Incomplete: Promos from Browne Girls, Burning Rain, Bloody Mary and more.

(The scene is one of Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance studios located in Tacoma, Washington. Two men are sitting behind a desk. They are wearing a blue blazer with the GDWA logo on the right side. A woman sits between them with a red and brown suit jacket and skirt. The lights start to come up, and “Atomic Dog” by Parliament–the GDWA theme music–begins to play.)

Dunbar: Wrestling fans, I’m Paul Laurence Dunbar with Sam Mutt and Sonya Blade bringing you the Saturday Night Tease. We have a lot to talk about tonight. People have come ‘out of the closet’ so to speak to have their voices heard.

Mutt: That’s right! And we have the return of one of the sexiest women in Grand Dragon…’La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx! So Sonya Blade, you can spread all the rumors and lies you want about her, but she’s back!!

Blade: Oh shut up Sam! I’m not Allen Bishop. You can’t push me around…anyway, we also have commentary regarding that big match that transpired last Tuesday!

Dunbar: That’s right fans, we have word from the NEW Western Heritage champion ‘Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne….

Sierra Browne

[Fade in:

Sierra stands on her tiptoes atop a large rock, her back turned to the camera as she surveys the beach and the rough surf breaking against the coast. This isn’t a resort, but a natural beach in Trinidad. The sun beats down overhead. The pose shows off the impossible length of Sierra’s legs, the long, mocha-colored thighs and the diamond-hard calves. She wears a gold thong bikini, designed to show off the leanness of her hips and the round and thick musculature of her gluteal. The sun glints off the gold sparkles in her short wavy black hair and the Great Western Heritage title strapped over her shoulder. Sierra rocks back and forth on her heels, flexing her legs and clenching her buttocks as a cameraman snaps picture after picture from in front and behind.] Cameraman: That’s a rap. Beautiful, Sierra. You’re just fabulous.

[Cut to a front close up of Sierra, smiling that big, bright pixy smile of hers. It lights up the screen. She has a perfect catlike face, her features small and fine in her high-cheekbone visage. Her eyes sparkle like the most polished onyx.]

Sierra: You think they’ll like them?

Cameraman: Well, they’ll look great in your portfolio. I know a couple of magazines that’ll just eat these shots up. Just beautiful. I can see the headlines. The golden girl takes the gold.

Sierra: At last. (Laughing) [She hops down from the rock, setting the belt down on it. She rubs at her oiled and shining skin.] It’s good to be home. (Sigh) I miss this place sometimes. I guess I won’t have as much time to come down any more. There’s a great deal of things for me to do now. Indigo? Where are you, girl?

Indigo: Right here, doux-doux.

[Indigo drops down from a palm tree. She lands gently next to her sister. She is more conservatively dressed in a sarong.]

Indigo: I’m proud of you, Sierra. You did a good thing there.

Sierra: Girl, I was just going for mine. You know I had to beat her.

Indigo: But you got the whole island on the map. That was your goal since you first stepped into the ring. I’m glad you never lost sight of those goals.

Sierra: You and your politics. I have to admit it did feel nice. [She picks up the belt.] I’m sorry I couldn’t win one of these with you, though. That would have been too sweet.

Indigo: Hey, it doesn’t matter. I’ll get there sooner than you think.

Sierra: You know what bothered me though about that match. May was just behaving badly at the end. Why’d she have to chop we like that when all I wanted to do was befriend her. I don’t understand it.

Indigo: Hopefully it’s just the heat of competition. Did you try visiting her? Working everything out.

Sierra: No. And I won’t. She’s got to apologize to me. She’s the one always talking about how she’s gonna do good for people. How she’s this that and the third. Let her rove it once and for all. People booed me when she was the one acting stush. I don’t like that.

Indigo: Sierra, you’re going to face a lot of that while you’re champion. Now enjoy this little time off. You know it’s just gonna get crazier from here on in.

Sierra: (nodding) True. True. Yeah, you’re right. Swim?

Indigo: No problem.

[The sisters embrace before they splash off into the surf. Fade out with a shot of the Great Western Heritage championship.]

Blade: The Western Heritage champion enjoying the spotlight…as well as the time off. She suffered some sort of injury to the hamstring from what I heard.

Dunbar: I don’t know how I feel about that controversial ending. Order is guaranteed to retain the title with a count out loss until Medusa Rage….

Mutt: LOOK! Medusa Rage DID NOT attack Order. She rolled Order into the ring.

Dunbar: Well, Medusa Rage was not acting as Sierra Browne’s manager at that time though.

Blade: What I found interesting was the end of the match. Daisy Butterfly running in for the save. And then Order Karate Chopping Sierra Browne in her injured daze.

Dunbar: Speaking of Sierra Browne, we have one hell of a Cruiserweight tournament match up 2 weeks from now. She faces Lady Tiger who is currently undefeated in Grand Dragon. With comments regarding Miko Azai, here is Lady Tiger….

Lady Tiger

(Scene opens up inside an empty and scarcely lit mall. A few security guards are walking around the mall, as we see two familiar figures seated behind a wide table, collecting their thoughts; former Internet champion Charlotte La Mancha, and GDWA’s masked wonder Lady Tiger. A few autographed pictures are still lying on the table from a free autograph session held several hours ago. Charlotte finally calls the camera over for a few words as her and Tiger tidy up a bit.)

Charlotte (mimicking an eccentric David Jones): The Tokyo Thriller is back, badder than ever! She’s going wild! Who can stop her? . . . Maybe a little “Tiger Power”?? Oh, that win had to feel GOOD Tig!

Night Cat Fight!

Charlotte: Yeah, well, don’t let it go to your head, kiddo. You still have to face Goldilocks in the cruiserweight tournament.

Tiger: Sierra Browne. I doubt anyone would want to miss this one! Two of the hottest cruiserweights in Grand Dragon; Sierra Browne, the new Western Heritage champion, and the undefeated Lady Tiger! Sierra, this is not for the gold you possess. This is for the cruiserweight belt; a belt which would look a lot better around my waist than yours.

Charlotte: Goldie, you can leave the Age of Rage in the dressing room for this one. I know May would be watching our backs anyway, but let’s do this one by the book. You and Tiger. Two great cruiserweights fighting to make it to the finals. And when it’s all said and done, just to show we’re not bad sports, I’ll be sure to send you an “I got beat by Lady Tiger” t-shirt . . .

 Tiger: Charlotte!! Well, whoever wins that match will still have a lot of work ahead of them. But at least we’ll find out who the better cruiserweight is for now.

Charlotte: Yeah. Tiger, you know you’ll be going in this match as a HUGE underdog . . .

(Charlotte stops talking when she sees Tiger cringe)

Tiger: SO??? I was a “huge underdog” when I faced Nomad at Dawg Pound Nights! And I beat her! I “didn’t have the experience” to beat Vonya at Founder’s Day Tradition. But I beat her! And when I face Sierra Browne in a few weeks, it will no doubt be as a “huge underdog”!!

Charlotte: Whoa!! Calm down girl! I didn’t mean anything! Hey, I wouldn’t have it any other way if everybody and their dog was betting against us! It makes it that more gratifying when we win! Let’s just see what happens in a few weeks, ok?

(A security guard approaches Charlotte)

Charlotte: Yeah, yeah, we’re going . . .

Guard: No. Actually, there were two guys here to see you. They didn’t say much, but they told me to give you this (hands her an envelope)

Charlotte: Who did they say they were?

Guard: Well, they didn’t say anything!

Charlotte: Hmm . . . (Charlotte rips open the envelope as Tiger peers over her shoulder)

Tiger: Charlotte, it was sensational! Miko, you have been ducking me for close to two months now! All I wanted was one chance to prove who the real Lady of Grand Dragon was! I finally got my chance, and now there can be no doubt! Lady Tiger was shining as bright as a Starr at the Tuesday Night Cat Fight.

(Doorbell rings. Charlotte answers and returns with a note.)

Tiger: What’s that?

Charlotte: I don’t know. (Read the note.)

[Dear Charlotte, Ha Ha Ha!! I’m sure you found it amusing to try to publicly humiliate me while all of my fans at Grand Dragon were watching! I’ll have you know, I’m sending you the bill for the couch that you ruined, as well as the manicure and pedicure I treated myself to after the entire ordeal! I’ve got better things to do than being harassed by some ancient has-been wrestler and a cartoon character who wouldn’t last ten seconds in the ring with me! I know jealousy is a hard thing to deal with, Charlotte, but get used to it!

Ta Ta!! Sally McClane]

(Charlotte crumples up the note and tosses it a trash can)

Charlotte: You know what this means, Tiger?

Tiger (with a hopeful look on her face): It means you’ll just ignore her ranting until I get a chance to face her??

Charlotte (with a malicious smile): No. This means war!

[Fade to black]

Blade: The war of words continues between the Frenchwomen and Sally McClane…this should turn out interesting.

Mutt: Nobody cares about that! I want to hear more about the HOTTEST Cruiserweights in Grand Dragon! I’m talking about Sierra Browne and Lady Tiger. The Age of Rage on tear like nobody’s business. They are going for all the belts. First the MISFITS, then Sierra Browne….is Medusa next?

Dunbar: Speaking of Medusa Rage, let’s hear from her…!

Medusa Rage

[Fade in:

Medusa Rage smiles into the camera, leaning back on her couch in her mad hatter outfit. Her teeth glitter with her snake’s fangs. She fans herself.]

Medusa: Dementia Praecox … that’s a terrible condition. Let me see, if I remember correctly, that particular mental malady can be the result of a prolonged and untreated case of syphilis … hmmmm … what have you been doing Dementia? What have you been doing? And with whom to develop this particular schizophrenic dilemma? No wonder no one will play with you. But Dementia, I promise you that I’ll play with you soon. You’ve made me very unhappy rejecting my challenge like you did. You will play with me sometime. Sometime soon. Trust me. It will be a very fun game, Dementia. At least for the winner. The loser … well, the loser….

[Medusa shrugs]

 We can still be friends at the end. Promise. Hugs and hisses, Dementia.

[Medusa settles back in her seat.]

Medusa: Madame Hecate, let your charge out to play. She needs the fresh air. She needs the companionship. And she needs as many friends as possible. I’m here for her. I’m here for you too. Maybe I’ll be your only friend too. Come out and play with me, please. I do so miss my childhood.

[Medusa winks into the camera and nestles back into her chair. Fade out.]

Dunbar: Medusa Rage with the mind games once again! Dementia Praecox has been going through a lot of changes as of late.

Mutt: Madame Hecate is attempting to make her more marketable. I mean, look at our prior champions: Lanny Manson, Zaranna and Andrea Chandler. They paid the bills. Hecate is just trying to make the promoters happy and take home more pocket change.

Blade: Well, the problem is in the wrestler. You can’t market a nut like her that way…and Medusa will seduce Praecox’s title away from her. Remember that snake incident she was involved in..

Mutt: Yeah, yeah, I know! I know!

Dunbar: Well, someone who IS NOT seduced by Medusa Rage’s rhetoric is Daisy Butterfly who sounds ENRAGED this week…

Daisy Butterfly

(SCENE: DAISY BUTTERFLY, standing in front of a GDWA banner. She is dressed a bit different than her usual b-girl style. She wears a “Lanny Manson” t-shirt, tight leather pants and dark black make-up around her eyes, as well as a dog collar. Her black hair is styled wildly…)

Daisy: Okay, girls–enough of the nonsense. We got Medusa Rage on Andrea Chandler’s tits. Chandler on Rage’s tits. Bloody Mary going for the okeydokey Rage lapdog role. Girls, girls; why? To keep “gang violence” down? That’s pure BS, ladies. And you made this gal ANGRY…

Cheap excuses, like May, Lady Tiger and I deciding to keep an eye on things around here, drove y’all to come out with this anti-gang thing. If you all were paying attention, ummm, I think the idea was already done. ‘Dusa, girlfriend…don’t flatter yourself. You aren’t all that you think. You brought the hardcore to the GDWA? You’re faking your jacks, sweetie. Lanny Manson, Ma Porter, Demonica, Dementia Praecox and Radhi Ananda were leaving blood-soaked rings around this nation long before you and your ego arrived.

And yes, I’ll agree with you–some girls decided to change up their styles and bring guns to a knife fight, so to speak, after you brought down the Age of Rage. But something you gotta check when looking at these women–they aren’t Daisy Butterfly. They aren’t May Order. They’ll NEVER have the pure skill necessary to compete with the best. So they pull out all the stunts and shenanigans. And after you see all this, you STILL have the nerve to call my game weak? Do yourself a favor, ‘Dusa. Get yourself some tapes. Check me out. Watch what I do night-after-night to my opponents. And watch how the matches end. Win or lose, girl, I STILL wrestle circles around my competition.

And I do it ON MY OWN. Never expect a friend to bash a head for me to win. Never pulling tights–none of that. ‘Cause what I do, belt or no belt, is prove NIGHTLY that I am the best in the world. Without gangs, without any more hype than the roar of the crowd. Gold-diggers–keep your belts. My self-respect is worth more than a championship.

Mutt: Who the hell does she think she is? (In a whiny voice) “My self-respect is worth more than a championship.” You know why Daisy Butterfly? Because you SUCK! And how would YOU know anything about titles?

Blade: She has integrity, Sam Mutt. Something Medusa Rage is lacking along with her cronies.

Dunbar: Fans, before we hear from Nikita Marx, let’s take a look at Tuesday Night’s Card…

Da Card!

1) Daisy Butterfly vs. ‘Wildchild’ Wendy Marshall (Cruiserweight tournament match)

2) Andrea Chandler vs ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda

3) Laura Cameron vs. ‘SEXY’ Sally McClane

4) Bloody Mary vs. ‘Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita

5) ‘Jumping’ Jennifer Grier vs Jenny Tyler

6) Gladiatrixes vs the New Browne Girls

7) High Flying Dolls vs. Double Otanashis (From last Tuesday Night)

 Dunbar: Fans, let’s hear from returning superstar ‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx….

Nikita Marx

Shot opens on a beautiful vista of the snow covered Rocky Mts., the calm is suddenly shattered as an A-10 Thunderbolt Attack Plane flies burst in to the shot, flying just over the tree line. Switch to a shot of the pilot in the cockpit. As he reaches up and unbuckles his mask and lifts the visor we can see it’s none other than ‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx!

Nikita: Hello Darlings! Do you like my new toy? I am so sorry I have not been around lately. You know how busy one can get with there … work. Yes?

A loud beeping can be heard, as Nikita looks down and shakes her head.

Nikita: Always I have wanted to send a special message to my fans worldwide, and now I just when I have the perfect way to do that, someone wants to spoil my fun.

Shot switches outside, where we see the A-10 fly past, shortly followed by two F-16 in hot pursuit.

Nikita: Do not worry Darling, I will not give up so easily. I have been missing the fun I had in the ring, the cheer of the crowd as I eliminate one opponent after another. Ah, the joy of competition. The sheer pleasure of physical combat, I have missed it so…

Shot switches outside, as we see the A-10 climb sharply as the F-16’s follow. Suddenly the A-10 stalls and turns over plummeting back to earth, directly toward the F-16. A sudden burst of machine-gun fire is heard as one of the F-16 bursts into flames, which the A-10 then flies through. Switch back to the inside.

Nikita: Now, I do not know who this, Laura Cameron is, but she must be a brave lady to challenge me. I except, although once we are done she may wish that I had not.

Again the shot switches to the outside where we see the other F-16 firing off missiles at the A-10, one of which blows off part of its tail. Switch back to the inside. Nikita’s eyes flash with anger, as she looks in to the camera.

Nikita: CAN YOU BELIEVE THE NERVE OF SOME PEOPLE? We my darlings, it seems that I must go now. Do not fear, I will … who do they say? Be seeing you soon?

With that the shot switch to the outside where we can see Nikita eject from the A-10 just before it crashes in to a mountain range.

Fade out.

Mutt: Laura Cameron challenged Nikita Marx, but the promoters couldn’t get that match signed for this week. Hopefully Nikita can squash that little jobber next week.

Blade: We haven’t seen this gal since her scuffle with Medusa Rage. Hopefully she’s ready to compete again.

Dunbar: Fans, we have another woman associated with Medusa Rage. She stood side by side Ms. Rage on the House of Styles last Tuesday Night on the Catfight. Let’s hear from Bloody Mary…

Bloody Mary

(Scene is in a gym where Bloody Mary is throwing around chairs, weights, pieces of equipment, The High Flying Dolls & The Gladiatrixes are trying to calm her but she pushes them away threatening to hit them after she flattens Rusla with a forearm, she calms down enough to address the camera as Rusla looks stunned being attended to by the rest as they look on at Mary)

Bloody Mary: KEIKO…. (She tries to get the words out as she pulls her hair & kicks a chair in frustration) KEIKO…I JUST SAW WHAT YOU HAD TO SAY IN THE FRI. TEASE!!!

(She breathes in hard to calm herself as she looks down at Rusla)

 Oh my god! Rusla! (She goes over & helps pick her up & hugs her) Are you ok? I’m sorry, I’m sorry! (Rusla indicates she’s ok)

Rusla: I’m okay, Mary, no hard feelings…really, calm down, she’s not worth it.

Bloody Mary: I wish I could Rusla, I’m sorry all of you (The teams stand silent as Mary once again addresses the camera)


 (Mary is guided to the exit door by the Dolls & The Glads when she stops)

Bloody Mary: (Much calmer) You go on girls, don’t worry about me, I’m afraid I won’t be very good company. (They leave as Mary pulls up a chair, turns out the lights & sits in the dark, head in hands)

Dunbar: As we approach the half hour mark of the Saturday Night Tease, Sonya Blade leaves to prepare for the Hotline news. Sam joins me now with Allen Bishop.

Bishop: Fans, Mary’s alliance with Medusa Rage is doomed to failure. Why? Mary doesn’t like Andrea. Andrea doesn’t like Mary. And Medusa is a snake…

Mutt: Stop calling her that! That episode is over and done with…and besides, Bloody Mary faces Keiko Mita this weekend. And I can’t wait to see her kick that punks but!

Bishop: These two have been bickering back and forth since she entered the promotion. Finally we get to see them in the ring.

Dunbar: Well, the ‘Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita won’t be outdone by Bloody Mary. With comments, here is Mita…

Keiko Mita

[Scene fades in showing Keiko Mita dressed in street clothes, faded blue jeans, black & gold vest and black ankle boots. She’s obviously in a bad section of town, run down streets, street lights shot out, street people crouched back in alleys, passed out on the street. Keiko smirks as she looks around then looks back to the camera.]

So, Mary, the idea of a street fight finally got your attention. So, is this the type of place you learned to fight? A place where gangsta girls cling together in posse’s and attack five on one. Guns blazing, knives and baseball bats swinging. I once thought better of you, Mary. I thought you enjoyed the competition. The honorable battle, one on one.

But you can’t claim you do not agree with the people you associate with. Medusa Rage, your newest buddy, interfered in both title matches this last card. Are the so called toughest women in the GDWA so afraid of people like me that they do not trust their teams, their people to fight without interfering? Was I right about you, Mary? -DO- you still get a chill of fear down your spine from our last match?

Is that why you are now with Medusa and the Syndicate? Should I be keeping my eyes out for more gang style attacks? I have a better idea. A wrestling match! You and me, Mary. The challenge is issued. Regular rules. Are you up to it, Mary? Can you face me without your tag teams? Without your new friends? Let’s find out….

[Keiko glares at the camera before walking off screen as the scene fades.]

Bishop: Keiko Mita not afraid of any Syndicates or a woman that calls herself Bloody Mary…!

Mutt: Well she should be! Bloody Mary kicked Lanny Manson’s but. Are you trying to tell me that Keiko Mita is even half the athlete Lanny Manson is?

Bishop: Don’t underestimate the ‘Kyoto Crippler’ Sam.

Dunbar: Fans, a woman who has sided with Keiko Mita in recent weeks is ‘Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura. Let’s hear from her…..

Rekka Sakura

[open camera on a small shrine, sitting here meditating is Rekka Sakura. She is calm and focused, the sweat that matted her brow previously is now replaced by a look of calm serenity]

Rekka Sakura: [her eyes open slowly] I sit here in deep reflection thinking of my goals and the best way to accomplish them. Too often have I rushed into a situation unfocused and haphazardly. But now I think with a clear head… my quest for the Western Heritage title must be put aside to help one who needs it… Keiko Mita has both my respect and comradery, I have offered her my help and will stand by her as an ally and friend. The Syndicate will learn what it means to tangle with Rekka Sakura soon enough for I shall make my presence known to them in a fashion that will make them take notice… the spirit that burns within my breast is strong but more importantly IT IS PURE!!


Rekka Sakura: [nods] yes, now is the time for me to train my body for the task at hand, now is the time to prepare the path for honor… NOW IS THE TIME FOR THIS BURNING CHERRY BLOSSOM TO SHINE!!

[Fade out]

Mutt: (tears pour down Sam Mutt’s face as he bursts out laughing!)

Bishop: What?!

Dunbar: Fans, as Sam Mutt recovers, we have words from the FORMER Heavyweight Champion of the World ‘Ritch Bitch’ Andrea Chandler….

Andrea Chandler

(Andrea Chandler is lying propped on her side at the beach, wearing a revealing pink bikini, staring out at the surf. Her bronzed body is coated with oil, glistening in the bright overhead sun. Distantly, the call of seagulls floats through the breeze. Andrea begins to speak, not looking at the camera.)

Andrea: Finally. Someone had the stones to step up and accept my open contract for a match. And who does it happen to be but the Jungle Woman herself, Radhi Ananda. (Andrea smiles slightly.) I couldn’t be more pleased. Radhi’s a force to be reckoned with, no doubt about it. More than one GDWA opponent has felt her fury, her energy, her unpredictability. And her capturing the Western States Heritage belt was no accident. (She pauses.) Nor was her losing it. I’m proud to say I played a part in that. Her sneak attack on me that preceded that incident is all the justification I needed; after all, prior to that point, I hadn’t paid the slightest bit of attention to her. But, she chose to insinuate herself into my life, and I returned the favor.

(She runs her hand along her abdominal muscles, continuing to avoid the camera.) [Andrea] So here it is, Radhi. A war to settle the score. A chance for payback in your case, and chance for me to re-assert myself here in Grand Dragon. And that’s really all you are, you see. I don’t harbor any particular ill will toward you. You’re just an opportunity for me to demonstrate who the hands-down best wrestler in Grand Dragon happens to be. So bring your best, Radhi. The Diamond Express is coming, and well…you might just get drilled.

(Andrea tousles her hair a bit, still smiling.)

Andrea: One other item. Organized Crime…I have a little challenge for you, too. Your little stunt during my title match was painful, and hard to swallow in some ways. But it was also an eye-opener. It showed me just how FRIGHTENED you are of me! After all, can I realistically expect a pack of hyenas like yourselves to face me alone in a wrestling ring? Can I ever anticipate you having the courage to stand one-on-one with me? Highly unlikely. Nonetheless, I offer this to you, and the whole of Grand Dragon. As per the accord I reached with Medusa, I swear–and I do not break my promises, so believe this–I swear I shall not interfere or involve myself in anyone else’s matches, if the same courtesy is extended to me. The proper way to settle a difference is woman to woman, and I will hold to that as long as everyone else does. So if you have the honor–and the courage–to abide by this, I’ll gladly do the same.

(She looks at the camera; her grin broadens.)

Andrea: And Zaranna…don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. It’s interesting how you dragged your has-been ass into my affairs, and then proceeded to disappear like so much gas. Listen very closely… (She lowers her sunglasses on her nose)…I want you, love. Anytime. Anywhere. If you have the backbone to finish what you started, then go down to Grand Dragon’s offices, and find that little contract that has my name and your name on it. I’ve signed it. Will you?

(Andrea turns away, and pushes her sunglasses back onto her nose.)

Andrea: I’m waiting, Zaranna. And I SO hate waiting….

(The view fades….)

Bishop: I must agree with Andrea Chandler. Where the hell is Zaranna? We haven’t seen or heard from her since Founder’s Day Tradition. Maybe she IS afraid of Andrea Chandler.

Dunbar: Andrea Chandler…

Mutt: (still chuckling!) Who the HELL Is Rekka Sakura. Nobody gives a damn about her OR Keiko Mita. Damn, these jobbers crack me up!

Dunbar: Fans, we have a match between two rookies name Jennifer this Tuesday. First, let’s hear from Jenny Tyler…

Jenny Tyler

(Camera on Jenny Tyler who is icing down her wounds after losing to Crimson)

JT- Well, that sucked!! I admit it, I was unfocused, and unprepared for that match. But that’s about to change.

DThomas- We accept Jennifer Grier’s challenge.

JT- But I sure as hell ain’t done with you Crimson, next time out, you won’t catch me off guard!!

Dunbar: Jenny Tyler having a tough time against fellow rookie Crimson on the Catfight. She faces ‘Jumping’ Jennifer Grier this Tuesday night.

Bishop: Let’s hear from her…

Jennifer Grier

[The scene: The home of “Big” Rob Tucker. “Jumping” Jennifer Grier sits on the couch, as Rob reads the sports section.]

Grier: Alright. If my mouth is what you all want to hear, fine. This is what you’re going to get. I sit here and listen to the GDWA.. one hell of a federation. The best I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen the greats…Officer Order, Ma Porter, all the big names. I’ve also seen ones with great honor… “The Crippler”. She took me down, and had the honor to shake my hand. That is the positive.

Tucker: You’re not going to do this, are you?

Grier: But then there are the chumps. The ones that get their own little groups, and hide behind them. What’s up with this? Stables? I thought this was the Grand Dragon. A singles and tag team. Time to liven it up ladies.

Tucker: You’re going to get your ass kick, Jen. Chill out.

Grier: Rob, I’ve taken the abuse, I’m starting to learn. Ok, I’m not the best out there, but this is getting old. I’m not even going to comment on the Phantom. I’ve only heard about her once, but wasn’t there a man in another league to already come out of the rafters? Just checking.

[Grier stands up, and looks out the window. She closes the curtains, and continues.]

Grier: Now, I’m sure I’m going to get backlash. Well, bring it on. But, for the CHEATERS out there… no naming any names (Bloody Mary), get me in the ring… now that I see the light. I came in as a rookie, and to most of you, I still am. Well, at least I know how to get in the ring, and fight my own battles EVERY SINGLE TIME I GET IN THERE. I don’t need a Dog Pound, or any other group. Win or Lose, I do it, not my ‘buddies’.

[Tucker puts his paper down. He looks at Jen, and smirks.]

Tucker: Listen up. Jen here’s got a lot of learning to do. But to those who get offended by her, get in the ring. Talk the talk. But you better be able to…

Grier: … walk the walk.

[Jennifer grabs her jacket, and storms out the door, slamming it on the way out.] [Fade to black]

Mutt: Nobody cares about those two anyway. Moving on! Let’s talk about the tag scene.

Bishop: What about the Tag scene?

Mutt: Hell, we got MAYHEM! Last Tuesday Night we had the whole damn division brawling it out in the aisles. What ISN’T there to discuss.

Dunbar: I suppose we shall begin with the World Tag Champions…the one and only MISFITS!

The Misfits

[Fade in:

The Misfits are taped at their home in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Dalbello’s slumped into an under stuffed leather chair, her leg held straight out in front of her. It is wrapped in ice. She doesn’t look bothered by the injury at all. Godiva sits opposite her, sipping a cup of tea and watching television. These don’t look like the Misfits the GDWA fans are accustomed to seeing. They are calm, relaxed. They have their hair down. One gets the sense that the Misfits are completely real in this one. Godiva responds to the camera first.]

Godiva: Well, Denmark, love, wot are ya gonna do about this latest bit of interference. You see, this is exactly wot we told you would ‘appen. There’s no ruddy way anybody’s gonna obey the rules of the game. We were good. Two referees. We obeyed. We played it straight and fair. Can’t even say we broke a rule once and wot’s it get us? Jumped by a moody Japanese and those two Oreo cookies. That’s what this is gonna be about. That’s wot this league is? Well, I tell ya, the Misfits are gonna rewrite the flippin’ rules.

Dalbello: Mr. Vessey, looks, it’s simple. There is no way anybody is going to follow your rules as long as they don’t make sense. People are ignoring you. Why? Because this is the way things are meant to be. This is the way the people want it. Otherwise they wouldn’t be bashing people around like they do. But we’re the only team that’s hamstrung. All right, you’ve stacked the deck against us. That’s all right. We’re used to it. But I tell you, I will not tolerate something like this happening again. The Misfits came into this organization as the roughest team on the block, but we’re also athletes. All of a sudden, everybody had to copy the Misfits’ style. Everybody had to imitate. And they just can’t do it. So they’ve got to gang up and jump us at the end of matches. You know, we’ve never pinned anybody to defend these belts. You know that? All our defenses have come via disqualification. I know you’re trying to enforce the rules. But there’s one thing the Misfits want in exchange for our good behavior.

Godiva: Those ruddy African Dawgs. You give us one shot at them. No ‘olds barred. The rule book out the ruddy window and then we’ll see what we can do about cleanin’ everythin’ up for ya. As usual, it’s up to the champions to lead by example. We’re not short of the task, neither.

Dalbello: That’s all we want. I’m off three weeks, but when I get back. One world title shot against the Hyenas. No holds barred with a cage surrounding ringside. You step out of the way of that one, Vessey. And I promise you’ll we’ll effin’ boy scouts the rest of our reign.

Godiva: I know it seems like we’re asking you a favor. But we’re not. We’ve put the ‘eavy word on ya, bloke. This is a polite demand. You don’t follow it and there’ll be ‘ell to pay. Promise.

Dalbello: Now get the hell out.

[Fade to black]

Dunbar: This ongoing feud between the MISFITS and the Hyena Queens sounds cryptic. The Hyena Queens on the Tuesday Night Cat Fight basically saying somebody has to go. The Age of Rage or the self-proclaimed ‘Queens of the Ring’.

Bishop: And EVERYBODY is hurt. Speaking of hurt, the other teams are pissed off as well.

Mutt: Hell, at least it’s my favorites duking it out for the belt. Nobody cares about Burning Rain or the High Flying Dolls anyway.

Dunbar: Speaking of which, let’s hear from the Burning Rain…

Burning Rain

[Scene fades in after the Burning Rain-Misfits match, in the faces locker room. ‘Fire Angel’ Maria is looking bruised and battered, holding her throat. Gojira is fuming, her face paint streaked and smeared. Her kendo stick furiously smashes into the lockers again and again, leaving nasty dents in the metal before she points the kendo stick at the camera]

I’m doing the talking now! Maria’s still not gotten her voice back after that rail shot, but -I- have things to say! MISFITS! Don’t be fooled. We didn’t attack the Double Otanashi to save your butts! We’re sending a message to people who interfere in our matches. Even if you attack the other team, we’re not just going to stand there and let you get away with it. Maybe the Misfits are too weak to stand alone, but we’re not! Hyena Queens! Double Otanashi! I hope you are happy. I hope you are so pleased with yourselves screwing up our shot at the titles. I hope you are just having the times of your lives right now. Because we’ll see how happy you are after Burning Rain is done with you. We’ll see how happy you are after you get your first loss, Queens. We’ll see how happy you are after I drop -YOU- over the ringside railing, Otanashi! How happy you are eating your meals through straws.

Otanashi, I’m especially disappointed in you. You could be such a great team. A credit to the fans. A credit to the sport. But you had to get involved. You had to prove yourselves no better than the MISFITS, who did the run in on our match. What, is this a game? Is it our turn to blind side someone? I DON’T think so! Enjoy your suspensions, Double O’s, Hyena Queens, because when they are done, we’ll be waiting!

[Furious, Gojira throws the kendo sword down and goes over to check on Maria as the scene fades out.]


(I believe there’s more to this, but I don’t have it)

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