Cruiserweight Championship is defended as Sierra Browne takes on Princess Kallista.

Shumira Kinshiro

There is black, nothing more. Deep, silent, thick, dominating. With a loud clunk, followed by a shrill creak, the blackness peels away and light spills forth. The metal door of the storage room shudders on it’s hinges, the rain having rusted the metal nearly solid. The grey-white light shines from behind Shumira, casting her shadow long across the contents of the chamber.

She pulls the canvas sheet off of a large trunk in the center of the cluttered room, sending a cloud of dust into the air. Quietly she unclasps the latch and lifts the lid, light shining inside for the first time in nearly a year. The light glimmers off of a pair of championship belts, and shines down upon numerous photographs and other momentos.

Folded carefully and resting at the bottom is a green and white bodysuit, as well as green boots and kneepads. She pulls these carefully out and begins stowing them in her duffel bag. She stops suddenly.

Hidden beneath the bodysuit is another outfit. This one black, with silver tiger stripes. Metallic-black shin, knee and elbow pads, black combat-style boots as well. “Neko’s costume.” she whispers to herself.

Shumira looks at her old costume, bright and electric, then down at her beloved’s old ring attire. Silently, she refolds the green and white body suit and places it back in the trunk. She then grabs the black attire, the small silver stripes glimmering in the morning sun.

She rises back to her feet and begins to leave, but stops and turns back to the trunk. She stares at it for several moments, at the large photo of herself and Neko together. “It’s time for me to head out on my own, Neko. It’s time for me move on. But I will always carry a part of you with me.” She holds the black costume close to her chest and smiles softly. “Goodbye Neko.”

The door shuts solidly, never to open again.

The black suddenly flashes to white, and soon an image begins to appear.

Shumira is standing in the middle of the ring, though the arena is empty. On her feet are the black combat boots, the metallic-black shin and knee pads. Over her body is the black and silver tiger-striped body suit, covering all but her arms and shoulders. She wears black leather fingerless gloves, and metallic-black elbowpads. Her long green hair is tied in a braid that stretches down past her bottom. She stands tense, ready, grinning. Her head is tilted low, her gaze intense like the wolf’s.

“My name is Shumira Kinshiro. I have come here to compete in the GDWA. I will fight fair and with honor, but should anyone cross me or try to cheat me, I shall return the favor ten-fold.”

“My goal is straight and simple, I will attain the Cruiserweight belt.”

(the camera pulls in close)

“No matter the cost.”

(Fade to black.)

 Saturday, February 1, 1998

Scene opens up on a jammed packed Aichi Prefectural Gym in Nagoya, Japan. There are 12,727 screaming fans in attendance. “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


(The camera shows signs of ringside fans barking and wearing police officer uniforms. Some fans show signs that say “Mita 3rio” and “Rekka 4 Life”. The camera pans down to two men who sit at ringside.)

Bishop: Wrestling fans, this will be an explosive GDWA Saturday Nite Special. You heard new GDWA Cruiserweight Shumira Kishiro and she wants a shot at the ‘Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne’s title!

Mutt: This is gonna be a great night of wrestling, and fans, we at Grand Dragon apologize for the 1 week of inactivity. Politics abound. They thought ol’ Denmark Vessey was involved in that Clinton fiasco! So we got held up for a week or so.

Bishop: (Laughing) Glad to see you are back in good humors. Now fans, we have some MAJOR announcements tonight…

Mutt: OH yeah, and a major card too! Bloody Mary faces ‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx in a grudge match…Black Lotus faces ‘Tokyo Thriller’ Miko Azai…’Jack Johnson’ Sierra Browne defends her Cruiserweight title against ESWP superstar Princess Kallista in a Scottish Death Match…

Bishop: Also on the card is the return of our tag division! Burning Rain and the Gladiatrixes get it on…also on the card are two local matches from an independent promotion.

Mutt: And in the Main Event, the ‘Franchise’ Daisy Butterfly defends her Internet title against Rekka Sakura. Plus, a special Darkside with Medusa Rage and later on, Daisy B.

Bishop: And rumors abound about Dawg Pound Nights: Dawg Bites Back…the most hardcore GDWA event of the year…we’ll hear this later on tonight. Fans, speaking of Daisy Butterfly and her Internet title, we go to Alison De La Cruz, GDWA Vice President.

Press Conference

(Scene opens up in front of the GDWA international offices in Japan. Alison De La Cruz stands regally with a several officials beside her and Daisy Butterfly.)

De La Cruz: Fans, I wish to welcome you to a festive, private, and once in a lifetime innauguration. The GDWA has grown in the last few years and has truly become a WORLD CLASS organization. Beside me is Daisy Butterfly, the current Internet Heavyweight Champion.

The Internet Heavyweight title has been held by some of the greatest competitors this sport has ever seen. Demonica, Charlotte La Mancha, Staci X, Dementia Praecox, Micki Duran, Sierra Browne and Daisy Butterfly. THe belt was named in honor of the ICW, one of the men’s organizations we outgrew.

We have grown, and with this growth we have to look back at this prestigious title and have it reflect this new dawn of GDWA accomplishment.


(Alison calls on one of the men who open up a black briefcase. Before the camera shines a NEW title with chromatic images of Bulldogs besides the anthropomorphisized emblem of a Tiamat dragon.)

Daisy, although you are currently surrounded in contraversy, I’m still a great admirer of your talent and work rate. I present to you this new title belt, and the distinction of being crowned as the GDWA’s very first INTERCONTINENTAL champion!

This regional championship is more reflective of our global presence and power in the sport. And now, Ms. Butterfly, I hope you have a speech.

(Daisy smirks and sighs, lifting the belt out of the briefcase)

Daisy: Thank you Alison. There shouldn’t be any controversy about it, you are standing next to the FIRST, ONLY and UNDISPUTED INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION OF THE GRAND DRAGON WRESTLING ALLIANCE.

(slight pause)

Daisy: I had a speech prepared, but the beauty of this belt has tied my tongue. So I’ll make my point as best I can. For the GDWA to abolish the Internet Title and instead create an Intercontinental Title, I say it’s about time. We’ve given so much back to the organizations from where we came, that it’s about time we give them their title back. We’re NOT Dawg Pound Wrestling. We’re NOT Internet Championship Wrestling. We’re the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance. The PREMIER federation…man or woman, throughout the ages. We ARE the best of the best. We ARE the pinnacle of the sport. And finally, we’ve solidified that identity.

We didn’t ride any coat-tails to get to where we are. We were thrown out into the world, left to fend for our own. Denmark Vessey heard the critics. “Women’s wrestling? There’s no market.” Yet President Vessey was bold enough to see his endeavors out. Within three months, we were the talk of the industry. We’ve brought women’s wrestling back to the place it was in the ’80s, the age of Wendy Richter. Hell, we’ve surpassed that era. We proved that wrestling was a man’s world only in circles of the unskilled. And we’ve lasted long enough to raise up our little sisters in the sport. IEWA, SJPW, CherryBomb Pro…the list goes on.

On behalf of myself, the wrestlers of the GDWA, women’s wrestlers around the world and the people that love us, I wholeheartedly accept and endorse the GDWA Intercontinental Championship as my belt. Thank you very much.


Mutt: Well, I’m going to get a hot dog and some beer. You go ahead and do your little play by play with the local commentator.

(Fans all cheering as Spud Mckenzie enters the ring. He’s wearing a black blazer and slacks with a red striped tie. He stands in the middle of the ring as the fans settle down.)

Spud: You’ve waited all week for us…now, the premier women’s promotion in all of Professional Wrestling is back! Now…the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance has but one question to ask all of its fans in the Arco Arena, and all over the world….

(Fans cheer!!)

Spud: Are you ready!?

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!)

Spud: I said ARE YOU READY?!

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Spud: Then Let’s Get Rrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrumble!!!

(Fans cheer as horns go off & Spud McKenzie stands poised in the ring.)

Spud: Our first contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!

Bishop: Our first match tonight is a special cross over match from Ultimate Japan Women’s wrestling. They are one of the older wrestling organizations and in the past featured such current GDWA stars as Intercontinental Champ Daisy Butterfly, Western Heritage champ Keiko Mita, Gojira Takeshima and Rieko Ozaki of Burning Rain, Bloody Mary, and of course, the GREAT Sachie Yokoyama.

Deirdre: The teams we’ll be seeing tonight are two of the top young teams in UJW. They’ve never been in an internationally televised match so it’ll be interesting to see how they react. They know each other fairly well, they’ve had a heated rivalry going for the last couple months in UJW. I’m told this match will be under UJW rules. Disqualifications are left to the discretion of the referee and the wrestlers will have a 20 count to get back into the ring.

(Fans boo as ‘Victory’ by Oomori Kinuko plays.)

Spud: Led down the aisle by their mentor, Sake Edo, and representing the Monster Island wrestling school… From Sapporo, Japan….she is 5 feet 5 inches, 130 pounds…Rose Shiratori! And her partner, from Hakodate, Japan…she is 5 feet 8 1/2 inches, 161 pounds…Thorn Tsuchiya! They are LAS CACHORUS ORIENTALS!!

(More boos from the fans as Sake Edo comes down, dressed in biker leathers and holding a chair in hand. Following her are two demure looking younger Asian girls, dressed in formal, layered kimonos in deep green and grey.)

Bishop: You know, this is not quite what I expected from a wrestling school named Monster Island. Maybe metal masks that breath fire or something…

Deirdre: They are supposed to be a pretty vicious team. So I’d say looks are deceiving. They are trained by Sake Edo and she’s considered one of the most savage women in Japanese wrestling history.

(The boos change to cheers as the music shifts to ‘Discotheque’ by U2.)

Spud: And their opponants…hailing from Tokyo, Japan…she is 5 feet 2 inches, 128 pounds…the reigning UJW Junior Champion…Rie Suzuki! And her partner…from Kyoto, Japan….she is 5 feet 6 inches, 132 pounds… a 2nd degree black belt in Kyokushinkai Karate and a Rickson Gracie purple belt in Gracie Jujutsu

(POP from the fans and a brief chant of ‘Gracie. Gracie.’)

Spud: …Meiko Chiba! They are NeoTokyo Sweethearts!

(Cheers from the fans as two pretty, young Asian women run to the ring and vault into it. Rie Suzuki is dressed in a red wrestling singlet with a diamond cut out over her belly and white tassels along the shoulders. Meiko Chiba is dressed in a red sports bra, matching bicycle pants and black wrestling shoes. As they enter the ring Rose and Thorn remove their kimonos, Rose wearing a black halter top with roses stitched into it, black shorts and wrestling boots. Long fingerless gloves cover her arm from elbow on down, images of roses curling around them. The taller, lanky Thorn’s outfit is the same, except vines with thorns replace the images of roses on the top and gloves.)

Deirdre: Rickson Gracie is revered in Japan as a master of submission grappling. Meiko Chiba’s one of only two female Gracie Jujutsu purple belts outside Brazil.

Bishop: The two teams facing off…and now Sake Edo’s getting into the ring with a microphone…..what NOW…….

[In the ring] Sake Edo: Hey ‘Sweethearts’! Do me a favor and try to last at least a few minutes with my girls, huh? We’ll make a lot more money from American promoters if you at least survive a few minutes before losing!

[POP from the fans as Chiba makes a rude gesture in return at Edo, Rie Suzuki moving to calm her down and push her out of the ring.]


Deirdre: FINALLY…we’re ready to start. Thorn Tsuchiya starting for Las Cachorus Orientals, while Rie Suzuki starts for the NeoTokyo Sweethearts. Thorn challenging the much shorter woman to a test of strength…now they lock up.

Bishop: Thorn trying to pick up Rie in a fireman’s carry but Rie sliding down the back…Rie with a fast roundhouse kick but Thorn ducks and Rie spins around…ROSE CHARGES INTO THE RING AS SHE SPINS AND HITS RIE IN THE FACE WITH A CHAIR!

[BOOS from the fans as Rie staggers back, bleeding from her forehead.]

Deirdre: OUCH! I guess we see what they mean by DQ at the ref’s discretion, he’s just pushing Rose from the ring as Thorn picks up the dazed Rie in a fireman’s carry….DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! She held her in that fireman’s carry, then fell to the side and just PLANTED Suzuki on her head. Rie looks out as Thorn makes the cover….

Ref:……………1……………2………..Chiba breaks the count!

Bishop: Meiko Chiba wasting no time getting into the ring and break up the count or it would have been over. That was obviously set up from the beginning, Sake with her warning, then Rose just waiting for the right moment to charge in with that chair Sake brought to the ring.

Deirdre: Thorn with the pickup, she punches Rie a couple of times, then pushes Rie’s head between her legs…lifts her up….Piledriver! Rie’s hardly moving as Thorn makes the cover, then immediately pulls her up by the hair! No count!

Bishop: Rose is there jumping up and down in the corner, trying to get Thorn’s attention. I think she’s worried she won’t get to have any fun. Thorn drags the limp Rie over into the Orientals’ corner, now choking her over the top rope!

[More hisses from the fans as the ref pushes Thorn away, then Rose jumps up and starts choking Rie as well.]

Deirdre: Great teamwork from Rose and Thorn, no doubt about it. Thorn with the tag, then holding up Rie as Rose climbs to the top, coming off with a hard fist to Rie’s face!

Bishop: Now Rose in the ring, stepping on Rie’s throat, choking her with her boot as she taunts Meiko, daring her to come into the ring. Now Rose is down, straddling Rie’s body, gouging her eyes…NOW BITING HER FOREHEAD! The ref’s counting…now DRAGGING Rose off Rie Suzuki! Rie’s bleeding pretty badly now and the ref is yelling at Rose, who just looks indifferent.

Deirdre: Thorn is the powerhouse of the team, but Rose is just vicious! Now she’s dragging Rie’s forehead along the top rope, that cut getting worse by the minute! Rose with a waistlock…No! Rie blocks the German suplex…now reversing into a waistlock of her own! Rose with two hard back elbows breaking the waistlock and reversing back yet again. Meiko Chiba coming into the ring as Rose waistlocks Rie Suzuki…Rie’s bracing herself, blocking the suplex as Chiba jumps forward. FLYING SIDEKICK TO ROSE’S FACE! Rie was in the way and leaned forward at the last minute, the next thing Rose saw was Meiko’s foot right in her face!

[Fans cheering Rie on as she crawls toward the corner, Rose recovering enough to make a dive for Rie…too late!]

Bishop: Mieko Chiba vaulting into the ring and Rose Shiratori crawling back to her corner FAST and tagging Thorn! Thorn just *staring* down at her partner, in no hurry to get in the ring. The ref’s counting and Thorn finally gets in the ring.

Deirdre: I guess Rose is in no hurry to tangle with Meiko this soon. Thorn charging Meiko now, trying to kick her. Chiba catches her foot… Dragon Screw Legwhip! That move had ALOT of snap on it. Now Meiko right after her, STIFF kicks to the leg as Thorn crawls into the ropes.

Bishop: Meiko’s dragging Thorn back into the center of the ring by her leg, now stepping on the back of the knee and lifting the leg by the ankle. STOMPING the knee back into the mat as Thorn screams in pain!

Deirdre: A little payback this time by the NeoTokyo Sweethearts. Meiko with the single leg pickup, right into a cross leg breaker! She’s got that ankle locked under her arm, her legs scissoring Thorn’s leg, putting TREMENDOUS pressure on the knee!

[Fans cheer as Thorn screams in pain, trying to pull herself toward the ropes.]

Bishop: Meiko with that submission wrestling has Thorn in trouble, the Ref’s down asking….Thorn is shaking her head but she’s in a lot of pain. Thorn Tsuchiya *slowly* dragging herself toward the ropes…. she’s a lot there….

Deirdre: And Rie Suzuki drops down off the ring apron and goes over… pulling the rope out of Thorn’s reach! Thorn grabbing at the rope, but Rose pulling it JUST out of reach!

[Fans cheering as Thorn thrashes around on the mat frantically.]

Deirdre: The ref’s asking….Thorn looks in SERIOUS trouble! And Rose runs in and breaks the hold with a fast kick to Meiko’s face, then races out again before Meiko can catch her!

Bishop: Thorn can barely stand now though…she’s up, but Meiko Chiba with the leg trip and dragging her over to the Sweetheart’s corner and tagging Rie. Suzuki to the top rope as Meiko holds the leg up…JUMPING OFF THE TOP AND SNAPPING THORN’S KNEE FORWARD!

Deirdre: And straight into a figure-4! That knee’s taken a pounding so far but Thorn’s strong enough to get to the ropes this time. The ref forces the break and Thorn has to use the ropes to pull herself to her feet.

Announcer: Five minutes gone by…..10 minutes remain! Bishop: Rie into the ropes, running dropkick to Thorn’s knee! Now stomping away on the leg! The ref pushing her back as Thorn uses the ropes to climb to her feet again.

Deirdre: Suzuki not letting up, running in again…THORN BACK BODY DROPS RIE RIGHT OVER THE TOP ROPE! Rie’s down and looks hurt! Meiko’s going along the ring apron to see how her partner is, but Rose sprinting across the ring and NAILS Meiko with a running forearm, knocking her to the floor!

[Fans POP as Thorn slides out of the ring after Rie, Rose Shiratori climbing up to the top turnbuckle.]

Bishop: Las Cachorus Orientals relentless once they have the edge…. ROSE OFF THE TOP WITH A SENTON PLANCHA! ROSE AND CHIBA HURLING OVER THE RAILING INTO THE CROWD!

Deirdre: And on the other side Thorn slamming Rie’s head into a table at ringside. Now dragging her up onto the solid wood table! Thorn’s still favoring her leg….

Bishop: Meiko and Rose are both still down…now Rose sliding over the guard rail, making her way back to the ring….

Deirdre: Thorn setting Rie up, getting her head between her legs and the waistlock….THORN TSUCHIYA PILEDRIVING RIE ONTO THE TABLE! The table partially breaking…I think the rest was Rie breaking!

Bishop: The ref picking up the count as Rose and Thorn manage to limp their way back into the ring…now conferring with Sake in their corner….

Ref: ……………..12…………..13…………….14

Deirdre: Meiko staggering back over the guardrail…now going over to check on her partner. Rie’s barely moving….

Ref: ……………..15…………..16…………….17

Bishop: Meiko Chiba helping her partner over to the corner on the outside. Rie Suzuki is moving a little now but still looks out of it.


Deirdre: Meiko slapping her partner’s hand and getting into the ring with a second to spare. Thorn has tagged out to Rose, who charges across the ring. A fast dropkick sends Meiko down again, Rose dropping the point of her elbow right into Meiko’s throat!

Bishop: Rie just slumped in her corner, Thorn’s knee is being checked on by Sake Edo, this battle has taken its toll! Rose now stepping on Meiko’s throat, choking her as she raises her hands to the fans, who respond enthusiastically with boos.

Deirdre: Rose now waving to Thorn, asking her if she wants to come in for a little payback I guess. Thorn waving her on and Rose leaps up for a legdrop…NO ONE HOME!

Bishop: Meiko rolling out of the way at the last minute, then immediately to her feet, running over and dropkicking Thorn off the ring apron! Rose was crawling over to make the tag, now she’s looking around frantically for where her partner went!

Deirdre: Meiko opening up with a series of HARD kicks to the stomach, backing Rose into the corner. Rose is doubled over and now an AX kick to the back of her head by Chiba drops her to the mat! Meiko with the cover!





…………………………..kick out!

Bishop: Rose not quite done yet. Rose is up, but Meiko grabbing her, driving knees into her midsection. Now Meiko with a whip into the ropes…running clothesline ducked by Rose!

Announcer: 10 minutes gone by……five minutes…five minutes remain!

Deirdre: Rose bouncing off the ropes and coming right back with a clothesline of her own, Meiko ducking under and grabbing the arm, bulldogging Rose down to the mat into….a WAKIGATAME! Meiko with PERFECT position wrenching back on Rose’s arm as she screams out in pain!

Bishop: The ref’s down asking her. Rose is hanging tough, trying to get her foot to the ropes…but Meiko just pulls her back away and cranks back on the arm even more!

Deirdre: Thorn charging in with the chair to break the hold. MEIKO ROLLING OUT OF THE WAY AND THE CHAIR HITS ROSE! Rie recovered enough to run into the ring, dropkicking Thorn out of the ring!

[POP from the fans as Thorn Tsuchiya hits the ringside railing.]

Bishop: A dazed looking Rose staggering to her feet now….SPINNING ROUNDHOUSE KICK BY CHIBA SENDS HER SAILING OVER THE TOP ROPE! She almost landed right on TOP of Thorn.

Deirdre: Meiko Chiba’s glaring down at them, now Rie’s running to the opposite ropes and bouncing off, running back at Meiko. Meiko BACKBODY DROPS RIE OVER THE TOP ROPE, SOMERSAULT SENTON PLANCHA BY RIE ONTO THORN AND ROSE!!!

[BIG POP from the fans as Rie staggers up, her face a mask of blood from the earlier abuse.]

Bishop: Rie back up to her corner and Meiko tagging then sliding out of the ring. Meiko’s throwing Rose back into the ring and now lashing out with STIFF karate kicks to Thorn’s leg and body!

Deirdre: Rie still looks a little unsteady, dragging Rose into the middle of the ring. Waistlock…GERMAN SUPLEX! There’s the count!





………………………………..kick out!







Deirdre: You DON’T get any closer than that. Rie just shaking her head. On the outside Meiko with a hard kick to Thorn’s face, I think she’s bleeding from the mouth now!

Bishop: Rie going up top, clapping her hands and waving to the crowd before jumping off…MOONSAULT FROM THE TOP ROPE!!! Rie hooks the leg!






 Deirdre: Was that it?! NO! The ref’s waving off the count, signaling Rose got her shoulder up! Rie’s just staring at her in disbelief.

[Outside the ring Meiko Chiba leaps up, a collective hiss from the crowd as Thorn ducks out of the way and Chiba’s leg crashes down on the railing.]

Bishop: Rie Suzuki’s going to the top again…Thorn with a HARD punch to Meiko’s face, now picking her up off the railing….DEATH VALLEY DRIVER RIGHT ONTO THE FLOOR!!

Deirdre: Rie up to the top rope, signaling to the crowd. She could be going for her Moonsault Double Stomp!

[LOUD boos from the fans as Thorn jumps up against the ropes, Rie wobbling, her arms flailing before she loses her balance and crotches herself on the top turnbuckle!]

Bishop: Thorn is just slumped against the ropes, Rose staggering to her feet, now moving over to climb the turnbuckle behind Rie. Rie with a back elbow and ANOTHER before Rose falls heavily back to the mat!

Deirdre: Thorn pulling herself up onto the ring apron, staggering clothesline to the back of Rie’s head! Rie’s slumped forward on the turnbuckle. Thorn signals to the crowd…and MEIKO CHIBA FROM NOWHERE! A sweeping desperation kick to Thorn’s legs! Thorn falling off the ring apron to the floor..Chiba falling back as well, unable to stand.

Bishop: Rie Suzuki trying to stand up on the turnbuckle, signaling to the crowd for her MOONSAULT DOUBLE STOMP!…And Rose Shiratori back AGAIN….climbing up behind Rie Suzuki to the top rope…double chickenwing on the arms…RIE STRUGGLING FRANTICALLY!….DEATH LAKE DRIVER! A TIGER SUPLEX OFF THE TOP ROPE AND RIE’S HEAD JUST *BOUNCED* OFF THE MAT!!

Deirdre: Rose Shiratori pushing Rie’s legs back against her chest, sitting on them for the cover!







Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen…your winners by pinfall at 13:59…ROSE SHIRATORI AND THORN TSUCHIYA…LAS CACHORUS ORIENTALS!!!

[BOOS rain down as Rose and Thorn raise each other’s arms in victory, then in unison flip off the fans.]

Bishop: Sake Edo coming over to help Thorn up…Thorn’s wobbly, she can barely stand on that leg. Rose holding her belly as she rolls out of the ring. Both teams are going to feel this match for the next few days.

(Sam Mutt comes walking over to the commentator’s table and has a man following close behind.)

Bishop: What’s this?

Mutt: well, I might get hungry again, and you might be hungry so…here you go! Some beer, some dogs, some peanuts…

Bishop: Fans, up next we have a DARKSIDE with Black Lotus.

Mutt: And Medusa Rage speaks her piece! Ought to be great.


[The lights dim down low, the arena falling quiet. there is silence for a moment, then ‘Devil Inside’ by INXS starts to play over the speakers, filling the arena. Seconds more pass in darkness before twin jets of blue fire burn up, revealing the Black Lotus. She’s clad in a skin tight body suit of black leather, little buckles and straps drawing it as tight as possible. Her black hair is drawn back in a thick braid, her face painted white with black highlighting her eyes and mouth. A chorus of boos greet her appearance, Lotus taking a moment to mockingly wave and blow kisses to her ‘adoring’ crowd.] [Lotus] (syllibant purr) Hello pets. There might be imitators, pale copies of the true original. But there is only one…DARKSIDE! Where the light mingles with the darkness, where good sometimes meets evil. But tonight I have a special treat. One of the few women in the GDWA who I think can appreciate spirituality. Who understands duality, both the darkness AND the light.

[Lotus cradles the mic like a lover, gazing out over the crowd for a dramatic moment.] [Lotus]: My guest tonight is a perennial contender for any GDWA title. She challenged for the Ironwoman title and standing six feet of sculpted muscle, she would have fit the role perfectly. And, of course, after this last card I’m just SURE she has a lot on her mind. Attitude and spirituality in one unstoppable package…..MEDUSA RAGE!

[Lotus glances to the entrance, relaxed and calm, waiting….] [Dvorak’s “Symphony 9: New World” swells into its majestic climax as the curtains part. Medusa strides through the curtains. Her eyes narrow on Black Lotus. She strides confidently, a chair dancing against her hip at every step. The hem of her kente cloth wrapped skirt swishes against the ground as her sandals slap in a slow, deliberate rhythm. Her abdominals glisten, bunching and contracting at every step. Her hips swing in a cocky strut, rolling to and fro. Her top is cross tied around her neck and her gele piled high atop her head in an intricate and beautiful pattern of twists and folds. The crowd applauds as she strides up to the set and opens her folded chair. She sits down, crossing one leg over the other, showing a generous length of her muscular, long glistening brown legs. Her red-painted toe nails dance as she swings her foot in lazy circles. She purses her red and black striped lips, looking up at Lotus expectantly.]

Medusa: Well? I’m waiting.

Lotus: (purring) How nice to see you again, Medusa…it’s a shame the first time was under such unfortunate circumstances. I enjoyed watching your last match, from opening bell to that massive brawl at the end. Your matches do seem to end that way a lot, don’t they?

[Medusa studies her toe in her sandal, wiggling it, examining the nail polish. She regards Lotus with a squinting eye.]

Medusa: Hmmm, I suppose they do. You might argue that the reason for that is karma. [She suddenly stands up, staring down at Black Lotus with her ‘medusa’ glare.] You might also say it’s because the wrestlers in the GDWA are so cowardly, so afraid of winning and so afraid of losing against me they immediately call their friends in to face me. They know not to face a Goddess without an army. And still, they end up losing. Now, Ms. Lotus, you haven’t explained your presence at my match.

[She sits back down in her chair, studying her toe almost casually.]

Medusa: (crossing her legs and sitting imperiously erect) Believe me, I’ve been awaiting an explanation. You shall deliver it now.

Lotus: (Chuckling softly) Shall I? I believe in karma…a fate that we bring upon ourselves. And tell me..when has the Goddess been there WITHOUT her army? How many matches have YOU interfered in, Medusa dear? How many dreams have you shattered? My presence was in Daisy Butterfly’s match. Which just happened to be with you. Karma, I suppose. I have something I want from her. I believe I’ve gotten it. Interference was a weapon, much like you have used. Even when you went so far as to charge in on a match that had the stipulation that the one who did would be suspended for a month. (Lotus smiles sweetly) You’ve forgiven others coming into your matches, why not me?

Medusa: How many dreams have I shattered? When I was a dog searching and scratching for pathetic scraps and fawning for the hand of the master, President Vessey? Yes, I paid back Micki Duran and the Syndicate for being so cowardly as to carry her out of our Internet title match. I made an appearance to get a ringside view of Andrea Chandler’s Founder’s Day defeat. But make no mistakes, Lotus, my legacy as a dog is not something that I will look back on fondly. You aren’t speaking to that creature. You are in the presence of a Goddess and you had better react as such. You do not ask a Goddess for forgiveness. You beg her for mercy. And you shall see, those others are not forgiven. Justice is awaiting them.

Lotus: (smirking) Oh really. You are the sum of your experiences and memories, Medusa. Until you accept that you are incomplete. I thought you alone in the GDWA might understand the power of the Darkness, but it seems your desire to be the Goddess has robbed you of that. I’m not asking forgiveness. I’m not begging for mercy, my lovely snake. You speak of Justice, perhaps what happened to you was justice for your own past wrongs, and it is your own karma that has brought this about.

Medusa: (smiling) Believe me, I am well aware that I am paying my price for my past actions. And it is a price that I must pay until I have settled my karma. But Black Lotus, you have been building up karma, too. I understand darkness and light. Believe me. Of everybody in the GDWA I understand the pull of the two, the warmth of the light can turn into a burning glare that exposes every one of your weaknesses. And the dark is so protective, so concealing. But it can become a shroud, a pall that forever erases your individuality. Lotus, you have made pretty speeches. You have struggled and squirmed. But now, you shall bow and kiss the foot of the one true Goddess of the GDWA. Now.

Lotus: Tsk…tsk. Struggle? Squirm? Why on earth do either, dear pet. I’m merely forcing you to understand that no matter how mad you are, nothing I’ve done is any worse then what you have done at your worst. You never got down on your hands and knees to beg forgiveness. Don’t except the Submission Queen of the GDWA to do so. But….if you are offering a chance to lick you all over…..

[Lotus merely grins slyly and leans down, sensually licking over the cloth of the skirt at Medusa’s knee before her fist holding the microphone strikes upward toward Medusa’s head.]

Medusa doesn’t blink. Doesn’t react. Her hand just stops the forearm. She grips Lotus’ arm tightly and her eyes narrow into a murderous gaze.]

Medusa: A bad mistake, Lotus.

[From behind the interview set Pizzazz flashes on the scene, locking Lotus into a full nelson. As Lotus struggles, Medusa holds her gaze.]

Medusa: You had one chance at forgiveness. You remember that everything you do comes back to you. That’s the path that I must walk. And that’s the path that you will have to walk, Lotus. It isn’t darkness. Lotus. It is death.

[She releases the forearm and strides away. Pizzazz still holds Lotus in her grip, smiling and giggling insanely as she reaches around and plants a full lip kiss on Lotus, the two mistresses of pain transferring their essence, their violent cores. Then Pizzazz releases the grip, slides backwards and is gone.]

Lotus: (smirking, then hissing softly) Medusa, my path is already set by Karma and it lies in Darkness. You say it is death, but we ALL die. Only a few of us every truly live. You think about that because someday you’ll have no one to look to for help. It’ll be just you…and the darkness. Don’t expect to see much after that. And as for you, Pizzazz…..

[Lotus looks about to say something, then just licks her lips, smiling slyly before she walks out.]

Bishop: Oh….good Lord.

Mutt: Well, this is the Saturday N I G H T Special…but after that kiss they might put us on at 3 in the morning like some other Wrestling promotions.

Bishop: Anyway fans, our next match is a doozey! Bloody Mary versus Nikita Marx in a grudge match.

Mutt: And it’s been long and coming. I can’t wait to see these two get it on. Nikita’s power and technical skill against Mary’s brawling.


Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for 1 fall with a 15 minute time limit.

(Mixed cheers as fans hear ‘Midnight Rider’ by Allman Brothers.)

Spud: Hailing from Davenport, Iowa…she is 5 feet 9 inches, 145 pounds….Bloody Mary!!

(Fans with mixed cheers as Bloody Mary heads down the ramp. She smiles as she screams into the camera. Mary heads down the aisle wearing a 2 piece red outfit with red boots. Her blonde hair flows down her back as she glares around ringside.)

Bishop: Mary has been fighting to maintain atop the Western Heritage contention. She lost to Keiko Mita just a few weeks ago in a tough loss for her, and tonight, she faces another WH title hopeful in Nikita Marx.

Mutt: Hold on, who’s coming down to ringside?

(Minor cheers as “Sweet” Laura Cameron and Don Cameron head down the aisle. They are wearing jeans and matching SWEET LC white t-shirts.)

Bishop: Don Cameron on the outside of the ring, and he’s grabbing a mic.

Don Cameron: “Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “SWEET” LAURA CAMERON!”

Laura Cameron: “Bloody Mary, it’s been awhile since you’ve seen my face, but I’m still willing to step into the ring with you. Name the time and place, and make sure you show up!”

(Minor cheers as Laura Cameron tosses down the microphone.)

Bishop: The Camerons taking a ringside seat, and I bet they are here to scout Bloody Mary.

Mutt: No kidding.

Bishop: That just shows how important this matchup is between Marx and Mary.

Mutt: Well, you gotta figure that Marx wants this win as well. All of a sudden, she’s been bursting with proactivity. Nikita is not out of the title picture yet. Nikita lost to Keiko Mita in the champion’s first title defense. Now both women trying to claw up the ladder.

Bishop: Before we get to Nikita, let’s hear some prerecorded comments from her.


<Shot opens on the blazing sea of neon signs which dance over Tokyo’s Ginza District at night. The crowd seems to never stop moving as the camera slowly pans down, settling on the only still figures in view, ‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx and Uncle Bob. Both are dressed in black leather trench coats, smiling at the camera. Bob is carrying his steel briefcase, which is handcuffed to his wrist.>

Nikita: Hello Darlings, Bob and I are just enjoying the night life of this wonderful city. Of course, we are being discreetly escorted by Tokyo’s finest …

< Nikita smiles as she point out the two clean cut young Japanese men, dressed in black suit trying painfully hard not to look out of place. They are failing, and being pointed out by Nikita brings a blush to both of their faces. As she smiles and waves, they look uncomfortable and turn away.>

Bob: When you are an internationally renowned superstar, you come to expect this sort of thing. But no matter, we are used to it. Now on to more important matters.

Nikita: First Ms. Bloody Marry, darling perhaps you have forgotten the warm welcome I gave you when you first came to the Grand Dragon. Well no matter, I will remind you soon enough. Do not think that your, … How do they say it ? Hard Core ? Yes, Do you think that your Hard Core Tactics will frighten me, little girl? Perhaps you had better think again.

Bob: And as part of the OC Family, we are willing to show you what Hard Core is all about. But really Nikita, why do you start with the smallest fish? Why not tell them what we are really looking forward to…

< Nikita beams a smile back at Uncle Bob, as he checks to make sure that their police escort is still standing around watching them. >

Nikita: Yes of course, that would be our old friend, Daisy. For someone, who finally has the title she wanted so badly, you have been awfully quite. Perhaps, you think that if you keep quit that we will forget all about you, yes?

Bob: I hate to disappoint you, Ms. Butterfly, but that is not going to happen. We are starting the proper paperwork to demand a title shot, from President Vessey. Honestly, how long do you think you will be able to put us off?

Nikita: And let me assure you Daisy, it is in your best interest to offer me a title shot now, before I start to make your life . . . Difficult?

Bob: Come Nikita, here is our ride …

< Just then a double decker sightseeing bus, passes behind them. Nikita and Uncle Bob quickly run behind it and jump on board, leaving the two men who are following them running behind. Nikita waves goodbye and blows a kiss as the shot fades out.> 

Mutt: Nikita wants a shot at Daisy’s belt too! Oh, this is getting good!

Bishop: Let’s go to Spud!

Spud: And her opponent, representing Organized Crime…

(Fans all boo as they hear the ‘Godfather Theme’.)

Spud: Led down the aisle by her manager Uncle Bob…from Moscow, Russia! She is 6 feet tall, weighing 150 pounds, ‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx!!!

(Fans all booing as Uncle Bob, Tony De Angelo, and Big Ma Porter come down to ringside first. Bob is dressed in his usual immaculate Tuxedo and carrying his steel briefcase. Tony seems to have a new pinstripe silk suit and Ma is dressed in a Black Blazer, white silk blouse, with a dark blue skirt and pearl necklace.)

Mutt: Where is Nikita? Organized Crime came out alone.

Bishop: Bloody Mary pointing a deadly finger at Ma Porter…and Uncle Bob looking under the ring and peering around ringside.)

(Once Uncle Bob looks around and sees the coast is clear, he takes out his cell phone and makes a quick call. Suddenly, 60 Figures dressed in Trench coats, dark sunglasses, and Fedoras come marching down to ringside. They surround the ring and line the walkway, all marching in place filling the arena with the sound of a marching army. After a moment, four climb up on the ring apron – each still marching in place. Suddenly, one of them throws off the coat and hat revealing that it is Nikita Marx, dressed in a black French cut one piece bathing suit and black knee high boots. Marx charges into action, as she does the figures all March out of the arena.)

Bishop: Bloody Mary glaring at Nikita, bad blood between these…

Mutt: And Mary charges Nikita!

(Fans pop as Nikita Marx is nailed with a hard right hand!)

Bishop: Ma Porter climbing through the ropes to the ring apron, and BLOODY MARY CLOTHESLINES HER OFF THE APRON!

Mutt: Ma Porter hitting the floor!

(Fans all pop as she lays on the floor.)


Mutt: Nikita up to her feet, and Mary still bad mouthing Porter on the floor. Nikita sneaking up from behind and…


(Fans all cheering as Nikita Marx stumbles backward.)

Mutt: Bloody Mary charging, and Marx rolling to the outside. That’s the smartest thing she’s done all damn night.

(Fans all booing as Uncle Bob checks on Nikita’s jaw.)

Bishop: Bloody Mary on the inside, and these two have had ice between them for almost a year. . . and now they are finally at each other’s throats.

Ref: 3……………………………..4………………..5…..

Mutt: And just think, all of this over Medusa Rage and Andrea Chandler. That ought to tell you how much clout those two ladies have…but now it’s personal.

Bishop: Nikita wants back in the ring, and Mary rolling to the outside. Nikita running around the ring and slides on the inside. Mary climbs up the ring steps, and enters the ring.

Mutt: Mary moving in, and Nikita dipping through the ropes, causing a separation. And look how smart the Russian is, she’s forcing this thing to slow down.

Bishop: Collar and Elbow tie up, and a Drop toe hold by Nikita. And now Nikita applying a Hammerlock and slapping Mary in the back of the head.

Mutt: Mary into the ropes, and the ref forcing a break. Both women back up and another tie up. Mary so strong, forcing Nikita to the far side, and the Russian is complaining about a hair pull. The ref checking and….

Bishop: Nikita with a Thumb to the Throat. Mary trying to catch her breath, and Nikita with an Elbowsmash to the head! And another! And now an Irish Whip to the far side….

Mutt: Nikita running to the near side as Mary bounces off….

Bishop: Bloody Mary with a Poweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerslam!!!!

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Ref: 1………………………………….kick out!

Bishop: Nikita so strong! Both women back up and BLOODY MARY WITH A CLOTHESLINE!

(Fans POP!)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remain. Bishop: Mary with a pick up, and slaps on a Front Facelock. Nikita reversing out with a Wristlock and slapping on an Overhand Wristlock. Mary nailing away with High Knees to the midsection, and Nikita with a rake to the eyes and now a Back Heel Trip.

Mutt: Nikita releasing and now a quick Single Leg pick up and drives a knee into the hamstring….and now a Leg Bar. Nikita is enjoying the weight difference. Mary may not be accustomed to being pushed around.

Bishop: Mary with _hard_ palm shots to the back of Nikita’s head, and the Technician twirling up to her feet and dragging Mary by her left leg.

Mutt: Mary twirling around for the ropes, and the ref forces a break. Nikita with a pick up, and Mary driving a shoulder into the middle of Nikita, and now a Waistlock pick up….Inverted Atomic Drop!

(Fans cheer!)

Bishop: Mary nailing away with hard right hand jabs to the head! Nikita backpedaling as Mary spins around…Tornado Punch!!!

(Fans pop as Nikita Marx plummets to the mat.)

Bishop: Mary with a pick up, and slaps on a Front face lock…

(Fans all cheering as Mary hoists her up high!)


Mutt: Oh my!

Bishop: Bloody Mary is hot! Mary backing into the near ropes and…

(Fans all booing as Bloody Mary flies over the ropes.)

Mutt: Ma Porter pulled down the top rope! Uncle Bob with the assist as he distracts the referee. Just great tag team work.

Bishop: Marx clutching her back, and now calling over the ref.



Mutt: She used to be about 160 pounds, and now that she’s trimmed to 145, she still thinks she can boss around the Middle and Heavyweights. Bloody Mary sliding back into the ring, and Nikita with a Standing Elbow Drop to the head!

Bishop: Nikita with a handful of hair, and dragging her into the ring…Nikita now, nailing away with Elbow Smashes to the head, and now a Side Headlock. Nikita with a Standing Leg Grapevine and EXECUTES a nice Side Russian Leg Sweep…

Mutt: Nikita back up, and applies a Single Leg Pick up for a Spinning Toe Hold!

(Fans all screaming as Bloody Mary writhes on the mat.)

Bishop: Mary inching her way over to the ropes, but she’s slow. Nikita with good ring positioning. Mary just barely tapping the ropes, and the ref wants a break…

Mutt: And Nikita not breaking!

Ref: 1…………………2…………….3……………4…….5!

Mutt: Nikita breaks, and now she applies a single leg pick up, and now dragging Mary into the middle of the ring. Nikita twirling around the leg, jumping up and….

Bishop: Missing the elbowdrop!

(Fans all cheer as Bloody Mary rolls out of the way.)

Bishop: Nikita clutching her arm as Mary gets up to her feet. Mary hobbling toward Nikita and A HIGH KNEE LIFT!

Mutt: Nikita is dazed, and Mary with a twisting Waistlock pick up and a Backbreaker!…and now Mary with a pick up and a Front face lock for a Neckbreaker!!

(Fans all cheering as Bloody Mary gets to her feet.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remain.

Bishop: Mary with a pick up, and a Short Arm Clothesline!!!!

(Fans all pop as Bloody Mary straddles Nikita Marx and points down at her.)

Bishop: Uncle Bob jumping up to the ring apron, and the ref moving in to cast him away. Mary drawing back her hand and….SLAPS ON THE CLAW!


Bishop: Nikita is flailing her legs, and….what?

Mutt: Ma Porter sliding into the ring, and NAILS MARY WITH A DOUBLE AXE HANDLE TO THE LOWER BACK!

(Fans all boo as Ma Porter slides back out of the ring.)

Bishop: Mary is stunned, and Ma slapping the mat to cheer on Nikita. Marx with a pick up, and Mary raking the eyes…

Mutt: Mary slapping her hand around Nikita’s throat…..


(Fans all booing while the referee admonishes Marx.)

Bishop: Marx hooking an arm around Bloody Mary’s collar, and executes an Uranage Throat Slam!

(Fans all boo as Nikita Marx clutches the back of her neck.)

Mutt: The Uranage Throat Slam was made popular by the late ‘Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama. Nikita getting up to her feet, and now a pick up.

Bishop: Mary still hurt from that low blow. And the Throat Slam left her drained. Marx slapping Mary’s head between her legs, and _nails_ Mary with a Piledriver!

Ref: 1……………………………………………………..






(Fans all pop as Mary gets the shoulder up.)

Bishop: Marx is running out of time. Marx with a pick up, and a Waistlock Takedown…and Now Marx with a Double Arm & Double Leg hook and Nikita applies a Surfboard….

(Fans all screaming as Bloody Mary shakes her head.)

Spud: 14 minutes have gone by….60 seconds remain.

Mutt: Nikita was working on the back at the beginning of this bout. This is a great move to wear down the muscles, but if she doesn’t get a submission soon, she may have to drop it.

Bishop: Mary shaking her head no, and Marx really leaning back to apply more pressure. The weight advantage is aiding the technician greatly here.

Mutt: Nikita breaking, and now a Waistlock for an East German Belly to Back Suplex!

Ref: 1……………………………….2……………….no!

(Fans all screaming as Bloody Mary lifts her arm.)

Spud: 30 seconds.

Bishop: Marx with a pick up, and slaps on a front face lock…but look at the power….

(Fans all pop as Bloody Mary reverses out of the facelock.)

Bishop: Mary face to face with her enemy and…SHE SLAPS HER HAND AROUND NIKITA’S NECK…..AND LIFTS HER UP FOR A CHOKELSAM!!!!!!

(Dawg Pound barks: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!)

Mutt: Oh my God!

(Fans all screaming as the ref lays the count.)

Ref: 2………………………………3……………………….

Mutt: Both women down. Neither is getting up.

Bishop: Mary down on all fours, trying to gather up her strength.

Mutt: Nikita calling over Porter, and Big Ma up to the ring apron. The ref calling her away, and Nikita reaching into her boot.

Mutt: Mary with a pick up, and . . . NIKITA NAILING HER!!!!


Bishop: Mary is down!

(Fans all boo as Nikita Marx does the Fargo Strut across the ring.)

Mutt: The ref turning around, and Nikita slapping her foot on Mary’s chest.

Ref: ……………………………………………………..1







(Thunderous boos as fans hear the ‘Godfather theme’.)

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 14 minutes 49 seconds, your winner via pinfall….’La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx.

Mutt: YES!

Bishop: What an outrage!

(Fans all booing.)

Bishop: Nikita has something in her armpit. The ref raising Nikita’s right arm, and Ma Porter entering the ring. Mary is out cold…and Ma Porter pointing down at Mary!

(Fans all screaming as Ma Porter backs into the near ropes.)

Bishop: Big Ma bouncing off and….G I A N T S P L A S H ! ! !

(Fans all screaming as Mary lays lifeless.)


Mutt: Nikita laughing heartily and…She dropped the brass knuckles.

(Fans all cheering as the ref points down at them.)

Spud: Wrestling fans, the referee has reversed his decision. Your winner via disqualification…..Bloody Mary!

(Fans all screaming as Nikita Marx stomps away on Bloody Mary.)


Mutt: Here come the Suicide Blondes…Taylor and Baby Jane….they slide into the ring, and now throwing confetti all over Mary’s prone body.

Bishop: And now they begin stomping her! Nikita and the Blondes stomping away as Ma Porter points down at their victim!

(Fans all booing as the referee screams at Uncle Bob.)

Bishop: Oh no! Tony Angelo directing traffic as Nikita clutches Mary’s legs. Big Ma backing into the ropes again and…

Mutt: ….G I A N T S P L A S H ! ! !

(Mixed cheers as GDWA security race down the aisle.)

Mutt: Ha! Where’s Medusa? Mary is gonna need 2 stretchers. One for her jaw, and one for whatever is left of her!

Bishop: Organized Crime has destroyed this gal. Paramedics are racing down to ringside as Organized Crime is forced away. This is terrible.

(Fans all booing as Bloody Mary is carried away from ringside.)

Bishop: You know, I’m not a big fan of Bloody Mary, but even she didn’t deserve that attack.

Mutt: And where was Medusa? She’s here this week.

Bishop: Alright then, where was Sierra Browne…we KNOW that she’s in the building. They are supposed to be…

Mutt: Enough! Can we get to the next match up, please?

Bishop: Miko Azai against Black Lotus in a MUST win for Miko. Miko has not won a match in some time.

Mutt: And Miko knows this…did you hear how adamant, how vehement she was on the Tease? She’s ready for a win, but she faces the hottest rookie in Grand Dragon.

Bishop: Up next, Lotus versus the Tokyo Thriller!

(Mixed cheers.)

Mutt: Hey, what’s going on? (Turning around.) Damn! Medusa Rage…

Bishop: Where?

(Mixed cheers as Medusa Rage comes down to ringside down through the crowds and sit at ringside on a folding steel chair. Pizzazz is standing behind her, a chair in hand.)

Mutt: It’s that 2 faced snake Medusa Rage…Lotus better watch out. We’ve seen this happen to Tiffany Chandler.

Bishop: Let’s go to Spud for the intros….


Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for 1 fall with a 15 minute time limit.

(Fans all POP as they hear ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ by Coolio.)

Spud: Led down the aisle by her tag team partner, ‘Luscious’ Lisa Thomas…from Tokyo, Japan, she is 5 feet 5 inches, 135 pounds… the ‘Tokyo Thriller’ Miko Azai!!!!

(Fans all cheer as Miko Azai heads down the aisle. She wears a green and red embroidered ninja suit with wrestling boots as she enters the ring.)

Mutt: Rumor has it that Lisa Thomas is returning to the squared circle at Dawg Pound Nights.

Bishop: Yes, and fans, if you haven’t heard, both ladies have dumped David Thomas as a manger. Miko is going it alone, but the question still remains whether this will improve the ‘Tokyo Thriller’s’ track record.

Mutt: Yeah, well, now that she’s back in her home town, she’s getting the cheers. That’ll add to her motivation.

Spud: And her opponent….

(Fans mostly booing as they hear ‘Devil Inside’ by INXS.

Spud: Hailing from Hong Kong, China…she is 5’8 and a half inches, 153 pounds…..the woman from the Darkside, Black Lotus!

Mutt: You go girl!

(As ‘Devil Inside’ plays, as a young Asian woman walks to the ring. She’s dressed in a tight black leather body suit, made even tighter by various leather straps and buckles all over her outfit. Her face is painted bone white, with elaborate black around her eyes and mouth. Her hands are taped in black and black boots complete her outfit. She casually strolls down to the ring area, supremely contemptuous of the fans until she pauses to look over the crowd, staring in rapt fascination at a black gentleman at ring side. She reaches out for just a moment, almost touching before turning and slithering into the ring.)

Mutt: This athlete has a chance to make it to the big time! A win here not only catapults her out of rookie status, but it places her right into the upper crust of the GDWA…she’ll be in the Big 5th.

Bishop: Lotus in the ring, and we can expect a mixture of styles. A little scientific, some freestyle and probably a tad bit of brawling.

Mutt: And I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Miko got the win. She’s in Japan, and the support could really put her over.

Bishop: The ref calling the two together to go over the rules, and… Lotus pointing outside of the ring about something. Both women looking out and…Lotus with a rake to the eyes of Miko!

Mutt: Miko stumbling back, and now the rookie slapping on a side headlock and picks up a full sprint….running Side Headlock takedown! And hold on….

(Fans all booing as Black Lotus unwraps the tape around her hand and chokes Miko with it.)


Bishop: Lotus applying a headscissors, and the ref can’t see the tape. Come on Lotus, you know you can’t do that! Miko flailing around, trying to get some air, and Lotus is choking her out.

(Fans cheer as the ref forces a break.)

Ref: 1……………………………….2…………………..

Mutt: Medusa on the outside probably scouting the Black one. She’s keeping these shenanigans in mind for probably a future match up.

Bishop: Miko back up to her feet, and Lotus shoving the ref aside. Lotus kicking away at Miko as she roles easily into the ropes. Lotus with a pick up and a Shouda Palm Strike….

Mutt: And Miko with a Karate Chop! And another! And *another*!

Bishop: But Lotus right back with a Shouda Palm Strike as she backs off, and Miko with a boot to the middle and an Irish Whip to the side ropes.

Mutt: Lotus off the ropes and Miko with a Leapfrog. Lotus off the far side and Miko Azai dropping to the mat and now a Kip Up….

(Fans all pop as Miko Azai runs behind Black Lotus.)


(Fans pop!)

Bishop: Miko with a pick up, and a KARATE CHOP! And now a front face lock….INSIDE CRADLE BY LOTUS!

Ref: 1…………………………..2………………kick out!

Bishop: Both women up and a slap to the jaw of Miko Azai!

(Fans shout: “Woah!” as Black Lotus slides out of the ring.)

Mutt: I love this gal! Miko Azai remaining in the ring at the behest of Lisa Thomas. Lotus walking about ringside and blowing a kiss over at Miko.

Ref: …………………….3…………………………4…..

Bishop: And look at this…

(Fans all stand as Medusa makes long, meaningful eye contact with Lotus. Lotus saunters over to Medusa and gropes herself before Medusa Rage.)

Mutt: That’s sign language Bishop. Medusa is saying here will be an accounting between the two of them. And Lotus is saying, “Right back at ya, babe.”

Bishop: Lotus rolling back into the ring, and Miko moving in. Collar and Elbow tie up, and Lotus with a Front face lock, but Miko so STRONG LIFTING UP BLACK LOTUS INTO A MODIFIED FIREMAN’S CARRY….


(MAJOR POP as Miko Azai races for the near corner.)


Mutt: Miko Azai up high as she measures and jumps off…..

(Fans all screaming!)

Bishop: Elbow drop off the top!

Ref: ………………………………………………………1




 ………………………………………………STRONG KICK OUT!

(Fans gasp.)

Bishop: Miko with a pick up and slaps on her own Front Face lock. Lotus with a Wristlock to unwind into a Standing Switch, and Miko reverses. And now a Hammerlock…..

Mutt: And Lotus dropping to one knee and reaches between her legs for an Inverted Single Leg Pick up, and Miko….


(Fans applaud and pop as both women twirl up to their feet.)

Bishop: Miko into the side ropes and Lotus with a forward roll and drops down to the mat. Miko jumping over her, a back flip….?

Mutt: And drops a Standing Forearm to the back Lotus’ head. Now a prone Side Headlock, and Lotus _immediately_ with a Reversal. And now a Half Nelson into a prone Full Nelson.

(Fans gasp and applaud as Miko shakes her head no.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Mutt: Lotus with the weight advantage, has Miko down on the mat. That Full Nelson won’t get the submission, but I get the impression Lotus is still dazed from that Death Valley Driver.

(Fans all booing as Lotus licks Miko Azai’s mask near her ears.)

Bishop: Miko trying to find the ropes, but is lost. Lotus with excellent position. Lotus now, forsaking the Full Nelson as she slaps on a Reverse Chinlock.

Mutt: And look at the positioning of her weight. She’s got that knee in the back making Miko so uncomfortable. This is a future World Champion here.

(Fans all chanting: Miko! Miko! Miko! Miko!)

Bishop: Miko sliding for the ropes, and Lotus really laying on the weight. Miko using all of her strength, and Lotus releasing and picking up Miko. Lotus with a Waistlock…

Mutt: Standing Switch by Miko Azai and she backs into the ropes. Lotus slow to turn around and a Running Double Axe Handle to the middle.

Bishop: Lotus doubles over and Miko with a Spinwheel Kick!

(Fans pop as both women hit the mat.)

Ref: 1……………………………………2…………….

Mutt: Compare this match to the Miko/Rekka Sakura match from 2 weeks ago. Both Lotus and Rekka capitalizing early. Poor preparation on the part of the Tokyo Thriller has allowed her to succumb to such assaults.

Ref: …………………4…………………………….5…..

Bishop: Both women showing signs of movement. Miko first on the attack…and a Karate Chop! Lotus doubling over and Miko slapping on a Front face lock….


Ref: 1………………………..2…………….kick out!

Bishop: Both women back up and Lotus with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip and now a Single Leg pick up. And now a Leg bar. Miko twirling around, and back up to a Vertical Position on one foot…

Mutt: Enziguri Kick!

(Fans all cheering as Miko Azai gets to her feet and runs for the far ropes.)

Bishop: Lotus up to her feet, and Miko bouncing off the ropes, but Lotus with a Lariat….

Mutt: Ducked as Miko runs for the near ropes.

Bishop: Miko bouncing off and EXECUTES A FRANKENSTEINER!!!!

(Fans all screaming as Black Lotus hooks the tights and rolls through it.)

Ref: 1………………………2………………….3!!!


(Fans all booing!)

Mutt: The ref is waving it off. He saw the tights, and Lotus with a pick up, and Belly to Belly Suplex right into a Nerve Pinch Claw to the Trapezius.

(Fans begin chanting: Miko! Miko! Miko!)

Bishop: The ref chastising Lotus for cheating earlier as Lotus looks out to Medusa Rage. Lisa Thomas on the outside slapping the mat, encouraging her partner. Oh my!

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Miko fighting up to her feet, slaps on a Waistlock for a Side Suplex.

Mutt: Miko with a pick up, and is really hurting. Her neck is a mess from earlier abuse. Lotus up to her feet, and Miko fighting back with Karate Chops to the chest…but they are really weak as Lotus fires back with the Shouda Palm Strikes.

Bishop: Miko backing up as Lotus rakes the eyes! Now a Double Arm Underhook…TIGER SUPLEX!

Ref: 1……………………….2……………kick out!

Bishop: Lotus with a pick up and slaps Miko head between her legs and *executes* a Piledriver!

Ref: 1………………………..2…………………shoulder up!

(Fans all pop.)

Bishop: Lotus with an Irish Whip and Miko with a reversal right into the far corner! Miko down on one knee as Lotus stumbles out of the corner, clutching her back. Lotus with a pickup and Miko with an Inside Cradle!!!!

Ref: 1…………………………………Kick out!

Bishop: Both women back up and Miko with a Bodyslam!

Mutt: Lotus right back up, and Miko with another Bodyslam!

Bishop: Lotus up a third time, and Miko with a Scoop and…..Lotus slipping behind her back and slaps on an Armpit Facelock….

Mutt: INVERTED D D T !!!!

(Fans all groan and boo as Lotus makes the Lateral Press.)

Ref: 1………………………………..2………………….

(Thunderous Boos as Black Lotus pulls her up.)

Bishop: The arrogance!

Mutt: That could cost her the match. Lotus with a pick up, and points out to Medusa Rage. Lotus slapping on a Waistlock for a Belly to Back Suplex….no?

(Fans all gasp as Black Lotus lifts Miko straight up into the air.)

Bishop: It’s almost like she’s…..


(The Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Bishop: Lotus writhing around the canvas like a snake as Miko Azai is laid out….oh my God!

Mutt: She had Miko Azai in a Side Suplex position. And I just assumed she was going for a Side Waistlock Belly2Back Suplex. But she lifted Miko up to a Vertical Base, and dropped her straight on her head like a Brainbuster. My lord.

(Fans all chanting: Miko! Miko! Miko! Miko!)

Bishop: Lotus standing over Miko, turning her onto her stomach as Lotus grapevines the legs. Here it comes! Lotus falling back to back with Miko as she arches and hooks the chin for that Kama Gatame Indian Death Lock.

(The ref immediately points at Spud.)


(Fans all booing as they hear ‘Devil Inside’ by INXS)

Bishop: Lotus not releasing, and Lisa Thomas sliding into the ring!

(Minor cheers as Black Lotus breaks and crawls away from Thomas.)

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 11 minutes 43 seconds, your winner via submission….Black Lotus!

(Fans all boing as the referee raises Black Lotus’ hand.)

Mutt: Pizzazz and Medusa leaving ringside, but, hey!

(A small snake comes flying at Lotus. A dead lotus blossom tied to its coils.)

Bishop: Medusa has left a message. Oh my! A possible Lotus/Medusa confrontation?

Mutt: Well, you saw throughout this match that….hold on! Black Lotus heading our way.

(Fans all booing as Black Lotus grabs the microphone and points at Miko Azai.)

Black Lotus: Medusa Rage . . . remember the BACKDROP DRIVER……

(Fans all boo as Black Lotus heads up the ramp way.)

Mutt: You saw throughout the match, Black Lotus countering the speed and strength of Miko with mat wrestling and counters. She never got frustrated or rattled. She stuck with a plan.

Bishop: And Miko wrestled very well! She needs something in her career right now…I don’t know what that will be, but she needs to pick it up a notch.

Mutt: Well, you got another indie match to do, and we’re out of beer.

Bishop: I know, I know, but you should really do this one. I’m sure you’ll like Sake Edo.

Bishop: Fans, our next match is a challenge of age against youth. Sake Edo not only runs the Monster Island Wrestling School, but she’s one of the most legendary wrestlers in Japanese history. She debuted back in 1980 at the age of 16. Now at the age of 35 she’s still going strong in a sport where wrestlers of ten peak at 23-24.

Mutt: Sierra Browne was right! They just want to take over. I don’t care who it is, we don’t need help putting on a card. Have to admit though, UJW rules are more fun.


(Mixed cheers from the fans as they hear ‘Obsession’ by Animotion play.)

Spud: Hailing from Kobe, Japan…she is 5 feet 3 inches, 122 pounds…Honey Saito!!!

(Fans cheer as a younger Asian girl comes walking down to the ring. She has long dark brown hair and wears a blue and white wrestling singlet and boots. She waves to the fans as she walks down, doing high fives and smiling cheerfully.)

Bishop: Honey is a former UJW tag team champion, but she’s never quite made it to stardom as a singles wrestler.

Mutt: A lot of losers are like that. Need a strong partner to accomplish anything. It takes a great wrestler like Sierra Browne to go from tag team matches to singles stardom.

(Cheers turn to a chorus of boos mixed in with a few cheers as the music dies out, replaced by the driving beat of ‘Mad Machine’ by Oomori Kinuko. Over the music is added in sound cuts “Oh my God, right onto the table!” then a few seconds later “This is SICK, there is blood everywhere!” then after a few seconds “tried to powerbomb Kaji off the balcony, that’s a 20 foot FALL” then later “after the unfortunate and tragic Hasegawa incident, Sake Edo is banned for life from…”)

Spud: And her opponent! Hailing from Nagasaki, Japan…she is 5 feet 10 inches and 190 pounds….The former Ultimate Japan Women’s champion…former All-Tokyo champion…”Extreme Empress” Sake Edo!

(Sake Edo comes out, dressed in an archaic WW I style military poncho, with an antique gasmask over her face. In her right hand she’s carrying a shiny metal trash can lid. Following her to the ring are Rose and Thorn (both looking battered and bandaged), holding poles with a banner hung between them, a large skull and crossbones below a traditional battle banner. As Sake passes the fans she contemptuously gives them the finger. As she enters the ring she removes the mask and poncho to reveal a mature looking Asian woman, her long hair dyed golden blond and make up giving her features an angular look. She’s wearing blue jeans and heavy black boots. Her tight black top has English lettering on it ‘Extreme Empress’)

Bishop: BIG size advantage for Edo here. And big experience edge as well. And I guess I should add big mouth, since Rose Shiratori is handing her a microphone…again…

[In the ring] Sake Edo: Alright, Saito, I’m going to get right to the point. My girls, Las Cachorus Orientals, won tonight and that’s what I was here for. YOU’VE never beaten me. You’ve never even been CLOSE! So I’ll give you one chance. Save me the work and you the humiliation of losing in front of an international audience. Leave the ring NOW.

[Boos from the fans as Sake sits on the middle rope, holding the ropes open for Honey. Rose and Thorn are on the floor behind her, both waving Honey to go through the ropes.]

Mutt: She’s arrogant but she has a point. Honey Saito’s probably already 0-100 or so against her.

Bishop: And Honey walks toward Sake, then breaks into a run, DROPKICKING SAKE EDO RIGHT THROUGH THE ROPES! The younger girl letting her actions speak for her.


Mutt: Rose and Thorn scattering out of the way as HONEY SLINGSHOTS HERSELF OVER THE TOP ROPE AND PLANCHAS ONTO SAKE! The old woman’s just not fast enough to avoid those moves.

[Fans pop as Honey climbs back up to the ropes and mockingly holds them open for Sake a moment, then slides back into the ring.]

Bishop: Sake certainly getting the youngster upset, but so far her plan not paying off. Edo rolling back into the ring. Another dropkick knocks the stunned Sake to the mat, now Honey ducking out to the ring spring and SLINGSHOTING into the ring…LEGDROP! And the cover!

Ref:…………….1….STRONG Kickout!

Mutt: WAY too early to be an old vet like Sake Edo. Sake staggering to her feet as Honey runs to the ropes, springboarding off for an Asai Moonsault…SAKE EDO CATCHING HER IN MID AIR! RIGHT INTO A TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!

Bishop: Sake was ready for her that time. Sake with the pickup… right into a neckbreaker! Now sitting on Honey’s back and getting the chinlock for a modified camel clutch!

Mutt: And the veteran working the neck. Releasing the chinlock and FISHHOOKING Honey’s mouth, pulling back to keep the pressure on the clutch!

Bishop: Honey screaming in pain and the ref counting. Sake releases the fishhook…now reaching over and hooking her fingers in Honey’s NOSE and yanking back!

Mutt: And Sake smiling…you have to like someone who enjoys her job. She releases the hold and picks Honey up…SIDEWALK SLAM! And the cover!



 ………………………….Kick out!

Bishop: Honey Saito with a lot of fight left. Sake with the waistlock for a German suplex…Saito twisting around and countering into a Victory Roll!

Ref:………………..1…………………2..Strong Kickout!

Mutt: Honey up again fast, dropkick staggers Sake. Sake coming with a Sake Lariat..but Saito ducks under, both women bouncing off the ropes…DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Honey goes down…Sake doesn’t. Somehow I’m not surprised.

Bishop: The Sake lariat hurt Honey..Sake picking her up…waistlock again…RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! Honey just flew halfway across the ring and smashed onto her shoulders and back of her neck.

Mutt: Sake with the legdrop…just sitting there leaving her leg over Honey’s neck for the cover!

Ref:………………..1…………………2…………Shoulder up!

Bishop: Arrogant cover there. Now Sake going over to the ropes…what is she DOING?

[Hisses from the fans as Thorn tosses up to Sake the gleaming metal trash can lid.]

Mutt: Honey wanted to wrestle in the big leagues. Now Sake gets medieval on her.

Bishop: Honey to her feet, I guess she’s seen this before, raising her hands in front of her face for protection.

Mutt: And Sake with a boot to the gut, bending her over, AND SLAMMING THE TRASH CAN LID ON THE TOP OF HER HEAD!

Bishop: You could hear the impact even over the crowd! Honey’s down, but staggering back to her feet.

Mutt: Kind of like a US sailor on shore leave.

Bishop: Sake Edo with a RUNNING *SLAM* of the lid to Honey’s face! Saito down like a shot and Sake putting her foot on Honey’s chest for an arrogant cover!

Mutt: And the ref not counting! You know, he’s not doing her any favors. He’s be better off putting her out of her damn misery.

Bishop: Sake tossing the badly dented trash can lid back to the standing over Hone, yelling at her and SLAPPING HER FACE! There is NO call for that!

Mutt: She’s probably just reminding her that Sake gave her a chance to back out and she refused. Sato might be willing to reconsider.

Bishop: Not Sato, Saito.

Mutt: Who cares, it all sounds the same. Sake’s the only name I’ll always get right, she had the sense to be named after an alcoholic drink.

Bishop: *sighing* Edo’s taking a lot of time here, she should stay right after Honey. Sake Edo screaming out at the crowd now, picking Honey up, pulling her head between her legs and getting the waistlock and lifting her…

[BIG pop from the fans as Honey flips forward, grabbing Sake’s head and hitting a Rolling DDT!]

Announcer: Five minutes gone….10 minutes left.

Mutt: Honey slow to her feet…I thought she was just about done, but she’s refusing to give up. Honey going to the top rope as Sake staggers to her feet.

Bishop: Honey leaping off the top rope, DESTINY HAMMER! Driving her knee into the head of the standing Sake Edo. Sake rolling out of the ring but still on her feet. Honey’s taking her best shots but Sake’s still up!

Mutt: Honey running into the ropes, jumping onto the top rope above Sake! But Sake sees it coming and runs around the corner of the ring away from Honey.

Bishop: Honey failing her arms…*balancing* on the top rope for a moment, then springboarding over to the top rope above Sake, PLANCHA CROSSBODY!!

Mutt: RIGHT INTO ROSE SHIRATORI! Sake one step ahead and pulling her student in the way of the plancha!

Bishop: Oh my…I think Rose is really hurt! Sake Edo right back on the attack, dragging Honey into the ring by her HAIRWHIPPING HER ACROSS THE RING! That HAS to hurt!

Mutt: Now the kid gets to learn she’s just not in Sake’s league…

Bishop: Sake with the pickup, pushing Honey’s head between her legs…STANDING POWERRBOMB! She just SMASHED Honey Saito into the mat, now kneeling over her, knee on her chest as the ref counts!



 ……………………………………………………*Pick Up*

[Boos rain down from the fans as Sake pulls up Honey by the hair at the last moment.]

Bishop: NOW Sake’s complaining to the ref about the count!

Mutt: But she’s grinning..she’s just giving the ref a hard time. She knows she has the match in hand.

Bishop: Sake setting up for another powerbomb…..HONEY SLIDING OVER THE TOP…SUNSET FLIP!




Mutt: SAKE’S HOT! She barely got out of that Sunset Flip, now getting into the face of the ref, complaining about a fast count!

Bishop: I guess the ref was listening to her previous complaint. OH MY! She just SLAPPED the REF! The ref getting right in Sake’s face… HONEY FROM BEHIND WITH A ROLL UP!


Announcer: Ten minutes gone by…five minutes remain.

Mutt: Now THAT was a fast count. Sake lost her focus there and almost paid for it. Both women up, Honey’s failing away at Sake with open hand strikes…no effect! Now bouncing off the ropes…

Bishop: Running dropkick…not even phasing Sake Edo! She looks FURIOUS! Honey to her feet…SAKE EDO WITH A RUNNING SAKE LARIAT! HONEY DID A 360 BEFORE HITTING THE MAT!

Mutt: The crowd really into it now! Sake with the pickup..she’s setting up a powerbomb…holding Honey above her head in a crucifix position…

Announcer: Ten minutes have gone by…Five minutes to go.

Bishop: That’s Sake Edo’s Splash Mountain Crucifix Powerbomb….wait, she’s walking over to the ropes, still holding Saito above her head… now she’s yelling something over to our Japanese broadcasting team…

Mutt: AND POWERBOMBS HER RIGHT OVER THE ROPES ONTO THE DAMN *ANNOUNCERS* TABLE!! Damn….they have tough tables here, it bent in the middle but didn’t break!

Bishop: And Sake’s hearing it from the crowd as she slips through the ropes onto the ring apron and gestures to Thorn…what NOW? Thorn’s running over…now removing a section of the ringside guard rail???

Mutt: That’s a four foot long section of metal bars…now she’s handing it up to Sake, who’s holding it like a shield along her side.

Bishop: Our Japanese colleagues scattering away from the table…Honey Saito has not moved since the powerbomb onto the table. Oh my God… Sake Edo with a running start along the ring apron AND HURLING HERSELF ONTO HONEY SAITO!

[OOooohhhhhhh from the crowd as the railing and Edo crash onto Honey and the table, the table *SNAPPING* down the middle loudly!]

Mutt: Now THAT will leave a mark! Even Sake hurt a little on that move, rubbing her arm, now pulling the ringside railing off of Honey and pulling her up by her hair.

Bishop: Kind of of…Honey’s almost LIMP! Sake pushing Honey back into the ring. Good Lord, she’s STILL not moving. Sake screaming out at the fans…

Mutt: HA!….do you get the feeling play time is over? Sake setting up a powerbomb…picking Honey up…crucifix position above Edo’s head!

[More boos from the fans as Sake parades around the ring carrying Honey in the crucifix position.]

Bishop: SPLASH MOUNTAIN! Sake Edo’s crucifix powerbomb! This match is over!





Bishop: Poor girl, she’s hardly moving. The ref could have counted to 20 after that Splash Mountain.

Spud: Ladies and gentlemen! Your winner….by pinfall at 11:23….’EXTREME EMPRESS’ SAKE EDO!!!!

Mutt: Sake kicking Honey out of the ring, now taunting the fans as… what the HELL?

Bishop: Someone rushing the ring from behind…that’s Pizzazz Rage! She just BULLDOGGED Sake Edo from behind…now sliding right back out of the ring and going into the crowd!

Mutt: Thorn Tsuchiya trying to catch her, but still limping badly. Pizzazz disappears into the crowd. Welcome to justice GDWA style!

Bishop: Sake recovering, picking up the still unmoving Rose Shiratori and slinging her over her shoulder to carry her in back, Thorn following. It might be a good thing there is only one date after this in Japan. Edo is LIVID.

Mutt: Or her face is red from mat burn. Ha!

Bishop: Fans, we have a tag match and that Intercontinental title defense from Daisy up next, but first we have a special Darkside with the champ.


[The lights dim down low, the arena falling quiet. there is silence for a moment, then ‘Devil Inside’ by INXS starts to play over the speakers, filling the arena. Sparklers crackle bright sparks above as Black Lotus is lowered down from the rafters. She’s clad in a skin tight body suit of black leather, little buckles and straps drawing it as tight as possible. Her black hair is drawn back in a thick braid, her face painted white with black highlighting her eyes and mouth. Several boos and hisses come from the crowd, Lotus hissing right back at them, then smiling sweetly.] [Lotus] Hello pets. And welcome to…The Darkside! My special guest tonight is a franchise player in the Syndicate…AND the Internet Champion. She’s been the Ironwoman of the GDWA and one of few, great submission wrestlers in the GDWA. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for DAISY BUTTERFLY!

(“Richter Scale” by EPMD plays and ignites a loud response from the audience. Surprisingly, few boos are heard among the crowd here in Japan. Daisy Butterfly parts the curtain and stands at the end of aisle, staring directly at Black Lotus. She’s dressed simply in red nylon Adidas pants and a white sports top. The brand new GDWA Intercontinental title is strapped tightly around her waist. She makes her way down the aisle, shaking few hands.)

[Lotus] (smiling sweetly) Welcome to the show Daisy, it’s a pleasure to have you on the show. I’ve been a great admirer of yours since I entered the GDWA. There are so few good actual WRESTLERS around.

(Daisy stares Lotus in the eye and gives her a once-over glance)

Daisy: So few, indeed.

[Lotus] Tell me…how do you feel about the decision regarding your match with Medusa…about how the decision was reversed? Truly a travesty of justice, dear.

Daisy: Look, Lotus…I don’t know whether to come out here and slap you or thank you. People wanna point the finger at me…I don’t get it. Did I run another game on the outside? I didn’t plan on it. I called Sake Edo to watch my back, to make sure that Medusa wouldn’t get away with the stunts she pulled. I didn’t bank on her selling me out to Organized Crime. I’ve NEVER needed help beating trash like Medusa Rage. You, on the other hand…I know you’ve got an ulterior motive. Unless you’re my guardian angel or another in a long line of hanger-ons wanting in on the Butterfly Spotlight, I’m thinking you want something, girl.

(Daisy smirks and unhinges her belt, throwing it over her shoulder.)

Daisy: You tell me…what did you have on your mind?

[Lotus] (Purring) Dear girl, after how little help the rest of your Syndicate was I think you might NEED a guardian angel. BUT…perhaps I do want something. I’ve admired your skill as a wrestler for a long time. Your skills with submission holds are just amazing. I want to test my skills against yours. Submission Queen v. Submission Queen. We both know I’m not in the top 10 right now, but I WILL be. So, Daisy darling, agree to face me in the ring. Put the title on the line. Let’s remind this league what wrestling is REALLY about.

(Fans look expectantly as a tall, bald, African American man heads down to ringside. He’s wearing a 2 piece double breasted suit with a Fedora hat.)

[Lotus] (dryly) President Vessey, what a *pleasant* surprise.

[Vessey] As President of the GDWA, I’ve had a hell of a time over the last few days. Watching the video tape of you and Ma Porter interfere in a match…and watching both stables pound on each other. And THEN having both contestants of the Intercontinental match up use deplorable means to attempt victory.

Daisy: Vessey, you have NO idea what you’re talking about! Rewind the tape and tell me EXACTLY where I used these “deplorable means.” I’m a champion, in and out of the ring, and I carry myself as such AT ALL TIMES. _I_ was the victim, Vessey. _I_ was the only one screwed. Screwed out of my opportunity to shut Medusa’s mouth once and for all and defend my belt. Like the champion I am.

[Vessey] You know, I would have given Medusa a rematch…or even stripped Daisy Butterfly of the Intercontinental championship. But both Daisy and Medusa have shown an avid disregard for the rules…I say Medusa and Daisy DESERVE the match’s conclusion. Both got stomped into the ground and both women had their outside interference turn against them. So there will be NO rematch!

(Mixed cheers as Denmark Vessey shakes his head.)

[Vessey] How DARE you! How dare you be so self-righteous? Daisy intentionally gets herself disqualified and Medusa calls in Pizazz from the SJPW to interfere. Who the hell do you think I am? You WILL NOT embarrass me or the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance while we are overseas! We are in a beautiful country with beautiful people, and you will not spoil it for us!!

(Fans cheer as Denmark Vessey points a finger at Daisy.)

Daisy: Hold up, hold up…who’s the “us” here? This is MY country, Vessey…

(Cheers from the crowd)

Daisy: …and you WON’T turn this one against me!! You’re the spoiler, buddy. I’m your Intercontinental Champion and you damn well better show me respect here! You won’t vilify me like you did Sachie!

(HUGE cheers at the mention of Sachie Yokoyama)

[Vessey] So Medusa, Daisy, you BOTH can stick it! I can’t wait for the day that you lose that belt Daisy Butterfly, but until then, I shall show no favoritism toward competitors that have a blatant disregard for the honor and privilege involved in a championship title match. Medusa Rage, if you would have shown the poise of a champion, you’d receive another shot! But I hope that in the near future a more worthy challenger knocks off this….this ‘SELL OUT’ Daisy Butterfly.

(Denmark Vessey leaves the ring as Black Lotus smirks.)

[Lotus] Well…wasn’t that special….. Have a few words for our ‘esteemed’ president, dearest Daisy?


(A few cheers and boos as Daisy pulls on the ropes, facing the aisle)

Daisy: YOU WANT WORTHY CHALLENGES?? FINE, HOW’S THIS?? Black Lotus… you got yourself a match. And Vessey, I’m throwing my name in the hat for the main event at Dawg Pound Nights. I want a piece of _your_ champion. I want a piece of OFFICER ORDER…

(HUGE cheers)

Daisy: …and when I’m done with her, she won’t have a belt to hang her holster from. Vessey, get your head out of your ass and sign the match THE WORLD wants to see!! Ladder match, belt vs belt! The pride and shame of Japan and San Francisco meeting head-to-head.

(Daisy gets a placid look on her face)

Daisy: This one’s for us, Sachie.

(Cue “Richter Scale,” and the crowd roars. Daisy drops the mic and rolls out the ring, heading back up the aisle with a scowl on her face.)

Lotus: (Purring playfully) Could not have gone better if I had planned it. That is…assuming I *didn’t* have that planned beginning to end. Goodnight, pets.

[Lotus gives the crowd a sly smile, then rolls out of the ring.]

Bishop: Daisy versus Order?!!? Oh….

Mutt: Oh Shit! I’ll say it! That’s a promoter’s dream! They’ve been pushing for this match for 2 years…and now Daisy wants a crack at the biggest prize in all of professional sports.

Bishop: What will Order say?! The World Champion against the newly crowned Intercontinental Champion? I can’t wait to hear from Double O.

Mutt: Well, Daisy wrestles tonight against a very hungry Rekka Sakura. She might not be IC champ after tonight…but she will be!

 Bishop: And we still have that Cruiserweight title match to boot! What a night!! Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve been waiting a long time for the tag-team division to restart and it’s finally here. To help us usher in this new era of tag-teaming we have Deidre Murphy joining us.

(Audio squeal)

Murphy: How are you doing, Mr. Bishop. All right, let’s see what we can do with this division. Tag-teaming is one of my passions.



Spud: Wrestling fans … the following contest is our inaugural tag team match!

(Fans cheer politely)

Spud: Scheduled for one fall … with a fifteen minute time limit … introducing first … from the United States, at a combined weight of 260lbs … Tawny and Rusla … THE GLADIATRIXES!!!

(Mild boos as “Rip Her To Shreds” by Blondie assaults the ears. Tawny and Rusla come down the aisle in their Xena costumes. Both are dressed in boiled leather breastplates with armbands. Tawny has knee length black boots and Rusla has calf-length brown ones. They jaw with the Japanese fans as they take the ring.)

Murphy: I understand that these are some of the most eager wrestlers in the GDWA. They’ve been petitioning for a match for some time now, right?

Bishop: That’s right, Deidre. And they’ve finally got it. They should be going up against one of the premier teams in the GDWA now… Burning Rain.

Murphy: It seems like I came in at a time where the tag ranks are seriously depleted. I mean where are all the great teams like the Hyena Queens, the Brown Girls, the Misfits? Hell, where are the Harliquinettes, the Battling Beauties? Are they still under contract?

Bishop: What we have here tonight is pretty much it. For now. We still haven’t seen Team Dojo from Japan or Lady Luck. But hopefully we’ll be able to rebuild the division to its glory.

Murphy: These girls have been on a long lay-off. What kind of performance are you expecting from them tonight?

Bishop: I’m not sure what we’ll see. It may take all our teams a few matches to catch their stride. Hopefully they’ll all be in shape by Dawg Pound Nights. I heard some exciting rumors from our offices about the way they are going to decide the tag-team titles.

Murphy: The titles decided at Dawg Pound Nights? Well, let’s see what these girls bring to the table and how far they have to go to get there!

Spud: And their opponents … from Japan! (The fans all cheer) weighing a combined 335lbs … Gojira Takeshima … the woman known as … Oz! BURNING RAIN!!!

Bishop: And we’re having a few glitches here. We’ve been without tag team action for a while. Please bear with us as we try to smooth everything out.

Murphy: Well, let’s get it right. Oz must have more of a name than that.

(The fans clap as the Theme from Godzilla signals the arrival of Burning Rain. Gojira and her new partner … known for the moment as “Oz”. The two fan favorites walk to the ring … slapping hands. Gojira is stoic, but “Oz” dances about, working the crowd.)

Bishop: Well, the new girl is certainly the more flamboyant of the two! Let’s see if she can go in the ring, though.

Murphy: Both teams in the ring … and what is this? The referee demanding to check the Gladiatrixes boots? Why? What grounds?

Bishop: And Tawny and Rusla are not happy as the referee insists he check their boots! And they’re taking their good old time about allowing it!

Murphy: And I agree with them. I mean he didn’t even look at Gojira and what’s her name? Oz? Man, that name nearly ruined one guy’s career already!

Bishop: And Tawny taunting Oz the new girl. I don’t think the Gladiatrixes had any idea that Burning Rain had replaced one of its members!

Murphy: And that’s always been a problem for the Wild West teams. Those little slips. They kill you! And Oz rushing into Tawny! And she’s laying in those elbows!

(Crowd pops as Tawny cringes into the corner)

Bishop: Those elbows swiping into Tawny’s jaw, but Rusla from behind… DROPKICK to the knee and Oz goes down, clutching her knee. Smart move by the Gladiatrixes. And Tawny and Rusla now tapping their boots and kicking away! The ref never did finish his check!

(The crowd boos as the ref moves to stop Gojira from getting in the ring!)

Bishop: And the ref is missing this blatant double team!

Murphy: Brilliant maneuver on the part of the Gladiatrixes! This is the old misdirection play! That’s what they can do so well! And Oz is a neophyte to the GDWA action. She wasn’t prepared for the chicanery!

Bishop: The referee reasserting control now, but the damage has been done. Tawny now … CAESAR’S STAB!!! (Heart punch) And Oz folded up in the corner! Tawny with a pick up and a snap mare to the center of the ring. Big kick to the back of the head!

(The crowd boos as Tawny tags out to Rusla)

Murphy: A quick tag on the part of the Gladiatrixes! They’re adjusting pretty quickly to the new partner! Rusla with a reverse chinlock, testing just how strong Oz really is!

Spud: Five minutes! Five minutes have passed! 10 minutes remain ….

Bishop: Oz trapped in this hold and the Gladiatrixes playing it safe! Oz bigger and heavier than Rusla, struggles up … she’s almost to a vertical base!

(The crowd boos as Oz drops right back to the mat)

Bishop: And Rusla with a blatant hair pull! The Glads have been able to get away with a significant amount of cheating thus far!

Murphy: They’re exploiting the newcomers inexperience! See, she’s wasting her energy trying to get back up again!

Bishop: And Rusla yanks her right back down with another hairpull! Oz readjusting! WOW!!!

(The crowd gives the biggest pop of the match as Rusla crumples to the mat, holding her teeth)

Murphy: Oz just leaned back and kicked Rusla right in the mouth! Great flexibility on the part of Oz! Incredible!

Bishop: And Rusla backing off to make the tag! And here comes Tawny! Gutwrench pick up … SUPLEX!!!

(Oz sits right back up)

Murphy: And Tawny can’t believe it! Oz took that suplex and sat up!

Bishop: That’s unbelievable! The Glads are some good-sized women. Tawny with a hard right hand! And another! But Oz back up to her feet! Elbows!!! Elbow smash to the head!

(The crowd pops louder and louder with every elbow)

Murphy: Gojira’s calling for the tag as Tawny falls backwards towards her corner! Oz following her in with those hard elbow combinations! She’s swiping away! Tawny grabs the tights … SLINGSHOT RIGHT INTO RUSLA WHO HOTSHOTS HER ON THE BUCKLE!!!

(The fans pop at the clever move)

Bishop: And Oz fell right into their trap! She’s stunned. She’s backing up as Tawny and Rusla make the tag. Here they come! Tawny rolls her back into a ROMAN CEILING! And Rusla off the ropes … STOMP RIGHT ON THE HEART!

Murphy: Well, the Glads have taken Gojira out of the equation! There goes the power game of Burning Rain and Oz has been grounded. We have yet to see her mount a sustained offence other than those elbows!

Bishop: She better do something fast or this match is over!

Murphy: Rusla with the whip … Oz drops low … REVERSAL … SPINNING LEG LARIAT!!!

(Rusla crumples to the mat)

Bishop: Now’s her chance! And there’s the tag!

(The fans pop as Rusla cringes and rolls to the outside)

Murphy: And Gojira off the ropes … NO!!!

Bishop: *P*L*A*N*C*H*A* BY THE BIG WOMAN!!!

Murphy: Oh my God, Rusla is dead! Rusla is dead!

Bishop: And here comes Tawny … CLOTHESLINE WITH THAT ARMBAND!!!

Murphy: And that seemed to stagger the big woman!

Ref: … 3 … 4 … 5

Bishop: But Oz is in the ring … here she comes off the ropes … forward rolling … handspring … MOONSAULT OVER THE ROPES ONTO TAWNY!

Murphy: And that’s called a Space Flying Tiger Drop!!! Wow!!! What AGILITY!!!!

Ref: … 6 … 7 … 8 …

Bishop: And Gojira with Rusla … waistlock pick up … GUTWRENCH … POWERBOMB ON THE FLOOR!!!


Murphy: And they forgot the count! They forgot the count!

Bishop: But both teams are still fighting on the outside! Tawny’s got Oz … Irish whip right into the ring post! Oz staggers around … CAESAR’S STAB!!! DROPKICK INTO THE GUARDRAIL!!!

(The Dawg Pound starts woofing)


(Huge crowd pop)

Bishop: And Gojira catches Tawny by the throat!!! CHOKESLAM COMING!!!

Murphy: Rusla clips the KNEE!!! Rusla clips the knee!

(Boos assault the Gladiatrixes as they flee the arena.)

Bishop: And the fans here in Japan do not appreciate the cowardly stalling tactics of the Gladiatrixes! And Gojira’s down! That’s that injured knee that we’ve seen so many wrestlers exploit! Oz helping her up! That was an odd debut to the tag team scene in the GDWA. We thought we might see athleticism featured, but both teams looked kind of rusty and out of practice.

Murphy: Give those teams time to knock the rust off and gel. They’ll be back. And they’ll be better than ever. But if you want an athletic match let’s just wait for the Suicide Blondes to hit the ring against the High Flying Dolls!

Bishop: That should be a match! Right now let’s get the official word for this somewhat disappointing match.

Spud: Ladies and gentlemen … as a result of a double countout … this match has been declared … A DRAW!

(The crowd is silent with disapproval. Spud shakes his head as he descends from the ring.)

Bishop: Bear with us, folks. It’ll get smoother as we go.

Murphy: It better or I might as well not unpack my bags.

Mutt: Well enough of that crap! Let’s get back to Sierra Browne and her kicking the crap out of Princess Kallista!!

Bishop: We’ll just see about that.

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is….


[The thunder of Japanese drums erupts into the arena, greeted after a few seconds by cheers from the crowd.]

Bishop: That’s Keiko Mita!!! The GDWA Western Heritage champion…

Mutt: So damn what.

[From the back, Keiko Mita comes stalking down to the ring. She’s wearing blue jeans, tank top, and a black leather jacket that shows an Asian dragon, with letters above it reading ‘Dragon Trio’. The young Asian woman is carrying the Western Heritage title belt over her shoulder and a microphone in one hand. As she walks down to the ring and lifts the gold belt up, drawing more cheers from the fans. After vaulting into the ring she looks out at the crowd with a grim smile on her face.] [Keiko] I bet you are wondering just what I’m doing here tonight. I bet you are wondering why I was so conspicuously absent from the Tease this last time. Well, I have some issues to address here RIGHT NOW. Not me talking to the television show, letting them get the last word in. This time I’m talking right to those who have been REALLY supporting me.

[Keiko grins out at the fans, pointing to all four sides of the arena, each side answering with cheers.] [Keiko] You all got me started. And Radhi and Rekka are the best partners I could ask for. Now…..let me read a little something to you.

[Keiko gets out a piece of rice paper and starts to read.]

Rage: She’s gonna work her way into that title match and lose to -Butterfly, you know that, right?

Blade: We do?

Dunbar: (eyes twinkling with interest) Why do you say that, Godiva?

Rage: she’s fallen into the same old trap Micki did. She’s more focused on Daisy Butterfly than Butterfly is on ‘er, right. Just shouting ‘er -name out all over the place is only giving momentum to Daisy because -Daisy’s getting confident she’s under Mita’s skin. If nobody talked -about this rather unpopular Internet titlist she’d be done in a minute -because it’s ‘er that ‘as something to prove. Mita, enjoy your title. -It’s the flippin’ ‘ardest to defend, right. and you ain’t a Sierra -Browne. You ain’t takin’ two titles.

Blade: Interesting analysis. You know, there just might be hope for you yet.

Dunbar: Astute indeed. [he nods his approval.]

Rage: I ain’t just another dumb blonde, you know.

[When Keiko finishes she tears of the paper and tosses it out of the ring before looking out to the fans angrily.] [Keiko] Is that not the DAMNEST thing? Sierra devotes her life to making a mockery of the GDWA, insulting and demeaning every official in it. She trashes their belts. *I* support the GDWA. I try to wear this belt with honor. And when Godiva Rage disses me, Dunbar and Blade fawn over Godiva’s ‘astute analysis’. MAD? You better believe it! Let’s address my two issues with this.

[Keiko brushes her fingers through her hair, taking a moment to compose her thoughts.] [Keiko] First off….I’m so focused on Daisy Butterfly I can’t beat her. Didn’t we hear this earlier? After I won the title I said I was going to defend it three times and get a shot at Daisy. The reaction, I believe from Godiva then as well, was that I would lose in my first title defense because I was focused on Daisy. Now I’ve defended the title twice, including beating a VERY tough Bloody Mary for the first time in GDWA. So NOW it’s ‘obvious’ I’m going to lose to Daisy…for the same reason I was never even going to make it to a match with her. ‘Astute analysis’ indeed. Based on this, if I beat Daisy, then the next week Godiva will be there saying she knew I’d win all along. And Dunbar and Blade will just be there nodding their heads and praising her ‘astute analysis’.

[Keiko paces over to a corner, then back, her every movement abrupt, angry.] [Keiko] NEXT….Godiva says I’ll never win two belts. That I’m no Sierra Browne. And we already saw how Dunbar and Blade reacted to THAT little tidbit. You all know the phrase already. ‘ASTUTE ANALYSIS’. Dunbar…Blade…THIS is how you answer Godiva. YOU ARE DAMNED RIGHT I’M NOT SIERRA BROWNE! I’ve never needed help to win my matches. Sierra’s had help from Bloody Mary, Dalbello Rage, Medusa Rage, a body guard or two. Who can keep track. Sierra is so self-centered she demanded to be cheered. When it didn’t happen like she wanted, she turned on them. I never wanted to be cheered. I never tried to be cheered. It happened because the fans appreciated what I stood for. Honor and tradition. No…no…I’m not Sierra Browne, but the real question is, why would I WANT to be?

[Keiko throws down the mic angrily, lifting her belt above her head, showing the fans before she stalks out once more to cheers and chants of ‘MITA! MITA!’.]

Mutt: You don’t interrupt Sierra Browne’s entrance! Mita will have hell to pay!


Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest will be officiated by Kosei Yamazaki and Robert Heenan. It is a special Scottish Death Match scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit….and it is for the GDWA Transnational Cruiserweight championship!

(Mixed cheers as fans hear ‘the Second Waltz’ by Shostakovich)

Spud: Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland…she is 5 feet 5 inches, 129 pounds, the ESWP Women’s Heavyweight Champion, Princess Kallista!

(Kallista struts down the aisle wearing a medieval style dress, soft leather boots and black silk sleeves.)

Bishop: Kallista entering the ring, and she’s got to be feeling some ambivalence here.

Mutt: Oh yeah! Kallista isn’t even wrestling this match as a GDWA competitor. Kallista is entitled to a Cruiserweight match in lieu of her rank as an ESWP competitor.

Bishop: And the hate that has stirred between these two is unparalleled. Kallista since her last performance in the GDWA won the ESWP Women’s title from Chelsea Vanderbilt. Kallista definitely is on a winning streak.

Spud: And HER opponent….

(Fans all booing as they hear ‘Brown Girl in the Ring’)

Spud: Led down the aisle by her manger Dalbello Rage…hailing from Port of Spain, Trinidad! She is 5 feet 10 inches, 130 pounds, the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance Transnational Cruiserweight Championship… ‘Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne!!!

(THUNDEROUS boos as Sierra Browne heads down the ramp dressed in a Kamala-like, leopard print loin cloth, barefoot, bone in her nose, carrying a spear, her face jet black with her lips drawn in big and red, wearing an afro wig.)

Bishop: Oh my God!

Mutt: Sierra may have pushed the boundaries here. I don’t think President Denmark Vessey will like this.

(Sierra appears as a runaway slave in the loose shanty rags, a collar round her neck and spitting watermelon seeds at the crowd, mocking Kallista’s flashes and playing up the stereotype even more. Slave is written across her cheek a la Prince.)

Bishop: Sierra in the ring, and Kallista with hard right hands to the head of the champion!!


(Fans all cheering as Sierra Browne falls to the mat.)

Bishop: Dalbello slapping the mat as Sierra is getting rocked! Kallista with a pick up, and an Irish Whip to the far ropes, no, reversal!

Mutt: Double Reversal as Sierra…SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE ROPES….

Bishop: SPRINGBOARD D D T ! ! !

(Thunderous boos as Sierra Browne laughs over Kallista.)

Bishop: Browne with a pick up, and a HIGH KNEE to the head. And now the champ with punches of her own to the head of Kallista. The Princess backing into the ropes, and now Browne with an Irish Whip to the far side.

Mutt: Browne with a head of steam as Kallista bounces off…Mexican Armdrag Takeover! Kallista back up and *another* armdrag by Browne! The Princess still stunned from that DDT. She’s dazed.

Bishop: Sierra with a pick up, and an Armwringer….

Mutt: Kallista ducks the Superkick with a forward roll, now a backroll, and PRINCESS KALLISTA WITH A KIP UP AND REVERSES THE ARMDRAG….

Bishop: Right into a boot to the midsection! Now Kallista firing away with hard right hands…and now an Irish Whip to the far side. Kallista into the side ropes as Sierra bounces off….BULLDOG!

(Fans pop!)

Yamazaki: 1…………………………..2………………..kick out!

Bishop: Kallista with a pick up and an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Sierra bouncing off and _ducks_ the Clothesline, hooks the arm and swings around Kallista’s back and yanks her dress up over her head…

Mutt: And Sierra with a chopblock! Kallista is down, and Sierra with a pick up and shoves Kallista into the near corner…and now Sierra with Kickboxing combinations to the head of Kallista!

(Fans boo as Kallista sinks in the corner.)

Mutt: Sierra has been working on these Kick Boxing combos, and the ref is trying to pull her out of the corner. Browne better practice those, cause they won’t be a surprise to her next opponent.

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit.

Bishop: Sierra being pushed away by the ref, and Kallista is dazed. The champion with an Irish Whip to the far corner, and she hits HARD! Sierra Browne with a head of steam…and *hits* the Frankensteiner!!!!

(Fans all booing as Sierra Browne heads for the near corner.)

Bishop: Sierra going up top! Kallista is down, the victim of a DDT and now a Frankensteiner. Browne climbing the turnbuckles…

(Fans all booing as Sierra Browne faces the fans.)

Bishop: Sierra Browne poised up top. And now Sierra wiggling her butt and now she Moonsaults off the top…..and _misses_….

(Fans all cheering as Sierra Browne clutches her elbow.)

Mutt: Kallista rolling out of the way. Sierra wasting too much time. Kallista still dazed as Sierra rolls around the canvas.

Yamazaki: 1…………………………….2……………..3…….

Bishop: Kallista has got to move. She can’t afford to be a sitting duck.

Mutt: Kallista up to her knees, and Sierra in the far corner. Sierra up to her feet, and moving in on Kallista. Sierra with a handful of hair, and KALLISTA WITH A FOREARM TO THE MIDSECTION! AND ANOTHER! AND ANOTHER!

(Fans all cheering!)

Bishop: Kallista up to her feet, and an Irish Whip to the near ropes, no! Reversal by Sierra Browne sending the challenger out to the floor.

(Fans all booing as Sierra Browne climbs the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: Browne up high! Kallista slow to her feet and….SUICIDE DIVE!

(Fans all pop and gasp!)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 20 remain.

Mutt: On the floor Sierra with a pick up, and a hard right hand to the head….now a handful of hair and a head of steam…

Bishop: And rams Kallista’s head into the ringpost! Kallista is dazed, and the champ with a boot to the midsection, and a Front face lock….



Bishop: Kallista clutching her back, and Sierra down on the floor. Oh no!

Mutt: Kallista needs to get back in the ring. She’s not a brawler, and she is definitely one of the weakest Cruiserweights to enter the GDWA. She’s not strong at all.

Bishop: And she’s right in the middle of the danger zone. Sierra with a pick up, and Kallista raking the eyes. Kallista backing off, clutching her lower back, as Sierra stands dazed.

Mutt: Kallista grabbing a chair…this is no disqualification! Sierra turning around and…KALLISTA WITH A CHAIRSHOT!

(Fans pop as Sierra hits the floor.)

Bishop: Kallista slapping on a Side Headlock, and picks up a head of steam…AND RAMS HER INTO THE RINGPOST!

(Fans pop as both women lay on the floor.)

Bishop: Kallista slow to her feet, and now a hair pull pick up. The ref warning her about ringside fans…AND SIERRA WITH A LOW BLOW!

Mutt: Sierra up to her feet, and now slaps on a Waistlock. Sierra backpedaling near the ringside fans and *connects* with a Belly to Back Suplex into the Guardrailing!!!

Bishop: Both women flying over the top!

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Bishop: Security running down into stands, and Kallista and Sierra are down. Neither woman much of an extreme wrestler, yet they’ve decided on THIS match.

Mutt: Both women slow to their feet, and the Japanese fans are getting away. Kallista’s back is meatloaf. She’s visibly wincing as Browne reaches for a chair. Kallista backing off, and Sierra stumbling toward the challenger.

Bishop: Sierra raising the chair…AND KALLISTA SUPERKICKING IT INTO HER HEAD!

(Fans POP!!)

Bishop: Sierra is down, and Kallista is propping a chair up against the steel railing. Kallista with a pick up and a Side Headlock. Kallista with a head of steam….

Mutt: But Sierra pushes off at the last minute! Kallista flipping over the guard railing, and Sierra grabbing the chair, and hopping over the guard railing…

Bishop: But Sierra with a boot to the midsection. Sierra dropping the chair, and Kallista bending over to pick it up….


(Fans all screaming as Kallista lays lifeless on the ring floor.)

Bishop: OH NO!

(Fans all screaming as Sierra Browne does her ‘Booty Bounce’ over Kallista.)

Mutt: Browne is bleeding. Kallista is bleeding…yet the champion is standing over the champion mocking her! She’s spitting expletives and enjoying the moment.

Bishop: How can 1 woman be filled with such hate?

Spud: 15 minutes have transpired…15 remaining.

Mutt: Sierra Browne grinning from ear to ear as blood drips down her face. Sierra reaching under the ring, and grabbing a table?! Oh yes!

Bishop: Oh no!

Mutt: Kallista is still down, and Sierra standing up the table. Sierra laying it by ringside, and Sierra with a pick up and rolls Kallista on top…and she’s rolling back into the ring!

(Fans all on their feet as Sierra Browne climbs up the buckles.)

Bishop: She’s up high! Sierra facing the ring as Kallista is prone.

Mutt: Sierra backflips…………….HIGH SIERRA MOONSAULT!!!!!


Bishop: She nailed the High Sierra Elbow right through the table. The second referee checking on Kallista, and he’s making a 10 count.

Heenan: 1……………………..2…………….3………….4…..

(Fans all screaming as Sierra Browne clutches her elbow.)

Bishop: Kallista is hurt. She’s laying on the floor, with splinters of wood all around her! Sierra is at least sitting up! Blood is all over!

Heenan: 6………………………….7……………8…………….

Mutt: Kallista isn’t getting up.

Heenan: 9………………………………………………….10


(Fans all boo as the referee raises Sierra Browne’s arm.)

Spud: Wrestling fans, your winner via knockout, and *STILL* Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance Cruiserweight Champion……’Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne.

(Thunderous boos as ‘Browne Girl in the Ring’ plays.)

Bishop: Sierra has won this one and…what is she doing?

Mutt: Sierra having a bit of fun, writing ESWP on Kallista in her own blood! I love it!

(MAJOR POP as Rekka Sakura sprints down the aisle.)

Bishop: Dalbello Rage grabbing the belt, and here comes Rekka! Rekka picking up Sierra Browne and rolling her into the ring. Sierra is hurt, and Rekka stomping away on her!

Mutt: Rekka with an Irish Whip to the far ropes, and Sierra bouncing off…..HIGH BACK BODY DROP!!!

(Fans all cheer as Rekka Sakura pounds away on Sierra Browne.)

Bishop: Hold on! Dalbello Rage sliding into the ring…and nails Rekka with the belt!

(Fans all booing, then begin to cheer as Keiko Mita sprints down the aisle.)

Bishop: Mita in the ring, but the heels run off. Sierra Browne is so sick! She’s clutching the Cruiserweight title as she heads back up the ramp way.

Mutt: And Kallista is still down…here comes the stretcher. Kallista isn’t moving as they cart her off…how about that as an exit from the GDWA.

Bishop: The Dragon Trio will be up later tonight, but one has to wonder how Denmark Vessey will take Sierra Browne’s actions.

(Sam Mutt receives a message from an attendant and he takes a sip of some sake.)

Bishop: So what does it say?

Mutt: We got another tag match before the Main Event.

Bishop: Rekka Sakura, the hottest damn wrestler on the planet, against Daisy Butterfly will be an incredible match up! What tag match do we have next?

Mutt: Er, let’s see…oh my favorites!!! The Suicide Blondes face those sorry High Flying Dolls. And we’ve seen just how good of a tandem that Blondes can be from earlier tonight.

Bishop: Oh brother. Let’s hit the ring.


Spud: Ladies and gentlemen … the following contest is scheduled for one fall … with a fifteen minute time limit … introducing first .. FROM WILD WEST MANAGEMENT … THE HIGH FLYING DOLLS!!!

(The Dolls come bouncing out, Lacy Gold and Midnight Fury slapping hands. They take the ring, bouncing about, stretching and trying to get fan reaction. The crowd gives them mild approval.)

Bishop: And it seems the crowd is a bit skeptical about what it’s going to see here. I am rejoined by my broadcast colleague, Deidre Murphy. We’ve already seen one fairly anticlimactic match between Burning Rain and the Gladiatrixes where both teams just didn’t seem to connect. What will the Suicide Blondes bring to the table?

Murphy: I think they’ll bring aggression. It isn’t clear that they actually wanted to travel to Japan for this kind of match. They might just half ass it and that would be disastrous.

Spud: And their opponents … from the United States … weighing a combined 271lbs … Taylor Monroe … Baby Jane Ross … the SUICIDE BLONDES!!!

(The Blondes come out without music, pushing the curtains aside and heading for the ring. They both wear their hair in platinum blonde beehives, wearing black spandex cat suits with plunging fake leopard necklines. Taylor Monroe is a light-skinned Black woman and Baby Jane Ross is a young Caucasian. They get into the ring, stretching and testing the ropes. They look pissed.)

Bishop: And these girls are our answer to the Spice Girls!!!


Murphy: And the quicker Taylor Monroe starts off for the Blondes while Lacy Gold comes in for the Dolls. They’re circling each other!

Bishop: And they continue circling … Monroe won’t lock up! What’s going on?

Murphy: She’s frustrating Lacy Gold! And she slip another lock up and now she’s cursing the fans out!

Bishop: And Lacy Gold with a dropkick from behind sending Monroe through the ropes to the outside!

(Fans begin to murmur)

Murphy: And here comes Baby Jane! And she’s slugging it out with Lacy Gold! She throws her back in the ring! And here comes Midnight Fury! We’ve got all four wrestlers in the ring right now!!!

Bishop: And the Blondes seem to be overpowering the Dolls with those stinging open handed slaps! And DOUBLE WHIP!!!

Murphy: Double reversal … DOUBLE DROPKICK!!!

(Fans applaud as the Dolls nip up in unison, too.)

Bishop: And we’re in for a show. The Blondes scrambling, confused. It doesn’t look like they know what to do as they scramble for their corner.

Murphy: The Blondes are instinctive wrestlers not necessarily smart ones! They’re trying to get the Dolls in their corner, but the Dolls too slick for that.

Bishop: And Monroe coming back out … she meets Lacy Gold … thumb to the eye … (boos) … open handed slaps backing Lacy up … Irish whip … REVERSAL … DOUBLE REVERSAL … And Lacy Gold off the ropes with a flying forearm!!!

(Fans applaud as both wrestlers hit the mat. Lacy kips up)

Murphy: And she’s picking up the leg. Spins around into a step-over and falls back, juicing it for all its worth!

Spud: Five minutes have gone by … ten minutes til time limit!

Bishop: But the Blondes having nothing to do with that! Here comes Baby Jane and legdrop across the throat!!!

Murphy: That’ll break up a pin attempt … both wrestlers pick up Gold … double leg grapevine … double facelock … DOUBLE FACESLAM!!!

(The fans are murmuring appreciatively)

Bishop: And the Blondes really talking now!!! Here comes Midnight Fury … FLYING DOUBLE LARIAT!!!

(And the crowd is really popping now)

Murphy: Well Midnight Fury really is in a fury! She’s got Taylor hooked up … SHINBUSTER!!! Boot to the gut of Baby Jane … over the top rope!

Bishop: And listen to the people in here! They love this! Lacy Gold off the ropes … SPRINGBOARD PLANCHA ONTO ROSS!!!

Murphy: And the time is running out. Nobody is going for quick pins. We’ve got everybody in the ring again … there’s a whip of Gold by Monroe … Baby Jane and Midnight entangled … And Lacy crashes right into her partner!

Bishop: ROLLUP!!!

Ref: ……………. 1!!!



 ……………. 2!!!



……………. 3!!!

 Murphy: No, the referee is waving off the count! Lacy just got the shoulder up!

Bishop: But the Blondes are smelling blood … both still in the ring and the ref letting it go. Baby Jane with a gutwrench pickup … POWERBOMB!!!

(Fans boo as Midnight Fury writhes on the mat)

Murphy: Things are really heating up now, aren’t they? Nobody knows where they are or what’s going on.

Bishop: Lacy Gold with a hurricanrana clearing Baby Jane away from her fallen partner. Have we seen any tags in this match?

Murphy: I don’t think so. I think we’ve just had whoever run in whenever.

Bishop: Well there’s a tag between the Blondes and Baby Jane Ross stalks Lacy Gold. Is she the legal woman who knows? Let’s just get down to the action.

Murphy: And Lacy Gold with a drop toe hold, she reaches out a hand … tag to the dizzy Midnight who goes up top … Lacy Gold dragging Baby Jane into splits … Midnight Fury walking the ropes …

Spud: Ten minutes … five minutes remaining … five minutes!


(The fans gasp as the ropes explode and snap sending both wrestlers hard to the floor!)

Murphy: They BROKE the ropes!!!

Bishop: And they landed hard! That was an unexpected occurrence. And the referee looking at the ropes and the wreckage on the mat and he’s calling for the bell.


Murphy: This is just terrible! We haven’t had conclusive result tonight!

Spud: Due to the damage done to the ring in this contest, ladies and gentlemen … the referee has decided to stop this match. This match is ruled a NO CONTEST!

(The fans respectfully applaud the wrestlers who get unsteadily to their feet and with help from the back, make their way from the ring.)

Bishop: Well, we’ve certainly laid the groundwork. It will be interesting watching this division grow. Will it ever attain greatness again?

Murphy: I don’t know. But where’s my check? I’m outta here.

(audio squeal as she takes off her headphones)

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