Champion takes on Champion as World Champ Officer Order battles Western States Champ Keiko Mita

Martial Law & Officer Order

( Shot opens on a the front entrance to San Francisco General Hospital, where the current ESWP TV Champion, Martial Law is waiting for the camera crew. Dressed in uniform, Law is leaning against the counter drumming his fingers. When he sees the camera crew he walks over and smiles.)

Law: Glad you could make it. You know, lot of people have been asking where is the GDWA World’s Champion ? Well, Tonight I’m going to show you. Just follow me …

(The large Law man leads the crew in to the elevator and press a button. As the doors close, he turns to the camera and tries to explain.)

Law: Now, don’t tell May I brought you here. She’s not the kind of person who wants everyone to know what she’s doing – but I’ve hear too much crap from too many people about her. I swear, some people got nothing better to do than . . .

(The elevator bell rings as it reaches the desired floor, cutting off Law. He steps out in to a hospital corridor decorated with red and green streamers and xmass lights. Fifty small stockings are hung around a sign which reads ‘ Pediatric HIV/AIDS Ward’.)

Law: We have to be quite in here, just follow me . . .

(Walking down the hallway, we can see nurses and doctors going about their daily routine. Getting closer to the end of the hallway, we can hear something all to rare here – the laughter of children. Law points toward an open door, and as the camera move in we see the room is filled with kids, some in wheelchairs, some sitting on the folding chairs, and still others in can only be proped up in a bed. Some look like they are completely healthy, others are on the verge of death – but all are laughing and smiling as they watch a very animated Officer May Order read them a story. Order is sitting on the bed of a very sick little girl, who is holding the GDWA World Heavyweight Title Belt and watching Double O with smiling eyes.)

Order: . . . And I heard him say, as he sped out of sight ‘ Merry Christmases to All, and to All A Good Night !’.

(The kids give a round of applause as Order looks up at the doorway. She seems shocked to see the camera, until she sees Law standing next to them.)

Order: Now Kids, if you’ll excuse me I need to take a short break …

(The crowd gives a pleading ‘Aww’ , as Double O starts to get up.)

Order: Oh don’t worry, I’ve got a friend who is going to take over … You all remember Martial Law don’t you ? Law come here and take over for me …

(The kids begin to cheer and shout as they see the large Law man walk into the room. As Order passes Law, we see her give him a sharp look and then step outside with the camera.)

Order: Well, I’m a little surprised to see you here. I guess it’s that big goofs doing …

(Order shakes her head and takes a deep breath before going on.)

Order: I guess He means well, but … Well since your here, I might as well tell you this is where I’ve been spending my free time. These kids are amazing, they all have a fatal disease we don’t have a cure for, but are they giving up ? No Way ! They go on with their lives, one day at a time. Doing the best they can, They are true Champions. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve only got an hour left before I have to be a the dojo and I want to make the most of it . . .

( And with that, Order starts back toward the kids – turning around in the doorway she shoots a quick smile. )

Order: Happy Holidays !

Scene opens up on a jammed packed Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, Japan. There are 15,907 screaming fans in attendance. “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


(The camera shows signs of ringside fans barking and wearing police officer uniforms. Some fans wave “SJPW RULES” and “DRAGON TRIO 4 LIFE.)

Bishop: Fans, that was our World Champion Double O at the head of our broadcast. Welcome to our first leg of our tour of Japan. Hi, I’m Allen Bishop along with Sam Mutt who will do Color commentary. Welcome to the Catfight. Tonight, we have a great card for you. The undefeated Black Lotus takes on cruiserweight ‘Jumping’ Jennifer Grier. ‘Tokyo Thriller’ Miko Azai faces the streaking ‘Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura. The Western Heritage champion ‘Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita defends against ‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx….

Mutt: OH yeah. Nikita takes the gold all the way…plus, we got 2 bonus matches for ya. A GDWA flashback of sorts and the match that took place at the IEWA’s Shattered Dreams pay per view. In a non-title bout, Keiko Mita faces the World Heavyweight Champion Officer Order in a non-title bout…

Bishop: And rumors abound about Dawg Pound Nights: Dawg Bites Back…the most hardcore GDWA event of the year. But prior to that event, we have the Super Japan show next week featuring…

Dalbello Rage

[“the Great Gate of Kiev” interrupts the broadcast with its majestic Russian strains. The crowd begins to boo and hiss as the curtains part and Dalbello Rage strides down the aisle.]

Bishop: What the hell is this? Not again! Come on, we have a programming schedule to adhere to!

Mutt: Hey, these are always the best parts of the show!

[Dalbello marches down the aisle in a crisp pair of wide legged pants and a crop top that exposes the saucer-flat, hard muscles of her stomach. Her hair is brushed back off her face and curled into a flip. She even carries her own microphone. Her eyes are twinkling with mischief as she hops into the ring, vaulting over the top rope.]

Mutt: You can tell Dalbello really loves this stuff, can’t you! I mean look at the sheer wickedness in her eyes.

Bishop: This misfit just wants to make a mockery out of everything the GDWA stands for. I’m appalled, frankly. This is how this phenomenal 18 year competitor chooses to spend her last years?

Mutt: She’s only 34! I wish you guys would cut out that age crap! 34 is not old … not when you look like her.

[Dalbello strikes her best “Sunny” pose, knees together and bent, one foot slightly in front of the other, booty stuck out, chest thrust out, and head cocked with a sly look and come hither smile as she raises the microphone to her lips and manages to make it resemble a lewd act. The crowd really begins booing now.]

Bishop: I’m going to be sick.

Mutt: Me, too. Sick as a pig. And I want to throw up all… excuse me, I thought I was in Last Tango in Paris for a minute. Pass the butter, Dal! Pass me the damn butter, please!!!!

Bishop: Dammit, Sam!

Dalbello: (husky, sexy voice) What I’d like to have right now … [on cue the boos begin.]

Mutt: (chuckling) They’re like trained sheep.

Dalbello: What I’d like to have right now. [The boos come louder and garbage starts to hit the ring.]

Dalbello: What I’d like to have right now is for all you strong, proud, straight-backed, broad-shouldered, unbiased, Afrophilic beautiful people to stand up and put your hands together for your leader, the inimitable, the indomitable … the Phenom of the GDWA… the HEAT-SEEKER, the SHOWSTOPPER… the GREATEST WESTERN HERITAGE and ONLY RELEVANT CRUISERWEIGHT AROUND…Ms. ‘JACK JOHNSON’…SIERRA… BROOOOOOOOWNE!!!!

[The boos intensify. No one stands.]

Dalbello: I guess she just proved her point then, didn’t she?

Bishop: Somebody’s got to cut their cable every Monday night.

Sierra Browne

[The curtains part and Sierra Browne rolls down the ramp in her wheelchair. She is dressed in a shanty town rag, her head in wrapped in an old kerchief. She is barefoot with a chain around her ankle and a collar on her neck. She’s wearing a mask, an Al Jolson Black-face mask that sets the crowd to booing immediately. She motors to the foot of the ring and then hoists herself up onto the apron as Dalbello brings in her chair, helping her get comfortable.]

Sierra: Thank you, I don’t see anybody standing. [She shields her eyes with her hands and then peers out.] I don’t see anybody standing. Why aren’t you standing? Huh? What’s the matter? I guess none of you respect one damn thing I do around here. Well, that’s just fine. That’s just dandy. I don’t want your respect. I don’t need your cheers. Come on, throw things at me. Come on, pitch all your crap at me. Come on! Do it! You want to!!!!

[She is splashed by cups of Coke and popcorn, crumpled paper bags, popcorn, peanuts, chewed gum, programs, coffee cups, a paper cup full of Coke explodes against the side of her head, making her jump back as she is drenched. The rain of garbage stops as Sierra begins to laugh.]

Sierra: Oh, quit it. Just quit it. Because I’m not out here to play to the crowd right now. So sit down, shut the hell up for once and stop acting like the bunch of morons you are. I’m talking to you straight right now. This isn’t planned. This isn’t rehearsed. It’s time we had a heart-to-heart dialogue. All right?

Mutt: What the hell?

Bishop: Has Sierra finally realised she’s gone too far?

Sierra: Rekka Sakura said something the other day that really bothered me. She said I was about as militant as Martha Stewart. Whoever said I was militant? Whoever said that I wanted to kill all the ‘White people.’ You never heard those words out of me. You never heard me call myself a poor, dirty Black girl as Princess Kallista seems to think. I know, I know, you all feel me talking about race is uncomfortable, you all figure this is some cheap shtick just to get you to boo me and to gain leverage with Denmark Vessey when it comes to match bookings. Well, it isn’t. I’m not Daisy Butterfly, I didn’t turn on you just because I lost a title and couldn’t think of anything else to do with my career. I didn’t turn on you because I decided you weren’t worth my time. And I didn’t turn on you because most of you out there are White. I DIDN’T turn on you.

You ESTRANGED me. What did I do to deserve your boos? They all started because I superkicked May Order and she hit the ringpost. Was I wrong to win a match with May? Was I wrong? Why did you cheer me every time I lost and the very moment I win my second match in my GDWA career you start to boo me. And you booed me even worse when I beat Order again for the Great Western Heritage title. Why? Isn’t that what I was supposed to do? Wasn’t I supposed to compete? To me, it struck me as if I wasn’t supposed to be a winner in your eyes. (sob) I wasn’t supposed to do anything but jump around and get swatted like a fly.

[Dalbello puts a consoling hand on Sierra’s shoulder.]

Sierra: I just wanted to see you cheer me, appreciate the effort I’d made for you, the work I’d undergone. I struggled, I labored. I made every effort. I needed you to appreciate me. And I struggled to show you that a Black wrestler could be something phenomenal without resorting to stereotypes, without demeaning herself. But the more I did it my way. The more I succeeded it just seemed to me to be the less we understood each other. This [Sierra points to her shabby attire] is what I felt you saw. Not a phenomenal athlete who won an unprecedented THREE titles concurrently. Not a woman who had finally figured out what it took to succeed in the GDWA. I won’t say I won my Cruiserweight belt fairly. I didn’t. But I was mad because I’d beaten Order cleanly and got cheapshotted for it and you didn’t appreciate that. And even when I won my Internet title no less than Andrea Chandler herself, the woman who fought an announcer who tried to qualify her title reign, started weighing in saying I was a flash in the pan, I was an irrelevancy historically and that I cheated to win ALL my belts. You just never saw me for what I had done. And I got upset. I lashed out. I got angry. I admit that.

[Dalbello rubs her shoulders. Sierra sobs some more, holding her head.]

Sierra: So I lashed out. And I attacked what I thought was the reason for all this. Rekka Sakura, don’t ever think I wasn’t proud.

[The crowd pops in disbelief. Dalbello just looks out at them and nods.]

Sierra: Order, Mita, Butterfly, Daisy … I apologize for all the disgraceful things I’ve said and done to you.

Mutt: Aw damn!!! No!!!

Bishop: This is wonderful. Finally and athlete learns humility and respect! Listen to the crowd applaud.

Sierra: Could you guys come out here please so I could do it in person?

[“All I Really Want” by Alannis Morrisette plays.]

Bishop: They’re coming out?!?!

[The curtains part and four MINIS … dressed like Order, Butterfly, Mita and Duran scurry to the ring, gathering around Sierra.]

Bishop: What the ….

Sierra: I’m sorry I exposed you for being the deficient…talentless … shortsighted frauds that you are!

Bishop: What????

Mutt: Oh I love this!

[The crowd is hissing now.]

Sierra: I’m sorry that this poor pathetic little slave who was supposed to spit polish your boots with her own hair took a stand and showed you people up. I’m sorry that I have to tell you all your little sneak attacks and tricks aside I am the best Cruiserweight in the world. I’m sorry that all the rule changes… all the presidential orders didn’t tame me. I’m sorry that when the smoke cleared Sierra Browne is still standing.

[With a violent push, Sierra lifts herself up from her wheelchair and stands on two feet.]


Sierra: I’m sorry you thought you put me out of wrestling. And I’m sorry Daisy and Micki that you built all your publicity around ending my career when I’m still standing! I ain’t in any hospital room! You are! Oh no, it’s the dreaded ROYAL OCTOPUS!!!

[Garbage rains down on Sierra again as she rips off her shift and the Al Jolson face mask. She smashes the mask over the Duran Mini and chokes out the Butterfly mini with her shift. With her braced leg she sweeps “Order” and Mini Mita to the floor and Dalbello graciously gives them the boots to the floor. The crowd is white hot and enraged.]


Sierra: (shouting) You all want to break a sister down?! You want me to die? I’m the centerpiece of this entire spectacle. And now … I’m bringing out Princess Kallista to give her a piece of my mind, too. Kallista, get out here right now!!!

Bishop: Somebody get her out of that ring!!!

[The curtains part and in walks … a DRAG QUEEN!!! Even Dalbello can’t keep a smile off her face at this one.]

Sierra: Oh look, it’s the little princess whose daddy humiliated her at chess. Oh, that’s so tragic.

“Kallista”: (sniffling) It is. I just wanted to live the life of a fairy tale Princess. He used to knock the pieces down.

[Sierra and Dalbello look at each and start to “sob.”]

Sierra: (patting Kallista’s head) You poor thing, well, at least you got the fairy part right. Let me ask you something. When you were growing up, did you pick cotton?

“Kallista”: (sniff) No.

Sierra: Did you lose all traces of yur history?

“Kallista”: (sob) No.

Sierra: Did you lose your family, your language, your culture, your God?

“Kallista”: Daddy used to take my pawns!!!

Sierra: Oh God!!! The humanity of it all!!!! How do you survive? Here, let me put you out of your misery.

[Sierra slams “Kallista” in the gut and as “she” bends over Sierra punts her in the jaw, sending “her” over the top rope.]

Sierra: (almost drowned out by the boos) Kallista, you think you had it so hard? You think you suffered? Girl, and I use the term lightly, you haven’t suffered one little bit yet. I’m gonna beat you just like your daddy used to. You want to challenge an injured wrestler to a Scottish Death Match? You’re gonna get hurt for that. I’m going to expose you for the little “fairy” that you are. And all you jackasses out there who have been booing me and saying that I’m a fake militant … I quote Jack Johnson whose name I shall always bear … “I beat up White people for a living.”

[The crowd hisses as Sierra slams down the microphone. She gives the finger to all the fans and all the minis. She slides out of the ring, storming back up the aisle, Dalbello giggling at her heels.]

Mut: Woah.

Bishop: Fans, I can’t believe this. Anyway, we start of f the night with Lotus against Grier.

Mutt: I don’t think Denmark Vessey will like this. Tonight, Andrea and Daisy Butterfly accept their wrestler of the month awards…I hope Dalbello and Sierra don’t catch their wrath.

(Fans all cheering as Spud McKenzie enters the ring. He’s wearing a black blazer and slacks with a red striped tie. He stands in the middle of the ring as the fans settle down.)

Spud: Happy New Year, and welcome to another addition of the GDWA Tuesday Night Catfight!

(Fans cheer as Spud paces around the ring.)

Spud: Now…the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance has but one question to ask all of our Japanese fans and all our fans around the world….

(Fans cheer!!)

Spud: Are you ready!?

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!)

Spud: I said ARE YOU READY?!

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Spud: Then Let’s Get Rrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrumble!!!

(Fans cheer as horns go off & Spud McKenzie stands poised in the ring.)

Black Lotus vs. Jennifer Grier

Spud: Our first contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!

(Whistles and boos as fans hear “Devil Inside” by INXS.)

Spud: First, hailing from the recently liberated Hong Kong, China. She weighs 5′ 8 and a half inches, 150 pounds, here is Black Lotus.

(Lotus, a young Asian woman, saunters to the ring. She’s dressed in a tight black leather body suit, made even tighter by various leather straps and buckles all over her outfit. Her face is painted bone white, with elaborate black around her eyes and mouth. Her hands are taped in black and black boots complete her outfit. She strolls down to ringside and slithers into the ring, pausing to ruffle the ref’s hair teasingly as she waits on her opponent..)

Bishop: Lotus up against the woman who took Sierra Browne to the limit at Fall Moonsault 1997. Grier is a tremendous talent waiting for a turn of fate.

Mutt: But she faces Black Lotus who is probably the most promising new talent in the GDWA.

Bishop: Including your favorite Yukon Jane.

Mutt: Including her.

Spud: And HER opponent…

(Minor cheers as Jennifer Grier walks through the curtain.)

Spud: Accompanied to ringside by her manager Big Rob Tucker…from Geneseo, Illinois. She is 5 feet 7 inches, 125 pounds…’Jumping’ Jennifer Grier!

(A giant pyrotechnics display shoots up, in all bright colors as Grier heads down the aisle. She shakes hands in typical mega-face fashion. “Big” Rob follows her, but more set back, about 5-8 feet behind her. Grier suddenly halts and points at a guy near ringside, and surprises him with a kiss. She smiles, and jumps into the ring. )

Bishop: Lotus so strange, this is probably the most bizarre GDWA superstar to date. The ref calling the two to the middle of the ring to go over the rules…

Mutt: And Lotus pointing down at Grier’s boots. Lotus wants to check for foreign objects, and that’s a good call by the rookie. Referee Samora reaching over, checking Grier’s boots and…

Bishop: Lotus reaching over him and poking Grier in the eyes.

(Fans all boo!)


Bishop: Grier covering her face as she stumbles away, and Lotus with a head of steam and a running Side Headlock takedown.. and now Lotus straddling Grier…

Mutt: And Palm Striking Jennifer Grier to the face.

(Fans all booing until the referee pulls Lotus off of her.)

Mutt: Black is just too much. Grier needed to start out with a bang, and Lotus has stolen the moment from her.

Bishop: Lotus with a pick up and a *snapping* Side Headlock Takedown and now a Chinlock. Grier still dazed and Lotus putting the weight on.

(Men whistle as Lotus sucks on Grier’s ear lobe.)

Bishop: Grier screaming and cursing out Lotus as she plays those mind games.

Mutt: Hey, I’d love to “Play” with Black Lotus…

Bishop: SAM!

Mutt: (Laughing) Seriously though. This is what Nikita Marx nust do later on tonight. Put on the pressure early. Upset Mita and force her to the mat.

Bishop: Grier crawling toward the ropes, and Lotus slapping on a Half Nelson-Hammerlock combination. Grier forced on her side as Lotus really bears in on Jennifer’s neck.

(Fans go “oh” and applaud as Jennifer Grier flails her legs.)

Mutt: That’s rather sloppy of Black Lotus, but she can afford to do so against the technically inept Jennifer Grier….but Grier is an accomplished High Flyer who knows the ropes. Grier tapping the ropes with her foot and the referee forcing the break.

Bishop: Lotus quick to her feet, and an Irish Whip to the far ropes by the grappler. Grier bouncing off and a forward roll by Grier as Lotus drops to the mat.

Mutt: Grier SPRINGBOARDING Off the far side and HITTING with a Flying Cross Body Block….AND LOTUS ROLLING THROUGH IT FOR A LATERAL PRESS!!!!

Samora: 1……………………..2……………….KICK OUT!

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Lotus and Grier up to the neutral position and Grier with a Armdrag Takedown? Lotus with a Leg Scissors Takeover and now a Headscissors.

Mutt: Grier with a Kip UP out of it and a Double Leg pick up and flips forward onto Lotus.

Samora: 1………………………2…………………..

Bishop: Lotus slapping on a Waistlock and bridging out of the pin…but Grier, so agile, flipping back to her feet and a handful of tights by Grier….


(Fans pop as Black Lotus falls to the floor.)

Mutt: And notice the difference between Jennifer Grier and some of these other Cruiserweight around here. Lotus is out on the floor, and Grier remaining in the ring.

(Fans jeer Lotus as she walks around on the outside. Lotus rushes a fan and spooks her.)

Samora: 1………………2……………3……………4….

Bishop: Remember, while in Japan the GDWA recognizes a 20 count on the outside.

Mutt: Lotus sliding into the ring, and Grier is all over her. Grier dropping an elbow across the head of Lotus, and now a handful of hair for a pick up. Grier slapping on a Frontface lock….VERTICAL SUPLEX INTO THE RING!!!

Bishop: Grier quick to her feet and stomping away at the legs of Lotus. Lotus into the ropes, and Grier with a pick up and an Irish Whip to the far side.

Mutt: Grier with a head of steam as Lotus bounces off…DROPKICK to the ankle of Lotus!

(Fans cheer!)

Bishop: Almost like a baseball slide. Now Grier with a Single Leg pick up and a forward flip…*snapping* the left knee!

(Fans cheer as Black Lotus clutches her knee.)

Mutt: Grier with a pick up and a Whip to the near ropes. Lotus hitting…and clutches the ropes and…


(fans pop as Lotus nearly flies over the top rope.)

Bishop: Grier with stiff kicks to the left knee of Grier, and now Grier with a Drop toe hold into a Leg Scissors.

(Fans applaud as Black Lotus slaps the mat in pain and frustration.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remain.

Mutt: Referee Samora checking for the submission, and of course Lotus saying no. This pace is too fast for Lotus. Lotus slapping the canvas, and Grier really sinking it in.

Bishop: Lotus crawling into the ropes for a break, and Grier with the release, and now pounding away with kicks to the leg. Grier now, with an Irish Whip to the far side and Lotus hitting the ropes.

Mutt: Grier running to the center of the ring. Lotus bouncing off as Grier jumps up for a headscissors….TIGER DRIVER BY LOTUS!

(Fans groan and applaud as both women lay on the mat.)

Mutt: Lotus not all that quick, but neither is Grier. Grier was ripe for that one. Lotus now, quick to her feet and standing over Grier…slapping her in the face!

(Fans boo as Lotus walks about, hobbling noticeably.)

Bishop: Grier slow to her feet, and Lotus with a `vicious` Dragon Screw Leg Whip! Grier is down, and Lotus stomping the head of Grier. Lotus with a pick up now and a Fireman’s Carry Pick Up….

Mutt: But Grier spinning around the body and down to her feet…

Bishop: Lotus rushing forward and Grier ducking and sprints forward, spinning around and _missing_ the Enziguri Kick!!!

Mutt: Lotus catching the ankle and drives into Grier, Scoops her up and stumbles forward….NORTHERN LIGHTS BOMB!!!

(Dawg Pound chants: Sachie! Sachie! Sachie! Sachie!)

Mutt: Grier is out and…what?

(Mixed cheers as Princess Kallista strolls down the ramp way.)

Bishop: Lotus with a pick up and a boot to the midsection… shoves Grier’s head between her legs and falls back for a Piledriver.

Samora: 1…………………………2…………….no!

(Fans cheer as Jennifer Grier kicks out.)

Bishop: Lotus with a pick up and a Drop toe hold right into a Nerve Pinch at the Trapezius. The ref checking for submission and Grier amazingly holding out.

Mutt: Lotus reaching her fingers around and sneaking in a choke hold as Grier flails her legs on the mat. She’s going out! She’s going out…(breaks out into laughter)

Bishop: The referee is out of position as Grier is being choked out with that Asian Claw hold…

Mutt: And that useless Big Rob up on the ring apron, and he’s pissed off! Dumb ass…..the ref heading over, trying to get her down off the canvas…

Bishop: Hold on! Princess Kallista sliding into the ring. Lotus is oblivious. Kallista tapping Lotus on her shoulder as she turns around…..D D T ! ! !

(Fans shoot out of their seats and pop as Kallista rolls out of the ring.)

Spud: 60 seconds left! 1 minute remains.

Bishop: Grier and Lotus both down…

Mutt: And I can’t believe what we just saw! That damn Princess just nailed Lotus with a DDT.

(Fans all beginning to cheer as Jennifer Grier sits up.)

Bishop: Grier is dazed, but she’s making her way to the near corner. Lotus is only moving her left foot, trying to get some feeling back into her body.

Mutt: Grier climbing the turnbuckles! She’s slowly making her way up to the top….oh no! Jennifer Grier up high as she faces the fans.

Bishop: Grier jumps………………and HITS the Moonsault!!

Samora: ………………………………………………..1








(Fans all cheer as the referee raises Jennifer Grier’s arm.)

Mutt: Damn it!

Bishop: Grier with the win….

Mutt: Kallista with the win, and this is a true travesty of justice.

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 14 minutes 15 seconds, your winner via pinfall….’Jumping’ Jennifer Grier!

(Fans cheer as “Jump” by Van Halen blasts through the arena.)

Bishop: Big Rob entering the ring as Grier clutches the back of her neck. Lotus clutching her ribs as she gets to her knees…and Kallista laughing all the way to the locker room as she high fives ringside fans.

Mutt: Kallista, don’t bat an eye when you go to sleep tonight. Lotus is coming for you.

(Fans still cheering as Grier is helped out of the ring by Rob.)

Bishop: Lotus sliding out of the ring, and I’m sure the exotic Lotus will have something to say about this. Fans, let’s go to the wrestler of the month presentation.

(Camera focuses on the middle of the ring where Alison De La Cruz stands firmly in a blue skirt and vest.)

Wrestler of the Month

De La Cruz: Fans, right here in Yokohama we bring you the Wrestler of the Month awards. This time around, we honor 2 Syndicate members. Without further ado, please welcome ‘Ritch Bitch’ Andrea Chandler and the “Sell Out” Daisy Butterfly….

(“Richter Scale” by EPMD plays and Daisy Butterfly walks out from behind the curtain to LOUD mixed boos and cheers. She wears a blue bodysuit, a white bubble vest and the Internet Title strapped around her waist. She smiles and shakes her head as the crowd start up a “YOU SOLD OUT!” chant. She makes a cutting motion with her arm and “Back in Black” by AC/DC replaces “Richter Scale”. The opening strains of Angus Young’s guitar sound out over the arena, triggering a minor crowd pop; as the main riff begins, fireworks explode on either side of the aisle as Andrea Chandler waltzes out, clad in a box-cut leather jacket over a form-fitting black crop top, and skintight black leather pants. She stops to survey the crowd, adjusting her Ray-Ban sunglasses slightly, soaking in the massive negativity, before strolling to the ring and moving beside Daisy. Alison de la Cruz hands Daisy and Andrea their plaques, shakes their hands and hands the mic to Daisy, no questions asked and little eye contact, before she leaves the ring, looking slightly saddened by the whole experience.)

Daisy: Thank you Alison. Next time, forget the hype and shake my hand with some feeling.

(Boos from the crowd. Daisy turns and looks at Andrea)

Daisy: Now…look at what we’ve got here! The “IT” girls!

(Major boos!)

Daisy: Y’know, ‘Dre? This is kinda funny. I mean, you’re an old hand at all this. What’s this now, your fifth “Wrestler of the Month” award?

Andrea: I’ve lost track. I was thinking of having a sale on them. (They giggle.)

Daisy: Me? This is new. I busted my buns for a good solid year and a half. Never got an award like this. Sure, I’ve been the Ironwoman, but who hasn’t?

(The two laugh)

Daisy: And I’ve been the Internet Heavyweight Champion…twice. And I’ve won the Lanny Manson Award so many times…hell, I remember when Lanny Manson got the award! I was right there next to her! They should call that one the Daisy Butterfly award!!

Andrea: One difference between you and Lanny…you’ve got the spine to keep wrestling! Not that anyone misses that dreadful little head-banging troll. Good riddance, I say.

Daisy: The point being, I won that award more than anyone else. May Order doesn’t have a thing on me. What you have right here in this ring tonight are the two most prolific women in the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance! Take it away, girl!

(Daisy hands the mic to Andrea)

Andrea: Thanks so much. What can I say that I haven’t said twice before? Before the Moonsault, when Micki lost the Internet Title, people were already writing the Syndicate off. We didn’t have any belts. Order wouldn’t give me a shot. We appeared to be in a tailspin. So what did we do? Well, I contacted the number one free agent in the fed — my good friend Daisy — (she drapes an arm around her) — and asked her to come aboard. We met, we talked, and it happened. We then proceeded to go on and DOMINATE the Fall Moonsault, as only the Syndicate can! You know, if wrestling were merely “sports entertainment” — (she and Daisy wink at one another) — you might say that we book some great angles, right? But you see, that’s what it’s all about. Not just being the Internet Titleholder, or the hands-down best wrestler in Grand Dragon, or poster children for multiple personality disorders. It’s about keeping YOU people guessing, YOU people watching, YOU people wondering what we might do next. With the Syndicate around, you know your lives aren’t just going to be an endless succession of tired matches between aging egotists well past their prime.

As the greatest wrestler ever once said…whether you like it…or you don’t like it…LEARN TO LOVE IT…because the Syndicate is the BEST thing going today! WHOOOO!!!!

(She and Daisy soak in the boos, and Andrea hands her the mic back)

Daisy: That’s it, kids! We’re out of here. And Keiko…your threesome is a real slap in the face. I GAVE you that name, but now I’m gonna take the payment out of your asses. Rekka Sakura…you’re up first. Me and you, girl. Back in Japan. Forget about your little tin SJPW All-Asian title. The GDWA I-Title up for grabs. I’m gonna make you famous, girl.

(Fans boo as the two hug in the middle of the ring as ‘Richter Scale’ blasts through the arena.)

Mutt: Hey wait! Someone is coming through the crowd….it’s….

Bishop: We have an interruption. Sierra Browne up on the screen as Daisy Butterfly and Andrea Chandler look on.

[The video monitor on the wall flashes to life with a crackle and a hiss. Sierra Browne looks out on the crowd from her wheelchair, smiling broadly. The scene is the GDWA dressing room. LIVE flashes in the uppermost corner of the video wall. Dalbello stands next to her with a posse of security guards.]

Sierra: I would like to thank all you wonderful fans out there and all you wonderful wrestlers out there who took the time to recognize my work and my ambitions! To me, seeing Daisy Butterfly win this award is like seeing your daughter take her first step, go to her first day of school. [Sierra sniffles and wipes at her dry eyes.] I don’t want to cry or nothing, but you really make me proud. You really make me happy to recognize that my creation is finally a real girl instead of a silly little caricature. This is my finest moment. A moment I worked so hard towards in my career. So, I’m ready to receive my award for another Jack Johnson production. Dal, would you be so kind as to fetch it for me? Thank you, sweetie.

[Sierra settles back in her chair waiting as Dalbello moves out.]

Bishop: What?

Mutt: Hold on! If that was Sierra, who is this woman hopping over the guard rail?

[“The Great Gate of Kiev” plays throughout the arena and Dalbello swaggers down the aisle.]

Dalbello: Sorry to ruin your moment, Andrea, but I’m here to collect Daisy’s award.

Mutt: Sierra Browne nailing Daisy Butterfly from behind! Andrea nailing Dalbello in the head with the plaque…

(Fans pop as Dalbello Rage hits the canvas.)

Bishop: Sierra stomping away on Daisy Butterfly, and here comes the Syndicate. Sierra hopping through the ropes, and Andrea Chandler racing behind her into the crowd.

[Back up on the screen the camera moves into an extreme close up of Sierra Browne. Her brilliant smile dazzles the eye.]

Sierra: Remember kiddies, don’t believe everything you see on TV. This has been a Jack Johnson production. I love you all.

[She blows the cameras a big kiss as the screen fades to black.]

Bishop: I can’t believe this! Sierra Browne hopping over the guard railing and Andrea hot on her heels. We need security. These fans need to be taken care of. Someone might get hurt.

Mutt: Dalbello Rage rolling out of the ring as the Syndicate pounces her. Micki Duran directing traffic as Jennifer Dial pounds away with hard right hands. This is great. Duran with an Inverted Face lock and….END Diamond Cutter!

(Fans pop as Dalbello Rage’s head bounces off the padded floor.)

Bishop: Security down at ringside as Duran and Dial stomp away on Rage. OH my!

Mutt: I love it! The Syndicate and the Jack Johnson camp really…

(Fans pop as Bloody Mary sprints down the aisle.)

Bishop: MARY CLOTHESLINING Jennifer Dial! Mary stomping away on Dial as Security pulls at her. Mary screaming at Duran as Security subdues the three…and here comes the VP Alison De La Cruz.

Mutt: And she’s kicking them out! Alison De La Cruz is expelling them from the building.

(Fans applaud as the 3 women are expelled from the building.)

Bishop: Fans, let’s go on to the next match up. It’s a flashback featuring a former GDWA Superstar…

Mutt: The kid couldn’t cut it here in the big leagues! To all you GDWA rookies and newbies who think you can make it in the GDWA, take a look at what YOU can turn into….a jobber.

Bishop: Will you stop that!

(Scene moves backstage where security is seen expelling Andrea Chandler and Sierra Browne from the building. Sierra is cursing as Andrea threatens the Cruiserweight champion.)

Whalen: Oh boy. Anyway, hi fans. Welcome to another edition of the GDWA flashback. This time around, we show untapped potential. White Lightning is a wrestler who most recently retired after the ICW Memorial Supercard last summer. Yukon Jane nearly broke her back after a Super Power Bomb from the Top Turnbuckle. Not all superstars make it in the GDWA.

(Whalen steps aside as more security force Bloody Mary and the rest of the Syndicate out of the building.)

Whalen: Oh boy. Anyway, not everyone can become as famous as an Andrea Chandler or a Bloody Mary. In fact, over 1/3 of GDWA wrestlers that enter the promotion leave within a 2 month period. Our next match took place on Saturday, June 7th, 1997. It was an important match for GDWA newcomer White Lightning.

(Whalen walks toward a concession stand where a bunch of kids stand getting popcorn and hotdogs.)

Whalen: This was an important match for White Lightning. A contest in front of 20,000 fans at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. In America, this is the Mecca of Pro Wrestling…and Lightning was set to face Yukon Jane for the first time. Let’s roll the clip.

Flashback: White Lightning vs. Yukon Jane

Spud: Our first contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!

Bishop: Fans, before we get to Spud, Mike Whalen is back stage with White Lightning.

Whalen: White Lightning this is your debut tonight, you have any comments?

WL: First, I’d like to say, GDWA is the federation that’s the top!

Whalen: No doubt about that!

WL: Yukon, go back to Canada, cause this American is gonna throw lightning right up your @$$. My name is gonna be in the lights cause it’s already made it to the heavens!! Let’s get it on! (starts walking towards entrance way)

Whalen: There ya have it, back to you Spud!

(Dawg Pound barks as they hear ‘I Shot the Sheriff’ by Bob Marley.)

Bishop: What? Hey that’s….

(Ma Porter saunters down the aisle with her hair slicked back and wearing a two breasted suit. She grins as fans cheer her on.)

Mutt: Have a seat Ma!

(Ma Porter puts on a headset and shakes Sam Mutt’s hand.)

Porter: Thanks, it’s good ta be here.

Bishop: I know why you’re here…you have something negative to say about the rookies, don’t you?

Porter: I’ll tell ya somethin’. It ain’t ’cause they’re new. The fed’s only been around a year, folks like Chandler and Medusa only joined months after I did. Naw, it’s because upstarts like them two waltzed into this damn fed, pulled favors, won matches and began to think that the fed was theirs. Uh uh. Folks like me and Manson and Order carried this fed from infancy to what it is today. Ain’t no rookie gonna take credit for that!

Spud: Wrestling Fans…(a bit flustered)…once again, this match is set for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.

(Minor pop as fans hear “I’m Just a Girl” by No Doubt.)

Spud: First…Hailing from Chicago, Illinois! 5 feet 6 inches, Weighing in 135 pounds, here is….White Lighting!

(White Lightning heads down the aisle slapping hands with the fans. Her long brown hair drapes over her shoulders. She enters the ring wearing black pant type tights with a single white lightning bolt on each side. She wears a black sports bra type top that says “Lightning” in white on it.)

Bishop: White Lightning entering the ring. She has to contend with a monster in ‘Yukon’ Jane. How do you see this one Sam?

Mutt: I haven’t heard much about either woman. I’m not liking this kid already though. Climbing up the damn turnbuckles and waving at the fans…what the hell is that?

Bishop: Let’s hear the introductions for ‘Yukon’ Jane….

(Fans boo as they hear ‘Bad Moon Rising’)

Spud: And her opponent, led down the aisle her manager ‘Ranger’ Robin…from The Yukon! 6 feet tall, weighing 175 pounds. Here is ‘Yukon’ Jane!!!

(Jane heads down the aisle wearing a two piece red and blue singlet. She enters the ring and White Lightning climbs the far corner, pointing to the fans.)

Mutt: Yukon is a big girl. We’ll see what she can do in the ring though.

Bishop: The ref going over the rules, and here we go.


Bishop: That’s the bell, White Lightning charging into Jane. Jane backed into the corner, a little surprised by the flurry of punches. White trying to Irish Whip Yukon out of the corner, but Jane won’t budge!

Mutt: Jane charging forward and NAILING a Short Arm Clothesline! Jane with a pick up and a Bodyslam! And now stomping away on the native of Chicago Illinois.

(Fans Mixed cheers as White Lightning is picked up.)

Bishop: Jane with an Irish Whip and racing across the ring…great speed for a big girl! White bouncing off and Jane with a POWERSLAM!!

(Fans cheering as Jane hooks the leg.)

Ref: 1…………………………2………………kick out!

Bishop: Jane with a pick up and with kicks to the midsection. Now a Side headlock, and White Lightning is getting worn down.

Mutt: Hey Ma, what went wrong with Zaranna?

Porter: I don’t know why youse think there was ever a problem wit’ Z. I said I was expanding Organized Crime, I never said it would be a permanent expansion. When you’re in a turf war, sometimes you gotta get a hired gun. That’s exactly what Zaranna was. She did exactly what I wanted her to do, and now, I’m sure she’s livin’ it up somewhere in Australia, sendin’ the tab to Tony Angelo.

Bishop: Yeah, I’m sure. Well, how about Bloody Mary as a new member. How would you feel about her?

Ma: Mary really reminded me of myself when I was younger. Tough, big mouth, a loner. I never needed nobody. But that’s where the similarity ends. I extended an offer of friendship to Mary, pretty much knowing she’d decline. She was just like me, a loner to the last. But Mary’s career isn’t worth dogshit right now, since she decided to hook up wit’ Medusa. She’s gone from tough fighter to babysitter for a couple of Rag dolls and some rejects from Caesar’s Palace. Worse than that, she’s lackey to some dumb Island broad. When you get ta be my age, Mary, you’ll realize where ya went wrong.

Mutt: HOLD ON!…White trying to reach the ropes, and Jane throwing her down to the mat! I love it!

(Fans booing as ‘Yukon’ Jane splashes her for the cover.)

Bishop: 1….2…No! Jane pulled her up.

Mutt: That’s a rookie for you! Getting cocky. White slow to her feet. She looks real rattled. Jane with a Scoop and a Bodyslam. Jane hurries to the ropes, bounces off and nails White with a Legdrop!

(Fans booing as Yukon Jane makes the cover!)

Ref: 1………………….2……………….kick out!

(Fans cheer as White Lightning kicks out.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Mutt: That Legdrop a little reminiscent of you Ma!

Bishop: Jane with a pick up and a Front Face Lock. No! Inside Cradle!

Ref: 1…………………kick out!

(Fans booing as Yukon Jane easily kicks out.)

Mutt: Too much power! This gal is buff and tough. Both women up and White kicking away at the knee. Jane with a HARD right hand and floors White Lightning.

Bishop: Jane now, with a pick up and Double Underhooks the arms. Oh no! She lifts her up and…WHITE LIGHTNING WITH A FRANKENSTEINER!!!!

(Big crowd pop!)

Mutt: But no cover! White Lightning just too dazed. Jane is down on the mat, and the ref putting the count to them.

Ref: 2……………………..3…………………………..4..

Mutt: I tell ya Bishop, Jane looks sharper, but she’s a little lost in that ring…and her manager not offering any guidance.

Bishop: And look at this? Shelly McVay, another GDWA rookie, walking down the aisle to check the competition possibly.

Mutt: White needs to cover! Jane rolling up to her knees now, and White rolling into the ropes. She up first.

Bishop: White Lightning sprinting forward as Jane gets up to her knees …AND NAILS A DROPKICK! Jane is down, and White into the ropes.

(Fans cheering as White Lightning bounces off the near ropes.)

Bishop: White off the ropes as Jane winds up….and Jane MISSES the Clothesline! White ducking under as she runs for the far ropes.

Mutt: White off the ropes and Jane with a HIGH BACK BODY DROP! Jane with a Double Leg pick up…..AND FLIPS WHITE LIGHTNING OVER FOR A BOSTON CRAB!

Bishop: White Lightning in a world of hurt…and this thing is over.


Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen, at 9 minutes 46 seconds, your winner via submission is…….’Yukon’ Jane!

(Mixed cheers as fans hear ‘Bad Moon Rising’)

Mutt: Those two look very green. McVay or whatever the hell her name is better be sharp though. Jane is a big gal, and White Lightning has proven she can lay on her back (laughs!).

Whalen: Though every wrestler in Grand Dragon is a superb athlete, not every athlete can be a Superstar. White Lightning was a heck of an athlete, but not a GDWA Superstar. Sam, Allen, back to you.

Bishop: Thanks Mike. Fans, we have a Darkside with Black Lotus. Let’s hear from her.

Black Lotus with Keiko Mita

[The lights flicker, then dim. After a moment of darkness ‘Devil Inside’ by INXS starts to play over the loudspeakers. The music’s wail goes on for 15 seconds or so, then two flares of flame shoot up on either side of where Black Lotus now stands. Lotus’s face is painted bone white as usual, elaborate black around her eyes and mouth. She’s wearing a black leather outfit that covers most of her body, black straps and buckles making it tighter than normally possible.] [Lotus] Hello pets. I suppose you could say my guest tonight was born under a lucky star. She’s been in the GDWA almost a year now and in seven matches has only won two. But she’s also won Wrestler of the Month and is the current Western Heritage champion! Who knows, perhaps winning really *isn’t* everything. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Kyoto Crippler….Keiko Mita!

[Japanese drums thunder over the loudspeakers as a young Asian woman comes powerwalking into view. Her hair is cut short, her slim athletic form clad in loose fitting black karate pants and a black tank top with crossed silver katanas over her chest. BIG pop from the fans as she stalks up to Black Lotus.] [Lotus] So, Keiko darling, what…

[CHEERS from the fans as Keiko grabs the mic from Lotus, then shoves her away. Lotus puts her hands on her hips as Keiko stares coldly at her for a moment then looks to the crowd.] [Keiko] I don’t have time for games tonight! This is a big night for me and for the GDWA! Not so long ago I started to talk about the Dragon Trio. About it’s long and honorable tradition. The old Dragon Trio was never a gang, it was three women with a lot in common. Who believed in the same things and fought for the same ideals. They believed in honor, just as I do. The Dragon Trio was such a tradition, I knew I would have a lot to live up to. That was why I asked the blessings of an old member of the group. Daisy Butterfly!

[There are boos from the crowd at the name, Keiko taking a moment to pace back and forth, tense and angry, before regaining her composure.] [Keiko] Daisy USED to symbolize the tradition I admire. She helped train me here in the GDWA. But when she threw all that tradition in the trashcan, that also taught me something. The NEW Dragon Trio had to be more than three wrestlers with a little in common. We needed an EDGE. We needed to be more than just wrestlers. We needed to be WARRIORS! So….when I was thinking about who would be perfect for the New Dragon Trio there were some great wrestlers I looked past because they didn’t have the intensity. The warrior attitude! It took a little while, but I found the PERFECT two women to stand by me, to watch my back. GDWA, I hope you are ready for the new, 110% intense Dragon Trio, because HERE THEY ARE!

[Fans catch on as “Cruel Angel’s Thesis” cranks over the PA and Rekka Sakura springs out on the ramp way wearing a black warm-up jacket. She plays up to the fans, egging them on to cheer. She gets half-way down the runway and then stops suddenly and points to the runway curtain once more…] [“Paint it Black” kicks in and “Jungle” Radhi Ananda walks out . Rekka waits for Radhi to rah and nods with a smile as both then walk to the interview area to a HUGE face pop]

Rekka: [nodding to Keiko as she takes the mic] You know I’ve grown up in wrestling. I was led to believe that wrestling was a sport between 2 individuals striving for a hard fought victory. I was taught that the combatant fought with HONOR!! [fans cheer after hearing this] But for some reason there seem to be a lot of people who don’t seem to comprehend that. [shakes her head]I’m talking about the sneak attack artists and gangs that permeate the GDWA!! I’M SICK OF GANG BEATING!! I’M SICK OF HAVING TO WATCH MY BACK AGAINST MY OPPONENTS!! [lowers her voice as she looks coldly in the camera] I sick of the Syndicate and OC thinking that they can do as they please. So you know what? [fans cheer as Rekka looks to Keiko and Radhi] I got friends who’ll watch my back. I’ve got faith in the spirit of the dragon… I BELIEVE IN THE ORDER OF THE DRAGON TRIO!!

[Huge face pop as Rekka hands the mic to Radhi and then goes over and shakes Keiko’s hand. Radhi Ananda hisses into the mic and climbs the turnbuckles in the corner, howling at the crowd as they cheer back wildly! She jumps back down, stomping around the ring and getting face-to-face with Black Lotus, piercing her with a burning stare. Lotus stares back before dismissing Radhi with her hand and walking to the far side of the ring; the crowd roaring!]

Radhi: Black Lotus…our paths will cross soon enough, but tonight…

(Radhi points at Lotus, who rolls her eyes and looks away)



Radhi: It is known that Rekka Sakura has been my sister-in-arms in the battle we’ve waged on many. The Syndicate. Team Dojo. And it is no secret that Rekka Sakura has proven herself as virtuous and proud! She graces us with her allegiance.

(Radhi bows towards Rekka)

Radhi: And it is no secret that Keiko Mita carries herself with the gait of a true champion, bringing with her the glory of the greatest…the Great Western Heritage Championship. Keiko Mita has taught us grace on all fronts, without sacrifice. You grace us with your allegiance.

(Radhi bows towards Keiko, then drops down on her knees)

Radhi: We’ve done it, Mother. We’ve succeeded in our task. The Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance has awoken in a brand new age. The Yuga heralded by the three-headed Dragon…


(Radhi drops the mic and hops to her feet, stomping around wildly as the fans roar!)

Bishop: YES!

Mutt: NO!

Bishop: (Smiling) Fans, let’s move on to our next match up.

Mutt: Who we got?

Bishop: You know who…and it will be something else. “Tokyo Thriller” Miko Azai taking on ‘Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura.

Mutt: And this should be a classic for all the fans. Last time Rekka got broke off by Miko Azai, but now Rekka is on a winning streak. She’s the SJPW All Asian Champ…but Miko Azai has more ability than Rekka ever will.

Bishop: We’ve got some comments from the Super Japan champion. Here’s what she has to say.

Rekka Sakura

[open camera on The Tokyo Tower in Tokyo, Japan. The camera starts at the top of the tower and then slowly pans down till it reaches the base and focuses on one woman dressed in a black t-shirt and green running shorts. Her hair is pulled back in a pony tail as she points to the tower with a broad smile]

Rekka Sakura: [smiling as she points to the Tokyo Tower] One of the reasons I love Tokyo!!! So many things to see here!! So much activity going on and there’s never a dull moment. Kind of like the GDWA [smiles slightly] It seems that I draw attention to myself simply by being humble. After all what reason do I have to be egotistical and celebrate vainglorious accomplishments? [shakes her head with a knowing smile] No, I was not raised that way. Yet by being humble I’ve become a target, attacked by one egomaniac verbally and physically challenged by an opponent of unmatched skill.

[Rekka shrugs and shakes her head slowly]

Rekka: Let’s address the wrestler of unmatched skill first. Micki Duran, the self-proclaimed “Legend” of the GDWA. It might sound odd but as a group I have no respect for the Syndicate and its members. Yet individually the honor and respect I have for them really is unmatched. Such is the respect I have for Micki Duran. Her ability and skill have once already helped me to take my kill and endurance to that next level. Micki, there should be no doubt that I’m getting in the ring with you again because so far you have shown me the way and pushed my limits to their peak. [smiles slightly as she scratches her head] I’ve said countless times that every match ‘ve had in the GDWA has been a learning experience. both in victory and defeat I have learned much. But no one… NO ONE, has taught me as much as Micki Duran. I’m not stepping through the ropes to face Micki to satisfy her need to get even. No, I do it because once again, win or lose, I will learn from her.

[Chuckles slightly but then look to the camera seriously. Her eyes penetrate the camera with a cold stare]

Rekka: Now on to the woman who verbally attacks me, the one who doubts my skills and thinks that I am no threat to her. [points a threatening finger at the camera] I’m talking about Sierra Browne and her manipulative shadow Dalbello Rage [winces as she says Dalbello’s name and puts a hand to her temple] Sierra, you wear that Transnational Cruiserweight so proudly. You strut around like some peacock naming yourself after a man who truly was a great individual. A man who had not only the love of his public but the true heart of a champion. I’m surprised Denmark Vessey has not stripped you of the last title of your coveted triple crown. You say I disgrace my family? That I am a fraud in my “humble act”… I’m not acting Sierra.

There was a time I was boastful and full of my own all too important ego, but then I stepped back and looked at what my ego had cost me. I lost focus on what was important in this sport. Wrestling is more than just the pursuit of championships and pointless feuds. There is more to it than that. There are those who come and pay their hard earned money to cheer whatever wrestler meets their fancy. There are those who look to someone to be more than a role model, more than an idol of worship. WHAT THOSE FRIENDS SEEK IS A FRIEND!!

[Bows her head and closes her eyes, not in frustration but rather in a moment of clear thought. slowly her eyes open, the cold stare is replaced by warm almost caring eyes]

I would be the friend to the fans. For whether I am booed or cheered by them does not matter, I wrestle for the fans as well as myself. I want to show them how hard work can dedication to one’s craft does pay off in the long run. I want to be able to look the fans… ALL THE FANS… in the eyes and say “Work hard and you shall be rewarded”.

[Pauses and folds her arms across her chest as the camera pulls back to a full body shot]

I have worked had, be it in victory or in defeat. I am Rekka Sakura and I make no apologies. But I Have worked hard and I will CONTINUE to work hard and PUSH myself to further prove my point to all the fans of puroresu. I stand in the ring not as the daughter of Masami Matsumoto nor the sister of Tetsuo Matsumoto. I stand in the ring as Rekka Sakura I stand to be recognized on my own merits and not those merits of the ones who have marched before me. I do not take the name of a true champion and use it in place of my own… I REFUSE TO DO THAT!! I AM REKKA SAKURA AND I AM MY OWN PERSON!! [takes a breath and smiles slyly] It seems a shame that the same cannot be said for Sierra Browne…

[fade out]

Bishop: She is focused, and ready. Micki Duran and Sierra Browne’s C-weight title are her aims…

Mutt: And Miko Azai can make a name for herself tonight with a victory. Right here, right now. She needs to turn her career around tonight in Japan.

Miko Azai vs. Rekka Sakura

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for 1 fall with a 15 minute time limit.

(Mixed cheers as fans hear “Pump, Pump” by Snoop Doggy Dog.)

Spud: Led down the aisle by her manager “Dangerous” David Jones… from Tokyo, Japan. She is 5 feet 5 inches, 135 pounds, here is the “Tokyo Thriller” Miko Azai!

(Mixed cheers as Miko Azai heads down the aisle. She enters the ring wearing a red ninja suit with gold lace.)

Bishop: The Duke of professional wrestling has not found success in the GDWA. ‘Luscious’ Lisa Thomas came close to winning a title, but no go….then, the former Lady Starr, “Tokyo Thriller” Miko Azai was #1 contender to the Western Heritage title then fell off.

Mutt: Miko needs to make a statement here. If Rekka wins, the media will say she’s on the rise. If Miko wins, Rekka was on a fluke streak and Miko is on the rise.

Spud: And her opponent….

(Fans cheer as they hear “Cruel Angel’s Thesis” by Ryokoo Takahashi.)

Spud: Hailing from Tokyo, Japan…she is 5 feet 6 inches, 125 pounds, the SJPW All Asian Champion…’Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura!

(Fans all pop as ribbons shoot into the ring and Rekka Sakura bows before Miko. Rekka climbs the turnbuckles and embraces the cheers. She wears a singlet embroidered with a fire flame motif.)

Mutt: The Cruiserweight Rekka Sakura against the veteran Miko Azai. This should be good.

Bishop: Samora going over the rules with both…and here we go!


Bishop: There’s the bell, and both women immediately charging into each other. Rekka diving for her legs and Miko jumping out of the way. Rekka rolling over and up to her knees.

Mutt: Miko charging in and nails a boot to the head. Miko now with a pick up and an Irish Whip to the far ropes.

Bishop: Rekka bouncing off and a forward roll as Miko Azai Leapfrogs over Rekka. Rekka back up and to the far ropes as Miko Azai runs after her. Rekka off the ropes and Miko Azai with a *snapping* Armdrag Takeover!

(Fans pop as Miko Azai slaps on an Armbar. The camera pans overhead showing off the 15 thousand plus in attendance at the Yokohama Arena.)

Bishop: Rekka Sakura taken a little a back. Rekka twirling around and now an INVERTED Drop toehold and Rekka slapping on a Leg Scissors.

Mutt: Interesting that they’d be mat wrestling at this stage in the game…hell, I didn’t think these two would be mat wrestling at all.

Bishop: Miko Azai into the ropes and the ref forcing the break. Rekka up quick as Miko heads into the corner. Rekka slow to move in, and Miko charging out….AND A SWINGING ARMDRAG TAKEDOWN BY REKKA!

(Fans cheer!)

Mutt: Rekka slapping on her own armbar, and Miko quick up to her feet. Miko backpedaling into the ropes and Rekka running and JUMPING up to the middle rope…

(Fans ahhhhhhhh! at Rekka Sakura’s balance.)


Bishop: Rekka clutching her armpit as she hobbles away….AND REKKA SLINGSHOTS HERSELF ONTO THE TOP RING ROPE FOR AN ASAI MOONSAULT!


Bishop: Rekka with a quick pick up and a Belly to Belly Suplex…and now a Reverse Chinlock.

Mutt: Miko Azai just looking terrible. She’s been taken off guard and Rekka is wrestling with God on her side. Rekka now, adjusting the Chinlock and slapping on a Double Wristlock…SURFBOARD!

(Fans applaud as Rekka Sakura locks Miko’s ankles and sits up.)

Mutt: David Jones on the outside, slapping the mat, and I’ve got to blame this on her management. Miko shaking her head no, but she needs a break.

Bishop: Rekka with great ringmanship as she releases and applies an Armdrag. Now a boot to the head, and Rekka tightening up on that Armdrag…Rekka with another boot to the head, and Miko crawling for the ropes.

(Fans whistle and cheer as the ref forces the break.)

Bishop: Rekka with a pick up, and an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Miko bouncing off & Rekka with a Superkick…no! Miko with a cartwheel and now running to the far side…and Springboarding off…

Mutt: But Rekka drops to the mat…

Bishop: And Miko lands on her feet.

Mutt: Rekka quick to the neutral position and now a Collar and Elbow tie up. Rekka quick with an Armdrag and Wristlock combination and Miko running for the near corner, backflips off the middle turnbuckle…


Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Miko with a quick pick up and a Bodyslam. Miko now, backs into the ropes and Rekka with a Kip Up…Miko sprinting forward and Rekka right back down to the mat.

Mutt: Miko off the ropes and Rekka with a Tilt a Whirl…and Miko Azai flipping out of it, COUNTERING with a Clothesline…

Bishop: Ducked by Rekka and Rekka counters with a Drop toe Hold and SLAPS ON A WAKIGATAME!!!!

(Fans all on their feet as Miko Azai pounds the mat in pain.)

Bishop: Rekka has her good!

(Fans all cheering as Rekka sinks it in.)

Bishop: David Jones up on the ring apron, and the ref moving over to chase him off and….

(Fans all boo as a masked woman comes out from under the ring.)

Mutt: Who is that!? She’s gotta be at least 6 feet tall.

Bishop: Rekka dropping the hold, and the masked woman entering the ring and…

(Fans cheer as Radhi Ananda and Keiko Mita run down the aisle.)

Bishop: Radhi and Mita storming the ring! The Dragon Trio are here. The masked woman turning around, and THEY TACKLE HER TO THE GROUND!!

(Fans cheer as they toss her out of the ring.)

Bishop: Miko Azai from behind…QUICK ROLL UP!

Samora: 1……………………………2………………no!

Bishop: Miko with a pick up and a Karate Chop! Rekka doubling and Miko with another Karate Chop! Now an Irish Whip to the far ropes and Rekka bouncing off the ropes…SPINWHEEL KICK!

Mutt: Miko Azai with a quick pick up and a Bodyslam…no! Rekka slipping behind her back and slapping on a Full Nelson. DRAGON SUPLEX!!

Samora: 1……………………………..2…………..kick out!

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remain.

Bishop: Both women back up and REKKA SAKURA WITH A BELLY TO BELLY!!!!

(Fans pop as Rekka Sakura does a KIP UP to her feet.)


Samora: 1……………………………2………………..1/2!

Mutt: Miko clutching her ribs, and Rekka with a hair pull pick up and now slapping on a Frontface lock and drapes the arm…Snap Suplex.

(Fans cheer as Rekka does a KIP UP to her feet, and twirls her finger around.)

Bishop: Miko is hurt. Miko slow to her feet as Rekka NAILS her with a High Knee to the head…and now Rekka with an Irish Whip to the far corner. Miko hits hard.

Mutt: Rekka with a head of steam…………….HANDSPRING ELBOW.

Bishop: Miko doubling over, and Rekka draping the leg and hoisting Miko upon her shoulders. Miko sitting up high as Rekka runs up the turnbuckles….

(Fans all gasp.)

Bishop: AND A FALL AWAY BRIDGE TO THE MAT! Mutt: That’s a Wildfire Suplex!!!!

Samora: 1…………………………….2……………………3!


(Fans all cheering as they hear “Cruel Angel’s Thesis” by Ryokoo Takahashi)

Bishop: Rekka has done it.

Mutt: the “Tokyo Thriller” Miko Azai clutching her shoulder. Her left shoulder. David Jones entering the ring, and the Dragon Trio climbing into the ring as a sign of unity.

Bishop: Rekka is NOT the wrestler she was a year ago. These two were on par a year ago, but Rekka is hot! She’s on a new level now.

Mutt: Miko needs new management. She better beg Dalbello Rage to give her some pointers…damn! Rekka was hot tonight.

Bishop: Let’s move on to another Darkside.

Black Lotus with Tiffany Chandler

[The lights flicker, then dim. After a moment of darkness ‘Devil Inside’ by INXS starts to play over the loudspeakers. The music’s wail goes on for 15 seconds or so, then two flares of flame shoot up on either side of where Black Lotus now stands. The lights return to normal as the Asian woman, her face painted white as usual, clad in tight black leather, looks out over the crowd. Lotus looks about to speak for a moment, then pauses, flicking her tongue over the mesh of the mic before a low, husky purr greets the crowd.]

Lotus: (purring) Hello pets. Never let it be said the Black Lotus is not fair and impartial. Last week I spoke with ‘Ms. Perfect’ Dalbello Rage.

[Lotus looks about to go on but pauses as the crowd *pops*, more boos then cheers. ]

Lotus: Tsk! Yes, yes…we know you love her and Sierra. But this week it seemed only fair to talk to someone from the OTHER side of the fence. No…no…not Officer Order or another of those good girls. They seem to be worried my darkness might taint their light. No, my guest tonight has not won a title in the GDWA yet, but Gold is definitely in her bloodline. Ladies and gentlemen, a BIG hand for Tiffany Chandler!

[“Higher Learning” by the Brand New Heavies plays across the arena as “Brilliant” Tiffany Chandler makes her way up to the stage. She’s decked out in very formal business attire, her hair up in a bun. She steps up next to Black Lotus and sets her briefcase down, then adjusts her glasses.]

Mutt: Maybe she’ll mention why she wasn’t out helping Micki and Jennifer Dial against Bloody Mary and Dalbello Rage.

Bishop: That will be interesting to say the least.

[Lotus] Well, Tiffany……talk to me. You have not yet had the success of your more notorious cousin yet. This last match of yours featured Medusa Rage coming out in disguise to attack you. She’s already beaten you once, what is it between the two of you?

[Tiff] Let’s talk about Medusa Rage. Why not? Everyone else is talking about Medusa Rage. I mean, Medusa Rage seems to get all the press around here. She runs around like she owns the federation or something. She interferes in matches. She interferes in /my/ matches. And nothing at all ever happens to her. Medusa. You tried to put me out during the last Saturday Night Special, but I promise you, that I will get you back. You will pay for sticking your nose in my business. I’m not sure what it is you have against me other than my affiliation with the Syndicate, but you’ve seemed to want to turn this situation into something personal, and sister, you want to get personal? I can get personal.

[Lotus] Maybe it’s personal, but I can’t help but think this could mark a new phase, a more violent one in the Syndicate-Rage relationship. But forget Medusa for a moment. You are one of the very TOP women in the GDWA, certainly one of the smartest. What ELSE do you have planned?

[Tiff] Well, considering that Officer Order is ducking my challenges, I suppose I will have to focus on Keiko Mita and /my/ Western States Heritage Title. While the credit for her win at the Royal Rumble for that title has to be given to Medusa Rage, I assure you that the Western States Title will be mine very soon. I’m not going to sit around and let everyone else get my title shots. I’m sick and tired of being passed over for stuff when I am ranked #2 and all these other people are getting their cracks. I’m not going to stand for it any longer.

[Lotus] Good for you! Isn’t it time we quit seeing the cousin of Andrea Chandler and really saw you cut loose on anyone who gets in your way? Tell me, Tiffany darling. Isn’t it time you got out of the shadow of Andrea?

[Tiffany] One of the things that people have been saying about Tiffany Chandler is that she is living in the shadow of her cousin, Andrea. I..

[The Kingpin walks up onto the stage and takes Tiffany by the hand.. his demeanor is somewhat solemn.] [Tiffany] Chip?

[Kingpin] C’mon Tiff.

[He tries to lead her off the stage, but she resists.] [Tiffany] What’s going on?

[Kingpin] There’s been an accident.

[Tiffany looks a bit confused, but lets the Kingpin lead her off the stage and to the back, leaving her briefcase up on the stage. Lotus looks puzzled as well, then shrugs and smiles] [Lotus] I have a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more of this story as the night goes on. Speaking of accidents, last week while chatting with Dalbello Rage I said Chelsea Vanderbilt was undeniably skilled, but lacking any noticeable charisma. Well, she sure proven ME wrong, going right out there and losing to Kallista in no time at all. Let’s see if she can prove me wrong on the other thing as well. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the FORMERLY undefeated Chelsea Vanderbilt!

Chelsea Vanderbilt

<<<Ellis and Vanderbilt enter after being introduced. Ellis wears his standard attire: red t-shirt with tan sportsjacket and blue-jeans. He is carrying a clipboard. Vanderbilt wears jeans and a warm-up jacket covering her wrestling gear.>>>

[Lotus] (Purring) So…tell me Chelsea darling. You have accomplished so much elsewhere, how does it feel to have suffered your first defeat here in the GDWA?

[Vanderbilt] Frankly, I couldn’t care less. One in the loss column doesn’t make me a better or worse wrestler overall, it only hurts my rankings. And rankings don’t matter. It’s about coming out and learning from the errors you make if you lose and not getting cocky if you win. Kallista has been awfully cocky since defeating me, but I’ll have another shot at her. I have signed an open contract to defend the ESWP World Women’s Title, and I am going to make sure that she gets the first chance to sign it.

[Lotus] How cute. You know, you have not exactly been dominating here in the GDWA, Chelsea darling. Certainly not like in that OTHER fed. Why don’t you bring your belt to the ring with you here. You ARE a champion elsewhere, dear.

[Vanderbilt] That belt means nothing here. I am not a champion here. I still have to earn that distinction. I have to earn the shots at the titles, and I am willing to take on anyone to do it. All of my matches here so far have been the result of open contracts, and that is mostly because people like Tiffany Chandler don’t want to face me when I challenge them. Ellis?

[Ellis] On this clipboard I have a contract. Chelsea and I have signed it. As soon as there is another signature on this line, Chelsea will be set for her 4th match here in the GDWA. I officially dare Tiffany Chandler to sign this! I welcome any other signatures, though.

[Lotus] G.Q., cutie. Tiffany Chandler is one of the top women here in the GDWA. WHY should she face a rookie who just lost to Kallista. *I*’ve beaten Kallista…it wasn’t that hard.

 [Ellis] Chandler has been dodging us ever since we came here, much the same way that Miss Kallista falsely accuses Chelsea of avoiding her. That’s why I want her to sign this. (Ellis pauses and ponders for moment, then turns to Lotus, extending the clipboard.) Unless you want it…

(Crowd pops at this surprise offer, growing louder as Lotus pulls back, looking around to the crowd for a moment.)

[Lotus] Why, G.Q….this is…such a surprise. Aren’t you worried that I might ruin poor Chelsea here for life?

(There is a growing rumble from the crowd as Lotus makes a point of reading over the contract, then another *POP* as she signs it with a flourish.)

[Lotus]: (purring) Welcome to the Darkside, Chelsea. Once I’m done with you, you might never go back to the light.

(A man enters with an envelope. He runs in, hands it to Lotus and leaves. Lotus looks a little puzzled, glancing over Q.Q Ellis and Chelsea before ripping it open to look it over.)

[Lotus] Well….the fun never ends on the Darkside! Sorry about this, G.Q, Chelsea, but I just got this note, addressed to the New and Improved Daisy Butterfly!

(Crowd boos before Lotus waves them off contemptuously, then reads out.)

Daisy: You had it all. You were at the pinnacle. I’ve been there. They counted on you. But you failed them. So I must rise to take your place. You turned to the dark, but the darkness cannot stop me. You are now my prey, and no one escapes! — The Hunter

[Lotus]: Well, Daisy! It seems you have a secret admirer. This promises to be VERY interesting. And who knows, perhaps The Hunter will become the prey.

(Lotus blows a kiss to the crowd the interview ends with a few pops and a lot of bewilderment.)

Bishop: Oh boy.

Mutt: Oh boy is right!

Bishop: Fans, before we get to the Order/Mita match from the IEWA Shattered Dream pay per view, we have a title defense. Keiko MIta defends her Western Heritage title against Nikita Marx.

Mutt: Let’s hear from…..

Patra Marchand

[The curtains part and a tall, sculpted woman comes marching out in cut-off shorts and a white T-shirt. She wears hiking boots and a denim vest. Her skin is burnt ebony and she’s got a red scarf tying her braids in a ponytail. She has a haughty look, enhanced by her narrow, Asian-looking eyes and high cheekbones. She marches right down into the ring, scooping up a chair as she comes and commanding the microphone.]

Bishop: Damn it, will this never end?! All of these intrusions.

Mutt: I guess it’s open season on mic time or something around here.

Woman: (educated Jamaican accent) Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not going to be out here long. My name is Patra Marchand. And I’ve come out here tonight to make you a promise.

Bishop: What’s this all about?

Mutt: I haven’t a clue.

Patra: How many weeks upon weeks have you seen the so-called “wrestlers” of the GDWA talk about how good they are and then come out and start a gang fight or something? How many loudmouths have you seen be outwrestled and forced to submit? How many gimmicky little characters do you see running around in dresses, pretending to be militants or cursing out the fans do you see? I have seen a lot of it. Too much of it. I want to know where the talent is. Where are the wrestlers?

[The crowd pops]

Bishop: She has a point.

Commentator: Get on with it lady.

Patra: All I see is gimmick after gimmick after gimmick. Your champion dresses like a police officer. You have an Indian savage. You have Japanese girls who talk like they’re from the ghetto. You have a champion who never earned her belt and another who is always talking about bushido. You have snake women, lesbians and bisexuals flaunting their business. But you have no wrestlers. You have nobody that will simply lace up her boots come out and twist a body in every conceivable shape. You have nobody that will just shut up for a moment and let her talent do the talking. Well, I am here now. No tricks, no gimmicks, no flash and big long speeches. In fact, I’ve spoken too long already. Just remember the name Patra Marchand. It’s the name of the last wrestler on Earth.

[Patra simply rises up, folds up her chair under her arm, leaves the microphone on the canvas and walks out of the ring and the arena, never once looking back.]

Bishop: Well, that was interesting.

Mutt: As I was saying before Partra whatever you call her interrupted. There are some comments from the challenger, “La Femme Nikita”.

Bishop: So let’s hear them.

Mutt: Patra should pay attention to Nikita. Marx is my hero.

Bishop: Good lord.

Nikita Marx

 (Shot opens on the Tokyo skyline, as the camera pans right we see a silhouette of a woman against the reflection of the setting sun on the mirrored windows of a sky scraper. As she slowly walks toward the camera, we can hear sirens begins to wail in the background. Suddenly the shot switches to her right side, reviling that this woman is none other than ‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx. Dressed in a black leather jumpsuit, black gloves, and military style web gear – Nikita smiles at the camera and winks as she casually drops a letter of some kind on to the rooftop. )

Nikita: Hello Darlings, I’m so sorry that you had to meet me here. There is just so much work for me in Japan, I really wish I could come here more often. This whole thing with the Japanese government has me, quite upset.

(Nikita sticks out her lip and playfully pouts, in the back ground we have her the sirens getting closer.)

Nikita: I understand that they love Keiko Mita here, but please . . . to deny me an opportunity to compete for the Western Heritage Title. . . I have not hear of such a cowardly act since Pearl Harbor. How can they say that I am a criminal? Yes, I admit to being a suspect in several investigations around the world. In America, I would be . . . How do you say? Innocent until proven Guilty? I guess it is not so in Japan.

(The Sirens seem to stop at the base of the building, as the camera slowly moves around to the left. Nikita walks towards the other side of the roof top, bending down to pick up a section of rope – hooking it to her harness. As she does, the Camera Man sneaks a quick look down at the street below, where a crowd has surrounded the body of a man who has apparently jumped from this roof top !)

Nikita: Well, Let me be the first to tell them that I cannot be scared off like some Japanese princess. I will not turn my back on an opportunity to take a title AND the Western Heritage title will not be the last title I take! Do You Hear Me Ms Buzzingfly? Just Look Over Your Shoulder, You Will See that I AM Gaining On YOU! Ta Ta Darlings …

(And with that she turns and falls backwards off the building! The camera man runs towards the edge just in time to see Nikita Marx have her fall broken by a bungie cord, which gracefully bounces before slowly lowering her to the ground. As the camera zooms in we can see Nikita release herself and wave at the camera and run off in to the crowded street. Just then we hear angry voices, as the camera man is roughly turned around by Japanese police who quickly turn off the camera.)

Nikita Marx vs. Keiko Mita

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit…and it is our MAIN EVENT this week.

(Godfather theme plays over the pa as fans boo.)

Spud: First, representing Organized Crime.

(Major boos as Nikita Marx steps through the curtain.)

Spud: Led down the aisle by her manager Uncle Bob! Hailing from Moscow, Russia. She is 6 feet tall weighing in at 150 pounds… ‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx!

(Nikita comes to ringside wearing a full length mink coat with Uncle Bob at her side. He is dressed in his usually immaculate Tuxedo and carrying that steel briefcase. Once at ringside, Nikita will remove the fur coat, reviling a low cut Red one piece bathing suit, with a small black star over her heart.)

Bishop: Marx a former contender to the Western Heritage and Internet Heavyweight Championships. Now, she’s given an opportunity to live up to her potential.

Mutt: Truly this is a chance to do what Miko Azai was unable to do earlier tonight. Marx can turn her career around. She can return from obscurity with an upset or languish at the bottom of midcarder status.

Bishop: Fans let’s move on to comments from the champ.

Keiko Mita

[Scene opens showing Keiko Mita dressed casually, wearing a black katana t-shirt and faded blue jeans. She’s kneeling Japanese style on a mat, a katana held in her right hand as she polishes the blade. She seems unusually calm, though as she looks up to the camera the familiar fire is in her eyes.]

Keiko: When we think of national rivalries, there are a few that always come to mind. US v. USSR. US v. Japan. But Japan and Russia have a long history as well. The war in 1905..Manchuria..Korea..and more. And now it’s the ‘Kyoto Crippler’ against ‘La Femme Nikita’. Japan v. Russia for an American title. There is a certain irony in that. I’ve been distracted thinking about someone else, but I can assure you that for this night you have my undivided attention. Just you and me, the world focused down to the edge of a sword. A katana. Be ready, Nikita, this is war and if you’re not careful, you’ll be the first casualty.

[Keiko lifts the katana, the light reflecting along the edge of the sword before the scene fades to black.]

Spud: And her opponent….

(Fans pop as blue lights shoot over the ring and fireworks go off.)

Spud: Representing the NEW Dragon Trio…hailing from Kyoto, Japan! She is 5 feet 4 inches, 115 pounds, here is the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION…’Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita!

(The thunderous roar of Japanese drums precedes the appearance of Keiko Mita. This short, slimly built Asian woman has short cut black hair and is dressed in loose fitting black karate pants and a black sports bra with crossed silver katanas over the chest. Black boots, and black tape on her hands and wrists complete her outfit. The WH title is around her waist as she walks straight to the ring, an intense, angry look on her face.)

Bishop: Sam, I believe you are hitting the nail on the end about Nikita Marx. This is Mita’s first title defense with her first major wrestling title. She’s primed for the upset. Marx must do it now.

 Mutt: Mita in the ring, and hands the belt over to the referee. Marx with some last minute comments with her manager….and here we go!


Bishop: Both women hesitant to lock up. Marx with a 6 inch and a near 50 pound weight advantage over the champion. Mita a lot smaller but a heck of a lot quicker.

Mutt: And it’s no wonder both women are a little hesitant. Marx has a lot on the line, and Mita has the butterflies…no pun intended Daisy.

Bishop: Collar and Elbow tie up and Marx with the early advantage. Mita dropping down to her back and driving her feet into Marx’s midsection elevating her into the air….and Marx flying right over and hitting the canvas for a modified Monkey Flip!

Mutt: Nikita twirling up to her feet and Mita running for the side ropes. Nikita with a head of steam and MARX SPRINGBOARDING OFF WITH A DROPKICK!!!

(Fans pop!)

Bishop: Marx back up and Mita quick to the punch with Forward Roll and a School Boy Roll up!!!!!

Samora: 1……………………………….kick out!

(Fans go “OH!” at Nikita Marx’s resilience.)

Bishop: STRONG kick out by the challenger, and now Uncle Bob calling on Nikita to take a breather.

(Fans all stand as Kieko Mita runs for the side ropes.)

Mutt: Nikita conferring with Uncle Bob. Obviously they don’t like where this match was headed and…

Bishop: Mita hopping up to the middle buckle, back flipping onto the top ring rope and ….Suicide Dive onto Bob and Marx!

(Fans all over the arena pop as the Russians are laid out.)

Samora: 1……………………………..2……………….3….

Bishop: Marx is down, and Mita with a pick up and nailing away with Karate Chops to the chest! Now a boot to the midsection and a Double Arm Underhook….and hoists her up for a Backbreaker!

(Fans all cheer as Marx is laid out on the floor.)

Mutt: Mita reminds me a little of Radhi Ananda. Don’t look at her size and judge her strength. She’s a tough gal.

Bishop: Mita with a pick up and rolling Marx back into the ring. Mita now, climbing up the ring steps, and now the turnbuckles from the outside.

(Fans all screaming as Nikita is laid out on the mat.)

Bishop: Mita launching off the top as Uncle Bob screams out for Nikita and…._misses_ the Guillotine Leg Drop!

(Fans all groan as Nikita easily rolls out of the way.)

Mutt: Mita had problems with this in the Officer Order match up 2 weeks ago. Nikita now, slow to her feet and slapping on a Single leg Pick up….and drapes the leg between her shins for a Shinbuster!

(Fans groan as Nikita Marx points to her head.)

Bishop: Mita making a crucial mistake as Nikita applies a single leg pick up and stomps away at the hamstring of Mita. Now a handful of hair and a pick up. Nikita with a Waistlock and an East German Belly to Back Suplex.

Samora: 1……………………….2…………….kick out.

(Fans applaud.)

Bishop: Nikita back up to her feet, and Mita trying to crawl off. Marx with a pick up and kicking away at that left knee. Mita stumbles into the near corner as Nikita kicks away.

Mutt: And remember, Mita had knee surgery just a few months ago. And who caused it? Next week’s challenger Bloody Mary! OH yeah, let the good times roll.

Bishop: Marx now, with an Elbow Smash…and Mita retaliates with a Swinging Back Fist! Marx firing off again, and Mita firing with *another* Back fist! Nikita with another Elbow Smash to the head and now she charges into the near corner with a Running Back Elbow to head.

(Fans boo as the ref calls for Nikita to leave the corner.)

Samora: 1………………………2………………..3……..

Bishop: Nikita with an Armlock and Hiptosses Mita out of the corner. Marx with a head of steam as Mita lays on the mat….but a Drop toe Hold by the champion.

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit.

Bishop: Mita slapping on a Hammerlock but Nikita reversing with her own Hammerlock. Mita countering out of that by sliding back around and now in front of Marx with a Frontface lock.

Mutt: Nikita up to her knees, reaching for that left leg….she hooks it and a modified Fireman’s Carry Takeover. Right into a Side headlock.

(Fans applaud as Mita slaps the mat in frustration.)

Mutt: You know Bishop….with Daisy Butterfly’s defection to the Syndicate, the fan favorites really don’t have any PURE technical wrestlers. Mita is the closest they’ve got…then perhaps ‘Golden Eagle’ Chelsea Vanderbilt.

Bishop: Mita up to her knees and driving hard elbows into the middle of the challenger, but Marx with a Shinlock pick up for a Kneebuster!!!

(Fans all groan as Nikita Marx applies a single leg pick up.)

Bishop: Now a Spinning Toe Hold….but Mita with an Inside Cradle!

Samora: 1…………………………………..2………………

(Fans gasp as Nikita Marx gets the shoulder up.)

Bishop: Both women back up and Mita with tight Karate Chops to the head of Marx. Marx with tracks on her face as she backs up. Mita hobbles after her, and now an Irish Whip to the far ropes.

Mutt: Marx hits the ropes hard as Mita drops her head…High Back Body Drop!

(Fans pop!)

Bishop: Mita waiting for Marx as she is slow to her feet…Running High Knee Lift by the champion! Marx is down, and Mita with a Double Leg pick up….

(Fans all pop as Nikita Marx frantically crawls for the near ropes.)

Mutt: Poor positioning by the champ and great awareness by the Challenger. Marx realized that Kyoto Deathlock was coming.

Bishop: Nikita into the ropes, & Mita now leaning into the challenger and firing off with punches. The ref pulling her away, and Nikita up to her feet….

Mutt: And charging Mita, but Mita with a Japanese Armdrag takedown. Nikita back up and Mita with a Karate Kick to the ribs of Marx. Marx cringing, and Mita with another shot to the ribs and now a boot to the midsection….

Bishop: And an Irish Whip.

(Fans pop as Marx hits the ropes.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 20 remain.

Bishop: Marx bouncing off and Mita with a Leapfrog as Marx goes running through her legs. Marx off the far side and Mita…


(Fans all cheering as Keiko Mita heads for the far corner.)

Bishop: High Risk maneuver by the champ as Nikita is dazed.

Mutt: It could be a mistake. Uncle Bob slapping the canvas as Nikita is simply dazed. Mita off balance as she is up on the top buckle.

Bishop: Keiko Mita measuring her foe as she jumps.

Mutt: Swan diving off the top………………………HEADBUTT!!!!

(Fans all cheer as Mita shakes her head and cradles the leg.)

Samora: 1……………………..2……………..Kick out!

Bishop: Mita with a pick up and a front face lock….but Marx with a Single Leg takedown…no! Mita won’t let go of the face lock.

Mutt: Marx dropping down to one knee, and Mita with the wear down hold. You know, Marx has done well here, but you’ve got to wonder if that Suicide Dive took too much out of her. She looks dazed.

Bishop: And Uncle Bob concerned on the outside. Mita looking out to the fans, and now a side headlock by the champ…only to be met by a Reversal by the challenger.

Mutt: Mita with a Standing Switch and Keiko Mita with a Reversal…

Bishop: And Marx with a Snapmare Takeover and measures her for an Elbowdrop…

Mutt: _MISSED_

(Fans cheer as Mita rolls around to the ropes.)

Bishop: Mita is up, and sprinting toward Nikita Marx….LEG LARIAT!

(Fans all cheering as Mita picks up Marx.)

Bishop: Mita with rapid Headbutts, and now an Irish Whip to the near ropes. Mita running for the Side Ropes…

Mutt: Springboarding off as Marx hits the middle of the ring and lands a Clothesline…

Bishop: But Marx catches her and slaps on a Waistlock…BELLY TO BELLY over the top!

(Fans all cheering as both women lay on the mat.)

Mutt: That’s the difference in size and weight. Marx absorbed the brunt of that blow and still able to counter. Mita is down, and Marx rolling over on top of her for the lateral press.

Samora: 1………………………2……………..STRONG KICK OUT!

(Fans applaud Keiko Mita)

Spud: 15 minutes have gone by in the 20 minute contest. 5 remain.

Bishop: Marx with a pick up, and slaps on a Side Headlock and a Leg Grapevine…no! Mita preventing the hook and slaps on a Waistlock for a Side Salto!!

Mutt: Marx is dazed, and Mita adjusting her knee brace down on the mat. Mita with a pick up and slaps on a standing crossface….CROSSFACE GERMAN SUPLEX!

(Fans pop as Mita points to the Dawg Pound.)

Bishop: Mita with a pick up and a *snapping* Legdrag takeover into a Double Leg pick up…..she hooks the leg and twists Marx over…

Mutt: Kyoto Deathlock!!!!

(Fans all on their feet and cheering!!!!!)

Bishop: Marx slapping the mat, and Mita nodding her head as she leans back into it. Marx crawling for the ropes, and Mita releasing the hold and running for the near ropes.

Mutt: Marx up to her feet and Keiko Mita with a Spinning Heel Kick!

(Fans all cheering as Mita drags Marx by her hair toward the near corner.)

Bishop: Mita with a pick up and a *snapping* Karate Chop!

(Fans pop!)

Bishop: Mita with a Waistlock pick up and plants Marx on the second buckle. Mita tugging on the ropes and vaulting herself to the top.

Mutt: Uncle Bob up on the ring apron as the ref comes over. Mita slaps Nikita’s head between her legs. Oh shit!

Bishop: Mita’s leg is holding as she hoists Marx over her head by the Shoulders….Marx is in the Crucifix position….

Mutt: R a z o r ‘ s E d g e o f f t h e d a m n T o p ! ! !

(Fans all jump up to their feet and shout.)

Bishop: Marx is down, and Keiko Mita clutching her knee. Mita crawls over to a prone Marx as she cradles the Russian.

Mutt: And the referee sliding into position!!!!!!

Samora: …………………………………………………1










(Fans pop as they hear the thunder of Japanese Drums.)

Bishop: Uncle Bob is beside himself as Mita hops up to her feet.

Mutt: Damn!

(Fans chant: MITA! MITA! MITA! MITA!)

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 16 minutes 03 seconds, your winner and STILL Western Heritage champion….’Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita!

(The ref raises her hand and hands her the belt as fans applaud. Mita bows toward Nikita Marx as she exits the ring.)

Bishop: Mita with the successful title defense. But now she faces Bloody Mary next week.

Mutt: And I for one say she can’t defeat Mary. Heck, I say Rekka Sakura could have even beaten Mita with that lame performance. Kudos to Nikita. She slowed Mita’s air attack by attacking the legs. But she didn’t seem to konw what to do afterwards. Mita showed why she’s one of the best mat wrestlers in the business.

Bishop: Fans we now take you to the Double O/Kyoto Crippler match from…

Princess Kallista

(Suddenly, the lights dim, and the ring is highlighted by a blue flag with a white cross, the Scottish flag. Shostakovich’s “Second Waltz” plays over the PA to a mixed pop, and Princess Kallista steps through the curtains. She is wearing a long-sleeved golden ball dress, cut wide to show just the breathtaking outlines of her small and delicate breasts, and high heeled Roman sandals. Her finger- and toenails are painted gold, and she is wearing a golden tiara with sparkling blue sapphires on her head. The golden ESWP Women’s Television title belt is around her waist. Kallista is carrying an exquisite leather handbag in one hand and a microphone in the other. She seems to be in a very good mood as she doesn’t walk down the aisle but gracefully dances to the music. Kallista then climbs the stairs to the ring and enters through the ropes carefully as to not damage her dress, then waits until her music has stopped and the crowd has calmed down)

Bishop: Not again!

Mutt: Princess Kallista?

Bishop: This should be interesting.

Kallista: “A very good evening, ladies and gentlemen, nobles and peasants, contenders and pretenders, and a very good evening especially to all my pets, let me welcome you to another edition of… THE DARKSIDE!!”

(Surprised mumbling by the crowd)

Kallista: “You may ask where my most exalted pet, little Black Lotus is, who usually runs this show… well, she had a little… let’s call it.. headache…”

(Crowd pop as well as some laughter from the Dawg Pound)

Kallista: “…after her grueling match with Jenny Grier, so I am replacing her in today’s edition of the Darkside. Now, unfortunately Black Lotus can’t be here with me right now since her poor, poor head hurts, which is really a shame since I wanted to ask her a few questions. Now, Black Lotus challenged Chelsea Vanderbilt to a match since both were still undefeated. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks to me like neither one of you is still undefeated… you know, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. It would have been such an interesting match. Vanderbilt versus Lotus… both women undefeated, at the peak of their careers… shame I had to spoil it. But that’s how things go, isn’t it, my pets?”

(Face pop!)

Kallista: “Chelsea, we had one more date…December 20th. Chelsea, we have met three times already. At Halloween, I hurt your little foot so bad you couldn’t leave the ring without help. At the Fall Moonsault, I eliminated you from the Great Western Heritage battle royal. And last week there I ruined your undefeated streak in the Grand Dragon when I pinned you fair and square in the middle of the ring. Chelsea, don’t sign open contracts. In future bring your own jobbers to the Grand Dragon like you used to at the Fall Moonsault. Chelsea, we met once more, and I’m sure Sierra Browne is thrilled because she has some company in that little hospital room reserved for burned out former champions. Oh wait, no. Sierra wouldn’t enjoy Chelsea’s company, Chelsea’s a white girl. I forgot.”

(Kallista walks around the ring, seemingly very amused as she smiles and blows a kiss to the camera)

Kallista: “Speaking of Sierra Browne, she will be my very first guest on ‘The Darkside’! Ladies and gentlemen, please arise and welcome the first-ever Grand Dragon Transnational Cruiserweight Champion, the first-ever Grand Dragon bi-titled champion, the first-ever Grand Dragon tri-titled champion, the poor dirty little girl who disgraced the entire federation, the biggest crybaby in professional wrestling, I present to you… ‘THE GOLDEN GIRL’ SIERRRRRRRRA BRRRRROWNE!!”

(“Kick in the door” by the notorious B.I.G. starts to play to a huge heel pop. Kallista opens her handbag and pulls out a little doll, or perhaps an action figure, representing an African-American woman. She is wearing a few toy clothes and three paper, hand-made, golden little belts around her waist. Kallista holds the puppet up and shows her to the audience who start whistling, cheering, and laughing)

Kallista: “Sierra, oh-great-Sierra, I am so honored.”

(Kallista lays the puppet to the mat, then bows before it, a mocking bow. Kallista picks the puppet up again and holds it to her ear, seemingly listening, then nods and addresses the crowd again)

Kallista: “Sierra says that she is happy to be here to but she is very unhappy that you fans don’t treat her with the respect she so richly deserves. Now, do you guys and gals think she deserves any respect?”

(The crowd boos and yells)

Kallista: “Oh, don’t be so harsh on Sierra! She is a poor black girl who has worked her way up to three titles! She deserves respect! Now, Sierra, tell us your story about the poor black girl who held three titles. Tell us your story, Sierra!”

(Kallista holds the puppet to her ear again, then looks shocked)

Kallista: “She said that she is ooh-so-great and ooh-so hard working and has won three titles despite being black, and despite everyone is against her. Like that oooooh-so-evil Mr. Vessey who forced her to not only vacate the Western Heritage title…”

(Kallista rips one of the golden papers around the puppet’s waits off)

Kallista: “…but also made her clean the dirty graffiti off her Cruiserweight title! Now, what a conspiracy! Everybody is against poor little Sierra!”

(Kallista looks at the puppet almost lovingly, caringly… then, with a swift, strong movement, rips one of the legs off of the puppet’s body. The now disfigured puppet and the severed leg drop to the mat, Kallista, a shocked expression on her face, drops to the mat as well, on all fours and starts screaming)


(Kallista pulls the crippled puppet back up and rips the second golden paper away from her)

Kallista: “Poor, poor Sierra. The Syndicate gang-raped the poor black girl and now your second belt is gone. And now there’s this white fairy tale Princess going after my third and last title.”

(Kallista holds the puppet’s head to the microphone)


(Kallista’s face is now a mask of fury and anger)

Kallista: “Well, listen, black dog, I don’t care if you’re black or white or anything in between, and I don’t care if Grandma Rage has brainwashed you with racist remarks while changing your diapers, the only thing I do care about is that you have a title belt which has been disgraced for far too long, and I want it. Sierra, if you’re the woman you say you are you’d accept my Scottish Highland Death match challenge and put that disgraced piece of copper on the line, but you’d better wash the smell of it first. And if I have to cripple every single bit of your body the Syndicate overlooked to get it then I will do so with pleasure.”

(Kallista rips the second leg, both arms and the head off the puppet, then tears the third and final paper strap off what’s left of the puppet and throws all puppet pieces to the Dawg Pound section of the crowd who bark appreciatively. Kallista clams down and takes the mike again)

Kallista: “Thank you for attending, my pets. This has been a very special edition of the Darkside, and the very best edition of the Darkside you will ever see.”

(Kallista throws the mike to the ground and leaves ringside again, back to the locker rooms, while Shostakovich’s “Second Waltz” begins anew)

Bishop: The fans are….are shocked.

Mutt: Hell, what the hell was that?

Bishop: Rumors have it that Kallista wants out of her contract. We’ll see in a few days if President Vessey let’s her go.

Mutt: Hell, let her go. She seems to cause nothing but problems. Interrupting the show, ruining the undefeated streak of Black Lotus…

Bishop: Fans, that’s all for tonight. We now turn you over to Mike Whalen who will prepare you for the rebroadcast of the IEWA Shattered Dreams pay per view matchup between Keiko Mita and Officer Order.

FLASHBACK: Officer Order vs. Keiko Mita

(The camera pans over to a broadcast set near the ring entrance. Two men sit before microphones. One is wearing a blue blazer and t-shirt with the GDWA logo while the other wears a tank top and sunglasses, chugging down a beer.)

Bishop: Hello IEWA fans, I’m Allen Bishop, play by play man for the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance. My friend…

Mutt: This Coors is great…and what do you mean by friend?

Bishop: My friend beside me is none other than Sam Mutt who does color commentary. We are honored to feature GDWA action here at the IEWA’s Shattered Dreams pay per view.

Mutt: And what a treat we have for you moronic IEWA fans…the ‘Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita faces the legendary GDWA World Champ “Double O” Officer May Order.

Bishop: And this is one of those rare match ups which will entail no outside interference, just pure athleticism. Both wrestlers are fan favorites…IEWA fans know of Officer Order from IEWA Mania the other night. IEWA Women’s World champion Napualokelani was about to pound Jessica Starbird into oblivion when Double O came to the rescue…

Mutt: And she better be careful. Napua is a member of the Syndicate stable. And just as the Syndicate runs the GDWA, it runs the IEWA too.

Bishop: Anyway, Spud McKenzie is the GDWA ring announcer and time keeper. He’s ready to start the match, let’s go to Spud!

(Spud McKenzie stands in the middle of the ring wearing a gold and black tuxedo as he looks out to the fans.)

Spud: First of all, the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance would like to thank all the great fans of the International Electronic Wrestling Association for inviting us to pay per view. The IEWA is a classy promotion and has some of the greatest athletes in the world…

(Fans cheer as Spud postures and looks about the arena!)

Spud: NOW! The GDWA wishes to return this great honor by showcasing some of our premier competitors. So for all of you IEWA fans, I have one question to ask……..ARE YOU READY?

(Fans scream: YES!)

Spud: I said, ARE YOU READY?!?!?!?!?!

(Fans cheer louder and scream: YES!!!)

Spud: THEN…..Let’s Get Rrrrrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrrrrrumble!!!!

(Crowd EXPLODES as fireworks go off around the ring)

Spud: Wrestling fans, your GDWA contest tonight is a NON TITLE match up set for one fall with a 30 minute time limit!

(The thunderous roar of Japanese drums blasts through the speakers as Keiko Mita steps through the curtain. Mita is a short, slimly built asian woman has short cut black hair and is dressed in loose fitting black karate pants and a black sports bra with crossed silver katanas over the chest. Black boots, and black tape on her hands and wrists complete her outfit. She walks straight to the ring, an intense, focused look on her face. )

Spud: Hailing from Kyoto, Japan. She is 5 feet 4 inches, 115 pounds, here is the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION…’Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita!!!

(Fans cheer as Mita enters the ring and hoists the WH title over her head. She points to the camera as she climbs the turnbuckles and kisses the belt.)

Bishop: Fans, we’ve just been joined by Wrestling Sheet Writer Marcie De La Cruz. She’ll be adding side bars to this explosive encounter…

De La Cruz: Thanks for having me Allen and Sam.

Mutt: (chugs another beer) Don’t mention it…hey, can I go take a…

Bishop: A what?

Mutt: A…you know…a leak.

Bishop: Damn it Sam! We’re on the air…now Marcie, tell us about this encounter.

De La Cruz: Mita and Order are a match makers dream. Double O as we all know is a legend in our sport. She was one of the first competitors to bring Judo to Women’s wrestling. So with the coming of Mita, we have the old generation meeting the new. Mita is a multi-generational star from Japan…quick, strong, solid technical background while still able to brawl and good aerial skills.

Bishop: Much like the late great ‘Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama. And fans, Sachie will be entered in the GDWA Hall of Fame at our Dawg Pound Nights pay per view. Let’s hear the intros for the champ.

Spud: And HER opponent….

(A bigger pop as fans hear ‘Bad Boys’ by Inner Circle.)

Spud: Led down the aisle by her manager Martial Law…

(As Order’s music starts the houselights go down and the stadium is filled with flashing red and blue lights. Twin spot lights shine down on the entrance way as ‘ Double O ‘ steps out dressed in a black SWAT Jumpsuit, Combat Boots, and a black Baseball cap which reads “What Ya Gona Do ?” . Over her right shoulder, that sought after strap – the GDWA World Heavyweight Title belt. Following right behind her is the Large Law man himself, Martial Law, who is also dressed in a black SWAT Jumpsuit, closely at his side is a very large happy looking German Shepherd. The Arena explodes in a deafening symphony of Crowd Pop and Flash Bombs.)

Spud: Hailing from San Francisco, California. She is 5 feet tall weighing 120 pounds….the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION….’Double O’ Officer May Order!!!

(The house lights come on, as Law and Order begin to make their way to the ring. The crowd goes wild, everyone on their feet, many pulling out just purchased Order T-shirts or homemade signs.

As the camera pans the audience, it lingers on a pair of frat boys who are excitedly jumping up and down holding a pair of signs which read “Andera Who ?” and “Order 4:20”.

As the camera moves on, we see a Girl Scout Troop all holding a large bedsheet which reads ” We Love You May!”, as the camera pans back to Order, we see her slapping hands of fans and stopping to give a hug to a small girl in a Black Officer Order T-shirt at least two sizes too big, holding a plastic title belt.

Behind her a fan shoves a cardboard sign which reads “Double O – The Real World Order!!” into the shot. After hugging her, Order puts her cap on the little girl and smiles as she again begins to jog toward the ring, slapping hands on the way.)

Bishop: Double O has done it all in this sport. Rumor has it she has to come your IEWA to expand her repertoire.

De La Cruz: Order is not this new kind of babyface in pro wrestling. She loves the fans and is clearly embracing them as she heads down the aisle. Matches in which she’s faced other fan favorites have been problematic for them because Order is so loved around the world.

Mutt: Well, you saw those signs around the arena. Andrea who? Let me give you IEWA fans who’ve been in the dark a refresher. Andrea Chandler is the Queen Bee of the GDWA. She is a former World Champ and is the most decorated wrestler in GDWA history. On the Tuesday Night Catfight in Japan, Order defends against Andrea, a woman Order has NEVER beaten before.

(As Order enters the ring, she runs from ringpost to ringpost holding Her GDWA World Heavyweight Title belt high above her head, driving the crowd in to an even bigger Pop!! , before handing it to Law on the outside and calling for the mike. As the house noise falls to a dull roar, Order begins pointing down to Law and the very large German Shepherd.)

Order: I’d like to take a second and introduce a new friend of mine, a member of the LAPD for the last 5 years and the most decorated police officer in California and my guest manager tonight, Please welcome . . . Max.

(Crowd pops as the dog sits up and begins to wave a paw at the crowd. A Pair of teenage boys, in Medusa Rage T-shirts hold up a sign which reads ” What Ya’ Gona’ DO ? ” and scream at the camera. Back in the ring, Order faces Keiko, bows and now looks ready to lock up.)

Mutt: Order so quick. She’s all business, and look at the Crippler. She ain’t here to play either.

Bishop: Spud is smiling as he points to the referee.

Spud: Wrestling fans, tonight’s match up will be officiated by GDWA referee Martin R. Delany…first, in the black corner, weighing 115 pounds. She is a former Wrestler of the Month award recipient. Just recently winning the WESTERN HERITAGE TITLE in a Royal Rumble match up at the Fall Moonsault, she has held this title with great dignity. Ranked #12 in the world….Representing the Dragon Trio! Here is the GDWA Western Heritage Champion…..the ‘Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita!!!!

(An appreciative pop as Mita nods to the fans.)

Spud: Her opponent in this contest is a legend in the sport. She has been well distinguished in our sport. Also a former Wrestler of the Month award recipient, she is a 2 time former Western Heritage Champion. Coming in at a trim 120 pounds, she has held the most distinguished title in the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance since July 29th of this year. Mary Order has wrestled internationally and nationally in some of the most acclaimed matches in the sport today. I present to you the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…..’Double O’ Officer May Order!!!

(Fans all pop as Order points to all the fans in the arena.)

De La Cruz: Order and Mita have never met before, this shall be a great contest.

Mutt: And don’t think Order is the ONLY hard hitter in this contest. Order is known for her rapid fire offense, but Mita has proven she can do it all…just look at her great brawls with Bloody Mary both in the GDWA and in Independent feds in Japan.

Bishop: Mita wanting to shake hands…and Officer Order bowing. A smile spreading over both competitors faces as this one is ready to begin.

De La Cruz: Order ironically is of mixed racial heritage. May Order is half Japanese, but is much more American in culture. If you recall, that was part of the stuff of debate when Officer Order feuded with Sachie Yokoyama.

Bishop: The ref going over the rules….and here we go.


Bishop: Collar and elb…no! Order with a Karate Kick but Mita with a forward roll away. Order twirling around, and a Mita with a smirk spreading her lips.

Mutt: Order has been training to face the 140 pound bodybuilder Andrea Chandler. She’s a little thrown off by a woman who has just as much if not more speed and agility than herself.

De La Cruz: Or what about Mita? She’s been training to face Heavyweight wrestlers. Both wrestlers just flew in from Japan just to be on Shattered Dreams, and it is Mita who is fresh from a title defense against Nikita Marx.

Bishop: Both women slow to lock up. Mita being cautious of the two as the lock up in the middle of the ring…and Mita forcing Order back as Order struggles, dropping down low. Mita with a front face lock and Order twisting out of it with a Wristlock and an Armdrag and….

Mutt: …and Mita with a counter Armdrag and now a *snapping* Armdrag Takedown!!! Order back up and Mita with an Armdrag Takedown. Order is dazed as Mita with a pick up and hard kicks to the ribs of Order. Mita with a Strong Kick to the hip, ribs, thighs and is pelting May Order with those Muy Thai Leg Kicks…


(Fans pop as Kieko Mita hits the mat.)

Bishop: Order waiting as Mita jumps up to her feet and Order *missing* a Superkick as Mita drops back to the mat, and now a Kip up to her feet…


(Fans pop!)

Bishop: And Officer Order firing back with a Karate chop!

(GDWA fans jump up to their feet.)

Bishop: Order with another Karate Chop as Mita backs into the near ropes. Order with another Karate Chop, but Mita with a handful of hair as she tosses Order into the near corner, and a *nasty* Karate Chop to the chest!

(Fans go: Whoooooooooooooo!)

Bishop: Order fighting out of the corner with a hot Karate Chop!

Mutt: But Mita fighting right back!

(Fans go: Whooooooooooooooo!)

Bishop: Order firing out with Rapid Fire Karate Chops, and Mita backing off. Order _another_ Karate Chop…and Mita with a Backhand fist to the mouth!

Mutt: Mita with *snapping* Karate Chops, and now tight Karate Chops to the face, and a Headbutt to the brow. And Order is humbled in the corner.

(Fans cheer as Keiko Mita Irish Whips Officer Order.)

Bishop: Order thrown to the far corner as Mita picks up a head of steam and…Order catching the ropes and back flipping out of the corner as Mita hits the buckle…

Mutt: Order with a Waistlock…GERMAN SUPLEX!!!

Delany: 1……………………………..2…………….kick outs.

Bishop: Both women back up and Order with a _blistering_ Karate Chop!

Mutt: And Mita firing right back! Order is down, and Mita running for the near ropes, bouncing off and hops right over Order. Order up to her feet as Mita…SPRINGBOARDS OFF AND NAILS A FLYING HEADBUTT!!!

(Fans cheering as Mita picks up Order.)

Bishop: Frontface lock by Mita, and attempts to hoist her up…ORDER COUNTERS WITH AN INSIDE CRALDE!!!

Delany: 1…………………………….2…………….kick out!

Bishop: Both women back up and Mita a Legdrag takedown into a legbar.

(GDWA fans yelp as the rest of the arena cheers.)

De La Cruz: Mita is a solid technical wrestler. She may be the best fan favorite technical wrestler in the GDWA.

Mutt: And notice how she’s taken all of Order’s shots. Mita is taking that Martial Arts attacks and defusing it with her own Martial Arts. Order isn’t as much of a brawler as Mita, and we’re seeing it here.

Bishop: Double O crawling for the ropes, and Mita with a single leg pick up and a twisting Leg Scissors and falls back to the mat. Order slapping the canvas and Mita twisting the ankle.

(Mixed cheers as Order snatches the ropes.)

Mutt: And Mita with poor ring positioning. The ref with the count and Mita releasing. Order up to her feet, and Mita with a *snapping* Karate Chop!

(Fans pop as she Irish Whips Order to the far ropes.)

Bishop: Mita with a head of steam and Order bouncing off the ropes…no! Order holding on AND CRASHES INTO MITA WITH A RUNNING CLOTHESLINE!

Mutt: Order into the side ropes and bouncing off…Spinning Elbowdrop. And the World Champ in command as Mita struggles to get off the canvas. Mita locking up with Order…

Bishop: And Order with a Twisting Judo flip over the hip!

(Fans pop as Mita crashes to the mat.)

Mutt: Mita back up and Order with another tie up and ANOTHER Judo flip over the hip and Order slapping on an Armbar, and falls back to the mat for a Wakigatame!!!

(Fans all stand as Mita slaps the mat in pain.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit.

Bishop: Mita slapping the mat in pain, but not submitting. A tough gal. Mita twisting around, attempting to prevent the dislocation or the breaking of a bone.

Mutt: This is not a staple hold for Double O. Mita already slapping on a Bodyscissors and shifting Order around as Mita rolls her back to the mat. Order losing her hold, and this is the technical expertise that we were discussing.

Bishop: Order losing hold, and Mita easily rolling into the ropes. Great defense work by the Western Heritage champion. Both women quick to the neutral position, and encircle one another.

(Fans whistle as both women encircle and Martial Law encourages Order.)

Bishop: Collar and Elbow tie up and Mita slapping on a Side Headlock into a Hammerlock but Order leaning forward and BACKFLIPPING OUT OF THE HAMMERLOCK!!!

Mutt: Order running into the side ropes as Mita twirls around and…


(Fans pop!)

Mutt: She nailed Mita square in the head. Mita is down, and Order with a pick up and a Frontface lock….VERTICAL SUPLEX!

Bishop: Order with a single arm pick up and a Legdrop to the bicep. Order back up and ANOTHER legdrop, and the World Champion exploiting Mita’s injury.

Mutt: Mita can’t find the ropes, as Order picks her up and nails a high knee to the midsection….and a Scissors Kick to the back of the head.

(Fans are roaring as Officer Order heads for the near corner.)

Bishop: Order going up high, and Mita is down.

Mutt: Double O is a phenomenal Cruiserweight. She truly exploits every ounce of her weight to her opponent’s disadvantage. Order climbing the turnbuckles, and Mita clutching her left arm.

Bishop: Order up high as Mita is lifeless on the mat. Order diving off and…..MISSES the Elbowdrop!

(Fans groan as Keiko Mita easily rolls out of the way.)

Mutt: The Western Heritage champ with goo conditioning. She suckered the World champ into that mistake. Mita up to one knee now as she heads over to the near corner. She’s going for a high risk maneuver.

(Fans all on their feet as Keiko Mita climbs the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: Mita up top, so quick, so agile! Mita measuring the World Champ as she Swan Dives off……………..AND NAILS A HEADBUTT!!!!

(Fans roar as Mita picks up Order.)

Bishop: and a _devastating_ Karate Chop! Order down to the mat, and Mita with a Single Leg pick up and positions Order’s shin between her legs…SHINBUSTER!

Mutt: Mita favoring that arm as she gets up to her feet. Order is being worn down. She’s got a busted lip, a bruised chest and Mita is taking her lower body apart.

Bishop: Mita with a pick up and connects with a Thrust kick to the ribs, and now strong kicks to the thigh, the knee and ribs area! Mita nailing away with Muy Thai Leg Kicks, and now an Irish Whip to the far ropes.

Mutt: Order to the far ropes as Mita is running at full speed and… KEIKO MITA NAILS A LEG LARIAT TO THE HEAD OF ORDER, ORDER FLIES OVER THE TOP ROPE!

(Fans all roaring as Officer Order hits the floor.)

Spud: 20 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 10 remain.

Bishop: Order down on the outside, and Mita climbing up the turnbuckles.

De La Cruz: This is Mita’s home. These high risk maneuver of Mita are phenomenal.

Delany: …..2…………………….3…………………4….

Mutt: Order slow to her feet as Mita is poised up top. Mita with a Forward Flip and BOMBARDS OFFICER ORDER WITH A SUICIDE PLANCHA!

(Fans all cheering as both women lay on the floor.)

Bishop: The world champ is in trouble. Order is down, and Mita slow to her feet, and now picking up Order and sliding her into the ring. Mita climbing the turnbuckles, and the champ is in dire straights.

Mutt: Order slow to her feet, and Mita up high. Mita flying off the top and OFFICER ORDER SNATCHES HER WITH A FRANKENSTEINER!!!!

Bishop: Oh my!

(Fans all roaring as both women lay motionless on the canvas.)

Bishop: That’s a trademark of Order. She has uncanny agility. We haven’t seen that much of her agility in this match up, but Mita totally caught off guard.

Delany: …..2…………………………..3………4………..

Mutt: We’ve seen that Frankensteiner before. Order employing it as a defensive weapon, even I am impressed!

Delany: …………………6………………………7………

Bishop: Order slow to her feet, and she’s wobbly. Order with a pick up, and a *snapping* Karate Chop! Mita falling into the ropes, and her left arm is just barely holding her up. Order with an Irish Whip to the far ropes, no, reversal!


Delany: 1……………………………2……………….1/2!!!

(Fans gasp as Mita gets the shoulder up.)

Bishop: Order slow with a pick up as she slaps on a frontface lock….D D T!

Mutt: NO!

(Fans all pop as Keiko Mita counters with a Single Leg Takedown.)

Bishop: Mita with a Double Leg pick up now. She hooks the left knee and applies a Double Leg Grapevine…AND FLIPS ORDER OVER FOR THE TEXAS CLOVERLEAF.

(Fans all pop as Order screams out in pain.)

Bishop: Mita still feeling the effects of that incredible Frankensteiner. Order slapping the mat in pain as Martial Law yells for her to get the ropes.

Mutt: Mita has worked on the knee all night, and it was a set up for this. Order reaching for the ropes…and for the second time tonight Mita with poor ring positioning. The ref wants a break, and Mita falling to the mat.

De La Cruz: Mita has taken Order out of this match. This is Mita’s style. A win here not only earns her a World title shot, but it earns her credibility as a World title contender.

Bishop: Mita so slow with a pick up. Oh my. She’s hurting. Mita with a Spinning Back Fist, and Order is spitting blood. Mita with a Waistlock pick up, and walks Order over to the near corner.

Mutt: Here we go! Mita hoisting up Double O to the top turnbuckle, and Order nailing Mita with a week right hand jab.

Bishop: Mita falls to the mat, but she’s back up again. Mita climbing the turnbuckles, and Order with another jab sending Mita to the mat. Mita up a third time, and Order flying off the top and SLAPS ON A FRONTFACE LOCK FOR A SPINNING DDT….

Mutt: But Mita with an Inverted Atomic Drop….and a Superkick! Order is down, and Mita with a pick up and slapping on a Crossface for a German Suplex!!!

(Fans all on their feet cheering as both women lay on the canvas.)

Mutt: Cover! Cover!

(Fans all screaming as Mita crawls over to Order.)

Bishop: Order sliding away from Mita, and Double O remaining on her chest. She is beat.

Spud: 5 minutes remaining!

Bishop: Order into the ropes, and Mita up to her feet. Keiko Mita with a pick up…KARATE CHOP!….and another KARATE CHOP!

(Fans popping Whooooooooooooo!)

Bishop: Order is on the ropes. Order on the ropes. Mita with a Spinning Backfist, and Order holding in with all her strength. Mita with a Karate Kick to the midsection, and Double O doubled over.

Mutt: Mita with a Frontface lock and hoists up the Champ, slingshots her off the top rope…but Order holding on! Order clutching the top ring rope, and balancing her feet on the ropes…

De La Cruz: Oh my!

Bishop: Order can’t get down. Mita rushing into Officer Order…

Mutt: But Order only falls to the ring apron. She held on. Mita hanging through the ring ropes and Order hoisting herself up by the ropes and NAILS A GUILOTING LEGDROP ACROSS THE BACK OF MITA’S HEAD!

(Fans screams as Keiko Mita clutches her head.)

Bishop: The ref trying to force them away from the ropes, but Order Catapulting herself ON TOP of the ropes…and she drops across the back of Keiko Mita…

Mutt: and slaps on a Bodyscissors! Order rolling Mita away from the ropes, still with those Scissors…& SLAPS ON A JUDO CHOKEHOLD!!


Bishop: Mita trying to roll back into the ropes, but Double O like a spider with her prey. She’s all over Mita’s back, squeezing the life out of her…and that Chokehold around the neck…Order is choking her out…

Mutt: No shit. Order is choking her out! Order is choking her out! The ref is checking, the ref is checking.

Bishop: Mita can’t find the ropes.

Mutt: It’s over.


(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Bad Boys’ by Inner Circle.)

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 27 minutes 36 seconds, your winner via submission…the GDWA World Heavyweight Champion Officer Order!

(Officer Order roles out of the ring wearily as the ref checks on Mita.)

De La Cruz: Order was in trouble. Mita had this match won, but she exposed her back to the champ. Order hopping across her back, and while squeezing the air out of her from around the ribs, slaps on the chokehold.

(Officer Order looks into the camera and thrusts the GDWA World title into the forefront. Order stammers: “Andréa, Your Next !!”)

Bishop: Mita prepped so well, but Order knew the weakness of the Western Heritage champion.

Mutt: I can’t believe this. Mita was running the so called champ around the ring. Order hadn’t accounted for Mita’s versatility. Mita with fewer mistakes wins this one.

Bishop: Well, thanks to President Boedder for allowing us into the IEWA arena and audience. Sam, Marcie, it has been a pleasure working with you tonight.

Mutt: Does that mean I don’t get any more free beer?

Bishop: You’ll have to ask President Boedder.

De La Cruz: It’s been a pleasure you guys.

Bishop: From all of us at the GDWA, thanks.


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