Scene opens up on a jammed packed United Center in Chicago, Illinois. There are 24,876 screaming fans in attendance. “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


Bishop: Wrestling fans, we continue our Summer Super Tour of America. This week we are in Chicago, Illinois! And it is a great night for professional wrestling!

Mutt: That’s right Bishop! Tonight on the Saturday Night Special we have a great card. Indigo Browne takes on the ‘Legend’ Micki Duran to continue the feud between the Syndicate and the Rage Camp. ‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx takes on newcomer Sybil Dawn in her premier match up here in Grand Dragon. And in the Main Event, Big Ma Porter takes on Charlotte La Mancha in a return bout from a couple weeks back!

Bishop: It’s so important to garner up momentum before a pay per view. Charlotte may be facing Andrea Chandler at the Fall Moonsault. We already know that Ma Porter will be in that Square Dance match in the Main Event. Everyone scratching and crawling to jockey for a favorable position.

(Fans all cheering as Spud McKenzie heads down the aisle!)

Mutt: Tonight is an important night for everyone. First, we have a grudge match. Next, we have a match all about worth. And in the Main Event, it’s all about pride. Ma Porter and Charlotte ready to get it on!

Bishop: Well, enough talk, let’s get right into the action. Spud McKenzie is in the ring ready. Take it away Spud!!!!

(Fans all cheering as Spud McKenzie stands poised in the ring….)

Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen. Wrestling fans from around the world… Are you ready!?

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!)

Spud: I said ARE YOU READY?!

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Spud: Then Let’s Get Rrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrumble!!!

(Fans cheer as horns go off & Spud McKenzie stands ready.)

Micki Duran vs. Indigo Browne

Spud: Our first contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!

(Fans booing as they hear ‘All I Really Want’ by Alanis Morissette.)

Spud: Accompanied down the aisle by her manager the Kingpin, and Andrea Chandler!

(Fans booing)

Spud: Representing the Syndicate! From Lake Ponchatrain, Louisiana! She is 5 feet 8 inches, 124 pounds, here is….’The Legend’ Micki Duran!

(Micki Duran walks down the aisle wearing her white singlet with the word LEGEND scrawled across the back.)

Mutt: This feud is really separating the women from the brawds! Indigo Browne, you’re going down.

Bishop: Duran entering the ring, and she’s calling for the Browne girl already. This one won’t be pretty.

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Brown Girl’)

Spud: And her opponent, led down the aisle by her manager Medusa Rage and her sister Sierra Browne. From Port of Spain, Trinidad. 5 feet 10 inches, weighing 140 pounds. Here is Indigo Browne!!!

(Indigo Browne slapping hands with the fans as Medusa Rage shouts at the Kingpin.)

Mutt: Medusa and the Kingpin never seem to get along.

Bishop: Not at all Sam. As a matter of fact, if Medusa was a man, I’m sure the Kingpin would have attacked her by now.

Mutt: What makes you think Medusa ISN’T a man!

Bishop: Will you stop. Fans, our opening bout is about to get under way. Indigo entering the ring, and Duran jumping her before the bell. …


Bishop: She’s pounding away on Indigo Browne. Sloppy punches to the head of the high flyer.

Mutt: The Legend is a technician. She’s not known for any brawling ability.

(Fans cheer as Indigo Browne fights back.)

Mutt: Both women really going at it. Indigo backing the stronger Duran into the near turnbuckle. Now Duran slugging away, forcing along the ring rope. We have a fight!

Bishop: The ref trying to intervene and get this back to wrestling. She gets between the two, AND MICKI DURAN WITH A RAKE TO THE EYES. Now she grabs Indigo by the back of her head and slams her into the top turnbuckle. (Most fans boo, but the Dawg Pound chants: CHAMP! CHAMP! CHAMP!)

Bishop: Duran now, kicking away at the midsection of Indigo. Duran now, with a Waistlock and a Belly to Belly Suplex! Now an Armbar, and now we see the focus of the so called Legend.

(Fans booing as Micki Duran rolls around, wrenching down on that arm!)

Bishop: Indigo twirling around, trying to get to her feet. She flips around, untwisting her arm and counters with an Armbar of her own…

Mutt: …but the Legend backing Indigo into the near ropes and Irish Whipping her to the far side. Indigo bouncing off and nails her with a Dropkick! Damn!

Bishop: Duran back up and Indigo with an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Duran bouncing off and Indigo with a Spinwheel kick!

(Fans cheering as Indigo Browne climbs the turnbuckles.)

Mutt: Medusa Rage laughing at the Kingpin as the Legend is getting pummeled. Indigo hitting fast and erratic in this one. Keeping THE REAL legend of professional wrestling off balance.

Bishop: Micki Duran up on her feet now. Indigo up on the top rope, read y to jump……AND NAILS THE DOUBLE AXE HANDLE TO THE HEAD!!!

(Fans cheering as Indigo Browne covers Micki Duran.)

Mutt: The cover…..1….2….kick out!

Bishop: Indigo with a pick up and Irish Whips the Legend to the corner. Indigo with a head of steam….


(Fans all cheering as Micki Duran plummets to the mat.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Indigo now, with a Single Leg pick up, and dropping hammering elbows to her knees. Another elbow drop, and another! Duran now, kicking Browne away. Browne bounces off the near ropes and hopping over the prone Duran.

Mutt: Duran up to her feet as Indigo bounces of the far ropes…. and nails Indigo with a Thrust Kick! And I think it was to the throat. Beautiful!!!

(Fans booing as Indigo Browne hits the mat.)

Bishop: The referee chastising Duran for that illegal shot. Duran with a pick up and Irish Whipping Browne hard into the corner. WoW! Now Duran, draping Indigo’s arm over the top rope, and is trying to pull her joint out of socket.

Mutt: I don’t know what her strategy is. She just might be trying to by some time. The Legend looks rattled. Duran breaking as the ref intervenes. He walks her over to the corner, AND ANDREA CHANDLER WITH A CHEAP SHOT FROM BEHIND!!! I think I’m gonna cry.

(Fans booing as Andrea Chandler chokes away on Indigo Browne.)

Bishop: Sierra Browne running around the ring, and now Andrea and Sierra exchanging fists.

Mutt: Hey, Sierra needs to mind her business.

Bishop: Duran back into the corner, and Indigo with a chop to the Throat! Duran is stunned. Now Indigo with a Single Leg Takedown, pulling her legs to the outside. Oh no! She has the ringpost between Duran’s legs…and rams her leg!

(Fans cheering as Micki Duran calls out in pain.)

Mutt: The Kingpin really pissed off as Indigo Browne does it a second time. Now Indigo pulling the Legend out to the floor. Good strategy by Indigo. Duran not known for street fighting. But can Indigo really fight, herself?


Bishop: Indigo now, has the maimed Duran on the floor, kicking away. She grabs Duran by the back of her head, and rams her head on the RING STEPS!

(Dawg Pound cheering!)

Mutt: The ref rolling out to the outside now. He’s ordering Indigo back into the ring as he check on Micki Duran. Duran on the outside, she doesn’t want this match stopped at all!

Bishop: Duran turning around toward the ring….AND INDIGO BROWNE WITH A HIGH CROSS BODY TO THE OUTSIDE!!!!

(Huge Crowd pop!)

Bishop: Indigo now, with a pickup and a Side Suplex!!!

(Fans cheering!)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Mutt: Notice, whenever Indigo tried to wrestle in this match, Duran had her beat. But fighting like this is something the Legend hadn’t foreseen. She’s getting clobbered.

Bishop: The referee has restarted his count since the Cross Body by Indigo. Indigo now with a pick up and draping Micki Duran over the guard railing. Hold on! She’s climbing up to the ring apron!

Mutt: Duran, neck first over the guardrail. Indigo runs down the apron and jumps…..MISSING the Fatal Flying Guillotine on the guardrailing.

(Fans gaps in horror as Indigo’s leg bounces off the steel.)

Bishop: Indigo bounding backward, screaming in pain. Duran lunging out of the way at the last minute.

Mutt: Hey! Don’t blame Duran. Indigo could have broken her neck.

(Fans screaming as Micki Duran rolls Indigo Browne into the ring!)

Bishop: The ref wants to stop this match, but Indigo screaming no. Oh my God!!! Micki Duran with a Spinning Toe Hold…..AND A FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK!!!!!!!! Medusa Rage storming the ring nailing away on the Legend.


Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 11 minutes 16 seconds, your winner via disqualification, ‘The Legend’ Micki Duran!

(Fans booing as they hear ‘All I Really Want’ by Alanis Morissette.)

Mutt: Hold on! Andrea Chandler with a Clothesline from behind! Sierra Browne about to roll into the ring, and The Kingpin nailing her with a chair!

Bishop: Oh no! Micki Duran, kicking away on Medusa Rage now. She’s telling Andrea to hold down Indigo….AND ‘THE LEGEND’ MICKI DURAN APPLYING THE FIGURE FOUR AGAIN!!!!

(Fans screaming!)


Mutt: I was born for this! I love it. Medusa clotheslined Chandler last week, and now it’s payback time. Sierra Browne cost Chandler her undefeated streak, and she got hers. But the most grim of all, Indigo tied to Legdrop the Legend’s throat over the guardrailing. Now she’s gonna be rolling around handicapped!!!! (Laughs!)

Bishop: The referee has finally gotten them to disperse. Sierra Browne back up and charges the ring with a chair as they all hop through the ropes. But the damage has been done. What savages. Browne is hurt.

Mutt: The Syndicate is not here to play around with you. Hey, Indigo had this match won. But she wanted to put Duran out, and she miscalculated. Now Miss Indigo is paying for it! I love it!!!

Bishop: The stretcher is here, and they are hurrying Indigo up the aisle. Sierra and Medusa are following alongside. This fight has become personal. Fans, if we hear anything, we’ll get back to you.

(Fans booing still as Spud McKenzie enters the ring.)

Mutt: Let’s not cry over spilt milk. Let’s move on to our next match.

Bishop: Well, before Spud’s introductions, let’s hear some prerecorded comments from Sybil Dawn….

Sybil Dawn

Sirron Derringer: “So….. Nikita has reconsidered…. Well, let me tell you the story of the last person who escaped his faith and future…. His name, Curtis… The King Curtis… He faked cancer for the sake of avoiding his future. In doing so, he cracked the fabric of time…. King Curtis has been erased from the future. As you can see, he’s nowhere to be found. Nikita, you made a wise choice deciding not to toil with the future.”

Sybil Dawn: “Nikita, destiny is our religion, and we must keep our faith in it. My destiny says you’re the first in many I must fight to set the future straight…. It’ll be a well fought battle, and I will not allow you to escape easily.”

Sirron Derringer: “We all fear the future and what it might hold, but fear won’t change it, it’ll only make accepting it harder.”

Sybil Dawn vs. Nikita Marx

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 15 minute time limit.

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Guilty’ by Gravity Kills)

Spud: First, accompanied down the aisle by her manager Sirron Derringer….from Tokyo, Japan! She is 5 feet 8 inches, 125 pounds, here is Sybil Dawn!

(Fans all cheering as she enters the ring.)

Bishop: Hey, look at this! We haven’t seen this type of entertainment since Lanny Manson came upon the scene.

(Fans pop as Sybil Dawn displays a sword dance in the middle of the ring.)

Mutt: She better not use that sword as a weapon or…or….Nikita could get hurt.

Spud: ….and her opponent!

(Fans boo as they here the theme to ‘Point of No Return’.)

Spud: Led down the aisle by her manager Uncle Bob! Hailing from Moscow, Russia. She is 6 feet tall, 150 pounds, here is ‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx!

(Fans boo as she enters the ring, tossing off her mink coat.)

Bishop: The arrogant Nikita Marx returning to wrestling action, going up against the newcomer.

Mutt: Can we say, squash? No, that comes later in Ma Porter’s match.


Mutt: Collar and Elbow tie up, and an Armdrag Takedown by Nikita! And look at her strut around the ring. Another tie up and Nikita shoving her down to the mat. I love you Nikita.

Bishop: Nikita with a pick up and an Elbowsmash to the head of Dawn. She nailing away as Dawn is backed up against the ropes, and the 150 pound Russian asserting her dominance early in this one.

(Chants begin of: USA! USA! USA! USA!)

Mutt: Don’t these idiots know that both women are foreigners? Stupid.

Bishop: Dawn a little startled, and she should be. Marx is a real mountain of a woman at 150 pounds. And her accolades in the GDWA speak for themselves.

Mutt: Another collar and elbow tie up and Nikita with a Sideheadlock takedown. Now a Sideheadlock, as Dawn is grounded to the mat.

Bishop: Dawn with her foot on the ropes, and the ref calls for a break. Nikita breaks cleanly and Dawn back up again. Her manager up on the ring apron now, whispering some advice to Sybil.

(Fans chanting: USA! USA! USA! USA!)

Bishop: Another tie up and Dawn backing Nikita into the ropes. She Irish Whips the big Russian to the far side, Nikita bounces off, and she’s nailed with a Spinwheel kick!

(Fans all cheering as Marx stumbles backwards.)

Mutt: She didn’t get it real good though. Marx never touched the mat.

Bishop: Dawn now, punching away at Nikita, and Nikita with an Elbowsmash to the head. Nikita is a strong one. Nikita now, dropping an Elbow to the upper body, and now is choking away on the prone Dawn.

Ref: 1……2…..3…..

Bishop: Nikita breaks, and Dawn is gasping for air. Nikita rising up to her feet, and dropping yet another elbow to the upper body! Sloppy lateral press…..1……kick out!

Mutt: Nikita with a pickup and a Swinging Neckbreaker! So smooth, and listen, Nikita is mocking the crowd by chanting USA! Ha!

(Fans booing as Nikita Marx drops another elbow to the upper body.)

Bishop: Marx with a pick up and an Elbowsmash to the head. Dawn stumbles backwards dazed as Nikita Marx backs into the ropes. Marx bounces off and nails Sybil Dawn with a Flying Shoulder tackle!

(Dawg Pound cheering as Nikita Marx poses with her shin over Sybil Dawn’s throat.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.


Bishop: Marx breaks and picks up Sybil Dawn for a Piledriver! Oh my! The cover….1…2..kick out!

(Fans cheering as chants of USA begin.)

Mutt: This is better than television! 5 straight minutes of Nikita Marx and whoever else she has in the ring with her.

Bishop: Dawn seems lost in the ring, with no sound attack plan. Nikita with a pick up and another Elbowsmash to the head. Nikita Irish Whipping her to the ropes, Dawn bounces off, and DUCKS the Russian Sickle Clothesline!!!

(Fans cheering as Sybil Dawn runs to the far ropes.)

Bishop: Nikita Marx turning around as Sybil Dawn bounces off the ropes…AND SYBIL DAWN NAILS HER WITH A LEG LARIAT!

(Big crowd pop!)

Mutt: Both women down on the mat as the ref makes the count. That took Nikita totally off guard. Uncle Bob slapping the mat. He wants this one over now.

Bishop: Sirron Derringer calling on Sybil for something now. Sybil picking up Marx and slapping her head between her legs….Snap Piledriver! The cover…..not even a 1 count! Marx too strong!

(Fans cheering as Sybil Dawn slowly picks up Nikita Marx.)

Mutt: Sybil Dawn Irish Whipping Marx to the near ropes, Marx bouncing off, and gets elevated with a High Back Body Drop! Marx clutching her back as Dawn makes her way over to her.

Bishop: Dawn going for a Snapmare…but Marx with a Waistlock! Now Marx grapevining the leg and connecting with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. If it stays on the mat, Marx is just about the best in the sport.

(Crowd booing as Nikita Marx drops an Elbow to the hamstring.)

Mutt: Now that Marx knows she’s either a freestyler or a high flyer, she can take out Dawn’s most valuable asset, her legs!!! I smell a Figure 4 coming.

Bishop: Nikita Marx with a Legbar, and Sybil Dawn trying to get out of it. Nikita up on her feet, turning away from Dawn, and falling backwards on that right leg! Nikita is tearing her apart.

(Fans booing as Nikita Marx stomps away at Sybil Dawn’s leg.)

Mutt: Sybil Dawn trying to reach the ropes, but Nikita cutting her off. Nikita now, with a Single Leg Pick up, and is pointing out to Uncle Bob! Look at that big grin on her face.

Bishop: Nikita Marx taking her time now, with a Spinning Toe Hold…. and Sybil Dawn with an Inside Cradle!








Mutt: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen. Your winner, at 9 minutes and 37 seconds. And making a successful debut via pinfall….is Sybil Dawn!

(Huge crowd pop as fans hear ‘Guilty’ by Gravity Kills.)

Bishop: Sybil rolling out of the ring, hobbling her way up the aisle as fans pat her on the back. Nikita Marx is screaming at the referee. Uncle Bob climbing through the ropes, trying to grab hold of the situation.


Bishop: Well, let’s not cry over spilt milk. Let’s move on to our Main Event!

Charlotte La Mancha vs. Big Ma Porter

Spud: Wrestling Fans, our next contest is THE main event this week. It is set for one fall, with a 20 minute time limit.

(Fans cheer as they hear the theme to ‘Robin Hood: Men in Tights’!)

Spud: First, accompanied down the aisle by Daisy Butterfly!

(Huge Pop!)

Spud: From Nice France…..She is 5 feet 6 inches, 130 pounds! Here is Charlotte La Mancha!!!

(Charlotte heads down the aisle, slapping hands with the fans, wearing her 17th century France attire.)

Bishop: Charlotte La Mancha has really been on a roll as of late. Ever since the Summer Supercard, she has been unbeatable here at Grand Dragon. Only Micki Duran has come close to beating her.

Mutt: Before we hear Spud give the introductions to the uncrowned Heavyweight Champion of the World, she had some prerecorded comments for us…

Ma Porter

<Fade in on a lone Ma Porter standing in the empty club of Tony Angelo’s>

Porter: La Mancha!!! I ain’t gonna cry foul, an’ I sure as hell ain’t gonna complain. What I am gonna do is kick your stinkin’ teeth in, you insolent dog. Come our match, you’re gonna regret ever hearin’ the name Ma Porter, hear me Frenchie??

<Fade out>

 Spud: And her opponent….

(Fans boo as they hear ‘I Shot the Sherriff’ by Bob Marley.)

Spud: Accompanied down the aisle by her manager Tony Angelo. From Queens, New York. She is 6 feet tall, weighing in at 215 pounds! Here is Big Ma Porter!!!

(Ma Porter trudges down the aisle with an evil grimace on her face.)

Mutt: Look at Ma Porter. She looks as angry as I’ve ever seen her! She ain’t playin’ tonight. Charlotte, you about to meet your maker.

Bishop: Ma Porter climbing through the ropes and Charlotte La Mancha immediately hopping to the outside.

Mutt: Look at this! Charlotte taking off her gown, and she’s got her ribs bandaged. OH, HOW THIS IS SO REMNISCENT OF WHEN OFFICER ORDER MET MA PORTER!

Bishop: Charlotte reentering the ring, and Ma Porter is calling for her. She’s calling her out, in the middle of the ring.


Bishop: Ma Porter wanting to tie up, and Charlotte simply encircling her. She’s still real attentive to her ribs. I have to agree with you Sam, I don’t think Charlotte is at 100% yet.

Mutt: Porter going after her, and Charlotte climbing through the ropes to the outside. She ain’t ready Bishop! I feel a squash coming!

Bishop: Daisy Butterfly with some approving comments, and Charlotte re -enters the ring. Porter and Charlotte finally tying up, no! Charlotte sliding between her legs, Porter turning around, and Charlotte with stiff kicks to the midsection!

Mutt: …What? Charlotte isn’t attacking! She’s running out of the ring again. Look, if Charlotte ain’t ready, she shouldn’t be wresting.

Bishop: Oh boy, Porter has had enough. She’s rolling to the outside. Charlotte rolls back in as Porter climbs up to the ring apron. Charlotte running toward the ropes, bouncing off, and nails Ma Porter with a Running Dropkick!

(Fans cheering as Ma Porter bounces back against the ropes.)

 Mutt: Charlotte now, wailing away with those Open Hand Slaps! She Irish Whips the big woman to the ropes, Porter bounces off, and nails her with a Flying Reverse Elbow!

(Fans all cheering as Ma Porter hits the mat.

Bishop: She grapevines the leg for the cover….1….2….kick out!

Mutt: Porter back up to her feet and Charlotte wailing away with Open Hand Slaps, but Porter kills all that noise with a Giant Headbutt!!

(Fans boo!)

Bishop: Charlotte’s legs crumbling, and Porter grabbing her by her ears with both hands….AND A HUUUUUUUUUGE HEABUTT!!!

(Dawg Pound erupts as Charlotte crumbles to the mat.)

Mutt: Charlotte rolling over to the ropes, as Porter pick her up. Now a body blow, and Charlotte immediately cringing. Ma Porter with quick jabs to the body of Charlotte La Mancha. And she’s gonna bust those ribs up a second time!

(Fans cheering as Charlotte fights back with Open Hand slaps!)

Bishop: Porter with Wild Right hands, and a Headbutt! Charlotte’s momentum is dead. Porter now, backing away, and now driving her shoulder into the ribs of Charlotte.

Mutt: Porter Irish Whipping Charlotte to the far corner. Ma Porter with a head of steam…MISSING the Avalanche!

Bishop: Charlotte rolling her up from behind…..1….2…kick out! Porter immediately up to her feet and Charlotte with a Single Leg Takedown. She climbs through the ropes, and rams Porter’s leg against the ring apron!

(Fans cheering as Ma Porter clutches her leg in pain.)

Bishop: Charlotte La Mancha now, climbing up the turnbuckles from the outside!

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 20 minute time limit. 10 remaining

Bishop: Charlotte up top! She jumps….and nails Ma Porter with a Dropkick!

Mutt: Porter slowly up to her feet as Charlotte runs to the far side. Charlotte bouncing off and nailing Big Ma with a Bulldog!!!

(Fans all cheering as Charlotte makes the sign for her finisher.)

Bishop: This is it! Daisy screaming for her to act quickly as Charlotte picks up Porter. She Irish Whips Porter to the far ropes as she waits in the middle of the ring. Porter bounces off and….


(Huge crowd pop AS Hardcores cheer!)

Mutt: Porter slow to her feet, with a pickup and a Front face Lock. She’s wearing down Charlotte with those huge biceps of hers as she gets a breather. Real intelligent.

Bishop: Porter is renowned for her size as well as her mind. She’s one of the most intelligent women in wresting today.

Mutt: Porter now, clutching the tights, and taking Charlotte up and over for a Vertical Suplex!

(Fans booing as Charlotte hits the mat hard.)

Spud: 15 minutes have gone by in the 20 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Bishop: Porter has been rattled for the majority of this match up. Even though it has gone back and forth, Charlotte seems to know exactly what she’s doing. It’s her pacing! Her kind of match up!

Ref: 1….2….kick out!

(Big crowd pop as Charlotte La Mancha kicks out of the cover!)

Mutt: Ma Porter up to her feet and nailing her with a Standing Elbowdrop! Porter back up again and another Elbowdrop. Porter up a third time and drops another Elbowdrop. Porter quickly cradling Charlotte up!

Ref: 1…………………………….2……………………3!

(Crowd gasping!)

Bishop: Charlotte known for not being able to take much of a punch, but that was a hell of a kick out! WoW!

Mutt: But they are in the middle of the ring. Porter with a pickup and a Bearhug! We’ll see what happens to those ribs now.

Spud: 60 seconds remaining! 60 seconds!

Bishop: Charlotte screaming out in pain as Ma Porter hangs on! It’s been a good 20 seconds. Hold on, a suplex might be coming. Ma Porter scuttling backwards….and Charlotte raking the eyes!

Mutt: Porter leveling Charlotte to the ground as she backs up….AND NAILS MA PORTER WITH A THRUST KICK!!!

(Fans all cheering as Charlotte goes to the corner.)

Spud: 30 seconds remaining!

Bishop: Charlotte climbing up the turnbuckle. She’s up high! She flies off and nails the High Cross Body….

Mutt: No, Porter with Powerslam!!! The cover!

Ref: 1………………………2…………………….3!

(Fans groan!)

Bishop: Foot on the rope! Porter with a pick up and Charlotte with a Chop to the throat! Charlotte now with an Irish WHip, no! Reversal!

Spud: 10 seconds!

Bishop: Charlotte comes bounding off the ropes and nails Porter with a Flying Headscissors into a Frankensteiner!!!!! The Longbow Frankensteiner!!!!!!!!

Mutt: Oh no! Not twice!

Bishop: The cover………1…………..2…………….!


(Crowd pops big time as Charlotte rolls over!)

Spud: At 19 minutes 58 seconds, your winner via pinfall is….. Charlotte La Mancha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Crowd cheers as they hear ‘Robin Hood: Men in Tights’)

Bishop: Daisy Butterfly pulling her friend out of the ring as Tony Angelo quickly enters. They’re bickering with the ref, but this one is in the books.

Mutt: Damn it! All I can say is that Ma Porter wasn’t herself. She seemed lost and ill prepared. Charlotte must be on a roll if she can beat the unbeatable. DAMN!

Bishop: Fans, that’s all for tonight. For all of us here at the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance, I’m Allen Bishop. Goodbye Everybody.

 (Fans still cheering as Daisy Butterfly and the referee raise Charlotte’s hand in victory.)


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