Scene opens up on a jammed packed Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon. There are 24,698 screaming fans in attendance. “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


Bishop: Wrestling fans! Welcome to the Saturday Nite Special. Hi, I’m Allan Bishop along with color man Sam Mutt! ‘Congo’ Paul Roberts with be out a little later on with commentary on the tag team match ups.

Mutt: Allen Bishop, you want to talk about tag teams? This is the first week of the World tag title tournament. Hell!!! Not only do we have the team of Andrea Chandler & Micki Duran going up against the Hyena Queens, but you have Dark Asylum and those crazy MISFITS going at it!

(Fans screaming: Lanny! Lanny! Lanny! Lanny! Lanny! Lanny!)

Bishop: And one can only hypothesize what affect that match against the MISFITS will have against Demonica? Will she be able to come out of that in shape to defend that Internet title? She defends it tonight against Charlotte La Mancha!

(Fans screaming: Lanny! Lanny! Lanny! Lanny! Lanny! Lanny!)

Mutt: Oh yeah! That’s been a match long and coming as far as I’m concerned. And speaking of long and coming, let’s talk about Zaranna vs. Lanny Manson in the semifinals of the World Title tournament. How about Radhi Ananda’s first title defense as she faces newcomer Bloody Mary? Oh yea, it’s on tonight jack!

(Fans all cheering as Spud McKenzie heads down the aisle!)

Bishop: So much at stake tonight. Every match has championship ramifications. Also fans, on the House of Styles, MISTER Furious Styles interviews 2 out of the 3 of the Dragon Trio. Hopefully we can get some kind of word on what’s going on in that group.

Mutt: Well, I know I don’t commentate on Tag Team action, I just wanna sit here and watch this week! It’s on tonight jack!

Bishop: Kicking off a phenomenal card this week we have the first two BLOCKBUSTER matches in the first-ever GDWA tag team title tournament. With me, as always, the ever-eloquent, the ever-congenial Robert Ripley of the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance; Mr. “Congo” Paul Roberts…

Congo: Believe it or not, Mr. Bishop, your sarcasm was duly noted.

Bishop: Congo, who is your prediction to take home the gold?

Congo: I don’t make predictions, Mr. Bishop.

Bishop: (pause)…And why would that be?

Congo: I do my best to avoid looking foolish. I can teach a few tricks if you’d like?

Bishop: Riiiiight. Tonight, we’ll see the Hyena Queens take on the Syndicate tandem of Andrea Chandler and Micki Duran. But first, we’re scheduled to see the fearsome Dark Asylum versus the Rage family Misfits.

Congo: Good job; I can see why you get the big money. Meanwhile, while you play around, Spud is in the ring ready to get serious…


(Crowd EXPLODES as fireworks go off around the ring)

Dark Asylum vs. The Misfits

Spud: Our first match of the evening is part of the GRAND DRAGON TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT and is scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit!

(Crowd roars. Metallica’s “Through the Never” plays and the Dawg Pound explodes, while the rest of the arena boos)

Spud: Team one, from Parts Unknown at a combined weight of 321 pounds; accompanied by their manager, Madame Hecate; DEMONICA! DEMENTIA PRAECOX! DARK ASYLUM!!

(Demonica, Dementia and Madame Hecate walk down the aisle to the boos of all but the most hardcore fans)

Congo: Oh my.

Bishop: I second that.

Spud: And, their opponents…

(“Listen Up” by the Misfits plays. More cheers this time around, and the Dawg Pound is STILL going crazy)

Spud: From Halifax, Nova Scotia; DALBELLO RAGE! From London, England; GODIVA RAGE! Accompanied by their manager Medusa Rage and weighing in at a combined 308 pounds; THE MISFITS!!

(The Rage Family walks around to the Dawg Pound section and blow kisses to the fans)

Bishop: This match has to really be tearing at our fans in the Dawg Pound; they can’t decide who to root for!!

Congo: It’s tearing at Demonica!! She’s ready to tear the ring up!!

Bishop: The Misfits on the apron; Godiva in the ring and SHE AND DEMONICA SLUGGING IT OUT!!


Congo: GREAT GUNS!! Lefts-rights EVERYWHERE!! Two of the league’s strongest competitors pounding on each other!!

Bishop: Demonica backing Godiva to the ropes. Godiva tags in to Dalbello!!


(Crowd cheers)

Congo: I’ve NEVER seen that before! Dalbello locked in a front-face lock as she went over! Dalbello bounces off the ropes with a fist-drop…DEMONICA ROLLS OUT THE WAY!! Both ladies back up, collar-and-elbow tie-up; Irish Whip by Demonica–reversed by Dalbello. Demonica off the ropes and NAILS DALBELLO WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE AS SHE WENT BACK FOR A TAG!! DAAAAMN!!

(Hardcores pop loud!)

Bishop: Godiva screaming at the ref saying a tag was made, the ref waving her out of the ring!! Demonica with a pick-up and a Military Press!! 5 seconds! 10 seconds!! DEMONICA THROWS DALBELLO *UPSIDE-DOWN* INTO THE DARK ASYLUM CORNER!! A quick tag to Dementia Praecox AND BOTH LADIES KICKING AWAY AT DALBELLO AS SHE HANGS IN THE CORNER!!


(Hardcores roar!!)

Bishop: Praecox backs out of the corner, Dalbello begins working to get her feet free–DEMENTIA PRAECOX WITH A FLYING HEADBUTT STRAIGHT INTO DALBELLO’S GUT!!

Congo: Dalbello really getting the full Dark Asylum experience. It’s…not too fun, really.

Bishop: I bet! Praecox with a handful of Dalbello’s hair–YANKS HER UP AND OUT OF THE CORNER!!

(Crowd groans)

Congo: LORD!!

Bishop: Both managers have separated the wrestlers outside. Praecox Irish Whips Dalbello–FLYING HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN BY PRAECOX!!

Spud: 5 minutes have passed in the 20 minute time limit. 15 minutes remain.

Congo: Godiva back in her corner; both her and Medusa screaming their support at Dalbello!

Bishop: Praecox Irish Whips Dalbello back into the Dark Asylum corner. Demonica hooks Dalbello’s arms–*BIG* CORNER SPLASH BY PRAECOX!!

Congo: Dalbello drops to the mat. Praecox with a Double Leg Pick-up AND DALBELLO WITH A SMALL PACKAGE!!

1 . . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . . . KICKOUT BY PRAECOX!!

Bishop: Dementia Praecox frustrated with the near-fall. She picks Dalbello up by the hair–DALBELLO RUNS PRAECOX BACKWARDS THROUGH THE ROPES!!

Congo: Praecox hits the concrete as the ref warns Dalbello–GODIVA SPLASHES PRAECOX FROM THE APRON!!

(Hardcores pop!)

Congo: Godiva now kissing members of the Dawg Pound on the cheek! She’s denying everything as the ref asks her questions!!

Ref: 3……………………….4………………………

Bishop: Praecox rolling back in the ring and greeted instantly by a pick-up and a German Suplex by Dalbello. A cover! 1……….strong kickout by Praecox.

Congo: Dalbello Irish Whips Praecox and tags in Godiva. Dalbello brings Praecox down with a Drop-Toe Hold–GODIVA WITH A BIG SPLASH FROM THE TOP ROPE!! Another cover!!

1 . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . KICKOUT BY PRAECOX!!

Bishop: Godiva picks up Praecox and goes with a front waistlock–DEMENTIA PRAECOX WITH A SERIES OF SHARP HEADBUTTS TO THE FACE OF GODIVA RAGE!! Godiva is stunned, Praecox bounces back from the far side and NAILS A CROSS BODY BLOCK THAT SENDS BOTH WOMEN OVER THE ROPES!!

(Hardcores pop loud!!)

Congo: Both women have each other by the backs of each other’s head! Praecox goes to slam Godiva face first into the post–COUNTERED AND GODIVA SLAMS PRAECOX’S HEAD INTO THE METAL STAIRS!! PRAECOX BACK UP–NO EFFECT–SLAMS GODIVA FACE FIRST INTO THE POST!! AND AGAIN!! PRAECOX IRISH WHIPS GODIVA INTO THE METAL RAIL!!

Ref: 5………………………..6……………………..

Bishop: Praecox back in; both Hecate and Demonica asking for the tag–PRAECOX SLINGSHOTS HERSELF OVER WITH A PLANCHA ONTO GODIVA!!

Congo: Demonica is so furiously shaking the ropes that the whole damn ring is bound to fall apart!! Praecox rolls Godiva back in and heads for the turnbuckles. Praecox is pulling the padding off the top turnbuckle!! Godiva stumbling back up to her feet AND PRAECOX RUNS HER FACE FIRST INTO THE EXPOSED METAL TURNBUCKLE!!

(Fans gasp!)

Congo: There goes Godiva’s pretty little face!! A cover 1……..2………SAVE BY DALBELLO RAGE!!

Bishop: Godiva’s a mess lying on the mat and Praecox finally going back for the tag! Uh oh, here comes big Demonica!! Demonica with a big hand around Godiva’s throat–C*H*O*K*E*S*L*A*M!!


Bishop: The ref trying to get between Dalbello and Praecox; GODIVA WITH AN EYE RAKE ON DEMONICA!! Godiva goes to lift Demonica–HER KNEES CAN’T HOLD OUT AND THEY BOTH FALL!! DEMONICA WITH A COVER!!

Congo: But the ref is busy trying to break up Dalbello and Dementia Praecox!! Hecate yelling at Demonica!! Demonica up and trying to get ref to turn around. Medusa Rage pulling Godiva out of the ring…

Bishop: Demonica GRABBING THE REF AND SPINNING HIM AROUND!! Dalbello and Praecox are out on the floor as the ref yells at Demonica–DEMONICA CHOKESLAMS THE REF!!!!

(Crowd GASPS as the Dawg Pound EXPLODES!!!)


Congo: And there’s Madame Hecate; I swear I saw her just slap her forehead in frustrated amazement…

Bishop: An army of blue shirted officials running down calling for the bell!! Demonica is already on her way from ringside…


Congo: Madame Hecate is gathering Dementia Praecox. Damn, she looks ANGRY!! That Demonica has a temper, for sure. I know! She’s STILL got to defend her Internet title tonight? If she’s not suspended IMMEDIATELY!!

Bishop: The Misfits gathering together on the outside as the officials crowd around Slocum. Spud now in the ring having words with the group…

Spud: Ladies and gentlemen; your winners via disqualification at 9 minutes 48 seconds and ADVANCING TO THE SEMI-FINALS OF THE GDWA TAG TEAM TITLE TOURNAMENT; THE MISFITS!!

(Both cheers and boos are heard as “Listen Up” by the Misfits plays)

Congo: The Rage family celebrating–AND THEY’VE CLIMBED THE RAIL AND JOINED THE DAWG POUND!! Can you believe it? The Misfits’ first win here and it’s by DQ!!

Bishop: Now they’ve gotta face either the Shadow Warriors or Lady Luck; a match we’ll have hear next week.

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy!

Bishop: Well fans, before we get to our next match, we have one of two HOUSE of STYLES this week with MISTER Furious Styles.

House of Styles: Daisy Butterfly

(MISTER Furious Styles stands poised in the middle of the ring as the Dawg Pound cheers.)

Styles: MISTER Furious Styles is back! And Bloody Mary…….YOU CAN KISS MY ASS!!!

(Huge crowd pop as MISTER Furious Styles struts around the ring!)

Styles: Now, let’s be professional like! Aight, my first guest this week is one of the most prominent wrestlers in the GDWA. Some consider her the GDWA’s “Franchise,” others see her as the luckiest jobber in the wrestling world. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the HOUSE of STYLES, Daisy cockroa…umm……….DAISY BUTTERFLY!!

(HUGE crowd pop as “The Nutcracker Suite” plays, accompanied by a dazzling fireworks display near the aisle entrance gate.)

Bishop: Yes! Daisy Butterfly hear with us with week. And boy does she look great!!!

Mutt: Yeah, but let’s see if she’s woman enough to answer some hard hitting questions from MISTER Styles.

(Daisy Butterfly walks out, dressed in a sparkling sequined silver and blue kimono and glitter dashed in her shoulder-length black hair. She walks to the ring and gets up in MISTER Furious Styles’ face with a tight-lipped gaze!)

Styles: Now, Miss Cock…I mean, Butterfly. The Iron Woman. The woman behind the Dragon Trio. Hey, tell me something; what’s up with your Dragons? Ya’ll got a lil’ bit of trouble in paradise?

(MISTER Styles puts the mic in Daisy’s face and she just stares back at him.)

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, tender topic huh? Allow me to break it down for you. Your girl Sachie? POISONS Officer Order at the Fall Moonsault. That must have increased your popularity with the hometown boys in blue. Charlotte? Yeah, your little starlet cracked and put herself all up in Ma Porter’s business. And I know my girl Big Ma! That’s gonna cost Charlotte in the long run. Hey Daisy, did she run off and join the Syndicate? Wait a second…I know what happened!!

(MISTER Styles paces around, then strikes up his index finger.)


(Daisy grabs MISTER Styles by the front of his shirt.)


(Fans cheer as Daisy Butterfly cracks a wry smile.)

Daisy: (Seriously) I *NEVER* made any agreement, verbal or otherwise, to become a part of the Kingpin’s Syndicate. Did you see me down attacking Porter? No, you didn’t. I’d NEVER sacrifice my integrity for such a small measure of revenge…

(The crowd roars!)

Daisy: As for Sachie’s actions; ask her. You’ve got her coming up later tonight. Charlotte? Ask her. I’m not their mother, I’m their friend. And friends stick together REGARDLESS of circumstances…

(Another big crowd pop!)

Daisy: And the only problem that the Dragon Trio has is a lack of eyes in the backs of our heads!!

Styles: (adjusting his shirt) Okay, that explains all the lumps you take. Especially from Nikita Marx; but we’ll get to that in a minute. What do you think about this lady, for the lack of a better word, Bloody Mary? She’s been tossing your name around! I can assure you this Daisy…that girls as serious as a heart-attack!!

(Crowd laughs along with Daisy Butterfly at the irony)

Daisy: Look, Mary; I’m not gonna lie to you. I was once a rookie here too. How did I make a name? I worked my way up the ranks, winning and losing like everyone. I’ll admit, I’m DAMN full of arrogance. But NEVER did I try and take a shortcut and start at the top. Yes, girlfriend I am the top. Bloody Mary, you’re not a wrestler. You’re a thug. I joined the GDWA to wrestle, not to engage in some Toughwoman contest with a bail-skipping ballbreaker.

(Fans cheer!)

Mutt: I hope Mary comes out and kicks Daisy’s ass!

Bishop: Hold on, Daisy’s got more to say.

Daisy: If your serious about this wrestling thing and STILL want a shot at me, I’ll be around. And stop wasting stamps mailing yourself bogus cards. It’s no wonder that mail-carriers go crazy and shoot each other; you’ve got ’em walking around in circles!

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah! But of course, it’s easy for you to say that, isn’t it? You’ve got bigger problems; you’ve got Nikita Marx making your life a Russian Nightmare…

Daisy: Oh, wait; smell this!

(Daisy leans in to MISTER Furious Styles and wafts at her neck. Styles sniffs.)

Daisy: Lovely, isn’t it?

Styles: Hey, Is that–?

Daisy: “Heiss Busen.” Exactly. “The scent of a woman who knows what she wants.” And Nikita, I know what I want. Tokyo dome, baby; me and you, best out of three falls, two referees at ringside. We can take a look at the tally so far; I’m STILL up by one. And there’s NO WAY that you can possibly cheat through all three falls. Hell, I don’t even care if you do! I’m getting pretty good at taking your cheap shots, girl.

Styles: Wait wait wait! You WANT to go three falls with Nikita Marx! Please! Little cockroach, she’ll stomp all over you ONCE AGAIN…

Daisy: Look, Styles; I prefer “Butterfly.” But you go ahead and keep calling me a cockroach; we COULD have a second week of “Bloody Styles”…

(Big crowd pop)

Styles: Okay, slow down, sweetheart! On that note, that’s it for this interview! I’m outta here…

(MISTER Furious Styles drops the mic in the ring and leaves.)

Bishop: That’s the challenge! Daisy Butterfly and Nikita Marx in a best of 3 falls match up! WoW!

(“The Nutcracker Suite” plays as Daisy Butterfly poses around the ring, amping the crowd. She takes off back down the aisle, slapping hands with the fans!)

Mutt: We’ll see if she can hang! ‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx is one of the hottest wrestlers going. She beat up on the recently departed Vixen, and just a few weeks ago draped that Russian flag over the battered Daisy Butterfly’s dead body….

Bishop: Will you stop saying that? Fans, let’s get into our next Tag Team contest.

Mutt: Shut up! Congo, what do YOU have to say about our next match?!

Congo: The Hyena Queens versus the Syndicate? Goddamn, do we have the matches tonight or what?

Hyena Queens vs. The Syndicate

Spud: Our next match is also a part of THE FIRST ROUND IN THE GDWA TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT!!

(More cheers from the crowd. “Welcome to the Jungle” plays and a mixed reaction ensues. More boos than cheers)

Spud: Team one, at a combined weight of 272 lbs.; from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, “POWERBOMB” ANGELA BASSETT!! Her partner, from Chicago IL, “TECHNICIAN” TERRY MCMILLEN. THE HYENA QUEENS!!

(The Hyena Queens walk out wearing their red and black hyena-fur lined robes, slapping a few hands towards the ring)

Congo: A VERY capable team. Hell, they ended the Browne Girls’ successful ways here in the GDWA.

Bishop: Don’t sound so final.

Spud: And, their opponents…

(“Cold Blooded” by Kix plays and the crowd stands and boos)

Spud: At a combined 266 lbs.; accompanied to the ring by the Kingpin and representing the Syndicate; ANDREA CHANDLER and “THE LEGEND” MICKI DURAN!!

(The Syndicate come out, the Kingpin immaculately dressed; Andrea Chandler sporting her sunglasses. Both ladies look ready for action)

Bishop: QUITE an ovation for the Syndicate camp.

Congo: I guess the fans want to argue with success. Both teams in the ring; it looks like Chandler will be starting things off for the Syndicate tandem, with Powerbomb in there for the Hyena Queens.

Bishop: Chandler not looking too worried; I’m not sure if she knows what she’s getting in to.


Congo: Collar-and-elbow tie-up; Chandler walks Powerbomb to the ropes. The ref getting the break–and Andrea Chandler SLAPPING Powerbomb across the face!!

Bishop: Powerbomb fuming but trying to keep her cool. She doesn’t want to make a mistake against this team. Another collar-and-elbow tie-up and Chandler FLINGS POWERBOMB BACK INTO THE ROPES!! Powerbomb bounces back quickly and DRILLS CHANDLER WITH A RUNNING FOREARM!! Powerbomb with a waistlock–BELLY-TO-BACK SUPLEX!!

(Crowd cheers)

Congo: Both women back up; Chandler looking a little frustrated with that quick exchange. Chandler holding her right hand up high–it looks as if she’s looking for a test of strength!!

(Crowd yelling and Powerbomb: “No! No!”)

Bishop: Powerbomb going for it…AND PULLS HER HAND BACK!! She’s laughing at Chandler!!



Congo: Both the Kingpin and Duran over in the corner yelling at Chandler. As great of single’s competitor as she is; probably one of the best, she can’t stand as one woman against the Hyena Queens. She needs to make the tag before she gets picked apart!

Bishop: Chandler up and headed for her corner. Powerbomb dives for her legs and Chandler falls back–SHE MAKES THE TAG!! DURAN RUSHES IN AND POWERBOMB BACKS UP INTO HER CORNER!!

Congo: Now Duran waits in the middle of the ring. She’s not the “Legend” because she falls for tricks like that. Powerbomb tags out to McMillen and the two women slowly circle one another.

Bishop: A collar-and-elbow tie-up–Duran breaks it with a go behind on McMillen–McMillen with an Armdrag takedown–McMillen goes for an Armbar–Duran reverses with a Hammerlock and the two stand back up–McMillen reverses with another Hammerlock–Duran gets her arm around McMillen’s head, CHINBREAKER!!

(Crowd cheers the counter-wrestling)

Congo: But Duran is clutching that arm of hers that was Hammerlocked. McMillen held on for the ride and that very well could have popped the shoulder.

Spud: 5 minutes have passed in the 20 minute time limit. 15 minutes remain.

Bishop: Duran Irish Whips–reversed by McMillen!! McMillen with a Drop-Toe hold AND DURAN ROLLS OUT ON THE APRON AS POWERBOMB CRASHES DOWN ON THE CANVAS!! Duran climbing the ropes–DROPKICKS *BOTH* HYENA QUEENS!! A cover on McMillen!!

Congo: The ref telling her that Powerbomb is now the legal woman!! I didn’t even see a tag!!


1 . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . KICKOUT BY DURAN!!

Congo: Powerbomb tags out to McMillen–like they care about the legal tag! McMillen walks in AND DURAN SENDS HER INTO THE CORNER WITH A THRUST KICK TO THE GUT!! She follows in–HANDSTAND HEADSCISSORS ON MCMILLEN IN THE CORNER!! SHE YANKS HER OVER TO THE MAT!!

Bishop: McMillen getting back to her feet and Duran with a Belly-to-Back Suplex!! A cover by Duran! 1………2……..Kickout by McMillen.

Congo: McMillen back up and Duran with a Wristlock–reversed by McMillen and she ties up Duran with a Standing Pumphandle–SLAM BY MCMILLEN!!

(Dawg Pound begins to roar!)

Bishop: Brilliant counter wrestling between these two–wait a second, we’ve got a particularly rowdy bunch of hecklers in the Dawg Pound–IT’S THE RAGE FAMILY CLIQUE!! The Misfits are there, the Brownes are there; they’re checking out the competition I guess!!

Congo: And the Kingpin doesn’t like it. He’s taking his big self over there and having words with the teams!

Bishop: In the ring, McMillen trying to slap on an armbar and Duran scoots to the ropes. The Hyena Queens have done an excellent job of attacking the Syndicate in this encounter. Duran back up to her feet and again, the two women check each other out looking for an opening. McMillen rushes in and backs Duran up with big open hand slaps to the chest. An Irish Whip by McMillen sends Duran into the ropes–she tags out to Andrea Chandler–and jumps over McMillen as she hits the ground. Duran holds on to the ropes as McMillen gets back up AND IS HOISTED INTO THE AIR BY CHANDLER!! KNEEBREAKER BY CHANDLER!!

Congo: Duran gets a good kick in on McMillen before the ref moves her out. Chandler picks McMillen up with a Military Press AND PITCHES HER OVER THE TOP ROPE!!

Spud: 10 minutes have passed in the 20 minute time limit. 10 minutes remain.

Bishop: Chandler over by the ropes yelling at the Syndicate still in the crowd. Terry McMillen composing herself on the outside as the Misfits hurl a few barbs her way too. We just might see a Battle Royal here in a minute!!

Congo: McMillen rolls back into the ring and Chandler instantly on the attack. Chandler drills McMillen with a series of kicks to the knees, sending McMillen down. A single-leg pick-up by Chandler and the big woman drives an elbow into McMillen’s knee-inner thigh area. What we’re seeing here, my guess, would be a set-up for the Dividend Leglock that Ms. Chandler employs.

Bishop: Powerbomb trying to rally the fans to cheer on McMillen and believe it or not–people are cheering!! McMillen crawls towards the ropes and Chandler yanks her out to the center of the ring. A single leg pick-up and Chandler hooks the Figure Four!! Right in the center of the ring!! This could be it!!

Congo: Powerbomb busts through the ropes and nails Chandler but Chandler holds on!! Duran in there and the ref separating the illegal women. The ref asking McMillen…McMillen won’t give!! Her shoulders hit the mat!! 1…….2…….!! 1……..!! 1………2………..!! McMillen won’t stay down!!

Bishop: And now McMillen is pulling at her own legs!! Duran behind Chandler and pulling on her arms for extra leverage!!

Congo: And McMillen has loosened her boot and slipped her foot free!! McMillen has gotten out of the Figure Four!!

(Crowd pops!!)

Bishop: Amazing!! McMillen struggling towards her corner as Andrea Chandler gets back to her feet! Chandler rushes in AND POWERBOMB IS TAGGED IN!!


Bishop: The ref yelling at Duran and getting her to leave the ring. Powerbomb stumbling around the ropes; wait a minute, Chandler getting back up HOLDING TERRY MCMILLEN’S BOOT!! CHANDLER NAILS POWERBOMB WITH THE BOOT AND COVERS!!




(“Welcome to the Jungle” blasts through the PA as fans cheer)

Congo: The Hyena Queens advance!! They’re walking back down the aisle as the Kingpin gets in the ref’s face. I hope he doesn’t do anything rash…

Bishop: A great match by both sides. The Syndicate though, I believe, got frustrated and tried to take an easy way out. The mercurial Hyena Queens leave here with a few more fans…

Congo: Well fans, time for me to retire for the evening. Mr. Bishop, please don’t make an ass of yourself while I’m gone. I trust that Mr. Mutt can keep in you in line.

[Note: There is a HOUSE of STYLES interview missing. That was by Sachie Yokoyama. Suffice to say, it was very heelish, and VERY GOOD! Problem is that it had so many Japanese words, my server destroys the formatting by spell checking the entire document. So if you received the card, it would have been a hump of garbage. Took me 2 hours to figure out it wasn’t my server 🙂 It is a great interview, and I’ll try to find a way to get it out to everyone.]

Bishop: Thank you Styles. Some harsh words from Sachie Yokoyama.

Mutt: Yeah, we’ll see what all that amounts to. I love her new attitude, but we’ll see if she’s still the wimp we all know from the Dragon Trio.

Mutt: I can’t wait to see this match up! The premier of Bloody Mary as she takes on the high flying brawler ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda for the Western Heritage Title!!!

Bishop: Well, before we get to that match, let’s hear comments from ‘Luscious’ Lisa Thomas and Lady Starr from late last night….

Lisa Thomas and Lady Starr

(In a hotel room watching a taped version of GDWA Friday Night Tease)

“Dangerous” David Jones: Big Baby! I done the possible because I’m gonna have the baddest tag-team in GDWA History. My Dangerous Dolls! Furious Styles put me on your show a.s.a.p. Killa!

“Luscious” Lisa Thomas: Damn You! Mr. Vessey you know I should be back in the singles rank as contender. But, “Dangerous Queen” I’m looking for you everywhere you go I’m gonna be there and you gonna get a big surprise also. But, me and Lady Starr are ready to win them tag team straps from them cheap tricks the misfits, hyena queens, High Flying Dolls and Dark Asylum.

Lady Starr: ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda I see you got my Western Championship strap that I’ve been looking for. So, Jungle when you and I meet again it’s gonna look like a jungle because it’s gonna be no holds barred action from Lady Starr. The fans know that I’m still one of the very best in the GDWA! So, everybody get ready to be Starr Struck!

DJ: I shed so many tears…….when I didn’t appear but I’m here again in GDWA with the best ladies! I’m from the east coast outie like Space Ghost peace!

(Camera fades to black)

Bishop: Sam, what do you know of Bloody Mary?

Mutt: Well, she has wrestled in Japan on the independent scene as well as in Mexico for about 2 years. She’s wrestled in the LPWA before hitting the big leagues of Grand Dragon. A wily streetfighter, I think she’ll match up perfectly against the champion.

Bishop: We could have a major upset here tonight if Bloody Mary plays her cards right. Fans, let’s get into the action.

GDWA Western Heritage Championship: Radhi Ananda vs. Bloody Mary

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 15 minute time limit. And it is, for the GDWA Western Heritage Championship!

(Fans boo as they hear ‘Midnight Rider’ by Allman Bros.)

Spud: First, the challenger, hailing from Davenport, Iowa! She is 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighing 160 pounds. Here is….Bloody Mary!

(Fans booing even louder as Bloody Mary heads down the aisle wearing a one piece red spandex with black boots.)

Bishop: Bloody Mary is a BIG woman! Mary heading down the aisle and….

Mutt: HEAR COMES ‘JUNGLE’ RADHI ANANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fans pop as Radhi Ananda runs up behind Bloody Mary and nails her.)


(Fans cheer as Bloody Mary falls to her knees!)

Mutt: Jungle Radhi Ananda with a pickup, and rams Mary’s head into the guard railing! Bloody Mary didn’t do her homework. NOBODY is more unpredictable than the Western Heritage Champion!!!!

Bishop: The referee on the outside now, and is forcing Jungle into the ring. The ref helping Mary up to her feet, and heading her toward the ring.


Bishop: The bell has rung, and ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda running towards the ropes! Jungle running toward the near side…….AND SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE ROPES TO THE OUTSIDE WITH A MOONSAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fans whistle and cheer as Bloody Mary collapses to the floor.)

Mutt: Radhi Ananda nailing away with clenched fists. Mary is pinned to the floor. Oh boy! Jungle with a pickup and Irish Whips Bloody Mary into the guard railing!!!! Bloody Mary flips over the railing into the ringside seats!!!

(Fans still cheering while the referee forces ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda into the ring!)

Mutt: The referee picking up the WESTERN HERITAGE TITLE from the middle of the ring. Man, Mary has been pummeled from the get go!

Bishop: She hasn’t even had a chance to get the jitters out. Hold on! Bloody Mary climbing over the guard railing toward the ring. Jungle getting restless as she runs scrambles around in circles. Bloody Mary entering the ring…..


(Fans all cheering as ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda runs towards the ropes.)

Bishop: ‘Jungle’ bouncing off and gets NAILED with a clubbing Clothesline from Bloody Mary. The big woman on wobbly legs, able to muster up something before it’s all over.

Mutt: Mary kicking away at the floored champion. Mary with a slow pick up, and she’s moving VERY stiffly. Mary with a Front Face Lock, turns it around and nails the Reverse Neck breaker. And Mary is cringing!

Bishop: Mary back up to her feet, and dropping a HUGE legdrop to the upper body of Jungle. Mary with the cover now…..1…..and a STRONG kick out!

(Fans pop!)

Bishop: Bloody Mary sitting up now, and choking away on the prone champion! Get in there ref.

Ref: ……..2……….3……..4……….

Mutt: Mary with another choke hold, and the ref counting again. (Fans booing!)

Bishop: You’ve got to wonder what Bloody Mary has planned. She’s so big and strong, why isn’t she employing POWER wrestling. What’s her strategy?

Mutt: Mary breaking and picking up ‘Jungle’. Mary Irish whips the champion to the far side as she runs to the near ropes.

Bishop: Both women bouncing off the ropes….


(Dawg Pound barks as Bloody Mary stays on her feet!)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Incredible! Bloody Mary still on her feet after Jungle shot her with that Dropkick to the jaw. Jungle undaunted, pointing out to the Dawg Pound. Oh no! Jungle grabbing Mary by the back of her head. She runs toward the far side, jumps up, AND BULLDOGS BLOODY MARY ONTO THE TOP RING ROPE!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

(Thunderous pop from the Dawg Pound as fans chant: Radhi! Radhi!)

Bishop: Radhi Ananda landing on the ring floor kind of gingerly. The wild woman from India unable to brace herself as she leaped down to the floor. WoW!

Mutt: You said it. And if anyone knows how to battle a big woman, it’s ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda. She began her career feuding with Demonica. And they don’t get much bigger and better than the Demon.

(Fans cheering as ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda heads toward the turnbuckles!)

Mutt: Mary, get up!!!

Bishop: She’s climbing up top. Jungle not wasting any time, swan diving off top turnbuckle….and HITS the Flying Headbutt!!!!!!!!

(Chorus of cheers as fans chant: …….1……..2…………3!!!!!)

Mutt: No pin! Mary with the shoulder up!

Bishop: Jungle with a pickup, and drives a knee to the midsection. Jungle now, opening up Mary with a High Knee Life, and NAILS THE HEARTPUNCH!!!!!

(Dawg Pound cheering as Bloody Mary plummets to the mat.)

Mutt: Oh yeah! Look who’s comin’ down.

(Fans cheer as Sachie Yokoyama comes heading down the aisle.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining!

Bishop: Jungle is howling as this capacity crowd is loving this. She’s oblivious to the presence of Sachie Yokoyama. ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda is totally into this match!!! And she’s heading up top now!

(Fans cheer as ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda climbs up the turnbuckles.)


(Hardcores cheer but most fans boo as Radhi Ananda fall to the floor!)


Bishop: Sachie?! No, don’t do this! Not like this! I know you want the title, but don’t reduce yourself…

Mutt: Sachie with a pickup, and scoops up Radhi Ananda! Sachie with a head of steam…..AND CONNECTS WITH THE NORTHERN LIGHTS BOMB ON THE OUTSIDE!!!!!

(Fans universally booing and Sachie flips them off.)

Mutt: Sachie kicking away at the head of ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda, and she’s hurt bad!


Mutt: Sachie with a pickup, and drags her around ringside by her left arm. Sachie with a look of disgust…and slaps on the Wakigatame Japanese Armbar!!!!

(Crowd screaming!)

Bishop: Sachie Yokoyama, what the hell are you doing?!


(Fans chanting: We Want Order! We Want Order! We Want Order!)

Bishop: Sachie, how could you turn your back on all these fans? Everything you believe in? Your code of honor?

Mutt: Jungle is screaming out in pain! She may not have a belt to defend if someone doesn’t do something.

Bishop: Security down ringside along with the referee as they force the break. Spud is sitting here in shock along with the rest of us. I can’t believe what I’ve just seen!

(Fans booing even louder as Sachie Yokoyama kicks away at the prone body of ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda.)

Mutt: So, this is representative of the Dragon Trio? There’s no difference between the Dragon Trio and the Syndicate if you ask me.

(Fans boo as Sachie Yokoyama heads up the aisle.)

Bishop: (solemnly) Security is escorting Sachie Yokoyama out of the arena. I can’t…..I just don’t……

(Fans chanting: We Want Order! We Want Order! We Want Order!)

Mutt: The paramedics are out here, but Jungle won’t let them carry her off. She’s crawling up to her feet, using the guard railing for assistance. She’s a tough woman, but…..SHE JUST COLLAPSED!

(Fans chanting: We Want Order! We Want Order! We Want Order!)

Mutt: Well, it looks like Allen Bishop is all choked up! Let’s move on to our next contest as this so-called champion makes her way to the locker room.

(Spud McKenzie stand in the ring, attempting to contain himself.)

GDWA Internet Championship: Demonica vs. Charlotte La Mancha

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for 1 fall, with a 20 minute time limit. The special stipulation, is that the disqualification rule has been WAVED. This championship bout is for the GDWA Internet Heavyweight Championship!

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Robin Hood: Men in Tights’)

Spud: The challenger! Led down the aisle by ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson and Daisy Butterfly….

(Huge crowd pop!)

Spud: From Nice, France! She is 5 feet 6 inches, 130 pounds, here is…. Charlotte La Mancha!

(Fans all cheering as Charlotte slaps hands with them and heads down the aisle.)

Mutt: That damn Frenchwoman wearing that goofy 17th century outfit. But that goof is gonna get the hell knocked out of her when Demonica gets down with her. The champ don’t play!

Bishop: But is the champion in any condition to defend the belt? She can’t postpone this title shot, or she’ll be stripped. If Demonica isn’t careful, we’ll have a new champ. Charlotte is wrestling so well lately, one must wonder if this is HER night!

Mutt: Well, I must concede to you that gold has been long and coming to this former Wrestler of the month. We’ll see if she deserves THIS title though.

Bishop: Charlotte bouncing around the ring, getting warmed up now. Critics have wondered if THIS represents the best in the GDWA. Taking nothing away from Lanny and Andrea, Demonica as Internet champ has NEVER been given a World title shot. Charlotte was cheated out of hers. So with these two who wrestle so well, so consistently, beating people that are the best in the promotion… makes one wonder.

(Fans begin booing as they hear ‘Through the Never’ by Metallica)

Spud: …..and her opponent!

(Dawg Pound barks as the lights go out and a blue light shines down the aisle.)

Spud: Led down the aisle by her manager Madame Hecate, and Dementia Praecox! From Parts Unknown! 6 feet 2 inches, 185 pounds! The INTERNET Heavyweight Champion……..Demonica!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bishop: Demonica heading down the aisle, perhaps with a limp. So intense. She looks monstrous. I don’t know of any wrestler past or present who invokes this sort of awe.

(Demonica heads down the aisle wearing rags, her prematurely grey hair frayed, and the INTERNET title belt strapped around her waist.)

Mutt: Wait a minute! Demonica coming through the ropes, and Charlotte nailing away with fist to the head! And Demonica nailing away with fist of her own! Charlotte scooting away like the coward that she is, and the ref holding back the champ! Yes, it’s gonna be ON tonight.


(Fans cheer as the referee holds the INTERNET title high above his head.)

Bishop: These two have met only once before. It was on May 2nd of this year in Tacoma Washington on the Tuesday Night Cat Fight. With a little help from Madame Hecate, Demonica won that match to go on into the Finals of the Internet Tournament. This is a rematch long and coming.

Mutt: Charlotte very cautious. She looks downright petrified if you ask me. Demonica going for a tie up, and Charlotte ducking to the side. She using her speed, plus she’s got more energy than Demonica.

Bishop: Charlotte keeping her distance from the big woman, bouncing around the ring. Demonica striking out and Charlotte diving to the ground and connecting with a Drop Toe Hold. Now a Single Leg pick up and kicking away at the left knee of Demonica!

(Fans pop!)

Bishop: Demonica crawling over to the ropes, and Charlotte with a pick up. Charlotte Irish Whipping the champion to the far ropes, as she picks up a head of steam. Demonica bouncing off the ropes and NAILS Charlotte with a Shoulder Block!

(Fans boo as Charlotte looks up at Demonica from the mat.)

Mutt: Charlotte up to her feet, no, rolling into the ropes. Demonica being told to move away by the ref, but Demonica shoving him away. Charlotte up to her feet now, dipping through the ropes. Demonica coming after her and Charlotte Slingshots herself up to the top turnbuckle, comes flying off…and NAILS Demonica with a Dropkick to the head!

(Fans cheer as Demonica hits the mat!)

Bishop: Charlotte right back up to her feet, and now with a Single leg Pick up! Charlotte spinning around, and falls back into Demonica nailing her in the head with a Reverse Elbow! Charlotte back up to her feet and nailing away with another reverse elbow!

Mutt: Nice strategy from the Trickster of the GDWA. She’s taken away the big woman’s legs, and simultaneously, she’s weakening up the head. She’s already prepping the champ for her Longbow Frankensteiner!

Bishop: Charlotte back up to her feet, and nailing Demonica with Standing Fistdrop to the head! Demonica rolling into the ropes, and this time Charlotte is the one on the chase. Charlotte Irish Whipping, no! Demonica holding on to the ropes, and now nailing away with hard right hands to the head.

Mutt: Demonica Irish Whipping Charlotte to the far ropes, as she heads for the middle of the ring. Charlotte bouncing off the ropes, and CARTWHEELS away from the Big Boot!

Bishop: Charlotte bouncing off the near ropes, Demonica turning around, and Charlotte with a Flying Reverse Elbow!

(Fans cheer as Charlotte heads for the near corner!)

Bishop: Demonica looking especially slow right now! Charlotte perched up on the top turnbuckle. She jumps…..and HITS the Fistdrop from the top!

Mutt: 1………………..2…………………….kick out! Strong kick out as a matter of fact. And speaking of strong, I just got word that Sachie Yokoyama was escorted out of the arena by GDWA security. That’s why she ain’t here for Charlotte’s match.

Bishop: Charlotte with a pick up, and nailing away with punches to the head of Demonica. Demonica trying to fight back, but she looks just beat. Charlotte with a kick to the midsection, and Irish Whipping the big woman to the side ropes. Charlotte running for the near ropes.

Mutt: Demonica bouncing off the ropes, and Charlotte with a Bulldog!

(Fans cheer as Charlotte La Mancha goes for the cover.)

Ref: …………..1………………..2………………….kick out!

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 20 minute time limit. 15 remaining.

Bishop: Charlotte with a pick up, and Irish Whipping the Big woman to the far corner! Charlotte with a head of steam, and HITS the Running Clothesline!!!!!!!!!!


(Hardcores barking: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Bishop: Demonica nailing away with wild right hands. Now a standing choke hold, and the ref is getting in there trying to force the break. Madame Hecate barking out some kind of orders!

Mutt: Demonica lifting her up by the throat……and tosses Charlotte into the near corner! Demonica nailing away with punches to the head. And another choke hold….1..2…..3….4..and Demonica breaks!

(Fans boo as Demonica chokes away on Charlotte again.)

Mutt: Those MISFITS really put a beating on old Demonica. She’s hardly even moving around. Oh look! Demonica hoists her up for a Military Press….

Bishop: …no! Charlotte slipping out of her clutches from behind, and is now on the ring apron! Demonica turning around, but Charlotte pulling back on the ropes and Slingshotting herself into Demonica for a…….


Bishop: CHoooooooookeslaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fans all booing as the referee slides into position for the cover.)

Ref: …………………………………………………………1









Bishop: Charlotte kicked out! Demonica with a pick up and presses Charlotte up into the air! Oh boy. Demonica walking around with her….and tosses Charlotte over the top rope to the outside.

(Fans all booing Demonica while Daisy and Lanny check on Charlotte!)

Bishop: So strong! So Strong! And look, Demonica is heading for the outside. Lanny Manson getting in the way, and Demonica is barking something. The ref rolling to the outside now, and helping Charlotte into the ring.

Mutt: Demonica climbing up the ring steps, and is climbing up the turnbuckles? Oh no girl, you don’t belong up there! Get down! Get down!

(All fans standing on their feet as Demonica stand perched on the top turnbuckle!)

Mutt: Charlotte just now getting to her feet wearily. But she’s all turned around! Lanny Manson and Daisy Butterfly screaming their heads off. Charlotte turning around….


(Dawg Pound cheering as Demonica gets up to her feet.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 20 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: No mistakes have been made in this match. Charlotte’s Clothesline just wasn’t powerful enough.

Mutt: Demonica is on her feet now, and slapping those huge hands around Charlotte’s throat. Oh boy! Here is comes!!!!!

(Thunderous cheers from the Dawg Pound as Demonica looks out toward Madame Hecate.)

Bishop: She lifts Charlotte up….and nails ANOTHER Chokeslam!!!!! That’s the 2nd one tonight! Demonica slow to her feet now, backs into the ropes, bounces off and nails the Corkscrew Elbow! Charlotte has been planted into the mat.

Mutt: Demonica with a pick up, and connects with a sloppy Backbreaker! The Demon now, picking up Charlotte. She Irish whips her to the ropes, Charlotte bounces off and DUCKS the Clothesline!

Bishop: Charlotte bouncing off the far side AND DEMONICA NAILS HER WITH A SPINEBUSTER!!!! 1………………..2………………….3!

(Fans groaning and booing as Demonica breaks out in laughter!)

Bishop: She pulled her up! Demonica pulled up Charlotte. Demonica with a pick up now, and slapping her over her shoulder….

Mutt: no! Charlotte hooking the arm for a….Backslide!? She doesn’t have the strength. Stupid idea. Demonica easily overpowering her….!

Bishop: That’s right! Charlotte going with the momentum, flipping out of the backslide and slapping on a Waistlock! She’s lifts Demonica up, and NAILS the Tombstone Piledriver!!!!!!

(Fans erupt in cheers as both women lay on the mat motionless.)

Ref: ………1……2…..3…….4……….

Mutt: Damn it! Demonica so overconfident, she put too much power into the backslide. Charlotte going with the momentum and simply flipping out of the pinning combination hold. Damn!

Bishop: Lanny and Daisy cheering on Charlotte. Charlotte slow to her knees, and sees Demonica down on the mat. Charlotte heading over to the corner! She’s climbing up the turnbuckles now!

(Huge cheering as Charlotte La Mancha balances herself up on the top turnbuckle!)

Bishop: Charlotte up high! She jumps…..and hits the elbowdrop!!!

(Thunderous cheers as Charlotte bounces off the chest of Demonica.)

Mutt: Charlotte crawling over for the Lateral Press. Oh no! 1…….2………..kick out!

(Fans screaming as Charlotte slaps the mat in frustration!)

Mutt: Charlotte with a pick up, and really slapping on a Front Face Lock! Oh boy, Demonica instinctively powering out of the Face Lock with a Wristlock! Demonica with an Overhead Wristlock….

Bishop: …and Charlotte with a kick to the midsection and Demonica doubling over.

Spud: 15 minutes have gone by in the 20 minute time limit. 5 remaining!

Bishop: Charlotte with another kick to the midsection, and Demonica stumbling backwards……and Charlotte with a Thrust Kick!!!!!

(The Dawg Pound cheers as Demonica hits the mat and Charlotte cradles the leg for the cover!)

Mutt: …………….1………………….2………….foot on the rope!

(Fans still cheering as Charlotte complains to the ref about the count.)

Bishop: Charlotte pointing out to all the fans in the arena! Charlotte with a pick up, and jabbing away with punches to the head. She twirls her finger around. She’s going for it all.

Mutt: Charlotte Irish Whipping Demonica to the Far ropes as she heads for the middle of the ring. Demonica bouncing off and CHARLOTTE HITS THE LONGBOW FRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENSTEINER!!!!!!!

(Fans all on their feet as Charlotte cradles the leg in tears!!!!!!!!)

Ref: ………………………………………………………1






……………………………………………………..kick out!

(Fans gaps in amazement!)

Bishop: What? A kick out!?

Mutt: I can’t believe it! Demonica has never been pinned in singles competition. But I never thought….Damn! Demonica kicking out!!!

Bishop: Charlotte is heartbroken. Daisy screaming at her to keep on the Demon. Charlotte with a pick up, and backing into the ropes. She bounces off the ropes and hits the Running Bulldog!

Mutt: ….no! Demonica with a Waistlock going for a…..

Bishop: ….no! Charlotte slipping behind her and slapping on a Sleeper!

(Fans all cheering as Demonica waves her arms around frantically!!!!)

Bishop: Dementia Praecox on the ring apron, and Madame Hecate trying to hold her back! The fans are going nuts! The fans are going nuts!

Mutt: Oh no! Demonica falling to her knees. The ref making the check. The ref making the check!


(Huge crowd pop as the ref pulls Charlotte off of Demonica!)

Bishop: It’s over! Charlotte is the new champ!!!!!!!

Mutt: Demonica should have never wrestled against those damn MISFITS. Damn, this makes me sick.

Spud: Wrestling Fans! At 18 minutes 37 seconds, your winner via submission, and Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance INTERNET HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…..

(Fans cheering as the referee hands Charlotte the belt.)

Spud: Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlotte LaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaMaaaaaaaaaancha!

Bishop: Daisy storming the ring! Lanny storming the ring! Charlotte holding up the belt, and kissing it like an old lover.

(Big pop as fans hear “Blood & Fire” by Type 0 Negative)

Mutt: She wrestled a good match, I’ll give her that. That damn Charlotte was beat earlier though. It could have been over as far as I’m concerned. Demonica being outsmarted throughout, and now we got a new champ.

(Madame Hecate rolls Demonica out of the ring, and helps her up the aisle.)

Bishop: Daisy and Charlotte hugging in the middle of the ring. Lanny Manson hopping around the ring headbanging. This hasn’t been an entirely worthless night of wrestling.

(Fans cheer as Charlotte climbs out of the ring, and points to Lanny!)

Bishop: There are still some heroes left in professional wrestling, thank God! Sachie, you can go to hell! We still have Lanny Manson. We still have Charlotte La Mancha! We still have Daisy Butterfly.

Mutt: Enough, I want to see Zaranna. It’s World title time.

Lanny Manson vs. Zaranna

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 15 minute time limit. It is a semifinal World title tournament match up, and is our Main Event!

(Fans cheer as Daisy Butterfly hands Lanny Manson her Flying 5 guitar, and she does a guitar solo.)

Spud: First, already in the ring! Hailing from the Streets and Beaches of Los Angeles! She is 5 feet 3 inches, 131 pounds, here is ‘Fffffffffffffffffear’ Factory Lanny Manson!

(Lanny Manson headbangs away as she shakes the ropes. She’s wearing cutoff Jeans and a Metallica t-shirt.)

Bishop: Zaranna is going up against a hot woman! Lanny Manson was feeling it against Dixie Foxy, and she was feeling it against Valkyrie. This could possibly be HER tournament.

Mutt: But don’t forget WHO she is facing. This is THE former World’s champ. This is the woman who took the belt from Lanny. Zaranna wants her belt back, and Lanny is gonna have to win this one like no other match up!

Spud: ….and her opponent!

(Fans boo as they hear ‘Flight of the Valkyries’ by Wagner.)

Spud: Accompanied to the ring by Mr. Adorable Dana Wheatley. Hailing from Sydney, Australia. She is 5 feet 6, 135 pounds, the FORMER GDWA Heavyweight Champion of the world…..Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaranna!

(Fans boo as the Strawberry Blond Zaranna heads down the aisle wearing a black one piece spandex with a red Z on the front. She wears her 4 gold medals she won from the World Games proudly around her neck.)

Bishop: Zaranna, the most athletic woman in Grand Dragon going up against the most chaotic. These two having such contrasting styles, yet they’ve given us the most ongoing feud in Grand Dragon history.

Mutt: Oh yeah! Hell, if you go back to the first World Title tournament, Lanny Manson attacked Zaranna back stage. Zaranna wrestled Officer Order anyway, but required stiches for Lanny’s attack. No love lost here. None at all.

(Huge Crowd pop as Lanny Manson and Zaranna stare each other down in the middle of the ring!)

Bishop: The referee going over the rules. These two are intense. Zaranna, the former champ. Lanny Manson, the woman she beat for that title reign. It all comes to a head here tonight! Nobody blink.


Bishop: Zaranna encircling Lanny as they start out. Both women rather cautious. Collar and Elbow tie up, and Lanny Manson with a Side Headlock Takedown?

Mutt: Zaranna jumping back up and Lanny with another tie up, and flipping around for a Droptoe hold? What the hell? Lanny Manson straddling Zaranna who’s down on the man, and is now nailing away with punches to the back of the head!

(Fans cheering as Zaranna’s head is mashed into the mat!)

Mutt: This ain’t the UFC. She can’t do that!

Bishop: The referee ordering Manson to back off. Zaranna crawling into the ropes, grabbing the back of her head. And she’s got to be wondering what the hell is going on. Those were wrestling holds by Lanny Manson.

(Fans begin cheering as Lanny Manson stomps the canvas to rile them up!)

Bishop: Zaranna slow to her feet, looking like a cat in waiting. Another Collar and Elbow tie up, and Lanny bullying Zaranna over toward the near corner. The ref calling for the break….

Mutt: And Zaranna going for a cheap shot, but it’s blocked! Fear Factory firing back with left jabs to the head. Fear Factory, Irish Whipping Zaranna to the far corner. Lanny sprints to the middle of the ring as Zaranna bounces out….and MISSES the Tornado Punch!

Bishop: Zaranna ducking out of the way, and now heading for the ropes. Z bouncing off and Lanny nails her with a Crescent Kick!

Mutt: Damn! Lanny has her scouted well. That was the sort of set up Zaranna usually employs. Damn it!

Bishop: Zaranna getting up to her feet, and Lanny spinning around and nailing the Tornado Punch! Z is down, and now Lanny Manson kneeling over her head. Lanny Manson pummels her with Fists of Fury! Oh my!!!! (Fans all cheering as Zaranna calls out for the referee.)

Mutt: The ref breaking it up, and Daisy and Charlotte are loving this. Hey, you know, Zaranna has never been pinned by either Charlotte or Daisy Butterfly! I bet ya there’s a bit of jealousy between the Dragon Duo and Lanny Manson.

Bishop: Stop spreading rumors! Lanny shoving aside the referee, and picking up Zaranna. Z backing into the ropes slowly, hardly seeming to have her senses about her. Lanny with a boot to the midsection, and slapping on a Front Face Lock!

(Fans pop as Lanny Manson looks out to the arena!)

Bishop: She hoists up Zaranna, no! What agility, as Zaranna slips down Lanny’s back and slaps on a Waistlock for a Belly to Back Suplex!

(Fans boo as Zaranna spins around to her knees and chokes away on Lanny Manson.)

Mutt: Zaranna clutching her head as she gets to her feet, and dropping a knee to the throat of Lanny Manson! Come on ref, we can’t have that.

(Fans boo as Zaranna is walked into a neutral corner.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Lanny Manson on her knees, trying to get some breath. Daisy Butterfly up on the ring apron, complaining, and Zaranna with a head of steam and nailing Lanny Manson with a high knee lift! Lanny Manson falling backwards into the ropes. WoW! Did she connect?

(Fans chanting: Lanny! Lanny! Lanny! Lanny!)

Mutt: Z with a pick up and nailing away with European Uppercuts. Lanny Manson just barely staying in the ring by the support of the ropes. The ref is counting away, and Z is breaking at 3.

(Fans booing as Lanny Manson lays stunned against the ropes!)

Bishop: Zaranna back in there now, slapping on her own Front Face Lock. Z backing into the middle of the ring….and an Inside Cradle by Lanny Manson.

Ref: ………………………..1…………………….1/2!

Mutt: Both women twirling around to their feet, and Lanny slapping on a quick Front Facelock, and hooks the leg to execute the Perfectplex!!!

Bishop: THAT’S A FISHERMAN’S SUPLEX…..1…2…kick out!

Mutt: Both women swinging back around up to their feet, and Lanny with a stunning Uppercut! Zaranna backpedaling toward the ropes, and Lanny with a boot to the midsection….AND SLAPS ON A DDT!!!! No!

(Fans all cheering as Lanny Manson heads for the near corner!)

Bishop: Lanny Manson climbing up top! Adorable Dana slapping the ring apron trying to get Zaranna up. Z getting up to her feet, but her back is turned!!!! Lanny Manson jumping off the ropes…..


(Fans booing as Lanny Manson crumbles to the mat.)

Bishop: Zaranna immediately up to her feet, still dazed from that DDT. She picks up Lanny, and nails away with head snapping European Uppercuts. Lanny leaning up against the ropes in a daze.

(Huge crowd pop as Lanny Manson begins fighting back with jabs!)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining!

Bishop: Lanny Manson firing back with left hand jabs. She will not be out muscled in this one! Zaranna stumbling backwards as Lanny fires off, and Lanny twirling around…..and NAILING the Tornado Punch!

(Fans barking as ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson points to the Dawg Pound.)

Bishop: Lanny Manson picking up the floored Zaranna, and Irish Whipping her to the far side. Lanny running for the ropes as Z bounces off and HITS the Flying Forearm!!!!!

Mutt: NO!!!! Zaranna with a Waistlock catching her in midair and falling back for a Stun Gun! Beautiful counter wrestling by the former champion of the world!

(Fans boo as Zaranna gets on one knee, calling on the fans!)

Bishop: The arrogance of that woman! Z with a pick up now, and a European Uppercut. Zaranna now, bullying Lanny Manson into the near corner. Another European Uppercut, and Lanny is stunned. Zaranna now with an Irish Whip…

Mutt: No! Reversal! Zaranna goes flying into the far corner and hits hard! Lanny comes flying in with a head of steam, and Zaranna nails her with a boot to the head. Z with a waistlock now, and planting Fear Factory up on the top turnbuckle. Zaranna looking out to Charlotte La Mancha now.

Bishop: Zaranna backing up out of the corner…..AND CONNECTS WITH A FRANKENSTEINER! (Fans all groaning and the Dawg Pound is barking: WooF! WooF! WooF!)

Mutt: Zaranna with the cover….1…..2….kick out! Zaranna with a quick pick up and a Short Arm Clothesline! And she’s going up top.

(Fans all cheering as Zaranna climbs up the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: Lanny Manson getting up to her feet now. She’s charging the corner and ZARANNA COMES FLYING OFF WITH A SWINGING Z-BLASTER OFF THE TOP!!!!


Ref: …..1…….2……Reversal!1……..2…..Reversal!…. …….1…….2…….Reversal!……1……2…..Reversal!……..1. ……………2………………………….3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Fans still cheering as Zaranna climbs up to the top turnbuckle and head bangs!)

Bishop: Zaranna mocking Lanny Manson!!! Lanny Manson still down on the mat, holding her head from that Z-Blaster! My lord, did she win it? Did she win it?

Mutt: All those damn reversals!! Give Lanny credit just for scouting that off the Top Z-Blaster and having the presence of mind to get the Inside cradle.

Bishop: Let’s hear the official word….

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 13 minutes 55 seconds! Your winner via pinfall, and advancing to the finals of the World Title Tourney….

(Fans all on their feet!)

Spud: ………….’Fffffffffffffffffear Factory’ Lanny Manson!!!!!!

(Thunderous cheers as fans hear ‘Replica’ by Fear Factory!)

Bishop: Zaranna can’t believe it! Daisy Butterfly and Charlotte La Mancha entering the ring, and raising Lanny’s hand in victory! Lanny Manson will face Andrea Chandler in 2 weeks to decide who is the best wrestler in the World!!!!

Mutt: Zaranna arguing with the referee, and she’s storming out of the ring!

(Fans cheer as a GDWA official walks down the aisle and into the ring to present ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson with a trophy!)

Bishop: That’s the second time she’s received one of those. But will she receive her second World Title? That’s the question which will be answered in Japan!

Mutt: I give all the credit in the World to Zaranna for wrestling that good of a match. No mistakes in this one. She simply was out wrestled and even when she had things going her way, wasn’t able to manipulate the pace of the match. Chalk one up to that idiot Headbanger.

Bishop: Fans, that’s all for this week. Next Saturday we begin our tour of Japan. For all of us here at Grand Dragon, I’m Allen Bishop saying goodbye everybody!



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