Officer Order battles Rekka Sakura in the main event.

[Open camera shot… We open with replay from the Catfight of the Monet chokeslam on Rekka Sakura]


(Fans all scream as Marissa Monet climbs through the ropes.)

Bishop: Daisy Butterfly is rushing down to ringside as Monet grabs Rekka Sakura…..P*U*N*K – D*U*N*K CHOKESLAM!


(Fans cheer as Daisy slides into the ring.)

Mutt: Monet stomping away on Rekka, and Daisy spinning her around, AND SHE NAILS HER WITH PALM STRIKES TO THE CHEST!

(Fans all pop!)

Bishop: BUT GRIER NAILING LIDA WITH ANOTHER CHAIRSHOT! And another! This is gonna adversely affect their bout next week. Grier with a pick up and tosses Lida out of the ring.

(Fans all screaming as Rekka is slow to her feet.)

Bishop: Why the hell would Monet attack Rekka Sakura? I thought they were tag teaming as the “Grand Dragons?”

Mutt: Monet firing away with Forearm shots to Daisy’s head. You can’t battle a Monster like Monet. Don’t brawl with her….

(Fans all pop as Rekka Sakura grabs the steel chair.)

Bishop: Rekka running up behind her…AND MONET DIPS OUT OF THE WAY…


(Fans all pop as Rekka looks on in shock!)

Bishop: That was an accident!

Mutt: Was not!

Bishop: On the floor, Grier is pounding away on Lida Yanagisawa. This can’t be good.

(Monet laughs as she slips out of the ring, to the floor.)


Mutt: Rekka helping Daisy up to her feet, and apologizing…


(Fans POP!)

Bishop: Rekka backpedaling, and Daisy firing into her.

Mutt: Security is down here. Monet is high tailing it out of dodge.

Bishop: Rekka tackles Daisy to the ring, and they are rolling around like wild animals! Grier is being led away from Lida …dear God! Grier may have secured herself a win in Japan!

Mutt: Security is in the ring, and they are separating Daisy from Rekka. Aw man!

(Crowd chants: Let them fight! Let them fight! Let them fight!)

Rekka Sakura

[Fade… the shot melds to a shot of Sonya Blade standing in the locker room area post Catfight. Not far away is Rekka Sakura seated on a bench, still in her wrestling gear as a GDWA trainer tapes her shoulder]

Sonya: Fans emotions are running high, alliances are broken and fragile relationships shattered!! But still wrestling’s “Burning Cherry Blossom” trudges on… but what is the price that Rekka Sakura is paying?

[Sonya rushes over to where Rekka sits, the shoulder still being taped]

Rekka: [wincing as the trainer pulls the tape tight] IIIIEEEE!! Shimatta!! That smarts!!

GDWA Trainer: Just keep it taped, put some Ben Gay on it and it’ll be fine in a few days…

Sonya: Rekka, tonight a simple Cruiserweight challenge turned into anarchy, what are your thoughts?

[Rekka looks up at Sonya… her face serious, the fire is there… the determination we know so well… but what will she say?]

Rekka: Sonya Blade… from the moment I stepped through the ropes tonight I thought something special would happen. I had visions of a great one on one affair between 2 great competitors. I had visions of a match the fans would skip heartbeats over. What did I get Sonya? What did I get despite all my hopes?

Sonya: [a tad annoyed] Um… the journalist is supposed to ask the questions Rekka…

Rekka: [shooting a mean glance at Blade] I’ll tell you what I got Sonya Blade… Rekka Sakura got her trust thrown back in her face!! Rekka Sakura got thrown on her ass by someone she thought respected her. [Taking a deep breath, pausing for a moment before releasing it] I’ve been chokeslammed before Sonya. But the chokeslam Marissa Monet crushed me to the mat with tonight was like a knife run through my back.

Sonya: Rekka so much went on in that match but the question that has to be asked… Did you hit Daisy on purpose?

Rekka: [actually shocked by the question] WHAT?!? No… I don’t see eye to eye with Daisy. As much as I would like to slap her again like I did in January, the blow I landed with that chair was meant for the backstabbing Monet!!

Sonya: It seems you’re being attacked from all sides Rekka…

Rekka: [rubs her shoulder for a moment and winces slightly… the sting of pain] Attacked from all sides… Monet chokeslams me, Daisy Butterfly throws slanders at me… those 2 try and break me.. try to crush my fighting spirit. Daisy… every time I think you’ve sunk as low as you can you prove me wrong. If you believe Daisy Butterfly, Rekka Sakura is a “hater”. If you believe Daisy Butterfly Rekka Sakura “sucks”. Leading the campaign to turn the fans against me Daisy?

[Rekka stops, turns her down and to the left and spits on the floor]

Rekka: That’s what I think of your pathetic juvenile methods. The fans know what I’m about. I at least pay you the courtesy of not sticking my nose in your matches. I at least let the fans make up their own minds about you. The words “You Sold Out” carry a lot of weight in the GDWA. You wonder why everyone in the Babyface locker room eyes you suspiciously. Could it be I’m not the only person who remembers the fact that [cups her hands over her mouth to amplify the sound] YOU CAN’T BE TRUSTED!!

[Rekka stops and flashes a mischievous grin]

Rekka: I wanted to believe these past few weeks Daisy… I really wanted to believe you changed. Look back at what happened tonight… I was the one who tried to apologize for hitting you. But no one was surprised when you struck back. I’m tired of us bitching abut trust Daisy. I’m tired of week after week us coming out before the people and screaming about who is in the right. You want me so badly at Glory Days? [Flashes that mischievous grin again] Then you pay the price. You pull out of the World Tourney. You do that and I’ll pull out of the Cruiserweight Tournament…

Sonya: [shocked] WHAT?!?

Rekka: [nodding… a stern look on her face] I’ll do what pains me most Daisy. I’ll throw it all away to settle this bullshit feud. I’ll give up my dream just so I can shut you up. But I won’t do it if you aren’t willing to pay the same price!!

Sonya: W-wait.. Rekka… Next week you have tournament match with Officer Order… what about that?

Rekka: I’ll wrestle May Order next week. I’ll wrestle it as a tournament match. But Daisy, I’ll wait for your answer. I’ll wait to hear you accept my terms as I train to get in the ring with May. I’ve never been in the same ring with her before Daisy. I’ve never wrestled Officer Order, I’ve never even tagged with her. I want to get in the ring next week and wrestle May Order. I want to get in the ring and BEAT May Order… [Rekka slowly shakes her head with a sad smile] but I’ll throw a victory over her, I’ll throw all the hard work I’m doing right now to prepare for her out the window if you meet my terms.

Sonya: Rekka you can’t mean that. I know better than anyone what the GDWA Transnational Cruiserweight title means to you. I know…

[Rekka smiles as Sonya babbles on and slowly mouths the words “I’ll throw it all away for you”] [Fade out]

Scene opens up on a jammed packed Fukuoka Dome in Fukuoka, Japan. “Tom Sawyer” by RUSH starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of old school Grand Dragon fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


[The G.D.W.A. presents the Road to Glory: the Asian Tour]

Takuro Tatsumi: Tonight we bring you the action of America’s GDWA, Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance hailing from the Pacific Northwest. We have scheduled 3 tournament matches…

(Fans all applaud as Tatsumi beings his round up.)

Tatsumi: First, on our carrrrrrrrrrrrrrd, the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance proudly presents to yooooooooooooou……in the Transnational Cruiserweight Tournament match up……..

(Fans all pop as Tatsumi gets started.)

Tatsumi: Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiida…Yanagisawaaaaaaaaaaa!

((Fans all roar and whistle as he stops and looks around the arena, curtly.))

Tatsumi: Jeniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifer…..Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrier!

(Fans all boo as the camera pans over to Allen Bishop and Sam Mutt who sit at a broadcast table adjacent to the entranceway.)

Bishop: Wrestling fans, we welcome you to another edition of the Tuesday Night Catfight. Many of you will be watching this on tape delay, but for our fans up in the wee hours of the morning watching this on satellite, we say hello and hope you enjoy the show.

Mutt: Hell, I almost didn’t know this was Grand Dragon. Where’s Spud?

Bishop: He is still time keeping tonight.

Mutt: I hope damn so! Shoot, the Japanese have dictated the forum as well as the bell time. And what’s up with these funky introductions.

(Fans can be heard cheering in the background as the announcer introduces Andrea Chandler.)

Bishop: That’s the way they do it here.

Mutt: What, we gotta here this crap again when the women actually come down to ringside?

Bishop: Well, I wouldn’t call it crap.

Mutt: I would, anyway, it’s a packed house tonight. 30,000 in attendance and I gotta say that these fans are rabid. Can’t wait to see who floats and who gets flushed down the toilet.

Bishop: Fans, not only are Lida and Jennifer wrestling for the last few spots in the winner’s bracket of the Cruiserweight tourney, but we also have Rekka and Order going at it as well.

Mutt: The question on my mind is whether either woman is completely focused for this one. Order has her mind on the Syndicate and Rekka Sakura has her mind on Daisy B. and Marissa Monet.

Bishop: No doubt, both women WANT to be the Cruiserweight champ!

Mutt: Anyway, I’m marking out for Zaranna and Chandler. In my humble opinion this should be the Main Event, not some damn Cruiserweight bout.

Bishop: In the first preliminary matchup of the World title tourney, Zaranna faces Andrea Chandler.

Mutt: Right here, right now! We’ve seen Daisy surprisingly submit to Chandler in her home town of San Francisco…will we be seeing Chandler give up her title shot in the very arena where she won her FIRST world title?

Bishop: Fans, Tatsumi has completed his introductions, let’s go back to him for ring action. Takuro Tatsumi: At this time, the Loh Sporting commission would like to recognize, at this time, Sonya Blade!

(Open on Sonya Blade in the Middle of the ring, wearing a black skirt and her GDWA Blazer. The crowd seems wild as they wait for her to start.)

Blade: My guest tonight has been on a Rampage in the Grand Dragon lately. It seems like everyone is talking about her one woman war on Rule Breakers … I’m talking about the One and Only …. Double O … Officer May Order!

Officer Order

(Mixed cheers as ‘Bad Boy’ by Inner Circle asks ‘What Ya’ Gonna Do?’ over the PA. The applause keeps going as Officer Order begins running down to ringside, slapping hands along the way. Panning over the crowd, we only catch a few signs, one reads ‘Bust Me May!’ and another with a cartoon of Double O in uniform with ‘ Got Order?’ written across the top in yellow highlighter almost to light to readable. Once she’s up on the ring apron, Double O turns around waves to the fans and a well-placed camera and then does a double backflip into the ring – complete with a perfect landing right next to Sonya Blade, drawing another small Pop from the crowd.)

Order: Fukuoka, Japan … O GENKI DESU KA? (Again the crowd mildly pops responding to Double O’s pandering. Sonya smiles at her, waiting to begin. )

Blade: Double O Thanks for taking time to speak with us tonight…

Order: Thank you for having me Sonya … Let me ask you something, did any of you see the Catfight last Tuesday night?

(The crowd shouts a resounding ‘ YES!’ as Sonya Blade nods in agreement. Double O looks around, smiling at the fans as she begins her rant. )

Order: Ok, I’ll take that as a yes … So you saw me punish some of the Thugs who thought they could break the rules.

(This time the Dawg Pound pops along with a smattering of applause from the rest of the crowd. She rubs her chin in disbelief as she begins. )

Order: You know what amazing to me? … Some people just Don’t Get It. I thought it was pretty simple … I tried to make it easy enough for even Heidi Leick to Understand … If You break the Rules …

(Americans bark: ‘ EXPECT TO BE PUNISHED!! ‘as Double O nods in agreement. )

Order: That’s right … Expect to be Punished … it’s not a saying, it’s a warning … You see I started this crusade to prevent the Thugs from running over the Real Wrestlers of the Grand Dragon. But the Rules have to be applied to everyone … so when I saw Zaranna attacking Heidi with a cane, I stepped in. . . You see, I didn’t do it for Heidi … I did it for the Tradition of our sport … I did it for women like Mildred Burke, Yukiko Tomoe, Cutie Suzuki, and Hikari Fukuoka …

(The entire Fukuoka Dome Pops hard as Double O rattles off the name of many Japanese Pro Wrestling Legends as part of her rant.)

Order: Women who earned your respect in the ring … Women who made this Sport what it is today! I owe it to them and every other woman who paid for our Tradition’s with Blood, Sweat, and Tears. If Heidi wants to warn me to say out of her way, I got no problem with that … As Long As She Doesn’t Break the Rules … if she does…

(This time more of the crowd, still lead by the Dawg Pound Faithful shout ‘EXPECT TO BE PUNISHED!!!’. Sonya and Order share a smile. )

Blade: What about Andrea Chandler? You recent actions seem to have put you two at odds.

Order: Hey, I expect a 51-50 like Heidi to be out of touch with reality, but Andrea? … I expect her to recognize a losing proposition when she sees one. Now we were never friends, but I had some respect for her once upon a time. I guess I just thought someone with her intelligence would see that breaking the rules just isn’t worth it in the New Grand Dragon. Not as long as I’m here … I don’t care about what happened to her during the Tag Team match, It Doesn’t give her the right to break the rules … until she understands that, she should…

(Again even more of the crowd chimes in with the Dawg Pound as they Pop ‘EXPECT TO BE PUNISHED!!!! ‘. The camera pans the crowd stopping on a trio of preteen girls from the front row, pressed up against the railings in their new ‘Got Order?’ t-shirts jumping up and down wildly for the camera as their poor tired father sits behind them smiling.)

Blade: You have also draw the attention of New Comer Marissa Monet, any thoughts on her recent comments?

Order: Marissa Monet … poor little Marissa … I’ve got a special message for her…

(The camera switches to a close up on Double O who stares intently into the camera, focused on only one woman. Her body tenses as she begins)

Order: Let me make it easy for you to understand Little Girl … You have to live by the Same Rules as everyone else. Nobody owes you ANYTHING … You DO NOT have the Right to take things that are Not Yours and YOU MUST OBEY THE RULES!!!

(The crowd begins to slowly build behind Double O’s rant as the camera pulls back, Order takes a step back and then rushes forward. Speaking with authority and force, Double O begins driving her point home. )

Order: You call me ‘Old Guard’ well maybe I am, Maybe I’ve been in the ring since before you could lace up your own boots … Maybe I’ve been busting thugs since before you committed your first crime … and Maybe … just maybe, I’ve been in more knockdown drag out fights then You Will EEEEEEEEEVER see … so what … the way I see it that just adds up to more than you can handle Little Girl … It’s just a matter of time now, You broke the rules, so …

(One cue, the Dawg Pound responds ‘ EXPECT TO BE PUNISHED!!!!’ and then begin to bark. Sonya waits till the crowd pop calms down to a dull roar before going on. )

Blade: Moving forward … TONIGHT … Here in the Fukuoka Dome, What better place for two of the greatest Cruiserweight to ever wrestle in the Grand Dragon to face off?

(The Dome explodes at the mention of the upcoming match, within moments a ‘Rekka’ chant starts up and sweeps the throughout the place. Rather than being upset, Order actually picks it up, clapping and chanting with the crowd until it begins to fade. Blade looks on amazed at the show of sportsmanship. Double O notices this and begins to explain. )

Order: I respect Rekka and I respect the traditions of our sport. This is the kind of Big Match that I love to see, Two Warriors facing each other in the Squared Circle …I expect Rekka to be at the top of her game wrestling at home, and I want to make sure I will be at my personal best for our match. More than that I want to make sure that I could give the Japanese fans of the Grand Dragon something extra so I’ve asked one of my old friends to help me train and prepare for this Match. I’ve spent the last two weeks training with A Woman who knows everything there is to know about our sport, A Woman who is a legend in the world of Joshi Puroresu, Rimi Yokota … better known in the ring as………!! JAGUAR YOKOTA!! (The Crowd EXPLODES as one of the greatest Japanese Women Wrestlers of All Time steps into the Entrance way. She is a stern looking Japanese woman with shoulder length black hair with one white streak on each side. She wears a blank and white leopard print tank top and wristbands along with black tights. Jaguar rushes to her Fans, shaking hands and exchanging high fives as she makes her way to the ring. Double O gives her a double high five as Jaguar-San takes a position next to her. As Jaguar begins to speak in Japanese, the GDWA uses a Voice Over to understand what is being said.)

Jaguar-San: I can’t tell you how happy I am to be back in the Ring in Fukuoka!!

(The Crowd pops for their Hero as she panders to them, spinning in a circle pointing out to them as Double O and Sonya Blade smile at each other marking out for the Japanese Super Star.)

Jaguar-San: I’ve trained many profession Wrestlers, and Officer Order is one of the Most Talented wrestler I have ever had the pleasure of training. She is truly dedicated to all of you Fans … and after her match tonight I know you will agree.

(Once again the crowd pops hard for the Home town hero, as she helps put Double O over before her big match. Sonya looks to Officer Order for an explanation. )

Order: Jaguar-San has helped me raise my game to a new level. She’s been teaching me what to expect from our Japanese fans and what they are expecting to see. But more important than all of that, Rimi has helped me focus on my reason for being here…

Blade: So will it be The Cruiserweight Title or the Heavy Weight Title… Which belt are you planning to make yours?

Order: Sorry Sonya, I’m not here for Title Belts…. I was World Champion for 10 Months. I proved that you could play by the rules and still win in the ring. That’s not why I’m here … No, I’m here to stand up to the Thugs who think they can do whatever they want … I’m here to Punish the Guilty … I AM Here to make a Difference !

Blade: What? Does that mean we won’t be seeing you in the World Championship Tournament?

Order: Not at all … Just look at who else will be fighting for the title. There is no way I’m going to let these Thugs bully and cheat their way into the Championship. If that means that I have to win the Title Back, then that what I’ll do. All I’m saying is that I will be focused on enforcing the Rules … it’s simple…

(Double O points out to the crowd with a casual smile and says)

Order: Just ask them … if you break the Rules…

(The entire House again responds’ EXPECT TO BE PUNISHED !! !!’ at which Double O spreads her arms wide, tilts her head slightly and beams a smile at Sonya in a sort of Told-You-So mime. Order then rushes to one corner climbing the post as Jaguar Yokota takes the opposite side. The two of them work the fans getting each side to try and out pop the other. They then switch to the other two posts, exchanging Double High Fives around a bewildered Sonya Blade who just smiles waiting for the crowd noise to die down.)

Blade: I guess that says it all … Allen, Sam, back to you.

Bishop: Well, Order definitely sounds pumped up for our main event this evening.

Mutt: No doubt.

Bishop: Well fans, we have our first match up of the evening. Grier and Yanagisawa face off for the last of 2 spots in the Winner’s bracket.

Mutt: And if you buy into the rhetoric, each woman says it is her time…but the difference? Grier didn’t ignore Yanagisawa. Lida got caught up in the lime light and paid a price!

Bishop: Hold on, backstage I hear that the Syndicate has prepared a statement.

Mutt: So we better get Whalen and get the scoop!

The Syndicate

[Andrea Chandler & Micki Duran are backstage at the Fukuoka Dome in Fukuoka Japan. They’re standing in the hallway, next to their dressing room door, confused, & concerned about/against doing something…]

Andrea Chandler: Absolutely not! I’m not doing it. If I nail her too hard…like I want to have ~her~ mad at me? You’re crazy!

Micki Duran: Well don’t look at me to do that! She’s crazier than advertised if she thinks I’m gonna…

[Famous Wrestling Announcer/ Personality Jerry Styles enters the picture, he’s in a suit & tie, and is carrying his travel bag]

JS: Ladies…Hello… what’s going on? Why is everyone standing around in the hallway?

AC: Jerry Styles! [Overly friendly] Long time no see!! .. [Andrea’s Eyes light up, big time] Micki… I think we’ve just found the answer to our ~problem~….

MD: Problem? What problem? I ain’t got no… [Catching on as Andrea winks at her] Oh yeah! That problem… Mmm-hmmm…. Jerry Styles, you gorgeous stack of pancakes! Bring that ass on over here….we have a favor to ask of you…

JS: You want me… to help you? [Smiles a bit] For you beautiful ladies… anything… [Smiles and pushes out his almost non-existent chest] What is it?

AC: [Snuggling close to Jerry] we’re ~so~ glad you could ~help~ [Jerry smiles slyly] Well, you see… Our dressing room door here, it’s… well, it’s kind of stuck… and we can’t get it open.

MD: Yeah… [Suppressing a chuckle] We’ve been pushing at it… [Sarcastically] really hard, but us weak women can’t get it open, and we’ve got to get ready for Andrea’s Big Match tonight…

JS: So you need me to push the door open?

AC: Exactly…

MD: But you have to do it ~hard~…

AC: Really ~Hard~…

JS: No Problemo Ladies… hold my bag and jacket please…

[Jerry backs up to the side of the hallway and runs 3 steps and launches himself at the door… sending it forward, and then bouncing his 160 lb. frame off]


AC: Um, We’ll see you later Jerry… [Pulling at Micki with a concerned look on her face]

MD: No, [shrugging her off] I think we should stick around, Dre… to thank him, or… watch him get thanked… [Laughs]

JS: Oh man… what was behind that door.

AC: Not what…, it’s more ~Leick~ who…

JS: Wha.. [Gulps and his eyes open wide] ~Leick~ Who?

MD: Yeah… and it looks ~Leick~ you’re gonna find out…

[Heidi Leick pulls open the door, angrily… holding her eye and neck… she’s already in her wrestling gear… and she’s bandaged up on her arms & legs]

HL: That was wrong! You’re supposed to just tap the damn thing with a little pressure… Which one of you wise guys nailed the door ~that~ hard! [Angrily looking at Andrea & Micki, who point at Styles]

JS: Now Heidi… wait… I was set up! I didn’t know…

HL: And you never will… [Grabbing him off the floor and pinning him against the wall as Andrea and Micki join her]

AC: Styles… Who set you up? [In his face]

MD: Are you insinuating something? [Making a fist]

JS: No! No! No! WAIT… I’m sorry… I’m SORRY… I’M SO SORRY…

HL: Well… [Laughing] now that you’ve soiled your suit… I think we should let ya off the hook… especially since you’re one of the people I actually semi sorta kinda Leick… What ya think Girls?

AC: He’s positively ~adorable~ when he turns that shade of white. It’s been worth it for that alone!

MD: Nah…. [Censored] it. Let the little puddin’-cake go. [Censored], Daisy Lickmyfly could beat that chump up…

JS: Thank you, oh my god… thank you… Heidi… before I leave you ~forgiving~, ~merciful~ women… I have to know… what in the world was that all about.

HL: Well… see… I already had ONE black eye Styles… I wanted another to match it…

JS: A Black eye to match the one you already have?

AC: I suppose it makes a certain kind of sense. I mean, it’s like coordinating your ensemble, just using your body instead of fabric.

MD: [shrugs] What can I say? She’s a crazy bitch with a penchant for pain.

JS: Heidi, Andrea, Micki… one moment of your time… Since the camera is here… Can I have you answer one quick question each…? Of course… if that’s Ok…

HL: What ya say girls?

MD: I say [censored] this little bitch. But I know how y’all like to talk to the morons at home, so…

AC: You’ll rarely find ~me~ at a loss for words.

JS: Ok… Heidi… Bloody Mary’s accused you of attacking her Friend… Ana Conda, of Being in cahoots with Zaranna and Officer Order, and she’s demanded a rematch with you in the future.. in a cage.. Any rebuttal?

HL: Mary… [Laughs] Something about Mary.

Mary Mary Quite Contrary.. Dumb as sin from getting hit with too many chairs… [Smiles evilly]

Mary… it was my rules…, my way, my match… if Ana Conda is DUMB enough to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong… well then she deserves to have it broken , Just Leick ~I~ broke yours…

Geez… I’ve never ever heard you Whine before Mary, I used to respect you, in fact, I was going to come out here and commend you for stepping up your game… until I saw your last little vid clip.

Oh My, I must have done something ~horrible~ to upset you so… in some way, I’d have to say that it must have been the most Heinous act you’ve ever had done to you [smiles evilly] because you’re sound like a whiny little bitch…

You have Questions of me… Here’s the answers… Why Did I nail Ana Conda? Because she was there.

Do I have any Love for Officer Order? NO. She’s a skank hoe who’s so confused after I dropped her on her head, all she can say is that someone’s gonna get punished.

Do I even remotely like Zaranna? Hell she planted me with that damn DDT on MY CHAIR… and… Tonight… that bitch is gonna get her receipt from Andrea…

Do I care about you and your cage match? Maybe… come see me when I win the GDWA World Heavyweight Title, and you’re the # 1 Contender… I can vouch for doing my part on that… but can you do yours?

Am I involved with Micki Duran & Andrea Chandler? It’s pretty obvious… isn’t it?

Well, Styles… maybe you better ask them what you want… Mary… I’ll see you soon babe… maybe sooner than you think.

JS: Micki Duran… Glad to see you back in action, and back with GDWA… Now, the fans and I want to know….have you come back to GDWA to wrestle? Or are you content with managing the Syndicate?

MD: Mind your muh-[censored]ing business, Styles. I’m here because I’m here. That’s all you need to know. When I want you to know more, I’ll tell you more. All up in my [censored]in’ Kool-Aid and don’t even know the flavor. All you need to know is that Dre is here, Heidi is here, and Micki is here, and that equals Syndicate. The Syndicate is in full effect once again, and we run [censored] in the GDWA. Period. End of [censored] discussion. But I will tell you this: pretending to hold a cruiserweight championship tournament without Micki Duran in it is a [censored] joke.

[Micki violently shoves the microphone away.]

JS: Andrea… tonight, it’s you vs Zaranna… I’m sure you have something to say to her… but what happens if you and Heidi here, who are Both IN the World Title Tournament… both make it to the final match for the GDWA World Heavyweight Title at Glory Days?

AC: Darling, what we’ll do is something we’ll work out between us. You may rest assured that whatever we decide to do, it will be ~our~ decision, and not something done at the edict of Vessey, or De la Cruz, or even that opinionated oaf, Dunbar. We might wrestle one another — not that we haven’t done so repeatedly in sparring sessions. We might flip a coin. We might play rock, paper, scissors. Hell we might have a… [mimicking Styles’ voice] CATFIGHT!!! CATFIGHT!!! CATFIIIIIIIGHT!!! [Styles cringes back] I’ll bet the perverts here would just ~love~ to see that, two gorgeous blondes, tearing off our miniskirts and underwear and exposing our bodies for their twisted pleasure. [She looks Heidi over.] Actually, that would be quite a lot of fun. [Heidi smiles and looks away coyly.] Perhaps we’ll inject a little sports entertainment into the proceedings. [She grabs Style’s shirt and jerks him to her.] But whatever we choose to do, it will be the ultimate reminder that ~we~ run the show, ~we~ make the rules, and that this is ~our~ fed!

JS: Okay, okay, it’s your fed! D-do you have any words for Zaranna?

AC: Just two. [She looks at the camera with deadly seriousness.] ~Body bag~.

JS: Uhhh… that’s it from here… I guess….

Mutt: talk about Bishop: Fans, Yanagisawa is suffering from head injuries and bruises at the hand of Grier. She wants the title pretty badly.

Mutt: I just didn’t think the snot nose wanted it bad enough. She’s finally showing her promise.

Bishop: Fans, we return to Takuro Tatsumi for the intros…

Mutt: I miss Spud already.

(The overhead lights up pictures of the upcoming combatants as Takuro Tatsumi pulls out cue cards in the middle of the ring.)

Lida Yanigisawa vs. Jennifer Grier

Takuro Tatsumi: Wrestling fans, our very first match up pits two of the GDWA’s finest athletes in the Transnational Cruiserweight tournament. It is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.

(Fans all boo as they hear “No Time Like the Present” by the Catdogs.)

Tatsumi: Introducing first, hailing from Geneseo, Illinois . . . she is 5 feet 7 inches, 127 pounds, here is….’Jumping’ Jennifer Grier!

(Grier heads down the aisle with a look of concentration on her face.)

Bishop: Jennifer Grier has never been so focused in her life. And now, in foreign territory, she faces Lida Yanagisawa.

Mutt: And Yanagisawa is gonna have to contend with an aggressor. At one time, she had all of the momentum while Grier had to prove herself. Now, it is Yanagisawa who has to prove that she isn’t all glitter and no gold.

(Grier enters the ring wearing tight blue shorts, with the spandex shirt high cut. Her brownish hair is pulled back tightly, wearing dark, short boots.)

Tatsumi: And introducing her opponent…

(Opening beats of “What Y’all Want” by Eve shake through the arena.)

Tatsumi: Hailing from Tokyo, Japan…..

(Fans all POP as Tatsumi continues.)

Tatsumi: Standing 5 feet 4 inches, 129 pounds; Aguila Dojo in Mexico City presents — Lida Yanagisawa!!!!!!!!”

(Lida Yanagisawa suddenly appears from the crowd, wearing her black and red two piece wrestling attire. She angrily jumps to the ring apron and waits to step through the ropes, ignoring the crowd’s sudden tossing of red and black streamers. She brushes her long, hazel-dyed hair back with one hand, and gives the referee a glare…refusing to enter the ring until the ref parts the ropes.)

Bishop: The referee going over the rules, and Grier rolling outside of the ring?

(Fans all boo as Jen Grier tosses a chair into the ring.)

Mutt: The referee chiding Grier, and we can clearly see who the aggressor is.

Bishop: In Japan, there are more attendants at ringside. Not exactly security but representatives of the promotion. Grier reentering the ring as the ref hands away the steel chair.


Bishop: Both women encircling one another and Grier clearly wants an exchange. They are slow to tie up, and Grier with the height advantage. A Greco roman knuckle lock, and both ladies are chest to chest.

Mutt: But neither has any give! They are equally strong…

Bishop: And now Grier with a boot to the midsection, but Lida with a Waistlock and a Double Leg Takedown!

(Fans cheer as Grier lands hard.)

Mutt: The Japanese native twirling up to her feet as Grier gets up to her knees, and now a Dropkick!

(Fans pop as Grier catches it flesh on the chin.)

Bishop: Lida seems quicker than Grier, and she already on her feet as Grier is stunned. A pick up and Lida whips her into the near ropes.

Mutt: Grier bouncing off and Lida with a Double Leg Takedown.

(Fans applaud as Lida Yanagisawa applies a leg bar.)

Mutt: Sounds like Lida is the fan favorite in this match up. She’s receiving cheers from the fans.

Bishop: Lida wants to work on the knee, perhaps to ground Grier. She reaches the ropes though and the ref wants a break.

(Fans applaud as Yanagisawa breaks cleanly.)

Bishop: Both women up to their feet and Lida with Karate Kicks to the left knee. Grier hunching over, and Lida moving in….


(Fans pop as Grier falls to the canvas, clutching her leg.)

Mutt: Lida running for the side ropes, *SPRINGBOARDS* off and…

Bishop: Grier catches her in midair…Tilt A Whirl….

Mutt: but Lida lands on her feet and _misses_ the Short Arm Clothesline.

Bishop: Grier with an arm hook and Irish Whips Lida right into a high knee. Lida double over and Grier slapping her head between her legs…

Mutt: ……..P*O*W*E*R*B*O*M*B….!

(Fans all boo as Grier flips off Lida & applies a single leg pick up.)

Mutt: Grier stomping away on the hamstring, and it seems both ladies have the same strategy.

Bishop: A pick up by Grier and a Scoop….but Lida slips behind her back. She applies a Double Hammerlock….TIGER SUPLEX!!!


Mutt: But she couldn’t hold the bridge. Her leg quivered for just a half a second. Both ladies back up to their feet and Grier charging into her…

Bishop: …Japanese Armdrag by Lida who twirls quickly up to her feet. Grier quick to stand, no, LIDA DROPKICKS HER LEFT KNEE!

(Fans all groan and applaud as Grier holds her left leg.)

Bishop: A single leg pick up by the hometown favorite, and a Legbar!

(Fans all applaud while the referee checks on Jennifer Grier.)

Mutt: We’ve seen this before. Lida with that minor technical ability grounding Jennifer Grier…she did it to Princess Yamaguchi a few weeks back. Now, Grier needs to hit and run.

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

(Fans all applaud as Jennifer Grier slaps the canvas in frustration.)

Bishop: Grier trying to reach the ropes, but Lida with the superior positioning. This might become a major strength as we near the semifinals of the tournament.

Mutt: Grounding “Jumping” Jennifer is the best thing she can do. Lida’s too smart a wrestler to get into a brawl with Grier just because she’s pissed off at her. She wants the C-weight belt, to prove that she’s the best wrestler, more than she wants revenge.

Bishop: A hair pull pick up by Lid as she fires away with hard right hands. And now shoving Grier into the near ropes, Grier bouncing off and Yanagisawa *striking* the back of that left knee with a dragon-screw leg whip!

(Fans pop as Grier falls against the canvas.)

Bishop: Lida to the far side as Grier is slow to her knees. Lida bouncing off as Grier gets to her feet…Baseball slide into the left knee!!!!

(Fans continue to applaud as Grier falls to the outside.)

Bishop: Grier down on the floor and Lida running to the far side now. She bounces off the ropes as Grier gets to her feet….

Mutt: She leaps over the top rope….

(Fans all cheering.)

Bishop: !!! TOPE SUICIDA !!!


Ref: 3……………………..4……………………..5…….

Bishop: Grier is in trouble as she fights up to her feet. Lida measuring her and…DRAGONSCREW LEGWHIP!!

(Fans all rise as Grier’s head _THUDS_ against the floor.)

Bishop: Grier attacking hard as she applies a Double Leg Pick up. Lida dragging her toward the guard railing, and Grier is in a daze.

Mutt: She can put her away if she can hit this…

Ref: …………………9……………….10……………

Bishop: Lida stutter stepping and CATAPULTS HER INTO THE GAURDR…

(MAJOR POP as Grier Springboards off the railing with one leg)

Bishop: Flying Headlock and Grier spins around….TORNADO DDT!

(Americans bark: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Bishop: Dear God, Lida is down!

(Fans all groan and pop as both ladies lay on the floor.)

Ref: ……………………13……………………………14

Mutt: Grier hobbling as she raises to her feet. She halfway dips into the ring to break the count, and now Grier wants payback.

Bishop: A pick up by Grier and runs over to the time keeper’s table and….NAILS HER IN THE HEAD!

(Mixed cheers as Lida Yanagisawa tumbles to the floor.)

Bishop: Grier trying to walk off her knee injury. She climbs up the ring steps, and now up to the second rope….backflip…..

Mutt: and Grier H^I^T^S the M o o n s a u l t onto the floor!

(Fans pop “ohhhhhhhhhhhhh” while Grier clutches her knee.)

Bishop: She went for the high risk but paid a price.

Mutt: No doubt, Grier is trying to make up for lost time. Lida has worn her down. Now, Grier has to execute some high impact maneuvers in order to win this one.

Ref: ……9…………………..10……………………11…

Mutt: It was a mistake for Lida to want this bout to take place on the floor. Grier with a pick up and roles Lida into the ring. Grier now, slipping into the ring as Lida crawls off.

Spud: 10 minute have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Lida trying to buy time as she uses the ropes to pull herself up to her feet.

Mutt: Grier with a back elbow to the head, and Lida backpedals along the ropes. Grier with a handful of hair and beals her across the ring.

Bishop: Lida slow to her feet and Jennifer snatches a handful of hair and tosses her into the far corner. And now Grier charging into the corner and HITS the Hard back elbow.

(Fans boo as Lida stumbles forward, in a daze.)

Bishop: Waistlock pick up…and Grier with a Backbreaker!

Ref: 1……………..2………………no!

Bishop: Grier with another pick up and Whips her into the side ropes. Lida bouncing off, no, hooking the ropes and Jennifer Grier *connects* with a Strong Kick to the head!

(Fans pop as Grier spins around!)

Bishop: Lida backs into the ropes, catapults herself to the top ring rope….

(Fans all rise to their feet as Jennifer Grier turns around.)

Mutt: Lida Yanagisawa flies off the top…..

Bishop: h U R R I C A N R A N A !

Ref: ……………………..1……………..



 Bishop: Both women back up to their feet and Lida with a Lariat _ducked_ by Grier connects with a High Back Body…

Mutt: But Lida lands on her feet!

Bishop: Grier hobbling for the near ropes as Lida charges after her. Grier bouncing off and Lida….. _m i s s e s_ the Dropkick!

(Fans all boo as Grier holds onto the ropes.)

Bishop: Grier shuffles forward and applies a Double Leg Pick up into a forward roll….

Mutt: …and a reversal by Yanagisawa

Ref: 1……………………2……………………shoulder up!

Mutt: Both of these ladies are very smart, very ring wise and they are boasting their stuff tonight.

Bishop: Both women up to their feet and Lida with an inside cradle….

Ref: 1……………………2……………………no!

(Fans pop!)

Spud: 60 seconds have gone by. 1 minute remains.

Bishop: Both women up again and Lida gouging the eyes, and a strong Kick to the ribs…DRAGON SCREW LEG WHIP!

Mutt: Right back to the left knee!

(Fans all pop as Lida points down and screams: “Kiss my Ass”.)

Bishop: Lida Yanagisawa in control, and now a Single Leg pick up. Stiff kicks to the back of the knee as Grier cringes in pain.

Mutt: A very smart attack plan. And now Lida, still with that left leg, twirling her over and applies a Step over Toe Hold….


Ref: (1)



(Fans all whistling and applaud as Lida Yanagisawa kicks out.)

Bishop: Time is fleeting, and Lida is trying to put this one away. A pick up by Lida and a Standing Dropkick!

(Fans all cheer!)

Bishop: Lida into the side ropes, bounces off as Grier gets to her feet….

Mutt: but Grier catches her by the hair, hoists her up…..

!!! X – F a c t o r !!!

Ref: …………………….1



(((Fans groan & roar with applause as Lida slides her shoulder out.)))

Spud: 30 seconds.

Bishop: Grier with sweat dripping from her body as she wearily picks up Lida. Lida looks exhausted as Grier drags up the Japanese star to her feet.

Mutt: She applies a Waistlock pick up….

Bishop: But Lida flips out of her arms, slaps on a Waistlock….


((!!major pop as Grier lands on her feet!!!))

Bishop: Grier falls to the mat, and rises again as Lida wearily gets up to her knees. Grier to the far ropes, bouncing off as Lida rises to her feet…


Bishop: …and Grier rolls through it…


Ref: *************1************




(Fans all whistle and applaud as Grier and Lida lay on the canvas.)

Mutt: Who got the win?

Bishop: It was too quick!

(Fans all stand while Grier grits her teeth as she stands.)

Bishop: Lida looks bewildered as the referee calls over the ring announcer.

Takuro Tatsumi: We have witnessed a fine exhibit of skill and finesse by the American and the representative of the Aguila Dojo.

(The referee further confers with him as he nods his head.)

Tatsumi: And now, at the official time of 14 minutes and 26 seconds….your winner via pinfalllllllllllll and continuing on in the winnnnnnnnnnnners bracket of the Cruiserweight Tournament….

((Fans all cheer as the referee positions both ladies side by side.))

Tatsumi: Your Winner, entering the semifinals of the tournament… L I D A Y A N A G I S A W A


Bishop: Jennifer Grier leaving the ring, and Lida is still heaving, trying to get some air.

Mutt: An incredible display of athleticism from both women…

Bishop: But you’ve got to hand it to Grier…she wrestled a great match. Very physical! She took it right to her…

Mutt: …and Grier exposed a great weakness in the armor of Yanagisawa …she started to suck wind at the 14 minute mark. Great ground and air attack, but Lida might not have the oxygen to go 60 minutes.

Bishop: Fans, Lida moves on in the tournament, Grier falls for the first time.

Mutt: Grier couldn’t get over the leg injury. Her offense seemed to be limited afterwards.

Bishop: Fans, we have comments from the Syndicate who are backstage, waiting…

Keiko Mita

[The lights flicker, then cut out, leaving the arena pitch black for a full second before the GDWA-tron blazes to life, an image appearing in burning chrome, a samurai in full armor with a drawn sword. The figure stands there a second then the sword slashes through the air carving out kanji in jagged looking blood red, the kanji flowing into the English equivalents. . . . Chishio . . . Blood . . . Hagane . . . Steel . . . Bushido . . . The Way of the Warrior . . . San . . . Ni . . . Ichi . . . The screen cuts out into blackness again for a moment then the thunder of Japanese drums sounds as it springs back to life, illuminating a robed figured standing below it, a shining steel katana held pointing upward as sword like kanji spells out a name, followed in English ‘KEIKO MITA’. *BIG*POP* from the fans as the figure casts off the robe, revealing an athletic Japanese woman dressed in tight black and red, dark short hair and intense eyes. She strides down to the ring, vaulting over the top rope, gazing out over the crowd before picking up a mic.

Mita: The Kyoto Crippler is back in the G!D!W!A! And things are about to change. I got a hard lesson when I first debuted in the GDWA…never assume a match is one on one. Never assume your opponent will fight by the rules. And since the GDWA resumed operations we’ve seen this mindset threaten to take over the GDWA. Cheat to win. Get cheap heat with as many run ins as possible. If one on one is good, two or three on one is ever better! A big name good girl like Officer Order gets in the ring? They line up to jump her…from behind. Well it’s time this stopped!

[Mita paces, the sword leaning against her shoulder, her anger clearly visible.]

When I came to the GDWA I got many a hard lesson in how to fight this. No one knew what to make of me back then. I was intense…aggressive…relentless. Not your average face. I didn’t become one of the top faces in the GDWA by chanting catchphrases and being cool. I didn’t play to the fans and appeal for their…your…support. People cheered me because I BACKED DOWN FROM NO ONE! I don’t give a damn about sports entertainment. I’m a warrior. In the GDWA I’ve beaten World Champions. I’ve held gold. I’ve been in the feuds. Fought when injured. What I’ve NEVER done is back down from anyone! I’ll let other girls talk about how sexy they are and how rich they are. They all sound the same when they get in the ring and I blister them with chops!

[Mita takes in a deep breath, brushing her hair back from her face with the hand holding the mic.]

Officer Order’s started the fight to turn things around in the GDWA. But I’m back to add my own edge. No one can do this alone. I learned that lesson well. When you fight people who know no rules, you have to do so with honor intensity and spirit. Andrea Chandler knows how effective that can be. When she and the Syndicate was running over everyone in the GDWA, it was myself, Rekka Sakura and Radhi Ananda, The Dragon Trio, that chased them out of the GDWA! Andrea…Amanda Reese…I’m not the Kyoto Crippler because of my gentle and merciful personality. This is your only warning.

[Keiko Mita throws down the mic, stabbing the katana up toward the sky as she gazes out over the fans, the she vaults over the ropes and stalks out, intense and determined.]

Mutt: Keiko Mita is back, Duran is back? I mean damn! Grand Dragon is getting hotter and more competitive.

Bishop: She just called out the Syndicate and the whole rulebreaker locker room. Fans, up next, we have a war!

Mutt: Oh yeah, Zaranna against Andrea Chandler in what is the battle of former GDWA World Champs…each wants a piece of her former glory. Now, who goes home and who goes to Glory Days.

Marissa Monet

[“The Rain” by Missy Elliott starts up and Marissa Monet strides out dressed in jeans and a cut-off F.O.A.D. T-shirt. She strides towards the ring, microphone in hand and then rolls into the middle. She stares out at the booing crowd. She listens as they chant “REKKA! REKKA! REKKA!” and “ORDER! ORDER! ORDER!” She glares at them with disdain.]

Marissa: If you think this match is going to go on with the MillenniuM in the ring, you’re wrong. Zaranna, you know you’re just the front office pet, the little puppet. Well, the GDWA is living just fine without you now. We don’t need you to hearken back to glory days or to screw the new generation of _real_, _independent_ wrestlers out of their rightful place to shine. So, Zaranna, I’m challenging you one more time. This match between you and Chandler is a farce. Your place in the World Title tournament is a farce. I want your spot. I challenge you to wrestle me for your position. I challenge you to find those two hard little rocks you call ovaries and squeeze some last drops of estrogen out of them. I challenge you to step up to the future and wrestle me if you dare. I don’t really give a damn if you win or lose tonight, but I want your spot. And I will take it, Zaranna. I will take it!

[Marissa throws down the mic as fans boo and rolls out of the ring. She stomps deliberately around ringside and climbs over the guardrail into a conveniently empty ringside seat. To show the camera something she digs in her pocket and produces a ticket. She smiles sadistically. Nobody can root her out now.]

Mutt: Monet is real pissed off. She hasn’t wrestled in weeks. Chandler and Zaranna better be careful.

Bishop: No doubt. Monet is not here to play around. Fans, we return to Takuro Tatsumi for the announcements.

Zaranna vs. Andrea Chandler

Takuro Tatsumi: The next upcoming bout is a GDWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP tournament match up scheduled for 1 fall.

[“Bad to the Bone” by George Thurgood and the Destroyers screams out over the arena, classic slide guitar riffs resonating in the eardrums of the listeners as the lights dim. Flash bulbs begin firing as the curtains part, allowing dry ice fog to billow through into the aisle.]

Tatsumi: Coming to the ring first. Standing five feet, eleven inches tall, and weighing in at 182 pounds. Hailing from Long Island, New York, USA….the “Rich Bitch”..Andrea Chandler!

[Mixed cheers as Andrea Chandler strides out, clad in her studded black bodybuilder’s bikini and a box-cut leather jacket. A sheen of oil highlights her exposed curves and physique. Her designer sunglasses reflect the shower of silver sparks that erupt along the entranceway. She walks deliberately toward the ring, her hips swaying as she places one foot before the other, tousling her hair and pouting seductively as the fans voice their disapproval.]

Bishop: This is the big one! Zaranna against Andrea Chandler…

Mutt: And let’s talk about something that hasn’t been given enough attention. Right here, several years ago, this is the site where Andrea Chandler pinned ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson to win her first and only WORLD title…this place holds historical importance to Andrea.

Bishop: No doubt, and Andrea must be boiling over in confidence right now.

[She ascends the steps and slips through the ropes, whereupon she hands her jacket to a ringside attendant.]

Bishop: Andrea preparing to enter the ring, and as you can see fans, the Syndicate is nowhere to be seen.

Mutt: And did you think for a second she was gonna let Heidi and Micki spoil this moment for her? Andrea wants the victory on her own.

(Andrea grins broadly as the Dawg Pound all stand and give her a thumbs down. She looks over at them and kisses a finger, then turns and plants it squarely on her upraised ass.)

Tatsumi: And her opponent…

(Fans all boo as they hear “Flight of the Valkyries” by Wagner.)

Tatsumi: And her opponent, heading down the aisle, hailing from Sydney, Australia…she is 5 feet 6 inches, 135 pounds, here is…. Zaranna!

(Fans all boo as Zaranna comes out wearing a black and pink gown. Her long blond hair blows behind her as the pyrotechnics go off.)

Bishop: Zaranna at the top of the ramp way, and she’s just staring into the ring.

Mutt: What, did you think she wasn’t ready for this one? Zaranna has held the World title before, and as she mentioned many many times before, she’s never been beat for it.

(Zaranna heads down the aisle, ignoring ringside fans as Andrea waits in the far corner. The Australians in attendance all stand and pop as Zaranna stops in the middle of the aisle and simply nods.)

Mutt: Notice, both ladies taking their time. They’ve been to the big dance before. Zaranna especially knows that this is her night. No more gimmicks, promos or singing on a microphone…it comes down to wrestling.

Bishop: I would have to agree with that one.

(Fans wait patiently as Zaranna slips through the ropes, turns and hands her gown to a ring boy. She is wearing a black one piece spandex with a pink z over her left breast.)

Bishop: Referee Alicia Walker standing between the two ladies and going over the rules. Zaranna looks good, doesn’t she?

Mutt: Oh sure, but don’t forget that she’s suffered neck and back injuries at the hands of the Syndicate.

Bishop: Andrea and Zaranna have been waiting to settle this, and I’m glad that the championship committee booked these two in the first round.

(Fans all begin to cheer as Zaranna and Andrea encircle.)


Bishop: Zaranna and Andrea hesitant to lock up, and the Zster backing off a bit.

Mutt: Andrea slowly moving in, and now a Collar and Elbow tie up.


(Fans pop as Zaranna rolls into the far corner.)

Bishop: Zaranna slow to her knees, and Andrea not rushing in. She’s waiting in the middle of the ring as Zaranna gets to her feet.

Mutt: And Zaranna has talked a lot of smack in these last few months. You’ve got to think that she’s got to wrestle her style. Don’t get too emotional. Don’t let Andrea get in your head.

Bishop: Zaranna slow to move back in, and now another Collar and Elbow tie up. Zaranna with a side headlock, but Chandler so strong, running into the side ropes and shoving Zaranna to the far side.

Mutt: Zaranna bouncing off and ANDREA CHANDLER WITH A SHOULDER TACKLE!

(Fans all pop as Zaranna falls back to the canvas!)

Bishop: Andrea with a pick up and now she’s nailing away with European Uppercuts. Zaranna is dazed, and Andrea with an Arm hook and Hip Toss!

(Fans pop!)

Bishop: Zaranna back up and Andrea with a Running Clothesline…

Mutt: _NO_ Zaranna with a Drop toe hold, and now sliding across her back and slaps on a Frontface lock.

Bishop: Andrea fighting her way up to her feet, and Zaranna backs into the ropes and the ref demands a break.

Mutt: Andrea opening up her hands cautiously as the ref separates the two…and Zaranna rakes the eyes.

(Fans all boo as Zaranna pushes the ref out of the way.)

Bishop: And now Zaranna with European Uppercuts. Zaranna with a Side Headlock takedown and now a grinding side headlock.

Mutt: She’s focusing on the head and neck. Preparation for the Z-Blaster. Last week, Princess Yamaguchi had Andrea Chandler beat, but she didn’t weaken the ribs enough to put her away with her Aerial Attack.

Bishop: Andrea slapping the canvas, and now fighting her way back up to her feet. Zaranna slipping around her and applying a Hammerlock, and Zaranna with a Drop toe hold taking Andrea right back down to the mat.

(The fans all applaud as Andrea Chandler slaps the canvas.)

Mutt: This is Japan, and they appreciate the methodical and technical approach.

Bishop: Andrea Chandler’s great weakness could be in the technical arena. She’s had problems in the past against technical wrestlers.

Mutt: But that makes sense. She’s a power wrestler, not a technician. Andrea Chandler is a 180 pound bodybuilder and she’s best at pounding women into the ground.

(Fans continue to cheer as Andrea fights her way to her feet.)

Bishop: Andrea into the ropes, and tosses Zaranna…no, REVERSAL!

Mutt: Andrea bouncing off the far side and Zaranna bouncing down to the mat. Andrea bouncing off the ropes and…


(The fans pop “OH!” as Andrea Chandler jumps back up to her feet.)

Bishop: Andrea Chandler crouching behind Zaranna as the technician turns around….and she nails Zaranna WITH A LEAPING SPEAR!!!

(Fans ALL POP!)

Bishop: Andrea quick to her feet, and now a pick up. She hoists up Zaranna by the back of her tights, raises her up high…with one arm?

(Fans all cheer as Zaranna flails her arms….)


(Fans pop: Oooooooooooh!)

Bishop: Andrea with a pick up and nailing away with European Uppercuts. Zaranna backing into the near corner, and Andrea with a Double Arm Underhook…

Mutt: …But Zaranna slipping her right arm out and hooks Andrea’s left leg, FIREMAN’S CARRY Takeover….and Zaranna jumps up and nails a KNEEDROP to the throat of Chandler!

(Fans all boo as Zaranna grinds her shin against Andrea’s throat.)

Ref: 1………………2………………3……………4…..

Bishop: A release but Zaranna back at it again.

Ref: 1…………………2……………3……………4…

Bishop: The ref forcing the break, and Zaranna dropping to the canvas and applying a Headscissors.

(Mixed cheers as Andrea Chandler flails her right arm.)

Bishop: Referee Walker is admonishing Zaranna for cheating, but the damage has been done.

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by. 5 minutes.

Mutt: Andrea Chandler was once known as the greatest strategist in wrestling. Now, she’s got to dig deep and counter this technician’s assault.

Bishop: Zaranna leaning back into the hold as Andrea reaches for the ropes. Zaranna tightening up on the hold, as Andrea gets up to her knees?

(Ringsiders all stand as Andrea Chandler fights to her feet.)

Bishop: Zaranna up on Andrea Chandler’s shoulders, and the “Ritch Bitch” is standing tall!

Mutt: Zaranna though, swiveling around her head and trying to execute a Victory Roll….

(((Major pop as Andrea Chandler remains on her feet!!)))

Bishop: Chandler with a Waistlock….P I L E D R I V E R !


Bishop: Dear God, right on Zaranna’s bad neck!

(Dawg Pound whistles as Andrea Chandler picks up Zaranna.)

Bishop: AN Irish Whip to the far ropes and Mrs. DDT is sent sailing. Andrea with a head of steam and Zaranna bouncing off…

Mutt: Chandler with a FLYING DROPKICK?!

(Fans all whistle as Zaranna hits the canvas hard.)

Bishop: Zaranna slow to her feet and Andrea is back up. Zaranna stumbling backwards as Andrea charges in…and Z with a thumb to the eye.

Mutt: Zaranna is desperate, as Andrea has hit her hard and fast. Zaranna with a front face lock and drapes the arm.

(Ringsiders cheer as Andrea leg blocks the Suplex attempt.)

Bishop: Zaranna looking around the arena, and Andrea hooking the tights. She hoists up Zaranna, but the Australian hopping over her back.

Mutt: Andrea turning around as Zaranna runs to the far ropes, bounces off and…

Bishop: Chandler with a MILITARY PRESS….

(Mixed cheers as Andrea walks around with Zaranna up high.)

Bishop: …a n d s l a m !

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Bishop: Zaranna crying out in pain as she arches her back in pain. Zaranna crawling into the ropes, and the ref interceding.

Mutt: Chandler charging her and Zaranna slips to the outside.

(Fans boo as Chandler shirks off the ref & slips through the ropes.)

Bishop: Zaranna is an expert at manipulating the pace, but Andrea will not give her a breather.

(Ringsiders all cheer as Andrea chases her around the ring.)

Bishop: Zaranna slipping through the ropes and Chandler hopping into the ring. Zaranna to the far side and Andrea charging her. Zaranna bouncing off and Chandler _missing_ the Clothesline!

Mutt: Zaranna ducked and is now heading for the far side. She bounces off as Andrea meets her in the middle of the ring…


(The Americans bark: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Bishop: Zaranna is down, and now Chandler stomping away on the Zster…and now the Ritch Bitch dropping down to the canvas and applying her own Bodyscissors.

(The fans all applaud as Zaranna slaps the canvas in pain.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by. 10 minutes.

Bishop: Marissa Monet looking on with great interest as Chandler tightens the hold around Zaranna’s waist.

Mutt: And you’ve got to think this is not helping Zaranna’s back.

Bishop: Andrea slapping the Zster in the back of the head, and she’s really reveling in the moment.

Mutt: This heat goes all the way back 2 years to FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION 2. Zaranna helped to cost Andrea her first and only World Title by posing as a member of the Syndicate. Fast forward to a few months ago where Chandler interfered in Z’s match against Lanny Manson. They’ve traded blows and jibes back and forth since then. This is it! This is gonna be the end to all that hatred.

Bishop: And here come the Syndicate, applauding their captain.

(Heidi Leick swaggers down the aisle as Micki Duran cheers on Andrea Chandler.)

Bishop: Zaranna straining, and now bridging up to her feet.

Mutt: But Chandler is still down on the mat, and she has that scissors securely fastened.

(Fans all holler and applaud as the ref asks the question, and Zaranna shakes her head.)

Mutt: The Zster must be on enough painkillers to knock out a horse! She’s still on her feet…


Ref: 1…………………………….2……………….

(Fans all applaud as Chandler slips the shoulder out.)

Bishop: Zaranna crawling away, and Chandler up to her feet. The Zster scurrying into the near corner, and Chandler firing away with European Uppercuts. Zaranna is dazed…

Mutt: And Chandler is smelling blood. The “Ritch Bitch” with an Irish Whip to the far side as Andrea sprints to the side ropes. Zaranna bouncing off and Chandler catches her with a Waistlock…


Mutt: Lateral Press!

Ref: 1………………………..2…………………….

((Fans gasp: “O H” as Zaranna kicks out.))

Bishop: Zaranna clutching her back, and Andrea is up to her feet. She backs into the far ropes, bounces off….and a Knee drop!

(Fans all whistle as Zaranna clutches her head.)

Mutt: Chandler switching gears and working on the neck now. These Japanese fans witnessed Andrea’s rise during her hay day as World Champion. She can feel their support.

Bishop: Zaranna crawling for the far side, and Chandler backing into the near ropes, bounces off….and *another* Knee drop!

(Fans all groan as Zaranna clutches her head.)

Bishop: A pick up by Chandler, and Zaranna with a thumb to the eye.

(Fans all boo as Zaranna stumbles backward.)

Bishop: Chandler swinging blindly, and Zaranna holding up her hands, begging. Chandler charging in, and now an Irish Whip to the far side.

Mutt: Chandler with a head of steam as Zaranna bounces off…


Mutt: . . . no! Zaranna with a Leapfrog. Andrea spinning up to her feet and Zaranna backing into the near ropes. Chandler charging after the Zster…


(Mixed cheers as Chandler stumbles backward, clutching her throat.)


(Fans all applaud as Zaranna and Chandler lay on the canvas.)

Ref: 1……………………2…………………3…………..

Mutt: Zaranna is just lying motionless as Chandler lays on the canvas stunned.

(Fans all whistling as Heidi and Duran cheer on Andrea Chandler.)

Ref: ………………….5……………………6………..

Bishop: Zaranna is slow to her knees, and now the savvy Australian is crawling for the far side. Chandler is moving too, and we have a race on our hands.

Mutt: Zaranna up first, and Chandler is up to one knee.

Bishop: Zaranna waving off the referee as she staggers. Chandler charging after the Zster, but Zaranna with a Superkick!

(Fans all groan as Chandler stays on her feet.)

Bishop: Zaranna running to the near ropes as Chandler spins around. She springs off and CHANDLER *connects* WITH A HIGH BACK BODY!

(Fans all groan as Zaranna flails her legs.)

Bishop: Chandler now, straddling Zaranna’s back, and drapes Zaranna’s arms over her knees…

Mutt: But Zaranna hooking the legs, and countering the Camel Clutch with an Ankle Twist.

Bishop: Zaranna up to her feet, crouching, and NAILS Chandler with a High Knee into the back of the knee.

(Fans all applaud as Zaranna applies a Single Leg Scissors.)

Mutt: Chandler was trying to wear down the neck, but it opened up Zaranna’s ground game. Chandler shoulda stuck with the power attack.

Bishop: Chandler so strong, crawling toward the ropes. Zaranna breaking and twirling up to her feet. Zaranna with that leg, picking up a head of steam….ROLLING LEG SNAP!

(Fans all groan as Chandler clutches her knee.)

Mutt: Zaranna wincing as she holds her back. Chandler slow to one knee as Zaranna leans against the far ropes. The referee checking on Chandler, but she shakes her head.

Bishop: Zaranna climbing up to the second turnbuckle. Chandler up to her feet….DOUBLE AXE HANDLE TO THE HEAD!

(Fans all groan as Chandler falls to the canvas.)

Mutt: She’s in serious pain. Her back and neck are in bad shape. Andrea has done a good job of wearing her out.

Bishop: And now Zaranna is the one straddling the back. She drapes the arms and applies a Camel Clutch!!

(Fans all applaud as Chandler slaps the canvas.)

Mutt: that’s what I love about Zaranna. She goes right back to the head. She’s been working on it, working on it, had to attack the knee for a second, and goes right back to it!

Bishop: Zaranna still cringing, as I believe this is the first time she’s been able to rest that back. Zaranna needs to hit a high impact maneuver. As a technician, she has great set up moves, but the lack of potency in her arsenal may be her greatest weakness.

(Fans all begin to holler as Chandler struggles up to her knees.)

Mutt: The ref is checking, but Chandler saying no. And she’s fighting her way up from the canvas.

Bishop: And Zaranna is somewhat frantic. She wants to wear the neck down a bit more.

(Fans at ringside stand as Chandler rises up to her feet.)

Bishop: Zaranna is wide eyed, as the Ritch Bitch turns around and backs into the near corner…

Mutt: But Zaranna releases and rests on the second turnbuckle. Chandler turning and Zaranna flying off with a Lariat!

(Fans all groan as Zaranna heads back to the corner.)

Bishop: Zaranna up high, and Chandler is up to her knees…

Mutt: F L Y I N G B U L L D O G !

(Fans all groan as Zaranna quickly cradles the far leg.)

Ref: …………………………………1



(Fans all groan and applaud as Chandler gets the shoulder up.)

Bishop: Zaranna, dictating the pace, picking up Chandler and slapping her head between her legs. A Double Arm Underhook…

Mutt: P e d i g r e e !

(Fans all groan as Zaranna quickly cradles the far leg.)

Ref: 1…………………………….2………………….1/2!

(Fans all whistle as Chandler gets the shoulder up!)

Spud: 20 minutes have gone by. 20 minutes.

Bishop: The savvy Australian with a pickup and Snap mare Takeover. And now Z stomps away on Chandler’s head.

Mutt: It’s a race. Who can do more damage to the head and neck without exhausting themselves?

Bishop: Andrea doing everything she can to protect herself. Andrea fighting up to her feet, and Zaranna grabbing a handful of hair and Whips her to the far ropes.

Mutt: Chandler bouncing off and Zaranna slips around her and clamps on a sleeper!

(Fans all stand as Chandler waives her arms in defiance.)

Bishop: Andrea screaming no, as she backs into the ropes…

Mutt: But Zaranna releasing and spinning her around…STUN GUN!

(Fans all scream as Chandler stumbles backwards.)

Bishop: And Zaranna with a Wristlock & -HITS- a Short arm Clothesline!

(The Australians begin to chant: d.d.t! d.d.t! d.d.t!)

Bishop: Zaranna is feeling it! Zaranna has slowed the pace, has taken Chandler to the mat, and now the technician with a pick up and European Uppercuts!

Mutt: Andrea trading back Uppercuts, but Zaranna is beating her down!

(Fans all whistling as the 182 pound Chandler grows weak kneed.)

Bishop: Zaranna with a Savate Kick, and Chandler falls into the near corner. The Australian charges in with a high knee to the midsection.

Mutt: Zaranna, firing away with more Euro uppercuts, and Chandler staggers….frontface lock….


(Fans all whistle and cheer as Andrea walks along the ropes.)

Bishop: Zaranna up to her feet, and now clipping the leg of Chandler. The New York bodybuilder buckles and Zaranna slips behind her, slaps on a Waistlock…

Mutt: But Chandler with a back elbow, spins around slapping on a grab her head for a frontface lock….DDT?!?!

(The arena pops as Zaranna lay son the canvas, dazed.)

Bishop: Chandler trying to stay on top. A pick up and European Uppercuts by the 180 pounder. Zaranna staggers and Chandler with a Waistlock….BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!!

ref: 1…………………….2…………………shoulder up!

(Fans all screaming and jumping up and down.)

Mutt: Chandler’s can’t put Zaranna away!

Bishop: Zaranna crawling for the near corner as Chandler gets to her feet. Zaranna laying against the buckle as Chandler charges in….


(Fans all cheering as Chandler lays motionless in the corner.)

Bishop: Zaranna with a desperation move, now firing away with Axe Handles to the back of Andrea’s head. She turns Andrea around to face her and lays into the Ritch Bitch with European Uppercuts!

(((Fans all screaming and pop as Chandler collapses in the corner!)))

Bishop: Zaranna going for it all! She hoists up Andrea and plants her on the top turnbuckle!!!!

Mutt: Zaranna climbing up the ropes, and Andrea with weak punches to the head.

Bishop: She’s going for a Superplex!!!

Mutt: At this stage in the match, that’s the nail in the coffin!!!

Bishop: Chandler with weak jabs to the ribs as Zaranna slaps on a Front facelock. Andrea is fighting it, she’s fighting it, but…

Mutt: …and Andrea slipping her arm around the Z’ster’s waist….

(The fans all go Ohhhhhhh! as she hoists up Zaranna.)

Bishop: With one arm! Andrea hoisting up Zaranna with one arm and slaps her over her shoulder….

(Fans all rise as Andrea Chandler applies a Waistlock.)

Bishop: Dear God! Andrea leaping off the top….

(Fans all ! ! ! ! s^c^r^e^a^m^i^n^g ! ! ! !)

Mutt: T o m b s t o n e – p i l e d r i v e r !

Bishop: Off the Top!

(Fans all scream as Andrea Chandler crawls to the far corner, and points over at her fallen opponent.)

Mutt: She’s dead! She’s dead! She killed her!

(Fans all screaming as Zaranna lays on the canvas, motionless.)

Mutt: No cover! No cover!

Bishop: Andrea wants a 10 count, and Z isn’t moving…

Matsuda: 1…………………………2………………….

(Fans all stomping their feet as Andrea Chandler slowly pulls onto the ropes to get upright.)

Matsuda: 3…………………………..4……………

(Fans all popping as Zaranna raises her hand.)

Bishop: Zaranna slow to move, and the arrogance of Andrea Chandler…not going for the cover.

Matsuda: 5………………………….6……………..

Mutt: She’s got her! She beat Lanny Manson with that hold to win her first world title, and now she’s going to GLORY DAYS by defeating Zaranna….

(!! Fans all screaming !!)

Matsuda: ……………………8………………..9….

(Zaranna grabs the referee’s pant legs as the fans applaud her effort.)

Bishop: The referee breaking the count, as Zaranna slowly gets up to one knee….



Mutt: Zaranna is down, ain’t moving, but no Cover!

Bishop: Andrea Chandler is drooping over, reaching down deep for something extra…..and Chandler with a Double Leg pick up…?

(Fans all screaming as Zaranna shakes her head ‘NO’)

Mutt: Zaranna won’t submit…we’ve seen it. She’s tried it before. Andrea can’t put her away with the dividend.

Bishop: Double Leg Grapevine….and SCORPION DEATHLOCK!!!!




Bishop: The ref is checking, the ref is checking….

Mutt: Zaranna says no, but she’s in agonizing pain. How long can her back hold out?

(Fans all standing and jumping up and down.)

Bishop: The ref is checking!

Mutt: Somebody’s got to stop this.

(Fans all screaming and roaring as tears roll down Zaranna’s face.)

Mutt: For the world title! For the World title!!!

Bishop: The ref is checking, the ref is checking….



Bishop: It’s over! It’s over!

(Fans all applaud as Andrea release the hold & collapses to the mat.)

Mutt: Zaranna tapped out. And I can’t blame her. She is slapping the canvas as tears are rolling down her face.

Tatsumi: Wrestling fans, your winner, and going on in the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance World title tournament….5 feet 10 and 182 pounds…From New York, United states….

[Fans applaud as “Bad to the Bone” by George Thurgood and the Destroyers screams out of the speakers.]

Tatsumi: Andrea Chandler!

Bishop: Chandler moves on in the World title tourney…Zaranna is being carried out on a stretcher, and Andrea and the Syndicate are celebrating.

Mutt: Chandler is going to Glory Days!

Bishop: Fans we hope to have an update on the Zster’s condition by the end of the night. Up next, we have our main event!

Officer Order vs. Rekka Sakura

Takuro Tatsumi: Wrestling fans, our next match is our Main Event featuring two of the very best Cruiserweights in the World. They wrestle in the Double Elimination Cruiserweight tournament.

(The crowd goes quiet when the House lights dim, only to begin cheering when they hear “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle. Red and blue spotlights sweep the crowd as two large fountains of red and blue sparks erupt on either side of the entrance way. The crowd quickly drowns out the music as Officer Order enters pointing out to the crowd, dressed in her police uniform. Mirrored shades, black neck brace and black elbow pads. She is leaner then last time, and has a look of determination to go along with her winning smile.)

Bishop: Order looking good tonight, and she’s focused on winning the title….

Mutt: But which title? The World Title or the Cruiserweight title? That takes almost 2 different styles of wrestling.

Tatsumi: Introducing first, hailing from San Francisco, California in the United States…she is 5 feet tall weighing 120 pounds, here is ‘Double O’ Officer May Order!

(Mixed cheers as Officer Order slides under the ropes and rushes to the far corner. She climbs the turnbuckles and points to the fans.)

Bishop: Order is very focused, and has gone on record as saying this was going to go down as a match for the ages…a classic.

Mutt: well, that’s stupid. You don’t wrestle classics, you wrestle to win. And right here in Japan, where the fans will be 100% behind the “Burning Cherry Blossom”, Order can’t worry about work rate…she just needs to win.

Tatsumi: And her opponent…

[Slowly the lights dim and a hush falls on the arena. A low throng is heard over the PA. Fans pop as they hear “Y’know” by Sodou Akira.”]

Tatsumi: And her opponent, hailing from Tokyo, Japan!

(Fans all rise in anticipation.)

Tatsumi: She is 5 feet 7 inches, 124 pounds, here is the ‘Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura!

[Rekka finally appears on the runway decked out in full black and red regalia, Red top long ring jacket with “REKKA” scrawled across the back in black cursive, red and black tassel fringe dangling freely from the sleeves, Her black ring boots are plainly visible are the red laces she wears on them. Hands held high in the air with a look of fierce determination on her face…]

Bishop: In front of her hometown crowd, Sakura is facing one of the greatest challenges of her career.

Mutt: Can she defeat Order? Does she have the skills, yes. Can she do it? I don’t know. She has the ability, but Order is Order. She’s beaten the best in Grand Dragon. And now she stands between Rekka and the Semifinals…!

[The fans SWARM to the guard railing as Sakura makes her way down to ringside.]

Mutt: Marissa Monet is still in the stands, and she interfered in her former tag partner’s match last time around….

(Fans all pop as Keiko Mita stalks down the aisle, surveying the scene carefully.)

Mutt: Mita is down at ringside, and Order and she have history as well. When Order was World Champ Mita pinned her in the middle of the ring. She’s great security for Sakura, but Monet is damn near 7 feet tall. Little ol’ Mita ain’t worth a damn.

(Rekka Sakura hops into the ring as multi colored streamers shoot through the air. They bounce across the canvas as Order looks on and applauds.)

Bishop: The Japanese have always had mixed feelings for Officer Order…that goes all the way back to her wars with Sachie Yokoyama years ago.

Mutt: Well, now they get to see the Burning Cherry Blossom face the resident legend of the GDWA.

Bishop: Both ladies have a lot of prove, and referee Dawn Le drawing the two together…

(Fans all cheer as Sakura and Order face off. The referee stand between the two as she tells them the rules.)

Mutt: Why is it that ever since we’ve been in Asia, we’ve had only 1 referee in these Cruiserweight matches?

Bishop: I don’t know, but the increased security on the floor may have something to do with it…fans, the official is ready and so are the wrestlers. Let’s hook ’em up!


(Fans all cheer as Rekka Sakura and Order encircle one another.)

Bishop: Collar and Elbow tie up, and Double O forcing Rekka backwards. Overhand Wristlock by May Order and Sakura falls backward and Monkey flips her . . .

Mutt: . . . but Order lands on her feet. Rekka to her feet and Order with a Legsweep! Rekka back up and Order with a QUICK kick to the midsection and an Irish Whip to the far ropes.

Bishop: Order with a head of steam as Sakura bounces off…. MULE KICK!

(Mixed cheers as she nails Sakura in the chest.)

Mutt: Order using her superior quickness to overwhelm the Japanese native.

Bishop: Both women up to their feet and Order immediately to the side ropes. Sakura dropping to the canvas as Order bounces off the ropes and hops over her.

Mutt: Sakura back up as Order bounces off the far side…

Bishop: AND ORDER *connects* WITH A LOU THESZ PRES!!!!

(Mixed cheers as Order fires away with punches to her head.)

Bishop: Double O with a pick up and Snap mare Takeover…

Mutt: But Sakura lands on her feet and applies a Waistlock pick up…..SIDE SALTO SUPLEX!

(Fans all applaud as Rekka Sakura does a Kip UP to her feet.)

Bishop: Rekka measuring the stunned Order and NAILS an Elbow Drop to the head. She’s focusing on that neck that was injured a few weeks ago.

Mutt: Sakura with another Elbowdrop, and Order rolling away, trying to regain her bearings. A pick by Rekka and now a forearm to the head.

Bishop: Front face lock by Sakura, and she whips her to the near ropes…

Mutt: Order bounces off, no! she hooks the ropes and catapults herself to the top!!

(Fans all pop as Rekka Sakura charges her.)


(Fans ALL POP!)

Mutt: Rekka a bit dazed as Order quickly gets to her feet. Order with a Side Headlock, and Rekka fighting to get to her feet.

Bishop: Order swinging around now, and slapping on a Front face lock. Order showing some of that minor technical ability of hers.

Mutt: And Rekka Sakura reaching for the legs. She’s trying to break the hold…

Bishop: Order quickly sliding across her back, hooks an Armdrag and SLAPS ON A JUJI-GATAME ARMBREAKER!!!!

((Fans all groan “ohhhhhhhhh” as Rekka Sakura slaps the mat.))

Mutt: Order like Zaranna has dictated the pace in her match up. Rekka Sakura needs to slow this one down. Order just too agile quick for her.

(Fans all screaming as the referee Dawn Le moves in.)

Bishop: Dawn Le asking the question, and Sakura screaming no.

Mutt: That’s one thing about the arm, you don’t need to do too much damage to a joint to make it hurt.

(Fans all rise to their feet as Rekka Sakura reaches for the ropes)

Bishop: Order keeping her from the ropes, and Sakura bridging up from the mat, and flips them over and into the ropes.

(Fans all applaud as the referee forces the break.)

Bishop: Great counter by Sakura, and now Order opening her up and nails her with a K A R A T E – C H O P !

(The Americans pop: Whooooooooooooo!)

Bishop: Sakura doubling over, and Order opening her up again…. KARATE CHOP!

(Again the Americans pop: Whooooooooooooo!)

Mutt: Sakura can’t match inside games with Double O…and now Rekka backing into the far corner. Officer Order with an Irish Whip to the far side…

(Fans all groan as Rekka Sakura hits the post hard.)

Bishop: Order with a head of steam and REKKA SAKURA NAILS HER WITH A RUNNING LARIAT!


Bishop: Rekka now with a pick up and Whips Order into the opposing corner.

Mutt: Order Catapults herself over the rope to the ring apron as Sakura runs after her.

Bishop: Order waiting and now fires a Karate Kick over the top rope…

Mutt: …but Sakura with a Forearm block!


(Mixed cheers as Rekka Sakura doubles over.)

Bishop: Front Face lock….oh God….


((Fans all screaming as both ladies lay on the floor.))

Le: 1…………………………..2…………………..3

Mutt: She’s laying in the count, but neither woman is really moving.

Le: 5……………………………6……………………

Bishop: Order is the first to her feet, and she’s heading inside of the ring. And now Double O climbing the turnbuckles…

(Fans all rise as Sakura poises herself on the top turnbuckle.)

Bishop: Rekka Sakura on the outside, just now getting to her feet. Order measuring her as the Burning cherry blossom turns around….

Mutt: Officer Order with a Mule Kick off the top!!!!

[Fans all applaud as Order clutches her head.]

Bishop: Rekka is down, and all of the breath has been knocked out of her.

Mutt: And Order hitting her head hard on the outside mats. At least in Japan they have mats on the floor.

(Fans continue to pop as a shot of Sakura’s glazed eyes are shown on the Dragon-Tron.)

Le: ……………………3……………………..4……

Bishop: Order is the first one up, and she grabs Sakura and tosses her into the ring.

Mutt: And that has to be the first mistake of the match. Sakura should have slowed this one down…instead, she started whipping double o around the ring.

Bishop: Keiko Mita looking on as Order climbs into the ring. Order with a pick up and *another* Karate Chop!

(The arena pops: Whooooooooooo!)

Bishop: A scoop and Order points to the far side. Order with a head of steam and *connects* with a Running Shoulder Breaker!

Mutt: And cradles the leg.

Le: 1……………………………2……………….kick out.

(Fans all applaud.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Order with a pick up and nails Karate Kick to the ribs of Sakura, AND NOW AN AXE-KICK!

Mutt: Sakura back up to her feet, and Order with a STANDING DROPKICK!

(Mixed cheers as Rekka flies into the far corner.)

Bishop: Order with a Kip UP to her feet, and she charges into the far corner with a head of steam……Stinger Splash…

Mutt: NO!

(Fans all pop as Rekka Sakura dives out of the way!)

Mutt: Order laying face first in the corner. I think she knocked the breath out of herself. Rekka slow to her feet, and now she’s on top of things.

Bishop: Rekka in the far corner, and firing away with Elbow shots to the back of the head. Order turning around, trying to protect herself, and Sakura scoops her up…

(Fans pop “awwww” as Rekka Sakura runs up the turnbuckles…)



Le: …………..2………………….3………………….

Mutt: There’s only a 10 count INSIDE Of the ring. Rekka has got to get up.

Bishop: Sakura is up to her knee, and she’s glaring over at Order. Officer May is rolling over as Rekka gets to her feet.

Mutt: Order with a Running High Knee to the midsection, standing leg grapevine….SIDE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP!

(Fans all applaud.)

Bishop: Order running to the side ropes, sprinting off as Order lays motionless on the canvas….AND SHE *connects* WITH A DOUBLE KNEE DROP TO THE HEAD!

(The Americans bark: WooF!!)

Bishop: Order rolling for the ropes, and Sakura stomping away on her. The ref wants a break, but Sakura with a pick up.

Mutt: AND ORDER WITH A KARATE CHOP! AND *another* AND another!

(Fans with mixed cheers as Order fights Sakura back into the ropes.)

Bishop: Order with an Irish Whip to the far side, no, reversal as Order is sent sailing.

Mutt: Order SPRINGBOARDING Off the ropes and slaps on a front face lock…

Bishop: But Rekka with an Inverted Atomic Drop…

Mutt: **Block** by Order who launches a Karate Kick…

Bishop: But Sakura ducks and whips Order to the far side. Sakura follows her with a head of steam as Order bounces off…


(Fans all screaming and pop as Rekka Sakura hits the floor!)



Mutt: Rekka is down, and Order sprints to the far side.

Bishop: Order bouncing off the ropes with a head of steam and SPRINGBOARDS to the outside….

(Fans all pop as Order flies through the air.)

Sonya: Somersault……

(Fans all pop!)

Bishop: AND _misses_ THE SENTON BOMB!

(Fans all chant: Rekka-Rekka! Rekka-Rekka! As Sakura crawls to the ring steps.)


Bishop: Dear God, she hit hard!

(Fans all whistling as Rekka gets up to one knee, and points up at the sky.)

Mutt: Rekka has a chance now, as she gets up to her feet and stumbles toward Order.

Bishop: Rekka Sakura grabbing Order by her ponytail, and dragging her across the floor. A pickup and frontface lock…she turns them back to back for a RUDE AWAKENING Neckbreaker!

(Fans all applaud!)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Le: …………………8…………………….9…….

Bishop: Sakura with another ponytail pick up, and slaps on a Full Nelson….

(Fans at ringside all stand as Rekka Sakura looks around.)

Bishop: Rekka with a head of steam as she runs up the Steel Steps and leaps off for a D-R-A-G-O-N S-U-P-L-E-X!!!!


(Fans all pop: Saaaaa–koooo–raaaaa! Saaaaa–koooo–raaaaa! )

Mutt: Perhaps her biggest move of the night as Order is clutching her neck and back. Just like in the Grier match up, Sakura doesn’t have the luxury of wearing Order down. She must hit high impact moves.

Bishop: Sakura rubbing her shoulder as she picks up Order again. An Irish Whip right into the ring apron! Order cringing as she sinks to her knees.

Le: …………………13……………………14…………

Bishop: Sakura with a handful of tights, and tossing Order into the ring.

Mutt: You know Bishop, I always thought Rekka Sakura was a lot stronger than Order. But if you noticed tonight, it was Order who has out muscled Rekka.

Bishop: Sakura sliding into the ring as Order slowly gets to her feet. Order wincing as her back appears to be in bad shape.

Mutt: Perfect for the Octopus, as now, Sakura nails away with a Back elbow. And now a Side headlock as Sakura begins to sprint…

Bishop: But Order counters with a Waistlock…but can’t Suplex her as Sakura backflips out of the hold…

((Fans all cheer as Rekka Sakura slaps on a Waistlock.))


Le: 1…………………..2………………..1/2!

(Fans all applaud as Officer Order slides the shoulder out.)

Bishop: Sakura slow to her feet, and now a pick up…front face lock and hoists up Order…

(Fans all pop!)

Mutt: And Sakura holding her up!

(Fans pop: “Oh!” as Sakura steadies her in the air.)

Bishop: h a n g i n g v e r t i c a l s u p l e x !

(Fans all applaud as Rekka Sakura heads for the near corner.)

Mutt: Order is down, clutching her back, and now Sakura climbing up the turnbuckles.

(((Fans pop: Saaaaa–koooo–raaaaa! Saaaaa–koooo–raaaaa! )))

Spud: 14 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit! Only 60 seconds remain. 1 minute left!

(((Fans pop: Saaaaa–koooo–raaaaa! Saaaaa–koooo–raaaaa! )))

Bishop: Sakura up high, and Order hasn’t moved. Rekka Sakura leaps off the top….jackknifes through the air……

((!!!!!FANS ALL CHEERING!!!!!))

Bishop: f r o g s p l a s h !

Le: 1…………………



(Fans all applaud and cheer as Rekka Sakura picks up Order.)

Bishop: Sakura slapping Order’s head between her legs…and this could be it! Rekka Sakura with a Waistlock pick up…

Mutt: No, Order slides down her back and stumbles toward the near ropes. Sakura twirling around as Order flies off with a High Cross Body….

Bishop: …but Sakura catches her….

(Fans all pop as Sakura looks around.)

Bishop: M i c h i n o k u D r i v e r!

(((((Fans all scream as Officer Order hooks the ankle.)))))

Le: 1……………………….2…………………….1/2!

(Fans all screaming as both ladies twirl to their feet.)

Mutt: Sakura charging Order and May with an Aikido Throw!

Bishop: Sakura twirls around to her feet and Order with a Crescent Kick to the jaw!

(Fans all groan as Rekka Sakura staggers.)

Bishop: And Order hooking the arm and…..

Mutt: Slaps on a !! w A K I G A T A M e !!

(Fans all screaming as Rekka Sakura slaps the canvas in pain.)

Mutt: Order has been working on that arm all night! Now, Sakura has to reach the ropes!

(Fans all rise as the referee slides into position.)

Bishop: The ref is asking the question!

(Fans all popping as Sakura shakes her head no.)

Bishop: The ref is checking….the ref is checking…..

(Fans all jumping up and down…)

Mutt: And Rekka Sakura tags the ropes!

(Fans all applaud as Order releases the hold.)

Bishop: Order with a pickup and a wild right hand, but Sakura with forearm shots to the head! Order backpedals as Sakura nails a forearm shot to the jaw!

Mutt: Order with a weak Karate Kick as Sakura catches the leg and executes a Legdrag!

(Fans all applaud and pop!)

Mutt: Sakura backs into the near ropes as Order is slow to her feet. Sakura SPRINGBOARDING off and *connects* with an Asai Moonsault….


Le: 1………………………2………………….no!


Spud: 30 seconds!

Bishop: The Burning Cherry Blossom grasping for straws as she picks up Order and nails away with a Palm Strike…

Mutt: and Order with a KARATE CHOP!

(Fans pop: Whoooooooooo!)

Bishop: Order is dead on her feet as Sakura fires again…

Mutt: And again Order with a Karate Chop!

(Fans pop: Whoooooooooo!)

Bishop: And Another.

(Fans pop: Whoooooooooo!)

Bishop: And another! Sakura is weak legged as Order whips Sakura into the ropes. Order to the far side as Sakura bounces off….

Mutt: And Order slaps on a Flying Side Headlock……..


Le: ……………………….1



(Fans all screaming as Sakura slides the shoulder out.)

Spud: 15 seconds!

Bishop: Both women back up and Order with a Karate Chop…

Mutt: But Sakura catches the wrist and slaps on an Inverted Face lock…

Bishop: Dragon Sleeper!!!!!!

Mutt: NO! Order with a Wristlock counter and a Drop Toe Hold….

Bishop: Sakura flailing her legs as Order leg traps her right arm and an arm hook!

Mutt: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! r I N G S -of- S a T u r N !!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fans all screaming as Sakura reaches for the far ropes!)

Bishop: Sakura trying to tag the ropes with her foot!

Spud: 10 seconds!


Mutt: Order rocking back and forth! Back and forth!!!

(((Fans all screaming as the referee slides into position.)))

Mutt: Time is fleeting! Time is fleeting!

(((Fans all stand as the Dawn Le asks the question!)))


(Fans all applaud as Rekka Sakura cries out in pain as May Order releases the hold.)

Bishop: Order is still laying on the mat as Rekka Sakura rises up to her knees.

(Tatsumi talks things over with the referee as Rekka Sakura walks along the ropes.)

Bishop: Former GDWA Western Heritage Champion Keiko Mita entering the ring as Officer Order gets up to her knees.

Mutt: Dawn Le is taking an awful lot of time.

Bishop: And now Spud McKenzie, the time keeper, is entering the ring.

(((Fans pop: Saaaaa–koooo–raaaaa! Saaaaa–koooo–raaaaa! )))

Takuro Tatsumi: Wrestling fans, after conferring with the time keeper and the official for this match up, referee Dawn Le has ruled the following.

(((Fans pop: Saaaaa–koooo–raaaaa! Saaaaa–koooo–raaaaa! )))

Tatsumi: Your winner…..via submission!

[Fans all boo as Officer Order raises up her arm and smiles.]

Tatsumi: At 14 minutes and 54 seconds, your winner via submission… o F F i c e r M a y O r d e r!

(Mixed cheers as Rekka Sakura shakes her head in dismay.)

Mutt: that’s a mistake! I never saw Rekka tap!

(“Bad Boys” by Inner Circle blasts through the arena as May Order cries tears of joy. Sakura lays against the ropes shaking her head.)

Bishop: It’s Order vs Yanagisawa in the Semifinals!

Mutt: This has got to be considered a major upset…and I still find this ruling suspect.

(((Fans pop: Saaaaa–koooo–raaaaa! Saaaaa–koooo–raaaaa! )))

Bishop: Fans, we still have no word on Zaranna’s condition. Perhaps on “Between the Ropes” we can get an update from Paul Laurence Dunbar. For now, this is Allen Bishop and Sam Mutt saying so long from Japan. See ya everyone.

(Camera fades with Order holding her back as she celebrates in the ring.)


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