Incomplete Card: Promos from Dementia Praecox, Kieko Mita, Medusa Rage and more.

Dementia Praecox

(Fade in on a shot of Madame Hecate in an empty shower room. She is wearing her black clothes and scarves, and crouching down looking up at a nozzle. Her voice echoes due to the acoustics.)

Hecate: Ah yes! I remember the very first time I tried to subdue Dementia by dousing her in cold water. Needless to say, it didn’t work. She smashed every mirror and ceramic tile in the room, and asked for a towel, as if nothing at all had happened. I am glad that a good dousing managed to subdue you, though, Medusa Rage. Clearly, your *Rage* is not as intense as you would profess. (Pause, Hecate straightens up) You have been around this business for a very long time. Certainly, you have been called worse names than an island primate. I must conclude that the truth of that assessment struck a nerve. Either that, or you are feigning indignation in order to parlay your actions into a title shot. Your outburst was much like one Dementia might have. Does that mean Dementia must now start acting more like you? Must she appear ten times on every MVP and Tease? Must she appear on the Styles segment every other week? (Pause) Your antics last week amused me. At the time, I remember wondering what I could do if ever I got a chance to train you. Then I remembered, you in fact, *are* a primate, and the only training I could do would involve roller skates, plastic hoops and bananas. Getting yourself suspended was not the most expedient way to get a title shot, monkey-woman. However, because I am in the business of helping to conquer madness, I will be charitable. Dementia Praecox will challenge any single member of your Age of Rage organization to a match next week. Just sign someone’s name to the contract, and Praecox will be there. Perhaps, Medusa, you will be able to overcome your so-called rage vicariously, through the actions of one of your fellow chimpanzees. But it is far more likely that Dementia will feast that night on monkey brains. And Micki Duran, you are no longer anything but an afterthought. You, as the young ones are inclined to say nowadays, suck. Step aside for real wrestlers. Rages, I expect to hear from you shortly. (Fade out)

(The scene is the Pittsburgh Civic Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The camera view starts with a distance view of the ring, showing three people sitting behind a desk, a wall of monitors behind them. Then the camera angle starts circling and moving inward as Atomic Dog by Parliament, the GDWA theme music begins the play. Finally the camera stops, showing two women and one man. The woman in the middle has cafe au lait skin and blond hair, wearing a blue blazer with the GDWA logo on the right side. The man wears wire rim glasses and a matching blazer. The other woman is Asian, her hair dyed ice blue, wearing street style leathers in black and ice blue.)

Nina: Welcome to another stunning edition of the MVP! Featuring not only all the news that’s fit to show, but also a few things that probably would have gotten us arrested if the CDA had not been overturned. Yay! We have Hotline News from Sonya Blade this week, as well as a special announcement. But we decided to start the week off with that special challenge by the manager of Dementia Praecox. Joining me as usual are Razor Tsuruta and Rod Harrison.

Rod: Interesting timing for the challenge. It’ll also be interesting to see who accepts it. Medusa can’t. In fact, Medusa has said the Age of Rage is not an organization at all.

Razor: It’s a pretty easy choice, really. No tag wrestlers, they would be at a disadvantage. No Medusa, so Sierra Browne is the obvious choice. She and Medusa remain close, and Sierra wants all the gold she can get! Can’t you just see her wanting to have three belts all at once, even if the W.H. title would have to go up in a tournament again afterwards?

Rod: Maybe, Sierra just has one belt right now, though. She has a tough fight ahead to even get the chance at three belts.

Nina: Now the real question! Last week we saw Medusa in a rage, excuse the pun, then confronted in a shower by the mysterious Shadoe Rage. What IS she up to this week? Let’s see!

Medusa Rage

[Fade in: July 1, Cascade, Trinidad, W.I.

Medusa Rage sits amidst the remains of an old tin-roofed hut on top of a rolling green hill. Large, expensive houses sit below it on the lip of the hill. She looks at the old, fallen house. Her eyes are sharp. Her hands clench and unclench into fists. The sun shines high overhead, but Medusa doesn’t notice it. She picks up a handful of earth, lets it fall through her fingers and glares sharply at her brother, Shadoe Rage who draws a square around the house. He looks cool in breezy walking shorts and sandals. He is bare-chested, the faint breeze tugging at his mane of wavy black hair.]

Medusa: Why did you make me come to this place?

Shadoe: (finishing the square design) Because this was the first ring you ever fought in. This is where you come from, ‘dusa. It’s always got to be where you came from. That’s the beginning and the end of us all.

Medusa: I didn’t live here long. Just a few years. Then I was out in these woods. Stealing mangoes for food from the people below.

Shadoe: Angela Mills, you still in there.

[Medusa jumps to her feet at the mention of that name.]

Medusa: My name is Medusa Rage. Don’t ever call me Angela. Don’t ever use the Mills name. [Her fists clench]

Shadoe: In every name there is power, Angela. You’re going to lose your head? You’re going to hit me because I spoke your first name? I have the power now, Angela. I can control you.

Medusa: No, you do not. You will not. I am Medusa Rage. Your father gave me that name. It is mine. I am a Rage before even you.

Shadoe: And you are Angela Mills, the daughter of who knows. They may be out there somewhere. They may be dead. What are they saying when they see you? What do they think about their daughter?

[Medusa turns away in disgust.]

Medusa: I’m sure they ain’t thinkin’ about me, Shadoe. I’m sure they ain’t. Look, Adrian was the only man who cared. He was the only one that ever saw any value in me.

Shadoe: And would he be happy with what he sees now?

Medusa: No. I’m undoing everything he worked for. Everything he gave up. Everything he sacrificed.

Shadoe: From bad beginnings come great endings, ‘dusa. You just gotta hold on to your faith. You gotta ignore the clock. You’ve got to focus the rage that’s inside you.

Medusa: That’s the lesson for today, master? Can we go?

Shadoe: Not until you make peace with this place. Not until you can look at it as nothing more than a beginning.

Medusa: Shadoe, it isn’t a beginning. I know it isn’t much, but I should have lived here. I should have lived here. I should have known this place. I should have known the people who lived here. The ones who ran away. The people that abandoned me.

Shadoe: You have a family. You have a father, a mother. You have us. You’re born a Rage, Medusa. Even if we don’t share the same chromosomes, the Rage is in your spirit.

Medusa: (kicking the ground) So why do I have to come here?

Shadoe: Because it’s where you started. You have to say goodbye to this place. You have to say it doesn’t exist. It doesn’t matter. You have to fight on this spot, Medusa. Conquer it.

Medusa: What? You watch too much damn … HEY!!!

[Shadoe leaps at her, slamming his shoulder into her hard and throwing her down to the ground. He raises his foot and makes to stomp her. Medusa catches the foot mid-air and twists away. She rolls up to her feet, mad.]

Medusa: I always knew you were crazy. What the hell are you thinking?

[Shadoe merely lashes out at her with a series of lightning quick kicks, flying into the air for a drop kick. Medusa blocks them all and sweeps his legs out of the air. She leaps on his back, wrestling his arm behind his back as she grabs his chin, twisting his head.]

Medusa: So, what, you’re the spirit of this place? You’re the one who is my nightmares? You’re not, Shadoe. You’re my brother. And you don’t belong here.

Shadoe: (powering to his feet) And neither do you, ‘dusa. Let this place go. What is it?

Medusa: Tin, rust, garbage. It’s an eyesore.

Shadoe: What power does it have?

Medusa: None. It’s just a bunch of rubble.

Shadoe: Then it shall not cause you stress to walk away from it. Who lived here?

Medusa: Angela Mills.

Shadoe: And who are you?

Medusa: Medusa Rage.

[Shadoe nods with approval. He stretches out his hand.]

Shadoe: We have more to revisit, Medusa. We’ll calm that fire in you. We’ll focus you yet.

[Fade out with Shadoe and Medusa walking down the hill towards the main road.]

Rod: I’m not so sure calming the fire in Medusa is a good thing for her. When she’s not been wrestling in a fury she’s seemed to lose, like against Order.

Razor: And then just a bit later she totally snapped. It’s a bad thing to totally lose control and mindless bash someone’s head in with a chair. You need to be totally on control while bashing with the chair. Excessive violence is fine as long as it’s done for a purpose.

Rod: That makes no sense!

Nina: Moving right on with the show, the big match this week has to be Sierra Browne and Keiko Mita for the GDWA Cruiserweight title. These two might not hate each other, but make no mistake, this match will be intense. Just listen to what Sierra Browne thinks!

Sierra Browne

[Fade in:

Sierra Browne sits in a chaise longue by the pool, wrapped up in a little gold robe and matching bikini. Her hair sparkles in the sunlight, looking wet and rich. Her skin is glowing a healthy brown as she soaks in the sun. She wears big gold sunglasses. In her left hand she idly twirls a cocktail of frozen pink lemonade. Her whole manner is relaxed and easy, lavish and luxurious. She leans back, lifting her sunglasses.]

Sierra: There’s nothing like getting back to the Caribbean for a few days rest and relaxation before a big match. Keiko Mita. I hope you’ve been rehabbing your knee. I want you as quick as you possibly can be.

[She takes a sip from her cocktail.]

Sierra: Oh, this is lovely. You really should try it. Now listen. Many people might think that I’m miffed at being passed over for wrestler of the month when I so clearly deserved it. Well, you’re right. I am. But I’ve got to tell you I’m not going to let it get to me that much. A dear sweet friend of mine discussed with me exactly what that meant to be passed over, to be considered second best. She sent me a tape of the NBA finals. I believe it was Game 5 in Utah. Michael Jordan, crippled with stomach ‘flu, tattooing the Jazz to the tune of 38 points even though he couldn’t stand and thoroughly outplaying everyone on the court. This dear sweet friend of mine reminded me that he didn’t get the MVP, either. But it didn’t matter. He simply went out an outplayed him. Keiko Mita, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. You proposed a challenge making this match not only for a Cruiserweight title, but for the Great Western Heritage title as well? You’ve got a deal. I still insist on the two referees, however. Mita, this Cruiserweight title tournament has been my coming out party. This was the tournament where I went through Officer Order, top-contender Lady Tiger and now you, the hardest-hitting little girl in the league. Mita, this tournament netted me respect. It netted me a championship. It gave me the spotlight. Hell, it even gave me a facial burn and some bruises. Do you think? Do you really think that when the stage lights go up and I’m the center of attention that I’m just going to bow down, that I’m going to lose to the wrestler of the month? No, I’m going to give you the performance of my life. I’m going to give everyone watching the performance of their life. Set your videorecorders for this one. Because this is it. This is the time I take over the league.

[Sierra adjusts herself, slipping out of the robe to sun herself. Her long, black body is unbelievably cut. There’s no fat on her. Faint scars from past wrestling matches leave dark scars on her skin.]

Sierra: Mita, I don’t think you understand what this is all about. I dropped weight to be in this tournament. I sacrificed everything I could. I even left my sister to do this. I’ve been watching you. We’re alike in some ways. You won’t quit. You won’t be outdone. You won’t let yourself be beaten. Daisy Butterfly should have eaten you for lunch. The same way Officer May Order was supposed to handle me easily. Well, you beat her didn’t you? The same way I caved in the back of Order’s skull. You have the hunger. You have the fire. That’s what I wanted against me in the finals. I remember a time back when Daisy Butterfly warned me not to anticipate meeting her in the finals because I wasn’t going to get past Lady Tiger. [She giggles.] Daisy’s skills are best suited for the mat. She is no prognosticator. Mita, I knew it be me and I hoped it would be you. Of all the Cruiserweights around I feel you are the only one that can really match me. The only one that can push me to my limits. Well, I beg you, Wrestler of the Month, push me. It’ll make it all the better when I put you down and out once and for all.

[Fade out]

Rod: This match is almost an irascible force meeting an immoveable object. Neither will quit in the ring.

Razor: And neither play nice like Daisy Butterfly or Double O. I expect both to end up injured from this match.

Nina: Considering both are already injured, a pretty safe bet. Keiko Mita was just voted the Wrestler of the Month in what some obviously consider an upset.

Razor: Sierra was certainly upset.

Nina: Let’s hear from the Kyoto Crippler!

Keiko Mita

[Scene opens showing a wrestling ring, Keiko Mita is standing in the middle of the ring, short black hair bound in a kamikaze headband. She’s dressed for wrestling, loose fitting black karate pants and black sports bra with silver katanas crossed over the chest. In her right hand is held a real katana, light gleaming along the polished blade.]

Keiko: The time is nearly upon us, Sierra Browne. Golden Girl v. Steel Samurai. I’ve heard your comments, ALL your comments. We respect each other, yes. I think we have both shown what the new wave of wrestlers can do. Not by rocketing to the top in a few short months. Not by beating every single wrestler we’ve faced. But by struggling and overcoming the odds. Neither of us started out with win after win. It’s taken hard work and dedication to get to this point. SO QUIT TALKING ABOUT -CARRYING- ME IN THE MATCH! We are going to have a great match because I can BEAT you, not because you and you alone will make it so! In Japan the mark of a great wrestler is not simply having great skill in wrestling. What sets the great ones apart is fighting spirit. The ability to overcome any odds and WIN! Yes, we will have a great match, Sierra. May the better woman win!

[Keiko slashes her katana through the air in a fast figure eight pattern, steel flashing in the light before she hisses…]

Keiko: Bloody Mary, I was disappointed. Did one simple talk disrupt your concentration so badly? I did not see the same fighting spirit in you when you faced Lady Tiger that I’ve seen when we were in the ring together. You held back. You never fully committed yourself to the battle. Focus yourself, girl. I will be disappointed if we meet again and you are just a shell of your former self, spirit broken by the Kyoto Crippler.

[Keiko lifts the katana, stabbing the point at the camera to emphasis her words, then letting the point fall as an uncharacteristic smile brightens her face.]

Keiko: And last, I found out about something special and unexpected this week. Something I never even considered. -I- won Wrestler of the Month? I was voted by the fans and the wrestlers Wrestler of the Month? I never expected such an honor, certainly not so soon. All I’ve ever done is try my best without worrying about what people think of me. This is a thrill I did not expect to feel. I can only say thanks to you all. I have a speech coming up to accept this award, during that speech I’ll have a big announcement, a new force is coming to GDWA. This last month was just the beginning of what you will see from Keiko Mita!

[Keiko smiles, holding up her katana in a salute as the scene fades.]

Rod: A little more humility from Mita, no wonder week after weeks she’s been getting more cheers. I wonder what this big announcement is though…

Razor: Who cares, Mita was still damned lucky to get wrestler of the month. Micki Duran beat Medusa Rage TWICE, then beat Dementia Praecox. Maybe Micki needs to take a page out of Sierra’s book and advertise herself more.

Nina: Well, ‘The Legend’ has certainly had a lot more to say the past few weeks, let’s hear from the GDWA Internet Champ.

Micki Duran

(Camera comes up on Micki Duran, sitting in her weight room. She is seated at a military press bar, pumping out reps. She stops, looks at the camera, and smiles.)

Micki: So Allen Bishop thinks I’m insecure…you know what? *censored* Allan Bishop. You don’t mean *censored* to me. I’m not insecure. It just seems to me that Dementia talks an awful lot of *censored* for someone who’s ended up on her back against me on two separate occasions now. I just wanted to point out to her the….error of her ways.

(She smiles.)

Dementia, you CAN’T beat me, and you know it, and that’s why you’re enlisting help from everyone you can think of in developing your strategy against me. But all of the help in the world never helps you, does it? The first time you met me, you lost your belt. The second time you met me, you were THIS close to losing another belt, if it wasn’t for Medusa. You just can’t beat me. Period. But what you’re doing is pissing me off, and you don’t want me pissed off when I get to the ring. See, unlike you, I don’t get pissed and make mistakes. I get pissed and get ruthless. You’re a piece of *censored*, you’re a dumb ass, and you are the worst champion in the history of this league. You’re boring, you’re an idiot, and you can’t wrestle to save your fat ass life.

(She tosses her hair.)

But all of that’s about to change. We’re about to get a real champion back into that title. Dementia, I guarantee that the next time you step into the ring with me, which will be REAL soon, you won’t walk out with that belt.

(She laughs.)

Hell, you won’t WALK out at all.

(She slits her throat with her thumb.)

Game over, Dementia. You lose.

(The camera fades to black.)

***I believe there is probably more to this card***


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