Scene opens up on a jammed packed Nippon Budokan Hall in Tokyo, Japan. There are 18,859 screaming fans in attendance. “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


Bishop: Wrestling fans! Welcome to the GRAND DRAGON WRESTLING ALLIANCE’S Tuesday Night Catfight. Hi, I’m Allan Bishop along with color man Sam Mutt and tag team specialist ‘Congo’ Paul Roberts who’ll be out a little later. I expect tonight’s card to be nothing less than phenomenal.

(Dawg Pound barking as fireworks go off all around the building!)

Mutt: Allen Bishop, this is the way wrestling should be every night!

Bishop: Fans, you want to talk about action? How about the arrogant newcomer Bloody Mary as she takes on Daisy Butterfly? How about the grudge match between Vonya and Dementia Praecox? And how about that tag team Quarterfinal match up between STRIKE and the Browne Girls?

Mutt: Oh yeah! And in the Main Event, we got former champ ‘Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama as she challenges ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda for the Western Heritage title!?!

Bishop: Fans, this one is about ready to start. Spud McKenzie running down the ramp and entering the ring. Spud McKenzie will be assisted once again by Kosei Yamasaki!

Mutt: Hold on! Before we get to Daisy, we’ve got word from her arch rival ‘La femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx…

Nikita Marx

Shot opens on a pair of large oak double doors with have the logo of the GDWA engraved and inlaid with mother-of-pearl. To one side is a plaque which reads PRESIDENT Vessey. Suddenly the doors fly open, and an enraged ‘La Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx comes storming out, with Uncle Bob rushing behind.

NIKITA: The Nerve of that man,

BOB: Now Nikita, he was just…


BOB: but Nikita, darling, he has no control over the Japanese Government. If they will not grant you a visa, then you cannot legally enter their country…

NIKITA: So what am I to do Bob? Just let this…

Seeing the camera, Nikita turns and smiles as Uncle Bob straightens the jacket of his tux.

NIKITA: Oh hello darlings, I must admit that I am quite upset! Daisy cockroach challenges me to a match, in a country I am forbidden to enter and then, calls ME A COWARD!

BOB: I made it quite clear to Ms. Roach er I mean Buttered fly that Nikita is currently banned from the country of Japan. If she cannot enter the country how can Nikita beat her there?

NIKITA: It is a very dirty trick Daisy, I am impressed. It would seem that you have learned much from your dangerous friend yes? As for her, I must warn you dangerous one. Do Not . . . How do they say it? Do not write checks with your mouth that you ass cannot cash. I do not like to be threatened, darling.

Fade Out

Bishop: Enough of Nikita Marx. Kosei, take it away!

(Fans applaud as Spud converses with co-ring announcer Kosei Yamasaki.)

Spud: To all of our fans in Asia, the Pacific Islands, North America and all over the world! To all fans of the INTERNATIONAL DAWG POUND!!!!!

(Fans bark as Spud McKenzie walks around the ring! Yamasaki translates with just as much vehemence!!!!!)

Spud: All fans of the Grand Dragon……ARE YOU READY!!!!!!

(Fans roar and reply!)

Spud: I said, ARE YOU READY?!?!?!?!?!

(Fans cheer louder and reply once more!)

Spud: THEN…..Lllllllllet’s Get Rrrrrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrrrrrumble!!!!

(Crowd EXPLODES as fireworks go off around the ring)

Bloody Mary vs. Daisy Butterfly

Kosei: Wrestling fans, our first contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!

(Fans boo as they hear ‘Midnight Rider’ by the Allman Bros.)

Kosei: First, coming down the aisle, hailing from Davenport, Iowa, in the United States of America. She is 5 feet 9 inches, 160 pounds, here is Bloody Mary!

(Fans boo as the Brown haired Bloody Mary heads down the ramp wearing a black leather jacket over a red and black singlet.)

Bishop: Bloody Mary fresh from an impressive win on Saturday Night over Staci X. One has to wonder what is in store for this newcomer’s future.

Mutt: Hey, Staci X is one of the most glorified wrestlers in Grand Dragon. Just ask Dixie Foxy. But back to Mary. She needs refinement and focus in that ring. We saw some really great spots during that match. Staci X was defeated, but on a different night Bloody Mary may have been taken out by the Top 10 Mainstay.

Bishop: But now Mary takes on Daisy Butterfly who is considered an actual better wrestler than Staci X. Even though Daisy is not in the Top 10, she is our Ironwoman for this year. Daisy Butterfly has proven that she’s just a step away from reaching her potential.

Mutt: Big Bad Bertha had potential too. Now she’s doing condom ads. (Laughs!)

(Crowd cheers as Cupid Cubbins walks through the curtain dressed in a court jester outfit and blowing a horn!)

Kosei: And her opponent….

(Crowd begins cheering as they hear ‘Nutcracker Suite’.)

Kosei: Led down to ringside by her valet, Cupid Cubbins! Hailing from San Francisco, California in the United States! She is 5 feet 7 inches, 130 pounds……………..!!!

(Thunderous pops as Daisy Butterfly walks through the curtain and firecrackers and other fireworks go off in front of her on the rampway!) Kosei: ‘The Franchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiise’ Daisy Firecracker!!!!!!!!!!!

(The place explodes as Daisy Butterfly slaps hands with fans at ringside.)

Bishop: As we all know, Daisy Butterfly started her career in Japan, just like Sachie Yokoyama. Bloody Mary has spent time here as well, but her popularity can’t begin to compare with Daisy’s

Mutt: Yeah, and I see we have the return of that ingrate Cupid Cubbins and those damn flamboyant entrances. You know, Daisy Butterfly used to wrestle under the name of Firecracker. Now I see why.

(Daisy Butterfly heads down ringside wearing a sparkling silver bodysuit with the words “IRONWOMAN” written on the lower back in a crescent. She wears blue boots and kneepads. Cupid Cubbins drops rose pedals in front of Daisy.)

Bishop: She looks hot tonight! Look at that blue face paint in the shape of a butterfly on her face.

Mutt: Bloody Mary a little taken back by this reception. Damn, tear her apart Mary!

(Biggest pop of the night as ‘Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama runs down the rampway and enters the ring.)

Bishop: Daisy and Sachie hugging in the middle of the ring, and here comes the red ribbons all over the ring. It’s a Japanese wrestling tradition to have those streamers and ribbons everywhere. Sachie leaving the ring, and this one is underway.


Bishop: Mary rushing Daisy, no! She expected it. Daisy lashing out with Open Hand Slaps to the chest of Bloody Mary, and Mary backs off!

(Fans whistle and cheer as Bloody Mary backs off.)

Mutt: Daisy scouting Bloody Mary pretty well there. Collar and Elbow tie up this time, and Mary with a high knee. Now some big right hands to the head! Mary Irish Whipping Daisy to the far corner. Bloody Mary sprinting across the ring as Daisy bounces off the ropes…

Bishop: ….and Daisy with a Dropkick!

(Fans cheering as Bloody Mary hits the mat.)

Bishop: Mary back up and Daisy with another Dropkick! Mary back up for a third time, and for a third time Daisy with a Dropkick! But Mary won’t stay down. Mary back up to her feet, and Daisy Butterfly with an Armdrag Takedown.

(Fans cheer as Bloody Mary crawls for the ropes!)

Mutt: Damn! Daisy charging in, and flailing away with stiff kicks to the body. Now Irish whips the big woman to the ropes. Bloody Mary bouncing off the ropes and Daisy sprints across the ring….and Daisy DUCKS the Clothesline.

Bishop: Both women bouncing off the ropes and Bloody Mary with a Football Tackle! Daisy is down! Bloody Mary with a pickup and slaps her hand around Daisy’s throat…..Chokeslam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Dawg Pound barks as fans boo Bloody Mary.)

Mutt: Bloody Mary with the first high impact move of tonight. We haven’t seen that from Mary before. We need to see more of the same. High impact moves that utilize Mary’s strengths.

Bishop: Mary with a pickup, and a Big Right! Another jab to the head, and Daisy is dazed! She’s had problems with Demonica and Porter and other large women. Could Daisy fall tonight? Mary with a front face lock, going for a Vertical Suplex.

(Fans all cheering as Daisy Butterfly shakes her head.)

Bishop: But Daisy blocks it! A second attempt, and Daisy blocks again! Daisy now, grabbing the tights and……gets Bloody Mary up and over for a Fisherman’s Buster!!!!!!!

(Fans cheering as Sachie Yokoyama laughs on the outside!)

Bishop: Daisy with a pickup and slaps on an Armbar. Now an Armdrag, and she’s really bearing down on it. Mary using her strength and height advantage to get to the ropes, and Daisy running with the momentum!

(Fans cheering while Daisy Butterfly backs Bloody Mary into the ropes.)

Mutt: Daisy still has the armbar on! Both women bouncing off the ropes and Daisy Butterfly Bulldogs that Left arm!!!

(Fans applaud as Daisy Butterfly applies a Hammerlock.)

Bishop: Bloody Mary is grounded! Daisy rising up and driving knees into that Hammerlocked left arm. And Cupid Cubbins leading the crowd in cheers!

(Fans applauding and whistling as Bloody Mary struggles.)

Mutt: Bloody Mary hasn’t faced a wrestler with Daisy’s technical ability. If she wants to tackle Nikita Marx, she better learn something from this match with Daisy Butterfly.

Bishop: Mary fighting her way to her feet, and Daisy with another Armbar, straddling Bloody Mary. Mary up to her feet, and Daisy with a Droptoe Hold, and right back to the arm!

Mutt: Daisy with a Single Arm pick up puts Mary’s arm between her legs. Daisy dropping back to her back, applying pressure to the arm, twisting it and this is the Cross Armbar! Notice how Daisy twists the arm between her legs. Look at her placement. Her legs across Mary’s chest, doing her best to separate her opponent’s arm from the rest of her body.

(Fans all applauding, some chanting: Sachie! Sachie! Sachie!)

Mutt: In American it might be different, but Sachie Yokoyama seems MORE popular than Daisy Butterfly.

Bishop: Mary scooting over near the ropes….and tags them with her foot. That’s that strength and weight advantage coming into play. Both women up to their feet now, and Daisy with an Overhand Wristlock. Bloody Mary repositioning herself, and Mary with a forearm to the head.

(Fans groan as Daisy abruptly stumbles backwards from the impact.)

Bishop: Daisy immediately breaking and backing away. Mary a strong girl! Bloody Mary clutching her left arm in pain, and she looks pissed off!

Mutt: Bloody Mary with a chance now. She looks really worn down from those holds. Mary punching away at the head of Daisy, and she backs into the ropes. Mary charging Daisy Butterfly and CLOTHESLINES HER OVER THE TOP ROPE!

(Dawg Pound holds up signs and cheers on Bloody Mary!)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Daisy Butterfly stunned, and I think she’s on the wrong part of town. The floor seems perfectly suited to Bloody Mary. Mary now a pickup. Bloody Mary slapping on a front face lock and connects with a Snap Suplex!

Mutt: Yes!

Ref: …………………3……………………4………………5

Bishop: In Japan you have a 20 count to reenter the ring. Mary with a pick up now, and rams Daisy’s head into ring apron. Sachie complaining, and Bloody Mary barking at Sachie. Remember, those two aren’t on the best of terms since that Western Heritage title match!

Mutt: Mary kicking away at Daisy’s ribs, and Daisy crawling away, trying to get to her feet. Mary throwing Daisy into the ring, and Mary climbing the ring stairs. Daisy up on one knee, and Bloody Mary with another kick to the ribs!

(Fans boo as Bloody Mary shouts with joy.)

Mutt: Bloody Mary so hungry for this win. Mary with a pickup, and a Backbreaker! The cover 1…..and a kick out!

(Fans applaud as Daisy Butterfly kicks out.)

Bishop: Bloody Mary with a pickup and drapes Daisy over her shoulder. Bloody Mary running across the ring, and Daisy slips off her back and shoves Daisy toward the ropes. Bloody Mary bouncing off and DAISY BUTTERFLY WITH A…………… FRANKENSTEINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Cupid Cubbins runs along the ring apron cheering as Daisy Butterfly points out to the fans.)

Mutt: No cover! Daisy going up top!

(Fans all screaming as Daisy Butterfly climbs up the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: We haven’t seen Daisy display her aerial skills for quite some time now. Daisy up high, as Bloody Mary gets to her feet…..and Daisy nails her with a Flying Dropkick! The cover….1..2…Thr…

Bishop: NO! Kickout!

(Crowd cheering and applauds Bloody Mary as she kicks out.)

Mutt: Daisy with a pickup, and more Open Hand slaps to Mary’s chest! Now an Irish Whip to the far ropes, Mary bouncing off, and Daisy with a Tilt a Whirl Backbreaker!!!!!!!!!

(Fans all cheering as Daisy Butterfly looks out to the Dawg Pound with a grin.)

Bishop: Great display of strength to execute that maneuver on the 160 pound Bloody Mary. Daisy Butterfly with a single arm pick up now, a step over armbar in the Butterfly Deathlock!!!

(Biggest pop thus far as fans applaud and whistle!) Mutt: The ref checking, and Mary saying no. But Daisy is in the middle of the ring. Mary is trapped!

Kosei: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 left.

Mutt: Both women down, and I must say, Bloody Mary is in a world of hurt. Daisy shaking her head, and throwing everything into it.

Bishop: The ref is checking! The ref is checking!


(Fans shoot out of their seats as daisy Butterfly drops the hold, and runs for the corner, climbing up the turnbuckles.)

Mutt: Damn it! Great effort but….

Kosei: Ladies and Gentlemen, ruled at 10 minutes 25 seconds, your winner via submission…….’The Franchise’ Daisy Firecracker!

(Fans pop hard as ‘Nutcracker Suite’ blares through the speakers!)

Bishop: Bloody Mary climbing out of the ring, a little disappointed. But give credit where credit is due. No, she wasn’t ready for Daisy Butterfly. But Mary will take this experience along with her as her head into her match Saturday against Wendy Marshall.

Mutt: Thank you for giving her some credit. Damn, you’re usually so biased. There might be some hope for you yet!

Bishop: Sam, get the hell out of here! WE have tag action up next anyway. Once Congo hurries up and gets over to the broadcast table, we’ll be on our way with the much-anticipated final match in the tag team tourney preliminaries. Congo! Congo…what are you doing over there?!

Congo: (walking back from the Dawg Pound) NEVER MIND!! Let’s hurry up and get this done with.

Bishop: Hey; the Misfits are back in the Dawg Pound!! Congo, were you…ah…y’know…?!

Congo: Shut up SHUT UP!! (shuffles papers) So we have this Browne Girls/Strike match finally happening tonight. How did the Brownes finally manage to get in the country? Did they take a rowboat from the West Indies all the way to Japan?

Bishop: No Congo; they flew first class like every other GDWA superstar…


Bishop: Ah, well; Spud and Japanese ring announcer Kosei Yamasaki are in the ring, ready for the bilingual announcements.

Congo: How did Spud get here? Did he get first class too?!

Strike vs. The Browne Girls

Spud: Our next bout has a 20 minute time-limit and was originally scheduled for Saturday night and is part of the FIRST ROUND of the GDWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT!!

(Delayed crowd pop as the announcement is repeated in Japanese. “Welcome to the Terrordome” by Public Enemy plays as the crowd remains relatively quiet) Spud: Accompanied to the ring by their manager, the Kingpin, and weighing in at a combined weight of 239lbs! From Denver, Colorado at 5’4″, 122lbs; “LETHAL” LIZ SINCLAIR!! From Quebec City, Quebec at 5’5″, 117lbs; HEIDI NOELLE LENHART!! The team of STRIKE!!

(The redheaded Sinclair and black-haired Lenhart, accompanied by the large Kingpin, walk to the ring dressed in their high-cut, thong-backed gray singlets and black knee-high boots and kneepads. Black bands circle their arms above the bicep. They act pretty indifferent towards the crowd, who return the favor)

Bishop: A lukewarm reception for Strike here in the Orient.

Congo: Well, the Kingpin has had his hands full promoting his two very successful singles wrestlers. Strike just hasn’t made the impact that their stablemates have. Duran and Chandler are notorious…

Spud: And, their opponents…

(“Brown Girl in the Ring” plays and the crowd cheers loudly)

Spud: Accompanied to the ring by their manager, Medusa Rage; weighing in at a combined 280lbs and hailing from Port-of-Spain, Trinidad! Both 5’10”, 140lbs; SIERRA BROWNE!! INDIGO BROWNE!! THE BROWNE GIRLS!!

(Sierra and Indigo are quick to shake hands with their Japanese fans along the walkway. Medusa Rage walks down with a giant Kool-Aid smile and walks right up near where the Kingpin is standing…)

Bishop: The Browne Girls stealing the limelight in the ring as they bounce around the ropes–Medusa Rage is walking over to the Kingpin….

Congo: Wait!! She’s talking to someone in the crowd! I can’t see a face with everyone standing around!!

Bishop: She’s pointing at the Kingpin and the Kingpin is wandering over!!

(A 7 foot plus muscular African-American man stands up, dwarfing the crowd around him and gives a cold stare to the Kingpin)


Bishop: You know that guy?!

Congo: He’s Medusa’s brother AND MY GOD IS HE HUGE!! The Kingpin and Derek Rage returning each other’s stares. The Kingpin doesn’t look intimidated; he used to be a champion many times over when he had a wrestling career. But that Rage!! He looks ready to wreck house!

Bishop: Fine. Two capable wrestlers on the outside, four on the inside. Sierra and “Lethal” Liz Sinclair elected to start things off… *Ding*Ding*Ding*

Bishop: Sierra Browne with a stiff European Uppercut! Sinclair with a Forearm of her own! Sinclair with another European Uppercut and she backs Sierra to the ropes!

Congo: Sinclair Irish Whips Sierra to the far ropes–TILT-A-WHIRL–NO!! SIERRA BROWNE DROPS TO HER FEET BEHIND SINCLAIR!! Sierra with a standing dropkick and Sinclair steps out of the way!

(The Kingpin claps on the outside)

Bishop: Sinclair picks Sierra up by her hair as Sierra sinks fists into her gut. Sinclair takes the shots and hoists Sierra up for the Gorilla Press–HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN BY SIERRA BROWNE!!

(Crowd pops!)

Congo: Both women up and Sinclair hammers Sierra with a quick Flying Forearm!! Sinclair tags Lenhart in. Sinclair with a pick-up and an Armwringer–Lenhart kicks Sierra in the chest!

Bishop: Lenhart taking over by double-hooking Sierra’s arms–BUTTERFLY SUPLEX BY LENHART!!

Congo: And all the punishment is starting to catch up to Sierra. Indigo is stomping on the apron working up the fans!

(Fans all start to stomp and clap for Sierra Browne)

Bishop: Sierra up and Lenhart with a waistlock–standing switch by Sierra–Lenhart with a go-behind and full-nelson–DRAGON SUPLEX BY LENHART!! Congo: Strike is really taking it to the Brownes with their muscle. Usually the Brownes can leave their opponents in the dust, but Strike is nearly as quick and twice as strong!


Congo: And Lenhart stands up only to be dropped by a Dropkick courtesy of Indigo Browne!! Indigo hits the ropes again and comes back with a Cross Body Block just as Lenhart gets to her feet!! A cover by Indigo!

1 . . . . . . 2 . . . KICKOUT BY LENHART!!

Bishop: I don’t think Strike is gonna go down that easy. Indigo pumping her fist in the air rallying the crowd as she picks up Lenhart and goes with a Fireman’s Carry Slam–LENHART ROLLS UP INDIGO!!

1 . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . KICKOUT BY INDIGO!!

Spud: 5 minutes have passed in the 20 minute time limit. 15 minutes remain.

Congo: Heidi Noelle Lenhart with an impressive reversal nearly gets a fall on Indigo Browne. Indigo looking a little agitated as she bounces of the ropes–“LETHAL” LIZ SINCLAIR TRIPS INDIGO AS SHE HITS THE ROPES!!

Bishop: And Lenhart in like a vulture, attacking that leg that the Syndicate mangled months back. The ref yelling at Sinclair as Lenhart unleashes a barrage of stomps on the knee of Indigo Browne.

Congo: Lenhart with a single-leg pick-up and she drops an elbow to the inside thigh!! Such precision; Heidi Noelle Lenhart is like a shark finding blood in the water.

Bishop: I pray that that leg injury doesn’t become something that plagues Indigo throughout her entire career. Lenhart tags in Sinclair and Sinclair slingshots herself onto Indigo’s knee with an elbow drop!!

(Fans boo as Indigo writhes out to the center of the ring clutching her knee) Bishop: Sierra and Medusa yelling at the official, but the official can’t do anything unless Medusa throws in the towel or Indigo submits!

Congo: Indigo back up and kicks at Sinclair with her strong leg–Sinclair catches it and laughs at Indigo–INDIGO WITH AN ENZIGURI KICK!! From the weak leg no less! Indigo trying to make a statement to the Syndicate that her leg is all right!! Sinclair hurrying back up to her feet and Indigo rides her down with a Lou Thesz Press!! Another cover! 1…………2………….SINCLAIR THROWS INDIGO OFF OF HER!!

Bishop: Indigo hurrying up and to her corner but Sinclair catches her with a sharp kick to Indigo’s knee!

Congo: If it wasn’t hurting before it is now!!

Bishop: Sinclair with a pick-up and she powerslams Indigo! The Kingpin yelling to Sinclair–Sinclair with a Twisting Leg Lock–NO! INDIGO GRABS A HANDFUL OF HAIR AND ROLLS UP SINCLAIR WITH A SMALL PACKAGE!!

1 . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . . . SAVE BY HEIDI NOELLE LENHART!!

Congo: And look at Liz Sinclair’s face! She’s surprised at that near-fall!! Indigo scurrying back to her corner as Sinclair comes running in after her–INDIGO TAGS IN SIERRA BROWNE!!

(Crowd pop!)

Bishop: And Sierra nails Sinclair with a slingshot Flying Clothesline!! Sierra strutting around the ring pumping the crowd up!!

Spud: 10 minutes have passed in the 20 minute time limit. 10 minutes remain.

Bishop: We’re at the half-way point and right now the Brownes are in control. Sinclair getting back up and Sierra nails her with a Bulldog!! Sierra picks up Sinclair and Irish Whips her–Sinclair returns AND CATCHES SIERRA BROWNE WITH A FRANKENSTEINER!!

Congo: And just that easily the momentum can change. Sinclair shuffles back and tags in Lenhart. Damn, what a back-and-forth encounter!! I’m actually starting to respect the Browne girls! They might actually have some skills!!

Bishop: Of course they have skills!! Lenhart hoists Sierra up for the Gorilla Press–LENHART TWISTS SIERRA AROUND AND POWERBOMBS HER!! A cover!

1 . . . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . . . SIERRA BROWNE KICKS OUT!! INCREDIBLE RESERVE!!

Congo: That Gorilla Press powerbomb has become a marquee move for Strike! It’s maneuvers like that that’ll get these girls the belts.

Bishop: Lenhart picks-up Sierra and Irish Whips her. Lenhart tries for the back body drop–SIERRA PUTS LENHART’S HEAD BETWEEN HER LEGS AND TWISTS AROUND WITH A NECKWRENCHER!!

Congo: And Lenhart is now down on the mat clutching her head. Sierra with a Corkscrew elbow on Lenhart’s noggin. She’s wearing down the head and neck of Lenhart in preparation for the Fatal Flying Guillotine.

Bishop: Sierra helps Lenhart to her feet and applies a Wristlock. Sierra twists the arm and hits Lenhart square in the chin with the Armwringer Superkick! Both of these ladies running on shear intestinal fortitude right now.

Congo: Sierra with a pick-up and she twists Lenhart into position for a reverse neckbreaker. Sierra takes a few steps forward FOR THE INVERTED BULLDOG NECKBREAKER!! The “Stone Cold Stunner,” if you will…

Bishop: But it looks like Heidi Noelle Lenhart managed to get a lock around Sierra’s chin and they’re both hurting now!!

Congo: Both ladies flopping around the ring, unsure of where their corners are. Damn, a double Neckbreaker and this match is at a standstill. Liz Sinclair and the Kingpin are yelling for Lenhart while the Misfits and Derek Rage have the entire Dawg Pound cheering for Sierra!!

(Dawg Pound chants: Brownes! Brownes! Brownes!)

Bishop: The Rage family, universally loved by Dawg Pounds everywhere.

Spud: 15 minutes have passed in the 20 minute time limit. 5 minutes remain.

Congo: This could end up a draw if no one beats the ref’s count. Lenhart making big moves to her corner–SIERRA LEAPS AND TAGS IN INDIGO!!

(Crowd explodes!!)

Bishop: Sierra crawls out to apron as Indigo rushes in!! Stomps to the back of Heidi Lenhart by Indigo Browne!! Indigo picks-up Lenhart and Irish Whips her to the far side–INDIGO CATCHES LENHART WITH A MONSTER SPINWHEEL KICK!! Congo: And Lenhart just flops back, leaning against the ropes. Indigo turns her over–She makes the sign for her Fatal Flying Guillotine!!

(Crowd explodes)

Bishop: Lenhart is leaning on the ropes throat first!! The Kingpin is down there yelling right into her face as Indigo runs in for the leapfrog legdrop–HEIDI NOELLE LENHART DUCKS OUT OF THE WAY AND ROLLS UP INDIGO AS SHE FLOPS OFF THE ROPES!!

1 . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3!!!!!!!!!


Bishop: WoW! Strike wins their first match and advance into the semi-finals!!

Congo: And it was a clean win!! Through and through!! Not even the Brownes could stop them!! Liz Sinclair and Heidi Noelle Lenhart are hugging in the ring as the crowd is actually cheering for them!!

Bishop: And Indigo is still on the mat, slapping the ground in frustration. She just lost her equilibrium and ended up on the wrong side of a pinning predicament. Sierra in, comforting her sister as Medusa looks a bit saddened by the loss. Both teams put on a spectacular performance here tonight; Strike has really earned their way in the tournament.

Congo: Enough of you, Spud has the official word…

Spud: Ladies and gentlemen, at 16 minutes and 12 seconds; your winners, and ADVANCING TO THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT SEMI-FINALS; STTTTTTTRRRRRRRRRRIKE!!!

(“Welcome to the Terrordome” plays and a loud mixed response fills the arena)

Congo: The jubilant Kingpin gathers his troops and marches down the aisle, not before having a word or two with Medusa Rage.

Bishop: Medusa just kind of laughs him off. Believe it or not, I think that these two cliques enjoy battling against each other!!

Congo: And why shouldn’t they? Look at the matches they’ve had!!

Bishop: The Browne sisters JUMPING THE GATE AND WALKING THROUGH THE DAWG POUND!! Even in defeat, the two sisters can still relate to the fans.

Congo: Cute, cute. I think I’ll just use the backdoor and let myself out.

(“Congo” Paul Roberts drops his headset and leaves the ring area)

Bishop: This Saturday; the victorious Strike take on the crafty Hyena Queens as the unpredictable Misfits meet the tournament wildcards, Lady Luck. It’s the semi-finals of the GDWA Tag Team Championship tournament.

(Sam Mutt runs down the rampway, high fiving the Kingpin!)

Dementia Praecox vs. Vonya

Kosei: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!

(Fans boo as they hear “Brain Damage” by Pink Floyd)

Kosei: Accompanied down the aisle by her manager Madame Hecate….Hailing from Parts Unknown! 5 feet five, Weighing 141 pounds, here is….Dementia Praecox!!!!

(Dementia Praecox heads down the ramp cupping her hands and jerking about. She enters the ring wearing rags and looking out of it in general.)

Bishop: The demented one always in the middle of some controversy. This match signed because of Dark Asylum’s actions from Saturday night.

Mutt: We’ll see if she’s ready for Vonya. I don’t think anybody BUT Dark Asylum would appreciate being locked in a coffin, gagged and bound!

Bishop: Before ring time, we had some comments from Dementia Praecox…

Dementia Praecox

<Fade in on the Dark Asylum locker room. Dementia Praecox is in her straight-jacket, but Demonica’s chains hang from the wall, empty. There are candles lit and pictures of Charles Manson and Ted Bundy on the wall>

Dementia: They’ve left me all alone!! (Sobs for a few seconds) Suspending Demonica was the least of your problems, GDWA, now you have to deal with me! And I don’t go quietly! (laughs maniacally, then looks right into the camera) Vonya! There ain’t enough hot sauce in all of Mexico to prepare you for the hurt I’m gonna lay on you. Was the coffin not clear enough of a message for you? Personally, I think you’d have been better to stay locked up, it could have saved me some time.

<Fade out slowly>

Bishop: Let’s hear the introductions now for Vonya.

(Mixed cheering as ‘The Great Southern Trendkill’ by Pantera plays!)

Spud: And her opponent, led down the aisle by her manager Night Crawler….from Dallas, Texas! 5 feet 7 inches, weighing in at a solid 133 pounds! Here is Vonya!!!!!!!!

(Vonya heads down to the ring wearing red boots, black spandex pants and a red tank top.)

Mutt: Oh yeah! Praecox and Vonya already arguing it out!

(Vonya and Nightcrawler enter the ring and the ref talks things over.)

Bishop: Vonya is pissed! She’s charging Praecox, and they’re going at it already!


Bishop: Praecox holding on with a Collar and Elbow tie up…and Dementia Praecox tosses Vonya into the corner. That’s called strength! Hold on, Vonya charging into Praecox, and Praecox is Headbutting away. Vonya is getting wobbly, and Praecox now, grabbing Vonya by the back of her head….LEANS BACK AND DELIVERS A HUGE HEADBUTT!

(Fans cheer as Vonya hits the mat.)

Mutt: The fans love the physical nature of this one!

Bishop: Praecox with a pickup and runs toward the near corner. Praecox with a Waistlock Pick up, runs up the turnbuckles, AND EXECUTES A BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX OFF THE TOP!

(Dawg Pound explodes in cheers!)

Bishop: No cover! Praecox too busy choking away on the prone Texan! The Evil Empire and Dark Asylum do not get along at all! The ref forcing a break, he knows not to even bother with a count. Praecox with a pickup, and Irish Whipping Vonya into the far corner!

Mutt: Praecox with a head of steam, and Vonya sprints out of the corner with a Clothesline! Praecox hit hard! Vonya with a pickup, and nails away with a Karate Chop! And another! And Another!

(Fans popping hard as Dementia Praecox drops down to one knee.)

Bishop: These two have met just once before. And it was just as intense. Vonya with a Front Face Lock, and Praecox is blocking the Suplex! Praecox with a pickup…..AND CHARGES FORWARD SLAPPING VONYA UP ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!

(All the fans up on their feet as Dementia Praecox climbs the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: Both woman up high! Praecox slapping a hand around Vonya’s throat, and Vonya with a rake to the eyes. Vonya now, scooping up Dementia Praecox….


(Fans cheering as Vonya cradles the leg!)

Ref: 1……2……kick out!

(Huge pops and groans as both women lay on the mat.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: WoW! What endurance from the woman from Parts Unknown. Praecox and Vonya both executing high impact maneuvers. Vonya now, picking up Praecox and nailing her with another Karate chop. She Irish Whips Praecox to the far ropes, and Vonya sprints across the ring after her.


(Huge cheers as Dementia Praecox climbs the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: She’s up high! Nightcrawler trying to warn Vonya as she gets to her feet….AND DEMENTIA PRAECOX WITH A PLANCHA DIVE!!!!!

(Fans all cheering as Dementia Praecox picks up Vonya.)

Bishop: Dementia Praecox in her element now! Praecox with a head of steam, and rams Vonya’s head into the guard railing. Vonya stumbling backwards. She’s hurt!

Ref: ……….6……..7………8……….

Bishop: Praecox slapping on a Full Nelson now, and swinging Vonya around. Vonya can’t break it. She’s helpless! Praecox making up her mind…and nailing a DRAGON SUPLEX right on the floor!

(Dawg Pound cheering and bowing before Dementia Praecox.) Mutt: Nightcrawler is waving at the entrance way. And here come the troops!

(Fans all booing as Dixie Foxy and Valkyrie run down the ramp.)

Bishop: Oh no!

(Dawg Pound barks as Demonica runs down the ramp way after them!)

Mutt: Praecox with a pickup, Dixie Foxy berating Praecox. Praecox not too smart, easily distracted. Madame Hecate barking out orders, but Praecox is chasing Dixie Foxy!!!! Dixie Foxy running around the ring, and the ref still counting away.


Bishop: Valkyrie and Demonica duking it out on the rampway! WoW! You talk about a Tuesday Night Catfight!

Mutt: Dixie Foxy rolling into the ring, and the ref is warning her to get out! Hold on, from behind Vonya with a chair, and nailing Dementia Praecox!

(Fans boo as Praecox falls to the floor!)

Bishop: Vonya visibly hurt. She’s gingerly picking up Praecox, and Bodyslams her on the floor. Vonya climbing up to the ring apron, no! She’s changed her mind and is climbing up the turnbuckles!!!

(Fans cheering as Demonica rolls into the ring.)

Mutt: Dixie Foxy screaming as Demonica clutches her around the throat! She lifts up the ‘Playmate’ and Bodyslams her down! Demonica backing into the ropes, bouncing off and nailing the Legdrop!!!!!!!!

(Thunderous cheers!)

Bishop: Vonya meanwhile, perched up on the top turnbuckle…and comes flying off to the floor with an Elbowdrop!!!

(Hardcores pop hard as the rest of the fans groan!)

Mutt: Madame Hecate is up on the ring apron complaining and the ref is about to throw this one out. Hold on, Demonica with a pickup, and tossing Dixie Foxy into the ropes.

Bishop: Dixie Foxy bouncing off and Demonica catching her by the throat……..C*H*O*K*E*S*L*A*M*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fans shoot out of their seats as Demonica picks up Dixie Foxy!)

Mutt: Demonica slapping Dixie Foxy’s head between her legs! Oh boy! Are we gonna see it?! Demonica with a Waistlock………


(Biggest pop thus far as Dixie Foxy bounces up from the mat like a rag doll.)

Bishop: Demonica just DESTROYED Dixie Foxy. The ref warning Demonica, and she grabs him around the Throat!!!!

(Fans cheering as Madame Hecate orders Demonica to put him down.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Mutt: Hold on! Valkyrie on the floor now, and she’s running up behind Madame Hecate. She nails Hecate! Valkyrie with a pickup, AND A BRAINBUSTER RIGHT ON THE FLOOR! Val shouting back at the fans as she picks up Madame Hecate again. Valkyrie applying a Front Face Lock hoisting up Madame Hecate, and ANOTHER BRAINBUSTER RIGHT ON THE FLOOR!

Bishop: Meanwhile, Vonya with a pickup. Vonya with a karate Chop, and Praecox is smiling! Praecox charging forward with a Clothesline!!!!


Bishop: Demonica climbing to the outside, hold on! Valkyrie has a chair. She’s snuck into the ring, and the ref warding her off…..Val nails the referee!!!

(Hardcores pop as most fans boo.)

Bishop: On the floor, Demonica and Dementia Praecox pounding away on Vonya.

Mutt: Hold on! Valkyrie climbing up the turnbuckles….AND JUMPS OFF NAILING DEMONICA IN THE HEAD! THE DEMON IS DOWN!

Bishop: GDWA security is out here now! Dementia Praecox chasing Valkyrie around the ring, and security is breaking this whole thing up. Someone is gonna get hurt.

Mutt: Someone IS hurt. Madame Hecate is down! The stretchers are here. Dixie Foxy has left ringside with the Evil Empire. Dark Asylum just now noticing that Madame Hecate is laid out. Oh my!

Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen, at 11 minutes 44 seconds, due to the unruly nature of this bout, this match was ruled a double Disqualification!

(Fans cheer as ‘Brain Damage’ by Pink Floyd blares through pa.)

Mutt: Madame Hecate has been stretchered out. My lord, this war needs to be settled. There are gonna be body bags before long.

Bishop: Well, we’ve got to move on now to the big one! Can you believe our Main Event tonight? ‘The Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama against Western Heritage Champion ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda.

Mutt: You want to talk about a grudge? Back at the Summer Supercard, Radhi Ananda eliminated arch rival Dementia Praecox in the Western Heritage Royal Rumble. That left her and Sachie in the ring as the last two survivors. Sachie uses the chair Radhi brought into the ring on her, and thusly eliminates Radhi Ananda.

Bishop: That allows Sachie Yokoyama to become our inaugural champ. But can you imagine the resentment Jungle had afterwards. From her comments and actions in the ring, she’s been waiting for a chance to vindicate herself of that loss. Taking the belt from Sachie a few weeks ago was her first step.

Mutt: Oh most definitely. On top of that, you had Sachie Yokoyama telling Radhi Ananda that she is an overrated wrestler and could never beat Sachie when she’s on top of her game. This is gonna get interesting tonight!

GDWA Western Heritage Championship/Cage Match: Radhi Ananda vs. Sachie Yokoyama

Kosei: Wrestling fans, our final contest is scheduled for one fall with NO time limit. This Steel Cage match is our Main Event this week…and it is for the GDWA Western Heritage Championship!

(Fans cheer as Daisy Butterfly heads down the rampway.)

Kosei: First, escorted to the ring by ‘The Franchise’ Daisy Firecracker!!!!

(Huge crowd pop, and an even bigger pop as fans hear ‘Antonio Baka Guy’ by Shonen Knife!)

Kosei: The challenger…….Hailing from Tokyo, Japan!

(Fans cheer as ring attendants roll out a red carpet on the rampway and fireworks go off!)

Kosei: She has amassed an impressive record across the seas in America! Awarded the Wrestler of the Month award for the months of May & June! She is 5 feet 6 inches, 140 pounds, the 2 time former GDWA Western Heritage Champion……………!

(Fans explode whistling & cheering as Sachie Yokoyama comes through the curtain. Fans shoot out of their seats and rush toward the guard railing!)

Kosei: ‘The Dangerous Queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen’!

(Fans chanting: Sachie! Sachie! Sachie! Sachie!)

Kosei: Sachiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie Yokoyama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fans chanting: Sachie! Sachie! Sachie! Sachie!)

Mutt: The single most popular wrestler in ALL of the Asian Orient. This woman is being received as if SHE were the World’s champ.

Bishop: An incredible reception for Sachie Yokoyama. Good lord, listen to these fans!

(Sachie Yokoyama heads down the ramp slapping hands with the fans wearing a red wrestling jacket with a white and red singlet underneath.)

Mutt: Sachie Yokoyama heading toward ringside with the most confident look I’ve ever seen on her face. THAT is the face of a champion. I have a feeling she’s taking her belt back.

Bishop: Sachie Yokoyama led into the ring by Daisy Butterfly, as Sachie and Daisy hi five each other. These fans are ready. They want to see their girl Sachie take the title back. But I can’t condone her behavior, nor do I support her anymore as a wrestler. She’s arrogant and self-serving as any other rule breaker in Grand Dragon. Charlotte better be careful. Sachie may be after her belt before long.

(Ring attendants remove the red carpet as Radhi Ananda stands outside of the curtain.)

Kosei: And her opponent, hailing from Bombay, India! She is 5 feet 5 inches, 135 pounds. The Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION….’Jungle’ Radhi Ananda!!! (Thunderous boos as Radhi Ananda comes running down the rampway, unstrapping the WESTERN HERITAGE belt from her waist.)



Mutt: Daisy Butterfly BARELY able to get out of the way, as GDWA officials lock the steel cage! Only 1 woman will leave as victor tonight.

Bishop: Jungle in the ring swinging around that Western Heritage title belt, and Sachie dodging out of the way! Sachie ducking and dodging…and now firing back with Reverse Knife Edges to the chest!

(Fans cheering and chanting: Sachie! Sachie! Sachie! Sachie!)

Bishop: Jungle dropping the belt, and Sachie with Roundhouse kicks to the head of ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda! Sachie grabbing Jungle by the back of the head and running her across the ring….

Mutt: …and Jungle blocks the smash and rams SACHIE’S head into the steel cage!

(Fans cheering wildly as Sachie Yokoyama bounds backwards to the mat.)

Bishop: WoW!

(Fans cheering while the referee takes the belt out of the cage.)

Bishop: Jungle running toward the side ropes, Springboarding off as Sachie gets to her feet…and nails her with a Flying Clothesline!

(Fans boo as Radhi Ananda straddles Sachie Yokoyama and pounds away with punches!)

Mutt: Damn! She got hit hard with that Clothesline. And now Jungle is showing why she may be the single most dangerous woman to lock up in a cage. Sachie flat on her back, laid out, fighting Jungle’s kind of matchup.

Bishop: Jungle with a pickup and Irish Whips Sachie to the far ropes. Sachie bouncing off and Jungle hip tossing her into the steel cage! Oh WoW!

(Dawg Pound barks as most fans boo.)

Mutt: Sachie Yokoyama using the ropes to stay on her feet. She’s dazed, walking forward away from the ropes. Hold on! Jungle with a head of steam…


(Huge chorus of cheers as Sachie Yokoyama raises her fist in self vindication.)

Mutt: Sachie still dazed, waiting for Jungle to get to her feet. Jungle up, and Sachie with a Thrust Kick!

(Fans cheer as Radhi Ananda hits the mat.)

Bishop: Both women hesitant to lock up. Sachie trying to get her bearings back, and Jungle just had the taste knocked out of her mouth.

(Daisy leads chants of: Sachie! Sachie! Sachie! Sachie!)

Bishop: Sachie with a pickup, and cuts into Jungle with a reverse knife edge!

(Fans groan as Radhi Ananda’s chest snaps!)

Bishop: Jungle leaning up against the ropes, and Sachie with another Reverse Knife Edge! Sachie with a forearm shot to the head, and bullying the champion into the adjacent corner. Oh boy! Sachie now, with Roundhouse kicks to the chest and head. And this is vintage Sachie Yokoyama!!!!

Mutt: We’ve seen Sachie Yokoyama the high flying wrestler, but this is Sachie as she entered the league. A technical wrestler. A brutal woman that’s as hard hitting as any heavyweight!

(Fans groan as Sachie Yokoyama connects with another Roundhouse Kick to the head.)

Bishop: Jungle just looks stunned. Sachie trying to get her out of the corner, and Jungle holding on to the ropes…and a Rake to the eyes! Sachie is blinded. Jungle stumbling out of the corner toward Sachie….and is biting her face!

(Fans boo as Sachie Yokoyama walks along the ropes in pain.)

Mutt: Jungle now, kicking away at the midsection of Sachie. Sachie is in the corner slumped over, and Jungle Irish Whipping her to the far corner. Jungle with a head of steam….


(Huge pop as Sachie Yokoyama picks up Radhi Ananda from the mat.)

Mutt: Sachie Yokoyama with forearm shots to the head and Jungle has been pummeled in the head since the opening bell. THAT is the focus of the Dangerous Queen tonight. I hear a Northern Lights Bomb going off! (Laughs.)

Bishop: Jungle drooping over, and Sachie now with vicious knee lifts to the chest and head of the champion. Jungle didn’t look ready for this kind of onslaught. Sachie backing away, measuring Jungle…and ANOTHER Roundhouse kick floors ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda!!!!!

(Fans groan and cheer as Sachie Yokoyama calls out to them in Japanese.)

Mutt: No cover! This is gonna get ugly. She wants to hurt the so called champ! Sachie with a pickup, and Jungle with blows to the midsection. Sachie with another Reverse Knife Edge, and now, runs Jungle over to the far ropes….


(Fans booing!)

Bishop: Jungle now, rubbing Sachie’s face into the steel.

(Fans boo as Radhi Ananda chokes Sachie Yokoyama with the ring ropes.)

Mutt: Jungle is hurt, and has been worn down by Sachie’s Martial Arts. She’s got to execute, and do it now. We’re still under the 10 minute mark for Pete’s sake.

Bishop: Jungle tying up Sachie in the ring ropes, and the ref desperately trying to free her up. Jungle running to the far ropes, bouncing off, and NAILS SACHIE IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH A FLYING KNEE! SACHIE’S HEAD BOUNCES OFF THE STEEL CAGE!

(The American contingent cheers as most fans boo!)

Bishop: The ref finally has her free, but Jungle tossing him aside. And ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda biting away on Sachie’s face! Sachie stumbling away, and Jungle Irish Whipping Sachie to the near ropes. Sachie bouncing off and Jungle with a High Knee to the midsection. The cover.

Ref: ………………..1………………….2……….kick out!

(Fans applaud as Sachie Yokoyama kicks out.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by. 10 minutes.

Mutt: Jungle with a pickup, and nailing away with punches to the head. Oh boy! Jungle with a Side Headlock now, and Sachie trying to counter Jungle’s strength advantage.

Bishop: Hold on! Jungle running toward the far ropes, jumping up and…


(Fans all on their feet cheering as Sachie Yokoyama bends over trying to get her bearings.)

Mutt: Sachie had that well scouted. Or maybe it was instinct. Whatever the case, Jungle was going for that Bulldog Stun gun, and Sachie pushing off at the last possible second.

Bishop: Sachie with a pickup, and pounding away with stiff kicks to the armpit of Jungle. She’s focusing on taking away that Dragon Suplex now. Sachie showing a great ability to adapt here.

Mutt: Jungle clutching her left shoulder as Sachie continues to kick away. Oh boy! Sachie with a Front facelock now, and hooking that left shoulder for a modified Half Nelson. Jungle is REALLY being worn down now, great chance for Sachie to get some of her wind back.

Bishop: Jungle bullying Sachie into the ropes, and the ref calling for a break. Sachie releasing….and LASHES out with a Reverse Knife Edge! WoW! Did you hear the snap on that one! Sachie with an Irish Whip…

Mutt: No, reversal right into a Short Arm Forearm right into the throat!

(Fans boo as Sachie Yokoyama falls to the mat clutching her throat.)

Mutt: And that is the difference between Jungle Radhi Ananda and Sachie Yokoyama. Most wrestlers would have gone for a Short Arm clothesline. Jungle so vicious though, breaking all kinds of wrestling conventions.

Bishop: Jungle trying to shake off her shoulder, and she’s going up top!

(Fans all on their feet as ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda heads for the corner.)

Bishop: ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda catapulting herself to the top turnbuckle and…..HITS THE ARABINA LEGDROP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ref: ……………1………………….2……..kick out!

(Fans applaud as Sachie Yokoyama kicks out!)

Mutt: Beautiful Moonsault through the air and planting the Legdrop right across the chest. And notice, Jungle is the one making all the pinfalls. She wants to get this one over with.

Bishop: Jungle stomping away at the head of Sachie Yokoyama. And Sachie has taken some abuse in the last few minutes. Jungle with a pickup, and heading Sachie over to the near corner. Jungle, pummeling with punches to the body of Sachie Yokoyama. Trying to take away her wind.

Mutt: Hold up! Jungle taking the padding off of the middle turnbuckle, and now kicks away at Sachie Yokoyama. Fans are going ballistic as she grabs Sachie by the back of her head….AND RAMS HER REPEATEDLY INTO THE MIDDLE TURNBUCKLE!!!!

(Fans boo as Sachie Yokoyama falls to her knees.)

Bishop: Sachie Yokoyama is BUSTED OPEN!

Mutt: Jungle immediately biting away, and her strategy has been as sound as any, but I’d still say the match is in favor of the challenger. Jungle Irish whipping her to the ropes as she sprints for the far side.

Bishop: Both women bouncing off the ropes and Jungle with a Flying Headscissors…but SACHIE YOKOYAMA COUNTERS WITH A TILT A WHIRL BACKBREAKER!!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY!

(Thunderous cheers as the bloody Sachie Yokoyama picks up Radhi Ananda.)

Bishop: Sachie Irish whipping the champion to the far ropes. Jungle bouncing off and Sachie with an Uranage Throat Slam!

(Big Pop!)

Bishop: Jungle back up and Sachie with ANOTHER Uranage Throat Slam!

(Bigger pop!)

Bishop: Jungle up a third time, and for a third time, ‘the Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama nails the champion with an Uranage Throat slam!

(Huge cheers and applause as Sachie Yokoyama applies a Front Face Lock.)

Mutt: Sachie catching her breath for the moment. Oh boy! Sachie sliding across Jungle back and applying a Hammerlock. Sachie rising up and driving the knees into that left shoulder.

Bishop: Jungle struggling to her feet, and Sachie Hammerlocking the other arm….


Ref: …………………………………………………………1


………………………………………………………KICK OUT!

(Fans applaud in amazement as Radhi Ananda kicks out of the bridge!)

Bishop: WoW! What a move!

Mutt: Daisy Butterfly cheering on Sachie to finish her off.

Bishop: Sachie immediately with a pickup and a standing switch into a Hammerlock! Sachie scooping up Jungle and Bodyslamming her on that Hammerlocked arm! WoW!

(Dawg Pound barks as Sachie Yokoyama stomps on the champion’s left shoulder.)

Mutt: Hold on! On the outside, somebody running down the rampway!

(Fans boo as Nikita Marx runs down the ramp.)


(Fans boo as Daisy Butterfly’s face is rammed into the cage.)

Mutt: Yes! Nikita with a pickup, and nailing the so called Franchise into the Steel cage. Nikita doing some strutting on the Cat Fight.

Bishop: Hold on! Nikita calling out for Sachie Yokoyama. Sachie is shouting back at Nikita Marx, and Nikita slaps on the RED MENACE Sleeper hold! Oh no!

(Fans scream as Daisy Butterfly drops down to her knees while in Nikita Marx’s clutches.)

Spud: 20 minutes have gone by. 20 minutes!

Bishop: Sachie Yokoyama with her back turned, shouting back at Nikita, and Jungle getting to her feet. Jungle with a head of steam….and rams her knee into Sachie’s back! Sachie is sent into the steel cage.

Mutt: No!

(Fans boo as Jungle stomps away at Sachie Yokoyama’s head.)

Bishop: GDWA security is down here, and Nikita Marx letting go of Daisy. Hold on, Nikita grabbing the Western Heritage title AND RAMMING DAISY BUTTERFLY IN THE HEAD! DAISY IS BUSTED OPEN NOW!!!!

(Fans boo even louder as Nikita Marx is led away by security.)

Bishop: Jungle with an Irish Whip and sends Sachie into the steel cage face first! Jungle with a head of steam….AND SACHIE YOKOYAMA WITH A THRUST KICK!!!! The cover…1…2…1/2! She kicks out!

Mutt: Both women back up to the neutral position, and Sachie with a quick go behind and a Saito Belly to Back Suplex!

(Fans cheering and clap while both women lay prone on the mat.)

Mutt: Sachie is down, Jungle is down! Man o’ man, Sachie is bleeding. Sachie is up to her knees, and punching away at the head of Jungle. Sachie now, with a Double Leg Pick up. She’s looking out to the fans.

(Fans cheering as Sachie calls out in Japanese.)

Bishop: Sachie with a surge of strength….Catapults ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda into the steel cage….!


Bishop: NO! Kickout!

(Crowd applauds and whistles as Sachie Yokoyama kicks out.)

Mutt: Blood is all over the mat, and frankly, the longer this one goes the more chances Jungle has of winning it!

Bishop: Jungle getting impatient. She picks up Sachie and Irish Whips her, no reversal! Jungle is sent into the far corner as Sachie sprints across the ring…..AND NAILS HER WITH A HANDSPRING ELBOW!!!

(Big crowd pop as Sachie nails away with Reverse Knife Edges!) Bishop: Jungle doubling over, and Sachie picks her up and connects with a Shoulder breaker! Lateral Press….

Ref: 1…………………….2…………………………kick out!

(Fans chanting: Sachie! Sachie! Sachie!)

Kosei: 30 minutes have gone by. 30 minutes.

Mutt: Both women down on the mat. Security has helped Daisy Butterfly along with paramedics. Man, what a night.

Bishop: Sachie is going up top?! Come on Jungle, get up! Get up!

(Huge cheers as Sachie Yokoyama climbs up the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: ‘The Dangerous’ Queen Sachie Yokoyama jumps……………….

Mutt:…….and HITS the Elbowdrop to Jungle’s left arm! And now, Jungle in a world of hurt, as Sachie picks her up. Sachie with an Armbar, and Jungle is crying out in pain!

(Fans chanting: Sachie! Sachie! Sachie! Sachie!)

Bishop: Jungle trying to stay on her feet, and now Sachie nailing away with Karate chops to the left arm! Now stiff kicks to the armpit, and Jungle is in serious pain! Wait, Jungle shifting around….


(Biggest pop of the night as ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda bounces off the cage and falls to the mat.)

Bishop: Sachie with a pickup, and another Armbar. Sachie now, running Jungle over near the cage and rams her head into the steel cage! She’s rubbing Jungle’s face into the steel cage! ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda is BUSTED open!

(Fans popping hard as blood runs down Radhi Ananda’s face!)


Mutt: Jungle blindly swinging away, and Sachie with a Droptoe Hold. Sachie now, with a Half Nelson, and Jungle is in serious pain!!!

(Fans cheering and whistling on Sachie Yokoyama.)

Spud: 40 minutes have gone by. 40 minutes.

Bishop: Sachie breaking the hold and picking up Jungle. Jungle with a wild right hand and Sachie ducking under and applying a Waistlock….Belly to Belly Suplex! No cover! No cover!

Mutt: Sachie with another pick up Double Underhooks Jungle’s arms. She hoists her up, sprints across the ring……AND HITS THE RUNNING TIGER DRIVER POWER BOMB!!!!!

(Fans chanting: 3peat! 3peat! 3peat! 3peat! 3peat! 3peat!)

Bishop: Jungle is down! Sachie making the sign! She’s going for it all.

Mutt: Sachie with a pickup…and Jungle spits red mist in Sachie Yokoyama’s face!!!!!

(Fans screaming as both women fall to the mat.)

Mutt: Oh no! Oh no! Sachie is down on the mat, clutching her face. She’s down! She’s down!

Bishop: ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda using all of her strength to get to her feet. She’s stumbling toward the corner, and climbing up the turnbuckles!!!!

(Fans screaming as Radhi Ananda is poised up on the top turnbuckle.)

Mutt: Jungle is up high! She Jumps…….

Bishop: AND HITS THE SHOOTING STAR PRESS…..1………..2………..3!


(Fans boo universally as the ref raises Radhi Ananda’s hand in victory.)

Mutt: Don’t say nothing, Bishop! I can’t believe this crap.

Bishop: Turnabout is fair play! Jungle still down on the mat, punching away at the head of Sachie Yokoyama. She hasn’t forgotten about that beating Sachie gave her a few weeks back. The ref warning Radhi Ananda and Radhi grabs her belt.

Kosei: Ladies and Gentlemen, ruled at 49 minutes 15 seconds, your winner via pinfall…….and STILL Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION…..’JUNGLE’ RADHI ANANDA!

(Fans boo as ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda drapes her belt over her shoulder and heads up the aisle!)

Bishop: The paramedics are out again, and they are carrying off ‘Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama….

Mutt: ….She had that girl beaten! Sachie was about to hit the NORTHERN LIGHTS BOMB AND THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN IT! Radhi Ananda is a coward, couldn’t handle the physical dominance of Sachie Yokoyama in a steel cage.

Bishop: I totally disagree. Sachie has been known to bend the rules in her favor in the past. Jungle was giving her a taste of what she deserved. Fans, that’s it for the Tuesday Night Cat Fight. See you this Friday on the TEASE.



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