Saturday, June Eighth, 1996

Scene opens up on a jammed packed Cow Palace in San Francisco, California. There are 30,000 screaming fans in attendance.  “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers.  The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


Bishop: Wrestling fans! We’ve returned to California after traveling east for a week. But starting next week, we will begin our nationwide tour!

(Fans cheering: We Want Lanny! We Want Lanny! We Want Lanny!)

Mutt: Hey, theses idiots out here are giving me a headache. I’ll be glad to get out of California. Hey Allen, when do you think we’ll be going abroad?

Bishop: Rumor has it that it may be just in time for the pay per view.  You just never know at Grand Dragon. Okay, let’s look at the lineup tonight.

Mutt: Well, you got a lot of new comers on the card tonight. First, you got the streaking Lady Starr taking on the always impressive Vonya. You’ve got new comer Big Bad Bertha against Vixen. And in the main event tonight, ‘The Legend’ Micki Duran takes on Charlotte La Mancha!

(Fans boo as Allen Bishop is shocked by their response.)

Bishop: Who?

Mutt: You’ve never heard of The Legend? (Laughs!) Charlotte is in for a surprise. The Legend has come to where the Big Dawgs play, and all of Grand Dragon should take notice!!!!

(Fans chanting: We Want Lanny! We Want Lanny! We Want Lanny!)

Bishop: Well, we’ll see about that. Anyway fans, the search for the former World Champion is still on. Fans across America have been anticipating her return, or at least word from her. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard or seen from the REAL legend. We do have some words from Charlotte La Mancha regarding the Lanny Manson situation. Let’s have a look….

Charlotte La Mancha

(Charlotte stands in an empty ring, in an empty arena. Music plays from the speakers, though very quietly. Sharp ears will be able to tell it is “Replica” by Fear Factory.)

Charlotte: The arenas and rings of the GDWA seem a little empty nowadays. Even though we’ve got wrestlers from all over the world competing here, there’s still some one missing.

(Footage of Lanny Manson before winning the World Title.)

Someone who was a champion…

(Shot of Manson winning the title.)

Someone who was an example…

(Footage from Manson’s interview, when she speaks out about her experiences with drugs.)

Someone who was a friend…

(Footage of Lanny walking down the aisle with her #1 fan, Brian.)

Someone who we miss…

(Shot of a fan holding a sign that says “Where’s the Fear Factory?”)

Lanny Manson, the Fear Factory…come back soon Lanny, we need more people like you.

(Charlotte takes one look around, and then leaves the ring. The music fades, and the lights go dim.)

 Mutt: Oh boo-hoo!!!! Who cares! Lanny Manson is a Has-been. Long live Zaranna, the Undisputed GDWA Heavyweight Champion of the World!

Bishop: Sam Mutt, Lanny Manson is a class act. She set the standard to which all champions are expected to follow. Anyway fans, let’s get right into the action. Spud McKenzie, take it away!!!!

Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen. Wrestling fans from around the world… Are you ready!?

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!)

Spud: I said ARE YOU READY?!

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Spud: Then Let’s Get Rrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrumble!!!

(Fans cheer as horns go off & Spud McKenzie stands poised in the ring.)

Vonya vs. Lady Starr

Spud: Our first contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!

(Fans boo as they hear “The Great Southern Trendkill” by Pantera.)

Spud: Accompanied down the aisle by her manager Night Crawler…. Hailing from Dallas, Texas! 5 feet 7, Weighing 133 pounds, here is….Vonya!

(The Texan walks down the aisle wearing red boots and black spandex pants with a tank top. Her long black hair drapes over her shoulders. )

Bishop: Vonya’s manager should be pleased with her performance as of late. Though Vonya lost to Dementia Praecox last week, she displayed a zest we haven’t seen from her since the Summer Supercard.

Mutt: Most definitely! Vonya’s gonna tear through that silly Ninja from Japan. The Duke of professional wrestling is going home with a loser tonight.  

Bishop: Vonya enters the ring, and Spud McKenzie is ready for Starr’s introduction.

(Mixed cheering as Lady Starr walks through the curtain.)

Spud: And her opponent, led down the aisle by the Duke of professional wrestling, David Jones! From Tokyo, Japan! 5 feet 5 inches, weighing 135 pounds. Here is Lady Starr!

(Lady Starr enters the ring wearing her all White Ninja suit. The Duke stands poised at ring side wearing a purple suit, shades, and a walking cane.)

Mutt: Lady Starr has been hot as of late. I must admit, her come from behind win against Dixie Foxy on the Tuesday Night Cat Fight was impressive.

Bishop: Nightcrawler rather auspicious with his all leather body suit and boots. These Texans have their own unique style of attire.

Mutt: Yeah, the Texicans have great taste in dress. They also have great wrestling talent as you’ll soon see.


Bishop: That’s the bell, and a Collar and Elbow tie up! Lady Starr and Vonya break, neither woman with any real advantage. Both equally strong and feisty. Another lock up and Starr backs Vonya into the ropes. The ref asks for a break…and Vonya with a rake to the eyes!

(Fans boo as Lady Starr backs away from Vonya, blinded.)

Mutt: Yes! The Vonya now with a kick to the midsection, and Starr is doubled over. Vonya now with a scoop and a Bodyslam! Now an Elbow Drop, and Vonya going to work with successive Elbow Drops.

Bishop: Lady Starr, rolling around the ring, and grabs the ropes.  Vonya backs off as the ref forces her into a neutral corner. Starr back up and Vonya catching her off guard with a Clothesline!

(Fans booing as Lady Starr hit the mat!)

Bishop: Vonya now, with a pick up and a Kneelift. Starr is dazed.  She wobbling around the middle of the ring. Vonya heads for the ropes, bounces off, and nails Lady Starr with another Clothesline!

(Fans booing as Vonya goes for the cover.)

Bishop: 1….2…kick out. WoW!  

Mutt: Vonya with a pick up, and slaps Starr between her legs. Yes!  Here it comes…..Powerbomb!

(Fans booing as Valkyrie makes it down the aisle!)

Ref: 1..2..kick out!

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Vonya with another pick up and Irish Whips Starr to the far side. Starr bounces off the ropes AND NAILS VONYA WITH A FLYING FOREARM!!!!

(Fans all cheering as both women hit the mat.)

Bishop: Both women down in the middle of the ring.

Ref: 3…4….5…

Mutt: Vonya was doing just fine, but you never sling a wrestler like Starr against the ropes. It gives her time to calculate and execute a desperation move. Vonya has got to learn!

Ref: 7….8….9….

Bishop: Both women back up to the neutral position and Lady Starr with a kick to the midsection! She’s taken a lot of punishment from the onset of this match. Starr is real slow. Starr with a pick up and a Backbreaker!

Mutt: She’s going up top.

(Fans cheer as Lady Starr climbs the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: Lady Starr is up high on the top turnbuckle. Vonya gets to her feet, turns around…..AND LADY STARR WITH A DOUBLE AXE HANDLE OFF THE TOP!

(Fans cheering as Vonya hits the mat.)

Mutt: Lady Starr with a pick up and Karate Chops to the chest of Vonya. Vonya with Karate Chops right back to Lady Starr. Back and forth action! Vonya grabbing Starr by the back of her head and bullying her into a corner. And another Karate chop!

Bishop: Starr countering right back! Both women circling about the ring wailing away on the other. Hold on! Valkyrie up on the ring apron, shouting at Vonya. The ref is heading over to get her down and Vonya shouting back at Val….AND LADY STARR WITH A QUCK ROLL UP!

(Fans cheering as Lady Starr roles up Vonya for the pin.)

Mutt: No count. The ref still berating Valkyrie. Wait a minute, Vlad is down at ringside now, arguing with Nightcrawler. This could get ugly.

Bishop: Lady Starr with a quick pick up and a DDT! No cover! David Jones complaining and the ref finally turning around. He slides in position as Lady Starr makes the cover….1…kick out.

Mutt: Lady Starr with a pick up and a Karate Chop. Vlad is up on the ring apron as Nightcrawler and Valkyrie argue. Lady Starr Irish Whips Vonya into the ropes as Starr follows her in……

Bishop: ….AND VLAD THROWS SALT! He as aiming for Vonya but she ducked out of the way. Lady Starr is down on the mat screaming and writhing around.  

Mutt: The ref didn’t catch it! Vonya with a roll up for the cover….1…2….3!


Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen, at 10 minutes 13 seconds, your winner via pinfall is…….Vonya!

(Fans boo as Valkyrie and Vlad leave ringside.)

Mutt: Yes! Vonya with the win!!!

Bishop: But I don’t understand what the hell Valkyrie and Vlad are doing. Nightcrawler and Vonya are leaving ringside, and David Jones complaining to the referee.

Mutt: I don’t understand either. Valkyrie shouldn’t have any beef with Vonya. Stranger things have happened in the Grand Dragon.

Bishop: Well, that one is over. We have Vixen up next. She takes on Big Bad Bertha who makes her GDWA debut this week.

Vixen vs. Big Bad Bertha

Spud: Our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.

(Fans cheer they hear “She’s Got Legs” by ZZ Top.)

Spud: First, Accompanied down the aisle by her manager Moria O’Mally. .. >From Dublin, Ireland. She is 5 feet 10, weighing 155 pounds, here is Vixen!

(The Red head from Ireland walks down the aisle wearing a one piece swimsuit with a Miss Ireland sash around her shoulders.)

Bishop: Vixen has wrestled great lately. She defeated the Internet Champion a few weeks back, and then last week she came close to winning that belt from Demonica. Due to the way that match ended, Vixen is demanding another shot at Demonica’s belt!

Mutt: Demonica may not have the belt for long. Those idiot promoters in Ohio are trying to strip her of her Internet title.  

Spud: And her opponent…

(Fans boo as they hear ‘Livin in the Fridge’ by Weird Al.)

Spud: Led down the aisle by her manager Bob….From, She is 5 feet 7 inches, weighing in at an incredible 230 pounds, here Big Bad Bertha!!!!!!

(She slowly walks down the aisle and climbs up the ring stairs.)

Mutt: I don’t think Vixen knew what she was getting into. The woman is mammoth! 230 pounds? She even dwarfs Big Ma Porter!

Bishop: Vixen talking things over with Moria O’Mally. They are real concerned it appears. Vixen is not a little girl at 155 pounds, but she’s outweighed by this behemoth by almost 100 pounds.

Mutt: Hey, that’s what happens when you have an open contract. They obviously didn’t care who they wrestled. Well, now it’s time they did.  


Bishop: Vixen looking on at this behemoth in awe. The Beauty Queen from Dublin Ireland doesn’t seem to know how to start things off.  And obviously, she couldn’t have prepared for a big woman like this.

Mutt: Bertha’s manager on the outside is just a tad bit pigger, I mean bigger, than Bertha. I’m told that he’s 452 pounds. At 6 foot 5, he’s a big boy.

(Fans cheering on the hesitant Vixen as she attempts a lock up.)  

Bishop: They tie up and Bertha immediately shoving Vixen to the mat.  Vixen has never faced Ma Porter. The biggest woman she has ever faced was ‘Luscious’ Lisa Thomas at 197 pounds, and that was during a Royal Rumble.

Mutt: Well, Ma Porter, eat your heart out! Look at this creature.  

 Bishop: Vixen and Bertha tie up again and Bertha backs Vixen into the ropes and the ref calls for the break….and Bertha with a Roundhouse Right! Now she grabs Vixen by the back of her head and tosses her to the mat. Vixen back up and BERTHA WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!! WoW!

Mutt: Bertha with pick up and bodyslam! Bertha backs into the ropes, bounces off……and MISSES the Elbowdrop!

(Fans all cheering!)

Mutt: Bertha just too slow. Vixen up on her feet and runs for the ropes. She bounces off and nails Bertha with a Dropkick! But no affect.

(Dawg Pound barking as Vixen gets up from the mat in awe.)

Bishop: Vixen didn’t connect the dropkick with Bertha’s head. I think she nailed her in the body to measure just what it means to have an opponent be 230 pounds.

Mutt: Wait a minute, O’Mally calling Vixen to the outside, and Vixen heads over to the corner. This ain’t football! You can’t call a time out.

Bishop: Vixen is ready now. They tie up again and Bertha with a sloppy back hand to Vixen’s jaw. Now another shot, and Vixen is punching away at Bertha. Hold on! I’m sure Bertha is far stronger, but Vixen is out boxing Bertha. Bertha backing off, and the taller Vixen with Elbowsmashes to the head!

Mutt: Bertha is backing off and she into the ropes….and the ref calls for the break.

(Fans all cheering as Vixen blows a kiss.)

Bishop: She took it right to Bertha and Vixen’s boxing skills outdid Bertha’s power. Bertha approaches and Vixen with jabs to the jaw.  Bertha Roundhousing but Vixen just nailing away! Now Vixen with Elbowsmashes to the heard, and Bertha is a little dazed.

(Crowd cheering as Vixen Irish Whips Big Bad Bertha to the ropes.)

Mutt: Big Bad Bertha comes bouncing off the ropes and Vixen sets her up for the Back Body Drop….but can’t get her over. Bertha’s too heavy.

Bishop: Bertha with a waistlock and a Gut Wrench Suplex! Big Bad Bertha backs into the ropes and nails Vixen with an Elbow drop!

Mutt: Oh I love it! And her Brother Bob is cheering her on. Bertha back up to her feet and nails Vixen with a standing Leg Drop! The cover…1..2..kickout. Damn!

(Fans cheering on Vixen.)

Bishop: Big Bad Bertha with a pick up and a Bodyslam!

(Fans booing!)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining!

Mutt: Bertha now, with another Elbowdrop, and Vixen looks all but out of this one. Vixen rolling over toward the ropes and the ref trying to force the break. He’s warning Bertha, and Vixen is clutching her sides.

Bishop: Bertha with a Wild right hand and Vixen is stunned. Bertha Irish Whipping Vixen to the far side. Vixen bounces off and Bertha with a High Knee to the midsection! Vixen flips over and hits the mat hard.

(Fans boo as Big Bad Bertha raises her hands in victory.)

Mutt:  Bertha is awesome, but needs more refinement. Ma Porter uses her size in a disciplined manner. Bertha doesn’t seem to have a game plan other than to beat up on Vixen. But she’s doing it well.  

Bishop: Big Bad Bertha taking her time now. She looks winded.  Bertha with a pick up and slaps Vixen’s head between her legs. She’s trying to Piledrive her! Vixen is holding on to Bertha’s left ham hock for dear life!  

(Fans all cheering on Vixen as she powers out from between Bertha’s legs!)

Bishop: Vixen, nailing away with Elbowsmashes to the midsection. Now she wails away on the head and Bertha is stunned. Vixen bounces back into the ropes and bounces off with a vicious Elbowsmash to the head!

Mutt: She hit the mat! Vixen covers and grapevines the leg…..1…. 2….kick out! Vixen going up to the turnbuckles now.

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

(Fans all on their feet as Vixen climbs up to the top turnbuckle.)

Mutt: Big Bad Bertha slowly getting to her feet. Vixen is up on top.  She jumps….AND NAILS BERTHA WITH A DOUBLE AXE HANDLE TO THE HEAD!  DAMN!

(Big Crowd pop as Vixen grapevines Big Bad Bertha’s legs!)

Bishop: She’s trying to flip her over! Bertha using her strength to prevent, but she’s tired out. Vixen using all of her might….AND SINKS IN THE IRISH TEMPER SCORPION DEATH LOCK!!!!!

(Fans cheering as Big Bad Bertha immediately makes the nod!)


(Fans all cheering as Vixen falls to the mat.)

Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen. Your winner, via submission….Vixen!

(Fans all cheering as “She’s Got Legs” by ZZ top blares through the speakers.)

Bishop: Vixen with the win.  Big Bertha should have been more focused. She could have beaten Vixen early on.

Mutt: Vixen rolls out of the ring and Moria O’Mally raises her hand in victory. Okay, I’ll admit that Bertha should have hand a sounder strategy, but Vixen is outclassed by an athlete of Bertha’s proportions. Next time, she’ll be roadkill!

Bishop: Big Bad Bertha will be quite a force in Grand Dragon for some time to come. The rookie looked real good tonight.

 Mutt: Now, that’s kind of you to say Allen. Usually you are so biased for little sissies like Vixen, Daisy Butterfly and Officer Order

Bishop: Hey, they are great athletes who don’t have to cheat to win.  Unlike the current World Champion, I appreciate wrestlers who use their ability to obtain victory. Not a handful of tights.

Mutt: Wait till you see the surprise of the night. Charlotte won’t be able to handle the legend.

Bishop: Now, what is all this talk about a legend? Who just is Micki Duran?

Mutt: Let’s hear from our ring announcer Spud Mackenzie…

Micki Duran vs.

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is set for one fall, with a 30 minute time limit. Wrestling fans, this is our Main Event this week!

(Fans boo as they hear ‘All I Really Want’ by Alanis Morissette)

Spud: First, making her debut in the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance.

Led down the aisle by Andrea Chandler and her manager the Kingpin!  Hailing from Lake Ponchatrain, Louisiana. She is 5 feet 8 inches, 124 pounds! Here is ‘The Legend’ Micki Duran!

(She comes walking down the aisle wearing a white singlet, with matching boots, wrist band and headband. The name LEGEND is written on her back.)

Mutt: Look at her! In all her regality.  

Bishop: Hold on! The so called Legend Micki Duran coming over to the announcing table and….

(‘The Legend’ Micki Duran snatches the microphone out of Allen Bishop’s hands.)

Duran: The Legend is back in business!

(Micki Duran throws the microphone down and heads up the ring stairs.)

Mutt: The Kingpin parts the ropes for Duran, and the match is over.  Micki Duran by pinfall.

Bishop: Sam, will you stop that! What arrogance on the part of the newcomer! How dare she? Let’s hear the introductions for Charlotte La Mancha.

Spud: And her opponent….

(Fans cheer as “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” blares through the speakers.)

Spud: Led down the aisle by the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance Western Heritage Champion, Sachie Yokoyama!

(Big Crowd Pop!)

Spud: From Nice, France. She is 5 feet 6, 130 pounds! Here is Charlotte La Mancha!!!

(Charlotte heads down the aisle, slapping hands with fans, wearing 17th century breechers, shirt and doublet with a saber at her side.)

Bishop: The joker from Nice, France hear to take on the newcomer.  And personally, I’m glad the ‘Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama is down ringside with Charlotte. I don’t like the look of all those people in Duran’s corner.

Mutt: I told you! Micki Duran didn’t come to the big leagues to play around. If Lanny Manson was still champion, I’d say she better look for another means of employment.

Bishop: Charlotte seems baffled by the crowd reaction. As far as she knows, this is just another rookie to come along in the great Grand Dragon of professional wrestling. The ref having some last words for Duran and La Mancha, and this one is underway.


Bishop: Charlotte a lot more cautious than usual. Collar and Elbow tie up and Duran with the advantage, bullying Charlotte into the ropes. They move around the ring from corner to corner, and Duran hip tossing her out of the corner! WoW! Duran with some real power.

 Mutt: Charlotte back up to her feet and Duran immediately charging in. Duran Irish Whipping Charlotte to the ropes. Charlotte bounces off and the Legend with a Football tackle!

(Dawg Pound screaming: Woooooooooooooooo!)

Bishop: Charlotte slow to her feet, and Sachie on the outside motivating her friend. You know, outside of the ring, Charlotte has a real sense of humor. But in the mind of every comic is a twisted side.  

Mutt: Charlotte nodding her head as if she understands something.  Maybe she knows she’s about to get pinned?

(Fans cheering as Charlotte and Micki Duran lock up again.)

Mutt: Duran with a Side Headlock and Charlotte with a Waistlock.  Charlotte walks them over to the near corner, runs up the turnbuckles, and backflips out of the Side Headlock!

Bishop: Duran turns around and Charlotte with a Dropkick! Duran back up and another Dropkick!! Micki Duran back up a third time and for the third time Charlotte connects with a Dropkick!!!

(Fans cheering as ‘the Legend’ Micki Duran rolls to the outside.)

Bishop: The so called legend has rolled under the ropes to the outside to confer with the Kingpin. Charlotte is stomping her foot against the mat and the fans are rallying behind her.

(Fans cheer and stomping their feet in support of Charlotte!)

Bishop: Micki Duran back in the ring and another Collar and Elbow tie up. Charlotte with the Standing Side Headlock this time and Duran with a Waistlock and a Side Suplex….but Charlotte held on!  She’s still got on a Headlock.

(Fans cheering!)

Mutt: Micki Duran the Powerwrestler has been grounded… hey. Duran back up to her feet and Duran countering with a Standing Overhead Wristlock. That’s not just power Bishop. This woman can wrestle!

 Bishop: Micki Duran quickly reaching down and scooping up Charlotte into a Fireman’s carry….AND NAILS HER WITH A FALL AWAY SLAM!!!!

Mutt: She grapevines the leg!

Ref: 1…2…3!

Bishop: No, a kick out!

(Fans cheering on Charlotte as she kicks out.)

Bishop: Both women back up to the neutral position and Charlotte nailing away with big right hands! Charlotte with a kick to the midsection and Duran with enough reserve to apply a Single Leg pick up!

Mutt: Charlotte hopping around on one leg….MISSES the Enzuigiri Kick! The Legend ducks under and now with a Waistlock from behind…. and connects with a Belly to Back Suplex!

(Fans all booing as Micki Duran gets to her feet and drops an Elbow.)

Bishop: The cover….1…2..kick out! Charlotte known for being susceptible to damage. She doesn’t have much of a kick back in her reserves. Duran with a pick up and Charlotte punching away at Duran’s midsection. Duran with a Side Headlock and Charlotte heading for the ropes and pushing off against Duran.

Mutt: The Legend runs for the far side, bounces off, and Charlotte nails her with a High Back Body Drop! Damn it!

(Fans cheer!)

Bishop: Charlotte with a pick up and Irish Whips Duran to the far side.  Charlotte runs toward the near ropes, bounces off, and NAILS THE ONCOMING MICKI DURAN WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE!!! The cover….1…2. .kick out.

(Fans cheering as Charlotte La Mancha picks up Micki Duran.)

Mutt:  Charlotte now with a Front Face Lock, and Duran with an Inside Cradle! 1…2…Reversal!….1….2….Reversal!….1…2… foot on ropes!!!

(Fans cheering as both women get to their feet!)

Bishop: Hold on! Micki Duran ducking half way under the ropes.  This pace must be way too fast for her. Charlotte complaining to the referee….AND MICKI DURAN SLAPS CHARLOTTE!

(Big crowd pop as Charlotte charges the ropes.)

Mutt: Micki Duran slips through the ropes and Charlotte follows.  The Legend running around the ring and roles back inside. Charlotte follows in and Duran with a kick to the ribs. She pulls Charlotte up to her feet and nails her with a closed fist! Yes!

(Dawg Pound chanting: Champ! Champ! Champ! Champ!)

Spud: 15 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 15 remaining. 15 minutes left.

Mutt: The Legend now with a Waistlock Take Down and now a Single Leg Pick up. An elbow to the thigh, and Charlotte is reaching for the ropes. Another elbow and the Legend is getting set. Listen to the ovation from the fans. I love it! The Legend spinning around with Charlotte’s left leg….

Bishop: ….and Charlotte kicks her into the corner!

(Fans cheering as ‘The Legend’ Micki Duran comes bouncing out of the corner.)

Mutt: Charlotte with a Single Leg Takedown, and spins the Legend around. Oh no! Charlotte picks up the other leg, AND SLINGSHOTS THE LEGEND INTO THE CORNER!

(Big Crowd pop!)

Bishop: Charlotte is clutching her midsection. Her back and middle have been really worked on. Charlotte with a kick to the midsection, and a Side Headlock. Charlotte with a head of steam and a Running Bulldog!

(Huge crowd pop as Charlotte heads over to the near corner.)

Bishop: Charlotte La Mancha climbing to the top turnbuckle. Sachie Yokoyama cheering her on from the outside. Charlotte is perched!  Duran is real slow to her feet. Charlotte jumps and connects with a Headscissors for….

Mutt: …..BUT MICKI DURAN COUNTERS WITH A PILEDRIVER!!!!!! She makes the Lateral Press….1……2…….Shoulder up!

(Fans cheer as Micki Duran complains about the slow count.)

Bishop: Charlotte has been working on the head, neck and shoulders rather well tonight. Both women feeling out the other initially, and have now reverted to their natural styles.

Mutt: The Legend with a pick up and nailing away with jabs to the jaw. Hold on, The Legend takes a few steps back…..and a Thrust Kick! Right in the mouth.  

Bishop: Duran grapevines the leg for the cover….1…2…shoulder up.

(Fans boo as Micki Duran applies a Half Nelson.)

Mutt: Yes, the Legend with a mat game now. Duran with a Half Nelson and leaning into it for the pin….1….2…Charlotte back up. She’s visibly frustrated. Hey, you know Bishop, it’s only a matter of time until Charlotte’s back muscles will give out from being broken down.  (Laughs!) It will be impossible to kick out.

(Fans all cheering as Charlotte slides about, trying to reach the ropes.)

Bishop: Duran not happy at all. Charlotte, trying to get free with her free arm. Pushing around the mat. Duran slowly getting to her feet, and Charlotte trying to move toward the ropes. Hold on! Duran, Hammerlocking Charlotte’s free arm……And falls back for a bridging Suplex!!!!

Mutt: That’s a Tequila Sunrise Suplex….1….2….kick out!

(Fans all cheering as Charlotte La Mancha kicks out.)

Spud: 29 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 1 minute left.

Bishop: Micki Duran calling for ‘The End’, whatever that is. Duran with a Front Face Lock flipping Charlotte over for a Neck Breaker…. and Charlotte powering out of it!

(Fans cheering on Charlotte as she uses all of her might to turn back around.)

Bishop: Charlotte with a last surge of strength spinning back around to face Duran…..AND CONNECTS WITH A SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE!

(Fans cheering as both women fall to the mat.)

Mutt: Charlotte with a desperation move, but the tide has surely turned in this match up. Duran up first, and picks up Charlotte.  She Irish whips her to the ropes, Charlotte bounces off, AND NAILS MICKI DURAN WITH A FLYING REVERSE ELBOW! RIGHT IN THE JAW!

(Fans all on their feet as Charlotte La Mancha heads for the near corner.)

Spud: 30 seconds remaining. 30 seconds!

Bishop: Charlotte has weakened that neck all night long. Duran is really stunned. Charlotte now, is up on the top turnbuckle. Duran is using the ropes to get to her feet. Duran turns around and Charlotte flies off with a High Cross Body…


(Dawg Pound chanting: Champ! Champ! Champ! Champ!)

Mutt: Charlotte quickly back up to her feet, fearing the Legends mat game, but she’s all bent out of shape. Charlotte’s midsection that’s been worked on this entire time has her all bent over.

Bishop: Duran now, runs into the near ropes, bounces off, and nails Charlotte with a Flying Belly to Belly Suplex! She cradles the leg for the cover…1…2…..3! No! The ref is waiving it off!  Charlotte got the shoulder up.

Spud: 10 seconds!

Mutt: Duran with a pick up and applies a Front Face lock. Wait a minute! She flips her around. The Legend with a head of steam AND NAILS CHARLOTTE WITH THE RUNNING NECKBREAKER!!!!!!!!

Bishop: Duran cradles the leg for the pin…….1………2…….


Mutt: The Legend wins it! Incredible match. The Legend is hear in the Grand Dragon!

Bishop: Hold on, let’s wait for the official word.

Spud: Wrestling fans! The time limit has expired. This match is ruled a draw!

(Fans boo as Micki Duran slaps the mat in frustration.)

Bishop: Sachie Yokoyama has entered the ring, attending her friend.  Micki Duran pointing to Charlotte, and now Andrea Chandler has entered the ring. Oh boy! This could get ugly.

(Huge Crowd pop as Daisy Butterfly comes running down the aisle!)

Mutt: What the hell is SHE doing here! She’s got no business here.

(Fans cheering as Charlotte La Mancha and Sachie Yokoyama rise up to their feet.)

Bishop: The rookies are leaving the ring. They’re shouting back at Charlotte and the other two, but this match is over. It’s a draw.

(Fans cheer as “Nutcracker Suite” blares through the speakers.)

Bishop: I must admit, that is the single greatest debut of any rookie to Grand Dragon.

Mutt: Hey! The Legend isn’t a rookie. And now, she’s hear to take over Grand Dragon. Charlotte, consider yourself lucky.

Bishop: Fans, that’s all for this week. Until the Tuesday Night Cat Fight, I’m Allen Bishop from all of us here at Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance saying goodbye everybody!

(Fans still cheering as Charlotte La Mancha, Sachie Yokoyama, and Daisy Butterfly slap hands with the fans.)


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