The GDWA Championship is on the line as Big Ma Porter challenges Medusa Rage

Scene opens up on a jam packed Pittsburgh Civic Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There are 36,322 screaming fans in attendance. “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance presents…

GDWA Primetime                                             

(Fans all screaming & waving signs as the camera pans around the arena. Ringsiders wave signs like “Quote the Legend, Nevermore!”, “3-Peat!”, “SYN 4 Life!” and “Mita fears Medusa!!” The camera then pans back over to ringside where a tall Canadian white male sits beside a robust Creole man with a beer in his hand.)

Bishop: Fans, this may be the most crucial, the most anticipated, and the most pivotal House Show in GDWA history. And no, my name is NOT Tony Shiavone….

Mutt: And I ain’t the Brain!

Bishop: That is self-evident. Fans, welcome to the GDWA’s one and only PRIMETIME THEATER OF PAIN! We are live in the heartland of the nation’s hardcore wrestling fans here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is the House Show that will dictate the upcoming events at our pay per view extravaganza….. Founder’s Day Tradition II.

Mutt: Make no doubt about it, tonight will pretty much determine who’s gonna be the major players at FDT II. Last week we saw Daisy Butterfly defend her Intercontinental title to advance to the finals of the Demonica Endurance Challenge tournament. And now, tonight, we find out who will be in the Semifinals next week.

Bishop: First off tonight, Lady Tiger challenges for the International Cruiserweight title against champion ‘Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne in a ladder match no less.

Mutt: That’s right, Bishop! Both ladies are injured, and both ladies will give it their all for that belt.

Bishop: Following that match, ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda attempts to do the impossible. She will defend the Western Heritage title twice tonight. First, against the Sierra the Cruiserweight champ! And then, later in the night, if she survives, she faces the dirty Russian ‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx.

Mutt: 2 referees…one inside the ring, and then a special enforcer outside of the ring. And that’s none other than the FORMER Western Heritage Champion “Kyoto Crippler” Keiko Mita!

Bishop: And how about these apples…’Legend’ Micki Duran attempts to upset the talk of the wrestling world, ‘Ultima’ Sarah Summers in the DEC tournament.

Mutt: Fagetabout-it! The winner will face the Western Heritage Champion next week in the Sudden Death Semifinals, and in this commentator’s opinion, she will BE the Western Heritage champ! Duran and Sarah are the hottest items in the wrestling world today…and I don’t care if it’s Nikita, Sierra or Radhi…the winner of the DEC match tonight will be walking into FDT II as the last Western Heritage champion…

Bishop: And in the main event…the rematch of all rematches! World Heavyweight Champion MEDUSA RAGE defends her title against the woman she defeated for the belt…OFFICER MAY ORDER!

Mutt: What is it like to be under pressure? Order is falling out with the GDWA administration…Medusa has to hold onto the belt in order to make it to FDT. You talk about pressure, ‘Dusa shoulda never signed _THIS_ match so close to the pay per view. Batten down the hatches, cause it’s gonna be a hell of a fight.

Bishop: This is gonna be a historic night of professional wrestling.

Mutt: Well, Alison De La Cruz is in the ring, and we start off the night with the Wrestler of the Year award ceremony.

(Fans all whistling as a spotlight shines on Alison De La Cruz, GDWA Vice President. Alison wears a peach split leg skirt with a ruffle sleeved blouse. She stands before a trophy as she lifts a mic toward her lips.)

De La Cruz: Old time GDWA fans know that once every year the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance recognizes one individual who has surpassed all others in her success. We recognize that one wrestler who, over the span of 365 days and countless matches, has consistently been the paragon of what we all stand for in this company. Fans, this year, I am pleased to present this award to your current Intercontinental champion….Daisy Butterfly.

Daisy Butterfly

(“Superstition” by Stevie Wonder plays, the crowd booing loudly as fireworks shoot from the ring corners. Daisy steps out, wearing sunglasses and a pair of baggy overalls over a tight-fitting Pittsburgh Penguins t-shirt. The GDWA I-Title is around her waist. She pulls on the ring ropes before stepping through them and eyes her award as her small faction of fans cheer just loud enough to pierce the droning boos)

Daisy: Before I accept this award…ladies and gentlemen, PLEASE! Show some respect to the man whose house we’re in tonight and QUIT CALLING ME “FRANCHISE!!”

(HUGE cheers from the crowd! A cheer starts up for Shane Douglas)

Daisy: Pittsburgh…I love you. Like the Franchise said, this is the only damn city in America where the wrestling fans have any taste!

(Daisy smiles and claps as the fans cheer for themselves)

Daisy: Now, Pittsburgh, ’cause I like you so much, we’re gonna start something new here. If I have any fans here tonight, MAKE SOME NOISE!!

(**H U G E** mixed pop…it almost sounds as if half the crowd supports Daisy)

Daisy: Good, keep it up and I might move out here. Here’s what we gotta do…when I do this…

(Daisy leans out to the crowd, microphone extended and pulls it back in)

Daisy: …you testify. You tell the whole world what they already know. You give up a “Yes Miss Daisy” and we drive the point home together. Got it?

(Daisy leans out and the crowd yells “YES MISS DAISY!!”)

Daisy: Yeeaaaah, that’s what I’m talking about! Now…

(Daisy turns and looks at Alison De La Cruz and the trophy)

Daisy: Oh, what? (Sarcastic and childlike) Is that for me?

(Parts of the crowd yell “YES MISS DAISY” without a cue, which makes Daisy laugh)

Alison De La Cruz: (dryly) Daisy Butterfly, you are the GDWA Wrestler of the Year. Congratulations.

(Daisy picks the trophy out of Alison’s hands, barely acknowledging that she’s there, and hoists it up in the air)

Daisy: I’d like to point out…the only other recipient of this award in GDWA is also the only other woman to hold the Ironwoman distinction with me. If you would, if you could…a small round of applause for my very very very good friend Andrea Chandler!

(Daisy gets a sizeable portion of the crowd to give up a clap for Andrea. She puts the trophy down)

Daisy: Now…I don’t mean to boast or brag, but an athlete of MY caliber comes once in a generation. And hell, if I’m here, that means I’m the one for my generation, right?

(A softer “YES MISS DAISY”)

Daisy: (strutting and motioning with her hands as she talks) So…tell…me…WHY…S I E R R A B R O W N E…

(Big mixed pop)

Daisy: …thinks she’s anything NEAR what I am?


Daisy: Sierra, girl…if YOU were the original “Showstopper-Main Eventer” and not just trying to play ME every time you step out on TV…you just might be out here with this Wrestler of the Year award.

(Daisy sighs as the crowd yells “YES MISS DAISY”)

Daisy: Now, see, I was ready to let you slide after I got my belt back. You’re persona non grata, dear. But you…YOU HAD TO COME OUT and SAY that I stole your schtick?? Girl, the facts…who was the no-accounting little wannabe superstar who cried because the fan’s just didn’t like her? Was it Sierra Browne?


Daisy: And what dictated your bad girl behavior? You became a…”heel” …because you weren’t getting the cheers in the first place. You had no fans. Did I have fans?


Daisy: Do I have fans?


Daisy: And, Sierra…you had your glory days with the Ms. Jack Johnson tag. Now you just seem to wanna sit back and re-live ’em vicariously through me. I got news for you, “Jack.” I’m nothing near you or Jack Johnson. I’m not out here calling myself Miss General Togo and trying to incite a race war for cheap heat. In case you haven’t been watching lately…

(Daisy smiles)

Daisy: …I’ve been using my tits and ass for the cheap heat. Can I get a witness?


Daisy: Keep ego-tripping, Sierra. Maybe one day, you might just be the Show. But……NOT while I’m here…LOVE YA PITTSBURGH!!!

(Daisy drops the mic as “Superstition” plays, a big mixed cheer as she leaves with the WOTY Award held high in the air)

Mutt: Oh boy, I’m sure Sierra Browne’s gonna have something to say about this.

Bishop: No doubt. Without a doubt, tonight is the night we show why GDWA is number 1. Fans, we go to Spud McKenzie for the introductions…

[Fans all cheering as Spud McKenzie enters the ring. He’s wearing a black blazer and slacks with a red striped tie. He stands in the middle of the ring waiting as the fans settle down.]

Spud: Wrestling fans, welcome to the GDWA’s one and only….. ” P R I M E – T I M E T H E A T E R *O F* P A I N “

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Spud: There is no undercard tonight! There are no preliminary match ups…Tonight, all the major stars are on hand, the rulebreakers, the fan favorites…and you have Keiko Mita as special guest referee…

(Fans all cheering as a sea of Silver Foam Katanas wave before the camera. Whistles spring forth from the Dawg Pound as Spud McKenzie paces around the ring.)

Spud: Who could ask for anything more? The greatest superstars in the sport will showcase their talents for all that their worth. And Spud McKenzie is the _only_ man to prepare you for tonight. I have so many admirers, I am very often emulated but never ever duplicated…

(Pittsburgh fans chant: “Queen-Pin!” “Queen-Pin!” “Queen-Pin!” as Spud takes a step back, shocked, by the response. He encouragingly leads them on and waves his arms. He smiles as ringsiders clap and cheer.)

Spud: . . . On behalf of the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance, I have but one question to ask you….

(Fans P O P : A R E Y O U R E A D Y !!)

Spud: That’s right, I’m asking…. A r e Y o u R e a d y!?

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!)

Spud: What? L O U D E R! . . . . . . I said ARE YOU READY?!?!?!?!?!

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Spud: Then Let’s Get Rrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrumble!!!

(Fans cheer as horns go off & Spud McKenzie stands poised in the ring. He pulls out some cue cards from his vest and glances around the arena as fans roar & a sea of signs shoot back up into the camera’s purview.)

Spud: Wrestling fans, our first contest tonight is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit… and it is a Ladder Match for the International Cruiserweight championship…

Bishop: Before we get to Tiger’s introductions, let’s hear some words from her backstage.

Lady Tiger

Tiger: Charlotte . . .

Charlotte: Huh? What’s up, kitten?

Tiger: I think I gotta go to the little ladies room . . .

Charlotte: NOW?!?! We’re on in two minutes!

Tiger: But my tummy!! It feels weird!!

Charlotte: Your tummy? (Laughing) OH! Don’t worry! It’s perfectly natural!

Tiger: It is?

Charlotte: Sure it is!! I used to feel that way whenever I stepped in for a big match too!!

Tiger: You . . . you did?

Charlotte: Of course! It’s . . . it’s anticipation! It’s excitement! The thrill! This, Tiger, is why we do what we do!

Tiger: It is?? (Thinks for a moment, then nods enthusiastically) Yeah! Yeah! It is!! Hehe, thanks Charlotte!!

Charlotte: No problem, kitten! Now, let’s go out there, show them that Sierra isn’t the only person who “gives the people what they want”. Tonight, it’s *our* turn to give them what they want!

Tiger (confused): Huh? What do they want, Charlotte?

Charlotte (muffing up Tiger’s hair): Why, a new cruiserweight champion, of course!

Tiger (with a laugh): GRRRRR!!!!!

Lady Tiger vs. Sierra Browne

(**BIG POP** as fans hear “the William Tell Overture”)

Spud: Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by her manager, GDWA Hall of Famer Charlotte La Mancha…

(Moderate pop as Charlotte La Mancha walks through the curtain, and waits for her charge.)

Spud: Hailing from Bordeaux, France. She is 5 feet 6 inches, 127 pounds, here is ‘La Belle Tigre’ Lady Tiger!!!

(Dawg Pound does the wave as Lady Tiger bursts through the curtain and does a forward roll. She heads down ringside beside Charlotte slapping hands with fans. Tiger wears black and orange striped Olympic style gear with a furry tiger mask. Ringside kids wave “Tiger Tails” as she passes by.)

Bishop: LT so hungry for the belt. She has enormous pressure on her. If she defeats Sierra, she gets a first place ticket to FDT II

Mutt: No doubt, but this won’t be the contest their first match up was. Remember, Tiger and Sierra are injured. Tiger has that injury to her wrist. And Browne is wrestling on a bad wheel.

Bishop: Sierra has the most pressure of anyone on this card. Win, lose or draw, she faces ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda for the Western Heritage title later on tonight. If she wins, she faces Nikita Marx as well.

Mutt: Founder’s Day Tradition II will be determined tonight. Will Browne walk into that “Ace Crusher” match against Micki Duran as champion or former champ?

Spud: And her opponent, accompanied to ringside by her manager Dalbello Rage! Hailing from Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. She is 5 feet 10 inches, 130 pounds, here is the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance INTERNATIONAL CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION…’Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne!

[Puff Daddy’s pulsing remix for “Can’t Nobody Hold me Down” pumps over the PA system. As the beat warms up and the drums pound, the curtains part and Sierra Browne emerges, dressed in gold spandex hot pants and halter top. She raises her Cruiserweight title to the air as the fans begin to rain down a hot mixed pop for her. Sierra drinks in the crowd response as a “Sierra Sucks!” chant goes up at the same time the Dawg Pound starts a chant of “3!” Sierra stops midway down the aisle and pauses as Dalbello Rage steps through the curtains to, surprisingly, a huge pop, proving the crowd is really hot tonight. Both wrestlers stare at each other, drop to their knees and point at each other in mutual adoration. Dalbello is dressed in a breezy bell-bottomed jumpsuit, exposing her sculpted arms and chiseled physique. She rises first, leading the ‘Golden Girl’ the rest of the way to the ring, parting the ropes for her as Sierra slips through. Sierra twirls for the audience, dropping down into an Elvis pose, bowing her head and holding her arms out for adulation as the fireworks explode in the ring. The mixed response gets even hotter as Dalbello tosses Sierra a microphone.]

Sierra: Well, that entrance is going to be the longest thing about this presentation, I promise. I know you want to see action, right? Right?

[She draws the cheap heat easily.]

Sierra: But before we bring the ladder out here and Lady Tiger and I risk life and limb to entertain you the best way we can, I just want to thank all of you who made me the second most nominated wrestler for the wrestler of the Year award which was won by Daisy. You make it all possible. Thank you for tuning in and watching my show. I really appreciate it. I really, really do. My knee is a bit stiff today so I might miss a move or two that normally I’d stick, but you’ve got to understand the pressure I’m under, right? It isn’t easy performing like this all the time.

[The ‘Sierra Sucks’ chant reaches its loudest.]

Sierra: I’d just like to say to Daisy, that, as much as you may be wrestler of the Year, don’t forget who made you. That was me.

[The “3!” chant grows louder now. Sierra nods her head, pointing to her chest.]

Sierra: Oh yes, Daisy. It was me who pushed you down that road. It was me who made you reinvent ‘the Franchise’ and it’s going to be me who outwrestles both Radhi Ananda and Nikita Marx in one night to win the Western Heritage title for the second time and reigns supreme over all the competition by triple crowning one more time.

[The “Sierra Sucks” chant swells now.]

Sierra: Oh yeah, it’s all for you out there! I love you no matter what you think of me. So let’s bring out the ladder and I can keep busy killing myself.

[The “3!” chant is deafening.]

Bishop: Officials have brought out the ladder to the middle of the aisle. And Lady Tiger with some last minute comments with her manager. This is gonna be an awesome kick off to the night.

Mutt: We only have one ref?

Bishop: The ref going over the rules…and here we go.


Bishop: Both women encircling one another, and a Collar and Elbow tie up, and Sierra nailing away with European Uppercuts. Sierra immediately firing away, and Tiger backing into the ropes.

Mutt: Sierra with Kickboxing blows to the head of Tiger, and Tiger down on the canvas. And now Sierra with an Elbowdrop to the arm and applies a Wristlock.

Bishop: Browne slapping that bandaged wrist against the canvas, and she does a forward roll to escape. And now Sierra up to her feet as Tiger jumps up to the middle rope, backflip off…

Mutt: And Sierra Browne with a Short arm Clothesline!

(Fans all POP as LT hits the canvas!!!!)

Mutt: Sierra with a pickup and slaps on a frontface lock…but Tiger countering out with a Wristlock, jumps up, and DROPKICKS SIERRA IN THE SIDE OF THE HEAD!

(Fans all CHEER.)

Bishop: Browne back up and Tiger with a boot to the middle and now an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Tiger following as Sierra Springboards off and Tiger forward rolls out of the way.

Mutt: Both women back up and Tiger with a volley of kicks to the knees of Sierra. And that’s Browne’s injured area from their last match up. Sierra stumbling back into the ropes and Tiger with a Thrust Kick!

Bishop: Sierra flies up and over the top!

(Fans all scream as Lady Tiger runs to the far ropes.)

Mutt: Dalbello Rage screaming at Sierra who rises up to her feet and…


(Fans ~~all~~ pop as both women hit the floor!)

Mutt: Dalbello nervously looking around the arena as Tiger gets to her feet. She suspects some Syndicate action I bet.

Bishop: Tiger in the jungle as she climbs up to the ring apron, waiting on Sierra. Browne turning around and LADY TIGER WITH A FLYING HEADSCISSORS!!!!

(Fans all pop while Lady Tiger points up to the dangling title belt!)

Bishop: And now Lady Tiger heading up the aisle to grab the ladder.

Mutt: It’s smart of Tiger to go after the leg since Sierra is injured, but will that distract her from the most punishing maneuver in her arsenal, the Longbow?

Bishop: Sierra slow to rise and Tiger has the ladder. She’s heading down the aisle as Sierra looks on worriedly. Sierra Browne grabbing a steel chair and opening it up in front of her.

Mutt: Sierra with a head of steam as Tiger nears…leaps off from the steel chair and DROPKICKS THE LADDER INTO TIGER’S HEAD!!!!

(Fans all groan as Lady Tiger crumbles to the floor.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Sierra favoring that left leg as she picks up the ladder and opens it up on the floor. Sierra with a pickup and props Tiger up on the fourth rung.

Mutt: Sierra climbing up the ladder, and slaps on a Waistlock…. but Tiger backflipping out of it, slaps on her own Waistlock and

Bishop: EXECUTES A BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX!!!! . . . . Oh my!!

(Fans all screaming as both women lay on the floor.)

Mutt: Browne on the floor clutching her lower back and Tiger on the floor grabbing the back of her head. What an idiot.

Bishop: Tiger is dazed as she slowly gets to her feet. She’s heading over to the steel chair?

Mutt: Tiger has mastered the art of invention. Tiger with the chair and coming back over to Browne…and traps her ankle into the steel.

Bishop: Tiger with a single leg pick up as she climbs up the ladder and . . . JUMPS OFF AND DROPKICKS HER LEG INTO THE RING FLOOR!!!

(Fans all E^R^U^P^T as Sierra Browne cries out in pain!)

Mutt: Tiger has command of this match up, but she’s clutching her wrist. She’s not too smart Bishop.

Bishop: Just to execute those moves one has to be a little nutty. Tiger on the floor hurt as Browne struggles to get her leg loose from the chair.

(Fans still whistle and cheer as both ladies begin to stir.)

Bishop: Charlotte and Dalbello moving around to offer some advice. Tiger up first as she picks up Browne. Frontface lock and she hooks the leg…Fisherman’s Suplex!

(Fans applaud as Sierra Browne clutches her chair-hooked leg.)

Mutt: Tiger needs to take this to the ring. I think this is a mistake.

Bishop: Tiger with a Single Leg pick up, and dragging her toward the guard railing. Tiger running, Springboards off and *executes* a Flying Rolling Legsnap!

(Fans all groan and pop as Sierra Browne writhes around in pain.)

Mutt: Tiger now, slow to her feet as she clutches her wrist, and she’s heading for the ring!

(Fans all groan as Dalbello Rage removes the chair from Browne’s leg.)

Bishop: Tiger tossing the ladder over the ropes, and now she climbs into ring. Dalbello ushering Sierra Browne along who is noticeably limping. That injury isn’t getting a whole lot better from this match.

(Charlotte leads cheers of: Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! )

Mutt: Tiger propping up the ladder in the middle of the ring as she hears the call of the fans. She points to the Dawg Pound as she begins to climb up.

Bishop: But Sierra climbing the turnbuckles. And she’s up high and leaps off….CATCHES TIGER WITH A SIDE HEADLOCK….FLYING BULLDOG!!!

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Mutt: Browne with that desperation move as she flew off the top. She’s clutching her knee now as Dalbello cries out for her to get off the mat.

Bishop: Sierra up to her feet, and now a straddling Armbar. Tiger slapping the champion’s thigh and cuts the left leg from under her!

(Fans all whistling as Browne crumbles to the mat.)

Mutt: Lady Tiger struggling as she gets to her feet, and now she falls into the ropes dazed.

Bishop: Browne up again and lurching into Tiger with a European Uppercut. And another! And another! Now Browne with an Armdrag as she runs for the ropes, jumps up, and STUN GUNS IT!

(Fans all groan: “Ohhhhhhhh!”)

Mutt: Sierra Browne catapulting herself to the top rope, flies off as Tiger gets to her feet….SPINNING DDT!


Mutt: Sierra focusing on that neck. And now a pick up as Sierra Underhooks the left arm…

Bishop: But can’t get the right arm. Tiger scooping up Browne across her shoulders and picks up a head of steam, but Browne twirls around Tiger’s head…

Mutt: But Tiger drops her down for an Inverted Atomic Drop…

Bishop: But Browne hurtling forward with a Lariat…

Mutt: Ducked by Tiger who falls back and Monkey Flips Browne to the canvas. Both women back up and Tiger with a Leg strike to the back of Browne’s knee.

Bishop: Tiger now, running to the ladder, and climbing up to top…

Mutt: No, Tiger ignoring Charlotte as she Moonsaults off…AND BROWNE ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!

(Fans all groan as Tiger rolls around the canvas.)

Bishop: Browne slow to her feet, and dragging Tiger by the back of her mask. She tosses Tiger into the middle rung and SUPERKICKS HER HEAD INTO THE LADDER!

(Fans ALL BOO!)

Mutt: Browne moving in with a noticeable limp. A front face lock and hoists up Tiger….AND SUPLEXES HER _ONTO_ THE LADDER!

(Fans all booing as Lady Tiger cringes.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Sierra climbing through the ropes and now up the turnbuckles. Sierra measuring Tiger who’s laid out on the ladder. Browne flying off the top….

Mutt: >HITS< the Splash!

Mutt: …But Tiger drew up the knees!!

(Dawg Pound roars as Sierra Browne clutches her ribs.)

Bishop: Tiger slow to her feet as nails away with Kick Volleys to the head! Sierra with a black eye as Tiger punishes her.

Mutt: Tiger with a single leg pick up and slaps on a Dragon Screw Leg Whip! Sierra writhing on the canvas in pain!!

(Fans all applauding as Sierra tears up.)

Mutt: Dalbello Rage up on the ring apron, and the ref coming over to knock her off…and Lady Tiger running over to chastise Rage. What an idiot.

Bishop: Browne slow to her feet, and hobbling up behind Tiger… and NAILS DALBELLO WITH A DOUBLE AXE HANDLE TO THE HEAD!

(Fans all CHEERING as Lady Tiger dives out of the way.)

Mutt: Tiger catapulting herself out to the ring apron and NAILS SIERRA IN THE LEG WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE!!!

(Fans all whistle and cheer as Sierra stumbles back to the mat.)

Bishop: My lord!


Bishop: Tiger back in the ring, and now a pickup. An Irish Whip to the far ropes and Tiger follows. Sierra Springboards off and Tiger ducking…

Mutt: And Browne sliding across her back….STONE COLD STUNNER!!!!

(Fans all screaming as Sierra Browne lays on the canvas, cringing.)

Mutt: Oh damn, look at this.

(Fans all booing as Micki Duran swaggers down the aisle with a big smile on her face.)

Bishop: She picks up Tiger by her left wrist, runs to the ladder, jumps up and >WHACKS< it against the steel!

Mutt: Tiger is hurt!

(Fans all screaming as Lady Tiger recoils in pain.)

Bishop: Sierra Browne climbing up the ladder!! !

(Fans all chanting: ICE-CREAM! ICE-CREAM! ICE-CREAM! )

Bishop: Tiger up on one knee as Sierra Browne climbs up the ladder gingerly. That leg of hers is in bad shape.

Mutt: Charlotte La Mancha crying out for Tiger as she heads for the ladder.

Bishop: Dalbello Rage just now getting to her feet…and Micki Duran from behind…<<D I A M O N D C U T T E R >>

(DAWG Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF!)

Bishop: And now Lady Tiger wearily climbing up the ladder. Browne near the top, but that leg is preventing her from really flying. Tiger is catching up with her.

Spud: 14 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 60 seconds remain!

Mutt: It’s a race! Tiger and Sierra slowing as they near the top!

(Fans all screaming as they reach up for the belt.)

Bishop: Browne and tiger slapping each other’s hands away. The Ladder is teetering!

Mutt: Duran up on the ring apron as Charlotte La Mancha cries out to Tiger. Tiger twirling around the ladder, jumps up and…..

Bishop: ! ! ! ! L*O*N*G*B*O*W F*R*A*N*K*E*N*S*T*E*I*N*E*R ! ! ! ! !

Mutt:                                    O f f t h e t o p !

(**MAJOR POP** as both ladies > > C R A S H E S < < to the canvas.)

Bishop: And here comes Micki Duran!!!

Mutt: Duran with a pickup and slaps on an Inverted Facelock…..

                                << D I A M O N D C U T T E R>>

(Dawg Pound pops: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!)


Bishop: Browne clutching her neck on the canvas as Duran picks her up and……

                                << D I A M O N D C U T T E R>>

Mutt: Good Gawd!

(Fans all screaming as Charlotte La Mancha flies into the ring.)

Bishop: Duran and Charlotte getting into it, and what?

(Fans all pop as Radhi Ananda hurries down the aisle.)

Bishop: Help is on the way!

Mutt: Radhi Ananda sliding into the ring and…stomps away on Sierra Browne?

(Fans all screaming as Radhi Ananda attacks Sierra.)

Bishop: Radhi with a hair pull pick up and opens her up…HEARTPUNCH!

(Dawg Pound pops as Sierra crumbles! )

Mutt: The Western Heritage champ now grabbing the ladder, and clamping it around Sierra’s leg, oh no!

Bishop: Duran and Charlotte going at it, and Tiger is out. What…

(~~Furious Cheers~~ as Keiko Mita sprints down the aisle.)

Bishop: Mita catapulting herself into the ring, and twirling Radhi around….karate CHOP!

(Fans pop: Whooooooooooooo!)

Bishop: And another! And another! Radhi backing off, and Mita with an Irish Whip to the far side.

Mutt: Mita bouncing off as Radhi bounces off the far side…..


(Fans all pop as Radhi Ananda rolls out of the ring.)

Mutt: Micki Duran leaving ringside, and tonight’s ENFORCER cleaning house!

(Fans all chanting MITA! MITA! MITA! MITA! MITA! MITA! MITA! )

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 14 minutes 13 seconds, due to outside interference, this match is ruled a draw.

(Fans all boo while Dalbello Rage goes to grab the Cruiserweight title.)

Bishop: My lord, if it weren’t for Mita, the Golden Girl may just be out of tonight’s contest. Radhi Ananda and Micki Duran in collusion? Say it isn’t so.

Mutt: I don’t know. But I can say that Mita may have saved Sierra Browne from a serious leg injury…but why was there only 1 referee?

Bishop: I don’t know. Lady Tiger leaving the ring, and she’s lost her chance. Sierra Browne retains the title, but she isn’t done tonight.

Mutt: Well, she gets a 15 minute break. Now we got the DEC semifinal match. The winner of Duran/Summers faces the Western Heritage champ on Saturday.

(Fans all boo as they hear the “Theme to the Godfather”. Nikita Marx heads down the aisle alongside her manager Uncle Bob.)

Bishop: What’s this?

Mutt: Well looker here.

Nikita Marx

(Shot switches to the announcer’s table as we see ‘La Femme Nikita” Nikita Marx and Uncle Bob setting up chairs and having sound men plug in headsets for them. Nikita is dressed in a black leather mini skirt and white silk blouse, she has a large Red towel draped around her neck. Uncle Bob is in his usual immaculate Tux and carrying his steal Halliburton briefcase. Just as Bishop is about to get up, Uncle Bob hands him a thick envelope. As Bob sits down next to him, we see Bishop’s eyes grow wide as he peeks in his envelope. On the other side, Sam Mutt’s look of bewilderment is dropped in favor of a dopey smile as soon as Nikita sits next to him and puts her hand in his lap. She smiles at him and then at the camera – once she has her headset on. )

Nikita: Is this thing on? I have just returned from the Nation’s Capital … Tisk Tisk … such Security! No wonder you were losing the Cold War.

Bishop: And speaking of Cold, we haven’t seen you wrestle in how long Ms. Marx?

Nikita: Finally, the GDWA has recognized my talents, and what do I get from the press? YES it is true that I have not been wrestling up to my potential. Fortunately, Uncle Bob would never accept anything less than my best from me. After months of training, working out, and… Odd Jobs, I am more ready than ever. Don’t you think Sam Darling?

Mutt: Uh-hun, …. yeah.

Bob: WE have been preparing of sometime, now the GDWA is giving Nikita the chance to face one of the toughest wrestler in this Federation. Not only that, but it will force Daisy Buzzingfly to face Nikita at Founder’s Day in a unification match. To Bring About the Day of the EASTERN Heritage Title!

Nikita: Darling! Finally, I will be given my chance to wrestle against a top caliber athlete. But who will it be? The ‘Wild Woman’ Radhi Ananda? Facing her for the belt is like wrestling a wild animal who fights by in-stink. A Dangerous proposition yes? So as part of my training, I have been wrestling Siberian Black Bears back home. I will be taking my times, but slowly I will bury you.

Nikita: Then there is Sierra Brown, Ms. Jack Johnson? Really, I hate to see a wrestler like yourself so confused have watched you … how do you say? …Evolve? …as an opponent. I know who you are, Do You? You are smart and violent opponent, not unlike myself. But you have been misled, remember Muhammed Ali learned the truth – will you? This is the opportunity of a lifetime, but who are you really fighting Darling?

Bob: But this is not enough for our fans around the world, they demand MORE than just a wrestling match. Tonight, in order to make sure they get their money’s worth – We are making a very special announcement. We have asked for, AND both opponents have agreed to add a special stipulation. The second match of the night will be a “Red Towel “Match, a contest which can only be won when one of the managers throws in the Red Towel. No DQ, No submission, No pinfall.

Nikita: Now THAT is what I call a Theater of Pain! What to do think Sam? Would you like to see my win the Eastern Heritage title tonight?

Bob: Time for that AFTER your match ‘La Femme’ Nikita, WE have a match to prepare for…

(Nikita stands up and gives Sam a kiss on the cheek before walking backstage with Uncle Bob.)

Mutt: Woah. A towel match?

Bishop: I’m sure Radhi would accept, she’s crazy. I don’t know if Dalbello Rage would allow Sierra Browne to accept.

Mutt: Well, to the match at hand. Duran and Sarah meet for the second time. I don’t think Sarah will hit any Diamond Drills tonight. Duran isn’t about to submit, and I think she’ll soften up that arm before Sarah can hit the Ultima Elbow.

Bishop: You’ve also got to figure that Duran has to protect that bad back. She needs 2 weeks just to get it back in wrestling shape, but she’s forgoing any rest to continue in the tourney.

Mutt: Sudden death time! No return match ups. The winner faces the Western Heritage champ Saturday, the loser goes home. Now, you tell me the Syndicate and Jennifer Grier won’t be psyched for this one.

Sarah Summers vs. Micki Duran

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is a Quarterfinal match up in the second bracket of the Demonica Endurance Challenge tournament. It is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.

(The crowd pops as Big Wreck’s ‘That Song’ starts up.)

Spud: Accompanied to the ringside by ‘Jumping’ Jennifer Grier! Hailing from Tampa, Florida. She is 6 feet 2 inches, 201 pounds, here is ‘Ultima’ Sarah Summers!!

(The crowd cheers on as Sarah Summers strides through the entrance. Sarah talks into a camera as follows her down the aisle. Though her words are drowned out by the crowd, her demeanor and body gestures convey her hate for her opponent and The Syndicate as a whole. Sarah is dressed in her traditional sleeveless red bodysuit with a black tiger-stripe print, matching striped wristbands; black padded boots and kneepads complete the garb, and her shoulder length auburn hair is tied back in a ponytail.)

Bishop: This is one of the most eagerly anticipated match ups in the entire tourney. Duran vs. Summers II. And one has to wonder if there is any way either of these ladies can lose.

Mutt: Look, Duran is hurt. The wrestling world knows that…but you saw her shenanigans earlier tonight. The Legend is as serious as she’s ever been in Grand Dragon. Sarah has to be up and ready to rumble tonight.

(Ultima enters the ring and walks to the middle where she turns to the crowd and offers a quick muscle pose, slapping her biceps and yelling out to the crowd.)

Bishop: And we’re getting ready to hear from the Kingpin. He’s had some disparaging remarks to make regarding the “lack of feminity” of Sarah Summers.

Mutt: Well she is kinda…I mean…she makes Chyna look good.

Spud: And now, introducing the international manager of champions…. the Kingpin!

(Fans all boo as the Kingpin walks down the aisle, grabs a mic and gets in the ring.)

Kingpin: (pointing at Sarah) (Austin Powers’ voice) That’s no wrestler, that’s a MAN, baby!

(The phat bass lick of “Killing in the Name of” by Rage Against the Machine plays, and the crowd’s reaction is mixed to say the least. Half the fans are raining down deafening boos, while half chant “Micki! Micki!” and hold up signs like “The Legend Lives!” and “Like Mick, If I Could Be Like Mick”)

Bishop: Sarah Summers walking off to leave the ring, no, wait! Grier tossing her a chair?

Kingpin: Hey everybody! It’s the next cruiserweight champion…!

(MAJOR pop as the Kingpin goes to turn around…)

Bishop: C H A I R S H O T!


Mutt: The Kingpin doubling back, and Sarah with *another* Chairshot to the head!! Sarah’s not relenting!

(Micki Duran comes hustling down the aisle wearing a green sports bra, green hot pants, green boots, green wrist tape, and green motorcycle gloves with the fingers cut out. Andrea Chandler sprints past her and heads barreling toward the ring wearing a black pair of Daisy Dukes, a black halter top, a black leather jacket and sunglasses. Arena security march slowly behind them.)

Bishop: The Kingpin sits in the near corner as Andrea storms the ring, and Sarah hops to the outside beside Jennifer Grier.

(Fans all chanting: >U< >U< >U< >U< >U< >U< >U< >U< >U< >U<)

Mutt: Sarah never said a word about the Kingpin. She just up and popped him…

Bishop: Duran in the ring checking on the big man, and he’s affirming that he’s okay. Duran is outraged, and Grier simply pointing to the Legend and now spitting.

Mutt: And Andrea Chandler still in the ring, ready to fight! She’s as pumped as I’ve ever seen her.

(Fans begin to boo as the referee ushers Andrea Chandler out of the ring. Ringsiders chant: “Let-them-Fight” “Let-them-Fight”)

Mutt: Summers climbing up the ringsteps as Duran screams over at her. Right now, Sarah with the psychological advantage.

Bishop: You can’t talk about a woman as “manly” and expect her to stand by and take it. Brazen arrogance on the part of the SYN.

(Fans all whistling and cheering as Sarah Summers enters the ring, and the ref keeps the two separated.)

Mutt: That stare down could melt ice. Sarah nodding as Duran grits her teeth. She’s completely lost her cool. Sarah better be careful, she may have awakened a sleeping giantess.

Bishop: Security has left ringside, and the Kingpin out on the floor shaking loose the cobwebs. As big and strong as the Kingpin is, Sarah is a woman over 200 pounds who completely took him by surprise.

(Sarah leads chants of: Micki Sucks! Micki Sucks! Micki Sucks!)

Bishop: The ref going over the rules, and now waring all the wrestlers on the outside. And now the Kingpin calling over the seething Micki Duran.

Mutt: Very smart of him. Duran sitting in the near corner as he rises up and massages her shoulders and whispers in her ear. Hey, The Kingpin can take care of himself. He’s telling Micki to get back into that chess game.

(Fans all chanting: Micki Sucks! Micki Sucks! Micki Sucks! )

Bishop: Duran nodding and moving back into the ring…and here we go.


(Fans all rise and are already roaring as both women encircle one another.)

Bishop: Duran calling Sarah in, but Sarah hesitant to lock up. Both women waiting on the other. Now a lock up…no…Duran slaps her!

(Fans all boo as Micki Duran backs into the near ropes and dips half way out to the ring apron.)

Mutt: Duran re-entering the ring, and Sarah just nodding. She ain’t grinning anymore.

Bishop: Sarah ready to tie up, but still not racing in. Duran raising her hands for a lock up…and now walks off and dips through the ropes to the outside.

(Fans continue to boo as Duran confers with the Kingpin and Andrea Chandler.)

Mutt: Big rookie mistake by Sarah Summers. Don’t let Duran break up the momentum. Get after her. Sarah in the ring, frowning now, as she walks over to Grier and they converse.

Ref: 1……………………………..2…………..3……….

Bishop: Sarah nodding and getting some words of inspiration from her friend Jen Grier. The Chairwoman was completely dominated by Micki Duran last time out. Of all the competitor’s in the tournament, only Daisy Butterfly and Sally McClane have wrestled un-injured.

Ref: …………………5………………….6………………7..

Bishop: Duran up to the ring apron, and not entering the ring. She’s using up all the time that she can.

(Fans get anxious and continue to boo as Sarah Summers puts her hands on her hips in disbelief.)

Ref: ……………….8……………9………………….

Bishop: Duran in the ring, and here comes Summers. Summers charging in and Duran dipping to the side…

Mutt: But Sarah puts on the breaks and slaps Duran in the back of the head! Duran down on the mat, & Sarah stomping away on the Legend!

(Fans all pop as Duran winces as her back hits hard.)

Mutt: Sarah saw that Drop toe hold coming a mile away!

Bishop: Sarah focusing on that back. Now Sarah with a hair pull pick up and now tosses Duran into the near corner. Sarah moving in and nailing away with hard right hands! Duran is stuck in the corner!!

(Fans begin to cheer as Sarah climbs up to the second buckle.)

Bishop: And now Sarah pounding away!

(Fans chant: 1……2……3……4……5…..6….7…..8….9…10)

Mutt: Sarah dropping down to the canvas, and still nailing away with punches. This reminds me of an old Medusa Rage strategy.

Bishop: Duran is trapped in the corner, and the ref wants a break. Sarah breaks cleanly…only to have Duran poke her in the eye.

Mutt: Duran dashing out of the corner and slaps on a Waistlock for a Belly to Belly Suplex!

(Mixed cheers as Duran grimaces while getting up to her knees.)

Bishop: Duran with the first high impact maneuver, and the injury is really showing here. Summers sitting up, and Duran with a Single Leg pick up and stomps at the back of the knee.

Mutt: Sarah into the ropes, and Duran continues to stomp away.

Ref: 1…………………..2…………….3………….4…..1/2!

Bishop: Duran breaking, and Sarah still holding onto the ropes. The ref intervening and Duran shoving him aside. Duran still stomping away, and now a Single Leg pick and now crashes into it with a knee lift.

Ref: 1……………….2…………….3………………4….1/2!

Bishop: The referee physically pulling Duran off of Sarah, who uses the ropes to get to her feet. And now he’s warning Duran about a DQ.

Mutt: Duran waiting as Sarah keeps her back to the ropes. Duran waiting for Sarah to charge, and she keeps her back to the ropes. Ultima now, charging in and Duran drops her head…

Bishop: Sarah puts on the breaks and NAILS a High knee lift!

(Fans pop while Sarah Summers slaps on a Frontface lock.)

Bishop: A handful of tights and she hoists up Duran…..3 seconds, 5 seconds….VERTICAL SUPLEX!!!! OH-MY!


Mutt: Duran clutching her lower back, and Summers quick to her feet. She stomps away on the back of the Legend as she nears the ropes. Duran trying to leave the ring, but Sarah with a handful of hair.

Bishop: Duran caught on the ring apron, and Sarah SNAPMARES her back into the ring by her hair!!

(Fans all popping as Summers charges Duran.)

Mutt: Summers with a pickup, Scoop, and Bodyslam! And now Sarah with a Double Leg pick up as she looks out to the fans.

(Fans all scream as she catapults her into the corner turnbuckle.)

Bishop: Duran hurting, and now Sarah moving into the corner again. Sarah nailing away with hard right hands and the Kingpin calling for rope.

Mutt: Sarah with an Irish Whip to the ropes and Duran is sent sailing. Sarah with a head of steam as Duran comes bouncing off…


(Fans all groan as both women plummet to the canvas.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Mutt: Duran is hurt! She shouldn’t be trying maneuvers like that with a bad back. Duran can’t capitalize, so she rolls to the outside.

Bishop: Sarah up to her feet now as Duran confers with the Kingpin. We’ve seen week in and week out so many superstars wrestling with injuries: Mita, Grier, Summers, Browne, Mary, Rekka Sakura and the list goes on. They put their careers on the line for these moments.

Ref: 2………………..3………………4…………..5…….

Bishop: Duran heading back up the steps, and Summers feigns a charge as Duran hesitates. Grier clapping as Sarah simply nods. Duran back in the ring and standing prominently in the middle.

Mutt: Duran and Sarah encircling, and she wants Summers to charge, but she won’t. Both women slow to tie up, and now a Collar and Elbow! Duran with a Standing Switch…but Summers with a back elbow to the head.

Bishop: Duran hitting the canvas and now applying a Drop toe hold. Sarah immediately crawling for the ropes, and Duran with a Legbar. The ref wants a break.

Ref: 1…………….2………..3………..4………….1/2

Bishop: Grier up on the ring apron and Duran pointing over at her. Summers up to her feet, and Duran trying to get her off the ropes…but Sarah with hard right hands!

Mutt: Duran backing off and Sarah with boots to the midsection. And now shoves her into the ropes. Duran comes firing off and Sarah Summers CATCHES HER FOR A TILT A WHIRL BACKBREAKER!!!!

Ref: 1…………………………2……………………no!

(Fans all popping as Duran weakly kicks out.)

Bishop: Sarah with a pickup and Duran with weak right hands. Sarah slapping on a Waistlock, but Duran with a Back heel trip, and now a Single Leg pick up. She applies a Leg Drag as Summers rolls around the canvas trying to break it.

Mutt: Duran measuring her and hammering into her with an Elbowdrop to the inner thigh. Duran back to her feet and Sarah kicking her away.

Bishop: Duran running into the far ropes as Summers gets to her feet. Duran bouncing off and _hits_ the Chopblock! Sarah rolling around in pain as Duran gets to her feet.

Mutt: Duran pulling her left leg over to the near ropes and props it upon the second rope. Duran jumping up and _nails_ the Buttdrop! Sarah calling on the ref and the Kingpin saying to let her up.

Bishop: Sarah slow to her feet as Duran waits…Sarah twirling around and MICKI DURAN NAILS THE THRUST KICK!

(Fans all pop as Sarah Summers remains on her feet.)

Mutt: Duran moving in and now a Side Headlock…but Sarah with a Waistlock FOR A BELLY TO BACK SNAP SUPLEX!

(Fans all popping as Duran winces in pain on the canvas.)

Mutt: Duran’s mobility has been curtailed because of that bad back. She’s been getting Sarah on the mat, but her quickness is gone. Sarah with a second or so jump on her tonight.

Bishop: Both women beginning to stir, and Sarah waiting on Duran. The Legend backing off and leaning against the ropes as she confers with the Kingpin.

Mutt: Duran off the ropes and back to the middle of the ring. Sarah charging in and hesitates as Duran drops low…

Bishop: And Sarah with Hard Right hands to the head! And now a Gutwrench pick up and a Head of steam….Sidewalk Slam!

(Fans all pop as she makes the cover!)

Ref: 1……………………………2………………no!

Bishop: And Sarah with a Leg Grapevine for another cover!

Ref: 1…………………………..2………………!

Bishop: And Sarah with a handful of hair to keep Duran down, and a Double Arm leg hook for the third cover!

Ref: 1…………………………..2………………….1/2!

(Fans all popping while the Kingpin complains to the referee.)

Mutt: Duran getting tired out by these pinfalls. Sarah putting pressure on the back. She has a 70 pound weight advantage.

Bishop: Sarah with a hair pull pick up, and now hard right hands to the midsection. And now a Scoop and Bodyslam! Now Sarah with a Double Leg pick up….

Mutt: Duran hooks the head for a Small Package…

Ref: 1……………………………………2………..kick out!

Mutt: Both women back up, and Sarah slapping Duran. Duran heading for the outside, and Summers once again detaining her with a handful of hair…

Bishop: But Duran rushing in with a Shoulder Butt to the middle. A handful of Sarah’s hair and *connects* with a Stun Gun!

(Fans all boo while the Kingpin orders Duran to re-enter the ring.)

Mutt: Duran with a Single Leg pick up, turns Summers around and executes a Half Crab.

(Fans all booing as Sarah Summers shakes her head.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: The ref asking the question, and Sarah shaking her head no. The files all behind her as they stamp their feet against the floor. Sarah pushing up against the mat…and powering out of the hold!

Mutt: Duran releasing and quickly twirling Sarah around into her with a High Knee to the head. And now Duran slaps her head between her legs….

(Fans all popping as Sarah rises up to her feet, hoisting Duran into the air.)

Bishop: Sarah looking around to the fans as she takes a few steps forward & H>A>M>M>E>R>S> into Duran with a SUPER A*t*o*m*i*c D*r*o*p!

(Fans ALL POP!)

Mutt: Summers grabbing Duran and an Irish Whip to the near ropes. Duran bouncing off and SARAH SUMMERS WITH A SPINEBUSTER!

(Fans pop: Ooooooooooooooooooooh!)

Bishop: Sarah with another pick up and hoists her up for a Military Press….no, Duran slipping out of her hands and….!

Mutt: INVERTED facelock….!!!!

                                                <<d I A M O N D C U T T E R>>

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Bishop: No cover! No cover!

(Fans all screaming as both ladies lay on the canvas, not moving.)

Mutt: The Kingpin screaming, and Duran’s back just won’t go. He rises up to the ring apron as Andrea Chandler makes her move!

Bishop: The ref is distracted, and Jennifer Grier charging Andrea Chandler…and Andrea firing away on Grier. Andrea with a handful of hair and rams her head into the ring post. And now Andrea sliding into the ring.

Mutt: Andrea picking up Summers as the Kingpin clutches the ref. Frontface lock and hoists up Sarah….JACKHAMMER!!!

(Fans all booing as Andrea picks up Duran and rolls her atop her.)

Bishop: Andrea rolling out of the ring with both hands raised high.

(MAJOR POP and fans begin to chant: ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa!)

Mutt: I don’t see the snake.

Bishop: Medusa hopping over the guard railing and sliding into the ring. A pickup and she nails Duran with a SNAKEBITE GOURDBUSTER!!!

(Fans all screaming as she rolls Summers on top of Duran as she dives out of the ring!!!)

Mutt: Andrea shoving Medusa, and we’ve got a Catfight!!!!

(Fans all screaming as the referee slides into position.)

Ref: 1………………………………………………..!







(Fans all cheering while Duran lifts her foot to the rope.)

Spud: 14 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 1 minute remains. 60 seconds left.

Bishop: Duran up to her knees as Ultima lays on the canvas, dazed. Duran just grimacing as she applies a Single Leg pick up. Sarah into the ropes already as Duran hooks the Standing Leg Grapevine and falls back for the Figure 4!! !

(Fans all screaming while the ref tries to force Duran to release.)

Ref: 1………………….2…………..3………..4………

Bishop: Duran releasing, and Sarah is still down. A pick up by Duran as she leans Sarah up against the ropes and chokes her…

Ref: 1…………………….2…………………

Bishop: And Sarah shoves Duran to the canvas!

Mutt: Sarah walking along the ropes as Duran moves back in with a High Knee to the left leg. Now a Side Headlock Takedown as Duran slowly twirls back to her feet.

Bishop: Duran with a Single Leg pick up and slips the ankle between her legs. Duran jumping up and NAILS the Anklebuster!

Mutt: Duran with another Single Leg pick up, and twirls around for a Spinning Toe Hold, but Sarah kicks her into the near corner.

Bishop: Sarah crawling off into the ropes as Duran clutches her back. On the floor, Grier getting up to her feet as Duran heads over to Summers.

Mutt: Time is fleeting! Time is fleeting!

Bishop: Sarah in the corner, and Duran with stiff kicks to the left leg. And now Duran with a handful of hair as she slaps the head between her legs…Piledriver!

(Fans all booing as Micki Duran cradles the leg.)

Ref: 1……………………………2………………………no!

(Fans all cheering as Sarah Summers gets the shoulder up.)

Bishop: Duran just can’t execute those freestyle wrestling moves with her back in the shape that it’s in. Duran with a pickup and she’s perplexed! She slaps Sarah around, and Sarah firing back with hard right hands!

(Fans pop!)

Mutt: Sarah Summers measuring Micki Duran and nailing away with Double Axe handle to the head!

(Fans all pop as Micki Duran hits the canvas.)

Bishop: Sarah pointing to the ropes, and she breaks off limping across the ring.

Mutt: Sarah Summers comes running off the side ropes, bounces off, jumps up into the air….no! She fakes it!

(Fans all popping as Micki Duran rolls out of the way and points toward her head, grinning.)

Mutt: Duran up to her feet, and Sarah Summers with a Double Bicep Flex! Duran is stunned!

Bishop: Sarah with hard right hands to the head, and now hoists her up into the air with a M~O~N~S~T~E~R~O~U~S Hip Toss!!!!!!

(Fans all on their feet whistling and cheering!)

Spud: 30 seconds left.

Bishop: Duran rolling away in agony, but Sarah stomping away on her. Now Sarah drops down for a Double Axe Handle to the Lower back!

Mutt: Duran into the ropes, and Sarah stomping away on her. Now a pickup. An Irish Whip to the far ropes, no, reversal as Sarah is sent sailing.

Bishop: Summers bouncing off and MICKI DURAN WITH A SUPERKICK!

(Fans all groan as Micki Duran, cringing in pain, drops down for the cover.)

Bishop: She’s got a handful of tights!

Mutt: And Grier puts the foot on the rope.

Ref: 1……………………………..2……………………rope.

(Major crowd pop while Daisy Butterfly and Sachie Yokoyama sprint down the aisle.)

Bishop: Duran complaining as the ref points to Sarah Summers foot. Duran with a pickup and Fireman’s Carry. Her legs tremble as she executes a Samoan Drop!

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Mutt: Duran’s face a mask of pain as she hooks the leg.

Ref: ………………………………………………….1





(Fans at a feverish pitch as Duran curses when Summers kicks out.)

Bishop: Duran weakly up to her feet as Sarah crawls into the ropes. The ref intervening as the Kingpin shouts.

Mutt: On the outside, Daisy and Andrea beating down Medusa Rage as Sachie and Jennifer Grier get into it. Sachie with Reverse Knife Edges to the chest as Jennifer backs off…

(Fans at ringside all hop up and down as Dianna Prescott sprints down to ringside.)

Mutt: We’re about to have a riot, and time is about to expire.

Bishop: Duran with an Irish Whip off the ropes and Sarah is sent hurtling to the far ropes. Duran running to the middle of the ring as Sarah bounces off…no!

(Fans all pop as Sarah hooks the ropes.)

Bishop: Sarah hobbling across the ring as Duran crouches….

Mutt: And Micki with a Powerslam…no! She can’t get her over as Sarah lands on her feet and slaps on a waistlock…

Bishop: BEARHUG!

(Fans all whistling as Duran winces in pain.)

Bishop: Tears are running down her face as Summers lifts her off her feet. Summers grinding down on her like a Python!

Bishop: Sarah calling for the ref as the Kingpin gets up to the ring apron.

(Fans all on their feet as Micki Duran’s head begins to droop.)

Mutt: The ref checks the first time……………………….drop!

Bishop: The ref checks a second time………………………drop!

Mutt: The ref checks a third time…………………………drop!


(*MAJOR* Crowd pop as fans hear “That Song” by Big Wreck.)

Mutt: She passed out!

(Bottle rockets go off as Sarah Summers releases the hold.)

Bishop: Sarah Summers advances to the semifinals!!!!

(Fans all chanting: > U < > U < > U < > U < > U < )

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 14 minutes 55 seconds, your winner via submission…..

(Fans all chanting: > U < > U < > U < > U < > U < )

Spud: And advancing to the Semifinals of the Demonica Endurance Challenge…..’Ultima’ Sarah Summers!

Bishop: Medusa is down on the floor as Prescott grabs a chair. The Syndicate is in the ring as Sarah Summers hops to the outside. My lord, this was sticky.

Mutt: Hats off to Duran. This was her night. But Summers had her well scouted. She knew what game Duran was playing, it then came down to who could pull the Rabbit out of the Hat.

Bishop: Grier hugging Sarah out on the floor as Andrea Chandler leans through the ropes and points out to all four women.

Mutt: Duran doesn’t want help, but her back is a mess. Summers hobbling up ringside as Dianna Prescott carries Medusa to the locker room. Big win for Ultima, but I still say Duran wrestled a better match tonight. That “Ultimate Elbow” double fake may have made all the difference.

(Fans still chanting: >U< >U< >U< >U< >U< >U< >U< >U< >U< )

Bishop: The Syndicate leaving the ring, and now we must wonder if it will be Nikita Marx or Sierra Browne Sarah will face.

Mutt: Well, I don’t think anyone right now can beat Sierra Browne but Micki Duran or Sarah Summers…but look. Duran was playing possum as Sarah went for the Elbow. Somehow Sarah knew Duran was playing mind games, put on the breaks, and that lead to that Hip Toss that coulda been a Military Press Slam. Great scouting.

Bishop: Incredible performance by Duran. We now know it will be Sarah Summers next week..but against whom? The Western Heritage title defense is next.

GDWA Western Heritage Championship: Radhi Ananda vs. Sierra Browne

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest tonight is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit…and it is for the GDWA Western Heritage Championship. Introducing first, the special Enforcer for this match…

[M A J O R pop as fans hear the roar of Japanese Drums!]

Spud: She is your FORMER Western Heritage Champion….the “Kyoto Crippler” Keiko Mita!

[(The thunderous roar of Japanese drums precedes Keiko Mita as she comes out. Short and lean, this intense Asian woman has short, stylish cut hair with reddish highlights. She wears a traditional black and white referee’s shirt along with loose fitting karate pants. Black boots and black tape on her hands and wrists complete the outfit. Thick pads cover the outside of her karate pants and a brace covers her left knee.)]

Bishop: Mita heading down the aisle, and one has to wonder if Radhi will take orders from her.

Mutt: Only in a worst case scenario. Aileen Balahadia is the head official. She’ll be making all the important calls. Mita is there just in case someone wants to get out of hand.

Spud: And now, introducing the challenger.

(Fans ALL-BOO as they hear “Brown Girl in the Ring”)

Spud: Accompanied to ringside by her manager Dalbello Rage! Hailing from Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. She is 5 feet 10 inches, 130 pounds, here is the GDWA INTERNATIONAL CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION…..’Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne!

(The arena darkens as glitter showers down into the stands. Sierra bursts through the curtain wearing an all gold two piece with black boots and left elbow pad. Dalbello follows as Sierra hobbles down to ringside. The Cruiserweight title is over her shoulder.)

Bishop: Sierra Browne should not be wrestling. She’s already injured and on top of the run ins we saw in the Ladder match, Tiger worked over that leg pretty good.

Mutt: No doubt, but Browne wants to wear her old title again. There will only be so many more chances for anyone to become the Western Heritage champion. Sierra wants to prove a point.

Bishop: As we gear up for Founder’s Day Tradition II I can only think of how she and Duran will tear into each other. Can you imagine, the winner will have had to go through hell in order to walk out with the belt?

Mutt: Well, Sierra better be focused on this woman right here. Cause Radhi Ananda showed earlier tonight that she wasn’t just gonna lay down and hand over the title. You want the belt? Take it from her.

Spud: And her opponent…

(The Dawg Pound howls as a strobe light floats across the arena and the opening chords to “Paint it Black” by AC/DC are heard. )

Spud: Accompanied to ringside by her manager, ‘Congo’ Paul Roberts. Hailing from Bombay, India, she is 5 feet 5 inches, 135 pounds here is your Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION…… “Jungle” Radhi Ananda!

(Fans all chanting: Mita! Mita! Mita! Mita! Mita! MIta! Mita!)

Mutt: Radhi ain’t gonna like this.

(Radhi heads down the aisle barefoot wearing a loose tiger print garment and a bone necklace around her neck. She wears the WH title around her waist along with a brace on her left leg.)

Bishop: Mita warning both Congo and Radhi before they even hit ringside, and here comes Radhi!

(Fans all pop as Radhi Ananda storms the ring.)

Mutt: Sierra backing off and Radhi charging in with reckless abandon. Sierra hopping through the ropes and Radhi following right after.

(Fans all cheering as the referee calls for the bell.)


Mutt: Browne back in the ring as Radhi charges after, and Browne with Elbowdrops to the back of her head. Radhi is dazed as Sierra Hiptosses her back into the ring.

Bishop: Sierra with a pickup and nailing away with European Uppercuts to the head! Now Sierra with an Irish Whip to the far ropes.


Bishop: But Sierra ducks it with a forward roll…

Mutt: But Radhi lands on her feet! Radhi to the far ropes as Sierra runs forward to the ropes. Sierra bouncing off as Radhi runs to the middle of the ring and NAILS HER WITH A CLOTHESLINE!

(Fans all POP while Radhi Ananda runs to the far side.)

Bishop: Sierra back up and RADHI ANANDA OFF THE ROPES WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE! Sierra slow to her feet and Radhi with a Dropkick!

(Fans all groan as Radhi Ananda clutches her hip as she lands on the canvas.)

Bishop: Congo calling for the cover, and Radhi ignoring him. Radhi crawling over to Sierra Browne and biting away on her.

(Hardcores all cheer as Sierra Browne flails her legs.)

Mutt: Keiko Mita injured Radhi’s hip in that cage match a month ago. It’s supposed to be all healed up. She may have a chronic injury.

Bishop: Radhi with a pickup and raking the face. Radhi now, firing away with hard right hands, and now an Irish Whip to the far ropes.

Mutt: Browne bouncing off and sliding between Radhi’s legs. Radhi twirling around as she connects with a Double Leg Sweep. And now Sierra twirling around to her feet and spreading Radhi’s legs…..

Bishop: And a Legdrop to the left hip of Jungle. Radhi howling in pain as Dalbello calls out for something. Browne with a single leg pick up and DROPKICKS THE HIP!

(Minor cheers as Radhi Ananda writhes around in pain.)

Mutt: Sierra with a pickup and a Bodyslam! And now she drags Radhi by the left leg toward the near ropes. This has been a battle of the most prolific Western Heritage champions of all time.

Bishop: Sierra climbing to the outside, and Radhi climbing up by the ropes and kicks Sierra away. Radhi Ananda scampering up the buckles, and FLIES OFF THE TOP WITH A SOMMERSAULT PLANCHA!!

(Fans all pop as Sierra Browne hits the floor.)

Bishop: Radhi with a pickup and rams Sierra’s head into the ring post. Sierra dazed as Radhi nails away with hard right hands.

Mutt: And Sierra firing back with hard right hands…

Ref: ………………3………………….4……………5…..

Bishop: Radhi backing off and Sierra egging her to charge. And Radhi moving in . . . RIGHT INTO A SUPERKICK! Radhi is down!

(Minor cheers as Sierra Browne crawls back into the ring.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Mutt: Radhi climbing back up the ring steps and SIERRA BROWNE CHARGING HER….


(Fans all screaming as Sierra Browne crashes to the floor.)

Mutt: Radhi climbing up to the second turnbuckle, leaping off and…


(Fans all screaming as Sierra Browne spits up blood.)

Mutt: Congo telling her to role Browne into the ring, and Radhi arguing with him. What the hell is going on?

(Fans all booing as Congo spits on Radhi and points toward the ring.)

Mutt: Dalbello Rage running over to her charge, and Sierra has a mouth full of blood. Maybe she bit her tongue.

Ref: ……………….3……………………4…………..

Bishop: Dalbello rolling Sierra into the ring, and Radhi climbing into the ring. Radhi climbing up the turnbuckles, and she faces the fans.

Mutt: Sierra is down, and Radhi Ananda backflips……MOONSAULT!

(Fans all on their feet as Radhi Ananda clutches her hip.)

Bishop: No cover!

(Fans all whistling as Sierra Browne crawls toward the ropes.)

Mutt: Sierra pulling herself up, and she’s as determined as I’ve ever seen her. Dalbello barking out some orders, and Sierra hobbling forward.

Bishop: Radhi slow to her feet, and Sierra with high knee lifts to the ribs. And now Sierra with a Waistlock for a Belly To Back Suplex!

Mutt: Radhi is hurt, and Sierra with a pickup. Double Arm Underhook, but Radhi so strong….!!!

(Fans all on their feet as Radhi Ananda powers out of the Pedigree.)

Bishop: Radhi freeing her arms and winding up…HEART PUNCH!

(Dawg Pound barks as Sierra Browne doubles backward, clutching her chest.)

Bishop: Congo calling for the cover, but Radhi with a head of steam and NAILS A LARIAT!

Balahadia: 1…………………………..2…………….kick out!

(Mixed cheers as Sierra Browne kicks out.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Radhi with a pickup and an Irish Whip to the far side. Sierra bouncing off and Radhi with a High Back Body. No!


(Fans all pop!)

Bishop: Sierra with a pickup and slaps on an Armpit face lock, Radhi struggling and applies a Waistlock! Sierra trying to counter with her own Waistlock but Radhi lifting Sierra off her feet and now upside down….


(The Dawg Pound pops: Oooooooooooooooooooooooh!)

Bishop: My lord! She countered the Dragon Sleeper with a Tombstone!

Mutt: Radhi is down, Sierra is down, and Congo Paul shaking his head in disgust.

(Fans all stomping their feet as both women show signs of movement.)

Ref: ……………….3………………..4…………5…..

Mutt: Sierra has been trying to ground Radhi in this match, but her fatigue and Radhi’s speed have complicated matters.

Bishop: Radhi is up first, and collapses on top of Sierra.

Ref: 1……………………………2……………………no!

(Fans all applaud as Sierra Browne weakly kicks out.)

Mutt: Congo Paul with directions, and Radhi getting up and limping toward the near ropes. And now she hawks a lugey out at Congo!

(Fans all pop as Congo wipes his face in disgust.)

Bishop: A pick up by Radhi Ananda and slaps on a Full NELSON…

Mutt: But Sierra so tall, she can’t really sink it in. Sierra with an Inverted Face lock….STONE COLD STUNNER!!!

(Fans _ALL_ on their feet cheering as both women lay on the mat!)

Bishop: She nailed her good!

Mutt: But no cover. Sierra gritting her teeth as blood pours down her chin. She’s hurt.

Ref: 1……………….2………….3……………..4……….

Mutt: Sierra crawling toward the ropes, and Dalbello checking on her face. They may have to call this one. She may have to get a grip of stitches.

Bishop: Radhi flailing her legs now as she tries to regain her bearings. Sierra moving over to Radhi, and now a pickup. An Irish Whip to the far and Radhi hits hard.

Mutt: Sierra with a head of steam as Radhi lays in the near corner and…._misses_ the Dropkick!

(Fans all scream as Sierra Browne’s feet hit the top turnbuckle.)

Bishop: Radhi dove out of the way, and now Radhi Ananda with a Military Press….

(Fans all roar as Radhi Ananda nods her head.)

Bishop: And SLAM!

(Fans all stand as Radhi Ananda climbs the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: She’s going for it all!

Mutt: Sierra is down and Dalbello is crying out to her. The champ is up high as she measures Sierra Browne. A forward flip and…


(~~~Furious cheers~~~ as Mita Sierra Browne rolls out of the way!)

Spud: 14 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Mutt: Sierra beginning to stir, and Radhi laid out on the canvas, writhing in pain.

Bishop: Sierra now, grabbing the ropes and pulling herself up to her feet. She’s heading for the near corner…

(Fans all screaming as Sierra Browne climbs up the turnbuckles.)

Mutt: Sierra facing the fans, and she’s going for the High Sierra!

Bishop: Sierra Browne backflips….



(Fans all JUMPING UP AND DOWN as Sierra cradles the leg.)

Bishop: Congo leaving ringside, as the ref slides into position!!!!

Ref:                        1……………………….




(Fans all whistle and applaud as they hear “Browne Girl in the Ring”!)

Bishop: Sierra has done it! She has bi-titled for the second time!

Mutt: Radhi clutching her hip as the ref checks on her. Spud entering the ring with the announcements now.

Spud: Wrestling fans, your winner, at 14 minutes 16 seconds, your winner via pinfall….and for the 2nd time she is the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION….

(Fans pop amazed as fireworks go off overhead. Sierra leans against Dalbello Rage as the referee hands them the belt.)

Spud: . . . ‘ G o l d e n G i r l ‘ S i e r r a B r o w n e !

Bishop: Sierra is Western Heritage champ once again!

Mutt: But can she get past Nikita Marx? In order to reach the finals at Founder’s Day Tradition, she’s gotta get through Marx later on tonight, and Sarah Summers on Saturday.

Bishop: Well, in just a few moments Sierra Browne must defend the Western Heritage title she just won against ‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx…

Mutt: And I’ve gotta say that save a re-aggravation of her injury, Sierra has this in the bag. Marx hasn’t wrestled in months, and she ain’t as sharp as Sierra is. Sierra is perhaps, pound-4-pound, the best wrestler in the sport right now.

Bishop: But the towel match stipulation will not favor her at all. Marx has leveled the playing field in my opinion. Fans, let’s go to a commercial.

(The camera opens on a studio mock-up. There is a huge couch in front of a television. Seated on the couch are Micki Duran and Daisy Butterfly. Andrea Chandler sits on the floor just in front of the couch, and Sachie sits on the arm of the couch next to Daisy. All four are yelling as Micki and Daisy furiously push buttons on game controllers.)

Andrea: Kick her! Kick her!

(On the TV screen, an animated Micki Duran picks up an animated Daisy Butterfly and belly-to-back suplexes her.)

Micki: Not today, Sugarfly.

(Daisy bumps Micki with her elbow, trying to get her to drop the controller.)

Daisy: Quit cheating, Micki!

Sachie: Micki doesn’t cheat. Don’t you know that?

(They all laugh. On the screen, the animated Micki picks up the animated Daisy and signals to the crowd.)

Andrea: Uh-oh, Daisy

Micki: Just like in real life, baby you still can’t stop me.

(Daisy giggles as the computer Micki slaps the computer Daisy down with The END.)

Sachie: Ouch.

Daisy: She could never do that in real life.

(The computer Micki pins the computer Daisy, and victory music plays on the screen. Suddenly, the Kingpin comes diving over the back of the couch in between Micki and Daisy, shoving them both out of the way.)

Kingpin: I got next! I wanna be Medusa Rage! Who wants to kick my ass?

(They all raise their hands and shout “I do!” Andrea takes the other controller and they start a new game.)

Voiceover: GDWA TUESDAY NIGHT CATFIGHT featuring the Syndicate! Medusa Rage! Sierra Browne! Keiko Mita! Radhi Ananda, Bloody Mary, Dementia Praecox and MORE! Only on PlayStation!

(The Syndicate continues to have a rollicking good time as the Sony PlayStation logo comes up.)

Mutt: Hell yeah, I need to go out and get me a PlayStation.

Bishop: No doubt and…what? Mike Whalen backstage…go-go-go!

(Scene opens up backstage where Sierra Browne is seen rolling around on the floor holding her left knee. Dalbello Rage is leaning over her calling for the paramedics.)

Whalen: Fans, apparently Nikita Marx has struck. When we got word that Sierra was down, she was screaming “Nikita!” I think this tells ya the results of the next match.

Bishop: I can’t believe this.

Mutt: Well, Spud is in the ring. That title reign was short lived.

GDWA Western Heritage Championship/Towel Match: Sierra Browne vs. Nikita Marx

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is a special “Towel Match” scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit…and it is for the Western Heritage Championship!

(Fans pop as they hear the THUNDER of Japanese Drums!)

Spud: First, introducing your special ENFORCER for this match….she is the “Kyoto Crippler” Keiko Mita!!

(Fans all burst out chanting: MITA! MITA! as Keiko Mita jogs down the aisle, slapping hands with fans. She waits about ringside as Spud continues the intros.)

Spud: Introducing the challenger…

(FANS ALL BOO as they hear the “Theme to the Godfather”)

Spud: Hailing from Moscow, Russia! She is 6 feet tall weighing in at 152 pounds, here is ‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx!

(Fans all boo as Uncle Bob, her manager, bursts through the curtain leading Nikita down the aisle. She wears an all-black skin tight cat suit with a red Russian sickle over her left breast.)

Bishop: Nikita using every dastardly deed in the book to win the title tonight.

Mutt: Well, all she gotta do is beat Sierra Browne. That ain’t no easy task.

(Spud waits in the ring, but Sierra Browne’s music never cues up.)

Bishop: A ref from backstage heading down the aisle. This doesn’t look good.

Spud: Wrestling fans, I’ve just been informed that Sierra Browne must answer the bell by the 10 count or forfeit the title.

(Fans all boo as Nikita Marx climbs the turnbuckles and blows kisses to the fans.)

Mutt: It’s over! Nikita is the new champ.

Bishop: I can’t believe this.

Ref: ………………….3……………….4………….5……

(A few fans start up a chant of: !3! !3! !3! !3! !3! !3! !3! )

Bishop: Nikita climbing down the turnbuckles, and Uncle Bob hugging her…

Ref: ………………….7…………..8…………….9……

Bishop: This thing is over.

Mutt: Hold on!

(Sierra comes through the curtains, hobbling badly as Dalbello Rage tries to motion her backstage.)

Spud: And now fans, accompanied to ringside by her manager Dalbello Rage! Hailing from Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. She is 5 feet 10 inches, 130 pounds, here is the GDWA INTERNATIONAL CRUISERWEIGHT and WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION…..’Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne!

Bishop: Sierra is gonna wrestle! And Dalbello begging her not to get in that ring. Sierra limping down the aisle, and one must wonder if this is a bad move.

Mutt: Look, I ain’t her manager, but I can tell ya that Dalbello made a big mistake in accepting that towel match. Sierra can’t use that count out or anything to her advantage.

Bishop: Sierra in the ring, and here comes Nikita!


Bishop: Marx and Sierra immediately upon one another. Sierra with European Uppercuts to the head, but Marx with a big Forearms! Sierra is backing up into the ropes. Marx Irish Whipping the champion into the far ropes…

Mutt: No! Reversal. Marx heading to the far side, bouncing off and Sierra with a High Back Body Drop! Marx back up and Sierra with more European Uppercuts to the head. She’s pissed off!!

Bishop: Marx backing into the ropes for a break, and the ref shoving Sierra away. Marx ready for a tie up, and now a Collar and Elbow…

Mutt: Standing Switch by Marx into a Waistlock Takedown. And now Nikita sliding across her back and slapping on a Frontface lock. Sierra is grounded!

(Fans chanting: USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!)

Bishop: Sierra into the ropes, and Nikita breaking. The ref moving both women apart, and now signaling for the tie up.

Mutt: Sierra moving gingerly around the ring with a big grin on her face. Another tie up and Sierra slapping on a side headlock. Nikita shoving her off into the side ropes.

(Fans cheer as Sierra is sent hurtling into the ropes!)

Bishop: Sierra bouncing off and NIKITA WITH A SHOULDER BLOCK!

(Fans boo as Nikita looks down at her disdainfully.)

Mutt: You talk about power! Nikita ain’t no slouch in that department.

Bishop: Sierra slow to her feet, and you get the feeling that Nikita is just playing with her.

(Ringsiders begin chanting: !3! !3! !3! !3! !3! !3! !3! )

Bishop: Collar and Elbow tie up and Nikita forcing her into the near corner. The ref wants a break and…Nikita with a Forearm shot to the head.

Mutt: And now nailing away with rapid fire Elbow smashes to the head! Sierra slumping in the corner, and Nikita kicking away at that bad leg of the champ.

(Crowd booing as Nikita Marx kneels before Sierra Browne and berates her.)

Mutt: That where the difference in strength and power come in. Nikita now, with a single leg pick up and dragging Sierra out of the corner.

Bishop: Sierra hopping along on one leg and….NAILS AN ENZIGURI!

(Mixed cheers as Nikita Marx collapses to the mat.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by. 5 minutes.

Mutt: Sierra slow to her feet, and hopping on one leg. She’s injured beyond recovery. This match needs to be thrown out. Dalbello Rage looking on with a concerned gaze as Sierra goes over to pick up Nikita.

Bishop: Sierra with a hair pull pick up, and now she slaps her head between her legs. Sierra with a Double Arm Underhook…PEDIGREE!

(Fans cheering.)

Mutt: Sierra with another pick up and nailing away with Euro Uppercuts. Nikita backing up into the ropes and Sierra hobbling forward and…


(Fans all boo as Nikita stomps away on the leg.)

Bishop: Marx with a single leg pick up and a twirling Elbowdrop to the left knee. Marx back up and another Elbowdrop! And now Marx up a third time, applies a single leg pick up….SPINNING TOE HOLD!!

(Fans all screaming as Sierra Browne writhes in pain.)

Mutt: Marx has this match in the bag. Keiko Mita looking on as Nikita mocks the American fans. This thing might be all but over.

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remain.

Bishop: Nikita releasing, and now applying a Single Leg pick up. Nikita with a start, jumps up, and NAILS a Kneedrop over Sierra’s left leg.

(Fans all boo as she rises to her feet and FARGO STRUTS across the ring.)

Mutt: Sierra slapping the canvas in agony as Nikita comes back over. A pick up by Marx, and Uncle Bob twirling his finger around. Marx hoists her up by the Waist and *connects* with the Kneebreaker!!

Bishop: Nikita now, with a Double Leg pick up, Standing leg grapevine and…FALLS BACK FOR A FIGURE 4 LEGLOCK!!!

(Fans ALL SCREAMING as SIERRA BROWNE grimaces in pain!)

Mutt: Sierra too far from the ropes, and she’s reaching out for anything. Dalbello up on the ring apron, and she’s got that towel. Mita looking on, and simply shaking her head.

(Fans all on their feet as the ref slides into position.)

Bishop: Sierra wants to Tri-Belt again so badly. The ref checking and Sierra shaking her head no.

Mutt: Marx rocking back and forth and Sierra falling back to the canvas.

Bishop: Mita looking out at Dalbello Rage like she’s crazy. And Rage shaking her head no….AND TOSSES IN THE TOWEL!!!!


(Fans ALL BOO!!!)

Bishop: Can you believe this? Browne has lost the Western Heritage title just minutes after winning it.

Mutt: Marx releasing the hold and running to the far corner, raising both hands in the air in celebration. My goodness, Marx defeated Browne!

Bishop: Sierra rolling around the canvas in pain as Dalbello slides into the ring. WE need a stretcher.

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 12 minutes 13 seconds, your winner….and NEW Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION…..

(Fans all boo as Nikita Marx climbs the turnbuckles and blows kisses to fans at ringside.)

Spud: ‘L a f E M M E N I K I T A’ N I K I T A M A R X

(Fans all booing as Nikita Marx jumps down to the canvas and snatches the title from the referee.)

Bishop: Major upset! Nikita wins her first wrestling title with the most controversial means.

Mutt: Is this a sign of things to come? First Duran loses tonight, then Browne. Will Medusa be next?

Bishop: I don’t know. Fans, we have a world title match up next.

(Ringsiders chant: !3! !3! !3! as Sierra Browne is carted up the aisle on a stretcher.)

Bishop: This has been a night of major upsets. Do you think for a minute that Order could lose?

Mutt: Look, Double O lost to Black Lotus just 2 weeks ago. With that said, sure, Dusa could lose the belt. Look, Double O never got her rematch. And as hard fought as that bout was, Order was injured from what I remember.

Bishop: What about the Syndicate playing a role?

Mutt: Very possible, plus, ‘Dusa doesn’t have her bodyguard Pizazz anymore and Order doesn’t have her manager Martial Law anymore. This is gonna be interesting.

Bishop: Fans, let’s go to Spud for the intros.

GDWA Championship: Medusa Rage vs. Officer Order

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit….and it is for the GDWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

(*M*A*J*O*R pop as Fans hear “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle!)

Spud: first THE CHALLENGER….

(The Arena goes dark, only to be filled by flashing Red and Blue lights and the sound of police sirens wailing. As the first notes of ‘Bad Boys ‘ by Inner Circle begin, the crowd pop is huge. By the words “What ya gonna do?’ the roar is so deafening it drowns out the sound of the pyrotechnics which explode around the stage. When Double O steps out, dressed in police uniform with a SFPD baseball cap, most of the crowd is on its feet. )

Spud: Hailing from San Francisco, California. She is 5 feet tall weighing in at 120 pounds, here is the FORMER Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Champion of the World….Officer May Order!

Bishop: Listen to this capacity crowd!

Mutt: Order is most over on the East Coast!

(Fans all chanting: Order! Order! As May Order heads down the aisle slapping hands with fans and embracing little kids.)

Mutt: Did you know May Order was a racist?

Bishop: What?

Mutt: Talking about a “dark cloud” hanging over the GDWA…she was referring to Denmark Vessey. That’s offensive to me.

Bishop: Will you stop! Order in the ring, and motioning around her waist for the belt. Medusa better not underestimate this match.

(Mixed cheers as fans hear “Symphony 9: From the New World, 3rd Movement” by Dvorak.)

Spud: Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia-Canada! She is 6 feet tall weighing in at 160 pounds. She is the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION….MEDUSA RAGE!

(Medusa bursts through the curtain with the WORLD TITLE over her head as fans P*O*P big time. She struts down the aisle, giving dap to fans at ringside fans who are wearing “MEDUSA 3:16 shirts-She killed ~~Radhi Ananda first~~! and ~~Who’s Next? Black Lotus~~!)

Bishop: Medusa Rage has had a hell of a year. She feuded with Organized Crime and started a war of words against Andrea Chandler and the Syndicate.

Mutt: Definitely. We’re talking about a wrestler who’s had her hand in the cooking jar that’s for sure. Can she transcend the little obstacles though? Saturday night she defends the belt against Andrea Chandler. Will she be in shape by FDT?

(Medusa enters the ring wearing a large kente cloth head wrap and a sleeveless V-neck spandex cat suit along with thigh-high, shingaurded black boots and kneepads. On her right hand she wears a black glove. Medusa climbs up to the top turnbuckle and “raises the roof” and all fans pop!)

Bishop: You can feel the energy in this arena! My lord.

Mutt: Oh yeah, everyone knows some stuff is about to go down. Medusa glaring over at Double O who is tugging on the ropes for warm up. You know, with Sachie Yokoyama back in Grand Dragon, it’s funny how those two have kept their distance from each other.

Bishop: And for that matter, it’s funny how Medusa never had to face Andrea Chandler or Ma Porter during her tenure as champ. Medusa and Order face to face now as the ref goes over the rules.

Mutt: This ain’t gonna get too technical. This should be pretty fast paced and physical.

(The referee takes the world title and holds it for all to see. Fans pop as he calls for the bell.)

Bishop: Order and Medusa nodding, and here we go.


(Fans all cheering & whistling as the two women encircle each other.)

Bishop: Collar and Elbow tie up and Order with an Armdrag. Medusa cringing, and now a Reversal by the Snake.

Mutt: Order dropping down to the canvas, a forward roll out of the hold, and now Order holding onto the arm as she runs for the near ropes and SPRINGBOARDS OFF FOR AN ARMDRAG TAKE OVER!

(Fans POP!)

Bishop: Both women back up and Order with a Headscissors Takeover!

(Another pop!)

(Fans pop as Officer Order picks up Medusa Rage.)

Bishop: Officer Order fires away with Karate Kicks to the ribs of Medusa! And now a Karate Chop!!

Mutt: But Medusa driving into Order with a Double Leg Takedown!

(Dawg Pound pops: “Oooooooooooooooh!” as Medusa pounds away with punches.)

Mutt: Medusa on fire, and Order is pinned to the canvas. Medusa has that 40 pound and 1 foot height advantage.

Bishop: Medusa with a pickup, and now European Uppercuts to the head of the former champ. Order stumbling backwards, & now Medusa whipping her to the near corner.

Mutt: Order hits hard and Medusa charging in…AND ORDER WITH THE BIG BOOT TO THE HEAD!

(Fans pop!)

Mutt: Officer Order nailing away with Karate Chops, but Medusa blocking with her forearms….so Order nails her with a Legsweep!

(Fans pop!)

Bishop: Medusa back up and Order with a Roundhouse Kick to the head!

Mutt: Medusa is down!

(Fans popping big time as Medusa scuttles into the near corner.)

Bishop: Order ready to charge in, but the ref intervening. WoW!

(Fans all whistling as Officer Order raises the roof, then points out to ringsiders.)

Mutt: This is the GDWA’s own legend. From day one, you knew that Order was gonna be somebody special. She has faced them all in this business. And for the record, she’s beaten Medusa in a technical rules match up! What chance does Black Lotus have?

Bishop: Medusa up to her feet, and now grinning. ‘Dusa ready to tie up, and the world champ standing strong in the middle of the ring.

Mutt: Order slow to tie up as she encircles the champ. Order faking Karate Kicks and Medusa backing off. Order charges in and…

Bishop: Medusa shoves her to the canvas!

(Dawg Pound pops while Order does a Kip Up to her feet.)

Bishop: Order charging back in and MEDUSA WITH A MILITARY PRESS SLAM!!

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Mutt: Order needing a break, and notice she didn’t roll to the outside. She’s in the ropes keeping her distance, but letting ‘Dusa know she can’t be run off.

Bishop: Medusa shoving the ref aside, and now stomping away on the policewoman. Medusa with a pickup and a Gutwrench pick up…

Bishop: But Order flipping out of it and landing on her feet. Order with a back elbow to the head, and now an Irish Whip. Order charging after her as Medusa hits the ropes.

Mutt: And Medusa holds on! Order charging in and MEDUSA WITH A RUNNING BULLDOG LARIAT!

(Fans pop as Medusa Rage drops down for the cover.)

Ref: 1…………………………2……………….kick out.

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit.

Bishop: Medusa with a pickup, Scoop, and Bodyslam! And now ‘Dusa stomping away on the midsection. She’s focusing on the back and chest.

Mutt: Medusa dropping down and slapping on a leglock. You can see her practicing up for Lotus here. And notice, Order too far off from the ropes. Lotus will have to contend with her excellent positioning.

Bishop: Medusa twirling up to her feet and stomping away on the left leg. Order sliding toward the ropes, and Medusa with a Single Leg pick up and yanking the leg.

Mutt: She’s snapping the knee, and limiting the challenger’s mobility. Medusa now with a pickup and slaps on a Waistlock….KNEEBREAKER!

(MAJOR pop as Order clutches her knee as she falls to the mat.)

Bishop: Medusa with a pickup and connects with a Neckbreaker.

Ref: 1………………………2…………………!

(Fans all booing as Organized Crime saunter down the aisle!)

Mutt: We’ve got trouble. The Western Heritage champion Nikita Marx leading Ma Porter and Sally McClane to ringside.

Bishop: Medusa with a pickup and turns her head to see OC on the outside. Medusa with European Uppercuts and Order doubling back into the ropes.

Mutt: Medusa charging in….AND DOUBLE O WITH AN AKIDO THROW!


(Fans all popping as Officer Order runs for the side ropes.)

Mutt: Medusa down on the floor as Officer Order FLIES OVER THE TOP AND NAILS A FRANKENSTEINER!!!!

(Fans all popping as both women lay on the floor.)

Bishop: And here comes OC!!!

(Fans all screaming as they pound away on Medusa and Order.)


Bishop: Porter with a pickup and sliding Medusa into the ring. And now she stomps away on Order.

Mutt: On the outside, Sally McClane holding onto Order’s arms as Nikita measures her and…BELTS her in the head with the Western Heritage title!

(Fans all booing as Order falls to the floor.)

Bishop: In the ring, Porter with a pickup, and Bodyslam! Now the big woman jumping up and nailing a Legdrop! And now Nikita sliding into the ring, and dropping elbows to the upper body.


Mutt: Sally McClane grabbing the world title and climbing into the ring. Porter grabs it and drapes it over Medusa. Ha! Medusa has fallen victim to a hit!

(Fans all booing as Organized Crime takes a bow.)

Bishop: Security finally down at ringside as they leave the ring. That’s a horrible way to conclude the night.

(Fans all chanting: OC Sucks! OC Sucks! OC Sucks! OC Sucks! )

Bishop: Well fans, that’s all that we have for this week. For all of us at…

Mutt: Hold on, Medusa up to her knees, and calling for the mic!

[Medusa Rage grabs the microphone, her legendary temper piqued. With a snarl, she shouts out for the whole arena to hear.]

Medusa: Ma Porter, you know something, old woman, you’ve been in my business for a long time. And unlike everybody else in this damn federation, I’m not scared of you one bit. And, unlike everybody else in this federation, I’m goddamn sick of your ass. So let me tell you what I’m going to do right now. Porter, this piece of gold around my waist, I know you want it. You know you want it. You want to retire because you damn well can’t get it. Well, Porter, let me promise you one thing. You get the forklift to hoist your ass off the couch and then you get you somebody to roll you down this aisle right here. And you get into this ring and we’re going to fight.

[Surprised pop from the crowd.]

Medusa: If I beat you, well, at least you can say you lost to a real woman. If you manage to pin my shoulders to the mat or make me submit? Well, Ma Porter, I’ll give you this belt, shake your hand and let the whole world know that you’re the absolute, [censored] [huge crowd pop] best! So, Ma, bring your carcass out here right now and let me crush the life out of you!

[Medusa raises the roof as the fans go crazy for their champion.]

Mutt: What?!

Bishop: Porter halfway up the aisle, and looks out at Nikita and Sal. And now she’s heading back to the ring.

Mutt: Medusa might be making a big mistake. And look, Officer Order leaving ringside looking none too pleased…it’s like rewarding Porter for destroying Order’s title opportunity.

Bishop: Medusa waiting in the middle of the ring as Porter climbs up the ringsteps. OH my.

GDWA Championship: Medusa Rage vs. Big Ma Porter

(Dawg Pound barks as Porter climbs through the ropes and tosses off her vest and tie.)


(Fans all pop as Medusa pounds away with European Uppercuts.)


Bishop: This thing is official!

Mutt: Porter holding onto the ropes, and Medusa trying to whip her away. Medusa firing away with boots to the middle, and now kicks to the knees.

Bishop: An Irish Whip to the far side…reversal as Medusa hits the far ropes.

Mutt: ‘Dusa bouncing off and _ducking_ the Lariat!

Bishop: Medusa bouncing off the ropes as Porter turns around and PORTER DUCKS THE BULLDOG AND CATCHES HER OFF THE ROPES…SIDEWALK SLAM!

(Fans all go: “Oooooooooooooooh” as Porter rises up to her feet.)

Mutt: You talk about a binary in styles. This ain’t Officer Order. Porter doesn’t duck and dodge, she hits you straight up.

Bishop: The World Champ is dazed. And now Porter measuring Medusa and NAILS a Legdrop! Porter up again and another Legdrop! Porter up again and _DROPS_ a Headbutt to Medusa’s head!

Mutt: And now a Reverse Chinlock as Medusa scrambles for the ropes. Medusa hasn’t felt power like this before. And give that Porter doesn’t like her…could we be seeing a new champ?

Bishop: Porter really bearing down on the hold as Medusa taps the ropes. The ref wants a break, and that elicits a laugh from Porter.

Ref: 1……………….2………….3……..4………break.

Bishop: Tony Angelo down at ringside now as Porter picks up Medusa. A Headbutt, and Medusa is dazed! Another headbutt, and Medusa falls back into the ropes.

Mutt: MA Porter is 6 feet tall 225 pounds, and she’s as strong as hell. Porter with a gouge to the eyes, and now walking ‘Dusa into the near corner.

Bishop: Porter with a handful of hair and…Medusa blocks the buckle smash! Medusa with a handful of hair and RAMS PORTER’S HEAD!

(Fans cheer as Medusa walks along the ropes to clear her head.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Medusa squaring up and nailing Porter with a European Uppercut. And now ‘Dusa kicking away at Porter’s knee. Porter now, SHOVING Medusa to the canvas!

(Dawg Pound barks as Medusa scrambles to her feet.)

Mutt: Medusa is in the place of Officer Order…how do you defeat someone both bigger and stronger than you? Medusa and Porter circling and now a tie up.

Bishop: Medusa with a side headlock, but Porter slapping on a Waistlock threatening to Suplex. Medusa backing into the ropes and now the ref wants a break.

Mutt: Porter releasing and Medusa nailing away with punches to the back of the head. Medusa with the cheap shot, and now Medusa kicking away at the knee from behind.

Bishop: And now Medusa clipping the leg, and Porter is down. Medusa now, biting the leg?

(Fans all booing as Medusa Rage bites away at Porter’s knee.)

Ref: 1………………2……………3……..4……….

Bishop: Porter in the ropes, and Medusa with a single leg pick up and stomping away at the hamstring. The ref shoving Medusa away, and Medusa shoving him.

Mutt: Porter getting to her feet and Medusa slapping on a Waistlock for a Belly to Belly Suplex!

Ref: 1………………………..kick out!

(A few fans cheer as Ma Porter easily kicks out.)

Bishop: Medusa with a pickup and Porter with a Drop toe hold?

Mutt: Both women back up and Medusa with the jump. She kicks away at the left knee and Porter backs into the ropes. The ref wants a break.

Bishop: And Medusa ignoring him and whipping Big Ma to the far ropes. Medusa with a head of steam as Porter bounces off and…


(Mixed cheers as Ma Porter spits down at Medusa.)

Mutt: These Pittsburgh fans are turning on Medusa?

Bishop: Porter with a pickup and now slaps her hands around Medusa’s throat, and lifts her up for an elevated chokehold!!

(Hardcores cheer as Medusa gasps for air.)

Ref: 1…………………….2………….3…………..4…


(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Bishop: oh my!

(Fans all whistle and cheer as Porter traps her in the corner.)

Mutt: The world champ is in trouble. Porter with Headbutts and Medusa is dazed.

Bishop: Medusa slumping against the ropes, and Porter with big boots to the midsection! And now Porter scooping her up, and walking out of the corner….


(Fans all pop as Porter jumps up into the air…)

Mutt: But Porter misses the Legdrop!

(Minor cheers as Medusa rolls out of the way.)

Bishop: Medusa just might be out of gas. She’s clutching her chest as Porter gets up to her feet. Medusa in the ropes, and Porter with a handful of hair.

Mutt: A pickup and Medusa with a low blow.

(Fans all boo as the ref chides her.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Medusa frowning as Porter sneers…Dropkick to Porter’s knee.

Mutt: Medusa moving in, and now a Leglock to Porter’s left knee. Medusa ain’t no technical wrestler. She has to consciously change her mind and uses locks like these. How will she combat Lotus who naturally uses holds and locks?

Bishop: Porter using her strength advantage and into the ropes. Medusa with a pickup and right back to the European Uppercuts. Porter is dazed as Medusa whips her to the far ropes.

Mutt: Medusa with a head of steam as Porter bounces off and…. Lou Thesz Press….


Ref: 1……………………………….2…………….no!

(Fans all on their feet as Medusa gets the shoulder up.)

Bishop: Porter with a pickup and nails a Kneelift! And another! And another! Porter now, slaps Medusa’s head between her legs….

(Dawg Pound all roars as Porter looks around the arena.)

Mutt: Waistlock….

Bishop: And hoists her up…..P*O*W*E*R*B*O*M*B!!!!

Ref: …………………………………………………..1






(Fans all scream and pop as Medusa gets the shoulder up.)

Bishop: Porter with a pickup, and Medusa raking the eyes. And now she stumbles off. Porter wiping her eyes as she runs after her. Medusa shadowing the ref as Porter shoves him aside.

Mutt: An Irish Whip, and Medusa sent sailing to the ropes. Medusa bouncing off and HITS THE PORTERLINE!!!

 Ref: 1………………………….2…………………rope!

(Fans all jump up and down as Medusa tags the rope with her foot.)

Bishop: Medusa rolling into the ropes, and Porter stomping away on her. Medusa rolling to the outside, and the ref trying to stop Porter.

Mutt: She simply shoves him aside. Porter climbing through the ropes and Medusa grabs her world title, and doubles over.

Bishop: Porter moving in and…..MEDUSA BELTS HER!


(Fans all boo as Medusa hops over the guard railing and heads for the exits.)

Bishop: Porter is laid out on the floor, and Medusa is taking the low road out of here.

Mutt: She’s going to FDT II no matter what. She had no intention of giving Porter a fair crack at the belt.

(Ringsiders chant: Porter! Porter! Porter! Porter! Porter! )

Bishop: Nikita Marx daring Medusa to come back. But she’s gone.

Mutt: Medusa, to her credit, got attacked by OC and prior to that wrestled Officer Order to a 10 minute draw. So I can see it from her perspective.

Bishop: But fans are chanting Porter’s name. Ma Porter was in classic form tonight. I haven’t seen her that methodical and exacting in a long time.

(Porter draws her hands around her waist as fans chant her name.)

Bishop: Fans, we’re out of time. See ya on the Saturday Nite Special.


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