The World Championship is on the line as Andrea Chandler defends against Medusa Rage.

Scene opens up on a jammed packed Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. There are 33,603 screaming fans in attendance. “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


Bishop: Wrestling fans, Happy belated Valentine’s Day….

Mutt: What the hell?! There’s no love in this place! Hell, we got an intense card tonight. The World Title on the line between Rage and Chandler, we got some tag action between the World Tag Champs the MISFITS and the High Flying Dolls, and we got a Western Heritage Title defense.

Bishop: That’s right fans. ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda defends against rookie newcomer ‘Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura. And in other tag action, the ever popular Browne Girls take on the Suicide Blondes.

Mutt: Whalen! Why’s he trying to beep in?

Bishop: Mike, are you with us?

Whalen: There is FRICTION in the rule breaker locker room! And it isn’t the Age of Rage and the Syndicate. A lot of tension, and it will come manifest in our matches tonight.

Bishop: How about the Age of Rage and the Syndicate?

Whalen: No flair ups…it is almost TOO quiet in the back. People are taping themselves up in silence and there are some cutting glances.

Bishop: Thanks Mike. Fans, as we cut our camera around the arena, we’ve got fans all on their feet in the south wing.

(Shot pans down to Officer Order–dressed in a blue policewoman’s uniform–and her manager Martial Law taking a ringside seat. Fans all cheering as Martial Law and May Order sign autographs.)

Mutt: Tell me I’m dreaming? Double O bought a ticket? Obviously she’s here for that match between Radhi Ananda and Rekka Sakura.

(Fans cheer as MISTER Furious Styles heads down the aisle. He’s wearing a red and black striped zoot suit with a black top hat and sunglasses.)

Bishop: Well, we’ve got a heck of a House of Styles tonight. This will be the general theme tonight.


Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy! IS Seattle in the house!?!?!?!

(Fans cheer as MISTER Furious Styles points to the Dawg Pound.)

Styles: Hold up, hold up! I know what YOU want! You want the Age of Rage, but before I bring them out here, tell me one thing…Just *WHO* is the premier broadcaster in Grand Dragon?!!?!?!?!?!?!??

(Dawg Pound barks as MISTER Furious Styles profiles around the ring.)

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy!!!!

(Fans cheer as MISTER Furious Styles struts around the ring.)

Styles: Now, ladies and gentlemen, it’s been my pleasure from time to time to introduce and interview a good-looking woman on this show. But tonight, I got a little something different planned. Tonight I interview five … FIVE … GORGEOUS WOMEN!!! And they say my job is hard. Hah! All right, you know them, you love them. They’re the newest age in wrestling … Let’s put a big GDWA hand together for Medusa, Sierra, Indigo, Dalbello and Godiva … the Age of the Rage!!!!

[The crowd pops as “Brown Girl” plays and the high-flying Browne Girls descend from the rafters in a shower of gold with the spotlight shining bright on them. Indigo is decked out in a purple cat suit and white cotton pants. Sierra is all dressed in a gold lame mini-dress. Gold glitters from her ring-laden fingers. She tips up her gold-rimmed sunglasses and plants a kiss on Furious Styles.]


[The crowd pop turns to a mixed reaction as “Listen Up” announces the Misfits. Godiva leads the way while Dalbello wanders out casually, giving the fans the bird. The Dawg Pound woofs while everybody else boos. Godiva prances up to Styles and gives him a big kiss too.]


[The crowd turns to a HUGE heel pop as “Symphony 9: From the New World” by Dvorak announces Medusa Rage. She strides out, draped in a huge python. Furious Styles looks apprehensive as she approaches him. She looks drowsy, her eyes heavy-lidded, her dreadlocks twisted into a crown. She wears a long, empire-waisted red crimson dress, generously split up the sides. Behind her comes her brigade of Serpentines. The 10 Black female bodybuilders ring her.]

Styles: (nervously) No kiss?

Medusa: (cold smile) Serpentine will kiss you if you’d like.

Styles: Medusa, you sound a bit drowsy. Your speech is a little slurred. Something wrong?

Medusa: Pain killers, I suppose. Maybe I’ve been spending too much time with Sssserpentine. She ssssays a lot to me.

[Styles glances nervously at the others. He clears his throat.]

Styles: Tonight is a big night for you guys with Founder’s Day just around the corner, isn’t it? I mean. The Misfits versus the High Flying Dolls, the Browne Girl vs those weird Suicide Blondes and you finally get your title shot at Andrea. The Rumble for the Internet title!

[Medusa nods rhythmically.]

Medusa: This is the chance I’ve been waiting for all along. But you know what is more important than winning titles? It’s beating my opponents. Crushing them and swallowing them whole. Just like Serpentine’s rats. Just like my Serpentines. Aren’t they pretty and strong? I will never be vulnerable to attack again. You have Nikita Marx to thank for teaching me that lesson.

Styles: Nikita’s sneak attack really seems to have changed you.

Medusa: I learned that people here don’t want to fight you one-on-one. They want to sneak around and backstab. That’s a bad thing. So I’ve taken steps to make sure that never happens. No snakes will strike me. I promise you that.

[Indigo and Sierra look at Medusa oddly. She seems to be swaying slightly. Dalbello reaches out a hand to steady her.]

Godiva: It’s one ruddy thing after another round ‘ere, innit? People are always tryin’ ta take us down just because we get a li’tle too extreme for people’s tastes. ‘ey, if ya didn’t love us, why’d you ruddy well sign us then, ducks?

Dalbello: I’ll tell you why. It’s simple. This fed wants to make money. The Misfits make people money. It’s that simple. Denmark Vessey, believe you me, you think you can just suspend me and then we’ll laugh it off and all be friends? Hell, no! I’ve got some problems with that. And those problems aren’t going away. Trust me, Vessey, you’ll pay for this one way or another.

Medusa: Everybody pays. Dementia paid. Nikita paid. They lack courage. Trueness. Hardness. They aren’t warriors. Not like me.

Styles: You know you’re risking permanent injury with this schedule, right?

Medusa: Injury? You know that early in my career I had my neck collapsed because a wrestler named Dragon Lady DDTed me to the concrete. This is my time back. This is my time. Injuries don’t frighten me. Andrea Chandler doesn’t frighten me. No she doesn’t. Serpentine doesn’t show fear. Neither do I. But Andrea will be very afraid.

Styles: I don’t know if you have the popular support of the crowd any more, ‘dusa. Listen to this arena. They’re dead silent. I think they’re intimidated.

Medusa: And?

Styles: They used to love you.

[Medusa shrugs. Sierra takes the mic.]

Sierra: But they love the Browne Girls still, right?

[The crowd pops for her.]

Sierra: (smiling) See, that’s what our organization is all about. We all do what we have to and how we have to. That’s the beauty of it. We don’t need to hide our ways.

Indigo: When Medusa first put us all together it became patently obvious that the Misfits ways were not ours, but we had one common goal, the promotion of ourselves and our traditions. That’s terrific. That’s the best thing that could ever have happened to us. See, we learned from the Misfits and they learned from us. And we all learned from Medusa. Now we’re all the best there is at what we do.

Styles: Wouldn’t you like those belts around the Misfits waists, though?

Sierra: Hell, yes! But we’re family!

[Fans cheer]

Dalbello: And there ain’t a damn way they can take ’em from us! Browne Girls vs. Misfits, that’s a wash-out.

Indigo: I don’t know. I think we’d leave you gasping for dust.

Godiva: Dust? Girls, you wouldna last five minutes in the ring with us. We’d bloody well clean your clock!

Sierra: And polish our silverware, because we’d show you two up for the scullery maids that you are!

[The two teams square off, both eyeing each other. Dalbello shoves Indigo and Sierra tries to push Godiva. They start jawing and cussing each other out. The fans start to chant.]

Styles: Wow, looks like I hit a nerve. Is everything all right in Medusa’s camp?

Medusa: The children can look after themselves. I’m going to lie down for a minute. I need my strength. Andrea, protect your neck. Your championship days are done. This is the year of the Serpent now. Hugs and hisses.

[Medusa’s bodyguards lift her onto their shoulders and carry her away. The Misfits and the Browne Girls exit the ring, still pushing and shoving.]

Bishop: Hey, what’s going on?

(Fans pop and bark as the video monitor lights up and Andrea Chandler is seen. She’s clad in her revealing body builder’s posing biking, trimmed in rhinestones. She looks smug, with her Ray Ban sunglasses on, and the World title about her shoulder.)

Andrea: Medusa! Beneath this glamorous, exotic, erotic exterior lurks a methodical, calculating, obsessive-compulsive perfectionist psychopath who despises losing with religious intensity….Payback ain’t just a bitch–it’s a RICH BITCH!!!

(Dawg Pound barks as MISTER Furious Styles stands puzzled in the middle of the ring.)

Styles: What the hell is this? I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m telling you right now that some kind of trouble is brewing…and what’s all going on within the Prophets of Rage?! Bishop, Sam, back to you guys.

(Fans cheer as Spud McKenzie runs down the aisle and enters the ring.)

Bishop: Fans, this might get ugly tonight. We have the Browne Girls taking on the Suicide Blondes to start things off. Wow!

Mutt: That don’t even say the half of it. I think this might become the most memorable Saturday Nite Special thus far.

Bishop: In tag action I’m joined tonight by color man ‘Congo’ Paul Roberts and new GDWA commentator Tara “The Terminator” Collins. Spud, take it away…

(Fans cheer as Spud stands in the center of the ring.)

Spud: Wrestling fans, can you believe we are just 2 weeks away from our season spectacular %%%FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION%%%….THE *BIGGEST* PAY PER VIEW OF THE YEAR!!!

(Fans bark as Spud McKenzie walks around the ring!)

Spud: And tonight, we crown a NEW Internet Heavyweight Champion. All fans of the Grand Dragon……ARE YOU READY!!!!!!

(Fans scream: YES!)

Spud: I said, ARE YOU READY?!?!?!?!?!

(Fans cheer louder and scream: YES!!!)

Spud: THEN…..Let’s Get Rrrrrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrrrrrumble!!!!

(Crowd EXPLODES as fireworks go off around the ring)


Spud: Our first contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit! First entering the ring…

Allan: This next match will bring two rough teams together. The Suicide Blondes have just come off a big win against the High Flying Dolls and they want to keep winning and winning big against the Browne Girls. The Browne Girls must keep winning to show the world the power of the “Age of Rage”.

They represent the Misfits right now and are one great team in their own right….With me tonight is the great Tara “The Terminator” Collins, who wrestles in another fed and may move over to us. Welcome to the announcers’ world.

 Tara: Thanks Allan. I’ve watched these two teams and the Blondes will take it tonight. They play rough and don’t let up, where the Brownes just get too fancy with that kicking and crap! Just wrestle and forget the flying stuff. And as for the Rage girls, I’ve wrestled Medusa and she’s one big handful. These Brownes may have the Rage on their side, but they ain’t no Rage!

 Allan: Well, I’m sure the fans will disagree with you. They have a big following here in the GDWA. Let’s go to Spud with the intros.

 (“Brown Girl in the Ring” EXPLODES over the PA, and the crowd pops HUGE!!)

Spud: …accompanied by their manager, Medusa Rage, from Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, at a combined weight of 281 lbs., here are Indigo and Sierra, the ever-exciting Browne Girls.

(The girls walk down the aisle high-fiving the fans who love them. As they enter the ring, they remove their black and gold sparkled jackets to reveal maroon and gold high-cut leotards with matching boots. “Age of Rage” is written across the front. Their long black hair is in dreads and they gracefully move about the ring, stretching and loosening. They look as though they should be on the cover of Elle.)

Spud: And now entering the arena…

(“Where Eagles Dare” plays, and the fans BOO!),

Spud: from Brentwood, CA, at a combined weight of 271, fresh from their big win last week, here are Baby Jane Ross and Taylor Monroe, the ever-menacing Suicide Blondes.

(The two strut down the aisle glaring at the Brownes who ignore them. They enter the ring and immediately begin threatening the Brownes. The Blondes throw off their black leather jackets to reveal their vinyl bodysuits. The fans whistle and catcall at them, but the Blondes keep struttin’ their stuff.)

Spud: The referee is our own Putzi Guggenheim, former German Champion.

Tara: Now you see the difference real wrestlers and acrobats. Look at the Blondes. They look like wrestlers: solid, compact, and ready for anything. The Brownes look like they’re at a photo shoot.

This should be a, holy cow! The Blondes just attacked the Brownes with great kicks and chops. They both kicked the knees and thighs of the Girls, trying to take away their legs and ground them. This is great!

 Alan: Putzi’s having a devil of a time trying to keep order. The Blondes are just savagely kicking the Girls, stomping their legs. He calls for the bell, but the damage is done. This is just like last week.

Tara: Don’t cry Allan. I’m sure your Brownes will try to do something.

 Allan: Yes they will, and here they come! Sierra starts off and quickly hammers Jane with a forearm smash as they lean into the ropes. Putzi warns her, but Sierra follows with another and a hair toss across the ring. Jane quickly stands, but Sierra with a perfect flying dropkick sends the Blond into the ropes and down.

Jane looks dazed and tries to get to Taylor, but Sierra has her penned in. They lock up and Sierra pushes her into their corner. WOW! What an elbow drop to Jane’s noggin by Indigo as Sierra held her in. The ref breaks it, but Jane looks hurt and not sure of where she is. There’s a tag and Indigo climbs high as Jane moves toward her corner. Holy Cow! Indigo just flew off the top rope and decked Baby Jane with as perfect a flying dropkick as you’ll ever see. Jane is sprawled out and

Indigo kneedrops her thighs, then applies a step-over-toe hold. She’s pushing down hard on the left leg. Now she’s taking it into a spinning toehold and Baby Jane’s screaming. A few good kicks to the thighs and she settles back into the step-over-toehold.

 Tara: Hang on Allan, here comes the cavalry! Taylor runs in and kicks Indigo off Jane, then drags her back to their corner for the tag. Taylor’s in now and quickly goes to work on Indigo’s legs. An Indian leglock and now Indigo’s in some pain.

 Allan: Yes, but not for long. Sierra runs in, but here’s Jane. Sierra rolls and takes out Jane’s legs, then drops on her with an elbow across the chest. Sierra now grabs Taylor’s hair and yanks her off Indigo. I guess a tag was made as Sierra stays in and locks up with Taylor. She has Taylor in the ropes and drives a knee into her belly.

A second and Taylor is sagging. A big double axhandle to the neck and Taylor Monroe is down.

Spud: Five Minutes elapsed, 10 minutes remaining.

 Allan: Sierra pulls up Taylor by her hair and throws her across the ring. She takes her down with an Indian leglock, moving into a double reverse leglock and chinhold. That was fast and now painful for poor Taylor. Look at her suffer. Sierra has that double hold tight, but Baby Jane comes in and pulls her off, then stomps on her back and kicks her legs.

Taylor looking dazed isn’t moving too good, but Jane has Sierra hurt with those kicks. Indigo is in now and attacks with a flying dropkick, but Jane ducked and grabbed both legs as Indigo fell. She has them up and is kicking the thighs, trying to deaden them. The ref tries to break it, but Jane keeps going at both Brownes.

She hammers Sierra with a series of lefts and rights dropping her into the ropes. Taylor has Indigo up for a big bodyslam and rams her back into the turnbuckle. She has Indigo tied up with her legs twisted around the ringpost cable. Both Blondes are kicking away at Indigo’s legs and the ref is having a hard time stopping this mayhem.

Tara: Now this is real wrestling. GO BLONDES!

Allan: Show some objectivity! This is getting bad. The Blondes ruin every match they’re in. They have Indigo upside down in the corner and still the ref can’t do anything about it. She’s taken a lot of punishment, those legs have really been beaten. Sierra comes in to break it, but Jane grabs her hair and rams her face into Indigo’s left knee, then spins hard around for a reverse neckbreaker.

 Tara: Yeah, that put her away for a while. These Blondes can wrestle and know some great holds and moves. Jane has Sierra up in an airplane spin and dumps her on her sister. Great move!

Allan: I suppose you’d like to see gunfire in these matches, too. The ref finally gets them separated and Taylor and Indigo lock up. They’re really tired and beat up, but they’re still at it. Indigo slowly backs up toward Sierra and Taylor pushes her into the ropes near her. Big Mistake!

Sierra reaches in and grabs Taylor’s hair pulling her into the corner. Several forearm smashes to her throat and chest and Sierra wraps an arm around her throat. Indigo knees her thighs and picks up both legs while Taylor’s arms are wrapped around the top rope and held by Sierra. Indigo drops an elbow into the side of Taylor’s left knee and Taylor’s screaming in pain.

She’s trying to grab the knee, but Indigo has it up again and another elbow into it. Taylor collapses in the corner with both Girls kicking and stomping on her legs and chest. Sierra comes in and twists Taylor’s legs, flipping her onto her belly. She has the left leg and stomps on the inside of the knee. Sierra keeps her foot inside the knee and stomps hard. That leg will be useless soon.

 Tara: Jane is in and grabs Indigo’s hair, pulling her into a side headlock. A few little jabs should quiet her. The ref is busy with Sierra and Taylor and doesn’t see Jane beating Indigo’s face like a drum. Some great moves by the Blondes. A real credit to wrestling.

 Allan: Putzi finally gets the ring clear and has Taylor and Indigo continue. But two quick tags and Jane faces Sierra. Sierra is limping badly and Jane moves for the kill. Great Move! Sierra suckered Jane in and quickly grabbed her hair, tossing her to Indigo who hammered her with a series of punches to her head and throat. Jane is down and the two Girls are double-teaming her again. Indigo is kicking her back while Sierra drives a knee into her throat. Before Taylor can run in the ref breaks it. Jane gets to Taylor and tags her. Hey, look who’s here! It’s Dalbello and Godiva Rage at ringside.

 Tara: Oh God, what do they want? What a tiresome bunch of losers. The GDWA Chumpions!

 Allan: Taylor’s pointing to them and telling the ref they’re here to interfere. She wants them out of here. Sierra is talking with them and it looks like, hey, what the! The Blondes grabbed Sierra and double kneelifted her, then threw her through the ropes while the ref talked with the Rage sisters. Uh-oh!

They just grabbed Indigo and rammed her head into the turnbuckle, then Jane tossed her to Taylor who lifts her high in a bearhug.

 Tara: It’s the Suicide Drop! This is great!

Allan: Taylor has Indigo up high and Godiva Rage enters the ring and clips Taylor. Monroe went down like a ton of bricks!

And the ref didn’t see it! Dalbello Rage was on the apron distracting the putz, er, the ref.

Tara: Dalbello still doing it, and Godiva putting Indigo o Monroe for the Pin



Allan: Kickout! About time that ref got in there!

Tara: Sierra has climbed back in the ring, and it’s mayhem here! ALL four women going at it!! Now this is action, Grand Dragon Style!!!

Allan: The Rages have seen enough, and they enter the fray!

Tara: This is great. Uh oh, the ref calling for the bell. Obviously, deciding to end this mayhem.



(Mix of boos and cheers from fans as “Where Eagles Dare” play)

Allan: Well, I guess the Blondes are on their way up the standings. They look very tough and ready for anyone. But you know they will face the Misfits and that may be their downfall. My word, the Misfits and the Browne Girls are absolutely terrorizing the Blondes.

Tara: Baby Jane Ross, managing to get out of the ring. She runs around to the side and bails out her partner as the Age of Rage congratulate each other in the ring.

 Allan: The Blondes, undefeated after two matches, but I think Taylor Monroe may have injured her knee. No doubt that these teams will want a rematch.

Mutt: Let’s move on to Single competition! I’ve got to get in a word in now and then.

Bishop: Fans, before we go to Spud McKenzie, let’s hear from the challenger, ‘the Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura….


[Open camera on the training facilities of Rekka Sakura. Currently the “Burning Cherry Blossom” is wrestling with a bandaged arm as a result of her previous work out. Watching Rekka’s training very carefully is Yukio Otanashi, her trainer and friend.]

Yukio: [watching Rekka spar with Lily] Rekka, does the name Keiko Mita ring a bell?

Rekka Sakura: [rebounding off the ropes] You mean “the Kyoto Crippler”? Sure I’ve heard of her, why?

Yukio: Well she signed on the dotted line, you’ve got your match for Founder’s day!!

Rekka Sakura: [gets lily in a standing chinlock and hits a jawbreaker] HOT DAMN!! [Rolls out of the ring] Now things are picking up, eh Yukio-san?

Yukio: [smacks Rekka upside the head] REKKA NO BAKA!! DON’T GET COCKY!!

Rekka Sakura: [bows apologetically] Hai!!

Yukio: [seriously] remember the lesson from before? Don’t think just because Radhi Ananda challenged you that you have a reason to overlook Mita!!



Rekka Sakura: [in a fit of rage she hops in the ring, Lily approaches her but is not ready for what happens next] KIAII!!! [Rekka hits lily with a double knuckle strike and follows with an elbow uppercut. lily doubles over in pain, Rekka follows with a BRUTAL ax kick that falls on Lily’s exposed neck. Lily crumples to mat unconscious] DO YOU DOUBT MY SKILL YUKIO? RADHI ANANDA WILL SUFFER THE SAME FATE AND WORSE!! THE FIRE BURNS NOT ONLY IN MY SOUL BUT IN MY FISTS AS WELL!! GET READY RADHI BECAUSE I’M GOING TO BURN YOU TO A CINDER!! WILDFIRE!!!!

[Yukio looks on smiling and nods her approval to Rekka’s new found brutality, fade out]


Spud: Our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit! It is for the GDWA WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPIONSHIP!

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Cruel Angel’s Thesis’ by Ryokoo Takahashi.)

Spud: First, making her debut tonight, the challenger hailing from Tokyo, Japan! She stands 5 feet 6 inches, 125 pounds, here is…’The Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura!

(The black haired Japanese woman heads down the aisle wearing a red singlet decorated with yellow and red painted cherry blossoms. the singlet is also embroidered with a fire/flame motif. Her warm-up jacket is black with a burning cherry blossom on the back that has “Sakura Senshi!!” written across it.)

Bishop: Much like Bloody Mary, she’s making her debut in a title match against Radhi Ananda.

Mutt: I hope Sakura learns from Mary’s mistake. We’ll see if she takes advantage of this opportunity.

Bishop: Sakura warming up in the ring, tugging against the ropes. Let’s go to Spud for the champ’s introductions….

(Fans go from cheering to barking as they hear “Paint it Black” through the pa!)

Spud: And her opponent!

(Radhi Ananda comes through the curtain, then looks over to Officer Order, pointing at her and slapping the Western Heritage title around her waist.)

Spud: …Hailing from Bombay, India. She is 5 feet 5, 135 pounds. Here is the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION….’Jungle’ Radhi Ananda!

(Fans cheer as the barefoot, wild haired Indian woman heads down the aisle wearing loose tiger print garments. The WESTERN HERITAGE TITLE shines from around her shoulder.)

Bishop: Jungle obviously rattled from the ringside presence of Officer Ord…..


(FANS cheer as Rekka Sakura storms from the ring and attacks Radhi Ananda)

Bishop: Jungle was distracted by Double O’s presence. Sakura nailing away with punches to the head, now grabbing Jungle by the back of her hair and rolling her into the ring.

Mutt: Jungle up to her feet, and running for the far ropes. Rekka Sakura very smart to take the offensive initiative, but I think Jungle is pissed off!


Bishop: There’s the bell as Jungle comes bounding off the ropes, and Sakura ducking the Clothesline, but getting run over by Jungle’s body. Jungle stumbling forward, and bracing herself on the ropes…

Mutt: …but Sakura to her feet and Jungle bounding off with a Clothesline!

(Fans cheer as Radhi Ananda stomps away on Rekka Sakura.)

Bishop: Sakura with a Droptoe hold and twirling around to her feet. Jungle up and Sakura with a THRUST KICK TO THE JAW!

Mutt: Man, Sakura with a pickup slapping on a front face lock and executing a Fisherman’s Buster! And the fans are just shocked. Jungle wrestling injured, and we could get a new champ tonight.

Bishop: Sakura not relenting, with a pickup and another frontface lock! Sakura clamping on tight, and a Snap Suplex!!! Jungle bounding up to her feet, and Sakura with a Thrust kick…

(Fans gasp and cheer as Radhi Ananda catches Sakura’s foot.)

Mutt: Jungle has her! Jungle swinging her around and connecting with an Atomic Drop. Jungle backing into the ropes as Sakura clutches her tail bone, and Jungle NAILING a Bulldog!!!

(Fans bark as Radhi Ananda stomps away on Rekka Sakura.)

Bishop: Jungle with a quick pick up and A S*N*A*P Dropkick to the head!

(Fans all jumping out of their seats as Radhi Ananda heads for the ropes.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Mutt: Jungle picked up Sakura to a standing position, and jumped straight up for a Standing Dropping. You could almost hear the snap in her knees as Jungle exploded into Sakura with that maneuver.

Bishop: Jungle is up high! Sakura getting to her feet now turning around….and Jungle HITS the Flying Clothesline off the top turnbuckle!

(Fans all cheer as Jungle points out to Officer Order.)

Bishop: Jungle with a pickup and throwing Sakura to the outside! Jungle running toward the NEAR ropes and going for a SUICIDE DIVE!!!!!

Mutt: And here we go. Jungle with a pickup, and ramming Sakura’s head into the guard rail. Sakura bouncing around in a daze, and Jungle with a vicious Swinging Double Axe Handle to the head!

Ref: …………….3………………..4……………….

Bishop: Jungle with hard knees into the midsection, and Sakura doubled over, and ‘JUNGLE’ RADHI ANANDA SLAPPING ON A FULL NELSON…

Mutt: _ _ _D R A G O N_ _ _S U P L E X_ _ _ RIGHT ON THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!

(Dawg Pound barking: Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!)

Bishop: Jungle grabbing the time keeper’s table, and scooting it across the floor…oh no! Jungle tossing Rekka Sakura onto the table and sliding into the ring!

(Fans all on their feet cheering, including Officer Order, as Radhi Ananda climbs the turnbuckles.)

Mutt: Oh SH*T!

Bishop: The ref sliding out of the ring trying to save this kid….


(Dawg Pound erupts as the table splits in two, and the ref calls for the bell.)


Bishop: Jungle has been fined by the referee, and Jungle snatching the belt out of his hands.

Mutt: The Western Heritage Championship is HER kingdom. Rekka Sakura insulted the Indian, and now it is payback time!

Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 8 minutes 23 seconds! The referee has called this match. Your winner via referee’s ruling, and *STILL* Western Heritage Champion….’Jungle’ Radhi Ananda!

(Fans all cheering, and Officer Order is standing in front of her seat.)

Mutt: Rekka Sakura didn’t compensate for Radhi Ananda’s fury. Jungle raising the belt above her head, and the Dawg Pound looking on, barking their heads off.

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Paint it Black’ by the Rolling Stones and ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda leaves ringside.)

Bishop: Rekka Sakura not SERIOUSLY hurt, but she’s getting stretchered out of here. This youngster has some serious talent.

Mutt: The question now is whether she’ll be ready for the Internet Royal Rumble.

Bishop: Fans, we have another House of Styles. Let’s go to MISTER Furious Styles.


<MISTER Furious Styles climbs through the ropes, and shakes his head as Rekka Sakura is carried off.>

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, baby, another jobber bites the dust. Now, moving on to something important. Let me present a tag team that has taken the ranks by storm. These gals are from my home state of California…and they are a major threat to the WORLD TAG BELTS! Strike, look out kids. Fans, show some love to the Suicide Blondes!!!!!!

(“Where Eagles Dare” by the Misfits blasts over the arena PA system and the crowd begins to boo.)

Bishop: These eccentric ‘blondes’ from Bremerton California I’m sure will have a lot to say.

Mutt: Hey, they are STILL undefeated. They ain’t all bad. As long as they make those W’s in the win column, they get my vote.

(The Suicide Blondes walk down the aisle dressed identically in short black oiled leather jackets and big black sunglasses. They enter the ring and both kiss MISTER Furious Styles on the cheek)

Styles: Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadies! Yeah, real nice to have you on the show!

Baby Jane Ross: Thank you, MISTER Styles, for allowing us the opportunity here tonight to help mend a few broken hearts.

Styles: Broken hearts? Lady, you just wrestled the Browne girls a few short minutes ago…

Baby Jane Ross: Already yesterday’s news, dear.

Taylor Monroe: We’ve got something a tad more important on our minds right now then a couple of silly island broads. Like my associate just said, Fury baby, we’ve got some minds to put at ease. We do our best to help.

Styles: I bet you do.

Baby Jane Ross: Now, tonight, we’ve brought a long an extra. Believe me, our guest tonight was no easy find…

Styles: YOUR GUEST?! This is STILL the House of STYLES, girl!!

Taylor Monroe: (pinching Style’s cheek) And it will remain your house, baby.

Baby Jane Ross: As I was saying! Tonight’s guest has literally travelled around the world one heart at a time. His “sexploits” would make Penthouse Forum read like Popular Science. Ladies and gentlemen, please give it up for the hardest working man in ANY business! POPPY RAGE!!

Styles: YOU DON’T MEAN…!?!?

(“The Wanderer” by Dion and the Belmonts moseys through the speakers as an ancient, short, scrawny balding Black man bumbles through the curtain. He wears a very outdated suit too big for his frame and large glasses. His overall appearance is very comical, the crowd trying hard not to laugh as he stumbles absent-mindedly towards the ring. Taylor Monroe helps him up the stairs and into the ring)

Styles: Awww HELL NO!! You mean to tell me that THIS is the father of Medusa Rage and the Misfits? THIS!?

Taylor Monroe: Yessir, Big Poppy Rage. Isn’t he so darling? And quite the worker as well. You’ve been keeping yourself busy this last millennium; fathering quite a few children…

(Styles puts the mic in “Poppy”‘s face as Poppy looks a bit apprehensive before speaking)

Poppy Rage: (with gusto) Yes ma’am!!

Styles: Nah, I’m not buying this. This guy looks more like Redd Foxx than Wilt Chamberlain! (Sniffs a bit) A DRUNK Redd Foxx…

Poppy Rage: (mumbling) I ain’t drunk…

Baby Jane Ross: So, tell me sir. Are you proud of the way that your girls have all grown up? Two of your girls are TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS here…

Poppy Rage: Which ones is that? Athena? Venus? Durga?

Baby Jane Ross: No no, dear. DAL-BELL-OH and GOD-DIVE-AH. THEE MISS-FITS.

Poppy Rage: Misfits!?

(Poppy crinkles his face in sort of shocked, repulsed fashion; much like old folks do when the don’t understand…)

Poppy Rage: What is this girl talking about?

Taylor Monroe: Ummm, your daughters…?

Poppy Rage: My daughters? Hey, have any of y’all seen Medusa lately? It seems like just yesterday I was runnin’ out on her mother…

Baby Jane Ross: Y’know what Fury? With all the muscle those Rage girls pack it really does surprise me that they didn’t have a strong father figure.

Taylor Monroe: Over-compensation, I believe the term is. Of course, I’m no shrink.

Styles: So, uhhh, Poppy. You, uhhh, you gonna stick around and watch your daughters wrestle tonight?

(Poppy gets a sparkle in his eye)

Poppy Rage: Wrasslin’? I used ta have a lady-friend that was a mud-wrassler. Big beast of a woman with the purdiest blonde hair an’ thickest British accent you ever hear! (Whispers) But…we keep that one on the down-low, okay?

Baby Jane Ross: OOOooooh, ALL-riiiiight…

Poppy Rage: It’s not that I’m embarrassed that I got familiar with an ugly lady…

Taylor Monroe: Slow down, gramps! We don’t need details, hon.

(Poppy coughs up a grimy laugh)

Styles: You all pretty much finished?

Baby Jane Ross: Yes dear, just one last thing. Dalbello, Godiva, Medusa; your daddy here has travelled a long, long way to see his girls. Please do the man the courtesy of seeing him. It’s all he asks for…

Taylor Monroe: (mockingly wiping her eyes) Girlfriend, you’ve moved me to tears.

(The Suicide Blondes break out in laughter and escort Poppy Rage back down the aisle as “Where Eagles Dare” plays again…)

Styles: Fellas, if I get another kiss tonight, I’ll be spending the night with SOMEBODY (smiles). Back to the dynamic duo!

Bishop: Fans, we have the INTERNET TITLE Royal Rumble coming up next. Sam, any thoughts?

Mutt: Height, weight and placement will be CRUCIAL! Medusa, Bloody Mary, Staci X…even ‘Brilliant’ Tiffany Chandler will have the advantage.

Bishop: Injuries plague the major favorites in this one. Bloody Mary still recovering from that steel cage match against ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda. Medusa Rage has been involved in back to back brawls and this is her third week straight of competition. This will be quite interesting how everything pans out.

Mutt: Let’s go to Spud, and get this over and done with!


Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for NO TIME LIMIT, and is a special Royal Rumble for the Internet Heavyweight title!

(Big Crowd pop!)

Spud: The combatants were selected on a first come, first drawn basis. Promptness in reply to the GDWA championship committee rewarded one with the immediately superior slot.

(Fans still cheering as Spud McKenzie cracks the seal to an envelope and prepares.)

Spud: A new wrestler will enter every two minutes until all ten have been drawn. The only way to eliminate an opponent is to toss them over the top rope! Here are our first two contestants!

(Fans boo as “Midnight Rider” by Allman Bros. blares through the speakers.)

Spud: Coming down the aisle first, from Davenport, Iowa. 5 feet 9 inches, 162 pounds, here is Bloody Mary!!!

(Fans boo as Bloody Mary heads down to ringside obviously upset.)

Mutt: You talk about bad luck! Mary drew the number one slot!

Bishop: Perhaps her mind was on the WH title instead. She should have been more prompt with her response to Pres. Vessey.

Spud: And her opponent…

(Mixed response as fans hear the thunder of Japanese Drums.)

Spud: From Kyoto, Japan. She is 5 feet 4 inches, 115 pounds, here is ‘the Kyoto Crippler’….Keiko Mita!

(Keiko Mita heads down the aisle wearing a one piece cut off spandex, with red on top and black on bottom, and her black hair in a short cut.)

Bishop: The big woman Bloody Mary up against the Kyoto Crippler! Oh boy, this is gonna get ugly. Keiko Mita entering the ring, and Bloody Mary pounding on her!

Mutt: Oh yeah, this is gonna be great.


Bishop: Bloody Mary pounding away on the new comer as she climbed through the ropes. Mita down on one knee, and Bloody Mary pounding away with fists. Mary with a pickup, and shoving her into the corner. Bloody Mary with those Iowa Heaven punches, and Mita is stunned!

Mutt: Mita’s first appearance in Grand Dragon is being soured. Mary nailing away, we all know these two go way back. Mary with a handful of hair, and running Mita’s head along the top ring ropes!

Bishop: Mita’s eyes are burning. Mita is hurt, as she stumbles away from Mary. Mary with a boot to the midsection, and….a Short Arm Clothesline!!!

(Fans groan as Keiko Mita falls to the mat!)

Mutt: Mary with a pickup, and we all know what this Bearhug is for. Bloody Mary conserving energy, and wearing down the Japanese superstar simultaneously. I thought this woman was the CRIPPLER. (Laughs!)

(Fans cheering as Keiko Mita begins nailing Mary with rapid Headbutts.)

Bishop: Mary loosening up on that Bearhug, and Mita has gotten a loose…hold on! Mita with a Double Hammerlock for a DOUBLE HAMMERLOCK SUPLEX!!!!

(Big pop as both women are down on the mat.)

Mutt: Ingenious for a rookie! Daisy Butterfly would be proud. Mary clutching her back as Mita slowly gets to her feet. Mary up now, and Mita with karate chops to the chest!

Bishop: Mary backing into the corner, and Mita with Karate Kicks to the head. She’s trying to bust her open! Mary has stitches from a few weeks ago, and now Mary is slumped in the corner. She should have stuck with the power attack.

Spud: 30 seconds!

Mutt: 30 seconds till the next entrant. Mita with a double back step and lunges forward with a Spinning Back Fist!

(Fans cheering as Bloody Mary’s face is marked with cuts!)

Bishop: Mita Irish Whipping Mary to the far ropes as Mita picks up a head of steam. Mary bouncing off and Mita with ANOTHER Spinning Back Fist.

Mutt: Oh no!!!!! Blood Mary is busted open!

(Fans cheering as Mita stomps away at the fallen Bloody Mary’s face.)

Mutt: Mita the Martial Artist adept at concentrated strikes. Mary is bloodied! Mita with a pickup, and Mita nailing away on her with Thai Knee Strikes upon the head of the Doubled over Bloody Mary!!!!

(Crowd chanting: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!)

Bishop: There’s the horn!

(Crowd cheering as ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’ by Def Leopard blares through speakers.)

Bishop: Here comes ‘the Supermodel’! Eleanor Royal running down the aisle and slides through the ropes. She’s real careful, as Bloody Mary backs away from Mita.

Mutt: Hold on! Royal sprinting across the ring as Mita encroaches upon Mary…AND NAILS HER WITH A RUNNING DROP KICK!

(Fans popping hard as Keiko Mita falls flat on her face!)

Bishop: Mita caught completely off guard. Bloody Mary up on her feet as Royal encroaches. Royal pounding away with punches…oh my!

(Dawg Pound barking: Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!)

Mutt: Bloody Mary retaliating with Iowa Heaven Punches. Bloody Mary fighting against doctor’s orders in this Rookie Rumble. And look, Royal getting out jabbed by Mary. Mary now, slapping her hand around Royal’s throat!

(Fans pop big time as Bloody Mary looks out to the arena and calls to them!)


(Dawg Pound barking: Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! )

Spud: 30 seconds!

Mutt: From behind now, Mita measuring Blood Mary and nailing away with Muy Thai Leg Kicks! Mary falling to one knee, and Mita striking her bloodied head now with Karate chops!

Bishop: Bloody Mary fighting back with body blows! The great power of Bloody Mary combating the effective strikes of Keiko Mita…Hold on, Royal back up!

(Crowd chanting: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!)

Bishop: There’s the horn!

(Mixed cheers as fans hear ‘Poison’ by Alice Cooper.)

Mutt: Here comes Crimson.

(Crimson enters the ring wearing a red two piece spandex and long brown hair in braids.)

Bishop: In the ring, it is two on one! Mary fighting for all that she is worth, as Royal and Mita hammer away at Mary. Mary looks down, and Crimson entering the fray now.

Mutt: The tough Canadian just watching as she waits in the near corner. Mary backing off, and the two rookies Irish whipping her to the far ropes. Mary bouncing off and NAILS THEM WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!

(Fans BOOING!)

Bishop: Mary down on the mat, and really trying to stay in this one. She’s up on her knees, looking over at Keiko Mita. Mary to her feet…and Crimson comes running out of the corner with a Bulldog!

(Fans all cheering as Bloody Mary hits the mat.)

Mutt: They are all focusing on the big woman. They know she is injured! These rookies ain’t as dumb as most people think.

Bishop: Mita up, and pounding away on Mary. Crimson backing off as Mita heads Mary into the near corner. She stands Mary up, and nails a Karate chop! Mary spiraling away, and Mita driving Mary into the ropes. She’s trying to get some leverage, but Mary too heavy!

Mutt: Crimson is a sneaky sucker. She’s waiting for the right moment, and…

Bishop: …and Eleanor Royal with a Running Clothesline! Crimson is down, and now Royal pointing over to Mary and Mita. Mita has Mary elevated, and using all of her strength to toss her out. Mary holding on to the ropes.

Spud: 30 seconds

Mutt: Eleanor Royal sprinting across the ring, and driving into Mary and Mita as they fly over the top rope!

Bishop: Keiko Mita has been eliminated, but Bloody Mary holding on to the second rope. Keiko Mita on the floor, so damn frustrated. She’s the first to be eliminated.

(Crowd chanting: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!)

Bishop: There’s the horn!

(Crowd cheers as ‘Cruel Angel’s Thesis by Ryokoo Takahashi’ comes through the pa.)

Mutt: Rekka Sakura slowly heading down the aisle. She’s a little worse for wear from that match with Radhi Ananda.

(‘Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura heads down the aisle wearing a red singlet decorated with yellow and red painted cherry blossoms. The singlet is also embroidered with a fire/flame motif.)

Bishop: In the ring, Eleanor Royal and Crimson going at it. Mary leaning up against the ropes, getting her breath back. Crimson and Royal pounding away. They’re in the corner now, and a Collar and Elbow Tie up!

Mutt: Crimson and Royal pretty much equal in height and weight. They’re both about 6 feet tall and 135 pounds. Crimson locking the arm and Hip tossing Royal out of the corner.

(Fans all cheering as Rekka Sakura enters the ring and fires away on Bloody Mary!)

Mutt: Royal back up to her feet after that Hiptoss and nails Crimson with a Dropkick! Crimson back up and ANTHER Dropkick! Crimson up a third time and for a third time Eleanor Royal nails her with a Dropkick!!

(Fans cheering as Crimson bounces off the mat.)

Bishop: Meanwhile, Rekka Sakura Irish Whipping Bloody Mary off the ropes…no reversal! Mary in the middle of the ring as Sakura comes off the ropes and catches her for a Powerslam! Mary now with a pickup and a Backbreaker!

(Hardcores pop hard as Bloody Mary heads over to the near corner!)

Bishop: Mary has taken the padding off the turnbuckle. Mary with a Double Leg pick up….AND Catapults Sakura into the corner…

(Hardcores pop big time, but all fans cheer as Rekka Sakura catches herself and backflips off the ropes!)

Mutt: Moonsault!

(Fans cheering!)

Bishop: Meanwhile, Royal has Crimson down on the mat. Royal with another pick up, and an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Crimson bouncing off and Royal with a Leg Lariat! She’s on fire!

Mutt: Sakura pointing over at Bloody Mary. Mary up to her feet as Royal sneaks up on her. Oh no! Royal snatching Mary backwards by her hair, slapping Mary underneath her armpit…


(Fans CHEER as Bloody Mary rolls around on the mat holding her neck!)

Spud: 30 seconds!

Bishop: Crimson and Bloody Mary being overwhelmed by these fan favorites. Crimson up to her feet, and Rekka Sakura with a boot to the midsection, and Crimson stumbling backwards…hold on! Sakura with a Front Face lock and a Snap Suplex!

(Crowd chanting: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!)

Bishop: There’s the horn!

(Crowd boos as they hear ‘Another Night’ by Real McCoy.)

Bishop: Tiffany Chandler of the Syndicate heading down the aisle. She’s got to contend with a HOT Eleanor Royal in that ring.

Mutt: Rekka Sakura pounding away on the fallen Crimson with stomps to the head. Royal kicking away at Bloody Mary, who is holding on to the bottom rope.

Bishop: Royal with a handful of Mary’s bloodied blond hair, and pulling her up to her feet. Royal reaching back, and NAILING Mary with a Tornado Punch! Mary falling into the ropes, and Royal hooking the leg!!! She’s about to hoist Mary over…

Mutt: Chandler in the ring, and chop blocks Royal from behind!

(Fans boo!)

Mutt: I love it!

(Fans boo as Tiffany Chandler points to Eleanor Royal and spits down upon her.)

Mutt: Tiffany pounding away with lame punches, and Royal is stunned. Maybe it is the power she packs behind those uncoordinated punches. Those Chandlers are STRONG Bishop!

Bishop: Chandler ignoring Mary, and scooping up Royal! Tiffany with a head of steam and a Running Powerslam! Chandler heading over to Crimson who is up against the ropes. Sakura and she have been going at it.

Mutt: Chandler with a Double Axe handle to Sakura, and she cringes. That back is still sore from Radhi Ananda’s assault earlier.

Bishop: Crimson walking along the ropes, and Tiffany nailing her with a hard right hand. Royal up to her feet, ready to join the fray…

(Hardcores cheering as Bloody Mary tosses her head back in anger. Blood splatters as she races across the ring!)

Bishop: Running Clothesline!!!!!!!

(Hardcores popping as the rest of the scream from excitement.)

Mutt: Mary heading over to Sakura now, and nailing away with Iowa Heaven Punches! Now an Irish Whip to the far ropes, and Sakura bouncing off….

Bishop: AND BLOODY MARY SLAPS ON THE claw!!!!!!!!

(Fans cheering wildly as Rekka Sakura screams out in pain!)

Bishop: Royal up to her feet, and charging into Bloody Mary from behind…no affect! Bloody Mary nailing away with punches to the smaller Royal! Sakura is slumped in the corner as Mary scoops up Royal and nails her with a Bodyslam!

(Fans all cheering as Bloody Mary looks about!)

Mutt: Sakura sprinting out of the corner, and Bloody Mary with a Military Pres…Looking around the arena, and TOSSES her over the ropes! She’s outta here!

Bishop: On the far side of the ring, Tiffany and Crimson still exchanging punches. I don’t see an end to this! Crimson dogmatic about staying away from the ropes. Oh boy, how much time do we have?

(Crowd chanting: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!)

Bishop: There’s the horn!

(Fans cheer as “Brown Girl in the Ring” blares through speakers.)

Bishop: Sierra Browne sprinting down ringside, and sliding through the ropes into the ring! Mary really pummeling Royal, and Browne to the rescue! Browne with European Uppercuts, and now Irish whipping her away.

Mutt: Mary bouncing off and Sierra Browne with a Frankensteiner!!!

(Dawg Pound barking as blood splatters through the air!)

Mutt: Royal heading over to Chandler now, and raking the back! Crimson backing away and letting the two of them go at it. Hold on! Sierra Browne with a head of steam and NAILS Crimson with the Somersault Clothesline!

(Fans cheering as Crimson hits the mat.)

Mutt: Browne so ready for this, she can taste it! She said she was tired of being shadowed by others in the Age of Rage, and we heard her earlier on the House of Styles! She wants gold!

Bishop: Browne with a pickup, and nailing away with European Uppercuts! Crimson backed into the corner, and Browne with boot to the midsection doubling her over and a Gutwrench Suplex.

Mutt: Royal and Chandler trading punches, and Mary is dazed on the mat. She’s hurt something awful. Mary up on her knees as Royal and Chandler roll around the ring punching away. Mary is hurt.

Bishop: Royal the free stylist, Irish Whipping Chandler, no reversal! Chandler running toward the near ropes as Royal bounces off and DUCKS the Clothesline!

Bishop: Tiffany bouncing off the ropes as Royal runs for the far side. Both women off the ropes, and Tiffany with a Tilt a Whirl Backbreaker! Tiffany with a pick up now, a head of steam and tossing Royal over the ropes…

Mutt: …but Royal held on!

Spud: 30 seconds!

Mutt: Chandler just as arrogant as her cousin! She’s turned her back on Royal, and Royal climbing the turnbuckles from the outside. Tiffany turning around and ELEANOR ROYAL FLYING OFF WITH A DROPKICK!

(Fans all cheering!)

Bishop: Bloody Mary backing off but Royal Dropkicking her too!!!!

(Fans cheering as Eleanor Royal picks up Blood Mary and Irish Whips her into the corner.)

Mutt: Tiffany up but Royal with another Dropkick…and Royal with a pickup and Irish Whips her into Bloody Mary! And look at this!

(Fans all cheering as Eleanor Royal points to Bloody Mary and Tiffany Chandler in the corner.)

Bishop: Eleanor Royal with a head of steam and nails both of them with a Handspring Splash in the corner!

(Crowd pops big time!)

Mutt: Meanwhile, Sierra Browne with an Irish Whip to the far side! Crimson bouncing off and Browne with a Frankensteiner!

(Crowd chanting: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!)

Bishop: There’s the horn!

(Fans erupt with boos as they hear ‘Dvorak’s 9th Symphony’.)

Mutt: Medusa Rage heading down the aisle wearing those brown wrestling tights with the single strap over the shoulder. Reminiscent of Andrea the Giant.

Bishop: Rage entering the ring, and exiting? She’s hanging out on the ring apron. The referee giving her the 5 count, and Medusa entering, and now walking around the ring avoiding everybody!

Mutt: Royal meanwhile having her way with Mary AND Chandler. Tiffany getting nailed with hard right hands in the far corner. Mary down in the near corner still, her face a red blur.

Bishop: Royal with an Irish Whip to the far side as she rushes in after her. Tiffany Chandler hits hard on the turnbuckles as she comes bouncing off…and Eleanor Royal with a High Back Body Drop…

Mutt: And Medusa Rage storming across the ring with a Clothesline!

(Fans boo as Medusa stomps away on Eleanor Royal.)

Bishop: Sierra Browne leaving Crimson? She sprints across the ring toward Medusa, Medusa with a High Back Body Drop and Sierra Brown landing a Guillotine Legdrop on Tiffany Chandler!

(Mixed reaction as fans don’t know to cheer for Browne or boo Medusa.)

Mutt: These girls have entered as a team. This should be interesting!!!

Bishop: Medusa and Sierra stomping away on Tiffany Chandler! Oh no! Medusa calling for the Dawg Pound. Medusa with a pickup, and drapes Tiffany over her shoulder. Crimson watching on as Medusa runs for the near corner…


(Fans barking as Tiffany Chandler clutches her back.)

Mutt: Medusa can’t STAND the Syndicate.

Bishop: Eleanor Royal getting to her feet now, and Medusa Rage heading over near the ropes. Chandler on one knee, and Browne…heading over toward Royal? Medusa about to climb to the outside, and Royal snatching her by her dreadlocks!

(Fans all cheering as Medusa screams for Sierra Browne.)

Mutt: Sierra Browne running across the ring and nails Royal with a Flying Clothesline! Royal flying through the ropes, and hitting the floor.

Bishop: Crimson now, sprinting across the ring, and sliding to the outside. Crimson with a pickup, slaps Royal between her legs and Piledrives her on the floor!

Mutt: In the ring, Medusa beating the 5 count and entering the ring. They ARE NOT attacking Bloody Mary. What’s going on? Sierra Browne and Medusa walking around, and this looks like it has been elaborately set up.

Bishop: Crimson rolling Royal into the ring! Browne immediately with a pickup, and nailing away with European Uppercuts. Royal looks out on her feet. Sierra holding up Royal for Medusa, and Medusa with a Perfect Punch to the chest!

(Fans boo as Royal falls into Medusa Rage, humbled, as Medusa lets out a blood curdling laugh.)

Bishop: I can’t believe this crap! This is a Royal Rumble for God’s sake. You don’t…

Mutt: Medusa Rage going for it all! She hoists Royal up into the air, Military Pressing her up high and dropping her down for a Backbreaker!

Spud: 30 Seconds!

Bishop: The refs have forced Crimson back into the ring, and she is immediately hammered by Bloody Mary!!!! Out of nowhere, Bloody Mary ran down the ring ropes and NAILED Crimson with a Clothesline!

(Fans boo as Medusa Rage motions for the belt.)

Mutt: Eleanor Royal crawling away from Medusa as Sierra Browne cuts her off. Sierra with a pickup, and Armwringer Superkick combination!

(Crowd chanting: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!)

Bishop: There’s the horn!

(Crowd pops as they hear ‘Real American’ blast through the speakers.)

Mutt: Oh no!

Bishop: Wendy Marshall sprinting down the aisle for all that she’s got! That means Staci X drew #10!

(Huge crowd pop as Wendy Marshall storms the ring.)

Bishop: Marshall going right for Medusa Rage! Marshall nailing away with punches, and Browne immediately to Medusa’s defense. Marshall with a boot to the midsection of Browne, and now a Dropkick!

Mutt: But Marshall getting nailed by Medusa with an European Uppercut, and Wendy is stunned. Another one, and she falls into the ropes! Medusa Irish whipping, no, reversal!

Bishop: Medusa off the ropes and Wendy with a Spinebuster!!!

(Huge crowd pop as Medusa Rage hits the mat.)

Mutt: Sierra Browne nailing away on Wendy Marshall, and here comes Eleanor Royal! Royal nailing Browne with big right hands as she backs Browne into the ropes.

(Fans screaming as Bloody Mary sprints across the ring!)

Mutt: Hold on! Browne and Royal trading punches…AND BLOODY MARY WITH A SWEEPING CLOTHESLINE, ELIMINATING *both* WOMEN!!!

(Hardcores pop big time as Bloody Mary drapes her arm over the top rope exhausted.)

Mutt: Bloody Mary giving the performance of a life time!

Bishop: Meanwhile, Wendy Marshall hammering away on Medusa, and here comes Crimson! Crimson stomping on the woman from Port of Spain Trinidad! Crimson the ultimate opportunist, as they pick up Medusa and nail her with a Double Snap Suplex!!!

(Fans cheer as Medusa clutches the back of her head and her back.)

Bishop: Eleanor Royal can’t believe it’s over. Sierra Browne has left ringside, and Royal walking in a daze. She’s heading up the aisle in so much disappointment…

Mutt: AND OUT OF THE CURTAINS COME NOMAD AND PRINCESS NELLIE! They are gonna take out Eleanor Royal PRIOR to the Founder’s Day Tradition! Nelli with a Full Nelson and Nomad with a Heart Punch!

(Fans booing as Eleanor Royal falls to the floor.)

Bishop: Oh no! Nomad stomping away at Royal, and Princess Nellie barking out some kind of orders. Nomad straddling Royal and cinches in the Camel Clutch!!!

(Fans all screaming as Eleanor Royal cries out in pain.)

Mutt: In the ring, Medusa squaring around to her feet after successive dropkicks from Crimson and Marshall. Bloody Mary conserving her strength, and Wendy Marshall with a vendetta against Medusa.

Bishop: Marshall with a pickup, measuring Medusa, and a Spinwheel kick! Crimson stomping away on Medusa, and Bloody Mary nailing Crimson with a Double Axe Handle from behind! Both women fall to the mat, as Wendy Marshall points to all the fans.

Mutt: The 2 minute mark has got to be coming up. Bloody Mary drew the Number 1 slot and is STILL in there. Crimson has been in there a while, and Medusa and Wendy the freshest ones.

(Fans cheering as Wendy Marshall climbs the top turnbuckle.)

Bishop: Wendy up high! She jumps….and *hits* the Splash!!!!

(Loudest pop thus far as Medusa Rage clutches her ribs!!)

Mutt: Wendy Marshall with a pickup, and Medusa *missing* a European Uppercut!!!! Wendy slapping on a waistlock, backpedaling with a head of steam and TOSSES Medusa over the top!

(Fans scream as Medusa slides back through the bottom rope.)

Spud: 30 seconds!

Mutt: Great use of leverage by Wendy Marshall, but Medusa is STILL in it!

Bishop: Wendy Marshall heading over to Bloody Mary and Crimson…Double Noggin Knocker! Wendy with an Irish Whip, and Crimson flying off the ropes….AND WENDY NAILS HER WITH A HIGH BACK BODY DROP!!!

(Crowd chanting: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!)

Bishop: There’s the horn!

(Limited pop as fans see Staci X running down the aisle.)

Mutt: Staci seeing Nomad punishing Royal, and nailing away with Punches! Princess Nelli interfering, and now the referees running up the aisle. Princess Nelli, Nomad and Staci trading punches.

Bishop: Meanwhile, Wendy Marshall in the ring, nailing away on Bloody Mary. She slaps on a front face lock, and a Snap Suplex! Wendy back up to her feet, and Medusa with a Running Clothesline….ducked!

(Fans cheer!)

Mutt: Wendy running into the near ropes as Medusa turns around…and Wendy with a Flying Headscissors, but Medusa countering with a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker!!!

(Hardcores barking: Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!)

Bishop: Bloody Mary now, stomping away on Wendy Marshall, and Crimson simply watching. Medusa orchestrating, as she hoists Wendy up with a Gutwrench pick up and nails Wendy with a British Bombshell….

Mutt: And Bloody Mary with a Running Reverse Elbow to the back of the head! Wendy flying over the top rope to the floor, she’s history!

(Fans booing as Wendy Marshall hits the floor.)

Bishop: Staci X finally torn away from Nomad, and she’s storming the ring!!!!

Mutt: Staci springing herself over the top rope, and Clotheslines Crimson! Bloody Mary backing off as Staci nails away on her with STRONG right hands. Medusa waiting in the wings as Staci bullies Mary up on the ropes.

Bishop: Medusa so selfish! Where’s the help when Mary needs it!? Crimson up on her feet, and Staci firing off and nailing HER with a Clothesline! Staci with a pickup, and ramming her head in the near corner…

(Fans count: 1…..2……3…..4….5…6….7…8..9….10!)

Mutt: Crimson stumbling out of the corner, trying to veer from the ropes…and Staci with a Bulldog!

Bishop: Mary off the ropes now, not believing this show of spirit from the OTHER Heavy metal head of the GDWA. Mary charging Staci and a High Back Body Drop! Mary is down!!!!!

(Fans all cheering!)

Bishop: Mary back up and Staci with a Dropkick!!! Bloody Mary flying over the top rope to the floor!

(Dawg Pound erupts as Bloody Mary slaps the floor in anger and frustration.)

Mutt: Staci X with a pickup, and nailing away on Crimson. The Canadian getting rocked with hard right hands. This match is right up Staci’s alley with these basic moves and brawling style.

Bishop: Crimson is in a boxing match. She’s humbled up against the ropes as Staci nails her with combinations and body blows. Wow!

Mutt: Hold on! Medusa Rage with the perfect opportunity. She charges Staci X from behind………..!!!

(Fans all screaming!!!!!!!)


Mutt: Medusa runs right into Crimson, and Crimson has been eliminated! SO long!

(Big pop as Crimson hits the floor!)

Mutt: OH YES!!!!!

Bishop: Medusa Rage and Staci X in a stare off as the crowd is solidly behind Staci X.


Bishop: Collar and elbow tie up, and the heavier Medusa backing Staci into the near corner. Medusa nailing away with European Uppercuts, and Staci X is getting whooped!

(Hardcores pop as Staci X slumps in the corner!)

Bishop: Medusa Irish Whipping her out of the corner and Medusa follows. Staci off the ropes and Medusa with a Belly to Belly Suplex!

(Another pop from the hardcores while most fans boo!)

Bishop: This is the biggest match of Staci’s career. Medusa up to her feet, stomping away on the back of Staci. Medusa ready to ascend the mountain top and claim the I-Title.

Mutt: Medusa with a pickup and a Bodyslam! And this thing is all but over. Medusa snatching the heavy metal head by her hair, and slapping her between her legs…no!

Bishop: Staci X hoisting up Medusa with a waistlock and executing an Inverted Atomic Drop!!!!

(Crowd pops in amazement!)

Mutt: Staci backing into the ropes, holding her back. Staci comes firing off the ropes with a Clothesline…and Medusa ducks under while applying a Waistlock for a Northern Lights Suplex!

(Dawg pound barking as fans are screaming!)

Bishop: Medusa up to her feet, real slow like. She’s panting something horrible. I don’t know about her conditioning. Medusa running to the far ropes as Staci gets to her feet. Medusa bouncing off and NAILING the Running Bulldog Lariat!

(Fans all screaming as Medusa Rage gets to her feet.)

Bishop: Medusa with a pickup and heading over toward the ropes. Medusa grabbing the back of Staci’s tights and tossing her over…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mutt: But Staci holding on to Medusa’s hair! That ain’t no weave, those Dreadlocks are attached to her head. Medusa pulling against her, and Staci letting GO!

(Huge crowd pop as Medusa Rage’s head snaps back into the canvas.)

Bishop: Medusa flying backwards and smacks her head against the mat! She’s not moving!

(Fans all cheering on Staci as Staci gets up from the ring apron.)

Bishop: That’s from her injury. Medusa hurt her head when Nikita nailed her with those ring stairs. She’s dazed…and Staci X is going up top!

(Fans all on their feet in anticipation as Staci X climbs the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: She’s facing the fans, and steadies herself up top. Staci X jumps………….

Mutt: Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonsault!!!!

(Huge crowd pop as Medusa Rage clutches her midsection!)

Bishop: Staci X with a pickup, and has Medusa by the tights! She’s pointing out to the Dawg Pound. . . . .

(Fans Scream: YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeS!)


(Fans on their feet cheering as Staci X falls to the canvas crying hysterically!)


(Huge crowd pop as Staci X grabs her face and cries blissfully!)

Bishop: Staci X WINS IT! Can YOU believe this!?!?!?!

Mutt: Medusa Rage fighting injured, and these things can happen. She’s lucky she wasn’t hurt in this battle royal. Staci X luckily bashed Medusa in the head, and we have ourselves a NEW Internet champion.

(Fans all on their feet, still cheering, as Officer Order and Blackjack Belmonte come down to ringside.)

Spud: Ladies and gentlemen, at 1 hour and 3 minutes. Your winner, and Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance INTERNET HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION……

(Huge crowd pop as ‘Fuel’ by Stick blares through the pa.)

Spud: Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaci X!

(Fans all cheering as GDWA officials present Staci with a trophy!)

Bishop: Officer Order and Blackjack Belmonte, and old friend of Staci’s, strapping the I-Title around her waist. Staci can hardly believe it! She’s hugging Order, and Blackjack joins the huddle!

(Fans all pop as Officer Order, Blackjack Belmonte, and the referee raise Staci X’s hand in victory.)

Mutt: We’ll see how long she holds on to that damn thing! Bloody Mary, Medusa Rage and a host of others will want a piece of that…and that is IF she gets past Dementia Praecox next week!

(Fans all cheering as Officer Order and Blackjack Belmonte carry Staci X out of the ring and up the aisle on their shoulders.)

Bishop: Fans, hopefully we’ll get a report on Eleanor Royal’s condition. She was in that Camel Clutch for an awfully long time. We’ve got to move on. Whalen, take us away with the GDWA Flashback.

 Whalen: Hello fans, and welcome to another installment of the GDWA Flashback. The Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance has grown in popularity, so we thought it prudent to introduce you new fans, and re-introduce to old fans, some of the GDWA’s most memorable moments.

(He walks over to Daisy Butterfly’s locker and peeps around.)

Whalen: The 1996 Ironwoman of the GDWA has paid her dues to become one of the greatest in the sport. She’s wrestled some of the greatest in the sport, even before achieving superstardom.

(The locker room is suddenly filled with cheers as Staci X and Officer Order enter. Staci X is carrying the INTERNET Title around her waist proudly as other workers pull out champagne bottles.)

Whalen: I better make this quick! Fans, our Flashback tonight is a match taped on June 1st of last year from the San Francisco Cow Palace! The woman the Japanese would coin as the ‘Franchise’ was just in the upswing of her career. Valkyrie, a former high flying competitor here, was red hot, and was the number 1 contender to the World title!

(Staci X blares some Metallica through her boom-box as she comes by and pours champagne over Mike Whalen’s head!)

Whalen: Goodness! Well, as you will see, Daisy was no stick in the mud. As we approach Founder’s Day Tradition, we can appreciate how far this fan favorite has come! Can I have a glass Staci?


Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is set for one fall, with a 30 minute time limit. It is a special stipulation match, in which any outside accompaniment or assistance automatically disqualifies the assisted wrestler. Wrestling fans, this is our Main Event this week!

(Fans boo as they hear ‘True Faith’ by New Order)

Spud: First, hailing from Des Moines, Iowa. She is 5 feet 8 inches, 129 pounds! Here is Valkyrie!!!

(She comes walking down the aisle with her reddish-blonde hair waving down her back.)

Mutt: The current Number 1 contender to the World title. Valkyrie has been looking good lately. Too bad for Daisy Cockroach.

Spud: And her opponent….

(Fans cheer as “Nutcracker Suite” blares through the speakers.)

Spud: Hailing from San Francisco, California! She is 5 feet 7, 130 pounds, here is Daisy Butterfly!!!

(She slaps hands with the fans as she enters the ring.)

Bishop: Daisy Butterfly and Valkyrie finally getting it on here on the Saturday House Show. This should be a great match up.

Mutt: Valkyrie looks just about naked without Vlad at ringside. She doesn’t seem agitated in the least either.

(Fans cheer as Daisy Butterfly climbs the turnbuckles and points to them all.)

Bishop: Daisy back down to the mat, and this one is under way.


Bishop: Collar and Elbow tie up and no advantage for either woman. They break, and encircle one another in the ring. Another lock up and Valkyrie with a thumb to the eye. Now an Irish Whip and Daisy is sent to the far ropes.

Mutt: She bounces off and Valkyrie with a High Back…

Bishop: No! Daisy holds on and counters with a Crucifix! The ref slides in for the count…1…2…kick out!

(Fans cheering as Daisy Butterfly and Valkyrie get back up to their feet!)

Mutt: Damn!

Bishop: Valkyrie and Daisy lock up and this time Daisy with a Wristlock and Valkyrie trying to get out of it. Valkyrie pushing Daisy into the ropes and Daisy with a Side Headlock. Val pushing off…but can’t get her to let go. Now a quick go behind and a Waistlock take down!

(Fans cheering as Valkyrie scrambles for the ropes.)

Mutt: The ref forces the break and Valkyrie with a forearm to the head. Valkyrie wailing away with fists and Daisy backing into the middle of the ring. Val now, with a Spinning Mule kick! Yes!

Bishop: Valkyrie with the first impact maneuver of the match. Daisy Butterfly hit the mat as Valkyrie runs to the ropes. Val bounces off and MISSES the Summersault Leg Drop!

(Fans cheer!)

Bishop: Daisy with an immediate Single Leg Pick up and twisting it into a Leglock. She’s really leaning into it. Putting pressure on that left knee. Daisy Butterfly has thus far taken the mobility away from Val.

Mutt: Valkyrie can’t reach the ropes from the middle of the ring. She’s gonna have to find a way out. She’s scrambling around and Daisy with a firm hold of that leg. She spins around, and falls backward with the leg! Val is really scrambling for the ropes now.

Bishop: Valkyrie spinning around again…

Mutt: …and an Inside Cradle!

Ref: 1…2…3!

Bishop: No! She kicked out at the last second. Both women back up and Valkyrie with a Short Arm Clothesline! Val now, trying to walk off the pain in her leg.

Mutt: Val going back to work now. She picks up Daisy Butterfly and slaps her head between her legs. She goes for the Piledriver!

Bishop: But Daisy counters with a Back Body Drop!

Mutt: But Val landed on her feet. She runs to the far ropes, bounces off, and Daisy drops down to the mat. Valkyrie bounces off the ropes once more and connects with a Flying Forearm. Daisy is down!

(Fans boo.)

Bishop: Valkyrie with a pickup and a Standing Dropkick! Now she backs into the ropes and drops an Elbow! Now another pick up and Irish Whips Daisy to the near ropes. Daisy bounces off and gets nailed with a Powerslam! Lateral Press! 1…2..kick out.

(Fans cheering as Daisy Butterfly kicks out.)

Mutt: Valkyrie with another pick up and a Spinning Neckbreaker. Now Val going up top.

(Fans cheering as Valkyrie climbs the turnbuckles!!!)

Bishop: Hold on! Daisy caught her…and clips Valkyrie’s legs! Oh boy! Her legs are locked in the ropes. She’s hanging upside down over the ropes. She’s trying to sit up to get back up, but she’s trapped.

(Fans cheering as Daisy Butterfly roles out of the ring.)

Mutt: Oh no! Daisy Butterfly has Val by the back of her head, and rams her head against the ring apron! Now she’s punching away at her dangling head.

(Fans cheering as Daisy Butterfly nails away.)

Mutt: She should be disqualified right now! That could tear her knees up.

Bishop: The ref forces Daisy back into the ring as he unhooks Valkyrie. Valkyrie falls to the outside and is laying out on the floor. Daisy Butterfly rolls out to the outside and picks up Valkyrie. Now hard Karate chops to the chest of Valkyrie.

Mutt: Val is all bent out of shape. Daisy with a Front Face lock and a Vertical Suplex! Right on the floor.

(Big Crowd pop!)

Bishop: Daisy rolling Val back into the ring and she climbs through the ropes as well. Val backing off, as Daisy Butterfly encroaches. Daisy with a Double Leg Pick up and ROLLS INTO IT FOR THE COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mutt: 1……2…….KICK OUT!

(Fans cheer as Daisy Butterfly picks up Valkyrie.)

Bishop: Valkyrie is all but out of this one. Daisy applying an Abdominal Stretch….

Mutt: …but Val counters with a Side Russian Leg Sweep!

(Fans boo as Daisy Butterfly lays on the mat clutching her head.)

Mutt: Damn it, do it now Valkyrie. Valkyrie hobbling over to the corner, and climbing up the turnbuckles!

(Fans all cheering as Valkyrie stands perched up top.)

Bishop: Val is up…and drops a Big Elbow to the chest of Daisy Butterfly. Wow! What a maneuver! Lateral press….1…2…kick out!

Spud: 15 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 15 left.

Bishop: Valkyrie slow to her feet and picks up Daisy. She slaps Daisy’s head between her legs and nails her with a Piledriver! The cover!….1…2..kick out!!!

(Fans cheer as Valkyrie slaps the match in frustration.)

Mutt: Valkyrie doesn’t have much mobility right now. Her legs are hurt. Valkyrie with another pick up and Daisy with an Inside Cradle! 1…2..kick out!

Bishop: Val back up and is choking away at Daisy. The referee forcing the break, and Val back up to her feet, and drapes her shin over Daisy’s throat.

Mutt: Val’s leg was really strained when she was hung upside down. We haven’t seen nearly close to the mobility we are accustomed to seeing from Valkyrie.

Bishop: Valkyrie back up to her feet and a Drop Toe Hold by Daisy Butterfly! Daisy now, with a Stepover Toe Hold and a facelock! That’s the STF Submission Hold!!!!! Valkyrie is screaming!

(Fans all on their feet cheering expecting the submission.)

Bishop: Val isn’t moving. Her legs are hurt too badly. She can’t reach the ropes. This one’s gonna be over!!!!

Mutt: Wait a minute. Who is that running out of the crowd?

Bishop: A masked woman hopping over the ring apron and entering the ring! She nails Daisy Butterfly with an elbowdrop!


Spud: At 20 minutes 33 seconds, your winner via disqualification is Daisy Butterfly!

(Fans boo as Valkyrie and the masked woman beat on Daisy Butterfly!)

Bishop: Here comes Vlad! This was all a set up! Vlad coaching them from the outside. They Irish Whip Daisy to the farside. Daisy bounces off and gets nailed with a Double Clothesline!

(Fans booing!)

Mutt: Yes! Val and the masked woman now, pick up Daisy and NAIL HER WITH A DOUBLE BRAINBUSTER!!! BEAUTIFUL!

(Fans cheering as Charlotte La Mancha and Sachie Yokoyama run down the aisle.)

Bishop: Vlad, Valkyrie and the masked woman have fled the ring. Sachie climbs through the ropes and check on Daisy Butterfly. Charlotte daring Valkyrie and the others to come back.

(Fans cheer as “Nutcracker Suite” blares through the speakers.)

Whalen: That’s it for this week. Fans, back to Sam and Allen…

Mutt: That was a GREAT Flashback…too bad Valkyrie got clobbered. She was a true great in the GDWA!

Bishop: Well fans, we got the Tag Champs next. Before we get to the match, let’s hear from the MISFITS…


[Fade in:

Godiva spins before the camera, running a caramel hand through her naturally blonde hair. The biracial girl looks at the camera.]

Godiva: My dear, Ms. Monroe, don’t it make ya just green with envy that sumbody’s got wot you’ve got to get out of a ruddy bottle. Girl, you’re just a fake and that’s all you’ll ever ruddy well be. You know, you Suicide Blondes just don’t have wot it takes in the ring and yet you go around imitating’ me. Well, chicky, that’s gonna stop I tell ya. Now I want you to watch real close. Cause tomorrow night we’re gonna dance all over their heads and show you how real tag-teaming is supposed to be done.

[Dalbello comes into the frame.]

Dalbello: Forget them, ‘diva. These High Flying Dolls are the next girls to get knocked down a peg or two. Then I hear we’re forced to name a challenger by the next MVP. Or else what? You think we’re afraid of anybody. STRIKE’s got their name out there, but I don’t give a damn about them. The Suicide Blondes? Never had its. These Dolls will be done. By the time Founder’s Day comes around the only team that will have a chance of beating us is the Browne Girls. And you ask me who I’d like to hook it up with in the ring. I say the Browne Girls. Yeah, how about that. The Misfits vs. the Browne Girls vs. Strike vs. the Suicide Blondes for the tag-team titles. Doesn’t that sound interesting? I bet the fans would love to see that. But you know what. They won’t let you. They wouldn’t want to see three of their teams destroyed in one night. We’ll name our challengers soon enough. Soon enough. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll even be SURPRISED!

[Fade out]

(Fans boo as Congo Paul Roberts heads down the aisle and takes his seat at the announcer’s table.)

Congo: Greetings, Allen. My, these yahoos in the audience seem wound up!

Allen: That’s because our next match features two of the more crowd-friendly teams here at the GDWA. The High Flying Dolls, with something to prove after losing to the Suicide Blondes last week.

Congo: Forget those jobbers, we also have the Misfits, the darlings of the Dawg Pound. You might not know this, Bishop, but they have something to prove also. They were awarded the tag titles by default, and haven’t wrestled since. That means they’re looking to send a message out to the GDWA that they’re deserving champions.

Allen: They’ll have to get past the High Flying Dolls first. Here’s Spud with the announcement.



***Thunderstruck, by AC/DC, explodes over the PA, and the fans pop hard!*****

<<<The Dolls walk to the ring slowly, slapping hands with the fans. Fury wears her traditional brown and black wrestling gear with mask. Lacy wears a gold and black one piece, French cut, and glossy black boots.>>>

Allen: These Dolls, among the more popular teams in the fed, and the most fashionable.


***Hardcores EXPLODE as Listen Up by the Misfits blares over the PA.***********

<<<Misfits emerge from curtain led by Medusa Rage, the Browne Girls, and followed by around 10 more women. They linger by the Dawg Pound, playing up to the hardcores>>>>>

Congo: Who the hell are all these women?

Allen: Medusa apparently recruiting some help. She calls her entourage the Serpentines. She must be nervous about her team being jumped by the Syndicate.

Congo: With good reason. My word, if the Misfits ever signed a rematch with Lady Luck, we would have an entourage war on our hands!

Allen: That match with Lady Luck, the one that earned the Misfits the belts as both of the finalists in that tournament eliminated. Fans it looks like Medusa is finally pulling her team away from the Pound and we’re ready to get underway.


Congo: Here we go. Godiva starting out for the Misfits, locking up with Midnight Fury. Fury, with an armbar..into an armdrag takedown. But Godiva up again.

Allen: Godiva, a little more cautious in the collar-elbow tie up this time. Fury applying a side headlock. And Godiva sending her into the ropes…

Congo: And delivering a tremendous shoulder block! I swear, Midnight ran into a brick wall.

Allen: Very powerful, the younger of the Rages. Fury up to all fours, and Godiva Rage measuring…down, with a forearm smash.

Congo: Godiva, repeating the maneuver, not bothering to measure. She’s peppering Midnight’s back with those forearm smashes.

Allen: And those taking a tremendous toll on Fury. Godiva, making a tag..or is she?

Congo: The Rages, employing some smarts, hiding the tag. Who knows who’s the legal one in the ring?

Allen: Ms. Perfect, grabbing the hair of Midnight Fury…pulls her to her feet and…GERMAN SUPLEX!!! Fury, now, crawling into a neutral corner. Dalbello in after her. Dalbello delivering vicious chops to the chest.

Congo: But wait! Fury, with a pickup and inverted atomic drop!!


Congo: Midnight, with a drop toe hold…into..a kneebar!! That can be extremely painful!

Allen: When was the last time you were in that ring, Paul?

Congo: Oh, now I need to put up with abuse from a piddly broadcaster!

Allen: Sorry, didn’t mean to get personal. Fury, really applying pressure to that knee. But countering submission holds is almost a hobby of Dalbello’s. You can see her flexing those powerful legs, looking for an escape. And she finds it, freeing one leg and kicking the vulnerable Fury.

Allen: Dalbello, now, with a drop toe hold. And she scrambles on top of Fury to apply a half nelson. Ms. Perfect, employing some amateur technique!

Congo: Midnight Fury…connects with an elbow to the face. Amateur wrestling can only take you so far! Fury, with a pickup and a bodyslam. Midnight and Dalbello are the more experienced members of their teams, wouldn’t you say Bishop?

Allen: That’s right, Paul. That makes each think they’re responsible for the teams fate. I think Midnight blames herself for the Dolls loss last week.

Congo: She probably should. Right now, though, she’s sticking it to Ms. Perfect, smashing that pretty face against the turnbuckle in the neutral corner. Fury, climbing to the second rope…BULLDOG!!!!

****CROWD POPS as Midnight points out to them*********

 Allen: This could be the Dolls lucky night, Rage might be out cold!

Congo: One thing the Misfits can never be is cold. Fury, making the tag to Lacy. Lacy now, springs over the rope and into the ring with a…legdrop! My word!

Allen: The pin!




Allen: The referee was way out of position there. This match should have gone to the Dolls.

Congo: Ms. Perfect probably taking some time to recover by not breaking out earlier. She’s like a field marshal in that ring! Lacy Gold with the Irish whip…stings Rage with a dropkick! And Dalbello wasting no time slithering to the outside.


Allen: Medusa, taking some time to counsel her charge. WAITAMINUTE! MIDNIGHT FURY HAS CLIMBED THE ROPES….PLANCHA DIVE!!!!!!!!!!!


Allen; Midnight Fury taking out Medusa and Dalbello, and the crowd just loving it.

Congo: Yes, yes, but look at the situation Midnight has now left herself. Medusa Rage not getting the brunt of that dive, and she’s stomping away at Midnight Fury.

Allen: The ref, cautioning Medusa, and Godiva with a cheap shot to Lacy Gold as Lacy tries to help her partner.

Congo: That was no cheap shot, it was simply a well-delivered kick to the back of the head when no-one was looking. But what’s in a name?

Allen: Indeed, these Misfits have been acting like misfits since they’ve been in the GDWA, and not likely to change. Godiva with a gut-wrench suplex on Lacy Gold. Those two aren’t even the legal women in the ring!

Congo: Both Dalbello and Midnight, struggling to make it into the ring. On the inside, Godiva applying the pressure with a chinlock. But Lacy Gold executes a stun gun!!!! Lacy, circling the ring, shaking her fists….she’s gonna explode!

Allan: Or maybe not. The ref, trying to get her back into her corner as Midnight makes her way back into the ring. These fans booing, feeling neglected of seeing Gold unleash her fury on Godiva.

Congo: The ref with his back turned, forcing Lacy out, and Godiva and Dalbello choking Midnight using the bottom ring rope.

 Allen: Dalbello STILL on the outside. Why hasn’t she been counted out yet?

Congo: I don’t think the ref realizes who the legal one in the ring is. That’s a result of all that hidden tagging that the misfits have been doing. They’ve totally boggled the referee!

Allen: Wait a minute! Dalbello circling around the ring. She clips Lacy Gold! Lacy is down!

Congo: In the ring, Midnight is regaining some of her energy. She and Godiva are trading lefts!

Allen: Dalbello has Lacy up against the steel staircase. What’s she gonna do? Uh oh….HEART PUNCH!!

Congo: That’s a “Perfect Punch” to you. Now, Medusa up on the ring apron. The ref turning his back to the action to try and coax her off the apron. Dalbello throwing the inert Gold into the ring. and…yep. Godiva throwing Fury to the outside. Neither woman legal in that ring. The pin….





(Mix of boos and cheers as “Listen up” by the Misfits plays over the PA.

Congo: Beautiful win by the tag champs! I guess they feel like they earned those belts now!

Allen: How can you say that! The Misfits didn’t outwrestle the champs, they bamboozled the referee!

Congo: That’s exactly why they’ll be the champs for a good long while. The Misfits exiting the ring…not going back to the locker room. That’s no surprise. They’re taking the long route through the Dawg Pound. The Pound and the Misfits are a mutual love attraction!

Allen: What could be more appropriate for the post Valentines show? Mutt: Hey, we got love brewing in the air with our next guest! The sexiest woman alive!

Bishop: MISTER Furious Styles in the ring as we move on. Go ahead Styles.


(MISTER Furious Styles stands in the middle of the ring, swaggering around.)

Styles: Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s a lady that’s rather new to the GDWA, in fact she just had her first press conference the other day, and it wasn’t too pretty, anyway here she is, “Sexy” Sally McClane!!

(“Golddust Woman” by Hole plays as Sally walks out and takes a seat next to Styles, wearing a short black skirt along with a designer translucent top. She smiles to Styles)

Styles: Good evening Sally!

Sally: Hi MISTER Styles! It’s a pleasure to be out here on your show.

Styles: I hope you don’t give me problems like you did that guy at the press conference.

Sally: Don’t worry, I’d never do that to you!

Styles: *smiles* Yeah I know! Anyway, let’s get on to the interrogation part of this thing! Sally, you’ve been in wrestling a short time, and as a manager no less! How does it feel to be here with the big girls in the greatest women’s fed on the net?!?

Sally: Big girls? Oh I agree, have you seen the size of Ma Porter?

(The crowd laughs a little)

Styles: That’s not what I meant…

Sally: And I guess it feels good to be here! I really haven’t had much “big league” wrestling experience. Just a little in Japan and Europe! So it does feel good to be here…a little!

Styles: But you’ve been causing some trouble in the CCW for a few weeks have you not?

Sally: *laughs* Yeah, just a little bit!! Basically, the way I see it, those boys can’t handle a dominating woman figure moving into their turf! I mean, what kind of women do they have there now? Shy little damsels in distress, that cry when they break nails! But that’s not what I’m all about!

Styles: Okay? Um…in CCW, you’ve taken a likin to “GQ” Geoffrey Quartz, who I’ve seen in the ring, and he’s great! He’s actually CCW’s first champion!! But will you be managing him any time soon?

Sally: Only time will tell!! Only time will tell!!!

Styles: Okay? Your talent search in CCW, other than GQ is there anyone else you’ve been after?

Sally: A couple…but GQ was the only logical choice if you think about it…anyway, that’s enough about CCW, let’s talk GDWA!!!

Styles: Okay! What about GDWA, would you like to discuss?

Sally: How about some of these no good crybabies that pretend to be wrestlers in my ring!!

Styles: Like who?

Sally: Charlotte La Mancha, Eleanor Royal with her poor hurt teeth, and even Lady Tiger!!

Styles: But you said you respected Lady Tiger!!!

Sally: Yeah, and I do…but she’s just like those girls that I mentioned in CCW!! All of them are! Timid little damsels in distress!!

Styles: *laughing a little* I hardly think that…

Sally: Furious, do you mind if a call you Fury?

Styles: Well I…

Sally: Good! Fury, this is my time to talk, so don’t argue, okay?

Styles: Well…

Sally: Oh yeah!!! And what’s the deal with this Sonya Blade?!? Where do you get off calling me a bitch?!? The only bitch I see around here is you!! Sitting all high and mighty in your cushy studio!! Why don’t you step up into the ring with a real lady!! Someone like me!!! You agree don’t you Fury?!?

Styles: Um, I…

Sally: See!! I knew you would…what’s this guy doing with his hand there?!?

(She points toward the camera)

Styles: That means we’re out of time!!!

Sally: Out of time?!? You don’t cut me off!! What’s the matter with the idiots in this federation?!? This is my time!!! You don’t cut me off!!!

(She stands and appears to be listening to someone behind the camera talk, as she rolls her eyes and exits the set)

Styles: Ladies and Gentlemen…that was Sally McClane!! (They boo) Whew, now THAT was an interview. But I’ll tell ya this, Sexy Sally looks like she could win a beauty contest at any time!! Hey guys, it’s World Title time!

(Fans pop big time!)

Bishop: That’s right fans. We’ve finally gotten to what the night has been all about. Medusa Rage…..Andrea Chandler….the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSIP!

Mutt: Andrea may want this match AS MUCH as the title. This has been the one woman who has orchestrated all the blemishes on her record. Now, we settle the score tonight!

Bishop: Medusa has been a busy woman tonight, but now she focusses on herself. The Ring General attempts to destroy the Dynasty of Andrea Chandler! Spud, go ahead buddy!!!

(Huge pops from the crowd as they wait in anticipation!)


Spud: This match is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit…and is for the GDWA World Heavyweight Championship!

(Crowd begins booing intensely as they hear ‘Dvorak’s 9th Symphony’ by the New World.)

Spud: First, the challenger, accompanied to the ring by Sierra Browne. Hailing from Port of Spain, Trinidad. She is 6 feet tall, weighing 160 pounds…..!!!

(Fans boo as Medusa Rage steps through the curtain, and bathes herself in the negative response.)

Spud: Meduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusa Raaaaaaaaaaage!

(Fans continue to boo as Medusa Rage hulks down to ringside. Her dreadlocks are tied back, and she enters the ring wearing a brown once piece with a single strap over the shoulder.)

Bishop: The Dredlocked wonder herself, Medusa Rage is READY for the World’s title. GDWA should have security ready in case this turns into a brawl.

Mutt: Excuse me, but Medusa don’t want that to happen. If this breaks into a fight, she might get dq’ed. Andrea is in for a hell of a wrestling match.

Bishop: Let’s hear the introductions for the World Champ…

(A couple of cheers, but Fans mostly boo as they hear ‘Cold Blood’ by Kix…)

Spud: And her opponent!

(Fans boo while Andrea Chandler pauses in the aisle and opens up her robes to flash the World title around her waist!)

Spud: Led down the aisle by her manager the Kingpin, and accompanied to the ring by ‘the Legend’ Micki Duran and ‘Brilliant’ Tiffany Chandler….Representing the Syndicate!

(Dawg Pound chanting: ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa!)

Spud: From Long Island, New York….she is 5 feet 7 inches. Weighing 142 pounds……The Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION……Andrea Chandler!

(Fans are still booing as Andrea Chandler walks down the aisle. Andrea is wearing a blue robe, with her black body builders posing bikini trimmed in rhinestones underneath.)

Mutt: The Syndicate is out in full affect and….!


(Hardcores cheer as Bloody Mary fires through the curtain and attacks Micki Duran!)

Mutt: Good lord! Bloody Mary nailing away on Micki Duran with those Iowa Heaven Punches. Tiffany Chandler joining the fray…and here comes Keiko Mita the ‘Kyoto Crippler’! Medusa has staged a great assault!

Bishop: And here comes Medusa! Andrea’s attention taken off of the challenger for just a moment, and Medusa out on the outside nailing away on the champ! Sierra Browne with that steel briefcase…and NAILING the Kingpin!

(Fans cheer as the Kingpin hits the floor.)

Bishop: Medusa unbuckling the World Title from around her waist…and nailing away on Andrea Chandler!


Bishop: The Kingpin has gotten the referee to force this into the ring. On the outside, Duran and Mary are near ringside going at it. Tiffany and the Crippler exchanging blows, and the Kingpin can’t believe this!

Mutt: In the ring, Andrea getting stomped by Medusa. Andrea down on the mat, and she’s really been taken to bat. Medusa focusing on the back, and now a pickup, and nailing away with European Uppercuts!

(Fans boo as Andrea Chandler staggers back toward the ropes.)

Mutt: I love this! Medusa really unleashing. She’s NOT holding back at all as I’d of thought.

Bishop: Medusa with a handful of hair, and ramming Andrea’s head into the near corner! She flips Andrea around, and Andrea spitting on her!

(Huge pop as Medusa becomes incensed.)

Bishop: Medusa Irish Whipping the champion to the farside. Andrea bounding out of the corner…Belly 2 Belly Suplex!!!

 Ref: 1………………………..kick out!

(Fans cheering as Andrea Chandler kicks out at the 1 count.)

Mutt: Andrea is just stunned. Medusa not that quick of a wrestler, especially at 160 plus, but Andrea unable to capitalize.

Bishop: Medusa with a pickup and a Bodyslam! Andrea getting to her feet, and Medusa scooping her up once again and ANOTHER Bodyslam!

(Fans cheering as Andrea Chandler cringes.)

Bishop: Wow! Medusa with a pickup, and heading Andrea into near corner. Another European Uppercut, and we are seeing the sort of strategy reminiscent of former World’s champs Zaranna.

Mutt: Oh boy! Medusa with a Waistlock and planting Andrea Chandler up top! Medusa climbing the turnbuckles, and slapping on a Frontface lock now! Medusa trying to hoist Andrea…and a block! Andrea Chandler with her own front face lock…..oh no!

(Fans all screaming as Andrea Chandler hoists up Medusa Rage!)

Bishop: GOURDBUSTER OFF THE TOP ROPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fans all screaming as both women lay motionless on the mat.)

Ref: 1…………….2…………3………..

Bishop: On the floor, Kyoto Meta and the other Chandler, Tiffany going at it! The Kyoto Crippler has her up against the guard railing, nailing away with Karate Chops! Wow! People REALLY came out against the Syndicate.

(On the overhead arena screen, Ma Porter and Tony Angelo can be seen laughing and scouting the events from a monitor in the back.)

Mutt: These two are enjoying this! And they called it. They said that before long, people would come out against the Syndicate!

Ref: ……7……..8………..

Bishop: Andrea up to her knees, and she’s really pushing herself. Andrea trying to keep her cool. Medusa slow to her knees, and Andrea up to her feet. Andrea kicking Medusa into the ropes. The ref calling for the break, and gets it cleanly.

Mutt: Andrea Chandler with a pickup, and nailing away with punches, and a quick high knee to the midsection! Remember those ribs shots from the Splash and Moonsault earlier Bishop?

Bishop: Andrea with a pickup and a Backbreaker! Medusa is cringing, and Andrea will be focusing on the back as well. But she’s real slow, taken a lot of damage in a short period of time.

(Fans cheer while Bloody Mary slaps her hand around Micki Duran’s throat.)

Mutt: Oh no! Duran is hoisted up…….CHOKESLAM!!!!!!

(Huge crowd pop as Micki Duran lays helpless on the floor.)

Bishop: In the ring, Medusa up to her feet, and Andrea with a Scoop and a Bodyslam! Now a Double Leg pick up!!!!

 (Fans all cheering while Andrea Chandler Double grapevines the legs.)

Bishop: Medusa scrambling for the ropes and gets them. Andrea put the fear of GOD into Medusa. Andrea with a pickup, and Medusa raking the eyes.

Mutt: Medusa backing into the ropes, firing off and Andrea ducking the Clothesline…..!

Bishop: And Andrea hooking the arm, and swinging her around, slapping on an Abdominal Stretch!

(Fans cheering while the referee asks Medusa the question!)

Bishop: Medusa with a Hip Toss immediately, but the damage has been done. Medusa clutching her back, and sneering while Andrea gets to her feet…RUNNING BULLDOG LARIAT….!

Mutt: Yes, but Andrea so strong! Catching Medusa in midair and nailing her with a Sidewalk slam!!!

(Fans all cheering as both women lay on the mat.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 20 remaining.

Bishop: Sierra Browne slapping the mat, and Medusa rolling over into the ropes. Andrea holding the back of her neck, but slowly getting to her feet. Medusa really pushing herself, and NAILING another European Uppercut!

Mutt: That has been REALLY affective tonight, and Andrea with a thumb to the eye. Andrea Chandler spitting on Medusa, and Medusa roaring into Andrea with European Uppercuts. Andrea stumbling backwards, and Medusa is…not attacking?!

(Fans cheering as Andrea Chandler backs into the ropes, and curses out Medusa Rage.)

Bishop: Medusa REALLY pissed off! Medusa with a head of steam…and Andrea ducking down for a High Back Body Drop…


(Fans groan as BOTH women suffer the brunt of the fall.)

Mutt: Did you notice, Andrea hooking the second rope just before the fall to insure it didn’t turn into that Rage Powerslam over the top?!

Bishop: But she lacks the dexterity of Praecox to reverse it. Oh boy, Medusa REALLY clutching her back…and I’m beginning to think Andrea Chandler is making her exhaust herself. Have you noticed the taunts?

Ref: ….3……4………5………

Mutt: But I think she was just trying to piss her off!

Bishop: Hold on, Bloody Mary running over to Medusa Rage, and rolling her into the ring. Andrea slow to her feet, and climbing up the ring stairs.

(Fans all cheering as Andrea Chandler and Medusa Rage stare each other down.)

Bishop: Andrea into the ring, and this is getting tense. Collar and Elbow tie up, and Medusa is getting shoved away!

(Fans all cheering while Andrea Chandler steps through the ropes and flexes for the Dawg Pound.)

Mutt: They are CHEERING Andrea Chandler?

Bishop: Medusa is charging into Andrea. Andrea caught in the corner, and Medusa pummeling her with European Uppercuts! This is for the World Title! And Medusa Rage knocking the hell out of Andrea! She’s going all the way, nonstop, with this! Andrea looks beat.

Mutt: Medusa now, driving shoulders into the midsection of Andrea Chandler! Andrea is getting all the breath knocked out of her. Another shoulder shot, and Andrea doubling over…SNAP SUPLEX by Medusa Rage!

(Fans screaming and Dawg Pound chants: ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa!)

Mutt: Medusa clutching that back again.

Bishop: Hold on. Medusa backing into the ropes and stomping on Andrea’s left leg. Andrea rolling away, and daring Medusa to attack! Medusa forcing Andrea into the corner, and driving her shin into Andrea’s upper body!

Ref: 1……….2……..3……4…..

Mutt: The ref forcing the break, and Andrea rolling to the outside. The Kingpin checking on her, and here comes Medusa. She’s panting, and really needing some air. Andrea re-entering the ring, and we’ve seen Andrea keeping the match in the ring all night!

Bishop: Speaking of outside the ring. Bloody Mary walking over to Keiko Mita as Mita and Tiffany Chandler go at it…and NAILS Mita! Sierra Browne trying to straighten this up, and here comes Micki Duran!

(Fans screaming as Duran limps over to the shoving match.)

Mutt: Duran sneaking up behind Mary…and slaps on the ‘END’ Diamond Cutter! Right on the floor! Now Sierra Browne attacking Duran, and Duran lighting her up! The Kyoto Crippler nailing Duran with a Double Axe handle from behind, and here comes Chandler! Tiffany nailing away, and it is utter chaos on the outside.

Bishop: In the ring, Andrea Chandler in the far corner, resting as Medusa Rage encroaches. We’ve got 4 letter words getting thrown around, and this definitely IS NOT family entertainment.

(Fans pop in shock as Andrea Chandler SLAPS Medusa Rage.)

Spud: 20 minutes have gone by. 10 remaining!

Mutt: Aw shit.

Bishop: Medusa with a Waistlock Takedown, and nailing away with hard right hands to the head of Andrea Chandler. Medusa unrelenting, now with a pickup, and Irish Whipping Andrea to the near ropes.

Mutt: Andrea off the ropes, Medusa catching her with a Tilt a Whirl….and a Stun Gun!

(Fans boo as Medusa Rage cradles Andrea Chandler for the cover!)

Ref: 1!



(Fans all cheering as Andrea Chandler gets the shoulder up!

Bishop: Both women employing INCREDIBLE ringmanship! Medusa sluggish now, as she picks up Andrea by the hair…


 REF: 1………………………..2………………………….3!

(Fans scream but the referee holds up 2 fingers!)

Bishop: Medusa slapping the mat, and Andrea Chandler crawling into the near corner. Medusa heading over, and nailing away with a European Uppercut…

Mutt: But Andrea with a hard right hand…and another!…and another! Medusa backing off, and Andrea taunting the big woman! Medusa has run out of gas!

(Fans all cheering as Andrea Chandler slaps around Medusa Rage.)

Bishop: Andrea with an Irish Whip into the near ropes, and Medusa sent running. Medusa off the ropes, AND ANDREA CHANDLER CATCHES HER FOR A TILT A WHIRL SLAM!!!!

(Place erupting as Andrea Chandler breaks out into laughing fits.)

Bishop: Andrea stomping away on Medusa, and wants her up. Medusa slow to her feet…Clothesline!

(Fans all cheering as Medusa Rage hits the mat!)

Bishop: The cover!

Ref: 1………………………..2……………..foot on the rope!

Bishop: Andrea with a pickup, and a Neckbreaker! Now up to her feet, backing into the ropes and coming off with a Kneedrop! And she wants Medusa on her feet! Medusa trying to get up, and Andrea back into the ropes, coming off and ANOTHER Kneedrop!

(Fans all cheering as Andrea Chandler points to the Dawg Pound.)

Mutt: Andrea with another pick up, and Irish Whipping Medusa to the near ropes. Medusa bouncing off and ANDREA CHANDLER WITH A 360 degree POWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERSLAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!!!

Bishop: Andrea calling for the sunglasses, as the Kingpin tosses them up to her. And Andrea Chandler with a Double Bicep shot, and, oh boy……..!

(Dawg Pound barks as Andrea Chandler applies a Double Leg Pick up!)

Mutt: Yes! She’s going for it all!

Bishop: Andrea Chandler with a Double Leg Grapevine, and Medusa screaming. She can’t let herself give up….!

(Fans cheering as Medusa Rage struggles.)


(Fans all screaming as Medusa Rage shakes her head.)

Mutt: Medusa Rage wrestling hurt, running out of gas and vulnerable to those soft injuries. Andrea focused on nothing but the back, and now we have the coup de gras.

Bishop: You don’t wrestle Andrea Chandler if you aren’t 100% And….!

(Fans still screaming as Dementia Praecox barrels down the aisle!)

Mutt: Hold on, Dementia Praecox entering the ring…and here comes Nikita Marx dropping down from the rafters!!!!

(Fans all on their feet as Nikita Marx and Dementia Praecox slug it out in the ring.)



(The entire arena erupts as ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda storms into the ring.)

Mutt: Radhi Ananda nailing Praecox, and she’s down! She nails Nikita, and she’s down!….and she nails Andrea Chandler!

(Biggest pop thus far!)

Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen, ruled at 24 minutes 55 seconds, this has been ruled a Double Disqualification.

(Fans chanting: Radhi! Radhi! Radhi!)

Mutt: My God, Andrea Chandler and Medusa Rage HAD to end it like this?! I wanted a winner…

Bishop: Medusa rolling out of the ring, and here comes Nikita Marx!

(Fans all cheering as Nikita Marx opens her briefcase and pulls out her Russian Chain.)

Mutt: Nikita Marx chasing the exhausted Medusa Rage…and she is down!

(Fans all cheering as ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda pummels Andrea Chandler!)

Bishop: Andrea being nailed by the Western Heritage Champion! She Irish Whips the World Champion to the ropes, Andrea bounces off and Jungle with a Dropkick to the midsection!!!!

Mutt: Jungle climbing the ropes!

(Fans all cheering as ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda is poised up top….)

Bishop: Shoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooting Staaaaaaaaaaaaaar Press!!!


(Fans all cheering, but begin booing while Andrea Chandler is saved by Tiffany Chandler.)

Bishop: Radhi Ananda climbing out of the ring, and security is keeping her at bay! My lord, Radhi Ananda clearing house! Finally, a fan favorite has taken control of things!!!!

Mutt: Andrea can’t stand. She’s stumbling over…here?

(Andrea Chandler, doubled over, grabs the house mic and screams breathlessly into it.)

Andrea: “Medusa…love…thank you EVER so much for the challenge. You may be the Queen Bitch all you like, but if you’re not the Rich Bitch… (She giggles)…you’re nothing. NOTHING, Medusa Rage. The Age of Rage…is OVER!!! Ta ta!”

Bishop: Andrea has passed out right here on the Announcer’s table. The Kingpin and Andrea helping her up the aisle. Fans, security has pulled Nikita Marx off of Medusa Rage. There’s blood all over that Russian chain! Security is clearing things up. Fans, we’ll get back to you on the Friday Night Tease….


 (The Satellite feed is still up as fans begin leaving the arena. Suddenly, the lights go dim, and a figure stands in the middle of the ring, alone!)

Bishop: Hey…what the hell? The cameras aren’t rolling…who the hell?

Mutt: Ah damn!

Bishop: It’s a woman from what I can see on the monitor…and she has the house microphone now!

(Fans hurry back to their seats as the woman looks about the arena. This person is of average height, and weight is unable to be determined, due to the bulky nature of the robe. The voice is female, but modified.)

The woman: “Do you know me?”

(Fans are confused as they await something!)


(The Dawg Pound barks: Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! )

Mutt: She’s about to show us who she is!!!

(The woman throws back the hood. She’s wearing a mask hiding everything except her green eyes. She will then exits the ring, climbs over the guard railing, and heads out with other fans through the exits. Satellite transmission over!)

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