Scene opens up on a jammed packed Spectrum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There are 21,020 screaming fans in attendance.  “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers.  The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by.  This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


Bishop: Wrestling fans, we are continuing our tour of the United States with our arrival right here in Pennsylvania.  We’ve got a hell of a card tonight to show all of our Grand Dragon fans in Philadelphia!!!  Hi, I’m Allen Bishop along with my broadcast partner Sam Mutt. 

Mutt:  Allan, I’m marking out for the Main Event tonight.  We’ve got Sachie Yokoyama taking on the woman who propelled her to stardom, ‘Double O’ Officer Order.  And I must say, it will be a tall order for the copper, who hasn’t wrestled since the Summer Supercard.

Bishop:  Also fans, we have Sierra Browne going after Andrea Chandler in a return bout from a few weeks ago.  Then the grudge match that has just escalated since they entered GDWA, Nikita Marx takes on Daisy Butterfly in a submission match!

(Fans all cheering!)

Bishop:  Fans, we have a title defense, a grudge match, and the beginnings of a nasty feud between the Browne Sisters and the Syndicate.

Mutt:  Most definitely!  And what could turn out to be match of the year, Sachie and Order tie it up for a third time!

Bishop:  Well, enough talk, let’s get right into the action.  Spud McKenzie is in the ring ready.  Take it away Spud!!!!

(Fans all cheering as Spud McKenzie stands poised in the ring….)

Spud:  Ladies and Gentlemen.  Wrestling fans from around the world…Are you ready!?

(Fans scream:  YES!!!!!)

Spud:  I said ARE YOU READY?!

(Fans scream:  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Spud:  Then Let’s Get Rrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrumble!!!

(Fans cheer as horns go off & Spud McKenzie stands ready.)

Andrea Chandler vs. Sierra Browne

Spud:  Our first contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!

(Fans booing as they hear ‘Cold Blood’ by Kix.)

Spud:  Accompanied down the aisle by her manager the Kingpin, and ‘The Legend’ Micki Duran!

(Fans booing)

Spud: Making her summer residence in Hollywood, California!  5 feet 7, Weighing 142 pounds, here is….Andrea Chandler!

(Andrea walks down the aisle smugly wearing her traditional body builder’s bikini.)

Bishop:  Chandler got the win over Browne last time by grabbing the tights.  She’s a strong, cocky sort who loves to embarrass and humiliate her opponents.

Mutt:  Hey, nothing wrong with that!  Andrea should be arrogant.  She’s going into this match up undefeated. 

Bishop:  Well, we’ll see if she remains so after this match.  Let’s hear the introductions for Sierra Browne….

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Brown Girl’)

Spud: And her opponent, led down the aisle by her manager Medusa Rage.  From Port of Spain, Trinidad.  5 feet 10 inches, weighing 140 pounds.  Here is Sierra Browne!!!

(Sierra Browne slapping hands with the fans as Medusa Rage shouts at the Kingpin.)

Mutt:  Browne is ready to get down in this one. 

Bishop:  She’s entering the ring, and Andrea casting a disdainful gaze on Sierra Browne.  Such a smug, arrogant woman.  Reminiscent of a ‘Luscious’ Lisa Thomas in her prime.

Mutt:  Well, these two are about to get it on tonight!


Bishop:  That’s the bell, Browne attacking quickly stiff kicks to the midsection!  Andrea Chandler backing up and Sierra Browne with a Football Tackle takedown.

(Fans cheer as Andrea Chandler hits the mat.)

Mutt:  What kind of crap is this?  Sierra Browne jumping Andrea Chandler?  I thought this was a wrestling match!

Bishop:  Chandler scrambling to her feet and Browne with a Dropkick to the left leg.  Now Browne stomping away on Andrea Chandler’s exposed left knee as Chandler reaches for the ropes.  She grabs them and the ref calls for the break.

(Fans cheering as Sierra Browne breaks cleanly.)

Bishop:  Andrea Chandler walking away from the ropes and swinging away with wild right hands.  Sierra Browne retaliating with a Drop Toe hold and twisting the leg.

Mutt:  Browne doesn’t have much of a mat grappling background.  She’s a true high flyer.  Andrea wasn’t expecting this at all.

(Fans cheering as Andrea Chandler slaps the mat in frustration.)

Bishop:  Andrea scooting around for the ropes again and grabs them.  The ref forces the break and Chandler roles out to the outside.

(Fans booing as Andrea Chandler roles out of the ring.)

Mutt:  The Kingpin conferring with Andrea who looks really flustered.  Micki Duran pointing at Sierra Browne and yelling some epithets.

Bishop:  Andrea back in the ring and staying close to the ropes.  Andrea and Sierra now, encircling one another and….Sierra diving for Chandler’s legs!

Mutt:  But Chandler dropping an elbow to the back of Browne.  Sierra is down.  Chandler now, with a pick up and a Front Face Lock.  She lifts her up for a Vertical Suplex…

Bishop:  But Sierra Browne slips down behind her and hooks the leg behind her for the roll up!

Ref:  1..2..kick out!

(Fans cheering as Sierra Browne kicks out!)

Bishop:  Both women back up and Andrea Chandler locking up with Sierra Browne.  She muscles Browne into the corner and the ref calls for the break. Andrea releases…and slaps Sierra Browne!

Spud:  5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.  10 remaining.

Bishop:  Chandler backing out of the corner and Browne with stiff kicks to the midsection.  Sierra Browne with a Single Leg Pick up….AND A SUPERKICK!!!!

(Fans cheering as Andrea Chandler hits the mat.)

Bishop:  Sierra Browne running toward the ropes now.  Andrea slow to her feet and Sierra Browne bouncing off the ropes…


(Fans booing as both women lay motionless on the mat.)

Ref:  2….3…4….

Bishop:  Andrea Chandler with a pick up and a Piledriver!

Ref:  1…2…

Mutt:  Kick out!  Sierra Browne kicked out.  Chandler limping visibly as she gets to her feet.  She picks up Sierra Browne and Irish Whips her to the ropes.  Sierra Browne bounces off and Andrea Chandler with a Military Press…

Bishop:  No!  Sierra Browne slipping down behind her applying a Waistlock and now a Sunset Flip!  1….2…kick out!  Andrea Chandler trying to get to her feet but Sierra Browne up first.  Browne with Side swiping kicks to the left leg toppling over Andrea Chandler.  Chandler back up again and Browne with another stiff kick.  Medusa Rage on the outside motivating her wrestler.  Cheering her on.

Mutt:  I can’t believe this.  Andrea looks like she’s totally shaken up.  Sierra Browne now, with a Single Leg pick up and a Spinning Toe Hold…

Bishop:  But Andrea Chandler kicking out with her free Right leg!  Andrea getting up to her feet as Sierra Browne seems to be waiting in the grass.  Sierra with a head of steam and nails Chandler with a Bulldogging Clothesline!

(Fans cheer as Andrea Chandler crumbles to the mat.)

Bishop:  This is a total reversal of their prior match up.  Andrea Chandler dominated that one.  Sierra Browne came on strong only in the end.  Browne has pretty much dominated this one with intermittent attacks by Andrea.

Spud:  10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.  5 remaining.

Mutt:  Sierra Browne with a pick up now and a Swinging Neckbreaker!  Andrea Chandler tapping away on the mat, seemingly to maintain consciousness.  And look at this, Browne going up to the top rope.

(Fans all cheering as Sierra Browne stands poised on the top turnbuckle.)

Bishop:  Sierra is up!  She jumps….MISSING the Elbowdrop.  Andrea Chandler rolling easily out of the way.  She was playing possum.  Andrea up on her feet now, hobbling around the ring.  Andrea with a pick up and a Neckbreaker!  The cover….1…2…kick out!

Mutt:  Andrea’s mobility has really been cut down.  Andrea has got to get out of that ring.  Another 5 minutes and Browne may have gotten her second wind AND the win.

Bishop:  Andrea in the middle of the ring now.  Andrea picking up Sierra Browne and Irish Whipping her to the ropes.  Browne bounces off and ANDREA CHANDLER NAILING SIERRA BROWNE WITH a Gorilla Press Slam.  OH MY!

(Dawg Pound cheering!)

Mutt:  Andrea Chandler slowly picking up Sierra Browne.  She Irish Whips Sierra Browne into the corner, and she hit hard!  Chandler, slowly walking into the corner.  She applies a Waistlock and plants Browne up on the top turnbuckle.  Chandler’s going for her Black Monday Top Rope Piledriver.

Spud:  1 minute remaining.  1 minute.

Bishop:  Andrea Chandler up on the top turnbuckle….and Sierra Browne with a Waistlock AND a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX OFF THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fans all cheering as both women hit the mat.)


Bishop:  Cover!  Cover!! Cover!!!

Mutt:  No cover!  Andrea Chandler and Sierra Browne both down on the mat. They’re not moving. 

Bishop:  Browne rolling over and Chandler still down on her back!

Ref:  …..8…..9……..10!


Spud:  Ladies and Gentlemen, at 14 minutes 16 seconds, as result of a Double Countout, this match is ruled a draw!

(Fans boo as Micki Duran enters the ring.)

Mutt:  Hold on!  Medusa Rage hopping through the ropes as both combatants are still down on the mat.  The Legend and Rage exchanging words. 

Bishop:  Medusa getting Sierra out of the ring immediately.  She’s got a tag team to worry about.  This match is history.  A double countout, as neither woman able to answer the 10 count.

Mutt:  Alright, the next match has got heat that’ll burn the back of your neck.  Nikita Marx and Daisy Butterfly in a submission match!  Yes!  Chalk up another for the Russian.

Bishop:  Nikita a top 5 contender to the World title.  A win could really catch Zaranna’s eye.  A loss could plummet her in the rankings.

Mutt:  Hey, Zaranna is gonna have to keep her eye on this one.  Both Marx and Butterfly are good wrestlers.  And if Zaranna thought Daisy was a technical expert, Marx would give the champ a run for her money.

Bishop:  Marx returning from her European tour from what I hear.  But Daisy didn’t have much to say regarding Marx.  She had a lot to say about the Syndicate though.  Let’s listen in….

Daisy Butterfly

(SCENE:  A wrestling gym/fitness center.  DAISY BUTTERFLY sits on a bench relaxing after a grueling training session as a women’s self-defense class carries on in the background.  Along the wall, pictures of GDWA superstars in action.  Sachie Yokoyama raising the Western Heritage strap above her head.  Charlotte La Mancha roughing up the Valkyrie in the stands during their falls-count-anywhere brawl.  A picture of Daisy Butterfly with the upperhand on Demonica during their encounter.)

DAISY:  Someone desperately wanted to get my attention after I slapped them around like the overdeveloped brat that they are.  No need to worry, I’ve always been a quick healer.  Cuts heal, no worries about that.  My pride was untouched, knowing that it took a Pearl Harbor job by five kittens to declaw a tiger.  The only thing that you managed to do was keep me from seeing my girl Charlotte run Grimace through the drive-through.  Face to face Chandler, you’ll regret the day you signed the papers allowing you to wrestle.  Keep lifting those weights and strutting around with your ass up the air.  I remember another pretty pumped poodle that put it all up on the line against my best friend. 

Kingpin, did you ever meet Lisa Thomas?  No, probably not.  She was gone before the buzzards had a chance to pick through the bones.  She could have told you a few things about the how the game is played in the Grand Dragon.

I didn’t need to give that speech about the Fall Moonsault anyway.  I’ll do my talking in the ring, starting with Marx.  Micki Duran?  Keep that robe, sweetie.  I haven’t worn that thing in years.  It’s far out of style; you’ll finally be up-to-fashion with all your associates and cohorts in your trailer park.  Wear it proudly, you may get mistaken for a legend even.  Syndicate, we can do this war, when I’m good and ready.  My people will get back to yours, and I’ll even throw an ambulance ride in on the deal.  It would be in your best interest to forget about me, if you want your careers to blossom.  Sayonara, children

Mutt:  Hey, once Andrea Chandler hears about this, she’s gonna beat the hell out of the cockroach!  And you say Chandler is arrogant.

Bishop:  You seem to forget that Andrea Chandler and her gang attacked Daisy Butterfly.  (Sighs)  Fans, let’s get back to the action.

Nikita Marx vs. Daisy Butterfly

Spud:  Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit….And it is, a submission match up!

(Fans chanting:  USA!   USA!   USA!   USA!   USA!)

Mutt:  Nikita Marx, come on down!

(Fans boo as Nikita Marx and Uncle Bob come to ringside to a funeral dirge.)

Bishop:  Here it is, the return of Nikita Marx.  She and Daisy Butterfly have met twice before.  Once in singles competition and once in our first ever tag match.  This one should be something else!

Spud:  First, accompanied down the aisle by her manager Uncle Bob.  Hailing from Moscow, Russia!  She is 6 feet tall, weighing 150 pounds, here is ‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx!

(Uncle Bob is dressed in his tuxedo and carries a large steel briefcase. Nikita Marx is dressed in a black wedding and black veil. Before entering the ring, she steps out of the dress, revealing a black spandex jumpsuit with a red star over her heart.)

Bishop:  Nikita Marx has been a thorn in everyone’s side for months.  Valkyrie, Dementia Praecox, Ma Porter, Daisy Butterfly, Sachie Yokoyama, you name it.  Now, we see this thing get settled in the ring.

Mutt:  Daisy Butterfly had better be ready.  She’s coming off a loss to Zaranna just 2 weeks ago.  Has she healed fully from losing her shot at the World title?  We’ll just have to see.  

Spud:  And her opponent…

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Nutcracker Suite’ blare through the speakers.)

Spud:  Led down the aisle by her valet Cupid Cubbins and Charlotte La Mancha!  Hailing from San Francisco, California!  She is 5 feet 7 inches, weighing in at 130 pounds, here is Daisy Butterfly!!!!!!

(Fireworks go off as Daisy Butterfly heads down the aisle with Red, White, and Blue face paint on.  Cupid Cubbins hands out flags as he prances around ringside unmistakably dressed as Uncle Sam.)

Bishop: Daisy Butterfly, walking around ringside slapping hands with the fans.  She was voted by the wrestling fans around the world as the most popular woman in Grand Dragon.  She tied with Lanny Manson for that honor.  Considering Lanny is the former World’s champ, which is a great honor.

Mutt:  But popularity won’t win you matches.  Look at Nikita Marx.  She’s as big and daunting as ever.  Just an INCREDIBLE specimen.  Marx has never had to use fireworks to get the attention of people.  Just look at that body!  Just watch the way she wrestles.  She doesn’t play around.

Bishop:  Both women with so much to prove.  On Daisy’s behalf, there’s a bit of controversy surrounding her win over Marx in their tag match at the Summer Supercard.  Some say, regardless of Marx’s actions, Daisy submitted to the Red Menace.  On the other hand, this is Marx’s chance to prove to the world that she is a force to be reckoned with, a serious title contender.

Mutt:  Nikita taunting away at Daisy who is hesitant to enter the ring.  She’s up on the ring apron as Charlotte warns Uncle Bob.  Charlotte and Daisy enter the ring….

Bishop: and the ref having to hold back Marx.  Daisy is being held by Charlotte, and it appears this may not be the WRESTLING match everyone predicted.


Bishop:  Marx and Daisy immediately upon one another.  Daisy with Open Hand Slaps to the chest, but Marx with a big Forearms!  Daisy is backing up into the ropes.  Marx Irish Whipping Daisy into the ropes.

Bishop:  Well fans, our next match up should be a classic.  The Dragon Trio isn’t done tonight.  The ‘Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama defends her Western Heritage title against Officer Order.  So much history between these two, it’s crazy. 

Mutt:  Yeah, the first time they met, I believe Sachie was 0 and 4 in Grand Dragon.  They wrestled to a time limit draw in which it appeared Officer Order were a few seconds away from a pin.  They met on out following card and wrestled to a 30 minute time limit draw again, but GDWA officials demanded the match be extended another couple of minutes.  So with the seconds fleeting away, Sachie got the pin just as time ran out.

Bishop:  Both wrestlers employing a diversity of attacks.  So similar yet so different.  Officer May Order is an Asian American woman who is a police officer in her home town of San Francisco, California.  Sachie Yokoyama is an Asian from Tokyo who has spent her life as a competitor in Martial Arts tournaments.  Both women turned pro after mastering their prior occupations. Now, they face off on the Saturday House Show for a third time.

Mutt:  This is gonna be great.  So much emotion when they meet.  I just hope the fans are up to their intensity.

Spud:  Wrestling Fans, this is our Main Event this week!

(Fans screaming!)

GDWA Western Heritage Championship: Sachie Yokoyama vs. Officer Order

Spud:  Our next contest is set for one fall, with a 60 minute time limit.  And it is for the GDWA Western Heritage Championship!

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Bad Boys’ by Inner Circle!)

Spud:  First, the challenger, hailing from San Francisco, California!  She is 5 feet tall, 120 pounds!  Here is ‘Double O’ Officer Order!

(Officer Order heads down the aisle wearing a San Francisco Giants hat and a police officer’s uniform.)

Bishop:  Officer Order looks as determined as ever.  But will the layoff hurt her?  Order hasn’t been successful in Grand Dragon since LOSING to Sachie Yokoyama.  Then her next defeat was at the hands of Ma Porter at the Summer Supercard.  She hasn’t wrestled since!  And that was a little over a month and a half ago.

Mutt:  And just as Double O fell, The Dangerous Queens career blew up.  She’s unbeaten since defeating Officer Order.  At the Summer Supercard, she defeated Nikita Marx and Dixie Foxy in a tag match, and 5 minutes later won the Western Heritage title.  I mean, she hasn’t been beat in over a month!

Spud:  And her opponent….

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Antonio Baka Guy’ by Shonen Knife.)

Spud:  Accompanied down the aisle by Charlotte La Mancha…..>From Tokyo, Japan.  She is 5 feet 6, 140 pounds!  Here is the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance Western Heritage Champion…………The ‘Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama!!!

(Sachie Yokoyama heads down the aisle determined as the Western Heritage title shines around her waist.)

Mutt:  Look at Officer Order.  She can’t take her eyes off of the Dangerous Queen.  She’s so tense.  Double O is sitting in the corner tugging on the ring ropes.  This is gonna be something.

Bishop:  Everything is on the line tonight: pride, honor, respect, and one of the most prestigious awards in all of professional wrestling, the Western Heritage Championship.

Mutt:  And I bet you anything that both of these women trained for this match like no other in a long time.

(Sachie Yokoyama and Charlotte La Mancha slap hands with all the fans at ringside.  Sachie enters the ring and stares down Officer Order.)

Bishop:  Sachie Yokoyama entering the center of the ring, and unbuckling her belt.  She hands it to the referee and Officer Order and she are eye to eye.  The referee gets between them to explain the rules.  WoW!

Mutt:  This is the greatest ATHLETIC rivalry in all of Grand Dragon.  They had some of the greatest matches in the history of the promotion.  They get physical.  I don’t think they dislike each other.  I mean, it sort of like the big woman in town realizing there’s a new dog in town.  Just as big and just as tough.  They CAN’T get along.  There can only be one top dog.

Bishop:  The referee hoists the belt for everyone to see, and this one is underway!


Bishop:  There’s the bell and both women tying up immediately.  The champion backing Order into the ropes.  Now Order muscling away and forcing DQ into the corner…and Officer Order with strong back hand slaps to the head!

Mutt:  But Sachie Yokoyama countering with Reverse Knife edges and Officer Order is backing into the middle of the ring.  Sachie now, with a kick to the midsection and Gutwrench Suplex! 

(Fans cheering!)

Bishop:  DQ now, backing into the ropes, bouncing off and….missing the Spinning Elbow Drop.  Officer Order rolling out of the way.  Both women back up and Double O with a Leg Sweep Takedown.  Now a Single Leg pick up and she drops an elbow to the knee.  Order back up again and drops a second elbow.

Mutt:  DQ’s right knee is really hurting.  Double O back up now, still with that leg, and is now driving stiff kicks into the Dangerous Queen’s hamstring area.  Sachie Yokoyama immediately heading over to the ropes, and the ref forces the break. 

(Fans cheering as Daisy bounces back into the ropes.)

Mutt:  Double O now, Irish Whipping Sachie Yokoyama into the corner, and she hit hard.  Officer Order now, with a head of steam and a Handspring Elbow…

Bishop: but Sachie Yokoyama dove out of the way.  She predicted it!

Mutt:  But Officer Order braced herself and is up on the top turnbuckle.  Sachie turns around and Officer Order jumps off the top with a Flying Side Kick….

Bishop:  And Sachie Yokoyama catching her and nailing Double O with a Leg Drag Takedown.  Officer Order slow to her feet and Sachie Yokoyama with a Spinwheel Kick!  Officer Order is down!  WoW!

(Fans all cheering!)

Mutt:  Sachie Yokoyama with a chin lock and Officer Order is grounded.  You know Bishop, it’s almost like they’ve reversed roles.  Officer Order was heralded as the next World Champ at one point in her career, now struggling to remain in the top 10.  Sachie who was once heralded as jobber to the stars is on the top of her game fighting for a spot IN the top 10.

Bishop:  Officer Order to her feet now and….MISSING an elbow shot to DQ’s head.  Sachie Yokoyama immediately with a Drop Toe Hold and applying a Side Headlock.  Order up on her knees, trying to get to her feet.  She pushes off on the Dangerous Queen and DQ heads for the ropes.  Order drops down as the champion bounces off the ropes.

Mutt:  Sachie bouncing off and nails Officer Order with a Flying Football tackle!  Sachie Yokoyama with a pick up and Officer Order with an Aikido Throw.  DQ back up and Officer Order with a Drop Toe Hold into a Leg bar.

(Fans still cheering as Charlotte La Mancha cheers on Sachie Yokoyama.)

Spud:  15 minutes have gone by in the 60 minute time limit.  45 remaining.

Bishop:  Officer Order now, leaning back and applying a Half Crab.  She really working on the champ’s right leg tonight.  The Dangerous Queen easily grabbing the ropes and the ref calls for the break.  Both women back up to the neutral position and Sachie is hesitant to lock up.

(Fans cheering as Sachie Yokoyama and Officer Order stare each other down.)

Bishop:  Sachie Yokoyama looking a little flustered.  A collar and elbow tie up and Sachie Yokoyama with a Side Headlock into a quick go behind.  Officer Order with a reversal and applying a Hammerlock.  The champ immediately reversing Double O and applying a Waistlock AND CONNECTING WITH A SAITO BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX!!!  OH MY!

Mutt:  Double O scrambling to her feet and Sachie Yokoyama with Strong Kicks to the body and head!  Double O backing into the ropes.  The ref calls for a break…AND SACHIE YOKOYAMA WITH A SUPERKICK TO OFFICER ORDER’S JAW!!!  OFFICER ORDER FLIES OVER THE TOP ROPE!!!!

(Mixed cheering as Sachie Yokoyama runs to the far ropes!)

Mutt:  Sachie Yokoyama showing that hard edge of hers.  Officer Order just now getting to her feet as the Dangerous Queen bounces off the ropes….and nails her with Plancha Dive!

(Big Crowd pop!)

Bishop:  Both women on the outside now.  Sachie Yokoyama with a pick up and Reverse Knife Edges to the chest of Double O.  Double O is stunned as the Dangerous Queen grabs her around the throat and NAILS HER WITH A URANAGE SLAM!!!!

(Dawg Pound barking:  Woof!  Woof!   Woof!   Woof!  Woof!)

Mutt:  Sachie Yokoyama rolling back into the ring as Officer Order is down on the floor.

Ref:  4…..5……6

Bishop:  Order now, climbing up on the ring apron….and grabbing Sachie Yokoyama’s ankles, pulling her out to the floor.

Mutt:  Hold on to your seats!!!  This is turning into a fight!

Bishop:  Officer Order grabbing Sachie by the back of her head and ramming her into the ring post!  Both women walking around in a dazed state.  Double O now, climbing up on the ring apron.  Order with a head of steam…..nailing Sachie Yokoyama with a Flying Clothesline!

(Crowd pops big time!)

Mutt:  Hold on!  Order picking up DQ and rolling her into the ring.  Officer Order climbing through the ropes, entering the ring.  Sachie Yokoyama trying to get to her feet as Officer Order nails away at her head with the flat of her foot.  Tempers have flared in this one!

Bishop:  Sachie Yokoyama grabbing the ropes and the ref calls for a break.  Officer Order breaks cleanly and they tie up again.  This time Officer Order with the decided advantage, backing her to the middle of the ring….

Mutt: but DQ with an Armdrag Takedown.  Double O slow to get up and Sachie Yokoyama with a high knee lift.  Sachie Yokoyama now, backing into the ropes, bouncing off, and nailing Order’s exposed arm with a Shin drop.

Bishop:  Both women have really taken a beating.  Double O’s neck and right arm have been pounded upon.  But Sachie’s upper body is really weakened.  She and Double O are of about equal strength, yet Order has been out muscling her.  Her neck and shoulder area have been beaten up along with that right leg pretty badly. 

Mutt:  Sachie Yokoyama with an Armbar and Officer Order is hurting.  We’ve seen her force a submission with a modified Armbar on the Tuesday Night Catfight.  Can she do the same with Double O?

Bishop:  Officer Order slapping her right arm, trying to get some blood flow in it.  Order up to her feet and Sachie Yokoyama driving stiff kicks into the armpit of Order.  Order backing into the ropes and the ref calling for the break. 

Mutt:  Sachie Yokoyama now, encroaching on Double O and OFFICER ORDER NAILS SACHIE YOKOYAMA WITH A FRONT KICK!  Sachie Yokoyama stumbles backwards and OFFICER ORDER NAILS HER WITH AN AXE KICK! OH MY!!!!!

(Huge crowd pop as Sachie Yokoyama crumbles to the mat.)

Bishop:  Officer Order leaning up against the ropes, now hustling over to the fallen Sachie Yokoyama.  She cradles the leg for the cover….1…2..kick out!

(Fans cheering as Sachie Yokoyama kicks out!)

Bishop:  Officer with a quick pick up and vicious Karate chops to the chest!  Sachie Yokoyama doubled over and Officer Order with a Front face Lock and a Vertical Suplex!!!

Mutt:  Double O flipping her over for the cover….1…2..kick out.

(Fans cheering as Officer Order picks up Sachie Yokoyama.)

Mutt:   Officer Order with a pick up and a Waistlock.  The Dangerous Queen escaping and countering with a quick go behind and backs into the ropes.  Officer Order turns around and sets up for a Back Body Drop….


Ref:  ……………………………….1







(Fans cheering wildly as the referee waves off the count.)

Bishop:  So close!  So close!  Officer Order kicking out at the last possible moment.  Both women up in the neutral position and tying up once again.  Officer Order bullying Sachie Yokoyama into the ropes.  She Irish Whips DQ into the far ropes and she runs for the middle of the ring.

(Big crowd pop as Daisy Butterfly points out to Nikita Marx.)

Mutt:  The Dangerous Queen bounces off and Officer Order MISSES the Flying Head Scissors!  DQ held the ropes.  Sachie Yokoyama now Irish Whipping Double O to the near ropes.  Order bounces off and Sachie Yokoyama with a Tilt A Whirl Backbreaker!

(Dawg Pound cheering wildly!!!!)

Ref:  1…2…kick out!

Spud:  30 minutes have gone by in the 60 minute time limit.  30 remaining.  30 minutes left.

Bishop:  This has been as grueling as it gets.  Both women weary and good for the pinfall at the right moment.  Officer Order with Karate chops to the chest, and Sachie Yokoyama returning the favor. 

Mutt:  Officer Order with a Front Kick…no!  Sachie Yokoyama ducking under and clipping her right leg!  Officer Order screaming out in blood curdling pain.  The ref asking if Double O wants to continue as Sachie Yokoyama backs off.

Bishop:  She shakes her head no as she rises up to her right foot.  Officer Order hopping around tentatively as Sachie Yokoyama looks on.  Sachie Yokoyama slowly moving in….

Mutt: AND OFFICER ORDER WITH AN Axe Kick from HER SUPPOSEDLY HURT LEFT LEG!  Sachie Yokoyama down on one knee as Officer Order looks out to the fans…..and nails Sachie Yokoyama with an Enzuigiri Kick!!!! 

(Some fans boo as Dawg Pound chants: ORDER!  ORDER!   ORDER!   ORDER!)

Bishop:  Questionable tactics from the Law and Order of the GDWA. Sachie Yokoyama paying for her slight show of compassion.  Order now, Irish Whipping Sachie Yokoyama toward the ropes.  Sachie bounces off and nails Officer Order with a Shoulder tackle!

(Fans cheering as both women hit the mat.)

Mutt:  Sachie holding the back of her head as she hit the mat.  Officer Order back up and Sachie as well.  Order with a pickup and Sachie Yokoyama with an Inside cradle…1………….2………..Thr… no!  Kick out!

Bishop:  Sachie with a pick up and nailing away with Reverse Knife Edges.  Order is on weak legs.  The Dangerous Queen Irish Whipping Order into the far corner!  WoW!  Did Double O hit hard!  Sachie now, running toward the corner and….MISSING the Handspring Elbow!!!!

Mutt:  Officer Order jumped up to the top turnbuckle.  What quickness from the San Franciscan native.  DQ stumbling out of the corner and Officer Order jumping off the top….AND NAILING SACHIE YOKOYAMA WITH A VICTORY ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bishop: 1………….2………….3!


Mutt:  It’s over!

Bishop:  Officer Order wins it!  This one is over!!!!!

Mutt:  Both women laying exhausted on the mat.  Sachie Yokoyama moving stiffly around the mat.  She hasn’t gotten to her feet yet, but she heard the bell. Officer Order has tears streaming from her eyes.

Bishop:  Double O wanted this pretty badly.  It’s over!  It’s over!

Spud:  Wrestling fans!  At 46 minutes 23 seconds, your winner via pinfall…..and Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance Western Heritage Champion!  Officer Order!!!

(Biggest pop of the night as ‘Bad Boys’ by Inner Circle blares through the speakers.)

Bishop:  The referee hands Officer Order the belt as she he raises her hand in victory.  Sachie Yokoyama looks dejected.  She wrestled a HELL Of a match.  Order coming up big with the surprise pin.  Charlotte La Mancha in the ring trying to console Sachie, and she’s turning away from Charlotte. 

Mutt:  Order shaking hands with Charlotte, and Sachie is in the corner hurting.  She’s leaving ringside!

Bishop:  Officer Order, up on the top turnbuckle celebrating with the fans. You can feel the emotion in the ring.   Order is tugging on the ropes, screaming at the top of her lungs.

Mutt:  Order did what she had to do to win.  Her first match back and she wins the Western Heritage title.  Man o’ man.

Bishop:  Fans, we’ll see you on the Tuesday Night Cat Fight.


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