Radhi Ananda defends her Western Heritage Championship against the challenge of Bloody Mary inside a steel cage in the main event.

Scene opens up on a jammed packed Oakland Coliseum Arena in Oakland, California.  There are 37,603 screaming fans in attendance.  “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers.  The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by.  This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


Bishop: Wrestling fans, thank you for tuning in to the Saturday Nite Special.  This is a rather sobering occasion as we mourn the loss of ‘Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama.

Mutt:  I must say, it all seems to be happening so fast.  Charlotte coughs up her career and Sachie gets in some kind of freak car accident…even I feel kinda bad.  I mean, she just wrestled here last week against Bloody Mary.

Bishop:  Fans, this show is dedicated to Sachie Yokoyama.  So on this first day in the month of February, we mourn Japan’s premier superstar. (Allen Bishop is quiet and then begins again.)

Bishop:  I know I said a lot of negative things about Sachie Yokoyama, especially after her feud with Officer Order turned nasty.  I’m sure I speak for the entire GDWA when I say our hearts go out to the parents and family of Sachie….

(Pauses again as Sam Mutt straightens up.)

Mutt:  Definitely!  Hey, we’ve got to move on to wrestling!  That’s the way the Dangerous Queen would have wanted it.  Alrighty, tonight we got the premier of ‘Miss’ Tiffany Chandler and ‘Supermodel’ Eleanor Royal. We’ve got a no holds barred grudge match when ‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx takes on Medusa Rage.  And the match the Dawg Pound can’t wait to see, Bloody Mary challenges ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda in a Steel Cage for her WESTERN HERITAGE TITLE!

(Fans cheer as more fireworks go off and Spud McKenzie runs down the aisle.)

Mutt:  And on the House of Styles tonight, we got two guests!  Sierra Browne and Bloody Mary!!!  Bishop, man I’m gonna have to take home your check if you don’t say something.

Bishop:  Fans…we are just days away from a FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION update from the GDWA front offices.  That pay per view to take place in just a little over a month from now.  Let’s go to Spud.

(Fans cheer as Spud stands in the center of the ring.)

Spud:  Wrestling fans, just recently we lost one of the greats in this sport.  ‘Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama lost her life in a traffic accident in Tokyo just 48 hours ago.  This event is dedicated to the inaugural and 2 time WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION Sachie Yokoyama.  Sachie, we all miss you.

(Fans all applaud as Spud McKenzie stands solemnly in the ring.)

Spud:  I ask all of you for a moment of silence for one of Grand Dragon’s greats.

(Stadium falls in silence as Spud McKenzie bows his head.)

Spud:  All fans of the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance, we will honor one of our great champions with a night to remember……ARE YOU READY!!!!!!

(Fans scream:  YES!)

Spud:  I said, ARE YOU READY?!?!?!?!?!

(Fans cheer louder and scream:  YES!!!)

Spud:  THEN…..Let’s Get Rrrrrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrrrrrumble!!!!

(Crowd EXPLODES as fireworks go off around the ring)

Spud:  Our first contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’ by Def Leppard.)


Spud:  Hailing from Honolulu, Hawaii.  She stands 6 feet tall, 135 pounds, here is…’Supermodel’ Eleanor Royal!

(The brown haired Eleanor Royal heads down the aisle slapping hands with fans and even hugging little children.  She enters the ring wearing a black tuxedo jacket and tails with ‘Supermodel’ written in red on the back.  Underneath, she wears a two piece with a white crop top and white biker shorts.)

Mutt:  She’s a cutie, wouldn’t you say Allen Bishop?

Bishop:  Whatever you say Sam…

Mutt:  Hey, cheer up Allen…at least you know she’ll be free tonight.  I mean, after she jobs to Eleanor Royal, she won’t be going to the pay window any time soon.

(Fans begin to boo as they see the Kingpin walk through the curtain!)

Spud: And her opponent…Representing the Syndicate!

(Fans still booing as they hear ‘Another Night’ by Real McCoy.)

Spud:  Led down the aisle by the Kingpin…Hailing from Yale University! She is 5 feet 6, 138 pounds.  Here is….’Brilliant’ Tiffany Chandler!

(Fans continue booing as Tiffany Chandler shrugs off outreaching fans and sneers at them as if they are inferiors.)

Bishop:  The cousin to the World Heavyweight Champion, this woman is every bit a chip off the old Chandler.  Just look at those arms!

Mutt:  Yeah, and the Supermodel is about to get a piece of ‘Brilliant’ Tiffany Chandler Syndicate style!

Bishop:  Fans, we just got word that President Denmark Vessey has these words regarding Sachie Yokoyama….

[Fade in:  Denmark Vessey sits at his corporate desk with the American Flag to his left, the Canadian flag to his right, and the GDWA logo displayed prominently on his desk.]

Vessey:  Hello fans, I’m Denmark Vessey, President of the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance.  As we all know, this is a sad day in the wrestling community as one of our own has passed away.  And as we recognize Sachie on this solemn occasion, as an administrator I must cross all ‘t’s and dot all ‘i’s.  Therefore, the ‘Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama will be considered “out of action” much like former World Champion Zaranna until we get some word from Sachie’s parents or legal authority.  We only released this information of her alleged death because it was spreading around the wrestling hot lines and the rumor mill.  Once again, we don’t take away from this superstars day at all, we just have to follow through beauracraticly.  Thank you for your time, and please enjoy your evening.

[The camera fades out]

Bishop:  Vessey is way out of line!  Sachie is gone and…

Mutt:  Hey man, take it easy.  The brilliant ‘Miss’ Tiffany Chandler having words with the referee before entering the ring.

(Tiffany Chandler enters the ring wearing a blouse and skirt that she promptly removes to reveal a black two piece with her midriff exposed.)

Bishop:  The Supermodel wants to get this on, and Chandler FINALLY ready to wrestle…let’s hook ’em up.


Bishop:  Collar and Elbow tie up, and Chandler with a Side Headlock, and the Supermodel pushing off immediately.  Chandler bouncing off the ropes and Royal dropping down to the mat.

Mutt:  Royal back up as Chandler bounces off the ropes and a Dropkick! Chandler back up and ANOTHER Dropkick!

Bishop:  Chandler up a 3rd time, and for a 3rd time Chandler is nailed with a Dropkick!

(Fans all cheering as Eleanor Royal picks up Tiffany.)

Bishop:  Royal Irish Whipping Chandler to the far ropes, Chandler bouncing off and nailing a Shoulder Block!  And now Chandler with an Elbowdrop to the upper body!

(Fans boo as Tiffany Chandler applies a Side Headlock.)

Mutt:  You can tell already that she’s more methodical than her World Champion cousin.  And notice how she felt Royal and took advantage of her high flying style?  Just genius…and by the way, she won’t allow ANYONE but her equals to call her Tiffany.  So you better call her ‘Miss’ or just plain ‘Brilliant’!

Bishop:  The Supermodel really trying to fight her way out of it. Chandler sliding across the back now, applying a Frontface lock! Chandler so strong, she even makes the greatly toned Eleanor Browne seem small.

(Fans chanting:  We Want Order!  We Want Order!  We Want Order!)

Bishop:  Chandler with a pickup, and a high knee to the midsection.  A handful of tights and hoist up Royal into the air….

Mutt:  No!  Royal sliding down her back and hooking the midsection for a Sunset Flip…1…2….kick out!

(Fans cheering as both women get up to their feet.)

Bishop:  Chandler charging Royal and Royal with a Dropkick!  Right on the money as Chandler hits the mat.  A pickup and an Irish Whip to the far ropes, Chandler bouncing off…


(Fans pop as Tiffany Chandler hits the mat!)

Mutt:  Tiffany looks a little rattled.  She looks like this incredible crowd is intimidating her. And that’s understandable as a rookie, but still!  Oh no!  The Kingpin is slapping the mat as Royal heads for the near corner!

(Fans all cheering as Eleanor Royal climbs the turnbuckles.)

Bishop:  Royal up top!  She jumps….

Mutt:  and HITS the Top rope Splash!!!

Ref:  1……………………2…………..kick out!

(Fans cheer as Eleanor Royal heads for the opposite corner.)

Spud:  5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.  10 remaining.

Bishop:   Royal is up high!  She’s facing the fans, preparing for a Moonsault.  The Kingpin slapping the mat desperately & shouting at Chandler but Royal jumps….and….!

Mutt:  …and ‘Brilliant’ Tiffany Chandler pulls up the knees!!!

(Fans all groan as Eleanor Royal clutches her ribs.)

Bishop:  Chandler up to her feet, measuring the agonizing Supermodel, and NAILS a Standing Elbowdrop.  She turns her over for the cover!

Ref:  1………………………2……………………kick out!

Bishop:  Chandler up and Irish Whipping Royal to the ropes.  Royal bouncing off and Chandler with a Powerslam!  The cover…

Ref:  1………………………2……………………kick out!

(Fans cheering and begin chants of: Chandler sucks!  Chandler sucks!)

Mutt:  ‘Miss’ Tiffany Chandler obviously flustered. But those chants aren’t directed at her.  These fans hate her cousin, and they are taking it out on the Brilliant one!

Bishop: Chandler shouting back at these fans, and the Kingpin just looks so frustrated.  Chandler with a Frontface lock and hoists up Royal……5 seconds….10 seconds…..15 seconds up in the air and NAILS a perfectly executed Vertical Suplex!

Mutt:  And now, Chandler with a very slow pick up.  She’s shouting back at all these fans.  Chandler is really unfocussed.

Bishop:  Chandler slapping the Supermodel’s head between her legs. Chandler with a Waistlock and has her held up in a Piledriver position…

(Fans all booing as Chandler holds her up and looks around the arena.)


Ref:  1…………………….2…………………………1/2!

(Fans cheer as Eleanor Royal kicks out of the cover.)

Mutt:  Staci X would have been proud of a Piledriver like that!

Spud:  10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.  5 remaining.

Bishop:  Chandler arguing with the ref, and the Kingpin calling for another high impact move.  Chandler with a pickup, and Irish Whipping the Supermodel to the ropes.

Mutt:  Chandler in the middle of the ring as Royal bounces off…and Royal forward rolls DODGING the Superkick!

(Fans cheer as Eleanor Royal rolls to her feet toward the ropes.)

Bishop:  Royal so quick!  Chandler just turning around as Royal bounces off the…!


(Fans all cheering as both women lay on the mat.)

Ref:  ……2………..3………4……..

Bishop:  Chandler rustling first, and that’s a bad sign.  Royal has taken too much damage in this one.  Chandler up and dropping one of those hammering Elbowdrops!  Chandler up again and ANOTHER Elbowdrop!

Mutt:  Chandler with a pickup, and Irish Whipping Royal to the near ropes…

(Fans all on their feet as Eleanor Royal bounces off the ropes.)

Bishop:  Tiffany Chandler MISSING the Clothesline as Eleanor Royal comes flying off the ropes!  Royal bouncing off the farside as Chandler turns around…


Ref:  1……………………….2………………………1/2!

(Fans all cheering as Eleanor Royal gets the shoulder up!)

Bishop:  Chandler losing her composure as Royal gets out of that predicament.  Royal with INCREDIBLE reserve. I’m impressed.  Chandler now, with a pickup and an Irish Whip to the ropes.

Mutt:  Royal looks beat as she comes flying off the ropes!

Bishop:  Chandler in the middle of the ring and catches her for a Tilt a Whirl…

Mutt:  No!  Royal counters by sliding across the slower Chandlers back and Body Scissoring the midsection for a Roll up!

Ref:  1……………………2………….3!

Mutt:  NO!


(Huge pop as Tiffany Chandler strikes the mat in anger.)

Mutt:  She had this match won!  There’s no doubt WHO is the better wrestler.  You talk about luck!

Spud:  Wrestling Fans, at 13 minutes 46 seconds!  Your winner via pinfall, and making a successful debut in the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance….’Supermodel’ Eleanor Browne!

(Fans all cheering as they hear ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’ by Def Leppard.)

Bishop:  The ref raising the Supermodels arm in the air, and she looks about as beat up as anyone.  Wow!  She pulled that rabbit out of the hat.

Mutt:  She pulled that rabbit out of her ass!  Chandler needs to be more focused the next time she gets in the ring.  A great talent, but the Supermodel Eleanor Royal was ready tonight.

Bishop:  Fans, before we get to our first of two House of Styles this week, let’s hear comments from one of Sachie’s dearest friends, Daisy Butterfly…

(Fans chant:  Chandler sucks! as Tiffany Chandler and the Kingpin storm up the aisle.)


(SCENE:  The living room of DAISY BUTTERFLY.  She sits on the couch, her face streaked in tears.  She constantly dabs her eyes with a tissue.)

Daisy:  I don’t like that all this is being played out in public, but it’s a real bad time for myself…

(Daisy breaks down and cries for a second.  She does her best to retain her composure and continue.  Her voice quivers)

Daisy:  I only learned…about Sachie…when everyone else did.  I’ve tried…trying…to talk to her family but I can’t reach them.  You may have loved her or hated her, but she was one of the best friends I ever had.  I…I can’t talk about her…now…

(Daisy breaks down again and manages to pull herself together a bit)

Daisy:  And Charlotte…so many unresolved issues now.  I hoped that maybe…maybe everything would work out between the three of us…

(Daisy dabs her eyes and speaks a bit more stronger than before)

Daisy:  Charlotte, I’m MAKING time to visit you; if you’ll have me.  I’m sorry…about everything.  Duran, we’ll get to the contracts later. Somethings are much more important than proving yourself the best in the world.  And Charlotte, I promise you one thing.  Your belt will go to the right hands.  Lady Tiger, I can see that you love Charlotte just as much as I do.  You have all the talent in the world hiding behind a playful demeanor; much like Charlotte.  If you would, I’d like you to train with me for the upcoming Internet title tourney.  That’s all I need to say…

Bishop:  My heart is breaking…

(Fans cheer as MISTER Furious Styles heads down the aisle.)

Mutt:  Well, you’ll get over it.  Man, life goes on.  I feel bad too, Sachie was a hell of a gal.  I was really beginning to dig her…but we gotta go to the HOUSE of STYLES!


Styles:  Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy!  Is OAKLAND in the HOUSE!!!!!!

(Fans cheer as MISTER Furious Styles points around the arena.)

Styles:  Don’t yall get depressed on me now.  Sachie, baby I don’t care if you in Heaven or Hell, we gonna miss ya.  But while ya gone, we got a seat for you waiting in the Dawg Pound!!!

(Dawg Pound chants:  Sachie!  Sachie!  Sachie!  Sachie!)

Styles: Fans, we got a real guest for us this week.  She’s the last woman to wrestle the late Sachie Yokoyama.  Please welcome the next WESTERN HERITAGE TITLIST… Bloody Mary!!!!

[Fans boo as they hear ‘Midnight Rider’ by the Allman Bros.]

Bishop:  We all know there has been some bad blood between MISTER Styles and Bloody Mary in the past.  Looks like they’ve patches things up.

Mutt:  With Mary you never know.  I wouldn’t put it past her to clock Styles again!

(Fans booing as Bloody Mary enters the ring wearing a black leather trench coat, jeans and a tank top.)

Bloody Mary: Well, Styles, old buddy old pal, I never thought you’d ever invite me to be back on, but thanks.  I guess the last time I was seen I looked like you after you first met me, huh?  Hahaha (Puts her arm around him & pats him)

Styles:  Hey kid, don’t get too friendly with me!  I respect your skills, understand, baby!?  But cut the jokes.

Bloody Mary: You’re a sport Styles, I like that, we can put our past behind us can’t we?

Styles:  Yeah.

Bloody Mary: Good, glad we can see eye to eye or at least bald spot to breast, haha, but seriously, Styles, I got some serious stuff to get off my massive chest.

Styles:  (Looking around to the fans.)  Yeah, you got some serious stuff. Seems like you got a big match against Radhi Ananda.

(Fans cheer as they hear Radhi Ananda’s name!)

Bloody Mary: First off, Rahdi Ananda, you’re really making a mistake taking me so lightly. I might not have the high flying moves but in the cage I don’t need them.  The way I see it, all your demi-gods & incense aren’t going to help you a bit.  It’s time to worship me, Rahdi, worship me…in the Temple of the Cage, my domain.  You saw what I did to Sachie in a regular match, imagine the carnage this time, ooooh!

(Fans boo!)

Styles:  Lately, you’ve had a damn hit list on a lot of people.

Bloody Mary: Yeah, you’re right Styles, I got a few more names on my list, Nomad, Nelli, Wildchild, you’re next, if you dare.

(MISTER Furious Styles saunters about the ring and grins rather widely.)

Styles:  You know, you got a rep for being a big tough gal Mary!  I mean, you handle your biz!  But you know…you seemed kinda timid when discussing and old friend of yours!  Got bad blood with the Kyoto Crippler, Mary?

(Dawg Pound barks as Bloody Mary glares around the arena.)

Bloody Mary: What is all the rumors of bad blood between me & The Kyoto Crippler?  Well, I was less than thrilled to see her name among the roster of new GDWA wrestlers, in fact I was livid.  As far as I’m concerned the only place she would be welcome is in some Tae Kwon Do Tournament or Jackie Chan film, but not a GDWA ring.  You see she has a peculiar style of wrestling, we met in Japan about 2 years ago if you haven’t heard this story.  She sickened me the way she put some promising young talent out with her “karate” or whatever.  You see she was responsible with cutting short my training over there, my valuable training. A karate kick to the knee put me out for a while & a one way ticket back to the states & back to penny ante promotions till I worked my way back up to the GDWA.

(Bloody Mary begins to anger as she glares into the cameras.)

Mary:  This gal sickens me & this comes from someone that likes others blood spilled on her, that’s how much I think of this, “Oriental Flower” (gag).  Just stay the hell away from me Keiko. That’s my last warning.

Styles:  Hey, baby!  Don’t get all hot in the pants…calm down!

Bloody Mary: Yeah, Styles, I guess I was ranting a bit, but hey thanks for letting me back on & to prove no hard feelings.

(Mary grabs his head, Styles starts sweating & whimpering, but Mary just plants a kiss on his cheek, smiles & leaves, Styles looks relieved.)

Bishop:  Fans, before we get to our next House of Styles guest, let’s go to Mike Whalen with the GDWA Flashback…

(Mike Whalen walks around the arena hallways wearing a blue blazer with GDWA logo on the pocket as the camera comes into focus.)

Whalen:  Hello fans, and welcome to the GDWA Flashback.  The Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance has grown in popularity, so we thought it prudent to introduce you new fans, and re-introduce to old fans, some of the GDWA’s most memorable moments.

(He heads toward the concession stands and gets a drink.)

Whalen:  The inaugural WESTERN HERITAGE Champion ‘Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama is one of the greatest superstars in our promotions history.  A two time WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION!  A former Wrestler of the Month award recipient.  Her career was the epitome of the GDWA success story.

(Whalen walks toward the entrance of one of the aisles as he watches to preliminary wrestlers go at it.)

Whalen:  She began her career here with zero wins and four losses.  She fell to the likes of Daisy Butterfly, Demonica, and Vixen.  But just a few months later, she would become a DEVASTATING wrestler.  This match tonight is the epitome of the Dangerous Queen.  This is the match in which she retired GDWA legend ‘Luscious’ Lisa Thomas from the promotion.  This incredible contest took place on June 4th, 1996 at the Toledo, Ohio Toledo Sports Arena…


Mutt:  Well, what’s done is done.  Now, if you want to talk about real devastation, ‘Luscious’ Lisa Thomas is about to walk all over that one win wonder Sachie Yokoyama.

Bishop:  It’s hard to believe that it has come to this for ‘Luscious’ Lisa Thomas.  She’s willing to put her career on the line in order to get a title shot.  The woman who has gone wild in the last two months now takes it to the next level.

Mutt:  That’s right.  Lisa Thomas has always had a way of taking things to the next level.  And she’s gonna do it again tonight!

Bishop: Now hold on a minute.  Sachie Yokoyama is no slouch.  She’s a one win wonder, sure, I’ll buy that.  But look at what’s she’s accomplished in such a short period of time.  She beat Officer Order in a classic matchup a few months ago.  She goes on to win the first ever tag match in the GDWA as well as the Western Heritage Championship the same night.  She comes up big when she needs to.

Mutt:  Yeah, well she needs to do it tonight against the woman who Lanny Manson has never been able to pin.  The Luscious one is walking out of here with a belt tonight.

Bishop:  Let’s hear what the Western Heritage champ has to say….


(Opening camera shot: Sachie Yokoyama is in the GDWA interview area, the GDWA logo can be seen behind her.)

YOKOYAMA: “A couple of weeks ago no one wanted to wrestle me, now it seems as if everyone in the GDWA wants to wrestle me. I guess winning a title does that.  Just a couple of days ago Lisa Thomas challenged me to a loser must leave town forever match for the GDWA Western Heritage Title.  When I became GDWA Western Heritage Champion, I said that I would defend the title against any and all challengers and that is what I will do.

But what I will not do is accept a match stipulation which is unfair to me.  I may be extremely honorable but I am not stupid.  In a title match, the champion should have the advantage, not the challenger.  But as it being that I am an honorable champion, I will accept the challenge of Lisa Thomas, but under certain stipulations. The match between Lisa Thomas and myself will be a title match, but it will not be a double loser leaves town match.

If I lose the match, then I lose the GDWA Western Heritage Title. If Lisa Thomas loses, then SHE must leave the GDWA.  By doing this the match is fair to both competitors who are involved. These are my stipulation.  You have the option of either accepting or rejection my offer.  If you accept, I will honor my end of the bargain.  But you reject my offer, then I will offer a title shot to someone else here in the GDWA.  Sayonara.”

(Yokoyama-san bows to the camera, and the camera fades out…)


Bishop:  Let’s take it back to our ring announcer Spud McKenzie…. Spud:  Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 30 minute time limit.  The special stipulation for this matchup is that if ‘Luscious’ Lisa Thomas loses, she must leave the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance.


Spud:  This is our main event tonight…and it is for the GDWA Western Heritage Championship!

(Fans boo as they hear “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio.)

Spud:  First, led down the aisle by her manager ‘Slick’ Shawn Speed! Hailing from Hollywood, California!  She is 5 feet 7 inches, 195 pounds! Here is the challenger…..’Luscious’ Lisa Thomas!

(She comes walking down the aisle confidently in her yellow and black tights.)

Mutt:  Lisa Thomas looks GOOD!  Damn!!!!!

Bishop:  I must admit.  She looks as beautiful as ever.  And prepared. She’s as focused as I’ve ever seen her.  Lisa Thomas has lost a lot of matches because of her lack of focus.  But tonight, she looks as ready as ever.

Mutt:  Well, I’ve got my money on Lisa Thomas.  She’s been to the big match before.  This is a big dawg!  To put your career up as ante for a title shot.  Yeah, she’s not walking out of here without the belt. Spud:  And her opponent….

(Fans cheering as “Antonio Baka Guy” by Shonen Knife blares through the speakers.)

Spud:  Accompanied down the aisle by Daisy Butterfly….

(Big crowd pop!)

Spud:  From Tokyo, Japan!  She is 5 feet 6, 140 pounds!  Here is, the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance Western Heritage Champion…The ‘Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama!

(She comes walking down the aisle with a smile and a hand for all the fans at ringside.  The Gold belt buckled around her waist is sparkling.)

Bishop:  Sachie Yokoyama looks relaxed and focused.  She’s in the best condition that I’ve seen her in in a while.  And another thing, she doesn’t have to worry about Nikita Marx.  Nikita pulled out of the match tonight at the last minute.  She’s scheduled to wrestle the Western Heritage Champion this Saturday irregardless of tonight’s results.

Mutt:  But word on the street is that she may not even make it this Saturday.  I don’t know if it is an injury, or a death in the family or what.  This is unlike Nikita Marx.  Maybe she got deported back to Russia. You think Officer Order snitched on her?

Bishop: Sam!  Damn.  Fans, Sachie Yokoyama has entered the ring.  She unstraps the belt and holds it up high for all to see!

(Fans all cheering as Sachie Yokoyama hands the belt to the referee.)

Bishop:  Daisy Butterfly exits the ring as Sachie Yokoyama and Lisa Thomas meet in the middle of the ring.  The referee is going over the rules.  A match of this caliber can’t end in any controversy or speculation.

Mutt:  Oh definitely not!  Lisa Thomas wants that belt, and won’t be satisfied with a mere win.

Bishop:  It is interesting to note how similar Daisy Butterfly and Sachie Yokoyama are.  Sachie Yokoyama is Asian and Daisy Butterfly is Asian American.  Both are Japanese trained wrestlers.  Both employ traditional mat wrestling with some free style wrestling.  Both women have a vendetta against Nikita Marx.  And both women have a code of honor that they go by, yet are willing to go tooth and nail against any competitor.

Mutt:  And they’re both women Allen!

Bishop:  (Sighs in frustration.)  Let’s get right into the action.


Bishop:  The referee has given them the go ahead, and DQ is tugging against the ropes for warm up.  Lisa Thomas is in the far corner, rolling her neck around.  She’s as ready as she’s gonna get.

Mutt:  Both women now in the middle of the ring, and they lock up.  Lisa Thomas easily overpowering DQ, and has her in a Front Face lock.  DQ with a Single Leg Pick up, trying to escape somehow….and back into the ropes. The ref getting in between both women AND A SLAP BY LISA THOMAS!  RIGHT ACROSS SACHIE’S FACE!

(Fans booing!)

Bishop:  DQ didn’t lose her cool though.  Lisa Thomas waiting for Sachie in the middle of the ring and they lock up again.  Lisa Thomas with a Standing Side Headlock Takedown.  DQ now…with a quick escape!  She slips out of the Side Headlock and applies and Armbar.

Mutt:  I think Lisa Thomas’ technical wrestling is surprising to DQ.  It really caught her off guard.  But if she had done her homework, she’d known that Lisa had incredible matches against one time GDWA wrestler Sonya Blade.  Oh yeah, Lisa’s gonna have plenty of surprises for DQ tonight.

Bishop:  Lisa Thomas looking for a little relief.  She’s trying to get out of the Armbar.  She gets up to her feet and…misses the elbow!  She swung back with her right elbow to the break the hold, and Sachie was ready. DQ ducks under it and slaps her hand around Thomas’ throat….FOR THE URANAGE THROAT SLAM!  OH MY!

(Fans all cheering as Sachie Yokoyama cradles the leg.)

Mutt:  1….2…kick out!  Woah!  She just scared the hell out of Lisa Thomas.  Thomas back up to her feet and Sachie is still on the mat. Sachie with a Leg Drag Take Down and now a Double Leg Pick up by DQ.

(Fans all cheering as Sachie Yokoyama holds Lisa Thomas’ legs apart.)

Mutt:  Sachie has Thomas’ legs split wide, and she drops down to her midsection and nails her with a headbutt!  Thomas clutching her middle in pain as DQ bounds back up to her feet.

Bishop:  Sachie Yokoyama runs to the near ropes, bounces off, and nails Thomas with a Spinning Elbow!  Now a Headlock and Lisa Thomas is grounded on the mat.

(Fans cheering on Sachie Yokoyama’s technical skill.)

Mutt:  I gotta hand it to the Un Dangerous Queen.  She’s taking the power game away from the 197 pounder.  She’s keeping the technical aspect in the match, and preventing Lisa from dominating the pace.

Bishop:  Lisa Thomas getting back up to her feet, and Sachie still has the Headlock on.  Hold on!  Lisa using her strength, picking up Sachie from below her hips.  She has her up high in the air….and tosses her half way across the ring!!!

(Dawg Pound barking:  Woof!  Woof!  Woof!  Woof!)

Mutt:  Sachie Yokoyama has had problems with wrestlers that are bigger than her.  She’s got to wrestle a different kind of match when her opponent can just shove her down to the mat with brute strength.

Bishop:  Sachie Yokoyama back up to her feet, turning around, AND LISA THOMAS NAILS HER WITH A CLOTHESLINE!  Sachie topples down to the mat in the corner.  Lisa with a pickup and a Karate Chop to the chest!  She opens up DQ with another Karate Chop to the chest, and you can already feel the momentum swinging in this one.

Mutt:   Lisa Thomas really picking up the pace.  You know, big women aren’t supposed to like the faster paced matches.  But Lisa Thomas is an exception. She’s taking her frustrations out on Sachie Yokoyama, and proving why she’s not going anywhere but down in the record books as champion!

Bishop:  Thomas now, tossing her out of the corner!  Lisa Thomas walking over, taking her time.  She picks up DQ, and bullies her into the adjacent corner.  Lisa Thomas now, rams Yokoyama’s head into the middle turnbuckle! Now she’s stomping away on the upper back of Sachie Yokoyama and the ref is making the count.

Ref:  …2…3…4…

Mutt:  Lisa Thomas now, picking up DQ and placing slapping her up on the top turnbuckle!  Oh yes!  Lisa Thomas now, climbing up the turnbuckles, and applies a Waistlock….AND NAILS SACHIE YOKOYAMA WITH A BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX OFF THE TOP!!!1

(Fans booing as Lisa Thomas makes the cover.)

Bishop:  1…2…kick out!  Lisa Thomas now, with a pickup and a Front Face Lock.  Sachie blocking it desperately!  Lisa Thomas, releasing the facelock and opens DQ up with another Karate Chop to the chest.  Sachie backs up into the ropes.  Thomas now, Irish Whipping Sachie to the farside.  Sachie bounces off and Lisa Thomas with a Dropkick!

Mutt:  Lateral Press…1….2..kick out!

Bishop:  Lisa Thomas with another pick up and a Front Face Lock.  She turns her around for the Rude Awakening, but can’t get it all the way. Sachie is fighting it!  Lisa Thomas twirling back around to face her and nails her with a DDT!

Ref:  1…2…Shoulder up!

(Fans cheering!)

Bishop:   She got the shoulder up.  Lisa Thomas whips DQ to the near ropes, DQ bounces off, and nails Lisa Thomas with a Thrust Kick!!!!  Lisa Thomas hit the mat hard!!!

(Crowd cheering as Sachie Yokoyama falls to her knees!)

Mutt: Sachie Yokoyama can’t afford to get in close contact wrestling with Lisa Thomas.  Thomas has just enough technical ability to utilize her strength.  So she’ll either counter a hold or just bust out of a situation.

Bishop: Sachie Yokoyama with a pickup and Reverse Knife Edges to the chest of Thomas!  Thomas countering with Karate Chops, but DQ is just too quick. Thomas is backing off.  Sachie and Thomas now, in the middle of the ring. Sachie with an Irish Whip, no, reversal!

Mutt:  Sachie bounces off the ropes and Leap Frogs over Thomas.  Thomas turns around and DQ bounces off the far side…AND NAILS LISA THOMAS WITH A SPINWHEEL KICK!!!

(Big crowd pop as Lisa Thomas falls on her back.)

Mutt:  Sachie Yokoyama is down on the mat also.  She crawls over to Lisa Thomas for the Lateral Press…1…2…Thr..no!  Kick out.

Spud:  15 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit.  15 remaining.

Bishop:  Sachie Yokoyama slow to her feet, and picks up Lisa Thomas. Yokoyama now, with Strong kicks to the body of Lisa Thomas!  Thomas doubling over, heading for the ropes.  Sachie with a Reverse Knife Edge to the chest, and Lisa is stunned!  She’s got that dazed look on her face. DQ Irish whips her to the farside.  Thomas bounces off and SACHIE YOKOYAMA NAILS HER WITH A TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER!!!!

(Hardcores bark the ‘Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama heads for the turnbuckles.)

Mutt:  Did you see Lisa Thomas’ back snap!?  Damn, Sachie Yokoyama finely executed that move.  The ref is checking on the fallen Lisa Thomas.

Bishop:  Meanwhile, Sachie is up on top!  Hold on!  Slick Shawn up on the ring apron….and clips her leg.

(Fans booing as Sachie Yokoyama plummets down to the mat.)

Bishop:  Daisy Butterfly coming to the rescue and has a chair for Slick. Slick running around the ring trying to get away from her.

Mutt:  Lisa Thomas is slowly getting to her feet.  Sachie Yokoyama hasn’t moved since falling off the top turnbuckle.  Lisa Thomas, heading over to DQ, and picks her up.  She applies a Front face Lock and a turn around for a Neckbreaker!  Lateral Press…1…2…foot on the rope.

(Fans cheering as Daisy Butterfly nails Shawn Speed with a chair.)

Bishop:  Lisa Thomas now, Irish Whipping Sachie Yokoyama to the farside. Sachie bounces off and Lisa Thomas nails her with a Frankensteiner!!!!

Mutt:  Thomas is down though.  She’s still a little shaken from that Backbreaker.  Thomas finally with the pin attempt…1…2..kick out! Damn it!

Bishop:  Lisa Thomas now, with a pickup, and she’s pressing Sachie Yokoyama! Military Press Slam right in the middle of the ring.  Now Lisa Thomas, heading up the turnbuckles.

(Fans booing as ‘Luscious’ Lisa Thomas stands on the top turnbuckles facing the crowd.)

Mutt:  ‘Luscious’ Lisa Thomas is poised.  She jumps….and HITS the Moonsault!

Bishop:  But DQ pulled up the knees!  Thomas is hurt!  She hit with full impact.

Ref:   …2…..3….4….5

Bishop:  Both women down, and the ref continues to count.  Sachie slow to her feet.  She picks up Lisa Thomas and applies a Front Face lock.  Thomas using her strength to try to get out of it…..and the Dangerous Queen with an Inside Cradle!….1..2…kick out!

(Fans gasping!)

Mutt:  Both women back up to their feet and Sachie Yokoyama with an Armdrag Takedown!  Lisa Thomas back up and DQ with an Armdrag into a Wristlock.  Thomas pushing her back into the ropes and whips her to the farside.

Bishop:  Sachie bounces off and LISA THOMAS WITH A HIGH BACK BODY DROP! Yokoyama hit hard! Thomas now, with a pickup and slaps on the Sleeper.

(Fans cheering, rallying behind Sachie Yokoyama.)

Mutt:  The Dangerous Queen getting really woozy.  She heads over to the near ropes…..and can’t reach ’em.  Lisa Thomas really putting her weight into it.  Sachie heading over for the ropes a second time, and Thomas tosses her into the ropes.  Sachie bounces off and Thomas nails her with a Clothesline!

Ref: 1…2….shoulder up!

(Fans cheering as Sachie Yokoyama kicks out.)

Bishop:  ‘Luscious’ Lisa Thomas went for the Lateral Press and couldn’t keep Sachie down.  Lisa with a pickup and Military Pressing Sachie again. Oh no!  She’s nearing the ropes….and tosses her to the outside!

(Fans booing as Sachie Yokoyama hits the floor hard.)

Mutt:  Yes!  Lisa is taking it to the foreigner from Japan!

Bishop:  Daisy Butterfly coming over to assist her friend.  Meanwhile, Lisa Thomas is rolling out to the outside.  Daisy and she are exchanging words.  Lisa with a pickup and rams DQ’s head into the guard rail! Thomas is just hulking!

Mutt:  Lisa Thomas now, with a pickup and rolls DQ back into the into the ring.  Thomas back in the ring now, and a Single Leg Pick up.  She spins around and applies the Figure 4!  Yes!

(Fans all on their feet cheering on Sachie Yokoyama.)

Bishop:  Sachie is in serious pain.  She immediately grabs the ropes. Lisa Thomas, much too close to the ropes that time.  Lisa now, with a pickup and Bodyslams DQ to the mat!  Lateral Press…1…2..kick out!

Spud:  25 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit.  5 remaining.

Bishop:  Lisa Thomas is flustered.  She’s slapping the mat in anger.  Lisa with a pickup and is Karate Chopping Sachie Yokoyama.  She tosses DQ into the corner and comes running in….missing the Clothesline!  DQ dove out of the way, and rolls her up now from behind.

Mutt:  1…2…kick out!  The referee has done a good job of positioning in this match up, I must admit.  Both women back up and Lisa Thomas continuing with Karate chops!  Sachie is doubled over in pain, and grabs the ropes.

Bishop:  Thomas with a kick to the midsection and a Front face lock for a Vertical Suplex!  Thomas is signaling!  Lisa Thomas with a pickup and a Waistlock…..

Mutt:  …but Sachie counters with a quick go behind Waistlock and connects with a Saito Belly to Back Suplex!!!!

(Fans all on their feet cheering!)

Bishop:  Sachie Yokoyama now, using the ropes to pull herself up.  She’s waiting in the corner.  Lisa Thomas gets to her feet…..AND SACHIE YOKOYAMA NAILS HER WITH AN ENZIGURI KICK!

(Loudest pop of the night Sachie Yokoyama heads for the top turnbuckle!!!!!)

Mutt:  Oh no!  Sachie Yokoyama is standing perched on the top turnbuckle. She jumps, and nails Lisa Thomas with the Jackknife Splash!  No count!  The ref is dealing with Shawn Speed on the ring apron.

Bishop:  Sachie with a pickup, and is pointing out to the 30,000 in attendance.  She Irish Whips Lisa Thomas to the ropes.  Thomas bounces off and SACHIE YOKOYAMA NAILS HER WITH THE NORTHERN LIGHTS BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!

Mutt:  It just might be over!!!!!

Ref:  1………………………2………………………..3!


Spud:  At 28 minutes 15 seconds, your winner via pinfall, and still Western Heritage Champion…..’The Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama! ‘Luscious’ Lisa Thomas must leave the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance.

(An even bigger pop as “Antonio Baka Guy” by Shonen Knife blares through the speakers.)

Bishop:  Lisa Thomas is gone from the GDWA.  A hard fought match, but Sachie Yokoyama comes up big.  Lisa just came up short tonight.

Mutt:  All I have to say is that Lisa Thomas is an extraordinary talent. She could beat any wrestler in the GDWA on any given night.  Sachie just got lucky tonight.  I hate to see the Luscious one leave.

(Fans cheer as Sachie Yokoyama is handed the belt and her hand is raised in victory.)

Whalen:  Hope you enjoyed that one fans.  Sachie, whether we like you or dislike you, we all loved you.  Allen, Sam, back to you guys!

(Fans all cheering as a spotlight hits MISTER Furious Styles in the center of the ring.)


Styles; Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, baby!  Comin’ to ya live and direct from the center of my universe… Now, I’m about to introduce a woman who’s gone way over on the fine-o-meter, you know what I mean?  She’s fine like wine. And I wish she were all mine!  The one and only Sierra BROWNE!!!!!!!

[The Dawg Pound begins to woof and the fans cheer as a shower of gold begins to fall down into the ring.  “Brown Girl’ starts to play and Sierra comes swinging down from a rope from the ceiling.]

Styles: Girl, you tryin’ to be some kinda Errol Flynn or what?  Been hanging out with Nikita Marx lately?

Sierra: No, I’m just letting a side of me out that nobody ever gets to see.  I’m showing the world just what I’m made of.  It’s time Sierra really shone!  See, all these people pay to see me really cut loose like I did when I was with Indigo.

[The crowd pops appreciatively.]

Sierra: Yes, the Browne Girls were really something.  But for now that’s all done, you know?

Styles: Yeah man, it’s a real shame, but you’ve made it back into the singles scene and you got a great start with a stunning victory over the Wildchild Wendy Marshall!  Giiiiiiiiirl, that was remarkable!

Sierra: (batting her eyes) You think so?  I tried to make it a little more special, show some moves that fans really never saw.  You know what I’m all about, Joey.  Styles.

Styles: Yo baby, wrong promotion!  We don’t crucify folk in this one. Remember the name Furious, and if you mess up again you gonna have to call me MISTER…Damn that’s a sexy accent girl.

Sierra: You like my Trini twang?  Thank ye, sir.  Could you do me one favor though?  I want all ya to stop saying that I’m Jamaican.  Right, I am from Trinidad and that’s my world.

Styles: Great Carnival!  Let me tell you!

Sierra: I know.  I’ll miss it this year.  But it’s all right, I’ve got to do this for all the people.  See, I’ve taken on the best this organization has to offer in Andrea Chandler and Radhi Ananda and while I may not have beaten them, but I gave a good accounting of myself at every opportunity! And I’m gonna keep doing it.  I’ll jump higher farther faster.  You’re all gonna see a blur.  You want to see the most spectacular airborne display in the GDWA look no further than Sierra Browne.

Styles: I seem to be getting a little of Medusa’ attitude from you.  I like the sound of it.

Sierra: Styles, baby, I’ve had my own personal style for a while now.  And I just have no patience with the GDWA politics any more.  The Syndicate, the Evil Empire, all these people who are trying to run down the GDWA, trying to get their own personal attention, well I’m going to show everybody what this is really all about.  Wonderful fans.  That’s what.

Styles; Pretty big talk.  How you gonna do it?  Medusa?

Sierra: Of course not.  Medusa and I have reached an understanding.  I can’t always be what she wants, you know.  It’s not me to cheap shot and sucker punch somebody.  See, like the Syndicate beating on Staci X.  I had to step in and do something about that.  I just had to.  Because that kind of nonsense is intolerable.  We can’t let that go on.

Styles: So what are you going to do?  Is Indigo going to help you?

Sierra: I told you, I’m doing this on my own.  My own way.  And the people out here are going to love it!  I want to wrestle great matches first. You know, against the best aerialists in the sport.  Then I’m going after the likes of Bloody Mary, Nomad, teach them the error of her ways.  Of course, I have a score to settle with Andrea Chandler, too.  I’m going to get her eventually.

Styles: I just can’t imagine you in singles.  Though I still that springboard DDT you pulled out on Wendy Marshall.

Sierra: (smiling) Did you like that?  [She turns to the fans]  Did you like that?

[Huge fan pop.]

Sierra: Well I promise you that was just the tip of the iceberg!  I’m going for even more spectacular moves!  I’m going for higher risks!  I’m going for it all!

Fans: WHOOSH!!!!!!

Sierra: That’s right.  I’m glad to see you’re listening.  This is all for you!  All for you!

Styles: Well, that’s our time.  I want to thank you, golden girl for coming out here with us!

Sierra: Thank you.  [She kisses Styles.]


[“Brown Girl” plays as Sierra gets lifted back up into the rafters in a shower of gold.  The crowd pops for her.]

Styles:  If any of you new rookies to the GDWA want on the House of Styles, contact me at Purdue@concentric.net   Ay Yo!  2 kisses in one night, though I must say Sierra Browne can come back ANY TIME SHE WANTS! Sam, Allen Bishop, back to you boys!

Bishop:  Fans, as MISTER Furious Styles leaves the ring, let’s hear prematch comments from Medusa.


[Fade in:

Medusa Rage stands before a black backdrop with a gold silhouette of her head on it.]

Medusa: Countdown’s begun, Nikita.  This is going to be something.  Isn’t it.  We’re gonna hurt each other bad.  You want to try tricks and gimmicks?  Yeah, that’s fine with me.  You want to try stuff and nonsense. Yeah, that’s fine too.  But let me tell you something.  I swear before the Lord Almighty that I won’t rest until I remove you from the face of the wrestling world.  I can’t tolerate you, Nikita.  I don’t like the best bone in your body.  So this is it.  I’m going to break your head, rip it off and spit down your neck.  Understand that, girl.  I’m tired of people gettin’ in my way.  I’m tired of people thinkin’ they can just take my spot.  I’m fed up with it.  Saturday night.  Lord, I haven’t been so excited about a match EVER.  You’re the first stop.  It’s time I proved myself to the world.  And Nikita, when you get destroyed, don’t ask me to apologize.  It’s just in my nature.

[Fade out]


Spud:  Our next contest is scheduled for 1 fall with a 15 minute time limit…and it is a NO HOLDS BARRED BRAWL!

(Fans boo as they hear the theme ‘Point of No Return’.)

Spud:  Accompanied down the aisle by her manager Uncle Bob.  From Moscow, Russia! Standing 6 feet tall, 150 pounds, here is ‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx!

(Nikita has blue jeans and a tank top on as she heads down the aisle.)

Bishop:  This is going to get physical!  Nikita Marx against Medusa Rage in a No Holds Barred brawl.

Mutt:  Nikita may have picked the wrong woman to brawl with.  It’s one thing to sling around 150 pounds with a technical wrestler like Daisy Butterfly, but Medusa LOVES to brawl.  That’s like trying to outbox ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson!

(Fans already chanting:  USA!  USA! as Nikita Marx enters the ring.)

Bishop:  Let’s hear the announcements for Medusa Rage….

(Fans boo but the Dawg Pound begins to cheer as they hear 9th Symphony by New World Order.)

Spud: And her opponent!  Accompanied to the ring by Sierra Browne!!!

(Fans cheer but immediately boo as they see Medusa Rage.)

Spud:  Hailing from Port-of-Spain, Trinidad!  She is 6 feet tall, 160 pounds!  The number 1 contender to the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP….Medusa Rage!

(A brigade of 10 black female body builders burst through the curtain and march Medusa down ringside.)

Mutt:  Nikita pointing to the women, and the referee ordering them away…and Medusa and Nikita already having words.  Nikita smirking and now she’s mocking Medusa!

(Men cheer and whistle as Nikita Marx poses.)

Bishop:  Medusa charging into the ring and this one is underway!


Mutt:  Medusa and Nikita clubbering away!  They’re clubberin’!

(Fans all cheering as Nikita and Medusa roll around the ring throwing punches at one another.)

Bishop:  The ref just trying to stay out of the way in this one.  Medusa has Nikita in the corner, and dogging the Russian with punches…AND NIKITA MARX RETALIATING WITH THOSE ELBOWSMASHES TO THE HEAD!

(Fans all cheering as Medusa Rage’s legs buckle.)

Mutt:  The hardcores are loving this!  Nikita fighting her way out of the corner..and Medusa now with European Uppercuts!  Nikita wasn’t expecting this.  It wasn’t in the Scouting Report.

Bishop:  Nikita is caught in the corner, and Medusa has her trapped as those European shots crack her in the jaw and upside the head!  Nikita is slumped over, and Medusa now stomping away at the midsection of the big Russian beauty!

(Dawg Pound barking:  WooF!  WooF!  WooF!  WooF!)

Bishop:  Nikita Marx being completely dominated by the rough housing of Medusa Rage!  Medusa basically sitting down on the second turnbuckle, totally out of it…and look at this!

(Fans all on their feet as Medusa Rage climbs the turnbuckles.)

Bishop:  She’s up high!  She has Nikita up on her feet, and slapping on a Side Headlock…..and MEDUSA RAGE NAILS HER WITH A BULLDOG FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!

(Fans all cheer as Nikita Marx hits the mat!)

Mutt:  No cover!

Bishop:  Medusa up now, and stomping away on Nikita’s left shoulder. That’s the same shoulder that was injured at the hands of Daisy Butterfly at Dawg Pound Nights.  Nikita scrambling to get away, and Medusa with a pickup and an Armdrag takedown into a Hammerlock!

(Fans booing as Nikita Marx IMMEDIATELY reverses it!)

Bishop:  Nikita Marx now with a Standing Armdrag as Medusa gets to her feet…and Nikita Marx with a Judo throw!  Medusa up to her feet and Nikita Marx with a Russian Sickle Clothesline!  And now Nikita with Standing Forearm drops to the head of Medusa.

(Fans booing and begin to chant:   USA!   USA!   USA!   USA!  USA!)

Mutt:  Nikita Marx now, stomping away on Medusa, and Medusa in much better shape and countering with a Single Leg Takedown!

Bishop:  And Nikita immediately with a Headscissors, and now Nikita has turned this into a modified wrestling match.

(Fans boo even louder as Nikita Marx shouts:  USA!)

Mutt:  Medusa Rage rolling into the ropes, and the ref wants a break. Nikita up, and stomping away at Medusa Rage.  Medusa up to her knees, and Nikita raking the eyes.

Bishop:  An Irish Whip to the far ropes as Nikita Marx storms across the ring…AND MEDUSA RAGE COMES FLYING OFF THE ROPES WITH HER PATENTED RUNNING BULLDOG LARIAT!

(Fans all cheering as Medusa Rage rises to her feet.)

Spud:  5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.  10 remaining.

Bishop:  Medusa with a single arm pick up, and nailing Nikita with Legdrops to that left arm.  Nikita slapping the mat, and now getting out of the predicament with a Droptoe hold.

Mutt:  Nikita sliding across Medusa’s back now, and slapping on a Front Face Lock.  Nikita is dazed from that AWESOME onslaught at the beginning of this match.  Notice, Nikita has contained this match in the ring by staying away from the ropes, or embracing them to the point that Medusa can’t get her to the outside.  What savvy.

Bishop:  You’ve also got to figure that Medusa is making the mistake of falling for the technical match.  She’s been attacking the arms with holds instead of pummeling Nikita with power moves as she did earlier.

(Fans amazed as Medusa Rage summons the strength to get to her feet.)

Bishop:  Nikita shouting away at the Matriarch of the Rage clan, and Medusa with a waistlock, no!  Nikita with an immediate Swinging Neck Breaker, and now Nikita up to her feet!

Mutt:  Nikita with a pickup, and throwing Medusa out of the ring.

(Hardcores cheer as Medusa Rage hits the floor.)

Mutt:  Medusa hit kind of hard, and Sierra Browne checking on her mentor…AND NIKITA MARX COMES FLYING DOWN FROM THE RING APRON WITH A DOUBLE AXE HANDLE!

(Fans all booing as Sierra Browne lays on the ring floor.)

Bishop:  Uncle Bob wants Medusa’s only manager taken out!  Oh no, Nikita with a pickup and slaps Sierra’s head between her legs…PILEDRIVER!!!!

(Fans all boo as Sierra Browne clutches her neck.)

Mutt:  Hold on!  Who the hell is that coming out of her seat?

(A light skinned, biracial woman with a chair comes running toward the guard railing with a chair.)

Bishop: That’s Dalbello Rage.  That’s Medusa’s ‘registered’ manager, but she’s handing Medusa a chair.  Uncle Bob warning Nikita….

(Fans all cheering as Medusa Rage swings the chair.)

Mutt:  And Nikita SHOVING Uncle Bob in the way.  Medusa nailed Uncle Bob with that steel chair!

Bishop:  And Nikita Marx driving right into Medusa Rage, and they fall to the ground.  Nikita slugging away with punches, and Medusa retaliating. Both women on their feet, and Nikita getting pummeled with European Uppercuts…oh no!  Medusa with a handful of Nikita’s black hair.

Mutt:  She runs her over to the guard railing…and nails her!

(Fans all cheering as Nikita Marx stumbles backwards.)

Spud:  10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.  5 remaining.

Mutt:  Uncle Bob on the outside, laying on the floor.  Medusa Rage now, with a Waistlock driving Nikita backward.

Bishop:  And right into the ring post!  Nikita stumbling around, and Medusa grabbing Nikita by the arm…and rams her shoulder into the ring post!  And she’s grabbing the garbage can now for goodness sakes!

(Fans all cheering as Nikita Marx roles into the ring.)

Bishop:  The #1 contender rolling into the ring, and Nikita with a High Knee to the head.  And now she’s choking Medusa in the ring ropes, as the Mother of the Rage women is caught halfway in and out of the ring.

Mutt:  Nikita picking up that trash can lid, and NAILS Medusa in the head! Medusa falling out to the floor, and THAT is where this match will be won tonight.

Bishop:  Nikita is now visibly bleeding.  She’s picking up that Trash Can that Medusa dropped, and Sierra Browne is up to her feet, trying to intercede. And NIKITA SWATS HER LIKE A FLY!!!!

(Fans all booing as Sierra Browne plummets to the floor.)

Bishop:  Medusa Rage reaching in the stands and grabbing a beer bottle from one of…oh no!  Turn around Nikita turn…

(Fans scream as Nikita Marx is blasted in the forehead by a beer bottle.)

Mutt:  Glass is everywhere!  Nikita is busted open big time now.  Medusa with more European Uppercuts, and now an Irish Whip into the Time Keepers table!

(Dawg Pound cheers as Nikita Marx doubles over and falls to the floor.)

Bishop:  Medusa grabbing Uncle Bob’s briefcase, and he’s backing away from Medusa.  Medusa with an evil grin….and NAILS Uncle Bob in the head!  And now, Medusa tossing the briefcase to the floor.

Mutt:  What she got planned?

Bishop:  Medusa with a pickup and slapping Nikita’s head between her leg…oh no!  I don’t know if she can get Nikita up.  She’s so heavy. Medusa using all of her strength.

(Fans all cheering as Nikita Marx back body drops Medusa Rage.)

Bishop:  Nikita staggering up the ring steps, no!  She stopped.  Nikita picking up the ring steps, and Medusa turning around…!!!!

(Fans all on their feet cheering as Nikita Marx nails Medusa Rage in the head.)

Mutt:  Nikita with an INCREDIBLE surge of strength, nailing Medusa in the head.  Medusa is busted open, and the bleeding Russian rolling her into the ring.  Medusa crawling around the ring as Nikita staggers.  She’s cussing in Russian, she must be TOTALLY dazed.

Bishop:  Nikita dropping down for the cover.

Ref:  1…………………2…..and Medusa with the shoulder up!

(Dawg Pound barking: ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa!’Dusa!’Dusa!’Dusa!)

Spud:  1 minute remaining!  60 seconds left.

Bishop:  Nikita slowly to her feet, and nailing Medusa with Elbowsmashes to the head.  Medusa looks out of it.  Nikita now, staggering into the near ropes, bouncing off and…

Mutt:  Medusa Rage with a Belly to Belly Suplex!

(Fans all cheering as Sierra Browne tosses the briefcase into the ring for Medusa Rage.)

Bishop:  Nikita bleeding profusely from the head, and Medusa heading over to the near corner, climbing up the turnbuckles.  Oh she’s hurting! Nikita off her knees, on her feet staggering around…


(Hardcores chant:  blood!  Blood! Blood!  As red splatters the canvas.)

Bishop:  Medusa isn’t done yet!  Medusa with a Gutwrench pick up….JACKNIFE POWERBOMB!!!! WHAT STRENGTH!!!!

(Crowd chanting:  1!…………………….2!…………….3!)


Bishop:  Nikita is in pain.  She’s rolling out of the ring, and Medusa still with that briefcase.  Medusa on the ring apron…AND NAILS NIKITA IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD!

(Fans all booing as Nikita Marx picks up the camera cable.)

Mutt:  It’s over, and Nikita is still getting beat up.

Spud:  Wrestling Fans, at 14 minutes 25 seconds, your winner via pinfall…..Medusa Rage!!!

(Fans screaming as Medusa Rage chokes Nikita Marx with the camera cable!)


Bishop:  Nikita Marx gasping for air, and Medusa choking away.  GDWA security tugging on Medusa Rage, and Nikita is bleeding profusely.

Mutt:  Not to mention that Nikita is turning blue!


Bishop:  Sierra Browne pulling Medusa off of Nikita…and Medusa shoves Sierra down to the floor!

(Fans boo as Sierra Browne has a look of confusion on her face.)

Mutt:  Medusa grabbing Uncle Bob’s briefcase and being escorted out of the arena.  She’s gonna need medical attention, and Nikita Marx is gonna need a priest.

Bishop:  The stretcher is out, and Nikita is being helped up the aisle by paramedics.  My God, maybe we can get word on the MVP.  Nikita has NEVER been assaulted like this.

Bishop:  Nikita lost because it was a brawl.  Nothing more than a savage fight.  Glass, garbage cans, chairs, that’s NOT a wrestling match, and Nikita is a Technical Wrestler.

Mutt:  Well, Nikita knew what she was getting into.  And speaking of savagery and street fighting, our next match is the epitome of extreme. Bishop:  I don’t think ANYTHING could top that last match.


Spud:  Wrestling fans, our final contest is scheduled for one fall with NO time limit.  This Steel Cage match is our Main Event this week…and it is for the GDWA Western Heritage Championship!

(Fans boo as they hear ‘Midnight Rider’ by Allman Brothers.)

Spud:  The challenger…….hailing Davenport, Iowa.  She is 5 feet 9 inches, 160 pounds, here is Bloody Mary!

(Bloody Mary heads down the aisle wearing a leather trench coat, a 1 piece red wrestling tights underneath along with red and black elbow and knee pads.)

Mutt:  Bloody Mary ain’t listening to this damn crowd.  She’s ready to take home the belt. She’s really wrestling well as of late.  Just ask Wendy Marshall and Sachie Yokoyama!…oops I didn’t mean that.

Bishop:  Sachie Yokoyama the former Western Heritage Champion is our first deceased wrestler of the GDWA.  Our hearts go out to her family…this might be a tough one for Radhi Ananda with the memories of Sachie…

Mutt:  Who are YOU talking about?  Jungle DEFEATED Sachie for the belt…hell, that WAS Sachie’s belt until Jungle came along.  Jungle is thinking about walking in as champ and walking out as champ.  Bottom line!

(Fans pop hard as Bloody Mary enters the ring and the cage is lowered. Fireworks go off as the lights in the arena dim.)

Spud: And her opponent….

(Fans all cheering as they hear:  Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones!)

Spud:  Hailing from Bombay, India!  She is 5 feet 5 inches, 135 pounds….

(Radhi Ananda marches through the curtains into a chorus of cheers.)

Spud:  …The Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION….’Jungle’ Radhi Ananda!!!

(The wild haired Bombay, India native is barefoot and wears loose tiger print garments.)


(Thunderous cheers as Radhi Ananda comes running down the rampway, unstrapping the WESTERN HERITAGE belt from her waist.)



Mutt:  GDWA officials locking the cage door, and here go.

Bishop:  Jungle calling on Bloody Mary, and Mary drives into her…and Jungle backpedals into the ropes.  Mary running toward her like a raging bull…and Jungle ducks the Clothesline!

(Fans cheering as Radhi Ananda runs toward the far ropes!)

Bishop:  Mary bouncing off the near ropes as both women meet in the middle of the ring…


(Fans cheering wildly as Bloody Mary doubles over onto the mat.)

Bishop:  My lord!

(Fans cheering while Radhi Ananda points toward the cage.)

Bishop:  Jungle running toward the side ropes, Springboarding off as Bloody Mary gets to her feet…and BLOODY MARY WITH A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!

(Fans boo as Radhi Ananda is laid out on the mat.)

Mutt:  Yes!  Bloody Mary now, pounding away with those incredible Iowa Heaven punches on the prone Jungle.  And you can already see the improvement in Bloody Mary.

Bishop:  Mary with a pickup and Irish Whips Jungle to the far ropes. Jungle bouncing off and Mary with a high back body drop!

(Dawg Pound barks as most fans boo.)

Mutt:  Bloody Mary really has her stunned.  Mary with a pickup, and Jungle with a groin shot!  Jungle now, slugging away on Bloody Mary, and Irish Whipping her into the near ropes…


(Huge chorus of cheers!)

Mutt:  Bloody Mary still on her feet, and Jungle running to the side ropes, bouncing off and NAILS Mary with a High Knee Lift!  Mary is down!

Bishop:  And now Jungle is choking away on Bloody Mary.  She’s gasping for breath!

Mutt:  Jungle wants this to be known as her house!  She’s wrestled Sachie Yokoyama for the belt in a steel cage, now she attempting to set a precedent.  The ref intervening now just to try to save Mary’s life.

(Huge chorus of cheers as Radhi Ananda walks over to the far corner to take the padding off the turnbuckle.)

Bishop:  Oh boy, this is about to get ugly.  Jungle with a pickup and nailing the taller Mary with knee shots to the head…and Mary shoves her down to the mat.

Mutt: Jungle waiting on Bloody Mary, and Mary goes charging into Jungle…ONLY TO BE MET BY A HIPTOSS RIGHT INTO THE STEEL CAGE!

(Fans groan as Bloody Mary’s face mashes into o the steel cage!)

Bishop:  Bloody Mary somehow still on her feet as she turns around….AND IS MET BY A RUNNING CLOTHESLINE!!!!

Mutt:  We’ve seen Radhi Ananda measure her opponents quite methodically. Now, she’s like a lion waiting in the tall grass!  Notice, she’s waiting for Bloody Mary to charge her.

Bishop:  Bloody Mary is stunned on her feet.  Jungle walking into the Streetfighter, with an Irish Whip…

(Dawg Pound barking as Bloody Mary shakes her head no.)

Mutt:  Bloody Mary not cooperating, and Jungle unable to Irish Whip her….SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE BY THE CHALLENGER!


(Hardcores erupt as ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda’s body bounces off the mat.)

Mutt:  And look at Bloody Mary. She’s enjoying all of this applause from the fans.  Mary with the first high impact move of the night, and has taken the sails out of the champion!

Bishop:  Hold on, Bloody Mary with a single leg pick up?  Mary spinning around…and Jungle kicks her away.

(Fans chanting:  RADHI!  RADHI!  RADHI!  RADHI!)

Mutt:  Jungle very slow to her feet as Bloody Mary gets to hers.  Mary charging Jungle….


(Fans groaning as Bloody Mary collapses to the mat!)

Bishop:  Bloody Mary is running like a river.  Her head is busted open. She ran with a full head of steam into the steel!

(Hardcores cheer as Radhi Ananda chokes away on Bloody Mary with her forearm.)

Spud:  10 minutes have gone by.  10 minutes.

Mutt:  Jungle with a pickup, and nailing away with punches to the head. Oh boy!  Bloody Mary shaking it off.  Mary drawing from all of her strength, and firing back with Iowa Heaven punches to the head!  Jungle is backpedaling.

Bishop:  Mary charging Jungle and Jungle Armdragging…oh no!

(Fans all on their feet as Bloody Mary military presses Radhi Ananda.)

Mutt:  Let the games begin!

Bishop:  Bloody Mary has her hoisted up high…and TOSSES her into the steel cage.  Jungle is BUSTED open.

Mutt:  Bloody Mary stomping away on the champ, and you gotta say that Mary is ahead on points!!!

Bishop: Mary with a pickup, and nailing away with Body blows.  Jungle leaning up against the ropes, and Mary slugging away now with Iowa Heaven punches.

(Fans all on their feet cheering as Bloody Mary points to the farside.)

Mutt:  Mary Irish Whipping Jungle to the far ropes.  Mary in the middle of the ring now as Jungle bounces off…POWERSLAM!

Ref:  ………………………………………………….1






(Fans all barking as Radhi Ananda gets the shoulder up.)

Bishop:  Mary with a pickup, and pounding away with those Iowa Heaven Punches.  Mary has got to think that she’s incredibly close to winning this one.

Mutt:  You know Bishop, she may even rival Lanny Manson with those vicious right hand jabs.  Jungle dropping to one knee, and Mary with a Front Face lock…

Mutt:  But Jungle biting her hand.  Mary snatching her hands away, and now Jungle biting into Mary’s wound!  Mary is screaming, and blood is everywhere!  I hope they took an AIDS test.

Bishop:  Jungle bullying Mary up against the ropes, and now an Eye Gouge. This is getting ugly.  Mary Irish Whipped to the far ropes as Jungle exhaustedly heads toward the middle of the ring.

Mutt:  Mary bouncing off the ropes…DROPKICK!  Mary is down, and now Jungle heading for the near corner.

(Fans cheer as Radhi Ananda climbs the turnbuckles.)

Bishop:  ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda leaping off the top and…..HITS THE ARABINA LEGDROP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ref:  ……………1………………….2……..kick out!

(Fans shocked as Bloody Mary kicks out.)

Bishop:  Jungle going up top again!  She’s climbing the opposite turnbuckle, my God, that’ll be a far jump.  Mary is still down.  Jungle leaping off…….


(Huge crowd pop and Radhi Ananda grapevines the leg for the cover.)

Ref:  1………………………….2…………………1/2!

(Dawg Pound barking as Bloody Mary gets the shoulder up!)

Mutt:  The challenger is as tough as they come.

Bishop:  Jungle up on her feet, and stomping away at the head of Bloody Mary.  Mary’s head injury is severe…

Mutt:  But she’s beaten the hell out of Jungle.  She’s out of breath and is severely bruise.  And don’t make it seem like Jungle ain’t bleeding either.

Spud:  20 minutes have gone by!  20 minutes!

Bishop:  Jungle with a pickup, and punching away at Mary.  Mary retaliating, and the champion is dazed.  She shouldn’t be punching this streetfighter…and look, Jungle backing up again!  Mary moving in after her again, and Jungle up against the ropes.

Mutt:  The ref wants a break, and Mary tosses him aside!

(Fans boo as the ref is down on the canvas.)

Bishop:  …and Jungle with another groin shot!

Bishop:  Both women are hurting.  Jungle is being held up by the ropes, and Mary is down on one knee.  Jungle mocking Mary, telling her to get up, and here comes the referee…AND JUNGLE KNOCKING HIM DOWN TO THE MAT!

Mutt:  Jungle’s reaching for his belt…I didn’t know she was that desperate for a man.

Bishop:  Jungle undid his belt, and has it wrapped about her hand.  Mary back up, and nailing away on the unsuspecting Jungle from behind!  Jungle staggering around and Mary with IOWA HEAVEN PUNCHES!

Mutt:  She’s getting rocked!  Hold on, Bloody Mary measuring Jungle… Bishop:  And BLOODY MARY APPLYING THE CLAW!

(Fans all screaming as Radhi Ananda flails about.)

Mutt:  Jungle immediately scratching at the air and reaching for anything to hold on to.  Mary really has it synched in, but the ref isn’t there to check for submission.

Bishop:  Jungle flailing about and….OHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY!

(Thunderous cheers as Bloody Mary is nailed in the head with the belt buckle.)

Bishop:  Jungle is wobbly in the knees, blood dripping down to her chest as Bloody Mary is down on the mat.  Mary’s blood is splattered all over her as well.

(Fans all on their feet cheering.)

Bishop:  And now, Jungle with a pickup and Irish Whipping the 160 pound challenger to the ropes.  Mary bouncing off…!


(Big Pop!)

Bishop:  Bloody Mary clutching her throat as Jungle slaps on a Full Nelson….


Ref:  …………………………………………………..1









(Fans cheer universally as the ref raises Radhi Ananda’s hand in victory.)

Mutt:  Radhi Ananda is the queen of the steel cage…using the ref’s belt buckle and leather straps is cheating in any other setting.

Bishop:  Radhi Ananda has done it!  Her methods were ruthless, but she retains the title once again.

Kosei:  Ladies and Gentlemen, ruled at 29 minutes 15 seconds, your winner via pinfall…….and STILL Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION…..’JUNGLE’ RADHI ANANDA!

(Fans cheer as they hear “Paint it Black” by Rolling Stones.  ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda drapes her belt over her shoulder and heads up the aisle!) Bishop:  The paramedics are out for Bloody Mary who has lost a lot of blood from Radhi’s biting.  Jungle better get herself some medical attention too.

Mutt:  But Jungle wasn’t nailed with a foreign object though.  She’s in much worse shape.

Bishop:  Incredible match from both competitors.  Mary seemed to come back from every assault Radhi Ananda had for her.

Mutt:  Jungle couldn’t compensate for Mary’s strength despite her speed and cunning.  But Jungle countered it throughout the match by forcing Mary to come to her.  Mary opened herself up to the biting and scratching from the Indian by taking those chances.

Bishop:  I totally agree.  And as they carry Bloody Mary up the aisle, I must say that Mary wrestled this much like Nikita Marx earlier.  Too much like a wrestling match, attempting a Figure 4 earlier for example. Jungle herself wasn’t able to utilize the cage as much as she could BECAUSE of Mary’s street cunning and INCREDIBLE power.

Mutt:  Well, we’ll see now who the next challenger will be…or will Jungle contend for the Internet title?

Bishop:  Fans, that’s all for this week.  We’ll catch you on the MVP.



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