Promos from Tiffany Chandler, Sierra Browne, Savannah Charles, Lauryn Rage and more.

Tiffany Chandler

[Tiffany Chandler is pacing outside of Chandler Enterprises, New York Office. She’s talking on her cell phone.]

Tiffany: No! You listen to me! I worked my ass off to get that title shot and there isn’t one pencil pushing executive with a bad haircut that’s going to steal that away from me. No. You get yourself into that office and you tell them that Tiffany Chandler is requesting to be admitted into that Royal Rumble and that if she doesn’t get into that Royal Rumble, people will pay. Do you understand what I’m telling you? And you tell them that the match with Sierra Browne is off! There’s no way in hell I would have signed that match without that title being on the line. Do it. And do it now!

[Tiffany closes the phone and spies the camera]

Tiffany: It’s about time. Let me get one thing perfectly clear. I signed for a title shot at Fall Moonsault and I better get a shot. If I can’t get into that Royal Rumble, then I want the winner of the rumble at Fall Moonsault. Screw Sierra Browne. She can kiss my ass. When she forfeited that Western Heritage Championship, which should have made our contract ‘null and void’. I am not here to fight for fun, I am here because I am championship material and I am not risking my career over an insignificant match like this.

So, I don’t care who in the offices at the GDWA does it, but you make sure that I am out of that match at Fall Moonsault with Sierra Browne and either am allowed into the Royal Rumble, or allowed to face the Western Heritage champion at Fall Moonsault.

I will not be f***ed with, do you understand? I will have so many lawyers breathing down your neck in a heartbeat if you try to stick this to me like this. I don’t give a damn about Sierra Browne, but you better do the right thing here. I /earned/ that title shot. And I want it, or some people are going to pay heavily for it.

[Tiffany puts her palm over the camera and pushes the cameraperson to the ground.]

Now get your fat ass out of my way.

[In a crooked shot from the ground, Tiffany is seen walking the building.]

(The scene is one of Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance studios located in Tacoma, Washington. Two men are sitting behind a desk. They are wearing a blue blazer with the GDWA logo on the right side. A woman sits between them with a red and brown suit jacket and skirt. The lights start to come up, and “Atomic Dog” by Parliament–the GDWA theme music–begins to play.)

Dunbar: Wrestling fans, welcome back to the Saturday Night Tease. The lovely Ms. Sonya Blade and Color man Sam Mutt join me with this 2 hour spectacular broadcast. I can hardly believe it myself…but we have a NEW Internet champion in Sierra Browne.

Blade: She’s gone on to become our first TRI-TITLED champion! I didn’t think it was possible, but it happened….

Mutt: Why not?! Browne is the hottest ticket going today! The Golden Girl goes into the Fall Moonsault with 3 belts.

Blade: Well, she enters with there but she’ll be abdicating one title. Tiffany Chandler was disturbed concerning this, but the championship committee has included her in the Royal Rumble for the vacated belt.

Dunbar: Fans, Ms. Browne can speak for herself. Let’s hear from the Cruiserweight, Western Heritage and Internet Heavyweight champion ‘Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne….

Sierra Browne

[Fade in:

Inside the press room after the main event Dalbello Rage and Sierra Browne sit before the press table. Sierra Browne still has tears in her eyes. The three championship belts sit before her, all shining except the Cruiserweight belt which seems to be a little duller. Sierra hasn’t showered yet. She’s still in her wrestling gear with a sweatshirt on over top to keep her warm. Dalbello Rage is casually dressed in a butterfly collar shirt and purple boot cut pants. She wears blue lensed sunglasses. She rubs Sierra’s shoulder and as Sierra looks up, exhaustion in her eyes, Dalbello smiles reassuringly. Sierra gives the smile back. Then the reporters descend upon them.]

Reporter #1: Sierra Browne, you’ve done the impossible here tonight. You’ve rewritten history becoming the GDWA’s first TRI-titled champion. How does it feel to have defeated as accomplished a wrestler as Daisy Butterfly?

[Sierra stares at him, disbelief on her face.]

Sierra: Are you for real? Look at me? My ankle’s messed up. My back hurts. My arm’s sore. How does it feel? [She smiles viciously.] It feels like it’s what I deserve. That’s how it feels. It feels right. You know? Like I’m finally accomplishing what I’m supposed to accomplish in life. That’s how it feels.

Reporter #2: I don’t think anybody expected Daisy Butterfly to lose that belt so soon. I mean, she held it for just one week. Describe to us what happened out there. Daisy looked like she was in control. Where do you think she went wrong?

Sierra: I’ll tell you where she went wrong. She walked into the damn match. That’s where it went wrong. I don’t know why you guys are all on Daisy Flash-in-the-pan’s jock like you are. She’s nobody. She’s got no skills. She’s nothing. Just another one in the long list of people who were just second best.

Dalbello: I think what Sierra means to say is that Daisy Butterfly is a fine competitor. She just has a certain flaw in her approach to matches that isn’t championship caliber. Right, Sierra?

Sierra: Hey, you’re the analyst. Right, wrestling Daisy Butterfly you know she’s gonna pull out a whole bunch of moves on you. You know that. She’s gonna go after your arm or your back or your leg. But really, I don’t know if she knows how to go for the throat. I mean, my ankle was terrible and Daisy ignores it totally. I mean I appreciate her fairness and all, but she is trying to defend a championship, right. Why pull out an STF on a healthy Duran and ignore using it on someone who’s got a bad ankle. She just gave me too many openings and I capitalized on them. I saw my opportunity to get in that DDT from the top and I took it.

Reporter #3: That title victory, though. It has its own burdens. You’re now wrestling three times at the FALL MOONSAULT. How can you possibly be prepared for that?

Dalbello: That’s my job. I’ll make sure she’s in peak condition.

Sierra: And I’ll make sure my opponents aren’t. Three times. Yeah, so what. I’ll be tired. I’ll be hurt, but I’ll still have my titles. That’s what counts. Nobody can generate the intensity that I can. Nobody generates the heat. And you gotta understand that. I’m gonna bust somebody up bad that night. I promise you.

Reporter #4: The transformation in your attitude has been phenomenal. Why are you so angry now?

Sierra: Because I smiled like a good little girl and shook my ass for the camera like they wanted and it didn’t get me anywhere but ignored and undervalued. I know some wrestlers out there don’t like me. They didn’t like me when I really cared about their opinions. Now they don’t like me when I don’t. Well, that’s too damn bad. I just got smart, that’s all. I got very smart. Now I’m a triple champion until they take the Western Heritage belt away from me.

Reporter #1: So what’s your next challenge? I mean, you’re a wrestler who probably has more irons in the fire than anybody else. You’ve got problems with Andrea Chandler, Micki Duran, Savannah Charles and her partner, you seem to have a hate for all the Asian wrestlers in the GDWA. Is it all too much for you?

Sierra: Sir, I never said I’d be around for a long time. I may just burn out. I may get my little neck busted like a twig. I don’t know. But while I’m here I’m going to go to my utmost. I’m going to do everything I can do to win and keep winning and keep my titles.

Reporter #5: I know you haven’t had the opportunity to review the match and hear the commentary, but it’s surprising that nobody on the announcing team made mention of the fact that you didn’t violate a single rule of wrestling in taking this belt. That win was clean.

Dalbello: Thank you for bringing that up. Sierra got accused of needing a manager to win belts. Medusa made sure Order didn’t take the easy way out and rolled her back into the ring after she was dead out. I made sure Mita lost. But what people missed was Sierra’s undeniable talent. And that was shown out there. She should have been outwrestled badly but she beat Daisy Butterfly in the middle of the ring and wrote another chapter in the hard luck kid’s biography.

Sierra: I can win in whatever way I want. You’ll see that at Moonsault. I can do whatever I want out here.

Reporter #4: Let’s talk about your opponents at Moonsault. Let’s start with the one everybody seems to be forgetting. Jennifer Grier. I’ve got that one penciled in as an upset. I hear she’s been in negotiations with Dalbello Rage about retaining her as a manager.

[A mutter of excitement races through the crowd. Some reporters use their cellular phones. Sierra looks shocked. She glares at Dalbello.]

Sierra: Is this true?

Dalbello: (shrugging) I can turn her career around. She recognizes talent. A woman can’t make it in the GDWA with a male manager. She needs somebody to show her the ropes. I’ve been considering it. It’s an offer I would accept.

Sierra: Well I hope you can manage her career back from the grave. I guess there’s nobody I can trust, is there.

Dalbello: It’s business. Look at it like Don King owning a piece of two fighters.

Sierra: I’d rather look at it like that European blood you got in you is turning you into a snake.

Dalbello: I’d watch that if I were you, Sierra.

Sierra: I’d watch your back. You pick where your loyalties lie and then we’ll talk.

Dalbello: Hey, I’m your girl. But I’ve got to eat. I have things I want to accomplish to. You know I like projects.

[Sierra slaps Dalbello hard across the mouth. She pushes to her feet.]

Sierra: I’m outta here. This is a load of crap. Absolute dog[BLEEP]. Just another one added to the fire. You’ll all see at Fall Moonsault just what I’m about. You’ll all see.

[Dalbello stares after Sierra, wiping her lip.]

Dalbello: Well, this promises to be interesting to say the least.

[Fade out]

Dunbar: Woah! Dalbello going to the other side?

Mutt: That’d never happen! Give up Sierra for Grier? A jobber no less?

Blade: Sierra still sounds dissatisfied. What does she want? She seems to be hunting a prey that she can never capture.

Mutt: Sierra is hunting a girl named KICK ASS. And since no one has been able to do it, Sierra hunts on! Now, give the girl her due! She beat Daisy in the middle of the ring with a 1….2….3…and the end of a career!!!

Dunbar: What Sam is alluding to is a tragedy in…..well, let’s just hear these words from the FORMER Internet Champion Daisy Butterfly…

Daisy Butterfly

(SCENE: Camera approaches a door and a hand from the other side of the camera knocks. A few short seconds pass and DAISY BUTTERFLY opens the door. Seeing the camera crew, she angrily contorts her face and attempts to slam the door)

Off-screen interviewer: Daisy WAIT!! Just a few words…!!

(Daisy rips open the door angrily. She’s dressed in an oversized t-shirt and sweatpants, her hair all messed up looking like she hasn’t left in days)

Daisy: A FEW WORDS?? Fine…I’ve got a few words for you. COMPLETE F(beep)ING BULLS(beep)T!! I go along with the damned contracts to the letter! SOMEHOW, I’m FORCED to defend MY belt a week after I win it, when Vessey declares no title shots until the Fall Moonsault. Once again, it’s “Screw-Over Daisy” time.

(Tears well up in Daisy’s eyes)

That’s fine with me, Vessey. Keep screwing me and you’ll lose me. I’ve been faithful to the GDWA; a real company woman. I’ve never backed out of a contract or even wrestled for another organization. Why make ME the whipping girl?

(The tears begin to streak down her face)

Vessey…here’s a few words for Mr. Vessey. I got your Survivor Series match and your Triple Threat match. After that, it’s all in the air. I’ve been the backbone of this promotion for a year. I did more than my share to bring this organization worldwide acclaim. I’ve been hit with chairs and chains, assaulted in the locker room and even HUNG in the ring. And I get repaid for all my spilt blood by being forced into a contract ONLY affecting my title. No rematches or anything for a month.

(Daisy sniffles as more tears pour down her face)

And I don’t even get a clear shot. I have to wrestle Micki Duran and Sierra Browne for a title I never should have lost in the first place. This is how you draw-and-quarter your “superstars,” huh? Fine with me. Do it to another girl, Vessey. Try and build yourself another “Franchise” to destroy. Because when I leave, you’ll never see another wrestler like me. And your little Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance will never be the same.

(Daisy covers her face as she begins to sob, slamming the door on the camera crew)

Blade: OH no Daisy! GDWA loves and appreciates you…I better call her.

Mutt: Thanks for nothin’ Daisy Butterfly. Who does she think she is? What, she can’t be beat? Now she’s boo-hooing about having to defend the belt? OH come on!

Dunbar: Well, it WAS a rather abrupt ruling. The Championship Committee and President Vessey COULD have waited till long after the Fall Moonsault. Just give Sierra the first shot.

Mutt: Hey, nobody said this when Duran lost the belt! Damn, double standards and favoritism…

Dunbar: Sierra is the talk of the GDWA. A woman who is fresh off a WIN from the Golden Girl is Savannah Charles.

Savannah Charles

(“Southern Steel” Savannah Charles is swimming laps in a long pool, cutting through the waves with smooth, even strokes. She slows up in the shallow end, then stands, the water coming to about thigh-level. A scant, sopped bikini, proudly bearing the rebel flag in appropriate places, clings to her curvaceous body like paint. She slicks her hair back, wringing the water out, then allows it to spill down behind her back. Kevin Taylor, dressed in a red “Stanford Athletic Dept.” tank and gray shorts, crouches beside her on the concrete and holds up a stopwatch.)

Kevin: Good work, Savannah. You just beat your best time. How’s the knee?

Savannah: Mostly okay. This aqua therapy’s really helpin’ out.

Kevin: I knew it would. It’s the best way to re-strengthen a joint without putting direct pressure on it. (He drops to sit on the curb of the pool, dangling his bare legs in the water. He makes a few marks on his clipboard, then puts it aside.) Well, that’s it for training today. Did you catch last night’s show? We’ve got a new “tri-titled champion.”

Savannah: Can’t say as I’m impressed.

Kevin: Why not? It’s a pretty remarkable feat.

Savannah: (She shrugs.) Yeah, but she got two’a them belts by gangin’ up on people, and she just got plumb lucky against Daisy last night. Nine times outta ten, she loses that match.

Kevin: So, you’re not intimidated by a woman with three championship belts?

Savannah: Hell, she can get a hundred belts for all I care. I still put her on the mat, and there ain’t no way she can beat me one on one. No way.

Kevin: You sound pretty confident.

Savannah: I’ve got her number. She knows it. She won’t give me a shot for the straps anytime soon, even though I beat her.

Kevin: I’ve been thinking about that. We need to keep you in the ring and active, and if Sierra won’t tangle with you in the near future, we’ll have to find another target. Bloody Mary’s mentioned you once or twice, what do you think about her?

Savannah: Mary? That girl who uses the claw?

Kevin: That’s the one.

Savannah: (She grins, and raps her forehead a few times with her knuckle.) Let’s see ‘er try puttin’ that on me. I’m game.

Kevin: Okay, I’ll see what can be arranged.

Savannah: Kevin…what do *you* think of Sierra winnin’ all them belts?

Kevin: Well, I’ve been around the sport of wrestling all my life. I do it, I manage it, I study its history…it’s my passion, as you know. I’ve got extensive files on pretty much every active wrestler in the sport over the last few decades. I consider myself a pretty accurate judge of quality.

Savannah: ….and?

Kevin: And given those credentials, I think Sierra’s not bad.

Savannah: (Regards him quizzically.) “Not bad?”

Kevin: Yeah. Not bad. She’s not great, and she’s not bad. She’s parlayed good athletic ability and a certain amount of cunning into success. She’s seen windows of opportunity and exploited them. But does having three belts make her a great champion? Hardly. If you consider the circumstances under which she obtained the first two, you find them to be highly dubious. Her win over Daisy last night was legitimate, but as you said, she got in a very lucky shot. Daisy’s better than Sierra, and more often than not she’ll beat Browne.

Savannah: (She smiles.) Do ya sometimes get the impression that certain people just have God on their side or somethin’?

Kevin: In Sierra’s case…yes, that’s probably an apt observation. And in this case, God’s got a peculiar sense of humor.

Savannah: Ain’t that the truth. (Savannah puts her hands on her hips.) Race ya.

Kevin: Well, I’m not exactly dressed for a swim —

(She yanks him into the water, and he comes up spluttering.)

Savannah: (Laughing.) Now ya are!

Kevin: (Grinning broadly.) I ought to put you over my knee —

Savannah: Bring it on! (She tackles him around the chest and they disappear under the water. The view fades….)

Dunbar: Kevin and Savannah with some harsh criticisms of the Golden Girl.

Mutt: So what?! Charles is a jobber. She lost to Jennifer Grier for Pete’s Sake!

Blade: Well, she PINNED Sierra Browne…and I believe that entitles her to a Western Heritage title shot…

Dunbar: Perhaps she’ll BE the Western Heritage Champion after the Fall Moonsault….speaking of Charles, as of last week she and Chelsea Vandervilt have an alliance going. Regarding that partnership, here is the ‘Golden Eagle’ Chelsea Vandervilt…

Chelsea Vandervilt

[The scene is a very elaborate office, with many posters of ESWP and GDWA stars plastering the walls. Behind Q.Q. Ellis’s desk sits Chelsea Vanderbilt, with her feet on the desk. She is wearing comfortable blue jeans and a white blouse.]

CV: As Double-Q would say: Howdy, sports fans! With big things happening in the Ellis Alliance in the ESWP, Ellis is a bit busy, but I need to have a little chat with all of the GDWA fans.

First off, too many people think that I am just Q.Q. Ellis’s puppet. That’s not true by any stretch. Before he talks, we talk. And we are pretty much on the same wavelength. I find it helps me to have him do most of the talking. It allows me to keep training and plotting and doing the other things without having the distraction of what I am going to have to say.

Next off, many of you out there have been saying, “Chelsea! You’ve been here for three months, and you’ve only had one match!” That I must apologize for. When you’re the ESWP World Women’s Champion, there are many obligations that go with it. That title kept me busy. But I have since lost that title in a fatal four-way match. I congratulate “Material Girl” Heather Boilanger, as I am sure she’ll make a fine champion. But since I no longer have the belt, and my stable-mate, “Starfire” Jasmine Wright is capable of contention for it, it is time for me to focus on the GDWA. Not that I won’t do things in the ESWP now and then, but I have to establish myself here now.

Finally, I wanted to address the subject of the Equalizers and just what I am doing there. We are not so much a stable as an alliance. I’ve watched “Southern Steel” Savannah Charles, and it seems that we are quite a bit alike. The GDWA calls us “rookies”, but we both have experience from elsewhere. She’s a respectable competitor, and thus I will be happy to even out any battles with her, and she has agreed to do the same with me.

This does NOT mean that if I saw her teetering on the top rope in the Western Heritage title Royal Rumble that I wouldn’t push her over. I’m not sure if she’s in it or not. I don’t spend much time without gold, and right now, I don’t have any. So I’d love to have some, and I will do whatever it takes to get it!

Until next time, as Double-Q would say: See you at the arena!

[Fade out.]

Dunbar: Chelsea staking her claim to the Western Heritage title. She sounds serious…

Mutt: And considering she’s on the skids since losing the ESWP ladies title, that’s not surprising.

Blade: Can’t you say anything positive?

Mutt: Yeah….she positively sucks! Just ask Nikita Marx!!

Dunbar: Speaking of Marx, let’s hear from her…

Nikita Marx

Shot opens on the skyline of Hong Kong at night; many different colored lights are reflected off the calm waters of the bay. As the camera pans right, we can see ‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx in a sliver evening gown as she leans on the railing of her balcony, drinking champagne.

Nikita: Good evening Darlings, Isn’t the skyline lovely? It reminds me of GDWA, so much darkness blessed with a scattering of bright lights, each a different color, a different shape… Truly lovely don’t you think?

Nikita sighs and then turns around so that the skyline is just over her shoulder. She takes another sip of champagne and then begins again.

Nikita: First off let me congratulate Ms. Sierra Brownie for her victory over that annoying buzzing fly woman. Three titles at once is quite impressive yes?

Nikita smiles as Uncle Bob, in his usual immaculate tuxedo steps up and puts his arm around her.

Uncle Bob: And speaking of impressive, a Royal Rumble for the Western Heritage title, now that WILL be impressive! 10 of the finest wrestlers the GDWA has to offer all in the ring fighting for one belt, hmmmm…

Uncle Bob looks at Nikita and then both of them smile.

Nikita: Yes, I will have to be part of that! It sounds like so much fun, I can hardly wait. With all of these … events around the world, I know that I have been absent from the ring for too long.

Nikita looks at Uncle Bob, who shrugs his shoulders then refills her glass.

Nikita: Yes, I will have to make an appearance, I know how much you fans have missed me. I am touched truly, I am. I have also noticed that some of the rookies have been asking about me. Well Darlings, I may have been in morning along with the rest of the world but now I am back!

Bob fills his glass and then sets the bottle on the railing next to the two of them.

Nikita: ‘Jump Me’ Jennifer Grier, if you want a match then just how do you say? … Sign for it on the dotted line? The same goes for either of the new comers, I have yet to see this Sweat Emotions, but from what Kallista showed us last time – I am in no danger from this kind of competition.

Nikita ‘ bumps the bottle of champagne, and sends it over the railing, she hardly seems to notice. Uncle Bob turns and looks over the edge, following it down until we see him make a face like ‘that must have hurt’. Nikita then looks over and smiles.

Nikita: It would seem that danger is always around, let me just say this darlings … you should always be ready, you never know what something might just drop out of the sky on you.

Dunbar: SO arrogant! Nikita Marx also claiming to be the next Western Heritage champion.

Mutt: And she more than those other pretenders is more deserving and has a better shot! She’s never held a title before. The Russian technician is long overdue.

Blade: So are many wrestlers!!

Dunbar: Back to Sierra Browne, one former champion has some comments for Browne…as well as WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Officer Order!

Andrea Chandler

(The view opens on a police cruiser as it drives along a wide-open interstate highway, the blue skies dotted with only a few sparse clouds. A few seconds pass before a black sports car darts into the picture, the sun glinting from its body as it shifts into high gear. It blows by the trooper, who immediately flips on his lights and kicks in the turbochargers to pursue. The chase lasts a few minutes, with the Porsche occasionally threatening to run off and leave the patrolman, before finally abating and pulling over to the side of the road. The trooper slides in behind the vehicle, and emerges with his ticket book in hand. He walks over to the tinted driver’s side window and raps on it a few times.)

Trooper: Open up! I mean, now!!!

(The window slides down, revealing Andrea Chandler, smiling as removes her sunglasses and hooks them in the neckline of her low-cut blouse.)

Andrea: Hello, officer. Is there a problem?

(The patrolman is visibly surprised as he lowers the ticket book, and takes off his own sunglasses. Parking them in his shirt pocket, he says,)

Trooper: Andrea Chandler?

Andrea: The one and only.

Trooper: Oh…uh…I mean…no, there’s no problem. I’d like it if you could drive a little slower, but —

Andrea: Oh, was I speeding? So sorry. What did you clock me at?

Trooper: Um…well, I got you going 143. That’s a little above the limit….

Andrea: Why, of course it is. I promise I’ll be more attentive next time. Tell me, can I give you an autographed picture?

(The trooper nods energetically and smiles like a kid receiving a toy train set.)

Trooper: Yeah! Yeah, that’d be great!

(Andrea reaches beside her, and produces and 8 x 10 color glossy of herself. She pulls out a gold ink pen, and asks,)

Andrea: How shall I make this out?

Trooper: Oh, make it to Josh. I mean, it’s my middle name, but I —

Andrea: No need to explain. One moment. (She writes out, “To Josh, who gave me such an arresting experience. Looking forward to being cuffed and stuffed by you again. Love, Andrea.”) Here you go.

(The trooper swoons a moment, almost passing out.)

Trooper: Th-thanks, Miss Chandler!

Andrea: Anytime, Josh. (The patrolman walks off, and she looks toward the viewer.) What’s the moral to this story? Just what you’ve known all along: wealth and celebrity elevate you to a different status, a higher class above that of you commoners. I do as I please, when it pleases me, and I can’t be bothered by the rules and norms that govern the lives of the little people. I mean, come now, should a woman with a net worth exceeding the GDP of several third world nations be bound by common law? Of course not. Simply put, I’m better than you. I travel in circles you can only guess at, and mingle with the movers and shakers of industry and politics. I control the lives of unguessable numbers of your ilk day in and day out. Don’t hate me for all this. It’s just destiny, the cream rising to the top, and the refuse sinking to the bottom.

Speaking of refuse, let’s talk about Sierra Browne. Yes, I know we’d all prefer that I discuss something of greater worth — for example, the roadkill I passed a few miles back. But, she’s once again captured the limelight, so I suppose I should comment. Sierra, congratulations on gaining the Internet belt and becoming the first “tri-titled champion” in the GDWA. You’ve made history. Despite the dubiousness of your first title acquisitions, and the means you’ve employed to keep them, you’ve accomplished something few others can hope to. However, let’s be realistic, darling. It doesn’t make you a legend, nor shall it. No one is blind to the fact that you’re a sniveling, opportunistic little twit who combined chicanery with opportunity to achieve your goals. I’m hard pressed to believe that anyone’s buying your posters or merchandise, or proud of your methods. You’ve brought yourself championships, Sierra, but not respect, and it’s highly unlikely that you can distinguish between the two. The latter quality is the ONLY thing that will establish your name in the annals of wrestling history. Isn’t it ironic that your success is also your failure? Perhaps one day you’ll realize what I mean by that.

Conversely, someone who does command respect, and deservedly so, is Officer May Order. May, you are the polar opposite of Sierra, someone who overachieves and wrestles fairly to prove her ability. It’s paid off, as you’re not only the world’s champion, but also a well-regarded champion, even by me. But the time is drawing nearer, May, and I want my shot. Why the GDWA won’t allow a title defense between now and the pay-per-view –especially considering that the world’s title isn’t up for grabs at the Fall Moonsault — is beyond me, except that they’re employing the same tactics that have kept me from having any kind of title action for the past eight months. I’m sick of it. I want my belt back. I’ve waited long enough, patiently enough, and now it is MY turn. My rematch never came, so I’m DEMANDING it. Anyone else clamoring for a shot can wait. If you won’t grant it, May, then I’ll bring my contract with the rematch clause to the GDWA board of directors and make it happen. I’ve let it go for far too long, and now it’s time. I respect you, May. But you are NOT Andrea Chandler, and I WILL take my belt back from you. The degree of suffering you experience depends entirely on your responsiveness.

(Andrea puts her sunglasses back on, then smiles at the camera.)

Andrea: That’s all for now, everybody. Ta ta! See you on the freeway!

(With a twelve-cylinder roar and the squeal of her tires, Andrea disappears down the interstate in a plume of blue-white smoke….)

Dunbar: Comments….

Blade: Andrea pointing out Browne AND Order…and she wants a World Title shot as everyone knows. Woah! Order with the number one contender after her.

Mutt: And Browne better be careful! I wouldn’t want Andrea after me! She is an unbeatable monster waiting to pounce upon ANYONE!

Dunbar: Back to Sierra Browne. WE have Princess Kallista with a few comments for her as well as Bloody Mary…..

Princess Kallista

The scene is a richly-furnished dining room. Teak chairs surround a massive teak table, 2 golden candelabras provide illumination. The walls are decorated with portraits of ancient noblemen and women, the exquisite carpet lying on the floor is presumably centuries old. Princess Kallista is sitting on one of these huge chairs, almost a throne. Her beauty is only slightly tarnished by the bandage around her left wrist. A faint smile appears on Kallista’s face.

“So, are you all happy now that the “newcomer from the ESWP”, as you like to put it, got her rear end kicked?”

She smirks and shakes her head.

“Mary, I congratulate you. You forced me to submit, and no one has ever done so before. But, Bloody Mary, you should know one thing. Every time you punched me, every time you clotheslined me, even in the end when you put that claw on me, I was smiling inside. You want to know why, Bloody Mary?” She hesitates for a while and lights the candles on the table before continuing. “Because you have paid too much, Mary. Way too much. What have you given for a victory or two? Look at yourself! Where is your dignity? Where is your humanity? Sure, you are a one hundred and sixty plus pounds monster, but what will you be in ten years? Or fifteen? Are you scared to think about it, Mary? I can understand. If I was in your body, I would be. What will be one day when you can’t wrestle anymore? Every time you squash another woman in the ring, every time you put the claw on another opponent, you envy them. You envy them for their physical weakness, you envy them for their humanity, you envy them because you know that when they leave the shows, when they pack their bags and go home at nights, they have a life to live. Yes, Bloody Mary, you envy them because they are women.” She pauses and pours herself some wine. She then takes a few sips and continues, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “And take a look at our glorious champions. Ma Porter, ESWP Television Champion. What is next, Ma? Maybe the Internet title? Or even the World Title? Maybe you will even win the Tag Team Titles on your own? Or will you crash and live a life in hospital because your bones become too old to carry your weight? Or how about you, Sierra Browne. Golden Girl. You truly are a Golden Girl now, aren’t you? Three title belts? Congratulations. But what comes next? Your ankle is already damaged, no? Will you defend the titles until you can’t walk anymore?”

At this moment, the door to the dining room opens and a butler enters, carrying dinner plates.

“The dinner is ready, Milady.”

Kallista nods, the butler starts serving as Kallista smiles sweetly and says: “And now, please excuse me my friends, but the Princess has to dine.”

Dunbar: The world is thinking and talking about Browne. She’s the target of EVERY wrestler from both locker rooms.

Blade: Kallista showing that she’s a great sport. Losing happens. But she isn’t put off in the least bit! Bloody Mary, look out!

Mutt: And Medusa too! Sounds like she’s got the green bug.

Dunbar: Fans, we have prerecorded comments from the Rage family from last Tuesday Night…

The Age of Rage

[Fade in:

The Rages are gathered in their television room, watching Sierra Browne wrestle Daisy Butterfly for the Internet championship. Derek, Shadoe, Godiva, Lauryn, Dalbello and Medusa are all there. Marissa is draped across Shadoe’s lap, squeezing his hand tightly every time Sierra gets knocked down or has one of her moves reversed by the amazing repertoire of Daisy Butterfly. Indigo sits cross-legged before the wide-screen TV. Her eyes are squeezed shut, her head bowed silently in prayer.]

Dalbello: C’mon, Sierra, I warned you about charging her. Girl, your ankle’s terrible! Bail out! Bail out!

Godiva: (wincing) Oy, she took that one but good, didn’t she? That was a bit of a shot. She ain’t gettin’ but a shot in at a time. Daisy should just run out the clock. She’s ahead on points.

Marissa: I don’t know if she can pull it off, yo. I mean look at all the pain she’s in!

[Medusa simply sits quietly. She reaches out a hand to touch Indigo’s shoulder. The two look at each other and nod, sharing something quiet that the others fail to see or appreciate.]

Lauryn: If I was her I’d get outside. Grab something and just bust that Butterfly’s head open. You know, see what’s inside.

Dalbello: And what would you do about Keiko Mita who’s just waiting to get a piece of her?

Lauryn: Just because she ain’t on crutches don’t mean that leg ain’t still hurt. I’d bust her a good one, too. Dropkick right to the knee. Let’s see what she’s made of.

[Shadoe Rage reaches over to tousle her hair, smiling as she wriggles away and starts fixing it.]

Shadoe: I like this girl. She’s vicious. She got no heart. You sure you don’t want to be my protégé instead of Lady D’s?

Dalbello: I think she’d like to be in one piece to see her twentieth birthday.

[Shadoe tugs at his arm. It pops loudly. Marissa winces at the sound.]

Shadoe: It’s still attached. Barely. But it’s still there. That’s all I need.


[The Rages cheer.]

Godiva: I gotta steal that move.

Marissa: Girlfriend, you know your big ass can’t jump from any top rope. You’d bust it.

[Marissa gets rewarded with laughter from everybody but Godiva who makes a show of examining her butt.]

Godiva: Must be why I get better dates than you. [She sticks out her tongue and Shadoe makes a show of swiping at it.]

Shadoe: She spends less time buying penicillin, too.

[The two tousle playfully, Marissa still balanced in Shadoe’s lap.]

Dalbello: What are you doing going for the High Sierra? Oh come on, man! Think in there, Sierra! Think! [She winces as Daisy climbs with her for the superplex.] I can’t watch this. Indigo, what’s happening. Indigo?

[Indigo’s eyes are closed, too.]

Medusa: She blocked it!

[Everyone’s eyes are glued to the screen as Sierra hooks a front facelock on and leaps off.]

Indigo: YES!!!!

Godiva: GOT DAMN!!! Where’d she come up with that????

Dalbello: Get over for the cover!

Marissa: (fists shaking in excitement) One … two … THREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

[The living room explodes with yelling Rages and hi-fives. Indigo leaps to her feet, spinning and jumping. Only Medusa sits still watching the screen as Sierra clutches the belt and falls to the ground, tears spilling from her eyes.]

Godiva: The first ruddy GDWA tri-titled champ.

Dalbello: Who’s the coach? Who’s her manager? Somebody must have had her prepared? I mean there’s a genius there somewhere. Who is she?

Shadoe: (laughing) You know that to hang with the Rages you gotta be a champion.

Marissa: I haven’t won a belt yet.

Shadoe: Well, you’re a champion lover.

[They share a sweet kiss. Medusa eyes them. She seems somber in the celebration. It doesn’t take long for them to notice it, either.]

Godiva: Ducks, you ain’t ‘appy for ‘er?

Medusa: I’m happy for her. But look at her. Is she after the championships or the glory? Are those tears for the belt or the boos of the people?

Derek: Don’t matter. You know she’ll come back prancing and dancing.

Medusa: I don’t know that. She won’t talk to me anymore. [Medusa heaves a sigh.] I haven’t heard from her since my suspension.

Indigo: She’ll call back. Don’t worry, ‘dusa. She loves you. She’s just got a lot of issues right now and she’s trying to work them out on her own.

Medusa: She is? She talks to all of you. And you guys haven’t helped her through this. You’ve given her head and let her go off on this crazy path. How long is it until she just burns out? I mean, she can’t keep this pace up forever, can she? That Savannah match was just the limit. She kept her wits here and survived on instinct, but there’s going to come a time.

Dalbello: Dusa, don’t you think I know how to look after her? Don’t you think I have her interests front and center? I got it covered. Maybe it isn’t the way you would do it. But it’s the way that Sierra wants it. She’s never felt more comfortable in the ring. You just worry about your own comeback. Sierra’s raised the bar. I don’t even think people remember your name any more. You certainly don’t strike fear into their hearts any more. Sierra does.

Medusa: I just have to talk to her myself. I just have to know that she’s all right. I don’t understand how this gap grew between us. I mean, I love that girl. This is killing me.

Derek: Dusa, like Lady D said, don’t worry about nobody else but you. Right? That’s what brought Sierra those championships. That’s what’ll get you your dream. You just show and prove because yours is the last trophy case that’s empty in this family and that ain’t good.

[Medusa chews her lip. She looks at each member of her family and friends, seeing the champions, the former champions, the future champions. She nods.]

Medusa: I promise you I’ll get mine. But I can’t sell my soul to do it. [She heaves a long sigh.] When did I get old? [She sags back into the chair, exhaling.]

Dalbello: About the same time I did, sis. You just gotta go and do it, though. That’s all there is to it. Just go and do it.

Medusa: For the first time in my life I’m seeing the end of the road. You know? I mean I’m feeling it. There isn’t much time left and I can see the game so clearly now. I can see its edges. I can see its end. I just want to go out at the top of my game, though. I don’t want to be 45 years-old running around, looking terrible and having lost my edge and nobody tells me that it’s time to hang it up because I can still sell tickets. I don’t want to go out without accomplishing what I have to do, either. You’ve all been champions. You’ve all achieved victories on your own. I tell you, I’m scared. I’ve always been pushing people up to the top. Now I wonder. Now that it’s me that has to go for the spotlight I really wonder if I have it to do on my own.

Godiva: That why you want Bloody Mary after that Survivors Series match? You know she could ‘urt you.

Medusa: I know, but I’ve been having all these doubts about my past performances. I need to know that I can really do this. This is everything to me. There are still demons inside me and I need to let them out.

Godiva: You ever talked to ‘dre about what it was like to be World champion? Maybe she could help you, you know, work out the butterflies or sumthin’.

Shadoe: She’s an opponent. Don’t let her get inside your head. Just think about it like Daddy taught you. Once you get in that ring. You don’t have a friend in this world.

Medusa: Unfortunately.

[Fade out with Medusa watching Sierra hold all three championship belts. Her eyes are both haunted and on fire as Medusa seems locked in a very personal and private hell.]

Dunbar: An intimate setting. Poor Medusa…

Mutt: What the hell?! Poor Medusa?! This is the same woman you’ve been calling a snake! This is the same woman who the GDWA front office calls the “most dangerous woman in professional wrestling”! Poor Medusa, what the hell is wrong with you?

Blade: You gotta figure that being out of the loop for over a month has really hurt her. She’s evaluating life with a re-newed perspective.

Mutt: Oh gimme a break!

Dunbar: Medusa has been doing some soul searching…

Mutt: Just her quarterly nervous breakdown. She’ll be back meaner than ever. Don’t believe the hype!

Blade: Speaking of hyper, what the HELL is wrong with Miko Azai? She returns to the GDWA, not in the ring, but by interfering in someone else’s match!

Dunbar: I didn’t understand it myself. Perhaps Miko Azai the “Tokyo Thriller” can enlighten us…

Miko Azai & Lisa Thomas

(in front of the GDWA Banner)

David Jones: (screaming) NOT AGAIN! Yes! My darling “The Tokyo Thriller” Miko Azai has drop a bomb again on the GDWA! You’ll never know where she is going to appear. Now, next week “Luscious” Lisa Thomas will have her fun who will she drop one on? I don’t know you have to ask them.

Lisa Thomas: David! I’m going to prove that I am the original loose cannon of the GDWA!

DJ: How?

LT: I’m going to destroy everyone. I might even create the Lisa Thomas show next week.

DJ: That will be a devious job.

LT: Devious is my name. I see Ma Porter is the ESWP TV CHAMP. See, one thing bugs me about the ESWP. Has many ladies title. But, I’m not joining that fed unless I receive a title shot over here in the GDWA. ESWP is a fed who I respect but the real shit is over here. So, Ma Porter let’s relive the glory days of the GDWA and get a LUSCIOUS ASS WHOOPIN!

Miko Azai: LT! You is a bad woman. I’m glad that we is associates! But, did you see me lay out two wrestlers in one night!

LT: Yeah!

MA: I know you did! But, that was the beginning of my return to GDWA. Since, nobody answer my challenge. I took out ‘Yukon’ Jane and Radhi Ananda. And Rekka Sakura if you want some of me accept my challenge in a match. I will prove to you that I’m the better wrestler.

And Sierra Browne I see you is the “New” GDWA Internet Heavyweight Champion. But, if you meet me in a match you won’t be the champ too long because I still didn’t get my return match but you still on my agenda for a legitimate ass kickin. So, Sierra Browne watch your back.

DJ: I love it! My ladies is out to wreck the spirits of everyone who comes in contact with them. I’m Audi!

(Camera fades to black)

Dunbar: Oh boy…fans, please welcome Allan Bishop to the show.

Bishop: Thanks Paul Laurence. And can I say that this woman has always been flamboyant and erratic…and now Lisa Thomas wants to return…

Mutt: And President Vessey should let her in! She’s been gone for over a year.

Dunbar: Speaking of Miko Azai, let’s hear from A VERY ANGRY ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda.

Radhi Ananda

(SCENE: “JUNGLE” RADHI ANANDA, pacing back and forth in front a GDWA banner…)

Radhi: The problem was identified long ago, the fault lies with me for not extinguishing it then. See, Miko Azai. I had you beat. I had you in the jaws of a shark. I had your livelihood dangling so precariously between the balance of one wooden table and the menacing snap of my fingers. Had I not proven my dominance already that night, you would be left bed-ridden even to this day.

Dominance. You’ve forgotten what I’ve done to you through the passing of time. You’ve forgotten the sheer terror and pain I’ve put you through. How I’ve repaid my initial loss to you a hundred-fold. The Dragon Suplex that dropped you ten feet straight down on your head and neck. Everything but extinguishing you for good. Perhaps I acted in haste by not following Paul Roberts’ instructions that night.

The Eighth Wonder is not the one with whom you should attempt to make your name. You don’t know danger. Perhaps you won’t know it until you’ve been taken by it.

Mutt: Jungle, meet the ASSASIN! Miko Azai took you out in the middle of the ring a year ago, and she did it again on Tuesday (Laughing.)

Dunbar: What Sam Mutt is alluding to is the fact that Miko was the first woman to pin Radhi Ananda in the GDWA. She went nearly 8 months going unpinned before Officer Order was able to do it at Founder’s Day Tradition pay per view.

Bishop: First of all, Miko’s actions don’t just affect Jungle, they affected her opponent also. Miko may have taken on more than she can handle…

Dunbar: “Yukon” Jane was upset as well. Her feud with Radhi Ananda has proven inconclusive thus far. And now, she feels robbed. With comments, let’s hear from Jane…

Yukon Jane

Jane: WHAT THE HELL HEPPENED LAST NIGHT. I was just about to finish off Ananda for good, and then Miko Azai jumps in and attacks BOTH me and Radhi. Are you an IDIOT? I demand a rematch. I want it to be a three way match between Radhi, Miko and myself. Three was no rules match. I had Radhi beat and I can beat her again. LET’S GET IT ON.


Jane: Well, well, well. I have finally got the match I asked for. What’s the matter MA PORKER, afraid you wouldn’t have any other matches at the PPV and so you decided to take me on? Or are you afraid that if you didn’t take me on that you would have to admit that you are afraid of me. Because if you weren’t afraid of me, you would have taken me on sooner.

You say I have no talent, but I have given Radhi Ananda three great matches, beating her in one and drawing another. I would have beaten her in that one too, if it wasn’t for a certain wrestler interfering (Mrs. Azai). If I have no talent, why am I rated higher than you? Why did you wait until now to accept my challenges? If I really sucked, you could have used me to help move you up in the rankings. But I guess that would have required indolence on your part to figure that out.

You just better not do anything funny during the survivor series match or you’ll REALLY suffer during the bodyslam match.

And after I kick your @$$, I’ll go on to win the Royal Rumble and the Western Heritage title. Now I have never won a title before, so I don’t plan on leaving without the title.

Radhi, you Coward, you had better watch your back cause I am going to be on it the whole match. I hope we are the last two left so I can beat you in another match with very few rules. I WILL beat you and I WILL win the match and the title. And to Azai, you had better REALLY watch your hide because I claim first dibs on it. Radhi, you can have whatever is left if you want. I don’t know about you Radhi, but I know I don’t appreciate people interfering in my matches. To everyone else in the rumble, STAY THE HECK OUT OF MY WAY. NOW LET’S GET IT ON.

Mutt: Jane, I love you.

Bishop: She’s a big oaf! Okay, you have legit beef with Miko Azai…but what’s this stuff about Radhi Ananda? The Jungle left you laying in your first AND second match with her.

Mutt: What? If memory serves me well, Jungle disqualified herself in their first match because she was getting her ass beat from pillar to post. Then in the second match, Jane missed a Moonsault to give Radhi the lucky win…but in all three matches Jane has DOMINATED Her!

Dunbar: Fans, speaking of Miko Azai, we have comments from her opponent this Tuesday. Let’s hear from ‘Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura…

Rekka Sakura

[open camera on Rekka Sakura, standing on a rooftop in the Nerima ward of Tokyo, looking over the skyline]

Rekka Sakura: To long have I sheltered myself in Japan hoping to gain vengeance on an abhorrent woman.. No I MUST return to America and better myself through competition… I must let the spirit of one return to the west and not let be trampled on by the spirits of many…

[A small woman enters with a jacket and hands it to Rekka]

Woman: Rekka dear it is cold outside at this time of night… what are you doing on the rooftop at this time of night?

Rekka Sakura: [bowing her head] Arigato oka-san… [Looking towards the main skyline of Tokyo proper]I was just up here saying good-bye to Tokyo.. I must leave for the United States and resume my training there.

Woman: Must you go Rekka? It was so good to have you home again [smiling]

Rekka Sakura: mama, I must return, there is unfinished business to be dealt with… the Syndicate must be paid for brutalizing me in such a fashion. I sought only to defend one who was being ganged upon and in return I am beaten like some dog….

Mama: But Rekka, it was because of that beating you came home to me…

Rekka Sakura: Mama, I must return there are kindred spirits out there who call to my injured soul and speak of three dragons rising to fight off those who would spit in the face of honor…

Mana: [shaking her head] You’ve been watching your father’s old interviews haven’t you? All this talk of honor and saving face… Rekka I know you want to follow in your father’s footsteps but I want my sweet little Cherry Blossom back…

Rekka Sakura: [hugging her mother close] Mama I will always be your little Cherry Blossom but you know that the blood that pumps through me is that of my father’s… my father wrestled, my brother wrestles and now I wrestle.. It is what I live for… To compete…

Mama: Then you should take this Rekka [hands Rekka a red and yellow mask] it was your father’s… he would want you to carry on the ‘family business’

[Rekka takes the mask and holds it up, looking at it through its eyeholes]

Rekka Sakura: [fighting back tears] Oto-san… [Tears begin to stream down her face] The mask of the Fire Ninja… [Falls to one knee and holds the mask tightly to her chest] Papa-san, there is so much I wanted tell you…

Mama: [putting an arm around Rekka] Dear please let us go inside… [Helping Rekka to her feet]

Rekka Sakura: [walking with Mama to the roof stairs] I miss Papa so much… if only Tetsuo would stop being such a fool in SJPW…

Mama: Who is your first opponent?

Rekka Sakura: I have been challenged by Miko Azai and have every intention of accepting the match.. Then it is onto the Survivor Series match. My team is counting on me and I won’t let them down!! Especially my friend Lady Tiger!! If there was one who was so wrongly attacked that day it was she!! They even took her mask!!

Mama: And after that?

Rekka Sakura: I have laid down a challenge for the Fall Moonsault with Radhi Ananda to face any 2 syndicate Members… but they refuse to answer the challenge.

Mama: [disgustedly] of course they do.. They are dogs…

Rekka Sakura: [staring at her mother with a shocked look] Oka-san!!

Mama: [with a surprised look of her own] Did I say that?

Rekka Sakura: [chuckling] There are times I wonder about you Mama…

Mama: Rekka… go to America and get your vengeance and then… aim for the top!! Don’t let anything stop you… NOTHING!!

Rekka Sakura: [looking at her mother with stunned eyes] M-mama-san…

Mama: [sternly] Promise me Rekka!! Swear on your father’s memory and mask that nothing will stop you!! Not a loss not some attack by cowardly gaijin!! Rekka promise you will always FIGHT!!

Rekka Sakura: [stunned] H-hai Mama-san…


Rekka: [realizing her mother’s determination] HAI OKA-SAN!!

Mama: [smiling] good.. Now go, your cab should arrive shortly…

[Rekka looks to her mother as she turns to the stairs. She then embraces her in strong yet loving hug]

Rekka Sakura: [whisper] arigato, mama-san…

[Fade out]

Dunbar: Rekka sounds more focused than ever. She faces Miko Azai and then, on the last card prior to the pay per view, engages in a Survivor Series match up.

Bishop: But I find her relationship with Radhi Ananda odd. They hated each other a few months ago…can it work?

Mutt: Hell no! Radhi Ananda is an ignoramus. Rekka is emotionally unstable…not exactly a marriage made in heaven.

Dunbar: Fans, we move on to Gojira of Burning Rain as she prepares for her match up with ‘Big’ Ma Porter…

Gojira Takeshima

[Scene opens showing the massive Gojira standing in a wrestling ring, wearing a shiny black sweat suit with the words ‘Burning Rain’ on the back in flaming letters. She looks around the ring in some irritation then growls at the camera.]

Gojira: Where the hell is Maria? Well, I guess we should get started…you all know me. I’m Gojira Takeshima of Burning Rain. Not long ago, we supposedly lost to the Suicide Blondes, a match we never showed up for! Now, at 5’10” and over 200 pounds, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that there is only one woman who could have impersonated me. Big Ma Porter, you and I are the biggest women in the GDWA. I challenged you last week, Porter. It’s a match I want and the fans want. But you are ducking me.

[Gojira points her finger at the camera angrily.]

Gojira: So now I’m challenging anyone in Organized Crime! Porter, Marx, either one of you slimy Suicide Blondes! You four messed with the wrong woman when you messed with me. So while the tag division is up in the air, I’m going to take care of business with you one on one!

[Gojira raises her fists in a fighting pose as the scene fades.]

Bishop: Well, Gojira got that match signed…

Mutt: She just signed her Death Certificate!

Dunbar: The battle of the Super-heavyweights when they face off on Tuesday. Now fans, we move on….

Mutt: Hey, our 2 hours are up!

Dunbar: OH dear.

Mutt: I have a solution: MISTER Styles and myself with broadcast the remaining comments, and some of our side commentary, on the Locker Room Monday Night!

Bishop: Sam Mutt, that’s why you’ve been filibustering all night!

Mutt: You damn Skippy!!! Let’s go to Dalbello Rage who concludes the night…

Dunbar: Fans, see ya at ringside.

[Fade in:

Dalbello Rage sits in a studio chair at her Who’s Hot/Who’s Not desk. She is dressed in a business suit of a rich, vibrant purple. Her legs are crossed primly and she leans forward into the camera. There is an air of smugness about her.]

Dalbello: Are you guys eating your words yet? Hmm? Are you eating your words yet? Sierra Browne is making history day after day and all you want to do is bite on her and curse her out for being as good as she is. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say she wouldn’t have beaten Officer Order if Medusa didn’t help her. And I start to laugh. I really do. Do you know why? Because I don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. Sierra had Order knocked out and beaten, but Order just wanted to lie on the outside and take the countout to save her belt. What kind of champion is that? Then she cheap shots Sierra after Medusa rolls Order back into the ring. Order, you’re walking around as World Champion sure, but come on. Show more class with this belt than your Great Western Heritage run. But everybody’s cool with the way you tried to lose to keep your title.

[Dalbello gives a slow wolfish grin. She drums her fingers on the desk.]

Dalbello: I don’t know what people are really thinking about here. All right, the Cruiserweight victory was chaos and I had some part in the victory, but what the hell, right? The point was to teach little Ms. Mita a lesson. You gave the wrong person the Wrestler of the Month award. Hell, you gave it to Andrea twice for facing the same old boring competition and hanging onto the belt for six months. Why couldn’t you give Sierra the award twice for her ambitious title defenses and jumped up performance? No wrestler has improved as quickly as Sierra. Remember this girl lost her first three matches in the GDWA badly. But you refused to see all that. Then when she feels it’s time to make a point and she blitzes Keiko Mita you arbitrarily change the rules. I know exactly how that feels. You changed the rules on my tag title, too.

And you know what? Why isn’t there any change on any other belt? No. You guys just want to keep trying to limit us because you know we’re so far ahead of you. Kevin Taylor, you keep whining about how you’re upset that the GDWA hasn’t responded to your calls for freer rules on male participation in the GDWA. This is the GDWA, the premier WOMEN’s organization in the entire world. And you think, just because you can’t benefit from the rules that were here before you VOLUNTARILY came in, that things should change? Please, I’m tired of all these wrestlers and managers whining when things don’t go their way. I’m tired of certain wrestlers bawling for special treatment all the time like they’re in Hollywood or something. This is wrestling.

The Japanese don’t like Sierra, they take away her champion’s advantage because they know nobody can beat her under standard rules. Little Savannah Charles hurts her little knee and Kevin Taylor wants to get all sanctimonious about allowing men to protect their wrestlers. Excuse me, you knew the rules. You’ve gone and enlisted your little squad with Chelsea Vanderbilt. See, you’ve taken the easy way out again and created another gang at ringside. Cool. Kill the fed that little bit more. But don’t expect us to feel sorry for you. Don’t ever expect that. Nobody cried, nobody cared when Micki Duran busted Indigo Browne’s leg. They didn’t say anything about cleaning up all the unlicensed personnel around ringside.

I tell you this, Sierra and I have discussed this, and even though she wants to face anybody and everybody, I’m her manager and I’ve got to look out for her. You put her in three matches in the Fall Moonsault? I find that unacceptable that she be forced to defend against Micki Duran, the woman who stalled her in their negotiations for Sierra’s mandatory shot. If anything Daisy Butterfly should have a rematch one-on-one or Tiffany Chandler’s Great Western Heritage title shot should have been transmuted into an Internet title shot. But you are the GDWA top brass. You set the agendas. I tell you one thing, though, Sierra Browne will not appear in those three matches unless certain conditions are met.

You can strip her of the titles, fine. But I have to protect her career. We know that Micki Duran is out for her head. We know that Savannah Charles, unmatched for the event as she is, would have no compunction about coming down to ringside. We know Daisy and Mita would love to take her title away. That’s the potential for too much of the GDWA’s brand of chaos in these matches. Sierra has never interfered in anybody else’s matches. She will not now. And she refuses. I refuse. To let anyone else spoil her championships. You don’t hold all the cards.

From here on in, I demand that a stipulation be added to all championship contracts involving Sierra Browne that only the competing wrestlers’ LICENSED managers can attend ringside. None of this crap of whole gangs showing up because we know you’re all against the greatest talent in wrestling today. You don’t see what Sierra’s become outside the ring. She’s stressed. She’s constantly agitated and angry. She’s grown distrustful and prejudiced. I’ve seen this girl’s personality transform because of the actions this Association has taken against her as a collective. Do I agree with her that there’s an Asian conspiracy against her? Not per se. I do not think she embodies the Asian-style of wrestling.

That’s true, but she never claimed to. Do I think it unfair that the Japanese contingent put their own rules on her title belt? Absolutely. And while I don’t necessarily share her views I know Sierra believes what she says. She isn’t playing any race card. She isn’t that superficial. Unfortunately, she’s lost respect and admiration for very talented wrestlers in the GDWA: Daisy Butterfly, Officer Order, Keiko Mita and even Micki Duran. I still respect Micki’s abilities and competitive drive. I try to show Sierra that she can learn from all of them.

She still refuses to see it, though. If the GDWA isn’t going to respect her, she told me. Why should she respect them? That’s a question only you can answer, GDWA. I already know what she thinks.

[Fade out]


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