has ever seen. Not me, you. You haven’t done a goddamn thing since you won a belt, and the only thing you will ever do with it is lose it. Even that pathetic Nomad gave me a better match than you did, and you weren’t even close to Medusa’s league. Face it, you’re nothing but a second-rate Chandler clone, who I allowed to win the Internet title because I foresaw myself winning the Heavyweight Belt. Yes, I know all, I see all. I know deep down how much you fear me. I know how jealous you are of Andrea Chandler. I know all about your dealings with Medusa Rage. You never deserved a shot at the Heavyweight title, and if you dare have to have the gall to think you deserve another one, you just might get, although next time, I wouldn’t be quite so charitable. No, I think I’d quite rather end your miserable life! Hee hee heh heh. I had several opportunities last night, but I guess Madame Hecate’s influence was with me even though she wasn’t.

Hecate: And I’m here for you now, my dear.

Praecox: (growling) Just make sure you don’t let me out of this thing until I meet my next opponent. It will be fun working off this GODDAMN AGGRESSION!! (Screams at the top of her lungs. fade out.)

Razor: For a while Dementia was becoming more respectable, but now she and Medusa are both careening down the same wild path. If we can get those two in the ring together we might see enough biting and fouling to make even Mike Tyson happy.

Rod: Thank God it’s not likely to happen any time soon. Medusa is suspended until the Fall Moonsault, where Dementia will defending her title while Medusa fights it out in the Ironwoman Square-dance.

Nina: Medusa’s interference cost Internet Champ Micki Duran her chance at the GDWA World title. Needless to say the Syndicate member has a lot to say.

Micki Duran

(The camera comes up on the Syndicate in the locker room following the Tuesday Night Catfight. Micki Duran is incensed, throwing chairs at the wall and screaming. Crystal Lewis is in the corner, watching a monitor of Medusa Rage’s attack on Micki and Dementia Praecox.)

Micki: This is absolute *censored* bull*censored*!! You’ve got to be *censored* kidding me!

Crystal: You should know by now that you’re never going to get a fair match in this league…no one ever gets to finish a match around here.

Micki: No, *censored* that! Medusa crossed the line, and she’s gonna pay for it. I don’t care if she’s suspended or not. If I even SEE her ass, I’m gonna knock her *censored* head in!

Crystal: Oh, I don’t think you’re going to have to worry about Medusa. She’s on her way out anyway. *censored* Medusa.

Micki: Dementia Praecox, your ass got LUCKY! I had you in the figure four, and the title was MINE, and you know it! You were done, and Medusa saved your life and your career. So look here, fat girl. You challenged me last time, so my demanded shot is still up for grabs. You have one more title defense before the Moonsault. I demand my title match. You have one month to give it to me, which falls before the Moonsault, so you HAVE to give it to me. Before the Moonsault. I don’t give a flying *censored* what happened in that match. They gave me the loss? Bull*censored*. They knocked me, the Internet champion, out of the top five? Bull*censored*. I’ve NEVER been cleanly pinned in this *censored* federation. NEVER. *censored* my record–NO ONE has really BEATEN me. 4 losses? I don’t *censored* think so. Dementia, you WON’T defend against anyone before you defend again against me. I’ll make sure of it. You OWE me, bitch, and I’m collecting.

Crystal: We should petition the commissioner to have the ref’s decision overturned and get it knocked to a draw. They DQ’ed you, and you got powerbombed? That’s crap. Let’s protest. We’ll at least fix your record. You did NOT lose that match, DQ or not.

Micki: Yeah, well, good luck of that happening. This bull*censored* league *censored*s me every damn chance they get.

Crystal: You know now they’re gonna make you wrestle Sierra Browne.

Micki: I don’t give a *censored*. *censored* Sierra Browne. She can thank Medusa for her having to wait for her title match. My mind is on Dementia, and Dementia is the next person I’ll step into the ring with. I want everyone banned from ringside under threat of EXPULSION from the GDWA. I want a wall of security guards at all entrances to the ringside area. I want Medusa’s ass and all of her cronies barred from the arena during the match. I want Dementia, all alone, all by herself, in the middle of the ring, and this time when I slap the figure four on you, no one is going to help you. I want your ass, Dementia, and you have no choice but to accept. Sign the contract bitch. Now.

Crystal: Hey…you know what? I’m watching this tape, and I don’t see how they can credit you with the DQ. What the hell? Was that ref on crack?

(Micki screams and throws a chair at the monitor, which explodes as Crystal jumps away from it.)

Micki: DQ me? Fine me? Suspend me? They’re gonna need to put my ass in PRISON for what I’m gonna do to Medusa Rage. *censored* a treaty…

Crystal: Poor Sierra…she’s paying for your sins, Medusa…

Rod: Things heating up fast between the Syndicate and the Age of Rage. Even though Sierra has basically split with Medusa professionally, Micki Duran obviously has a lot of aggression to take out.

Razor: Well, remember Sierra has a title match with Duran coming up soon. Sierra definitely fits into her mentor’s mold, taking big risks but maybe overreaching herself. She’s skilled and nasty, but can she handle herself when the great mat wrestling of Duran takes her down…

Nina: We have a little change of pace now, Organized Crime has come back in a big way. Here we hear from the tag team marrying into the family.

Suicide Blondes

(SCENE: Inside of Hollywood’s “Club Brooklyn,” newly remodeled with emphasis on stylish 1920s art deco sensibilities. A small stage stands clean and empty, highlighted by a large old-time microphone and neon light tubes running along the top and bottom of the stage. A small and elite crowd of men and women sit at tables, boisterously filling the air with smoke and laughter. All the men seem to be dressed sharply in tuxedos and greased-back hair; the women indulging in evening gowns, furs and tons of make-up and jewelry. The club lights darken and a spotlight drops on the stage, where a small rat-looking man dressed in a maroon smoking jacket, matching bow-tie and cummerbund and black slacks. Apparently well-known among the clientele, he is welcomes by riotous cheers…)

Man: Ladies and gentlemen – especially the ladies…

(Small crowd laughter as the punchline is accentuated by a snare drum)

Man: I’d like to welcome you all back out to the ‘Brooklyn. As you all saw on the marquee, we have an EXTREMELY special treat for ya tonight. Direct from sold-out bookings all over the world; New York City, Los Angeles and Moscow; I have for you four beautiful women more notorious than that no-name broad Clyde Barrow dragged around. Four more dangerous than a Columbian death squad wit’ a nose fulla toot. And four wit’ more decency than that no-good punk Sammy Gravano…

(TONS of boos and cheers as the crowd is obviously riled by the reference. The man makes a quick “cut it out” motion as he tries to get the crowd back in check)

Man: Hey, I’ll give ya all a good reason to smile. From the ORGANIZED CRIME FAMILY…

(HUGE cheers)

Man: Two gorgeous local ladies wit’ a flair for style and a grace all their own. Unfortunately for you cheap bums out there, this dreamy duo just recently got hitched.

Off-stage voice: (loudly) ENGAGED!

Man: ENGAGED. Without further ado, thee comic stylings of THE SUICIDE BLONDES!!

(Crowd erupts as BABY JANE ROSS and TAYLOR MONROE walk on stage, both dressed in matching black gowns, long black gloves, white framed sunglasses a la Jackie Kennedy and strands of pearls around their necks.)

Baby Jane: (embracing the mic and purring softly) Happy birthday…Mister President…

(Snare drum and laughter)

Taylor Monroe: Missus Future Carlo Porter?

Baby Jane Ross: Yes, Missus Future Salvatore Porter?

Taylor Monroe: Answer me a question. Why would the High-Flying Dolls be upset with us taking care of their opponents?

Baby Jane Ross: They’re just upset because they’re MORE than qualified to lose their own matches!!

(Snare drum and laughter)

Taylor Monroe: And Burning Rain? Why would they be upset with their STUNNING new make-overs?

Baby Jane Ross: Because now they need to confront their REAL problems when they go on Jenny Jones next week!!

(Snare drum and laughter)

Taylor Monroe: Uh uh, sweetie. They’ll confront their real problems next week on the Tuesday Night Catfight when these ‘Blondes walk all over their asses like they were the sidewalk out in front of Mann’s Chinese Theatre. For real, girls…the bottoms of our shoes are the closest you all are gonna get to fame. Except for Maria’s cheesy ’80s retro-“Flashdance” look!! Spinning around and jumping like a fool. (Starts singing) “FAME…I’m gonna lose forever…I gotta fight the ‘Blondes…FAME!!”

(Snare drum and laughter)

Baby Jane Ross: Cute, sweetie, cute. But, let’s go easy on them. I mean, they might not even SHOW next Tuesday; seeing how they became the first human volunteers for the Draize test…

(Snare drum and laughter)

Taylor Monroe: You are sick in the head, girl! How can you even compare them to animals? Animals have less hair on their upper lips!!

(Snare drum and laughter)

Baby Jane Ross: All too easily reversed, dear. Next visit to the Suicide Salon, girlies, WILL involve a hot wax session. And not the kind that Godiva Rage dreams about…

(Snare drum and laughter)

Baby Jane Ross: Y’know what, dear? I heard that the Misfits didn’t really retire from the GDWA.

Taylor Monroe: It’s true, dear. President Vessey had to lose Godiva so we wouldn’t lose that strong Southern Baptist dollar!!

(Snare drum and laughter)

Baby Jane Ross: How about those two snakes in the grass Terry McMillen and Angela Bassett?

Taylor Monroe: You mean the “Nation of Hesitation”?

(Snare drum and laughter)

Baby Jane Ross: Ahmed Bassett; that’s a good one dear…

Taylor Monroe: Please, don’t compare the Pearl River Plunger to the Powerbomb. There is a difference.

Baby Jane Ross: And what would that be?

Taylor Monroe: Angela has more hair on her upper lip!

(Slight laughter, no drum)

Baby Jane Ross: You already used that one, sweetie. Punchlines are all about timing. Inflection is important, as well…

Taylor Monroe: Tone, double entendre…how about if I say Godiva Rage has more hair on HER upper lip?

Baby Jane Ross: All depends on what kind of hair we’re talking about…

(BIG laughter pop and snare drum)

Taylor Monroe: Nation of Hesitation, you EARNED that name. After all we’ve done for you two, you go on and HESITATE before giving us our title shot. You two could never have beaten the Misfits if we didn’t break them down for you first; physically AND mentally. And you ask why Mommy Dearest didn’t look at you two to join Organized Crime?

Baby Jane Ross: Same reason that Carlo and Sal didn’t look for your hands in marriage.

(Snare drum and laughter)

Taylor Monroe: That, and a lack of tact. Some questions you just don’t ask, ladies. THANK YOU ALL, GOODNIGHT!!

(The Blondes leave to a standing ovation as the rat-like man comes back out, clapping and ogling the Blondes as they leave the stage)

Man: Suicide Blondes, everyone. Jayne Mansfield who? Whew!

(Adjusts collar as the scene fades)

Rod: First Dementia Praecox, now the Suicide Blondes have taken up comedy, and I use the word -very- loosely. They played the same mind games with the Misfits as they are now with the GDWA champ Hyena Queens and with Burning Rain.

Razor: So who said wrestling is all physical? They are very smart wrestlers, which is good because they are not big girls. Ma and Nikita can handle that side of things.

Nina: But can mind games back fire? Can you get someone -too- mad? Burning Rain is certainly hot under the collar from the Blonde’s attack on them during the match with the High Flying Dolls.

Burning Rain

[Scene fades in showing Gojira and Maria of Burning Rain in their dressing room, Gojira in her habitual military camo clothes, Maria is dressed in a white crop top and shorts, obviously enjoying the summer weather.]

Gojira: Suicide Blondes! You just could not stand it, could you? Could not stand the fact that we beat you, that we might get to the title ahead of you. You could have settled for screwing up our match. You could have settled for giving us the loss. But when you humiliated us, you lit the fuse. It’s been burning a week now, this next week during our match the explosion is going to consume you!

Maria: I doubt their loss to us is all they could not stand. Smearing make up all over our faces??

[Maria takes a moment to look into the mirror, brushing her fingers through her hair.]

Maria: Blondes, you think you are the fashion plates, of the GDWA, the Hollywood starlets gracing us mere mortals with your presence. But let’s face it, you get married and all you could get are two crooked nosed wise guys just out of jail and desperate for women. Sorry Blondes but you are just out matched. Gojira is tougher and stronger than either of you. I’m way too agile and pretty to be caught by any of your dirty tricks.

[Gojira lightly bats Maria in the back of the head.]

Gojira: Get back on track. Being a sex symbol never won a match and the Blondes will be tough. High Flying Dolls, it’s a shame the match ended the way it did. It cheated us, you two, and all the fans. Too many of the monster egos out there in the GDWA forget they would be nowhere without all the fans that support the GDWA. So, fans, when we face the Suicide Blondes, this match is for you.

Maria: Officer Order! Daisy Butterfly! We know you’ve been having your own troubles with Organized Crime. We’ll be watching your backs from now on. The time for talking is done. It’s all action from here on out, baby!

Gojira: And, Ma Porter, you just watch who you threaten next. You are so used to being the biggest and baddest in the GDWA! Well, get ready for a shock, because if we meet again I’m going to remind you what it feels like to be picked up, then SLAMMED to the ground!

[Both lift their fists in a fighting pose as the scene fades.]

Razor: Oooh, so some of the faces are pulling together. It’s like a bowling alley. Set them all up, then knock them right back down.

Rod: Come on, Ma Porter has not exactly been tearing up the league. Nikita Marx recently had her first match in months. The Blondes also had done nothing. Burning Rain will beat the Blondes, I’m sure of it. A better match might be Gojira v. Ma Porter.

Nina: Speaking of people having trouble with the Organized Crime family…Daisy Butterfly recently has gone through some down times…but is much better now!

Daisy Butterfly

(SCENE: DAISY BUTTERFLY, sitting on a bench in a dimly lit gym. She wears a blue sports top and blue shorts, a towel thrown over her shoulders. She’s covered in sweat and sits with her head partially down and her hands clasped, as if she’s deep in thought…)

Daisy: I thought it’d be my night. The night I’d finally prove everyone wrong, especially myself. The night my career would take off. In front of my family, fans…and friends. Once again, I was wrong. And every time I swallow the bitter pill of pride, it becomes harder and harder to deal with.

I could have given up. That night, I could have thrown everything away. Walked out of the Meadowlands into a life of obscurity; just another face in the crowd. Lanny did it. She just might be happier for doing so.

Don’t get me wrong, Keiko. I didn’t expect an easy match from you. Even against my friends, above all I try and win. I know how bad your knee is, girl. I think it may be worse than you think. You know where my friends are, how deep in my heart. You knew I wouldn’t go after your knee. I couldn’t live with myself if I did.

(She sighs and shifts a bit on the bench)

Daisy: It’s easy to point the finger. When Zaranna pinned me with a one-count to keep the World Title. The Syndicate getting in a few shots while I faced Andrea Chandler for the same belt. Zaranna coming from nowhere to anchor my legs in the I-Title Contenders match against Micki Duran. But this, this time I can’t blame anyone but myself. I was pinned – fairly – in the middle of the ring. One, two, three. I lost my chance at becoming the first Cruiserweight champion of the GDWA. I lost to a better woman that night. But incredibly, that wasn’t what had me considering the door.

(Still looking down, she pulls her hair back out of her face. She exhales deeply)

Daisy: It was Nikita. It was Porter. It was Monroe and Ross. It was Organized Crime.

(She rolls her head, cracking her neck)

Daisy: It was mostly Nikita. A few months ago, I handed YOU your walking papers in the form of defeat. Months of cowardly attacks and screw jobs all came to a head at Dawg Pound Nights. That night, girl, I WAS the best this world had to offer. I cleared my head that night…and when I reflect on it, I haven’t been the same since.

(Daisy finally looks up at the camera, a slight smile on her lips)

Daisy: Welcome home, Nikita. I’m glad you’re back. You brought something back to this fed more dangerous than your chain. You brought back my fire. You brought back the Daisy Butterfly that the GDWA lost. The show-stopper. The world shocker. The Dragon Solo. The in-flight spectacle. The technical professional. The woman who made you scream for mercy so many months before with the Butterfly Deathlock vice grip so many hours into that bloody night. Let sleeping dragons lie. You woke me up, girlfriend. And for that I gotta give you thanks.

(Daisy stands up, exuding a confidence not apparent a few minutes earlier. She flings the towel off her shoulders and walks with a swagger. Smiling, she again looks into the camera and speaks)

Daisy: Oh, we’ll talk Nikita. At a later date. Right now, I’m not about setting my sights solely on you. I took my fire back, the rest of you can keep walking back out the door. I’ve got to make up for lost time.

First up, my girl Bloody Mary. Mary, I let you slide with your lip a bit too long. You were lucky then, when I was in a funk. But now, Mary, I’m checking for you. From day one, you were looking to slander me. Producing a bunch of fake notes from me, supposedly threatening you and what-not. Girl, you don’t know me. You want threats? I’ll give ’em to you face-to-face. I don’t like you, Mary. I think you’re just an insecure, foolish little girl in a big woman’s body. Now you’re coming out, claiming to know me from my days in Japan. Whatever. For the life of me, I just can’t place your face in any arena I ever wrestled at back there. Probably because I wasn’t in the bush leagues. You wanna try and revise some history? You should probably destroy those tapes of me BEATING YOUR ASS in the GDWA tour of Japan. Try and ignore the deafening cheers I got. And most importantly, start walking around this fed like a REAL woman, not the dog-with-her-tail-between-her-legs nobody that got beat by the one and only Daisy Butterfly. Now you got this idea that you’re some sort of “legend-killer.” Beating dear Sachie in her last match. Beating Lanny and her subsequently retiring. But girl, remember. THIS IS DAISY BUTTERFLY. You WANT to try and cripple me? Bring it THIS TUESDAY. Speak now or forever hold your peace, Mary.

Fall Moonsault. My big anniversary and I have no one to celebrate with. Time to make some calls. Micki Duran, you and me again. For whatever belt you have by then. Girl, you offered me first shot at the I-Title but I don’t recall getting it. So I’m holding you to your promise. The Moonsault; time to add a second chapter to our epic…

Rod: Things heating up all right! Daisy with words not only for Micki Duran and her old rival Nikita Marx, but also Bloody Mary. I’ve not seen Daisy Butterfly this inspired in months.

Razor: Well, only a couple more matches and she becomes the first woman in the GDWA to reach double figures in losses. You don’t get much more impressive than that *gag*.

Nina: The woman who pulled off the huge upset and clean pin over Daisy Butterfly is with us next, ‘Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita faces off with Sierra Browne in just a couple of weeks with the Cruiserweight title on the line.

Keiko Mita

[Scene fades in showing a Japanese bath. The walls and floor are all a dark, polished hard wood. The lights in the room softly illuminate the pool in the middle, dark waters hiding all but the back of Keiko Mita’s head, steam swirling up around her short black hair. The surprise of the water ripples as Keiko turns to face the camera, crossing her arms over the edge of the pool and resting her chin on them. On a gold chain around her neck is a tiny golden katana, light sparkling from tiny diamonds along the length of its blade.]

Keiko: Nice, isn’t it? This is part of my therapy for my knee, taking all the weight off it, just relaxing. This is the only time I’m not in pain from my injury. Thanks to those who have written in sending get well wishes. The doctors have warned me I might end up wearing that stupid knee brace for the rest of my life if I don’t take time off for that surgery. But this steel samurai has a date with a certain Golden Girl and I’m not going to miss it for the world.

[In the background the water ripples again as Keiko shifts, getting comfortable.]

Keiko: But first, some unfinished business had reared its ugly head. Tiffany Chandler, I remember you. I remember how you and your Syndicate friends robbed me of victory in my first two matches. I remember being left on the mat outside the ring to be counted out after your cousin slammed me outside the ring. Tiffany! Next time we meet it will be on more even terms. I am a warrior, a SAMURAI. That means I’ve learned far more than just one on one combat, I have learned tactics, strategy. Tiffany, the impetuous Dragons of spring are giving way to the hot burning Dragons of the summer. There is a new force forming in the GDWA, you’ll find out soon just what I mean.

[Keiko sighs softly, tracing a finger along the glittering blade of the small gold and diamond katana before her eyes grow hard and cold.]

Keiko: Bloody Mary, our next…last?…meeting is not far off. It is said time heals all wounds, cools the flames of fury. Not so in our case. I dream of facing you in the ring, the flash of steel and the crimson of blood mingling once more. Perhaps it will be in a couple of weeks. Perhaps it will be at Fall Moonsault. If I win the cruiserweight title, I’ll have to defend it there. If not, then we meet at the Moonsault, with far more than just a win-loss record on the line. I know you won’t disappoint me, Mary. You want this as much as I do!

[Keiko draws in a deep breath, calming in the hot waters, relaxing languidly for a few seconds.]

Keiko: I saw your comments last week, Sierra. If my match against Daisy was the Butterfly v. the Katana, this is the Steel Samurai v. the Golden Girl. We are both going to go full out, no holding back. We are daredevils, but we know how to fight. And what it takes to win. So why not up the stakes, Sierra. I know you want to be the first woman to hold two titles at once. So do I. Put your Western Heritage title on the line as well. Let this first match between us be that much more special. That much more on the line. One of us will be the first multiple title holder in the history of the GDWA. Let the best woman win!

[Keiko stares into the camera, the light catching the diamonds on her katana, sparkling as the scene fades.]

Razor: Intensity from Keiko, but the rumor is her knee might not last one more match. This -big- match might just be the ‘Golden Girl’ beating up a gimp.

Rod: I don’t believe that for a moment and neither does Sierra Browne. Sierra just has to be careful to take this one match at a time.

Nina: The high flying former Browne Girl definitely has her sights on Mita, but has a few other targets as well.

Sierra Browne

[Fade in:

Sierra Browne sits in her dressing room, lounging in a chair, lotioning her long, powerful legs. She checks herself in the mirror, watching the faded bruises which seem to be almost healed.]

Sierra: Just in time, too. Time for me to get back in action at full strength. Tiffy, I haven’t forgotten you or your pack of dogs. I want to face you. You want to face me. You know what the only trouble is. I’m not really in the mood to face all those lackeys you’ve got, too. I know you’re whispering in each other’s ears like some schoolgirls and I know nobody makes a move without Andrea, but I have a few advantages myself. I’m the champion. And I’m not really aiming to give that up. You want a chance at this belt, girl, do us both a favor. You show up alone. You forget your Syndicate pals and you keep me separate from Medusa. I’m sure each and every one of you is pissed at what she did. I don’t know why she did. Frankly, I don’t care. I’m sick of being held accountable for Medusa’s actions. And if you think you’ll get to her through me. If any of you think that you’re dead wrong and you’ll find that out when I drop the High Sierra right through your teeth.

[Sierra pauses to touch a bruise then grimaces.]

Sierra: Dementia, you were lucky that stipulation existed. Because if it didn’t I would have busted you myself. I haven’t forgotten you. I haven’t forgotten what you did to me. Don’t think we’re done, because you fat lunatic we aren’t done by a long shot. I hear your back is bad. That’s a real shame, because I might make it worse. Watch your back you big dumb bitch. And lastly, I like to end on a positive. Keiko Mita. Girl, our time to dance the dance is getting closer. And I’m going to be all the happier when it does come. I’m looking forward to facing off against another aerialist. The way I see it, it comes down to a matter of heart. Who wants it more? Me or you. Keiko. At another time we could have been terrific friends, but this is a title match. I promise you and I promise the people out there that they won’t see me let up. They won’t see me give an inch. They won’t see me miss my shot to make history. And I won’t. No matter how brief it is. I won’t ever miss this chance to be the first woman to hold titles simultaneously. I’m going where Medusa can’t even hope to go. This sister is taking over. Mita, it starts with you. Bring your wings, girl. We’re flying soon.

[Sierra winks into the camera. Fade out]

Razor: A few months ago someone suggesting Sierra Browne might the first in the Age of Rage to get a major singles title would have been laughed at. But she’s really on a roll.

Rod: Better yet, she’s been standing up to some of the nastier wrestlers in the league. Miko Azai. Big Ma Porter. Giving the fans a real reason to cheer.

Nina: Speaking of Ma Porter, you thought the Organized Crime show was over? Not by a long shot!

Nikita Marx

(Fade back in to Club Brooklyn…)

Man: Our next feature performer is the “Icewoman” of the GDWA and the Organized Crime Family. Revolutionizing both the sport of wrestling and the art of…uhhh…”problem-solving,” She is the Bad Ass of women’s wrestling…”La Femme Nikita”…MISS NIKITA MARX!!

(Crowd applauds and several men catcall as ‘La Femme Nikita’ takes the stage dressed in a low cut red evening dress with a reviling thigh high slit, long red gloves and a dazzling diamond necklace.)

Nikita: Good Evening Darlings, It is so good to see all of you. Well most of you any way

(Snare drum and bit laughter)

Nikita: I don’t think I’ve seen this much family in one room, since I left my apartment in Moscow.

(Snare drum, followed by a smattering of laughter)

Nikita: Now don’t get me wrong Darlings, I love America, after all where else can you find supermarkets which offer 23 flavors of processed cheese spread.

(Snare drum and laughter)

Nikita: It’s just the attitude of your so called, how do you say? Law enforcement ? Just look at Officer Order, running around like some sort of John Wayne on crack. The day I need her protection, is the day I’ll share a bath and a bottle of Goldschlager with Mike Tyson.

(Snare drum, followed by hard laughter)

Nikita: I do want to take this opportunity to say a special thank you to Shelly McVey for at least showing up for our match. You know, most people think it is safer to fool around with John Gotti’s wife, then to fight me. Thank you Darlings, you have been a wonderful crowd!

(Uncle Bob steps out, dressed in his usual immaculate tux and leads Nikita off stage as the crowd rises for another standing ovation. The rat-faced MC returns clapping.)

Man: (wiping his forehead) Is it hot in here or is it just Nikita?

(Snare drum and laughter)

Rod: Apparently Nikita is over her feud with Daisy Butterfly. Not a mention of the GDWA’s Ironwoman.

Razor: Organized Crime is hunting bigger game. The bad blood between Officer Order and OC goes back a long way. They won’t stop until they break the cop from San Fran. Personally, I think Tuesday night might be Order’s last match.

Nina: One of the big feuds so far in the history of the GDWA has been Hyena Queens against the Misfits. Though the Misfits might or might not be back, a challenge was laid down by the Hyena Queens’ Angela Bassett to Dalbello Rage of the Misfits. Let’s hear from Lady D.

Dalbello Rage

[Fade in:

The camera zooms in on a tight shot of Dalbello and Lauryn Rage. Dalbello folds her arms across her chest, smirking as she tosses her hair to one side. Lauryn imitates the pose, looking a lot more petulant, sticking her tongue out.]

Dalbello: Angela Bassett, you may be the powerhouse of the Hyena Queens, but you’re still nothing but a dirty yellow dog. You think I’m afraid of you, Powerbomb? You know, you remind of a wrestler I faced about nine years ago now. She went by the oh so original name of Hulkstress Hogan. She thought she was so big and bad, talked non-stop about stuff like saying her prayers, taking vitamins. I think they were anabolic something or other. I digress. She thought she could take out the Perfect One. And she believed it so much that I began to think it, too. Then we stepped into the ring. And she was on the wrong end of a cradle-plex. I don’t know how you can think you’re going to be any different. You’re not. You may have taken the tag-team titles away from me. Good riddance to slum gold, I say. But you want to step into the ring one-on-one with the best, bar none, wrestler in the GDWA? You really think you can hang and bang with me? I promise you that won’t be the case. Bassett, I’m going to treat you like every other challenger I’ve ever faced in the ring. I’m going to go in there and beat you like a red-headed step child.

Lauryn: That’s right, Lady D. You’re the best there is!

Dalbello: Best there was. Best there … ah, you know the spiel. Bassett, I’ve never been one much for standing in front of a camera and yakking away like some damn parrot. Listen, there isn’t enough time for me. I am an athlete. You’re a caricature. Step to the ring. Bring it. And you better bring your A game, because you know I will. And you know that only means one thing.

Lauryn: Queenie, you gonna get beat.

Dalbello rage: Think about it. You won one tag-title? I won 18. You ever win a singles belt? I’ve won twelve. Eight of them world titles. Girl, I thought I was burned out. I thought I lost the juice. This is the stuff, though. This is it right here. One-on-one. You and me. Me with the cradleplex, you getting the one-two-three.

Lauryn: Ooh, that was a nice one. You gotta teach me how to do lines like that.

Dalbello: It’s a Perfect thing. You wouldn’t understand.

[Fade out]

Rod: As good as Dalbello is, after her depression over the loss to the Hyena Queens, I’m not sure of her chances against ‘Powerbomb’ Angela.

Razor: Dalbello will do fine. This new Rage girl though needs to get some perspective. She’s coming off as more of a fangirl then a sister.

Nina: The GDWA champ Hyena Queens are quiet this week. Perhaps they are getting over losing their favorite enemies, the Misfits. But are the Misfits -really- done? Let’s hear from Godiva Rage.

Godiva Rage

 [Fade in:

The British Bombshell Godiva Rage sits in her own dressing room, still visibly shocked by what she has seen her sister do. She scratches at her hair.]

Godiva: Yanks, I done seen some things in my brief existence, but this ruddy well takes the cake. Medusa’s right off her tree, this time. She well and truly done it. She gone off. Things don’t look too good for the Age of the Rage, right now. Seems like we done fell apart. And that ain’t a bit of good, right, is it?

[She looks up to face the camera, her bright blue eyes full of wonder and confusion.]

Godiva: Things ‘ave changed, mates. The family’s all in pieces again. That’s the way it always seems to go. We just fall apart. D just got tired. Medusa cracked up. We can’t watch each other’s backs no more, neither. What’s all this bollocks? They tryin’ to destroy us, ain’t they? Well, let me tell you something. If you done thought that the Bri’ish Bombshell was finished you’ve lost your breakfast sausage, mate. I ain’t done by a long shot. The Misfits is still ‘ere. Deadlier than evah. And we’re gonna be at Fall Moonsault in some way, shape or form if we can get someone to flippin’ well face us. Ruddy sawbones say I ain’t mended yet from that fight with the Queens. Well, I feel ready to go. I’s just another week yet, right? That’s fine. That’s no problem at all. I just don’t want to get ruddy well rusty sittin’ on a flippin’ loo with me thumb up me arse, right? I mean blood and stomach pills, what’s a bit of laceration between mates, eh? I can tell you wot, when I gets out I want them two new Southern belle types. Yeah, it’ll be a bloody bit of business trying to teach those two exactly what power is about. Maybe a toss with Burning Rain wouldn’t be so bad, either. Lord Blimey, I’m gettin’ excited again. Somebody just give me the green light, because the Misfits are it! That’s a ruddy well promise and you can take it to the bank.

[Fade out]

Rod: No big surprise the Misfits are back, but the paranoia and persecution delusions are something new for both them and Medusa. They have to face the fact they can lose and it is not a conspiracy.

Razor: Which ignores little facts like Medusa’s title shot with Dementia. I’ve never seen a DQ called for so fast in a title match. I do agree Medusa was losing her edge, but she’s getting that old Rage back.

Nina: Speaking of the ‘Matriarch’, a slightly calmer Medusa was found by the roving GDWA cameras…

Medusa Rage

[Fade in:

Shadoe: ‘dusa! DUSA!

The camera follows the sound of rushing water to see Medusa lying in the middle of the showers on the ground, fully clothed. The water rushes over her, drenching her blouse and pants. She sobs wretchedly against the tile. Shadoe turns the corner, spotting his sister and dutifully moves to her side, shutting the water off and cradling her to his chest, disregarding the water ruining his fuchsia sequined tank top.]

Medusa: I knew you would be the one to find me. How do you live with this? How do you live with all this hatred?

Shadoe: It eats me every day, ‘dusa. I got to live with it. You don’t. You have so much to live for. Don’t enter that kingdom of the Rage. Don’t enter it. You lost your mind. That’s cool. Now get it back. Get it back before you lose everything. There are people out there who need you. There are people out there who have to have you with them. Understand me when I say this, ‘dusa. You are the one who hold the family together. We all dreamed. We all succeeded because of you.

Medusa: (blinking away tears and smiling) I’m not even your blood. God, I’ve embarrassed myself. I’ve done just what daddy did.

Shadoe: You’ll come off better. Trust me. You’ll come off better. There’s just stuff you’ve got to do. You’ve got to release the rage. You hear me? You’ve got to release it. Just let it go. I’ve been watching you. You’ve been getting more and more frustrated. You’ve been losing it, ‘dusa. I don’t like that. Nobody lives in the Kingdom of Rage but me, you hear? Nobody.

Medusa: What do I have to do?

Shadoe: (splashing at the water) That’ll just cleanse your body, ‘dusa. That’s all. That will only cleanse your body. Not your soul. Do you trust me?

Medusa: Yes.

Shadoe: Then take my hand and we’ll fix you together, all right? Will you do that for your little brother? Will you?

Medusa: (finding a faint smile) Yes.

Shadoe: Then walk with me. You follow I lead!

[Shadoe pulls Medusa to her feet, holding her close to keep her warm as he draws her out of the dark shower room into the brighter light.]

Shadoe: We start at the beginning. We’ll go back to the worst source of your pain.

[Fade out]

Rod: So…is this another new beginning for Medusa? Again? I swear that lady is more deserving then Dementia of a rubber room.

Razor: Oh shut up! She’s been under a lot of pressure. She’s been ripped off in title shot after shot. I’d be more worried if she was -not- pissed off.

Nina: From the intense to the..sort of…light hearted. The Organized Crime show rolls right on with the big lady herself, Ma Porter.

Big Ma Porter

(Fade back in to Club Brooklyn…)

Man: And now, the lady you’ve all been waiting for. The ONLY “matriarch” in the GDWA. The ONLY “big woman” in the GDWA. The ONLY “kingpin” in the GDWA. Ladies and gents, wiseguys and goodfellas alike; the incomparable BIG MA PORTER!!

(Ma Porter saunters onstage, perspiring heavily under the hot lights. She carries a cloth which she uses to dab her neck and face periodically.)

Ma: Good evening ta all of youse! So nice ta be here. Of course, when ya get ta be my age, it’s good to be anywhere!

(Snare drum, followed by a bit of forced laughter)

Ma: It seems that there’s a couple of cats called the Hyena Queens, who are all bent outta shape ’cause they weren’t invited ta join Organized Crime. These chicks say I turned my back on our friendship. Ta be honest, I ain’t never even heard of youse before! I seen ya once or twice backstage, but I thought youse were just the dames that carry Andrea Chandler’s suitcases!

(Snare drum, followed by hard laughter)

Ma: And believe me, carrying luggage is as close to bein’ a “Porter” as you two will ever get!

(Thunderous laughter)

Ma: Things are different with the Blondes. I welcomed them into the family wit’ open arms. But ever since May Order took my boys away from me, I’ve had to keep the family intact, lookin’ out for BJ and Taylor. And da money that Sal and Carlo used to bring in, now it’s going directly from Tony’s wallet right into Uncle Bob’s, but Nikita is worth it. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Butterfly get as high as Daisy managed to.

(Snare drum, raucous laughter).

Ma: And ta conclude, I thought youse might like to hear a poem I wrote, especially for May. Ya better laugh, it took me all night ta come up with this.

(Clears throat)

There once was a mother called Porter who took on one Officer Order She took all her cash and with one giant splash, broke her, but others restored her.

(Howling laughter)

Ma: Thank youse for coming, good night!

(Fade out)

Rod: That had to be the worst poetry I’ve ever heard. Ma Porter must own the club or something.

Razor: It’s a nice change of pace to see the fun side of the bad girls of the GDWA. Organized Crime is on such a roll they can afford to take a little time to have fun.

Nina: One feud that is fast developing is Radhi Ananda against Yukon Jane. At the upcoming 5 v. 5 interfed match, Yukon Jane will be teamed up with people like Ma Porter, could we be seeing a new member of OC? Or will Jungle Radhi get to her first. Let’s hear from the 8th wonder of the world!

Radhi Ananda

(SCENE: Inside what looks like a long-abandoned building of sorts. at the end of a dark hallway, a figure emerges, walking towards the camera. At first, all that is visible is the white dress that she wears. As she gets closer, it becomes apparent that it is “JUNGLE” RADHI ANANDA; looking just as wild as ever. She wears what looks like a shear white dress, tattered and covered in mud. Her scowl is as menacing as always…)

Radhi: The Yukon versus the Jungle. I remain unimpressed. You wish to take the Gran d Dragon by storm? You wish to force a bloody wake throughout the stadiums worldwide as you look for a World Title? Do what you wish, Jane. Seek world titles. But first learn about the nature of brutality.

I hit you first with nothing more than raw instinct. It has been a flaw in this one’s life recently. Surviving solely on automatic motions; hesitating to react even when I hear my Mother’s voice. You threw me, but the only thing I can remember about our match was the sermon you spoke. This one remembers; word for unspoken work what you said.

I came to show you something, Jane. A message from somewhere else. About the true nature of man and woman. About inspiration. The sacrifice of the Demon of Desire at the expense of Nataraja. Enlightenment, you may say. I came to show you a new world…inside my steel cage. My own bloody, personal holy land. The lessons you learn will not be forgotten. Speak of me with a forked tongue, but listen to MY sermon carefully. This one’s teachings can help you pave a path towards a world title. Give me your attention and your blood, and you will emerge from my cage all the wiser…

Rod: Speaking of disturbed ladies. It seems like more and more this whole federation is on the edge, ready to snap.

Razor: Radhi is tough, but Yukon Jane was a *surprise*. Big, tough aggressive. She could be the hottest find of the year.

Nina: Well, Jane is certainly confident. Let’s hear her counter offer of am match with the Eighth Wonder of the world!

Yukon Jane

Jane: I can’t believe you Radhi. I kick your butt in a match, you beat my manager senseless (’cause you knew you couldn’t do that to me), and now you expect me to give you a rematch. Are you stupid? I just heard through the grape vine that you want our rematch to be a cage match. You must really be crazy. You lose to me, you beat up a defenseless manager, and now you expect me to just GIVE you what you want!?! If there was an award for stupidity you’d win for sure. I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do. I’ll give you the rematch you want, but it’ll be under my terms. If you can beat me under my rules, then I’ll fight you in a cage. Heck, if you beat me in my match, I’ll even let you get ten minutes in the ring with Robin (you seemed to want to beat her up so badly in our first match up). Now to the rules. I’ve challenged others to this type of match so you might know them already but anyway: The match will be a bodyslam match, which means no DQ, no countout, first to bodyslam or powerslam opponent wins the match.

Rod: A bodyslam match?? Radhi would be foolish to take this match. It obviously favors the bigger, stronger Yukon Jane.

Razor: And the savage Radhi might just jump at the challenge. She’s so reckless. But I’m liking Yukon Jane more and more as the weeks go on. Offering Radhi a chance to beat up her manager if she loses, now -That’s- a cold blooded wrestler.

Nina: From cold blood to hot, Sierra Browne is preparing hard for her upcoming matches, as we can see…

Sierra Browne

[Fade in:

Sierra Browne rests in a little studio booth. She lounges back in a plush leather chair, her long, muscular legs set up against the counter, resting atop a stack of videocassettes. She’s wearing little gold hiking boots and short gold hot pants. Her head is wrapped in a yellow gele like Erykah Badu and she is draped in a red silk bathrobe. There is a bank of videoscreens which display dozens of different matches, mostly shots of Keiko Mita and Micki Duran, but Sierra is focused on only one really. She watches the video replay of Micki Duran getting powerbombed to the mat by Medusa. She winces at the impact, snapping her fingers in disgust.]

Sierra: (shaking her head) Medusa, what are you thinking? This is just crazy. Micki, get well soon. You and I have a date. Fighting champion against fighting champion. This should be fun. I don’t know — I don’t want to know — what’s going down between you and Medusa. That’s your business. All I know is that the two best of the three champions are you and I. That’s a fact. And I’d love to sort out which of us the better in the pair. Sure, you’re a technician extraordinaire, but all those fancy muscles make you slow. Can you keep up with a greyhound? Can you fly? See, it’s this kind of thing that wrestling is built on. Competition. Can you slap the End on a quicker, smart wrestler? Can I pin down a tough mat technician? Micki, this is just the stuff of competitors. Two warriors with questions in their heads. A stage to settle them. A dream match of sorts. Get well soon. I’ll personally make sure no one hassles you while you recover. I don’t want a hair on your body hurt by the time we step into the ring. The two of us at the top of our game. That’ll be the stuff. That’ll be the match of the Year.

[Sierra reaches into her pocket and slips on her sunglasses. They gleam in the dark, but give her a very glamourous look. She chews her lip thoughtfully.]

Sierra: Keiko, I hope you’re taking time off, too. There’s something I propose to you. The two of us have a fair number of enemies. I suggest we institute two referees and security around ringside to keep all the riffraff out if necessary. I wish so much of our time wasn’t spent anticipating interference, but alas, that’s the way it has been for some time now. Everybody wants to get involved in some way shape or form. I look at you and I see someone I really like. I want this to be another spectacular. Girl, this is my chance to make history. And I’ll carry you, bad knee and all, right to the top of the heap with me! Hope you agree to the little stipulation I added. Should make it interesting, eh? See you soon. Ta!

[Sierra raises her index finger and kisses it then mimes shooting it at the screen. Fade out.]

Razor: Could be a great match, but can Sierra really hang in there with the best mat wrestler in the GDWA? Micki Duran has been just as hot and could well be called the ‘Uncrowned GDWA World Champ’.

Rod: But Sierra needs this match more. Winning would finally, once and for all, take her out of Medusa’s shadow. No one thought Sierra could beat Officer Order, but she’s shown she can surprise, though her tactics are sometimes questionable.

Razor: You mean she’s learned to wrestle smart, don’t let the rules hold you back.

Rod: The rules are not there to hold a wrestler back! They are there…

Nina: Ahem, the show is running long let’s keep things on track, shall we? Sierra Browne handed Lady Tiger her first loss, and the Tiger has been inactive since then but she returns in a big way, facing Bloody Mary!

Lady Tiger

[The scene opens up inside a dimly lit tape room. GDWA’s masked marvel, Lady Tiger, is leaning back in a chair, looking over the latest contention list from the head offices of Grand Dragon. Her manager, Charlotte LaMancha, peers over her shoulder.]

Charlotte (with a bit of a laugh): Well, look who dropped out of second! If it isn’t “Slutty” Sally McClane!!

Tiger: Sally McClane. It seems your mouth has finally caught up with you. You have managed to avoid a match with me on several occasions. But, in your haste to avoid this predator, you stepped into the grasp of another. It will be my pleasure to watch my close friend, “Jumping” Jennifer Grier, unleash her fury on you! Jennifer, SVP, save a bit of Sally pour moi! I still have business with the tramp . . . . .

Charlotte: Speaking of unfinished business, looks like Blood-N’-Guts Mary picked up your challenge this week.

Tiger (nodding): Mary, j’espere, I hope, you can get your mind off of Keiko Mita for one night. This is not a Kyoto Crippler you have agreed to combat. This is one hungry tiger, and she will be packing an extra helping of Tiger Power for this Tuesday!!!

Charlotte: Mary, I hope you come prepared for this Tuesday; I guarantee you we will. Hey, tiger, did you hear the news? It looks like you’ve caught the attention of GDWA’s greatest wrestler of all time (just ask her), Andrea Chandler!!

Tiger: Andrea Chandler, you have caught this tiger’s attention. Instead of waiting until the Ironwoman tournament, you would have the two of us battle to see who the “Real” #1 is. Andrea, if I am still the #1 contender after my match with Bloody Mary, I will accept your challenge. No Charlotte. No Syndicate. Just Andrea Chandler, stepping into the tiger’s den. Andrea, you will be my greatest challenge yet, but this tiger is up to the occasion. You have the one thing I’ve wanted ever since the day I stepped foot in Grand Dragon, Chandler. Respect. And if I have to pin your shoulders to the mat to get a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t in the GDWA, Andrea, that is what I intend to do. Underdog? <chuckles>

Charlotte: We wouldn’t have it any other way.

[Fade to black]

Razor: How nice, Lady Tiger is ready to face Andrea. I figured Chandler always wanted a tiger skin rug. If there is anything left after Bloody Mary gets done.

Rod: Lady Tiger has beaten big brawlers before. If Miko Azai had not interfered in her match against Sierra Browne, who knows who would have won. With Charlotte adding her own experience, I think Lady Tiger can show her rank is deserved!

Nina: A former rookie working TWO matches this week is ‘Jumpin’ Jennifer Grier. Has she overreached herself? Let’s see what she has to say for herself!

Jennifer Grier

[The Scene: The local gym in Geneseo, Illinois. “Jumping” Jennifer Grier is working repetitions on the bench, as “Big” Rob Tucker spots for her. Jennifer sits up, and wipes her brow with the nearby towel. Rob offers her a water. She lies back down, and continues, as Rob looks toward the camera.]

Tucker: Unbelievable. So, the week has gone by, and somehow, Jennifer was surpassed. We got her so worked up for this, and her match was cancelled? Well, things like that happen.. but the result is Jennifer pulling double duty this week, and you know what? She’s hyped as hell.

[Jennifer continues repetitions, and starts to struggle. Rob helps the spot.]

Tucker: Savanah, you seem like you have your head on straight. You are right, “southerner does not equal stupidity”. Jennifer was faced with that as she entered the GDWA. She still gets it, but you know what? Not once will you EVER see her back down, from anything. Now, Savanah, she’s got both you and “Sexy” Sally next week. I have never seen her work this weight bench like she is this week. She’ll be ready for you.

And to Sally, you finally signed the match. Good for you. Don’t think for a second that it’s going to be a walk in the park with a “hick”. Jennifer has been watching you, and knows all what you are about. The cheating, the backstabbing, the flat-out bullshit that you bring to the GDWA. And bring along anyone you want. Trey? Bring him on. Mohammed? Bring him on too. Hell, bring along Mr. Ricky Revolution if you want. Don’t think for a second that I don’t know all about him. Hey, if Ricky comes down, maybe I’ll even bring down Bill Macgragge.. Didn’t he already beat you down once, Ricky?

Sally, it comes down to this. You want Jennifer out of the picture, you better force her out. Force her out HARD, because she’s not going to walk away, and forget how you humiliated Lady Tiger by having your little leeches attack her. You wouldn’t even do it yourself. You know why Jennifer won’t let you go? Why she won’t forget?

[Jennifer completes a second round of reps, and Rob pulls the spot. Jennifer gets up, and stares coldly into the camera. She stands up, and walks towards the pull-up rack. She continues to work.]

Tucker: She won’t forget, because she knows what to stand for. Honesty, truth, a hard work ethic. She may not be able to beat you come time. She may not even compare to you. You may even believe that. But I guarantee one thing, Ms. McClane. She’ll come out, and impress everyone in this GDWA. A hard worker. A true believer in the effects of effort. Someone who doesn’t have a “free ride” and is a spoiled brat. She works for what she has, every ounce of it. And when she gets you in the ring, I hope she sends you a message

This girl is for real, Sally, you better beware. And Savanah, watch your back, because I don’t doubt for a second that Sally will coming down to interfere. If you want a fair match, don’t fall for that crap that Sally does. Just stay and fight, that’s what Jennifer wants, and I’m sure you want the same.

[The scene fades at Rob nods to the camera, and returns to the exhausted Jennifer, hunched over a curling rack.]

Razor: Never seen Jennifer backing down, my ass! When Jennifer appeared on the House of Styles, MISTER Furious Styles got right in her face and all Jennifer wanted to do was leave.

Rod: I know Jennifer is standing her ground this time. She’s wanted this match with Sexy Sally for so long…the real question is, can she get up for her match against Savannah. No real animosity there.

Nina: Well, there is definitely animosity growing between Tiffany Chandler, the Brilliant One, and Q.Q. Ellis. Let’s hear from Tiffany.

Tiffany Chandler

[Tiffany Chandler walks around her office with a cell phone.. ]

Tiffany: I wanted that information first thing this morning.. Why do you think I called you at 1am to get it.. I want it.. and I want it /now!/ Find out who that creep is.. Q.Q something or other.. watch the tape! How is that web page coming along?? Do you people not understand deadlines!?!?

[She throws the phone against the wall.. it shatters.. She looks into the camera.]

Tiffany: Now.. Mr. Q.Q. Whatever.. I have no idea why you are sticking your nose into /my/ business.. but as far as I’m concerned.. you will need to work your way up, just like everyone else. I’ve got other transactions to make.. and you aren’t even on my ‘to-do’ list.

Sally McClane? Nice try, but all your tricks just weren’t enough to defeat “Brilliant” Tiffany Chandler. So.. you can move on.

Sierra Browne. Fall Moonsault. Let’s get this done. You and me for the Western Heritage Championship. I know I can beat you. And I know I can take your title. It’s time for the dividend, known as Tiffany Chandler to finally make her move and you will fall just like all the rest.

Medusa Rage. You interfered it a match that had nothing to do with you. You cost Micki Duran her chance to become World’s Champion. You have a nice suspension to deal with, but when you return, I want your ass, girl. In fact, maybe Micki and I will tag up against you and one of your stooges. You /won’t/ get away with what you’ve done.

GDWAers are officially on notice that Tiffany Chandler wants nothing less to be the best. Daisy Butterfly… sign the contract. Officer Order.. you’re on my list too.

And.. Keiko Mita? We still have some things to talk about.

[Tiffany grins and winks to the camera, before turning back to her intercom.]

Robert.. I need a new cell phone.. now!

*fade out*

Rod: Pretty confident for a lady who’s finishing maneuver seems to be letting someone else interfere in her match, then letting her opponent get counted out.

Razor: She’s -brilliant-. Why work harder than you have to. Tiffany has come a long way, but she’s already faced Medusa once and got punked. She might be wise to work her way up a little slower.

Nina: The one month suspension given to Medusa Rage has spread lie ripples on a pond, rocking the whole Rage family. Let’s hear from the Brown Girls and see how they feel.

Browne Girls

[Fade in: The Brown Girls are left standing alone in the remnants of Medusa’s locker room. GDWA reporter Annette Amoah tries to get a word with them.]

Annette: Girls, you’ve just lost your manager! This must be a terrible setback for the Brown Girls right now.

Indigo: Setback? Look, this isn’t about us. It’s about the things Medusa’s had to go through. Stuff that you don’t realize even went on. Medusa has paid countless prices, made all the sacrifices for us all. And at the end of it, she’s the one who’s suffering. I can’t stand to see her like that.

Marissa: Y’all know who brought this on, right. It all started with them damn Hyena Queens. It started there with the insults, the racial names, the ugly jokes. Stuff like that hits ‘dusa where she lives. She takes it personal. Then Dementia went and pushed it over the line with that island primate crack. You know, that’s your fault. I didn’t hear nobody say a word about that, but y’all all jumped on ‘dusa when she said she’d beat Order’s ass yellower. Now who knows what’ll happen. Shadoe’s out looking for her. Maybe he can through to her.

Annette: But what does this mean for the Brown Girls? This is an important time for you. You know you were signed to that match against Monica and Allison, the newest GDWA tag-team for a shot at the tiles at Fall Moonsault.

Marissa: (rolling her eyes and holding up a palm) Psssh, please. Talk to the hand, all right, because those two little southern bells don’t know what they in for. How the hell they think they gonna get over on us? Little girls, go back to playin’ with your dolls and such. We ain’t havin’ it. The Queens are ours. And we gonna bust you up and spit you out by the time we get done.

Indigo: Annette, that team just wants to get glory. We’ve already had that. What we want … what we need is respect. You see, the Hyena Queens disrespected us. The Otonashis disrespected us. We aren’t about to let that happen. No, we’re going to humble the Hyena Queens. We’re going to make them crawl to us and apologies for all that venom and ugliness they spewed all over the place. I promise you. The Brown Girls are headed straight to the top. Whoosh!!!

Marissa: Now cut the camera off. And get out. We’ve got other things to think about.

Annette: Thank you for agreeing to see me.

Indigo: I wish the timing could have been better.

[Fade out]

Rod: Brown Girls getting the Hyena Queens right in their sights. This suspension might be the best thing that happened for them. Now instead of Medusa interfering in their matches, they will truly have to win on their own. Now the fans will have a reason to cheer them.

Razor: As I’ve said before, the moment the fans rush the ring and club someone’s opponent unconscious to give them the win, then I’ll admit it’s useful to have the fans cheering you. Until then, to hell with them. The Brown Girls can’t take the Hyena Queens, not right now. Once they get a few more matches in and Marissa settles into the team, then maybe.

Nina: Another team that the Brown Girls were talking about are Allison Wren and Monika Frank, new comers to the GDWA but not to wrestling!

Allison Wren & Monika Frank

(The camera opens on Allison Wren and Monika Frank, sitting on the steps of a huge building. They are without the championship belts they own.)

Allison: Wow, hon. Looks like we got pretty popular pretty quickly.

Monika: That’s nothing new. It’s like that wherever we go.

Allison: As you can see, we’ve left the IPW behind us. No IPW belts around our waists. No IPW logo T-shirts. We’re starting all over.

Monika: Of course, that means that we’re making all new friends. Like the Browne Girls, for example. Looks like we get our first big match at the Fall Moonsault, and if we win it, well, we’re in our first GDWA title match right off the bat.

Allison: I guess reputation has its perks. (She shrugs.) But we don’t want to go into it cold. I see that the High Flying Dolls or whatever challenged us for that night.

Monika: Yeah, I suppose we should, I don’t know, DEBUT or something before the PPV.

Allison: Okay, High Flying Dolls, how’s about you and us, next week, no stipulations or any crap like that? Just two teams in the ring. We need to work off a little of the rust.

Monika: Oh, and when you get the snot kicked out of you, no hard feelings, huh? We’re just trying to make a good first impression. (She grins.)

Allison: Oh, one more thing before I forget–Hey, Kingpin. Quit calling us, huh? We’re not interested. You’re a singles manager. We need someone who’ll look out for US, you know?

Monika: Besides, Savannah hates your guts. (She grins again.)

Allison: Okay, honey, that’s it. You can turn that camera off now. All that talking bores me.

Monika: Me too…let’s get to the wrestling, for Heaven’s sake…

(Camera fades to black.)

Razor: We’ll see how good this team really is. The High Flying Dolls are hardly an elite team, so if Tweety Wren and her partner Frank can’t get the win, we’ll know they are pretenders.

Rod: With recent rash of outside interference and now stipulation matches that ban everyone from ringside, it’s nice to see someone who comes in and says ‘Let’s wrestle’!

Nina: Well, this week’s edition of the MVP is finally winding down, but before we go, let’s hear one last time from Sierra Browne.

Sierra Browne

[Fade in:

“Brown Girl in the Ring” plays over a montage of Sierra clips. The screen flashes scenes of her defeating Lady Tiger, outbrawling Miko Azai, escaping defeat at the hands of Ma Porter. The tape cuts to Sierra clutching her shattered face mask, zooming in on the burns and bruises. The scene then switches to Sierra standing triumphantly, holding her Great Western Heritage title up high. Fade into Sierra.

Sierra Browne is draped in a gold gown with a matching scarf wrapped round her head and sunglasses. She smiles brightly into the camera through gold-hued lips. There’s a faint gold sheen to her skin. The Great Western Heritage championship belt is draped over her shoulder.]

Sierra: GDWA, this is my plea for recognition. No one has worked harder over the past month than me. Defending my belt no less than three times against a top contender, a psychopath and her attack dog and the strongest, most intelligent woman in our sport. And I survived. I survived fire. I survived beatings. I wrestled hurt and now I stand on the verge of being the first GDWA wrestler to hold two titles. I tell you, I ask for recognition. I’m asking to be named Wrestler of the Month.

[Sierra smiles]

Sierra: You must be saying ‘how arrogant of her’ and you’re right. I am arrogant to an extent. I crave recognition. I crave glory. I do. I won’t lie. But I have been fighting for the GDWA. I have been fighting to make my own identity. I have been fighting to clear my own space in the ring. And I think my performance speaks for itself. Unlike some of the other champions in the GDWA I try not to concentrate on just winning. I try not to concentrate on just being a champion. Every match out there I’m breaking my head. Every match out there I’m getting hurt. I’m taking chances. I’m trying to show the world exactly what this girl can do. And I’m tired of being considered nothing more than Medusa sidekick. Just fed up. I’ve outshined her. I’ve surpassed her. This is my time to shine. I hope you can appreciate that desire. And I promise you that I’ll keep doing what I have to for you out there in the GDWA. I promise you I’ll live and die by that motto “Anybody. Anytime. Anywhere.” Bright stars burn fast, burn hot. Maybe they burn out, but I will do everything I can. I will break every bone, take every chance necessary to represent the GDWA with flair, with class, with athleticism and with talent. This is all for you. This is all for the glory of the GDWA.

[She bows to the camera humbly as it fades to black.]

Nina: This brings up an interesting question. Who -ARE- the top contenders for wrestler of the month?

Rod: I think Sierra presented a strong case for herself.

Razor: but Micki Duran’s case is even stronger. Defeating Medusa Rage, then very nearly winning the GDWA world title from Dementia. Duran has been red hot against top competition.

Rod: Keiko Mita has also been hot, scoring a big upset on the way to the finals of the Cruiserweight tournament while her feud with Bloody Mary has sizzled.

Razor: Bloody Mary, if she beats Lady Tiger, also has had a great month. Nearly putting Mita out of wrestling. Unlike past months, I don’t think there is a clear-cut winner by any means.

Rod: I think a lot of votes might be swayed by this upcoming card and the following match between Sierra Browne and Keiko Mita.

Nina: Well, that’s it for this week’s MVP, sorry for going so over time, but the wrestlers just had -SO- much to say this week. For Rod Harrison and Razor Tsuruta, this is Nina LaRoux wishing you all a good night.


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