Main event is a retirement match as Zaranna battles Lanny Manson

Scene opens up on a jammed packed Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. There are 24,691 screaming fans in attendance. An electric light show flashes across the top of the arena as fans pop! GRAND DRAGON WRESTLING ALLIANCE (Fans all screaming & waving signs as the camera pans around the arena. A goofy green dragon is displayed on screens throughout the Key arena as soft humming is played through the speakers. Fans cheer and laugh as they suddenly hear the opening chords to . . .

“Puff, the magic dragon

Lived by the sea

And frolicked in the autumn mist

In a land called Honah Lee. . .”

The record suddenly skips as the arena goes dark. !MAJOR POP! as the opening chords to “Tom Sawyer” by Rush are heard:

“A modern-day warrior

Mean mean stride

Today’s Tom Sawyer

Mean mean pride!”

Suddenly a spotlight follows a small man to the ring. He climbs up the ring steps and through the ropes and fans in the cheap seats applaud.)

Voice: (He turns on his mic) Wrestling fans, welcome back to the Grand Dragon!!


Voice: Wrestling fans, welcome back to the Tuesday Night Catfight!!


Voice: My name is Spud McKenzie, and I will be your ring announcer for this evening. Before we begin, on behalf of the GDWA, I’d like to thank all of you for believing in R E A L American Wrestling. Thank for believing in us.

(Fans applaud as Spud pulls out his cue cards and smiles.)

McKenzie: First, let me introduce the broadcast team for the first Tuesday Night Catfight of the new millennium.

(A red light glows over the entrance way as a light complexioned Canadian walks through the entrance. He wears a black tuxedo to the ring as he walks down the aisle.)

McKenzie: Heading down the aisle is 14 year play by play veteran, please welcome back to the Dragon….. Allen Bishop!

(Light cheers as he stands before the broadcast table. “Tom Sawyer” still blares over the pa as all eyes glace back at the entrance.

A red light glows over the entrance way as a dark skinned American walks through the entrance. He wears a crimson tuxedo to the ring as he points out to Spud McKenzie.)

McKenzie: And wrestling fans, I’d like to introduce to you his broadcast partner, he is a 6 year color commentator, please welcome Sam Mutt!

(The Dawg Pound applauds as Sam does a thumbs up.)

Bishop: Fans, I’m play by play man Allen Bishop with my co-host and Color Commentator Sam Mutt. We bring you the return of GDWA wrestling action to wrestling arenas across the country.

Mutt: Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum. Tonight, I’m gonna wet my pants on national television when our first match up is announced.

Bishop: Tonight, we’ve got some great WRESTLING action for you. We bring you two Transnational Cruiserweight Division match ups as ‘Jumping Jennifer Grier faces Lady Tiger. Also, Princess Yamaguchi faces LIDA YANAGISAWA.

Mutt: Half of the first round match ups will be decided tonight! But I’m marking out for the tag action. Black Lotus and Andrea Chandler face Rekka Sakura and Marissa Monet. Also, we got Bloody Mary and Anais Exotica facing Amanda Reese and Rachael ‘Ice’ Edwards.

Bishop: And two Heavyweight Division match ups this evening will surely bring the house down. The self-professed Hardcore Queen Heidi Leick faces Officer Order….and in our Main Event, a Legends match pitting Zaranna against ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson.

Mutt: And if Zaranna wins, she has promised to compete for the World Title…if she loses, it is retirement city!

Bishop: Let’s take you back to Spud McKenzie.

(Fans all cheering as the spotlight centers around Spud McKenzie in the ring. He stands still in the middle of the ring until the fans settle down.)

McKenzie: Before we begin, before we present to you the greatest athletes in the wrestling world today, the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance has but one question to ask you….

(Fans P O P : A R E Y O U R E A D Y !!)

Spud: That’s right . . . I said Are you ready!?

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!)

Spud: I can’t hear you!…..I said ARE YOU READY?!

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Spud: Then Let’s Get Rrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrumble!!!

(Fans cheer as horns go off & Spud McKenzie stands poised in the ring.)

Andrea Chandler/Black Lotus vs. Marissa Monet/Rekka Sakura

Spud: Our first contest is a tag team bout scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit!

[“Bad to the Bone” by George Thurgood and the Destroyers screams out over the arena, classic slide guitar riffs resonating in the eardrums of the listeners as the lights dim. Flash bulbs begin firing as the curtains part, allowing dry ice fog to billow through into the aisle.]

Spud: Coming to the ring first…standing 5 feet 11 inches tall, and weighing in at 182 pounds…she is a former GDWA Champion…hailing from Long Island, New York…the “Rich Bitch”…Andrea Chandler!

[Minor boos as Andrea Chandler strides out, clad in her studded black bodybuilder’s bikini and a box-cut leather jacket. Her designer sunglasses reflect the shower of silver sparks that erupt along the entranceway. She smiles and puts her hands on her hips, absorbing the negativity, drawing strength from it. Pockets of Andrea’s fans can be distinguished amidst the masses, clad in black “Diamond Mine” T-shirts and sunglasses. Andrea stops halfway down the aisle, grinning with supreme confidence. She turns halfway as her music fades, and holds her hand out toward the curtains through which she came.)

Spud: And her partner…standing 5 feet, 8 inches tall, and weighing in at 152 pounds…she is also a former GDWA World Champion…from Hong Kong!…Black…Lotus!

(The opening riffs of “Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson fire up, and Black Lotus strolls into view, casual and graceful. She’s dressed in a tight black leather body suit, made even tighter by various leather straps and buckles all over her outfit. Her face is painted bone white, with elaborate black around her eyes and mouth. Her hands are taped in black and black boots complete her outfit. Lotus pauses to blow kisses out to the fans mockingly.)

Bishop: Lotus and Chandler showing the same unity we saw on the Sunday Night Tease. One has got to imagine that this will be their edge in this match up.

Mutt: Not their only edge! Hell, Spud McKenzie I’m sure was told to announce that these two are former World Champs. They are cagey veterans and have experience on their side. As good as Monet is, she does not have the experience that Lotus and Chandler have.

Bishop: I would disagree…Lotus is relatively new to the World Wrestling scene. Sure, she’s wrestled in minor promotions, but she isn’t as field ready as Rekka Sakura or Andrea Chandler. Lotus rose to win the World title in record time, but Rekka Sakura has more experience than she.

[Lotus and Andrea exchange a hug, then saunter down the aisle. They ascend the steps and enter the ring.]

Bishop: Speaking of their opponents, we await the announcement for ‘Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura and Marissa Monet.

(Minor cheers as fans hear “Y’know” by Sodou Akira)

Spud: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 334 pounds lbs., hailing from Brooklyn, New York and Tokyo, Japan!… here are Marissa Monet and Rekka Sakura … the Grand Dragons!

Mutt: The Grand Dragons?!

Bishop: A sign of unity as Sakura and Monet have apparently ironed out their differences.

[The curtains part and Rekka Sakura comes out … piggybacking Marissa Monet. The crowd laughs as the “smarts” get the inside joke. Rekka “staggers” and drops Marissa Monet.]

Marissa: Rekka can never carry me!

[The Grand Dragons step to the ring, eyeing their opponents. Marissa suddenly picks up a chair. She considers it, smiling brightly and then with a sudden, vicious swing … knocks out the timekeeper!]

Bishop: She just nailed Spud!

(Mixed cheers as Rekka Sakura looks startled.)

Mutt: And Rekka didn’t like that…HA! Rekka doesn’t know what she’s gotten herself into! Monet ain’t no punk.

Bishop: And if you were paying attention, Monet was making a statement to Paul Laurence Dunbar. Did he really get under her skin that much?

Mutt: Apparently so.

[Minor boos as GDWA Vice President Kirby Leufroy scurries down the aisle and checks on Spud.]

Bishop: The referee talking things over with Vice Pres. Leufroy, trying to discern what is going on…

Mutt: There’s no ring announcer. Spud is hurt.

Bishop: I believe VP Leufroy just volunteered to do the duties…and Marissa with a chair, and the VP storms the ring!

(Fans all boo as he stops the action, and shoves Monet.)

Mutt: WOAH!

(Fans begin cheering as Monet stands over VP Leufroy.)

Bishop: Vice Pres Kirby is _not_ intimidated at all.

(Kirby yells: I Will toss your ass out of the building! Fans boo as Monet smiles and backs into her corner.)

Mutt: Andrea Chandler and Lotus are whispering to one another. Apparently they find all of this amusing.

Bishop: Sam, I was a bit surprised at the lack of reaction by the fans early on.

Mutt: Wrestling has changed a great deal…this is the era of ASS and Crash TV.

(Dawg Pound cheers as the Vice President heads over near a table and sits before the bell.)


(Fans all cheering as the four women in the ring anxiously glare at each other.)

Bishop: Who’s gonna start?

Mutt: OH boy!

(Black Lotus steps through the ropes to the ring apron as Andrea Chandler leans against the buckles in her corner.)

Bishop: You’d think these 4 had major heat with each other. Rekka adjusting her knee pad as she nods across the ring at her opponent.

Mutt: We’ve got 2 Asian stars in the ring. The Japanese and Chinese press will be jumping all over this on Wednesday morning.

Bishop: Marissa Monet leaning through the ropes pointing over at Andrea Chandler. Chandler is playing it coolly. Fans, let hook ’em up!

(Fans all whistling as Rekka Sakura calls over Black Lotus.)

Mutt: Rekka Sakura movingly cautiously as Lotus fluffs her hair and eyes her Japanese opponent.

Bishop: Lotus and Rekka encircling one another, and now a Collar and Elbow tie up….and Lotus with the weight advantage, forcing Rekka back a tad…


(Fans go “ohhhhhhhhhhhhh” as Rekka Sakura kneels and leans against the ropes.)

Bishop: Did you see the snap in that Headlock? And Lotus is boasting the poise and arrogance that belongs only to a former World Champ.

Mutt: And don’t forget, Bishop. Lotus was never beat for the belt. So she’s got a different kind of arrogance than what Andrea Chandler boasts.

Bishop: The anxious Marissa Monet climbing up to the second turnbuckle and clapping her hands, rooting on Rekka Sakura.

Mutt: These two have to be careful. Lotus doesn’t make mistakes in the ring. Lotus is a master submissionist and she can really take you out in the wink of an eye.

(Fans all cheering as Rekka Sakura bounds back up to her feet.)

Bishop: Rekka Sakura looking on carefully as Lotus readies with a grin. A collar and elbow tie up and Lotus forcing Rekka back again. Rekka down on one knee and Lotus forcing her down to the mat…

Mutt: But Rekka with a hellava bridge. Her shoulders won’t meet the canvas. Rekka fighting her way back up and now a Back heel trip!

Bishop: Lotus up & backing off as Rekka Sakura runs in &…


(Fans *pop* as Rekka Sakura gets weak in the knees.)

Bishop: And *another* shot! Lotus now with an Irish Whip to the far ropes as Rekka makes the tag. Rekka bouncing off the ropes with a forward roll and sliding out of the ring.

(The Dawg Pound applauds.)

Mutt: Marissa Monet catapults herself into the ring…and Lotus twirls around. Collar and Elbow tie up and Lotus with a standing switch and a Waistlock take down!

(Fans all whistle and boo as Lotus rubs her hands up her body and licks her lips.)

Lotus: Here we go with the mind games.

Bishop: Rekka Sakura on the outside, and hold on, Chandler with a head of steam…and she nails Rekka with a Running Lariat!

(Fans ROAR as Rekka Sakura falls over.)

Bishop: The referee warning Chandler as Marissa Monet charges Lotus with a High Back Body…

(Fans pop as Monet lands on her feet.)

Mutt: Monet runs for the side ropes as Lotus turns around….



Mutt: Lotus back up to her feet and Monet firing into Lotus with Forearm shots to the head. Rekka Sakura waiting in her corner as Monet whips Lotus into the far corner…

Bishop: Lotus sprinting out of it…and MONET WITH A MILITARY PRESS….

(Fans ALL POP as Rekka Sakura climbs up the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: And slam!

Mutt: And Rekka Sakura Jackknifes through the air….


((!!!big pop!!!))

Matsuda: 1……………………2………………..KICK OUT!

Bishop: The referee ushering Rekka out of the ring, and now Monet with a pickup and slaps on a Half Nelson and Crossface…

Mutt: But Lotus with an Inside Drop Toe Hold and both ladies are on the mat.

Bishop: Lotus twirling out of it and applies a Hammerlock… and Monet doing one handed push-ups?

(Dawg Pound barks at Marissa Monet’s flippancy.)

Bishop: Lotus stomping away at the back of her head as Monet scurries into the near ropes. The ref wants a break, and Lotus feeling up Monet’s body?!

(The men all pop as Monet struggles and hops up to her feet.)

Mutt: Monet running after Lotus and….LOTUS SIDESWIPES MONET AND APPLIES A WAKIGATAME!!!!

(Major *POP* as Monet flails her legs in pain.)

Mutt: And that is Lotus at her best. Mind games and technical wrestling.

Bishop: Monet so strong, though, as she slides into the ropes and the ref forces the break.

Mutt: Lotus rolling across the ring and tags in Andrea Chandler…

Bishop: And Monet walking calmly across the ring and tags in Rekka.

(The Dawg Pound cheers as Rekka nods and waits.)

Bishop: Rekka Sakura climbing into the ring, and now Andrea is upon her. Hard shots with the flat of the foot to the ribs of the former SJPW champion. Rekka grabbing her midsection as Chandler scoops her up.

Mutt: But Rekka slipping behind her back and now a Single Leg Takedown! Both Monet and Sakura boasting fantastic agility.

Bishop: Sakura stomping away at the hamstring of Chandler as the Power wrestler on the team. Sakura with attempting a Twisting Leglock, and Chandler kicking her away!

(The Dawg Pound stands and applauds as both women get to their feet.)

Mutt: Collar and Elbow and Chandler tosses her across the ring!

Bishop: Andrea with a tag and charges Rekka across the ring. Rekka back up to her feet and…CHANDLER WITH A SPEAR!

(Mixed cheers as Chandler whips Sakura to the far side.)

Bishop: Lotus dipping into the ring as REKKA SAKURA twists and Springboards off the ropes nailing Andrea Chandler with a Dropkick!

(Fans cheer as Andrea Chandler flies off the ring apron.)

Spud: 8 minutes have gone by 20 minute time limit.

Mutt: Andrea hits hard!

Bishop: And Rekka and Lotus are at a standoff.

(The Dawg Pound applauds as most fans cheer.)

Mutt: Thus far, neither team able to dominate. And each has tried to employ quick tags to one another.

Bishop: Monet looking on as Lotus and Rekka encircle one another once again.

Bishop: Lotus moving in and Rekka Sakura falling back and sending Lotus to the mat with a Monkey flip. Rekka back up and into the far ropes as Lotus runs to the side ropes. Both women meeting in the middle of the ring and…

Mutt: Rekka Sakura scoops her up into a Fireman’s Carry RIGHT INTO A DEATH VALLEY BOMB!

(Fans all cheer as Rekka Sakura makes the tag.)

Bishop: Monet with a pickup and slaps on a Frontface lock for a VERTICAL SUPLEX!

(Fans pop as Lotus groans in pain.)

Bishop: THE POWER!

(Ringsiders pop as Marissa Monet flexes both biceps while Lotus scampers to her feet.)

Mutt: Lotus charging in with Open Hand Palm Strikes to Monet’s chest and…Oh damn.

(Dawg Pound barks as Monet shakes off the Palm Strikes.) Bishop: Monet now, firing away with Forearm shots to the head. Lotus backing into the ropes and now Monet with Martial Arts kicks to the ribs and head!

Mutt: Lotus is stunned as she curls up in the corner.

Bishop: Andrea Chandler storming the ring and Rekka Sakura hops the ropes. The ref trying to get some order, but Chandler with hard right hands! And now Chandler with an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Rekka bouncing off and _misses_ the Dropkick!

(Fans all groan as Andrea picks up Rekka.)

Bishop: Andrea hoisting her up sideways and a Backbreaker! Rekka groaning as Andrea falls back into the near ropes, measures her and….NAILS the Knee drop!

(Fans all boo as Vice President Leufroy jumps to his feet and calls for order. The referee ushers Marissa Monet out of the ring as Black Lotus stumbles forward in pain.)

Mutt: The heels have Rekka isolated.

Bishop: Lotus directing things as she picks up Rekka and Irish whips her to the near ropes. Rekka bouncing off and Lotus with a drop toehold. . .

Mutt: And Andrea Chandler with a head of steam and a knee drop to the chest!

(Fans boo.)

Bishop: Chandler with a pickup and a Gutwrench Suplex!! The cover.

(Fans all on their feet as the referee Vasquez slides into position.)

Vasquez: 1……………………..2…………………kick out!

Mutt: Andrea with a pickup and Sakura with an Inside Cradle!

Vasquez: 1………………………2………………..kick out!

Bishop: Chandler has wanted to work on Rekka ever since she made those disparaging remarks about her friend Micki Duran. Chandler now, with a pickup and nailing away with European Uppercuts.

Mutt: And now a tag as Andrea slaps on a Frontface lock and hoists up Rekka….

(Fans all amazed at how long she holds Sakura up.)

Mutt: into a JACKHAMMER!

Bishop: And Lotus hustling forward and nails a falling Headbutt to the midsection!

Mutt: They are knocking all of the air out of the Japanese superstar.

(Fans all groan as Rekka Sakura coils in pain.)

Mutt: Lotus pulling off Sakura’s shoulder strap and wrapping it around Rekka Sakura’s neck!

Vasquez: 1……………..2…………3…………..4……..

Bishop: A break, and now the former World champ choking out Sakura again!

Vasquez: 1…………………2……….3…………4….

Bishop: Lotus breaking and swirls around to her feet. A double leg pick up and Lotus grapevines the legs and FORWARD ROLLS INTO SAKURA WITH A BRIDGE FOR THE COVER!

((Fans all screaming as Rekka Sakura LAYS PINNED.))

Ref: 1……………………………2…………………thr!

Bishop: Sakura sliding the shoulder up, and Lotus can’t believe it!

Mutt: Rekka is hurt, Lotus with a pickup and applies a Waistlock….Belly to Belly Suplex!

(Fans all boo while Lotus sprints across the ring and makes the tag.)

Bishop: Andrea charging in, and with a pickup. The former World Champ firing away with European Uppercuts. Rekka is dazed, and now Andrea with a Military Press…

Mutt: …But Rekka floating over her back and hooks the elbow for an Armdrag Takeover…


(Fans all popping as Andrea Chandler flails her legs.)

Mutt: Andrea is on her back, and Rekka has really got her Cross Arm Breaker sunk in…Great endurance by the Japanese Pansy.

Bishop: Chandler slapping her shoulder as she scoots toward the ropes, but Rekka releases and snatches up Andrea by the hair….

(Fans all popping as she Irish Whips Chandler to the far side.)

Bishop: Rekka catches Andrea Chandler with a Tilt-a-Whirl into a head of steam…..L i g e r B o m b ! ! !

(Fans go “ooooooooooooooooooooh” as both women lay out on the canvas.)

Vasquez: ……………….2………………..3…………..

Mutt: My hat is off to Sakura. Andrea and Lotus have exhibited incredible team work, but somehow she found the stuff to eek out an incredible move!

(Minor boos as Heidi Leick heads down the aisle carrying her Singapore cane.)

Bishop: And the Vice President cuts her off at the pass!

(Fans cheer as VP Leufroy sends her back to the locker room.)

Mutt: There goes the insurance policy.

Vasquez: …………………….6………………..7………

Bishop: Rekka Sakura slow to her knees as she crawls toward her corner. Andrea Chandler crawling for her corner…it’s a race!

Mutt: This has been a war the entire way. Now it could come down to who hits the hot tag first.

Spud: 15 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit.

(Fans all stomping their feet and cheering as Rekka Sakura crawls for her corner.)

Bishop: Andrea Chandler diving into Lotus as she Chinese Superstar storms the ring!

Mutt: But Rekka Sakura makes the T> A> G>.

(Fans pop as Marissa Monet bursts into the ring.)

Bishop: Lotus and Monet firing away at each other as Lotus backs off. Monet with incredible Forearm shots to the head…and now an Irish Whip to the side ropes.

Mutt: Lotus bouncing off and Monet _Misses_ the grab. Lotus to the far side as Monet runs to the near ropes.

Bishop: Lotus bouncing off and drops down to the canvas as Monet hops over!

(Fans all screaming as both women bounce off opposing ropes.)

Bishop: Lotus bouncing off as Monet applies a high back body….

Mutt: But Lotus slides down her back and onto her feet…and hooks the neck….turns Monet around and hoists up Monet

Bishop: ! ! ! ! INTO A SPINNING BRAINBUSTER ! ! ! ! !

(Fans all boo as Lotus slides across her chest for the cover.)

Vasquez: 1……………………………2………………NO!

Mutt: Monet was surprised by Lotus’ incredible awareness. And now Lotus with a Step over Toe Hold, grapevines the legs.

(Fans all booing as Black Lotus looks out to the arena.)

Mutt: She applies an Inside Chinlock. . .

Bishop: I N D I A N – D E A T H – L O C K !


Mutt: Marissa Monet, welcome back to Grand Dragon!

(Fans all on their feet as Marissa Monet flails her arms.)

Bishop: Monet is down, and Monet is screaming her head off. She’s try to reach for the ropes, but Lotus with excellent ring positioning.

Mutt: Monet is crying out, and the ref sliding into position.

Bishop: He’s asking the question! He’s asking the question!

(Dawg Pound cheers as Rekka Sakura hops the ropes.)

Mutt: Monet is shaking her arms! She’s shaking her arms!

Bishop: Meanwhile, Chandler storming the ring to cut off Rekka Sakura…but Sakura with a Dropkick!

(Fans all whistling as Rekka Kips UP to her feet.)

Mutt: Rekka rushing forward and *connects* with an Elbow Drop to Lotus’ midsection, breaking the hold.

Bishop: Lotus up to her feet as Monet rolls to her stomach. Lotus turning around and Rekka Sakura nails away with Knife Edge Chops to Lotus’ chest!

(Fans popping *BIG TIME* at the action in the ring.)

Bishop: Andrea Chandler, from behind, tackling Rekka to the mat and firing away with right hand jabs to the head.

Mutt: Lotus meanwhile has her hands on Monet. Lotus slapping on a frontface lock, but Monet leg hooks her leg to block it. Monet hoisting up Lotus and…*connects* with a Gourdbuster!!

Bishop: Monet with a pickup and slaps on a Crossface for a modified German Suplex! And now Monet going up top?

(Fans all whistling as Marissa Monet climbs the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: Dear God, Monet is over 200 pounds and 6 feet 5…she’s going up top!

(Fans chant: Mon-E! Mon-E! Mon-E! Mon-E! Mon-E! Mon-E! )

Bishop: Monet is up high, and she turns around to face the fans.

Mutt: Come on Ref, stop this! Stop this!

(Fans all pop as Marissa Monet backflips.)

Bishop: M O O O O O O O O O O N S A U L T ! !

{( M^o^n^s^t^e^r pop as Marissa Monet hooks the leg.)}

Vasquez: 1………………………………….





Mutt: That’s it! That’s it!

Bishop: Rekka Sakura grabbing Andrea Chandler and nailing away with hard right hands to the head. And now Chandler fires back, we have a brawl!

((Fans all pop as they roll out the canvas.))

Mutt: I can’t resist….C~A~T~F~I~G~H~T!!!

(Fans barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Bishop: Lotus rolling out of the ring, and Monet dipping through the ropes after her.

Mutt: Monet grabbing Lotus by the back of the hair, and now Monet firing away…but Lotus with a thumb to the eye.

Bishop: Lotus with an Irish Whip and sends Monet into the Guard Railing! Monet holding her back, and Lotus with a Running Back Elbow into her head!

(Ringsiders pop as Monet flies into the seats.)

Bishop: The Vice President Leufroy calling down security as they pull Lotus away from ringside. Monet slow to her feet and hops over the railing.

Mutt: The red shirts and calming down Monet as they try to get order out her as well as in the ring.

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 17 minutes and 55 seconds, your winner via pinfall….THE GRAND DRAGONS! . . . ‘Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura and Marissa Monet!

(Fans all pop as Rekka Sakura and Andrea Chandler bark at each other in the ring.)

Bishop: Security holding back Rekka Sakura and Andrea Chandler.

Mutt: Rekka is exhausted and she’s lucky Andrea is being held back.

Bishop: Vice President Leufroy climbing up the ring steps and into the ring. VP Leufroy getting in between the two as Andrea curses Sakura. Rekka reaching for Andrea…and nails Kirby Leufroy?

(Fans all groan as VP Leufroy runs towards the ropes and points towards the back.)

Mutt: HE’s throwing her out of the arena!

Bishop: IT was an accident. He got between them!

(Fans all boo as Rekka Sakura is escorted out of the building.)

Bishop: Well, that was a great opener. Marissa Monet with incredible athleticism secures a pinfall over Lotus…

Mutt: What?! Were we watching the same match? Lotus had her calling on her mama with the Indian Deathlock…it was Rekka Sakura that saved her ass.

Bishop: Well, let’s move on. Our next match pits two Japanese Cruiserweights. Lida Yanagisawa against Princess Yamaguchi.

Mutt: Yamaguchi is an incredible athlete. We’ve received the scouting reports on her and she’s quite athletic…

Bishop: And quite tall for a C-weight. And Lida Yanagisawa is said to have great high flying acumen. This should be good. Fans, let’s go back to Spud who should have recovered from that chair shot.

Lina Yanigasawa vs. Princess Yamaguchi

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is our first Cruiserweight division tournament match up. It is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit. It will be refereed by head official Dawn Le and Darren Matsuda.

(The opening beats of “What Y’all Want” by Eve shake through the arena. Red and black smoke suddenly shoots out from the aisle.

Spud: Hailing from Tokyo, Japan. She is 5 feet 4 inches, 129 pounds and making her GDWA debut! Aguila Dojo in Mexico City presents — Lida Yanigisawa!!!!!!!!”

(Suddenly, Lida struts through the smoke. She wears no robe; only black and red two piece wrestling attire accents the handsome curves of her 5’5″ frame; and a cold and expressionless look adorns her face. As she steps onto the ring apron, Lida slowly turns to look out to the booing fans– acknowledging them with a long, over-the shoulder smirk and a disdainful “I-own-you” look. She brushes her long, hazel-dyed hair back with one hand, and gives the referee a glare…refusing to enter the ring until the ref parts the ropes.)

Bishop: Yanagisawa in the ring, and she’s a cunning little devil.

Mutt: Oh now doubt! On “Between the Ropes” Paul Laurence Dunbar was saying that she has connections to the Japanese Mafia. This ain’t no squeamish little girl.

Bishop: Lida walking along the ropes, and Spud McKenzie is ready for the next introductions…

Spud: And her opponent…

(Madonna’s “Ray of Light” blasts through the speakers.)

Spud: Hailing from Osaka, Japan. She is 5 feet 10 inches, 125 pounds, here is Princess Yamaguchi!

(As Madonna’s “Ray of Light” blares over the speakers, Princess Yamaguchi steps from behind the curtains, a smile on her flawless face. The beautiful model wears a white, sports bra with pink, lace trim and a matching, frilly, mini skirt. She finishes the look with white, kicking pads, adorned with pink lace trim, and white, Asics, tennis shoes. Her long, silky, black hair falls straight down her back. She walks to ringside waving to the fans and slapping hands. As she enters the ring, she waves out to the fans, some of whom pelt her with pink and white streamers.)

Bishop: Princess embracing the warmth of the fans as Lida walks around the ring like a caged animal. She points over at the referee as she walks over and…


(Fans all *boo* as Yamaguchi hits the canvas hard!)


Bishop: Lida Yanagisawa stomping away on the Princess, and now a Single Leg Pick up right into a Spinning Toe…

(Fans pop as Princess Yamaguchi kicks her away with her right leg.)

Bishop: Both women quick to their feet and the Princess charging her opponent. Lida backing off and dips through the ropes as the referee pulls the Princess back.

Mutt: Great strategy by Lida as she can dictate the pace of this match up.

Bishop: Lida back in the ring and a collar and elbow tie up. And Princess powering her Lida Yanagisawa down to one knee. Lida fighting back up and backs into the ropes, and Princess with an Irish Whip to other far ropes.

Bishop: Lida bouncing off and _misses_ a Flying Forearm.

Mutt: Yamaguchi ducking as Lida quickly gets back to her feet… AND A STRONG KICK TO THE FACE!

(Fans pop as Lida Yanagisawa falls to the canvas.)

Mutt: The Princess with another pick up and an Irish Whip to the near ropes as Princess charges after her. Lida bouncing off and LEAPFROGS over the Princess.

Bishop: Lida to the side ropes and bounces off as Princess Yamaguchi bounces off the far side and…

Mutt: Princess Yamaguchi with a Dropkick! Lida back up and Princess with *another* Dropkick! Lida Yanagisawa up one more time and the 5 foot 10 inch Princess **nails** her with *another* Dropkick!

(Fans all cheer as Lida roles into the near ropes.)

Mutt: Lida can’t get inside her opponent. That extra bit of reach is what is hurting her. The Princess is just too long and gangly.

Bishop: Yamaguchi with a pickup and a Body Slam. And now another pick up….

Mutt: Lida with a Legsweep into a Single Leg Pick up….


Ref: 1…………………………..2….KICK OUT!

(Fans all pop as both women twirl to their feet.)

Bishop: Lida upset and she nails away with hard right hands to the head. The Princess firing right back! Lida falling backwards and the Princess whips her into the far corner. . .

Mutt: NO! . . . Reversal as Lida sprints off after her. Princess hitting the corner hard and comes bounding out…LIDA YANAGISAWA slapping on a Headscissors FOR A F-R-A-N-K-E-N-S-T-E-I-N-E-R!!!!

(Fans all booing as Lida quickly gets to her feet!)

Bishop: The Princess trying to get up, and Lida with STRONG kicks to the head! Princess trying to absorb the pain, and now Lida running to the side ropes, bouncing off as Princess gets to her feet and….


(Fans booing as Lida Yanagisawa quickly scampers to the near buckle.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: The Princess is stunned as Lida climbs up to the top buckle. She measures her opponent as Lida comes flying off the top…


(Fans all gasp as Lida winces a bit as she rises to her feet.)

Mutt: This has been nonstop from the opening bell, they’ve got to be a bit winded.

Bishop: Lida with another pick up as she slaps on a Front face lock and drapes the left arm over her shoulder….but the taller Princess with a Leg block and grabs a handful of tights…


(Fans all pop as Princess Yamaguchi roles through it & cradles the leg.)

Balahadia: 1……………………….2……………….1/2!

(Fans groan as Lida Yanagisawa kicks out.)

Bishop: The Princess with a pickup and nails away with STRONG kicks to the upper body of Lida Yanagisawa…and now to the head and Lida falls to the canvas! She’s busted her lip!

Mutt: The Princess with a pick up as Lida crawls for the ropes. A pick up and STRONG kicks to the ribs of Lida. Lida backing into the near corner as the Princess nails away. She’s pissed off!

(The Dawg Pound applauds as the Princess cries out in Japanese.)

Mutt: Lida is dazed, and the Princess with an Enzuiguri…

Bishop: _DUCKED_ by Lida as she dives at the Princess and clips her left leg!!!

(Fans all boo as the bloody lipped Lida Yanagisawa looks out to the fans and smirks.)

Bishop: Lida slow to her feet, and now drops over the Princess with her shin on her throat!

(Fans all booing as the ref makes the count.)

Ref: 1……………….2…………….3………….4……….

Mutt: Lida releasing, and reapplies the hold! Great strategy.

Ref: 1……………….2…………….3………….4……….

Bishop: The arrogance. Lida choking out the big woman because she can’t out wrestle her.

Mutt: Well, she didn’t come ready for an opponent so much larger than herself…and the Princess should have been more physical from the beginning.

Bishop: Both women want to progress into the second round winner’s bracket with a bye. This is so important. Lida with a single leg pick up now and DROPKICKS IT BEHIND THE KNEE!

(Fans boo as Princess winces in pain.)

Bishop: Another single leg pick up and Lida bending into it, trying to flip Princess Yamaguchi over into a Half Crab.

Mutt: The Princess trying to find the ropes…but Lida sits into the hold. And now, she’s slowed this match down, and has the big woman grounded.

(The Dawg Pound applauds as most fans boo.)

Mutt: Japanese competitors are so meticulous. Look how far along the back Lida is…she is literally sitting all of her weight on that woman’s back, straining that left leg of the Princess.

(Fans begin to stomp their feet as the Princess shakes her head.)

Bishop: The fans trying to motivate the Princess as Lida looks up at the Seattle Supersonic Scoreboard to see how much time is left.

Mutt: Very smart on her part. Hold on! Lida suddenly spinning out of the hold and slaps on a falling Leg Scissors to that left leg!!

(Fans boo while Princess Yamaguchi scoots back into the ropes.)

Bishop: The ref wants a break, and Lida shaking her head no.

Ref: 1…………….2……………3…………….4……….

Bishop: And she releases the hold. The Princess trying to get to her feet now and Lida Yanagisawa with a STRONG kick to the chest of Yamaguchi! And *another* and *another* and another!!

Mutt: The Princess leaning against the ropes, and now Lida with an Irish Whip….no, the Princess clings to the ropes.

Bishop: And so Lida Yanagisawa Clotheslines her over the top rope!

(Fans all boo as Lida heads to the near corner and throws a smirk out to ringsiders.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: The Princess on the floor, dazed, as Lida quickly climbs up the buckles. She’s measuring the Princess as she leaps off the top. . .

Mutt: S u i c i d e !T o p e !

(Fans pop for the move as both women lay on the floor.)

Matsuda: 7………………….8…………………….9….

Bishop: Out of ring official Darren Matsuda laying on the twenty count at Lida slowly gets to her feet. She may have hurt her wrist on the way down.

Mutt: Lida with a pickup and grabs a handful of hair. She heads toward the ring apron and. . . and the Princess _blocks_ the ram.


(Fans cheer as Lida falls to the floor.)

Mutt: The Princess is hurt, but she’s just too strong for Lida. That may have been Lida’s only mistake of the bout.

Matsuda: 13…………………………14…………….15….

Bishop: The Princess crawls into the ring as the dazed Lida Yanagisawa heads toward the ring steps.

Mutt: The Princess slow to her feet and charges the ropes. Lida in the ring and _ducks_ the Roundhouse kick to the head.

Bishop: Lida running to the far side as the Princess runs into the near ropes. Both women coming off the ropes and Princess with a High Cross Body…._missed_!

Mutt: Lida ducked out of the way at the last minute. And now both women up and running to opposite ends of the ring.

Bishop: Lida is the faster of the two as she Springboards off the ropes. . .

Mutt: Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonsault!

(Fans all cheer as Princess Yamaguchi catches her!)

Bishop: The Princess has her, and she’s keeping her balance! Lida’s eyes are wide as the Princess applies a Tilt-a-Whirl….

Mutt: into a ! ! ! ! -d E A T H V A L L E Y D R I V E R- ! ! ! !

Ref: ………………. 1 ……………….

……………. 2 ……………….

……………. NO! ……………….

(Fans all gasp as Lida Yanagisawa plants her foot on the bottom rope.)

Bishop: The Princess slow to her feet and now a pickup. She scoops up Lida hover her between her legs….MICHINOKU DRIVER!

(FANS ALL POP as Princess Yamaguchi points to the near corner.)

Mutt: Yamaguchi has been able to damage Lida Yanagisawa’s head throughout this bout. She’s going for the kill right now!

(Fans cheer as Princess Yamaguchi slowly climbs the buckles.)

Bishop: Lida is dazed, as she struggles to right herself from the mat. Princess is up high as she turns around to face the fans….

Mutt: She jumps . . .

(Fans all cheering as Yamaguchi sails through the air ! ! !)

Mutt: . . . and misses the Moonsault Foot Stomp!

(Mixed cheers as Lida Yanagisawa rolls out of the way.)

Bishop: The Princess clutching her left knee as Lida crawls toward the near corner. The Princess is hurt, writhing around on the canvas.

Mutt: And Lida is climbing up the buckles!

Spud: Wrestling fans, 14 minutes have elapsed. 1 minute remaining. 60 seconds remain!

(Fans all stand as Lida awkwardly stands on the top turnbuckle.)

Bishop: Princess is down, Princess is down and now, Lida Yanagisawa stands high! She jumps….

(Fans all screaming as she Somersaults through the air.)

Bishop: … and _misses_ the 450 splash….

(Fans all applauding and cheering as Princess Yamaguchi roles out of the way.)

Ref: 1…………………………..2…………………3……

Bishop: Both women are down, and Princess Yamaguchi is shaking her head, trying to shake the cobwebs loose.

Mutt: Lida Yanagisawa clutching her midsection, she’s knocked the air out of herself!

Ref: …………………..6………………..7……………..

Bishop: The Princess up on her knees, and grabs the referee. She’s trying to take the offensive initiative.

Mutt: She better hurry, cause time is fleeting.

Bishop: The Princess is slow to her feet, and now a pick up! Princess Yamaguchi slaps on a Front facelock…..a Perfect Plex!

Mutt: That’s a Fisherman’s Suplex!

Ref: ………………..1



(Mixed cheers!)

Mutt: Lida kicked out! Somehow Lida Yanagisawa kicked out!

Spud: 30 seconds left! 30 seconds remain!

Bishop: The Princess complaining about the count and is slow to her feet. The Princess with a pickup and *nails* AN AXE KICK!

Mutt: Lida is down, and now Princess Yamaguchi getting to her feet wearily, and now backs into the ropes…and comes flying off with a Corkscrew Elbow!

((MAJOR POP as the referee slides into position!))

Referee: 1……………………2…………………..kick out!

(Crowd cheering!!!)

Bishop: Yanagisawa using everything she has to stay in this one. She is getting frustrated. The Princess is weary, yet she’s got to put her away. She’s real slow to her feet as Lida lays on the canvas exhausted.

Mutt: Princess Yamaguchi slow with a pickup and slaps on a front face lock. Lida shaking her head, and refuses to be worn down. She counters with a Wristlock counter into a side Headlock….

Bishop: …But Princess Yamaguchi counters out of THAT with an Armdrag into a Hammerlock into a Full Nelson!

(Fans popping as Lida Yanagisawa shakes her head as the ref asks the question.)


(The Dawg Pound is **screaming** and **popping** )

Bishop: Lida is struggling! Lida is struggling….Lida kicking away at the Princesses’ knee….just flailing her legs, trying to undo the Princess Yamaguchi’s balance…


Bishop: Lida drops down out of her arms……

Mutt: . . . and throws her feet up in the air….

Bishop: ….AND LEG SCISSORS Yamaguchi’s HEAD….

Mutt: !!!!!!!!!!PULLING HER DOWN INTO A ROLL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ref: 1




Mutt: It’s over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(The Dawg Pound applauds as both women lay on the canvas exhausted.)

Spud: Fans, your winner at 14 minutes 23 seconds, and moving on into the Winner’s bracket of the second round……LIDA YANAGISAWA!

(Fans boo as the Dawg Pound applauds Yanagisawa’s efforts.)

Bishop: Both women trying to get up from the canvas, they are just beat. A hard fought match up by both ladies.

Mutt: It was difficult going into this bout not knowing anything about your opponent. The Princess could have used more of her strength and height advantage. Lida should have avoided the reach of the Princess.

Bishop: Yamaguchi had incredible STRONG kicks that really knocked the day lights out of Lida. Lida with the win, but this could have gone either way…and hold on!

(Princess Yamaguchi approaches Lida Yanagisawa and bows.)

Mutt: The Princess is bowing, and Lida with a bow…AND SLAPS HER!!!

(Fans all boo as Lida slips out of the ring, laughing.)

Bishop: The Princess can’t believe the arrogance. These ladies fought hard and she couldn’t even show any respect.

Mutt: Oh well.

Bishop: Well, Lida moves on into the second round Winners Bracket with a bye. Fans, we have our second tag match of the night. Bloody Mary and Anais Exotica face Amanda Reese and Rachael ‘Ice’ Edwards.

Mutt: And Edwards could be the key to this match up. Reese has got to learn to work with her or Mary and the “Showgirl” are gonna stomp the living stuff outta her.

Bishop: Fans, let’s go to Spud.

Amanda Reese/Rachel Edwards vs. Bloody Mary/Anais Exotica

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is a tag team bout scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit.

(Minor cheers as fans hear ‘Oh Fortunna’ by Apotheosis)

Spud: Hailing from Chicago, Illinois…She is 5 feet 11 inches, 145 pounds, here is Amanda Reese!!!!!

(Amanda Reese heads down the aisle slapping hands with fans.)

Bishop: Fans, we are joined here by former GDWA commentator Vonya for this tag match. And this should be a great one!

Vonya: Look, the pansy is teaming up with Rachael Edwards so she better learn to stay focused. Forget the fans.

Mutt: I’d have to agree with you there, Texan. Reese is all alone in a ring full of heels.

Spud: And her tag team partner…

(Minor boos as fans hear “Blue Powder” by Steve Vai.)

Spud: Hailing from Sacramento, California…she is 5 feet 4 inches, 128 pounds, here is Rachael ‘Ice’ Edwards!

Bishop: Rachael Edwards entering the ring, and I must say that she isn’t even looking Amanda Reese’s way. And Amanda can only look upon her with scorn.

Vonya: One thing about tag team wrestling, you must cooperate with your partner in order to win. And I recon this team hasn’t got a shot.

Spud: …and their opponents!

(Minor boos as fans hear ‘Midnight Rider’ by the Allman Bros.)

Spud: Hailing from Davenport, Iowa. She is 5 feet 9 inches, 150 pounds, here is….Bloody Mary!

(Mary heads down the aisle wearing an all red, 2 piece spandex with alligator boots. She slips through the ropes and points over at Amanda Reese.)

Bishop: Bloody Mary has the distinction of being the last woman to defeat ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson…

Mutt: And she can’t wait to get her hand on Reese. Rachael Edwards looking on amused. This could get ugly.

Vonya: Mary is a fellow Illinois resident with Jennifer Grier… except Grier is from the country and Mary is from the heart of the city. She’s tough! She ain’t no country bumpkin.

Spud: And her tag team partner!

(“Exotica” from the soundtrack to the movie “Exotica” begins with a sort of slow, languid, almost middle-eastern belly-dance like number, gradually picks up.)

Spud: Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada. She is 5 feet 7 inches, 129 pounds, here is “The Showgirl” Anais Exotica!

(Exotica leaves the curtain wearing a t-shirt over her wrestling attire. On the front, in electric blue, is an airbrush picture of a broken ice machine.)

Vonya: Hey, why are all these gals coming out separately?

Bishop: Well, we all know that Anais was seen with Amanda Reese a few weeks ago…there’s dissension between Mary and the Showgirl.

Mutt: Well hell, none of these wrestlers trust each other.

Bishop: Then the team with the least inner conflict will probably win.

(Exotica heads down to ringside, drinking in the hoots and hollers, making quite a show of crawling through the ropes.)

Vonya: What the hell? This ain’t Raw is War…what’s all this sex appeal?

(The men whistle and hoot as Anais gets hung up on the ropes, the middle rope between her legs. The women in the audience all boo as Exotica rolls her eyes back a little to show how much she enjoys it ‘the ride’.)

Bishop: The Showgirl is _indeed_ from Vegas. She is making a show of it…

Vonya: There’s no place for that crap in Grand Dragon!

Mutt: Hey, I kinda dig it.

(Exotica enters the ring and then sensually strips off her t-shirt. She makes sure that everyone has a chance to see it, especially Amanda Reese and Rachael Edwards.)

Bishop: In the opposing corners, Exotica excusing herself from the ring as Mary bewilderedly volunteers to start things off. Rachael Edwards is stabbing her finger into Amanda Reese’s chest, demanding to start off.

Mutt: Well, Edwards doesn’t lack courage. And the GDWA found her to be good enough to earn a bye into the second round of the Cruiserweight tournament.

Bishop: The referee talking things over with Edwards and Mary…and here we go!


Bishop: Mary and Edwards encircling one another and we have a lock up…

(Fans pop as Rachael Edwards tosses her to the mat.)

Bishop: Edwards rolling away and Mary standing in the middle of the ring waiting.

Vonya: And that’s the difference between Marissa Monet and Mary. She’s patient. She doesn’t play around. She understands, as a veteran, how to make the most of her ability.

Mutt: Rachael wants another lock up, and Mary moving in…But Rachael rakes the eyes! Now Rachael with a Side Headlock takedown.

(Minor pop as Bloody Mary immediately raises herself up to her feet.)

Bishop: Mary clutching her hands around Rachael Edwards’ waist as Rachael shifts to a Frontface lock and…


(Fans pop!)

Vonya: Too much power… Rachael just doesn’t have the size to get to physical with Mary.

Mutt: Rachael up to her feet and….

Bishop: Bloody Mary charges in with a Running Lariat…but Edwards ducks and runs to the far side.

(Fans pop as both women bounce off the ropes.)

Bishop: They meet in the middle of the ring and Rachael drops down to the canvas. Mary hopping over…AND FALLS BACK WITH AN ELBOW DROP TO THE HEAD!

(Fans all pop as Rachael rolls toward the near corner.)

Mutt: Mary up to her feet as Rachael backs into the near corner. Mary now, nailing away with *incredible* punches to the head…Iowa Heaven Punches have Rachael Dazed!

(Fans all cheer as Rachael lays lifeless against the buckles.)

Bishop: Mary with an Arm hook…and a Hip Toss!!

(Rachael shivers on the mat as Exotica leans over the top rope calling on Mary.)

Vonya: And the PRosti…I mean the “Showgal” wants a tag.

Mutt: Bloody Mary looking over and nodding…T>A>G

(The men whistle as Anais Exotica catapults herself into the ring.)

Bishop: Exotica charging Edwards, and now stomping away on her. Rachael Edwards rolling into the ropes, and the ref is forcing a break.

Vonya: A pick up by Anais Exotica and an Irish Whip to the far side. Rachael bounces off and Exotica with a high knee…

Bishop: But Edwards hooks the leg and rolls her up for a pin!

Vasquez: 1…………………………2……………..

Bishop: A kick out by the Showgirl, and both women scrambling to their feet…Armdrag Takeover by Edwards into an Armbar!

(The Dawg Pound applauds as most fans boo.)

Mutt: She must be a tough cookie, cause Edwards took all of Mary’s best. Great recuperative powers by the “Ice” woman.

(Fans begin chanting: BORING . . . BORING . . . BORING . . . )

Blade: Rachael with a Headscissors now and Exotica screaming out for Mary.

(Mary shakes her head as Amanda Reese looks on from her corner.)

Bishop: Exotica sliding toward the ropes, and the ref wants a break!

Mutt: Rachael releasing, and DROPPING KNEE DROPS TO THE UPPER BACK OF EXOTICA! The ref trying to pull her off, and Rachael shoves the referee…

(Fans pop as the referee shoves her down to the canvas.)

Vonya: You can’t do that!

Mutt: Meanwhile, The Showgirl crawling toward her corner, and makes the tag!

(Mixed cheers as Mary hops through the ropes.)

Bishop: Mary charging Edwards and an Armdrag Takeover! Mary back up and Rachael with a Drop toe Hold!

Bishop: Rachael now, with a Single leg pick up and Drives and elbow into Mary’s thigh. Edwards back up and another elbow! Mary slapping the canvas in pain as The Icewoman applies a leglock.

(Fans chant: BORING. . . BORING. . . BORING. . . BORING. . . )

Vonya: Amanda Reese looking on like a Peeping Tom as her partner does all the work.

Bishop: That’s not true! Anyway, Rachael with a Single Leg Pick up and steps into her leg for a Spinning Toe Hold!

(MAJOR BOOS as Bloody Mary writhes in pain.)

Bishop: Exotica flirting with ringside men as her partner screams out for assistance.

Mutt: Meanwhile, Reese is nodding and Rachael makes the TAG!

(The ref starts his count as Amanda Reese climbs the buckles.)

Bishop: Amanda Reese flying off the top and NAILS a Knee drop!

(Fans pop as Mary clutches her midsection.)

Vonya: The fans are cheering as Rachael Edwards leaves the ring. They are none too impressed by her technical expertise.

Bishop: Indeed, and now Amanda with a pickup and an Irish Whip to the far side. Amanda with a head of steam as Mary bounces off and…A FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE!

(Minor pop.)

Bishop: Amanda with a pickup and slaps on a Frontface lock and drapes the arm. She hoists up Mary…and *connects* with a Vertical Suplex…

Mutt: And floats over into a lateral press!

Vasquez: 1………………2………………….KICK OUT!

(Fans pop as Mary powers out.)

Bishop: Reese with a pickup and nails away with hard right hands to the head…but Mary fires back with those Iowa Heaven Punches. Reese is dazed as Mary whips Reese to the far side.

Vonya: Reese bouncing off & Mary scoops her up for a POWERSLAM!

(Fans bark at Mary’s power as she crawls for the ropes.)

Vonya: That varmint Mary ain’t no slouch. I’ve wrestled her and she has power.

Mutt: That’s right, these two ladies are the largest in the match up. Reese is 145lbs and almost 6 feet tall. Mary is about 2 inches shorter and about 153 pounds.

Bishop: Mary up to her feet and Reese is just getting up. Mary charging forward and *connects* with a Neckbreaker!

(Fans all pop as Amanda Reese clutches her neck.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 20 minute time limit.

Bishop: Anais Exotica wants back in the ring, and Mary heads to her corner and makes the tag.

(Minor boos as “The Showgirl” enters the ring.)

Bishop: Exotica with a pickup and pounds away with hard right hands. Exotica with an Irish Whip t other far side…Reese bounces off and . . .

Mutt: Amanda Reese with a Clothesline!!!!

(Fans pop as Anais Exotica somersaults through the air and spirals to the mat.)

Bishop: Exotica is dazed and Reese slow to her feet. Reese with a pickup and Irish Whips Exotica to the near corner. Exotica bouncing off…and Reese with a Savate Kick!

(Fans pop as Anais Exotica flops around the mat.)

Bishop: Reese with a pickup and an Armpit face lock….!


(Fans all PoP!)

Mutt: Reese stumbling over to her corner…and TAGS Edwards!

(Minor boos as Rachael Edwards enters the ring.)

Vonya: Rachael Edwards strutting around the ring, and now picks up Exotica. An Irish Whip to the far side and Rachael runs to the near ropes.

Bishop: Rachael bounding off as Exotica bouncing off the ropes and…RACHAEL EDWARDS with a F R A N K E N S T E I N E R!

(Fans pop as Exotica bounds back up to her feet.)

Vonya: Exotica marching toward her corner…then collapses?

(Fans pop: Whoooooooooooooooo!)

Mutt: Mary shaking her head, and Rachael Edwards is dropping down on one knee and pointing at the Showgirl.

Bishop: And Amanda Reese is irate . . . she can’t believe her showboating.

Mutt: Neither can I! Don’t let Anais Exotica….

Vonya: . . . makes the T>A>G>

(Fans pop as Bloody Mary leaps through the ropes!)

Mutt: Rachael Edwards running to the far ropes as Mary waits in the middle of the ring. Edwards bouncing off and . . .

Bishop: And Mary slaps her hands around her Throat…

(Dawg Pound barks in anticipation as Mary walks around with her.)

Bishop: ….3 seconds….5 seconds….C*H*O*K*E*S*L*A*M!!!

(Fans bark: WooF! Woof! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF!)

Vasquez: 1……………………….2……………….1/2!

(Fans gasp as Rachael Edwards kicks out.)

Mutt: Mary with a pickup and a MILITARY PRESS!

(The Dawg Pound POPS as Mary walks around the mat with her.)

Mutt: …and Slam!

(The Dawg Pound POPS as Rachael Edwards writhes on the mat.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 20 minute time limit.

Mutt: Rachael reaching for the tag, and Mary with a handful of hair.

(Fans pop as she pulls Rachael Edwards back into her.)

Vonya: YEEEEEEEEEEEE-HA! Mary with a Full Nelson…

Bishop: …but Edwards countering out with a Wristlock and Hammerlock combination. And now Edwards with a Bodyscissors Takedown…

(The Dawg pound applauds as Mary writhes in pain.)

Mutt: She may not be very strong, but Edwards is showing why she is the first seed in the Cruiserweight tournament.

Bishop: And Rachael rolling backwards for the pin!

Vasquez: 1……………….2…………….1/2!

Mutt: Mary with the shoulder up!

Bishop: Mary trying to get to the ropes, and Rachael with a laugh as she slaps her in the back of the head. And now Rachael spitting on her…

(The Dawg Pound whistles as Mary becomes enraged.)

Vonya: Amanda Reese shaking her head in disbelief… the arrogance of Rachael Edwards is unbelievable.

(Fans begin cheering as Mary begins to rise.)

Bishop: Mary using her strength, and she’s working up to her feet. Edwards doesn’t have enough strength to weaken her with that Body Scissors…

Mutt: Mary walking a few steps forward…and nails a FALL AWAY SLAM!!!

(Fans cheer as Edwards holds her back.)

Bishop: Edwards crawling toward her corner, and Mary crawling toward hers. Mary has the jump, and reaches out to Anais Exotica…who is too busy flirting with fans at ringside.

Mutt: AND Edwards makes the tag!

(Fans all pop as Amanda Reese charges.)

Bishop: Mary yelling at Exotica, and Reese with a Standing Leg Grapevine…SIDE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP!

(Fans pop as she floats over for the cover.)

Vasquez: 1…………………….2……………Kick out!

Bishop: Reese with a pickup and Mary with an Uppercut! She caught Reese unawares and now Mary with a handful of hair and a Frontface lock….

Mutt: V E R T I C A L S U P L E X ! !

Bishop: And now Mary grabbing the top rope, pulling herself up in the air nailing a Legdrop! The cover!

Vasquez: 1…………………………2……………..

Bishop: A kick out by Reese as Mary slaps the canvas in frustration. Mary with a pickup and a High Knee to the midsection. And now Hard Iowa Heaven Punches to the head.

Vonya: Reese is dazed, and now Mary hoisting her over her shoulder, and pointing to the far corner. Mary with a head of steam….RUNNING POWERSLAM!

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF!)

Spud: 15 minutes have gone by in the 20 minute time limit.

Mutt: Mary is panting as Anais Exotica waves over at Mary and wants a tag…oh boy.

(Mixed cheers as Mary saunters over to her with a grin.)

Bishop: Anais reaching out with her hand…and MARY WITH A HANDFUL OF HAIR!

(Fans cheer as Mary sneers into her face.)

Vonya: Anais has done her selective tagging once too often tonight. Mary with a handful of hair and tosses her into the ring!!

(((Fans **all** pop as Anais Exotica is tossed in the ring.)))

Bishop: Reese with a pickup and a Double Underhook. Butterfly Suplex!

(Dawg Pound barks as Reese tags in Rachael Edwards.)

Bishop: A pickup and a Double Irish Whip to the far ropes. Anais bouncing off and they both catch her off the ropes… D O U B L E S P I N E B U S T E R !!!

(Fans all whistle and pop as Exotica is laid out.)

Mutt: Rachael with the cover.

Vasquez ……………………1



Bishop: NO! Exotica with the shoulder up.

Vonya: Rachael Edwards motioning around her waist, and she’s letting the “Showgirl” know who is gonna be the next Cruiserweight champion.

Bishop: Reese wants a tag, trying to use double teaming strategy…but Rachael shaking her head no. A pickup and a Frontface lock.

(Fans all booing as she simply grinds down on the hold.)

Bishop: Reese waiting patiently outside the ropes as Rachael slaps on a Frontface lock…*Snap* Suplex!

Mutt: A pick up by Rachael and she slaps on a front face lock and hooks the leg…FISHERMAN’S SUPLEX!

Vasquez: …………… 1 ………….

……………. 2 ……………….

……………. NO! ……………….

(Fans all boo as Rachael Edwards releases the hold.)

Bishop: She released the bridge!

Mutt: Amanda Reese is irate.

Bishop: Rachael with a pickup and Anais begging Bloody Mary for the tag. Mary turning her back as Rachael Irish Whips Exotica to the far ropes.

Mutt: Exotica bounces off and Rachael with a High Back Body Drop…but Exotica lands on her feet and runs toward her corner…

Vonya: And she T>A>G>S Mary on the back!?

(Bloody Mary turns around as Rachael Edwards charges her.)

Bishop: And Rachael with a flying Headscissors and takes her over the top rope!

(Fans pop as Mary grabs her neck.)

Vonya: Rachael now, with a pickup and slaps Mary between her legs…PILEDRIVER!

(Fans all stand as Rachael presses her pinky on Mary’s chest.)

Bishop: An arrogant cover.

Vasquez: 1…………………..2…………….kick out!

Bishop: Amanda Reese is pissed off as she kicks the bottom rope. An arrogant cover by Edwards as Rachael applies a single leg pick up…

(Fans all go Whooooo! as she grapevines the legs.)


(Fans all pop as Bloody Mary flails her arms in pain.)

Bishop: Mary crying out in pain as Exotica turns her back on her.

Vonya: What a coward!

(The Dawg Pound stands as Mary flails her arms.)

Mutt: It’s over. Rachael is about to put away Bloody Mary.

(Fans all on their feet as Mary cries out in pain.)

Bishop: She’s asking the question! She’s asking the question…

Vonya: Mary falling back in agony…and Rachael releasing the hold?

((Major boos as Rachael Edwards walks towards the ropes and motions around her waist.))

Vonya: Rachael walking over to Amanda and laughing…

Bishop: And Amanda has had enough!

(Fans pop as Amanda Reese tags Rachael Edwards.)

Vonya: What the hell? Amanda tagging herself in and storms the ring.

Bishop: Amanda with a pickup slaps a Full Nelson onto Bloody Mary….

Mutt: she’s going for the D R A G O N S U P L E X!

Bishop: Rachael Edwards charging Bloody Mary and nails an Enzuiguri kick to the back of


(Fans ALL BOO AS Amanda Reese falls back to the mat.)

Bishop: Mary falling on to of Amanda for the cover!

Vasquez: ………………1




Mutt: This is crazy…Mary wrestled 90% of the match, and just when it seems Reese and Edwards are getting along, Edwards betrays Reese!

(Fans all booing as Mary and Edwards stomp away on Amanda Reese.)

Vonya: Anais Exotica is leaving ringside as Mary and Edwards stomp away on Reese.

(Minor cheers as Lady Tiger runs down the aisle.)

Bishop: Lady Tiger sliding into the ring, and Tiger with a Dropkick!

(Fans pop as Rachael Edwards hits the mat.)

Bishop: Lady Tiger back up and she dropkicks Mary!

(Fans pop as Mary falls to the canvas.)

Bishop: Mary back up and “LT” Lady Tiger with *another* Dropkick!

(Fans pop as Mary falls to the canvas.)

Mutt: Edwards trying to get away, and Amanda Reese with hard right hands to the head. Reese with an Irish Whip to the far ropes, the Icewoman bounces off, and Reese with a High Back Body Block!

(Fans all cheer as both women roll out of the ring.)

Bishop: Amanda Reese and Tiger turning around, and now we have a stare down…

(The Dawg Pound applauds as they stare eye to eye.)

Bishop: Tiger with a grin, and she reaches out her hand…

(Fans all pop as Amana Reese looks out to the fans.)

Bishop: And she shakes her hand!

(The Dawg Pound applauds as the two shake hands.)

Mutt: Aw damn!

Vonya: Well I’ve had enough of the mushy stuff. I’m outta here. Wish I could say this was a pleasure Bishop, but….

Bishop: Yeah, yeah.

Mutt: Well, weirder things have happened. Edwards didn’t want Reese to take her glory, and so she gave her one in the back of the head…simple as that.

Bishop: Fans, our next match pits best friends Jen Grier against Lady Tiger.

Mutt: And Charlotte La Mancha as Tiger’s manager.

Bishop: I see this as the most important of the Cruiserweight bouts.

Mutt: Oh yeah.And Rachael Edwards better be watching this in the back. Grier has incredible potential and Tiger has some of the best high flying moves in the business.

Bishop: LT wants nothing more than to be Cruiserweight champion, but is she willing to ruin a friendship to attain her goals?

Mutt: Just like Grier said, Tiger, “do the right thing” and lay down!

Bishop: She did not say that! Fans, let’s go to Spud.

Lady Tiger vs. Jennifer Grier

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is our final Cruiserweight division tournament match up. It is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit. It will be refereed by head official Pedro Vasquez and Darren Matsuda.

(Minor cheers as fans hear ‘The William Tell Overture.”)

Spud: Accompanied to the ring by her manager Charlotte La Mancha…Hailing from Bordeaux, France. She is 5 feet 6 inches, 127 pounds….here is Lady Tiger!!!!!!!!”

(Tiger twirls down the aisle as Charlotte La Mancha follows in tow.)

Bishop: Fans, we are joined here by former GDWA Cruiser weight and current company commentator Sonya Blade.

Blade: It’s a pleasure.

Bishop: Tiger catapulting over the ring ropes and pointing out to all of the fans.

Mutt: She makes me sick! Tiger really enjoying herself, but she better not play around with Jen Grier. Grier doesn’t look like she takes spit from people anymore.

Spud: And her opponent…

(Minor cheers as fans hear “No Time Like the Present” by the Catdogs.)

Spud: Hailing from Geneseo, Illinois…she is 5 feet 7 inches, 127 pounds, here is Jennifer Grier!

(The country girl heads down the aisle and points up at her opponent in the ring.)

Bishop: Grier with a long face, and she’s heading over to the broadcast table!

(Ringsiders cheer as Grier snatches Sonya Blade’s chair.)

Mutt: Jennifer Grier storming the ring, and Lady Tiger high tailing it over the top rope.

(Charlotte La Mancha bickers with Grier as the referee takes the steel chair.)


Bishop: The referee has officially begun this match, and the masked woman Lady Tiger climbing up to the ring apron.

(Mixed cheers as Grier shouts: ‘bring it on’!)

Bishop: Tiger slipping through the ropes….

Blade: And Grier with an Elbowdrop to the back of the head! Tiger is stunned and now Grier dragging her into the ring. Grier stomping away at Tiger as Charlotte La Mancha complains to the referee.

Mutt: Jen is putting the boots to her, and Tiger is down! This is what Grier needs to do…make a fierce and fast start against the Frenchwoman.

(Minor boos as Tiger falls into the ropes, dazed.)

Bishop: A pick up by Grier and she fires into Tiger with STRONG jabs to the head.

Blade: Grier has turned into a boxer! Tiger is dazed, and the referee wants a break.

Mutt: Great strategy by Grier as she ignores the ref and hammers into Tiger with a Back elbow.

(Minor boos as Jennifer Grier looks on her opponent with disdain.)

Blade: I thought they were friends. Charlotte is up on the ring apron and checking on her protégée.

Bishop: The ref continuing the action and Grier charging in. Tiger backing off as she backpedals around the ring. Grier the stronger of the two and snatches up Tiger and tosses her into the near corner.

Blade: Grier charging in and Tiger diving to the side and HOOKING THE LEG FOR THE ROLL UP!!!

Vasquez: 1…………………………2……………..

Bishop: A kick out by Grier!

Mutt: Both women back up and Tiger with a Double leg take down into a forward roll!!!!!!

Vasquez: 1…………………………2……………..

(Fans pop as Jennifer Grier kicks out of the cover.)

Blade: Tiger is just too quick for her. LT up first as Grier twirls around to her feet…AND TIGER WITH A SINGLE LEG TAKEDOWN!

(Fans cheer as Tiger drives high knees into Grier’s knee.)

Blade: LT still holding onto her leg as Grier shakes her head no. Tiger measuring her, sprinting forward and NAILS A SPINNING ELBOWDROP TO THE HEAD!!!

(The Dawg Pound applauds her athleticism.)

Mutt: Grier holding her head, and Tiger with a pickup and an Irish Whip.

Blade: Tiger bursting forward as Grier bounces off the ropes and GRIER DIVES AWAY FROM THE DROPKICK!

(Fans pop as both women scurry up to their feet.)

Bishop: Grier up first and _misses_ the Roundhouse right!

(Lighthearted pop as Tiger slaps Grier’s stomach, mock boxing her opponent.)

Mutt: She’s an idiot!

Bishop: Charlotte La Mancha is furious at Tiger as she runs to the far ropes. Grier following her as Tiger bounces off and FORWARD ROLLS.

Blade: Grier with a Leap Frog and both ladies at opposite ends of the ring.

(Fans all cheer as both wrestlers come flying off the ropes.)

Mutt: Grier flying off with a Spinning Heel Kick…

Blade: …but Lady Tiger puts on the breaks and waits upside down in a Handstand!

(Fans applaud her athleticism.)

Bishop: Grier clutching her leg as Tiger does a Kip UP to her feet. Grier back up and Tiger with a Dropkick!

(Fans pop!)

Mutt: Grier back up again and *another* Dropkick! Grier up for a third time and Lady Tiger nails a third Dropkick!

(Fans all pop as Lady Tiger runs to the far ropes.)

Bishop: Grier up to her feet, dazed, and she scurries to the far ropes and out of the ring . . .

(Minor cheers and whistles as Jen Grier walks around on the outside in dismay.)

Blade: Grier has lost some mass since we last saw her…she just isn’t as strong as she once was.

(Fans pop as Tiger climbs up to the second turnbuckle and claps. Half of the arena follows as LT claps further.)

Bishop: Grier climbing up the ring steps and it is obvious who has the momentum in this match up…Tiger no longer tentative as Charlotte warns her to be cautious.

Blade: Grier slow to tie up and Tiger down in a three point stance…Jen wants to shake hands.

(Fans scream !NO! as Lady Tiger looks around the Key Arena.)

Bishop: Tiger reaching out her palm . . . AND GRIER SLAPS HER IN THE MOUTH!

(Fans boo.)

Bishop: Grier with a handful of mask and a Snap mare takeover into a Reverse Chinlock.

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Tiger waving her hands as Grier tightens up on her grip.

Blade: And this is a good way to slow things down…only 5 minutes have gone by and Grier has got to keep this match under control.

Bishop: Tiger working her way up to her feet, and Grier shifts the hold into a Side Headlock. Tiger with an arm around her neck and executes a Backflip!

(Fans pop as Tiger lands on her feet.)

Mutt: Tiger backing into the ropes as Grier turns around and Tiger with a baseball slide through her feet….

Bishop: Grier turning around and Tiger WITH A SWINGING NECK BREAKER!!

(Fans pop!)

Mutt: That damn Tiger is tough.

Blade: Grier clutching her neck as Tiger runs for the side ropes. Grier slow to her feet and Tiger…

Bishop: SPRINBOARDING and connects with a Mooooooooooooonsault!

(Fans all pop as Lady Tiger cradles the leg.)

Balahadia: 1……………………….2……………….1/2!

(Fans pop as Grier kicks out.)

Bishop: A pick up by Tiger and she Irish whips her to the far side. Tiger with a head of steam as Grier bounces off…!


(The Dawg Pound POPS as Grier lays on the mat, motionless.)

Mutt: And Lady Tiger trying to put the nail in the coffin. She is heading for the near corner…

(Fans all popping as Lady Tiger scampers up the turnbuckles.)

Mutt: Grier is dazed, and Tiger comes flying off the top…

Bishop: …and *connects* with a Fistdrop!!!!

(Fans all popping as Charlotte points to the far corner.)

Blade: Charlotte is dazed, and Tiger is heading up top one more time…

(Lady Tiger climbs up the turnbuckles as she points out to the Dawg Pound.)

Bishop: Grier flailing her legs, trying to get moving as Tiger is up top, and she flies off the top…!


(Fans all pop as the referee slides into position.)

Vasquez: 1……………….2…………….3

(Fans groan as the referee throws up 2.)

Mutt: Charlotte with the shoulder up, and Tiger with a pickup and an Irish Whip to the near ropes. Grier bouncing off and Tiger with a Tilt-a-whirl…

Bishop: …no…Grier countering with an Armhook, floats around the shoulders and grabs a handful of mask…

Blade: X – F A C T O R !

(Dawg Pound starts barking as both women lay on the canvas.)

Mutt: Desperation move by Grier…she’s relying on her own speed on agility now…

Blade: But she’s got to lay in some heavy damage to win this one. It’s been a near blowout as Tiger has dominated from darn near the opening bell.

Vasquez: 1…………………….2……………..3….

Bishop: Grier clutching her head as Tiger rolls onto her back. That faceplant came out of nowhere…!

Blade: That is the sign of a competitor. Many times I’ve been in the ring and have had to suck up the pain and discomfort to turn a match around. Grier has got to do something big now.

Vasquez: 6……………..7……………..8………

Bishop: Grier rolling into the ropes, and is up first. She rises up to her knees as Tiger sits up. Grier stumbling over to the near corner and climbing up the buckles…

Mutt: And here comes Tiger!!!

(Fans whistle and cheer as Lady Tiger catches her.)

Blade: Grier shaking her head no as Lady Tiger hooks the leg… but Grier with a thumb to the eye!


(Fans all pop as both ladies are down on the canvas, again.)

Vasquez: 1………2………3……..4……………

Blade: Grier pulling out all of the reserves as she slowly rises to her feet. She’s got to keep this slowed.

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Grier up to her feet and grabs a handful of Tiger’s tights. She hoists up LT and slaps on a Waistlock….

Blade: g E R M A N S U P L E X ! !

Vasquez: 1…………………………2……………..

Bishop: A kick out by Tiger as Charlotte slaps the canvas.

Blade: Grier needs to do a better job of chain wrestling. The tempo and pace are favoring her, but she needs to connect with move combinations!

Mutt: Grier still smarting from earlier in the match as she grabs a handful of mask. She slaps Tiger between her legs.

(Mixed cheers as Grier slaps on a Waistlock and hoists up the Frenchwoman…)

Bishop: But Tiger with a Headscissors and backflips off her shoulders!

Blade: Blade charging into her and Tiger with a Drop toe hold. Both women back up and Grier with a Running Lariat….

Mutt: …but Tiger _ducking_ and slapping on a Waistlock for a Side Suplex!

(Fans all pop as Tiger slowly raises to her feet.)

Blade: Grier is dizzy, but she is slow to get up as Tiger runs to the far side. Tiger bouncing off and Grier _ducks_ the Enzuiguri…

(Fans all whistle as Grier leans up against the ropes.)

Bishop: Tiger clutching her knee as she struggles to her feet… AND GRIER CHARGES OFF THE ROPES WITH FLYING BULLDOG!

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF!)

Bishop: And Grier with a pickup and a Frontface lock…


(Fans all whistle and pop as Grier heads for the far corner.)

Mutt: Grier is hurting, just too slow as she climbs up the buckles…

Bishop: And Tiger catches her!

(FANS ALL POP as Grier shakes her head **no**)

Blade: Military Press off the top!

((Fans pop!))

Mutt: I’ve never seen Tiger use that move…Lady Tiger using Power moves?

(Fans all whistle and jump around as Charlotte climbs up to the ring apron and twirls her fingers around.)

Bishop: Lady Tiger with a pickup and Double Arm Underhook… BUTTERFLY SUPLEX!!!

(Fans all whistling as Grier rolls for the ropes.)

Mutt: Tiger with a handful of her Country hair, and scoops Grier up…BODYSLAM . . . !

Bishop: …no…INSIDE CRADLE!!!!

Mutt: She has the tights!!!!

Vasquez: …………… 1 ………….

……………. 2 ……………….

……………. 3! ……………….

(Fans all gasp as the referee points to Spud McKenzie.)


Mutt: Jennifer Grier had the tights…

Blade: No she didn’t!

(Fans boo as Jennifer Grier rolls out to the ring apron.)

Spud: Fans, your winner via pinfall at 13 minutes 46 seconds… and moving into the 2nd Round Winner’s bracket of Transnational Cruiserweight tournament. . !

(Fans boo as Jennifer Grier rises to her feet and bows.)

Spud: …Jennifer Grier!

(Fans all boo while Charlotte La Mancha storms the ring.)

Mutt: Jennifer Grier shaking her head no as Charlotte argues with the ref…Grier finally showing that killer instinct.

Blade: I don’t agree with this ruling at all. Grier moving on into the second round while she was outwrestled by Tiger.

Bishop: Sweat is dripping from Grier’s body as she re-enters the ring and arguing with Charlotte. Tiger is caught in the middle.

(Fans still standing and waiting as Lady Tiger pleads with Charlotte La Mancha.)

Mutt: Charlotte turning her attention to Grier, and Tiger trying to get between…

Bishop: And now we have a shoving match! Charlotte slaps Grier…

(Ringsiders pop as Grier nails away with jabs to the head.)

Bishop: And Lady Tiger tackles Charlotte???

Mutt: What?!

(Fans chant: Let – Them – Fight! Let – Them – Fight! )

Bishop: Tiger covering her manager as Grier tries to stomp away. Grier pointing down at the duo and cursing them out. She’s denying that she cheated!

Blade: I’m not sure if she did. I think she just had the leg hooked.

Mutt: Grier leaving the ring, and Charlotte is shoving Tiger off of her. Charlotte can’t believe this as Grier motions around her waist…she wants to be champion, bottom line!

(Minor boos as Charlotte shakes her head in anger.)

Blade: Sam, Allen, the bottom line is that Grier will face Rachael ‘Ice’ Edwards in the second round. Tiger is in the sudden death bracket. One loss and Tiger is out of the tourney.

Bishop: Charlotte wanted to win, and I think her competitive juices are flowing.

Mutt: And Tiger only wants to keep her friend.

Bishop: I don’t know about that. Tiger wrestle hard in this bout. She didn’t throw the match.

Blade: Guys, it’s been a pleasure. Great match, horrible conclusion.

Bishop: Well fans, up next we have Officer Order and…


(Fans boo as they hear “Flight of the Valkyries” by Wagner.)

Bishop: Well this is a surprise.

(Fans all boo as Zaranna heads down the aisle wearing a fur coat. Her strawberry blonde hair flows behind her as she struts around in high heels. )

Mutt: The former World Champ coming down to have her say. I’m sure she has a lot on her mind.

(Spud McKenzie parts the ropes as Zaranna steps through. She nods as men at ringside whistle and cheer.)

Bishop: Zaranna never at a loss for words, she’s got a mic and she’s got a few things to say.

(Fans all boo as Zaranna saunters around the ring, her red lipstick is accentuated by her maroon gown. She slinks her fur coat off of her shoulders as the men howl.)

“….(Draws a breath) … (Then looks out to the fans.)”

(The men cheer as she smiles. Zaranna looks straight up at the lights as the arena waits on her. She pauses, dramatically, with her lips pursed and eyes hidden behind sunglasses.)

“…(Draws a breath)…and F_I_N_A_L_L_Y….Zaranna has come back…to the G.D.W.A!

(Fans all boo as the Zster grins and glances around the arena.)

“Before we do the whole heel-shtick thingy, I’d like to say a few words about what happened in the back, in the locker room…and I’ve got to do it in a ROCK-esque fashion.”

(A murmur rushes about KEY ARENA as Zaranna licks her lips.)

“So as I was saying, I was in the locker room making the final touches on the people’s….the PEOPLE’S EYE-lashes!

(Fans chuckle at the reference.)

“And I heard that ‘Ritch Bitch’ Andrea Chandler call my name from across the room. She just finished wrestling her match, and in front of the entire Women’s roster she’s talking about laying the smack down on the greatest of all Times!”

(Zaranna shakes her head and continues.)

“But then the conversation took a dramatic turn…because Andrea began talking about her personal problems. And Andrea had these personal problems with this no good man of hers…

(Fans begin to mumble as Zaranna continues.)

“And she talked about how lonely she was last night…how nobody went up to that “Ugly Bitch’s” Sweet. So then she said Zaranna, let’s be friends…Come with me…

“And I said ‘Bitch’, come where…

“And that ‘Pathetic Bitch’ talked about taking me down Jambroni Avenue….

(Ringsiders laugh as Zaranna dramatically points outward.)

“…up Know Your Roll Boulevard, and checking me into SMACKDOWN HOTEL so she could . . . so she could . . . “

(Fans all whistle as Zaranna raises her eyebrow and looks around the arena.)

“So I says to Andrea, I says Andrea, you “THESBIAN Bitch”. . .

(Fans POP as Zaranna leans over and swivels her hand back and forth.)

“YOU Thespian Bitch, I don’t lose titles, and I certainly don’t lose men…so I suggest, you ‘Ritch Bitch’…I suggest that you get to know Lanny Manson a little better. Lanny Manson used to be a junkie…and I heard she’d do *anything* for money.

(Mixed cheers! Most fans groan at her raunchiness but ringsiders can’t help but pop!)

“And that ‘Horny Bitch’ said, I just can’t. She said Zaranna, I beat Lanny Manson for the World Title!

“And I said, Andrea, who hasn’t?!…I…

(The Dawg Pound **POPS** at the reference as Zaranna flutters her lashes.)

“I just don’t go that way…I got a man! And she was so disappointed…. the ‘Dumb Bitch’. But you know what? Zaranna watches the GDWA Control Center, Zaranna watches the ‘Sunday Night Tease, so all of these years I had heard the ‘Blonde Bitch’ make reference to the m i l l i o n s . . . .

((Fans chime in: A n d m i l l i o n s . . . !))

“. . . of Andrea’s M E N…I thought there were a lot of STUPID men out there who’d like to sleep with her.

(Fans applaud as the former champion holds up her hand.)

“So I was a little shocked to find out that she couldn’t find a date last night!…the ‘homely Bitch’ couldn’t figure out why no man wants to…wants to…PET THE CAT!

(Fans **POP** as Zaranna stammers around the ring, flashing the People’s Eyelashes and trying not to laugh.)

“HOW DARE YOU!!! You ‘Self Absorbed’ Bitch, you talk about going – – o n e on o n e – – . . . .

((Fans chime in: w i t h t h e *-g R E A T-* o n e . . . !))

“And….and all these years, you were really talking about going at it with yourself…or at least with Micki Duran. Uhmph!

(Fans pop again as Zaranna finally lets out a laugh.)

“Andrea, you are lucky that the Z’ster is a compassionate woman. So I’m gonna do you a little favor. . Seeing how you have nothing else to do but twittle your thumbs…and anything else you can get your hands on, this is what the Z’ster is gonna do for you.”

(Dramatic pause as Zaranna raises up her left hand, slowly, patiently, for all to see.)

“Zaranna is going to purchase a gift certificate…so that you can go down to your local hardware supply store. And at that hardware supply store I want you to purchase an item for yourself…Zaranna wants you to pick up something long and shiny…a vi….a vi….a VI-BRATION!”

(Fans burst out into cheers as Zaranna turns her hand over.)

“Now Seattle, this is a family oriented program, so watch yourselves…Now Andrea, you “Vibrating Bitch”…What I’d like you to do is take that . . . that…take that vibration! (Chuckling) Take that vibration and. . .(laughing)..and shake * a l l * the batteries out…

(The men bark: WooF! WooF! Woof! while the women shake their heads and cover their mouths.)

“Shake all of the batteries out…now, here is the hard part…shine it up real good! And be careful, cause I know how hard it is for you to hold on to shiny things.

(Fans whistle and cheer as Zaranna motions around her waist.)

“Shine that vibration up real good….






((The arena pops as Zaranna chuckles and continues.))

“The bottom line is this…Andrea Chandler, you ‘Short Sighted Bitch! You will never be the woman that I man. You might be the best dressed….you might be the best looking…you might be the best piece of a$$…

(The Dawg Pound applauds as Zaranna kicks off her high heels.)

“But you will NEVER be the greatest of all times! And tonight, tonight I will prove that when I beat ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson once and for all! This is the War to Settle the Score! The one to decide it all! And Lanny, you will never put these shoulders to the mat, ever again!…and you know what? You stupid fans will never get to see Zaranna lose another Wrestling match!

(Fans all boo!)

“Seattle sucks, Andrea sucks, and Lanny Manson sucks 2 times!

(Fans chant: Zaranna sucks! Zaranna sucks! Zaranna sucks!)

“And by the time it is all said and done, and Zaranna will stand before you as the one and only WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! Thank you!

(Fans boo as they hear “Flight of the Valkyries” by Wagner.)

Bishop: Zaranna with an impassioned message for Andrea Chandler and Lanny Manson.

Mutt: But she’s losing her cool. Zaranna has got to maintain her composure in order to defeat Lanny Manson. I hate that Headbanger myself, but even I respect her ability.

Bishop: Speaking of Grand Dragon legends, we have Officer Order against Heidi Leick next. Sam, what do you think about this?

Mutt: Order, get ready to bleed, because Miss Extreme is gonna get in your ass.

Officer Order vs. Heidi Leick

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.

(Minor cheers as “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle begins to play.)

Spud: Introducing first, hailing from San Francisco, California. She is 5 feet tall weighing in at a solid 120 pounds, here is ‘Double O’ Officer May Order!

(The House lights dim and the arena is swept with red and blue spotlights. The crowd explodes after hearing the familiar cry of “What Ya’ Gon’, What Ya’ Gonna’, What Ya’ Gonna’ Do?” from the PA as “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle begins to play. The music is quickly drowned out by the cheers as Officer Order steps out waving to the crowd. Camera switches to Double O, dressed in her police uniform with black elbow and kneepads, as she points out to the fans on both sides of the aisle. The pyrotechnics begin to shower the entrance ramp with red and blue sparks.)

Mutt: I’m really surprised that the fans aren’t greeting her with a warmer reception.

Bishop: And I must admit that this is rather luke warm. We’ve only been away for a year, has the wrestling audience changed that much?

(As Order nears the middle of the ramp, she stops and spins around pointing out to the fans. The camera switches to a wide shot of the sold out arena, as the house lights come up on the celebration. We can see dozens of handmade signs in the Dawg Pound reading things like, “BUST ME May”, ” Double O – The Real World ORDER”, and “Order 4:20”. Double O suddenly climbs over the barricade and in to the crowd, giving hugs and slapping high five’s as she goes.

Switch to a camera following close behind Order as she makes her way to the ring, leaving a wake of excited fans cheering her on. As she nears ringside, Double O stops to hug a bright eyed girl in an Officer Order t-shirt before vaulting over the railing, sliding into the ring and doing a quick kip up to her feet.))

Mutt: All of this nostalgia is nice and everything, but I ain’t convinced that her bubble gum sugar candy style of wrestling is gonna fair well against that psycho Heidi Leick.

Bishop: Well, we’ll see about that.

Spud: And her opponent…Hailing from Brooklyn New York!

(Minor boos as fans hear ‘Volcano Girls’ by Veruca Salt.)

Spud: Hailing from Ridge Farm, Illinois! She is 5 feet 7 inches, 135 pounds…here is Heidi Leick!

(Heidi scurries down to the ring brandishing a Singapore Cane.)

Bishop: Heidi storming the ring and Order dips through the ropes to the outside. Heidi following her as Order slips back into the ring.

Mutt: Heidi follows and Order with a DROPKICK!

(Fans cheer as Heidi Leick falls down to the ring floor.)


Bishop: Heidi Leick charging her and Officer Order side steps and connects with an Aikido Throw. Leick back up and Order with a legsweep! Leick back once again and with an Axe Kick!

(Minor cheers as Heidi Leick drops to one knee.)


(Fans POP as Heidi’s chest *snaps*!)

Bishop: Another *chop* and *another*…and now Order with a Waistlock pick and an Atomic Drop….

(Minor cheers as Heidi doubles over from the pain.)

Mutt: Officer Order quick to the side ropes and SPRINGBOARDS off with a Missile Dropkick!

Ref: 1………………………..KICK OUT!

(The Dawg Pound pops as Heidi Leick kicks out at one!)

Mutt: Order with a Half Nelson, and she’s working on the shoulder and trapezius of Heidi. Double O sucked her in, allowing Heidi to charge and then simply reacting.

Bishop: Heidi cursing and complaining about a hair pull as Order denies the charge. Heidi fighting her way up to her feet and backing Order into the ropes.

Mutt: The ref wants a break as Order is slow to release, and HEIDI with a back elbow to the head! And now Heidi with Forearm shots to the head…and now punches as Double O is dazed!

Bishop: The ref trying to get them off the ropes, and Heidi with an Irish Whip to the far side as she runs for the side ropes.

Mutt: Double O bouncing off and Heidi with a flying side headlock… flying BULLDOG!

(Minor boos as Order’s head bounds off the canvas.)

Bishop: Heidi is quick to her feet and now measuring Order and drives a falling elbow drop to the head of Order. Order rolling for the ropes as Heidi snatches her up by the hair and slaps on a Front face lock.

Mutt: Heidi with a handful of tights and hoist Order for….

(Minor cheers as Officer Order slides down Heidi’s back.)

Bishop: S u n s e t – Flip!

Ref: 1…………………………..KICK OUT!

Bishop: Both women back up but Order the quicker of the two and a KARATE CHOP!

Mutt: And Heidi with a punch….

Bishop: But Order with a Karate Chop, and another! And another! Heidi doubling over and Order with a high knee into the ribs and slaps on a Side headlock takedown. . .

Mutt: And the fans are booing?

(The Dawg Pound cheers as most fans sit restlessly.)

Bishop: Order is shaking her head in disbelief. She’s shocked, and this gives Heidi the chance to get to her feet. Heidi with a Waistlock and….

Mutt: Order backflips out of it!

Bishop: Heidi spinning around and charging in…But Order with an Armdrag Takeover. Heidi back up and _another_ Armdrag! Heidi up one more time and for the third time Order executes a nice Armdrag Takeover…

Mutt: And right into an Armbar as Order kneels beside her adversary!!

(Fans chant: “WE WANT PUPPIES!” clap-clap-clap “WE WANT PUPPIES!”)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Mutt: They want what?

Bishop: Order with concern on her face as picks up Heidi. Order with an Irish Whip to the far ropes and she sprints to the middle of the ring. Heidi bouncing off and Order drops down to the canvas.

(Minor cheers as Order runs for the side ropes.)

Bishop: Heidi bouncing off the ropes, no! She holds on, and now charging Double O the middle of the ring and…


(Minor boos as Heidi Leick stomps away on Officer Order.)

Mutt: A quick pick up and Bodyslam! And now Heidi Leick stomping away on the back of Order. Leick with a pickup and Irish Whips Order, no, reversal!

Bishop: Leick sent into the far side, and holds onto the ropes again! She rushes forward and Order _ducks_ the Clothesline. . .

Mutt: Both women turning around and HEIDI WITH A SUPERKICK!!

(Minor boos as Heidi picks up Order.)

Bishop: Heidi Leick with hard right hands to the head, and now a head of steam and tosses Order over the top rope!

Mutt: Heidi with a head of steam as Order gets up to her feet and….she nails Order with A SUICIDE DIVE!!!

(Fans all cheer as Officer Order clutches her back.)

Bishop: And here comes Andrea Chandler down the aisle as Heidi is slow to her feet.

(Almost no crowd response as Chandler hovers about ringside.)

Mutt: And here comes Lady Tiger!?

(Near silence again as Lady Tiger bounces down to ringside.)

Ref: 3…………………….4…………………

Bishop: Heidi with a pickup and walking around with Order…and an IRISH WHIP right into the guard railing! Order is hurt and…


(Fans cheer as Officer Order hits the concrete floor.)

Bishop: Heidi grabbing a chair and the referee pulling her away. Order a bit dazed as Heidi hops the railing! She slaps on a Front facelock and Double nails away with punches to the midsection…

Mutt: Gourdbuster! Gourdbuster right on the floor!!!

(Fans pop as Heidi Leick points down at Order and does a Crotch Shot.)

Bishop: Order’s neck just snapped. The referee grabbing Heidi Leick and physically pulling her into the ring. And here comes Chandler!

(Fans begin cheering as Andrea rushes over to Officer Order.)

Mutt: Lady Tiger racing around the opposite end of the ring. Andrea climbing over the guard railing and slaps Order’s head between her legs….


(Fans all booing as Order lays motionless on the floor.)

Bishop: Andrea, you’ll kill her! What are you doing? Why are you doing this?

(Fans cheer as Lady Tiger climbs over the guard railing.)

Bishop: Tiger leaping up behind her and onto Andrea’s shoulders…

(Fans cheer as Lady Tiger points out to the stands…)


Mutt: Andrea is down!

(Fans all cheering as Andrea Chandler clutches her head.)

Mutt: But Order is still down, and Heidi so smart to take this outside.

Bishop: But why is Andrea down here after Order?

(The referee heads back outside the ring as Lady Tiger calls her over.)

Bishop: Tiger helping up Order as the referee asks if she can continue. Order walking awkwardly over to the ring as Andrea Chandler gets to her feet.

Mutt: And that coward Lady Tiger hopping the guard railing and staying away from Andrea.

Bishop: Order in the ring, and Leick immediately on top of her. Leick with hard right hands to the head, and Order cowers back into the near corner.

Mutt: And now Leick driving into Order with back elbows to the head. Order is hurting as she doubles over…

Bishop: And Heidi with a Frontface lock…SNAP SUPLEX!

(Minor cheers as Heidi Leick twirls up to her feet.)

Bishop: Order trying to find the ropes, and now Heidi with another pick up and slaps on a head and arm…

Mutt: But Order trying to counter out of it with a Wristlock….

Bishop: So Heidi with a standing Leg Grapevine and SPLAPS ON A FORWARD RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP!!!

Ref: 1…………………………….2……………….no!

(Fans pop as Officer Order kicks out.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit!

Whalen: Heidi with a hair pull pick up and hoists up Order for a Backbreaker!

Ref: 1……………………………..2………………….no!

(The Dawg Pound pops as Order kicks out yet again.)

Bishop: Officer Order with a bit of reserve left as Lady Tiger slaps the canvas in support. Heidi with a single leg pick up and Step over toe hold….into a FIGURE FOUR!

(Fans pop: Whoooooooooooooooooo!)

Bishop: She is not Ric Flair, but Heidi Leick does have a Legend in serious trouble here. Order slapping the canvas in agony as she twirls toward the ropes.

Mutt: Lady Tiger coaching her on as Andrea Chandler points over towards her. Heidi Leick rocking back into the hold as Order reaches and….

Bishop: GRABS THE ROPES! . . . But Heidi won’t release!

(Fans boo as Heidi Leick bursts out into laughter.)

Ref: 1…………..2………….3………………4……..

Bishop: Heidi breaks, and Order slips half way out over the ring ropes. She’s barely over the ring apron. Lady Tiger running to check on Order over as Heidi Leick runs to the near ropes. Order laying helplessly as Leick bounces off the ropes and runs up the turnbuckles…


(Fans pop as Lady Tiger pulls Order down to the floor.)

Bishop: Andrea Chandler charging Tiger and NAILS AWAY with hard right hands. Tiger is getting pummeled, and here comes Charlotte La Mancha her manager.

(Minor cheers as Charlotte heads down to ringside.)

Mutt: Charlotte nailing away on Andrea’s back as Tiger lays on the floor. Order is down on the floor alongside Heidi as the ref lays in a count.

Bishop: He needs to send all of these folks back to the locker room.

Ref: ………………3……………………4…………5…..

Bishop: Andrea Chandler with a hard right hand, and now whips Charlotte into the guard railing. Little Tiger trying to defend her manager, and leaps onto Andrea’s back…

(Minor cheers until Andrea backs into the ringpost.)

Bishop: Andrea with a frontface lock and hoists up Tiger into the Air….AND NAILS LADY TIGER WITH A JACKHAMMER ONTO THE RING STEPS!!!


Bishop: Order climbing onto the ring apron, and rolls into the ring as Heidi Leick follows. Order backing off as Heidi charges in…

Mutt: But Order with a High Back Body Drop! Heidi back up and Order with a Karate Chop!

(Fans begin to roar as Order slaps her chest with another Chop!)

Bishop: Heidi with punches to Order’s head, and Order is dazed. Heidi now, slapping Order’s head between her legs and slaps on a Waistlock!

Mutt: POWERBO….no!

(Fans POP as Officer Order applies a Headscissors!)


(Fans all whistle as Heidi Leick flails her legs.)

Mutt: ON the outside, Andrea Chandler slapping the canvas as Heidi crawls toward the ropes. Order desperately holding on….and the ref calls for the break.

Spud: 14 minutes have gone by. 1 minute is left. 60 seconds remain.

Bishop: Heidi is groggy as Order gets to her feet. Order opens her up and hammers into her chest with Karate Chops! Leick firing back, but Order with rapid fire chops to the chest!!!

(Fans all popping as Heidi Leick’s upper chest turns blue.)

Mutt: Leick back into the ropes and the ref getting in between them… but Heidi with a sucker punch! And now she rakes the eyes! Order is blinded as Heidi slaps on a Front Face lock…

Bishop: But Order counters with a Waistlock and a leg block….and PLANTS HER WITH A NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!!!

Ref: ……………………………………………..1



(Crowd gasps as Officer Order’s neck and back give out.)

Spud: 30 seconds left! 30 Second remain!

Bishop: Heidi back up and now she is nailing away with hard right hands. Order is dazed, and Heidi with a Side body pick up into a Gutwrench Suplex!

(Fans all boo as Heidi spits down upon Officer Order.)

Mutt: Heidi with a hair pull pick up and High Knee lifts to Order’s head! Order is dazed! Her neck is snapping backwards, and now Heidi slapping on a Frontface lock.

Bishop: Heidi hoisting her up for a Fisherman’s…no! Order grabbing the ropes and getting back down to the canvas! Heidi with another knee lift!

Mutt: Heidi Leick slapping on the Front facelock.  . . !

Bishop: But Order counters with a Swinging Neck Breaker!!!


Ref: 1…………………2………………3…………..

Mutt: Heidi has gone straight at the former World Champ and Order is beat. All Heidi has to do is connect with one big move.

Bishop: Order slow to her feet and heading for the near corner. Heidi is down and Order is climbing the turnbuckles!

Spud: 15 seconds! 15 seconds!

Bishop: Order is up top! So agile! Order measuring her opponent as she comes Swan Dives off the top!!!!

(F a n s all popping!!!!!!)

Bishop: and =h I T S= the S W a N-D I V E **SPLASH** OFF THE TOP!!!!

Ref: ………………………………………………..1



(Fans all pop and scream as Heidi Leick gets the shoulder up!)

Bishop: Heidi rolling away as Order shakes her head. She can’t believe this. Order with Karate Chops to the chest, and Heidi Leick leaning against the ropes.

Mutt: Order with an Irish Whip to the far ropes and Heidi is sent to the far side. Heidi bounding off and *connects* with a Lou Thesz Press!!!

(Fans all booing as Heidi nails away with punches to the head.)

Bishop: Heidi with a pickup and slaps Order’s head between her legs!

Spud: 5………………….4…………………3…………..

(The Dawg Pound barks as Heidi Leick slaps on a Waistlock!)

Bishop: Waistlock pick up…..POWERBOMB!

Spud: ………………………………..2………………..1!


Bishop: Heidi Leick with the cover, but the referee waving it off.

Mutt: Officer Order just went through hell!

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 15 minutes even, the time has expired. This match is ruled a draw!

Bishop: Heidi can’t believe it! Heidi rolling to the outside, and this one is over.

(Fans all screaming as Order still lays on the canvas, holding her head.)

Bishop: Hold on, someone is coming through the curtain.

(Minor cheers as Marissa Monet rushes down the aisle.)

Bishop: Marissa sliding into the ring and pointing at Heidi Leick. Leick spitting at her as she circles ringside.

Mutt: I don’t think I’ve ever seen Order this beat up. Order is hurt, slowly rising to her feet as Marissa holds her up…

Mutt: And rests Order’s head on her shoulder. What a wuss.

(Fans applaud.)

Bishop: Marissa patting Order’s back…and spins her around, slapping on a Half-Nelson! OH no!

Mutt: Yes!

(Fans all stand on their feet.)

Bishop: She lifts Order up over her hip and chokes her out with her right arm!!!!

Mutt: Kataha-jime! Kataha-jime!

(Marissa screams out: ‘Dunbar, this is what your heroes are made of?!?! Your future has arrived. She couldn’t survive!’!!!)

Mutt: She’s choking out ORDER! She’s choking out Order!

(Fans all screaming as security rushes down the aisle.)

Mutt: Security is rushing Marissa Monet and she is forced to release Order. And now the ref is checking on Double O.

Bishop: They are calling on the stretchers, and the medical staff is rushing down to the ring. Marissa, you have no soul!

(Fans chant: Marissa sux! Marissa sux! Marissa sux! Marissa sux! )

Mutt: They are exiting the ring with Marissa, and Heidi Leick grabbing a chair?

(Fans all booing as Andrea Chandler points at Order.)

Bishop: My God! Heidi Leick grabbing a chair and sliding back into the ring. She tosses the chair onto the canvas and the referee warning Heidi…and Heidi tosses her to the canvas!

(Fans boo as the referee warns Heidi.)

Mutt: Oh man! Oh woman! Heidi with a pickup and a Front face lock! She hoists up Officer Order. . .



(Security rushes BACK down the aisle as Heidi tosses down Order.)

Bishop: My God! Order isn’t moving! Andrea Chandler is applauding as security storms back into the ring!

Spud: Wrestling fans, the referee has just informed me that she has changed her ruling…the winner of this match due to Disqualification is ‘Double O’ Officer May Order.

(Fans all cheering as security ushers Heidi Leick out of the building.)

Bishop: They have placed Order on a stretcher…she might be seriously injured.

(Fans applaud as Order waves a hand as they cart her out of the arena.)

Mutt: But what the hell? Marissa Monet is that disturbed by Paul Laurence Dunbar’s comments? My God! She took Order apart!

Bishop: I thought Marissa was a fan favorite. My lord, that was despicable.

Mutt: Even I thought the attack was a little extra just to make a point.

Bishop: And that vulture Heidi Leick attacking Order while she was down. My lord! Fans we hope to have word on May’s condition before this night is over.

Loser Retires Match: Zaranna vs. Lanny Manson

Spud: Wrestling fans, this next contest is our Main Event. It is scheduled for one fall, with a 30 minute time limit. It is a special Legends Match in which the loser must retire from the sport of professional wrestling!

(Huge crowd pop!)

Spud: Introducing first. . .

(Fans boo as they hear “Flight of the Valkyries” by Wagner.)

Spud: …Hailing from Sydney, Australia! She is 5 feet 6, 145 pounds, here is Zzzzzzzzzzzzaranna!

Bishop: This is the match everyone has been waiting for. Old time Grand Dragon fans can’t wait to see these two go at it.

Mutt: Oh yeah! Zaranna versus “Fear Factory” Lanny Manson is the greatest feud in Women’s wrestling today…and you know that Zaranna has been waiting for this night for a long time.

Bishop: Let’s go back to the Spud McKenzie.

Spud:…and her opponent!

(Fans cheer as they hear “Replica” by Fear Factory.)

Spud: Hailing from the Streets and Beaches of Los Angeles! She is 5 feet 3 inches, 131 pounds, here is the one, the only, “Fear Factory” Lanny Manson!!!!!

(Huge pop as Lanny Manson comes running down the aisle.)

Bishop: Lanny Manson slapping hands with the fans as she storms the ring. Zaranna pointing out at her arch rival, as they haven’t set eyes on each other in years.

Mutt: Zaranna bickering with Lanny Manson on the outside, and the ref is trying to get things started.


Bishop: Zaranna is in the ring, and Lanny Manson immediately with big left hands to the head! She Irish Whips Z to the far side…. and Z grabs the ropes. She rolls under the ropes and takes a walk.

(Fans booing as Zaranna walks about the ring floor.)

Mutt: Hey, Z is playing this smart. How dare these fans even boo this great athlete. I’m sure the Australians are rooting for her. We’re on Worldwide tonight.

Bishop: Zaranna back in the ring, and Lanny Manson so eager to lock up. These two have so much history between them.

Mutt: Collar and Elbow Tie up and Zaranna with a Side Headlock… AND LANNY MANSON WITH A WAISTLOCK FOR A BELLY TO BACK…NO! A TREMENDOUS ATOMIC DROP!

(Huge Crowd pop!)

Bishop: I can’t believe the altitude she had on that. Zaranna flying into the ropes and nearly flying OVER the ropes. Lanny Manson with kicks to the midsection as Zaranna doubles over. Now big left hands to the head and Zaranna is saved from the referee. He forces the break.

(Fans boo as Zaranna climbs through the ropes to the floor.)

Mutt: Very smart of Zaranna…you haven’t wrestled in years and you are kind of rusty…take a break. Lanny Manson is a brawler and it doesn’t take any skills to throw a punch.

Bishop: Lanny Manson calling on Z to re-enter the ring. She climbs the turnbuckles and the fans are rallying behind her!

(Fans cheering and chants of ‘Zaranna sucks’ begin!)

Bishop: Although the fans have been hard to please tonight, I’m glad they remember how much they loved these two.

Mutt: They have to! These are some of the greats in Women’s sports.

Bishop: Manson is head banging on the top turnbuckle as Zaranna just barely beats the count back into the ring. Manson drops down and Z is real careful to lock up. Another collar and elbow tie up and Zaranna with a European Uppercut! Manson with a wild left hand and Z with another European Uppercut!

(Fans boo as Lanny Manson is nailed for a third Uppercut.)

Bishop: Zaranna with Strong kicks to the chest of Lanny Manson, and now she is baked up against the ropes. Zaranna has somewhat of a background in kickboxing from my understanding. And she’s employing it here.

Mutt: Zaranna with vicious shots to the head of Manson, but Lanny punching right back! Manson with big kicks to the ribs of Zaranna. Zaranna doubles over, and Manson with major kick to the midsection. And Zaranna with a Leg Drag Takedown.

Mutt: Beautiful counter by Zaranna. And now a Crossface. Notice how slow the tempo has gotten. Z is the master of manipulating the pace.

Bishop: Zaranna with that technical background, dominating the fan favorite. Manson reaching out and tagging the ropes with her foot. The ref forces the break and Manson with hard right hands to the head!

(Fans cheering as Zaranna doubles backwards.)

Bishop: Manson racing forward and nailing away with hard right hand jabs . . . and now an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Zaranna bouncing off and nails Z with a High Knee Lift!

(Fans pop!)

Bishop: Now Lanny Manson calling out to the fans AND NAILS ZARANNA WITH A TORNADO PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Mutt: Zaranna rolls to the outside and Lanny Manson is head banging away!

(Fans cheering as Lanny Manson rolls out to the outside.)

Bishop: Zaranna trying to get her bearings, and Manson sneaking up behind her…AND NAILS HER WITH A KNEE TO THE BACK! Lanny Manson with a pickup and RAMS Z’S HEAD INTO THE GUARD RAIL!

(Huge crowd pop as Lanny Manson head bangs!)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit.

Mutt: I think The Z’ster is nervous. She hasn’t wrestled in years and Lanny is coming right at her.

Bishop: Manson is really taking it to Zaranna. Zaranna is out of breath as Manson continues to beat on her. Lanny Manson now, with big left hands to the head of Zaranna. Lanny Manson now, Irish whips her into the ring post!

(Fans chanting: Lanny! Lanny! Lanny! Lanny!)

Bishop: Lanny Manson back into the ring as Zaranna collapses onto the floor. The referee sending Lanny into a neutral corner as she argues with the referee.

Mutt: Z is helpless against this brute. Zaranna crawling back into the ring on week legs. Manson immediately wailing away with those wild left hands.

Bishop: Manson Irish Whips Zaranna to the far side…and Zaranna with a Football tackle. Zaranna runs to the far side and Manson back up but drops right back down. Zaranna comes bouncing off the ropes and Lanny with another Tornado Punch…no! Zaranna counters with an Arm Drag Takedown. Now Manson back up and Zaranna with a Clothesline!

(Fans cheering on the action.)

Mutt: Counter wrestling is what makes the sport. Zaranna and Manson both laid out on the mat, but you got to give the edge to Z. If she hadn’t come up with something then, it’s over.

Bishop: Zaranna with a pickup and a front face lock…Swinging Neck Breaker. Now a Reverse chinlock as the wily Australian takes a breather.

Mutt: Manson has done an excellent job of disorientating Zaranna with her wild brawling tactics. Zaranna better end this soon. She is not exactly in the same condition she was 5 or 6 years ago. A long match is no match at all for her.

Bishop: Or Manson for that sake. Manson is kneeling and Zaranna with a Side headlock! Zaranna with a head of steam….and Lanny pushes off!

Mutt: Fear Factory comes running in after her and nails Zaranna with a Clothesline in the corner! Now Lanny Manson climbing up to the top turnbuckle calling out to the fans! She’s nailing Z with illegal closed fists!

(Fans counting: 1…2…3…4..5…6..7..8…9…10!)

Bishop: Hold on! Zaranna with a Waistlock and walks Manson out of the corner….AND FALLS BACKWARD FOR A STUN GUN! But no cover.

Mutt: Zaranna has been busted open!

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit.

Ref: 1…………………………..2…………….3……….

Mutt: Zaranna back up, but she’s wrestling on guts and glory right now. She’s got to wrestle from the heart.

Bishop: Zaranna with a pickup and a European Uppercut! Now another European Uppercut and Manson is senseless up against the ropes.

Mutt: Zaranna has one of the best inside games in wrestling history. She’s got the overweight Headbanger up against the ropes now…she’s got to finish this!

(Fans boo as Zaranna does a thumbs down and nods.)

Bishop: Z with an Irish Whip and Manson is sent sailing to the far side. She bounces off and Zaranna with a Sleeper!

(Fans chanting: Let’s go Lanny! Let’s go Lanny!)

Bishop: The referee is checking, and the hand drops the first time!

Mutt: Yes!

Bishop: The ref checks again and it drops a second time.

Mutt: Momma, I’m comin’ home!

Bishop: He checks a third time, and Lanny is still in it!

((Fans all POP!!!))

Bishop: Manson waving off the ref…And she drops down for a jawbreaker! Zaranna stumbling backwards clutching her jaw. Lanny Manson now, with a kick to the ribs and Double Underhooks the arms!

Mutt: Pedigree!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fans all cheering as she rolls Zaranna over for the cover.)

Bishop: 1…………………2……………………1/2!

(Mixed cheers as Zaranna gets the shoulder up!)

Mutt: Lanny Manson with and a front face lock…but Zaranna winding out of it and now a boot to the midsection…

Bishop: Frontface lock…..Swinging Neckbreaker!

Mutt: But no cover! Zaranna is laid out face first on the mat!

(Fans all boo as Andrea Chandler heads down the aisle.)

Bishop: What is she doing here?

Mutt: Andrea Chandler has helped Heidi Leick to take out one former World Champ tonight…now, she’s after Zaranna!

Ref: ………………………6………………….7………

Bishop: Manson is up first. She’s grabbing the ropes for support. Lanny Manson now, picking up Zaranna and nailing her with a Crescent Kick.

(Fans all pop as Zaranna flies back down to the mat.)

Mutt: Blood is all over the mat.

Bishop: Manson crawls over for the cover!!!!!!!!!

Ref: 1…………..2……………..

Mutt: No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

((Fans all boo as Andrea Chandler pulls the referee out of the ring. They beginning chanting: Lanny! Lanny! Lanny! Lanny! ))

Mutt: What?!

Bishop: Lanny Manson is irate! She had this match won! Manson sliding out of the ring and she’s walking up behind Chandler. Andrea turning around….

Mutt: And Manson nailing away with left hand jabs!!!

((Major pops as Andrea Chandler wobbles!))

Bishop: Meanwhile, Zaranna is sitting in the middle of the ring recuperating as Lanny and Andrea fist fight! . . . Wait! She’s pulling something out of her boot!

Mutt: The referee forcing Manson back into the ring as she warns Andrea Chandler not to interfere. Zaranna charging forward and nailing away with European Uppercuts.

Bishop: And now an Irish Whip into the far corner, no, reversal!

(Fans pop as Zaranna hits hard.)

Mutt: Manson charging the near corner and HITS the running Lariat!

(Fans all cheering!)

Bishop: Manson with a hard left hand, and places Z up on the top turnbuckle. She’s going for a Superplex! She’s got a Front Face lock….AND ZARANNA NAILS HER WITH A HARD RIGHT HAND!

(Fans boo as Z throws the object aside.)

Bishop: The ref didn’t see it!

Mutt: Manson is down on the mat, and the bloodied Zaranna is climbing down the buckles.

(Fans all booing as Zaranna stumbles around the ring.)

Bishop: Manson slow to her feet, and Zaranna charging and nails her with a Swinging Neck Breaker!

(Dawg Pound barking: Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!)

Spud: 25 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 5 remaining!

Mutt: IT’s over! Zaranna with the Lateral Press!

Bishop: 1………………………2………………..1/2!!!!

(All the fans cheering as Zaranna slaps the mat in frustration.)

Bishop: Manson with the shoulder up!

Mutt: Damn it!

(Fans all cheering as Andrea Chandler grabs a chair.)

Mutt: Zaranna with a pickup and a facelock. She turns her around and turns her around…but Manson so strong, fighting against the hold.

Bishop: Manson swinging back around and double underhooks the arms…Double Arm DDT!

(Fans all screaming as Lanny rolls her over for the cover!!!)

Ref: 1……………………….2……………………..NO!

(Major Pop as Zaranna gets the shoulder up.)

Bishop: Lanny Manson with a pickup and a Frontface Lock! She hoists Zaranna up and nails her with a Brainbuster!!!!

(Fans all on their feet!!!!!)

Bishop: Fear Factory with big Left Hands, and the bloodied Zaranna is out on the mat! Lanny Manson with a pickup and Irish Whipping Zaranna to the near ropes….

Mutt: No, reversal!

Bishop: Manson bouncing off the ropes….AND ANDREA CHANDLER NAILS HER WITH A CHAIR SHOT!

(Fans all booing as Manson stumbles forward.)

Mutt: Zaranna with a front face lock….Z-Blaster D. D. T.

Bishop: Oh no.

(*+Fans all screaming as both women lay on the canvas.)

Bishop: Manson is down, and Zaranna rolling her over for the cover!

Ref: 1………………………………..

Ref: 2………………………………..

Ref: 3…………………………………


Bishop: NO!

(Fans all booing as Andrea Chandler immediately storms the ring.)

Bishop: Andrea stomping away on Lanny Manson, and the referee trying to get in the way….and she shoves him away!

Mutt: Oh man, Andrea with a Military Press and walking around with Lanny Manson….and Piledrives her between her legs!

Bishop: That’s the Diamond Drill! And now Andrea stomping away on Zaranna! Zaranna is bloodied and beaten to a pulp. Now Andrea with a Military Press….and nails her with the Diamond Drill!

((Fans all booing as ringsiders rush the guardrailing!))

Bishop: Not again! Andrea picking up Zaranna, and a Military Press….DIAMOND DRILL!


Bishop: Not another legend! OH no! Andrea stomping away on Lanny, and tossing her out of the ring…and now Andrea picking up Zaranna again!

(Fans all booing as she calls out to the Dawg Pound.)

Bishop: Andrea Chandler is destroying all of the former WORLD CHAMPIONS…is Black Lotus even safe?

Mutt: Andrea Chandler ….Hold on, a fan has hopped the barricade and is carrying her chair…she’s storming the ring!

Mutt: It’s a woman wearing a hooded sweatshirt and shades…this fan…this fanatic is just as pissed off as all these other losers in the stands.

(Fans all screaming as the fan sneaks up on Andrea Chandler.)

Bishop: The fanatic tapping Andrea Chandler on the shoulder. She turns around….

[((( C H A I R S H O T )))]

Mutt: My God!

((((((Fans all pop as Andrea Chandler is busted open!)))))

Bishop: Zaranna is dropped to the mat, and Andrea falls into the near corner.

Mutt: Andrea is dazed!

Bishop: The fanatic with an Irish Whip to the far side!

(Fans pop as the chair slips off of Andrea Chandler’s head.)

Bishop: Andrea bouncing off and the fanatic nails her with a T i l t – a – W h i r l B a c k b r e a k e r!

(Major Cheers as she picks up Andrea.)

Mutt: Andrea is still dazed as the fanatic picks her up and double underhooks the arms…..

Bishop: B U T T E R F L Y — S U P L E X !!!

((Major POP as Andrea Chandler flies out of the ring.))

Bishop: The fanatic tossing her shades to the canvas and tossing back her hood…it’s Daisy!


((Fans cheering as she stands over Zaranna.))

Bishop: Lanny Manson rolling into the ring, and she can’t believe it. Andrea Chandler is dazed as she heads back up the aisle.

Mutt: Zaranna getting to her feet and can’t believe what she’s seeing. Manson and Daisy squaring off…..

(Fans all whistle and cheer as they wait.)

Bishop: Daisy shaking her head and opens her arms…and Manson hugs her!

(Fans all POP while Zaranna flips off both of them.)

Bishop: Daisy Butterfly…

Mutt: Turned her back on her best friend Andrea Chandler…they used to be stablemates in the Syndicate!

Bishop: Fans, we’ll hopefully have an update on Order’s condition on the Sunday Night Tease. We’re out of time. See you next week on the Tease.



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