Lida Yanigisawa takes on Rekka Sakura in the main event.

[The lights flicker, turning a dark red before flicking out, leaving the arena in blackness for moment. Then a stylized Japanese flag appears on the GDWA-Tron. The white replaced with gleaming chrome…the red circle in the middle replaced with raging flames. After a second the flames roar outward, forming a circle of fire…the flames within starting to form letters. Both kanji and English



Aku no Daika

The Price of Evil

Bushi Katagi

The Spirit of the Warrior

Then within the flames appears a figure, shrouded in a black robe, the cowl dipping down to conceal her face. Then chrome, morphing like quicksilver, forms a new message…Change Comes—The Countdown Continues. The flames rage hotter, from red to yellow to a blinding flash of white before vanishing, leaving the arena in darkness for several seconds.]

Scene opens up on a jammed packed Great Western Forum in Los Angeles, California. “Tom Sawyer” by RUSH starts blaring through the speakers The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of old school Grand Dragon fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is…….


(Fans all scream & wave signs as the camera pans around the arena Fans wave signs saying: “Rekka is a Winna” & “New World ORDER!” The camera then pans back over to ringside where a tall Canadian white male sits beside a robust Creole man with a beer in his hand.)

Bishop: After a 2 week hiatus, I’d like to welcome the fans back to great GDWA action. I’m Allen Bishop along with Sam Mutt who will be doing Color Commentary

Mutt: San Francisco was a blast, but tonight, we’ve got some matches that will interest the entire promotion

Bishop: This week, once again you heard from that cloaked figure, and I wish I could tell the fans I knew who it was or what it all meant

Mutt: Oh yeah, this is gonna be interesting. I wanna see if this is all hype or is gonna mean something to Grand Dragon

Bishop: Speaking of hype, tonight fans, we have some great match ups. Princess Yamaguchi faces Andrea Chandler in heavyweight division action

Mutt: The Cruiserweight better step it up a notch as Andrea Chandler ain’t no punk. And considering Andrea needs some momentum going into Japan next week, all of the pressure is gonna ride on her shoulders

Bishop: In another Cruiserweight tourney match, Ma Porter’s daughter Dina Porter faces the “Showgirl” Anais Exotica

Mutt: Exotica has to show us some offense this week. What Porter lacks in discipline she makes up for viciousness. Exotica better have that Greyhound ticket ready once the match is over. She’ll need to get out of dodge

Bishop: Also, in a match the higher powers.

Mutt: The Powers to be? That Powers that be?

Bishop: (laughing) the administration. Anyway, in a match they won’t like, Bloody Mary faces Heidi Leick in a “Heidi’s Rules” match up

Mutt: This is stupid…why would Mary sign a Heidi’s rules match? What are the rules?

Bishop: And in the Main Event, the hottest Cruiserweight bout to date as Lida Yanagisawa faces Rekka Sakura!

Mutt: Talk about build up! These two have tournament matches coming up…they’ve got big kahunas to wrestle a grudge match. That’s gonna rock the house

Bishop: Our own Sonya Blade phoned me from LAX and informed me that she will arrive in time for the show to guest commentate

Mutt: She should sit her ass down respectfully and watch the whole show. Where’s she been?

Bishop: She informed me that she was in Walnut Creek with VP Kirby Leufroy, President De La Cruz and the championship committee regarding the World Title tournament

Mutt: Oh boy, maybe we’ll get word on…

Officer Order

(Suddenly the Dragon-Tron comes alive flashing 9-1-1 in red letters as Red and Blue lights fill the Forum. The PA system begins to blare the question … ‘ What’s Ya Gonna’ Do? ‘ as Bad Boys by Inner Circle begins to play, driving the crowd to pop for their hero, which gets even louder when she steps out dressed in her SFPD Uniform and black leather jacket She carries a mike and heads quickly down to ringside slapping hands as she goes. She slides into the ring and does a quick kip-up and spins in a circle pointing out to the fans. )


(Crowd gives a small pop for Double O’s pandering. She motions for the House lights and illuminate the crowd. We can also see the same three woman in LA SPARK’s warm-up suits who arrived with Order earlier are now standing in the entrance way)

Order: I’d like to say thank you to three of my friends for coming out tonight to watch my back … from the Los Angeles Sparks, the hottest team in the WNBA.

(The Forum crowd begins to pop for the hometown heroes, as the recognize the three women before Order even says their names.)

Order: First the Big Center who could teach Shaq a thing or two about free throws, Lisa Leslie

(One of the two 6′ 8″ women steps forward with one fist raise high raising the pop up a level.)

Order: Next up, the woman who puts Power into the Power Forward position … Clarissa Machanguana

(The other 6′ 8″ woman steps forward and does the Medusa Rage Raise-The-Roof which drives the crowd wild.)

Order: And last but not least, Former Guard and current General Manager of the Sparks ….Penny Toler

( The short one, being only 5′ 8″, steps forward and waves to the crowd who just eat it up.)

Order: Thanks for stepping up.

(Double O gives them the fist-over-the-heart prop as she nods their way. The ringside photographers go off on its great photo op.)

Order: It’s good to see Women who are willing to Stand up and do what’s right. It we don’t, then the Bullies and Thugs win. THEY victimize people and push their way to the top. THEY think that the rules don’t apply to them. THEY Think their Above the LAW. … THEY Are WRONG!!

(The crowd being to build behind Order as she rants on. Switch briefly to a shot of a group of teenage boys with a pair of signs at ringside, one reads ‘ Got Order?’ the other reads ‘EXPECT TO BE PUNISHED!’ over a cartoon of Double O in a Karate pose.)

Order: Lots of people are asking me why I am doing this. That’s really an easy question to answer … I’m doing what’s Right. Not just what I think is right. Not just what someone tells me is right, but what we all agree is right, that’s the bases of Law in our country. If you don’t agree with the Law then you change the Law, you don’t just break the Law. I’m following the LAW, of in our case the RULES of Grand Dragon Wresting. These were things we all agreed to when we sign contracts to fight here. So Let’s get one thing straight, I don’t make the Rules. I Just ENFORCE the Rules

(Double O smiles as the crowd Pops its approval for the Grand Dragons New Order.)

Order: And I’m going to do that by Any Means necessary.

(Dawg Pound shouts: EXPECT TO BE PUNISHED!)

Order: That’s right … Last week at the Survivor Series, I had to enforce the rules…

(Camera does a quick pan around the Forum as they crowd POPS for the action they saw from Double O last week. Many of the Dawg Pound faithful bark as the camera goes over them before switching back to a close up on Order.)

Order: And I’ll be honest with you, It Felt GOOD!

(The entire Forum Pops Big at that, drawing a smile from Double O as she nods in agreement.)

Order: You see … I didn’t have to sit back and watch these Thugs run wild in the Grand Dragon. I didn’t have to wait for the next injury report to know just how bad these animals had hurt someone. This time I was there … this time I MADE A DIFFERENCE!

(Double O’s fire and intensity draw a pop from the crowd as she preaches the New Order of the Grand Dragon.)

Order: Regardless of my personal feelings, I STILL called the match by the book, just like I said I would. I did it because I believe in playing by the Rules. Now … I have seen tapes of Zaranna using a Foreign object during the match, and I admit that I my attentions we’re focused on calling in the paramedics for the injured Daisy Butterfly. I’m sorry I didn’t see it then … all I can say is…

(Switch to a close up on Double O, who looks right into the camera past all of us … right into the soul of one woman.)

Order: Zaranna, You have broken one of the Rules SO…

(Switch to the full arena shot as The Entire crowd responds with a loud … ‘ EXPECT TO BE PUNISHED!!! ‘. Then switch back to the wide shot of Double O in the ring. )

Order: That’s right … Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow … but I WILL catch up with you. Count on it! And that goes for everyone who breaks the Rules in the Grand Dragon. THAT is why I’m here Now … in the past, I’ve fought for the Titles and I’ve fought for Honor but This time I’m fighting for something more Important that any of that …This Time I’m Fighting for the Tradition of the Grand Dragon, This Time I’m Fighting For The FANS ! This Time I’m Fighting FOR YOU!!!

( Double O’s pandering draws her biggest POP of the night, to help build it up Order begins running for post to post encouraging each section to out Pop the others. After a few moments of this Double O slides out of the ring and hops over the safety rail and into the crowd. The three WNBA Stars make their way back stage high fiving fans as they go. )

Mutt: Woah!

Bishop: Well, I personally know that Zaranna is in the building this evening. This could get really ugly

Mutt: Well, we all know that Andrea Chandler has a match this evening And Micki Duran ain’t here this week. . . you know there’s gonna be some friction

Bishop: Fans, Spud is waiting in the ring. Let’s take you to the action!

(Fans all cheering as the spotlight centers around Spud McKenzie in the ring. He stands still in the middle of the ring until the fans settle down.)

McKenzie: Before we begin, before we present to you the greatest athletes in the wrestling world today, the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance has but one question to ask you…

(Fans P O P : A R E Y O U R E A D Y !!)

Spud: That’s right!…..I said ARE YOU READY?!

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Spud: Then Let’s Get Rrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrumble!!!

(Fans cheer as horns go off & Spud McKenzie stands poised in the ring.)

Andrea Chandler vs. Princess Yamaguchi

Spud: Our first contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit

[“Bad to the Bone” by George Thurgood and the Destroyers screams out over the arena, classic slide guitar riffs resonating in the eardrums of the listeners as the lights dim. Flash bulbs begin firing as the curtains part, allowing dry ice fog to billow through into the aisle.]

Spud: Coming to the ring first…standing five feet, eleven inches tall, and weighing in at 182 pounds…hailing from Long Island, New York…the “Rich Bitch”…Andrea Chandler!

[The boos swell to a peak as Andrea Chandler strides out, clad in her studded black bodybuilder’s bikini and a box-cut leather jacket. Her designer sunglasses reflect the shower of silver sparks that erupt along the entranceway. She strides with purpose toward the ring, not acknowledging the fans or anything else, focused like a laser on her objectives. ]

Bishop: Andrea Chandler heading down the aisle, yet she does not have the cockiness we are accustomed to

Mutt: Well, she needs to make a statement in this bout…Zaranna pinned Chandler in the middle of the ring 2 weeks ago. A loss here and Zaranna will have her completely psyched out for their match in Japan

[She ascends the steps and slips through the ropes, where upon she hands her jacket to a ringside attendant.]

Bishop: Fans, next week the GDWA begins its tour of Asia as Andrea Chandler faces Zaranna in the preliminary match up for the World Heavyweight Title tourney

(Andrea climbs through the ropes as the Dawg Pound all stand and give her a thumbs down.)

Spud: And her opponent…

(Fans cheer as they hear “Ray of Light’ by Madonna.)

Spud: Hailing from Osaka, Japan . . . she is 5 feet 10 inches, 125 pounds, here is Princess Yamaguchi!

(As Madonna’s “Ray of Light” blares over the speakers, the fans rise to their feet, awaiting the arrival of Princess Yamaguchi. As the young beauty steps from behind the curtains, she is met by a ringside POP by ringsiders.)

Bishop: The Princess heading down the aisle, and we have to wonder what lays in store in her future. She’s been knocked out of the Double elimination Cruiserweight tourney, and now she’s trying her hand in the Heavyweight division

Mutt: Yeah, well she’s already had a match against Panda Nakahara that was very stiff and action packed. Andrea Chandler is gonna be in for a hell of a battle, as Princess is a tough gal

(Yamaguchi wears a white, sports bra, with baby blue trim, and a matching, frilly, micro-mini skirt. She completes the look with white, kicking pads and matching, Asics, tennis shoes. Her long, silky, raven locks fall straight to the small of her back. With a dazzling smile, she casually strolls to ringside, slapping hands and signing autographs along the way. The referee holds the ropes open for Yamaguchi, allowing her to enter. Looking out at the fans, Princess Yamaguchi smiles and waves out to them.)

Bishop: Both ladies in the ring and the referee going over the rules. Andrea looks distracted. Here comes Heidi Leick, waiting by the curtain, but Grand Dragon officials are forcing her down to ringside

(Sam Mutt jerks his head as the wily Texan, Vonya, races over to the broadcast table.)

Vonya: What the hell, did you see Heidi Leick. She’s all pissed off about something

Bishop: Grand Dragon security forced her to go down to ringside

Mutt: Yeah, you can’t just hang out at the ring curtain. Either get involved or stay in the back

Bishop: The ref talking things over with both ladies, and here we go let’s hook em up!


Bishop: Both women encircling one another and the Princess is very tentative right now. Chandler reaching in, but Princess backs off against the ropes

Vonya: Single Leg takedown by Chandler, and the New Yorker has Yamaguchi grabbing the ropes

Mutt: Yamaguchi is afraid of her power. Chandler outweighs her by about 60 pounds, and as we all know, she’s a bodybuilder

Bishop: The ref forcing the break, and Princess is back up. These two are the same height, yet Chandler is just hulkish. A collar and elbow tie up and Princess with a Side headlock

Vonya: Chandler shoving her off into the near ropes. Princess bouncing off and Chandler with a Military Pre.

(Minor cheers as Princess counters with a Japanese Armdrag.)

Bishop: Both women back up and now Yamaguchi with STRONG kicks to the head! Chandler is dazed as Yamaguchi fires away with shots to the eyes and jaw

Vonya: Chandler stumbling backwards, and Yamaguchi with an Axe Kick!

(Fans pop as Chandler falls to the canvas, clutching her shoulder.)

Mutt: Princess knows she’s gotta strike fast and hard. And don’t think that the Cruiserweights aren’t watching this bout…they’ll be gauging how well they’ll do in the Heavyweight division based on Yamaguchi’s success

Bishop: A pick up by Princess Yamaguchi and an Irish Whip right into a high knee. Chandler double over and Yamaguchi slapping her head between her legs…..P*O*W*E*R*B*O*M*B….!


(Mixed cheers as Princess Yamaguchi back off.)

Mutt: That’s the power of Andrea Chandler!

(Fans all whistle as Andrea Chandler flexes her muscles.)

Bishop: Chandler charging Princess and Yamaguchi with a Spinning Heel Kick, but Andrea was expecting it…a waistlock and a Belly to Back Suplex!

(Fans all boo as Andrea Chandler stomps away on Yamaguchi.)

Bishop: A pick up by Chandler and a high knee to the ribs of Princess. And now Chandler laying into her with European Uppercuts Yamaguchi is dazed, and Chandler has her up against the ropes

Vonya: Chandler with more Uppercuts, and now a Whip to the far ropes Princess bouncing off and _ducks_ the Clothesline

(Fans cheer as Princess runs to the far ropes.)

Bishop: Princess bouncing off and Chandler catches her with a Tilt-a-Whirl Slam!

(Fans all boo as Chandler struts around the ring, nodding her head and pointing down at Yamaguchi.)

Bishop: A single leg pick up and Chandler with a Leglock

Mutt: We’ve seen the strength advantage, and now Chandler is trying to take away the kicking power of Princess. Taking away the power in her legs

Bishop: Princess reaching for the ropes, but Chandler turns into the hold for the Half Crab

(Fans all boo as Yamaguchi slaps the canvas.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit

Bishop: Chandler focused on taking away her leg. The ref checking on the Princess, but she’s shaking her head

(Fans all pop as they admire the Yamaguchi’s strength.)

Mutt: It’s just a Half Crab, and this early on in the match, it won’t be potent enough to put her away

Bishop: Princess trying to find the ropes, but she’s clueless Andrea releasing the hold, and now a single leg pick up and dragging her to the middle of the ring

Vonya: Princess writhing on the mat, and now bouncing up to one foot?

Bishop: Andrea still has her right leg, but Princess hopping about on one leg…..ENZIGURI KICK!!!

(Fans all pop!)

Mutt: Great balance and coordination by Yamaguchi

Bishop: Both women back up and Princess with an Elbow Smash to the head. And now a Front face lock.

Vonya: But Chandler with a Waistlock, and grinding down on her A Bear hug by the ‘Ritch Bitch’, not bad

(Fans begin cheering as Yamaguchi backs into the ring ropes.)

Bishop: The ref wants a break, and Chandler releasing.


(Fans all whistle as Princess climbs the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: Andrea is doubled over, and Princess is up high. Princess coming off the top…


(Fans all pop as Yamaguchi scampers over to make the lateral press.)

Ref: 1……………………2………………..kick out

Mutt: Princess with a pick up, and she slaps on a Waistlock. Andrea trying to fight it, but she’s dazed…


Ref: 1………………………….2……………..kick out

Vonya: Both women back up, and Princess with weak Karate Kicks, but Chandler blocking them with her forearms

Bishop: AN Irish Whip by Yamaguchi, and Chandler runs to the far side. Chandler bouncing off, no, she holds onto the ropes.


(Fans ALL POP!)

Vonya: Chandler slow to her feet as Yamaguchi catapults herself to the top turnbuckle. Chandler turns around….



Ref: ……………………..4……………………….5….

Vonya: Princess rolling Chandler back into the ring, and now she’s climbing up the ring steps. She’s climbing the turnbuckles now

Bishop: She’s up high, and Chandler is in trouble. Chandler up to her feet though…

Mutt: And Princess flying off the top with a Tumbleweed!

(Fans all cheering as Chandler lays on the canvas.)

Bishop: Chandler is down, and Princess with a pick up and scoops her up….MICHINOKU DRIVER!

(The Dawg Pound applauds as Yamaguchi makes the lateral press.)

Ref: 1………………………2…………………kick out!

Mutt: Princess Yamaguchi has got to keep hitting her on the fly don’t slow down

Bishop: Yamaguchi with a pickup and a scoop, Bodyslam! And now the Cruiserweight heading up to the near corner

Mutt: Chandler is down, and Princess climbing the buckles

(Fans all popping as Yamaguchi stands poised up top.)

Bishop: Yamaguchi measuring her, and flies off the top…

(Fans pop!)

Bishop: !!!!!!SKY TWISTER PRESS!!!!!!

Ref: ………………………1


 ………………………kick out!

(Mixed cheers as Princess Yamaguchi looks shocked.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit

Mutt: That was her finisher!

Bishop: Princess rolling into the ropes in disbelief. A pick up and Princess with hard Karate Kicks to the head. Chandler backing off and now Princess with an Axe Kick

Mutt: Princess with a head of steam, but Chandler with a High Back Body Drop

Vonya: Princess turning around and Chandler with European Uppercuts to the head. Princess stumbling back and she slaps on a Front face lock….VERTICAL SUPLEX!

(Fans all boo as Chandler is slow to her feet.)

Bishop: Chandler with a pickup and a Backbreaker! And now she backs into the ropes, stumbles forward, and nails a KNEEDROP!

Mutt: But Chandler is sucking wind. She’s beat, and Yamaguchi has done a good job of playing hit and run

Bishop: Chandler back to her feet, and measuring her. She stumbles forward and NAILS another Knee drop to the head. And now Princess is stunned as Chandler picks up Princess

Vonya: An Irish Whip by Chandler right into a Fireman’s Carry… Samoan Drop!

(Fans all booing as Chandler picks up Princess.)

Bishop: A frontface lock and she hoists her up into the air… J A C K H A M M E R – S U P L E X !

Ref: 1…………………….2………………..3!


(Fans ALL BOOING as they hear “Bad to the Bone” by George Thurgood and the Destroyers.)

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 12 minutes and 58 seconds, your winner via pinfall….Andrea Chandler!

(Fans all boo as Chandler stomps away on Yamaguchi.)

Bishop: The arrogance of Chandler, she’s stomping on the fallen Yamaguchi. Chandler calling for a mic as she slaps on her sunglasses. Heidi Leick sliding into the ring as Yamaguchi slides to the outside:

Andrea: Don’t like it, do you? You’d love to see me flat on my back again, beaten and humiliated, wouldn’t you? WOULDN’T YOU?!? (Cheers abound at this suggestion.) Well, TOO BAD!!! This is just the start. Our reign of terror is just beginning, and nobody — NOBODY — can stop us now. One by one, your heroes are going to fall — Rekka Sakura, Daisy Butterfly, and of course, May Order — we’re going to do to them what we did to Zaranna, which is put her out of this sport ENTIRELY. And May, you know what’s coming. Your antics in that tag match cost me a victory, and for that, little girl…EXPECT TO BE PUNISHED!!!

(Andrea slams the mic down and they depart the ring.)

Bishop: A very angry Andrea Chandler, as we can see that Zaranna is on her mind

Mutt: But she also called out Order, and this can be a very tense night if we get the right roll of the dice

Vonya: Well, Yamaguchi gets her ass kicked.

Bishop: Minako is just missing that special something. She dominated enough of this bout but just couldn’t put Chandler away

Mutt: Ohyeah, once she hit her finisher and couldn’t beat Chandler, she seemed unsure what to do

Vonya: Well, it’s been fun guys, but this girl has got to go

Bishop: Fans, we have word that Marissa Monet has something to say She’s already left the locker room and is heading down to ringside

Marissa Monet

[“The Rain” by Missy Elliott cues the crowd to boo as the curtains part and out strides Marissa Monet. The 6’5 ebon-skinned giantess lopes to the ring. She is dressed in baggy jeans, work boots and a sleeveless F.O.A.D. T-shirt. ]

Bishop: Monet has got to be especially upset because she may not have made the cut for the World title tourney

Mutt: I’d be pissed too…the woman is an awesome physical specimen

[Her braids are tied back into a ponytail. She steps over the ring ropes and stands in the center of the ring, gesturing for the ring boy to pass her a microphone.]

Marissa: (soaking in the crowd boos) Do you want to hear me or not? [Crowd boos intensify. Dawg Pound chants: Ooooh … Marissa’s Gonna Kill You!]

Marissa: (giving the crowd a very evil eye) I suppose you thetas want me to clear your engrams with a little audit, right? This new elevated state of consciousness. This new science of knowing. I want to save you. That’s right. [Crowd boos the mild scientological sermon.] I want to elevate your souls to reach their fullest human potential. L. Ron Hubbard says that you will never reach your fullest state of human potential unless you delete all those little engrams, all those little recordings that your reactive mind makes in those moments of physical and emotional pain. I bring you the secret of how to achieve happiness and fulfilment. Listen closely

[The cameras zoom in on Marissa as she beckons them in with a finger and whispers conspiratorially to the lens.]

Marissa: You shut the [beep] up and you shut the [beep] up! That’s what the [beep] you do!

[Huge crowd boos throw heat on Marissa.]

Marissa: (showing that same intense passion) I hate you just as much as you hate me. That’s fine. I’m not here to save you. You already got a hero for that, don’t you? No, I’m here to address three silly little bitches that have lost their way. Three silly little bitches who have lost their damn minds. Let me start with silly little bitch number one. Bloody Mary

[Mild pop runs through the crowd.]

Bishop: Bloody Mary faces Heidi Leick tonight…sounds like we’re gonna get Monet’s most wanted list

[Monet continues as fans boo.]

Marissa: Bloody Mary, don’t nobody give a damn about you! Don’t nobody care whether you’re the best brawler in the GDWA, because you stink. You have talked about wanting to wrestle the future in the GDWA, but you never threw out a contract. Bitch, you want to wrestle me, that’s just fine. You throw out the contract then and I’ll sign it. Mary, you were always a little pathetic tag along and you always will be. And when I get through driving your through the mat, driving that 33 lbs. head of yours through the mat then you will understand that you were tested for the future and you were not meant to survive

[Marissa gives the crowd a vile stare.]

Marissa: Now, the second silly little bitch. Amanda Reese. Amanda, you wouldn’t have beaten Black Lotus without me and as much as you tried you know you were nothing in this promotion without me. So, Reese, you’re feeling yourself now that you’ve won your first two matches with my help. Now you think you were the engine driving our little team? Silly bitch, tricks are for kids. So don’t trick yourself into thinking that you’re something without me. Because you aren’t. And if you ever grow a set of ovaries big enough to step in the ring with me, well, expect to be punished

[Fans boo]

Marissa: (dead calm) Expect to be punished. Serve protect, try to break my neck. Come on, silly bitch number three. Come on down and punish me. You ain’t Frank Rizzo, May Order. You won’t wear me down I won’t get tired of being locked up before you get tired of locking me up. I won’t get locked up at all. You see when I came down to ringside and helped you out and then choked you out. [She breaks out into a big smile as the fans boo her.] See that felt good. Your fragile little neck was like glass, just waiting to shatter into a thousand shards. And you know what? You didn’t do a damn thing about it. So you can talk all you want about your expect to be punished you still gave Andrea Chandler a victory. I don’t give a damn about what you might have done during the match. And you step up to Marissa Monet and you’re going to get that neck broken once and for all. I promise you that. Pig, you ain’t even half as dangerous as you think you are. You’re not on my level, because I’m the master of the chokeholds they wouldn’t let Stacey Coon use. I don’t need any stinkin’ nightstick. I don’t need any pretty little catchphrases to try to ignite crowd interest again. See, you’re just pandering to the fans one more time. Just like all you cops do. You just do what you think the people want so you can keep your pathetic little jobs. But listen, when it’s all said and done, you, the establishment, the old guard, the fossil … you cannot help but yield to the future. You’ve already lost your battle to the new MillenniuM. I hope you understand that, Order. Your time is finished. And I will prove that to you once and for all when we step into that ring and I take your scrawny little neck and pop the top like a bottle cap. This is the state of the future. Marissa’s gonna kill all of you. I promise you that

[Marissa throws down the microphone hard as “The Rain” plays out her exit.]

Bishop: Things are heating up in Grand Dragon

Mutt: Oh yeah, she’s talking about being part of the new guard. Just like Lida Yanagisawa and Rekka Sakura.

Bishop: Fans, we have that “Heidi’s Rules” hardcore match next.

Mutt: And you tell me that ain’t gonna get out of hand

Dina Porter vs. Anais Exotica

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is a Cruiserweight tournament match up scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit. It shall officiated by referees Molefi Assante and Dawn Le

Bishop: This match has been long and coming. The Sports Entertainer against Thug Life

Mutt: No she’s not…anyway, Dina has said she was gonna take her out tonight. This is gonna be good!

(Minor boos as the fans hear “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” by the Smashing Pumpkins.)

Spud: Hailing from Queen’s New York…she is 5 feet 6 inches, 127 pounds, here is “the Juvenile Delinquent” Dina Porter!

(Porter heads down the aisle wearing black Nike shoes, and a bright orange jumpsuit. She immediately enters the ring and waits silently for her opponent.)

Bishop: Spooky

Mutt: Ominous is more like it…that JV ain’t here to chew bubble gum and play games

Bishop: Exotica is gonna have a hell of a fight on her hands when Porter and she lock up

Spud: And her opponent…

(The theme from “Exotica” plays and from the back comes “the Showgirl” Anais Exotica.)

Spud: Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada…she is 5 feet 7 inches, 129 pounds, here is the “Showgirl” Anais Exotica!

Bishop: Exotica sauntering out through the curtain, and she’s a bit too relaxed for me

Mutt: Oh yeah, she needs to stress over this bout. The loser goes home and the winner moves on the in the damn tourney. You know Porter is anxious

(She is wearing a black and white striped halter-top and matching biker shorts. They are prison striped. Written in bright pink across her breasts is “Have a quarter” followed by a little pink heart with “RR” in it. Written in the same color on her ass is “Buy a clue.”)

Mutt: What the hell does “RR” stand for? Railroad? Hey, ya think she likes…you know, multiple partners.

Bishop: Stop it! She does not!

Mutt: How do you know?

Bishop: Exotica blowing Porter a kiss, and this is reminiscent of the old Black Lotus.

Mutt: Before Lotus started getting pinned every week. And… Hey, look out at ringside….isn’t that Rip Rogers?

Bishop: Who?

Mutt: You know, the old WCW/NWA jobber from the 1980’s…you know, old Rip Rogers!

Bishop: Oh yeah….that’s what the RR stands for

Mutt: And Exotica is going over to show some….some

Bishop: Don’t say it!

(Minor cheers as Anais stops on the way down and Rip Rogers on the cheek, and then lets him kiss her on her heart with his initials.)

Mutt: I wish my name was Robert Russell

Bishop: Will you stop that! Fans, let’s hook ‘em up


Bishop: Anais backpedaling away as Dina moves in

Mutt: Oh yeah, after all those threats that she’s made in the last 2 weeks about what she’d do to her? I don’t blame the Showgirl

Bishop: Exotica backed into the near corner and she dips through the ropes. The ref wants a break, but Porter charging in…And Exotica slips to the outside

(Ringsiders all rise as Porter follows her outside.)

Bishop: They are running around the ring?

Mutt: And Exotica slips back inside the ring. Porter enters the ring as Exotica runs to the side ropes, SPRINGBOARDS OFF and *connects* with a Flying Headscissors!

(The Dawg Pound applauds as both women get back up to their feet.)

Bishop: A Dropkick by the Showgirl, and now she hurries back up to her feet as Porter rises….*another* Dropkick!

Assante: 1……………………..kick out!

(Fans boo as Porter kicks out.)

Bishop: Exotica slapping Porter?!

(Fans pop as Dina Porter charges in….)

Bishop: Drop toe hold by Exotica, and she slides across the back to, to…oh dear

(All of the ringside men whistle and cheer as Exotica runs her hands across Dina’s chest.)

Mutt: Hot damn! Somebody get the camcorder cause we got some class Thespianism on Monday Night Ra…I mean the Tuesday Night Catfight

Bishop: Porter rolling away, and now up to her feet as Exotica dips through the ropes….no, Porter snatching up the tights, and hoists her up for a Belly to Back Suplex…but just dumps her down to the mat instead!

(Fans pop for Dina Porter’s power.)



Mutt: She nearly took off Porter’s head!

Bishop: And now Dina running for the side ropes, The Showgirl gets up to her feet as Dina comes flying off….BULLDOG!

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF!)

Bishop: Dina with a hair pull pick up into a modified Snap mare takeover. And now she measures the Showgirl and . . . . _misses_ the Elbowdrop!

Mutt: Exotica rolling into the ropes and now up to her feet Great endurance from Miss Sports Entertainment

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit

Bishop: Both women on their feet now and they encircle…Exotica less hesitant to tie up…Collar and Elbow and Exotica with an Armdrag

Mutt: Dina ain’t showing knowledge of the basic wrestling holds, so instead she counters with an Eye Gouge (laughs)

Bishop: Exotica is stunned, and now Porter with a High Knee to the midsection. And now a handful of hair and draws back… h e a d b u t t ! Exotica is dazed, and now Porter drawing back once again….h e a d b u t t !

(Rumbling from the fans as Exotica becomes droopy legged.)

Mutt: Porter running into the side ropes and Springboarding off…

Bishop: And Exotica catching her with a Mexica Arm Drag Takeover. Porter back up and Exotica with Superkick!

(The Dawg Pound pops as Porter falls back to the mat.)

Bishop: Anais running for the near corner and she IMMEDIATELY catapults herself to the second turnbuckle. Porter gets to her feet and…

Mutt: Exotica with a flying Lariat that Porter easily ducks…

Bishop: …but Exotica applies a Waistlock in midair… SUNSET FLIP!!!!

Assante: 1…………………………..2……………..

(Fans gasp disappointment as Porter kicks out.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit

Mutt: And this is what the Sports Entertainer wanted. Keep up the hit and run…maintain a damn wrestling match. Both women back up and Exotica with a Side Headlock and, oh damn!

(Men all whistle as Exotica runs her hands down the into her crotch area.)

Bishop: Hard back elbow by Porter!

Mutt: Oh damn

Bishop: Exotica stumbles backward and now Porter with another Eye Gouge. Exotica is blinded, and Porter with a handful of hair and SMASHES her face into the near corner

Mutt: Another Smash, and the ref wants a break…

(Fans all pop as she shoves the referee.)

Bishop: Porter heading to the outside, and, oh sh…

(Fans all pop as Porter snatches Allen Bishop’s chair.)

Bishop: Exotica is dazed, and referee Dawn Le warning Porter as she reenters the ring. What the hell?

Mutt: The in ring ref warning her as Porter opens up and LET’S EXOTICA HAVE IT!

(Fans all pop as Exotica falls to the mat!)


Bishop: This is gonna be a DQ win for Exotica, but Porter isn’t done yet

Mutt: She’s snapped!

(Fans all cheer as she hammers her into the head once again.)

Bishop: Referee Assante trying to appropriate the chair, and Porter shoves him away….AND NOW A CHAIRSHOT?!


Mutt: That’s a suspension!

Bishop: Exotica is down and out, and now Porter tossing the chair and bending over. What’s she doing?

(Fans are still cheering as Porter is bending over Exotica’s feet, rummaging about.)

Mutt: She’s taking her boots?

(Ringsiders pop as Porter takes off Exotica’s right boot.)

Bishop: Porter slinging them over her shoulder, and just walking away?

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 11 minutes and 16 seconds, your winner via disqualification…and ADVANCING into the next round of the Transnational Cruiserweight tournament….the “Showgirl” Anais Exotica!

Bishop: Exotica wins her first match in Grand Dragon, but at a heck of a cost

Mutt: She lost her boots! Well anyway, Exotica would have won if this was scored on points. A big win for her even though she lost some apparel in the process…why the hell would Porter want second hand boots?

Bishop: Why the hell would Porter want to disqualify herself? She just cost herself a chance at the title!

Mutt: Well, we got Heidi Leick backstage who is gonna bring an all new meaning to no Disqualification

Heidi Leick

[Camera cuts to Backstage at The Great Western Forum – Celebrity Skin by HOLE is playing in the background. The camera focus’s in on Heidi Leick. She’s taping her wrists, & tattoos up. Once again, Mike Whalen has the mic. And the duty of interviewing Heidi… he stands at her side… cautiously eyeing his surroundings… Heidi’s wearing her usual gear, nothing really different, except she’s got on an old, tattered “The MAXX” T Shirt on this time…]

Mike Whalen: Hello GDWA fans… Mike Whalen here, coming to you live from The Great Western Arena in Los Angeles, California. With me at this time… is someone who I’ve had some conflict with, but nevertheless, someone who’s been on a hot streak here in GDWA….. Heidi Leick.

Heidi Leick: Hot Streak? Mike… give me a break.

MW: Well, Heidi… you have been really in the center of things here… what else would you call it?

HL: Whalen… [Laughs] that’s just another day in the life of Heidi Leick. Too hot to handle for some… and just too damn extreme for others… by the way… I see you came “out of the closet” [giggles]

MW: Um… [Nervously, looking for other doors] Yeah, I got out… but not in the way you’re insinuating.

HL: I inferred nothing… [Smiling]

MW: Well, we all know the term, coming “out of the closet” refers to Homosexuals, or people with “Alternative Lifestyles” to be politically correct.

HL: So, wait… [Smiling evilly] let me get this straight… you’re not “out of the closet”?

MW: No.

HL: Well… I guess everyone knows know… you may as well admit it.

MW: Admit what… [Thinks for a second] Oh my god. Heidi, will you cut it out? You like to play with words don’t you? [Getting annoyed] …Fans. Workers… I am not gay.

HL: But you said… [Laughing]

MW: I said nothing of the sort… Please… Please… can I get on with this interview?

HL: Oh don’t be in such a huffy attitude… geez… can’t a girl have some fun? [Sighs]

MW: Not at my expense… at least not anymore… getting on with GDWA Business, Ok Heidi… tonight here in L.A… You get to face Bloody Mary in what you call a Heidi’s Rules match… I’m pretty clear on this, but could you explain to the fans, what exactly ~IS~ a Heidi’s Rules match?

HL: Explain it? To the ~fans~! No, no, no… They should ~know~ already… first off… I ask for a GDWA Old School Legend… and I get Bloody Mary? HA! Bloody Mary may have been in the GDWA for a long time, but she’s not “old school” and she’s certainly no legend….but on the other hand… She’s been bragging her ass off… saying that she’s got what it takes to take down the real “Queen Of Extreme” , “Extreme Icon”, “Suicidal Bitch” and “Ultra-Violent Legend”.. So I guess I have to “break this down” for her…

MW: Please… “Break it down”.

HL: Mary… you want to know where you stand in my thoughts. Ok… you’re nothing but a Model T to my Mustang SHO, a 57 Chevy to my 2000 Corvette or, for you Japanese fans, a Datsun 240SX to my Nissan 300 Z… yes you may have been the “original hardcore model” here, but that was when a chair shot and a no DQ match was considered Extreme..

[Heidi laughs evilly]

HL: Mary, I hear you talking about how you ~Leick~ me, about how you ~respect~ me… [Smiles evilly and laughs insanely] Do you think I ~CARE~ what you think about me? The answer is No Mary… and No, I did not receive an autographed copy of ‘Dianetics’ from Marissa, Leick you and the rest of the moronicons did… Nor do I want to… you all can form whatever alliance you want to… I care not Mary, I Don’t Leick you… I don’t respect you, no matter what you do, or what happens this match, I can tell you this… you’re going to L-O-S-E… LOSE

MW: Pretty strong words for a woman who’s going into the ring against Bloody Mary… a GDWA Hardcore legend… anything else to say about her Heidi?

HL: No… Nothing more is needed to be said about Mary, but I will say this… Double O… I hear you whining ~you~ little bitch… I’ll warn you now… fair warning has been called… you step in the ring, or anywhere near me, when Mary and I are fighting a match with ~my~ rules… then it’s ~you~ who’s going to be ~punished~.. And you’ll be ~punished~ to the full extent of Heidi’s Rules… [Smiles psychotically] remember…. I MAKE the rules in this match… and I’m the only one who can BREAK the rules in this match

[Heidi walks off towards the arena entrance, but slides back in quickly]

HL: And on a side note… Chandler, Duran… you’re either with me… or against me.

MW: Strong words from Heidi Leick ….back to the booth

Bishop: Fans, up next the “Heidi’s Rules” match

Falls Count Anywhere: Bloody Mary vs. Heidi Leick

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with No Time Limit, No Disqualification and Falls Count Anywhere in the Building…

(Fans boo as they hear Midnight Rider by the Allman Bros.)

Spud: Accompanied to ringside by her bodyguard Ana Conda. Hailing from Davenport, Iowa…she is 5 feet 9 inches, 150 pounds, here is Bloody Mary!

Bishop: Mary heading down the aisle, and she is as focused as I’ve ever seen her

Mutt: Well, she took issue with Heidi calling herself the hardcore icon. Heidi also making a claim on the World Title

(Mary makes her appearance wearing her long black leather riding coat, black cowboy hat, her long curly blonde hair showing underneath. Ana Conda accompanies her wearing a black motorcycle jacket. Her black and gray striped briefs and black boots showing. Her page boy style jet black hair shimmers under the lights. Mary will start undressing from her accoutrements as she makes her way down the aisle. )

Bishop: Mary sliding into the ring, and you’ve got to think that the GDWA does not like this match up at all

Mutt: OH yeah, Grand Dragon prides itself on traditional wrestling this hardcore crap does not belong

Spud: And her opponent…

[The Jumbo Tron flashes to life and Opening Chords of “Supernova Goes POP” by Powerman 5000 start to blare through the arena, On the Jumbo Tron the words “Queen Of Extreme” appear  … A Picture of Heidi Leick nailing Leick-it-or-not (Fisherman’s Buster) on Officer Order, on the chair, shows on the TRON… over and over .. 3 times, the last in slow motion… other scenes show of Heidi nailing Zaranna & Daisy Butterfly with moves.. A pyrotechnics explosion occurs at the sides of the stage entrance coinciding when the drums as Heidi Leick comes stepping out of the entrance, and raises her Singapore cane…]

Spud: And her opponent, Hailing from Brooklyn, New York. She is 5 feet 7 inches, weighing in at 135 pounds, here is… HEIIIIIII~DIIIII LEIIIIIII~CK!!!!!

[Heidi’s got on a black, torn & tattered “Static-X” T Shirt cut to the midriff, her cutoff denim shorts, black combat boots, a torn blue flannel shirt wrapped around her waist, knee & elbow pads & her wrists are taped. She’s got her trademark Singapore Cane in her right hand… which she raises to the sky, over her head, as she slides into the ring.]

Bishop: Mary leaning up against the ropes, and she has a grim look on her face

Mutt: Oh yeah, this is gonna be real interesting. Both women are pretty tough broads

[Heidi slides in the ring… Circling it on the inside, going from side ropes to side ropes, raising the cane at the fans… As she goes from side to side, She opens another beer can and guzzles it… spinning round and round to the beat of the music… She tosses the empty can into the audience…]

Bishop: Bloody Mary charging Heidi, and Heidi brandishing that cane, and nails her in the head!

Mutt: But Ana Conda clips her from behind!


Bishop: Ana Conda stomping away, and now a pick up. An Irish Whip to the far ropes, Heidi bounces off and HEIDI WITH A LARIAT!!

Mutt: Mary is taking advantage of the rules. NO DQ and No Count out! Ana Conda is gonna dance with her

Bishop: But Ana Conda getting the worst of it now. Heidi with a pick up and slaps her head between her legs…PILEDRIVER!

(Fans all begin to boo as Zaranna heads down the aisle.)

Mutt: Ana Conda is down, and now Mary getting up to her knees

Bishop: Heidi with a pick up, and she’s tapping that cane against the canvas. Mary holding her head and Heidi with a Short arm right into that Singapore Cane!

(Fans boo as Heidi tosses the cane to the mat.)

Bishop: Ana Conda to her feet as the referee looks on amazed Heidi with a head of steam & *connects* with a running Frankensteiner!

(Fans all boo as Heidi slides to the outside, and heads over to the announcer’s booth.)

Bishop: Zaranna hiding near the stairs as Heidi comes over and…

(Heidi snatches Allen Bishop’s chair away as she heads back toward the ring.)

Mutt: Mary still clutching her throat from that can shot. Heidi now, climbing up the buckles?

(Fans all boo as Heidi Leick points down at Mary.)

Mutt: Allen, go get a damn chair, I don’t get paid to do play by play Anyway, Heidi is up on the top of the ropes, chair in hand. Mary is up to her feet and Heidi tosses the chair

(Mary catches the chair as Heidi Leick leaps off the top buckle.)


(Fans BOO!)

Mutt: Heidi drop kicked that chair into Mary’s face, from the damn top rope! And now Ana Conda charging Leick and nails her with a hard forearm shot! Heidi stumbles forward, and now she’s firing away with hard right hands

(Bishop returns to the table after Spud hands him a chair.)

Mutt: It’s about time!

Bishop: Mary picking up that Singapore cane, and she’s pointing over at Heidi. Ana Conda with a Waistlock, and Zaranna sliding into the ring.

(Fans boo as she taps Mary on the shoulder.)

Mutt: Mary turning around, and a Short arm Clothesline!

Bishop: And now Zaranna picking up the cane as Heidi nails Ana Conda with a hard elbow shot! And now Zaranna with a head of steam and…


(Fans all boo as Heidi hits the canvas.)

Bishop: Zaranna measuring her, and slaps the cane against her head again

((Fans all pop as they hear sirens go off.))

Mutt: Heidi is bloody, and Zaranna will not quit and…

(Fans all cheer as Officer Order sprints down the aisle.)

Bishop: Heidi rolling into the ropes, and Mary now up to her feet

((Major pop as Officer Order catapults herself into the ring!!!))

Bishop: Zaranna swinging the cane, but Order with a forward roll Zaranna turning around….DROPKICK!

(Fans pop: !!!!!YEAH!!!!!)

Bishop: Mary moving in and Order with a Karate Chop!

(Fans pop: Whooooooooooo!)

Bishop: And another!

(Fans pop: Whooooooooooo!)

Bishop: And another!

(Fans pop: Whooooooooooo!)

Mutt: Mary is down, and Ana Conda pulling her out of the ring Zaranna trying to sneak out of the ring, and Order grabs her by the back of the tights.

(Fans all cheer as she pulls her back into the ring.)

Mutt: This ain’t none of her business. Order is interfering.

Bishop: Zaranna shaking her head, and Order with a Waistlock and a Belly to Back Suplex!

(Fans pop as Heidi Leick gets to her feet.)

Mutt: Heidi cursing out Order, and Order pointing her finger at Heidi

(Fans all screaming as Zaranna encroaches upon Order.)

[Major boos as fans hear “Bad to the Bone” by George Thurgood and the Destroyers screams out over the arena.]

Bishop: Andrea Chandler storming down to the ring, and Zaranna swinging the cane.


(Fans all screaming as Heidi swings at Order.)

Bishop: Order ducking, and Heidi turns around…


(Fans all pop as Heidi scrambles to her feet.)

Mutt: Order with a handful of hair and tosses Heidi out of the ring!

(Fans all whistling as Heidi clutches her wrist.)

Bishop: Hold on, Mary calling on the referee and she makes the cover?

Ref: 1……………………………….



(Fans all whistle as Heidi gets the shoulder up.)

Mutt: Back to the ring, Andrea is stomping away on Zaranna. The deep hate between these two is incredible

Bishop: Andrea with a pick up, and now nailing away with European Uppercuts! Zaranna is dazed, and now Andrea with a frontface lock, no, Wristlock reversal by Zaranna

Mutt: Zaranna with a Hammerlock, and Andrea with a hard back elbow.

Bishop: _MISSED_

Mutt: And now Zaranna backing into the ropes. Andrea turning around and Zaranna with a head of steam…


(Fans all boo as Zaranna clutches her back.)

Mutt: Mary now, picking up Heidi and tossing her into the ring Oh man, this is gonna get crazy

Bishop: Andrea Chandler with a Double Leg pick up, and Zaranna is screaming.

Mutt: Zaranna has a bad back! Andrea tortured her 2 weeks ago with the Scorpion Death Lock, and now she’s gonna lay it on again

(Fans all screaming as she begins twirling her around.)

Bishop: Zaranna slapping the mat, and Andrea begins turning her around, AND SHE LEANS INTO IT!!!


Bishop: But Officer Order with a head of steam….and a spinning Superkick!

(Fans pop as Andrea Chandler falls back to the canvas.)

Bishop: Zaranna crawling out of the ring, and Order and Andy are getting it on…

(Fans all popping as they roll around the canvas, punching.)

Mutt: Mary with a handful of her blonde hair, and now bealing her across the ring. And now Mary with a head of steam and nails an Elbowdrop!

(Mixed cheers as Mary picks up the steel chair.)

Bishop: Mary propping up the steel, and she’s got wicked plans for the Diamond Girl. Mary with a pick up, and a headlock. Mary with a head of steam….BULLDOG!!!

(Ringsiders pop as blood splatters across the ring.)

Mutt: The chair is all bent up, but Mary now, pointing down to it

Bishop: Mary with a pick up, and tossing Heidi across her back Mary with a head of steam…


(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Bishop: Heidi clutching her back, and now Mary with a double leg pick up…and turns her over for a Boston Crab

(Fans all stands as Heidi Leick shakes her head.)

Bishop: Hold on, Zaranna up to her feet, and she’s got that Singapore Cane. Zaranna limping along, and SWINGS it against the back of her head!

(Fans all boo as Mary clutches the back of her head.)

Mutt: What, is Zaranna in cahoots with Heidi?

Bishop: Heidi staring at Zaranna, and now Heidi grabbing that steel chair. Heidi rolling Mary onto her back, and now she grabs that steel chair

(Fans all screaming as she clutches her back.)

Bishop: Mary is prone on the mat, face up… Heidi placing that chair underneath her leg. Oh God…

(Fans all screaming as Heidi flies off the top.)

Bishop: HEIDI WITH A Guillotine legdrop with that steel chair!!!

Mutt: On Mary’s face!

((Fans all pop!))

Mutt: Mary’s nose must be broken

Bishop: Heidi clutching her leg, and Zaranna just looking on, telling her to make the cover

(Fans all boo as Heidi makes the cover.)

Ref: ……………………..1



(Fans all scream as Zaranna breaks the count.)

Bishop: Zaranna with a pick up and nailing away with European Uppercuts?

Mutt: What the hell?

Bishop: Heidi is dazed, and now Zaranna measuring her….CANE STRIKE!

(Mixed cheers as blood runs down Heidi’s face.)

Bishop: Mary is out cold, and now Zaranna with a pick up and slaps on a Frontface lock….D D T!

(Fans all boo as Zaranna tosses Heidi on top of Mary.)

Mutt: What?

ref: ………………………1




(Fans all scream as Zaranna picks up the mangled chair.)

Mutt: Heidi is in trouble, but Order and Andrea are not clubbing it out on the floor

Bishop: Zaranna pointing down at Heidi, and no one is here to help She’s reopening the mangled chair, and now a pick up. Heidi is bloodied and dazed, and now a front face lock.

(Fans all booing as she points out at Andrea Chandler.)

Bishop: Z-Blaster d. d. t !

Mutt: Right onto the chair!

(Mixed cheers as Zaranna lays on the canvas, on top of Heidi.)

Bishop: Andrea Chandler trying to get back into the ring, but Order is pissed off. GDWA officials heading down the aisle, and Zaranna is calling on Andy

Mutt: That’s Andrea to you. And anyway, look at how Zaranna mocked Heidi. She wants to be the hardcore icon, and both she and Mary are laying on the canvas in their own blood

Bishop: Heidi must be in bad shape, as she’s had some serious blows to the head. She’s not moving as Zaranna gets to her feet

(Fans chant: ORDER! ORDER! as Zaranna is escorted from the ring.)

Mutt: This was a no DQ match, she can’t be fined. And Order and Andrea are having to be separated on the floor

Spud: Wrestling fans, (clears his throat) your winner is Heidi Leick!

Mutt: Heidi is still undefeated

Bishop: What? That’s not true

Mutt: She’s been DQ’ed, sure, but nobody’s beaten her. Heidi Leick being helped from the ring, and so is Bloody Mary who is very bloody

(Fans applaud as Ana Conda looks on Mary.)

Bishop: Well fans, I hope we get word on their conditions. A wild one as Andrea, Order and Zaranna came out to interfere in this match

Lida Yanigisawa vs. Rekka Sakura

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is a Cruiserweight Division match up scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit. It shall be officiated by referees Dawn Le and Molefi Assante the opening beats of “What Y’all Want” by Eve shake through the arena. Red and black smoke suddenly shoots out from the aisle

Spud: Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, standing 5 feet 4 inches, 129 pounds; Aguila Dojo in Mexico City presents — Lida Yanagisawa!!!!!!!!”

(Suddenly, Lida struts through the smoke. She wears no robe; only black and red two piece wrestling attire accents the handsome curves of her 5’4″ frame; and a cold and expressionless look adorns her face. As she steps onto the ring apron, Lida slowly turns to look out to the booing fans– acknowledging them with a long, over-the shoulder smirk and a disdainful “I-own-you” look She brushes her long, hazel-dyed hair back with one hand, and gives the referee a glare…refusing to enter the ring until the ref parts the ropes.)

Bishop: This is the Main Event!

Mutt: And this is what we all came to see…Rekka Sakura and Lida Yanagisawa…they’re both undefeated thus far, and somebody is gonna prove to be the most dominant woman in the Cruiserweight Division

(Fans chant: “Bring the Rekka!” clap-clap-clap “Bring the Rekka!”)

Bishop: Hold on now, by that same token, Order and Grier are undefeated as well

Mutt: who?

Bishop: Officer May…anyway fans, Lida is in the ring, and you can bet that this is gonna be a high impact match up. Their styles complement each other rather well

Mutt: Surprisingly so! Rekka Sakura is the crowd favorite, but I got Lida Yanagisawa as the favorite in my book!

[Slowly the lights dim and a hush falls on the arena. A low throng is heard over the PA. Fans pop as they hear “Y’know” by Sodou Akira.”

Spud: And her opponent, hailing from Tokyo, Japan! She is 5 feet 7 inches, 124 pounds, here is ‘the Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura!

[Rekka finally appears on the runway decked out in full black and red regalia, Red top long ring jacket with “REKKA” scrawled across the back in black cursive, red and black tassel fringe dangling freely from the sleeves, Her black ring boots are plainly visible are the red laces she wears on them. Hands held high in the air with a look of fierce determination on her face… “The Burning Cherry Blossom” indeed!!]

Bishop: Rekka Sakura feeling good as this crowd is roaring in her presence

Mutt: And you got to figure that this ain’t nothing to what reception she’ll receive in Japan!

[The fans SWARM!! A contingent of Japanese fans who came all the way from Japan to watch this rush the railing and Rekka greets them ALL!! Shaking hands, embracing them… the US fans join in the rush before security finally intervenes… Rekka continues her march to the ring and her date with destiny]

Mutt: Oh damn…look at that!

(The Dawg Pound cheers as Daisy Butterfly heads down the arena stairs, flanked by security. She draws up a ringside seat as Rekka Sakura is oblivious to her presence.)

Bishop: Daisy Butterfly ain’t too happy about Rekka…and on the Sunday Nite Tease we heard from Miss Daisy…she challenges Rekka Sakura to a match at GLORY DAYS irrespective of the World and Cruiserweight title tournaments

Mutt: Rekka entering the ring, and she still don’t see Daisy. This is gonna get interesting you know

[Rekka turns and sprints to the top rope raising her arms over her head again… this time with bright smile… the chant continues… and gets faster and Rekka eggs it on further… clapping her own hands faster and faster to match the speed of the chant before turning to face them, still mounted on the top rope and moonsaulting in to the ring landing on her feet!! The crowd is ecstatic!!]

Bishop: Lida Yanagisawa is not impressed. It was not too long ago that she was claiming that her time is now. This is her personal epoch that has begun in the GDWA

(Fans all stand as referee Dawn Le calls the two women together.)

Bishop: The ref going over the rules, and this is getting interesting Rekka and Lida looking eye to eye. Rekka with a 3 inch height advantage over her opponent. Lida slightly heavier that Sakura

Mutt: The Japanese press is eating this up…can you imagine what is gonna happen when we tour Asia?

Bishop: The ref is pointing out to Spud…let’s hook ’em up!


Bishop: Both women very hesitant to lock up. Collar and Elbow, no! Lida backing off and Rekka shakes her arms to get loose

Mutt: Lida encircling Rekka, and a lock up…no!

(Fans boo as Lida dips through the ropes.)

Bishop: Rekka Sakura smiling and nodding her head

(Daisy Butterfly leads minor chants of “Rekka Sucks!” “Rekka Sucks!”)

Bishop: Rekka Sakura pointing out to Daisy, and Lida sneaking up from behind, and a hard forearm shot to the back. And now an Irish Whip to the far side

Mutt: Rekka bouncing off and Lida with a Mexican Arm Drag Takeover Both women back up and Rekka with a Legsweep and a Fall Away Elbow!

(Fans pop!)

Bishop: Both women back up and a collar and Elbow tie up. Rekka much stronger and forcing Lida down on one knee, but she applies a Back Heel trip.

Mutt: But Rekka throwing up her feet and Monkey Flips Lida over Both women back up and Rekka with quick right hand jabs to the head

Bishop: And now Rekka with an Elbow shot to the head, and a Front Face lock. Lida wary of the Suplex attempt, staying close to the ropes

Mutt: Rekka obviously the stronger of the two, she’ll have to use that to her advantage

Bishop: Rekka with a Fireman’s Carry Takeover but Lida hooking the arm, lands on her feet and slaps on a Cobra Clutch!!!

(Fans all screaming as Rekka Sakura runs toward the ropes.)

Bishop: Rekka Sakura hitting the ropes and repelling Lida from her back. She hooks the ropes, spins around and charges Lida but the Luchadores with a Leapfrog

Mutt: Rekka bouncing off the far side and Lida with Roundhouse Kick…_missed_!

Bishop: Rekka slapping on a Waistlock, but Lida countering out with a Standing Switch,

Mutt: **but** Rekka jumping up and slaps on a ^R^E^V^E^R^S^E Bodyscissors and rolls her up for a modified SUNSET FLIP!!!


Le: 1………………………..2……………….

Bishop: Lida kicks out and Rekka backs off

(Fans all whistle and cheer as both ladies gather themselves.)

Bishop: Oh no

(Fans all boo as Marissa Monet heads down the aisle.)

Bishop: Monet at ringside, and Daisy Butterfly looking on curiously

Mutt: And damn, is this the party or what?

(Fans continue to boo as Jennifer Grier heads down the aisle.)

Bishop: Rekka Sakura looking out with some concern as Lida looks out to Grier. This is supposed to be an athletic competition. They better not do a thing!

(Daisy leads minor chants of: REKKA SUCKS! REKKA SUCKS!)

Bishop: Grier grabbing a chair, and this does not look good Lida and Rekka Sakura obviously distracted, and referee Assante should make the call. Get them outta there

Mutt: But they haven’t broken any rules

Bishop: Lida and Rekka reluctantly tie up, and Rekka with a Side headlock. Lida with a Waistlock and Rekka running to the near corner, backflips off the second buckle…


(Fans pop: Ooooooooooooh!)

Bishop: Rekka grabbing her back, and Lida running to the side ropes…

(Fans boo as Grier pulls on the ropes.)

Bishop: Lida catches her balance and falls forward. And now Rekka Sakura arguing with Jen Grier as she heads over to Lida A frontface lock and she hoists up Lida….

(Fans all cheer as she has Yanagisawa hanging up high….)


(Fans bark: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Bishop: Rekka heading over to the near corner as Marissa Monet runs over. She’s climbing up the buckles, and poised up high…

(Fans all boo as Monet jerks the ropes.)


Bishop: The refs have had enough. They’ve thrown this one out

Mutt: And now here comes Grier. Grier with chair in hand, waiting on Lida to turn around…..CHAIRSHOT!

(Fans all boo while Rekka Sakura wails away on Jen Grier.)


(Fans all scream as Marissa Monet climbs through the ropes.)

Bishop: Daisy Butterfly is rushing down to ringside as Monet grabs Rekka Sakura…..P*U*N*K – D*U*N*K CHOKESLAM!


(Fans cheer as Daisy slides into the ring.)

Mutt: Monet stomping away on Rekka, and Daisy spinning her around, AND SHE NAILS HER WITH PALM STRIKES TO THE CHEST!

(Fans all pop!)

Bishop: BUT GRIER NAILING LIDA WITH ANOTHER CHAIRSHOT! And another! This is gonna adversely affect their bout next week Grier with a pick up and tosses Lida out of the ring

(Fans all screaming as Rekka is slow to her feet.)

Bishop: Why the hell would Monet attack Rekka Sakura? I thought they were tag teaming as the “Grand Dragons?”

Mutt: Monet firing away with Forearm shots to Daisy’s head. You can’t battle a Monster like Monet. Don’t brawl with her…

(Fans all pop as Rekka Sakura grabs the steel chair.)

Bishop: Rekka running up behind her…..AND MONET DIPS OUT OF THE WAY…


(Fans all pop as Rekka looks on in shock!)

Bishop: That was an accident!

Mutt: Was not!

Bishop: On the floor, Grier is pounding away on Lida Yanagisawa This can’t be good

(Monet laughs as she slips out of the ring, to the floor.)


Mutt: Rekka helping Daisy up to her feet, and apologizing…


(Fans POP!)

Bishop: Rekka backpedaling, and Daisy firing into her

Mutt: Security is down here. Monet is high tailing it out of dodge

Bishop: Rekka tackles Daisy to the ring, and they are rolling around like wild animals! Grier is being led away from Lida …dear God! Grier may have secured herself a win in Japan!

Mutt: Security is in the ring, and they are separating Daisy from Rekka. Aw man!

(Crowd chants: Let them fight! Let them fight! Let them fight!)



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