Promos from Officer Order, Sierra Browne, Medusa Rage, Sweet Emotion and more.

(The scene is one of Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance studios located in Tacoma, Washington. Two men are sitting behind a desk. They are wearing a blue blazer with the GDWA logo on the right side. A woman sits between them with a red and brown suit jacket and skirt. The lights start to come up, and “Atomic Dog” by Parliament–the GDWA theme music–begins to play.)

Dunbar: Wrestling fans, welcome back to the Saturday Night Tease. The lovely Ms. Sonya Blade and Color man Sam Mutt join me with this 2 hour spectacular broadcast. First, we discuss this World title situation. The tensions are really mounting between Andrea Chandler and Undisputed World Champ Officer Order.

Blade: Oh definitely. The Fall Moonsault has stirred the competitive juices of the Ritch Bitch to a new level. She wants Order NOW…

Mutt: And she could beat Order YESTERDAY if Double O would just give up the booty! That World title looks real pretty around her waist as long as it isn’t defended.

Dunbar: Now, you know the ruling made by President Denmark Vessey. No title matches after the Internet Title match between Browne and Butterfly….but that later. Fans, let’s hear from the World Champ Officer May Order….

Officer Order

(Shot opens on a police car, parked in front of an alley with its lights going. After a moment we see a large Samoan man come flying out and crash into the car door, slumps down and passes out. He is followed by Officer Order, who quickly steps up and cuffs the now unconscious man. The camera begins to move in, as Double O puts the man in the back of the police car. Noticing the camera, she quickly turns and smiles.)

Order: Well Hello there, as you can see I sometimes get my hands full at work. Nothing I can’t handle…

(Wiping the sweat from her forehead, she leans back against her patrol car and sighs deeply.)

Order: Most of you out there know what it’s like to work for a living, you got bills to pay and paperwork to do. No matter how much you get done, there’s always more. We’ve all been there, except for Ms. Chandler…

(Double O shakes her head and smiles.)

Order: Maybe that’s why she’s soooo impatient, she’s got nothing better to do then make challenges she knows she doesn’t have to back up. She’s been after me for weeks to give her a title shot,

(Order shakes her head, looks down and then back into the camera)

Order: Andrea, you know full well that the front office has sent out word, No Title Matches on the next 3 cards!

(Order holds up three fingers)

Order: I guess you thought that you could bad mouth me, and call me out without having to face me… Now, I’m not going to put you down. You’re a good wrestler, and yes, you were the first person who ever got me to submit, I’m not trying to take anything away from you.

(Order points into the camera, as she steps forward.)

Order: But the one thing that you forgot is that title shots are like everything else in life, they got to be EARNED!!! I’m not going to GIVE you anything, if you want a title shot from me, then beat me in the Ironwoman Square Dance and you’ll get it!

(Order ends with her hands on her hips, as she glances over at her prisoner- something crosses her face)

Order: As a matter of fact, I wanted to give a special shout out to another wrestler I do respect, Ms. Medusa Rage. Girlfriend, if you beat me fair and square in the ring at the Square Dance, I’ll give you first shot at the title. All our bad blood is in the past now. You almost deserve a shot now, but you got suspended. So just fight me fair and if you win this time, the first crack at the belt is yours.

(Her radio crackles to life, asking if she still needs backup)

Order: Sorry everyone but duty calls…

Dunbar: Order addressing quite a few issues. First, Andrea and her rather vocal remonstrations against Order and the fans. Second, Medusa Rage…..

Mutt: Order you arrogant prima donna!! With the snap of her fingers, Andrea could become the ONE and ONLY 2 time World Champion in the GDWA. Ric Flair, move over, because Andrea is the most DOMINANT wrestler in the world….whoever challenges her? Who wants to wrestle her? Radhi Ananda?

Blade: Order said it simple and plain, and you’ve got to respect that! I’ve had my differences with Andrea Chandler in the past, but I must confess I understand her frustration. She’s been away from the Gold just long enough to be remiss now.

Mutt: Well, hell is to pay to the woman that is her next opponent. Andrea, KICK ASS.

Dunbar: Speaking of which, we’ve got Medusa Rage with some words of wisdom…

Medusa Rage

[Fade in:

The camera traces the descent of the rays of sunshine through a beautiful stain-glass and lead crystal skylight. The marvelous ceiling work displays a scene of a Black man flanked to each side by a White woman and a Black woman, their hands joined together as they support nine babies in a cradle.

As the camera tilts downward the sound of soul music begins to filter through the scene, beautiful, somewhat haunted yet deeply spiritual music. Finally, the camera settles on Medusa Rage seated cross-legged on a mat in a room full of orchids and ferns. Her index fingers are steepled under her nose. She is garbed in a purple kente cloth wrap that exposes the muscularity of her broad, brown shoulders. Her head is tilted backwards slightly, lifted to the sky as she breathes in and out in her meditation.

Medusa: My punishment is almost over now. See, I can be a good girl when I want to. I obeyed the rules. I didn’t try to break suspension. I didn’t try to find some loophole around it. I sat out. Like a good little girl I sat out and I did my time and I thought about what I did and I saw the error of my ways.

[Something moves behind her. Serpentine’s head pokes out from behind her, rearing back and swaying mesmerizingly to and fro. The python begins to coil around Medusa, slithering around her as she stretches out her arms. Obediently, it coils around her arm, flickering its forked tongue against her face. Medusa tips her head to face the camera and smiles, showing those glittering gold fangs of hers. Her eyes open slowly, gleaming with that honey-gold beauty.]

Medusa: Now, I’ve got time to make up. Three weeks off. That’s perhaps three matches that I should have wrestled. Three opponents who should have been beaten. The little things. The timing. The rhythm of the ring. I haven’t sharpened them in a long while. But I’m prepared. I’m ready to get back into it. All I ask is one tune up match to brush up on my strength, get my wind back. That’s all I need. And GDWA, I’ve already petitioned that on the last house show before the Fall Moonsault I get to match up with a true friend and a truly classy professional, Bloody Mary. Like me, Bloody Mary has been coming back from time off. She’s been wrestling hurt and needs time to heal. I’ve been off and need time to get my game back. There are a lot of people out there who have been accusing Mary of trying too hard to be like me. I don’t know why you want to make that sound like an insult. There are worse things to be. Bloody Mary isn’t any Medusa-clone. She isn’t any second rate wrestler without a personality of her own. What she is, is a great competitor, a hungry athlete and a woman who has demonstrated unflagging loyalty to whomever she has allied herself. I have nothing but respect for Bloody Mary and that’s why of all the people I could have selected to face me after I come out of that Survivor’s Series match Bloody Mary is the woman I choose to face.

I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed being in the ring. I can’t tell you how wonderful it will be to be back there, bouncing off the ropes, having this powerhouse try to hand me my head. That’s all lovely. I’m prepared to face that challenge and take that risk. I could walk out victorious or I could leave on a stretcher. This is what wrestling is all about. This is what the game is made for. After my side wipes out Daisy Butterfly and her team, then I go to work on my own individual game leading up to the Iron Woman tourney.

[Medusa pauses, drawing in long, deep breaths and exhaling. Serpentine slithers closer to her, the serpent coiling around her shoulders and neck before settling down to sun itself.]

Medusa: And speaking of the Iron Woman tournament. Well, there’s something that I’m really looking forward to. You don’t know how much I am looking forward to it. One night I get to meet the GDWA world champion and the top two contenders. In one night I get to see where I stand in relation to the best that this federation has to offer. And I assure you, all my fans in Toronto and around the rest of the world, that I will do my damndest to bring home the victory for you. I will do my damndest to represent you to the best of my ability and be the hero that I always should have been. You know, there’s a real swing in momentum here.

Officer Order and Daisy Butterfly have taken the top two belts in this federation honestly and fairly in the center of the ring. This is exactly the kind of thing we need to see in this federation. This is exactly the kind of athleticism and heart that is required. And when I see those two, in particular, parading around the ring with their belts I feel vindicated and somewhat envious. They have what I am working to achieve. Peace of mind. Heart. Courage. I make a promise to them and to you, all the fans of the GDWA, that I will be somebody you can look up to. I will be somebody you can say is wonderful is a role model … is a hero. And when I get my game on track. Watch out because the sky is the limit. No, that’s too physical a boundary.

My imagination is the limit. Bloody Mary, I look forward to meeting you in the ring again. You’ve been the toughest woman I ever faced and I thank you for that. Hugs and hisses. I’ll see you in the ring soon.

[Fade out with Medusa smiling beatifically as she scratches Serpentine’s chin.]

Dunbar: Hmmm….

Blade: Medusa sounds rested. Not quite the raging one anymore…

Dunbar: Tranquil. I wonder how this change in philosophical outlook will affect her in ring tactics.

Mutt: Shhh…What the hell are you trying to make her out to be? Medusa is the same old Medusa Rage whether you like it or not! Stop trying to employ our powers as agents of the media to SHAPE and MOLD Medusa into who we WANT her to be!!!! Medusa is Medusa is Medusa.

Blade: But to ignore that change would be an insult to Ms. Rage.

Mutt: OH, she’s a “M S .” now, huh?

Dunbar: Fans, let’s turn our attention now to a teammate of Medusa Rage. In the Survivor Series match up in a few weeks, she teams up with Ma Porter of Organized Crime….


Dunbar: We hope to receive footage of that match up in a few weeks. Prior to her match Friday Night at ESWP’s Enemy Mine card, we had these comments from Organized Crime….

Big Ma Porter

(Fade in on a shot of Tony Angelo in a backstage hallway. He’s holding a cigar in one hand, unlit, and a cell phone in the other. He’s wearing a 3-piece pinstripe suit.)

Tony: Ma is busy right now, bookin’ a caterer, and she does hate ta be distoibed when she’s samplin’ fine cuisine. So, she axed ta tell ya a few things.

Foist of all, she’s gonna embarrass the entire ESWP, win or lose. None a them jokers in the same class as a GDWA vet, so the better not overstep themselves.

Secondly, this Survivor Series match. In case all you were too dumb to realize the obvious, Ma is on the same team with Nikita Marx. That means that the other 5 yahoos don’t even stand a chance. It also means that you, Medusa Rage, you, Yukon Jane, and especially you, puke-face Sally McClane, better keep well to the side and not get in Organized Crime’s way when they take care of business. ‘Cause OC always, always takes care of business.

(fade out)

Blade: Porter sounds more focused than ever…on her career, not the food.

Mutt: Thanks for the clarification. You’re just full of one liners tonight! And Big Ma did EXACTLY what she said she’d do. 1….2…3 and she’s got the strap! The ‘P’ in the Electronic Shoot Wrestling Promotion is for P O R T E R !!!

Dunbar: That Survivor Series match will be rather important. Can you imagine? Daisy and Marx in the same ring? Porter and Chandler having to coexist?

Blade: But exist they must. The fan favorite squad is greatly outweighed, but they have great cohesion with one another.

Mutt: Hell, Daisy has been an egomaniac since winning the Internet title, and we’ll just see if she can put that EGO aside for the better of her team mates.

Dunbar: Speaking of Daisy, a woman she faces on our next card is hoarder of riches. ‘Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne attempts to usurp the 3rd title in the GDWA singles ranks, and her obstacle is Daisy!

Mutt: Ahem, we have a new Internet Champion! But I must admit, with her injury, it will be a tall order for her to win 3 belts.

Dunbar: Be that as it may, Daisy better not take this one lightly.

Blade: And you gotta figure that the promoters would LOVE to get a Daisy/Order match signed. They’ve been pushing for it for some time now.

Dunbar: Fans, let’s go to Sierra Browne…

Sierra Browne

[Fade in:

Sierra Browne stares out from the screen, her eyes narrowed with hatred, and her Great Western Heritage belt draped over her shoulder. She’s dressed in her gold wrestling gear. Her hair is done into little dyed gold twists. She chews her lip and sucks her teeth loudly.]

Sierra: Daisy Butterfly, don’t ever make the mistake of trying to tell me what to do again. What? You thought you’d win the belt and not have to face me? Hell, no. That’s not the way it works around here. I made my THREE straight title defenses, more than an Internet champion has to make to get a shot at the big belt. And I got the shot before the Fall Moonsault.

See, Micki Duran got it all twisted in her head thinking that defending the belt every week would work for her like it did for me. It didn’t. But just because she took on you and Mary doesn’t mean she didn’t have to meet the mandatory challenger … ME … in that month. That’s what you’ve got to do, Daisy, now that you’re the new champion. And as far as me giving Micki a shot at one of my belts. You let Duran do her own talking if she can *lower* herself to even deign to speak to Island trash like me, right. Butterfly, if you’d have just shut up and stayed out of it, we wouldn’t have had any kind of problems. We would have been cool, you know. But you had to go try to tell Sierra Browne what to do too, like you had any real power.

[Sierra sucks her teeth long and loud.]

Sierra: The title belts I’ve won are mine and I’ll meet the contenders as I see fit. Micki Duran isn’t a leading contender for either if you ask me. And neither are you. Micki, you want the cruiserweight belt prove you’re more worthy than Mita, than Butterfly, than Jumping Jennifer Grier. Hell, you aren’t even the highest ranked cruiserweight, are you? No, Order is the champion and Lady Tiger is the number two contender. Ask me? They’re better contenders. But I’ve got international talent to face so don’t you worry about your shot. You may get one, but you’ll have to earn it first. And as for my real belt….

[Sierra pauses for breath, considering the Great Western Heritage title. She sucks her teeth again.]

Sierra: Hayseed Charles gets the next shot. Then who knows who else if I’m not the Internet champion at that time. Micki Duran, you’re not even a real threat to me right now. You think I suck, you think I’m a piece of crap? Well, you wouldn’t want to wrestle me then, would you? Get those little Louisianan whore-house hands of yours too dirty. So forget you then. Let’s get to the important stuff. Daisy, it’s going to be just me and you out there. You know, you and your ilk have seen fit to tell me how I feel. You and your little friend, Mita, like to say I’m playing the “race” card. Look into my eyes, Butterfly. Do you see me playing any race card? Do you see me playing any games? No. I mean every word that I say. And when I say that the Cruiserweight championship committee would rather have an Asian as their champion, I mean it. Everybody danced in the aisles when they thought Officer Order beat me, didn’t they? They was singin’ and laughin’ … “Ding/ Dong the Negress is dead. The wicked negress is dead!’ See, I aim to displease.

I’ve got no love for your little championship committee. Not anymore. Hell, I was raised with everybody under the sun back home, but I knew once I set foot on mainland North America that things changed. Medusa, in one of the few truly useful pieces of advice she ever gave me, warned me about this. Everybody’s out to get their own out here. They’re like crabs in a pot. Me first. My race second and all the rest of you can just go to hell. Tell me why everybody jumped on the Misfits, eh? They weren’t any worse in the ring than Dark Asylum, Demonica and Dementia Praecox. They just couldn’t be beaten so people start to whine and nag and complain and bam, they change the rules. Well, they see the next graduate of the Rage dynasty come down the pipe and they change the rules as soon as she wins one match. You think I’m listening to crap like that? Daisy, I want you to understand me. I want you to know me. Because when it’s all said and done, I don’t want you making any excuses. I don’t want you talking crap like Savannah about how you underestimated me. How you didn’t understand me. Because I’ve got the taste of blood in my mouth. And I’m really, really out to hurt somebody. Understand that. I want to hurt somebody. And don’t give me any excuse for it to be you. So, I’ll give you just a few minutes to go back into the locker room and cancel all those little sneak attacks and protection rackets you have planning to accompany you to the ring. Don’t bring Order and Mita out with you to protect you from me jumping you from behind.

I won’t do it. I promise. And don’t even think about cutting any deals with your newfound friend, Micki Duran, who screwed you out of that title in the first place. I bet she’s just waiting do an ‘End’ run on me as soon as I step through those curtains. I bet you she’ll be at ringside too. Well, do it if you want, but then who gets the moral high ground? Me. That’s who. I get it. Because I’m coming out there one woman with an ankle the size of a balloon with nothing but a heart full of anger, frustration and disappointment that all of you out there have failed to see the brilliance. You’ve failed to see the accomplishment. You’ve failed time and time to give me the credit I deserve. See, don’t think I haven’t heard the whispers in the locker room. Don’t think I haven’t heard you people talking about I’m a jumped up little guttersnipe. I know there are those of you out there who hate me, hate my personality. (coughs *Micki*) And I even know there are those of you out there who probably wouldn’t dare step in the ring with me ever, eh, Chandler, Andrea, Ms. Bitch.

That’s fine because it’s all fuel to the fire. It’s all fixin’ to change. You remember that dumb slogan “It’s the Age of the Rage” that caught on so big with you gang-loving hooligans? Well, this isn’t it. This is Sierra’s time. And I will shine and shine and shine. Three belts and only one to go. And when I come I’m coming to smite my enemies. For I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13. Let me tell you how I read that passage. I can do anything I want. Daisy, that means I’m going to pluck your wings and take your title away. Just remember this, lady. I’m the stepchild of the GDWA. I’ve got nothing to lose. A degenerate. A pariah. Just a low-down dirty field hand. You think you’re going to make a proper cow-towing Negro out of me again? I remember you loved me so much when I would shake my ass for you and beg for your love. Let me take a little pride, let me demand a little respect and people all of a sudden who this uppity ni(CENSORED) is. I’m your worst nightmare. I’m all your stereotypes rolled into one. And I’m coming back like Frankenstein’s monster to destroy. I don’t give a damn if I burn in the flames, too. Bye bye, Butterfly.

[Fade to black]

Dunbar: We saw a tremendous amount of animosity in that flash. My word….

Mutt: NOT your word but BROWNE’S word! Ha! Don’t tell me she isn’t ready.

Blade: Well, we’ll just see if she can put up and shut up! WE are talking about Daisy Butterfly. And I don’t see her relinquishing her strap any time soon.

Dunbar: Browne is going a little too far with this race card! The ‘Negress’? And her pernicious attacks against the character of the Asian members of the Championship Committee….

Blade: And besides, remember Order’s feud with Sachie Yokoyama? Order was vilified because she was Asian American. And let’s not forget we are ALL Americans….

Mutt: But not Allen Bishop….because he’s a Canadian, and he SUCKS!

Dunbar: Hey, no racism or nationalism my friends. Now, speaking of Sierra, she faces ‘Jumping’ Jennifer Grier at the Fall Moonsault for the Transnational Cruiserweight title. Grier as hungry as any wrestler in the GDWA, but she’s facing a HOT Sierra Browne. With comments, here is the challenger….

Jennifer Grier

[Scene: Geneseo, Illinois. A different gym than usual, in the background is Jennifer Grier. You can see a few fans outside the gym, all trying to sneak a peek of their ‘hometown hero’. Inside, Grier is working out, and has noticeably added some bulk to her frame. A set of headphones cover her ears. Finally, she goes through her warm-downs, and stops.]

Grier: Huh? GDWA?

[Jennifer wipes her brow, and turn to the cameraman, the usual smile across her face long gone.]

Grier: Well, if you insist. I’ve heard what you’ve said, I know what you are thinking. Grier doesn’t have what it takes to win. She hasn’t been in the ring. Ring rust? I don’t think so. Don’t think for a MINUTE that I’ve not followed every INCH of the GDWA. But I’ll tell you right now. I’m improving. I’m building up every good thing going for me. And my weaknesses? Not a chance. I know what I am. Don’t think that for a MINUTE that the only tapes I review are the ones of my opponents. I know what I can and cannot do. And I’m telling you RIGHT NOW, Browne, if you under-estimate me, you’re going to be sorry.

[Jennifer turns for a moment, and looks back towards the camera.]

Grier: I’m getting real tired of listening to the likes of Styles and Mutt, talking trash on how I’m a “jobber”, a midcarder, whatever. I’ve slowly worked my way up the ranks, and will soon break the top ten. And you know what? You have *NEVER* heard me bitch or moan about anything going wrong. I don’t whine, and don’t complain, and I SURE don’t take any crap from some lame-brain commentator.

[Jennifer steps back onto the weight machine, and continues her high paced workout.]

Grier: As for ring rust, don’t fool yourself. It may have been a while since I’ve been in a GDWA ring, but that’s not the ONLY rings on earth. I’ll tell you right now, Sierra. I hope you keep running around bragging about being the first bi-titled champion. That way, I can do what Savannah just did, and that’s BEAT you. And beat you I’ll do. Just like you did to Savannah. I wish I could have been there to help her. I’m tired of the chair beatings, the belt beatings, and any other kind of beating you need SOMEONE ELSE to do for you to get the advantage. Don’t think for a moment that I don’t know more about you than you think. Go ahead and TRY to outsmart me. You’ll be on the wrong side to the tracks on that one.

Oh, and Savannah, we have some talking to do. I’m really impressed with your work. Nice choice on managers. You really did make a smart decision. I wish I could have done the same thing. Oh, and Rob, I know your listening. You know what happened, and I’m not going to discuss it here, but you better think about it. I’m not going to bail you out this time. You were a hell of a guy and one hell of a competitor, but you better check yourself.

[Jennifer turns around to the camera once again.]

I’m coming for you Browne. Oh, I’m not trying to intimidate you. I’m not going to watch you ignore me, and have everyone else do your dirty work. We’re slated to get it on, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. You and me. I guarantee it. You worry about your pursuit for the World Title? That’s mistake number one. You BETTER focus on me and ONLY me, or you’re going to be the “first ever ex-Cruiserweight Champion”. ———————————————————————– Dunbar: Grier is focused.

Mutt: If she were focused she’s be in the ring. Face it, Browne won’t have much trouble putting this little gal away. Hell, what has Grier done lately?

Blade: We could just very well see a NEW Cruiserweight Champion… Grier has talked of nothing else in the last few weeks. She’s ready to pounce on Browne.

Mutt: Oh yeah? We’ll see about that!

Dunbar: Speaking of the Western Heritage Champion, a former nemesis of hers has returned from Japan. Let’s hear from Miko Azai…

Miko Azai

In front of the GDWA Banner)

David Jones: Glad to be back in the U.S. But, the GDWA is my place to be for the best ladies action in the world. But, I’m upset at the GDWA for not letting my tag team GDWA Team Doja compete because they will dominate. But, I have the two ladies who made that team supreme and they are ready to enter singles action. They are “Luscious” Lisa Thomas and “Tokyo Thriller” Miko Azai.

Miko Azai: Hello, GDWA I have been out of action since the summer. But, it’s time for one thing! For Azai to win! I have had a serious lost record for some time now. But, no more of that shit I’m ready to win so I’m issuing an open challenge to any bitch or slut who wants to wrestle because I’m ready to crack the top 10.

Lisa Thomas: That’s great Miko. I’m ready to wrestle also. Top 10 I want I see Ma Porter still wrestling that slob of pork. I want her ESWP TV title and when I do win that belt I’m going to …………keep it in a safe place around my waist. So, anyone who wants a match issue a challenge and I will deliver a win.

DJ: My ladies are ready so GDWA step up to the best in the business.

(Camera fades to black)

Dunbar: Miko sounds charged like never before!

Mutt: They need to be. Hell, after a successful tour of Japan and the rest of the Far East, Miko has what it takes to charge the GDWA singles ranks…and I’d love to see Thomas in the ring again.

Blade: I remember…she lost that loser leaves the GDWA match to Sachie Yokoyama a year ago. You never see that anymore. Wrestlers with guts…wrestlers willing to settle their differences once and for all by putting their CAREERS on the line.

Mutt: Well, GDWA, look out! Because the Tokyo Thriller is back in town.

Dunbar: Well, we have several GDWA up and comers on the show tonight. Fans, let’s hear from Kallista….

Princess Kallista

The scene is dark, gloomy park. Large, old oak trees shake softly in the wind, the full moon is barely enough to illuminate the pond in the middle of the park. The silhouettes of a few swans can be seen swimming majestically in the pond. The camera zooms closer to the park bench located under one of the trees. The astonishing features of Princess Kallista can be seen sitting on the park bench, her legs crossed, as she speaks in her moody, melodic voice: “Bloody…Mary?” She shakes her head slowly. “I have not heard of you yet, but the mere thought of a person sharing the same name as the hideous poisoning of clear, noble vodka with impure liquids is enough make me shiver. This is barbaric. Ugh! Half of this league…or, shall I say, Zoo, should be put behind bars and given bananas. Every time I have seen wrestlers, or maybe primates is a better word, in the Grand Dragon, they behave like animals, they even look like animals.” She shivers disdainfully. “Do they not have any dignity left, any traces of human intelligence? Kallista slowly stands, she is now almost entirely concealed by the shadows. “Bloody Mary, your name alone is an insult to my ears,” she whispers, only to be swallowed completely by the shadows an instant later. Suddenly, her voice can be heard from the top of one of the trees, her silhouette becomes visible again.

“In skating over thin ice, our safety is in our speed.”

Kallista whispers, she adds: “Ralph Waldo Emerson, Prudence.” Kallista jumps down again, her movements are reminiscent of those of a cat. “The ice in the Grand Dragon is very thin, or so I’ve heard.” The camera draws closer to Kallista’s face. Her voice becomes darker and sinister as she adds: “And very soon we will find out just who of us will crack and drown.”

The scene fades to black and golden, gothic letters appear:

“Princess Kallista. Coming soon to GDWA”

Dunbar: Comments….

Blade: Bloody Mary is meeting this newcomer at the MOST inopportune time. Mary has been on the skids as of late, and this newcomer has been red hot in the ESWP!

Dunbar: I don’t know how tenable it is to say Mary has been on the skids, but that defeat at the hands of Micki Duran has shaken her up, that’s for sure.

Mutt: Speaking of the big lady, she’s got some comments BACK for Ms. Kallista….

Bloody Mary

(Scene is Bloody Mary in a gym working out on weights alone, she quits, toweling off & addresses the camera)

Bloody Mary: Hi all! So what do you think of me & Sierra? Blood & Glory! Whatever we call ourselves it’s still what I call The United Front or bottom line the future of the GDWA! (Looks at the floor, pauses)

Bloody Mary: Lately, I’ve felt my future has stalled in the present. This damned concussion leaving me out of the loop for waaaaay tooo long! The doctors have given me an okay to get back in the ring. But they’d just as soon me stay out for another card or so….. But I just can’t! If I don’t get some competition soon I’ll give myself a concussion banging my head against the wall in frustration. All my friends, Sierra, The Dolls, The Glads, say Mary, wait, conserve your strength for Keiko. Sorry gals, you know me better than that. No way am I going to screw up my match with The Crippler. I know my body better than anyone else & it says get your ass back in the ring & pulverize some flesh & bone!

(Mary’s face brightens with the thought, smiling broadly)

Bloody Mary: So here I am, facing this new Princess Kallisto. I put out a challenge for any of the rookies. People have been asking me why, a rookie? Why not someone who can give you a title shot? Oh, then they think, rookie, easy win for Mary coming back from the injured. No, NO! I never take a rookie lightly. That’s a good way to find yourself on the wrong end of a 1-2-3 count. No, I want to give some new girl a chance to make a name for herself.

I was hoping Savannah Charles would be the one to accept, I’d love to get that little racist in the ring for 5 minutes. One thing I don’t tolerate is intolerance, Hooter Girl! Shouldn’t you be working at Denny’s huh? Nobody trash talks my friends. You’ve just made a big mistake, talking like that about Sierra Browne. What she doesn’t leave of you is mine. Anyway you’re not in the picture right now.

Princess Kallisto is! So what’s your story, Kal? I’m as in the dark about you as anybody. Are you named after the huntress of mythology? Or did you just rip off that name from Xena, Warrior Princess, & manage to misspell it? Or are you like some are saying, Dementia’s crazed I’ve heard both sister or cousin? (Mary shrugging her shoulders, shaking her head in confusion)

I mean, you look the part. Then there’s that reference to once wanting the Cruiserweight Title?? Hmmmmm, you’ve piqued my interest, Kallisto, I mean PRINCESS Kallisto!! I’ve signed the match, now let’s see who you really are, may the better woman win! (Mary resumes her workout)

Dunbar: Mary sounds as if she’s regained her composure in Grand Dragon. But with her injury, I don’t know how healthy it is for her to continue in the ring.

Blade: Yes, perhaps Mary should take some time off. Remember Medusa…

Mutt: There you go comparing her to Medusa Rage again! She’s an individual, and if you like it or not, Kallista is gonna have her lunch handed to her!

Dunbar: Fans, we move on to another newcomer. Let’s hear from Sweet Emotion…

Sweet Emotion

[The camera flashes on a dark empty room. You can barely see a dark chair in the middle of the room. A bright light flashes and we can barely make out a person, straddling the chair. She is dressed entirely in black, with nothing but her mouth showing. She just sits there, staring at the camera, not moving an inch. Suddenly she moves her head slightly and looks sideways at the camera. You are seeing Sweet Emotion. She puts her head down and starts to whisper.]

Sweet Emotion: [whispering] There comes a time in every woman’s life when she must make a stand for herself. There comes a time in every woman’s life when she must show the world who she is. There comes a time in every woman’s life when she must rise above the powers and show the world why she was put on the earth. When I first came to the Grand Dragon Wrestling Association, I was an entirely different woman. Then came my first and last match in the GDWA as that woman. I lost and I injured my leg badly. A little while later my husband left me because of marital stress and the problems of overdue hospital payments.

I had to get something done.

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she must show the world who she really is. I found that there was a person inside me dying to get out and I was afraid of it. I didn’t want to face that person, scared of what it might do to me.

A few weeks ago I faced that woman inside me. I became that woman inside me, and soon after that, my leg healed to its full capacity. I was reborn. I became an entirely different person.

I became Sweet Emotion.

The name may sound odd at first, but once you repeat it a few hundred times, it makes complete sense to you. The emotion in me was the woman trying to get out. The sweet part of me was the woman that you knew before in the GDWA. You knew this woman and she had many fans. She is less than a memory now. I have combined the two together to make myself known as Sweet Emotion.

Sweet Emotion. Say it. Feel how it runs off your tongue so smoothly. Then say it a couple hundred times. Soon you will understand.

There is a woman in the GDWA with a name that is the same as a drink. Bloody Mary. She challenged any rookie to a matchup in the GDWA, hoping to improve on her subpar record. Bloody Mary, I have accepted your challenge. I want to step in the ring with you and let you feel the new person that has taken over me. I want you to feel the wrath of Sweet Emotion. I want you in the ring with me.

There is another woman out there in the GDWA that I shall deal with later. I will not tell you her name, as that will allow you to know who I was. But she is the woman who destroyed the woman I once was. Now I am Sweet Emotion. Sweet Emotion. It may not be tomorrow, or the next week, or the next month, but she will get what she deserves. I know it may sound eerie, but I want to do one more favor for the woman I once was. I want to get revenge on the woman who destroyed her.

There is a man in the GDWA who has put down the name of Sweet Emotion. Sweet Emotion. Say it. Feel how it runs off your tongue so smoothly. Then say it a couple hundred times. Soon you will understand. This man in the GDWA is known as Mr. Furious Styles. A man with his own talk show. A big man. He said he didn’t like me because of my name, and because it sounded too much like a woman by the name of Vixen. Mr. Furious Styles, there isn’t much in a name, as you can tell by your own. I may be Sweet Emotion, but I have gained the sting of a new woman. Of Sweet Emotion. Sweet Emotion.

[She lifts her head and looks at the camera]

Sweet Emotion: [still whispering] The GDWA. I am here. I am here to dominate your competition, and show the world why I am called Sweet Emotion. Sweet Emotion. Say it. Feel how it runs off your tongue so smoothly. Then say it a couple hundred times. Soon….

[A light flashes again and once more the room is empty]

Dunbar: Hey, you don’t think…..

Mutt: Aw! Don’t do that too much Mr. Dunbar. You’ll wind up hurting yourself…now, is the show over? I’m not paid by the hour anymore.

Blade: Ever since you and Styles did the Locker Room, which was morally repugnant, you’ve had this edge to you.

Mutt: You damn Skippy, and I hope to do it again, too!

Dunbar: Fans, that’s all for tonight. We’ll see you this time next week.


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