Elimination Match in the main event as Andrea Chandler & Heidi Leick battle Zaranna & Daisy Butterfly

[A slow bass beat starts up and the lights flicker out, only the Grand Dragon Tron is left on, lights beaming on it. The lights swirl inward like a whirlpool, forming the head of a Dragon. The Dragon morphs into hard edged red Kanji then into English, alternating:





Then the numbers dissolve into a new message, first fiery red Kanji then morphing into just as fiery English ‘The Countdown Begins’. The letters darken, fading and the area is left in darkness before the lights return.]

Scene opens up on a jammed packed Cow Palace in San Francisco, California. “Tom Sawyer” by RUSH starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of old school Grand Dragon fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


(Fans all scream & wave signs as the camera pans around the arena. Fans wave signs saying: “San Fran loves Daisy” & “Bring the Rekka!” The camera then pans back over to ringside where a tall Canadian white male sits beside a robust Creole man with a beer in his hand.)

Bishop: The TUESDAY NIGHT CATFIGHT is back with a loaded line up from San Francisco!

Mutt: I always love the Cow Palace! Nice to be back.

Bishop: I’m Allen Bishop along with Sam Mutt the play by play man.

Mutt: And tonight’s card is gonna be bubble-licious!

Bishop: (laughing) We do indeed have a great card for you tonight. You just heard ominous comments at the opening of the show…perhaps an omen of things to come?

Mutt: Oh yeah, I’ve heard a buzz in the back and you’ll be SHOCKED at what I’ve heard.

Bishop: What have ya heard?

Mutt: Can’t tell, it’s a…

Bishop: a secret, okay. Anyway fans, tonight we have a huge Survivor Series bout between the squad of Heidi Leick and Andrea Chandler against Daisy Butterfly and Zaranna.

Mutt: A very odd pairing to say the least. Zaranna doesn’t even trust her tag partner, and Andrea and Heidi seem somewhat at a disjunction.

Bishop: In Heavyweight action, Black Lotus faces Marissa Monet in a match that has been long in coming.

Mutt: Oh yea, we’re talking about the technician/submissionist against the straight Suplex machine. All 6 feet 5 of Monet against the FORMER World Champ!

Bishop: And in Cruiserweight division action, Lady Tiger faces Princess Yamaguchi. The winner continues on in the tournament, the loser goes home…

Mutt: A must win for both ladies. And both Tiger and Yamaguchi understand the ramifications clearly.

Officer Order

(Suddenly ‘Bad Boys’ by Inner Circle begins to play over the PA, crying out ‘What Ya Gonna’ Do? ‘. The hometown crowd erupts as Officer Order suddenly appears in the entrance way. Dressed in a black leather jacket, black jeans, combat boots, and a black neck brace, Double O begins running down the aisle slapping hands as she goes. )

Mutt: What’s this all about? She ain’t even wrestling tonight…

(At ringside, Order grabs a microphone from one of the attendants and walks up the ring steps. As she pauses to wave to the fans, the camera pans over the cheering crowd, flashing on signs which read everything from ‘Double O – Champion for the Double O’ to ‘Order 4:20’.)

Mutt: How dare she interrupt the broadcast!

Bishop: Double O making a guest spot tonight in her home town of San Fran.

(After back flipping into the ring, Order runs from Ring post to ring post getting each section to out pop the last. She then returns to the middle of the ring and waits till they calm down to a dull roar. )


[The Crowd explodes at Orders pandering, as she waves to the fans. The ringside photographs begin snapping at the photo op of Order in her Home Town.]

Order: I’m glad to see the Grand Dragon back in the Bay Area, and I KNOW you are too. Even with the recent actions of some individuals, we have some of the best action going today. The Problem is that some people can’t play by the rules, not only that, they use our sport as an excuse to do things that they couldn’t do anywhere else.

Mutt: Oh Please … do we have to listen to this? I can hear the ratings dropping already

Order: Every professional athlete who plays a contact sport understand that injuries are part of the game. But there is a BIG difference between being hurt as part of the game, and being injured during an Assault by someone who has chosen to interfere in a match. One is just part of the game, the other is more than breaking the rules – It’s a Violation of THE LAW. No other sport allows this kind of conduct, Why should we?

Mutt: We put up with her don’t we?

Bishop: Sam, would you please let her talk?

Order: Of course, we shouldn’t. Unfortunately, The Grand Dragon has become a dangerous work environment, one where the Management can no longer guarantee the safety of its employees. When this happens in a Wrestling Federation, the Front Office tries to solve the problem by force booking matches and disqualifying wrestlers. When this happens in the Real World, you call the Police. As a Wrestler, I can’t sit by and watch a bunch of Thugs and Bullies push their friends to the top. I’m Just NOT Going To Do THAT…

[The Crowd noise begins to build as Order continues her rant. As the camera switches to a head and shoulder shot, Double O begins to focus on the camera with a look of total determination.]

Order: And as a San Francisco Police Officer, I have a duty to up hold the law – especially in my home town. So starting Tonight – There will be a NEW ORDER in the GDWA!

[Order is On Fire as she rages on, taking the much of the crowd with her. Fans in the Dawg Pound begin to bark for the New Double O, as she continues on, now with a tone of authority in her voice and a fire in her eyes.]

Order: So let me lay down the LAW for you … Three Simple Rules that you WILL Live By – ONE … IF You interfere with a match, you should expect to be PUNISHED.

[The crowd pops in the background, as the camera stays focused on the Angry Order. Holding up two fingers, she continues with her rant.]

Order: TWO…. IF you attempt to assault someone with a weapon in a Non-DQ Match, You should … Expect to be PUNISHED.

[The Arena chimes in on the last word, which almost brings a smile to Order’s face. More flash bulbs go off at ringside, as Dawg pound fans begin to bark even louder than before. She holds up three fingers and continues.]

Order: and THREE … IF You Assault a Referee, Fan, or Other Non-Wrestler, You should…

[The entire Dawg Pound chimes in with her on…]

Order: Expect to be PUNISHED.

[Double O begins to laugh and shakes her head, holding up her hand to quite the crowd.]

Order: Now I know what you’re thinking … Your thinking, how will they be punished? Fair question, one that will be answered very soon. For right now, it’s more important that everyone understand the New Order. Three Simple Rules which apply to everyone … If you Break them, then…

[Order points out to the Dawg Pound, who all chime in with …]


[Double O nods in agreement with them, as the camera slowly pull back to show more of the crowd. Order begins to pace around the ring, looking out to fans in all directions.]

Order: Now just like in the Real World, not everyone will be caught every time. And just like in the Real World, Justice may not be immediate … But it doesn’t ever stop. Eventually, it will catch up with you. And when it does…

[Order gives the Dawg Pound a two handed point, and they all chime in again with …]


[Double O begins to giggle a little, as she applauds the Dawg Pound. She takes a stand center ring and begins to slowly unzip her leather jacket reveling a Referee’s shirt.]

Order: Now, I said that this all starts tonight and I wanted to make sure to do it Right. So Tonight I will be the Special Referee for tonight’s Survivor Series Match where Daisy Butterfly and Zaranna will take on Heidi Leick and Andrea Chandler.

[Double O pauses as the Cow Palace goes crazy with a thunderous pop. Once it settles down again she continues]

Order: That’s right … Not only will I enforce the New Order but I’ll call the match right down the middle. Any one steps out of line?

[This time the Dawg Pound chimes in without any cue … shouting out]

Order & the Dawg Pound: EXPECT TO BE PUNISHED!

[The Camera catches a great shot of Order beaming a smile at the Dawg Pound. With that Order drops the mike, slides out of the ring and begins to make her way over the railing and through the excited crowd.]

Mutt: Woah!

Bishop: A major announcement. Officer May Order as the guest referee for that Survivor Series match.

Mutt: How the hell will that affect the participants? Leick and Chandler are probably real pissed off right now.

Bishop: Fans, Spud is waiting in the ring. Let’s take you to the action!

(Fans all cheering as the spotlight centers around Spud McKenzie in the ring. He stands still in the middle of the ring until the fans settle down.)

McKenzie: Before we begin, before we present to you the greatest athletes in the wrestling world today, the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance has but one question to ask you….

(Fans P O P : A R E Y O U R E A D Y !!)

Spud: I can’t hear you! I said ARE YOU READY?!

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Spud: Then Let’s Get Rrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrumble!!!

(Fans cheer as horns go off & Spud McKenzie stands poised in the ring.)

Marissa Monet vs. Black Lotus

Spud: Our first contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.

(Fans boo as they hear ‘The Rain’ by Missy Elliot.)

Spud: Accompanied to ringside by Amanda Reese…

(Fans continue to boo.)

Spud: Hailing from Brooklyn, New York! She is 6 feet 5 inches, 208 pounds, here is Marissa Monet!!

Bishop: Monet heading down the aisle, and she’s just huge!

Mutt: Oh yeah, Marissa Monet is a monster, and I’ve got to admit that I’m unsure if anyone in the Heavyweight division can beat her. If Lotus can’t do it, nobody can.

Bishop: Monet in the ring, and you have to wonder what affect Amanda Reese will have on the outcome of this one.

Spud: And her opponent…

(Fans boo as they hear ‘Devil Inside’ by INXS.)

Spud: Hailing from Hong Kong, China . . . she is 5 feet 8 inches, 150 pounds, here is the FORMER Heavyweight Champion of the World… Black Lotus!

(‘Devil Inside’ by INXS plays as a young Asian woman walks to the ring. She’s dressed in a tight black leather body suit, made even tighter by various leather straps and buckles all over her outfit. Her face is painted bone white, with elaborate black around her eyes and mouth. Her hands are taped in black and black boots complete her outfit. She casually strolls down to the ring area, waving mockingly to the fans and blowing kisses out to them before slithering into the ring.)

Bishop: Lotus sliding into the ring, and Monet stomping away on Lotus!


Bishop: Monet with a pick up and firing away with Forearm shots to the head. Lotus is getting beat up, as she backpedals into the corner.

Blade: And now Monet firing away with those POWERFUL Martial Arts Kicks to the body. This is reminiscent of Princess Yamaguchi. Lady Tiger might want to take notes.

Mutt: Lotus into the ropes, and the ref wants a break.

(Ringsiders cheer as Monet tosses the ref out of the way.)

Bishop: Monet with a handful of hair and hoists her into the middle of the ring!

(Fans all whistle as Lotus gets up to her feet.)



(Both women scramble to their feet.)

Blade: Lotus with a Side headlock, but Monet with a Waistlock and…!

(Mixed cheers Monet presses her into the air.)


(Ringsiders whistle as Monet walks around with her.)

Bishop: AND SLAM!

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Bishop: Lotus rolling to the outside, and this is not what she wanted to do.

Mutt: But Lotus has a problem. She hasn’t been using her traditional mind games. That ring psychology if you will is so key to her success…yet we haven’t seen that tonight.

(Minor cheers as Amanda Reese jaws at Black Lotus.)

Mutt: Lotus back in the ring, and she backs away from Monet. Monet just too big, too awesome. Lotus has got to take her to the mat.

Bishop: Lotus slow to lock up, and she’s keeping her back toward the near corner. Marissa snatching at her, and Lotus with a Palm Strike to the face!

Mutt: Monet firing away with Forearm shots, and Lotus back into the corner. She’s into the ropes, and the ref wants another break.

 Bishop: But this time, he grabs her arm! Monet arguing with him and…

Mutt: And Lotus with a thumb to the eye. Monet is blinded, and now the FORMER World Champ with a handful of hair.

(Fans boo as she rakes Monet’s eyes against the ropes.)

Bishop: And now Lotus dipping Monet through the ropes and starting to choke her out…

Ref: 1……………………2………………..3……

(Fans boo as Monet gasps for air.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Mutt: I’m surprised by these tactics, but hell, they’re working! Lotus choking out the Choke-Master with the ropes.

Bishop: The ref forcing the break, and Lotus choking her down once again.

Ref: 1…………………2……………3…………….4……

Mutt: Lotus breaking, and she applies a Standing Leg Grapevine… Side Russian Legsweep!

Bishop: And Monet immediately up to her feet, and Lotus with a Lariat!

(The Dawg Pound barks as Lotus makes the lateral press.)

Ref: 1………………………………….kick out!

Mutt: Both women back up to their feet and Lotus with an Armdrag. But Monet with a forward roll, and now slaps on a Crossface….

(Fans gaps as Monet looks around.)


(Fans GO: Oooooooooooooooh!)

Ref: ………………………1


 ………………………kick out!

Bishop: Lotus back up to her feet and Monet with a Dragon Screw Leg whip?

Mutt: Lotus trying to roll into the ropes, and Monet with a handful of tights and tossing her out of the ring.

(Ringsiders pop as she flies out to the floor.)

Bishop: Lotus does NOT want to be out here!

Mutt: Lotus up to her feet and Monet off the ring apron with a Double Axe Handle!

(Fans pop!)

Bishop: 6 feet 5, 200 pounds of Marissa Monet is going up to the top?!

(Fans all rise up and begin to roar.)

Bishop: Dear God, Monet up top?

Mutt: No way! No way!

Bishop: She’s up top, and Lotus twirling around…

(Fans all whistling and cheering as Monet dives off the top.)


(Fans all whistle and POP as both women lay on the floor.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Mutt: DaMn!

Ref: …………………2……………….3………………..

Bishop: Monet up first, and she picks up Lotus and TOSSES her into the ring steps!

Mutt: Marissa sliding into the ring, and back out now. Lotus slow to her feet, and she’s taken a beating. Her back is in all kinds of bad shape!

(Ringsiders jump up and down as Marissa Monet approaches Lotus.)

Mutt: Monet like an animal, firing away with Karate Kicks to the lower back. Lotus backing into the guard railing, and Monet firing away to the ribs!

Ref: 5…………………….6……………………7…….!

(Ringsiders patting Lotus’ back as Monet 1/2 slides into the ring.)

Bishop: Monet with a handful of hair and RAMS Lotus’ head into the guard railing. Lotus is dazed, and Monet with a Waistlock. And now she drapes the arm across her shoulder. Belly to Back…!

Mutt: No, Lotus with a leg block….

(Mixed cheers as Lotus quickly applies a Waistlock.)

Bishop: Lotus hoisting Monet hoisting her up in a vertical position, dear God, she hoists her straight up…B A C K D R O P – D R I V E R !

(! ! M A J O R P O P ! !)

Ref: ……………………….4…………………….5……..

Bishop: Dear God, right on Monet’s head! Monet isn’t moving, and Lotus is down on the floor.

Mutt: And that’s the break Lotus needed. Counter wrestling is her forfeit. Now, she’s gotta get back into that ring.

Bishop: Monet holding neck, and Lotus has back problems.

Mutt: And look at Amanda Reese. She’s going nuts over there. She wants Lotus’ head.

Bishop: Amanda Reese coming over in support of Monet, but she hurt pretty awful.

Ref: ………………………………7………………..8…..

Mutt: Lotus up to one knee, and this thing is gonna be a count out.

Ref: …………………………9………………………….

Mutt: Monet is slow to her knees, but she’s hurting badly. And this thing is over.


(Fans boo as Amanda Reese attacks Black Lotus!)

Bishop: Reese stomping away on the Former World Champ, and Reese with a pickup and a Full Nelson….

(Fans all booing as Amanda Reese yaps at ringsiders.)

Bishop: D R A G O N – S U P L E X.

(Fans boo as Black Lotus lays on the ground.)

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 11 minutes 13 seconds, the referee has counted out both participants…this match is ruled a draw.

Mutt: Amanda Reese with a pick up and tossing Lotus back into the ring. Reese grabbing a chair…

Bishop: Oh no…

(Fans all rustling and up to their feet as Reese slides into the ring.)


Bishop: Lotus has taken tremendous damage, and she’s up to her knees. Reese screaming for her to get up. Lotus to her feet….


(The Dawg Pound cheers as LOTUS is busted open.)

Mutt: Reese tossing the chair, and now scurrying over to Lotus.

Bishop: A double leg pick up, and Reese grapevines Lotus’ legs.

(Fans all screaming as Lotus lays on the mat, helpless.)


(The referee tries to pull Reese off of her as fans scream.)


Bishop: Dear God, Lotus is hurt. And Reese pulling back on the hold as the submission queen is suffering.

Mutt: Lotus is crying as Reese won’t release.


Bishop: GDWA officials have stormed the ring, and they are pulling her off of Lotus. Lotus is hurt, and Marissa Monet is watching all of this from the floor.

Mutt: And they’ve learned their lesson from last time. They are escorting Monet out of the ring for sure.

(Fans falls silent as paramedics come down to the ring.)

Bishop: They are helping Lotus to the back…

Mutt: Speaking of backs, we may not see Lotus for a while. She’s hurting pretty bad. In conjunction with that tough match, Reese may have done some permanent damage to Lotus.

Bishop: And that’s the danger of taking a match to the outside. There’s no canvas, the floor has no give.

Mutt: No doubt.

Bishop: Well fans, as Lotus is assisted to the back, Paul Laurence Dunbar is entering the ring and we get to hear a few words from the “Burning Cherry Blossom” Rekka Sakura.

(Fans all wait as Dunbar stands firmly in the ring.)

Dunbar: Ladies and Gentlemen the cruiserweight tournament is in full swing and already people are picking their favorites to win. Well one person who hopes to win that belt is my guest at this time. Come on out… REKKA SAKURA!!

Rekka Sakura

[Fans all!!POP!! Rekka steps out arms raised high above her head as “You Get To Burning” plays over the PA. In her warm-up gear and ring jacket she jogs her way to the ring stopping to shake hands with as many fans as possible. Finally at ringside she hops upon the apron and walks under the second rope, blowing kisses to the cheers]

Dunbar: [shaking Rekka’s hand] Rekka you are on a lot of people’s lips right now but the one name that seems to be on yours is Dai…

[Rekka puts her hand in Dunbar’s face, her smile gone, replaced by a serious, almost angry look]

Rekka: [the hand becomes a single finger that slowly shakes back and forth] NO!! No Mr. Dunbar, I am not talking about that tonight.

Dunbar: [confused] But…

Rekka: I will not say her name… I have more important matters to think of….

Dunbar: [nodding, not quite understanding] Other matters… Like Lida Yanigasawa?

Rekka: [flashing a slight smile] Ah yes my illustrious opponent tonight. Lida-chan so nice of you to put an open contract up, I need to stay in shape for the Cruiser Tournament after all.

Dunbar: [smiling slightly] Not taking Lida seriously then?

Rekka: [shaking her head] that’s not it… it’s just what am I supposed to do? Take the microphone [looks to Dunbar, he shrugs and hands it to her, free reign] and start screaming “LIDA!! YOU BAD! LIDA!! REKKA BEAT YOU!!”

[Dunbar chuckles lightly, Rekka continues]

Rekka: No Lida-chan that’s not my style. You talk about how the cruiserweight title is your “epoch”, you run down the competition like Mina Yamaguchi and Jen Grier… you think that they are beneath you? Tel me Lida, what am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to be scared? [Rekka’s voice quivers slightly as she shakes her body slowly] Oh… Oh My LORD! LIDA I AM SCARED!! I… I think I’m having… I’m having a… a H-h-h-heart a-a-a-tta… [Rekka falls to the mat, motionless, eyes closed, mouth opened]

Dunbar: Um…what the…?

[The crowd is eating it up, the chant goes out]


[Slowly the mic in Rekka’s seemingly lifeless hand juts up and comes back to Rekka’s mouth]

Rekka: [still lying on her back] No… No I don’t think I’m scared of you. But I do know this… tonight the Grand Dragon will see Rekka Sakura get in the ring with Lida Yanagisawa and they will see THE FIRE BURN BRIGHTER THAN EVER!!

[The crowd erupts in cheers]

Rekka: Lida-chan Get a good look at me, [look to a ringside cameraman] you get that thing up here… get it close!!

[The camera gets a tight shot of Rekka’s face… damn if those aren’t the fiercest eyes!!]

Rekka: look good Lida Yanagisawa, this match isn’t in the tournament, this match is just about you and me getting in the ring and seeing who will come up the winner. All that we’ve got to worry about tonight is PRIDE!! Still Lida, I don’t want you to hold back, don’t be half-assed about bringing your “A” Game… I WAT YOU TO BRING YOUR WHOLE ASS TONIGHT AND SHOW ME IF YOU CAN REALLY HANG IN THE BIG LEAGUES!


Rekka: [pausing, nodding with the cheers before finally speaking again] When tonight is done, when the ring is broke down and the locker room empty I want you to think over “Was it worth it? Was it worth it to run my mouth just to have Rekka Sakura unload on me? Did I really need to be such a damn fool?” These eyes don’t lie Lida… what they show is the fire and determination that’s going to make you scream!! It’s the pure Wildfire that is what drives me tonight and EVERY NIGHT!! TONIGHT YOU GET A DOSE OF THE WILDFIRE FIRST HAND… [Pausing, flashing a wicked grin] and when you play with this piece of wildfire, you know you’ll get burned…. IKUYO!!!

Fans: REKKA!!

Rekka: YUKE?

Fans: REKKA!

Rekka: and that’s all I’ve got to say…

(Fans all pop as Rekka Sakura leaves the ring.)

Bishop: Fans that was a very emotional Rekka Sakura speaking… she’s hot and ready for Lida Yanagisawa.

Mutt: Well, Lida might have some foot for her ass!

Bishop: Well fans, we have Mike Whalen with a very special segment. Mike….

(Mike Whalen stands in front of the fan favorite locker room and walks over to Jennifer Grier’s locker.)

Whalen: This segment is called the GDWA Flashback…it is a way of looking back at our roots and remembering how far we’ve come It also allows us to appreciate how well some of our stars have developed.

(He opens up the locker and show old newspaper clips of Jen Grier’s early GDWA matches.)

Whalen: History has a way of repeating itself. Then, and now, Jennifer Grier has had to prove to the fans that she was more than a mere midcarder…for Pete’s sake, the Dawg Pound used to raise the chant of JOBBER when she wrestled. And they did so because Grier never held GDWA gold and has never made a SERIOUS title run.

Now, in February of 2000, Grier has a chance to become the greatest Cruiserweight in the world.

But a few years ago, February 28 of 1998, Jennifer Grier faced a hot new Cruiserweight by the name of Shumira Kishiro. Both women needed this win to propel themselves into the upper echelon of Grand Dragon contention. Grier was touted as a mere jobber and Shumira was being groomed as the next big thing in Grand Dragon.

Fans, let’s roll the clip.

Flashback: Shumira Kishiro vs. Jennifer Grier

[TUESDAY NIGHT CATFIGHT: February 28 of 1998]

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is a Cruiserweight Division contest scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit. It will be refereed by officials Julie Davidson and Oshima Yamasaki!

(Minor cheers as fans here “From HER to Eternity by Nick Caret & the Bad Seeds.)

Spud: First, hailing from the Southern Arizona, she is 5 feet 3 inches, 119 pounds…..Shumira Kishiro!

(Minor cheers as Shumira heads down the ramp way. She enters the ring wearing a grey and black striped tiger suit with black boots and fingerless gloves. She runs her hands through her green hair as she awaits her opponent.)

Bishop: Shumira earned her first victory in Grand Dragon last week in an incredible match up against fellow Cruiserweight Hannah Blue. She now faces a woman who knows the Grand Dragon arenas quite well by now, ‘Jumping’ Jennifer Grier.

Mutt: Well, the real question is *who* will face Sierra Browne after the Cruiserweight match up at Dawg Pound Nights. I mean, when Rekka loses…

Bishop: If Rekka Sakura loses….

Mutt: Just a formality…whoever the champion is will face a hungry contender. Shumira showed some viciousness that will take her a long way in Grand Dragon. Hannah Blue fell dumbly to her ploy.

Bishop: Well, we’ll see how Jennifer Grier fairs. Before we get to Spud, let’s hear from Jennifer Grier who is backstage with the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION ‘Double O’ Officer May Order.

Jennifer Grier

[Behind the scenes: “Jumping” Jennifer Grier is dressed in uniform. She’s rubbing her hands, and has a smirk on her face. There’s someone in the shadows just behind her, as the setting is dark.]

Order: You ready to rock and roll?

Grier: You bet. Let’s get this on. Shimura, you better be ready… cause here I come…

[Jen starts to slow jog in place. She looks around, and behind her]

Order: Don’t worry. ANYONE shows up at this match, and they’re mine. No need to worry about Marx, Yukon, or anybody else. Just do it.

Grier: (smiles) Let’s rock.

[Cut back to broadcast booth as the ring announcer begins to introduce her.]

(Dawg Pound chants: jobber! jobber! as ‘Jump’ by Van Halen blasts through the speakers.)

Spud: And her opponent, hailing from Geneseo, Illinois…she is 5 feet 7 inches, 125 pounds….’Jumping’ Jennifer Grier!

(Minor cheers as Jennifer Grier jogs down to ringside. She enters the ring wearing a red, black, and blue 2 striped two piece with black gloves.)

Bishop: Grier looks ready, but Shumira appears as if she can look into Jennifer’s soul.

Mutt: And look at it this way…we heard on the Darkside that Shumira is hungry. She’s got a goal. She wants the Cruiserweight title and would love to take it from Sierra Browne herself. Grier will have to prove herself to this young hungry rookie.

Bishop: Let’s hook ’em up.


Bishop: Shumira with a handshake….AND JENNIFER GRIER WITH A LEG DRAG TAKEDOWN!!!

(Fans pop!)

Mutt: Shumira back up and Jennifer with a DROPKICK! Shumira back up and Jennifer with a Dropkick! Shumira up a third time and for a third time Jennifer Grier nails her on the chin with a beautiful Dropkick!!!

(Fans applaud as Shumira crawls into the near corner.)

Mutt: Jennifer Grier waiting, and you gotta hand it to the ‘Jumping’ one. She scouted Shumira and was ready for the possibility of a handshake double cross.

Bishop: Referee Davidson making the count, and Shumira up to her feet. Grier waiting, and Shumira out of the corner. Collar and Elbow tie up….HAIR DRAG TAKEDOWN BY JENNIFER GRIER!

(Minor boos as Shumira hits the canvas.)

Mutt: Grier moving in, and now a hair pull pick up. An Irish Whip to the far ropes, no reversal, double reversal and Jennifer Grier catching Shumira off the ropes….F R A N K E N S T E I N E R ! ? !

Ref: (1)



 (Fans all gasp and applaud as Shumira Kishiro STRONGLY kicks out.)

Mutt: That would have run her out of Grand Dragon. If Shumira had been pinned with her own finisher within 5 minutes of the bout, the promoters would tear up her contract.

Mutt: Grier showing an edge tonight. Jennifer with a pick up, and slaps on a Frontface lock. Grier has been hitting the weights. She looks to be in good shape.

Bishop: Shumira nailing away with HARD right hand jabs to the ribs….AND GRIER WITH A SNAP SUPLEX!

(Mixed cheers as Jennifer Grier rolls through it for the cover.)

Davidson: …………………1………………….kick out!

(Fans applaud as Shumira kicks out again.)

Bishop: Another pick up by Grier, and Shumira with a _hard_ right hand jab. Grier backing off and she charges into her…and now Shumira with an Irish Whip. Grier bouncing off the far ropes as Shumira hits the middle of the ring…Dropkick to Jennifer Grier’s knee!

Mutt: Shumira a little dazed from the early attack by Grier. Now Shumira in command as she picks up Grier and nails away with hard right hand jabs to the head. Grier backpedaling, and now Shumira nailing away with Body blows.

Bishop: Grier heading for the ropes, and Shumira showing some great poise. The ref forcing the break, and Grier is getting her composure.

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remain.

Mutt: Shumira noticeably going for body blows. And then she attacks the legs. I think she’s taking away the aerial attack of Grier. Shumira acting the part of the bully at only 5 feet 3 and 119 pounds.

Bishop: Grier even more cautious this time…another tie up and Jennifer with the advantage. And now a high knee to the ribs of Shumira, and an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Grier with a head of steam as Shumira bounces off and Shumira with a SPIN HEEL KICK!

(Fans groan as Jennifer Grier hits the canvas hard.)

Bishop: A running Spin Heel Kick, and now Shumira waiting for Grier to get up. Jennifer dazed as she stumbles to her feet….


Bishop: BUT Jennifer Grier ducking and diving forward as she *clips* the other leg.

(Fans all cheering as both women lay on the mat.)

Mutt: Shumira clutching her knee, and Grier slow to her feet. She smells blood, and now Grier stomping away on the left knee. Grier with a Single Leg pick up and stomping away at the Hamstring…and falls away to the mat for a Leg Scissors.

(Fans applaud as Shumira Kishiro pounds the canvas.)

Mutt: Great execution by the high flying jobber Jennifer Grier.

Bishop: Shumira reaching for the ropes, but having to crawl toward them. She has only a 6 pound weight disadvantage as she nears them and….hooks the ropes.

Mutt: A pick up by Grier and an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Jennifer running to the middle of the ring as Shumira bounces off and Jenny Grier with a High Back Body Dr……

Bishop: NO! Shumira counters with an Inverted Facelock….. [[[[[[[[!!!DIAMOND CUTTER!!!!]]]]]]

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Mutt: That came from nowhere.

(Dawg Pound chants: Micki! Micki! Micki! Micki! Micki! Micki! )

Bishop: My Goodness. Grier wasn’t expecting that at all.

(Fans cheering as Shumira Kishiro slowly gets to her feet.)

Mutt: She ain’t no rookie.

Bishop: Shumira shaking her head, and Grier clutching the back of her neck. Shumira waiting for Grier to get to her feet. Grier up to her feet and….Shumira Kishiro DROPKICKING Jennifer Grier into the near corner!

Mutt: Jenny hits hard, and Shumira charging into the corner and… Jennifer diving out of the way!

Bishop: Shumira clutching her sternum, and Grier slapping on a Waistlock for a German Suplex!!!!!

Davidson: 1………………………………2……….kick out!

Bishop: Both women back up Shumira with an ENZIGURI KICK…..

Mutt: But Grier ducks….


(Fans all !!POP!! as Jennifer Grier’s neck snaps.)

Bishop: Shumira with a pick up, and now she’s nailing away with punches to the ribs and midsection. Grier is hurt! Shumira now with a pickup and a handful of hair and a STANDING DROPKICK!!!

Davidson: 1………………………2………………kickout!

Mutt: Shumira is playing the pace game, she’s taken this match to a more volatile, high impact style.

Bishop: Shumira with a pick up, and JENNIFER GRIER SLAPS HER!

(Fans POP!)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Grier backpedaling into the corner, and Shumira following her in with boots to the middle. Grier just barely holding on with her arms draped over the ring ropes. She’s in trouble….

Mutt: And Shumira with an Irish Whip to the far corner as she follows her in with a Running dropkick *M I S S E D* !!

(Fans all cheering as Shumira Kishiro’s legs snap against the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: Oh my!

Mutt: Grier in incredible shape…what stamina! She’s slowly getting to her feet. Shumira is hurt.

(Fans all on their feet as Jennifer applies a single leg pick up.)

Bishop: Jennifer exposing the left knee, and JUMPS UP FOR A DROPKICK!

(Fans ALL POP!)

Mutt: No cover. Grier clutching the back of her head, she’s hurt. And Shumira rolling out of the ring, and she’s laying on the apron.

Davidson: 1………………..2………………….3……….4…

Mutt: Grier reaching down deep, and now getting up to her feet. Grier with a Single Leg Pick up, and dragging Shumira into the ring, and…..


Davidson: 1……………………….2…………….shoulder up!

(Fans applaud as both women lay on the canvas.)

Mutt: Shumira couldn’t hold her down. Shumira’s leg is hurt. Shumira using the ropes to get to her feet, and she’s limping around. So much of her attack based on her leg strength, Grier may have found the newcomer’s Achilles heel.

Bishop: Grier is hurt, and Shumira backing into the ropes, bouncing off and ELBOW DROP to Grier’s head.

Davidson: 1……………………..2………………..shoulder up!

Bishop: Shumira with a pick up, and nailing away with punches to the head. Grier is dazed, and now an Irish Whip to the side ropes.

Mutt: Shumira hobbling forward as Grier bounces off……

Bishop: One legged Hurricanrana……but Shumira can’t get her completely over! Grier so strong, slapping her arms about both legs…..


(Fans all POP as Shumira stumbles back out of the corner….)

Bishop: Schoolboy Roll up from Behind!!!!!

Davidson: 1…………………..2…………………….3!!!!


(Fans applaud and cheer as they hear ‘Jump’ by Van Halen.)

Mutt: Bullshit.

Bishop: Grier is hurt, she is slowly getting to her feet, and Shumira is so disappointed. The match was all but hers, but Grier focusing on the leg. She took away her finisher.

Mutt: That’s definitely a lopsided offense. Shumira up to her feet, just seething as Grier heads to leave, and Shumira grabbing her by the shoulder….

(Fans all waiting as the two women look eye to eye.)

Bishop: And they shake hands!

(The camera returns to the present as it heads over to Lida Yanagisawa’s locker.)

Whalen: Jennifer Grier has a big match upcoming her way. Then, just as now, Grier finds ways to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Is Grier a quick roll up away from advancing into the THIRD ROUND of the Transnational Cruiserweight tournament? Allen, Sam, back to you guys.

Bishop: Thanks Mike. Lida and Jennifer set to tie up in about 2 weeks. A very important match for both ladies.

Mutt: Oh yeah, but at least she’s in the winners bracket. Yamaguchi and Tiger are one loss away from the boot!

Bishop: Well fans, up next we have…

Mutt: What the hell?

[A slow bass beat starts up and the lights flicker out, only the Grand Dragon Tron is left on, lights beaming on it. The lights swirl inward like a whirlpool, forming the head of a Dragon. The Dragon morphs into hard edged red Kanji then into English, alternating: . . GIRI . . HONOR . . KIOI . . SPIRIT . . Then the numbers dissolve into a new message, first fiery red Kanji then morphing into just as fiery English ‘The Countdown Begins’. The letters darken, fading and the area is left in darkness before the lights return.]

Mutt: What the hell was that….Who the hell was that?

Bishop: I don’t know, like you said earlier, this might be a sign of things to come. Fans, we must go ahead to our next match. Princess Yamaguchi against Lady Tiger.

Mutt: A must win for each competitor. The loser goes home and the winner has a chance to go further on into the tournament.

Bishop: Fans, we are joined here by Sonya Blade. Sonya, how do you see this bout turning out?

Sonya: It’s a match between size and speed. Princess is tall and lean and she must use that to her advantage. Likewise, Lady Tiger is quick and savvy and could run circles around the larger Cruiserweight.

Bishop: Fans, let’s hook ’em up.

Princess Yamaguchi vs. Lady Tiger

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is a Transnational Cruiserweight division match up scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit. It shall be refereed by officials Dawn Le and Runoko Rashidi.

(Fans cheer as they hear Madonna’s “Ray of Light”.)

Spud: Hailing from Osaka, Japan . . . she is 5 feet 10 inches, 127 pounds, here is……Princess Yamaguchi!

(Madonna’s “Ray of Light” begins to play as Princess Yamaguchi walks to ringside. The brunette beauty wears a white, lace bra, with gold lace trim, and a matching, frilly, micro-mini dress, showing off her sleek figure. White, kicking pads with matching Asics, tennis shoes completes her wrestling attire. Her long, black hair is styled in a pony tail that graces the small of her back. She slaps hands with the fans and signs autographs before entering the ring, receiving a few catcalls from the fans.)

Bishop: Yamaguchi looks very confident tonight.

Mutt: And she better be. The princess is in a win or lose situation…she MUST win this bout. So she better be confident.

Sonya: If I may add, Allan and Sam, Lady Tiger has yet to win a match since returning to Grand Dragon. This is a very important match for her as well.

Spud: And her opponent…

(Fans cheer as they hear “The William Tell Overture”.)

Spud: Led down the aisle by her manager, GDWA Hall of Famer Charlotte La Mancha….Hailing from Bordeaux, France. She is 5 feet 6 inches, 127 pounds, here is . . . Lady Tiger!

Bishop: Lady Tiger sprinting down the aisle, and sliding into the ring. Princess looking on grimly as Tiger bounces around the ring.

Mutt: Oh yeah, and Princess wants this bad. She ain’t jumpin’ around and acting stupid.

Bishop: Referee Dawn Le going over the rules with each lady. And now Princess Yamaguchi extending a hand for a handshake…

Sonya: And Lady Tiger hugs her?

(Fans laugh as even Princess Yamaguchi chuckles.)

Mutt: Charlotte slapping Tiger on the back of the head…

(Dawg Pound chants: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-Let!)

Sonya: Well, I guess the California fans remember.

Bishop: The ref has gone over the rules, let’s hook ’em up.


Bishop: Both ladies encircling one another, and Yamaguchi with a feigned kick to the head. Tiger backing off, and she’s very cognizant of Yamaguchi’s leg power.

Sonya: Apparently Charlotte has prepped her for it…we all saw how the Princess wore out Panda last week!

Bishop: Yamaguchi reaching for Tiger but LT with a Single Leg Takedown…Princess kicking her away and Tiger flies into the far ropes.

Sonya: Princess up to her feet as Tiger comes flying off and Tiger with a forward roll.

Bishop: Yamaguchi runs for the far ropes as Tiger sprints off the near ropes. They both meet in the middle of the ring and Tiger with a Baseball slide!

(Fans pop as Yamaguchi runs for the side ropes.)

Bishop: Tiger so quick, bouncing off the far ropes and…


(Fans pop as Lady Tiger twirls through the air.)

Mutt: She didn’t see that coming at all. Tiger up to her feet and Princess scooping her up….

Bishop: Tiger slipping out of her hands and applies an upside down leg scissors for a roll up…..

Le: 1…………………………2…………………kick out!

Sonya: Both women back up and Tiger with a Savate Kick!

(Fans pop as Yamaguchi doubles backwards.)

Bishop: And Tiger with Kick Volleys to the right leg, and Princess goes down.

(The Dawg Pound applauds as Tiger applies a single leg pick up.)


Le: …………………………1



(Fans pop as both women get up to their feet.)

Sonya: Princess now, firing away with STRONG kicks to the chest of Tiger, and now a shot to the jaw!

Bishop: Tiger is down, and Princess with a pick up and Double Arm underhook.

(Mixed cheers as Lady Tiger backs into the ropes.)

Bishop: The Princess breaks, and Charlotte climbs up to the ring apron.

(Fans applaud as Yamaguchi backs off while Charlotte confers with Tiger.)

Mutt: Tiger underestimating the speed of Yamaguchi…but Tiger cannot relent. She’s faster and more agile and must continue in that vein.

Sonya: Yamaguchi crouching and waving LT in for a tie up!

(Fans all pop as Lady Tiger looks around, and nods.)

Bishop: The masked wonder of the GDWA moving in, and now a tie up, and a quick Hammerlock by Tiger who . . . !


(Fans all pop as Yamaguchi stumbles forward and falls to the mat.)

Bishop: Princess up to her feet, turns around and….


(Fans pop as Lady Tiger runs for the side ropes.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Princess back up and Tiger bounces off the ropes, hooks the arm, swings around the Princess’ back and executes a flying Arm Drag Takeover!

(Tiger jumps up and shouts out: “gimme a J! gimme an E! gimme an N!” “J-E-N!” “J-E-N!” “J-E-N!” “J-E-N!” )

Bishop: Princess is up to her knees, and she’s nodding her head. She gets to her feet, and Tiger and she encircle.

(Ringsiders all stand while Princess Yamaguchi stamps her feet.)

Bishop: Collar and Elbow tie up and Tiger with a Single Leg Take down. She’s just too quick. Tiger now, jumping up and NAILING a Dropkick!

(Fans pop as Yamaguchi clutches her left leg.)

Sonya: Tiger stomping away on that left leg, and now a pick up. Tiger with a Waistlock and…

(Fans all pop Princess Yamaguchi backflips out of her hands.)

Mutt: Tiger turning around and the Princess with a Spinning Heel Kick.

Bishop: Tiger dropping to one knee, and Princess with a pick up and STRONG kicks to the ribs, and now the jaw! Tiger is down, and Princess quickly heading for the near corner.

Sonya: Tiger slow to her feet, and stumbling over to the near corner. But Princess is already halfway up the buckles.

(Fans pop as Tiger sprints forward.)


(Fans pop as Tiger flies back to the canvas.)

Bishop: LT is down!

Sonya: That’s called a Destiny Hammer, a High Knee Lift off the top rope, and now Princess going up top….

(Fans all whistling and cheering as Princess Yamaguchi climbs the buckles.)

Mutt: LT is down, and she ain’t moving. Notice, Princess has been wrestling as if she knew Tiger was going after the knee. Princess has kept this a fast pace bout and Tiger has been unable to keep up with her size and speed.

(Fans pop as Princess poises herself up top.)

Sonya: Princess measuring her, and flies off the top…..

Mutt: ~ ~ ! ! ! s E N T O n b O M b ! ! ! ~ ~

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Blade: The cover!

Le: 1…………………………………2………………….

Bishop: And a half!

(Fans all popping as LT gets the foot on the rope.)

Sonya: Yamaguchi with a huge move, this could change the course of the match up.

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Princess Yamaguchi with a pick up and…Oh boy.

((Fans all pop as Yamaguchi scoops up Lady Tiger.))


Le: 1…………………………2……………………no!

(Dawg Pound barks as Tiger gets the shoulder up.)

Mutt: Tiger is down, and Yamaguchi has done a great job of working on the back and the neck.

Sonya: A pick up by Yamaguchi and an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Tiger bouncing off and Princess with a Fireman’s Carry pick up…

Bishop: But Tiger spinning around her shoulders and slapping on a Headscissors……FLYING HEADSCISSORS TAKEOVER!

Sonya: Both women back up and Tiger with a Dragon Screw Leg whip!

(Fans pop as Yamaguchi does a KIP UP back to her feet.)

Bishop: Tiger to the far ropes as Yamaguchi charges her. She SPRINGBOARDS off but Yamaguchi ducks….

(Fans ***POP*** as Tiger lands on her fingertips and does a hand stand.)

Sonya: Princess turning around….


Sonya: . . . !ducked! by Princess and she slaps on a Waistlock for a German Suplex!

(Fans all pop as Dawn Le slides into position.)

Le: ……………………………….1



(Fans all gasp and pop as Tiger slides the shoulder out.)

Mutt: Yamaguchi is panting, and she’s gotta realize that this is the danger of Lady Tiger. She can twist and turn out of moves and attack you at 100 miles per hour.

Sonya: Princess with a scoop and a BODYSLAM!

Mutt: And Tiger is hurting. She’s clutching her back and Charlotte is up on the ring apron!

(The referee argues with Charlotte as Yamaguchi picks up Tiger.)

Bishop: Princess shoving Tiger into the near corner, and now a Scoop and Slam!

Sonya: And now Princess climbing up the ropes.

(Fans pop as Yamaguchi climbs up top/)

Bishop: Yamaguchi backflipping and……

Mutt: Tiger pulls up the knees.

Bishop: But Princess lands on her feet!

Sonya: Tiger up to her feet, turning around and….

Bishop: Yamaguchi with a Dropkick!

(Fans pop as Lady Tiger flies through the ropes.)

Sonya: Tiger out on the ring apron, and she crawls back into the ring.

Bishop: Yamaguchi with a head of steam and Tiger with a Legdrag! Princess back up and Tiger with a Shinlock pick up….KNEEBREAKER!

(Fans all screaming Princess Yamaguchi rolls around the mat, holding her knee.)

Mutt: Tiger with a leglock, slides across Yamaguchi’s chest and slaps on an S . T. F. !

(Fans all on their feet as Yamaguchi waves her hands around.)

Bishop: Yamaguchi reaching for the ropes, and Tiger has it sunk in.

Mutt: Just like last week with Grier and Edwards, Tiger is trying to end this with an STF.

(Fans all screaming as Yamaguchi taps the ropes.)

Spud: 14 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 60 seconds remain. 1 minute left!

Sonya: She’s tired and weary, but Tiger releases the hold. She needed to slap it on for longer.

Mutt: And have you noticed how much of a non-factor Charlotte has been? These two haven’t been meshing well as of late. Princess must take advantage of this fact.

Bishop: Both women up and Tiger with Kick Volleys to the left knee of Princess. Time is running out, Tiger must do something fast.

Sonya: The masked woman with an Irish Whip, no, reversal to the side ropes. Tiger bouncing off, no, she holds on and twirls around to the top rope…!

Mutt: And Princess Yamaguchi hooks the ropes!

(Fans pop as Tiger falls and straddles the ropes!!)

Bishop: Yamaguchi climbing up to the second turnbuckle, and slaps on a Frontface lock?

Sonya: Tiger is still straddling the ropes, but Yamaguchi hoists her up into the air….!

(Fans all rise to their feet as Yamaguchi holds her up.)

Bishop: SUPERPLEX off the Second Turnbuckle!!!

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Mutt: A Superplex _off_ of the top rope _from_ the second buckle! Yamaguchi with an incredible maneuver!

Bishop: Yamaguchi pointing out to the Dawg Pound, as she slowly gets to her feet.

Spud: 30 seconds remain!

Bishop: She’s going for a Backbreaker. Yamaguchi with a Waistlock pick up…but Tiger hooking the arm, floating around the shoulders and slaps on a . . . Sleeper! Sleeper! Sleeeeeeper!!!

(Fans all pop as Princess Yamaguchi flails her arms and stumbles backwards.)

Bishop: And the Princess backpedaling and rams Tiger’s back into the corner! Tiger releasing the hold and Princess hooking her right leg, scooping her across the shoulders…..DEATH VALLY DRIVER!!!

(Fans all popping as Tiger clutches her head and rolls around the ring.)

Mutt: Tiger is down! Tiger is down!

Sonya: Yamaguchi drawing her thumb across her throat, signing that it is over!

(Fans R^O^A^R as Yamaguchi picks up Lady Tiger by the mask.)

Sonya: Lady Tiger punching her leg while the Princess slaps her head between her legs.

Bishop: Yamaguchi with a Waistlock, and hoists LT up in the air…!

(Ringsiders jump up and down as Tiger spins around her shoulders.)

Bishop: LADY TIGER UP HIGH………V*I*C*T*O*R*Y R*O*L*L ! ! ! !

(The Dawg Pound R^O^A^R^S as Dawg Le slides into position.)

Le: …………………………..1




Sonya: She did it!

Mutt: Yamaguchi is shocked as she argues the call.

(Dawg Pound applauds while Yamaguchi shakes her head and hunches her shoulders.)

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 14 minutes and 47 seconds, your winner via pinfall…..Lady Tiger!

(Fans all POP as they hear “The William Tell Overture”.)

Spud: Princess Yamaguchi has been ELIMINATED from the Transnational Cruiserweight tournament!


Sonya: The fans are showing their appreciation for the Princess, as it really looked like she had this thing won.

(The Dawg Pound applauds as she bows before Lady Tiger. Tiger bows back and ringsiders pop the Sportswomanship.)

Mutt: Honestly, Yamaguchi wrestled a perfect match. Tiger went for the legs, and the Princess nullified that attack. Tiger went freestyle and did all her little off the rope stuff, and it was the Princess who connected with the holds off the top rope. She had Tiger beat strategically for the majority of this match. Yamaguchi is a hell of a competitor.

Bishop: An excellent match, and one must admit that Tiger did a great comeback.

Sonya: Well, what happens next?

Mutt: You go home so the men can call the big one between Yanagisawa and Sakura.

Sonya: Watch yourself, Sam!

Bishop: (Clears his throat) Anyway fans, up next we have that blockbuster match between Rekka Sakura and Lida Yanagisawa.

Mutt: And you don’t think Officer Order is watching this? She might be busy officiating the Main Event tonight, but she’s got stock in how well Rekka Sakura wrestles. What if Rekka gets injured?

Bishop: Their wrestling styles are so similar, Rekka and Lida could be tag team partners…..

(The Cow Palace begins to boo as they hear “Flight of the Valkyries” by Wagner.)


Mutt: Zaranna making a guest appearance before her match, huh?

Bishop: And the fans are unappreciative of Zaranna’s return.

Mutt: And why is that? She’s all about wrestling…she is tradition incarnate. She is everything Grand Dragon stands for.

[A video monitor shows Zaranna in the locker room, freshly showered with a towel over her lap. Her wrestling boots still have not been laced up as she points into the camera.]

(Zaranna sits calmly, then yells) ALL — HAIL — THE QUEEN!

(Fans all boo as she laughs and continues.)

You people are too stupid to know what’s good for ya! Your hero, Daisy Macfly….

(Fans continue to boo as Zaranna raises her voice.)

Daisy Macfly has turned her back on you…and she’s turned her back on me! And Mrs. D.D.T don’t play that!

[Fans begin chanting “Daisy-Daisy” as Zaranna begins lacing up her boots.]

You’ve got about a half hour until the GREATEST OF ALL TIMES steps through those ropes and beats Andy Chandler and Heidi Leick in White Trash, U.S.A….right here in SAN FRANCISCO!

[THUNDEROUS BOOS as Zaranna spits and points down at the ground.]

Your Hero Daisy McFly is under the lion’s paw…you see, if you watch her feet, you’ll notice she’s been doing the TEXAS 2-STEP for the last few weeks…she don’t know if she’s a face, a heel, a coward or a hero!. And you people are too stupid to know the difference between classes…. (She points to herself)


(Fans begin chanting “We Want Daisy–We Want Daisy–We Want Daisy!)

I said it Sunday Night and I’ll say it again….

Her royal highness, the Queen Bee, Mrs. DDT is the top BITCH in the business…and it doesn’t matter if you turn heel, turn face, or turn Thespian….

[Major boos as Zaranna leans over and holds up an Officer Order t-shirt.]

Zaranna said it Sunday Night and Zaranna will say it again….

Andy Chandler, I swear before every god I believe in that no matter what happens, you will not leave the Cow Palace tonight until I slap your head off with the Z-Blaster in the middle of the ring and you lay down and die like O f f I c e r M a y O r d e r . . .

A L L — H A I L — T H E – Q U E E N !

(Fans chant: ORDER! ORDER! as the screen turns black.)

Bishop: This San Franciscan crowd will not have anyone talk against their hometown heroes May Order and Daisy Butterfly.

Mutt: Well, face it, McFly has not shown loyalty to her fans. She’s had a media blackout for 2 weeks and when we last heard from her she didn’t say one way or another if she was gonna swerve Zaranna.

Bishop: And you gotta figure that the rulebreakers are loving this. Andrea Chandler and Heidi Leick must love the adversity between the two.

Mutt: Hey, don’t forget that Zaranna is a heel…she ain’t trying to suck up to the fans like Order is.

Bishop: Fans, let’s move on to our next match.

Bishop: Before we get to the next match up, we have words from the “Diamond Girl” Heidi Leick backstage.

Heidi Leick

[The camera opens into Mike Whalen standing at someone’s dressing room door, backstage at before GDWA Catfight,… The sounds of “Nobody’s Real” by Powerman 5000 is BLARING through the door. Mike’s banging on the door…to no avail… he turns the doorknob, sees that the door is open… he looks at the camera with a look of, oh well… here we go… shrugs his shoulders, then opens the door.]


[As the door opens, the camera opens into a scene of utter turmoil…there’s chairs , bottles, tables, mirrors & other things are broken, Mike see’s the stereo there.. pumping on 10 … he goes near it.. and lowers it..]

MW: That’s better. Wow! I thought my eardrums were going to burst…wow… I wonder what happened here… I guess Daisy Butterfly or Zaranna or somebody else that hates her must have got to her before we got here… ladies and gentlemen , Mike Whalen here at Saturday Nigh…


MW: Um… That would have been me….

[The camera zooms over to another door in the dressing room, most likely the bathroom and there stands Heidi Leick, her long blonde hair hanging down & wet. She’s dressed in a cut up to the midriff *Static-X* T-Shirt, cutoff denim shorts & black combat boots…she’s got a tattered blue flannel shirt wrapped around her waist by the sleeves… & by the looks of her.. she looks mighty pissed…]

Heidi Leick: Well…now that I know who it was… [Smiling evilly] TURN THE DAMN THING BACK ON!

MW: OK… right away! But Heidi… I’m supposed to…

HL: But nothing monkey boy… You’re supposed to ~do~ what I ~say~, when ~I~ say it… questions?

MW: Heidi… we have an interview scheduled… and I really can’t hear anything with that radio blasting…

HL: Hmm… [Bringing her right hand from her hip, towards her face, glancing at her fingernails, then placing her thumb under her chin & forefinger on her cheek, & cradling her right arm with her left] Then it seems we have a problem Sherlock…

MW: Well… [Smiling] Watson, what’s the solution?

HL: Huh? [Looking confused] Who the HELL are you talking to? Who’s Watson?

MW: You know… [Surprised look] Dr. Watson… partner of legendary detective Sherlock Holmes…, you mentioned Sherlock Holmes

HL: No… I did not…

MW: You did so!

HL: Are you calling me a liar?

MW: No! I’m not. I’m just pointing out that you made a reference, and I was trying to ad lib it. Never mind, I must have done a bad job.

HL: Well… No Shit Sherlock, you f’d up big time.


HL: D.

MW: Huh?

HL: You said C… I said D… now you say E…

MW: E? For what? What’s that mean?

HL: Oh my… [Raises her hand suddenly as Mike jumps back in fear] Didn’t your Mommy and Daddy teach you anything? [Laughs and looks at Mike in disbelief] It’s the ALPHABET you moron!

MW: I know it’s the alphabet Heidi. I was just wondering wha…

HL: Now Now… Be a good boy and tell the truth, and let’s not lie now Mike. Well, if you KNEW it… why didn’t you say it?

MW: …. [Looking at the camera, very frustrated and embarrassed, then turns back towards Heidi] Ok… You got me.

HL: Well, I don’t ~want~ you. [Folds her arms smugly] Now… what is it you came here for.

MW: An interview…

HL: Then why didn’t you say so?

MW: I DID!!!…. [MW grabs his head and holds it in his hands]

HL: Ok… Calm down, everything is going to be O-K. [Looks into the camera & whispers] he gets like this sometimes you know. We just have to make sure we force feed him Prozac. Shh! [looks back at Mike.] There there now. Are you OK? [Faking a caring emotion, as MW seems to calm down] Good… you look like you need a rest… [Taking the microphone]… here… you step into this room here, and lie down… Ok? [Smiling deviously] [Heidi leads Mike into the other room… and closes the door behind him. She padlocks it quickly… laughing evilly]

MW: Hey. Heidi? It’s kinda dark in here. Heidi? HEIDI!!! [Mike starts to bang on the door] LET ME OUTTA HERE!!.. COME ON HEIDI!

HL: Calm down. Why should I let you out of there? Give me a reason. One good reason besides “you said so”.

MW: I have to go to work…

HL: Nope. Not good enough. I can do your job tonight. And do it better.

MW: Come on Heidi. PLEASE!!

HL: Nope. You gotta tell me why I should let you out.

MW: Heidi. Come on. I can’t say it on TV. Ok, I’ll tell you, but shut the camera at least… please.

HL: Hmm. You’ll tell me. If I shut the camera off? Ok. Shut the camera off Mr. Cameraman [winks at the camera, as it still rolls] Ok. Go on.

MW: It’s off?

HL: Yep.

MW: You sure?

HL: Yep. Come on. You want out? SAY IT.

MW: OK. , I’m… Geez, this is so embarrassing. Ok. Ok. Just… don’t ~tell anyone else… I’m. I’m afraid of the dark…

HL: HA! I Leick this! [An evil smile crosses her face] LOUDER!! I CAN’T HEAR YOU


HL: Hmm. let’s see. Should I let you out? No


HL: Promised? No. I never promised anything. Well… since you asked. [Laughs] You’re YELLING at me for one… and I don’t ~Leick~ your tone of voice… Just ~Leick~ I Don’t Leick Daisy Butterfly, Zaranna and any of these other pathetic women. Especially Little Miss Rich Bitch An…

[Andrea strides in from off-camera, dressed in her wrestling togs, looking most displeased.]

Andrea Chandler: You were going to say my name, perhaps?

HL: Um…no! [She fidgets nervously] I was going to put down some *other* rich bitch….

AC: Well, we know how many of *those* there are around here. You know, Heidi…I’m beginning to get the impression that you don’t, um, “Leick” me very much.

HL: Andrea. You can’t be serious? [Mocking politeness] Me, not liking you? Absurd! [Smiles] You KNOW I LEICK you Andrea… and —

[Heidi is interrupted by more banging and pleading from the closet.]

AC: [getting a quizzical expression] what’s in the closet?

HC: You want to know what’s in the closet? [Nervously] This closet? [Andrea Nods] Oh, it’s nothing. Really Andrea…. [Smiles psychotically] really… it’s nothing.

[banging on the door & manic screams of ” HELP!!..” and ” LET ME OUT !!” can be heard occasionally as Heidi and Andrea look at the door, surprised at the force of the banging & loudness of the screams]

HC: Um… I mean No one. [Giggles] Oh Ok… Jeez. It’s Just the moron that came with the camera there. [Smiles like a Cheshire cat] Like I said… It’s Nothing.

AC: Whatever. Look, it’s time to go. Let’s get down to the ring.

[Andrea motions for them to leave and Heidi Leick grabs her Singapore Cane and the camera zooms back to the padlocked door, with loud screams coming from it. and it looks about to be busted down at the hinges]

Mutt: HA!

Bishop: Ha, what?

Mutt: They make a great team.

Bishop: Did you hear…

Mutt: Don’t worry about what you heard!

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is our MAIN EVENT!


Elimination Match: Andrea Chandler & Heidi Leick vs. Zaranna & Daisy Butterfly

Spud: It is a Tag Team SURVIVOR SERIES match up. In order for this match to conclude, all of the members of one team _must_ be eliminated.

(Fans all applaud and pop as Spud McKenzie looks over his notes.)

Spud: Introducing first, our very special guest referee…

(Fans pop as “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle blasts through the speakers.)

Spud: Hailing from right here in San Francisco, California…here is your special guest referee….o f f I c e r m a y o r d e r!


Bishop: Order bursting through the curtains, and the tears are streaming down her face…she has been cheered like this in years!

(Order heads down the aisle as fans chant: We LOVE Order!)

Bishop: Listen!

(Fans chant: We LOVE Order! We LOVE Order! We LOVE Order! )

Mutt: Order hopping into the ring, and she’s hot.

(Order slips through the ropes wearing black and white striped referee stripes and a silver badge on her chest. She stands waiting in the middle of the ring as the Spud McKenzie begins again.)

Spud: Introducing first…

[“Bad to the Bone” by George Thurgood and the Destroyers screams out over the arena, classic slide guitar riffs resonating in the eardrums of the listeners as the lights dim. Flash bulbs begin firing as the curtains part, allowing dry ice fog to billow through into the aisle.]

Spud: Coming to the ring first…standing five feet, eleven inches tall, and weighing in at 182 pounds…hailing from Long Island, New York…the “Rich Bitch”…Andrea Chandler!

[The boos swell to a peak as Andrea Chandler strides out, clad in her studded black bodybuilder’s bikini and a box-cut leather jacket. Her designer sunglasses reflect the shower of silver sparks that erupt along the entranceway. She smiles and puts her hands on her hips as she soaks in the negative fan reaction, smug and satisfied. Andrea stops halfway down the aisle, grinning with supreme confidence at the rabble. She saunters toward the ring, then ascends the steps and enters the ring.]

Bishop: Andrea Chandler sneering at Officer Order. She was not informed until tonight that she would be the surprise referee.

Mutt: Yeah, that’s because it was a…surprise.

Bishop: Anyway, let’s move on.

Spud: And her tag team partner…Hailing from Brooklyn, New York!

(MAJOR boos as fans hear ‘Volcano Girls’ by Veruca Salt.)

Spud: She is 5 feet 7 inches, 135 pounds…here is Heidi Leick!

(Heidi scurries down to the ring brandishing a Singapore Cane. She slides into the ring and slaps the cane against the ropes.)

Mutt: Officer Order warning Heidi about her cane, and Heidi grabbing the back of her neck!

Bishop: I don’t see the humor in that. She almost broke Order’s neck…anyway, these New Yorkers are about to face 2 women who are very angry at them.

(Fans begin chanting: We want Daisy! We want Daisy!)

Mutt: You know, Bishop, this is the first time Order and Leick have been eye to eye since Heidi laid her out! And I gotta tell ya, Heidi has Order just intimidated as all hell.

Bishop: That’s not true.

Spud: And their opponent.

(Fans boo as they hear “Flight of the Valkyries” by Wagner.)

Spud: Hailing from Sydney, Australia! She is 5 feet 6, 145 pounds, here is Zzzzzzzzzzzzaranna!

(Fans all boo as Zaranna comes out wearing a black and pink gown. Her long blond hair blows behind her as the pyrotechnics go off.)

Bishop: Zaranna at the top of the ramp way, and she’s just staring into the ring.

Mutt: And I think the…excuse the pun…the butterflies are running around in her stomach. She’s wanted Andrea Chandler for a long time…well now she’s got her…does Zaranna know what to do with her?

(Fans chant: We Want Daisy! We Want Daisy! as Zaranna heads down the aisle.)

Bishop: Zaranna waiting by the ring steps, and Andrea Chandler dipping through the ropes, daring her to enter the ring.

Mutt: Zaranna tossing her robe to a ring boy and…

(!!! MAJOR POP as the lights go out!!!!)

Spud: and her tag team partner!

(~FURIOUS~ cheers as Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” rolls in over the PA with the opening drum beat. As soon as the electric bass line kicks, huge red and white fountain pyros explode at the aisle way entrance with a giant bang.)

Bishop: And here comes Daisy!

(..the lights are raised, the smoke clears and Daisy Butterfly stands in a matter-of-fact pose, arms crossed, smirking as she looks down the aisle at Zaranna in the ring.)

Bishop: Listen to the ovation!

(Fans scream: Don’t sell out! — Don’t Sell out! — Don’t Sell Out!)

(Ringsiders chant: “We Love Daisy!” – “We Love Daisy” as Daisy heads down the aisle. She wears a red sleeveless one-piece bodysuit; the midriff exposed to show her chiseled abs; and white shoot fight style boots and kneepads. Her face is painted half black and half red as she scurries down the aisle.)

Bishop: Daisy waiting at ringside with her tag partner, and Zaranna looking on at her suspiciously.

(Fans scream: Don’t sell out! — Don’t Sell out! — Don’t Sell Out!)

Mutt: Daisy with tears in her eyes as all the fans are on their feet.

Bishop: They are giving her a hometown welcome here in San Fran.

(Fans chant: We ~ love ~ Daisy! clap-clap-clap- We ~ love ~ Daisy!)

Bishop: Daisy in disbelief as she and Zaranna enter the ring. Zaranna backing into the ring corner, and Daisy is still in awe by this reception.

Mutt: Andrea Chandler and Heidi conversing, and it looks like the Diamond Girl is going to start out…I like that strategy. We know Zaranna wants to cut Andrea’s throat…make her wait!

Bishop: Zaranna in the ring, and Order trying to keep the two apart…but….

(Fans pop as Heidi and Zaranna trade punches.)


Bishop: Zaranna backing off, and the extreme athlete pounding away. Zaranna backing into a corner, and Heidi charging in…


(Fans chant: We Want Daisy! We Want Daisy! We Want Daisy! )

Bishop: And another, and another! Heidi is dazed, and Zaranna with a head of steam and a Swinging Axe Handle to the head…

(Fans pop as Zaranna climbs the turnbuckles.)

Mutt: Heidi underestimating the brawling capabilities of this technical athlete, and now Zaranna up high.

Bishop: Heidi up to her feet and Zaranna FLYING OFF WITH A LARIAT.

(Fans pop as Zaranna heads for her corner.)

Mutt: The tag is made!

(FANS POP: daisy-rocks! daisy-rocks! daisy-rocks! daisy-rocks!)

Bishop: Zaranna with a pick up and Irish Whips Heidi to the far side…

Mutt: Heidi bouncing off and Daisy and Zaranna connect with a Double Back Body Drop.

(Fans all whistle as Daisy picks up Heidi.)

Bishop: A Waistlock takedown by Daisy, and she slides across Heidi’s back, slapping on a frontface lock.

(Fans all applaud as Zaranna looks on eagerly.)

Mutt: Heidi working her way up to her feet…Daisy is still wearing a cast from when her arm was broken…she doesn’t have much strength in it.

Bishop: Heidi up now, and shoving against Daisy and now charges her but Heidi drops down to the mat. And now Heidi quickly back up and a tag to Andrea Chandler…

(Fans all whistle as Zaranna calls on Daisy.)

Mutt: Daisy needs to maintain a quick tempo with this one. Quick tags and high flying tactics…she ain’t even ready to be back in the ring.

Bishop: Daisy with the tag, and Zaranna catapults herself into the ring.

Mutt: Zaranna and Andrea encircling, and Zaranna slaps Chandler!

(Fans all go: Whooooooooooo! as Zaranna hops through the ropes to the outside.)

Bishop: Now it is Zaranna playing the waiting game as Officer Order lays in the count.

Order: 2………………………………………………3

Mutt: And I like her officiating…just let them 4 settle it amongst themselves. Don’t get your hands dirty.

Bishop: And I like the tag work…notice that Zaranna and Daisy are working as an actual team.

(Fans renew the chant of: Daisy Rocks! Daisy Rocks! Daisy Rocks!)

Order: ………………………………..4………………

Bishop: A rather protracted count by the San Franciscan referee as Zaranna returns to the ring.

Mutt: And look at Andrea, she’s ready to tie up, and Zaranna telling Double O to back her off.

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit.

Bishop: So much history between these two. Zaranna cost Andrea her World title years ago, masquerading as a new member of her syndicate stable. These two have escalated their war of words to the boiling point.

Mutt: Andrea crouching and begging Zaranna into the ring as she climbs through the ropes.

Bishop: Collar and elbow tie up and Zaranna quickly with a Side Headlock. And she’s grinding down on it as Heidi looks on. Daisy anxiously awaits as Chandler slaps on a Waistlock…

Mutt: But Zaranna right into the ropes, and she’s demanding Andrea let go…

Bishop: But Chandler firing away with shots to the head.

(Fans boo while Officer Order forces Chandler away.)

Mutt: And now Zaranna diving into the two of them, and firing away with European Uppercuts to the head….


(Fans pop!)



Bishop: And now Chandler backing off, warning Double O as Zaranna gets up to one knee.

Mutt: Order is not playing around with either team, and even Daisy is surprised by all of this.

Bishop: Order pointing to each woman to continue the action, and now Zaranna is up to her feet. Zaranna slow to move in, and it is Chandler now with European Uppercuts.

Mutt: Zaranna is dazed, and now Chandler making the smart tag. An Irish Whip to the far ropes and Andrea catches her for a Military Press…

Bishop: No, Zaranna with a Headscissors Takedown!

Mutt: Heidi in the ring and Zaranna with a Dropkick!

(Fans pop as Zaranna scampers across the ring and tags.)

Order: …………………………..3………………

Bishop: All 4 women in the ring and Zaranna with another Dropkick to Andrea Chandler. She falls into the corner and Zaranna with a head of steam and NAILS A RUNNING LARIAT IN THE CORNER!

(Fans pop as Daisy Butterfly backs Heidi into the corner.)

Bishop: Daisy with an Irish Whip and Zaranna with a BELLY 2 BELLY SUPLEX!

(Fans pop as Heidi clutches her back.)

Bishop: But Andrea comes running out of the corner and . . . nails her from behind with a Forearm to the back of the head!

(Mixed cheers as Officer Order grabs Heidi and hurries her out of the ring.)

Bishop: Daisy leaves the ring, and May has restored order to the ring.

Mutt: Andrea with a pick up and European Uppercuts to the head! And another! And another! Zaranna is dazed, and Andrea with a Waistlock and a stomach breaker…

(Fans all boo as Chandler spits down on her opponent.)

Bishop: Daisy wants in the ring.

Mutt: Andrea with a tag, and she picks up Zaranna and slaps her head between her legs. A waistlock…

Bishop: Oh no.

Mutt: she hoists her up for a Powerbomb….

Bishop: And Leick comes off the ropes with a frontface lock and a Neckbreaker…


(Fans all boo as Heidi Leick makes the cover.)

Order: 1………………………………..2……………no!

(Fans chant: We Want Daisy! We Want Daisy! We Want Daisy! )

Mutt: A great combination Neckbreaker Powerbomb, and Zaranna is laying on the canvas in pain.

(Fans chant: We Want Daisy! We Want Daisy! We Want Daisy! )

Bishop: These fans have heard the threats made by Rekka Sakura and Zaranna…they claim she’ll turn her back on them. And this is a gut check for Zaranna…she’s got to make the tag and bring in San Francisco’s hero…perhaps Grand Dragon’s hero.

Mutt: Yeah, but I smell a swerve coming!

(Fans all stomping their feet as Heidi Leick picks up Zaranna.)

Bishop: Heidi pounding away on the Legend, and now a Side headlock. The Zster is in trouble as Heidi picks up a head of steam…

Mutt: B U LL D O G !

(Fans all booing as Heidi Leick twirls to her feet.)

Bishop: Leick measuring her and nailing a LEGDROP! Zaranna crawling for the ropes, and Heidi measuring her and stuttering forward….legdrop!

(Fans all booing as Heidi heads over to her corner.)

Mutt: Zaranna into the ropes, and both women with a pick up. An Irish Whip to the far ropes as Heidi runs to the side ropes and Andrea runs to the opposite side.

Bishop: Zaranna meets them at the middle of the ring and Heidi hits a chop block….


(Fans all booing and pop: WE WANT DAISY! WE WANT DAISY!!)

Bishop: Andrea Chandler is the legal woman, but no cover. A pick up by Chandler and she slaps Zaranna’s head between her legs…


Order: 1…………………2……………….kick out!

Spud: 15 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit.

Bishop: Andrea back up and Zaranna rolling for the ropes, but Andrea stomping away on her.

Mutt: Order trying to get Andrea away, and she shoves Order!

(Fans all pop as Order shoves her back.)

Bishop: Zaranna up to her feet, up against the ropes, and Chandler still arguing with Zaranna. Chandler firing away with European Uppercuts, and the Zster is dazed.

(Fans chant: Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! )

Bishop: An Irish Whip right into a high knee as Zaranna doubles over to the mat.

(Fans all boo as Andrea backs into the ropes.)

Bishop: Chandler with stutter steps forward and NAILS a knee drop to the head!

Order: 1……………………….2……………….no!

(Fans pop as Zaranna kicks out.)

Mutt: Daisy has got to get into that ring.

Bishop: Andrea with a pick up and she tries to apply a pumphandle, but Zaranna with a standing switch and applies a German Suplex!!!

Order: 1……………………………kick out!

(Fans gasp as she kicks out at the 1 count.)

Bishop: Both women up to their feet and Zaranna with a _DEEP_ European Uppercut! Andrea dazed and frontface lock….

Mutt: S w I n g I n g – N e c k b r e a k e r !


Bishop: Zaranna surprising her with her quickness, and now she’s crawling for her corner. . .

(Fans all cheering and stomping as Daisy leans through the ropes.)

Bishop: and the]T]A]G] is made!!!

(((Major pop as Daisy hops into the ring.)))

Bishop: A pick up and Daisy with an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Andrea bouncing off and Daisy with a high back body drop!

(Fans all pop!)

Mutt: Zaranna resting on the ropes as Daisy whips Andrea to the far corner. Andrea hits hard, and Daisy sprints after her with a head of steam…

(Fans all scream as Andrea Chandler dives out of the way.)

Mutt: oh damn!

Bishop: …oh no!

(Fans all screaming as Daisy’s arm hits the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: Her cast shattered!

(Fans all screaming as Officer Order slides over to help Daisy.)

Bishop: Chandler shoving May Order out of the way, and slaps on the Wakigatame!!!

((Fans all booing as Order immediately calls for the bell.))

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 16 minutes and 23 seconds, Daisy Butterfly has been eliminated.

Bishop: What?

Mutt: My God, Daisy has lost in her hometown, and Zaranna reaching into her tights.

(Fans continue to scream as Zaranna storms the ring.)

Bishop: Order calling on the paramedics and Zaranna waiting behind Andrea Chandler. Andrea turning around….AND ZARANNA NAILS HER!

(Fans all pop as Andrea crumbles to the canvas.)

Mutt: Zaranna tossing that foreign object out of the ring, and Heidi Leick is screaming.

Bishop: Order spinning around, and she’s asking the question.

Mutt: And of course Zaranna denies it. Zaranna now with a pick up, and Andrea is just dazed.

Mutt: Chandler up to her feet and Zaranna with a High Knee Lift and double Arm underhook….Butterfly Suplex!

(Fans all pop as Heidi Leick dips through the ropes.)


(MAJOR POP as Leick hits the canvas!)

Bishop: Zaranna stomping away on Chandler, and now a pick up. Frontface lock, *snap* Suplex!

Mutt: And a bridge!

Order: 1…………2…………no!

Mutt: That was a quick count!

Bishop: Was not!

Mutt: Order is biased.

Bishop: Andrea back up and Zaranna drives a shoulder to the midsection. The Z-ster swings around her body and . . .


(Fans all popping while Heidi Leick climbs the buckles.)

Mutt: Zaranna rolling around, rocking into the hold as Andrea squirms in agony.

Bishop: Andrea saying no, but she’s in the middle of the ring.

Mutt: Zaranna said she’d cheat…and as they cart Daisy B out of here, she has taken advantage of the referee situation. Order is biased and blind as a bat!

(Fans all rise as Heidi balances on the top turnbuckle.)

Bishop: Chandler screaming and Heidi comes flying off the top…

(Fans all rise to their feet.)

Bishop: AND **HITS** the elbowdrop!

(Fans ALL BOO!)

Bishop: Both Zaranna and Andrea are down, and Heidi just so crazy, she may have done more harm than good. I think she was trying to hurt Andrea Chandler.

Mutt: Allen Bishop, that doesn’t even pass the smell test.

Bishop: Oh yeah? If she pins Zaranna, Andrea will come away with 2 wins tonight…you don’t think that’ll affect the brackets for the world title tournament?

Mutt: Humbug! Anyway, Order shoving Heidi into the corner, and now Heidi is shoving Order.

(Fans all rise and give a standing ovation as Daisy B is carried away from ringside.)

Bishop: Chandler up first, and she is pissed. Chandler stomps away on her nemesis, and now a Double Leg pick up…

(Dawg Pound all rise and bark as she grapevines the legs.)

Bishop: Zaranna shaking her head no, and Chandler leaning into the Scorpion Deathlock!

((Fans chant: We Want Daisy! We Want Daisy! We Want Daisy! ))

Bishop: These loyal San Franciscans still want their hero back out here.

(The camera focuses on Andrea Chandler’s face where it shows the area around her eye beginning to swell.)

Bishop: Chandler has the hold securely in place…she’s gonna put this away with the Scorpion Deathlock.

Mutt: And Zaranna screaming out to God. You know she doesn’t want to give up.

((Fans all rise as Order asks the question.))

Bishop: Andrea leaning into the hold, and Zaranna will not quit.

(Ringsiders chant: DDT! DDT! DDT! DDT! DDT! DDT! )

Mutt: Andrea and Heidi have worked on the neck all night long, but not the back. Zaranna has wrestled most of this match, but she’s renowned as having the best endurance in wrestling in her prime.

Bishop: But she is not in her prime, and Andrea will not relent.

Mutt: Zaranna shaking her head no, and tears are streaming down her face…

Bishop: Andrea releasing, so frustrated, and Zaranna cursing her out. Andrea stomping away on her, and now a pick up. Zaranna with a quick European Uppercut, and Andrea backs up.

Mutt: Zaranna stumbling backwards, and Andrea Chandler with a grab and a whip to the far side.

Bishop: Zaranna bouncing off and ANDREA with a Tilt a Whirl….


(Fans all boo as Chandler hooks the leg for the pinfall.)

Order: ………………………..1…………………



 Spud: 25 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit.

(Fans begin to whistle as Zaranna gets the shoulder up.)

Bishop: Andrea shaking her head as she picks up the Zster. A frontface lock and Andrea Chandler drapes the arm. She hoists her up…no!

(Fans pop as Zaranna blocks.)

Bishop: A second attempt….no!

Mutt: Andrea with a forearm to the lower back, and Zaranna drops to her knees.

(Fans all boo as Andrea Chandler points down at her.)

Bishop: Heidi Leick calling for the tag, but Chandler with an Irish Whip to the near ropes. Zaranna bouncing off and Andrea with a Military Press…

(Fans all pop as she loses her grip.)

Bishop: Zaranna lands on her feet as Andrea turns around.

Mutt: front face lock….. Z-blaster d. d. T.

(((!!!!MAJOR POP!!!!)))

Bishop: Heidi Leick storming the ring and Officer Order with a Dropkick?!?!?!

(((!!!!MAJOR POP!!!!)))

Bishop: Order with the cover!

Order: 1………2…….3!

((((Thunderous cheers as Order points over to Spud McKenzie!!!)))))

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 28 minutes and 13 seconds, Andrea Chandler has been eliminated!

Mutt: What?!

(((!!!!MAJOR POP!!!!)))

Mutt: that was a fast count!!! Did you see that?!

Bishop: it was not!

Mutt: And what referee dropkicks a wrestler out of the ring?!

(Fans all popping as Zaranna shows a weary grin and raises her arm.)

Bishop: Heidi storming the ring, and stomping away on the Zster. Heidi with a pick up and hard right hands to the head now. An Irish Whip to the far corner, and now, Heidi with a head of steam and….


(Fans all boo as Heidi Leick picks up Zaranna.)

Bishop: Order rolling the dazed Chandler out of the ring as Heidi slaps Zaranna’s head between her legs. Waistlock pick up…..POWERBOMB!

Order: 1……………………………………



((Fans chant: Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy!))

Mutt: Heidi complaining about a long count as she picks up Zaranna by her hair and Snap mares her over. And now Heidi drops and Elbowdrop to the head of Zaranna.

Bishop: Order looking on as Zaranna crawls for the far corner. Heidi with a pick up and shoves her into the corner.

Mutt: But time is running short, and Andrea Chandler is on the outside grabbing a chair.

Bishop: An Irish Whip to the near ropes as Heidi waits on Zaranna. She bounces off the ropes and Heidi with a Double Leg pick up for a S p I n e b u s….

Mutt: …no, she counters with a frontface lock…..

Bishop: ! ! ! ! z – b L A S T ER d. d. T. ! ! ! !

Order: (1)



 ((Fans all groan as Zaranna slaps the canvas in dismay.))

Bishop: Heidi Leick with the biggest move of the night.

Mutt: Both women slow to their feet, and Zaranna with HARD Euro Uppercuts to the head. Andrea is on the edge of her seat as Zaranna Irish Whips Heidi to the near ropes.

Bishop: Heidi bouncing off and Zaranna with a Superkick….

Mutt: Ducked by Heidi. Zaranna turning around…

Bishop: And Heidi _misses_ the Back elbow!

((Fans cheer as Zaranna runs to the far ropes!))

Bishop: Zaranna bouncing off and Heidi Leick with a Spinning Heel Kick. Zaranna doubles over and Heidi applies a standing leg grapevine….

Mutt: Side Russian Legsweep!

(Fans all boo as Heidi lays on the stomach, breathing hard.)

Spud: 1 minute left! 60 seconds remain.

Bishop: Heidi with a pick up, and now elbowsmashes to the head. A frontface lock and a *snap* pick up….

(Fans all gaze in awe as she holds her up in the air.)

Bishop: f *I* *S* H* E* R* M* A* N*’S * B*U*S*T*E*R

Order: …………………………..1




(Fans all boo as they hear Volcano Girls blast through the pa)

Bishop: Andrea Chandler immediately storming the ring, and now it is a 2 on one on Zaranna.

(Fans all POP as Officer Order charges Andrea Chandler.)

Bishop: Order with a Karate chop! And Heidi backs off!

Mutt: But Chandler with a forearm shot from behind, and now she stomps away on the San Franciscan native.

(Fans all pop as Lady Tiger sprints down the aisle.)

Mutt: The fur faced pansy storming the ring, and Heidi grabs her by the back of her mask, and tosses her right back out of the ring!

(Fans all boo as Andrea tosses Order out of the ring.)

Bishop: OH no. Andrea and Heidi picking up Zaranna now, and tying her up into the ropes.

Mutt: She’s helpless!

((Thunderous boo as Andrea Chandler demands Spud McKenzie’s mic.))

Andrea: Zaranna. You just don’t get it, do you? You’re obsolete. Yesterday’s news. You’re too weak, too slow, too *stupid* to keep up with young players like Heidi and me. You get in this ring with one or both of us, and every time you’re leaving on your back.

(Andrea jerks her head back by the hair. She pants heavily as Heidi kicks Lady Tiger out of the ring again.)

Andrea: So I’ve got a message for you and your other old school pals, Lanny Manson and Officer Order: get out while you still can. Because the longer you stay, the more painful it’s going to be. You’re leaving here on your own power because we’re letting you. But as long as you *pretenders* are here claiming that you had legitimate reigns as world champions, I’m going to bring the heat down and burn you all to ashes. Consider this your final warning.

(Fans ALL pop as Rekka Sakura sprints down the aisle.)

Bishop: Rekka sliding into the ring, and Heidi nailing away with right hand punches…

Mutt: But Rekka tosses her into the corner, and firing away with Karate Chops to the chest!

(Fans cheer as Order slides into the ring.)

Bishop: Hold on, someone is running down the aisle. She cuts Order off at the pass. Andrea nailing Rekka from behind, and Order getting up to her feet….

Mutt: ….inverted face lock…..

[[[D I a m o n d C u t t e r]]

((Thunderous boos as the woman stands over Officer Order.))



((Fans all boo as they toss Rekka Sakura out of the ring.))

Bishop: Duran does not have a wrestling contract with the GDWA. What the hell?!

Mutt: And now Heidi, Duran and Andrea begging any of the fallen heroes to re-enter the ring.

(Fans boo as GDWA officials head down the aisle and check on Zaranna.)

Bishop: My God! Heidi, Andrea, and now Duran…Duran is back, and can these 3 be stopped!

(Fans continue to boo as Rekka Sakura helps Officer Order to her feet.)

Bishop: Lady Tiger shaking her head as Sakura points out to Andrea Chandler. Dear God, Grand Dragon has been invaded by the “Legend’ Micki Duran.

(The camera fades out as the three rulebreakers stand in the middle of the ring, triumphant.)


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