Tiffany Chandler explains her departure from the Syndicate

Jennifer Grier

[The scene:  A hotel room in Japan.  Jennifer Grier is there, and she is fresh off a win against Black Lotus.  She doesn’t seem thrilled, as the room is totaled.  A book flies across the room.  Rob Tucker is there, trying to calm her down.]

Tucker  …but you won?  Who cares?  You did great.

[Tucker ducks to a telephone flying over his head]

Grier: I don’t care! 

[Jennifer looks into the camera.]

Grier: Yeah, I had her beat.  I got the pin.  I proved that Lotus is just another lesbian caressing herself all over the GDWA as an excuse to fondle athletic women on TV.  I beat you, and destroyed your little hopes of going ‘4-0’ and being the only rookie to go undefeated. Sucks to be you…

But Kallista, I hate to admit it, but now, on this one issue, I agree with Sierra Browne.  You’re trash.  You are supposed to be the ‘Fairy Tale Princess’.  The good girl.  Nice flowing dress.  How cute.  Well, listen up, bitch.  You DON’T interfere in my matches.  I get out there, and I wrestle.  I don’t play your little soap opera games, and find out who can sneak around.  I saw the tapes.  Smiling all the way back to the locker room.  I do what I do, and I do it by myself.  I DON’T need to hear about your little problems. If you want Lotus, go out and get a match signed. But I’m sure you know that she’d whip you all around the league. So, sneak up behind her… tap her shoulder.  You’re a lame excuse for a wrestler, and a fake at that.  Get a clue.

[After venting, she seems to have calmed down.  She looks around the room, and smirks.  The bed is flipped over, every piece of removable furniture is overturned.]

Tucker: Why don’t you go and calm yourself.  I’ll take care of this.

[Jennifer nods, and turns to walk out the door.  She turns around as he walks out the door.]

Grier: This ain’t over yet, bitch.

[The scene fades as Rob cleans up the room.]

Saturday Night Tease

“Atomic Dog” pumps over the PA as the cameras fade in inside the GDWA studios in Tacoma, Washington.  Sonya Blade, Paul Laurence Dunbar, and a fresh-looking Sam Mutt sit behind the desk in their blue GDWA blazers.]

Dunbar: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another edition of the Saturday Tease.  We’ve got a hell of a show lined up after that last card in Japan.  And as we’ve seen Princess Kallista stirred up a hornet’s nest in the GDWA with her attack on Black Lotus and then tendering her resignation!

Blade: And we can see that Jennifer Grier was not at all pleased!  She may have picked up the win, but this was just a terrible injustice to her.  I have an understanding the President Vessey is finally going to do something about this.  A wrestler like Jennifer Grier works so hard and prepares for a match and she doesn’t get the opportunity to show her skills.  And Black Lotus she loses her opportunity to be the first undefeated rookie in the history of the GDWA.

Mutt: Can I get in on this?  And don’t anybody say about last show.  I’m feeling a hell of a lot better now.  But this, to me, is exactly why I got to say that the GDWA should be GDWA only.  Stop dragging in people from other federations.  This is the GDWA.  The BEST women’s wrestling promotion around.  We don’t need anybody else.  I’ve never seen cross promotional deals ever work.  And that’s the way I see it happening. 

Look, do you want your wrestlers getting screwed like this?  No.  I understand Kallista’s frustrations.  Here she is, getting her run in the ESWP, but dammit, this is the GDWA.  Your history doesn’t count for much.  Kallista loses, she gets upset and she shows everybody exactly what my girl, Ms. Jack Johnson, says is the truth.  She’s a petulant spoiled ‘princess’ and she’s just taken her ball and gone home.  Well fine.  They’ve both got their issues.  That’s fine.  Kallista wanted respect.  She didn’t get it.  Hell, how many times have I said Kallista sucks.  But that’s MY damn job.  She didn’t go through anything worse than Lady Tiger and Tiger worked through it.  But dammit Kallista did you have to end it like this?

Blade: Well, there’s still a chance we can get this relationship to end amicably.  I understand that Kallista wanted the respect of the GDWA.  She’s got one final match with Sierra Browne in Japan.  Maybe she will be able to walk out of that match with her head up.

Mutt: Against Ms. Jack Johnson?  That’s gonna be a blood bath!

Dunbar: Ladies and gentlemen, moving on from this disappointing episode in the history of the GDWA.  We’ve got some fine competition coming up. 

Ma Porter is preparing for her chance to make history at Dawg Po und Nights in Athens, Greece.  She meets Andrea Chandler in a lumberjack match that should be a showstopper.  Let’s hear from Big Ma!

Big Ma Porter

(Fade in on a shot of Ma Porter in the GDWA studio, with a GDWA backdrop behind her. Tony Angelo is to her left, smoking his ubiquitous cigar. He wears a black and white 3 piece suit, and she wears a wrestling robe.)

Ma: It seems ta me, a lot of the GDWA’s folks have been clamorin’ for me ta make an appearance. I ain’t been hoid from lately. Truth is, I been busy.  Hell, I’m Ma Porter. I’ve given interviews from planes, clubs, limos, gyms, you name it. Hearin’ from me ain’t a right, it’s a privelege youse gotta oin. Even so, some things still piss me off so goddam much, I gotta speak out.


Foist of all, there’s the treatment my gal Nikita has received from the Japanese. I always thought dem Japs ain’t ta be trusted, and no I know fer sure. I been in touch with the Japanese equivalent of the mafia, the Yakuza. Take it from me.

You suits who go out for sushi and karaoke better wise up and give Marx what she wants. Or else youse may find yourselves at the bottom of the Yangtze, capeesh? Good!

Tony: Yeah, what’s more, that nobody barely escaped with her life when she fought the Icewoman last week. Tokohashi or somepin? Man, ya seen one, ya seen ’em all!

Ma: You said it, Petrone! Onto more poisonal matters. Andrea Freakin’ Chandler. Since you ain’t mentioned our date at Dawg Pound Nights, I can only assume one ting. Youse are scared outta your swelled little head. It’s all fine and dandy to chase the champ yer whole career, Chandler, but youse ain’t got nothin’ ta gain from our match except a severe bruising. You think I’m below youse as an opponent, no doubt. Honey, I was puttin gals tougher’n you on ice while youse were in diapers, and I’ll be doing it when you retire to woik in yer local Denny’s. Bring the Syndicate. Cause OC’s got my back, that’s for damn sure. Cosa Nostra!

Tony: And don’t think we’ve forgotten ’bout you, Medusa Rage.

Ma: Helllll, no! I’m lookin’ forward to hurtin’ youse so bad, yer ancestors will need painkiller. Every one of ’em, from Aardvark Rage all the way to Zulu Rage. I’d be real antsy about showin’ that ugly mug of yours in public if I were youse.


And with the long awaited wedding day rapidly approaching, I’d like to remind the GDWA that blood is thinker than water. And I’ll be spilling quite a bit of blood in the next little while, from the Familia Rage, and the Familia Chandler. Ma Porter is, and always has been the force ta be reckoned with here in the GDWA. Never forget it.

(Fade out)

Mutt: N ow that’s what I love to see!  Ma Porter is back in business!  See, she’s gonna bust dat azz on Andrea Chandler.  Yo, she spoke the truth when she said Andrea Chandler chases the champ.  I love ‘dre, but Porter is the big mama of the GDWA and there ain’t nobody who can step up to her and knock her down.  And I’m looking for the day when she knocks out that damn snake, Medusa, too!  Organized Crime is da bomb, baby!

Blade: Dawg Pound Nights is one of our premier pay-per-views in that there is usually very little at stake except the athletes’ pride and good health.  This match has nothing on the line.  How will Andrea Chandler, who is driven to be perfect, always focused, always goal-oriented.  This is just a fight.  And it will be interesting to see how she adapts to a challenge of a woman who just wants to hurt her.

Dunbar: Well, if anybody, is prepared for this kind of a matchup it is Andrea Chandler.  She is one of the strongest and most intelligent women in the GDWA.  She’ll certainly adapt.

Blade: But something we must take into account is that Ma Porter is bigger, stronger and SMARTER than Andrea Chandler.  This is a character-defining test.

Mutt: And I can’t pick that one.  I wish it were Porter-‘dusa.  Then I could cheer ‘Squash’ to my heart’s content.

Dunbar: When we’re on the subject of the Syndicate.  How does the Syndicate stack up against Organized Crime?

Mutt: I gotta say the Syndicate’s got great athletes, but OC is a unit.  They go out and bust balls. 

Blade: I prefer the Syndicate.  They leave you be unless you piss them off.  Organized Crime is always going to jump you and ruin perfectly good matches.

Dunbar: Well, let’s turn towards Jennifer Dial, the newest member of the Syndicate.  Later on in the show we’ve got an exclusive interview with Tiffany Chandler.  She has actually left the Syndicate!

Mutt: And that’s a SHOCKER!!! Let’s see what there is to be said about that!

Jennifer Dial

[The scene opens to Jennifer Dial at a local gym.  She has on a pair of sweat pants and a GDWA t-shirt.  Her long, blonde hair is tied back into a pony tail and her greenish eyes show a look of intensity as she finishes a rep of lifting weights.  She puts the bar down and grabs a nearby towel. She wipes off her forehead.] [Jennifer]

I have been a bit quiet as of late, but there have been things that have needed my attention at the present time.  Worry not though, because I am back and as confident as ever.

[Jennifer Dial stands up from the bench and walks over to a mirror.  She looks into it and smiles.] [Jennifer]

I must say that I am rather pleased with the way things have worked out. I have had a few people wish for my attention since my affiliation with the Syndicate has been known.  All it takes is for one simple action to raise someone’s anger and you have exactly what you want. 

[Jennifer Dial turns back to the camera and puts her hands on her hips. She smiles again.] [Jennifer]

So who to start with?  Frankly, let those who dislike the Syndicate call my name.  I lost track of those who did the first time because they were simply unimportant at the time.

[A woman walks by wearing her workout attire that leaves nothing to the imagination.  She walks by a few men who let their gazes follow her.

Jennifer Dial watches and turns back to the camera with a look of disgust on her face.] [Jennifer]

Hmph!  I bet she is one of those who wonders why men see her as nothing more than an object to satisfy their sexual desires.  I am back and it is time to start working my way up to make a name for myself.  Who will be the first person on the list?  I could wait for all those enemies of the Syndicate, but quite frankly they will bore me.  I will start off with a name myself.

Jennifer Grier, consider this your lucky day.  I need to start somewhere and you will be the propulsion I use to lift myself from my present state of mediocrity. 

[Jennifer Dial walks off as the camera fades out.]

Dunbar: Well that didn’t give us any information.  I wonder how this is going to work out with Jennifer Dial replacing Tiffany Chandler.

Mutt: The Syndicate has always been Andrea and Micki.  The rest of the parts are probably interchangeable.  That’s the way it goes.

Blade: I have to agree with you on that.  Up next we’ve finally found someone to do the Who’s Hot/Who’s Not spots vacated by the trio of Medusa, Dalbello and Godiva Rage.  Please welcome to the GDWA fold Marpessa Stewart to the GDWA.

Who’s Hot/Who’s Not with Marpessa Stewart

(Scene opens up to GDWA studios in Walnut Creek, California where a six foot African American woman with braides stands between the American and Canadian flags.  Her red and black shorts have the number 23 embroidered on the right leg and she chugs water as the camera pans up her body.)


Hey!  That’s enough.  I was just in the company gym and lost track of time…I’m an intern at UC Davis majoring in Communications and minoring in marketing.  Hi, I’m Marpessa Stewart for the GDWA’s WHO’s HOT & WHO’s NOT this week!

(Marpessa slips on some reading glasses as she stares intently into the camera.)


Who’s Hot?!

Sierra Browne.  A cripple attacks the Syndicate while broadcasting live…heck, I don’t like the bitch either.  She’s brazen, arrogant, and needy for attention.  But then again, she is a heel.  And that is what she is supposed to do, isn’t she?  Well, whether she faces Micki Duran or Rekka Sakura, this will be a long awaited bout.

Who else?  How about the Cruiserweight division.  Excluding those aforementioned top contenders to the title, how about Jennifer Grier?

How about Princess Kallista?  Then the GDWA goes out and acquires the contract of Hannah Blue from Cherry Bomb Pro Wrestling.  And word has it that, after a Christmas hiatus, the Syndicate member known as Jenny Dial is attempting to make a comeback.   Add a few more feverish contenders and this belt will be on par with the Western Heritage title.

We all know Rekka Sakura is hot. Heck, after victories over Miko Azai and Micki Duran, she’s on the lips of every wrestler in the locker room.

And who else is hot?  Andrea Chandler.  This hotty is about to win another World title.  Is there anyone out there who doesn’t believe it is destiny for the Ritch Bitch to attain another World Championship?

Brrrrr, now for those cold chicks out there….

Officer Order.  She’s a good athlete and a heck of a talent. But gosh, when will she begin to devote her time to the World title she’s been lugging around?  Doesn’t she remember what Lanny Manson asked of all the fan favorites at Fall Moonsault ’97?

The Syndicate.  Definitely cold…heck, what’s the use of having a stable if you don’t do any run-ins.  Sure, Daisy has the belt and possibly Andrea will gain a title…but as a stable, what do they do?  Take a page from the Organized Crime and *do* something!

The Tag Division.  Will it ever get started?

And finally, cold is the career of one Miko Azai.  She had at one time made a lot of noise…but after being trounced by Rekka Sakura, is she a threat to anyone?  Perhaps Allen Bishop was right when he said Miko could use new management.  Dalbello Rage did wonders for Sierra Browne’s career.

That’s it this week, perhaps the GDWA will keep me on as a permanent host!

Mutt: Damn, I missed stuff like that!  Calling the Syndicate cold?  She’s going to pay for that one I bet! 

Blade: And how could she possibly rate Sierra Browne and her degenerating and increasingly irritating antics hot?

Mutt: Because that’s what she’s supposed to do just like Marpessa said.   She puts asses in the seats.

Dunbar: We shall see if our newest member of the team catches on.  To answer Marpessa Stewart’s question as to when the tag-team division opens.  It opens on the next card.  And Wild West Management will be right in the thick of it!

Wild West Management

(Scene is The Gladiatrixes and High Flying Dolls finishing their workout toweling off, discussing their upcoming matches)

Lacy Gold: Forced booked against those gawd awful Suicide Blondes, how do you like that….. but hey Glads you dodged a bullet not having to face us!

Lacy laughing as well as Midnight Fury sans her mask)

Tawny: (Laughing as well with Rusla) Well for now!  Next time, will you be ready, Dolls??

Midnight Fury: Are you kidding?  We’re ready every day.  The Blondes are tough, Burning Rain are too, we both know that.  But we’d put on one hell of a show!

Rusla: Well for now we’ll have to settle I guess for the B-teams.  I wonder what they’ve been doing during their hiatus?

Lacy: We’ll see soon enough, I haven’t heard much in the way of training from these teams. Burning Rain a little, mostly merchandising themselves and judging from their sales, well unlike our boutiques and gym I’m sure they’ll be hungry for a win so watch them Glads!

Tawny: Oh we will!  I heard the most training The Suicide Blondes did was change their street corners and dodge the police! (They all laugh hysterically)

Fury: (All composing themselves) Look laugh as we will, two things are certain, Number one it’s great to be back in the GDWA rings (all nod in agreement) and Number 2 we’re both in for some tough matches, win or lose its going to be great to be back.  Don’t forget our fans, this one’s for all of you! (They raise their water bottles in a toast)

All in unison: Here’s to the GDWA and our fans!

Mutt: Bloody Mary is coming back up!  She may even take the Great Western Heritage championship in Japan!  I’m glad to see her get her due.  And the Gladiatrixes and the High Flying Dolls will be right in the thick of it!

Blade: This is actually a perfect opportunity for some of the new teams or more established ones like Burning Rain or the High Flying Dolls who faced the long history and undeniable talent of the Misfits and Hyena Queens to carry the torch now.  We’ll see what they make of the opportunity.

Dunbar: It should prove exciting.  I understand a novel format has been decided for determining the tag team titles. 

Blade: And right now we get to talk about one of our truly homegrown superstars.  Marcie De La Cruz discusses none other than the ‘prodigy’

Rekka Sakura!

Mutt: The Prodigy?  I doubt it.

“A Bunch of SHEET”  by Marcie De La Cruz

Rekka who?

If no one else says it, I will.  Who’d ever believe that Rekka Sakura, the ‘Burning Cherry Blossom’, would be a top contender to the World Heavyweight Women’s Championship…the #2 contender to be exact.  Indeed, who’d believe that this (former?) midcarder would be a top contender to the Transnational Cruiserweight championship?

Rekka Sakura is a woman possessed.  Since the ICW Memorial pay per view, she has been on a march to the top of the GDWA.  A former butt of all jokes in the locker room, contenders and champions alike are having to take a second look at the recently crowned SJPW All Asian Champion.

Most insiders believed her career in the States and North America was over when she lost to ‘Ritch Bitch’ Andrea Chandler on Saturday, June 7th, 1997 in Madison Square Garden.  The former World Champ handled her decisively as Rekka was helpless to thwart the attack of the Diamond Express.

Then the impossible.

Saturday, October 5, at the ICW Memorial Supercard.  In some parts of the country you could only receive it on pay per view.  Those in attendance stood in awe of Medusa’s betrayal of Ma Porter.  Many prematurely noted ‘Sexy’ Sally McClane’s defection from the Syndicate to Organized Crime as a future story of the year.  Some even predicted a Gang War amongst the 2 stables as Organized Crime stabbed Tiffany Chandler of the Syndicate in the back.

But who noticed ‘Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura’s superior composure in the tag team setting?  I for one sure didn’t!  Rekka was nothing short of spectacular that night, and us Sheet Writers didn’t even bat an eye.  She frequently saved her partners from double team and pinfall situations.  She easily over shadowed then fan favorite Daisy Butterfly in terms of work rate, despite Daisy attaining victory over Ma Porter in the closing moments.  Rekka was *HER* rock.

Rekka forced the invincible Yukon Jane–the woman who has gone toe to toe with BOTH Radhi Ananda and Ma Porter–to submit to the now famous Royal Octopus hold; a hold made famous by former GDWA competitor ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson.  Rekka somehow did what neither Porter nor Rekka could do; defeat Jane decisively in the middle of the ring.

And unlike her other team mates who were either Powerbombed into retirement, disqualified for lacking tag team acumen or simply being outmatched by superior stratagem by the opposition, Rekka was the one to deliver the decisive blow to “TEAM PORTER” when she nailed ‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx with the Fisherman’s Suplex for the 1—-2—-3!

Nikita is an old pro.  She was in the first GDWA tag team contest in May of 1996.  Nikita has been in main event match ups before that require a woman to dig down deep inside of herself to remain competitive…it didn’t matter.  Porter was all alone when Rekka made the tag to a fresh, though injured, Daisy Butterfly to do the cleanup.

Let’s back-peddle a few weeks before this pivotal Survivor Series match up.  It was shortly after the GDWA’s premier pay per view FOUNDER’s DAY TRADITION.  Around March of ’96, Rekka was bent on vengeance.  She was humiliated by then Wes tern Heritage Champion ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda in a pitiful match for the belt; it ended with the referee stopping the bout after Rekka was driven through a ringside table.  At FDT, Rekka came out during Radhi Ananda’s match to vent.  And vent she did.  And weeks afterward she found herself lost.  What was the point?  Radhi Ananda lost the title Rekka most wanted to “Double O” Officer May Order.  Thus, in one foul swoop, Rekka could neither rob Radhi of the belt nor best her with distractions.  The 8th Wonder of the World considered Rekka Sakura an annoying tick that made her scratch.  Nothing more and nothing less.

Rekka was exhausted by her futile efforts in American rings.  What was she missing?  GDWA commentators compared her ringmanship to the late great Sachie Yokoyama.  Yet, Rekka just couldn’t deliver.

A return to Asia gave Rekka a spiritual solice that even Medusa Rage must admire.

But despite a return to North American rings with a new attitude, no one really notices her accomplishments at the ICW Memorial Supercard.

Rekka continues on at GDWA House Shows, exciting insiders yet making no noise amongst the GDWA’s match makers.

At Fall Moonsault ’97 she engages in an attack against Organized Crime that was simultaneously bold and telling: weeks prior, she had called for a cease fire with Radhi Ananda, began a war of words and Moonsaults with “Tokyo Thriller” Miko Azai, and boasted a new ring attitude…’just win baby’.  Marriage this furious, suplexing Japanese star with a newfound humility…

…and you get nothing.

The press essentially said, “So what?”  This was Rekka Sakura. 

‘Just another Japanese superstar’ as one GDWA competitor said of her.  Then at Moonsault ’97 she involved herself in Ma Porter’s match up and flogged Nikita Marx.  Perhaps more of a message to the GDWA than to Organized Crime?

So 2 weeks ago, in California no less, Rekka Sakura takes on a former Internet Champion Micki Duran.  The ‘Legend’ is the flip side of Andrea Chandler.  Andrea is a powerwrestler to Duran’s technical assault.  Both incredibly strong and both rather gregarious and boastful members of the Syndicate.  So who REALLY thought Rekka had a chance against Micki Duran and her ‘End’ Diamond Cutter, Cruiserweight rules or no Cruiserweight rules?  Micki has long since been considered the superior wrestler to Andrea Chandler by non GDWA bookers.  She is the Legend no less…

With 5 minutes still to go in the match, and blood spilled all over the canvas–none of which was Rekka’s–she does the unthinkable with the Royal Octopus.

Rekka forced Micki Duran to do TAP OUT.  Just like Yukon Jane, Micki Duran found herself too far from the ropes to make a difference. She found herself, just like Yukon Jane, somewhere she’s never really been before…in the Loss Column.  And no one has said Micki Duran or Yukon Jane have lost their edge.  The wrestling community, rather, is whispering about the winds of change.

It is ironic, isn’t it, that Rekka Sakura has been so successful with the Royal Octopus?  The return of this finisher is a sign.  A good one for fan favorites who find themselves leaderless after Daisy SOLD OUT for Internet gold and the company of the Syndicate.

But who would have though Rekka Sakura could do with the Royal Octopus what Lanny Manson did 2 years ago?  After all, the Octopus was the finisher of the most dominant fan favorite in GDWA history. It is a hold that no one has yet found a way out of.  A victory over Micki Duran by submission not only gets the administrators’ attention, it gets the wrestlers’ attention.  Who now still questions whether ‘Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura belongs in the Big 5th?

I do.

The way this Sheet Writer sees it, one of two things can happen.

The new Rekka Sakura, the humble soft spoken character, can walk away with a belt in 1998…Her international travels have added a new competitive streak to her that North American competitors seem to not fathom as of yet.


The GDWA’s royal 4–Officer Order the World Champion, Daisy Butterfly the Internet Champion, Keiko Mita the Western  Heritage Champion, and Sierra Browne the Cruiserweight champion–and their contenders may call Rekka’s bluff. 


Much was said of Lady Tiger.  She was a top Cruiserweight who went undefeated for a good amount of time…then came Andrea Chandler and that was all she wrote.  Tiger was seen as a big puff of smoke, and by 12 midnight Fall Moonsault time, she was laying up in a hospital questioning her career.

Much was said of Valkyrie of the Evil Empire.  Before we even had a Cruiserweight division, 2 years ago she was flying around rings all across the nation and her stable was dominating both tag and singles ranks…then came the Syndicate.  And at Dawg Pound Nights last year, they abruptly put an end to ALL of their careers.

Many in the GDWA have had potential.  A war between the IEWA and the GDWA?  The Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance has the best in Women’s Wrestling, period.  All of the competitors here have potential. 

Some have wrestled for years before hitting the big leagues of Grand Dragon…so Rekka’s potential means nothing.  The question is, what will she do with it.

Will she let her steam run out?  Lose all of the heat she has generated?  And what of this ‘pact’ with Radhi Ananda and her ‘friendship’ with Keiko Mita as the new Dragon Trio?

Keep an eye on Rekka Sakura.  She will make or break someone’s career with her success….or lack thereof.

Mutt: Sakura got lucky because Duran didn’t prepare enough.  That’s all.  She talked to ‘Dre.  Dre said she was easy and she overlooked things.  The only one of the top 4 who might do that … overlook her is May Order because she’s out doing Christmas crap still.  Let her hit up against Sierra Browne who has the knack of taking out the so-called hotshots.  Hey, who was Lady Tiger’s first loss to?  That’s right.  Sierra Browne.  Daisy Butterfly knows her intimately.  And Keiko Mita is her partner.  She’s got her number, too.  Rekka rose sharply.  Now that people know her name she’s done.

Dunbar: And interesting theory, Sam.  She’s certainly lost that element of surprise.  This should be an interesting rematch.

Blade: Not only will it be an interesting rematch, but the following week she goes up against Medusa Rage.  Now there’s a gauntlet to run.

Mutt: Well, here’s hoping the damn snake takes out the damn fake.  ‘Dusa, if there’s any part of you that’s still cool, take out that goof.

Dunbar: Medusa Rage goes into battle against Daisy Butterfly.  This might be her best and last chance at a title.  Medusa has difficulty lately beating anybody or even getting matches.  She’s forever been the wrestler to get so far then stumble in the last grasp.

Blade: But her failing has always been overload.  She has shown a willingness to take on any match any time when there’s a title on the line.  That has cost her.  There are no distractions in Japan and she’s motivated to teach Daisy Butterfly a lesson for injuring her friend.

Mutt: And she’ll probably shatter her wrist going for the alley oop and that’s her career.  That’s her career.

Medusa Rage

[Fade in:

Medusa Rage stands before the cameras, draped in her phenomenal royal burnt orange kente cloths.  Her phenomenally intricate web of gold and diamonds shines around her shoulders.  She has her locks tied up under her high gele, looking every inch the Queen. Her chin is held high so she looks down her nose and phenomenal cheekbones with those stunning, phenomenal hazel eyes.  Phenomenal pride, majesty and defiance radiates from her. 

She is confident in herself.  Her midriff is bare, revealing the taut, phenomenally chiselled muscles of her abdomen.  Nothing on her is spare.

No part of her is loose.  Her narrow waist curves into the phenomenal arc of her hips.  Serpentine slithers around her body, wrapped around her leg, her torso and her neck, the big serpent hissing into the air, flicking with its tongue for scent.  Gold shimmers on Medusa’s muscular arms in ankhs on her biceps and fingers.  The ankh theme is repeated in her earrings and the little gold filigree chain cinched around her waist.  There is no question that some spirit has taken residence within her and is just glowing outwards.  She is magnificent, goddess like, beatific. Phenomenal.]

Medusa: Daisy Butterfly, it doesn’t seem as if anybody wants to play with you except me.  I should say that’s a shame, but it isn’t.  It’s a measure of everything that’s been happening between us, isn’t it?  You and I, we’ve rarely met in the ring.  We’ve never had conflict.  But we’ve always been tied together.  Our careers mirror one another.  You, the fan favorite, but not so favored as Officer Order.  Me, the despised, but not so despised as Andrea Chandler.  We’ve rotated 180 degrees now.  You’re not so hated as Daisy Butterfly.  I’m not so beloved as Officer Order.  We are two women who have always been an uncomfortable fit in the number two slot.  And now we’re fighting over the second most prestigious belt in the GDWA.  Two happens to be my favorite number. 

Two of us in the ring.  Two people on the outside.

[Medusa draws a deep breath, letting her smoky-lidded eyes flutter on her cheeks.  A broad smile pulls at the corners of her red lips lined with black zigzagging lines.  She blinks her eyes open, holding out her palms together like an open book.]

Medusa: Butterfly, at the root of this, though, is Sierra.  Do I approve of what she’s doing.  No.  Do I approve of the path she’s taken?  No.  Would it sadden me to see her lose her title?  No.  We reap what we sow, Butterfly.  We reap what we sow.  But I made a promise to her because through it all we are friends.  We are sisters in every sense of the word but blood.  And I made a promise to her and myself, no matter how uneasily, that I will make you pay for trying to hurt her.  You lost your vision and your mind falling in with those Syndicate snakes.  Now, you’re going to lose your title in this morality play.  I will teach you it doesn’t pay to walk the path of vice, Butterfly.  This is a spiritual war, Butterfly.  This is a morality play.  About struggle.  My continuing to struggle.  Your desire to take the easy way out.  This is a match about self-respect.  Know that, Daisy.  Hugs and hisses.

[Fade out with Medusa bowing her head into her cupped hands and whispering silent words of prayer.]

Mutt: Aw, ‘Dusa, just shut up and go away.  I oughta sue your ass for the stomach poisoning I got at your club.  Poison Stings and big booty cuties?  I still don’t like you.  I hope Daisy twists your ass in knots.

Blade: She seems most focused on the task at hand.  If Medusa wins the championship next week Rekka Sakura gets her first big shot at a title!

Mutt: But Medusa has left herself open with that one corner person crap!  We all know it’s Bloody Mary coming out with her.  She doesn’t have any other allies, but who knows which Syndicate member is going to show up?  Daisy Butterfly will hold onto that belt.  I’m positive.

Dunbar: It looks to be an interesting event.  We’ll be right back with the last segment of our show.  We have some big announcements coming up about Dawg Pound Nights and Tiffany Chandler and the Syndicate!  Stay tuned.

Andrea Chandler

(Andrea Chandler sits in a darkened video room, the only light that of a monitor situated above a bank of dials and lighted controls.  A chaotic stack of tapes is spread before her, each marked with the name “May Order,” followed by dates and the names of the matches they hold.  Andrea follows the on-screen action in slow motion as Order dives over the top of an opponent and rolls her up with the 9-1-1 Sunset Flip, and gains the victory.  Andrea pauses to record some notes on a clipboard, then turns and looks to the camera.)


Hullo, everyone.  You’ve caught me doing something I enjoy almost as much as wrestling itself — scouting.  It’s no secret that my obsession with charting the strengths and weaknesses of my opposition here in Grand Dragon has led directly to my success.  Crafting strategy, anticipating and countering my opponent’s moves, then sticking the finish for the end game — these are the fundamentals of winning.  In the case of May Order, everyone’s favorite officer of the law here in Grand Dragon, I must give the devil her due — she’s a fantastic wrestler.  Her extensive martial arts background, coupled with her skill with wrestling basics, serves to make for a potent combination found in few others I’ve seen.  She’s a deserving champion, no doubt about it.  But of course, you know, and certainly she knows, that she’s only been keeping the Grand Dragon World Heavyweight Championship belt warm for my eventual re-acquisition of it.  If there were any doubts, I laid them to rest at the Moonsault, where I captured the Ironwoman title for 1997 at her expense.  And now, we’re counting down to our third showdown, and it’s good to see that May has finally decided to re-emerge publically to show us that she’s still alive.  That’s fine!  I prefer an opponent with a pulse, and knowing that she’s still kicking is wonderful.  May, our time together is drawing near.  Spend some time with the belt.  Stroke it.

Hold it close.  Have plenty of pictures taken with it around your waist. Because shortly, very shortly, it will be gone, and I’ll begin my second title reign .  But really, it will be for the best — after all, you’ll have so much more free time to read stories to those sick waifs down at the hospital!

And you’ll be able to devote even more effort to cleaning up the streets of San Francisco.  So you see, when the inevitable happens, it will be in everybody’s best interests.  Don’t you think?  (She winks.)

As you all know by now, my cousin, Tiffany, had her fiancé get mangled or some such in an unfortunate accident.  It’s left her with a change in attitude, and she’s departed the Syndicate.  I still don’t exactly understand what she feels she stands to gain by this, but (she shrugs) whatever.  Tiffany, if you’re listening, here’s a bit of advice:  don’t get caught up in the illusion that this is about doing good, or evil, because it’s not.  It’s a sport, and thus about wins, and losses, and celebrity.

If it weren’t, then there would be no cameras, no fans, no records kept.  If you think you’re changing the world for better or for worse by who you defeat in the squared circle, think again — it makes no difference.  If you truly feel a void in your soul, then work in a soup kitchen, or donate your fortune to charity, or something more substantial than throwing left hooks in the same of righteousness.  I’m not angry with you, Tiff, but I am disappointed.  I just thought you were smarter than this.

(Andrea straightens in her chair.)

Well, that’s all from here.  I’m back to scouting, if I’m to put on the kind of performance I’m known for.  Ta!

(She returns to the rolling footage as the screen fades to black….)

Dunbar: Andrea Chandler weighing in on Tiffany Chandler’s decision.  She certainly isn’t happy, is she?

Mutt: With good reason.  Without the Syndicate and the comfort of Andrea Chandler the Syndicate is nothing.  And when Andrea lifts the Heavyweight title again.  You’ll know exactly what is going to happen.  Officer Order can’t beat Andrea Chandler.  That’s a fact.

Blade: I’ve got to have faith in the champion.  Order will find a way.  I know it.

[Blade’s white knuckles seem to belie her confidence.]

Dunbar: This shall certainly be an incredible challenge.  Let’s move on now to the Cruiserweight division.  The GDWA has signed a new Cruiserweight … Hannah Blue, a holdover from Cherry Bomb.

Hannah Blue

 <<In the room, he stands alone . . . Alone in the subdued glow  cast from the fiercely burning log fire nearby . . .  Arms behind his back, with his right hand lightly gripping the wrist of his left, the young, but grey haired figure, dressed in a baggy red sweatshirt and faded blue jeans, stares at the uncovered window in front of him. Outside, the darkness reigns, revealing nothing of the landscape it covers. All that he sees, is the expressionless image of himself, thrown back by the reflective qualities of the glass. The man lets his hands fall to his sides. He reaches up to grasp a silk cord, and pulls it gently downwards.

The amber tinted drapes, move silently across, blocking out the night.

Suddenly, there comes a loud knock at the door. Unsurprised, he spins around to see a female figure framed in the doorway. She stands at about 5′ 2″, and unlike her counterpart, she is dressed according to the inclement weather conditions of the World outside . . . the all-white ensemble of a skiing jacket, leggings and boots, making a stark contrast against her dark skin. She pulls a hand from her pocket to brush back her long black, wavy hair. At the same time, she flashes a enthusiastic smile at the man, her bright blue eyes sparkling.  Despite her obvious excitement, her voice is quiet>>.

“Well, I’m all packed!  . . . The taxi should be here any second!”

<<He returns the warm smile that is cast in his direction, and moves slowly towards her>>.

“Hannah, I will miss your presence here . . . But I know that your destiny awaits you, in a Federation that names itself the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance. I wish you immense good fortune in your endeavors there.”

<<Inwardly amused, but also deeply touched by the sentiments of her friend’s overly decorative and dramatic verbal expressions, she takes a couple of steps forward>>.

“Thank you, Gabriel. Your love and support have always been appreciated. And I know that I’m going to need all the luck that I can get! . . . The GDWA is such a big time Organization. I only hope that I don’t embarrass myself there!”

<<Gabriel places a hand upon her shoulder, and squeezes it reassuringly>>.

“I seem to recollect you also said that, when you gained acceptance into Cherry Bomb Pro . . . And what did happen in that arena?”

<<In good humor, she laughs out loud>>.

“I lost my only match!”

“But you acquitted yourself with great honor and courage. You must have confidence in your abilities, Hannah . . . Otherwise the success that you dream to one day obtain, will always be beyond reach.”

“Well, I guess that dream didn’t elude you!”

<<With a theatric sweep of her arms, she points at the three display cases on the wall nearby. In each, there lies the shimmering gold and leather amalgam of a Championship belt. Shaking his head in a gesture of mock exasperation, Gabriel continues to speak>>.

“Exactly, I did eventually succeed, because I believed in myself . . . But let me convey this to you . . . Winning a Title is difficult, but to keep it is even more troublesome. After much hard work and learning, I am sure that you will eventually be faced with this conundrum also.”

<<Before Hannah can reply, the shrill beep of a car horn is heard. They face each other. There is an uncomfortable silence>>.

Hannah: “You can hug me, you know, I won’t break!”

<<With a faint trace of a resigned laugh, Gabriel Whitecross extends his arms, and embraces her. When they part, she turns and walks to the door, but her progress is halted, when she hears his voice>>.

“You know, the GDWA accepted you into their ranks . . . And while it is true that you will be fighting Legends there, do not EVER sell yourself short. The staff at Grand Dragon have faith in you. That should tell you something about the potential that you have . . . Once again, I wish you well, Hannah Blue..”

<<Scene fades>>.

Dunbar: Well, that’s another asset to the GDWA.  The Cruiserweight division is getting hotter and hotter.  And Hannah Blue should add to the mix.

Mutt: Hmmm, there’s nothing better.  I’d like to see the clog of people cleared out like Jennifer Grier or some of the other bouncing ball crap we see around here.

Blade: Speaking of newcomers.  We have Patra Marchand up next on the program.  This new import seems to have her eyes on no less than Bloody Mary.

Dunbar: A true measure of confidence if that’s her aim.

Patra Marchand

[Fade in:

Shots flash across the screen of Patra Marchand wrestling amateur-style, getting her opponents down, rolling them around, controlling them on the mat.  The scene then shifts to Patra Marchand, standing in her wrestling togs before a simple black background, her face half cast in shadows.]

Patra: There’s something infinitely simple about wrestling.  You latch onto a body part and you use it to control your enemy.  You spin him, you twist him, you use leverage and intelligence to get your opponent into a position where their shoulders are pinned to the mat.  That’s all that’s necessary.  So, I don’t understand why people waste so much time throwing punches, jumping around off the ropes risking injury when that has nothing at all to do with wrestling.  You don’t need any kind of super muscle or devastating “finisher.”  The name of the game is to put your opponent’s shoulders to the mat for a count of three.  It stuns me that so many people forget that.  Well, Patra Marchand, is ‘ere to teach you all a lesson.  I’m ‘ere to remind you what wrestling is.  And Mary, you with your showpiece of a body.  You have a million dollar body, but let me ask you, do you know how to use it when you’re not in a fight?  How do you use those strapping arms and legs when you’re turned into a knot? 

You will have to learn soon.  Because I’m gonna do that to you.

[Fade out]

Dunbar: Patra Marchand.  We may remember her name.

Mutt: I bet she’ll be gone in two months to tell you the truth.  She can’t last around here going after Bloody Mary.

Blade: Well, there’s an opportunity there for someone to take over the role deserted by Daisy Butterfly.  There’s nobody focused on just wrestling for the fans any more.  She’s stepping into the void.

Mutt: So she’s gonna become a jobber, too, huh?

Blade: Sam.

Dunbar: Right now, we have Sierra Browne up next.  Who has quietly been enjoying perhaps the longest title run in the federation’s history having worn an title belt for an unbroken run since defeating May Order all the way back in May of 1997.

Mutt: That’s because she’s the baddest.  If they were to make a movie about her it would have to be played by Pam Grier, forget the age difference.  Nobody else is as bad-assed.

Sierra Browne

[Fade in:

A montage runs before the screen.  Sierra works out with her mentor, Dalbello, throwing boxing combinations as Dalbello Rage counters with blocks and judo throws.  Sierra goes over and counterbalances, landing on her feet, moving right back into the fight with her hands spinning and flashing.  The montage cuts to Sierra working on her arms and legs, doing the inverted pyramid press, racking weights on the bench press, pushing her arms and legs past their limits, building her strength. 

She’s on the mat, working on switches, takedowns and counters and reverses with Dalbello, trying to get the rhythm of the mat game, spinning, using her fluid grace, using her length,  neutralizing Dalbello’s savvy of the technical game.  She’s bouncing on a trampoline, conditioning her legs.  Jumping side to side over a box.  Jumping in square patterns, doing plyometric training.  She stands in front of the camera, a towel wrapped in a turban around her head, sweat drenching her.  She pours water over her head, soaking the towel and everything.]

Sierra: Rekka, you know, I can almost taste you now.  I’ve been watching the tapes.  I’ve figured out everything I need to know to break you down.  I know your every move.  I know your every habit.  You want to talk lucha libre?  You forget I’m from the Caribbean.  I’ve been bouncing around the rings in the GDWA a hell of a lot longer than you’ve been wrestling here.  I have the better quality of opposition.  I’m quicker than you, faster than you, stronger than you, smarter and savvier. 

You’re going to have to step in with me and see if you can figure out how to go past ten minutes with me.  Because for who knows what reason they figure you’re the next best superstar.  Well, there is no next best.  I am the first, last and only celebrity in the GDWA.  Ms. Jack Johnson is the only woman in the GDWA who reversed her fortune and lifted herself out of obscurity into being the greatest wrestler in the business in the GDWA.  You want to step in with me, girl, you talk to Keiji, you talk to Yakuzo, Tengu, Keiko, Radhi.  You talk to them all.  These are all people I’ve met in the ring, these are all people who’ve had the chance to see me.  There’s never any doubt as to what you’re going to get when you step into the ring with me.  I’m going to blitz you from all angles.  You try to put me on the mat and tie me up you’ll discover I’m a hell of a lot faster than Micki Duran and a hell of a lot slipperier.  You won’t see a way to get me down and hold me down.  And Dalbello Rage is the mistress of holds and counterholds.  Bring the rest of the Dragon Trio.  They won’t help you.  They can’t figure all the angles.  They aren’t willing to sacrifice everything they have to beat me.  I will die.  I will cripple myself, girl, to defeat you because I’m sick of your fake humility.  I’m sick of seeing your damn boring  family rambling about honor and wrestling.  They don’t know how to beat anybody.  You built up a reputation of one elimination match where you got your wins, a victory over a washout named Miko Azai and an exceptionally arrogant Micki Duran.  But you’re now facing the greatest champion EVER in the GDWA. 

You’re facing the woman who has forced every rule to change.  You’re in with the woman who has humiliated and rewritten every tradition ever held dear by the GDWA.  You’ve seen the woman that thrives off being the enemy.  You think you’re going to get an edge ignoring me?  No.  Because everything you do is one more piece of the puzzle.  And believe me, I already know how to solve you.  You can’t throw me.  I’ll just land on my feet.  You can’t outwrestle me.  I know you on the mat.  You don’t know what I’ve been doing.  That’s the beauty of closed workouts.  You don’t know me at all.  Is everything you see here real or cleverly designed to distract you?  Rekka, I’m going to prove to you that you aren’t what you think you are.  You aren’t any honor to your father’s memory.  You aren’t any talent.  All you are going to be is one more victim in Sierra’s world.  Sakura, get ready to go back to school.

[Fade to black.]

Mutt: See, she’s gonna paste Rekka Sakura!

Blade: I still think Rekka Sakura is the bigger mystery in this equation.  I don’t care what anybody says.  Sakura has been developing newer and newer moves that one can’t keep up with.  Sierra Browne has an established repertoire and more to lose.  If and when these two meet up you know Sierra’s got more to lose.

Mutt: But you know Sierra would give up that title to cripple Rekka Sakura.  You know that.

Dunbar: We’ll be right back.  Finally, the news you’ve been waiting for regarding Dawg Pound Nights and Tiffany Chandler!

D*A*W*G* P*O*U*N*D* N*I*G*H*T*S

       THE Dawg Bites Back!

     Monday, February 16th

    Nikos Goumas Stadium in Athens, Greece

(Scene opens up to GDWA studios in Tacoma, Washington.  2 women sit comfortably in front of the camera with their hands folds.  One is a White American while the other is a Filipino American.  Both are dressed casually with matching blue and black sports jackets.)

De La Cruz:  Hello fans, and welcome to the Dawg Pound Nights ’98: Dawg Bites Back control center.  I’m Alison De La Cruz, Vice Pres of the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance with former GDWA competitor and former member of the Evil Empire stable, Vonya.

Vonya:  Just want to give a big Southern yell to Texas and the rest of the south  “Yeeee, Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

De La Cruz: (sheepishly) So far, for DPN we have 3 matches signed…

Vonya: And let me butt in for just a minute…Dawg Pound Nights is emanating from the birthplace of Greco-Roman wrestling, Athens, Greece.  This is the only pay per view in pro sports NAMED for its fans!  This is the only pay per view where YOU, the fans, VOTED on what you wanted to see in the Main Event.  This is the Supercard that is the most brutal of the year.  This is what gets the blood up in a competitor.  In front of thousands of fans who will want to see the best you’ve got to give.

De La Cruz:  (ahem) Okey-dokie….Paul Laurence, I take back my remarks from earlier today.  Commentary IS NOT an easy job.  Anyway, let’s address these matches sequentially.  Jenny Tyler has signed the open contract of Bloody Mary’s in what will be her return bout to the promotion.

Vonya: Tyler had a rough start here in Grand Dragon.  This could really help her career.  And on the other end?  Mary made a mistake in throwing out this Open Contract.  A loss here, with or without the Western Heritage title, could kill her.  A win over Mary as WH champion would attain an automatic title shot for Tyler!

De La Cruz:  It will truly be the case of the high flyer against the brawler.  Next, we have signed, sealed, and delivered to all of you hardcore fans…the battle for the Dawg Pound!

Vonya: Medusa Rage, who could possibly be the Internet titlist by the end of tonight, against ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda in a Dumb Blonde match:  A wrestling ring including the surrounding floor enclosed in a steel cage.  A ladder.  An opening at the top of the steel cage. A steel chair will be lowered a steel chain.  One referee.

De La Cruz:  And this could possibly be the most hardcore match to date in the GDWA.  This will be the FIRST TIME these two favorites of the Dawg Pound, these former heels, face each other.

Vonya: These two have always fought for the favoritism of the Dawg Pound and these two have fought the same women.  Both women have feuded with the former World Champion Dementia Praecox.  Both women have faced adversity in the guise of the Syndicate.  Both women have tremendous tempers and fragile psyches…

De La Cruz:  This can only be described as incredible.  There were little teases along the way.  At Fall Moonsault ’97, they faced off in the Royal Rumble for the Western Heritage title.  In a tag match a little over a month ago versus the Syndicate, once again they were unable to cooperate with one another.  This match could easily overshadow the Double Main Event!!!

Vonya:  Medusa and I haven’t really come face to face, but I know Radhi Ananda very well.  I know what she’s capable of.  She’s a maniac.  She’s never lost in a steel cage…but against Medusa Rage? This woman is known internationally.  You want to talk hardcore? The only reason Lady Tiger isn’t in the business right now is because of Medusa’s Rage Slam over the Top Rope!  Nothing will be better than this match up….they’ll need a whole lot of towels for the blood.

De La Cruz:  Also on this card is ANOTHER key match up.  A battle of the titans!

Vonya: Andrea Chandler against Big Ma Porter in a Lumberjack match. Heck, why don’t we just call the paramedics now.  I’ve seen these two and I’ve been unlucky enough to be in the same arenas with these gals.  Porter is regarded as the heart and soul of what a classic heel is SUPPOSED to be.  Andrea is of that new breed.

De La Cruz:  Add to this that Andrea could be World Champion by DPN.  As I see it, a win for Porter could earn her a title shot.

Vonya: It could earn her a title shot either way.  Andrea is the #1 contender to the world title.  Porter defeating her will make heads turn.

De La Cruz:  What can also come into play are the Lumberjacks. You have the Suicide Blondes and Nikita Marx on one side versus Jennifer Dial, Micki Duran and Daisy Butterfly on the other.  Their job is to keep the action IN the ring and prevent any outside interference.

Vonya: All you’ve got to do is look back to the Summer Supercard pay per view and see what a Lumberjack match is like!  The fans voted for this because they’ve seen what carnage is like in a Lumberjack match!  Porter has the experience edge, but Andrea probably has the intimidation factor.

De La Cruz:  How so?  Porter is regarded as one of the deadliest women in GDWA history.  Just look at all that she’s accomplished. Her classic battles against ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson, Charlotte La Mancha and World Champion ‘Double O’ Officer May Order…

Vonya: But all of that is passed tense.  Porter ain’t what she used to be.  Andrea is the most decorated wrestler in GDWA history. Porter goes up against an enemy that has lived up to all the expectations that Porter herself has never lived up to.

De La Cruz:  I’d disagree.  Andrea has never faced a woman with so much size and strength. And even though Porter is an older woman of her mid 30’s, she pulls out all the stops for Main Event match ups.

Vonya: I’m not taking anything away from the big blob…but what has she done for herself lately?

De La Cruz:  Fans, more news to come in the closing weeks.  For Vonya and the rest of us at the Control Center, so long!  I take you back to Paul Laurence and the rest of the gang.

Mutt: HOT DAMN!!! Ma Porter – Andrea Chandler.  Medusa Rage – Radhi Ananda ?!?!?  Those are two INCREDIBLE matches.  I hope Ananda and Rage wipe each other out!

Blade: That’s certainly going to be the match of all matches for Dawg Pound lovers.  But has it come too late?  Is Medusa still wrestling that style?

Dunbar: I don’t know about that.  But we’ll also be seeing the return of Jenny Tyler.  GDWA pay-per-views are always shockers!  With the matches we’ve seen signed so far who knows what we will see!


Blade: You’re sick, Sam.

Mutt: That’s why you love me.

Dunbar: Moving along, we have Rekka Sakura up next as she ponders exactly how she is going to defeat sierra Browne in their inevitable encounter.

Mutt: Bring a gun!

Rekka Sakura

[Open camera in a small dojo. It is well equipped for wrestling, a large set of mats are spread out on the floor with accompanying stretching and balance bars needed to practice aerial moves.  Three figures enter through the only doorway leading in.  The first is easy recognizable as Rekka Sakura. The that follow her seem to be arguing slightly. The larger of the two men raises his hand and then there is silence. The lesson is beginning]

Keiji: Now we begin by asking the question… what is the best way to deal with an opponent like sierra Browne? What are her strengths?

Rekka: [kneeling before her cousin, thinking for a moment] Power, she has worked with heavyweight contenders so her power in the Cruiserweight division is not what one would expect for a wrestler of her size.

Kazuya: smiling as he crouches in a catcher’s position] True but that also means she’s built up some toughness.  How would you approach a strong style wrestler Rekka-chan?

Rekka: [thinking] Mat wrestle them, get them on the mat to wear them down. There is a good chance that the strong style will lack in endurance.

Keiji: [shaking his head] Nonsense. Many top heavyweights can work the strong style and wrestle for hours. You must think in terms of weight and stamina. Think in terms of endurance and skill.  You have both but your style doesn’t lend itself to strong brawling. You are mat wrestler well versed in aerial attack.  Sierra is already working on her own mat technique to counter yours. She is doing what you did to prepare for Micki Duran.  No you must counter their preparations.

Kazuya: C’mon Rekka-chan, will an aerial style work against her? Hit and run tactics tend to backfire.

Rekka: [confused] So I must use another hybrid style?

Keiji: [shaking his head again] No, not learn a new hybrid style… blend a hybrid style. Take what you know already… aerial wrestling with mat work and a little submission wrestling.

Rekka: [rubs her temples] Your making my head hurt cousin… this is very confusing…

Kazuya: Don’t mind the last of the Kurosawa Samurai Rekka-chan… He’s just trying to make you think of style that you haven’t attempted…

Rekka: But I can’t wrestle the strong style and be effective. Brawling is just not my strong point…

Keiji: then do not brawl, utilize the training your father had you take BEFORE you trained or wrestling…

Rekka: Martial Arts? [Thinks for a moment and miles] My Judo and Kempo can blend with my mat style?

Kazuya: [smiling] Sure, most of the takedowns you learn in amateur Greco style can be turned into Judo throws and the hand speed of our Kempo enables you to effectively block Sierra’s little boxing routine.  You just have to know when to work what style…

Keiji: Rekka I must warn you that relying too heavily on any specific style during the course of the match leaves you vulnerable… Sierra is crafty and will find holes in your approach if you stick with one form to long.

Kazuya: Also watch out for that snake in the grass she has for a manager. Dalbello Rage is about as trustworthy as a Kennedy at strip club. .. y’know the approach is “hands on” [sly smile]

Rekka: I have back-up in case something shady happens. Keiko-chan and Radhi-samam have my back…

Keiji: [shaking his head] NO!! Do not become sloppy and rely solely on your friends for back-up!! There is no telling what can happen in the course of the evening. Rely on yourself and your own judge to prevent yourself from getting in a situation where Dalbello Rage can manipulate you.  [shaking his head] I am amazed how I can have such respect for Dalbello’s kin Medusa yet be so disgusted by her own actions…

Kazuya: [snickering] Oh humble samurai… Where has the honor gone/

Rekka: [laughing] Stop teasing Keiji-san Kazuya-kun!! [Slaps him on the shoulder]

Kazuya: [playfully fighting back] How crisp are those aerial moves I taught you?

Rekka: That evil plancha you do is kind of tricky… where in the name of heaven did you pick-up a move like that?

Kazuya: You wrestle in Mexico and you pick-up a few things [sly smile] how about The Rana Bender?

Rekka: I’m not going to use that [evil look] I know who taught you that Kazuya-kun and I REFUSE to use it because of who invented it!!

Keiji: [curious look] The Rana bender? I only know one person who could have taught Kazuya that hold and that would be…

[Kazuya slams his fist on Keiji’s foot]

Keiji: [surprised] AHH!! CUR!! I’LL HAVE YOUR GUTS FOR GARTERS!!

Kazuya: [springing up in a mock boxing pose] C’mon Keiji-kun, let’s see is you can match fists with me…

Rekka: [springing to her feet and getting between the two] WILL YOU GUYS KNOCK IT OF! [glares at them both] I swear, I feel like I’m watching to children sometimes!!

Keiji: [angrily] HE STARTED IT!!

Kazuya: Oh grow up Mr. Noble Samurai!!

Rekka: I said knock i off!! [Grabs Kazuya by the ear] Now listen here boy!!

Kazuya: [wincing in pain] OW! OW!! HEY!!

Rekka: You quit picking on him, lord knows you aren’t always the charming prince you make yourself out to be!!

Keiji: HA!! You can say that again!!

Rekka: [grabbing Keiji by the nose] You’re not much better than he is!!

Always letting him get to you like that!! I thought you worked this out in therapy years ago? [she releases both of them] Now can we get back to strategy?

Keiji and Kazuya: [humbly] Hai, Rekka-chan

Rekka: now [sitting again] How risky should I be?  Do I take the high risk route on the ropes or keep my aerial attack mid-range?

Kazuya: Mid-range

Keiji: To the ropes

Rekka: Hu? Wait a minute, Kazuya you’re usually the one to recommend high risk from the ropes, why keep it mid-range?

Kazuya: Because it meshes with the mat style better.  You want to have smooth transitions from a quick aerial move to choice mat hold. Keep her off her feet and if she gets up vertical take her down with a quick aerial move.

Keiji: No, I disagree. Rekka you have worked the mid-aerial moves into your regular routine. By staying with that you run the risk of becoming redundant. Take some chances for once. This is not the type of match to wrestle over conservative.  Kazuya has shown you some key Lucha moves and you have worked a straight Luchador style when you wrestled in Mexico. Remember, blend everything together so you can surprise Sierra…You want her off guard. You want to keep the pressure on and surprise her at every turn.

Rekka: [nodding slowly as she rises to her feet] Keiji-an Thank you [she bows deeply] As always you give me a unique perspective [she turns to Kazuya and plants a soft kiss on his cheek] as for you “little Hawk” I will also consider what you have said… I must be clear headed…

Kazuya: But… Rekka… you haven’t signed a match with Sierra Browne… why drill us about all this?

Rekka: [smiling softly] One can never be too careful cousin [waves as she floats out the door] Sayonara!!

[fade out]

Mutt: Geez, this is a sport, right?  This isn’t a business.  I mean come on.  Please, this is something totally ridiculous.  Do we care about Rekka’s wrestling tradition any more than we care about the Tylers or the Rages or any other group of people that doesn’t do a damn thing except take up time with their home movies?  Huh?  Let me ask you that.

Blade: Sam, you just don’t like her.  But that isn’t enough to justify cutting her off.  She is a great wrestler and she shows us and those wrestlers trying to come up exactly how to plan and prepare for an opponent.  That’s what this is all about.  And she’s working up a suitably appropriate strategy to counter the whirlwind that is Sierra Browne.  That is no easy task.

Dunbar: However, if anybody is going to beat Sierra Browne I think it is Rekka Sakura.  She is tactically sound.  She has learned the ropes the hard way.  And she’s humble enough not to get cocky and make a mistake.

Mutt: Aren’t you all forgetting one point?

Dunbar: And that is, Sam?

Mutt: Rekka sucks!

[Dunbar and Blade shake their heads in disbelief.]

Dunbar: Forgive that outburst by our broadcast colleague.  Right now, we have words from the Internet champion and wrestler of the month, Daisy Butterfly.

Daisy Butterfly

(SCENE:  A busy office environment.  DAISY BUTTERFLY sits at a desk, looking bored and disinterested.  She has a shiny silver patch on her forehead, covering the bump she received courtesy of Sierra Browne.  Daisy’s PR agent, JILL LINDSAY, runs around the office like a madwoman; answering phones, sending faxes, organizing paper s and anything else.  Daisy looks up at the camera, and begins talking to the camera as if she’s already midway through a conversation…)

Daisy:  And I asked myself, Daisy Butterfly, how I should react to this little attack by Miss Jack Jones, Sierra Browne.  She has the NERVE to come out and attack ME, stealing MY Wrestler of the Month award.  And me, Daisy

Butterfly, could only come up with one response.


Wow, Sierra Browne has REALLY gotten my goat.

I mean, I look at it like this.  I look at the truth.  I’m already the single most prolific wrestler ever to grace the ring here in the GDWA.  You talk about your Lanny Mansons, your Officer Orders, your Zarannas.  And then you talk about me.  The inaugural GDWA Ironwoman.  THREE-TIME “Lanny Manson Award” winner (and a shoe-in for a fourth time).  Two-time GDWA Internet Champion.

And…100% original.  Sierra, baby…keep the award.  Drop the little intro though, girl.  You’ve done enough biting for 1998. You wanna be the “showstopper”?  You wanna be the “main-eventer”? You’re gonna have to put the Franchise out of business.  See, I’ve already been all that and more.  And still am.  Expand your knowledge, girl.  Learn some history.  Forget Jack Johnson, read up on Daisy Butterfly.  You wanna be me, you might as well do a good job.

Sigh…I guess I can’t tell you how to do your job. Sooner or later, girl, you’ll find out the hard way that I’m not one to be trifled with.

Somehow, I manage to evolve.  I stay fresh.  I’m 50% legend, 50% mystery and nothing but skill.  I’m a household name the world over.  And me busting your leg was just a warning.  Watch what I do to your butch friend Medusa.  Watch me pull down the big payback.  Watch me pull an award out of her ass.  With friends like you, Sierra, Medusa doesn’t need enemies.  But she’s got ’em.

(Jill leans in and whispers into Daisy’s ear)

Daisy:  (smiling)  For real?  Hot-dog, girl!  That’s a force to be reckoned with if there’s ever been one.

(Daisy grins wider and leans back in the chair)

Daisy:  Yeah, Medusa.  I got a little belt for you, girl.  I got one for you…

Mutt: Yeah, chop the head off the snake!

Blade: It looks like Daisy Butterfly is already planning some way to screw Medusa Rage out of the title.  This is already turning into a travesty and the match isn’t even begun yet.  This just goes to show you how far Daisy Butterfly has sunk in her efforts to hang onto her championship.

Mutt: Hey, she learned from last time when she got fooled by Sierra Browne.  She isn’t going to get fooled this time!  She’s probably the best technical wrestler in the business right now and that’s just a fact.  I can’t wait to see who she brings out … though!  This sounds big.

Dunbar: And that stipulation of Medusa’s might end up costing her.  Why not ask for nobody present, ask for a cage match, get all possibility of interference out of the way?

Mutt: She’s just dumb!  She figured some other Syndicate member would come out or something!  But Daisy’s smarter than that!  She’s gonna twist it all around and show up Medusa.

Blade: I can’t see Medusa leaving a loophole like that there.  And Daisy Butterfly is nobody to be taken lightly.  Medusa’s got to have something in mind.  She must!

Dunbar: We shall see.  But right now we finally have Tiffany Chandler who speaks for the first time since her departure from the Syndicate!  Let’s hear from her!  This is going to be good!

Tiffany Chandler

[After missing out on her World Title opportunity this past week, it was revealed that Tiffany Chandler s fiancé was involved in a serious automobile accident.  The following day, it was announced that Tiffany Chandler has used an option in her contract with the Kingpin to leave the Syndicate.  Tiffany talked on the phone with Stephen Sandler shortly after this about her life and her decision.]

Stephen: Ms. Chandler.  Thanks for the time.

Tiffany: No problem.  Please, just call me Tiff.

Stephen: Tell me about the accident.

Tiffany: I have done my best for the past year to keep my personal life out of the public eye, Stephen.  When I go home, I leave work behind. However, this accident has brought my personal life out into the open and so I am going to have to address it.  I met Roger several years ago in college. He’s a real gentleman.  *laughs*  Don’t ask me what he saw in me.. I was very self-centered and demanding and jealous.  However, I was happiest whenever I was with him.  When Chip approached me during the “Darkside”, I had no idea that it would change my life forever.   Roger has a broken collar bone, a dislocated shoulder and a serious concussion.  For a while, he was in critical condition, but it looks like he’ll finally pull through.

Stephen: Rumors have abound, in regards to you leaving the Syndicate. First, is this true?

Tiffany: Yes.  It’s true.

Stephen: Tell me why?  Why would you leave the Syndicate.

Tiffany: Stephen, there comes a time in every person’s life when they have to take a good look at themselves in the mirror.  Either they like what they see.. or they don’t.  The morning after the accident, I looked in the mirror for the first time and I lost respect for the person I saw in that mirror.  This accident has brought out feelings in me that I never knew I had.  For “Brilliant” Tiffany Chandler, winning was everything.  For “Brilliant” Tiffany Chandler, it was her opinion that she was above everyone else.  “Brilliant” Tiffany Chandler always got her way.  When you’re faced with the possibility of losing the one thing in life you love more than yourself, then you become reflective about who you are.   It was then that I realized that I didn’t like who I was.  The clincher was when I was sitting with Roger last night.. he looks up at me and placed his hand right here on my heart.  He said, “Tiff.. I wish the world could know the Tiffany Chandler that I know..”

Stephen: When will we get to see that side of Tiffany Chandler?

Tiffany: Immediately.  You see, one of the reasons I’ve decided to part ways with the Syndicate was that I really don’t fit into their mold.  They are the party type.  My idea of fun is to sit home and read.  I’m a real bookworm.  I like to read 4 to 6 books a week for fun.  I really am not all that comfortable in the party scene.  Looking back at some of my spots for the GDWA, I can hardly see that person as who I am.  Bossy, tyrannical, overbearing.  Basically, I used people.  When people remember Tiffany Chandler of the GDWA, I don’t want them to see how I treated my employees or other wrestlers.  I want to be known as a good person.  I’ve finally gotten my life in perspective and the Tiffany Chandler of old is gone. It’s time for a new Tiff Chandler in the GDWA.

Stephen: How did the Syndicate take your request to leave the group?

Tiffany: They were shocked, but very understanding.  There is no ill will from anyone in the group to me, or me to the group.  I told them simply that I wasn’t against them, just wasn’t comfortable running with the scene any longer.  It’s a personal reawakening of who I really am.  We all hugged after the meeting and they wished me the best of luck.  I could sense disappointment in Andrea s voice, but I know I’m doing the right thing.

Stephen: Are you still going to go after Medusa Rage?  She’s attacked you on numerous occasions and has pretty much been a thorn in your side.

Tiffany:  Look, I admire what Medusa is trying to do.. but I can’t condone her actions.  She’s doing the right thing, but going about it in the wrong way.  If she wants a match, one on one, all she needs to do is ask.  I’ll be more than happy to step in the ring against her or anyone.  Just because my attitude is different, that doesn’t mean that I’m backing down from anyone.  I still want a shot at Keiko Mita, she’ll just be facing a much different Tiff Chandler.  And every girl’s dream is to be the GDWA Champion, so Officer Order, I will be wanting a title shot against you soon as well, or whoever holds that belt.

Stephen: Even your cousin, Andrea?

Tiffany: *sigh* To be completely honest, if Andrea becomes the Champion, I will probably not vie for a shot at the title.  We’re family and I want us to remain as such.  But, if I’m /told/ that I’m to fight Andrea for the title, then I will go out there and give it 100 percent.  That goes for any other member of the Syndicate.  We are still friends, but I’m just choosing a different path to go down.  But, this is my chosen profession, and if it takes getting into the ring with Andrea, Micki, Daisy or Jennifer, then I will.

Stephen: Now, I’m glancing at the business section of the Wall Street Journal.  The headlines read: Chandler steps down at Chandler Enterprises.

Tiffany: Basically, I’ve decided that I’m working too hard at the office. I will remain as owner of the corporation and will be on the board of directors, but someone else will be hired to fill in as acting CEO of Chandler Enterprises.  I’m taking the time to be by Roger s side and help him through all of this and to get my wrestling career on the right track.

Stephen: So what’s next for Tiffany Chandler?

Tiffany: Well, first I’m going to try and right a few wrongs.  I’m not sure exactly how that will be accomplished just yet, but there will come a time. As far as titles go, the GDWA isn’t breaking any records to grant me a World Title opportunity, so I guess I’ll be working my way up the ladder.

I would like to get into the ring with Keiko Mita.  She’s a worthy champion and ‘ve given her a very hard time.  I think we’ll just play it by ear for now and see how things go.  I’ll take on whoever would like to challenge me.  I won’t duck anyone.  I’m just going to do what I feel is right and not worry so much about winning and losing.

Stephen: Thanks for talking with us Tiffany.  All the best to Roger.

Tiffany: I’ll tell him you said so.  Thank you for giving me the time to speak.




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