Rekka Sakura tangles with Anais Exotica in the main event.

Scene opens up on a jammed packed Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington. “Tom Sawyer” by RUSH starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of old school Grand Dragon fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


(Fans all screaming & waving signs as the camera pans around the arena. The Dawg Pound waves a large banner saying:]]Bring Back Order[[The camera then pans back over to ringside where a tall Canadian white male sits beside a robust Creole man with a beer in his hand.)

Bishop: Fans, I’m play by play man Allen Bishop with my co-host and Color Commentator Sam Mutt. We bring you the return of GDWA wrestling action to wrestling arenas across the country.

Mutt: We’ve got some sizzling action for you tonight. And a possible return by the legendary ‘Big’ Ma Porter…and…Hey! Isn’t that Marissa Monet over there in the front row?

Bishop: It appears to be. What’s she doing here? I thought she was suspended.

Mutt: Well, since I bet Spud won’t do it let me go over there and find out. Where’s the remote microphone?

Marissa Monet

[Audio squeal as Sam Mutt removes his headset. He hustles over to the guardrailing where Marissa Monet sits with an old friend, Dalbello Rage. Marissa is decked out in her very expensive leather jacket, soft wool pants and a bright red blouse with black buttons. Dalbello is all in black, eyes hidden behind sunglasses, head wrapped in a scarf like a movie star. Marissa actually has a monogrammed towel over her head. 4M scripted in the corners.]

Mutt: Marissa, you were suspended. What are you doing here?

Marissa: (rolling her eyes) Mutt, I’m doing the time-honored tradition of all suspended heels. I’m showing up in the front row. That’s called entertainment.

Dalbello: Say it with her, Mutt. EN-TER-TAIN-MENT. It’s what’s sadly missing from these matches.

Mutt: (smiling and chuckling) Hey, where’s your sister?

Dalbello: Way out of your league, Samuel. You’re no Furious Styles you know.

[Marissa doubles over in raucous laughter. Dalbello maintains her haughty air. Mutt looks uncomfortable.]

Marissa: (looking up at Mutt) So, are you finished with any silly questions? Can I just take the mic and do this interview right since you’ve got everybody behind me all stirred up.

Mutt: (handing it over sullenly) I guess I don’t have a choice.

Marissa: (taking the microphone) Mutt, go over to your broadcast booth and tell your partner over there that none of you have anything to worry about. Money ain’t gettin’ paid tonight so money ain’t going to do a damn thing to anybody in that ring. Relax. You’ll all survive tonight. Tonight, it’s all about my partner, Rekka Sakura. It’s all about watching her jump right to the head of the class now and win this cruiserweight tournament starting tonight. Basically, the Showgirl isn’t good enough. Rekka is part of the new MilleniuM. That T-shirt will be out next week by the way. And you know I’m the future. Hell, the future is now.

[Dalbello nods in full agreement.]

(Fans all boo as they chant: We Want Order! We Want Order!)

Marissa: So the future is watching everybody tonight and she is deciding who is fit to survive. That means wrestlers, that means referees, that means broadcast announcers … (telling look at Mutt) … that means fans. If I see you and I know you don’t have what it takes … ooohhh … Marissa’s gonna kill you. Dawg Pound, say that with me again.


[Marissa hands Mutt back the microphone, dismissing him with a wave of the hand. Mutt looks like he has something else to say, but a stern look from Marissa makes him decide to think better of it. He scuttles off as Marissa and Dalbello smile and laugh wickedly together.] [Audio squeal as Mutt replaces his headset.]

Bishop: Doesn’t sound like you made the cut.

Mutt: Shut up, Bishop. Let’s just get to the match lineup for tonight.

Bishop: Well, speaking of Officer Order, for those of you who missed our first House Show we have a review of everything that went down.

Mutt: Still no word from her, huh?

Bishop: For tonight’s match ups, we have Black Lotus facing Amanda Reese.

Mutt: The former WORLD CHAMP against Amanda Reese? Say good night Reese! Lotus is gonna make you say “I quit”.

Bishop: Daisy Butterfly facing Zaranna…

Mutt: Who?! Daisy and Zaranna? Daisy is gonna get introduced to a Z-blaster before the night is through.

Bishop: And in the Main Event, ‘Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura faces “The Showgirl” Anais Exotica.

Mutt: Exotica is gonna take that underachieving Midcarder out!

Bishop: Fans, let’s take you back to Spud McKenzie.

(Fans all cheering as the spotlight centers around Spud McKenzie in the ring. He stands still in the middle of the ring until the fans settle down.)

McKenzie: Before we begin, before we present to you the greatest athletes in the wrestling world today, the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance has but one question to ask you….

(Fans P O P : A R E Y O U R E A D Y !!)

Spud: That’s right . . . I said Are you ready!?

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!)

Spud: I can’t hear you!…..I said ARE YOU READY?!

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Spud: Then Let’s Get Rrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrumble!!!

(Fans cheer as horns go off & Spud McKenzie stands poised in the ring.)

Zaranna vs. Daisy Butterfly

Spud: Our first contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!

(Fans boo as they hear “Flight of the Valkyries” by Wagner.)

Spud: Hailing from Sydney, Australia…she is 5 feet 6 inches, 135 pounds, here is Zaranna!

(Zaranna heads down the aisle wearing a blue two piece with white stripes around the legs. “ZDT” is written on her buttocks along with the emblem of a torn butterfly. Zaranna saunters down the aisle, ignoring the booing fans.)

Bishop: Zaranna with a big fight tonight. Daisy Butterfly and she have a big of history.

Mutt: Oh yeah! Madison Square Garden, Zaranna beat Daisy in the middle of the ring. A year or so later, Daisy beat Zaranna in an Ironwoman match at the Fall Moonsault pay per view.

Bishop: But Daisy would go on to become a champion in this sport while Zaranna withered into obscurity. This is an important match for both ladies.

(Fans boo as Zaranna falls back into the near corner, and waits.)

Spud: And her opponent…

(The arena lights drop to a crowd pop…Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” rolls in over the PA with the opening drum beat. As soon as the electric bass line kicks, huge red and white fountain pyros explode at the aisle way entrance with a giant bang.)

Bishop: And here comes Daisy!

(..the lights are raised, the smoke clears and Daisy Butterfly stands in a matter-of-fact pose, arms crossed, smirking as she looks down the aisle at Zaranna in the ring. She wears a red sleeveless one-piece bodysuit; the midriff exposed to show her chiseled abs; and white shoot fight-style boots and kneepads. Over her wrestling attire, she wears a cut-off Lanny Manson t-shirt.)

Mutt: Woah, and listen!

(Mixed cheers as the Dawg Pound chants: YOU SOLD OUT! YOU SOLD OUT!)

Bishop: Daisy Butterfly a bit surprised as the Dawg Pound is booing her.

Mutt: Hey, Grand Dragon fans have a long memory. They remember when Daisy turned rulebreaker. She was one of the greatest faces in the industry and she turned her back on them to win championship gold…

Spud: Hailing from San Francisco, California . . . she is 5 feet 7 inches, 145 pounds, here is Daisy Butterfly!

(As Daisy struts down the aisle way, she pulls her Lanny Manson t-shirt off and throws it into the crowd, breaking into a sprint and sliding into the ring…getting right into Zaranna’s face, ice grilling her.)

Bishop: Daisy Butterfly…

(Minor cheers as fans hear “Y’know” by Sodou Akira.)

Mutt: Rekka Sakura?

(Ringsiders pop as Rekka Sakura heads down the aisle wearing jeans and a black sweat shirt with ‘GDWA’ written across the chest.)

Mutt: Rekka Sakura pulling up a chair near ringside, and she’s out here to watch this one.

Bishop: Zaranna pointing out to Rekka Sakura and giving her the evil eye.

Mutt: Oh boy! This could get interesting.

Bishop: The ref talking to both ladies, and here we go.


Bishop: Zaranna motioning around her waist, and we all know what that’s about.

Bishop: Daisy encroaching on Zaranna and a Collar and Elbow tie up…and Zaranna with a High Knee Lift.

Mutt: And Daisy returns the favor with a Chop! Daisy firing away with stiff chops to the chest, and now Zaranna backing off on the woman we used to know as the Franchise.

(Fans pop as chant: G.I. JOE!]]Clap-clap-clap [[G.I. JOE!)

Bishop: Zaranna stamping her feet as she dips through the ropes and argues with ringsiders…and Daisy charges!

(Mixed cheers as Daisy clubs her in the back.)

Mutt: Daisy shoving her into the corner, and now stiff chops to the chest…

Bishop: But Zaranna with European Uppercuts! Daisy staggers and Zaranna with another Uppercut connecting with Daisy’s jaw!

Mutt: Daisy is dazed, and now Zaranna with grabs the wrist and . . . _misses_ the Short arm Clothesline!

Bishop: Daisy with a Waistlock and a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!

(Minor cheers.)

Mutt: Zaranna slow to her feet and Daisy with an Armdrag, but Zaranna with a thumb to the eye, and slaps on a Side Headlock!

(Fans pop as Daisy slaps on a Waistlock.)

Bishop: Belly to Back Suplex!

(Fans continue to cheer as Daisy snatches up Zaranna by the back of her tights.)

Mutt: Zaranna shaking her head no as Daisy applies an Arm Drag. Zaranna just a few steps too slow for Madame Butterfly.

Bishop: Zaranna dropping down to one knee, slapping her bicep now. Zaranna with a forward roll and now reversing out of it. Zaranna with her own Armdrag.

Mutt: But Daisy with a Drop toe hold and slaps on a Hammerlock.

(The Dawg Pound applauds as most fans stir.)

Mutt: Zaranna needs to get off the mat. She has great technical ability, but she’s not of the same caliber technically as Daisy B.

Bishop: Zaranna slapping her shoulder and shaking her head as referee Assante kneels over and asks the question. Daisy calling on the fans…

(Mixed cheers as Daisy frowns, disappointedly.)

Bishop: Daisy raises up in the air and nails a Knee drop! Zaranna cringing as Daisy raises up in the air and nails another Knee drop to the right arm.

Mutt: Zaranna slapping the canvas as Daisy attacks the right arm. Daisy trying to neutralize the right arm, the arm Zaranna employs to execute that DDT.

(Fans begin to boo as Daisy looks around the arena, bewildered.)

Bishop: Daisy sliding across her back, still holding onto the Hammerlock, and she slaps on a Front facelock.

Mutt: Zaranna flailing her feet, and complaining about a choke.

Bishop: It is not a choke. Zaranna trying to get to the ropes, and Daisy releasing, and stomps away on the former World’s champ!

(The Dawg Pound pops!)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Daisy with a pick up now Strong Kicks to the legs of Zaranna. Zaranna falling over and crawling into the near ropes.

Mutt: The ref wants a break. Zaranna climbing up to her feet, up against the ropes, and Daisy slaps her!

(Fans all whistle and cheer as Daisy backs off and grins.)

Mutt: Zaranna charging off the ropes and Daisy readies herself. . .and Zaranna slips through Daisy’s legs!

Bishop: Daisy turning around and Zaranna with a Spinning Neck Breaker!

(Fans all boo as Zaranna slaps Daisy in the back of the head.)

Bishop: Zaranna with a pick up and nailing away with European Uppercuts. Daisy is dazed again.

Mutt: But Zaranna is hurting. She doesn’t have as much power in those Uppercuts because Daisy wore down the shoulders. Zaranna now, with an Irish Whip to the ropes…

Bishop: Zaranna runs for the side ropes as Daisy….



Ref: 1……………………2…………………kick out!

Mutt: Zaranna back up to her feet and Daisy firing into her with Karate Chops. Zaranna wincing and Daisy whipping her to the near ropes.

Bishop: Zaranna bouncing off and Daisy catches her with a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker!

(Fans ALL POP as Daisy Butterfly hooks the leg.)

Ref: 1……………………2………………..KICK OUT!

Bishop: The referee showing two as Daisy talks things over with him. A hair pull pick up and Daisy with a Frontface lock.

Mutt: But Zaranna with a leg block. Daisy tries a second time and Zaranna with a leg block. Zaranna now, hoisting up Daisy…


Mutt: But Zaranna sliding down her back and hooks the waist for a Sunset flip!

Ref: …………..1



(Fans **pop** as Daisy just gets the shoulder up.)

Bishop: Both women back up and Zaranna NAILS a Savate Kick to head!

(Fans boo as Zaranna spits down upon Daisy.)

Mutt: Daisy is dazed, and now Zaranna running for the near corner. She climbs up to the second buckle as Daisy gets to her feet…!


(Fans boo.)

Mutt: Zaranna focusing on the neck for that Z-blaster. A pick up by the former champ and slaps on a Side headlock. Zaranna with a head of steam….

Bishop: But Daisy pushing off, sending Z into the ropes. Zaranna bouncing off and Daisy falling onto her back and Zaranna hops over…

Mutt: NO! Daisy catches Zaranna’s legs…and Daisy rolls backwards onto Zaranna’s back!

Bishop: !Half Crab!!Half Crab!!Half Crab!!Half Crab!

(Fans pop as Zaranna slaps the canvas in agony.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Daisy really sinking into that Half Crab, and Zaranna shaking her head no.

Mutt: Incredible endurance by the Z’ster. . . but she needs to get off that mat. Zaranna is falling right into Daisy’s game plan.

(Fans all whistling as Zaranna crawls for the ropes.)

Bishop: Daisy releasing and Zaranna trying to get to the outside. But Daisy stomping away on her. And now a pickup and a Waistlock…Gutwrench Suplex!

(Fans pop as Daisy applies a Single Arm pick up.)


Mutt: But Zaranna into the ropes! And the referee forcing Daisy away.

(Fans boo as Zaranna roles to the outside and onto the floor.)

Bishop: Zaranna heading over to Rekka Sakura as Daisy rolls out onto the floor. Zaranna arguing with her as Daisy charges from behind and….


Bishop: Zaranna dived out of the way! It was an accident…

Mutt: No it wasn’t!

(Fans all jump to their feet as Rekka Sakura lays dazed on the ring floor.)

Bishop: Daisy checking on Rekka, and Zaranna running up behind her and NAILS a Bulldog!!!

(Fans boo as Zaranna sits on the floor, laughing.)

Bishop: The referee checking on Rekka as Zaranna picks up her opponent. She rolls her into the ring, and Zaranna climbing up the turnbuckles…

(The Dawg Pound barks as Zaranna sniffs the air.)

Bishop: Zaranna flying off the top…DOUBLE AXE HANDLE TO THE HEAD!

(Fans boo as red spots scatter across the canvas.)

Bishop: The referee sliding into the ring as Zaranna makes the cover….

Ref: ………………….1



(Fans pop as Daisy gets the shoulder up!)

Bishop: Zaranna complaining to the referee, and she picks up Daisy. A high knee to the midsection, and now a Short arm Clothesline!

(Zaranna twirls her fingers around as fans all stand.)

Bishop: Zaranna with a pickup and a frontface lock….





(Thunderous boos as the referee is pulled out of the ring.)

Bishop: A woman came out from underneath the ring! She’s wearing a mask and nails the ref in the back of the head. The masked woman storms the ring and stomps away on Daisy. It’s 2 on 1….

Mutt: and here comes Rekka!!!

(Fans pop as Rekka Sakura slides into the ring with her chair.)

Bishop: The masked woman with a pickup and a frontface lock… FISHERMAN’S BUSTER!

(Fans boo as Zaranna backs off…)

Bishop: And Rekka Sakura nails her with a chair shot!

(Fans pop!)

Mutt: The masked woman getting up to her feet, and Rekka NAILING her with a chair shot!

(Fans pop as the masked woman rolls out of the ring.)

Bishop: Rekka Sakura with a head of steam and….SAILING OVER THE TOP WITH A FLYING SUICIDE DIVE!!!

(Fans all cheering as the referee gets to his feet.)

Bishop: Zaranna propping up the chair, and now picking up Daisy. Zaranna with a frontface lock…



(Fans all pop as Daisy applies a single arm pick.)

Bishop: Step over armbar and Daisy FALLS BACK to the mat for . . .


((Fans all pop as Daisy rocks into the hold.))

Bishop: The referee entering the ring, and rings the bell.


(Fans all pop as Zaranna shakes her head no.)

Bishop: What’s the ruling?

(Fans still pop as Rekka Sakura enters the ring.)

Mutt: The ref forcing Daisy to release the hold. And now he’s talking to Rekka Sakura.

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 13 minutes and 56 seconds, both contestants have been disqualified. This has been ruled a DRAW!

(Fans boo as Daisy confronts the ref.)

Bishop: He thinks Rekka Sakura could’ve nailed him with that chair. And then he saw the skirmish with Heidi Leick…

Mutt: That was not Heidi Leick…

Bishop: It was _her_ Fisherman’s Buster! The same one she used on Officer Order! And then the ref saw Daisy use the chair as a foreign object.

(Fans all booing as Zaranna rolls out of the ring.)

Bishop: Daisy shaking her head, and reaches out her hand to shake Rekka’s hand…

(Minor cheers as Rekka Sakura looks out to the Dawg Pound.)

Mutt: And she slaps Daisy’s face?

(Ringsiders gasp as Daisy looks shocked.)

Bishop: Rekka Sakura pointing at Daisy and nodding. Rekka Sakura grabbing a mic and points to the Dawg Pound.

(Rekka Sakura shouts: “YOU SOLD OUT!”)

Bishop: What?

((Dawg Pound chants: “YOU SOLD OUT!” “YOU SOLD OUT!” )

Bishop: Daisy Butterfly dropping down to both knees as Rekka Sakura leaves the ring.

Mutt: WoW!

(Daisy Butterfly leaves ringside, beseeching Rekka Sakura, as the arena chants: “YOU SOLD OUT!” “YOU SOLD OUT!” “YOU SOLD OUT!” )

Bishop: Well fans, we have words from Heidi Leick regarding Officer Order’s injury.

Mutt: Who cares?

Bishop: The world cares! Last week, at the Key Arena in Seattle, we witnessed a terrifying assault on one of the Real Heroes here in the GDWA, when former World Champion Officer Order was scheduled to face the self-professed Queen of Extreme, Heidi Leick. For those of you who didn’t see that match, we have some pictures…

[Shot switches from ringside to a still of Order and Heidi charging each other at the bell]

Bishop: What started out as a hard fought match between two top quality competitors.

[Still changes to a picture of Andrea Chandler coming through the entrance during the match]

Bishop: Quickly took a turn for the worse when former World Champion, Andrea Chandler made her presence felt…

[Picture changes again, now showing Andrea smashing Order into the concrete floor with a Piledriver]

Bishop: Which allowed the self-professed Hardcore Queen to get an edge…

[New picture shows Heidi hitting a dazed Order with her Powerbomb]

Bishop: Unfortunately, it came too late and the match was ruled a draw.

[Fades quickly from a shot of Heidi going for the cover, to a picture of the Ref waving her off]

Bishop: Then when the match should have been over, another Heavyweight came out. This time it was none other than Marissa Monet, who apparently came to Double O’s rescue…

[Starts with a picture of Marissa Monet rushing down the aisle, then Marissa helping Order to her feet, then resting Order’s head on her shoulder]

Bishop: Only to turn on her, choking her out…

[Picture now shows Marissa choking her out with the Kataha-jime!]

Bishop: Leave her at the mercy of the Queen of Extreme, who wasted no time punishing Order with a steel chair until Security could usher her out of the building

[Still of Heidi throwing a chair into the ring, then one of Heidi Nailing Double O with a Fisherman’s Buster onto the chair and finally a picture of Heidi being ushered out of the building by a large number of security and police]

Bishop: And when the smoke had cleared we all watched and prayed as Double O rushed to a local hospital.

[Picture of the packed Key Arena with everyone on their feet, Order has her right fist raised in the air as the paramedics rush her out of the ring. Picture fades back to the ringside shot of the announcers table]

Bishop: Fans, We know that Officer Order was released the next day, after being diagnosed with only a serious neck strain and a mild concussion. Amazing after all the punishment that she took … I have also been told that Order fully intends to wrestle her upcoming match at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, California. Now that is a true champion…

Mutt: And you know how Heidi Leick responded? She’s backstage with GDWA intern Clarissa Slade.

Heidi Leick

Clarissa Stewart: Ladies and Gentlemen, fans… hi, my name is Clarissa Stewart and I am an intern for the GDWA front offices. Tonight, I have a special story to tell… one part of it is documentary…facts that cannot be ignored… and the other part, is an interview I conducted with a woman who’s heinous actions have gotten her fined and suspended from The GDWA… No, it’s not about Marissa Monet, but a case can be made against her as well, and it’s not Andrea Chandler… and the same case can also be made against her. No folks, I’m talking about the woman who promised to end Officer May Order’s career… and almost took her life last week. This psychotic, crazed individual known as The Queen of Extreme… and other unmentionable names I cannot say on Television. Yes… this story is about the insane individual known as Heidi Leick…

Heidi Leick: Aww… did lil ol me upset some of the important people in the GDWA? [Giggles] Big deal… [Waves her hand in an uncaring manner]

Stewart: My God… Heidi, what you did was… was more than just ~being extreme~. It was more than you being hardcore. It was more than you trying to prove to the world what everyone knows… that you are suicidal. Heidi. That was a heinous act! It was uncalled for!! What were you trying to do?!?! KILL HER?!?

Heidi Leick: But… [Looking upset] I promised! [It appears she’s almost ready to cry] I promised the fans. [Giggling & smiling before looking upset again] ~all~ my fans… [Stewart looks on with concern]

That I’d end her career…

[Heidi laughs in an uncontrollable fit and rolls on the floor as Stewart looks away in disgust]

Heidi: And… I almost did… If that WENCH Marissa Monet and my friend Andrea hadn’t come down and distracted me, well, I would have…

Stewart: Wait… (Confused) Andrea Chandler & Marissa Monet were not part of your plan?

Heidi: HA! That’s funny Clarissa. Did it LOOK LEICK I needed anyone’s help? Speaking of Andrea. Andy. Friends or not. Stay out of my business… you think ~I~ need any help in taking the garbage out of GDWA? And you Marissa… always wanting to steal my spotlight. Although I cannot blame you. Seeing how ~I~ am the WOMAN who’s going to lead GDWA into the 20th century.

Allison: Heidi… don’t you mean ~21st~?

Heidi: I said 20th… and I ~MEANT~ 20th~!! [Grabbing Clarissa by her shirt before letting her go, Allison backs away nervously]

Stewart: Ok Heidi, whatever you say… geez. Heidi, don’t you have an ounce of remorse in your body, your mind… your heart… for what you did to May Order? You almost broke her neck!!! Heidi! as bad as you are… as evil and crazy as you want to portray yourself as being.. I know there ~has~ to be a part of you that’s sorry for doing what you did to May Order! Be a Woman Heidi… stand up, take responsibility, and apologize here… on Worldwide TV, for your actions you & I both know you ~really~ didn’t want to ~kill~ an opponent in the ring, it was talk, hype, a way to sell the match.. Please… Heidi… for the fans… for the world… for May Order… say…… you’re sorry….

[Heidi Leick looks around  … almost looking upset… she looks down… sniffles a bit… and looks up. The camera zooms in to her as a ~tear~ begins to roll down her face.]

Heidi: Clarissa. [Sniffles] your right. [Upset pout] Oh my god! What have I done?!?!?!?! May… I almost crippled you! [Turns her head away] I… I almost ended your legendary wrestling career in that ring [looks down:] My God!.. what was I thinking?!?!… I’m Sorry…. I’m Sorry…

[Heidi gets upset and starts to cry  … she stands there sobbing for a second until Clarissa Slade goes to comfort her, and holds Heidi’s head against her shoulder]

Slade: It’s Ok Heidi. I knew you ~really~ didn’t mean to…. do… [Allison gets confused, and shocked as Heidi’s crying turns to laughter] What the?

Heidi Leick: I’m SORRY. SORRY that I Didn’t get the god damn job done!! [Pushing away from Clarissa] Oh my, [looking up, smiling] did my stellar acting fool you? [Smiling evilly] GOOD. HA! Yes… “Officer” May Order… I’m SORRY,

I’m SORRY that MY FANS did not get to see what ~I~ promised them… The END of your pathetic career May…May, I’m sure even you, as dazed as you were… heard the cheering when I pummeled your lifeless body into the mat… and when I planted your bloody head into the guardrail and concrete.

I’m SORRY… that someone else came down to spoil my victory party… No May. I did not ask them to help… I was doing just fine all on my own. But it’s not like I really minded. [Laughs psychotically]

And I’m SORRY… Sorry that the world did not see exactly what kind of Damage Heidi Leick is capable of inflicting… and taking… [Smiles very evilly]

Oh No, no, no, no. that was not anywhere NEAR the boundaries of my limit…Nowhere near the tolerance I have for giving and receiving pain. No May… you just had a taste. [Holds her fingers about an inch apart] A very ~small~ taste…. of blood… of pain….of my anguish and anger….And yes… Yes May… you got a taste of the NEW generation… the generation ~I~ lead into the new century… a taste of the new revolution that’s taking the wrestling world by storm..[Heidi reaches into her pocket & takes out a roll of cash]

The GDWA can fine me. [Throws a few bills at Allison] they can suspend me, [throws a few more bills at Clarissa Slade], and they can make me pay for all your hospital bills, [throws the rest of the bills at Clarissa] I Don’t care. May Order, this isn’t over…not by a long shot. And while I walk and breathe… you aren’t safe… don’t even assume you are… ever, As a matter of Fact… Clarissa… with the change… send May some flowers… maybe a funeral wreath… how fitting.

[Heidi pauses and smiles at Clarissa, who’s looking on in horror and disgust]

Heidi: Aww… [Tilts her head to the side] That’s look… it’s priceless…touching…What…Clarissa, did you ~really~ believe ~I~ actually cared..? That I actually had some sort of feelings… or that I had a ~heart~? I really don’t you know… so… ~get~ ~over~ ~it~… [Laughs]

May Order. You were lucky. Marissa Monet. You got in MY business again. You won’t be so lucky and Andrea Chandler… I’ll talk to you later… it looks like we’ve got old business to discuss.

Slade [turns toward her] close your mouth dear! You’re catching flies! ~

[Heidi walks away laughing hysterically as Allison looks on in disbelief]

Bishop: Heidi Leick reveling in her assault on Double O.

Mutt: And she’s lucky…because Order could be dead! May Order, if I were you I’d stay outta her way. Heidi Leick is for real…

Bishop: Heidi Leick is a coward.

Mutt: Well, let’s move on to our next match up…

(Fans boo as they hear “Flight of the Valkyries” by Wagner.)


Bishop: Zaranna skirting down the aisle, and she is not a happy camper…

Mutt: And she can’t be. She had Daisy Butterfly beat for a 3 count before all hell broke loose.

Bishop: What match were you watching? Daisy had the BUTTERFLY DEATHLOCK slapped on her arm, ready to snap it.

(Zaranna hops through the ropes wearing tight purple spandex with a white Z cross her left breast and her middle. She tosses her blonde hair back as she pulls out a microphone.)

Zaranna: “The entire world just saw the Z-Meister slap the spit out of Daisy Butterfly’s mouth! But right now, I got other business to cover.”

(Fans boo as she paces across the ring.)

Zaranna: “This is about that ‘Insignificant Bitch’ who can’t hold onto shiny things! And Andrea, check your mailbox, because sooner or later you receive a love letter from me with the letters D . D. T. postmarked on the bottom!… talk about that!

(Fans all booing as Zaranna grins and snickers.)

Zaranna: “I *am* the World Heavyweight . . . !

(Fans pop as they hear “I Shot the Sheriff” blast through the PA. Old school GDWA fans stand and wait as the curtains part.)

Big Ma Porter

Mutt: MA PORTER?! Bishop: Ma Porter heading down the aisle, and she’s carrying a dish of lasagna?

(Dag Pound chants: Porter! Porter! Porter! Porter! Porter! )

Bishop: Zaranna staring in shock as Porter sets the dish down on the ring apron.

(Porter steps through the ropes as old school fans give her a standing ovation.)

Porter: Hey GDWA, remember me!!!!!

(Dawg Pound pops as Porter takes a bow.)

Zaranna: “Yeah, I remember you, you fat bitch!”

(Fans all groan as Porter tosses the cigar out of her mouth.)

Porter: It’s good to remember who you’re friends are, ain’t it, Zaranna? I gave up a hard-earned title shot to avoid bustin’ up our friendship. And how do you repay me? By saying Ma Porter used to hang around your bed, begging to feed you?

(Zaranna points downward and glares into her eyes.)

Zaranna: “You come out here during my interview time with your Armani suit and cigar…but don’t you know that you are in the presence of greatness? I *am* the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION and you ought to bow before me and kiss my motha*8uck$# feet!

(Fans all boo as Ma Porter bounces on her tip toes.)

Zaranna: “You gave up a title shot? You “Fat Bitch”, I told you years ago that you should have gone after the INTERNET title. But you said something about how it couldn’t fit around your waist…”

(Fans begin to bark as Porter tosses off her hat and shrugs off her jacket.)

Zaranna: “I accuse you of being a chicken shit! It was _my_ time and it is _my_ time again! And I accuse you of ducking into retirement to duck out of a title match against me!

(Fans pop as Ma Porter undoes her tie and grins. She holds up the microphone as the Dawg Pound stands.)

Porter: Well, I say, if you’re already accused, you may as well go ahead and commit the crime. So here, I baked you something!

Bishop: Ma Porter charging Zaranna and Zaranna nailing away with hard right hands…oh damn.

(Fans pop as Ma Porter shakes it off.)


(Fans pop as Zaranna falls to the canvas.)

Bishop: Zaranna slow to her feet and…MA PORTER RUSHES HER AND *CONNECTS* WITH A PORTERLINE!!!!

(Fans POP!)

Bishop: Ma Porter backing into the near ropes, bounces off and NAILS a giant splash.

(Fans pop as Zaranna lays prone, unmoving, in the middle of the ring.)

Bishop: Ma Porter jumping back up to her feet, and heading out to the ring apron…oh no.

(Ringsiders pop as Porter picks up her tray of lasagna. She puts the lasagna on the mat and shoves Zaranna’s head into it, really rubbing it in and making a mess. )

Mutt: OH no, Ma!

(Fans chant: GI-JOE! GI-JOE! GI-JOE! GI-JOE! GI-JOE! )

Bishop: Ma Porter picking up the mic now, and I must say Zaranna is not gonna be happy about this.

Porter: Now that I’ve dealt with the past, time to move on to the future. I’ve come back to the GDWA! (Pause for cheers) But not to wrestle. I’m still retired . . .

(Fans boo as Porter nods and continues.)

Porter: So, if you wanna know where I’ve been, and why I’m back, all you need to do is keep watching. I’m gonna spill my guts, so to speak. Family skeletons and all. If you want to know what’s become of Organized Crime. If you want to know why certain wrestlers haven’t returned to the GDWA. If you want to know what really goes on behind that curtain over there, than all you gotta do is tune in this Sunday night for the tease.

(Plays to the crowd as “I Shot the Sherriff” blasts through the speakers.)

Bishop: Zaranna rolling out of the ring, and Porter has reigned supreme for one more night.

Mutt: But what is this all about? The Sunday Night Tease and Ma Porter?

Bishop: Fans, Porter was one of the greatest ladies to ever grace a wrestling ring. She’ll be missed…

Mutt: Not by Zaranna, I can tell you that!

Bishop: Let’s move on to our next match. Hopefully we won’t have any more interruptions. In the heavyweight division ranks, this one is very important. The former champ Black Lotus against up and coming Amanda Reese.

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is….

Marissa Monet

[Missy Elliott’s “The Rain” begins with its futuristic beat. The crowd boos as Marissa Monet stands up from her seat and hops the guardrail. Wearing a big grin, she strides into the ring, bowing to all four corners of the arena.]

Bishop: What is this now? Haven’t we had enough interruptions?

Mutt: I have no idea. This is what happens when you let wrestler’s think, I guess. They ruin the schedules.

Marissa: (after receiving a microphone) Ladies and gentlemen, the future has arrived. [Fans boo. Marissa acknowledges them with her direct stare.] Now, I’d like to do something very special right now. Mr. Dunbar, are you back there? Paging Mr. Dunbar. Uncle Paul? Uncle Paul? Please come out and play.

Bishop: After what she did to Spud she thinks Paul is going to be dumb enough to just walk out here?

Mutt: Like I said if you let wrestlers think for themselves this is what happens.

Marissa: (sitting on the turnbuckle) Uncle Paul, I promise I won’t hit you with a chair. It’s okay. Just come out. I want to show you something.

[The crowd waits and the curtains finally part. Paul Laurence Dunbar comes out, cautiously, surrounded by GDWA security. Kirby Leufroy, GDWA Vice President, is in amidst the crew. Some Dawg Pound fans chant: “We Want Order! We Want Order!”]

Marissa: (cold smile) I see you’re worried about that. Trust me, Uncle Paul. I won’t kill you. C’mon up here. It’s cool. C’mon. [She pats the ropes as if they were old friends.] [Dunbar climbs into the ring from the opposite side of Marissa, still eyeing her suspiciously.]

Dunbar: Okay, what’s the game?

Marissa: The game? There is no game. [She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a sheet of folded paper. She extends it to Paul.] I’d just like you to read this for the people. I love that radio voice of yours. The timing, the diction. That cool way you stumble over your words. Please?

[Dunbar snatches the paper and reads it. He looks up at Marissa with a frown and passes it back.]

Marissa: (eyes flashing) So, what does it say?

Dunbar: That you have a manager’s license.

Marissa: A manager’s license? Really? Moi? Well, I guess I have something to do while I’m suspended. [Gazing at Leufroy] Don’t you just love Alison? She’s really a doll.

[Leufroy just glares back at Marissa. The crowd pops a little for the tension.]

Marissa: And who am I managing?

Dunbar: It says Amanda Reese.

Marissa: (pantomiming thinking) And Amanda Reese’s opponent tonight is….

Dunbar: Black Lotus.

Marissa: (smacking her forehead) Of course! Black Lotus! Wow, that means not only do I get to pin Black Lotus. I get to help other people pin her, too. Hmmm, Lotus, wow, I’d really feel bad right now if I were you. Because when the talents of Miss Reese match up with your cute little stretches and she has the benefit of Money on her side. You know what’s going to happen? [She cues the crowd with a finger point] Ooooh….

Dawg Pound: Marissa’s gonna kill you!

[Marissa smiles.]

Marissa: See, I’m playing by the rules, guys. Paul, you’re eating your words aren’t you? A real disappointment last time around? Hmm, well, I hope I’m worth every penny right now. I really do. See, you in a bit. Hugs and hisses, Lotus.

(Fans boo as Marissa steps through the ropes and waits on the ring apron.)

Bishop: Paul Laurence Dunbar heading back up the aisle, and hopefully we will have a match now.

Mutt: Well, it looks like she ain’t going nowhere…has Amanda Reese agreed to this?

Amanda Reese vs. Black Lotus

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.

(Minor cheers as fans hear “Oh Fortunna” by Apotheosis.)

Spud: Hailing from Chicago, Illinois. She is 5 feet 11 inches, 145 pounds, here is Amanda Reese!

[Red, white and blue spotlights begin to fan back and forth across the entrance way. “Oh Fortunna” by Apotheosis begins to play. There is a fair to middling pop from the crowd. As the techno Orf reaches the top of its build, Amanda Reese steps out of the entrance. She is wearing her white, high necked, short legged one piece. Her knee pads are patriotically stripped and over it all she wears her denim styled jacket made from pieces of American flags. She heads to the ring, her face all business.

Mutt: Reese has the daunting task of facing a former World Champ tonight…and I don’t care where you are from, if you ain’t won the Title in the GDWA, it ain’t no World title!

Bishop: I have to agree with you there, Sam.

[As she heads down the aisle, she does not slap five with the fans, instead she just walks with intent. She rolls under the ropes and begins tugging on the ropes and awaiting introductions.]

Bishop: Amanda Reese looks as serious as I’ve ever seen her. Monet is outside of the ring consulting with her, and the fans don’t know what to make of this alliance.

Spud: And her opponent!

(Fans boo as ‘Devil Inside’ by INXS plays)

Spud: Hailing from Hong Kong, China. She is 5 feet 8 inches, 150 pounds, here is the FORMER Heavyweight Champion of the world….Black Lotus!

[‘Devil Inside’ by INXS plays as the lights turn low, then a young Asian woman walks out toward the ring. She’s dressed in a tight black leather body suit, made even tighter by various leather straps and buckles all over her outfit. Her face is painted bone white, with elaborate black around her eyes and mouth. Her hands are taped in black and black boots complete her outfit. She slithers into the ring, blowing a kiss to the referee.]

Mutt: Lotus just may be the odds on favorite to win the world title. She’s never lost a singles match without outside interference.

Bishop: That’s true, but she was pinned last week by Marissa Monet. Reese will have to confront the Chinese star with the same kind of intensity.

Mutt: Intensity is all well and good, but Reese doesn’t have Rekka Sakura in her corner to save her ass when the going gets rough!

Bishop: Lotus pointing over at Amanda Reese, and wants the ref to check her. The ref bending over to check her shoes…


(Fans all boo as Amanda Reese falls to the mat.)


Mutt: Marissa saw it coming, but Reese just too gullible. Not used to be directed outside of the ring.

Bishop: Lotus with a pick up and slaps on a frontface lock. But Reese leg blocking the Suplex attempt. Lotus tightening down on the hold.

Mutt: The arrogance, I love it! Lotus running her hands through Reese’s hair and cooing. And I gotta say, this is . . .

Bishop: Amanda Reese with a Waistlock….NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!

(Fans pop as the ref slides into position.)

Ref: 1…………………………….kick out!

Bishop: Both women back up and Reese with a Single Leg takedown. Lotus the quicker of the two, twirling around and leg trips the babyface.

Mutt: Both women back up and Lotus backing off…AND REESE CHARGES INTO HER WITH A RUNNING FOREARM SHOT!

(Fans pop as Lotus hits the canvas.)

Bishop: A double Leg pick up and Reese looking around the arena…AND DROPS A HEADBUTT TO THE MIDSECTION OF LOTUS!

(Minor cheers as Lotus roles into the ropes…)

Mutt: And Monet pushing Lotus back into the ring? What ya doing, Marissa?

Bishop: Reese with a single leg pick up and stomping away on Lotus’ left knee. Lotus cringing as Reese applies a Single Leg pick up.

Mutt: And now Reese dragging her to the middle of the ring. Lotus clawing the mat, trying to reach the ropes…and now Reese with an Elbowdrop to the left knee!

Bishop: Reese with another leg pick up and an Elbowdrop! And now a Single Leg pick up and a Spinning Leglock.

(The Dawg Pound applauds as Lotus slaps the canvas in pain.)

Mutt: Lotus just doesn’t look sharp today. Two steps behind Reese.

Bishop: Lotus slapping her leg, and cringing. She’s cursing at Reese, and Lotus trying to reach the ropes. Reese releasing the hold and driving a knee into the thigh of Lotus.

Mutt: And Lotus is just down. She’s desperate, and Reese driving into Lotus…but Lotus with a thumb to the eye.

(Fans all boo as Lotus rolls to the ropes.)

Bishop: Marissa racing over to roll her back in, and Lotus is quick to her feet. She’s arguing with Marissa who is on the outside.

Mutt: But she’s ignoring Reese. Reese sneaking up behind Lotus, and stomping away. Lotus turns around…


(Fans pop as Reese grabs a handful of hair.)

Bishop: Reese pointing to the near corner and HAMMERS Lotus’ head into the corner buckle! Lotus is dazed, and now Reese rubbing her eyes against the top rope.

(The Dawg Pound boos as Marissa Monet applauds.)

Mutt: Dirty tactics from Amanda Reese?

Bishop: Lotus stumbling around and Reese charging her and FOOTBALL CLIPS THE KNEE!

(Mixed cheers as Lotus rolls around the ring, clutching her knee.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Lotus crawling for the near corner, and she has the ropes. The ref forcing Reese to back off…AND MONET POUNDING AWAY ON LOTUS!

(Mixed cheers as Lotus covers up her face.)

Mutt: Hey man, what the hell ya doing! Lotus doesn’t deserve this!

Bishop: Reese moving back in, and Lotus walking along the ropes. Reese charging and Lotus with a Palm Strike! Reese staggers and Lotus with an Elbow smash to the head!

Mutt: Reese holding her head and Lotus going to work! Lotus with a handful of hair and an Inverted Facelock…


(Fans all boo as Reese clutches her head.)

Mutt: This is her only run for the entire match. Lotus with a great Inverted DDT.

Bishop: Lotus with a pick up and applies a Reverse Chinlock. Reese reaching for the ropes, and Lotus with a Side headlock into a Half Nelson.

Mutt: But Reese grabbing the ropes, and Lotus ignoring the referee.

Ref: 1…………..2………..3…………….4………..

Bishop: A break, but Lotus with a Nerve Pinch to the trapezius.

Mutt: And Monet is concerned on the outside. She knows that this is a setup for the Indian Deathlock.

Bishop: Reese scrambling to her feet, and Lotus won’t release the hold. Reese hammering away with back elbows to the head.

(Minor cheers as Lotus stumbles off.)

Bishop: Amanda Reese with a head of steam and…

Mutt: …and Lotus with a High Back Body…no! She falls back for a Stun Gun!

(Fans all boo as Reese stumbles, clutching her throat.)

Bishop: And Lotus stumbling forward and connects with a Waistlock…SIDEWALK SLAM!

(Fans all boo as Lotus applies a Double Leg pick up.)

Mutt: Lotus turning her over, and she’s got a Boston Crab!

(Fans all stand as Amanda Reese slaps the canvas in pain.)

Bishop: The referee asking the question, and Lotus is trying to sink into the hold.

Mutt: But her left knee is tender. She can’t hardly put any weight on it.

(Mixed cheers as Marissa Monet runs around the ring.)

Bishop: Reese cringing as Lotus sinks into the hold. The ref asking the question and Monet grabbing Reese’s arm! She pulls her into the ropes…

Mutt: What?!

(Fans all boo as Monet points to the ropes.)

Bishop: The ref wants a break, and Lotus complaining about Monet. Monet arguing with Lotus, and Reese is slowly getting to her feet.

(Mixed cheers as fans chant: We Want Rekka! We Want Rekka!)

Bishop: Amanda Reese with a head of steam as Lotus gets up to her feet…..BULLDOG LARIAT!!!

(Minor cheers as Lotus hits the canvas.)

Bishop: Lotus clutching her knee, and Reese twirling back up to her feet!

Mutt: Reese on fire as she runs to the far ropes, bounces off as Lotus gets up to her feet……B U L L D O G !


Bishop: Reese now, slapping on a Full Nelson and hoisting up Black Lotus….

(The Dawg Pound stands as Reese backpedals.)

Mutt: Lotus is dazed…she’s flailing her legs, trying to….


Ref: 1…………………………..2……………….3!


Mutt: No!

(Fans cheer as they hear “Oh Fortunna” by Apotheosis.)

Bishop: Amanda Reese just pinned Black Lotus?

Mutt: Lotus has been pinned two weeks in a row!?

(Cheers mixed with boos as the referee raises her hand.)

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 8 minutes 56 seconds, your winner via pinfall…Amanda Reese!

(Mixed cheers as Lotus limps off out of the ring.)

Bishop: Monet laughing, sliding into the ring to gloat, as Lotus backs up the aisle and flips off Monet.

Mutt: Reese with the win, but the fans don’t exactly appreciate her alignment with Monet.

(Fans chant: Rekka! Rekka! Rekka! Rekka! Rekka! Rekka! )

Bishop: Fans, before we go to the next match, we have word back stage that Daisy Butterfly is looking for Andrea Chandler. More and more it looks like it may have been Chandler who attacked Daisy earlier tonight and…

Mutt: Hold on! What? What’s going on? Go-Go-GO!

(The camera zooms to the back near the locker room area as it shoots around corners. Mike Whalen, behind the scenes reporter, skirts outside of the arena and runs into the alley.)

Whalen: Fans…. (Huffing and puffing)…we’ve been told that we can find something special…. (Huffing and puffing) outside of the Tacoma Dome…. (Huffing and puffing)….oh my God!

(Laid out in the garage, screaming and crying with a steel chair wrapped around her arm is Daisy Butterfly. Mike Whalen calls on the medical team as Daisy clutches her arm.

Whalen: Fans, I think Chandler has hit. The EMT’s are here and I don’t think I’d be speaking out of line if I said that Daisy Butterfly’s arm was broken. (Huffing and puffing) There is a steel chair wrapped around her right arm. And…. hold on!

(A blonde-haired woman scurries off into an awaiting limousine as the cameras race after her. The limo slips off into the distance and drives off. )

Whalen: Daisy, can we get a word with you…Daisy…

(Fans cheer in the arena as Daisy rises up to her feet. She fights off the medical staff and staggers after the disappearing limo.)

Whalen: The medical team is tackling Daisy from behind, and now they are forcing her into the ambulance. Daisy is protesting as the haul her off to the hospital. It was definitely Andrea Chandler who went off into the limo from what I could tell. Sam, Allen, when we get more info I’ll get back to you.

Bishop: Thanks Mike. Fans, Mike Whalen the behind the scenes reporter.

Mutt: Andrea Chandler is innocent…what, you gonna blame Andrea for having blonde hair? A lot of GDWA athletes have blonde hair!

Bishop: True indeed, but what about that attack earlier tonight?

Mutt: Do you have concrete proof that it was Andrea?

Rekka Sakura vs. Anais Exotica

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is our main event! It is scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit. It shall be refereed by Akira Ifukube and Molefi Assante.

(Minor cheers as fans hear “You Get To Burning” sung by Yumi Matsuzawa.)

[Slowly the lights dim and a hush falls on the arena. A low throng is heard over the PA. Voices are heard whispering over the speakers and slowly they get louder and louder]

Whispering Voices: rekkasakura RekkaSakura RekkaSakura REKKASAKURA…

Spud: Hailing from Tokyo, Japan! She is 5 feet 7 inches, 124 pounds, here is ‘Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura!

[The music begins…] [Trans: Enduring my mortification like a stone tossed aside If I bounce back I could become a diamond too Dreams that you can get right away aren’t dreams, you know But I believe that I can grant them by all means I won’t be discouraged I like you… If there’re times when I want to cry I’m always always near you, and so] [Rekka finally appears on the runway decked out in full black and red regalia, Red top long ring jacket with “REKKA” scrawled across the back in black cursive, red and black tassel fringe dangling freely from the sleeves, her black ring boots are plainly visible are the red laces she wears on them. Hands held high in the air with a look of fierce determination on her face… “The Burning Cherry Blossom” indeed!!] [Trans: * You get to burning just like you full of pride please face me The days when you were crazy are the fragments of your dream You get to burning collecting those fragments you’ll awaken tomorrow I can see it, your courage To be… Going your days. Grow up!] [When “You Get To Burning” is first said the pyro goes off , flame casters go off along the ramp way as Rekka looks around, still fierce, still determined before finally starting her sprint down the ramp way] [Trans: I won’t solve it ever equaling those ranks In a city that glories in allowing failure Pride and such if I considered the future although I escaped I whispered ‘I don’t want to be defeated’ I like you… Just as on that day, dreaming are your eyes always always young man] [The fans SWARM!! A contingent of Japanese fans who came all the way from Japan to watch this rush the railing and Rekka greets them ALL!! Shaking hands, embracing them… the US fans join in the rush before security finally intervenes… Rekka continues her march to the ring and her date with destiny] [Trans: You get to burning Just like you just like love please smile for me Those days when you can go crazy are true happiness You get to burning Even if you realize it, you can’t dispute it You’ll awaken tomorrow I can see it, your courage To be… Going your days. Grow up!] [Finally at Ringside Rekka hops on the ring apron and turns to look over the sea of humanity that has greeted her. Rekka turns and sprints to the top rope raising her arms over her head again… this time with bright smile… the chant continues… and gets faster and Rekka eggs it on further… clapping her own hands faster and faster to match the speed of the chant before turning to face them, still mounted on the top rope and moonsaulting in to the ring landing on her feet!! The crowd is ecstatic!!]

Rekka: [barely audible through the noise of the crowd] IKUYO!!!

Bishop: Rekka Sakura looks charged up, and she…

Mutt: She has the longest damn entrance I’ve ever heard! She ought to focus more on her in ring ability.

Bishop: Did you see what she did to Heidi Leick earlier tonight?

Mutt: It was not Heidi Leick!

Bishop: Then it was Andrea Chandler!

Mutt: That was _not_ Andrea Chandler!

Spud: And her opponent…

(Minor boos as fans hear ‘Exotica’ from the soundtrack to the movie EXOTICA.)

Spud: Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada! She is 5 feet 7 inches, 129 pounds, here is “The Showgirl” Anais Exotica…

(Anais heads down to ringside cooing to the men. She wears an all-black cat suit with a very low chest line.)

Bishop: Anais through the ropes, and she charges Rekka Sakura…

Mutt: And Rekka with an Armdrag Takeover!

(Minor cheers as Rekka bounces back up.)

Bishop: Exotica back up and Rekka with yet another Armdrag! Exotica up for a third time and for a third time ‘The Burning Cherry Blossom” executes and Armdrag…

Mutt: Right into a straddling Armbar!

(The Dawg Pound applauds as Rekka Sakura talks to the referee.)


Bishop: There’s the bell, and Rekka Sakura tightening up on the hold.

Mutt: The Showgirl slow to her feet, and Rekka turning it into an Armdrag and Wristlock combination. Rekka now, running to the near side, hopping up to the second buckle…and now the top! Rekka walking the ropes as Exotica winces….

Bishop: She has that Armdrag on tight as she leaps off and…


(Fans pop as Anais Exotica rolls for the near ropes.)

Bishop: A pick up by Rekka and Anais with an eye gouge! Rekka is blinded and Anais with hard right hands to the head. An Irish Whip to the far side and Rekka bounces off the ropes…

Mutt: Anais with a pickup and Backbrea…no! Rekka counters with an Armdrag Takeover!!

(Fans pop as both women get to their feet.)

Bishop: Rekka charging in with a hard forearm shot to the head. Anais staggers and Rekka slapping on a Frontface lock. She hoists up Exotica…

(Fans cheer as Rekka holds her in place and ambles about the ring.)


(Fans pop as Anais clutches her back.)

Bishop: A single arm pick up and Rekka jumps up into the air…Legdrop!

(Fans pop!)

Mutt: Anais has been wrestling house shows across the country these last few days. She’s not as sharp as she usually is.

Bishop: And Rekka looks hot! Rekka with a single arm pick up and Exotica is still on her back. Rekka with an Arm Scissors and falls back FOR A JUJI-GATAME CROSS ARM-BREAKER!

(Fans pop as Anais slaps her arm and flails her legs.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by. 5 minutes.

Bishop: Rekka Sakura has got it on tight, and Exotica shaking her head no.

Mutt: And Rekka with perfect position. Both of Sakura’s feet securely planted against her opponents shoulders. Anais needs to get off the mat before she’s forced to submit.

Bishop: Rekka Sakura gritting her teeth as Anais cries out in pain. Rekka suddenly releasing and now a pick into a Waistlock… Side Salto Suplex!

(Fans all pop as Rekka Sakura heads for the near corner.)

Bishop: But Anais with great endurance. She’s up to her feet as Rekka climbs the buckles. Anais with a hard shot to the midsection and Rekka crumbles on the top buckle.

Mutt: Anais Exotica has got her chance now. Anais climbing up the buckles, all the way up to the top. She slaps on a Front face lock…

Bishop: No!

(Fans pop as Rekka Sakura struggles with the Showgirl.)

Bishop: Rekka Sakura with a Waistlock . . .

(Anais shakes her head as the Dawg Pound stands.)

Mutt: B E L L Y – TO – B E L L Y OFF THE TOP!

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Bishop: Anais is dazed, and Rekka with a pick up and standing leg grapevine….SIDE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP!

(Fans pop as Rekka Sakura runs to the near ropes.)

Bishop: Rekka bouncing off and hops over Anais Exotica…and backflips for a STANDING MOONSAULT!!!

(Fans all whistling as Anais Exotica clutches her ribs.)

Mutt: And now Rekka Sakura is feeling it. Rekka spinning up to her feet, and pointing down at Exotica.

(Dawg Pound chants: We-Want-Rekka!)

Mutt: Rekka Sakura with a standing leg grapevine, and of course, you know what that means….

(The Dawg Pound cheers Rekka Sakura leg hooks the Showgirl’s head.) Bishop: AND SHE SLAPS ON A WAISTLOCK FOR THE **ROYAL OCTOPUS**

(***** major pop! ******)


The ref is checking! He’s asking the question! He’s asking the question! HE’s asking the question!

(Fans **pop** as Exotica waves her arm and taps.)


Bishop: It’s over!

Mutt: Anais Exotica taps out, and Rekka Sakura is as dominant as I’ve ever seen her.

(Fans chant: WE-WANT-REk-KA!]]clap-clap-clap[[WE-WANT-REk-KA!)

Bishop: Rekka Sakura rushing to the near corner and climbing up the turnbuckles, and she points out to the fans.

(Fans whistle and cheer as Spud McKenzie stands poised in the middle of the ring.)

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 6 minutes and 43 seconds, your winner via submission, and moving on into the second round Winner’s bracket of the Transnational Cruiserweight tournament…. “Burning Cherry Blossom” Rekka Sakura!

Bishop: Rekka Sakura with the most dominant performance in the tournament thus far…

Mutt: But don’t give all the credit to Sakura. Exotica is jet lagged and beat from wrestling over this weekend.

Bishop: Rekka Sakura rolling out of the ring, and now slapping hands with ringsiders.

Mutt: A big win for Rekka, and she’s got some serious momentum going into the next round.

Bishop: Fans, we’re out of time, see ya on the Sunday Night Tease.


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