The Western Heritage Championship is decided as Radhi Ananda takes on the challenge of Daisy Butterfly

Scene opens up on a jammed packed Osaka Castle Hall in Osaka, Japan. There are 16,777 screaming fans in attendance. “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


Bishop: Wrestling fans, this in our final card in the great country of Japan! Hi, I’m Allen Bishop along with color man Sam Mutt bringing you the bets in professional wrestling.

Mutt: If this is our final card, we’ve done it great justice! We’ve got some serious talent wrestling tonight, as well as Daisy Butterfly (Laughs!)

Bishop: Fans, please ignore him. Anyway, we do indeed have a great card for ya. How about Staci X going up against ‘Legend’ Micki Duran? How about ‘Wildchild’ Wendy Marshall as she tackles the injured Medusa Rage?

Mutt: And how about the most overrated wrestler in Grand Dragon. The woman the Japanese call the Franchise. Yes, that jobber Daisy Butterfly.

Bishop: That’s right! Daisy takes on ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda for the WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPIONSHIP! And for great Tag Team action, finally, we have the Semifinals of the WORLD TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT. STRIKE takes on the Hyena Queens and the MISFITS wrestle Lady Luck.

Mutt: And MY GIRL is back. ‘Luscious’ Lisa Thomas & Lady Starr, the team of the DANGEROUS DOLLS make their debut against the Browne Girls.

(Fans cheer as more fireworks go off and a spotlight shines in the middle of the ring.)

Bishop: Fans, this one is about ready to start. Spud McKenzie running down the ramp and entering the ring. Spud McKenzie will be assisted once again by Japanese ring announcer Kosei Yamasaki.

(Fans applaud as Spud converses with co-ring announcer Kosei Yamasaki.)

Spud: To all of our fans in Asia, the Pacific Islands, North America and all over the world! To all fans of the INTERNATIONAL DAWG POUND!!!!!

(Fans bark as Spud McKenzie walks around the ring! Yamasaki translates with just as much vehemence!!!!!)

Spud: All fans of the Grand Dragon……ARE YOU READY!!!!!!

(Fans roar and reply!)

Spud: I said, ARE YOU READY?!?!?!?!?!

(Fans cheer louder and reply once more!)

Spud: THEN…..Let’s Get Rrrrrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrrrrrumble!!!!

(Crowd EXPLODES as fireworks go off around the ring)

Wendy Marshall vs. Medusa Rage

Kosei: Our first contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘A Real American’.)

Kosei: Hailing from Malibu Beach, California in the United States! She stands 5 feet 5 inches, 120 pounds, here is…’Wildchild’ Wendy Marshall!

(The blonde haired Wendy Marshall heads down the rampway slapping hands with fans. She waves around the American flag and enters the ring wearing a red singlet.)

Bishop: The Wildchild is HOT! She’s fresh from coming off a tough match with Nikita Marx last week. And you Sam Mutt said she couldn’t BEAT Nikita.

Mutt: Excuse me, what match were you watching. Nikita BEAT her. WE had a little international spat between the Russians and that Japanese ref. That’s what caused Wendy to steal the victory.

Bishop: Well, whatever the case, The ‘Wildchild’ could rocket into the Top 10 with a win here. Let’s here the introductions for Medusa Rage….

(Fans cheer as they hear “Dvorak’s 5th Symphony” by New World!)

Spud: And her opponent! Hailing from Port-of-Spain, Trinidad! She is 6 feet tall, 160 pounds. Here is the Matriarch of the Rage family….Medusa Rage!!!

(Fans cheer and the Dawg Pound barks as Medusa Rage heads down the ramp wearing a brown and black wrestling singlet.)

Bishop: Medusa Rage wrestling injured this week. She’s the first wrestler in GDWA History daring enough to wrestle AGAINST doctor’s orders. She’s a tough one.

Mutt: Yeah, but she better watch her back! The Hyena Queens are in the arena, and we all know there’s bad blood between the Rage family and the Hyena Queens.

(Medusa enters the ring, and she points out to the Dawg Pound and they begin to cheer.)

Bishop: The Dawg Pound is in love with Medusa Rage. Just think what will happen a few weeks from now when Medusa goes to Texas to face Dementia Praecox and Lady Starr in that 3 Way Dance!

Mutt: I would love to see a match between Medusa and ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda! Medusa thinks she’s extreme? Hell, she ain’t seen it. And if she can’t handle a little twerp like Jungle, Dementia Praecox is gonna hit that Flying Reverse Elbow over the top and DECAPITATE her!

Bishop: Fans, the ref has gone over the rules with both combatants, let’s hook ’em up!


Bishop: Collar and Elbow tie up, and Medusa with the obvious strength advantage backing up Wendy Marshall….and Marshall backpedaling into the ropes and shoving off Medusa.

Mutt: Medusa running to the far ropes as Wendy runs after her. Medusa bouncing off and GETS NAILED WITH A RUNNING DROPKICK!

(Fans cheer as Medusa Rage hits the mat.)

Bishop: Medusa back up and Wendy with another Dropkick! WoW! Great Standing Dropkick! Medusa back up and she’s holding the back of her neck. Wendy punching away, and now a Side Headlock.

Mutt: Great Strategy, yet obvious on the hands of Wendy Marshall. I think she’s actually the first rookie I’ve seen that is employing Daisy Butterfly/Nikita Marx tactics: attack one part of the body and don’t relent until you break it!

Bishop: Medusa Rage down on one knee, and she slaps on a Waistlock. Uh oh! She hoist up Wendy, walks around the ring with her…..AND SHE PICKS UP A HEAD OF STEAM FOR A RUNNING ATOMIC DROP!

(Fans pop as Wendy Marshall crumbles to the mat!)

Mutt: Wendy clutching her back as Medusa encroaches. She don’t know where the hell the ropes are! Wendy grab the ropes!!! Damn, girl you gotta work on your ring presence.

Bishop: Medusa stomping away on the knee of Wendy Marshall. Wendy in serious pain, as Medusa snatches her up with a Single Leg pickup. She’s dragging her into the middle of the ring by that left leg!!!!!

(Fans cheering as Medusa looks out to them.)

Mutt: Medusa with an Elbowdrop to the left leg. I gotta tell ya, Medusa really knows how to utilize her weight and strength. Wendy better be careful.

Bishop: Medusa back up and another Elbowdrop! Medusa now, with a Single Leg Pickup, spinning around….

Mutt: and Wendy Marshall kicks her away! Both women get up to their feet, and the quicker Wendy Marshall charging into Medusa Rage and….NAILS THE RUNNING CLOTHESLINE!

(Fans applaud as Wendy Marshall humbles Medusa Rage in the corner.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop:  Wendy with punches to the head of Medusa Rage, and Medusa is hurting. Wendy now, with a Front Face lock, looking out to the fans….

(Fans all cheer as Wendy points around the arena.)

Bishop: Vertical Suplex! Nicely executed by Wendy Marshall. Wendy back up to her feet, and a pickup. A quick front Face lock and a Snap Suplex, and now she’s going up top!

Mutt: Medusa’s injury is really keying in as a factor in this one. Plus Medusa unable to break down the legs very well before Wendy was able to capitalize. I swear, Wendy’s quickness and speed have played such an important role in this one.

(Fans cheering as Wendy Marshall heads into the corner.)

Mutt: Wendy Marshall perched up top. And if you’re Medusa Rage, you need to get the hell out of the way.

Bishop: Wendy jumps off…..and HITS the Flying Splash. The cover………1………2…….and a STRONG Kick out!

(Fans applaud.)

Mutt: Wendy with a pickup, and Irish Whipping Medusa to the far ropes. Medusa bouncing off and Wendy with a Spinwheel Kick!!!!!!

(Fans all cheering as Medusa Rage hits the mat.)

Ref: …………………………………………………..1







………………………………………………….kick out!

(Fans cheer as Medusa Rage kicks out.)

Mutt: Her head nearly rolled off her neck! Wendy Marshall really capitalizing on Medusa Rage’s shortcomings.

Bishop: Wendy with another pickup and Irish Whipping Medusa to the far ropes. Medusa bouncing off and Wendy Marshall with a Spinebuster!!!

(Fans pop big time as Medusa Rage gets to her feet unfazed!)

Mutt: Wendy Marshall turning around, and Medusa with big right hands! Wendy didn’t have enough power to affect the big Trinidadian!

Bishop: Medusa Rage looks like a NEW woman! She may have been fooling us all with how hurt she was. Medusa has backed Wendy in the corner, and now Irish whipping her into the far ropes.

(Fans all cheering as Wendy bounces off the ropes.)

Bishop: Medusa sprinting across the ring…..FLYING BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!!!

(Dawg Pound barking: ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa!)

Mutt: But she’s holding her neck! No cover!

Bishop: Both women back up to their feet, and Wendy with a weak right hand to the head. Medusa stumbling backwards, and Wendy walking in…and Medusa raking the eyes!

(Dawg Pound cheering while most fans boo.)

Mutt: Medusa grabbing her by the back of her head, and raking Wendy’s eyes against the ring ropes. Now she’s driving Wendy’s throat into the top rope, and using her strength to choke her. I love it!

Ref: …………2…………..3……………..4…….

Bishop: Medusa breaking, and showing her true colors here. Wendy walking off, with no idea where she is. Medusa with a boot to the midsection, and Wendy is double over. Medusa with a Gut Wrench pick and falling backwards to Stun Gun Wendy against the ropes!!!!

Mutt: That’s called the British Bombshell. And your girl Wendy Marshall is all over the canvas now. Medusa with the cover….1…..2……kick out!

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Bishop: Medusa with a pickup, and slapping Wendy Marshall’s head between her legs. Medusa with a Waistlock and a pickup…










(Dawg Pound barking while the referee throws up 2 fingers.)

Mutt: Medusa just barely kicked out of that one. Wendy and she both up to their feet, and Wendy Irish Whipping Medusa into the far ropes. Medusa bouncing off and ANOTHER Spinwheel Kick!

(Huge crowd pop as Medusa Rage crumbles to the mat.)

Spud: 60 seconds remaining. 60 seconds remaining.

Bishop: Wendy Marshall with a pickup, and she should have gone for the cover. Not very smart on her behalf. Wendy slapping on a Front Face lock……and MEDUSA WITH AN INSIDE CRADLE!!!!!

Ref: …………..1………………..2……………Reversal! ………….1……………..2……..Shoulder up!

(Fans all cheering as Medusa Rage scrambles to her feet, holding her neck.)

Mutt: Too strong! Wendy couldn’t hold her down. Wendy firing away with kicks to the midsection. Wendy Irish Whipping Medusa……!

Bishop: …no! Reversal. Wendy flying into the ropes and Medusa dropping down for a High Back Body Block and Wendy flying over the top for a Sunset Flip….


Ref: ………1………………………….2…………..3!


Bishop: Medusa Rage stole this one! Wendy Marshall was just getting her second wind, and Medusa cheated.

Mutt: Medusa was wrestling like a ring general. Using the ropes, buying her time, and had the ring smarts to take advantage of Wendy Marshall. Good win!

Kosei: Wrestling Fans, at 14 minutes 23 second! Your winner via pinfall….Medusa Rage!

(Fans MOSTLY booing as they hear ‘Dvorak’s 5th Symphony’ by New World.)

Bishop: Wendy Marshall complaining to the referee, and Medusa has left the ring. She’s holding her neck and really grimacing.

(Fans cheer as MISTER Furious Styles heads down the rampway.)

Mutt: I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if she reaggravated that injury. Well let’s move on to the House of Styles this week. Hey, MISTER Furious Styles, you ready?

House of Styles: Hyena Queens

Styles: Of course, daddy-o! Hey, let me ask ya’ll a question. WHO is the premier broadcaster in Grand Dragon?!!?!?!?!?!?!??

(Dawg Pound barks as MISTER Furious Styles profiles around the ring.)

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy!

(Fans cheer as they acknowledge the universal HOUSE of STYLES greeting.)

Styles: To all the Japanese fans out there, I want to give you a personal thank you for accepting MISTER Furious STYLES in your beautiful country.

(Fans cheer after they hear the translation.)

Styles: Now, my main man Kosei Yamasaki gonna help us out with the translations for all you non English speakin’ folks. Now, my guests this week are some bad ass women with some serious attitudes. They lay claim to some titles that will be decided NEXT WEEK. Here is the ‘Powerbomb’ Angela Bassett, and ‘the Technician’ Terry McMillen……!

(Mixture of cheers and boos as fans hear ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ by Guns and Roses!)

STYLES: The self-proclaimed ‘next tag team champions of the world’….The Hyena Queens!

(They enter the ring wearing black and red robes with Hyena fur lining. Fans continue to cheer and boo as Terry McMillen points out to all the fans.)

Bishop: These arrogant women are never at a loss for words. They have a match to wrestle later on tonight! What arrogance. Are they gonna sit here and brag?

Mutt: Shut it up! I’m trying to listen.

(Fans begin barking as Angela Basset climbs up the turnbuckles and calls out to the Dawg Pound.)

Terry McMillen: Mister Furious Styles, they say that it’s a Man’s world, but it wouldn’t be a damn thing without a Woman’s touch…well, in the case of the Hyena Queens, that is certainly true!

(Fans cheer as Terry McMillen looks around the arena with a grin.)

Styles: And how is that? Ya’ll got to get through STRIKE in order to prove anything to the GDWA. And STRIKE ain’t just another ham’n egger team around here.

Terry McMillen: Let me refresh your memory MISTER Styles. The Hyena Queens have touched Grand Dragon like no other team in the HISTORY of the sport. Let’s take the Browne Girls. Before it became en vogue for those girls to job themselves to the rest of the GDWA, they were jobbing to us! We beat them first to set a precedent for the rest of the league.

(Fans boo while Angela Bassett laughs and Terry McMillen points into the camera.)

Terry McMillen: And the Syndicate? ‘Dre, Mic, I love ya baby. You know this….but be honest. Micki Duran hasn’t been the same since she got beat by the Queens of the Ring. She went from World Title contender, to Internet contender, to settling for that copper belt known as the Western Heritage Title!

(Big crowd pop!)

Terry McMillen: She ain’t been the same since the Hyena Queens put a beating on the Syndicate and knocked them out of the Tag Title tournament!

(Angela Bassett jumps down from the turnbuckles and heads over toward Terry.)

Terry McMillen: And Lanny Manson? Oh, do we REALLY need to go there?!

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF!  WooF!  WooF!  WooF!  WooF!  WooF!)

Terry McMillen: Ever since we challenged that California coward to a match, she’s had a string of bad luck. Where’s the World Title Lanny? Where have you been since Andrea Chandler laid you out in front of 60,000 fans?

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF!  WooF!  WooF!  WooF!  WooF! WooF!)

Terry McMillen: Where o’ where is ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson? I’ll tell ya where she is. Word around town is that she’s somewhere in San Francisco sucking on somebody’s big toe!

(Fans go Wooooooooooooo! while Angela Bassett grabs the mic.)

Angela Bassett: Let me tell you something Mister Furious Styles! First, the 2nd-Rate-Syndicate are gonna find out what the AFRICAN DAWGS are all about!!!! We gonna get the one, two, three on their sorry asses to get to the semifinals!

(Fans cheer as Angela Bassett looks around the arena.)

Angela Bassett: Second, we gonna step all over that Age of Rage! They wanna find out who’s the blackest? Browne Girls, outside of the squared circle maybe we coulda been sistas. You are truly 2 intelligent Black women who are worthy competitors…..BUT YOU WANT WHAT WE WANT! THAT’S THE WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES!!!

Terry McMillen: Ladies, the Hyena Queens are all about Money in the Bank and Gold around our waist. And nobody gets in our way. MISFITS! Misfits. (She looks into the camera and laughs) Styles, the reason they are called “the misfits” is because they are about 2 or 3 bra sizes too small!

(Dawg Pound cheers as most fans boo!)

Bishop: That’s not funny!

Mutt: Sounds hilarious to me! (Laughs!)

Angela Bassett: Girls, we don’t play around. At Dawg Pound Nights, we WILL be defending OUR titles. And we WILL be giving the Jamaican Wonder Twins the first shots. Question our blackness? Browne Girls, you’ll be *2* colors when we get done with you…..BLACK & BLUE!

(Dawg Pound erupting as Angela Bassett calls out to them!)

Styles: Hold up! I got questions for ya’ll before you go. You just can’t be coming here and dominating my show.  Now, since ya’ll are so SELF ASSURED, what the hell do you need these fans for?

Terry McMillen: As far as I’m concerned, we don’t need anybody. But we love to wrestle in front of a crowd. Love to prove all those who doubt our ability that we are the best thing happening today. See, that’s the difference between us and the ‘Unfits’. The Unfits run up in the Dawg Pound and grab onto men’s crotches to get attention. The Hyena Queens get their attention just by being the best….That’s called a *Ladies* touch.

(Fans cheering while MISTER Furious Styles looks overwhelmed!)

Angela Bassett: MISFITS! LADY LUCK! Whoever the hell we gotta beat to win our titles. We gonna show you the hard way why we are Queens of the Ring. It ain’t safe in Grand Dragon no more! Terry, tell ’em what they already know!!!!!!

Terry McMillen: Mess with the best and get jobbed like the rest!!!!

Angela Bassett: It’s as simple as that!

(Mixture of cheers as the HYENA QUEENS leave the ring and ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ by Guns ‘N Roses blares through the speakers.)

STYLES: I Love it! MISFITS, Browne Girls, better watch your backs! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, boy! I love it! Hey, if any of you rough neck wrestlers want to be on the HOUSE Of STYLES, give me a mail at: that’s all for this week, back to you guys!

Bishop: WoW! The Hyena Queens predicting victory and a title defense at Dawg Pound Nights? How dare they underestimate the team of STRIKE!

Mutt: It’s called mind games Bishop! And the Hyena Queens are sending a message to all the Tag Teams in the GDWA. They want the gold, and won’t settle for less.

(Fans boo as Congo Paul Roberts heads down the rampway toward the commentator’s table.)

Bishop: Before we FINALLY get to the semi-finals of the GDWA tag team tournament, we have more tag team action slated to explode!!

Congo: Our stay here in Japan has been very enlightening. We’ve observed the unique characteristics and rituals here that define Japanese pro wrestling. The ribbons, the reaction from the fans–some of the critics said that we wouldn’t float in the Orient with our talent roster; that we had too many HARDCORES for the Japanese palate…

Bishop: Congo! CONGO!! Where are you going with this?!

Congo: Calm down, Bishop. I’m simply proclaiming our tour a RAGING SUCCESS!!

Bishop: Undeniably. But now we’re ready to go…

Dangerous Dolls vs. The Browne Girls

Spud: Ladies and gentlemen, our next match is a tag team contest scheduled for one fall, fifteen minute time-limit!!

(Modest crowd pop. “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio plays over the loudspeakers)

Spud: Accompanied to the ring by their manager, “Dangerous” David Jones. First; from Hollywood, California in America–at 5’7″ and 195 lbs.–“LUSCIOUS” LIIIIIIIISAAAAA THOMAS!! And, her partner…

(Crowd increasing begins cheering louder and louder)

Spud: 5’5″, 135 pounds of TOKYO’S OWN–*L*A*D*Y*S*T*A*R*R*!!

(Crowd ROARS as Lady Starr and Lisa Thomas come strutting out down the aisle accompanied by David Jones. Lady Starr slaps hands with ringside fans as Thomas and Jones keep walking)

Spud: At a combined weight of 330 pounds; THE DAAAAANGERRROUS DOLLLLLLLLLLLLSS!!

Congo: The fans love Lady Starr here in her hometown, and to be honest, I’m beginning to warm up to her too! It seems like Mr. Jones has been implementing a new outlook in himself and his talent after getting his hands on Lisa Thomas!

Bishop: Makes you wish that you didn’t send Radhi Ananda out to maim her?!

Congo: Please! Lady Starr is the ONLY woman EVER to pin Radhi!! Daisy Butterfly can’t do it tonight, Officer Order can’t do it next week and Micki Duran won’t be able to do it at Dawg Pound Nights!! Give Lady Starr the nod and we’ll see a new champion…

Bishop: I don’t know–Radhi has only gotten BETTER since dumping you…

Spud: And, their opponents…

(BIG crowd pop as “Brown Girl in the Ring” plays on the PA)         

Spud: From Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and accompanied by their manager, Medusa Rage. At 5’10” and 140lbs–SIIIIIIEEEEEERRA BROWNE!! Her sister, at an identical 5’10” and 140lbs–INDIGO BROWNE!! At a combined weight of 280 pounds, THEE BROWNE GIIIIIIRRLSS!!

(HUGE pop as the Browne sister walk down the aisle slapping hands and hugging fans. The Dawg Pound starts chanting “Misfits! Misfits!” while some partisan fans start chanting “Starr! Starr! Starr!”)

Bishop: The Browne Girls–unequaled in their fan support, even here in Lady Starr’s backyard.

Congo: Are the fans going to win this match for them? Lord knows they can’t win it themselves!!

Bishop: They’re ready–Indigo on the inside tugging at the ropes and blowing kisses out to the crowd. It looks like she’ll be going up against BIG Lisa Thomas.

Congo: For all that muscle she’s truly a beauty. Damn, I’ll be willing to wager that she outweighs you. She’s like a Cindy Crawford or Tyra Banks with Scott Steiner’s body…

Bishop: You can really say some disgusting things sometimes.


Bishop: Indigo and Lisa Thomas circling each other–Thomas lashes out with a quick Karate chop and catches Indigo in the throat!!

Congo: I don’t think Indigo expected such speed from the big woman! Thomas with a wristlock and whips Indigo to the far side–Indigo ducks the BIG clothesline and bounces back WITH A FLYING FOREARM!! BUT LISA THOMAS IS STILL UP!!

Bishop: Thomas standing on rubber legs; Indigo with a BIG ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO LISA THOMAS’ HEAD!! Lisa stumbles back to the ropes–Indigo with a HIGH CROSS BODY–CAUGHT IN THE AIR BY THOMAS!! Thomas carries Indigo out the center of the ring AND GETS HER WITH A BACKBREAKER!!

(Small pop)

Bishop: Lisa Thomas flexing those impressive arms to the delight of the crowd. She’s pointing over to Lady Starr in her corner!

(Crowd begins to cheer “Starr! Starr! Starr! Starr!” etc.)

Bishop: Lisa Thomas heading over to make the tag to Lady Starr–INDIGO BROWNE WITH A QUICK ROLL-UP FROM BEHIND!!                    Ref: 1……………………2………………………..3!!!


(Crowd ROARS–mostly out of confusion…)

Bishop: WHAT THE HELL…!? WHAT….?!

Congo: INDIGO BROWNE SNATCHING AWAY A SURPRISE VICTORY BEFORE THE DAMNED MATCH EVEN STARTS!! Sierra and Indigo are celebrating on the inside as David Jones yells at a confused and angry Lisa Thomas in the ring! Lady Starr now talking with both Jones and Thomas. Thomas looks about ready to explode!!

Spud: Ladies and gentlemen, your winners at 2 minutes 12 seconds–THEE BROOWWNE GIIIIRLS!!

(“Brown Girl in the Ring” plays again. Most fans cheer but some boo, chanting “Starr! Starr! Starr!”)

Bishop: Medusa Rage getting her girls out of the ring just in time as Lisa Thomas tears around the ring like a madwoman. Lady Starr a bit hesitant to get in the ring with her tag team partner.

Congo: I don’t blame her–look at the fury the big lady’s in!! They just kind of came into this match without an apparent strategy. You CAN’T come in as two singles wrestlers when you wrestle the Browne Girls.

Bishop: Truly, the Brownes are a talented team indeed. One of the best this world has to offer.

Congo: Plus you can’t forget that they’re a part of Medusa Rage’s illuminati. There’s skill and cunning in their lessons…

Bishop: Lady Starr calming Lisa Thomas down. Starr looks a bit agitated; she lost her last opportunity to wrestle for her native fans before she returns to GDWA state-side competition.

(Fans cheer on Starr as she plays to the crowd before leaving)

Bishop: Lady Starr, leading “Luscious” Lisa Thomas and “Dangerous” David Jones back to the locker rooms; the crowd leading Lady Starr with cheers of support.

Congo: Chalk it all up to a learning lesson. Welcome to the tag ranks, girls.  You can get your dole right around the corner from the pay window…

Bishop: Stop, Congo. We’ve got more action coming up–the GDWA Tag Team Tournament semi-finals!!

Congo: Semi-finally. That means we’ll have new champions by when? Next year’s Summer Supercard?

(Small pop as Spud gets into the ring to make the announcements)

Bishop: Spud’s a hit with the Japanese fans…

Congo: He’s a hit with the local massage parlors!! The geishas are really gonna miss that chap!

Lady Luck vs. The Misfits

Spud: Ladies and gentlemen, our next match is the first of two scheduled matches in THE GDWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT!!

(Big crowd pop!)

Spud: Scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit. Our first team, from the state of Nevada in the United States of America…

(“The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers plays over the arena PA to a respectful pop from the crowd)

Spud: At a combined weight of 293 pounds–5’8″ 161 pounds of VANESSA *ACEY* DEUCEY and 5’6″ 132 pounds of BLACKJACK BELMONTE!! LAAAADYYYY LUCK!!

(The duo enter the arena and walk down the aisle surrounded by a 10+ person entourage)

Congo: This’ll be a slaughter. Belmonte’ll kill herself before the Misfits get a chance to. And THAT’S if she’s lucky…

Bishop: Lady Luck unproven as a tandem so far in the GDWA. Big things are expected from these ladies, though…

Congo: How big are we talking?

Spud: And, their opponents…

(“Listen Up” by the Misfits plays and the Dawg Pound goes wild!)

Spud: Accompanied to the ring by their manager and sister, Medusa Rage, and weighing in at a combined weight of 308 pounds–GODIVA RAGE; “MS. PERFECT” DALBELLO RAGE–THEEEEE MISSSSSSSSFITSSSSSSS!!!

(The Rage sisters make a bee-line to the Dawg Pound and slap hands with all their delighted fans. The 7’2″ Derek Rage is visible in the ‘Pound)

Congo: And the giant Derek Rage is there, cheering on his family as they make a go at the finals.

Bishop: I HOPE he just cheers. Dalbello rolls into the ring and is checking out the competition just as the Lady Luck entourage leaves the ringside area. Big Vanessa Deucey wants to start the match but it looks as if Blackjack Belmonte is handling the honors.            Congo: Lovely Godiva pulling herself away from the Dawg Pound and heading up onto the apron…<sigh>…

Bishop: Looks like I may be calling this one myself…


Bishop: Dalbello rushes in instantly to lock-up but Belmonte ducks under her and dashes to the ropes. Belmonte returns from the far side–Drop Toehold by Dalbello brings her down and Dalbello slides up her back and slaps on an armbar.

Congo: Notice the way Dalbello uses her weight as leverage and keeps Belmonte face-first on the canvas. Belmonte scooting around trying to escape and Dalbello following. Belmonte reaches the ropes and the ref makes Dalbello break.

Bishop: Right before a 4-count. Both ladies back to their feet and Deucey asking for a tag. Belmonte waving her off with a cocky smile. I hope she knows what she’s getting into…

Congo: Belmonte rushes in and whips Dalbello–reversal and Belmonte goes to the ropes. Dalbello follows her in AND BLACKJACK BELMONTE WITH A SPRINGBOARD SPINWHEEL KICK!!

(Fans pop loud at the agility and athleticism of Blackjack Belmonte)

Congo: Belmonte literally off the ropes and knocks Dalbello down with a kick to the face!! Dalbello getting back to her feet and Belmonte with a Front Facelock–DALBELLO WITH A SMALL PACKAGE!!

1 . . .     . . . . . 2 . . . KICKOUT BY BLACKJACK BELMONTE!!


Congo: And Belmonte rolling to the outside to break the Misfits’ momentum. Dalbello tags in Godiva and rolls outside. Smart move; making Godiva the legal woman before she heads outside.

Ref: 3………………………4…………………..

Bishop: Belmonte holding her head as Dalbello comes after her–and the chase is on!! Dalbello lunges–AND BLACKJACK BELMONTE GOES UP AND OVER THE RING ANNOUNCER’S TABLE, ALL TO SPUD’S SURPRISE!!

(Fans laugh and cheer)

Congo: Dalbello looking a bit aggravated by Belmonte’s “Errol Flynn” impression. This girl may give Charlotte a run for the money when it comes to swashbuckling!!

Ref: 9…………………………10……………………….11

Bishop: No doubt! Belmonte rolling back into the ring and Godiva instantly charging–BELMONTE CRAWLS BETWEEN GODIVA’S LEGS!!

(More cheers from the crowd)


Congo: And Lady Godiva with a BIG SLAM on Belmonte!! Belmonte feeling that one. Godiva turns around and sees Acey as Belmonte rolls to the outside. The big lady checking out Godiva with a smirk on her face. And Godiva smirking back! Atta girl! Don’t let her intimidate you!!

Spud: 5 minutes have passed in the 20 minute time limit. 15 minutes remain.

Bishop: Acey Deucey pumping her biceps and glaring at Godiva. Godiva circling Acey cautiously. Acey raising her hand–it looks like she’s calling for a test of strength!!

(Fans pop)                   

Bishop: Godiva watching her carefully. Acey with that hand raised…and Godiva cautiously raises hers–Godiva pulls her hand away!! She’s saying something to Acey–ACEY WITH A BIG HEADBUTT!! A Sidewalk Slam by Acey Deucey as Godiva recoils from the headbutt!!

Congo: And now Godiva rolls to the outside. Godiva calling Deucey out and Deucey yelling at Godiva. Godiva back on the apron and Deucey charges. Godiva protests to the referee and the ref keeping Deucey back as Godiva gets back into the ring.

Bishop: Godiva readies herself and rushes in for a lock-up–Acey with an Armdrag takedown!! Godiva gets back to her feet and Acey tearing into her with Reverse Knife-Edge chops to her chest!!

Congo: Incredible! I hate to say it, but so far Lady Luck has shown the Misfits a thing or two!

Bishop: Acey Irish Whips Godiva–Godiva comes back–FLYING SHOULDERBLOCK TO THE KNEES OF ACEY DEUCEY!! Godiva bowling Acey over!!

(Dawg Pound begins to bark!)

Congo: That’s a real debilitating move right there. That could potentially end careers!

Bishop: And now Godiva savagely stomping away at the knees and chest of Acey Deucey!! Now THIS is the Misfits that the fans love! Acey crawling to the ropes and the ref calling Godiva off of her. Godiva yelling out to her fans as Acey Deucey climbs back to her feet.

(Dawg Pound cheers for Godiva)

Bishop: Godiva goes back to her corner and tags in Dalbello. Dalbello bobbing over to Acey Deucey in a defensive boxing stance. Dalbello throws a few right jabs at Acey and Acey backs off. Dalbello with another right–ACEY TRAPS HER ARM!! ACEY WITH A HEADBUTT–DALBELLO SIDESTEPS AND COUNTERS WITH A FRONTFACE LOCK!! Dalbello walks backwards with Deucey–ACEY DEUCEY FLIPS DALBELLO OVER THE ROPES!!

(Hardcores make some noise!)

Congo: And Deucey makes the tag to Blackjack Belmonte! Belmonte with a head of steam off the apron–SENTON OFF THE APRON AND RIGHT ONTO DALBELLO!!

(Hardcores pop loud!)

Spud: 10 minutes have passed in the 20 minute time limit. 10 minutes remain.

Ref: 5………………………6……………………………   

Bishop: Dalbello definitely catching the worst of that exchange! Belmonte on the outside–she’s got a chair!! The ref is yelling at her as she sets it up and puts it down…!? What is she going to do?

Congo: Belmonte with a head of steam–she runs at the chair AND LEAPS OFF OF IT WITH A FLYING CROSS-BODY BLOCK!!

(Hardcores roar as fans gasp!)

Ref: 9……………………..10……………………………

Bishop: Belmonte pulling Dalbello to her feet–she THROWS Dalbello into the chair!! Belmonte rolls back into the ring.

Ref: 12……………………13……………………………….

Congo: Dalbello gets back to her feet–she’s got quite a nasty gash opened on her forehead. She crawls back on to the apron. Belmonte runs back to the ropes–TRIPPED BY GODIVA!!

Bishop: This match is getting ugly. Dalbello gritting her teeth and rushing over as Belmonte gets back to her feet. Dalbello with a waistlock and a German suplex! A bridge…

1 . . . . . . . . . .     . 2 . . . . . . . BELMONTE KICKS OUT!!

(Fans cheer!)

Bishop: Dalbello tags in Godiva. Godiva with a bearhug as Dalbello bounces off the ropes–BIG CLOTHESLINE BY DALBELLO AS GODIVA SLAMS BELMONTE DOWN!! A COVER BY GODIVA!!

1 .    . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . .    . . SAVE BY ACEY DEUCEY!!

Bishop: The ref pushing Acey out to the apron as Godiva yanks Belmonte back to her feet–CHOKESLAM!!!

(Dawg Pound ROARS!!)

Congo: And Godiva winking at the Dawg Pound…<sigh>…

Bishop: Godiva pulling Belmonte back up one more time and shoving her back in the Misfits corner. Godiva backs up, SUPERKICK–DOESN’T CONNECT AS BELMONTE DIVES OUT OF THE CORNER!!

(Cheers from the crowd!)

Spud: 15 minutes have passed in the 20 minute time limit. 5 minutes remain.         

Bishop: Godiva’s foot gets caught up on the turnbuckle as she tries to get back to her feet. ACEY DEUCEY RUSHES IN AND CLOTHESLINES GODIVA OVER THE ROPES!!

(Hardcores pop!)

Bishop: The ref pushing Acey back to her corner…

Congo: Deucey trying to buy time for Belmonte to crawl back to her corner. But with the ref distracted trying to get Deucey out of the ring, Dalbello Rage has taken the opportunity to drag Belmonte back to the Misfits corner and is holding her ankles! Godiva on the outside–SHE POSTS BELMONTE’S KNEE!!

(Crowd groans!)

Bishop: Godiva gets back in and tags out to Dalbello. Dalbello picks up Belmonte and hooks on with an Abdominal Stretch!!

Congo: Dalbello really putting a hurt on Blackjack Belmonte. The ref checking Belmonte–and Dalbello grabs the ropes for leverage!!

Bishop: The ref looking up and Dalbello lets go. Blood is streaking down Dalbello’s face from the cut she got earlier. The ref asking Belmonte if she gives and she shakes her head no!

(Big crowd pop! Some fans start cheering on Belmonte)

Bishop: Acey Deucey stomping on the apron rallying the crowd! And Dalbello is getting a bit frustrated by Belmonte’s determination! Dalbello with a few kidney punches to Belmonte!

Congo: The ref chastising Dalbello. Dalbello justifying herself to the ref–Belmonte working out of the hold–RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP BY BELMONTE AND BOTH LADIES ARE DOWN!!

(Big crowd pop!)


(HUGE crowd pop!!)

Congo: Such savagery by Belmonte. I love it.

Bishop: Belmonte climbs to the top turnbuckle–Dalbello staggering about; Lady Luck can end this right here if Belmonte hits this!!

(Rising cheers from the crowd)


(Gasps from the crowd as the Dawg Pound starts up with the barking)

Congo: Good job, ol’ girl!

Bishop: Dalbello shaking out the cobwebs as she rushes in–SHE NAILS THE PRONE BELMONTE WITH THAT STAGGERING “PERFECT PUNCH” UPPERCUT OF HERS!!

(Dawg Pound roars!!)

Congo: Belmonte leaning back over the turnbuckles but her legs are snared. She’s gone. Acey’s out yelling on the apron, trying to rally her girl–Dalbello starts to climb the turnbuckle with Belmonte!!

Bishop: And Acey rushes in–AND SO DOES GODIVA!! The two big workhorses slugging it out as the ref works to separate them!!

Spud: 60 seconds left!!


1 . . . . . . . 2      . . . . . . . . 3!!!


(Dawg Pound erupts as the rest of the crowd offer a LOUD mixed response)


Bishop: WHOAH!! Lady Luck MORE THAN PROVED themselves by taking the Misfits to the extreme! But in the end, the Rage family continues their winning streak…

Spud: Ladies and gentlemen; at 19 minutes and 12 seconds, your winners AND ADVANCING TO THE GDWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS–THE MISFITS!!

(“Listen Up” by the Misfits plays as Medusa and her sisters embrace in the ring)

Bishop: And Vanessa Deucey helping Blackjack Belmonte out of the ring. This could have ended differently, so easily…

Congo: Ahh, but it didn’t. Lady Luck headed back down the aisle while the Misfits celebrate. The Misfits headed to the finals in two weeks.

Bishop: And all too soon we’ll find out who’ll be facing them in two weeks for the championship belts.

Congo: Either Strike or the Hyena Queens; I think they’d like a crack at either of them.        

Staci X vs. Micki Duran

Kosei: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!

(Crowd begins cheering as they hear ‘Fuel’ by Stick.)

Spud: First, hailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the United States! She is 5 feet 11 inches, 146 pounds of Staci X!!!  (Staci comes jogging down the ramp, slapping hands with fans.)

Bishop: Staci X has had a tough time of it late. A tough loss to Bloody Mary has her knocked out of the Top 10 for the first time in her career.

Mutt: Staci X is a good wrestler, but she ain’t a great wrestler like Micki Duran. The Legend is a SUPERIOR athlete. Staci X better be hot tonight. Duran is fresh from a loss to Charlotte La Mancha, and could really use a big win prior to her PPV match against Radhi Ananda.

Bishop: Let’s hear the introductions for the ‘Legend’ Micki Duran…

(Fans applaud as they hear ‘All I Really Want’ by Alanis Morissette.)

Kosei: And her opponent, coming down ringside, by her manager the Kingpin. And the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WORLD CHAMPION…Andrea Chandler!

(Fans boo while Andrea Chandler opens up her robes and flashes the World title!)

Kosei: From Lake Ponchatrain, Louisiana….she is 5 feet 8 inches. Weighing 124 pounds……’The Legend’ Micki Duran!

(Fans cheer and applaud as Micki Duran heads down the rampway.)

Mutt: Do you hear those fans? They appreciate technicians in Japan! Not like in America where they cheer on jobbers like Lanny Manson and Officer Order. The Legend is a true Legend, and deserves to be treated as such.

Bishop: Micki Duran heading down the rampway, and she looks as confident as ever.

Mutt: Hey, Staci X in the middle of the ring warming up. She knows that this is a big one. Perhaps her biggest match since wrestling the former WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION ‘Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama.

(Micki Duran enters the ring dressed in a black singlet, with black wrist gear, boots, and headband. Her locks will be tied back in a tight braid.)

Bishop: Micki Duran in the ring and Staci X is NOT intimidated at all. This is gonna get interesting!


Bishop: Collar end Elbow tie up, and Duran with an Armdrag Takedown!  Staci back up and Duran with another Armdrag Takedown. Staci back up, and leaning against the ropes taking a break.

Mutt: Staci X back up looking a little befuddled. Both women are known for being sluggish in the ring, but I think Micki is a step or two quicker…..

Bishop: Duran walking into Staci, and Staci using her weight advantage to flip Duran around. She Irish Whips Duran to the far side and she sprints after her….and Staci X with a Clothesline!

(Fans cheering as Micki Duran hits the mat.)

Bishop: WoW! Staci with a pickup and pounding away with punches to the midsection and lower back! Staci with INCREDIBLE punching power. Duran really taking a beating.  Staci bullying Duran into the near ropes now.

Mutt: She Irish Whips Duran into the far ropes. Duran bounces off the far ropes and gets nailed with another Clothesline! Duran’s lack of dexterity is really getting the better of her.

(Fans cheer as Staci X points out to the arena!)

Mutt: Damn! Staci with a pickup now and applies a Headlock. Duran with a Waistlock and a Belly to Back Suplex! Duran back up and with a pickup now. She lifts up Staci X by her throat…..AND TOSSES HER DOWN TO THE MAT!

(Fans groan in amazement.)

Bishop: WoW! She flew across the ring.

Mutt: People tend to forget just how strong Micki Duran really is. Duran made her debut against Charlotte La Mancha this summer and everyone thought she was a power wrestler.

Bishop: Staci looks real pissed off! Staci up to her feet and shoving Micki Duran to the mat. Duran back up, and Staci firing off with punches to the head. Duran into the ropes, and the ref wants a break…

Bishop: ….and a kick to the midsection! Staci now, with a Sideheadlock, running from the ropes and nails a Bulldog!!!!!!!

(Fans cheering while the referee berates Staci X!)

Bishop: Duran a little dazed, and the OTHER headbanger of the GDWA picking up momentum. Staci kicking away at the ribs of Duran, and Duran driving a shoulder into Staci’s left leg.

Mutt: Duran up to her feet, and slaps on a single leg pickup. Duran with swift kicks to the hamstring, and now we see some classic Micki Duran! She’s gonna take this big woman down piece by piece.

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Mutt: It would be interesting to see who was more proficient with the Figure 4. Nikita Marx or Micki Duran. They are both such excellent technicians. Hell, Duran is such a devastating wrestler with all of that power she has!

Bishop: Micki Duran still with that left leg, and now turning Staci X over….for a half crab! The Half Crab focusses more on the legs than the Full Boston Crab which focusses on the back more.

(Fans all cheering as Staci X reaches for the ropes.)

Bishop: Staci X in the ropes, and the ref forces the break. Staci up to her feet, and Duran with another Single Leg pickup! Staci grabbing the ropes, and the ref wants a break.

Mutt: Duran and the referee arguing and Staci X with a hard right hand! She floored Micki Duran! Staci backing into the ropes now, bouncing off and nailing a Legdrop to the head!

(Fans groan as Staci X clutches her left leg while rolling around the mat.)

Mutt: Staci X is also known for not being too bright (Laughs)!

Bishop: Duran up to her feet now, and Staci X just getting to her feet…Thrust Kick by Micki Duran!

(Fans groan as Staci X drops to the mat.)

Bishop: Great execution by Micki Duran. Duran with a Single Leg pickup and still kicking away. Staci immediately into the ropes, and Duran picking her up. She slaps on a Waistlock and lifts up Staci X and nails her with a Knee Breaker!!!!!

Mutt: Yes!

Bishop: Staci X rolling around the ring. Micki Duran charging forward and dropping down for the cover…1….2…1/2! She kicks out!

(Fans cheering as Staci X kicks out.)

Bishop: Staci X up to her feet, wearily, and Duran with a Single Leg pickup. Staci X hopping along with her right leg AND NAILS ‘LEGEND’ MICKI DURAN WITH AN ENZIGURI KICK!!!!!

(Big crowd pop as Micki Duran drops down to the mat.)

Mutt: Staci X hobbling over to the corner as Micki Duran’s is down on the mat. Andrea Chandler the World’s Champ trying to get the Legend up! The Kingpin slapping the mat.

(Fans all on their feet as Staci X climbs the turnbuckles facing them.)

Bishop: Staci X perched up high! She jumps and CONNECTS with a Moonsault!!!

(Big crowd pop as Staci X cradles the leg!)  Ref: 1…………………….2…………………………kick out!

Kosei: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 left.

Mutt: Staci X with a pickup and slaps on a quick front Face lock. She spins Duran around and nails a Neckbreaker! The cover….1……2….Kick Out!

Bishop: Staci X with a pickup and Irish Whipping Duran to the ropes. Duran bouncing off and Staci X with a HIGH BACK BODY DROP!!!!! OH MY!

(Fans cheering as Staci X Headbangs.)

Bishop: Micki Duran won’t stay down though! Duran getting up to her feet…AND STACI X SPRINTING INTO HER AND HITS A HEADSNAPPING CLOTHESLINE!

Ref: …………….1……………….2…………………1/2!

(Fans applaud as Micki Duran gets the shoulder up!)

Mutt: Staci X with a pickup and Duran with an Inside Cradle…..1…2….kick out!!!

(Fans cheering as both women get up to their feet.)

Bishop: Staci X with a boot to the midsection, and Irish Whipping, no! Reversal into the far ropes. Staci bouncing off the far ropes and Micki Duran with a Powerslam!!!! Duran with a Pickup and Slaps Staci’s head between her legs…..PILEDRIVER!!!!

(Fans all applauding as Dawg Pound chants: Champ!  Champ!   Champ!)

Bishop: Duran with a pickup, and slaps on a Frontface Lock. Duran flipping her around sprinting forward for ‘The End’ Diamond Cutter!!!!!

Mutt: It’s over!! Ring the bell.

(Fans groan as Staci X’s neck snaps off the mat.)

Bishop: Lateral Press…1…………….2………………3!


(Fans cheer as Micki Duran gets to her feet, as the ref raises her hand in victory.)

Mutt: Bishop, that’s why they called her the Legend.

Kosei: Ladies and Gentlemen, ruled at 12 minutes 55 seconds, your winner via pinfall is…….’The Legend’ Micki Duran!

(Fans applaud as they hear ‘All I Really Want’ by Alanis Morissette.)

Bishop: The World Heavyweight Champion Andrea Chandler entering the ring and slapping Micki Duran on the back. Andrea raising Duran’s hand as the Kingpin points to the so called Legend.

Mutt: Radhi Ananda, look out! Micki Duran is after your title!

Bishop: We’ve got more tag action fans!!!!

Strike vs. Hyena Queens

Spud: Ladies and gentlemen, our third featured tag team bout of the evening and the LAST MATCH IN OUR SEMI-FINAL ROUND IN THE GDWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT!!

(Delayed crowd pop as the message is translated in Japanese)

Spud: Scheduled for 20 minutes, one fall…

(“Welcome to the Terrordome” plays and both boos and cheers are heard throughout the arena)

Spud: Our first team, at a combined weight of 239 pounds and accompanied to the ring by their manager, the Kingpin. At 5’5″ and 117 pounds, HEIDI NOELLE LENHART!! At 5’4″ and 122 pounds, “LETHAL” LIZ SINCLAIR!! Together, they are STTTTTRRRRRRRRRIIKE!!

(Strike, along with the Kingpin, walk out to a surprisingly positive ovation)

Congo: They were impressive a few weeks ago, now they have to face the Hyena Queens; number one on the block now that Strike knocked the Brownes down.

Bishop: The last thing you should do is underestimate Strike. They are a part of the Syndicate; after all.

Spud: And, their opponents…

(Continued mixed response as Guns ‘N Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle” blasts through the arena)

Spud: At 272 combined pounds; From Chicago, Illinois; 5’5″ and 135 pounds of “TECHNICIAN” TERRY MCMILLEN!! At 5’6″ and 137 pounds, Pine Bluff’s own “POWERBOMB” ANGELA BASSETT!! THE HYEEEEENAAA QUEENS!!

(The Hyena Queens walk the aisle in their matching red and black hyena fur-trimmed robes)

Congo: Ah yes, thee… (clears throat)…”African Dawgs.” They are tricky ones.

Bishop: Tricks aside, they are very capable athletes and one powerful tag unit. But they’ll need to get past the Syndicate’s cold blooded sharks if they stand a chance at getting the belts.


Bishop: And the Kingpin backing away from the action; the last thing he or the Syndicate needs is for him to get suspended!! Powerbomb and Technician chasing after Heidi Lenhart–THE HYENA QUEENS LAYING INTO LENHART WITH FOUR FISTS!!

(Crowd gasps)

Congo: This match hasn’t even started yet!! They haven’t even made it into the ring!! The Queens taking Lenhart to the floor–LIZ SINCLAIR CLOBBERS BOTH QUEENS FROM BEHIND WITH A CHAIR!! Sinclair now with a Waistlock on Powerbomb–GERMAN SUPLEX ON THE CONCRETE!! Sinclair now with a handful of Terry McMillen’s hair–LIZ SINCLAIR BEELS THE TECHNICIAN OVER THE GUARD RAIL!!

(Crowd gasps. The Dawg Pound cheers and backs away from Terry McMillen)

Bishop: And Heidi Noelle Lenhart rolls into the ring. She’s hurting.



Bishop: The official out around ringside having words with Sinclair and the Kingpin. In the ring, the ref warning both Lenhart and Powerbomb…

Congo: And Terry McMillen looking angry as she starts to climb over the rail–wait a minute, someone has grabbed her shoulder–IT’S DALBELLO RAGE!! Dalbello and McMillen exchanging some heated words out in the Dawg Pound!!

(Dawg Pound starts cheering and chanting “Fight! Fight! Fight!”)

Congo: Godiva Rage out there as well and the three ladies all in each other’s faces.

Bishop: In the ring, Lenhart has shook off the cobwebs and is going to work stomping on Powerbomb. A pick-up and Lenhart underhooks Powerbombs arms–a Butterfly Suplex–no, Lenhart drops down with a Butterfly Piledriver of sorts!!                 Congo: No, the first attack took its toll on the Quebecer. I’m not sure she could hoist Powerbomb up all the way! Lenhart goes back and tags in Sinclair, just as Terry McMillen makes it back to her corner.


Congo: Apparently the tag was made! Powerbomb rolling out to the apron and McMillen trying to get the match back in their hands.

Bishop: McMillen pulling Sinclair up to her feet AND SINCLAIR WITH A SAVAGE EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!! AND ANOTHER!! AND ANOTHER AND MCMILLEN IS BACK AGAINST THE ROPES!! Sinclair with a side headlock as she walks up on the second rope–BULLDOG BY LETHAL LIZ!!

Congo: Liz Sinclair really pulling herself together. Sinclair picks up McMillen and Powerslams her over in the Strike corner!

Bishop: And Heidi Noelle Lenhart is tagged in. Lenhart slingshots herself over with a legdrop across McMillen’s neck and chest. She grapevines the leg!! No count–McMillen has her leg under the rope.

Congo: Lenhart pulls McMillen out to the center of the ring–MCMILLEN ROLLS UP LENHART WITH A HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN!!

1 . . . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . KICKOUT BY LENHART!!

Spud: 5 minutes have passed in the 20 minute time limit. 15 minutes remain.

Congo: A surprised Lenhart goes after McMillen, who rolls back to her corner and tags in Powerbomb. POWERBOMB TAKES LENHART DOWN WITH A CLOTHESLINE!! Lenhart back up and POWERBOMB KNOCKS HER BACK DOWN WITH A FLYING SHOULDER BLOCK!!

(Dawg Pound begins barking!)

Bishop: Lenhart getting back up and Powerbomb tags in McMillen. Powerbomb picks up Lenhart and HITS THE BACKBREAKER!! MCMILLEN WITH A BIG LEGDROP FROM THE TOP ROPE TAKES LENHART OFF OF POWERBOMB’S KNEE!! McMillen covers!!

1       . . . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . .        . . . . SAVE BY “LETHAL” LIZ SINCLAIR!!

Congo: McMillen yelling at Sinclair as she tags Powerbomb back in. Powerbomb with a front-face lock–she goes for a Vertical Suplex but Lenhart blocks! Again! LENHART WITH A SMALL PACKAGE!!

1 . . . . . . .  . 2 . . . . . . KICKOUT BY POWERBOMB!!

Bishop: And now Lenhart is crawling for her corner, going for a tag. McMillen rushes in and the ref tries to send her out just as Lenhart tags in Sinclair!! Sinclair unloading on Powerbomb!!

Congo: But the ref sending her back out!! He didn’t see the tag!!

Bishop: The Kingpin, visibly upset and yelling at the ref as Powerbomb yanks Lenhart back over the ropes by her hair. Powerbomb walks Lenhart out to the center of the ring and DROPS HER WITH REPEATED ELBOWSMASHES!! Powerbomb with a Corkscrew Elbow and a cover!!

1 . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . . . . KICKOUT BY HEIDI NOELLE LENHART!! HEIDI LENHART IS HOLDING ON!!

Congo: McMillen yelling out to Powerbomb; Powerbomb signaling to the crowd that this one is over. Powerbomb hoists Lenhart up FOR A SPLASH MOUNTAIN POWERBOMB!!


1 .       . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . SAVE BY TERRY MCMILLEN!!

Spud: 10 minutes have passed in the 20 minute time limit. 10 minutes remain.                   

Bishop: So many near-falls in the first half of the bout. Powerbomb getting to her feet as Lenhart pulls herself up using the ropes.

(Dawg Pound, led on by the Rage family, begin cheering “Misfits! Misfits! Misfits!”)


(Crowd gasps!)

Congo: Powerbomb sending a message to the Misfits at the risk of her own body.

Ref: 3…………………….4…………………………

Bishop: Powerbomb and Lenhart getting back to their feet; slowly. Lenhart clutching her back; I think that she definitely caught the worst of that fall.

Congo: Powerbomb with a fist-full of Lenhart’s hair–POWERBOMB RUNS HER INTO THE GUARD RAIL AND OVER INTO THE DAWG POUND!!

(Crowd gasps as the Dawg Pound cheers!!)

Bishop: And now Powerbombs having words again with the Misfits. Wait–the Browne Girls are out there too!! Indigo saying something to Lenhart–We might get a four-way dance right here!!


(More gasps from the crowd and louder cheers from the Dawg Pound!)

Bishop: Powerbomb is down and the railing is pushed back–fans scattering. Indigo Browne keeping the fans away from Lenhart as she slowly gets back to her feet!

Ref: 10………………………….11……………………..

Congo: And Terry McMillen rushing to the outside yelling at everyone!! Sinclair back on her part of the apron yelling for Lenhart to get up. Powerbomb is still down and Lenhart just making it over to the barricade.



Bishop: Oh no.

Ref: 19………………………………..


(The Rage family and the Dawg Pound explode!!)


Bishop: I DON’T KNOW!! I DON’T KNOW!! Additional security coming down here to break-up Sinclair and McMillen; do they even know it’s over? And Indigo Browne actually HELPING Heidi Noelle Lenhart into a ringside seat…

Spud: Ladies and gentlemen, at 11 minutes, 10 seconds; this bout has been ruled a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION!!

(Dawg Pound cheers as the rest of the crowd offer a mixed response)

Bishop: So, what happens now?

Congo: I don’t know; maybe I’ll have word later on.

GDWA Western Heritage Championship: Radhi Ananda vs. Daisy Butterfly

Kosei: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 15 minute time limit. And it is, for the GDWA Western Heritage Championship!

(Biggest pop of the night as fans hear ‘Nutcracker Suite’.)

Kosei: First, the challenger, led down the aisle by the INTERNET HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Charlotte La Mancha!!!

(Mixed cheers!)

Kosei: Hailing from San Francisco, California in the United States! She is 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighing 130 pounds. Here is….’the Franchise’ Daisy Firecracker!

(Fans all cheering as Daisy Butterfly heads down the rampway wearing a sparkling silver bodysuit with the words “IRONWOMAN” written on the lower back in a crescent. She wears silver and blue face paint in the shape of a butterfly along with blue boots and kneepads.)

Bishop: This is Daisy Butterfly’s first shot at a title since losing to former World Champ at Madison Square Garden. Daisy wants title, and she’s trying to bring the WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPIONSIP back to the Dragon Trio.

Mutt: But we see who’s out here supporting her. Sachie Yokoyama is nowhere to be found. Ain’t it her title? Sachie needs to dump this Dragon Trio bit and go off on her own.

Bishop: Stop trying to stir up division! Here comes the introductions for the champion…..

Kosei: …..And her opponent!

(Dawg Pound barks as ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda walks through the curtains!)

Kosei: ….hailing from Bombay, India! She is 5 feet 5 inches, weighing 135 pounds. Here is the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION……’Jungle’ Radhi Ananda!!!!!!!!!!

Mutt: ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda running down the rampway and storming the ring!!!!

(Fans bark as Radhi Ananda unstraps the WESTERN HERITAGE Belt and flies into the ring.)

Bishop: Daisy rolling out of the ring, and Charlotte getting out of the way. Jungle is running around the ring, bouncing off of ropes and Daisy is staying far from the immediate ringside.

Mutt: This one is gonna get good, Bishop! Radhi Ananda once again the underdog, and Daisy with a chance to take the title.


Bishop: The bell has rung, and Daisy in the ring and Jungle driving into her. Daisy tying up and Jungle muscling the challenger into the corner. The ref wants a break and Jungle punching away on Daisy Butterfly!!!!

(Fans boo as Radhi Ananda beats her down in the corner.)

Mutt: Radhi Ananda nailing away with clenched fists. Daisy is getting rocked. Jungle climbing the turnbuckles now and slapping on a Front Face Lock for….

Bishop: NO! Daisy with a Waistlock and an Inverted Atomic Drop!

(Fans cheer!)

Mutt: Daisy sprinting out of the corner now and a Running Clothesline!

(Hardcores pop as Radhi Ananda jumps back up to her feet.)

Bishop: Jungle charging Daisy and Daisy backing into the ropes, and now slapping on a Sideheadlock. The ref wants a break but Daisy Irish Whipping Jungle, no! Reversal into the far ropes.

Mutt: Jungle with a head of steam as Daisy bounces off…..


(Dawg Pound barking as Daisy Butterfly hits the mat.)

Bishop: ‘Jungle’ back up to her feet, charging the ropes, Springboarding off and NAILING a Flying Elbowdrop! WoW!

Mutt: The cover…..1……..2…..kick out! Jungle up to her feet, no! Daisy with a Droptoe hold. That’s exactly what Daisy needs to do. Slow this damn thing down.

Bishop: Daisy sliding across Jungle’s back and slapping on a Frontface lock. And Daisy is resting now. Jungle getting up to her feet and Daisy shifting to a Standing Headlock and now a Sideheadlock Takedown!!!

(Fans pop and applaud as Daisy Butterfly grinds down with a Side Headlock!)

Mutt: Daisy Butterfly really loved because of her technical wrestling. She’s pinning Radhi Ananda to the mat, and Jungle unable to capitalize because she doesn’t know an Armbar from a Crowbar.

Bishop: Jungle stronger that Daisy, yet unable to counter or escape. Jungle slapping the mat in frustration, and Jungle raking the eyes!

(Fans booing!)

Bishop: Both women up to their feet, and Jungle with a High Knee lift! Daisy still stunned from that eye rake. Jungle with kicks to the midsection now, and Irish Whipping Daisy to the far ropes.

Mutt: Jungle charging forward and Daisy dives down to the mat. Jungle hopping over and running to the far side. Daisy up to her feet as Jungle bounces off and Daisy with a Japanese Armdrag Takedown!

(Fans pop!)

Bishop: Jungle back up and Daisy charging forward with Open Hand Slaps to the chest. Daisy now with and Armdrag and twist, and now Daisy driving her shoulder into the Jungle’s bicep.

(Fans applaud and cheer!)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Jungle backing into the ropes, and Irish Whipping Daisy to the far ropes. Jungle charging forward as Daisy bounces off….


(Huge crowd pop as Radhi Ananda hits the mat.)

Bishop: Jungle back up to her feet and Daisy with a Dropkick! Jungle back up again and Daisy with an Armdrag Takedown into an Armbar!

Mutt: You got classic technical manipulation by Daisy Butterfly. She’s using Jungle’s own momentum against her. Jungle trying to get to her feet, and Daisy with a Drop toehold. Now Daisy with an Armbar and straddling Jungle’s back!

(Fans cheering and applauding even more as Daisy Butterfly nods in affirmation!)

Bishop: Daisy falling backwards and Jungle clutching her left arm. Daisy noticeably crisp in this one.

Mutt: Jungle flat on her back, and Daisy….Hold on! Daisy still with that left arm, slapping it between her legs. Daisy applying pressure to the arm, and laying her legs across Jungle’s chest! That’s the Cross Armbar!!!!

(Chorus of cheers as ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda slaps the mat in pain.)

Bishop: Beautiful ring positioning by Daisy Butterfly, and Jungle really having to struggle to find where the hell the ropes are she looks lost.

Mutt: And we all know there’s at least a 3 or 4 difference in ranking between these two. Daisy has found herself in the Top 10 in the last few weeks. Jungle on the other hand is firmly seated in the middle of contention.

Bishop: The Cross Armbar is a prelude to the Butterfly Deathlock Armbar. But if she keeps this up any longer, Jungle is gonna give!

Mutt: Jungle finally into the ropes, and Daisy releasing. Daisy with a pickup and Irish Whipping Jungle to the far ropes. Daisy running to the middle of the ring as Jungle bounces off…


(Dawg Pound cheering as Radhi Ananda’s head bounces off the mat.)

Ref: 1……………………….2………………………1/2!!!

(Fans cheer as Radhi Ananda kicks out.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining!

Mutt: Daisy is ready for it all! Daisy Irish Whipping Jungle to the near ropes. Jungle bouncing off and Daisy with a Tilt a Whirl….


1 . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . . . KICK OUT!!!

(Fans all applaud as Daisy Butterfly kicks out!)

Bishop: Both women back up and Jungle with a high knee to the midsection AND SHE OPENS HER UP WITH A HEART PUNCH!!!!

(Fans groan as Daisy Butterfly doubles over and falls to one knee.)

Bishop: Jungle with a pickup and a Side Headlock now! Oh no! Jungle runs toward the far side, jumps up, AND BULLDOGS………

Mutt: NO! Daisy pushing off and ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda hits the floor!

(Huge crowd pop!)


(Thunderous crowd pops as Daisy Butterfly pounds away at Radhi Ananda’s head.)

Mutt: Both women getting up to their feet, and Jungle looks done for the night. Daisy with a Waistlock, and drives Jungle’s shoulder into the ring post!

Bishop: Jungle clutching her arm, and heading over to the time keepers table. She’s got the belt! Daisy heading over toward Jungle…


(Fans boo as the ref calls for the bell!)


Bishop: Radhi Ananda has lost her cool. She picks up Daisy Butterfly and here comes Charlotte! Charlotte and Jungle going at it tooth and nail! Jungle back into the crowd, and she’s got a chair!

Mutt: GDWA security is out, and Radhi Ananda swipes at them! I think she’s forgotten where she’s at or what the hell she’s doing. She’s gone nuts! Dementia Praecox has a fellow lunatic in Grand Dragon!

Bishop: Will you stop that! Let’s hear the official word.

Kosei: Wrestling fans, at 12 minutes 15 seconds! Your winner via disqualification……’the Franchise’ Daisy Firecracker!!!!

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Nutcracker Suite’.)

Mutt: Charlotte La Mancha raising Daisy’s hand in victory. She ain’t busted up or nothing. I don’t know why SHE’S pouting.

Bishop: Radhi Ananda has picked up her belt from the floor, and is now being escorted up the rampway. She’s done. She retains the title, but Daisy wins the match. Daisy REALLY wanted that title.

Mutt: Well, Daisy had things going her way. Even had Jungle really scouted. But hey, she didn’t take into effect the “nut factor”! (Laughs!!!)

Bishop: Fans, that’s all for this week. For all of us here at the GDWA, I’m Allen Bishop. So long!



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