Rachel Edwards battles Jennifer Grier in the main event.

Bloody Mary

(Scene is Bloody Mary dressed in her familiar wrestling togs of red top and briefs and red boots, her hair tied back in a ponytail. She is in a darkened gym with one light trained on her as she pounds away at the heavy bag working up a sweat that makes her skin shine in the light. She stops catching her breath and addresses the camera.)

Bloody Mary: Seventh place in the rankings, no wins, no losses, no draws, that’s where the GDWA has put me so far. Strange, I recall a debacle of a tag team match I was in that I dubiously won. I say that I won, because my (pause, then in a terse staccato tone) partner, Anais Exotica decided to take a powder and my opponents Rachel Edwards and Amanda Reese decided they would rather fight each other more than me.

(Mock frustrated tone) But I did win being the only true professional in that ring that night. But the GDWA back to their old tricks of screwing me out of my due, haven’t listed this in my win column… but then maybe it’s just the better. That really wasn’t something I want on my record.

And now incredibly enough the one that got the worst beating from the whole thing, from HER OWN tag team partner (in a proud sarcastic tone) and of course plenty of cuts and bruises from me, Amanda Reese, has decided to (puzzled gesture) challenge me. AGAIN! ARE YOU CRAZY?! (Rubs her chin) After our match I intend on offering Reese’s Pieces to everyone, and not necessarily the peanut candies, get me! (She winks and chuckles)

But wait! You’ve got your friend Marissa Monet now watching your back, don’t you? Well, if the thought that Marissa might be ringside is supposed to intimidate me. Think again! (Enter Ana Conda) Some people might call me insane but I am not crazy. If you intend on having Marissa interfere, my personal trainer here is going to be right there watching out for me! Oh, don’t worry, Amanda. It’s just going to be you and me in the ring. Ana is strictly blocking interference. Shell be ready for Marissa and I’m ready for you. But I don’t think you’re ready for me. Not for a second beating from the REAL, Queen of Extreme, the Baroness of Brawlers, Bloody Mary!

Ysee, I’m not Black Lotus who’s just a shadow of her former self. Although that was an impressive win by you…and Marissa. But unlike you I’ve now had plenty of time to rest up and work out my game plan. Although I’m always ready. I am ready for you. See ya, Amanda.

(Gives a little wave then points her finger) Oh and Marissa, you want to challenge me? Consider it met. Bye.

Scene opens up on a jammed packed Arco Arena in Sacramento, California. “Tom Sawyer” by RUSH starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of old school Grand Dragon fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


(Fans all scream & wave signs as the camera pans around the arena. Fans wave signs saying: “Sacramento is Rekka country” & “We love Daisy”. The camera then pans back over to ringside where a tall Canadian white male sits beside a robust Creole man with a beer in his hand.)

Bishop: Fans, welcome back to another edition of the TUESDAY NIGHT CATFIGHT! I’m Allen Bishop along with Sam Mutt and special commentator for the evening, Sonya Blade.

Mutt: Who invited her here?

Blade: *I* did! Anyway, I’ll only be around for the Cruiserweight bouts.

Mutt: Sounds like self-interest to me, you used to be a Cruiserweight. (Looks her up and down.) Hell, you still are a Cruiserweight. Is it true what they say about…you know…”little girls”?

Blade: SAM MUTT!!!

Bishop: (Clears his throat) Ahem, anyway fans, let’s get to the action…the wrestling action that is. We have Officer Order facing newcomer Dina in the Cruiserweight tournament action.

Blade: On the Sunday Night Tease they spoke of her having a mysterious ancestry…

Mutt: Well, mystery or no mystery, it won’t take much to take advantage of Officer Order’s neck injury! Thanks to Heidi Leick, Order will be a quick exit in this tournament.

Bishop: Speaking of the tournament, in the Main Event tonight, Rachel “Ice” Edwards faces Jennifer Grier in a must win second round matchup of the tourney.

Blade: The technical master against the high flying action of Grier…this is gonna be a tough bout!

Mutt: Well, we have two heavyweight division bouts as well. How about great brawler Bloody Mary against the jaded Amanda Reese?

Blade: Reese is not jaded, you’ll see, she’s just going through a phase.

Bishop: And in our opening bout tonight, Princess Yamaguchi faces Panda Nakahara. Fans, Spud is waiting in the ring. Let’s take you to the action!

(Fans all cheering as the spotlight centers around Spud McKenzie in the ring. He stands still in the middle of the ring until the fans settle down.)

McKenzie: Before we begin, before we present to you the greatest athletes in the wrestling world today, the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance has but one question to ask you….

(Fans P O P : A R E Y O U R E A D Y !!)

Spud: That’s right . . . I said Are you ready!?

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!)

Spud: I can’t hear you!…..I said ARE YOU READY?!

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Spud: Then Let’s Get Rrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrumble!!!

(Fans cheer as horns go off & Spud McKenzie stands poised in the ring.)

Panda Nahahara vs. Princess Yamaguchi

Spud: Our first contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit. Already in the ring, she stands 5 feet 7 inches, 195 pounds…representing the Michiko Kubota dojo, hailing from Tokyo, Japan, here is….Panda Nahahara!

(Minor rustling in the stands as Panda bows and kneels in the corner, straightening her knee pads. She wears a white singlet with black leggings and boots. Her hair is bound in two pony tails in the back.)

Bishop: Sonya, do you have any information on this wrestler?

Blade: Well, she’s 18 years old and had made a splash on the junior’s circuit in Japan…this is her first immersion in the big leagues.

Bishop: We know that Minako “Princess” Yamaguchi has experience in Japan…she was part of the famous RINGST*RS promotion a few years back and has made a splash in the JIWWA. This could be a great match of complimenting styles.

Mutt: Oh no doubt! But the Cruiserweight Princess better watch out for Panda…she’s a big girl at 190 plus pounds. All she has to do is sit on her right and Panda will earn a 3-count.

Spud: And her opponent…

(Minor cheers as fans hear Madonna’s “Ray of Light”.)

Spud: Hailing from Osaka, Japan . . . she is 5 feet 10 inches, 125 pounds, here is Princess Yamaguchi!

(As Madonna’s “Ray of Light” blares over the speakers, the fans rise to their feet, awaiting the arrival of Princess Yamaguchi. As the young beauty steps from behind the curtains, she is met by minor cheers by ringsiders.)

Bishop: The Princess heading down the aisle, and we have to wonder what lays in store in her future. She faces Lady Tiger soon in the sudden death bracket of the C-weight title tourney…

Blade: And it is gonna be tough for each lady…the loser is out for good! The winner lasts until the NEXT round where her place in the tournament is precariously settled by a win. The sudden death round is nowhere to be.

Mutt: Yeah, but first things first. She could really use a win here tonight…Lida Yanagisawa put a foot in her ass a few weeks ago. She could use a win streak to get her going.

(Yamaguchi wears a white, sports bra, with baby blue trim, and a matching, frilly, micro-mini skirt. She completes the look with white, kicking pads and matching, Asics, tennis shoes. Her long, silky, raven locks fall straight to the small of her back. With a dazzling smile, she casually strolls to ringside, slapping hands and signing autographs along the way. The referee holds the ropes open for Yamaguchi, allowing her to enter. Looking out at the fans, Princess Yamaguchi smiles and waves out to them.)

Bishop: Both ladies in the ring and the referee going over the rules. Funny, Panda is a big woman, but the Princess is a few inches taller than she.

Mutt: And she makes Yamaguchi look like a pogo stick.

Bishop: The ref talking things over with both ladies, and here we go. Let’s hook em up!


Bishop: Both women encircling one another and the Princess reaching in but Panda with a Forearm shot to the head! Yamaguchi hits the canvas hard, and Panda stomping away on her.

Blade: The power advantage going to Panda. Panda now with a pick up and tosses her into the near corner. And now Panda charging in…


(Minor cheers as the larger Panda Nakahara doubles over.)

Bishop: And now Yamaguchi with STRONG kicks to the head of Panda! Panda is dazed as the taller Yamaguchi fires away with shots to the eyes and jaw.

Mutt: Panda stumbling backwards, and Yamaguchi with an Axe Kick!

(Fans pop as Panda falls to the canvas, clutching her shoulder.)

Bishop: A pick up by Princess Yamaguchi and an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Yamaguchi with a head of steam….!


(Mixed cheers as Princess Yamaguchi plummets to the mat.)

Mutt: What the hell is that?

(Ringsiders laugh as Panda waddles around the ring, swimming her arms and waving her legs.)

Bishop: (Laughing) A Panda dance?

(Mixed cheers as Panda backs into the near ropes.)

Bishop: Panda bouncing off and…Jumps up for a Splash…


(Minor cheers as Panda rolls around the ring.)

Mutt: There she goes again with attacks to the ribs. Princess is very focused tonight. Panda needs to use her strength advantage and stop running around.

Bishop: A pick up by the Princess and a STRONG kick to the jaw of Panda. Panda stumbling backwards and Princess with a scoop…

(Fans all pop as they admire the Yamaguchi’s strength.)


Mutt: The whole ring shook!

(Fans pop as Yamaguchi heads for the far ropes.)

Bishop: Panda is shaken, but she’s rolling up to her knees. Yamaguchi climbing up the turnbuckles as Panda gets to her feet. Panda turning around and charging the corner…


(Fans all pop as Yamaguchi scampers over to make the lateral press.)

Ref: 1……………………2………………..kick out.

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Blade: Yamaguchi is hot. A pick up and she slaps Panda’s head between her legs….

Bishop: The Princess slapping on a Waistlock, trying to hoist her up….

Mutt: But Panda with a High Back Body Block!

Bishop: Princess is down, and Panda with a pick up and slaps on a Full Nelson…hoists her up high into the air AND TOSSES HER DOWN ON HER TAIL!

(The Dawg Pound applauds as most fans cheer.)

Mutt: Princess Yamaguchi with a huge mistake. You don’t try to Powerbomb a woman who is 70 pounds heavier than you.

Bishop: Panda with great power, and now, Panda measures her and _DROPS_ a Headbutt to the forehead of Yamaguchi. The Cruiserweight is hurt, and now Panda with a Double Leg pick up….


Ref: ………………………1


 ………………………kick out!

(Mixed cheers as Panda Nakahara kicks out.)

Bishop: Princess rolling into the ropes as Panda quickly gets to her feet. The ref wants a break…and Panda backs off?

(Most fans boo as the Dawg Pound applauds her sportswomanship.)

Bishop: Princess up to her feet and the ref resumes the match. Panda charging in and firing away with Forearm Smashes to the head.

Blade: Princess is dazed, and now Panda with an Irish Whip to the far side, no, reversal?

Mutt: Panda to the far side as Princess waits in the middle of the ring. Panda bouncing off and PRINCESS YAMAGUCHI WITH A SPINNING HEEL KICK!

(Fans pop!)

Bishop: Princess garnering up her strength, and now Yamaguchi runs for the side ropes. Panda up to her feet…!


Mutt: BUT Panda catches her in midair and –counters– with a Sidewalk slam!

(The Dawg Pound pops!)

Mutt: The power!

Blade: She’s just a Cruiserweight, and now Panda Nahahara with the Panda dance, as she saunters around the ring.

(Fans all whistling and cheering as Panda picks her up.)

Mutt: A frontface lock and she hoists her up into the air…. V E R T I C A L S U P L E X !

Ref: 1…………………….2………………..1/2!

(Fans all whistle and cheer as Princess gets the shoulder up.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Mutt: That was a gut check!

Blade: These Cruiserweights must be accustomed to wrestling bigger and heavier wrestlers. They must be especially careful against these Superheavyweights like Panda, Monet and Chandler.

Bishop: A pick up by Panda, and she fires away with Forearm Smashes to the head. Princess falling back into the ropes, and Panda now with a Headbutt to the head!

Mutt: Princess hanging halfway through the ropes, and Panda now grabbing her by the tights, and scoops her up…BODYSLAM!

Ref: 1…………………….2……………………ROPE!

(Fans gasp as Panda slaps the canvas in frustration.)

Bishop: A pick up by Panda an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Panda with a head of steam as Princess bounces off and…>DUCKS< the Clothesline!

(Fans pop as Princess heads to the far ropes.)

Bishop: Panda turning around and Princess **SPRINGBOARDS** OFF AND NAILS A TUMBLEWEED!


Blade: Panda up and Princess with a Small Package!

Ref: 1……………………2…………………kick out!

Blade: Both women up and Princess Yamaguchi backing up….

Mutt: That’s a mistake!

Bishop: Panda charging in after her as Princess backs into the corner!


Blade: Panda looking around the arena, and now creeping in. Princess has her back to the turnbuckles. Panda charging in and Princess with a STRONG KICK TO THE RIBS!

(Fans pop!)

Bishop: And another!

((Fans pop!!))

Blade: And another!

((!!! Fans pop !!!))

Bishop: And now Princess with an Axe Kick, and Panda drops to one knee…

Mutt: and Yamaguchi with a scoop and . . . MICHINOKU DRIVER!!!

(The Dawg Pound applauds as Princess Yamaguchi heads for the near corner.)

Blade: Panda is down! Panda is down!

Bishop: …and Princess is climbing up to the top…

(Fans all stand as Yamaguchi holds her back.)

Bishop: Yamaguchi spinning around, facing the fans and Moonsaults….

(Fans all POP as she ~c o rk s c r e w s~ through the air….)

Mutt: S K Y – T W I S T E R – P R E S S

Ref: …………..1




(Fans ALL pop!!!)

Bishop: Panda clutching her midsection still as Princess Yamaguchi holds her back.

Blade: Great comeback with by the Princess. Panda so close, but the Princess is the better woman tonight.

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 9 minutes 23 seconds, your winner via pinfall…Princess Yamaguchi!

(Minor cheers as Madonna’s “Ray of Light” blasts through the p.a.)

Bishop: Both women slow to their feet, and Yamaguchi offers her hand.

Blade: And Panda bows!

(The Dawg Pound cheers as Yamaguchi bows, then shakes hands with Panda Nakahara.)

Mutt: Good match, but we don’t need all of this ass patting at the end.

Bishop: Fans, up next we have words from Amanda Reese.

Mutt: And we all know that Mary is walking into this match as serious as a heart attack. Reese better be focused.

Amanda Reese

[Red, white and blue spotlights begin to fan back and forth across the entrance way. “Oh Fortunna” by Apotheosis begins to play. There is a fair chorus of boos from the crowd. As the techno Orf reaches the top of its build, Amanda Reese steps out of the entrance. She is wearing her white, high necked, short legged one piece. Her knee pads are patriotically stripped and over it all she wears her denim styled jacket made from pieces of American flags. She heads to the ring, her face all business. In her hand she has a microphone. As fans reach out to touch her she ignores them, and stays right in the middle of the aisle where they cannot reach.]

Bishop: Amanda Reese being booed by the fans here and I would think so after she aligned herself with Marissa Monet last Catfight.

Mutt: She said it was just business. Hey she has a microphone in her hand. Maybe she plans to explain it to us.

Bishop: Perhaps so.

[Reese now stands in the middle of the ring and listens to the crowd. A minor “Bitch” chant has started, but not so large as to drown her out as she speaks.]

Reese: Well. Well. Well. So this is what it has come to. No respect from any of you.

[The crowd now starts to boo her in earnest.]

Reese: For the past 15 years of my life I have given it my all. Ever since I was 15 years old and I set foot in the ring and learned my craft from some of the best in the business. And this is what I get. No respect.

[The crowd picks up again and Reese seems not to be phased by it.]

Reese: Well let me let you all in on a little secret. I don’t give a rat ass whether any of you armchair athletes respect me! You don’t matter.

[Now the crowd is building some heat against her.]

Bishop: Amanda Reese not winning any fans here tonight.

Mutt: But I think that’s her point. Aren’t you listening?

Reese: Every time that I have stood in a ring. Every time I have gushed blood from an open head wound. Every time I have beaten or been beaten it wasn’t for any of you. It was all for me!

[More boos and some cups now sail into the ring.]

Reese: that’s right boo me. Jeer me. Do whatever you want. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you love me, hate me or respect me. You don’t matter.

[She walks towards the ropes as she says this. The fans are hot now.]

Reese: but let’s talk about respect. Let’s talk about the kind of respect that DOES matter to me. That respect comes from the people I work with. And frankly I have to say that I am just not getting it around these parts.

[A “You Suck!” chant has started. Reese pauses and waits for a moment.]

Reese: That’s good. Keep it up you dumb asses.

[Another heel pop.]

Reese: Last time I came out here to face Black Lotus. As I prepared for my match I realized that I had no information on this woman. So I asked the front office for videotapes of Black Lotus so I could be fully prepared to fight her. I wait and I wait and the day of the match I get a stinking letter that says it will cost me $100 per tape for logger tapes? What the hell does that say? “We don’t think you are a big enough star Miss Reese. We just want you to go out there and let our former champion pin your ass and then give you a seriously undervalued pay-check.” Hell I couldn’t have afforded to buy the damn tape even if there was time with what they are paying me!

[The crowd continues to jeer and chant at her. Reese ignores it and moves on.]

Reese: So I came out here with little to no info on my opponent. Only had one tape to look at. But I guess that was enough wasn’t it? I came out here and I decimated Black Lotus. I tore her apart and left her limping home! Despite the best efforts of the Front Office! Despite the best efforts of anyone of the jackasses that run this place!

[The crowd does not like her anymore.]

Reese: But there was one person backstage who seemed to recognize the fact that I am the best damned wrestler, male or female in the world. And that person gave me the one video tape of Black Lotus that I needed to beat her. That person came out here and stood beside me and helped me win that match! That person, who respected me and helped me is none other than Marissa Monet!

[Huge heel pop. The crowd does not like this at all.]

Reese: So I tell you what, even though I know more about Bloody Mary than she knows about herself. And even though I KNOW I do not need any help beating her ass like a redheaded stepchild. Why don’t we see is Miss Monet would be so good as to join us right now. Marissa you back there?

Marissa Monet

[The crowd boos and jeers as all eyes and cameras turn to the entrance way… They wait … nothing … they begin to get restless and then the music hits “OOOOH MARISSA’S GONNA KILL YOU!” BOOM!!! Missy Elliott’s “The Rain” begins its futuristic drum and bass pulse as the curtains part and Marissa Monet strides through in her wrestling gear … the black tights, the halter top … the single black glove. She has a black towel draped around her shoulders. She strides to the ring purposefully, walking slowly up the steps … pausing … eyeing the crowd as they break into their chants “MARISSA SUX! MARISSA SUX! MARISSA SUX!” Finally, Marissa steps over the top rope and into the ring. She saunters up to Amanda Reese and calls for a mic. Spud McKenzie hesitantly approaches her as Marissa gestures for the microphone. He hands it over and Marissa pantomimes backhanding him and he half falls out of the ring. The crowd begins to boo as the Dawg Pound chuckles. Marissa holds the microphone. She looks out at the crowd booing her. She waits, lifts the microphone … pauses … they continue to boo even more … she waits, pauses … holds the microphone.]

Marissa: Are you finished?

[Crowd boos intensify]

Marissa: I can wait. The matches can wait.

[The crowd boos intensify. MARISSA SUX! MARISSA SUX! MARISSA SUX!]

Marissa: You know, you’ve slipped and broken the eleventh commandment … thou shalt not [censored] nor see Marissa! You think that just because I stand here … the most amazing physical specimen the world has produced …you can boo me? Do you think you can boo the “hands down best technical wrestler in the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance” [she points to Amanda Reese and the crowd boos. Amanda looks out at them in disgust.] And you only boo her because she showed the intelligence to ask me for help. Well, you know what? She moved one step closer to becoming the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance champion. She earned another victory. And you pathetic fans (pronounced with complete disgust) can’t get her that. _I_ can. So, Bloody Mary, come on down. Experience the future.

Dawg Pound: OOOOH!!! Marissa’s gonna kill you!

Marissa: No, I won’t. Not yet. This is Amanda’s fight. Just like she beat Black Lotus all by herself. _She_ proved that Black Lotus is without a shadow of a damn doubt a [censored] piece of [censored]. She isn’t worthy of a title. She isn’t worthy of mention. She isn’t worthy of my time, my effort or the remains of my tampons. So, I need a new challenge. [Marissa starts gesturing around her waist, making the belt motion.]

Marissa: You’ve seen them do that, right? You’ve seen one GDWA superstar do that, right? Well, let’s talk about her. I know she’s in the back. So Zaranna I want to you to listen real close. Shhh. shhh. _SHHH! _ I want you to listen to the millions…

Amanda: And _millions_

Marissa: Of fans _NOT_ chanting your name.

[There is dead silence. It lasts until the Dawg Pound breaks it up with chuckles and a half-hearted “Marissa’s gonna kill you!”]

Marissa: Zaranna, don’t worry about Andrea Chandler. Don’t worry about the title. One of these two women standing right here is going to win it. I want you to worry about your future. I want you to sit back and wonder … will you be like Officer Order?

Crowd: WE WANT ORDER! <clap><clap> WE WANT ORDER! <clap><clap> … <clapclap>

Marissa: See, I have seen you unfit to survive, Zaranna. And now you should be worried about whether I snap your neck, take your little 33lbs head and fill it up with period blood … drop my pants and [censored] down your [censored] neck!

Marissa: (glaring balefully at the crowd) Amanda, let’s show ’em we mean business. Mary, you cart your cottage cheese ass down here and let the best damn wrestler in the business take you apart. You will _NOT_ SURVIVE! _

[Marissa throws down the mic and bows to Amanda Reese. She steps behind her, making the belt motion around Amanda’s waist as Reese raises her fists in the air.]

Bishop: Marissa Monet and Amanda Reese are definitely in cahoots. And I’d wager that this woman will do anything to win the belt.

Mutt: OH yeah, when you get veterans talking about how long they’ve been in the business and how much they mean to wrestling, that means they are desperate to wear THE gold!

Bishop: Fans, up next we have Officer Order in a match against newcomer Dina. Order looking to get beyond her injury and become the Transnational Cruiserweight champion.

Mutt: Good luck. Because she’s injury prone. Dina is gonna work her over.

Bishop: Maybe we’ll find out who she is tonight.

Officer Order vs. Dina Porter

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is a Cruiserweight tournament match up scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit. It shall be officiated by referees Dawn Le and Hase Hitori.

(The crowd goes quiet when the House lights dim, only to erupt to their feet after hearing the familiar cry ” What Ya’ Gon’, What Ya’ Gonna’, What Ya’ Gonna’ Do ?” when “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle begins to play. Red and blue spotlights sweep the crowd as two large fountains of red and blue sparks erupt on either side of the entrance way. The crowd quickly drowns out the music as Officer Order enters pointing out to the crowd, dressed in her police uniform. Mirrored shades, black neck brace and black elbow pads. She is leaner than last time, and has a look of determination to go along with her winning smile.)

Spud: Introducing first…hailing from San Francisco, California! She is 5 feet tall weighing in at 120 pounds, here is ‘Double O’ Officer May Order!

Mutt: Order might be smiling, but that neck brace around her throat don’t make her look too happy. She’s been through a great deal in the last few weeks.

Bishop: Double O fighting through a neck injury at the hands of Heidi Leick. But Order still persists, she still asserts her place in this tournament.

Mutt: Well, this is the last match of the first round. The loser faces “Showgirl” Anais Exotica and the winner faces the red hot Rekka Sakura.

(Double O rushes down the ramp, slapping hands as she goes until she reaches the bottom of the ramp. There a Girl Scout troop has managed to press their way to the railing with a large bedsheet sign which reads ‘Officer Order – the Champ for the Twenty – Double O! Show Them the Way May ‘. Officer Order stops and high fives all the girl scouts, then looks into the camera and does the double point at the sign and nods in agreement.)

Bishop: Order stopping, and turning around….

(Lady Tiger bursts through the curtain with a huge smile on her face.)

Mutt: That furry little pansy herself! She ain’t got no easy task ahead of her!! Bishop, you saw Princess Yamaguchi earn that big win earlier tonight. She’s feeling good and is real focused.

(Order then continues on, stopping to exchange high fives with Lady Tiger. Double O then spins around and runs quickly up the ring steps with a look of determination. Once on the apron, Double O turns around waiving to the crowd and then back flipping into the ring. Once in the ring, Order runs from post to post pointing out to the fans. A ringside photographer snaps a few pictures of her stretching in the ring.)

Bishop: Lady Tiger pulling up a seat at ringside, and it looks like Order has protection.

Mutt: Protection? With protection like that, you might as well have UN-safe sex…

Bishop: WHAT!?

Mutt: Tiger can’t kick anybody’s ass…she’s a pansy!

Bishop: Really, really poor analogy Sam Mutt.

Spud: And her opponent.

(The opening chords of “Bullet w/ Butterfly Wings” by the Smashing Pumpkins blasts through the pa.)

Spud: Hailing from Queens, New York…she is 5 feet 6 inches, 127 pounds, here is “the Juvenile Delinquent” Dina…… P O R T E R !

Bishop: WHAT?!

(Fans look on as a Dina heads down the aisle. She wears a bright orange, prison-style jumpsuit to the ring. Her jet black hair is pulled back into a pony tail, and her eyes partly squint.)

Bishop: So that was the surprise…Dina Porter…I guess she is “Big Ma” Porter’s daughter.

Mutt: Dina sliding into the ring, and all Order can do is shake her head and laugh…talk about bad luck.

Bishop: The referee going over the rules, and Dina shoves her away?

(Fans gasp as Order shakes her head and walks to the middle of the ring.)

Bishop: And Dina SLAPS Order!

Mutt: And Order slaps her back!

(Fans pop as they trade blows with one another.)


Mutt: Might as well start the match.

Bishop: Dina Porter firing away on Order, and Order backing off. She’s got her up against the ropes, and now spitting in Order’s face…

(Fans pop as Order grabs Porter and turns her around.)

Bishop: Order opens her up and a KARATE CHOP!

(Fans pop: Whoooooooooo!)

Bishop: Dina cringing and Order *snaps* into her chest with another chop! Dina nearly falling through the ropes…and *another* chop!

Mutt: Order with an Armhook and Hip Tosses her away from the ropes, and now an Armbar.

(Minor cheers as Dina Porter flails her legs.)

Mutt: A lot of historical bad blood between Officer Order and Ma Porter…and you gotta figure some of that animosity has trickled down into her kid…or niece…or whatever she is.

Bishop: Order tightening up on the hold, and Dina can’t quite find the ropes. Order straddling Dina’s back, and she’s got this hold on good.

(Minor boos as Anais Exotica walks through the curtain. She stands at the top of the ramp, and has a stack of signs with her.)

Bishop: Anais Exotica?

Mutt: What the hell is she doing here?

(Anais is wearing Daisy Duke cut offs and a T-shirt saying “Free Fun Tours” across her breasts. The men all stand as Exotica bends over to pick up a sign, revealing cleavage.)

Bishop: Officer Order twirling upward, measuring Dina and NAILING her with an Elbowdrop! Dina clutching her bicep…

(Fans chant: We Want Pup-Pees! We Want Pup-Pees! We Want Pup-Pees!)

Mutt: Officer Order visibly distracted, she doesn’t like all this sexism…rampant sexism, gotta love it!

Bishop: Meanwhile, Dina up to her feet and gouges the eyes. And now Dina pounding away with hard right hands. Order backing off and Dina with a High knee lift to the ribs.

Mutt: Order backs up into the corner, and Dina charging in… And Officer Order with a Mafia Kick!

(Fans pop!)

Bishop: Dina back up and Order with a Legsweep. Dina up again and Order with a Karate chop!

(Fans pop as Dina clutches her chest.)

Mutt: And Order jumping up and NAILING an Axe Kick to the shoulder!

(Fans pop as Dina Porter falls back to the canvas.)

Bishop: And Order climbing up to the top turnbuckle.

(Minor cheers as Anais Exotica holds up a sign: “SHOW us something!”)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Order up top, and Dina slow to her feet…MISSILE DROPKICK!

(Fans pop as Order quickly gets to her feet.)

Mutt: Order holding her neck as she runs for the side ropes. She bounces off as Dina gets up to one knee….FLYING BULLDOG!

(Dawg Pound applauds as Order holds the back of her neck.)

Bishop: Dina trying to find the ropes, and Order crawls across the mat and traps the right arm! . . .WAKIGATAME!!!

(Fans grow restless as Dina Porter flails her legs.)

Bishop: Anais Exotica looking for another sign as Dina slaps the canvas. The ref is in her face, she’s asking the question.

(Anais holds up a sign with big, black letters: BOR-ING! BOR-ING!)

Mutt: And if you give up, even for a second, that’s it! Game is over and Dina goes home.

Bishop: And listen to these fans.


Bishop: Dina into the ropes, and Order is visibly distracted by the chants. She’s trying to focus.

Mutt: The ref forcing the break, and Order with a pickup. And Dina with an eye gouge…she needed that break.

Bishop: Dina holding her shoulder as Order walks off. Dina with a head of steam and Chop blocks the knee! Order is down, and Dina measuring her….and a Headbutt to the head!

(Minor boos as Officer Order cradles her head.)

Bishop: Dina with a pick up and runs Order to the near corner, and RAMS HER HEAD into the top turnbuckle! Order is dazed, and Dina laying her hand across her throat for a chokehold.

Ref: 1…………………2………………..3…………..4…

Bishop: A break, and Dina choking again!

(Fans boo as Dina chokes down Officer Order.)

Bishop: Dina Porter is choking her down, and referee Dawn Le pulls her away.

(Exotica holds up a sign reading: Dull, Dina. Dull.)

Mutt: Order walking along the ropes, and Dina moves back in. Dina Porter just got out of prison, the woman ain’t no wrestler. She’s gonna kill Double O!

Bishop: Dina with a Headbutt, and Order stumbling into the near corner. Dina now, firing away with hard right hands to the head. She’s hurt, Double O is hurt, and Dina has a chance to win this.

Mutt: Dina with a handful of hair and Snap mares her into the middle of the ring. Order crawling off, and Dina stomping away on her.

Bishop: But Order makes it to the ropes…and Dina kicks her out of the ring.

(Minor boos as Dina Porter climbs to the outside.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Order on the floor, and Dina Porter with a pick up…and she Whips Order into the ring stairs! Order twirling onto the floor, and Lady Tiger trying to cheer on Double O.

Hitori: ……………..3………………………..4………

(Fans boo as “The Showgirl” Anais Exotica holds up a sign that says: WE WANT ORDER! To break her neck on TV so we can spike ratings.)

Mutt: Order taking an incredible beating. Dina with a pick up and Order with an Aikido Throws to the floor!

(Minor cheers as Officer Order heads for the ring.)

Bishop: Order slowly climbing into the ring, and Dina slides underneath the ropes. Order backing off as Dina Porter charges her. Order backpedaling as Dina wildly swings at her…

Mutt: But Order with a Drop toe Hold. Both women back up and Order with a Karate Chop! And another! And another!

Bishop: Order with an Irish Whip, no, reversal as Order is sent to the far side. Order bouncing off the ropes as Dina swings with a Lariat…

Mutt: NO…ORDER *connects* with a THESZ PRESS!

(Minor cheers as Order pounds away with hard right hands.)

Bishop: Both women back up and Order a HARD kick to the ribs, and now a Facebuster!

(Fans cheer as Dina falls to the canvas.)

Bishop: Order, quickly moving in with an Arm trap on the left arm, and now she’s trying to scissors the left arm.

Mutt: Dina trying to reach the ropes, but ORDER SCISSORS the arm and she’s go the RINGS-of-SATURN! ORDER HOOKS ON THE RING-of-SATURN!

(Fans all rise as Dina Porter flails her legs.)

Bishop: The referee is checking! The ref is checking!

(Fans all pop as the referee points to Spud.)


(Fans pop as they hear ‘Bad Boys’ by Inner Circle.)

Bishop: Order releasing, and Dina slow to her feet. Order heading into the near corner as Dina follows and stomps her!

(Fans boo as Dina stomps away on Officer Order.)

Mutt: And here comes MOM!

(Fans pop as ‘Big’ Ma Porter rushes down the aisle.)

Bishop: MA Porter sliding into the ring and pulls Dina off of Officer Order…and Dina slaps her?

(Fraternity boys pop as Ma Porter shakes her head.)

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 12 minutes and 36 seconds, your winner via submission….”Double O” Officer May Order!

Bishop: Double O sliding out of the ring, and she’s hurt. She may have re-aggravated her injury.

Mutt: Order moves on in the tournament, but she’s gonna face a healthy and red hot ‘Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura. This is gonna be tough.

Bishop: Dina and ‘Big Ma’ Porter leave the ring and Dina wants nothing to do with…her mother.

Mutt: And Anais Exotica finds all of this amusing.

(The “Showgirl” Anais Exotica looks at the camera and says, “Wasn’t that *much* more exciting?” She gives a little shimmy and walks off.)

Bishop: The Showgirl scouting her opponents for the next round of the tournament…

Mutt: And she’s also bringing a little “Entertainment” to the GDWA.

Bishop: Oh great, like we need that. Anyway, fans, let’s hear from Daisy Butterfly. She’s got something to get off of her chest.

Daisy Butterfly

(The arena darkens…Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” plays to a big pop, soon giving away to a chant of “You Sold Out! You Sold Out!” As the lights go back on and Daisy Butterfly is standing at the end of the aisle, visibly shaken by the response. She’s dressed down in a black nylon track suit, no make-up, her hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her left arm is set in a plaster cast, in her right hand she holds a microphone. She raises the mic to speak, and the crowd chanting only intensifies. She pauses, hopelessly frustrated, before she just closes her eyes and speaks without regard, her voice quivering.)

Daisy: Please…just let me speak…


Daisy: I’ve got something to say to everyone…to Rekka.

(A “REKKA! REKKA!” Chant breaks out in addition to the “YOU SOLD OUT!” Chant)

Daisy: Please…by all means, cheer her. She deserves it. But hear me out first. Rekka, everything you said about me…it cut me to the bone…

(Daisy’s eyes start to well up with tears…she wipes them and looks up at the lights in a distant trance)

Daisy: And it was so right. My ego has gotten the better of me before. This business puts you in some situations you wish never would have happened. Rekka…you’ve never had your private life, your personal side of you raked over the coals of public opinion like I have. You’ve never had a promoter walk out in front of a sold-out crowd in a major arena and reveal the most intimate details of your life to the entire world. You’ve never been victim to the gossip and backstage insinuations like I have. Bottom line, Rekka…you’ve never been pushed on to the world’s stage naked like I have been. It changes you.

(A few catcalls from the crowd, Daisy wipes her eyes and just shakes her head)

Daisy: I came back to the GDWA to right my wrongs. Nothing more, nothing less. One of those wrongs was turning my back on all of you…


Daisy: And I hoped to fix all that. I wanted to see Lanny Manson and Zaranna fight to a clean finish…those two women give more of themselves in the ring than anyone, and it shouldn’t have ended like it did. I saw red, and I attacked…believe me, it was nothing personal against Andrea. We were friends before, too…just like you and I, Rekka. I came back and demanded respect for the game, for Lanny and Zaranna…and for myself. And this is what I got for it.

(Daisy raises her left arm, showcasing her cast to a mixed pop)

Daisy: I’ve been martyred before, Rekka. It’s part of the game. But before, at the end of the day, I could look myself in the mirror… through the blood and bruises…and know that it was worth it. Knowing that the fans all knew where my heart was. Not this time…

(Daisy’s face wrinkles in anger, tears escaping the corners of her eyes)

Daisy: I’ve been made to feel like a snake-oil saleswoman being run out of town, Rekka!

(She bites her lip, her face relaxing from anger to a resigned depression)

Daisy: It was a blown spot in Japan, Rekka. Sachie blew a top-rope tornado DDT and you both landed wrong. I don’t want to trivialize it, Rekka, but accidents do happen. I don’t even remember the trip back from Japan…I was so stunned. Don’t you dare ever say I laughed at what happened, Rekka! I was encouraged by the promoters to play up what happened, and I didn’t. I apologized to Keiko in front of millions…once again, Miss Daisy had to walk out here naked and take the bullet for what happened between you and Sachie. Paint me as a villain, Rekka, I don’t care. But don’t be like “them.” Don’t misrepresent me and don’t hate me for who you think I am today. Talk to me again, Rekka. Please…just talk to me.

(“Rekka!” “Rekka!” “Rekka!”)

Daisy: The Dragon Trio was my heart, Rekka. I gave that mantle to Keiko, Radhi and you for a reason. YOU WERE ME, Rekka. More so than any other, you were me. Keiko was Sachie, and you were me. I’m sorry if you take offense at that, Rekka, but it’s true. You’ve only proved me right with how you’ve carried yourself around the GDWA. The only thing I’m waiting to see is how you’ll react when your world crumbles inward. When you’re pushed out here, under the lights, as naked as the day you were born. We’ll all see if Miss Daisy is really as irreplaceable as she thinks she is. And if you can leave here at the end of the day, after suffering the barbs of outrageous fortune with your head held high and the fans still in your corner, you’ll be a better woman than I.

(A small “Daisy!” “Daisy!” “Daisy!” Chant starts growing, battling against a counter “Sell-Out!” “Sell-Out!” “Sell-Out!” Chant. Daisy wipes her eyes and gets serious)

Daisy: If you still feel like you want to teach me a lesson, I’m not hard to find. Just give me a time and day. But first, there’s a bit of business that needs to be cleared up between myself and three little girls in need of my attention…

(Daisy raises her cast again)

Daisy: A little mathematical equation for you to toy with, girls…50% Butterfly is still three-times better than you. Andrea…I can’t be certain that you did this to me. Heidi…I can’t be for certain that you were the masked woman under the ring. I’m only sure of one thing right now…IT DOESN’T MATTER.

(Crowd pops!)

Daisy: I’m not out for revenge for those amateur attacks…you’re nowhere my level of intensity. With all the books I’ve written throughout the history of the GDWA, I’da hoped you took better notes. If not, let me summarize…Number one, a chair shot or sneak attack is not “psychology.” Your mind games are kid games…and Miss Daisy’s sitting those asses down for a time out. You two aren’t “playing nice.”

(Crowd pops!)

Daisy: Then there’s Zaranna…my “new best friend.”

(Mixed pop!)

Daisy: Zaranna…take notes, this lesson applies to you, as well. Number two…unpredictability is the key to success. The way you came out here talking all your yang makes me nervous, Z. Not nervous that I’ll be on the receiving end of a Z-Blaster…been there, done that, took notes for next time. No no, Z’ster…you’re making me nervous because YOU’VE ALREADY PSYCHED YOURSELF OUT. You think I’m gonna attack you? Why would you think that? Because the contracts we signed for the match were conspicuously devoid of any mention of penalty towards attacking your own team-mate?

(Daisy smirks as the crowd starts chanting “Z CAN’T TRUST HER!” “Z CAN’T TRUST HER!” “Z CAN’T TRUST HER!”)

Daisy: It’s a chess game, Z, but not a fair one. For every move you take, I take three. Any piece you take of mine is just a sacrificial lamb…every piece of yours I take comes right out of your ass. So what am I gonna do, Z? Swerve you? Maybe…but why? Because I feel like taking your tough talk as a challenge, and I’m gonna lay you out just to mock you? Or is it possible that there’s more bad blood between us than between us and our opponents, and I’m gonna use the match as a platform to destroy you? Maybe I’m still down with Andrea, and the three of us have set a trap for you…is that what you think? Or do you think that now that you’ve brought up the fact that you don’t trust me, you’ve diffused a bomb because my pride won’t allow me to do the expected? But then…that’s expected, right? Or maybe your distrust has lit a fire under my own ass, and I’m going to wrestle my damn heart out. It’s one of the above, girl…or maybe, just maybe, it’s not. Confused? You should be. See you next week.

(Big mixed pop as “Superstition” hits and Daisy walks backstage)

Bishop: WOAH!

Mutt: Man, I don’t know what the hell that means…I don’t think she can be trusted.

Bishop: YEs she can! She’s merely frustrated. She’s having a hard time regaining the trust of the fans. Anyway, fans, we have our next matchup between Amanda Reese and Bloody Mary.

Mutt: And if you remember that tag match from 3 weeks ago, you know that Reese has a grudge against Mary.

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit…

Amanda Reese vs. Bloody Mary

[Red, white and blue spotlights begin to fan back and forth across the entrance way. “Oh Fortunna” by Apotheosis begins to play. Minor boos from the crowd as Marissa Monet sticks her head through the ring curtain. As the techno Orf reaches the top of its build, Amanda Reese steps out of the entrance. The boos get louder.]

Bishop: Amanda Reese and Marissa Monet, clearly a tandem now…

Mutt: And you gotta admit, Amanda Reese is heading down the aisle with a whole new attitude and with a new confidence about her. Reese might be ready to take Mary’s head off…

Bishop: YOU are siding with Reese?

Mutt: …I said *might*! Mary is still Mary. She’s tough as nails. Reese is in for a fight tonight.

[She is wearing her white, high necked, short legged one piece. Her knee pads are patriotically stripped and over it all she wears her denim styled jacket made from pieces of American flags. She heads to the ring, her face all business. She does not slap five with the fans, instead she just walks with intent. She rolls under the ropes and begins tugging on the ropes and awaiting introductions.]

Spud: Already in the ring, accompanied by her Advisor, Marissa Monet…

(Fans all boo as they chant: Reese sux eggs! Reese sux eggs! )

Spud: Hailing from Chicago, Illinois…she is 5 feet 11 inches, 145 pounds, here is….AMANDA REESE!

(Fans boo as Amanda drops to one knee and applauds.)

Spud: And her opponent…

(Minor boos as fans hear “Midnight Rider” by the Allman Brothers.)

Spud: Led down the ring by her bodyguard Ana Conda! Hailing from Davenport Iowa…she is 5 feet 9 inches, 150 pounds, here is… Bloody Mary!

(The Dawg Pound tries to lead a barking chant as Mary looks solemnly into the ring. She and Ana Conda head down the aisle wearing long black coats and black cowboy hats. Mary is wearing her long curly blonde hair loose. )

Bishop: Mary walking around ringside and…what?

(Bloody Mary and Ana Conda toss out bags or Reese’s Pieces and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to ringsiders…)

Bishop: AMANDA REESE kicking the ropes as Mary mocks her.

Mutt: I don’t get it.

Bishop: Reese’s Pieces? Amanda Reese?

Mutt: Nope.

(Mary enters the ring and tosses off her hat and coat. She is wearing her red two piece outfit of top and briefs with red boots, elbow & knee pads. )

Bishop: Mary pointing at Reese, and Amanda doesn’t look happy.

Mutt: Oh yeah, she’s focused on this match like none other. She and Reese go back to other promotions and prior years. You think she doesn’t want this?

Bishop: Mary slipping through the ropes conferring one final time with Ana Conda. Marissa Monet whispering into the ear of Amanda Reese. Man, this is gonna be hot…the media from Japan and all over the United States are here to see this one at ringside.

Mutt: And shouldn’t they be?

(The Dawg Pound all stands as Mary and Reese meet in the middle of the ring.)

Bishop: The ref trying to keep them apart, and Reese and Mary are eye to eye.


Bishop: Amanda and Mary encircling one another, and Reese nodding her head. Collar and Elbow tie up and Reese holding her own in the middle of the ring.

Mutt: Mary has lost a lot of bulk and strength over the last few months. Mary backing up a bit as Reese pushes her into the ropes. Mary tightening her grip and now turning Reese around and forcing her into the near corner.

(Fans boo as Amanda Reese complains about hair pulling.)

Bishop: Mary shaking her head no and talking things over with the referee…and Reese with a cheap shot! And now a rake to the eyes.

(Minor boos as Mary backpedals and covers her face.)

Mutt: Mary is blinded.

Bishop: Reese backing into the near ropes and comes flying off with a High Knee Lift!

Mutt: Mary still on her feet, and Reese with a Swinging Lariat…

Bishop: > d U C K E D < by Mary! Both women turning around and…

(FANS POP as Mary slaps her hand around Amanda Reese’s neck.)

Bishop: Marissa Monet climbing up to the ring apron, and the ref walking over to get her down.

(Fans continue to cheer as Mary hoists her up into the air…)

Bishop: And now Mary walking around with her!

(Fans all whistling as Reese flails her arms.)

Mutt: 3 seconds….5 seconds….7 seconds….

Bishop: ! ! ! ! C*h*o*k*e*s*l*a*m ! ! ! !

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Bishop: But Monet still has the ref distracted, and now Mary with a pick up and kicking away at her. A handful of Amanda’s tights, and she tosses Reese into the near corner.

Mutt: And now Reese firing away with Iowa Heaven Punches!

(Fans cheering as Reese slumps in the corner.)

Bishop: Monet running around to the far corner, and she pulls Amanda out of the ring.

(Fans chant: >–clap-clap–<<< SMELLS LIKE FEAR! >>>–clap-clap–< )

Bishop: Reese is on the outside, and Mary nodding her head and grinning.

Mutt: Well, funny, I think Mary wanted to keep this slow. But when Amanda poked her in the eyes, she lost her composure.

Ref: ………..3…………….4…………………5……..

Bishop: Reese climbing back through the ropes and Mary slowly moving in. Each woman, cautious again, and now a tie up…

Mutt: Amanda Reese with an Armdrag. And now a Wristlock and Mary is down to one knee. Mary slapping her bicep and now Reese rushing into Mary and nailing her with a FOREARM SHOT to the head!

(Fans boo as Mary drops to the canvas, in a daze.)

Bishop: And now Reese stomping away on that right arm of Mary. The “Blonde Bombshell” Bloody Mary’s dazed, and now Reese with an Armbar.

Mutt: The 6 foot 5 Marissa Monet on the outside, applauding her newfound buddy…heck, they make a great team.

Bishop: Ana Conda watching Monet carefully as she points over to the far corner.

Mutt: Reese with a pick up and heads over to the far corner. Reese tosses her into the near corner…


Mutt: But Reese applies a Drop toe hold! Mary is down, and Reese with a Chinlock.

(Fans boo as Reese nods her head.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Mutt: You get the feeling that each woman is ready to explode, but they are playing this so conservatively. So careful.

Bishop: Mary trying to reach the ropes, but Amanda with great ring positioning. If Mary is gonna win this match, she must get off the mat.

Mutt: Reese now, with a Side headlock, and Mary slapping the canvas. She’s trying to wear her down. Mary fighting up to her feet, but Amanda releasing and applying a Waistlock…


Mutt: _ducked_ by Reese and she executes a Belly to Back Suplex…

(Minor cheers as Mary lands on her feet.)

Bishop: Monet calling on Reese, and Amanda Reese turning around…

Mutt: AND Bloody Mary Charges her with a Running Lariat…

Bishop: Ducked by Reese! Mary running to the far ropes as Reese runs to the side ropes. Both women meeting in the middle of the ring…

Mutt: Amanda with a Leapfrog…


(Fans pop as Mary hooks the leg.)

Ref: 1……………………..2………………….kick out!

Bishop: Both women back up and Mary with Iowa Heaven Punches to the head. Reese is dazed, and Mary with a HARD back elbow to the head.

Mutt: Reese falls into the ropes, and she DID NOT want to get into a brawl with Mary. Mary now, with an Irish Whip RIGHT-INTO a High Knee!

(Minor cheers as Reese crumbles to the mat, clutching her midsection.)

Mutt: And Mary going up top?

(Fans all stand as Bloody Mary climbs the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: Monet is shocked, and Reese is slowly getting to her feet. Monet pointing over as Reese turns around…


(Fans pop as Mary crawls over to Reese, and makes the lateral press.)

Ref: 1…………………………..



(Fans pop as Reese gets the shoulder up.)

Bishop: Mary now, with a Single Leg pick up….

Mutt: Inside Cradle!!!!

Ref: 1…………………………..


Kick out…………………….

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Bishop: Both women back up, and Mary with a Frontface lock, but Reese countering out with a Wristlock and applies a Standing Leg Grapevine…


(Fans all boo as both women lay on the canvas.)

Bishop: Reese slow to her feet, and now an Elbowdrop to the head. And now a Double Leg Pick up and Reese looking around the arena…

Mutt: Headbutt to the…to the…lower midsection!

(Fans all boo as the referee admonishes Amanda Reese.)

Bishop: Mary clutching her lower midsection, and Reese measuring her and now a Knee drop to the right arm of Mary. Mary rolling into the ropes, and Ana Conda climbing up to the ring apron….

(Ringsiders rush toward the guardrailing as Marissa Monet sprints around the ring.)


(Fans all boo as Ana Conda falls from the canvas to the ring floor.)

Bishop: What a cheap shot!

Mutt: Mary is in the ropes, and the ref pulling Reese away. IF she’s not careful, she will be disqualified.

Bishop: Cameramen and woman are getting good shots of the action. Monet slapping the ring apron as Reese moves back in. And now Reese with Elbow drops to the head of Mary.

Mutt: A pick up and Reese with a frontface lock, but Mary powering out of it.

Bishop: And Reese backing off as Mary charges into her…SAVATE KICK!

(Fans BOO as Mary drops to one knee.)

Bishop: Amanda Reese charging her and MARY WITH A WAISTLOCK FOR A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!!

(Fans pop as both women lay on the canvas.)

Ref: ………………..2…………………….3…………….

Bishop: A camerawoman climbing up to the ring apron, and she’s trying to get a good shot.

Mutt: And Monet scurrying over and grabs her around the waist and lifts her to the ground…


(Ringsiders stand as Marissa stumbles back into the guardrailing.)

Bishop: She tosses off her overcoat, and she’s wearing black leather…black…Black Lotus?

(The Dawg Pound cheers as Lotus tosses off her wig and lifts up Monet.)

Bishop: Oh damn.

Mutt: Inverted Face lock….

(Ringsiders pop as Lotus hesitates…)

Bishop: Scorpion Death Drop!

(Dawg Pound pops as both ladies in the ring rise to their feet.)

Mutt: The referee calling down security, and they are carrying Marissa Monet and Ana Conda out of there…

Bishop: And Black Lotus is high tailing it out of the arena. Lotus climbing over the guardrailing, and she’s hiking it up into the stands.

(Minor cheers as Bloody Mary gets up to her knees.)

Bishop: Amanda Reese is stirring, and Mary rubbing her shoulder. Reese has worked on that right arm all night. And Mary looks worn down.

Mutt: Reese up to her feet, and MARY WITH A LARIAT!

Bishop: Reese is down, and Mary with a Single Leg pick up, step over toe hold and FALLS BACK FOR A FIGURE FOUR!!!

(Ringsiders pop as Amanda Reese flails her arms.)

Bishop: The ref is checking! The ref is checking!

(Fans all stand while Reese reaches for the near ropes.)

Bishop: Mary rocking into the hold, but she has poor ring positioning…and Reese grabs the ropes.

(Minor boos as the ref forces her to release the hold.)

Bishop: Reese slow to her feet, and Mary with a Frontface lock and turns back to back….RUDE AWAKENING!




(Fans all groan as Reese gets the shoulder up.)

Spud: 60 seconds remain. 1 minute is left in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Mary with a handful of hair and slaps on a Frontface lock. She hoists up Reese in a Suplex position….BUT REESE SLIPS DOWN HER BACK…


(Mixed cheers as Mary looks down between her legs, and shakes her head.)


(Fans all pop!)

Mutt: Reese is battered and bruised, and Mary with a hair pull pick up…frontface lock….

Bishop: But Reese countering out with a Wristlock, and turns into it for a Short arm Clothesline…

(MAJOR POP as Bloody Mary shakes her head no!)

Bishop: Reese backing off, and Mary pounding away with Iowa Heaven Punches!

Spud: 30 seconds!

Bishop: Reese is dazed & Mary slaps her hand around Amanda’s neck…

Mutt: But Reese falls backwards and applies a Monkey Flip!

(Fans pop as both women scamper to their feet.)

Bishop: Mary with a Wild Right hand, and Amanda ducks!

Mutt: Mary with a Wild LEFT hand, and Amanda ducks!

Bishop: Mary with a Wild RIGHT HAND and Amanda sidesteps it and hooks the arm, floats over Mary’s back and slaps on a Frontface lock….


(Fans all jump up and down as Reese’s legs buckle.)

Spud: 15 seconds!

Bishop: Mary now, charging Amanda Reese and….REESE DROPS DOWN AND FLIPS HER OVER WITH A HIGH BACK BODY DROP!

(More pops as Bloody Mary lands on her feet.)

Mutt: Mary turning around and Reese with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip!

Bishop: Mary falling to the canvas, clutching her knee as Reese applies a Single Leg pick up….

(Fans cheer as Mary kicks her away.)

Bishop: Mary up to her feet as Amanda scrambles upwards. Mary charging in and…

Mutt: Amanda Reese Leapfrogging over her!

Bishop: Both women turning around and Mary with a Roundhouse punch…


Bishop: F. u. L. L. – N. e. l. s. o. n

(Fans all screaming as Mary shakes her head…)

Bishop: …right into a DRAGON SUPLEX!!!

Ref: ………………………1……………………………




(Fans all boo as Amanda Reese rolls out of the ring, and lays on the floor, exhausted.)

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 14 minutes and 53 seconds, your winner via pinfall…..Amanda Reese!

(Fans all boo as they chant: Reese sux eggs! Reese sux eggs! )

Bishop: Reese eeks out a win. And the referee slides out of the ring, and raises her arm as the winner.

(Fans boo as they hear “Oh Fortunna” by Apotheosis.)

Mutt: Hey, what the hell?

Black Lotus

(Minor cheers as Black Lotus rushes toward the guard railing and hops over it.)

Bishop: And here comes Lotus! Lotus out of the stands, and nails Reese from behind….Lotus with a handful of hair and an Inverted Face lock…..SCORPION DEATH DROP!

(Mixed cheers as Amanda Reese lays on the floor.)

Mutt: Lotus with revenge on her mind, and she’s coming over to the broadcast table. Lotus grabbing a microphone….

Lotus: Marissa, darling, it’s time you learned that the “American short term, I want instant results tactics” just doesn’t work in wrestling. It doesn’t matter how many of my pawns you take if I kill your king. It doesn’t matter how many pins you score if in a month you are buzzing around malls in your cute motorized wheelchair while I’m challenging for GDWA gold. Consider this your first lesson, darling. Next time I won’t be so gentle….And Amanda…”

(The Dawg Pound cheers as she points down to Amanda Reese who still lays on the floor.)

“Amanda, dear…you remember when I said I didn’t care about pawns? I lied! You squash pawns to get to the other side’s King. You probably listened to Marissa’s promises about gold and glory if you just did what she said, but I’m afraid all you have brought upon your self is darkness, pain and despair. You are a pawn, darling. Easily sacrificed…easily taken. You would do well to remember that.”

(Minor cheers as fans hear “Devil Inside by INXS”)

Bishop: Oh my God! GDWA is gonna explode!

Mutt: Marissa and Amanda just received a message from the former WORLD CHAMP.

(Minor boos as GDWA security ushers Black Lotus out of the arena.)

Mutt: Lotus just got tossed!

Bishop: Mary on the short end of the stick tonight, but clearly, issues have not been settled between the 4 ladies. This is far from over.

(Sonya Blade joins the broadcast team and dons a headset.)

Blade: It’s been a hot night of action.

Mutt: NO doubt. And this last match is gonna be hot! Jen Grier against the TOP SEED in the Transnational Cruiserweight tournament, Rachel Ice Edwards.

Bishop: Fans, let’s go to our final match of the night. Rachel Edwards against Jen Grier.

Rachel Edwards vs. Jennifer Grier

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is a Transnational Cruiserweight division match up scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit. It shall be refereed by officials Dawn Le and Molefi Assante.

(Mixed cheers as fans hear “No Time Like the Present” by the Catdogs.)

Spud: Hailing from Geneseo, Illinois . . . she is 5 feet 7 inches, 127 pounds, here is……Jennifer Grier!

(Grier heads down the aisle with a look of concentration on her face.)

Bishop: Jen Grier has not been touted as a heavy favorite in this tournament…yet since her metamorphosis she has done rather well.

Mutt: Well, one match does NO constitute well, but I know what you mean, Bishop. Grier is battling uphill more than anybody else. She’s focused, but does she have the skills to meet the top seed?

Bishop: And can she defeat her, right here, in her home town?

Spud: And her opponent…

(Fans boo as they hear “Blue Powder” by Steve Vai.)

Spud: Hailing from right here in Sacramento, California!

(Minor pop.)

Spud: She is 5 feet 4 inches, 128 pounds, here is . . . Rachael “ICE” Edwards!

Bishop: Rachael Edwards climbing through the ropes, and she’s got to be feeling good tonight…she’s wrestling in front of her hometown crowd and she completely rested.

Mutt: Oh yeah, a bye will do that for ya.

Bishop: Referee Dawn Le going over the rules with each lady. The winner of this match advances into the 2nd Round Winners bracket to face Lida Yanagisawa. The loser will plummet into the Sudden Death bracket wrestling the winner of the Exotica/Porter bout.

Mutt: That just sounds ODD calling that kid Porter…who knew Big Ma was knockin’ boots?


Bishop: Rachael Edwards with a surprise attack but Grier with a Drop toe hold and right into a Legbar.

Blade: And I’m kinda surprised that Grier was ready for that!

Bishop: Edwards with a knee to the head, and now a Headscissors! Grier panicking as she rolls into the ropes.

Blade: You don’t want to get down on the mat with Edwards. She’s a find technical wrestler.

(The Dawg Pound applauds as the referee forces the break.)

Bishop: Both women back up and Grier with a boot to the midsection and a Scoop…BODYSLAM!

(Fans pop as Edwards rolls away.)

Bishop: Grier charging her and Edwards dropping down to the mat. Grier hops over and flies to the far side. Edwards back up as Grier bounces off the ropes and the Icewoman with a Leapfrog!

Blade: Edwards spinning around as Grier bounds off the ropes and Rachael with a Drop toe hold. She flies across her back and slaps Jennifer in the head!

(Mixed cheers as Edwards rolls into the corner and smiles.)

Mutt: OH yeah, you think these two don’t have heat? They got heat going back to some other fed where Edwards put a foot in that ass! Grier is here for payback.

Bishop: Jennifer kinda cautious as she gets to her feet. Both women encircling one another, and now a Collar and Elbow tie up.

Blade: Rachael with a Side headlock but with a Waistlock pick up…ATOMIC DROP…


(The Dawg Pound applauds as Edwards tightens down on the hold.)

Bishop: Rachael swinging around and now has a Frontface lock on Jennifer. Grier up to her knees, and Edwards tightening down on the hold.

Mutt: Grier ain’t no technical wrestler, but she’s a lot stronger than the Icewoman. She’s firing away with shots to the midsection. Edwards backs into the ropes and the ref wants a break.

Bishop: Grier breaking, but Edwards raking the eyes. And now a handful of hair and tosses Grier through the ropes.

(Mixed cheers as Jennifer Grier hits the ring floor.)

Bishop: And look at this…

(Minor cheers as Lady Tiger and Charlotte La Mancha head down to the entranceway, dressed in cheerleader outfits, pom-poms and broad smiles.)

Mutt: What the hell?

Blade: Looks like Tiger is down here for moral support.

Bishop: Edwards is on the outside, and she slaps on a Frontface lock, but the Suplex attempt is blocked. Edwards desperately trying a second time…it’s blocked!

Blade: And Grier counters with a *snap* Suplex of her own!

(Minor cheers as Jennifer Grier runs up to the ring apron.)

Bishop: Edwards up to her feet, turns around and….


(Fans pop!)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Assante: 6……………………7…………………8…..

Bishop: Grier back up, and she’s pointing out to Lady Tiger.

(Tiger smiles widely and shouts out: “gimme a J! Gimme an E! Gimme an N!” “J-E-N!” “J-E-N!” “J-E-N!” “J-E-N!” )

Bishop: Grier back up to the ring apron, and now she’s climbing up the turnbuckles!

(Ringsiders all stand while Rachael Edwards slowly gets to her feet.)

Bishop: Grier leaps off the top and…..

Blade: she *connects* with a P *L *A *N *C *H *A D I V E ! ! !

(Fans all pop as Rachael Edwards hits the floor.)

Mutt: Edwards holding her head, and even I gotta admit, Grier’s looking good.

Assante: 13……………………14………………15….

Bishop: Grier trying to beat the count, and rolls Edwards into the ring. Grier with a pick up and slaps Edward’s head between her legs….

Blade: No, Edwards with a Legdrag Takeover!

(Tiger jumps up and down as Edwards crawls into the near ropes.)

Bishop: Grier back up and races into the corner. She’s pounding away on the fallen Edwards. Grier with an Irish Whip to the far side and Rachael hits hard!

(Fans pop as Rachael cringes.)

Bishop: Grier with a head of steam and….


((Screams and groans as Grier flies over the top rope to the floor.))

Blade: Everything was going her way, but Edwards with the presence of mind to flip her over.

Mutt: Grier hasn’t moved, and I think she might be out.

(Fans are all standing as Edwards falls to her knees.)

Assante: ……………..3……………….4…………….5..

Bishop: Rachael getting up to her knees, and she’s been shaken visibly.

Blade: And she needs to get on the attack, because Grier is down.

(Fans boo as Rachael Edwards climbs through the ropes to the outside.)

Mutt: Grier had things going for her since the beginning of this match…but now, The ICEWOMAN must shift gears. Grier is clutching her knee, and Edwards has got to take advantage of it.

Bishop: Lady Tiger looks on with concern as Rachael Edwards stomps away at the knee of Grier.

Assante: …………………4………………….5……..

Bishop: A pick up by the Icewoman and she whips her into the guard railing. Grier clutching her back, and bends over as Rachael runs forward…..frontface lock….DDT!

(Dawg Pound barks as Rachael Edwards picks up Grier.)

Mutt: No wasted motion. Edwards tossing her into the ring, and she’s ready to put this one away.

Blade: Grier’s a high flyer, but can she overcome an injury to a bad wheel?

Bishop: Edwards climbing through the ropes as Grier slowly gets up to her feet. Rachael measuring Grier as she gets up to her feet….

Blade: And Rachael with a head of steam and a Swinging Neckbreaker!

(Fans boo as Edwards sits up and laughs heartily.)

Bishop: Oh no, Rachel with a Single Leg pick up, and a Spinning Toe Hold, and Grier gritting her teeth. She in serious pain.

Mutt: And Grier is toast. It’s over. Ring the bell.

Blade: Rachel needs to go ahead and win this one…she may have a concussion from Grier’s earlier assault.

Bishop: Jen Grier into the ropes and the ref wants a break…but Rachel won’t release!

Le: 1…………………2……………..3……………4….

Bishop: Rachel with a break, and now she’s kicking away at the right leg of Grier. Now a Single Leg pick up, and she pulls it over to the ropes. Rachel jumping up and NAILS a butt drop!

(Fans all boo as Grier cries out and clutches her knee.)

Blade: Lady Tiger running down to ringside, and she’s slapping the canvas in support of her former friend. Rachel pointing down at Grier, and now a hair pull pick up.

Mutt: A Waistlock by Rachel, no, Standing Switch by Grier and she executes a Belly to Back Suplex!

(Minor cheers as Jen Grier crawls for the near corner.)

Bishop: Grier can hardly even fight. Rachel slow to her feet and Grier hobbling forward. Rachel laughing and she crouches down.

Blade: Collar and Elbow tie up and a Back Heel trip by Rachel. Grier down on the mat again and this is not where she wants to be.

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Edwards with a Twisting leglock, and Grier grabbing the ropes…

Mutt: And that’s the best move she can make. Go for a draw, stay near the ropes. Force the rematch.

Bishop: Edwards with a Single Leg Pick, but referee Dawn Le forcing the break. Grier using the ropes to pull herself up to her feet.

Blade: And she won’t leave the ropes. Edwards stomping away on the knee, and Grier is clinging to the top rope. Rachel is pissed, and she fires away with right hand punches to the head.

Bishop: Grier is dazed, and Rachel with an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Rachel running to the middle of the ring as Grier bounces off…

Blade: And Grier with a Lariat….no!

Bishop: Rachel with a Drop toe hold….

(Fans all screaming as Rachel slides across Jennifer’s back.)

Mutt: She’s got a Leglock on, and Grier is slapping Edward’s hands away. She’s going for an STF, and Grier knows it!

(Fans all on their feet as Grier slaps away at Edward’s hands.)

Bishop: Lady Tiger slapping the canvas, telling her to reach the ropes. Edwards has the legs locked, though, and Grier is hurt.

Blade: But Grier will not give. Edwards getting frustrated as she releases the hold and twirls around to her feet.

Bishop: Edwards measuring her and drops an Elbow…missed!

(Fans pop.)

Bishop: Grier laying on her back and Edwards measures her once again………………missed!

(Fans pop!)

Mutt: Grier calling on Edwards to attack, and Rachel stomping away on her, and now measures her………………missed again!

(Fans pop!!)

Bishop: Edwards clutching her shoulder, and Grier slowly gets to her feet. No offense from Grier, though. She backs off as Edwards rushes her…..


(Mixed cheers as Jennifer Grier flies into the near corner.)

Bishop: Grier is dazed, but so is Rachel. She may indeed be suffering from a head injury.

Blade: Jen Grier in the corner, holding onto the ropes, and Edwards nailing away with high knees to the ribs. And now Edwards with a forearm to the head!

Mutt: Grier is dazed, and Rachel with a Fireman’s Carry Pick up….

Bishop: But Grier hooking the arm, floating around the shoulders and slaps on a . . . Sleeper! Sleeper! Sleeeeeeper!!!

(Fans all pop as Rachel Edwards flails her arms and stumbles backwards.)

Bishop: Grier has the sleeper on tight!

(Fans all popping as Rachael fights for the ropes.)

Mutt: Grier using her height advantage to steer Rachel away from the ropes.

(Fans all whistling as the referee scampers over.)

Blade: The referee asking the question, but Edwards is incoherent!

Bishop: She raises the hand once……………….and it drops! The ref raises the hand a second time……………and it drops!

(Ringsiders jump up and down.)

Bishop: Referee Dawn Lee raises the hand a third time…..

(The Dawg Pound R^O^A^R^S as Edwards struggles, then collapses.)

Blade: IT’s over!


Blade: Jennifer Grier with the win?!

Mutt: Well I be damned!

(Grier is shocked as she lays on the canvas, exhausted.)

Bishop: At the throes of defeat, it was Jennifer Grier’s ‘desire’ that carried her over. Grier with the Sleeper!

(Fans all POP as they hear “No Time Like the Present” by the Catdogs.)

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 13 minutes and 53 seconds, your winner via submission…..Jennifer Grier!

Blade: Lady Tiger sliding into the ring, and she’s jumping up and down.

Mutt: And Rachael Edwards is still groggy, laying on the mat in a daze. Grier hopping off and Lady Tiger running after her, offering assistance.

(The Dawg Pound applauds as Lady Tiger asks to help her out of the ring.)

Bishop: Lady Tiger wants to help so badly, and Grier warning her, telling her to move away. Tiger wants to help, and she drapes Grier’s arm over her shoulder to help her walk….


(Mixed cheers as Grier crawls out of the ring, yelling at Tiger.)

Bishop: Charlotte hops the ropes and enters the ring, shaking her head. Will Lady Tiger ever learn?

Mutt: Well, I’ll tell ya this. Edwards learned a hard lesson in underestimating her opponent…there’s a fire in Jen Grier right now. She’s hot!

Bishop: Fans, we’re out of time. On behalf of Sonya Blade and Samuel Mutt, this is Allen Bishop saying so long everyone. See ya in San Fran!


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