Scene opens up on a jammed packed Nippon Budokan Hall in Tokyo, Japan. There are 18,859 screaming fans in attendance. “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


Bishop: Wrestling fans! Welcome to the GRAND DRAGON WRESTLING ALLIANCE’S Saturday Nite Special. Hi, I’m Allan Bishop along with color man Sam Mutt! ‘Congo’ Paul Roberts with be out a little later on with commentary on the tag team match ups.

(Dawg Pound barking as fireworks go off!)

Mutt: Allen Bishop, this crowd is ecstatic!!! I can’t wait to see them next week for the Finals of the World title tournament! Hell, we haven’t even started wrestling yet!

Bishop: Fans, this is gonna be another blockbuster night as we begin our month long tour of Japan! We have 2 HOUES of STYLES interview hosted by MISTER Furious Styles. We have Wendy ‘Wildchild’ Marshall as she takes on the Nomad. We have Staci X grappling with newcomer Bloody Mary. And in our main event, we have the return of Lady Starr in her home country as she takes on big Dementia Praecox.

Mutt: Oh yeah! And don’t forget the tag action for the World Tag Team tournament. Lady Luck as they take on the Shadow Warriors. That’s a quiet little feud that has been brewing.

(Fans all boo as Congo Paul Roberts heads down the ramp!)

Bishop: Fans, this one is about ready to start. Spud McKenzie running down the ramp and entering the ring. Spud McKenzie will be assisted by an interpreter this month. He doesn’t know a lick of Japanese. Fans, this is gonna be GREAT!

Mutt: Congo, have a seat bud! I’m just gonna sit here and look pretty.

Bishop: I can hardly believe we are really in Japan! The Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance is ready to show Japan how we do it tag team style. Here with me now is “Congo” Paul Roberts, the shogun of professional wrestling…

Congo: Enough fooling around. Tell the people the bad news.

Bishop: What Congo is alluding to is the fact that one of our tag team matches won’t be taking place tonight as scheduled. BOTH of the Browne sisters and STRIKE’s Heidi Noelle Lenhart had some visa problems. Everything will be sorted out by later this week and we may even get a chance to see this phenomenal match-up take place on a special Tuesday Catfight later in the week.

Congo: The Japanese definitely do not want to miss it when these two get together. They essentially baptized our tag team division in a back-and-forth encounter that saw the Brownes triumph. I sense that there may be a bit of animosity towards Strike on behalf of the rest of the Syndicate due in part to their parts in the Rage-Syndicate gang war.

Bishop: They have been out of the limelight for much too long but from what I hear, they’ve been honing their craft. That rematch will definitely be stellar.

Congo: Anyway, we know that the Misfits will be facing the winners of the next match. We’ll see the Shadow Warriors, still gloating over their Fall Moonsault victory over the Dark Asylum. They’ll be facing Lady Luck, a team consisting of a vengeful, returning Blackjack Belmonte and her partner, the powerful Vanessa Deucey. Early word on this team is that they are HOT. Belmonte only showed a bit of the daredevil style that she employs in her fight against Dixie Foxy; I hear she takes dives that would make Dementia Praecox’s blood turn cold.

Bishop: If it isn’t already. Fans, the crowd waiting anxiously for us to kick things off and the ring announcer is ready to set it off!!

Spud: Tokyo, Japan! The GRAND DRAGON WRESTLING ALLIANCE would like to thank you for allowing us into your country!

(Fans applaud as Spud converses with co-ring announcer Kosei Yamasaki.)

Spud: To all of our fans in Asia, the Pacific Islands, North America and all over the world! To all fans of the INTERNATIONAL DAWG POUND!!!!!

(Fans bark as Spud McKenzie walks around the ring! Yamasaki translates with just as much vehemence!!!!!)

Spud: All fans of the Grand Dragon……ARE YOU READY!!!!!!

(Fans roar and reply!)

Spud: I said, ARE YOU READY?!?!?!?!?!

(Fans cheer louder and reply once more!)

Spud: THEN…..Lllllllllet’s Get Rrrrrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrrrrrumble!!!!

(Crowd EXPLODES as fireworks go off around the ring)

Lady Luck vs. Shadow Warriors

Yamasaki: (speaking in Japanese) <<The next match is a tag-team match scheduled for one fall and is part of the first round of the GDWA Tag-Team Championship tournament.>>

(Polite applause from the audience)

Yamasaki: <<Team number one hails from the state of Nevada, America. At a combined weight of 293 pounds; Blackjack Belmonte, Vanessa “Acey” Deucey–LADY LUCK!!>>

(“The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers plays as Lady Luck walks down the runway with a large 10-15 person entourage. Paper ribbons-streamers are pitched into the ring and along the aisle)

Congo: What exactly is the purpose of the entourage? Is this a boxing match or wrestling?

Bishop: Taking a look at Carson City’s own Acey Deucey, I think it could maybe go either way.

Yamasaki: <<And, their opp–>>

(The microphone is ripped out of the hand of the ring announcer Kosei Yamasaki by GDWA official Alison De La Cruz.)

De La Cruz: Ladies and gentlemen, I apologies for the intrusion but I have an important announcement to make. I have just talked to the Prince and to Valkyrie, representatives of the Evil Empire and the Shadow Warriors. Valkyrie’s partner Vonya is nowhere to be found at this time. A suitable replacement partner does not exist at this time, seeing how “Playmate” Dixie Foxy hasn’t flown in yet from America. Therefore, due to the actions of the Shadow Warriors, this match will not take place as scheduled. LADY LUCK ADVANCES TO THE SEMI-FINALS!!

Congo: WHAT!?

Bishop: I may not completely agree with Vonya and her motives, but this sort of unprofessional behavior is not at all like her.

(Delayed crowd pop as the announcement is spoken again in Japanese)

Congo: Lady Luck vs the Misfits. Oh lord. That’s going to be an excellent match. I hope that the Misfits don’t underestimate the gamblers.

Bishop: Lady Luck leaving with their entourage. I guess there may be something to that name.

(Fans cheer as MISTER Furious Styles runs down the ramp and hops over the ring ropes and into the ring.)

Bishop: Well, at least we have Styles to keep the crowd excited.

Mutt: Congo! Hey man, you’re leaving me with Allen Bishop all night?!

Congo: Hell, I’m out of here! I just got paid for not doing a damn thing.

House of Styles: High Flying Dolls

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy!

(Fans pop as MISTER Furious Styles speaks the universal HOUSE of STYLES greeting!)

Styles: Tokyo, Japan! Welcome to the HOUSE of STYLES! Thanks for having MISTER Furious Styles in your lovely country, baby!

(Delayed crowd pop as the announcement is spoken again in Japanese)

Styles: Now, we may not have any tag matches for ya, but we got a tag team here to rap with ya! They are the new dolls on the block, the cute ones that is! Please welcome, the High Flying Dolls!

(Fans cheer as the announcement is spoken again in Japanese)

(Fans cheer as the High Flying Dolls head down the ramp.)

Styles: Sup, girls!

(Lacy and Fury both kiss MISTER Furious Styles on the cheek.)

“Lacy: Don’t worry Styles we won’t hurt you, I promise!

Styles: Well, that’s a nice change from 2 weeks ago. Your girl Bloody Mary might wind up getting spanked. Glad to have ya girls!

Fury: “Glad to be here, yes glad to be here.”

Lacy: I’m just sorry it’s all talk & no action but big surprise, that’s all it’s been since we got here.

Styles: That’s true. Ya’ll have yet to face anybody in Grand Dragon. We’ve all felt your presence, and love to hear from you.

Fury: We seem to have a lot of teams avoiding us like the plague if not even acknowledging our presence at all. Of course, I’ve seen a lot of names, but where are they? Just a few get out & wrestle the same teams. C’mon we’re not out to hurt anyone, we just want to wrestle. Anybody wanna take us on, hmmm, anybody?

Styles: So you’re saying NO TEAM in all of GRAND DRAGON has accepted your challenge? Nobody?!

Lacy: Mr. Styles, it’s bad enough they won’t wrestle us but don’t you think it’s downright criminal not to let me show these folks my spectacular wardrobe of wrestling outfits, hmmmm? (Smiling striking a pinup girl pose)

(Male fans whistle, as MISTER Furious Styles strikes up a smile.)

Styles: Hey, don’t get me thrown out of the country, baby! Thank you for coming on the premier wrestling spot in all of professional wrestling! Browne Girls! Lady Luck! STRIKE! The HIGH FLYING DOLLS want a match. Do you dare sign on the dotted line?! Back to you Bishop!

Bishop: Thanks Styles! Well, we might as well get into our first match of the night. It’ll be singles competition as you all know.

Bloody Mary

(Scene is gym dressing room, Bloody Mary is seated on bench tugging up white socks & lacing her red wrestling shoes, she looks at camera)

Bloody Mary: Well Well, Interesting comments on House of “gag” Styles from the Moth Girl! Daisy, you lie like a rug, you sent me that card, Hell you probably sent all of them! If you didn’t who cares no anyway, water under the bridge as far as I’m concerned, I’m here to stay…until someone manages to put me out, but that ain’t gonna happen. As far as being a thug, o.k. I guess I qualify for that remark, but from what I’ve seen so far the whole GDWA’s full of thugs. I’m just open about it. Me & Ma Porter that is.

I’ll have you know Moth that I can wrestle. Sure I prefer to break heads & ribs & well everything, but I could probably wrestle you as clean as you want in, out, over & under the ring. You are right about one thing, I do need to start at the bottom & work up like any good fighter so how about this challenge. I’ll take on the loser of your match with Nikita Marx. Hahaha, I guess I’ll be seeing you in the ring then if you & the Odor Queen accept.

(Mary gets up & pulls her tights over her cheek)

And Styles, Sweet Cheeks they are, this’ll be the closest you get to kissing my ass!

(Mary exits thru gym door with a sly smile)

Bishop: Spud….I mean Kosei, take it away!

Bloody Mary vs. Staci X

Kosei: Wrestling fans, our first contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!

(Fans boo as they hear ‘Midnight Rider’ by the Allman Bros.)

Spud: First, coming down the aisle, hailing from Davenport, Iowa, in the United States of America. She is 5 feet 9 inches, 160 pounds, here is Bloody Mary!

(Fans boo as the Brown haired Bloody Mary heads down the ramp wearing a red and black singlet.)

Bishop: Bloody Mary a rather big and strong woman. She has yet to win a match in Grand Dragon, and is desperately looking to show up Staci X in front of an international audience.

Mutt: Hey, Staci X is gonna have her work cut out for her tonight. Bloody Mary took some stiff shots from Jungle Radhi Ananda and was still standing.

Bishop: But despite what you might want to believe, Staci X ALWAYS finds a way to hover around the Top 10. Daisy Butterfly and a lot of our other superstars can’t say the same thing.

Mutt: Hell, how often does Staci X wrestle? Once a month?

(Crowd begins cheering as they hear ‘Fuel’ by Stick.)

Spud: And her opponent, hailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the United States! She is 5 feet 11 inches, 146 pounds of Staci X!!! (Staci comes jogging down the ramp, slapping hands with fans.)

Mutt: Staci X entering the ring, and Bloody Mary on the attack!


Mutt: Big right hands to the head of Staci X! Mary Irish Whipping Staci X to the far corner. Bloody Mary sprinting across the ring as Staci X bounces out of the corner…

Bishop: ….and Staci X with a Clothesline!

(Fans cheering as Bloody Mary hits the mat.)

Bishop: WoW! Staci with a pickup and Irish Whips Bloody Mary into the ropes. Mary bounces off the far ropes and gets nailed with a Clothesline!

(Fans cheer as Staci X points out to the arena!)

Mutt: Damn! She got hit hard with that Clothesline. Staci with a pick up now and applies a Headlock. Bloody Mary trying to fight out of it. She backs into the ropes, and shoves her off. Staci X runs to the far ropes as Mary heads to the middle of the ring.

Bishop: Staci X bouncing off the ropes and nails Bloody Mary with a Football Tackle…..but Mary stands her ground!

(Dawg Pound barks as Bloody Mary sneers at Staci X.)

Mutt: Bloody Mary is a BIG girl. Staci X looks out gunned in this one.

Bishop: Collar and Elbow tie up, and Bloody Mary with a knee into the midsection. Now a punch to the head, and Staci looks stunned. Bloody Mary Irish Whipping Staci X to the near ropes. Staci bouncing off….

Bishop: ….and nails Bloody Mary with a Clothesline!!!!!!!

(Fans cheering!)

Bishop: Bloody Mary scrambling to get to her feet, as Staci X charges! She scoops up Mary and nails her with a Bodyslam! The cover…1..2…kick out!

(Fans cheering while Bloody Mary cryptically gets to her feet.)

Mutt: Bloody Mary looking a little rattled in the ring. I think she was expecting to take control in this match. Staci X’s momentum may be throwing her off.

Bishop: Bloody Mary on her feet now, and Staci X waiting on her. Mary turning around…..and another Clothesline! Staci X running toward the side ropes as Bloody Mary gets to her feet. Mary to her feet as Staci bounces off…..and nails her with a Dropkick!

Mutt: Damn! Staci X is going up top!

(Fans all on their feet as Staci X climbs up the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: Bloody Mary is on the mat, and Staci X facing the fans. She’s perched up top! She jumps….AND MISSES THE MOONSAULT!

(Fans groan as Staci X clutches her ribs while rolling around the mat.)

Mutt: Bloody Mary with a chance now. She looks a little hazy. She’s up to her feet, and nailing away with punches to the head. Staci X rolling over to the corner, and the ref calls for a break!

Bishop: Staci up to her feet now, and Mary nailing away with punches to the head. Hold on, Mary winding up and NAILS the Discuss Punch! Staci X crumbles to the mat. The Lateral Press…1..2…kick out!

(Fans cheering as Staci X kicks out.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Bloody Mary pulling her away from the ropes, and now a pickup. Bloody Mary slapping on a front face lock and connects with a Snap Suplex!

Mutt: Yes!

Bishop: The cover…1…2…1/2! She kicks out! Bloody Mary covering again, with a leg Grapevined….1…2…Shoulder up!

(Fans cheering as Staci X kicks out.)

Mutt: Bloody Mary so hungry for a win. But Staci X is a tough cookie. She’s gonna have to beat the hell out of Staci before getting a pinfall.

Bishop: Bloody Mary rather frustrated now. Mary with a pickup, and once again applying a Front Face Lock. She turns it around and connects with a Neckbreaker!

Mutt: No cover! Bloody Mary with a pick up now, and Irish Whipping Staci to the far ropes. Staci X bouncing off and BLOODY MARY CATCHES HER OFF THE ROPES WITH A POWERSLAM!!!!!! The cover….1..2…Thr…

Bishop: NO! Kickout!

(Crowd cheering Staci X kicks out.)

Mutt: I know this is Bloody Mary’s first match in which she’s had any chance of winning. And I know this is only her 2nd match in Grand Dragon! But please, Mary, put her away!

Bishop: Bloody Mary getting impatient. She picks up Staci X and Irish Whips her to the near ropes. Staci bouncing off and DUCKING the Clothesline and CONNECTING with one of her own!!!

(Big crowd pop as Staci X collapses on top of Bloody Mary!) Ref: 1…………………….2…………………………kick out!

Kosei: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 left.

Mutt: Both women down, and I must say, Bloody Mary does not use her weight very well. She has a weight advantage over most GDWA wrestlers. But look, in her last match and in this one, she’s been very conservative. Almost too reserved. And then she leaves openings like that for her opponent to get back into the match.

Bishop: The ref making the count, but neither woman really moving.

Ref: 5……………………6……………….7…………….

(Fans cheering as Staci X uses the ropes to get to her feet.)

Bishop: Staci really struggling to get to her feet. Staci up to her feet, and stomping away on Mary. Staci with a pickup and nails an Uppercut. Staci X now, backing into the ropes, bouncing off and HITS the Bulldog!

Ref: …………….1……………….2…………………1/2!

(Fans applaud as Bloody Mary gets the shoulder up!)

Mutt: Staci X with a pickup and Irish Whipping Mary to the ropes. Mary bouncing off and Staci X with High Back Body Drop!!!

(Fans cheering as Bloody Mary is down on the mat.)


Mutt: Bloody Mary is down. Staci X with a pickup, and slaps Mary’s head between her legs. She’s going for the Gravity Bomb Piledriver!!!!!

Bishop: No! Bloody Mary using all of her strength, her hands around Staci X’s legs. She’s lifting Staci X and….FALLS AWAY HITTING STACI X WITH A STUN GUN!

(Fans groan as Staci X’s neck snaps off of the top ring rope and she hits the mat.)

Mutt: Bloody Mary collapsing on top of her and cradling the leg…….

Bishop: …….with the tights…1…………….2………………3!


(Fans boo as Bloody Mary gets to her feet, as the ref raises her hand in victory.)

Mutt: Don’t say nothing, Bishop! Bloody Mary earned that win.

Kosei: Ladies and Gentlemen, ruled at 12 minutes 55 seconds, your winner via pinfall is…….Bloody Mary!

(Fans boo as ‘Midnight Rider’ by the Allman Brothers blares through the speakers!)

Bishop: Bloody Mary climbing onto the ring apron, and pointing to herself in vindication! The fans are booing, but she did wrestle a tough match. Staci X wasn’t very sharp, perhaps stalling a little bit during….

Mutt: ….a little?! Bloody Mary didn’t stall at all! She took every opportunity she could get. From the failed Moonsault to Staci’s showboating around the ring. Bloody Mary fought hard and kicked out of some sticky pinning situations. My hat is off to the newcomer as she earns her first win!

Bishop: Fans, we have another HOUSE of STYLES coming up, as MISTER Furious Styles enters the ring.

House of Styles: Big Bad Bertha

(MISTER Furious Styles stands poised in the middle of the ring as the Dawg Pound cheers.)

Styles: My next guest has made some comments to Grand Dragon promoters about returning to the promotion. She’s also had some behind the scene comments for one Ma Porter. Wrestling fans, please welcome……Big Bad Bertha!!!!!

(Fans boo as the big red headed woman heads down the ramp.)

Mutt: My lord! She looks bigger than ever! What is she? 220?! 225?!

Bishop: Big Bad Bertha entering the ring! She looks madder than hell.

(Bertha enters the ring wearing a black, one piece singlet and wrestling boots.)

Styles: Now, Bertha, rumor has it that you got some kind of beef with Big Ma Porter and….

BERTHA: shut up. I’m the only big one around here! Porter! You ruined my career! You said I was nothing but an imitation of your ugly self! You said that there was no room for the two of us in grand dragon wrestling alliance!!!!!!

(She looks around the arena as MISTER Furious Styles clears his throat.)

Styles: Hold on big lady. So why didn’t you just settle this in the ring with Big….I mean with Ma Porter?

BERTHA: Porter is a coward! Instead of taking me on like a woman, in the ring……she had me blacklisted in all the territories!!! She was afraid to face me!!! I’m the biggest, the baddest, and the only GIANT in wrestling. She couldn’t take the competition!

Styles: So what ya wanna do?! You got millions of people watching. You wanna do something about this!??

(Big Bad Bertha sneers into the camera…)

BERTHA: Porter! I’m 235 pound and almost 6 feet tall!!! I’ll squash you like a bug!!!!!

(Fans boo as Big Bad Bertha flexes into the camera!)

BERTHA: while you’ve been letting little girls beat you up in the states, I’ve been here in japan getting ready!!!! I want you! Right here next week if you got the guts! (Begins shouting!) If you aren’t CHICKEN, I challenge you right here next week in front of the entire world!

(Big Bad Bertha throws down the microphone and leaves the ring.)

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh, boy! WE HAVE A CHALLENGE! Porter, you and I are cool, you know this!!! You can take that big broad. For more action now, let’s take it to the ring.

Bishop: Thank you Styles. Big Bad Bertha wants a piece of Ma Porter? Blaming her for all of her troubles in Grand Dragon?

Mutt: From what I remember, she and the Organized Crime never did get along. I hope we get some comments from Ma Porter.

No DQ: Nomad vs. Wendy Marshall

Kosei: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit! It is a special match in which the DISQUALIFICATION rule has been waved.

(Fans boos as they hear the ‘Iraqi national anthem’.)

Kosei: Accompanied to the ring by her manager Princess Nelli. Hailing from the Iraqi desert! She stands 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighing in at 140 pounds, here is…the Nomad!

(Nomad heads down the ramp carrying the Iraqi flag as she enters the ring.)

Bishop: Nomad looks ready! This one could really get ugly.

Mutt: Hell, this hasn’t been a night of technical wrestling. It’s been all about who’s been the biggest and strongest.

Bishop: Let’s hear the introductions for Wendy ‘Wildchild’ Marshall….

(Fans cheer as they hear “A Real American Hero”!)

Kosei: And her opponent! Hailing from Malibu Beach, California, in the United States! She is 5 feet 5 inches, 120 pounds. Here is….’the Wildchild’ Wendy Marshall!!!

(Fans cheer as Wendy Marshall heads down the ramp waving the American flag.)

Bishop: The Wildchild grabbing a chair and running into the ring!


Bishop: Wendy blasting Princess Nelli with the chair! The Nomad jumping over the ropes to the outside. And Wendy nailing Princess Nelli a second time!!! She’s down!

(Fans cheer as Nomad rolls back into the ring.)

Mutt: Princess Nelli begging for mercy as Wendy Marshall hovers over her with that chair! Nomad rolling into the ring and sneaking up from behind….NAILING WENDY MARSHALL FROM BEHIND!

(Fans boo while the referee forces Princess Nelli out of the ring.)

Bishop: Nomad now, picking her up nailing away with punches to the head! Wendy is dazed. Hold on! Nomad with a front face lock, hoisting up Wendy and driving her into the mat with a Front Face Piledriver!!!!

(Fans boo as Wendy Marshall rolls over toward the ropes.)

Mutt: She really nailed her with that modified DDT! Nomad with a pickup, and Wendy is in the ropes. The ref intervening and calling for a break. Nomad pushing him aside…

Bishop: And Wendy Marshall with a kick to the midsection! Now grabbing Nomad by the back of her head, and ramming it into the top turnbuckle!!!!!!

(Fans count: 1……2….3…4..5…6…7…8…9….10)

Bishop: Nomad stumbling out of the corner, and Wendy Marshall climbing up to the second turnbuckle…and jumping off nailing Nomad with a Flying Clothesline!!!

(Fans cheer when Nomad hits the mat and Wendy Marshall goes for the cover.)

Ref: …………….1……………….2……………kick out!

Bishop: Wendy with a pickup and a Standing Dropkick! Nomad is down, and Wendy is stomping away. Hold on, Wendy Marshall pointing toward that chair. She’s gonna end this early!

(Fans booing as Princess Nelli grabs the chair out of the ring.)

Bishop: Wendy a little pissed off. She picks up Nomad while shouting at Princess Nelli. She looks distracted. Wendy Irish Whipping Nomad to the far corner. And she hit hard! Wendy looking out to the crowd for approval now.

(Fans cheer, so Wendy Marshall runs toward the corner.)

Mutt: Wendy with a head of steam, dropping down for a Handspring……


(Fans BOO as Wendy Marshall collapses to the mat!)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Wendy with kicks to the head, and now a pickup. Nomad tossing Wendy Marshall to the outside. And now, it’s gonna get ugly!

(Fans cheering as both women are out on the floor.)

Mutt: Princess Nelli with tossing the chair to Nomad. And she’s unable to assist at all. Her head is still ringing from earlier on today.

Bishop: Wendy Marshall on her feet, trying to get away, and Nomad nailing her in the back of the head!

(Fans all booing as Wendy Marshall hits the floor.)

Bishop: Nomad stomping away on Wendy Marshall now. She’s just so strong! Nomad scooping up Wendy Marshall easily, and picks up a head of steam…..POWERSLAM RIGHT ON THE FLOOR!!!!!!!

(Fans groan as the Dawg Pound cheers!)

Ref: ……..6……….7………8………

Bishop: Nomad with a pickup and a Front Face Lock! She hoists her up……..5 seconds……..10 seconds…….and slams her down on the floor!

(Dawg Pound cheering as Wendy Marshall lays motionless on the floor.)

Ref: ……….11………….12……..

Bishop: Fans, in Japan you have a 20 count to get back into the ring. So they have plenty of time to get off the floor.

Mutt: You know Bishop, the Iraqi new EXACTLY how to handle this girl. Princess Nelli supplying the ammunition, and Nomad simply doing what she does best. Beating people up! (Laughs!)

Bishop: Nomad rolling Wendy Marshall into the ring. Nomad climbing into the ring, and is now calling for her manager. Princess Nelli entering the ring, and Nomad wants HER to cover!

Mutt: The ref won’t allow it. Nomad with her foot on Wendy’s chest for the standing cover……1…..2…shoulder up! Nomad with a pickup, and nailing away with punches to the head.

(Fans all booing as Wendy Marshall falls back into the corner!)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Bishop: Nomad punching away, and calling for Princess Nelli. She’s up on the ring apron with the chair! Nomad Irish whipping her out of the corner, no! She reverses Nomad right into that chair!!!!!

(Huge chorus of cheers as Wendy Marshall sneaks up behind the stunned Nomad for the roll up!)

Mutt: The pin!…..1….2…kick out! Too strong! Wendy clutching her back as she picks up Nomad. Wendy Irish Whips the Iraqi to the far ropes as she waits in the middle of the ring. Nomad bouncing off and Wendy catching her with a Spinebuster.

(Fans cheering as Wendy Marshall heads outside of the ring for her flag.)

Bishop: Wendy clutching her back as she reenters the ring. She’s taken a beating in this one. Nomad somehow, working her way to her feet. Nomad turning around…..AND GETS NAILED WITH THE AMERICAN FLAG!

(Dawg Pound cheers while Wendy Marshall salutes them!)

Mutt: Nomad is out! Wendy Marshall dropping down for the cover…..

Ref: …..1………..2…..

Mutt: Princess Nelli breaking the count! And now, Wendy Marshall up to her feet. She’s looking out to all the fans as she grabs Princess Nelli by her throat…

Bishop: ….and Nomad clips her leg from behind! Oh my! Wendy Marshall is down!

(Fans boo while Nomad uses the ropes to get to her feet.)

Bishop: Hold on, we have a live feed from backstage. “Congo” Paul Roberts is back there! Congo, what do you see?

(Congo stands in front of a pried-open coffin, GDWA officials swarming all over the place)

Congo: Apparently, the answer as to where Vonya was during her scheduled tag match have been answered. This coffin was wheeled into the Shadow Warrior’s dressing room. Under the Prince’s worried pretenses, they pried open the casket and found Vonya, unconscious and straight-jacketed.

Bishop: Congo, can you hear me? Where is Vonya now?

Congo: Vonya was taken to a nearby hospital for a check-up. I don’t think she sustained any permanent damage, but again, I’m not a doctor.

Bishop: Okay, thank you Congo. Well Sam, I think this smells like a Dark Asylum set-up. A coffin and a straight-jacket? Who else would be so morbid?

Mutt: Hell, that sounds like one of Madame Hecate’s jobs if you ask me! She’s the brains behind the outfit. Bishop, look at this. Nomad is really hurting. She’s struggling to stay on her feet. Princess Nelli barking orders, and tossing the Iraqi flag into Nomad’s hands. Beat her ass Nomad!!!!

Bishop: Nomad….going into the corner. She’s climbing up the turnbuckles. Nomad jumping off……..AND NAILS WENDY ‘WILDCHILD’ MARSHALL IN THE HEAD WITH THE IRAQI FLAG!

(Dawg Pound cheers as Nomad crawls over to Wendy Marshall’s body.)

Mutt: Wendy is busted open!

Bishop: Nomad with the cover…….1……….2………3.


(Fans all booing as Princess Nelli enters the ring, and nails Wendy Marshall once again.)

Bishop: Nomad telling Princess Nelli to hold her up! She’s got both of Wendy’s arms hooked. Nomad measuring her, and nails Wendy Marshall with a Heart Punch!!!!

(Fans boo while the referee intervenes!)

Mutt: Nomad smiling dryly as the referee orders the Iraqis out of the ring.

Kosei: Wrestling Fans, at 13 minutes 15 seconds, your winner via pinfall…..the Nomad!!!

Mutt: Yes! Nomad and Princess Nelli being ordered to leave ringside. The referee checking on Wendy Marshall, blood is all over.

Bishop: I swear, this was not Wendy Marshall’s match. She basically wrestled two women at once. Damn, Nomad with the win and Wendy Marshall is being helped back to the locker room.

Mutt: Oh well! Hey, it’s Main Event time. I can’t wait to see this one.

Bishop: Before we do, let’s hear comments from the Dangerous Dolls….

Dangerous Dolls

“Dangerous” David Jones: My ladies are ready to rumbleee!!!!!!!!! Hyena Queens, Misfits and you other rejects get ready for my team of Lisa Thomas and Lady Starr a.k.a Dangerous Dolls.

Lisa Thomas: I know I lost a loser leaves town match but that’s not going to affect me from being on top. I serve my time it’s now for a crime.

Lady Starr: Hyena Queens you are a bunch of jokes compare to us. Misfits you sound like a couple of Barbie dolls. We the real deal and we gonna stay that way.

DJ: It’s time for a ghetto/Japan azz whooping when you hit the ring with the Dangerous Dolls. We is Audi 5000

Lady Starr vs. Dementia Praecox

Kosei: Our final contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.

(Thunderous cheers as fans hear ‘Gangstas Paradise’ by Coolio.)

Kosei: First, Accompanied to the ring by her manager ‘Dangerous’ David Jones!

(Fans cheering and chant: STARR! STARR! STARR! STARR!)

Spud: From the heart of Tokyo! She is 5 feet 5, weighing 135 pounds, here is………………Lady Starr!

(Lady Starr heads down the ramps and enters the ring wearing an all-white ninja suit. Fans throw ribbons into the ring as Lady Starr climbs the turnbuckles!)

Bishop: This should be a great one! Lady Starr taking on Dementia Praecox. WoW! We’ve had too much Dark Asylum for one night.

Mutt: Oh yeah! This is gonna be great. Dementia Praecox attempting to upset Lady Starr in her own hometown.

Spud: And her opponent…

(Fans unanimously boo as they hear ‘Brain Damage’ by Pink Floyd.)

Spud: Led down the ramp by her manager Madame Hecate….From Parts Unknown! She is 5 feet 5 inches, weighing 141 pounds, here is Dementia Praecox!!!!!!

(Dementia Praecox heads down the ramp wearing old torn clothing. She looks around nervously over her shoulder as Madame Hecate leads her to the ring.)

Mutt: These fans are solidly behind Lady Starr. Hell, even the Dawg Pound is cheering on Starr.

Bishop: Dementia Praecox entering the ring, giggling. The referee going over the rules to for both women.

(Fans chanting: Starr! Starr! Starr! Starr! Starr!)


Bishop: An immediate lock up and, and Dementia Praecox bullying Lady Starr over near the corner. Lady Starr, slipping out and nailing away with Karate chops to the chest!

(Big pops and groans with each Karate Chop!)

Mutt: Lady Starr with a side headlock takedown out of the corner, and Praecox getting to her feet. Praecox the stronger of the two by far.

Bishop: Praecox pushing off and Starr goes flying to the far side. Starr bounces off the ropes and ducks under Praecox’s Crescent Kick!

(Fans amazed by her quickness as Lady Starr runs to the far side!) Bishop: Lady Starr bounces off the ropes and Dementia Praecox with a leapfrog! Lady Starr through her legs, running toward the ropes and SPRINGBOARDING OFF THE NEAR ROPES FOR A SWINING DDT!

(Fans amazed and cheer in appreciation!)

Mutt: The ref checks the shoulders for the count….1…2..kick out!

(Crowd applauds and cheers while Lady Starr picks up Dementia Praecox.)

Mutt: More Karate Chops to the chest of Praecox, and Praecox rakes the eyes. She’s hurting though. Praecox stumbling around the ring, calling for mother! Praecox hurling herself into the ropes, bouncing off and HITTING the Flying Headbutt!!!

(Fans groan as Dementia Praecox giggles over the prone Lady Starr.)

Bishop: Praecox quickly up to her feet and dropping a standing Elbow to the head of Lady Starr. Starr rolling around in pain, and Praecox with a pickup.

Mutt: Praecox bullying Starr into the corner, and now a standing choke! Come on ref.

(Crowd booing and begins chanting Starr! Starr! Starr!)

Bishop: The ref gets between the two and walks Praecox toward the neutral corner. Madame Hecate complaining and….Hold on! Lady Starr with a head of steam and Dropkicks Praecox in the back of the head.

(Thunderous cheers as Lady Starr picks up Dementia Praecox.)

Mutt: Lady Starr Irish whipping her to the far corner. Lady Starr with a head of steam and HITS the Handspring Elbow!

(Fans pop hard as Lady Starr continues to nail away with Karate Chops.)

Bishop: Lady Starr now, with a Stiff kick to the midsection, and a Neckmare out of the corner. She’s going up top!

(Fans all on their feet as Lady Starr climbs the turnbuckles.)

Mutt: Dementia Praecox so quick though! Dementia Praecox running toward the corner AND DROPKICKS LADY STARR OFF OF THE TOP!

(Fans boo as Lady Starr hits the floor hard!)

Mutt: Dementia Praecox gasping for air. Once you get over 130 pounds, it is a lot harder to do all the high flying action we’ve seen tonight!

Bishop: Dementia Praecox screaming for mama. She says she’s coming home? Praecox with a head of steam running for the far side, bouncing off….AND NAILS LADY STARR WITH A MOONSAULT ON THE OUTSIDE!!!!!

(Fans clap and Dawg Pound barks while both women lay on the floor!)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining!

Mutt: Praecox with a pickup, and a Headbutt! Praecox now, grabbing Lady Starr by the back of her head…..AND REPEATEDLY BASHES IT INTO THE RING APRON!

(Fans boo while Madame Hecate barks orders.)

Ref: ………4……..5…….6…….

Bishop: The bloody lipped Starr is stumbling around dazed as Dementia Praecox rolls back into the ring. Praecox with a head of steam, catapulting herself to the outside…..


(Dawg Pound chanting: Starr! Starr! Starr! Starr!)

Mutt: Lady Starr with a pickup, and a front Face Lock. She backs up a little and NAILS a Snap Suplex!

(Fans cheer as Lady Starr pounds away with punches.)

Bishop: Lady Starr rolling the Demented one into the ring. She’s still dazed, but is climbing up to the ring apron, and now is climbing up the turnbuckles!!!!!!

(Fans cheering as Lady Starr stands ready to jump.)

Bishop: Praecox up on her feet. Both women hesitating for a momentary glare…..AND A DOOOOOOOOOOOOUBLE DROOOOOOOOOOOOPKICK!

(Big crowd pop as both women lay motionless on the mat!)

Mutt: You know, I would have NEVER thought that Dementia Praecox had better reflexes, was quicker than Lady Starr. Both women nailing the other with the Dropkick, Starr from the Top Turnbuckle and Praecox from the mat!

Bishop: This has been a battle of quickness throughout! Both wrestlers down, and Madame Hecate and Dangerous David trying to rouse up their woman.


Bishop: Lady Starr heading their call. She’s slowly crawling over to the prone Dementia Praecox. She flips her over for the Lateral Press…..1…..2….kick out!

(Fans gaps in shock, then applaud Dementia Praecox.)

Mutt: Lady Starr now, with a pickup and a Karate Chop to the chest. Man, did you hear that snap!?

Bishop: Starr backing Praecox into the near corner, and connects with a Spinwheel Kick! Lady Starr with a Waistlock pick up and planting Praecox on the top turnbuckle.

Mutt: Starr is a lot stronger than I thought. Maybe there ISN’T that much of a strength difference between these two!

(Fans all on their feet cheering as Lady Starr climbs the turnbuckles and slaps on a Front Face Lock!)

Mutt: Lady Starr is going for it all!

(The entire arena cheering as Lady Starr points to them all.)

Bishop: SUPERPLEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mutt: The cover…..1….2….1/2!!!

(Fans continue to cheer and applaud as Lady Starr shakes her head in frustration.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Mutt: Starr with a pickup and with Karate Chops to Dementia Praecox’s chest! She Irish Whips Praecox to the far corner as Starr sprints across the ring.

Bishop: Praecox running up the turnbuckles, back flipping into the air and hitting a High Cross body!

(Big Crowd pop as Dementia Praecox cradles the leg!)

Ref: 1…2…Thr…

Mutt: NO! Lady Starr got the shoulder up. Praecox with a pickup and Lady Starr with an Inside Cradle….1…2..kick out!

(Fans still cheering and begin applauding both women’s work rate.)

Bishop: Both women up to the neutral position and Praecox punching away now! She Irish Whips Lady Starr to the side ropes as she runs toward the near side. Both women bouncing off….!


(Fans groaning as Dementia Praecox heads toward the corner!)

Mutt: Praecox climbing up the turnbuckles. Lady Starr laid out below in the middle of the ring. Praecox jumps….


(Fans groan and gaps in shock as Dementia Praecox cradles the leg.)

Ref: 1………………..2…………………1/2!

(Fans applaud as Lady Starr gets the Shoulder up!)

Spud: 14 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 60 seconds remaining! 60 seconds.

Mutt: Praecox with a pickup, and a Front Face Lock. She looks exhausted. Lady Starr looks to have more energy, but she’s beat up.

Bishop: Praecox wearing out Lady Starr with that Front face Lock. Starr is drooping, and Praecox is grinning from ear to ear. And…Hold on! Lady Starr with a Waistlock…..!


(Fans cheering as the ref slides into position for the count.)

Ref: 1……………….2…………………..3!

(Thunderous crowd pop!)

Bishop: No! He’s waving it off. Starr can’t believe it. Lady Starr now with a pickup and more Karate Chops to the chest.

Spud: 30 seconds! 30 seconds remaining.

Mutt: Lady Starr now, Irish Whipping Praecox to the ropes. Praecox bouncing off and Lady Starr with a Spinwheel Kick!

(Dawg Pound barking: Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!)

Bishop: Praecox stumbling back into the ropes, clutching her chest. Lady Starr now with another Spinwheel Kick, and Praecox nearly falling through the ropes.

Spud: 20 seconds!

Bishop: Lady Starr now, Irish whipping her to the far rope, no! Dementia Praecox reversing Starr into a high knee, and Praecox with a standing switch….


(Fans screaming as Lady Starr waves her arms around in panic.)

Mutt: It’s over! It’s over! Lady Starr fighting hard, but she’s too far from the ropes.

(Fans cheering as Lisa Thomas runs down the ramp.)

Bishop: Lisa Thomas entering the ring and nailing Praecox from behind.


(Fans all cheering as both women lay exhausted on the mat.)

Kosei: Ladies and Gentlemen. At 14 minutes 52 seconds, your winner via disqualification…..Dementia Praecox.

(Fans boo wile Lisa Thomas checks on Lady Starr.)

Bishop: Lisa Thomas with a pick up now, and Starr and Thomas pound away on Praecox. Praecox being pummeled by the Dangerous Dolls.

Mutt: Thomas with a pickup, and slaps Praecox’s head between her legs. Oh yeah, we’ve seen this before! Thomas with a Waistlock, and lifts Praecox into the air….


(Dawg Pound cheers as Demonica runs down the ramp.)

Bishop: Praecox down on the mat, clutching her back as Thomas and Starr beat on her. Here comes Demonica. Demonica sliding through the ropes, and Lady Starr attacking her with Karate Chops to the chest!

(Fans bark as Demonica shakes them off!

Mutt: Demonica Irish Whipping Lady Starr to the near ropes. Starr bouncing off and Demonica catches her by the throat. She lifts her up…. CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKESLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!

(Most fans boo, but the Dawg Pound Explodes!)

Bishop: Oh God! Lisa Thomas turning around, and Demonica staring right at her. 2 of the greatest physical specimens in Grand Dragon. Lisa Thomas the ORIGINAL bad ass at 5 feet 7 and 195 pounds. Demonica the heir apparent at 6 feet 2 and 185 pounds.

(Fans pop hard and stand on their feet as Lisa Thomas dares Demonica!)

Bishop: The referees have stormed the ring, separating the two. Madame Hecate out on the floor, rolling Dementia Praecox out of the ring.

Mutt: Hold on, Praecox grabbing a ringside seat. Lady Starr heading up the ramp way…..AND DEMENTIA PRAECOX NAILS HER IN THE BACK!!!!!

(Fans boo as Dementia Praecox pounds away on Lady Starr.)

Bishop: Security is out, and has the two separated. In the ring, Demonica wants a piece of Thomas, but Thomas is taunting the Demon. Security has them all separated. What a mess!

Mutt: Dark Asylum is back! Hah, I love it!

Bishop: Fans, that’s all for this week. Catch us on a possible Tuesday Night Catfight this Wednesday. For all of us here at the GDWA, I’m Allen Bishop. So long!



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