GDWA World Champion Andrea Chandler challenges her most vocal critic, commentator and former wrestler Sonya Blade. 

Scene opens up on a jammed packed Arco Arena in Sacramento, California. There are 23,507 screaming fans in attendance. “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


Bishop: Wrestling fans, welcome to the Saturday Nite Special. We are just a few weeks away from FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION, the biggest pay per view of the….

Mutt: …of the century! Hell, you are gonna have Order, Porter, Praecox, Duran, Butterfly, Duran….and did I mention Andrea Chandler?!

Bishop: Fans, joining me tonight is Sam Mutt do color commentating and later on Congo Paul Roberts doing tag. Sam, what do you think of tonight’s card?

Mutt: Well, you got rookie Crimson going up against wily veteran ‘Double O’ Officer Order. You gots the ‘Supermodel’ Eleanor Royal fighting the match of her life against the monstrous Nomad. And talk about a fight? Praecox and Rage…that says it all!

Bishop: And in the Main Event, Sonya Blade coming out of retirement to face the UNDISPUTED HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD Andrea Chandler.

(Fans cheer as more fireworks go off and Spud McKenzie runs down the aisle.)

Bishop: Adding on to this Syndicate night we have ‘Brilliant’ Tiffany Chandler…

Mutt: …along with Crimson early on tonight!

Bishop: And on our GDWA Flashback we have the woman formerly known as Lady Starr…Miko Azai!

(Fans cheer as Spud stands in the center of the ring.)

Spud: Wrrrrrrrrrrrrestling fans!!!

(Fans bark as Spud McKenzie walks around the ring!)

Spud: All fans of the Grand Dragon……ARE YOU READY!!!!!!

(Fans scream: YES!)

Spud: I said, ARE YOU READY?!?!?!?!?!

(Fans cheer louder and scream: YES!!!)

Spud: THEN……Let’s Get Rrrrrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrrrrrumble!!!!

(Crowd EXPLODES as fireworks go off around the ring)


Spud: Our first contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!

(Fans boos as they hear the ‘Iraqi national anthem’.)

Spud: Accompanied to the ring by her manager Princess Nelli. Hailing from the Iraqi desert! She stands 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighing in at 140 pounds, here is…the Nomad!

(Nomad heads down the ramp carrying the Iraqi flag as she enters the ring.)

Bishop: The Nomad is ready. Nomad entering the ring wearing brown and black one piece wrestling tights. She’s UNBELIEVABLY built. Pound for pound, she may be the strongest wrestler in the GDWA.

Mutt: …but she doesn’t carry the weight behind her of a Ma Porter. But at 140 pounds, she’s got a lot of meat. The dark haired mammoth is gonna KILL the Supermodel.

Bishop: Fans, let’s hear the introductions for ‘Supermodel’ Eleanor Royal….

(Fans cheer as they hear “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard!)

Spud: And her opponent! Hailing from Honolulu, Hawaii! She is 6 feet tall, 135 pounds. Here is….’Supermodel’ Eleanor Royal!!!

(Fans cheer as Eleanor Royal heads down the ramp slapping hands with fans.)

Bishop: The Supermodel really loves the fans. Can she do what Lady Tiger did? Take out this massive behemoth?

Mutt: No.

(Eleanor Royal heads to the ring wearing a black tuxedo jacket & tails with ‘Supermodel’ written in red on the back. She enters the ring and climbs the turnbuckles, waving at the fans.)



Bishop: Nomad clubbing Royal in the small of her back, and Royal collapses in the corner! The Nomad punching away, and Royal is getting beaten down. Nomad now, draping Royal across her shoulder, running with a head of steam…POWERSLAM!

(Fans boo as Nomad grapevines the leg.)

Ref: …………………………………………………….1





…………………………………………….Strong Kick out!

(Fans cheer!)

Mutt: Royal taking her eyes off of her opponent and appeasing these morons. Nomad taking the initiative and delivering the first high impact maneuver of the match!

Bishop: Nomad now, picking her up nailing away with punches to the head! Royal is dazed. Hold on! Nomad with a front face lock, hoisting up Royal and…..

Mutt: No, Royal flipping out of it and countering with an Armdrag and twist. And now an Irish Whip to the near ropes. Nomad bounding off and Royal with a Spin Wheel Kick!!!!

(Fans boo as Nomad shakes it off.)

Mutt: Bad move, you can’t deliver a high impact move to a behemoth like this too early in the match.

Bishop: Royal running to the far ropes as Nomad runs to the middle of the ring. Royal bouncing off and Nomad MISSING the Clothesline!

(Fans cheer as Eleanor Royal ducks the Clothesline and runs to the far ropes.)

Bishop: Nomad turning around and charging Royal as she comes off the ropes and NAILS Nomad with a Leg Lariat!!!

(Fans cheer when Nomad hits the mat and Eleanor Royal waits on Nomad.)

Bishop: Nomad barely up to her feet and Royal with a Dropkick! Nomad down on the mat, and Royal running to the far ropes. Nomad barely back up to her feet and Royal with another Dropkick! Wow!

(Fans cheering as Eleanor Royal heads toward the far corner.)

Mutt: Royal keeping Nomad in imbalance and keeping it high paced. Nomad gotta get in close and slow this down.

Bishop: The ref making the count as Royal is poised up top. She jumps…….AND HITS THE SPLASH OFF THE TOP!

Ref: 1……………………….2……………kick out!

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Royal with a pickup, and Irish whipping Nomad to the far ropes. Royal sprinting to the near ropes and….

(Fans booing as Eleanor Royal falls out on the floor.)

Mutt: Princess Nelli pulled down the rope! Nomad distracting the referee now as Nelli grabs a chair. Royal to her feet, and NELLI NAILS HER IN THE BACK! I love it.

Bishop: Princess Nelli rolling Royal into the ring. Nomad with a pickup, slapping on an Armlock and Hip Tosses Royal into the middle of the ring!!!

Mutt: She’s just so strong! Nomad being booed by these fans, but I think the gal is stupendous!!

Bishop: Royal slow to her feet…AND NOMAD WITH A RUNNING CLOTHESLINE!

(Fans groan as the Dawg Pound cheers!)

Ref: 1…………….2………1/2!

(Fans cheer as Eleanor Royal kicks out.)

Mutt: Nomad with a pickup, and a Tornado Punch! Nomad with her foot on Wendy’s chest for the standing cover……1….2…shoulder up!

(Fans all booing as Nomad stomps away on Eleanor Royal!)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Bishop: Royal with INCREDIBLE endurance. She’s able to take a serious beating, and stay in it…

Mutt: But for how long?

Bishop: Nomad with a pickup, and Royal with a Small Package!

Ref: ……………………………………………………..1





…………………………………………………..Kick out!

(Huge chorus of cheers as Nomad is stunned from roll up!)

Bishop: Both women back up, and Royal with a quick scoop and a Bodyslam! Nomad back up and a TORNADO PUNCH by the Supermodel!

(Huge chorus of cheers as Nomad hits the mat.)

Mutt: Princess Nelli up on the ring apron, and Royal walking over to the ropes!

(Fans cheering as Eleanor Royal clutches Princess Nelli.)

Bishop: Hold on! The referee trying to intervene between those two, and Nomad pulling out a foreign object from her boot. Nomad charging the Supermodel as she turns around….

(Hardcores cheers as Nomad connects with a jab to the jaw!)

Mutt: Royal is out! Nomad with her back to the ref, dropping down for the cover…..

Ref: …..1………..2…..3!


(Fans all booing as Princess Nelli enters the ring, and stomps away on Eleanor Royal.)

Bishop: Nomad telling Princess Nelli to hold her up! She’s got both of Royal’s arms hooked. Nomad measuring her, and nails Eleanor Royal with a Heart Punch!!!!

(Fans boo while the referee intervenes!)

Mutt: Nomad smiling dryly as the referee orders the Iraqis out of the ring.

Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 13 minutes flat, your winner via pinfall…..the Nomad!!!

Mutt: Eleanor Royal is knocked the fux out! Blood is all over, dripping out of her mouth. There’s a tooth on the mat, damn! What the hell, did Nomad hit her with a brick?

Bishop: Princess Nelli and Nomad rolling out of the ring, and Nelli raising her wrestler’s hand in victory. The ref rolling Royal out of the ring as Royal BARELY gets to her feet.

(Fans cheer as Sierra Browne runs down the aisle.)

Bishop: Nomad barking Arabic at Sierra Browne as the Iraqis laugh away at Eleanor Royal. And look…

(Fans cheer as Sierra Browne helps Eleanor Royal up the aisle. MISTER Furious Styles heads down the aisle and just shakes his head.)

Mutt: Well, we got an interview with Crimson up next. This is her big chance at the spotlight.


Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy! 1997 in that azz!!!!!!

(Fans cheer as MISTER Styles waves his hands around.)

Styles: Hold up, hold up! Before we get into the show…tell me one thing. Aight?! Just *WHO* is the premier broadcaster in Grand Dragon?!!?!?!?!?!?!??

(Dawg Pound barks as MISTER Furious Styles profiles around the ring.)

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy!!!!

(Fans cheer as MISTER Furious Styles struts around the ring.)

Styles: Now, comin’ to ya live from an arena near you! We got your boy MISTER Furious Styles profiling baby with my guest this week. She’s as tough as them teeth Nomad just knocked out of Royal’s mouth!

(Fans boo as MISTER Furious Styles laughs.)

Styles: Please welcome rookie newcomer…Crimson!

(Crimson comes down the aisle wearing blue jeans and a shirt. As she enters the ring, she notices Styles and her eyes blaze. She slowly begins walking towards him, her arms held out as if she means to grab him.)

Styles: Woooooooooooooooooah! What the hell!?

Crimson: My apologies. It’s my instinct to defeat anyone who is in the ring.

Styles: Yo, baby! Ain’t nobody rang a bell. (Wiping the sweat off of his brow.) Okay, now, you gotta match tonight, right? Officer Order is big time competition.

Crimson: Yes, Officer Order is a very formidable opponent. I do have one advantage, though. She doesn’t know anything about me, but I have watched some of her matches, and have some idea of her style.

Styles: I know all about ‘style’ baby! So, what’s the game plan kid?

Crimson: I prefer to not discuss the strategy I will use against her, as that would allow her to develop a defense. I will give her one warning though. I do whatever it takes to win. I will stop at nothing.

(Fans boo while MISTER Styles grins.)

Styles: Yeah, I like that. I don’t like the copper either!

Crimson: No, I do not bear her any ill will. I have a great amount of respect for Officer Order. But I will not hesitate to injure her, if that is what it will take to defeat her.

Styles: Well, of course SHE got a little sum’n. I mean, she’s a cop as well as a GDWA veteran. But what do you think of some of these newcomers. What about the ‘Kyoto Crippler’? Or Tiffany Chandler?

Crimson: Keiko Mita has shown her courage, and accepted my challenge. Hopefully, Chandler will as well.

(Fans boo as they hear Chandler’s name.)

Styles: Now, let’s talk about this. These fans are very finicky when it comes to cheers and stuff. How do you…

Crimson: I am not really concerned about what other people think of me. It would be nice to be cheered, but cheers will not win matches for me.

Styles: Well alright! Hey, I think we got somebody who can make it at the Grand Dragon. Thanks for comin, baby!

Crimson: (smiling) thank you for having me on your show Mr. Styles.

Mutt: Well, that got Keiko Mita and Miss Tiffany’s attention I’m sure. Hey, lemme get out of here while Congo Paul takes the stage!

(Fans boo as Congo Paul Roberts heads down the aisle. Sam and Paul shake hands as Congo sits down at the broadcaster’s table, putting on a headset.)

Allen: Fans, after a hiatus the GDWA tag division is back! And we’ve got one helluva match tonight as two unproven teams lock up, the High Flying Dolls and the…am I reading this right? The Suicide Blondes?

Congo: Where’ve you been at, redneck? The Blondes are the talk of the town!


SPUDS: Ladies and gentleman, the following tag team match is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit. First, coming down the aisle, at a combined weight of 250 pounds, and hailing Council Bluffs, Iowa, here are Lacy Gold and Midnight Fury…the High Flying Dolls!!

(*Thunderstruck by AC/DC erupts over the PA and the crowd pops as the duo make their way down the aisle. Lacy Gold is wearing a pink and shiny gold one-piece. Midnight Fury wears a black bodysuit and a black mask.*)

Allen: The Dolls, looking in top form as they seek a win in their debut here in the GDWA. But they’ll be facing the Blondes who also have something to prove.

SPUDS: And their opponents! At a total combined weight of 271 pounds, and hailing from Brentwood, California. Here are Baby Jane Ross, and Taylor Monroe, the Suicide Blondes!!

(*Where Eagles Dare* by the Misfits plays and cheers/boos are heard. Baby Jane Ross and Taylor Monroe come to the aisle wearing a tight black-vinyl body suits with a leopard skin plunging collars. Baby Jane sports a beehive haircut. Taylor Monroe has platinum blonde hair, which contrasts with her light ebony skin)

Allen: The crowd not sure how to react to these Blondes. But they step into the ring and we’re about to get under way.


Allen: Baby Jane Ross starting for the Suicide Blondes. I must say these Blondes are really vulgar.

Congo: Only you would say something like that, Bishop! These culture mavens are being invited to all the top parties in the GDWA!

Allen: Really? I haven’t seen them before!

Congo: That’s because your idea of a good time is playing Snakes & Ladders with Whalen. BJ Ross, now, locking up with Lacy of the Dolls.

Allen: And Ross with a slap in the face! What bad sportsmanship!

Congo: And Lacy Gold trying to get to Ross as Ross taunts her, but the referee intervening. I like these Blondes!

Allen: Gold seems to have calmed down a bit. The two lock up…and a shove to Lacy gold, sending her sprawling!

Congo: Gold is giving up a good 20 pounds here. But Baby Jane turning her back on Gold, boasting to the crowd. The speedy Lacy gets up…and a Russian Leg Sweep! Ross goes down!

Allen: Lacy, now, sticking it to Baby Jane with a single leglock. Ross slapping the mat in frustration. Hey, this perky little fashion plate can hold her own!

Congo: Excuse me, but if you want to talk fashion plates, no-one can approach the Suicide Blondes. Leopard fur is in! I ought to know. And Tiger is definitely out, hear me Ananda?

Allen: Please, this is hardly the place or time! Lacy releasing the hold and picking up Ross…Irish whip…to a hip toss! Beautifully delivered! Ross up and charging in and Lacy with another hiptoss! Baby Jane Ross, now to the outside to regroup.

Congo: BJ and Monroe, consulting…

REF: …4….5….6…7

Congo: And Ross back inside. She wisely makes the tag to Taylor Monroe. No more of this hiptoss crap. Monroe locking up with Gold…and an open hand slap to the face!

Allen: Lacy just lost her cool!! She’s chasing Monroe. Monroe ducks under the rope to the outside. And Gold not giving up!

**crowd pops as Lacy chases Monroe around the ring**

Allen: I sense a trap here….OH MY!! BJ ROSS hitting a flying clothesline to Lacy Gold from the apron!!! She nearly took her head off!!

Congo: It could only have been an improvement. The Blondes, firmly in control once again. Taylor Monroe whips Lacy into the ropes, and a sidewalk slam!! That sure knocks the wind out of you!

Allen: I don’t think anyone could quite knock the wind out of you, Paul.

Congo: Save it, funnyman. Taylor, now, with an armdrag takedown. We still have yet to see Midnight Fury get involved in this match. It’s a good thing for the Blondes, too, because she has a little more experience than Lacy here.

Allen: Taylor. Backing Lacy into her own corner…this is bad news! And Ross with a cheap shot!

Congo: Midnight Fury rushes in, but the ref blocking her. And while his back is turned, the Blondes doing a number on Gold. I love it! Classic tag-team wrestling!

Allen: You call that classic! It’s blatant cheating!

Congo: Precisely

Allen: Taylor Monroe with a tag….BJ Ross with a couple of open hand slaps…she’s going for a Fisherman Buster….But blocked by Lacy! Again…and Lacy Gold manages to block once again. Wait a minute…Gold, working her leg loose…And counters with a suplex of her own!

***CROWD POPS************

SPUDS: Five minutes have elapsed! Ten minutes remaining!

Allen: Can Lacy get over to make the tag…Monroe comes in to break it up…not in time! Gold tags out to Fury, and Midnight is wound up something fierce!

***Even Bigger Crowd Pop****

Congo: Midnight, peppering Ross with lefts! And a BIG right hand to Baby Jane’s pretty little jaw! Fury, now coming for Monroe, and dropkicks her to the outside! Midnight Fury is cleaning house!!

Allen: Fury, now going for a Camel clutch! She’s got it hooked in on BJ Ross! This could be it!

Congo: Contain yourself, dopey, this isn’t anything. Fury is making a rookie mistake…far too early to try a submission hold.

(Referee asks Ross if she wants to submit. Ross shakes her head no, but the tension builds. Monroe slides under the bottom rope)

Allen: Monroe with a… SPINWHEEL KICK to the back of Midnight Fury’s head. She never saw that coming!

Congo: Both Blondes, working over the fallen Midnight Fury. Lacy Gold coming to her rescue…throws the ref out of her way and dropkicks Baby Jane! She should be fined for that!

Allen: Monroe sneaking behind Gold for a double axhandle…but Gold with a thrust kick to the midsection. My word!

Congo: All four women in the ring now, brawling, and the ref trying to force them apart. Bishop, who would you say is the most attractive in the ring right now?

Allen: Uh, I’m not sure that’s what we should be concentrating on.

Congo: Figures. You’d probably say the referee, anyhow.

Allen: (clears throat) In any event, the ref finally gains some control, and the two legal women, Fury and Ross lock it up. Fury, taking down Baby Jane Ross by the hair.

Congo: Uh oh! That High flying doll just messed up BJ’s beehive! Now she’s…..

Congo: Uh oh! That High flying doll just messed up BJ’s beehive! Now she’s in for it!

Allen: Well, that remains to be seen, as Midnight drags Baby Jane over to a neutral corner. Climbs to the second rope and….CONNECTS with a knee to the chest.

****Crowd POPS!!!*****

Congo: Ross, clutching her chest in pain, and Fury with the pin.





 **** (Crowd groans as Monroe rushes in to make the save) *****

Congo: Close, but not quite close enough to beat the GDWA’s culture mavens.

Allen: Yeah, schlock culture! Fury, now, tagging out to Lacy Gold. And Lacy with a side headlock. Really digs it in.

SPUDS: 10 minutes have elapsed! Five minutes remaining!

Allen: Both teams now, smelling blood. Ross, pushing Gold into the ropes…

CONGO: AND MONROE DELIVERS A SPINWHEEL KICK AS LACY HITS THE ROPES. Baby Jane immediately goes to the hostile corner and SUPERKICKS Midnight Fury!

****HARDCORES POP! ******

Congo: Fury, got caught sleeping. Lacy Gold still down from Monroe’s kick. Monroe entering the ring…and…What’s this?

Allen: The ref showing leeway by letting both women in the ring without so much as a tag. Monroe, hoisting Lacy Gold into a bearhug. BJ Ross, bouncing off the far ropes and…WHAT A CLOTHESLINE!!!!!

Congo: They call that the Suicide Drop. Here’s the count









SPUDS: Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of the match, at a time of 12:03, the Suicide Blondes!!

(Crowd boos and hardcores pop as “Where Eagles Dare” blares over the PA)

Allen: The Culture vultures, taking this one with a superior strategy. But now that the other teams have had a chance to scout them, I doubt all their double teaming will work as well

Congo: Bishop, do you know anything about wrestling, at all? The Blondes are indicative of the new breed of tag team we’ve got in the GDWA: Young, hungry, and willing to do whatever it takes. If they can’t double team, they’ll do whatever else it takes to win. Wait a minute, Taylor Monroe is calling for the mike.

(Crowd hushes a bit)

MONROE: (Panting) Well…These High Flying Dolls look more like rag dolls to me! Pathetic! No interviews please, we’ll be in our trailers!

(Throws the mike down. Both women leave the ring, walking back down the aisle with a swagger. They disappear behind the curtain)

Congo: A great debut here for the Suicide Blondes

Allen: (dumbfounded) They have trailers??…

(Fans cheer as MISTER Furious Styles heads down the aisle. He’s an African American male in his early 30’s, wearing a red/black striped zoot suit, top hat, and Ray Ban Sunglasses.)

Bishop: In just a minute we hear from Tiffany Chandler ‘the Brilliant’ who…I don’t know what the hell she’s talking about.

Mutt: Neither do I, but it must be important!

(Fans all cheering as a spotlight hits MISTER Furious Styles in the center of the ring.)


Styles; Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, baby! Comin’ to ya live and direct from the center of my universe… Now, I’m about to introduce a woman who’s got brains as well as beauty… and she’s one fine looking specimen.. Please welcome the newest addition to the Syndicate… here is “Brilliant” Tiffany Chandler!!

[Tiffany walks out and it’s all business. She looks out to the crowd and smirks, setting her briefcase at her feet. She shakes hands with Styles.]

Tiffany: Thank you, Mr. Styles for giving me this time. Your show always keeps me entertained.

Styles: Let me tell you that I like your ‘style’ girl… but we gotta talk about your match last week with the Supermodel… she got the win over you…I couldn’t hardly believe it myself.. But that’s the way it ended up.

Tiffany: Let me tell you the scoop on Eleanor Royal, the so-called Supermodel.

[Tiffany reaches down, picks up her briefcase]

Tiffany: If you’ll hold this…

[Styles holds the briefcase as Tiffany opens it up and produces a large envelope. She closes her briefcase and sets it back on the floor. She flips the top open of the envelope and pulls out some papers and photos.]

Tiffany: While I wouldn’t want to spread these actual photos around, I’ll let you take a look at them yourself, Mr. Styles. As you can see, Eleanor Royal wasn’t always the supermodel she claims to be. These papers prove that she has not only had consultation with plastic surgeons… but has paid for services as well.

Styles: You mean, this is her?

Tiffany: That’s exactly what I’m saying. She’s a fake and a fraud.

[Styles flips through all the papers and photos]

Styles: Well, I’ll be! How’d you get information like this? I thought all this kind of stuff was confidential…

Tiffany: *smirks* Mr. Styles, I can hardly reveal that sort of thing out here on the air. My main concern tonight was to prove that Eleanor Royal is a fake and a fraud. I will be more than happy to get her in the ring for a rematch. Anytime. Anywhere. I will prove that her win over me was nothing more than a fluke, at best. I’m afraid that’s all the time I have for now. Good day, Mr. Styles.

[Tiffany turns and walks off. Styles puts the papers and photos back into the envelope, when Tiffany comes back and retrieves the envelope and walks off the stage.]

Styles: Hey, blunt and to the point! Yo, back to you Bishop and Sam Mutt!

Mutt: Thanks, MISTER Styles. Hey, we got one more match before the GDWA Flashback?

Bishop: That’s right. ‘Double O’ Officer Order takes on Crimson as she makes her debut in the GDWA. And much like Bloody Mary, Crimson is making her debut against a big time player in Grand Dragon. Let’s go to Spud who I believe is ready in the ring….


Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.

(Mixture of cheers and boos as fans hear ‘Poison’ by Alice Cooper.)

Spud: Coming down the aisle, hailing from Yellowknife, Canada! She is 5 feet 8 inches, weighing 137lbs! Here is Crimson!!!!!!!!

(The red headed Crimson heads down the aisle wearing a green and black two piece.)

Bishop: Crimson making her debut tonight in what should be a good one. Sam, what is your opinion of her?

Mutt: Tough gal! That’s my first reaction. She trains hard and is focused. That’s what will get you ahead in Grand Dragon.

Bishop: Sam, sometimes wrestlers come in with a great marketing gimmick, flashy clothes and witty little sayings…but can they wrestle? Do they train in the gym and practice moves with sparring partners? Crimson in the ring now, and she looks DETERMINED to make her presence known in Grand Dragon.

Spud: And her opponent….

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Bad Boys’ by Inner Circle.)

Spud: Led down the aisle by her manager Martial Law!

(Fans stand on their feet and pop BIG TIME as Officer Order steps through the curtain.)

Spud: From San Francisco, California…Five feet Tall, 120 pounds…here is ‘Double O’ Officer Order!!!!

Bishop: This place has gone ballistic.

Mutt: The fans have gone off!

Bishop: She and Daisy Butterfly received the LANNY MANSON Fan Favorite award as they were voted in the GDWA magazine as the most popular wrestlers in Grand Dragon! Fans are going crazy!

(Officer Order heads down ringside dressed in black pants and a dark blue uniform shirt with a gold badge over the heart. She runs to the ring slapping hands with fans, while Martial Law follows behind her tossing Officer Order T-shirts into the crowd.)

Mutt: Officer Order climbing through the ropes, and the ref having some last minute words with Double O. Crimson hasn’t taken her eyes from her.

Bishop: So focused. Officer Order extending her hand…and Crimson WILL NOT shake it! Officer Order setting her hands on her hips and shakes her head in disbelief.

Mutt: This is Double O giving Crimson a chance to show everybody what kind of wrestler she is. The ref checking some things with Crimson…and here we go!


Bishop: Double O with fake jabs as Crimson backs off. Crimson trying to get inside, but Double O so quick. Crimson rather careful, and finally a lock up. Crimson using her height and weight advantage as she backs up Order.

Mutt: Crimson with a Side Headlock and Double O reversing out of it. Order not known for any great amount of technical wrestling, and Crimson is cringing as Order applies a Hammerlock…

Bishop: And Order Judo flips her over her shoulder!

(Fans pop!)

Bishop: Wow! Crimson back up and Order with an Axe Kick to the shoulder! Order focusing on the neck as we can all see. Now Order with Karate Chops to the midsection, chest, top of the head and back down again….!

Mutt: And Crimson is down. You know, Order is taking her time, really using this as a feeling out process. Crimson backing into the near corner, and Order stomping her feet riling up these fans!

(Fans stomping their feet as the whole arena erupts behind Officer Order.)

Mutt: They make me sick!

Bishop: Crimson out of the corner, and locking up once more. She backs up Order, and now a rake to the eyes. Crimson Irish Whipping the Martial Artist to the far ropes as she stands in the middle of the ring.

Mutt: Order flying off the ropes, diving through the air, and hooking the leg for the quick roll up!

Ref: 1…………………………….2………….reversal!…. ……..1………………….2……………kick out!

(Fans cheering!)

Bishop: Both women back up and the incredibly quick Officer Order with a Leg Sweep. Crimson back up and Order with a Dropkick! Crimson back up and Order Irish whipping her to the near ropes. Crimson bouncing off the ropes, ducking the Karate Chop….


(Big Pop!)

Bishop: Crimson back up and Order with a Mule Kick! Crimson is down on the mat, and struggling to get to her feet…


(Fans erupt in cheers as Crimson is laid out on the mat!)

Mutt: Crimson having difficulty in this one, and she has collapsed to the mat. She’s badly hurt, and the ref isn’t sure if he should call the match.

Bishop: Order picking up Crimson to…

Mutt: And Crimson tosses her through the ropes and out of the ring, and I love it!

(Fans all booing as Officer Order hits the arena floor.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Ref: 1………………………………………2………….

Bishop: Martial Law complaining to the referee, and Crimson out on the floor now. Crimson with a pickup, and Irish Whips Order into the guard railing. Ouch!

Mutt: Order clutching her back, and Crimson comes running into her with a Clothesline! Order goes flying over the guard railing. You know Bishop, I’m going on record and saying that Double O took this match much too conservatively. Now, Crimson is going to try to capitalize and really bear down on the former WH titlist.

(Fans all booing as Crimson tosses Order out of the stands.)

Bishop: Martial Law attending to Double O as Crimson argues with him. The count has reached six as she roles back into the ring, and rolls back out!

Mutt: Order waving off Martial Law, and Crimson choking away on Order! The ref out on the floor, and forcing the break. Order gasping for air, and Crimson grabbing onto Order for an Irish Whip…

Bishop: No! A reversal by Order right into the ring post!

(Huge crowd pop AS Hardcores cheer!)

Mutt: Martial Law coming around and the referee waving him off. Hold on, the dazed Crimson pushing Spud out of the way, and grabbing his chair! Order backing off and….

(Fans boo as Officer Order is nailed in the head with the chair.)

Bishop: …Crimson with a quick pick up now, and the Hardcores are cheering her on! She slaps Order’s head between her legs for a Piledriver!

(Fans boo as Officer Order is rolled into the ring.)

Bishop: Martial Law on the outside, with the referee still distracted. Crimson has Order covered, but no count.

Mutt: 1……2………..3……4…..5….6…..60! You could count all day, Officer Order ain’t moving, and Crimson slapping the mat in utter disbelief!

Bishop: Crimson with a pick up as the referee climbs the ring steps. She double underhooks the arms for a Butterfly Suplex! And now Order is covered!

Ref: 1…………………..2………………….foot on the ropes.

(Fans chanting: Order! Order! Order! Order!)

Mutt: Crimson arguing with the referee, and I gotta say I like this gal. She actually reminds me of a rougher and tougher Staci X if you ask me!

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Bishop: Crimson Irish Whipping Order to the near ropes, Order bouncing off and Leap Frogging over Crimson! Crimson running to the far side as Order bounces off the ropes and nails Double O with a Running Clothesline!

Ref: 1….2….kick out!

(Big crowd pop as Officer Order kicks out of the cover!)

Mutt: Great execution by Crimson. She’s choking away on Order now, and taking the wind out of her sails…and a chair shot doesn’t hurt any either (laughs)!

Bishop: Crimson with another pick up, and punching away on Order, and Order firing back with Karate Chops! Crimson with weak punches, being backed up by the fiery policewoman. Crimson backing into the ropes, and Order with an Axe kick to the shoulder!

(Fans cheer as Officer Order whips Crimson to the far ropes.)

Mutt: Order running to the middle of the ring, and Crimson coming off the ropes….


(Fans all cheering chanting: Order! Order! Order! Order!)

Bishop: Crimson too far from the ropes, and he raises the hand once…..and it drops!

Mutt: He raises it a second time…..and it drops again!

Bishop: He raises it a third time….and it’s over!


(Crowd pops big time as Officer Order gets to her feet!)

Spud: At 13 minutes 43 seconds, your winner via submission….. ‘Double O’ Officer Order!

(Fans cheering as Martial Law slides into the ring and raises Officer Order’s hand in victory.)

Mutt: Let me go on record and say that Crimson almost had this one. Order with just enough left to use that legendary quickness. But that ring rust is more than apparent. She hasn’t wrestled for almost a month and you could see it in her inability to recover from Crimson’s blows.

Bishop: Also, Martial Law inadvertently kept Crimson from getting the cover. Crimson almost upsetting the law and order of Grand Dragon. Never the less, the win would have been tainted. A chair shot and some questionable tactics on the outside.

Mutt: Well, as far as I’m concerned, Crimson got the win. She told Order she’d do anything to win, and had her down. Martial Law needs to hone those managerial skills if he plans on being her PERMANENT manager.

Bishop: Fans, let’s go to Mike Whalen with our new Saturday Nite Special feature, the GDWA Flashback…

(Mike Whalen walks around the fan favorite locker room wearing a blue blazer with GDWA logo on the pocket as the camera comes into focus.)

Whalen: Hello fans, and welcome to our third installment of the GDWA Flashback.

(He sits down on a bench and adjusts his tie.)

Whalen: The Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance has grown in popularity, so we thought it prudent to introduce you new fans, and re-introduce to old fans, some of the GDWA’s most memorable moments…some moments we don’t even know are memorable until AFTER the match.

(Camera switches angles as he smiles into it.)

Whalen: For example, the woman formerly known as Lady Starr is an incredible acrobat. She perhaps is one of the most underrated superstars in the GDWA. Just ask the WESTERN HERITAGE Champion ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda. Jungle met the woman now known as Miko Azai in their debut match in the GDWA. Both Azai and Ananda were rookies, and needed a big win to prove to the GDWA that they were a threat. At this time in Azai’s career, she was a fan favorite loved by all…times have really changed.

(He walks over to the exit and heads down the hallway toward the rulebreakers locker room.)

Whalen: Anyway, our Flashback tonight is a match taped on April 28th of last year from the Oakland Coliseum Arena in Oakland California. You can only imagine the butterflies in Miko Azai’s stomach, as well as Radhi Ananda, as neither woman had stepped into a GDWA ring before. Miko Azai proved she had all the POTENTIAL in the world to become a superstar. Fans, as the GDWA has had a recent influx of rookie talent, you might just appreciate seeing Miko Azai and Radhi Ananda, not just in their rookie months, but in their debut match!


Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.

(Crowd begins booing!)

Spud: Coming down the aisle, with her manager ‘Congo’ Paul Roberts…From Bombay, India! She is 5 feet 5 inches, weighing 135lbs! Here is “Jungle” Radhi Ananda!!!!!!!!

(A wild haired Indian woman walks down the aisle, glaring at the fans!)

Bishop: Scary! Real scary!

Mutt: She looks like she could us a valium. Too bad for Lady Starr! I can’t wait to see her destroy the Star woman.

Bishop: Sam, sometimes I swear. Can’t you just be objective for once?!

(Crowd cheers as Lady Starr begins running down the aisle.)

Spud: And her opponent, led down the aisle by “Duke” David Jones! From Tokyo, Japan…Five feet 5, 135 pounds, here is Lady Starr!!!!!

Bishop: Another wrestler from Japan. The Duke of professional wrestling David Jones with a new acquisition. Let’s see what she can do.

Mutt: Oh come on! The ninja has a pretty looking outfit, but give me a break. Radhi is a killer!


Bishop: Radhi Ananda charging in at the bell, but Lady Starr was ready for her! Big right hands from the woman from Japan! Now a kick to the midsection backs Radhi Ananda into the ropes. Ananda bounces off the farside, and gets nailed with a Spinwheel kick!

(Crowd cheers!)

Mutt: That shot nailed her right in the chest! All the breath seems to be knocked out of her. She’s just laid out on the mat.

Bishop: Lady Starr with a pickup and a Bodyslam! She’s heading for the top rope now.

(Crowd all on their feet as Lady Starr points to all the fans…..)

Mutt: She jumps….and misses the Fistdrop! Radhi Ananda quickly up to her feet and stomping away at the head of Lady Starr. My goodness! Look at the viciousness. Paul Roberts barking orders and Radhi Ananda with a pickup.

Bishop: She tosses Lady Starr into the ropes. Starr bounces off and Ananda nails her with a High Back Body Drop! Now she’s stomping away, and the ref is forcing the break!

(Fans boo as she heads for the top rope.)

Mutt: Look how incompetent the Duke is. She could’ve shaken the ropes by now and made Radhi Ananda fall to the outside.

Bishop: Lady Starr now, getting to her feet. Ananda jumps…and nails Lady Starr with a Clothesline! Starr flew half way across the ring! The cover…1…2…..thr…no! Foot on the rope. Jungle with a pickup and…A Heart Punch!!!! Lady Starr is down! Ananda going to the ropes again.

(Fans all on their feet as Lady Starr gets to her feet….)

Mutt: Radhi Ananda jumps…and MISSES the Cross Body Block! Lady Starr dove out of the way.

Spud: 7 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 8 remaining.

Bishop: David Jones screaming at Lady Starr. Lady Starr runs to the ropes, bounces off, and nails Ananda with a Flying Forearm! Shades of Lanny Manson there! Starr with a pickup and a Backbreaker!

Mutt: She’s going to the top rope!

(Fans all cheering as she gets to the top and quickly jumps off….)

Bishop: She jumps…and MISSES the Legdrop! Ananda with a roll away. Ananda is hurt. Ananda with a pickup and an Eye Gouge! Now a standing choke hold, and Starr is gasping for air! Get in there ref!

Mutt: Ananda with an Irish Whip to the ropes. She bounces off and ducks the running Clothesline! Starr runs to the farside as Ananda bounces off the ropes….FRANKENSTEINER!!!!!

(Big crowd pop!)

Bishop: The cover…1……………….2………………….3!


Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 12 minutes 33 seconds! Your winner via pinfall…………….Lady Starr!

(Fans cheering as David Jones raises Lady Starr’s hand in victory.)

Whalen: Hope you enjoyed that one fans. Seeing Miko Azai with her first match in the GDWA really makes one think about how far we’ve gone. Allen, Sam, back to you guys!


Spud: Our next contest is scheduled for 1 fall with a 15 minute time limit…and it is a NO HOLDS BARRED BRAWL!

(Fans boo as they hear the ‘Insane in the Membrane’ by Cypress Hill.)

Spud: Accompanied down the aisle by her manager Madame Hecate. From Parts Unknown! Standing 5 feet 5 inches tall, 143 pounds, here is…Dementia Praecox!

(Fans boo as Praecox heads down the aisle wearing old and soiled looking clothing. Her short black hair is rattled as Madame Hecate leads her into the ring.)

Bishop: This is going to be ugly.

Mutt: Ugly has never seen two wrestlers like Rage and Praecox! The Dawg Pound loves these two, and they’ll enjoy this all night!

Bishop: Praecox bounding against the ropes in earnest…and now just sits in the middle of the ring. Madame Hecate talking things over with the referee with a threatening finger.

Mutt: Have you noticed Praecox has gained some weight in the last few months? She could be bulking up as a contender.

Bishop: Very true. Hecate a rather shrewd manager, this would be a tactical decision. Fans, let’s hear the announcements for Medusa Rage….

(Fans boo but the Dawg Pound begins to cheer as they hear ‘9th Symphony’ by New World Order.)

Spud: And her opponent! Accompanied to the ring by her manager Dalbello Rage!!!

(Fans boo as they see Medusa Rage bursting through the curtain like she’s all business.)

Spud: Hailing from Port-of-Spain, Trinidad! She is 6 feet tall, 160 pounds! The number 1 contender to the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP….Medusa Rage!

(A brigade of 10 black female body builders burst through the curtain and follow Medusa down ringside.)

Mutt: GDWA security is keeping them at bay. Administrators don’t like tag teams and brigades coming down to the….!


(Fans cheer as Praecox nails away on Dalbello Rage.)

Bishop: Madame Hecate, the former manager of Demonica, well prepared for this brawl. She has a chair as Dalbello and Praecox fight away…and Madame Hecate nails her!


Bishop: Medusa up to her feet, and Praecox nails her with a Running Forearm to the head!

(Fans all cheering as Dementia Praecox rolls Medusa Rage into the ring.)

Bishop: The ref trying to get some order OUTSIDE of the ring. Hecate backing away from Dalbello Rage as Rage holds her head on the floor. In the ring, Praecox choking away, and Medusa flailing around. Now a pickup, and an Eye Gouge!

(Fans all cheering as Dementia Praecox forces Medusa into the ropes.)

Mutt: The hardcores are loving this! Praecox choking away on Medusa. Medusa the tactician is totally rattled by Praecox’s wildness. Medusa laid over the ropes, and the insane one is about to go off!

Bishop: Praecox running to the far ropes, bouncing off and…Medusa rolling out of the way.

Mutt: And Praecox Springboarding off the ropes and to her feet. What acrobatics….AND MEDUSA RAGE BARRELING INTO HER WITH A CLOTHESLINE!

(Fans pop hard as both women are down on the mat.)

Ref: 1…………………………….2……………………..3

Bishop: Rage up first, and stomping away on Praecox. Praecox diving at Medusa’s legs. Rage down, and the two women tumbling around the ring. The ref trying to separate the two, and Medusa with a European Uppercut!

Mutt: Praecox is stunned! Medusa wailing into him with European Uppercuts, and driving Praecox into the corner. She’s real pissed off, and Praecox and she are gonna have a HELL of a dance tonight.

(Fans cheer as Medusa Rage stomps away at Dementia Praecox’s legs.)

Bishop: Medusa Irish Whipping Praecox out of the corner to the far side! What power! Praecox stumbling out and Medusa with a Belly to Belly Suplex!

(Fans pop!)

Bishop: Medusa with a pickup, and running Praecox into the corner. Medusa with a handful of hair and rams Praecox’s head into the turnbuckle……!

(Fans all cheering as Dementia Praecox rams her own head into the turnbuckle!)

Mutt: Praecox unfazed! And now a rake to the eyes, and Praecox bullying Medusa into the corner. An Irish Whip to the far corner as Praecox picks up a head of steam….!


(Dawg Pound barking: Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!)

Bishop: and she tosses her to the outside!

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Incredible strength! Medusa on the outside now, and Madame Hecate scrambling away warning Praecox. Praecox on the floor, reaching under the ring for something. Medusa with a pickup and a European Uppercut.

Mutt: And Praecox spraying Medusa with a can of mace? What the hell? Bishop: Praecox picking up a chair…and Dalbello Rage CLOTHESLINING her! The referee on the outside now, and he’s warning her. Meanwhile, Medusa rolling around in pain, can’t even see…and Madame Hecate stomping away on Medusa!

(Fans screaming as Madame Hecate Piledrives Medusa Rage.)

Bishop: This has gotten out of hand! Medusa out on the floor, and Praecox just now getting to her feet…SUPERKICK BY DEMENTIA PRAECOX!

Mutt: The injuries have left Medusa less athletic, sluggish, but the biggest factor has been this emotional whirlwind. Praecox and Hecate are really making rule breaking into an art form.

Bishop: Medusa Rage is wiping at her eyes while on the floor as Dementia Praecox slides into the ring. She runs to the far ropes, bounces off, and comes Springboarding off the near ropes to the outside…….

Mutt: Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonsault!

(Hardcores cheer and the arena erupts as Medusa Rage hits the floor.)

Bishop: Dementia Praecox going back into the ring, no! Madame Hecate telling her to get into the ring, but she’s attacking Dalbello Rage. Praecox grabbing her by the back of her head and ramming her into the ring post!

(Fans all boo as the referee forces Dementia Praecox away.)

Mutt: Hold on! Dementia Praecox reaching under the ring…she’s got a beer. Praecox sipping the rest of it, and now sprinting toward Medusa…


(Fans all cheering as BOTH women lay on the floor.)

Mutt: She’s got to be knocked out!

Bishop: Madame Hecate checking on Dementia Praecox, and Medusa can hardly see. Medusa Rage an awfully tough woman. And…

(Fans all booing as Dalbello Rage nails Madame Hecate in the back of the head.)

Mutt: She just nailed Madame Hecate in the head with Nikita Marx’s steel briefcase!

(Fans boo as Medusa Rage limps over to Madame Hecate.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Mutt: Oh no! Medusa Rage slapping Madame Hecate between her legs. The Dawg Pound is going nuts as she slaps on a Waistlock! She hoists her up, applying a Tornado Spin and BOMBARDS her with the Jackknife Powerbomb!

Bishop: And Dalbello Rage rolling Dementia Praecox into the ring! Medusa rolling into the ring, and stomping away on Dementia Praecox. Oh boy. Medusa scooping up Dementia Praecox.

(Fans all cheering and Dawg Pound barks as she points to the outside.)

Bishop: Medusa Rage sprinting toward the ropes, leaping over the top…..


(Huge eruption of cheers as Dementia Praecox starts calling for mommy!)

Bishop: Praecox with a pickup, and Medusa is hurt. I mean, she’s beat something awful. Praecox reaching around her and slapping on the LITHIUM LULLABY SLEEPER HOLD!!!!!!!!

(Fans all cheering as Medusa Rage flails her arms around.)

Bishop: Medusa Rage is real hurt! She’s DEFINITELY not 90%. She’s going out like a light, and here comes Dalbello Rage. The referee getting in between them…AND SHE NAILS HIM WITH THE BRIEFCASE!

(Fans scream as Dementia Praecox is nailed in the back of the head by Nikita Marx’s briefcase.)

Mutt: Medusa getting her bearings, and they both stomp on the fallen Dementia Praecox. They lay the briefcase down on the floor, and Medusa slapping Praecox’s head between her legs!

(Dawg Pound cheers as Medusa Rage points out to them.)

Bishop: Oh no! Dementia Praecox’s back….

(Fans cheer as Sierra Browne runs down the aisle.)

Mutt: What? That goodie to-shoes Sierra Browne is in the mix now.

Bishop: A second referee is running down to ringside now as Sierra confronts Medusa….and Medusa shoves her down to the floor!

(Fans all booing as Medusa Rage barks at Sierra Browne.)


Bishop: Medusa hoisting up Praecox and NAILING the Jackknife!!!!

(Hardcores all on their feet cheering as Dementia Praecox cringes in pain.)

Mutt: The Dawg Pound is falling in love as Medusa and Dalbello Rage stomp away on Dementia Praecox. My lord, get the stretchers!

Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 12 minutes 15 seconds, your winner via disqualification…..Dementia Praecox!!!

Bishop: GDWA security is down here, and they are forcing the Rage duo up the aisle. Most fans are booing her, but the Dawg Pound has had a performance of their liking.

(Dawg Pound barking: ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa!’Dusa!’Dusa!’Dusa!)

Bishop: Sierra Browne can’t believe what has just happened. The stretchers are down here for Madame Hecate and Dementia Praecox, and she’s walking up the aisle alone.

Mutt: What is happening in the GDWA? Medusa Rage has labeled these the ‘Tours of the Apocalypse’ and now I see why. My lord, the ring general has left women laying for the 2nd week in a row.

(Fans boo as Dementia Praecox and Madame Hecate are carried up the aisle.)

Bishop: Fans, there’s one match left. Perhaps we can get some good news out of this match.

Mutt: Yeah, good old–and mind you, I do mean ‘old’–Sonya Blade is gonna get a GOOD ass whooping!


Spud: Wrestling fans, our final contest is a NON TITLE bout scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit!

(A hush comes over the arena as they await the music. The Crowd begins cheering as they hear ‘2001 Space Odyssey’.)

Spud: First, a true legend in Grand Dragon history! Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada. She is 5 feet 4 inches, 115 pounds…..Sonya Blade!!!

(Sonya comes jogging down the aisle, slapping hands with fans. She wears black and green khaki one piece spandex with a diamond on the back. Her dirty blond hair is tied in a ponytail in the back.)

Bishop: This crowd has waited nearly a year to see Sonya Blade re-enter the sport. And now, she returns for one more match!

Mutt: Pardon me Allen my friend, but Blade has got to contend with a woman that NO FAN FAVORITE has the nerve to face. Good luck Sonya, you’ll need it.

Bishop: Let’s hear the introductions for the World Champ…

(Fans boo universally as they hear ‘Cold Blood’ by Kix…)

Spud: And her opponent, led down the aisle by her manager the Kingpin.

(Fans continue to boo while Andrea Chandler pauses in the aisle and opens up her robes to flash the World title around her waist!)

Kosei: From Long Island, New York….she is 5 feet 7 inches. Weighing 142 pounds……The Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION……Andrea Chandler!

(Fans are still booing as Andrea Chandler walks down ringside. Andrea heads up the ring steps wearing a baby blue robe–with a lacy pink two piece trimmed with pretty rhinestones underneath–and sunglasses on her face.)

Mutt: Each and every week, these fans hate Andrea Chandler and the Syndicate more and more! Have they no respect?

Bishop: No. Not for a woman as cocky as Chandler. Andrea in the ring now, and taking her time. She’s got her back to Sonya Blade as she stands in the corner taking off her jewelry and sunglasses.

Mutt: And Sonya Blade wants to get it on. She’s stretching and tugging on the ropes vehemently.

Bishop: The referee calling over both combatants to the center of the ring, going over the rules with each combatant. And look at this!

(Men hoot and holler as Andrea peels back her hood, and, looking at Sonya, allows her robe to sensually fall from her shoulders, away from her breasts, and then finally drop it.)

Mutt: The Kingpin laughing heartily as he picks up Andrea’s robe. Sonya Blade sneering as Andrea Chandler unbuckles the World Title from around her waist.

Bishop: Sonya Blade backing off a little bit as the ref checks with Spud. And here we go!


Bishop: No lock up! Andrea with a handshake….and Sonya looks out to the fans.

(Fans yell: NO! as Sonya Blade extends her hand.)

Mutt: And Andrea Chandler…shakes her hand?

Bishop: Rare show of sportsmanship from the rich bitch. Alight, Collar and Elbow tie up and Andrea backing Sonya into the near ropes. The ref wants a break…and Andrea…

(Fans boo as Andrea Chandler blows a kiss.)

Bishop: breaks cleanly, but Sonya Blade nailing away with jabs to the head!

(Fans cheer as Andrea Chandler backs away.)

Mutt: Another tie up, and Andrea backing Sonya into the near corner. The ref wants another break, and Andrea pinning Sonya with her body, smiling smugly. Sonya is ticked off big time! She wants to fight, and Andrea is playing games.

Bishop: Sonya is fed up, as Andrea Chandler turns away from her to pose to the fans…hold on! Sonya quickly flying up the turnbuckles and comes off the top with a Double Axe handle! Andrea down to one knee, and Sonya nailing away with punches!

(Fans cheering as Andrea Chandler buckles.)

Bishop: Wow! Sonya with a pickup, and Irish Whipping Andrea, no reversal, right into the ropes. Sonya bouncing off and leapfrogging over Andrea. Chandler turning around and Sonya with a Dropkick!

Mutt: Andrea back up and ANOTHER Dropkick! Andrea up again and another Dropkick! Andrea up again and a Clothesline…but Andrea Chandler is STILL on her feet!

(Fans boo as Andrea Chandler smiles then nails Sonya Blade with a kick to the midsection!)

Mutt: Yes! A Frontface lock and a Vertical Suplex. She hasn’t felt that in a while Bishop.

Bishop: Andrea with the cover……..1………….2……kick out!

(Fans cheer as Sonya Blade kicks out.)

Bishop: Andrea on the attack, Irish whipping her to the far ropes. Andrea walking into the middle of the ring as Sonya bounces off…Military Press Slam!

Mutt: Andrea Chandler backing into the ropes, bouncing off and MISSES the Kneedrop! Damn it!

Bishop: Sonya up to her feet and picking up Andrea. She’s huffing and puffing as she slap on a frontface lock…Swinging Neckbreaker. And now she’s going up top.

(Fans cheer while Sonya Blade climbs up the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: Andrea up to her feet, and she’s heading over to the corner. OH no! She’s caught Sonya and tosses her off the top! Sonya getting to her feet and ANDREA CHANDLER WITH A RUNNING CLOTHESLINE!!!

(Fans booing while the referee asks Sonya Blade the question!)

Mutt: Sonya not used to this kind of physical exertion and the referee is well aware of this. You know, she ain’t my favorite person, but I don’t want to see her hurt…too bad at least!

Mutt: Andrea now, backing into the ropes, and bouncing off with a head of steam and a KNEEDROP across the chest of Sonya Blade.

(Fans all booing while Andrea Chandler steps through the ropes and flexes for the Dawg Pound.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 15 remaining.

Bishop: Andrea Chandler with a pickup, scooping up Sonya and a Bodyslam! Now backing into the ropes, coming off and nailing away with another Kneedrop to the chest. Taking all the breath out of Sonya Blade!

Mutt: Andrea Chandler dropping down to the mat, applying a bodyscissors, and I must say that the World Champ has gotten BETTER as the weeks have come on. That Kneedrop has become a potent offensive weapon for her… And she’s wrestling smarter as of late.

(Fans cheering on Sonya Blade as the referee asks the question.)

Mutt: Come on Sonya, give it up.

Bishop: Sonya grabbing the ropes, and Andrea breaking. Andrea with a pickup and an Irish Whip to the ropes.


(Dawg Pound barks as Andrea Chandler applies a Double Leg Pick up!)

Mutt: Yes! She’s going for it all!

Bishop: Andrea Chandler with a Double Leg Grapevine, and Sonya Blade is fighting for all that she is worth….!

(Fans screaming as Sonya Blade strains.)


(Fans all screaming as Sonya Blade shakes her head.)

Mutt: The ref is asking, and Sonya Blade in agonizing pain…and Andrea Chandler releases? Andrea grinning from ear to ear, and now she picks up Sonya Blade and drapes her over her shoulder. She’s going for that top rope Piledriver!!!

(Fans still screaming as Andrea Chandler begins laughing.)

Bishop: Andrea Chandler climbing up the turnbuckles now. She’s up top, and Sonya is still cringing. Andrea up high, as she positions her in the Tombstone position. She jumps………!!!

(Fans all on their feet as Andrea Chandler lands on the mat.)

Bishop: She landed on her feet. Sonya Blade was spared. Andrea Chandler with a start and a Powerslam! The cover!

Ref: 1……………………2…………………..3!

Mutt: It’s over!!


Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen, ruled at 8 minutes 59 seconds, your winner via pinfall is…….Andrea Chandler!

Bishop: Andrea Chandler leaving the commentator Sonya Blade in the middle of the ring. The referee hands her the World’s Title and…What is this?

(A basket of flowers is sent down to ringside, and the Kingpin brings them over to ringside.)

Mutt: Andrea Chandler had something on her mind, but she’s leaving ringside in a huff.

Whalen: Hey guys, the basket was full of black roses. And there was a note inside from Medusa Rage basically saying “I want a title shot at FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION…or else!” A threat from the Matriarch of the Rage family.

Bishop: Sonya Blade sitting in the middle of the ring now as we end the show. Fans, we should have word from the Wrestling world on the MVP. From all of us here at the SATURDAY NITE SPECIAL, I’m Allen Bishop saying so long everybody.

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