Promos from Sierra Browne, Medusa Rage, Keiko Mita,  Black Lotus and more.

Andrea Chandler

(Andrea Chandler stands before a framed canvas, smiling, her hands on her hips. The painting features a pair of winged men; one, and older man, reaches out from above as the wings of the younger man disintegrate, plummeting him toward the sea below. Andrea clucks and shakes her head as she regards the artwork, then looks to the camera.)

Andrea: Hullo, everyone. How many of you are familiar with the legend of Icarus? It comes from Greek myth. Daedalus and his son, you-know-who, were prisoners desperate for a means of escape. They fashioned wings composed of wax and feathers, and away they flew, seemingly free. However, Icarus was so taken by the experience that he rose higher and higher, ignoring his father’s plaintive cries, until passing too close to the sun. Subsequently, the wax melted, his wings fell apart…and he dropped into the sea, where he drowned. Pity, eh?

Here in Grand Dragon, we have our own Icarus, and she goes by the name of Sierra Browne. She fancies herself a shooting star right now, moving too fast to be caught, too high to be touched, too hard to be stopped. I have news for you, dear: you’re sadly mistaken. Like Icarus, your precious wings will melt, and you’ll auger back to earth in a truly undignified way. Don’t think it will happen? Well, as noted philosopher George Santayana once observed, “Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it,” and you, my dear, have clearly learned nothing from history. Are you blind to how your behavior is perceived? How your excesses are resented? Sooner or later, the other shoe will drop, and you’ll discover just how mortal you are. You’ll walk into the Moonsault with your three shiny belts, and will likely exit with none. You’ll surrender the Western Heritage belt, you’ll drop the Cruiserweight championship to that lovely girl I’ve been in touch with, and of course Micki will slaughter both you and Daisy to claim the Internet title. So soon after “making history,” as you’re fond of saying, you’ll be down and out and asking yourself how it all happened. Get this,

Sierra: you’ve won gold, but failed to establish legend, and there’s no reversing that. You’ll always be thought of as a “trick” champion, one who had to resort to any means necessary to win, and rightfully so. You have your belts, but you don’t have respect.

That’s why you constantly try to bait me into facing you, saying that I’m afraid, that I’ve turned down your challenges from fear. Get over yourself, girl.

I *ignored* your challenges as a waste of my precious time, and there’s an enormous difference. I am not, nor have I ever been, fearful of facing you. If you’re in that great a hurry for the beating of a lifetime, then by all means, the next time you desire to meet me in the ring, I’ll be there. And when that happens, the hands-down best wrestler in Grand Dragon is going to batter you into oblivion. The Diamond Express will roll on like it always has, and you’ll be left pondering another career. (She kisses at the camera.) Anytime, love.

Finally, Medusa…stop with the potshots. I’ve intentionally kept quiet while you’ve undergone your umpteenth makeover, but the fact is that you need to decide who and what you are before you start calling my name. Frankly, I don’t understand you — on the one hand, you presume to be my friend, then you turn around and disrespect me. Don’t tell me I’m mistaken about the friendship, either, because you proclaimed that on no uncertain terms. I’m the same performer and warrior I’ve always been, so don’t expect me to believe that I’m doing anything now that you didn’t approve of mere weeks before. If there’s a problem, have the stones to confront me about it, rather than making snide asides during your diatribes. I thought you were bigger than that, and I hope I’m not wrong in that assumption.

(She smiles broadly, and crosses her arms.)

That’s all from my corner of the world. Ta-ta!

(The view fades….)

(The scene is one of Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance studios located in Tacoma, Washington. Two men are sitting behind a desk. They are wearing a blue blazer with the GDWA logo on the right side. A woman sits between them with a red and brown suit jacket and skirt. The lights start to come up, and “Atomic Dog” by Parliament–the GDWA theme music–begins to play.)

Dunbar: Wrestling fans, welcome back to the Saturday Night Tease. The lovely Ms. Sonya Blade and Color man Sam Mutt join me with this 2 hour spectacular broadcast. First, the return of the GDWA phantom?

Blade: It was strange to see…obviously she’s ‘haunting’ the House Cards until she finds rest.

Mutt: Speaking of specters and thangs…what the hell is going on between Sierra Browne and Andrea Chandler? Andrea and Sierra having a *major* falling out.

Blade: So what, that’s 3 of 4 Syndicate members who have a distaste for Ms. Browne? And don’t let Sally McClane start flapping her gums.

Dunbar: Fans, Ms. Browne can speak for herself. Let’s hear from the Cruiserweight, Western Heritage and Internet Heavyweight champion ‘Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne….

Sierra Browne

(The scene overlooks the San Francisco bay area from a Penthouse balcony. MISTER Furious Styles is laid out in the sun wearing shorts and a tank top that reads “Zulu Nation” across the front in red, black and green. He smiles into the camera as he whips out his flip phone and dials some numbers.) ring….ring….ring….

Sierra: (tired, heavy Trinidadian twang) Hallo? Who speakin’? (Calypso plays in the background)

Styles: Sierra baby, it’s Furious! How ya doin’?

Sierra: Furious, dou dou, I’m as well as I can be considering the circumstances.

Styles: How’s the ankle treating you kid? Feelin’ any better?

Sierra: The ankle? It’s comin’ along. The doctors say I need a res’ is all, but you know me, right, my dear? I like to overdo everyt’ing.

Styles: Hey, I know you busy and all, but I wanted to give you the props the rest of the GDWA seems to be withholding from ya! You a bad Black woman and deserve much respect.

Sierra: Tank you, darlin’. Dat alone make me forgive you for wakin’ me up.

Styles: Okay, now ya know I gots questions for ya baby! SO is it cool if I talks to ya?

Sierra: If you continue to talk so pretty, who am I to ‘ang up on ya?

Styles: Aight, first, it’s all over the sheets and Marcie De La Cruz wanted the scoop first…but I’m getting it first. What’s up with you and Andrea Chandler? Out of nowhere, it seems ya’ll have been tossing barbs at each other left and right.

Sierra: (the accent flattens out. Business voice) I don’t have anything to say about Andrea Chandler. That’s a lie. I do. Andrea Chandler is overrated, boring and the most pathetic excuse for a competitor I have ever seen. I won’t lie. I don’t like her. And I don’t respect her as a human being. Period.

Styles: Is there a match in the future between the two of you?

Sierra: Probably not. Otherwise it would have taken place by now. Andrea Chandler will only accept a match with you if she knows she can beat you and inflate her ranking. Now that she’s the number one contender don’t expect to see her challenge anyone or accept a challenge from anyone short of Officer Order. That’s why her title reign was successful. She took on people who weren’t at peak performance or she knew didn’t have her talent. Now she’s trying to regain her belt after her little sulking bit when she lost her belt. She won’t challenge me. She won’t accept a challenge from me. But she’ll talk and talk and talk. I’m ready whenever. We started out feuding together when we both came into the GDWA. I still haven’t beaten her convincingly and she hasn’t beaten me convincingly. Andrea, though, isn’t the type to ever admit she’s second best and she won’t for sure risk finding out whether her opinion of herself is true. Beat her and she’ll sulk. Humiliate her and she’ll probably quit.

Styles: You sound like you got a lot on your mind about her, Sierra.

Sierra: I’m looking at different venues. That was just a lot of pent up hostility. There are other wrestlers out there who’ll show their faces. Forget Chandler. And her stupid opinions.

Styles: Will you take on Savannah Charles?

Sierra: Who? I don’t think I know anybody by that name. Oh you mean the redneck redhead or whatever that color is that tinks my success is all a fluke? The one who thinks it’s all on her to become the hero of the GDWA with her little Bobbsey twin Chelsea? You ever notice the pattern of clonage surrounding Kevin Taylor-influenced wrestlers? Big, slow, cunning brutes? You face one you’ve faced them all. Savannah was easy to prep for. I just watched Andrea matches. I hope that wasn’t your second question. You’re wasting your dimes.

Styles: Okay, second question. It seems like you and Officer Order keep crossing paths. You defeat Order in the Transnational C-weight title tournament…then you go on a week or so later to BEAT her for the Western Heritage title…then you are DQ’ed in a Triple Threat match for the World Title in which Order takes home the strap…will you be challenging for the World title?

Sierra: I won’t be calling out her name right now. I have two belts to defend. People know me as loving gold. I do. But they think that just because I love gold I’m trying to collect title belts. No. I’m a competitor who came to this country to prove something. I was after the Transnational belt. I dropped weight to make the tournament. The Great Western Heritage belt came along because the opportunity was there. I made my defenses. I got a shot at the Internet belt as is allowed in the rules. I try to win every match. I’m not trying to take every title. Let me enjoy the Internet belt for a while. Then when my time comes to take down Order one more time one-on-one I’ll take it.

Styles: Can you beat her? I mean, when you got all the world against you it seems. The word on the street is that there is a lot of jealously coming out of the rulebreaker locker room.

Sierra: Really? Care to mention any names?

Styles: Can’t do it, baby. Journalistic integrity and all.

Sierra: At least somebody here appreciates professionalism. I don’t care who is jealous of me. There are certain factions in the GDWA who have begun to believe their own hype. They had their run now it’s time for somebody else to make a big impression. See, those people you mention in the locker room are just upset because they aren’t the biggest names on the block any more. If they watch me in the ring they might learn why I’m so successful. I make the most out of every opportunity. I set myself up for failure so the triumph is all the better. You know, some of these new kids really need to learn about sufferin, darlin. They’ve been too privileged. When times are tough all they can do is cry. They can’t feed themselves. I’m getting too long, aren’t I? Next question.

Styles: Next question, where do you go from here? Do you make another run for the Tag titles once the division kicks back into gear? Will you burn out?

Sierra: I thought about it eventually. Indigo and I. There was a time way back when Medusa and I were thinking about hooking up. Of course we had both planned to win every singles belt we could before then. I can’t say right now I’d go back. I’m enjoying myself too much here. As for burning out? Of course I will. I don’t think I’ll last forever. But when I do go nova I tell you people will remember me.

Styles: Well, you got at least one woman on your side. Bloody Mary is real tight with ya…..what is your relationship like with her?

Sierra: Bloody Mary is a real friend. She’s always got my back. Sometimes I feel guilty because I want her to succeed as much as I am right now. And I want to help her anyway I can, but she wants to do things her way. Sometimes the relationship seems lopsided, but we’re cool for real. Styles, I have an appointment soon about this foot. Do you have many more questions?

Styles: Oh….okay. Last question baby! And this is sort of one that comes close to home.

Sierra: I shaved my hair because it brings out more of my face. I like it better this way. That isn’t the question, is it?

Styles: What’s up with you and ‘Dusa….

Sierra: (sucking her teeth loudly) Ya ‘ad to go dere, didn’t ya? And I was enjoying meself talking to you, Styles. Put your ear real close to the phone and I’ll give you my answer.

Styles: Cool … I’m listenin’ ….

Sierra: (click)

Styles: Hello? Hello? Nah, you didn’t hang up on *me*!!! Hello? >

(Camera fades.)

Dunbar: Woah! Sierra with some words for a couple of GDWA superstars!

Mutt: Savannah Charles is *not* a Superstar. Anyway, Browne and Andrea sound like they are on a collision course…damn!

Blade: In the locker room, there is a lot of animosity between fellow rulebreakers and Sierra Browne…she’s quite an arrogant gal this ‘GOLDEN GIRL’. No telling what can happen.

Dunbar: Speaking of Savannah Charles, we have comments from her.

Savannah Charles

(“Southern Steel” Savannah Charles smiles almost imperceptibly as she dribbles a basketball, hunkered down slightly, bent at the knees, the steady slap of the rubber echoing through the empty gymnasium. She’s clad in skintight red Lycra shorts and a painted-on half-top bearing the Confederate flag. Kevin Taylor stands opposite her in a defensive position, wearing a Stanford tank and matching loose shorts. Both are drenched with sweat, highlighting the skin of their well-muscled bodies, and darkening their togs. Savannah lunges left, then spins and drives to the right, Kevin in hot pursuit. She leaps and palms the ball over him as he attempts a block, but to no avail; the backboard shudders as she jams it down and through the hoop. She squeals and lands, throwing her fists into the air.)

Savannah: Yes!!! Eat your heart out, Shaq!

Kevin: Good one! Nice spin move.

Savannah: I’ve been workin’ on it. Been watchin’ film of Penny and Michael.

Kevin: If you get a little more accurate with that fade away, I’ll be showing you off to the Heat.

Savannah: The Heat? Oh, that’s right, you like that Riley fella. (She grins and nods.) He *is* a damn fine coach.

Kevin: As good as they come. (Kevin tosses her a towel, which she uses to wipe down her face, then wraps it behind her neck.) How’s the knee?

Savannah: One hunnerd percent. Like new.

Kevin: Great. We’re definitely ready to get you back in there.

Savannah: Yeah, but I ain’t on the next card, and they shut me outta the Moonsault. Looks like I’ll be coolin’ my jets for a while.

Kevin: That makes no sense to me. You *beat* the current Western Heritage champion, but they don’t even put you in the battle royal for the belt. Meanwhile, Sierra Browne gets a shot at every title the GDWA’s got week in and week out. I just don’t get that.

Savannah: Well, this ain’t the first time we’ve hadda deal with fed politics. Won’t be the last.

Kevin: Too true. I won’t let us — you — get swept under the rug again, I promise. I don’t care if you’re inconvenient to their plans. You’re going all the way in Grand Dragon, and that’s a promise.

Savannah: You catch what Dalbello had to say about you?

Kevin: Of course. It was just more of the same. She claims I’m whining about the role of male managers in the fed, but neglects to mention that she and her thug charge, Sierra Browne, are the reasons the policy needs to be corrected in the first place. She accuses me of creating a “gang” by aligning with Q.Q. Ellis and Chelsea Vanderbilt, yet doesn’t confront the fact that she and Browne created the need for all of this by ganging up on you after you defeated Sierra cleanly. In short —

Savannah: In short, she’s tryin’ ta cover her and Sierra’s asses.

Kevin: Precisely.

Savannah: Well, in Sierra’s case, that’s a tall order. Baby’s got back, if ya know what I mean.

Kevin: Yes, she seems rather proud of that fact.

Savannah: What’s with her claimin’ that you’re oglin’ her booty, anyway?

Kevin: Beats me. Trust me, she’s not my type, and we’d better leave it at that before we give them more fuel for their indignation.

Savannah: Ta hell with their indignation. All that crap’s a smokescreen for them misbehavin’, anyway. Fact is that they got no sense’a right’n wrong anymore. People like them defeat the purpose of callin’ wrasslin’ a sport. Who gives a damn if they don’t agree? They don’t seem all that concerned with anybody else’s approval for what *they* do.

Kevin: I can’t argue with that. Had they done what they did to you outside the arena, we could have pressed charges. Thanks to their kind, we have to be prepared for fisticuffs as much as wrestling.

Savannah: Don’t worry, I’m ready. I got payback comin’ to Sierra and Dalbello both, and believe me, it ain’t gonna be pretty.

Kevin: I believe it. But it looks like you’ll be waiting a while before facing her again, so I suppose we’ll have to keep you active against somebody else in the interim. Any preferences there?

Savannah: Heck, no. I’ll take on anybody — Bloody Mary, Nikita Marx, even Andrea Chandler. ‘course, you prob’ly wouldn’t want me to do that….

Kevin: Savannah…I’d never tell you *not* to take on Andrea. She and I may have a…relationship —

Savannah: (She grins.) Is that what it’s called?

Kevin: Come on, don’t give me a hard time about that. I mean, you and I have a relationship, too, and —

Savannah: (She sidles up against him, and slides her arm around him.) Relax, Kev. I may hate Andrea’s guts, but I ain’t mad. I guess she’s kinda the “dark side,” and I’m the “light side” ta keep ya balanced.

Kevin: Oh, like Darth Vader and Obi-Wan?

Savannah: Sorta, yeah, except I think I’m better in the sack than Obi-Wan.

Kevin: (Laughs.) I’m not *even* going there.

Savannah: Good idea. Now I think we need a shower, don’t you?

Kevin: Lead on, Jedi master.

(She pulls him off-camera, and the view fades….)

Blade: Hmm, Savannah is ready for the big time! Too bad she won’t be featured on the Fall Moonsault.

Mutt: I don’t care what ya’ll say, this Golden Girl has added even more prestige to the Western Heritage belt! And Savannah Charles is biting off more than she can chew…she better watch out for the Golden Girl!

Dunbar: It looks as if the world is awaiting that Royal Rumble to get a crack at the belt! Here are comments from Syndicate member Tiffany Chandler…

Mutt: That’s BRILLIANT Tiffany!

Tiffany Chandler

[Tiffany Chandler in the ring with four male athletes.. they appear to be rather frustrated in their attempts to dump Chandler out of the ring.. they confer a bit, as Chandler eyes them warily. They begins to spread out. She backs into the ropes. They rush in. Tiffany connects with a superkick on one of them and knocks him out cold, while the others manage to grab a hold of her and lift her up and over and to the floor. Tiffany gets to her feet and slams her hands on the mat, letting a stream of profanities fill the gym, as the guys hi-five themselves and go to check on their fallen partner. Tiffany walks over and tosses some more money on three of the four stacks of accumulating money a table.]

Tiffany: Alright… give me five minute and we’ll go again.

[She spots the camera]

Tiffany: Great… can you not see I’m training for the most important match in my career? If I am going to walk out with the Western Heritage championship, I have to figure out how to keep from getting dumped over the top rope. I have not even been into the office in a week. The list reads long and hard, but who’s at the top of that list? ‘Brilliant’ Tiffany Chandler. I will be the next GDWA Western Heritage champion. Now… if you will excuse me.

[Tiffany climbs up into the ring.] Alright… let’s go again.

[A bell is rung and Tiffany charges one, nailing him with a low blow and dumping him out of the ring, over the top rope. Another tries to grab her from behind, but gets an elbow to the mouth for his trouble and she snap mares him over the top. With two remaining, they come up on either side of her and grab her by the arms and legs and lift her up and over the top, but she takes one of the guys with her as they tumble to the floor. She stands up and adds money to one of the piles. She glances up and spots a figure in the shadows and grins, walking towards the figure. “Oh good… you’re here. Let’s… talk.” is heard as the camera fades out.]

Dunbar: What was that all about? Some figure hidden in shadows!

Mutt: Tiff ain’t going out like no sucka! The Syndicate has a plan!

Blade: Yes, this pay per view Fall Moonsault ’97 will have some twists and turns for sure.

Dunbar: Speaking of turns, Jennifer Grier has had a lot of her mind as of late. Let’s hear from ‘Jumping’ Jen.

Jennifer Grier

[Scene: The newly familiar gym in Gary, Indiana. The dirty gym is the same as before, but all around are framed pictures of the Top Five in the GDWA, and more importantly, framed pictures of matches, showing Sierra Browne in action. The hum of an exercise bike fills the room, and the camera moves to see Jennifer Grier, noticeably bigger than before. A television is in the background.]

Television: …dropping to the mid 40’s by nighttime… and in local wrestling news, Jennifer Grier is preparing for her big match against tri-titled champion, Sierra Browne. A few words from Browne about Grier, previously recorded….

…. Triangle match and don’t forget Jennifer Grier.

Marisa: Jennifer Grier? She’s the least of Si’s worries. You know Daisy and Micki are going to be hunting for her head.

Indigo: But Jen’s the opponent she knows least. And Grier is hungry. Don’t write her off because she doesn’t win a lot, Riss….

….Marissa: All right, so Grier’s more of a threat. But she isn’t trying to end your career. You know what a rattlesnake Micki Duran tries to be. And you know she’s a hell of a lot more intense when she’s hungry.

Indigo: And Daisy Butterfly is going to want to avenge that loss.

Sierra: And everyone is gonna want this little … Schwartz to lose. I know. They’re plotting away. Their sharpening their little knives for my back….

[The hum of the engine stops, and the camera again turns to Jennifer, who’s staring at the television. She gets up off of the machine slowly, and walks towards the television.]

Jennifer: WHAT THE HELL!?!

[In a burst of rage, Jennifer kicks the television onto its side, cracking it. She has her head in her hands…]

Jennifer: Ok. Come on Jen, relax a little… Rob’s gone, they’re pushing Dalbello on you, things are getting hectic. That’s fine. These are the big leagues, you knew this was going to happen….

First off… Ms. Rage, I saw your interview… I heard what you said about managing other wrestlers… I want one promise from you. Promise me this one thing. Keep everyone else out of this match. I’ve spoken to you, and you know how I think about interferences…. I have to get a fair match here… I KNOW I can beat Sierra, and so do you. I don’t want anything else, but a fair match…

[Jennifer turns around, and takes a drink from a nearby fountain.]

Oh, and yes, Sierra, you DON’T know much about me. But you better learn quick, because I know all about you. Why do you think I’ve been out of the ring? I do my thing, and I got your number. And you better be taking me serious. I’m not out to take out your knees, or stab you, or do anything… but take your gold. I’ve been beaten around the ring way too much, and I’m DONE with that. I have taken this last month, and looked around. I’ve seen what I’ve done right, and I’ve fine-tuned. I’ve seen what I’ve done wrong, and I’ve corrected it.

And one more thing I’ve accomplish. All that I can say about Sierra Browne. The time for talk is done. The hype, whatever, is done. I can’t wait to get you in the ring… and when I do… well, you’ll see. Oh, and Mutt, Styles… if you’re listening, shut the hell up.

[Jennifer winks as she turns around. You hear in her voice, as she walks away… ‘I’ve always wanted to say that.’]

Dunbar: Jennifer Grier….


Bishop: Ha! She means shut the hell up…it’s self-explanatory.

Dunbar: Welcome to the set Allen Bishop! Fans, we have hotline news now with Sonya Blade…go ahead Sonya.

Blade: Thanks Paul Laurence…hello everyone welcome to GDWA Hotline News! As you all know, we are on the Eve of the Mark Straczek pay per view this Tuesday Night! On that hot card we have the Survivor Series match up as well as that opening card of Bloody Mary versus the returning Medusa Rage…..

(A huge banner pops up below the GDWA banner and it says:

The International Electronic Wrestling Association

Blade: Yes, the IEWA is blooming into a force to be reckoned with in North America. Even some GDWA stars have made their presence known: Lady Tiger, Medusa Rage and Crimson have added to their Women’s Division. Here is their line up for Monday Night…..

Women’s division debut matches

“Sweet” Candy Ramsey vs Lady Tiger – “Lethal” Lynn Wenzel vs “Painmaker” Erykah Draper – “Supergirl” Akari Yakahani vs “The Prodigy” Jun Shiratori

Alongside other news, the IEWA is opening a Cruiserweight and Tag portion of their Women’s Division as well…big news for Women Wrestlers!

(Sonya looks down at the desk, then pops her head back up with a smile.)

Blade: Also, this fresh out of GDWA front offices. The #1 contender now for the Western Heritage title is Savannah Charles. Because of her pinfall victory over Tri-titled champion Sierra Browne, she receives the first shot at the NEW WH champion after Fall Moonsault!

And Princess Kallista of ESWP fame will receive the next shot at the Cruiserweight title after the Fall Moonsault. She earned that shot after her tenure with the ESWP where she still competes.

Dunbar: Thanks Sonya.

Mutt: Speaking of Jennifer Grier, Dalbello better be careful. She’ll lose Sierra Browne if she ain’t careful.

Bishop: And considering Kallista is the #1 contender to the C-title, this has added a new twist.

Dunbar: Fans, big news coming from another GDWA newcomer…or is she? MISTER Furious Styles has done double duty this week as a reporter…

Mutt: As always! And you can peep out the Locker Room…

Dunbar: (Ahem!) …with this Sweet Emotion situation. Fans, let’s go to SE.

Sweet Emotion

[The scene shifts to a gym, with Sweet Emotion taking on her next comer. Dressed entirely in black, SE steps inside the ring with the jobber watching her every move. The jobber then runs towards her and SE nails her with a boot to the face. She then proceeds to drop her knee across the woman’s neck and shove her elbow into her jaw, knocking the jobber out. SE puts her foot on the jobber’s forehead while the referee counts to three. The haunting melody of Aerosmith’s Sweet Emotion starts to play and SE lifts her arms up to the air.

After the match we see SE surrounded by GDWA reporters. She shoves by them and charges towards the commentators table, where we see Mr. Styles sitting there, watching the next matchup. He sees SE coming and stands up, offering his hand.]

Styles: Well, hello there, Ms. Emotion.

SE: [says nothing]

Styles: Well now, pretty one. Aren’t you going to say anything to your buddy, MISTER Styles?

[SE looks at him again and takes a step back. A smile starts to play on the face of Styles as he gives her a once-over. Then SE comes in quickly and nails Styles with a boot to the neck. He falls to the floor, clutching his throat and some GDWA officials go to SE and holds her back. Screaming, spitting and kicking, SE puts up a fight, trying to get at Styles, who is being helped to his feet. Styles gives her a dirty look and then backs away.

SE finally gets loose of the officials and tries to go after Styles, as he runs down the aisle. Suddenly a huge man stands in SE’s way. It is wrestling superstar “Dominator” Don Cameron. Cameron puts his hands on SE’s shoulders and she tries to kick at him, trying to get past him. We see Cameron saying something to her and SE spits in his face, trying to claw at him.

Finally Cameron just picks her up, swings her over his shoulders and carries SE towards the dressing room, while she is still kicking and screaming.

Our reporters caught up with Cameron a few minutes later.]

Reporter 1: Mr. Cameron, can you tell us where Sweet Emotion is?

Cameron: I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you that. Sweet…uh….Emotion is in no condition to talk right now.

Reporter 2: Emotion says that she used to be a wrestler here in the GDWA. Is that true?

Cameron: Yes, that information is correct. Ms. Emotion only fought one match in the GDWA and she lost, but she also suffered a leg injury.

Reporter 3: Who did she fight?

Cameron: One of my former managers…..

Reporter 4: That must be “Sexy” Sally McLane! Who is Sweet Emotion?

Cameron: Sweet Emotion is my wife…..Laura Cameron….

Reporter 2: Why is she under the guise of Sweet Emotion then? And why does she have a vendetta against Mr. Furious Styles?

Cameron: After her match with McLane, Laura started to experience psychological troubles. She began acting strangely, calling herself Sweet Emotion, which was in fact, her favorite song of all time. I don’t know why she has a vendetta against Mr. Styles, but the truth of the matter is, I’ve always had a vendetta against Styles. Back when I was a manager in the ICW, there was a tag team by the name of Zulu Nation. They’re manager was Styles and our two tag teams were bitter rivals, which is why I am rivals with Styles.

Reporter 4: Is Mrs. Cameron seeking any psychological help for her condition?

Cameron: Yes, she is. And things are starting to get better. As of now, she knows who Laura Cameron is, she knows I’m her husband, but she still wants to go by the name of Sweet Emotion.

Reporter 3: Why has her wrestling style changed?

Cameron: Laura is very bitter to the fact that she only fought one match in the GDWA and lost it. She told me once that she won’t quit until she fights Sally McLane and gets her revenge.

[Suddenly Sweet Emotion (aka, Laura Cameron) walks out of the bathroom, still dressed entirely in black. She sees Cameron talking to the reporters and walks over towards him.]

Sweet Emotion: My name….is Laura Cameron.

[With that she pulls off her mask, revealing the face and long dark hair inside.]

Reporter 1: Laura, why do you have such a vendetta against Bloody Mary?

Laura: When I first started in the GDWA, a woman by the name of Bloody Mary was one of the dirtiest fighters around. I always wanted to show her what I got, and now I have the chance. When I step into the ring with you, Mary, I’m going to show you the true Canadian style of wrestling.

[Laura and Don give each other a huge hug and the reporters are ushered out the door.]

Dunbar: Comments….

Bishop: Woah! Laura Cameron? She was taken out of the arena on a stretcher! Sally McClane, this very well may be the GDWA Phantom…and she’s got your number.

Mutt: Ha! Cameron, either one, is an idiot! HIs team used to job to MISTER Furious Styles’ team and THAT is why both jobbers are upset! And as far as this Sweet Emotion…she needs to check into Betty Ford for what she’s got!


Dunbar: Fans, allow us to regain some order here. We have a new feature this week for the Tease. Let’s take a peep at the “THE COACH’S CLIPBOARD” with Kevin Kelly…

(The view opens on a green chalkboard, over which is written “THE COACH’S CLIPBOARD”, upon which several football and basketball formations have been detailed in X’s and O’s. Kevin Taylor is seated to one side on a tall padded stool, dressed in a tailored Armani suit and carrying his heavy metal clipboard. An empty stool is situated a few feet to his left. He looks up at the camera and smiles.)

Kevin: Good day, everybody, and welcome to the Coach’s Clipboard. I’m your host, Kevin Taylor, manager of “Southern Steel,” Savannah Charles. The Clipboard is where I offer my commentary on the state of things in the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance, and interview the GDWA’s top personalities.

Before I get to my guest, I’d like to make a few statements pertinent to things here in Grand Dragon. I noticed that no suspension was levied on Sierra Browne after she and Dalbello tried to injure Savannah in their match, and that disappoints me. This activity was out of bounds, a late hit if you will, but all she drew was a slap on the wrist. Denmark Vessey and the rest of the board of directors needs to listen up: if you expect post-match shenanigans to stop, you’ve got to level some kind of REAL punishment on perpetrators of these kinds of acts. Contact is supposed to be limited to during the bout, and if somebody gets hurt because you won’t be firm about this, then it’s as if you pulled the trigger yourselves. Sierra is clearly going to get away with what she’s done, and that shouldn’t be. Do those of us trying to abide by the rules a favor and take a stand on this. Anything else is unacceptable and makes a mockery of the sport.

On a related issue, the last time I did this program, Sierra Browne was the GDWA’s first “bi-titled champion.” Now, she’s the first “tri-titled champion.” Congratulations. It’s not unusual to see the dirty players and criminals among us rewarded, and you fit that description perfectly. I speak for a lot of people when I say that I’d like to see you walk out of the Moonsault with no gold at all. The other shoe is going to drop, Miss Browne, and it may happen a lot sooner than you think.

It’s time to welcome our guest for today’s show. He’s the Manager of Champions, someone who has systematically brought more wrestlers to glory than any other in the history of the sport. His name is Christopher Bell, but you know him better as the leader of the Syndicate, the Kingpin. Chris, come on down.

(The Kingpin emerges from the right, wearing a black Armani suit, Rayban sunglasses, and a white bone-handled cane. He smiles and shakes hands with Kevin, then seats himself on the opposite stool.)

Kevin: Thank you for joining me on the show.

Kingpin: Ah, Kevin…always a pleasure to see someone try so hard to be me.

(He smiles.)

Kevin: (Laughs.) Some things never change. Y’know, the last time we did this, we were in the EWWA, and you’d brought along someone that was really tearing things up there, Melissa Maw. Tell me, where is she now, and how is she faring?

Kingpin: Melissa’s just fine, thanks for asking. She’s still doing her business over in the MWA, and doing it well. Hey, she’s Syndicate.

Kevin: I see. Lately, things have been pretty hectic in Grand Dragon, especially as we count down toward the Moonsault. I know you’d’ve liked for Micki Duran to have gone into the pay-per-view with the Internet title, but Daisy Butterfly managed to grab it. Any regrets about the pre-match prep there?

Kingpin: Nah, not really. Daisy fought a good fight. It’ll be better for Micki anyway. S he’s got big plans for the future, and getting hungry again is definitely a part of it.

Kevin: Micki’s had more gold than Fort Knox in her career, and I’m certain that her success will continue. She’s headed into the Moonsault for a triangle match with Daisy Butterfly and our first “tri-titled–“

Kingpin: Don’t EVEN say that. That bitch ain’t a tri-titled anything.

Kevin: (Chuckles) Okay, with Daisy Butterfly and Sierra Browne. Micki’s got a bone to pick with both of them, I’d wager. Care to share with us who she’s going to go after the hardest?

Kingpin: Now, Kevin, you know better than to ask me some shit like that. I don’t give out my game plans. Let’s just say it’s going to be a long night for a couple of people I don’t like very much. A LONG night. Daisy Butterfly will be just one more in a long line of people whose careers have ended with Micki Duran. Sierra won’t walk out of the arena. I promise.

Kevin: Certain individuals seem to harp on the notion that the Syndicate is a gang, and that they’re out to intimidate everyone by the threat of numbers. Would you agree with that assessment?

Kingpin: I don’t think people here really realize exactly how big the Syndicate really is. We span five federations, with over sixteen active wrestlers, twenty if you include the men. The list is long: “Gorgeous” Gretchen Gwynne, “Superstar” Courtney Howe, Beth Bragalone, Ellen and Wendy Yates, Andrea Chandler, Micki Duran…if I really wanted there to be a threat of numbers, people here would never want to set foot in the ring with a Syndicate member. Besides, we don’t get involved in matches as a group. If our opponents get intimidated, then hell, it ain’t my fault. Besides, we’ve never jumped anyone that hasn’t jumped us. Well, except Dementia Praecox, but the fat bitch deserved it.

Kevin: I’ve noticed that one of your charges, Andrea Chandler, has been more or less the number one contender for the past several months, but she doesn’t seem to get much action. Most of her contracts go unsigned. Why do you suppose that is?

Kingpin: The same reason that Crystal Lewis couldn’t get a contract to wrestle. The same reason Micki Duran put out challenge after challenge and couldn’t get a match. People are afraid of Andrea Chandler, and people are afraid of the Syndicate. We’ve never ducked anyone, but people sure have ducked us.

Kevin: The current “toast” of the GDWA is Sierra Browne, who has through various means managed to capture three title belts. Though she’ll surrender one of them at the Moonsault, she’s still called — brace yourself — the first “tri-titled champion.” In your opinion, has she really “made history” as she so often likes to say?

Kingpin: (He coughs softly.) Ahem. Kevin, I’m about to do something I hardly ever do. I’m about to lose my temper. If you say “tri-titled” champion one more time, I’m going to be all over you like Mike Tyson at a beauty pageant. Let’s examine Sierra Browne. Here’s a kid who has very little wrestling talent of which to speak, riding the coattails of the Rage family, cheating her way to three different belts. Sierra Browne has NEVER had to face Micki in singles competition. If I remember correctly, the last time Sierra was in the ring with Micki, they wheeled her little sister out on a stretcher, and she was out of action for a good long time. Sierra’s in for a world of hurt she can only imagine.

Kevin: I noticed that the GDWA allowed Sierra to wrestle for the Internet title on a card that was supposedly to feature no title action; and in fact, no titles were to be defended before the Moonsault. This pronouncement really came out of the blue. Do you think Sierra’s gotten preferential treatment? And if so, would you care to speculate on why?

Kingpin: Of course I do. Why? Who knows? I’m not really into who Sierra bangs. I’m just saying that if no titles were to be defended before the Moonsault, then no titles should have been defended before the Moonsault. I’m so sick of Vessey picking and choosing when he’s going to enforce the rules. Maybe he should just force Order to hand her belt over to Sierra now, and we can call her the first “four-titled” champion. That bitch is in trouble, and Micki’s going to beat her black ass from one end of the ring to the other.

Kevin: Do you think the verbosity of her and her family members has paid off? “The wheel that squeaks the loudest….”

Kingpin: “….pisses my shit off.” It’s interesting the amount of time that the Rages and Brownes have to do interviews and talk to camera crews. Micki usually spends that time WRESTLING. Sierra Browne’s lucky streak is about to come to a violent end. A very violent end. When you f<censored> with the Syndicate, you f<censored> yourself.

Kevin: Another issue I’ve been broaching is the subject of what male managers should be permitted to do to protect their charges against gang-ups, such as what happened to Savannah a while back. Do you agree that we should be permitted to at least defend our wrestlers?

Kingpin: Look, rules or not, if Savannah was mine, she wouldn’t have gotten a beat down like that. That’s the difference between you and I, Kevin. I’m not real big on sticking to the rules. I would have gotten my wrestler out of there.

Kevin: Does the risk of permanent expulsion for such involvement intimidate you?

Kingpin: If they’re going to expel me, then they’ll expel me. I guarantee you, though, if I’m going to lose my license, I’ll beat a bitch to death on my way out. I’ve got no qualms about things getting ugly.

Kevin: My sentiments exactly. (The Kingpin raises an eyebrow.) On a side note, how is your football franchise, the Colorado Thunder, expected to do this year?

Kingpin: Well, we’ve had some success in the past years, but this season, we’re a bit weaker since losing some players to retirement. But you know me…I never have a losing team.

Kevin: Ever the optimist. I wish them — and you — the best. And on that note, we close the program. Thanks again for being here, and I’m looking forward to some hoops with you after the show. Up for it?

Kingpin: Do I have to spank you again, Kevin? Every damn time you talk trash, I beat you like your name was Sierra.

Kevin: The series is tied, pal. And you still can’t stop me from three-point range.

Kingpin: Please. I’ll beat you in Armani, baby. Let’s go.

Kevin: You got it. Drinks on the loser.

(They rise from their stools, and walk off as the view fades….)

Dunbar: Some harsh words from the Kingpin regarding Sierra Browne!

Bishop: Woah! The Moonsault is gonna be something else…

Mutt: Speaking of stables, the OC Organized Crime and Medusa Rage have not been seeing eye to eye lately…and considering they must coexist at the Mark Straczek pay per view on Tuesday Night, this is getting more interesting by the moment. First, we’ll hear from Medusa.

Medusa Rage

[Fade in:

Medusa Rage stands before the camera, her head bowed. She wears a black and purple-printed gele on her head, obscuring her locks. She wears a simple kente cloth wrap in the same material. Her hands are clasped before her. She sketches a humble bow for the camera and looks up, a hard glint in her eyes.]

Medusa: Ma Porter, hey, Ma. Look up from your cannoli for a minute. Come on, it’ll be there when you look down again. Ma, I warned you not to cheat. I warned you that wherever Organized Crime tries to show its muscle, Medusa will be there to put a stop to it. You just didn’t listen, did you? This is just round one. Medusa won. Organized Crime lost.

[Medusa steps closer to the camera so that she fills the screen. Her bright hazel eyes are intense.]

Medusa: That’s only the beginning, Ma. Only the beginning. Whenever you’re alone, you’re safe. Ma Porter, there’s no safety in numbers in the GDWA. You remember that. You remember that well. All right, you can go back to your cannoli now. Goodnight. Farewell. Amen. Hugs and hisses.

[Fade out]

Mutt: I told MISTER Styles that Medusa has lost her mind! Sierra is the only one in that damn family that has any sense left!

Bishop: Sounds like Medusa is FINALLY coming around. And I applaud her.

Dunbar: And now some words from the Queen Mafioso ‘Big’ Ma Porter…

Big Ma Porter

Fade in on a shot of Ma Porter walking in the hallways backstage. She is perspiring, and carrying a towel; the scene presumably takes place after a recent match. The camera struggles to keep up with her brisk pace)

Ma: I just got done smokin’ that reject from Japan, why youse gotta bug me right now? Oh wait, s’about Medusa Rage, ain’t it? Well, I’ll say one thing, and then youse can beat it. Medusa Rage has always been, and will always be a snake in the grass. She’s a manager, she’s a wrestler, she’s got it together, she’s mentally unstable, she’s the head of a stable, she’s independent.

This broad ain’t once been straight with the GDWA. Wit’ Ma Porter, like it or not, what ya see is what ya get. I don’t need to deal with all the crap that Medusa subjects us to 10 goddam times a week or more. And now this dumb broad has got it into her head to pick a fight wit’ me an Organized Crime? Lady, you are one messed up person. I seem ta remember Dementia Praecox calling youse a primate, not me. Could you really be so dumb as to pick a fight with me, and use that as justification? Hell, I’ll pick a fight wit’ whoever I want, and I don’t need ta pin it on name-callin. But I can respect that youse wanna piece me, I mean, who don’t, right? But you’ll get it. And soon. I’m just sick of yer goddam ugly, dreadlocked head, and dat’s all the incentive I need to arrange for youse to receive a pair of cement overshoes. Now, scram!

(Camera stops and follows Ma’s back down the rest of the hall. Fade out

Dunbar: Oh boy…fans, this won’t set well on Tuesday Night.

Bishop: Paul Laurence, there was once a time that I felt the Rulebreakers in that Survivor Series had the edge…but now?! I don’t know. Can *any* of them get along?

Mutt: See, all of this drama stems from that damn match between Gojira of Burning Rain and Big Ma! Medusa gonna go and stick her nose in business that don’t concern her!

Dunbar: Speaking of Gojira, she has comments for ‘Big’ Ma as well…

Gojira Takeshima

[Scene opens showing Gojira sitting on a couch, her leg resting on the table in front, an ice pack resting on her knee. She’s dressed in a black shiny running suit with ‘Burning Rain’ on the front in fiery letters.]

Gojira: Damnit, Maria, either you are not here physically, or your mind is not on the match. I know you don’t like the grind of pro wrestling, but get your act together.

[Gojira sighs, adjusting the ice pack a little.]

Gojira: Well, Ma, we finally met. And I doubt either of us will forget it. Ma Porter against Gojira Takeshima. The two biggest women in the GDWA, so no wonder but of us came out hurting. You were prepared for me, I saw. Nikita Marx running down to help. The Suicide Blondes rushing in there at the end. But in the end none of that helped, and I’ll give you credit. You took a HELL of a lot of punishment and still came back. Despite that bad back, you got me up for that fisherman suplex. Tag team matches take away a little of a wrestlers edge, I think. No one to make the save or tag out too. I’m sure this will not be our last match, Ma.

The next time Burning Rain is squashing those Suicide Blondes, I’m sure you’ll be around. But until then…well…congrats. For that match at least you were the better woman.

[Gojira growls a little, obviously annoyed at herself, but then simply adjusts the ice bag and goes on.]

Gojira: I was surprised to see you down at ringside, Medusa Rage. I was even more surprised when you attacked Nikita Marx. Burning Rain have faced your tag teams twice and both times, you attacked us outside the ring. But lately what you have been talking about doesn’t match the woman who attacked us. And your actions have backed up your words. People will not trust you right away. I started a lot like you and had to spend a lot of time showing people when I changed. Thanks for the help, Medusa. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll do next.

[Gojira smiles a little, then lifts her fists in a fighting pose as the scene fades.]

Mutt: Medusa Rage has sold out! To hell with her. With that Purple Rain kid gives her vote of confidence, you know Medusa has sold out! TO hell with your ass Medusa!

Dunbar: Interesting that Officer Order DID NOT shake Medusa’s hand on Tuesday Night. Animosity between the two?

Bishop: Order is a smart girl. She doesn’t want to be back stabbed, and she DOES NOT FALL FOR BETRAYAL TOO EASILY! She’s a cop! And it would take a brilliant genius to get over on Double O.

Dunbar: Speaking of friends falling out, Keiko Mita has some concerns. Daisy Butterfly and she…well, we’ll hear in a minute.

Keiko Mita

[Scene opens showing Keiko Mita, wearing a black karate style gi, a tiny golden katana glittering as it dangled from a chain around her throat. She’s in a classic meditation position, legs crossed, eyes closed as she breaths deeply. She’s sitting on a grassy area next to a waterfall, the mist around it glimmering with a faint rainbow. As the camera zooms in, Keiko’s eyes open and she smiles faintly.]

Keiko: AS you can see, I’m taking a little time off from my physical training to develop my spirit as well. I’m going to hold nothing back against Mary, so I’m going to have to be 100% in every area. Speaking of Mary, you have been busy lately, old ex-friend of mine. First beating up on a rookie making her debut. But now facing your idol, Medusa, the week before our match? I know you head’s been rattled by all those concussions, Mary, but think about it. We’re going to both be in that Royal Rumble for the Western Heritage title, and then we’re going to step into the ring with each other. If you are less than 100%, it just won’t be the same. And why face Medusa? She’s been your idol for months, but now suddenly you want to fight her?

[Keiko shakes her head]

Keiko: You do what you need to, Mary. But in the ring there’ll be NO mercy. I’m a warrior far more than a wrestler. You can make fun of that, Mary. You can mock that honor is so important to me. But the fact remains that your 5’9″ 160 pound, so called 3% body fat self has NOT BEEN ABLE TO DEFEAT THE LIGHTEST FIGHTER IN THE GDWA! You’ve HURT me, but I’ve hurt you just as much. The knee brace is off, Mary, and so are the kid gloves. This last fight is no holds barred, to the finish!

[Keiko takes a moment to get her breath back, then grins]

Keiko: Speaking of no holds barred. Sierra, you’ve been feeling so sorry for yourself lately. Nothing is ever your fault. You paint disgraced on the title belt and whine about it, while all the while, only YOUR actions have disgraced it. You have a hard road ahead of you, two title defenses at Fall Moonsault. You have Savannah Charles, who has beaten you once already. And I’m betting she can do it again. If you somehow get past all those challenges, then you still have me to deal with. At Moonsault, I’m dealing with your partner in crime, Bloody Mary. Then it’ll just be you and me. I know Dalbello is there to help you out and interfere. I’ll not be amazed if you have more warm bodies to throw in there to turn the match into gang fight. What ever happened to that body guard of yours? Ororo something…is she laying in the weed someplace, hoping everyone forgets about her so she can make a surprise appearance to help you? WELL, I DON’T CARE. At Moonsault we’ll see the NEW Dragon Trio. THEN the playing fields will be even, no more of your favorite 3 on 1 matches! YOU’VE SOWN THE WHIRLWIND, NOW YOU’LL REEAP THE HARVEST OF PAIN!

[Keiko just glares at the camera, intense, furious, before she sighs a little]

Keiko: One last thing. Not something to be mad about…just…worried. Daisy, what’s up with you? I tried to reach out to you before. I’ve tried to get in contact with you since the last card. Nothing. You don’t return my phone calls, it’s like you’ve disappeared. I know you have to be bitterly disappointed, but don’t shut yourself away from your friends. You have my number, Daisy, give me a call.

[Keiko’s eyes close and she slowly calms herself, returning to her meditation of the scene fades…]

Mutt: What, is Daisy Jobberfly off crying somewhere? Damn! What a damn baby.

Bishop: It has been a tough time for Daisy, and if she wants to give her good buddy a call or e-mail, look me up Daisy. I’m here for you.

Mutt: And Mita, why won’t you go crawl under a rock? Bloody Mary is getting even with you for crippling her back in Japan! But now? Oh yeah, now she’s gonna cripple you for good! So go to all the rehab that ya need. Bottom line is, once a gimp, always a gimp!

Dunbar: Speaking of Bloody Mary, the woman has some comments of her own to make…

Bloody Mary

(Scene is in comfortable living room setting, Mary is talking on the phone, hanging up & now is talking with Ana Conda)

Bloody Mary: That was Medusa.

Ana: I kind of figured that out!

Mary: I accepted her challenge.

Ana: Somehow I knew you would….. You still know how I feel. We’ve got to get this match with Keiko over and done with, injury free, you in 100% condition! I know how you feel about staying active in the ring but you owe yourself, the fans, me and yes, even Keiko to be in top shape for this fight. Maybe we can settle this feu….(Mary interrupts)

Mary: DON’T YOU THINK I KNOW THAT!! (Mary calms herself) I’m sorry I snapped Ana. But you know the crazy things happening, me just getting off the injured list, facing some major fights.

(Ana nods understandingly)

Mary: (turning her attention to the camera) Medusa, I formally accept your challenge. Look I know why you want this match, I knew pretty much the reason before you called me. I appreciate the fact you want to face me again, to give me a chance to step out of your shadow, a shadow I admit I created. We both hurt each other in our first match. I agree we can have a great scientific match and even if it gets rough, we’re two of the toughest the GDWA has to offer. It’s going to be one hell of a match, a headliner anywhere. But Medusa, it worries me about your feelings toward Sierra. I worry about Sierra, too. ‘Dus you’ve got to get your head on straight, Sierra too. But I know where you’re both coming from, I’ve been there, too. ‘Duse, you were burned out, I think your nearly 100% if not already otherwise I’d decline your challenge, I know you’d do the same for me.

Sierra….. Well Sierra needs our unconditional support. The kid’s getting trashed right and left from enemies, friends, pundits, fans and I know the fans turning on her hurts her the worst! It’s not hard to understand her attitude these days. My GAWD, she’s just fought some of the toughest fights of her career all in a short time, won an unprecedented three titles, has the Fall Moonsault looming at her, fighting three times in one card! I couldn’t do that! NO ONE CAN! BUT… she is! Then the GDWA wants to strip her of a title! WHY! That’s where you and I come in ‘Duse. If she does have to give it up, you and I need to grab it in The Royal Rumble, keep it in friendly hands, y’know!? And What the HELL is with Dalbello?? That’s all she needs now, family turning on her! If one of my girls did that it’d be World War 3! Sierra needs to know we’re behind her 100%. If you’re not ‘Duse we need to seriously talk!

When I joined The House of Rage as an ally I didn’t intend on getting in the middle of a family squabble I anticipated helping against our common enemies, I scratch your back, you scratch mine! Got it, good! I hope that’s settled, Medusa I’ll see you in the ring!

(Ana looks pensive at Mary’s comments)

Mary: Before I go, I have a few more persons that need some comment. I was supposed to face a couple new gals, Medusa comes first, much more important! You understand, Sweet Emotion, sometimes wrestling isn’t so sweet, kinda bittersweet if not outright sour. Savannah, I wouldn’t be bragging about a hard head, most of us pride ourselves on our gray matter, unless you truly have rocks for brains. But for your 411, my claw hold can crack coconuts, still want to face me? Hmmmmmm? Kallista, was that wine you were drinking sour grapes? You managed to trash me & a good share of the GDWA. Not a good move for a rookie and a not very impressive one at that. I look for Black Lotus to clean your clock! Oh and for your information, 10 years from now if I’m still not a successful wrestler which I see no reason why I wouldn’t y’know the next Moolah, Susan Green. Well anyway if I can’t rise to the occasion I’ll be looking back at a fantastic career, drinking wine… or beer, enjoying the good life like I am now in my own nice house and not the mausoleum you spook people from, occasionally driving up to the window at the local fast food after a good day of training future GDWA stars, shopping whatever, and having you say French fries with that?? Cheers Kallista, to a very short-lived and undistinguished career. Till next time….

Bishop: If Bloody Mary would just clean up her attitude a little. She seems to have a tinge of honor left in her but…

Mutt: But my ass! Mary is smart and she’s the only one that can help out ‘Dusa and Sierra Browne….and Kallista, did ya hear what Mary had to say?

Dunbar: Fans, the rookies have taken Grand Dragon by storm. First, let’s hear from the ESWP’s #1 contender to the Transnational Cruiserweight title ‘Princes’ Kallista…

Princess Kallista

(The scene is the richly decorated and furnished living room in Kallista’s mansion. The television is running in the background. The Princess is lying comfortably on the black silk couch. Her head is resting on a pillow, her small, bare feet are close to the warming flames of the fireplace in the living room. Her long, slender fingers are playing with the remote control, on the TV screen appear scenes from Kallista’s match against Bloody Mary. Kallista begins to speak, her soft, melodic voice fills the room:)

“The Grand Dragon’s Fall Moonsault is just a few weeks away. A few, long weeks. And Vessey has announced a Royal Rumble to crown a new Western Heritage champion? Now, let us take a look at who’s in it. Let us take a look at who might emerge victorious and become the next Western Heritage champion, shall we?”

(The camera now focuses on the television screen showing scenes from the Bloody Mary vs Kallista match. Kallista’s voice can still be heard, commentating the scenes)

“Bloody Mary. You beat me once, and for that you deserve my respect. But this is different, Mary. I know what you can do, I felt it on my own body. I know the pain you can deliver. But this is not about inflicting pain. This is about survival. Mary, this is a Royal Rumble. I have been in the ring with you, Mary. I know you, your impressive strength and size. But I also know that you are immobile. You have no defense. You don’t move. Ultimately, you cannot survive. And at Fall Moonsault, this will be your downfall.”

(The images on the screen now change to the ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda vs ‘Yukon’ Jane match, with Miko Azai interfering)

“‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda. I don’t know you very well yet, but from what I’ve seen, I have to respect you. You seem to be a woman who does what her heart tells her. A woman who goes her way, a woman who is not afraid of the hard way. But there’s one thing I don’t like, Radhi. Every time I see you fight, Jungle girl, I turn away. I switch off the TV, or I leave the arena in disgust. Ananda, I have seen you fight ‘Yukon’ Jane, when was it, two weeks ago? And Miko Azai decided to jump in to join the fun, huh? It wasn’t pretty. If I want to see a battle the way you fight, I just have to go to the slums of Glasgow and toss a coin into the withering mass of starving children, begging for money on the streets. Radhi, Jane, Miko, you are all in the rumble as well? You three might be the most vicious, the most furious, the most animalistic women in the Grand Dragon, but there’s something you lack, and that is royalty. Sovereignty. Nobility. Words that emphasize true champ ions, words you have never heard of before. And that will be your downfall.”

(The scenes on the screen change again, this time to an old ESWP match, the Ironwoman match between Chelsea Vanderbilt and Harlequin Comedy, in which Chelsea retained her title only because the time limit expired one second before Comedy would have pinned her)

“Chelsea Vanderbilt. Golden Eagle. Former World Champion. Chelsea, you tell us how busy you have been defending your ESWP World Title, not being able to wrestle in the Grand Dragon? Well, little bird, since the time limit saved you against Comedy two months back, I haven’t seen you defend that title at all. And you say you are too busy to fight in both leagues? Listen, honey, week after week, I step into the ring not once but twice.” She holds two finger up. “Every Tuesday night I am in some arena for the Grand Dragon having a bunch of brainless peasants barking at me. And every Friday night I am in some arena for the ESWP, having a whole stable ganging up on me and trying to injure me with whatever weapon can find. And the rest of the week I spend in planes, flying from city to city, from arena to arena, from the Grand Dragon to the ESWP to fight as often as possible. And I have a castle to take care of, back home in Scotland. You know, Golden Eagle, sometimes I am glad when I get four, maybe five hours sleep if I’m lucky. And you know why?” The scene changes back, showing Kallista again, looking into the camera. Anger and determination is now glittering in Kallista’s eyes as she proceeds: “Because I know it’s going to be worth it. Because I can see the Western Heritage title on the horizon. Because every time I enter a plane, every time I get whipped by Death Enterprises in the ESWP, every time a one hundred and sixty pound monster in the Grand Dragon tosses me from one end of the ring to another with the so-called fans barking in the background, every time I sweat, every time I bleed, every time I cry I can see the Grand Dragon gold coming a tiny little bit closer within my reach. Chelsea, you call yourself a former World Champion? You had a title belt lying on your coffee table for nearly three months while you were lying on the beach, painting your toenails, and you complain about not having the time to defend your belt and wrestle in the Grand Dragon at the same time?” Kallista pauses a moment as she lets her rage calm down before continuing: “Golden Eagle, I respect you. You have held the ESWP World Title. This is something not many women in this great sport of ours have done, something I have yet to accomplish. Yes, Chelsea, I respect your wrestling ability. But this is a Royal Rumble, honey. This is about endurance. And this is about suffering. If wrestling in two leagues at the same time, if stepping into a wrestling ring twice per month is too much for you to endure, Golden Eagle, just how do you expect to survive a Royal Rumble?”

Princess Kallista smiles, a sweet, almost bittersweet smile: “Only one woman will survive, only one woman can become the new Western Heritage champion, only one woman will prove her royalty by winning the Fall Moonsault Royal Rumble. And, tell me, who in the Grand Dragon is more royal then the Princess herself?”

(Fade to black)

Dunbar: Some heat between 2 ESWP superstars? And they are fan faves as well.

Bishop: Well, Order and Sachie Yokoyama had legendary feuds a year ago. It isn’t unprecedented.

Mutt: But between two jobbers it is! Chelsea, stay your ass away from Grand Dragon…and Kallista…we can always use another doormat!

Dunbar: Kallista had a big match on Tuesday Night against newcomer Black Lotus. Lotus was victorious in a great encounter. With comments, here is Black Lotus.

Black Lotus

[Fade in: The scene is pitch black, nothing can be seen at all. After a couple of seconds, two glowing red eyes open in the blackness, staring eerily before the rest of the scene fades in, showing Black Lotus, delicate Asian features under white face pant with elaborate black around the eyes and mouth. The red gleam in her eyes fades as the light grows a little brighter, showing her wearing a black leather cat suit, leather straps over the arms and belly. She’s crouched in what looks like a cave, the rocky walls sparkling with a life of their own in the light.]

Black Lotus: Hello petssss…I hope you enjoyed my GDWA debut. Now you all can see, I’m called the ‘Submission Queen’ for my wrestling skill as well. Kallista, sweet little one, you put up a fight. You even surprised me a couple of times, a knack I simply adore in pets. But you had no chance the moment you signed the match. You know poetry, what is good about the human spirit. But I draw my strength from the darkness, the side of the spirit that disturbs, all the little impulses that we try to ignore. Dear Kallista, the great Sun Tzu once said ‘Know your enemy and know yourself and you will not lose in a thousand battles’. I know you all too well, little pet. But I’m far beyond you. Now that you faced me, you’ll never be the same.

[Black Lotus stretches out languidly on the floor of the cave, slithering over it like a serpent as she gazes at the camera.]

Black Lotus: I would be selecting my next playmate now…’Ultima’… Sweet Emotion… so many fascinating rookies to share my skills with. But the PPV is already filled up. How sad, that the GDWA will be denied seeing the Black Lotus for so many weeks. Instead of her unparalleled skills and sensuality, you’ll be seeing anorexic high flyers throwing themselves as massively muscles women, like birds throwing themselves against a windshield. You’ll be seeing so many women using that pale imitation of kung fu the Japanese call karate.

[Black Lotus purrs, china pale fingers tracing down the black leather over her side.]

Black Lotus: How could I possibly resist making an appearance? Scouting future opponents, meeting some of you delicious little fans, maybe even offering my own views on some of the matches. Fall Moonsault is coming soon, pets. See you there.

[Black Lotus snuggles up in a ball on the rocky floor, blowing a kiss at the camera, then brushing her fingers over the lens, fading the scene to black.]

Bishop: The woman gives me the creeps.

Mutt: I gotta agree with ya Bishop…but she’s still more preferable than Radhi Ananda…and by the way. Ultima, Black Lotus is gonna kick your ass into the NEXT federation if you don’t look out!

Bishop: Yeah, well…

Dunbar: Moving on, the show concludes with comments from ‘Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura! She has words for Miko Azai as well as the Syndicate…

Rekka Sakura

[Open camera on a small office somewhere in New York. The sterile atmosphere and whitewalls would lead one to believe this would be a doctor’s office… that assumption would be correct. Sitting on an examination table with her head hung low is Rekka Sakura. A man in a white lab coat enters with a clipboard]

Rekka Sakura: [rubbing her neck] What’s the scoop? Am I fit?

Doctor: [shaking his head] Dear lord Rekka, while your X-Rays came out negative your physical exam is a disaster!! I mean you’re healthy but neck stress and strained knees are nothing to laugh at. What are you doing to stay in shape?

Rekka Sakura: [shrugging] Wrestling

Doctor: I mean besides that? What are you doing to relax?

Rekka Sakura: [smiling devilishly] Wrestling

Doctor: [sighing] Rekka you’re training to hard… I’m putting you on a week’s worth of bed rest with a light diet.

Rekka Sakura: [concerned] What? But I have a big tag match coming up!! I can’t just take a week off!!

Doctor: [looking over the chart on his clipboard] You can still wrestle the match but you need to take it down a notch as far as your training goes. What does your regimen consist of?

Rekka Sakura: [scratching her chin] Let’s see… 5 miles of biking, free weight training, tai chi routines and of course 4 hours of wrestling sparring and practice…

Doctor: [thinking] Hhhmmm… You’re off the weight training and wrestling practice as of right NOW!! None of that for a week. Keep up the biking and Tai chi. You follow these directions and you’ll be fine for your big tag match.

Rekka Sakura: [nodding] OK…

Doctor: Was it necessary to bring them? [Points to the camera]

Rekka Sakura: Hey, GDWA wanted interview time with me and this was the closest thing I have to free time this week…

Doctor: [shaking his head] I’ve got another patient in the other room, change back into your clothes… [Opens the door and leaves, being careful to shut it behind him]

Rekka: [turning away from the camera and removing her exam gown] OK, what’s the topic?

Cameraman: umm.. Well you had the match on Saturday with Miko Azai… your thoughts on the match would be a good place to start…

Rekka Sakura: [still with her back to the camera as she changes] My thoughts? Well Miko Azai sure does hit hard [chuckles softly] seriously though, Miko Azai is one of the reasons I’m seeing the doctor today. We had one hell of a fight on Saturday. She gave me a good beating and I laid into her pretty good if I do say so myself [smiling] Still, I wish there had been a winner. I may have been the one to walk back to the locker area unassisted but I still lost the match.

Cameraman: You still seem to be a little green in the ring but much of your inexperience seems to be fading with each match. You went from being dominated by Chandler at Madison Square Garden to going toe to toe with Miko Azai. What are you doing to overcome your lack of in ring experience?

Rekka Sakura: um… well I’m wrestling in Japan as well as the states. I guess my Japanese experience has something to do with it. I mean I flew from Tokyo to the U.S. to wrestle Azai and then hopped a plane the same night in order to make my match at the Super J Crown tournament with Robin Blaze. In fact it is because of those 2 matches that I’m seeing the doctor today. I need to be 100% for the Survivor Series match

Cameraman: Speaking of which… you’re in there with some HEAVY competitor!! How are you approaching this match?

Rekka Sakura: Carefully, after all my tag experience is very limited. Still I look forward to working with Lady Tiger, Brimstone and my other team members. If I can make a good showing there then perhaps the fans will respect me…

Cameraman: Do you want another shot at Miko?

Rekka Sakura: [slipping on her shirt] hmm, as I said I was VERY disappointed that the match had no definite winner… If Miko can remember to leave her tag team partner at home then I’m all for a rematch. BUT turn to face the camera as she pulls on her shorts] If Miko relies on Lisa Thomas then I’ll have to call in the Marines!! And trust me Lisa Thomas wants no part of my ‘Marines’!!

Cameraman: [confused] Maries? What are you talking about?

Rekka Sakura: Why the GDWA expert ‘Jungle’ Warfare!!

Cameraman: [nodding] Ah… you mean Radhi!!

Rekka Sakura: [smiling slyly] You see Radhi is my ‘equalizer’!! If Lisa Thomas sticks her nose in a rematch with Miko then Radhi and I will just have to get those 2 in a tag match and hand them a proper beating!! So my advice for Ms. Thomas is simple… keep your nose out of my business and it won’t get busted!! And by the way… Keiko has the right idea of going after the Syndicate!! They’re cowards without honor. How long ago did Radhi and I challenge them? Like cowards they refuse to enter the squared circle and do battle!! The Challenge remains… ANY TWO SYNDICATE MEMBERS AGAINST RADHI AND MYSELF!!

Cameraman: OK last question… What does your future hold?

Rekka Sakura: growth!! My future is filled with unlimited growth

[Fade out]

Dunbar: Rekka is truly on fire. And may I add, Miko Azai had an incredible match up with her last Tuesday night.

Mutt: Miko Azai is gonna KILL that jobber the next time they face off!

Dunbar: Controversy abounds in the GDWA. With the Ironwoman match up at the Fall Moonsault, this has got to make things interesting. With special commentary regarding the Ironwoman Square Dance tournament, here is GDWA reporter Owen Crane…

Lady Tiger was once referred to by “Sexy” Sally McClane as “Lady Luck”. To get through this night, she’s going to need it. Tiger will be joining former GDWA World Champion Andrea Chandler, 2-time Western Heritage Champion Officer Order, and the leader of the Age of Rage, Medusa Rage, in the 1997 Ironwoman Tournament. It all takes place live on GDWA PPV, September 1st, 1997.

Officer Order topped the voting by gaining an unprecedented 4 votes. Andrea came in a close second with 3 votes, and Medusa and Tiger picked up the rear with 2 votes; edging out some top stars such as Bloody Mary, Keiko Mita and Ma Porter.

For those of you unfamiliar with how the tournament is conducted, here are the rules. Each of the combatants will be wrestling three matches that night; one against each of the other combatants. The 4 athletes will wrestle a total of 6 matches between them; each bout with a 15 minute time limit. Wrestlers are given 20 points for a pinfall or submission win, 15 Points for a count-out win, and 5 points for a draw. At the end of the night, the woman with the most points will be declared the winner, and the GDWA 1997 Ironwoman.

Last Year’s Ironwoman winner, “The Franchise” Daisy Butterfly, beat out Big Ma Porter, “Fear Factory” Lanny Manson, and Zaranna to become the inaugural Ironwoman by earning 35 “points”. Ma Porter was a close second with 30 points, followed by Manson with 25 points. Zaranna came dead last with 5 points, drawing Ma Porter, although some would say her schedule was the most difficult of the four combatants. Interesting to note is that *none* of these four competitors are involved in this year’s tournament. Zaranna and Manson have since left the GDWA, Daisy was not allowed entrance into the tourney because of her win last year, and Porter didn’t garner enough votes to gain admittance.

Daisy earned her points with a submission victory over Lanny Manson and a count-out win over Zaranna. Her match at the hands of Ma Porter resulted in a loss. Porter, meanwhile, went through the tournament without a loss; defeating Daisy and drawing both Manson and Zaranna. It just goes to show that the emphasis in these matches is on winning; over “not losing”. Manson defeated Zaranna in the other contest.

So just how important is this tournament? Well, Daisy, as previously mentioned, did win the tournament last year. But, as of press time, she has yet to have a taste of GDWA gold. The title of Ironwoman, however, can be thought of as a “championship” in itself. Daisy earned herself unprecedented accolades and, yes, was granted numerous title shots as well. And, as everyone in GDWA knows, she has been a perennial top 5 star as well.

So, just how do the combatants match up? Well, the favorite going into the tournament would have to be Andrea Chandler. Her World Championship reign and 1996 GDWA Wrestler of the Year award almost makes her the woman to beat. Add to that an incredible win streak; and the fact that she’s reached 10 wins faster than any other wrestler in GDWA history, has Andrea confident as the tournament approaches.

“At first, I wasn’t entirely certain what to make of the Iron Woman tournament,” said Andrea. “Marathon events like this aren’t normally my bag. But, the more I thought about it, the more the opportunity to be crowned the new Iron Woman of the GDWA intrigued me.

The strategic opportunities are fascinating, and as the matches are of shorter than usual duration, I’ll be free to open up my offense even more. And I always relish an excuse to dish out the punishment!”

Perhaps the second favorite person to walk away with the Ironwoman status is possibly the most popular star in GDWA history, Officer Order. True, she enters the tournament as being the lightest of the four competitors. However, she has far more GDWA experience than anyone else entered, which could play a very important role. Officer Order is determined to bring some “Law and Order” to the tournament, and match the feat of her friend Daisy from last year’s tournament.

Not surprisingly, due to her hectic schedule as a police officer *and* GDWA combatant, Officer Order could not be reached for comment.

While this reporter placed Medusa Rage third amongst possible winners, many people have her pegged to win it all! While Rage has yet to taste GDWA gold, she has racked up an incredible win-loss record; perhaps rivaled only by Andrea! As well, she has dominated in title matches against Dementia Praecox and Micki Duran, and GDWA insiders say it’s only a matter of time before we see some gold around the waist of Medusa Rage. A win at the Ironwoman would crush the misconception of her being the “second-best” heel in the GDWA, and grant her an onslaught of title opportunities.

“This tournament, to me, is about one thing. Respect. I don’t care about wearing an Ironwoman title. What does that mean? No, for me, the only reason I want to be in this is I finally get the chance to prove one-on-one that I’m better than Andrea Chandler. I know it. She knows it. The GDWA knows it.”

Rounding out the combatants is the daredevil of the GDWA, Lady Tiger. Tiger enters the tournament as the underdog. She has the least experience of any of the combatants, and is occasionally regarded as an unproven commodity here in the GDWA. She is the number 1 contender at press time, but has only faced one wrestler who has ever made it to the top 5.

Perhaps a win at the Ironwoman would gain her more respect amongst the wrestling circuit. At any rate, Tiger isn’t letting the incredible odds get her down, and insists that sometimes, long shots pay off. “Underdog? Long shot? I would not have it any other way!! Nobody gave Daisy Butterfly a chance of winning the Ironwoman last year, but we all know who came out on top of that one! This tournament is all about respect; something I have not received since entering Grand Dragon. If my three opponents are looking for some easy points, they can look elsewhere. This tiger is not going down without a fight!”

So, what matches are the fans anxious to see? Well, Medusa vs. Andrea definitely headlines that bill. These two have faced once before in an all-out war for the GDWA World championship!! Andrea arguably had the upper hand in that contest, but at the Ironwoman, it’s going to be a whole different ball game! “That one match is going to *make* the Fall Moonsault PPV!!” states Ricky Garcia, a fan of the GDWA. “We never got the chance for a rematch, since Andrea lost the title and Rage quickly made that peace agreement with her. Since then, Andrea has put together one hell of a winning streak; meanwhile, Rage is headlining cards everywhere she goes!! It’s a shame that it’s only going to be 15 minutes. Still, whoever wins that match WILL walk out of there the Ironwoman!!!”

Another match that fans are looking forward to is Officer Order vs. Lady Tiger. On paper, these two match up VERY nicely. Considering their sportsmanlike conduct inside and out of the ring, this should be a sensational wrestling bout that could headline any card.

“I really don’t think that this is a match you’d see anywhere but the Ironwoman Tournament,” insists Laura MacNeil, another faithful fan. “[The match] is a dream match! I’ve never seen either of them cheat, so it should truly be a case of the best wrestler winning it. Tiger is so fast, I’m not sure Officer Order can keep up with her! Then again, I’m not sure how Tiger would counter Order’s martial arts attacks either!”

Other matches in the tournament will be Andrea Chandler taking on Officer Order. This is a repeat of the Dawg Pound Nights PPV, in which Andrea took the victory. However, that match went over 45 minutes. It this match goes anywhere near that margin, it will be a draw. Lady Tiger recently had a chance to wrestle Sierra Browne. Well, at the Moonsault, she’ll be taking on Browne’s tutor, Medusa Rage.

Medusa Rage’s other match that night will be against the fan favorite Officer Order. There could be a lot of hate in this one, as Rage and Order have had some very unkind words towards each other in the past! The two of them faced off in a technical rules match up, with Order earning the win. However, the match at the Ironwoman will be under standard GDWA rules. Therefore, it could be anyone’s game.

In the final match, Andrea Chandler taking on Lady Tiger, we should see a classic contest of power vs. speed. Andrea has already proven herself as one of GDWA’s top superstars, can Tiger can rise to the occasion?

My expert pick for the 1997 Ironwoman is none other than Andrea Chandler. However, this match is much different than Andrea’s usual matches. Will the master strategist of the GDWA be up to the task of becoming Ironwoman? Or perhaps it will be Officer Order, the two-time winner of the Lanny Manson award, and the unquestionable fan favorite going into the tournament. Or maybe still Medusa Rage, who could bring the Age of Rage to the very pinnacle of the GDWA in one night!! Can she rise to the occasion, and eclipse three of the hottest superstars in the GDWA?? Or, finally, could we see the underdog, Lady Tiger, shock the world by becoming the 1997 GDWA Ironwoman?? Well, there’s a lot of questions, but only one way to answer them. And that’s by tuning in, on September 1st, 1997, and being a part of the Fall Moonsault!! For the GDWA, this is Owen Crane, signing off.

Dunbar: Interesting….so much going on in Grand Dragon! The Moonsault will truly be a monumental card!

Mutt: It’ll be a tough tourney, but I’m going with the real thing! Go get ’em Andrea.

Bishop: Anyway, I can’t wait. And considering the Mark Straczek pay per view is up on Tuesday…things could get explosive.

Dunbar: Fans, for all of us here at the Tease, see ya at ringside.



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