Scene opens up on a jammed packed Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. There are 19,669 screaming fans in attendance. “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


Bishop: Wrestling fans, we’re back in Washington State as we continue our Summer Super Tour of America. We are in Seattle’s Key Arena with another Saturday Nite Special!


Mutt: Bishop! The fans have warmed themselves back up to Officer Order. I don’t understand it! Maybe it’s because we are on the West Coast, and Double O is from San Francisco. Whatever the case, they’ve come all out for their so called hero.

Bishop: Sam, the match between Officer Order and Valkyrie for the Western Heritage title should be a great one. Val is hungrier than ever, especially since she had to forfeit a match to Order a few weeks back. And Double O is intent on retaining the title into the Fall Moonsault! Fans, we also have on the card tonight: Sierra Browne taking on ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda, Medusa Rage taking on Andrea Chandler, and newcomers Sybil Dawn and Kirsten Dunst going at it!

(Fans all cheering as Spud McKenzie heads down the aisle!)

Mutt: This is gonna be a great night for wrestling. And I’m glad I’m back in the Pacific Northwest. It’s always nice to come home!

Bishop: Well, enough talk, let’s get right into the action. Spud McKenzie is in the ring ready. Take it away Spud!!!!

(Fans all cheering as Spud McKenzie stands poised in the ring….)

Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen. Wrestling fans from around the world… Are you ready!?

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!)

Spud: I said ARE YOU READY?!

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Spud: Then Let’s Get Rrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrumble!!!

(Fans cheer as horns go off & Spud McKenzie stands ready.)

Sierra Browne vs. Radhi Ananda

Spud: Our first contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!

(Mixed cheers and boos as fans hear ‘Browne Girl’.)

Spud: Accompanied down the aisle by her manager Medusa Rage! From Port of Spain, Trinidad! She is 5 feet 10 inches, 140 pounds, here is. …Sierra Browne!

(Medusa Rage and Sierra Browne enter the ring to mixed cheers and boos.)

Bishop: These aren’t entirely behind Sierra Browne. Browne and her sister Indigo have been employing questionable tactics in the last few weeks. For fan favorites, they aren’t receiving the best of receptions.

Mutt: If Sierra and Indigo can get away with cheating, then they should. As far as I’m concerned these fans are morons. Hey! Notice that Medusa and Sierra are REAL tense. They are being real careful to make sure there’s no rampant charge by Radhi Ananda.

(Fans cheering as Radhi Ananda comes through the curtain.)

Spud: And her opponent! Hailing from Bombay, India. 5 feet 5, weighing 135 pounds. Here is ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda!!!

(Fans slap the wild haired, barefoot Radhi Ananda as she heads down the aisle. Radhi Ananda is wearing a loose tiger print garment with a bone & bead necklace around her neck.)

Mutt: Radhi looks intense this week! This should be a good one.

Bishop: Both Jungle and Browne have had tough luck as of late. A win for both would help them greatly in the rankings.

Mutt: Well, both women love flying around the ring. I’m just gonna sit back and enjoy this one!

Bishop: Fans, our opening bout is about to get under way. Radhi Ananda entering the ring, and this one is underway….


Mutt: Don’t expect a wrestling match in this one! This is gonna be high flying, freestyle action!

Bishop: Jungle shoving Sierra Browne around the ring. Jungle a little stronger than Sierra Browne, but Browne with a serious height and weight advantage. Jungle bullying her into the corner and nailing away with swift kicks to the midsection!

Mutt: Sierra Browne trying to fight back with punches, but she doesn’t have much of a short range attack. She’s doubled over in the corner as the ref forces Radhi Ananda away!

(Fans cheer as Radhi Ananda shoves the referee aside.)

Mutt: Jungle never was one for the little things, like rules!

Bishop: Jungle Irish Whipping Browne to the far corner, no! Reversal. Jungle is sent into the corner, leaps up to the top, and comes flying off the ropes with a High Cross Body!

Mutt: But Sierra Browne using the momentum and rolling Jungle over for the pin! 1….2…kick out. Both women back up and Sierra Browne backs into the ropes. She bounces off and Jungle with a Leapfrog over the oncoming Browne. Browne runs to the far side as Jungle runs to the near ropes.

Bishop: The two women meet in the middle of the ring and Browne with a Flying Bulldog Lariat! Jungle taken off guard with that high impact maneuver. Now Browne with the left arm, and dropping an elbow to it! Another elbowdrop and Jungle up to her knees, AND A RAKE TO THE EYES!! (Dawg Pound chants: RADHI! RADHI! RADHI! RADHI!)

Bishop: Jungle is getting surged from these fans. The ref is reprimanding Jungle as she kicks away at Browne. Now an Irish Whip to the near ropes, Browne bouncing off, and immediately nailed with a Shoulder Block.

Mutt: Browne is down! Now Jungle bouncing into the near ropes and connecting with a Legdrop! Radhi Ananda really using her strength advantage in this one. And I think she’s also a little quicker than Browne as well.

Bishop: Jungle with a pick up and rams Sierra’s head against her knee. WoW! Jungle now Irish Whipping Browne to the corner. Ouch! She hit hard. Jungle running in after…

Mutt: …And Browne catching her with a Tilt a Whirl pick up and a Backbreaker!!! Sierra Browne dazed a little, but she’s going up top now.

(Fans all cheering as Sierra Browne climbs up the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: Sierra Browne is up high. She jumps…but Radhi Ananda ducks under her attack!

Mutt: …but Sierra Browne adjust in the air and slaps on a Sunset Flip! 1………………..2………………….Thr…no! Kick out! Jungle back up and Sierra with a Swinging Neckbreaker! She drops an elbow to the left arm again, and now applying the armbar!

(Fans all cheering as both women get to their feet.)

Bishop: Radhi Ananda trying to get out of the Armbar, bullying Sierra Browne toward the ring ropes, but Sierra with an Armdrag Takedown! Jungle back up but Sierra with a Jumping Headscissors Takedown!!!

(Fans cheering as Radhi Ananda hits the mat.)

Mutt: Sierra Browne has her down with that Headscissors, and I must say that Sierra is definitely the smarter of the two. She’s using her height advantage to employ leverage, and is wrestling the scientifically inept ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda.

Bishop: Jungle scrambling for the ropes and Sierra cleanly breaking. Jungle standing up against the ropes and Sierra with a Superkick… no! Jungle catching Browne’s right leg, jumping up and over, AND SNAPPING SIERRA BROWNE’S LEG AGAINST THE TOP ROPE! OH MY!!!

(Huge crowd pop as ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda hits the floor.)

Mutt: Sierra Browne is tangled in the ropes. She can’t get her legs loose. Medusa Rage up on the ring apron and the ref coming over to get her down….

Bishop: Oh no! Radhi Ananda grabbing a chair….AND NAILS AWAY ON SIERRA BROWNE’S RIGHT LEG!

(Fans all cheering as Sierra Browne screams out in pain.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: The ref sees that Sierra is tangled, and immediately running over to her aid. Oh no! Radhi Ananda climbing up the turnbuckles. The ref has just undone the ropes…


(Most fans booing as Sierra Browne spring backwards and hits the mat.)

Bishop: The ref is about to disqualify her. He’s sent Jungle into the far corner. This woman has truly lost her mind. Oh no! She’s taking the buckle off of the top turnbuckle.

Mutt: Hold on! Medusa Rage on the outside, she’s got Jungle’s chair. …AND NAILS ‘JUNGLE’ RADHI ANANDA IN THE HEAD!

(Fans cheering as Radhi Ananda plummets to the mat.)

Bishop: Sierra Browne hobbling over, and punching away on Radhi Ananda. Not much skill in those punches, kind of ugly but it’s getting the job done. Sierra now with a pickup and a Bodyslam!

Mutt: Jungle grabbing her head. Sierra quickly climbing up to the top turnbuckle. She real wobbly….BUT STILL NAILS THE ELBOWDROP FROM THE TOP ROPE!!!!

(Fans all cheering as Browne grapevines the leg for the cover.)

Bishop: The ref with the count….1…..2….kick out! Sierra with a pickup and a Side Headlock. Jungle pushing off as Browne runs to the far corner, bounces off, and NAILS the Flying body press!

(Fans cheering as Radhi Ananda hits the mat.)

Mutt: Browne hit her knee on the way down. No way to cover. Jungle crawling over to the corner, trying to get her bearings back. She climbs up to the second turnbuckle as Sierra Browne gets up to her feet….AND NAILS BROWNE WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE!!!!

(Fans chanting: Radhi! Radhi! Radhi! Radhi!)

Bishop: Jungle now, choking away on the prone Browne as the ref makes the count.


Bishop: Jungle breaks and picks up Browne by the back of her hair. She opens her up, AND NAILS SIERRA BROWNE WITH A HEARTPUNCH!!! Sierra Browne crumbles to the mat.

(Dawg Pound cheering!)

Mutt: Browne has taken a lot of damage in this one. Jungle going up to the top turnbuckle as Sierra Browne is laid out on the mat. She hasn’t even moved.

Bishop: Jungle is up high. She jumps…and MISSES the Guillotine Drop! Sierra Browne playing possum. Sierra rolling out of the way, now slowly using the ropes to climb up to her feet. Browne with a pick up and rubs Jungle’s eyes against the ring rope!

(Fans all cheering as Radhi Ananda swings about wildly.)

Bishop: Browne with punches in the corner. Now grabbing Jungle by the back of her head, and running her over to the nearest corner. Oh no! She pulls back and rams Radhi Ananda’s head against that exposed turnbuckle!!!

(Big Crowd pop!!!)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Mutt: Radhi Ananda’s lip is busted open! Hey, the Browne’s are not only smart, but they can get extreme on you as well. Sierra has a serious mean streak if you piss her off.

Bishop: Browne punching away, but no power. Jungle kicking away at the midsection, and is now BITING Sierra Browne’s face! The ref is getting in between them, and Sierra Browne hobbling over to the far corner.

Mutt: Hold on! Radhi Ananda bolting out of the corner AND CONNECTING WITH A RUNNING BULLDOG!!!!

(Fans chanting: RADHI! RADHI! RADHI! RADHI!)

Bishop: The bloodied Radhi Ananda flipping her over for the cover…. 1….2….kick out! She grapevines Browne’s leg now….1….2….3! No shoulder up! WoW! Browne’s leg is really hurt.

Mutt: Jungle with a pickup and a High Knee Lift! Browne is down. Jungle leaning up against the ropes, she’s still a little dazed. Jungle turning back around and stomping away on the shoulder region of Browne.

(Fans cheering as Sierra Browne rolls around the mat!)

Bishop: Jungle with a pick up….AND AN INSIDE CRADLE BY SIERRA BROWNE!!!!

Ref: …………………………………………………..1







(Huge Crowd pop!)

Bishop: No! The ref is waiving it off! Sierra Browne had the leg grapevined, but couldn’t keep her down. Her knee has no strength at all.

Mutt: Sierra up on her feet, she thinks she’s won it. Medusa in the ring too, and the ref trying to explain….

Bishop: Hold on! Jungle from behind with a rake to the back. And now a Full Nelson….AND A DRAGON SUPLEX!!!!

Mutt: The ref checking the shoulders and making the count….1…..2. …3!


(Fans screaming!)

Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 13 minutes 55 seconds, your winner via pinfall, is ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda!!!

Mutt: Jungle got the win in all of the confusion. She’s rolled out of the ring, and already heading up the aisle.

(Dawg Pound chanting: Radhi! Radhi! Radhi! Radhi!)

Bishop: Sierra Browne wrestled an excellent match up. She’s slapping the mat in frustration. Medusa trying to console her, but Sierra rolling to the outside, and swiping away at ringside chairs and tables. She real upset.

Mutt: She wrestled well, but early on she should have gone to her strength. She was too busy working on the arm when she isn’t well endowed with enfeebling tactics. Later when it got faster, it was almost too late with her injury. Hard fought, but Jungle steals away with her win tonight!

Bishop: Medusa has calmed her down, and they are leaving ringside. Radhi Ananda wrestled a good match, and it showed in the end.

(Fans cheering on Sierra Browne as she walks up the aisle.)

Mutt: Oh well…hey, we got two more fan favorite going at it. What’s going on? All these baby kissers afraid of the bad girls around here?

Bishop: Hey, every now and then it’s nice to wrestle a match without worrying about someone cheating or not. Hell, it’s called sportsmanship Mr. Mutt.

Mutt: Let’s move on to our next match. We got the rookies coming up.

Sybil Dawn vs. Kirsten Dunst

 Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 15 minute time limit.

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Guilty’ by Gravity Kills)

Spud: First, accompanied down the aisle by her manager Sirron Derringer….from Tokyo, Japan! She is 5 feet 8 inches, 125 pounds, here is Sybil Dawn!

(Fans all cheering as the blond haired woman enters the ring.)

Bishop: The undefeated newcomer Sybil Dawn here to take on ‘Vindicator’ Kirsten Dunst who has had a rough time as of late! Hold on, look at this!

(Fans pop as Sybil Dawn displays a sword dance in the middle of the ring.)

Mutt: I’m so sick of people like here. Just wrestle damn it! This ain’t that OTHER wrestling organization.

Spud: ….and her opponent!

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘The Show Must Go On’ by Queen.)

Spud: Led down the aisle by her manager Jason Payne! Hailing from Peoria, Illinois. She is 5 feet 7, 157 pounds, here is the ‘Vindicator’ Kirsten Dunst!

(Fans cheer as heads down the aisle wearing her green and silver singlet.)

Bishop: This should be a great one. Both newcomers loving the fans, and both newcomers having a strong sense of Sportsmanship.

Mutt: What the hell is this? Kirsten Dunst’s parents are in the front row, and have a rose for their daughter. Ugh! Get to the match.


Bishop: The two combatants with a stare down….AND A HANDSHAKE!

(Fans cheer on their sportsmanship.)

Mutt: Collar and Elbow tie up, and a quick go behind by the Vindicator. Dawn attempting a counter and backing into the ropes… and nails the Vindicator with an Elbow to the head!

Bishop: Sybil Dawn Irish Whipping the Vindicator to the far side. Vindicator bouncing off and is nailed with a Spinwheel kick! She’s stunned on the mat. Sybil with a pickup and a Snapmare takeover. Sybil backing into the near ropes, bouncing off, and nails the Spinning Legdrop.

(Fans all cheering as Sybil Dawn makes the cover.)

Mutt: ….1….2….kick out! Sybil Dawn stunned Kirsten Dunst with that Legdrop to the head. It was those sudden and stunning moves that earned her a win over Nikita Marx last week.

 Bishop: Dawn with a pick up and slaps Kirsten Dunst’s head between her legs. Hold on! The stronger Vindicator rising up to her feet. SHE’S COMPLETELY ERRECT AS SHE LIFTS SYBIL DAWN UP IN THE AIR…AND STUMBLES BACKWARDS NAILING SYBIL DAWN WITH A STUN GUN!!! OH MY! WHAT POWER!!!

(Dawg Pound cheers as most fans groan.)

Mutt: Sybil Dawn snapped backwards like she’s been nailed with a jackhammer. And look now, The Vindicator with a pick up and Front Face Lock. She’s focusing on those neck muscles now.

Bishop: Sybil really getting the worse of an excellent wear down hold here. Sybil attempting a wristlock counter, but Kirsten Dunst with a Side Headlock Takedown. And now a Crossface, and she’s slowing this thing down.

(Fans cheering as Sybil Dawn grabs the ropes with her foot.)

Bishop: The ref calling for the break, and the Vindicator breaks cleanly.

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Another Collar and Elbow tie up and Sybil Dawn Irish Whipping Dunst to the far ropes. The Vindicator bouncing off and Sybil with a High Back Body Drop!

Mutt: The Vindicator back up and she’s nailed with a Spinwheel Kick!!!

(Fans all cheering as Sybil Dawn heads up to the top turnbuckle.)

Mutt: The Vindicator is slowly getting to her feet…

Bishop: …and Sybil Dawn with a Flying Shoulder Tackle!!

(Fans all cheering as Sybil Dawn heads outside to the ring apron.)

Bishop: Sybil Dawn Slingshotting herself to the top turnbuckle. She Moonsaults….AND NAILS A LEGDROP ON THE PRONE KIRSTEN DUNST!!!

Mutt: That’s the Arabian Legdrop. It’s over!

Bishop: The cover….1….2….3! No, the ref calling the shoulder up. A 2 count.

(Fans cheering as Sybil Dawn picks up Kirsten Dunst.)

Mutt: Sybil Irish Whipping the Vindicator to the near ropes. The Vindicator bouncing off and countering the Backbody Drop with a vicious Karate Chop to the head. The Vindicator falling against the ropes in exhaustion as Sybil Dawn tumbles to the mat.

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Bishop: The Vindicator is just beat. She real slow to act as Sybil Dawn gets to her feet. Sybil Dawn up but Vindicator with another Karate Chop! Sybil is doubled over, and the Vindicator with a Side Russian Legsweep.

(Fans cheering!)

Mutt: The Vindicator with another pick up and a Frontface lock… FISHERMANS’ BUSTER!!! OH GOOD GOD!

(Huge crowd pop as both women are down on the mat.)

Ref: ….2…..3….4……5…..

Bishop: Sybil real slow to her feet, now dropping the Spinning Elbow to the head. 1………………..2…………………1/2!

(Huge Crowd pop as Kirsten Dunst gets the shoulder up!)

Bishop: Sybil Dawn seems oblivious to the rantings of her manager Sirron Derringer. She Irish Whips Vindicator to the far ropes, Vindicator bouncing off, and Sybil with Tilt a Whirl Slam!!!

(Biggest pop thus far!)

Mutt: Sybil Dawn slapping the mat in excitement. She needs to get on her woman though. Sybil heading over to a near corner. I think that Fisherman’s’ Buster still has her dazed though.

Bishop: Hold on! Vindicator up on her feet, using the ropes for support. Sybil climbing up to the top turnbuckle, facing the fans. She’s going for her patented Asia Moonsault but doesn’t see that Vindicator is up.

Mutt: Vindicator heading over to the corner, and CLIPPING Sybil Dawn’s leg! Kirsten Dunst now, twirling Sybil Dawn around. Vindicator with a Front Face Lock, and she’s looking out to the fans!

(Fans all on their feet as Kirsten Dunst hoists Sybil Dawn up in the air.)


Mutt: She’s got a perfect bridge on it. The ref checks the shoulders and makes the count……………1………………..2…. ………..3!


Bishop: Vindicator collapsing to the mat. She’s taken a lot of damage in this one. But with that incredible reserve, she was able to come back.

Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 13 minutes 16 seconds, your winner via pinfall is………the ‘Vindicator’ Kirsten Dunst!

(Fans cheering as they hear ‘The Show Must Go On’ by Queen.)

Bishop: One hell of a match. Both women fighting hard in this one. I though Sybil Dawn had this wrapped up, but Kirsten Dunst pulling it out at the last minute.

Mutt: Enough of that match. I can’t wait till the next one between Medusa Rage and Andrea Chandler. The Syndicate is not here to play around with you. They put Indigo out on the shelf, squashed Sierra, and now we have Medusa to take care of. They gonna kill that ol’ hag!

Bishop: Hardly. Medusa is a big woman. Andrea may be underestimating her ring experience. Fans Spud McKenzie in in the ring now, ready for action…

Medusa Rage vs. Andrea Chandler

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 15 minute time limit.

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Dvorak’s 9th Symphony’ by New Order)

Spud: First, accompanied down the aisle by her manager Dalbello Rage and Sierra Browne….from Halifax, Nova Scotia! She is 6 feet tall, 160 pounds, here is Medusa Rage!

(Fans all cheering as she enters the ring. Her wild mane of Dreadlocks roll around as she gets psyched up for her opponent.)

Mutt: What? You’re trying to tell me that the manager of the Browne Sisters and the Misfits has a manager herself? What a loser.

Bishop: And why do you say that Sam Mutt?

Mutt: Well hell, if she’s not good enough to manage herself, what makes her good enough to manage those tag teams?

Bishop: (Sighs) Oh boy!

Spud: ….and her opponent!

(Fans boo as they hear ‘Cold Blood’ by Kix.)

Spud: Representing the Syndicate! Accompanied to the ring by her manager the Kingpin and ‘The Legend’ Micki Duran! Making her summer residence in Hollywood, California. She is 5 feet 7 inches, 142 pounds, here is….Andrea Chandler!

(Fans boo as she enters the ring, wearing a black bodybuilders posing bikini trimmed with rhinestones.)

Bishop: The arrogant one, Andrea Chandler facing the Afro-Caribbean manager of the Rage Family. This is gonna be nothing short of a fight.

Mutt: Can we say, squash? No, that comes later in Ma Porter’s match.


Mutt: Medusa and Andrea sizing each other up. I thought this would start out wild and furious. Medusa is a big woman. She’s three inches taller and about 15 pounds heavier. And look, Andrea wants to test strength!

Bishop: Greco Roman Knuckle challenge!

(Fans all cheering as Medusa Rage looks to the crowd for approval.)

Mutt: Medusa has the leverage and weight advantage, but I think Andrea has more yolks. She’s just ripped!

Bishop: They lock up, and Medusa with a kick to the midsection! Medusa now with a Waistlock and a Belly to Belly Suplex!!! WoW! She’s got some power as well. Medusa with a pick up and running over to the near corner, REPEATEDLY ramming Andrea’s head into the top turnbuckle!

(Fans counting: 1….2…3…4…5…6…7….8…9…10!)

Mutt: Andrea is dazed! Medusa with a head of steam and MISSING the Clothesline!

Bishop: Andrea ducking under and applying a Waistlock, and now an Inverted Atomic Drop! Medusa stumbling backwards as Andrea sinks down to one knee. Hold on! Medusa bouncing off the ropes nailing away on Andrea’s head with the flat of her foot.

(Fans cheering as Andrea Chandler falls to the mat.)

Bishop: Medusa with a Single Leg pick up and a Spinning Toe Hold!

Mutt: I’m impressed with her ring positioning. Just superb. Chandler has no hope of reaching the ropes from the middle of the ring.

(Fans all cheering as Medusa Rage falls backwards.)

Mutt: Medusa putting pressure on that knee. Medusa up again and falling back, pressuring the leg again!

Bishop: Andrea Chandler complaining about something. The ref checking, and Andrea Chandler with a low blow.

(Fans boo as Medusa Rage doubles over in pain.)

Mutt: Chandler doing what it takes to get free. Chandler back up to her feet and kicking away at Rage. Andrea with a pickup and a Neckbreaker! Andrea up again…

Bishop: and Medusa with a Single Leg Takedown! Medusa now, spinning around…

Mutt: …but Andrea Chandler with an Inside Cradle! 1….2..kick out! Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Both women back up and Medusa bullying Andrea into the ropes. She Irish Whips Andrea to the far side, she bounces off, and MEDUSA RAGE WITH A TILT A WHIRL BACKBREAKER!!!

(Fans all cheering as Medusa picks up Andrea Chandler.)

Bishop: Oh boy! Medusa slapping Andrea’s head between her legs. She hoist her up…AND NAILS THE JACKNIFE POWERBOMB!!! WHAT STRENGTH!!!

(Dawg Pound barks as Andrea Chandler scrambles around the ring in pain.)

Bishop: Andrea’s clutching her back in pain, but Medusa isn’t making the cover.

Mutt: Hell, this is her first time in the ring of Grand Dragon. That’s inexperience for ya

Bishop: Medusa with a pick up and plants Andrea into the corner. Medusa now, punching away, and Andrea with a rake to the eyes! Medusa backing up, AND ANDREA CHANDLER COMES RUNNING OUT OF THE CORNER WITH A CLOTHESLINE!

(Fans booing as Medusa Rage hits the mat.)

Mutt: Medusa should have either covered or stayed on Andrea. Medusa’s style is more like Radhi Ananda’s. She’s a wild brawler. Andrea is more of a refined brawler that employs Powermoves.

Bishop: Andrea clutching her back, I think she’s realizing Medusa’s a lot tougher than she thought. Andrea backing into the ropes, bouncing off, and nailing a kneedrop to Medusa’s head!!!

(Fans all cheering as Indigo Browne comes down the aisle on crutches.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5remaining.

Bishop: Indigo Browne is here to cheer on her manager!

Mutt: Who cares? Chandler with a pick up and has Medusa up in a Vertical Suplex position…and nails a kneebreaker! She’s focusing on the legs now….but Andrea’s back is really getting to her. She’s was clutching her back at the end of that move.

(Fans cheering Medusa as she scrambles for the ropes.)

Mutt: Andrea with a Single Leg Pick up and drives a foot to the hamstring! Medusa’s in pain. Andrea now with a pickup and a punch to the head. But Medusa counters with a punch of her own!

(Fans all cheering as they go back and forth.)

Bishop: Medusa tying up with Andrea, now Irish Whipping her to the far ropes! Medusa running toward her as Andrea bounces off the ropes.. ..and Andrea Chandler gets nailed with a Running Bulldog Clothesline!!! Oh my!!

(Fans cheering as Andrea Chandler roles out to the floor.)

Bishop: Andrea lifting up the mat, and grabbing the cable as Medusa rolls to the outside. And Andrea choking away on Medusa! The ref trying to force the break as Medusa starts turning colors!

Mutt: Andrea now, with kick to the midsection of Medusa. Andrea now with a handful of hair and rams her head against the guard railing!

Bishop: Micki Duran calling for Andrea to get back into the ring. But she can’t! Medusa grabbing onto the tights as she climbs up to the ring apron….AND A BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX!!!

(Fans all cheering as Andrea Chandler is laid out on the floor.)

Mutt: Medusa grabbing Indigo’s crutch, and Kingpin is complaining. And here comes Micki Duran! Medusa about to nail the fallen Andrea Chandler, and Micki Duran with shot from behind!

Bishop: Hold on! Sierra Browne with a chair, and nails Micki Duran!!!

(Fans cheering as the referee rolls to the outside.)

Mutt: Duran and Browne going at it as Medusa and Chandler fight over the crutch. The ref’s calling for the bell.


Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen. Due to the uncontrollable nature of this bout, it has been ruled a Double Disqualification!

(Huge crowd pop as Andrea Chandler is nailed with the crutch.)

Bishop: Micki Duran getting the best of the exhausted Sierra Browne. She has in a Front Face Lock, flips her around, and nails the Running Neckbreaker!!!

(Fans boo as Sierra Browne is laid out on the floor.)

Mutt: Security is clearing this one! It will go down in the books as a draw, though I don’t think either woman would like that. They should just get it over with and get a steel cage!

Bishop: The Syndicate has left, and The Browne Clan is being pressed by Security to leave ringside as well. This brawl was about to get out of hand.

Mutt: Let’s move on to our Main Event! At least one heel tonight is gonna get a win.

GDWA Western Heritage Championship: Officer Order vs. Valkyrie

Spud: Wrestling Fans, our next contest is THE main event this week. It is set for one fall, with a 20 minute time limit. And it is for the GDWA Western Heritage Championship.

(Fans boo as they hear ‘True Faith’ by New Order!)

Spud: First, the challenger, accompanied to the ring by her manager Vlad the Impaler! From Des Moines, Iowa…..She is 5 feet 8 inches, 129 pounds! Here is Valkyrie!!!

(Valkyrie heads down the aisle, wearing something similar to a reddish-gold kimono with her reddish blonde hair flowing over her back.)

Bishop: This is title shot number 2 for Valkyrie who was forced to forfeit her first one due to injury. Valkyrie will have to be on her game tonight to overthrow Double O.

Spud: And her opponent….

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Bad Boys’ by Inner Circle.)

Spud: Accompanied down the aisle by her partner Martial Law, and ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson!

(Big Crowd Pop!)

Spud: Hailing from San Francisco, California. She is 5 feet tall, weighing 120 pounds! Here is the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance Western Heritage Champion…..’Double O’ Officer Order!!!

(Officer Order comes to ringside dressed in a black SWAT Jumpsuit and SFPD Baseball cap. The Western Heritage title is gleaming around her waist.)

Mutt: It’s funny to see Officer Order with gold around her waist, yet Lanny Manson without. As a matter of fact, Lanny Manson STILL hasn’t wrestled since the Summer Supercard pay per view back in May.

Bishop: Double O slapping hands with fans at ringside. Valkyrie in the ring now, talking things over with Vlad. This is the first chance Valkyrie has had at any of GDWA’s prestigious titles since losing to Demonica in the Finals of the Internet Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

Mutt: Look at this! Valkyrie engaged in a shouting match with Double O. She doesn’t like all of this playing to the fans. She wants to get it on NOW!

Bishop: Officer Order entering the ring, and the fans really backing her tonight.

(Fans chanting: Order! Order! Order! Order! Order!)


Bishop: Valkyrie and Order circling one another. Double O with fake jabs as Val is reluctant to lock up. Val charging in but Double O with an Aikido Throw! Val back up and Order with a Legsweep Takedown!

 Mutt: Valkyrie quickly crawling over to the ropes. She’s not used to a woman with such quickness. And look at the proportions. Order so small, that it makes her that much quicker than the high Flyer. The challenger has got to find a weakness in Double O’s arsenal!

Bishop: Valkyrie back up to her feet, and she’s walking into Order. Val, very reserved as they dance around in the middle of the ring… and finally they lock up! Val using her height advantage to back Order into the near corner. The ref calls for a break…and Val with a clenched fist!

Mutt: …but it’s blocked! Val with another punch and Order blocks it again. Order now with Karate chops to the upper body of Valkyrie! She’s backing away as the smaller champion pummels her with Karate Chops!

(Fans cheering as she Irish Whips Valkyrie to the far ropes.)

Bishop: Valkyrie bouncing off the ropes and NAILS DOUBLE O WITH A FLYING FOREARM!!!

(Fans booing!)

Mutt: Shades of Lanny Manson right there, Bishop.

Bishop: Valkyrie with a pickup and a Spinning Neckbreaker! Now Valkyrie back up, running to the near ropes, bouncing off and….

Mutt: MISSING the Somersault Legdrop. Damn it. Order rolling out of the way at the last second. Both women back up to the neutral position and Order with a Drop toehold! Now Double O grounding the High Flyer with a Nerve Pinch to the Trapezius muscles.

(Fans all cheering as Valkyrie slaps the mat in frustration.)

Bishop: Valkyrie crawling around looking for the ropes, and Order with a Bodyscissors to slow her down. She’s given up the Nerve hold to take away the mobility of Valkyrie. Great wrestling.

Mutt: She’s also exploiting a weakness I didn’t even know Valkyrie had. You know, some wrestlers have a kind of radar that tells them where everything is in the ring. They have great ring presence. But Valkyrie looks lost when she isn’t flying around.

(Fans cheering as Vlad climbs up to the ring apron to complain!)

Bishop: Valkyrie is losing her breath here. This could wind up in a submission win for Order. Vlad screaming something out to his protégé. Val twirling around to face Order, and a rake to the eyes! Double O is blinded.

Mutt: Another shot to the eyes, and the champion releasing the hold. Valkyrie crawling over to the ropes to get some air as Order gets to the far corner to get her bearings. Valkyrie measuring up Order now. Val with a head of steam….AND NAILS DOUBLE O WITH A SPINNING LEG LARIAT IN THE CORNER!!! Beautiful.

(Fans booing as the smaller Officer Order crumbles in the corner.)

Bishop: Valkyrie really at a loss of breath. She picks up Double O and drops down to connect with a Spinning Mule Kick! Order is down on the mat.

Mutt: Valkyrie not used to having an overall power advantage over her opponents. She picks up Order and slaps her between her legs. Oh boy! Val with a waistlock, and lifts her up….

Bishop: …but Order with a Headscissors, and now she’s using the ropes to sit up on Val’s shoulders. OH no! Order adjusting her weight, and shifts to roll her up into a Victory Roll!!!

Ref:……………1…………………….2…………kick out!

(Fans cheering as both women are slow to get to their feet.)

Mutt: That’s the same move she used to beat Sachie Yokoyama for the Western Heritage title. DQ better be watching this match!

Bishop: Order and Valkyrie up to the neutral position, and Valkyrie with a head of steam, but Order with an Aikido Throw! Valkyrie back up and Order with a Front Kick to the shoulder! Val doubles over and Order with a Front Face Lock….AND CONNECTS WITH A VERTICAL SUPLEX!!!

(Crowd pops!)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 20 minute time limit. 10 remaining

Bishop: Order on her knees now, and connecting with a Nerve Strike to the Shoulder area once more, and Valkyrie is really feeling it. Val in a sitting position as Order applies a Nerve Pinch from behind. Val trying to reach around to break the hold, and Order back up to her feet.

Mutt: Order striking with kicks to the shoulder area of Valkyrie as she rolls over to the ropes. Val’s got to out muscle Double O. She can’t allow that little midget to get confident.

(Fans all cheering as Valkyrie rolls out of the ring.)

Bishop: Valkyrie on the outside conferring with Vlad. Hold on! Officer Order backing into the far ropes, bouncing off, and with a head of steam….NAILS VALKYRIE WITH A PLANCHA DIVE!!!

(Huge crowd pop AS Hardcores cheer!)

Mutt: Order has had enough of the stalling game. She roll Valkyrie back into the ring as she climbs the turnbuckles. The ref checking on Valkyrie…


(Fans boo as Officer Order is straddled atop the top turnbuckle.)

Bishop: Hold on! Martial Law on the outside, nailing away on Vlad. The two men are going at it on the outside.

Mutt: Valkyrie given a second chance here. She walks over to the corner, and tosses Order off the turnbuckle. Valkyrie now, climbing up the turnbuckles. She’s facing the crowd as she steadies herself for the leap!

(Fans screaming as Valkyrie is poised on the top turnbuckle.)

Spud: 15 minutes have gone by in the 20 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Bishop: Valkyrie is ready! She jumps….and HITS the Moonsault! She grapevines the leg for the cover!

Ref: 1….2….kick out!

(Big crowd pop as Officer Order kicks out of the cover!)

Mutt: Val with a pick up and slaps Orders head between her legs. Val with a Waistlock, and hoists her up for a Powerbomb!!! Val now, running to the near ropes, bouncing off and nailing the Somersault Legdrop. Lateral Press! It’s over!

Ref: 1…………………………….2……………………3!

(Crowd gasping as Officer Order lifts the shoulder!)

Bishop: Order should have been put away. WoW! What reserve from the champ. Val with a pickup and a Spinning Neckbreaker!!! 1…… 2…..shoulder up!

(Fans boo as Vonya and her manager Nightcrawler walk down the aisle.)

Mutt: The Texicans are down here. They must have some kind of beef with Valkyrie. Remember a few weeks back.

Bishop: Indeed I do. Valkyrie running for the far ropes….

Mutt: …and falls to the outside. Vonya pulled down the top ring rope!

Spud: 60 seconds remaining! 60 seconds!

Bishop: Vlad is outta here, as Martial Law chased him out of the arena some time ago. Valkyrie is down on the outside, as Officer Order gets to her feet. Vonya screaming at Valkyrie as she reenters the ring…and Officer Order with an Axe Kick!

(Fans cheer as Valkyrie collapses against the ropes.)

Mutt: Officer Order now, Irish Whipping Valkyrie to the far ropes as she backs into the near ropes. Val bounces off and Order connecting with a Flying Side Kick! Damn!

(Fans all cheering chanting: Order! Order! Order! Order!)

Spud: 30 seconds remaining!

Bishop: Double O with a pick up and nails away with Karate Chops to the chest of Valkyrie. Order now, backing away, AND NAILING VALKYRIE WITH AN ENZIGURI KICK!!!!!

(Fans all on their feet cheering as Officer Order cradles the leg.)

Ref: 1………………………2…………………….3!


(Crowd pops big time as Officer Order gets to her feet!)

Spud: At 19 minutes 43 seconds, your winner via pinfall…..and StiiiiiiiiiiiiL GDWA Western Heritage Champion! ‘Double O’ Officer Order!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Crowd cheers as they hear ‘Bad Boys’ by Inner Circle.)

Bishop: Lanny Manson running over to the announcer’s table grabbing the belt. She hops over the top rope and hands it to Officer Order!

(Huge Crowd pop!)

Bishop: Double O hugs Lanny Manson, and drapes the Western Heritage title over her shoulder. What a great scene!

Mutt: It’s called the reversal of destinies Bishop. Lanny Manson representing the old, and Double O representing the new.

Bishop: ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson is NOT a has-been. She was a great World Champion. And if all goes well, she’ll be World Champion again someday.

Mutt: Maybe someday, but no time soon Bishop. Old dogs don’t learn new tricks.

Bishop: That’s enough from you Sam Mutt. Fans, that’s all for tonight. For all of us here at the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance, I’m Allen Bishop. Goodbye Everybody.

(Fans still cheering as Lanny Manson and the referee raise Officer Order’s hand in victory.)



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