Medusa Rage tangles with the Syndicate’s Tiffany Chandler in the main event.

Scene opens up on a jammed packed Tacomadome in Tacoma, Washington. There are 20,603 screaming fans in attendance. “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..



Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy!!!!!

(Fans erupt as a spotlight hits the ring. Mister Furious Styles is sitting in a folding chair in the middle with his top hat on along with his sunglasses. He slouches lazily in the chair as he looks on.)


(Fans cheer as MISTER Styles points out toward the ring entrance.)

Styles: What I want ya’ll to do for me tonight, is welcome one of the finest females in the sport of professional wrestling to the TUESDAY NIGHT CAT FIGHT! Ladies and gentleman, please welcome…..

(Mixture of cheers and boos as fans hear ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ by Guns and Roses!)

STYLES: …the ‘Powerbomb’ Angela Bassett, Terry McMillen ‘the Technician’….Please Welcome: THE HYENA QUEENS!

(The HYENA QUEENS head down ringside wearing black and red robes with Hyena fur lining. They are African American, with medium builds. Fans continue to cheer and boo as Terry McMillen points out to all the fans. Angela Bassett looks around the arena while Terry McMillen struts about the ring.)

<‘Powerbomb’ Angela Bassett>: What is THIS that we here on the MVP? The Hyena Queens don’t wrestle? We are an empty bag of words and empty promises? (Shouting) Let me clarify this for the Technician, myself, and all the fans so there won’t be no more mistruths told about the ‘Queens of the Ring’!

(Dawg Pound barks: Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! )

<‘Powerbomb’ Angela Bassett>: First of all, sometime last year everybody got the notion that we were the best thing happening today! Why? Because challenge after challenge went unanswered! Nobody wanted to wrestle the Hyena Queens, the Baddest Black women on the planet!

(Dawg Pound barks: Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! )

<‘Powerbomb’ Angela Bassett>: Lanny “I need another drink” Manson and Officer Order called themselves “Street Smart”. But when the Hyena Queens challenged them to a tag match, what happened? I’ll tell you what happened….No answer. Why? They were CHICKEN SHIT!

(Fans boo as Terry McMillen screeches and lets out a big laugh.)

<‘Powerbomb’ Angela Bassett>: Then! We challenge the so called Bad Asses of the Tag Team scene, Dark Asylum. What happened? No answer. Why? They were CHICKEN SHIT!

(Dawg Pound continues to cheer.)

<‘Powerbomb’ Angela Bassett>: We’ve gone UNBEATEN through our tenure here in Grand Dragon. We’ve faced the MISFITS, Strike, Browne Girls, and anybody else that had the nerve to stick their nose in our business. MISFITS, what happened at Dawg Pound Nights? What happened to our title shot!? If you are so bad ass, and if you are waiting for a worthy team to challenge you….then why haven’t you give *US* our title shot?! Technician, tell the people what they already know!!!!

(Fans erupt as the muscular Angela Bassett flexes for ringside fans.)

Styles: Okay, what you got to say Terry? What have you got to say on the Catfight?

<‘Technician’ Terry McMillen>: (in a sultry voice) Meow….

(Fans bark and whistle as Terry McMillen looks around the arena and smiles coyly.)

<‘Technician’ Terry McMillen> Daiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisy Butterfly and our own Western Heritage Champion Officer Order! The tag team formerly known as the Cruiserweight Dikes….

(Fans boo as Angela Bassett sneers and Terry McMillen smiles.)

<‘Technician’ Terry McMillen> How many times do *WE* have to issue a challenge to you gals? Even Tampax and Maxi, otherwise known as the Gladiatrixes, have the guts to take us on. You ignore our challenges again and again! What’s the problem? You know what Mister Styles? The San Franciscans and the Misfits have got a lot in common.

(Mixed cheers as Terry McMillen turns suddenly serious.)

Styles: Okay baby, what you got to say to our World Tag Team Champions the MISFITS and the 2 fan favorites?

<‘Technician’ Terry McMillen> Daisy and Order, you talk all big and bad about being the best…but when faced with adversity you crack! Can’t take the heat! Well, you can take your punk asses back to California, cause we don’t need 4 cowards in Grand Dragon. 2 will suffice…

(Dawg Pound barks as Terry McMillen struts alongside the ropes. Angela Bassett grabs the microphone and points out to the fans.)

<‘Powerbomb’ Angela Bassett> Medusa!!! (Shouting) You got some nerve to bring the Misfits to Grand Dragon! Talk about cowards. Daisy Butterfly has never held a belt, Officer Order can’t seem to hold on to one, but your gals….!

(Dawg Pound chants: ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa!)

<‘Powerbomb’ Angela Bassett> Your MISFITS, they haven’t got the GUTS to defend their belts. As far as we’re concerned, the Tag Titles are worthless as long as you got them strapped around your waists. You wouldn’t even defend those belts against the Browne Girls.

<‘Technician’ Terry McMillen>: Tonight, we find out if the Suicide Blondes can snatch those belts from you. And TONIGHT, we show “The Best Feminine Hygiene in the GDWA” the Gladiatrixes what greatness is all about!

<‘Powerbomb’ Angela Bassett> Glad-gals, we’re the best thing happening today!!! And before it’s all said and done! You too will say the QUEENS OF THE RING rule the world!!!

(Mixed cheers as Terry McMillen and Angela Bassett look around the arena)

<‘Technician’ Terry McMillen> And in case you forgot, or did not know….”Take on the best and get jobbed like the rest!”

<‘Powerbomb’ Angela Bassett> (sneering) The more things change, the more they remain the same!

(Fans hoot and holler as the Hyena Queens toss down the mic and leave the ring. “Welcome to the Jungle” blasts through the speakers as they head up the aisle.)

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, baby! If that don’t tell you what kind of night we’re having tonight on the Tuesday Night Catfight, I don’t know what will. Ladies and Gentleman….let’s hook ’em up!!!!

(Fans cheer as more fireworks go off! Flames apparently shoot up into the air out of the turnbuckles as MISTER Furious Styles leaves the ring. He slaps hands with fans at ringside as Spud McKenzie runs down the aisle.)

Bishop: Fans, this is Allen Bishop along with Color Man Sam Mutt bringing you the Tuesday Night Catfight! Harsh words from the Hyena Queens to start out the night…

Mutt: And speaking of the HOUSE of STYLES, we got Medusa Rage on this week as well as ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson. 3 House of Styles this week!

 Bishop: And we’ve got INCREDIBLE action tonight. We’ve got the results of the Suicide Blondes and Misfits match from Founder’s Day Tradition. We’ve got Tiffany Chandler taking on Medusa Rage. We’ve got ‘Jumping’ Jennifer Grier making her debut against Bloody Mary. Mutt: How about the Double Otanashis take on Burning Rain in a NO TIME LIMIT return match from FDT?

Bishop: …and The Gladiatrixes making their debut against the Hyena Queens, and from CCW Explosion, a replay of ‘Sexy’ Sally McClane going up against Crimson. Fans, let’s get into wrestling action tonight!

(Fans cheer as Spud stands in the center of the ring.)

Spud: To all of our fans in the TACOMADOME!!!

(Fans bark as Spud McKenzie walks around the ring!)

Spud: All fans of the Grand Dragon……ARE YOU READY!!!!!!

(Fans scream: YES!)

Spud: I said, ARE YOU READY?!?!?!?!?!

(Fans cheer louder and scream: YES!!!)

Spud: THEN…..Let’s Get Rrrrrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrrrrrumble!!!!

(Crowd EXPLODES as fireworks go off around the ring)

Spud: Our first contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Jump’ Van Halen.)

Spud: Led down the aisle by her manager ‘Big’ Rob Tucker…Hailing from Geneseo, Illinois She stands 5 feet 7 inches, 125 pounds, here is…’Jumping’ Jennifer Grier!

(Jennifer Grier is a brunette, shoulder length, with a sexy build. She heads down the aisle slapping hands with fans. She enters the ring wearing a red button down shirt, sleeveless, with the bottom tied, with Daisy Buke cut off shorts.)

Bishop: Wow! Now that is a looker…

Mutt: Yeah, she’s got a bod alright. But we’ll see if she can wrestle in a minute. The woman better be on her p’s and q’s tonight. Bloody Mary ain’t no push over.

Bishop: Neither is Jennifer. Fans, she had some comments for Bloody Mary. Let’s listen in….


[Scene is set in the home of “Big” Robert Tucker, manager of “Jumping” Jennifer Grier. The two are discussing their strategy against Bloody Mary]

JJG: Hey out there in GDWA TV Land! Looks like I got my first match here! This is going to be something. I want to address Ms. Bloody Mary.

BRT: Go ahead, baby. Strut your stuff!

JJG: (looking at Rob) Just let me speak, will ya? Anyway, Mary. You’ve had a little experience here in the GDWA. I’m a little new at this. I’ve been training a while, and been looking at lots of video on you. Not bad… I’ve seen better, but not bad at all.

[Jenny fixes her hair, and moves on.]

JJG: When I get you in that ring, Mary… I hope to show you and the rest of the GDWA what I’m made of. I may be the youngster, but don’t think for a minute that I’m going to be the weaker. Good luck, Mary. And you better watch out, because if Jen starts a Jumping…. you better watch your back, or I’ll be all over it.

[The scene fades as Jen blows a kiss.]


Mutt: The country girl can talk all she wants too, but she’s got to prove it in the ring.

Bishop: Indeed. Fans this is our opening contest tonight. Let’s hear the intros for Mary….

(Fans begin to boo as they hear “Midnight Rider” through the pa!)

Spud: And her opponent…Hailing from Davenport, Iowa! She is 5 feet 9, 160 pounds. Here is….Bloody Mary!

(The blond haired Bloody Mary heads is booed as she heads down the aisle. She’s wearing a leather Black Trench coat with black boots as she swaggers toward the ring.)

Mutt: What the hell? Here come the High Flying Dolls & the Gladiatrixes right behind her! Bloody Mary heading down the aisle with her two tag teams, and GDWA security forcing these two teams away from ringside.

Bishop: What the hell? Bloody Mary knows the rules. I swear, does she think she’s Medusa Rage with having 2 tag teams?

(Fans continue to boo as Bloody Mary argues with GDWA officials.)

Bishop: Bloody Mary a constant contender for the Western Heritage title. She’s a constant contender to the Western Heritage title. Can’t afford a loss to this rookie newcomer…

Mutt: And better yet, what a boost it would be to Jennifer Grier’s career if she gets the pinfall? We’re talking about promoter gold.

(Bloody Mary enters the ring, taking off her leather trench coat and flinging it to the arena floor. She’s wearing a two piece red singlet as she glares over at Jennifer Grier.)

Bishop: The ref has gone over the rules with both combatants, let’s hook ’em up!


Bishop: Both are hesitant to lock up. Mary in incredible shape. Rumor has it that this woman has about 3% body fat!!! And I thought Streetfighters had beer bellies.

Mutt: Did you say something about beer?!

Bishop: (Sighing) Anyway, a collar and elbow tie up and Mary with INCREDIBLE strength throwing Jennifer to the mat! Wow! And now Mary kneeling over Jennifer, and pounding away with those Iowa Heaven Punches!! Get in there ref!

Mutt: Mary firing down into her with POWERFUL punches, and the ref forcing the break. Jennifer is down, and the ref chastising Mary for those clenched fists. Jennifer rolling around as Mary walks over.

Bishop: Mary with a pickup, and a handful of hair. She hustles over to the near corner, and rams Jennifer’s head into the turnbuckle! (Fans boo.)

Mutt: Mary now, with more Iowa Heaven punches, and Jennifer is caught in the corner. And here comes the ref sticking his nose in Mary’s business.

Bishop: Jennifer is stunned from those INCREDIBLE jabs to the head. Jennifer stumbling out of the corner, and Mary with an Irish Whip to the far side. Jennifer bouncing off as Mary runs to the middle of the ring…

Mutt: And Jennifer Grier with a Leapfrog, no! Bloody Mary catching her in the air….


(Dawg Pound erupts as Bloody Mary rises back up to her feet, and points out to the hardcore fans.)

Mutt: Mary now with a pickup and an Irish Whip, RIGHT INTO A SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE! She just about took Jennifer Grier’s head off!

Bishop: No attempted pinfall as Mary picks up Jennifer again. Mary with an Irish Whip to the near ropes as she picks up a head of steam….and Jennifer DUCKING the Clothesline!

(Fans cheer as Jennifer Grier runs to the far ropes.)

Mutt: Mary running into the ropes and firing off as Jennifer bounces off the far side, and a Running Cross Bodyblock!

Ref: 1……………………………..2………….kick out.

(Fans cheer as Jennifer Grier picks up Bloody Mary.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Jennifer with a front face lock, attempting a Suplex! Mary blocking a counters with a Vertical Suplex of her own. Now flipping over on top of her for the cover.

Ref: 1………………………2……………………kick out!

(Fans cheer as Jennifer Grier kicks out.)

Mutt: She’s beginning to wrestle like a woman who knows the ring. Bloody Mary rolling over on top of Jennifer for the pinfall INSTEAD Of getting to her feet first. She’s learning Bishop.

Bishop: Mary taking her time with the pickup as she points out to the Dawg Pound. Mary Irish Whipping Jennifer to the far ropes as she stands poised in the middle of the ring…!


(Huge crowd pop as Jennifer Grier slowly gets to her feet.)

Bishop: Mary is stunned on the mat, as Jennifer with a quick pick up. A frontface lock and a SNAP Suplex…and now she’s going up top.

Mutt: Great confidence builder to go back to that Vertical Suplex. Mary a little too cocky in this match. She may have been able to put this country girl away earlier.

Bishop: Jennifer up high! She’s visibly still hurting from the barrage of attacks from Bloody Mary earlier. Jennifer jumps……

(Fans all cheering as Jennifer Grier flies through the air….)


 Ref: 1…………………….2…………………………1/2!

(Fans all cheering as Jennifer GRIER heads for the near corner.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Bishop: Bloody Mary close to getting upset. Jennifer climbing the turnbuckles…and Bloody Mary getting up to her feet.

Mutt: Bloody Mary walking over to the corner, and catches her! Mary grabbing hold and TOSSES her off the top for a Military Press Slam!!!

(Huge crowd pop as Bloody Mary points out to ‘Big’ Rob.)

Bishop: Mary with a pickup, and slaps her hand around Jennifer’s throat…oh no!

(Fans all screaming as Bloody Mary points out to the Dawg Pound.)

Bishop: Mary hoisting Jennifer up in the air……..5seconds……10 seconds…………AND A CHOKESLAM!!!!!!!!

(Biggest pop thus far!!!!)

Mutt: Man, did you see that?

Bishop: Wow! Jennifer is down….and who do we have here.

(Fans all cheering as ‘Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita heads down the aisle in jeans and a tank top.)

Mutt: Bloody Mary heading over toward the ropes, and pointing out at Keiko Mita. Oh yeah, let’s get it on on the TUESDAY NIGHT CATFIGHT!!!

Bishop: Mary walking back over to Jennifer, and she’s pointing out to the Kyoto Crippler!!! Mary with a pickup, and slapping Jennifer around the throat AGAIN!

Mutt: Mary hoisting Jennifer up in the air………CHOKESLAM!!!!!!!!

(Dawg Pound erupts as Bloody Mary kneels over Jennifer Grier.)

Bishop: Mary rearing her palm back…and SLAPS JENNIFER IN THE HEAD APPPLYING THE CLAW!

Mutt: That’s her finisher…it’s over!


Bishop: Keiko Mita leaving ringside, and Bloody Mary up to her feet, cursing out her rival. These two still haven’t met in the ring.

Mutt: With all that jibber jabber on the Friday Night Tease and the Monday Night MVP, you’d think these two would have fought a MILLION times.

Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 13 minutes 23 seconds! Your winner via submission….Bloody Mary!

(Most fans boo, but the Dawg Pound is cheering as they hear ‘Midnight Rider’ by the Allman Brothers.)

Mutt: Great match, and Bloody Mary gets the win. Jennifer looked a little lost in the ring. Did she prepare at all? What kind of strategy was THAT! (Laughs!)

Bishop: Sam Mutt, you are so insensitive. That was her debut match. You could at least give her some slack. Anyway fans, as you are now aware from the recent media blitz, Super Japan Pro Wrestling is ready to conquer the American market…

Mutt: Super Japan? Is that that league that Strazcek tried to shove down our throats at Founder’s Day? Damn, let me tell you something about him; you give him an inch and he’ll take a mile.

Bishop: (clears throat) Sam…cool it.

Mutt: Oh, trust me. I’m cool.

Bishop: Anyway, two of Super Japan’s women wrestlers are here tonight as part of a promotional tour of North America. SJPW will officially debut in the West on April 7, but we’ve managed to arrange a “sneak-peek” at their talent.

(“Dualism” by DJ Krush & DJ Shadow begins to play over the arena PA. An older Japanese man walks down the aisle towards the ring. He is dressed in a gray herring-bone patterned suit with a white shirt and black and white tie. His black hair is slicked back and hints of gray pepper his head. He gets into the ring and Spud hands him a microphone.)

Man: (with a slight accent) Hello fans here in Tacoma, Washington, America and around the world! I am Keiji Kaino of SUPER JAPAN PRO WRESTLING!!

(Mild crowd pop)

Kaino: Tonight, on behalf of the graces of the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance, I am pleased to present to you TWO PHENOMENAL ATHLETES in a show of STRENGTH and SKILL direct from the Land of the Rising Sun!!

(Louder crowd pop)

Kaino: Joining me tonight in this exposition will be official Panther Tottori…

(A Japanese man in a referee’s shirt enters the ring and quickly nods towards the crowd)

Kaino: …as well as Super Japan commentators Mike Whalen and Tomo Junzo

(Camera pans to the Super Japan broadcast table and shows two men, one Caucasian and one Asian)

Mutt: So does this mean we get this match off?

Bishop: I suppose we could jump in with a comment here and there…

Mutt: Good! I’m gonna go get a beer. Call me when our girls get in the ring!

Bishop: Sam!!

Kaino: Without further ado, I present to you the WARRIORS OF SUPER JAPAN!!


(Big crowd pop as Ricky Steamboat’s WCW theme plays over the PA)

Kaino: At 5’5″ and 100 pounds, she’s the BRIGHTEST STAR shining from the Orient today! *O*S*A*M*U* *S*E*N*S*H*O*U*!!

(Explosions down the aisle and in the release a storm of paper ribbons into the air. Flower-pedal shaped confetti drops from the lighting rig into the ring as a small-framed beautiful Japanese girl comes through the curtain with a wide grin on her face, enraptured by the cheering fans. She wears a white two-piece spandex wrestling tight with a red sun on the top half. She jumps the top rope of the ring and climbs a turnbuckle, rallying the fans; who pop accordingly)

Mike Whalen: Super Japan on the air. Thanks again to the GDWA for allowing us to present this match to the world.

Tomo Junzo: Mr. Whalen, do you find it at all funny the ruse that we’re pulling on the American fans?

Whalen: Ruse? What are you talking about?

Junzo: This…Osamu. “Brightest Star”? Mr. Whalen, this is her VERY FIRST big-time match. She’s never wrestled before in front of this many people–I don’t think she’s ever wrestled outside of Japan; and ESPECIALLY not for such a big organization as the GDWA. Her nerves must be eating at her. This is a dream come true for her, but all too soon it could turn into a nightmare.

Whalen: She must be a bit anxious. The GDWA is the place where many Japanese superstars achieved worldwide fame. Sachie Yokoyama, Daisy Firecracker, Miko Azai; among many others.

(“Bring the Pain” by Method Man bumps over the speakers and the crowd cheers <mostly the song>)

Junzo: And here is her wake-up call…

Kaino: Currently making her home in Oakland, California; she is the most dangerous woman ALIVE! 5’6″, weighing in at a solid 145 pounds, she is the “PAINMAKER,” *E*R*Y*K*A*H* *D*R*A*P*E*R*!!

(The arena darkens and a spotlight shines skulls and crossbones along the aisle and in the ring as a fierce looking bi-racial African-American/Asian woman with kinky black hair and very hard features steps out from behind the curtain and glares towards the ring. She wears a royal blue one-piece with white trim and has a red towel thrown over her shoulder. She deliberately walks towards the ring, never taking her eyes off of Osamu Senshou)

Junzo: Erykah Draper. Without a doubt, the most hated woman competing in Japan today.

Whalen: She does carry some issues with her…

Junzo: Issues? The woman is downright EVIL!! She’s looking to cripple every woman in Japan!

Whalen: Both women in the ring as Panther gives a quick word…DRAPER THROWS HER TOWEL IN SENSHOU’S FACE!!

(Crowd boos)

Whalen: And now Draper is daring Osamu Senshou to strike her! Junzo: HIT HER!! You don’t stand a chance, Osamu, but hit her anyway!!

Whalen: Panther already warning Draper and she just mocks him as Osamu paces the far side…


Whalen: …and Panther jumps out of the way as Draper makes a lunge at Osamu, who’s too fast to be caught off-guard. Both women, slapping at each other’s hands as they crouch into fighting stances.



Junzo: Draper stomps Osamu down onto her stomach and immediately goes for a Standing Camel Clutch, but Osamu gets to the ropes before Draper locks it in. Panther getting between the two and Draper nose-to-nose with him! Osamu might not be the only one to suffer a beating tonight!


Junzo: And Draper is kept up only by the ropes right now. Osamu with a wrist lock and an Irish Whip–OSAMU HITS DRAPER WITH A FLYING CROSS BODYBLOCK! SHE COVERS!! 1….*STRONG* kickout by the Painmaker!

Whalen: And Osamu is all-offense right now. She grabs a handful of Draper’s hair and pulls her back up to her feet–DRAPER WITH A QUICK PUNCH TO THE STOMACH!! Draper levels strong Forearm Smashes into Osamu’s jawline and backs her up into the ropes. Draper now with an Irish Whip and a HUGE SPINEBUSTER!!

(Dawg Pound begins to bark as Osamu’s head snaps back on the canvas)

Junzo: It seems some of the American fans have taken a liking to Erykah Draper.

Whalen: I doubt it matters to her one bit. Draper rolling Osamu to her knees and driving her own knees into Senshou’s back for a half-Surfboard, pulling back strongly on her arms.

Junzo: And Osamu is crying out. That’s what happens when little girls fight monsters.

Whalen: Panther Tottori asking Osamu is she submits and she furiously shakes her head no, even as she cries out in pain. Osamu inching towards the ropes…

Junzo: Draper isn’t gonna let her make it! Draper rolls back AND FLIPS OSAMU OVER HER!! AND OSAMU LANDS ON HER FEET!!

(Crowd roars at the athleticism!)


(Crowd cheers!)

Whalen: And Osamu pulls Draper up by her hair AND THROWS HER OVER THE TOP ROPE!!

Spud: 5 minutes have passed in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remain.

Whalen: Draper obviously unprepared for Osamu to muster up that kind of offense so soon after letting her go. On the outside now, Draper taking a second to recover…


(Arena *E*X*P*L*O*D*E*S* after witnessing the unbelievable maneuver!)


Panther: 5……….6……….7……….

Junzo: I’m speechless. Maybe Osamu Senshou IS ready for the big time…

Whalen: Both ladies stirring on the outside. Osamu is clutching her elbow as she stands–perhaps the strain of going from Draper’s hold to the handsprings aggravated that arm!

Junzo: She has a history of injury to that joint.

Whalen: Draper slowly getting to her feet, pulling herself up using the railing.

Panther: 11…………12………….13…………

Whalen: Osamu from behind…locks a headlock on Draper!! Osamu is all smiles as she yells and points out to the crowd–DRAPER RUNS OSAMU SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE RING POST!!

Junzo: So much for the smiles. Draper furiously driving elbows into Osamu’s shoulder and arm as she rolls her back into the ring. DRAPER WRAPS OSAMU’S ELBOW AROUND THE RINGPOST!!

Whalen: Osamu is screaming as Draper re-enters the ring. Draper, standing over Osamu with a sneer HITS HER WITH PALM STRIKES TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD AS SHE LOCKS ON AN ARMBAR!!

(Crowd boos as Draper continues, despite the official)

Junzo: And Panther admonishing Draper for the Palm Strikes…AND DRAPER THREATENS TO HIT HIM!!

Whalen: Draper pulls Osamu back up by the arm and STICKS A SINGLE-ARM DDT!! Osamu is in a world of pain!!

Spud: 10 minutes have passed in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remain.

Whalen: Draper lifts Osamu again and hammerlocks both arms from behind…TIGER SUPLEX!! AND IMMEDIATE STOMPS TO OSAMU’S ARM!!

Junzo: I’ll give Erykah Draper one thing: she’s a shark. She smelled blood and she went for it.

Whalen: Panther Tottori should really stop this match!! Osamu in a world of pain!!

Junzo: And Draper, all smiles as she hurts Osamu, lifts her injured arm and goes for a Wakigatame Cross-Armbreaker!!







Whalen: GDWA security rushing down to ringside and Draper finally dropping the hold!

Junzo: And here come Super Japan ring announcer Yoshi with the word…

Yoshi: Your winner, at 12 minutes 43 seconds by submission; “Painmaker” Erykah Draper!!

(LOUD boos nearly drown out “Bring the Pain.”)

Whalen: Draper walks coolly back to the dressing room, wiping her face with her towel to a chorus of boos as Mr. Kaino re-enters the ring to assist Osamu to the back.

Junzo: She looks pretty hurt; that arm wasn’t 100% coming into this match. Well, this one is in the books. Let the GDWA have their show back.

Whalen: President Vessey and the rest of the GDWA, thank you for the opportunity to showcase Super Japan here tonight. Hopefully, our paths will cross again. Mr. Bishop, Mr. Mutt; take it away…

Bishop: Thanks Mr. Whalen…

Mutt: Whalen? Hmm….MIKE Whalen, huh?

Bishop: Yeah, so?!

Mutt: And we have a man here named MIKE Whalen, ain’t that right?

Bishop: Yeah, so what?

Mutt: This is gonna take some investigation here!

Bishop: Anyway fans, we have another House of Styles with MISTER Furious Styles.


(Fans cheer as MISTER Furious Styles enters the ring and struts around.)

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy!

(Crowd cheers)

Style: Wellllllll founder’s day Tradition is now a thing of the past and what a pay per view it was! We saw my girl Dementia become the new world champ! We also saw the return of Zzzzzzzzzzarana!

(Crowd boos at the mention of her name, but erupts in cheers as they hear ‘Replica’ by fear factory.)

Styles: My guest at this time also made her return…please welcome Ffffffear Ffactory Lanny Mannnnson!!!

(Lanny comes down slapping a few hands with no expression on her face. She has her new look on; dyed black hair with black mascara and eyeshadow on her face.)

Styles: Well miss factory I’d like to…

(Lanny pushes Styles away and takes the mic pointing at Sam Mutt at the announcing table)

Lanny: Mutt! You little a**hole, I hear you’ve been calling me a cry baby huh?

(Fans cheers as Mutt looks indignantly back at Lanny Manson.)

Lanny: Why don’t ya get your fat *ss over here and tell me face to face huh?

(Fans scream louder as Mutt makes signs telling Lanny to cool off)

Lanny: Is that so? Well I think I will have to settle this myself!

(Crowd cheers as Lanny walks her way to the table and Mutt stands up telling her to cool off)

Lanny: You’re sweating like a pig!

(Lanny pushes his face hard making Mutt lose his balance and falls back hard. Then Lanny storms the table throwing monitors and everything off it. She then returns to the ring for the interview with a smirk on her face.)

Styles: What was that for? This was completely uncalled for!

Lanny: Why? WHY? Cause I felt like it! Got a problem with that? This is how it’s gonna be from now on, I will do what the hell I feel like doing! I’m sick and tired of people using my name as if I’m a thing of the past. I’m BACK AND FOR GOOD THIS TIME!

(Crowd pop)

Styles: Ok Lanny…but why’d you leave and what were you doing during your time off? Lots of people say you left just because Chandler took the title instead of you.

Lanny: People can say what they want, I don’t give a damn! Sure I got beaten so what! I have no excuse for it. See I just needed to take some time off to think of what I was gonna become in the ring. Sure it is great to have fan supporting you but I realized that some of them just liked me cause I was the “popular one” back then. Then as soon as I started to lose a few matches, they stopped cheering for me. Well that’s B.S.! See during my time off, I realized that things have changed here, newcomers are everywhere, most wrestler break the rules and some of my old friends are now having bizarre relationships with some of my older foes. Then I heard that Zaranna was planning a comeback at Tradition. That she was gonna get involve in Chandler’s business. There was no way I was gonna let her ruin the day of, in my opinion, the biggest star here Daisy Butterfly.

(Crowd cheers and chants: Daisy! Daisy! Daisy!)

Styles: So what can we expect from Lanny Manson in the ring, apart from the new looks you have.

Lanny: You can expect total carnage, I will now act on instinct. If I wake up in the morning feeling like sending someone to the hospital, I will do it! If any titles shot come in my way, I’ll go for it, being World champ is the best thing that ever happened to me and I would love to wear the gold again. But the reason I’m now here is just to kick some ass for my personal pleasure. As for the fan factory…

(She looks to the crowd)

Lanny: I might lose a few “classic” wrestling fan. As if I had any anyways…but old school fan will like me and extreme fan too I think. Those that want the fan factory to carry on are welcomed aboard, those that have a problem with it can just kiss my ass!

(Crowd pop)

Styles: Okayyyyyyyy! Now Lanny, I’d like to know. Do you have something against the Syndicate?

Lanny: No, see I never hate groups of people, I’ve never been a racist or anything like that. Same thing for the Syndicate, they can do their thing all they want. Chandler is a great Athlete but I just hate a few bitches in there! I know that when you deal with one of them, you have the whole lot on your back but I can live with that. And from now on, I will accept the challenge of ANYBODY ANYTIME! Just ask and I’ll be there! so GDWA…be prepared for the NEW Lanny Manson and get ready to have a couple of bloody faces and some crushed ribs cause this time, I’m out to HURT PEOPLE!

(Replica by fear factory plays as Lanny claps a few hands and high fives a fan that has a “PAIN FACTORY” sign then goes back in the locker room)

Mutt: Lanny Manson, you old has been. You step your old decrepit but in the ring against Andrea Chandler or Ma Porter and you’ll regret the day you ever laced up those boots.

Bishop: The fans STILL love Lanny Manson. She may not be THE MOST popular wrestler in Grand Dragon anymore, but she’s still got the heart of a champion. Fans, let’s move on to some action!

Mutt: Well it’s about time…and no more foreign promotions either!

Bishop: What? The SJPW women were INCREDIBLE! Anyway fans, we’ve got tag action now. Let’s take a look at the Misfits vs. Suicide Blondes from Founder’s Day Tradition…


Allan: This match will be one heck of a nasty and vicious match between two teams that really hate each other. The Misfits think the Blondes just copy them and make fun of them and the Blondes know the Misfits laugh at their wrestling ability. The shenanigans with that fraud “Poppy Rage” were just sickening. The Rage family is well respected in this sport. Anyway, with me again is the former NCW Internet and Women’s Champion, Tara “The Terminator” Collins.

Tara: You know Al, the Misfits laugh at everyone. They really believe they are the best ever and in this rough sport, that may be a very healthy attitude. At least tonight, they will definitely win, and win big.

Allan: Yes, they may win, but not easily. The Suicide Blondes will put up one bad fight before it’s lights out. And that’s just what it’ll take to beat Baby Jane and Taylor Monroe. Here’s Spud with the intros.

Spud: Ladies and gentlemen. This match is one fall with a 60 minute time limit. It is for the GDWA Tag-team Championship. Now coming down the aisle, the challengers. From Brentwood, CA, at a combined weight of 271 lbs., here are Baby Jane Ross and Taylor Monroe, the Suicide Blondes.

(The fans mostly cheer as they strut down the aisle; they enter the ring and show-off their new vinyl bodysuits with the faux fur collars. Their hair was specially done for this match to accentuate their beauty. Glitter falls from the ceiling as they make their way to ringside, and “Where Eagles Dare” by the Misfits, plays over the PA.)

Allan: You gotta think that the Blondes have some tricks up those vinyl sleeves for tonight. Look at the hair on Taylor Monroe. This team is positively ghoulish!

Tara: I always thought you’d be better off commentating on hair than on wrestling. But I like this music. I think it’s by…the Misfits! No doubt that’s intentional. These Blondes have a way of getting underneath a team’s skin! I like ’em!

Spud: And now the Champions! Coming down the aisle accompanied by their sister and manager, Medusa, at a combined weight of 308 lbs., here are Dalbello and Godiva Rage, the GDWA Tag team Champions… the Misfits!!!!!!

(The fans cheer loudly as “Listen Up” by the Misfits plays over the PA and they walk down the aisle glaring at the Blondes. They enter the ring wearing silver and black leotards with the Union Jack across their chests. They’re both barefooted. Fireworks shoot diagonally from the four ring posts and the crowd pops)

Spud: The referee is Putzi Guggenheim

Allan: Wow, look at them glaring at each other. This has to be the most beautiful match ever signed. The Blondes are now pointing at Medusa and it looks like they want her out of there. She could be a big influence at ringside, 3 on 2. Look at this!! The ref is making her leave the arena floor. The Blondes have won the match in a matter of seconds.

Tara: I doubt it. If the Misfits need her, she’ll be back in a flash. I’ve fought her and Dalbello, beaten them both, but they are definitely the two toughest opponents I’ve had to face. I’d rather face the hokey NWO.

Allan: Ahem. Well, I don’t know about that, but here’s the bell. It looks like Godiva and Jane will square off. They lock up and Godiva quickly pushes her into the ropes and hammers Jane with a forearm to her chest. The ref breaks, but they’re now trading blows, but it looks like Godiva will have the best here. She’s got Jane against the ropes belting her with forearms and a groin knee, now yanks her hair and throws her across the ring toward Dalbello. What a team as Dal reaches in and grabs Jane’s bodysuit and holds her for Godiva to run in and drive a shoulder into Jane’s belly. This could sooner than I thought.

Tara: The ref breaks it, but the damage is done and Jane can’t get to Taylor Monroe for the tag. These two are very good at cutting off the ring and keeping their opponent trapped. Jane is caught in a side headlock with Godiva rubbing her knuckles in Jane’s eyes. She releases her, but Jane is having a hard time trying to focus and is wandering around the ring. A big double-axhandle chop to her neck and Jane falls to one knee.

Allan: Godiva kneedrops her across the back and pulls her head up for a headscissors, that may be a choke. Godiva is rolling back and forth, twisting Jane’s head and neck. Putzi’s checking for a choke, but so far nothing. Godiva’s tensing, then easing on the scissors, really pouring it on. Here comes Taylor! She could take only so much and runs in to kick Godiva’s head and free Jane for the tag.

Tara: I don’t think it’s a legal tag, but Putzi will allow it as it was in their corner and he doesn’t know what’s going on anyway. Taylor and Godiva hate each other and Taylor shows it with a big boot to her head again. She picks up Godiva and throws her into their corner where Jane drives a fist into her belly and grabs a handful of hair, ramming her face into the turnbuckle. Dal better get in fast, but the ref is watching her as he breaks this. Both Blondes are all over Godiva, Jane slapping her face and Taylor kicking her belly and sides. The ref is trying to push Taylor off, but Jane has Godiva by the throat and Taylor just drove a boot into her forehead.

 Tara: Hang on, heeeeeeeeere’s Dalbello. She just clocked Taylor with an elbow to her head and jumped on Jane, choking her and dragging her into the ring. Dal has Jane over the top rope and kneelifts her head, sending her back onto the apron and the floor. She turns to Taylor and Godiva is just getting up, and they jump on her, Godiva kicking while Dal grabs both legs and sets up for an Indian leglock.

(CROWD POPS BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!)

Alan: Godiva is really putting the boots to Taylor and the ref looks helpless to stop this. He finally pulls Dal out of there and Godiva has Taylor’s left leg trapped, bending it back at the knee, over Godiva’s own right leg. She trying to hyperextend the knee and damage it, which will put the Blond out of action for a good long while. We definitely need more control of this match.

Tara: Nonsense! Give the fans what they want–action. These teams can take care of themselves.

Allan: Taylor’s trying to reach Jane, but she’s too far away and Godiva has her locked in position. Dal’s cheering her and keeping an eye on Jane. But Jane runs in and kicks Godiva’s face, running right back out. Taylor’s free, but can barely move to Jane and Godiva’s hurt, rolling on the mat, holding her face. Dal runs in to help her sister, but Putzi starts a count on her and she backs out. Look at this! While he’s fooling with Dalbello, Jane runs back in and kicks Godiva’s back while Taylor stomps her head. Dal tries to tell Putzi, but no luck. Geez, what a doofus!

Tara: (laughing) Most refs are this bad; the fans want them to be. I don’t know how important officiating is in a match like this, anyway. It’s more brawling than anything else.

Allan: Dalbello, being pushed out while the Blondes gang up on Godiva. Geez, about time! The ref finally clears the ring and waves both Jane and Godiva to wrestle. But Godiva’s hurt and Ross lifts her in a bearhug and rams her back into their turnbuckle. Look at the pain on Godiva’s face. She hasn’t taken this kind of punishment in a long time. Jane has her up, but Godiva jabs at her throat, then again as she tries to get free. Jane still has her, but she’s gagging from the jabs and Godiva jabs her again, now grabbing her throat and choking her. Baby Jane drops Godiva who elbow drops Jane’s neck, then tags Dalbello. This is at least more like wrestling

Tara: What did you think you were watching, croquet? But these two teams are beginning to show great stamina and moves. Dal’s ready to kill and these Blondes will know it.

Allan: She moves right in and dropkicks Jane into the corner, but she tags Taylor who comes in very carefully. She’s pointing to the apron behind Godiva, but there’s nothing there. The ref is distracted along with Godiva and both Blondes jump Dal for a quick kick to the groin and a left-right combo to the head. These Misfits should know better than to fall for that.

Tara: Yeah, but they’re riled and not thinking too clearly. Like I said before, the Blondes can really get under your skin.

Allan: The lock up and Taylor pushes Dal into the ropes and begins with more punishing forearms and a knee into her belly. The Misfits are starting to look very weak. Taylor seems to be pushing Dalbello all over the ring and now has her in their corner again where she and Jane are hammering her with fists and a few well-placed knees.

Tara: The ref breaks it, but real damage has been done. Dal manages to get out of the corner, but Taylor grabs her hair and spins her around for a flying clothesline from Jane as she made a quick entrance and left. Dal is stretched out with Taylor laughing and pointing at her. She drives a vicious kick into Dal’s ribs, then another before Putzi stops her. Taylor keeps taunting her, but that may not be the smart thing to do.

Allan: I think the smart thing to do would have been to leave the Misfits alone rather than taunt them so much.

Tara: The Blondes think this is over. Look at Taylor casually saunter over to Jane and tag her. Jane comes in and takes up with more kicks and yanks up Dalbello by the hair, spinning her around for a reverse neckbreaker. I’ve never seen anything like this against the Misfits. Wow!!

(Crowd boos as Baby Jane Ross poses for the crowd)

Allan: WOW! The Blondes act like they own the Misfits. Dal is badly hurt and can barely move. Jane jumps on her chest, trying to crush her. She pins her arms, but Godiva runs in with a nasty kick to Jane’s head, knocking her off the hurt Dal. Godiva drags Dal back to their corner and… makes the tag! Here comes Jane, but Godiva with a superkick, then a big kneedrop across her throat. She drags Jane to their corner and begins to whale away on her with kicks and Dal reaches through the ropes with a solid choke. Taylor runs over, but meets Godiva’s boot in the gut. Godiva grabs her hair and tosses her into Jane.

(Crowd goes crazy and chants AGE OF RAGE! AGE OF RAGE!)

Tara: I can hardly hear myself, but the Blondes both went down like a sack of flour. Now the Misfits gloat over their opponents. Godiva off the top rope with…. A BIG legbomb.

Allan: She hauls up Taylor and lifts her for a powerslam, slamming Taylor hard on the mat. Dal lifts Jane and holds her up for a big German suplex, crashing her into the mat. Both Blondes are down and look about finished. What a turn of events.

 Allan: Just shows you the talent and stamina these women have. Dal pulls up Jane and throws her against the ropes and catches her in an abdominal stretch. Godiva has Taylor up in a chokeslam and just slams her into the mat. They have both Blondes about where they want them now. Putzi finally regains control and chases Dalbello and Taylor, but not before Taylor catches a forearm across her chest. Godiva has Jane up for a big tilt-a-whirl powerbomb and just mashes her into the mat!!!

Tara: And here’s the cover!












Allan: BJ Ross, able to get that shoulder up!

Tara: The brit, hauling Ross to her feet and…Uh oh!

(Crowd boos thunderously as Heidi Lenhart and Liz Sinclair head down the aisle)

 Allan: Oh no!!!! Not now!!!! Heading down the aisle is Strike, “Lethal” Liz Sinclair and Heidi Noelle Lenhart. What in Hades is going on? Are they here as a distraction? Wait A MINUTE!! THEY JUMP INTO THE RING!! OH BOY, HERE WE GO!

(Crowd boos and cheers LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Tara: Strike going straight for the action and they gang up on Godiva with forearms and uppercuts. Dal comes in, but Taylor and Liz jump her and hold her with a double arm bar, then begin kicking her belly and chest.

Allan: This was a great match until Strike stuck in their noses!, Now, They’re holding her up while Jane jumps off the top rope with a flying clothesline, sending Dal crashing to the mat. This is disgusting! Liz kicks her onto the apron and on the floor. They have Godiva up and Liz delivers a series of forearm smashes, then tosses her to Noelle who lifts her for a belly-to-back suplex, driving her head and neck into the mat.

Tara: The Putz has to stop this. Why are the Strike here?

Allan: There’s the bell, it’s over as Putzi stopped the match. Godiva is busted open on her right temple. The ref, raising the Misfits arms in victory. A big disqualification for the Blondes who may face problems now. And the Strike will face some sort of discipline

Spud: Ladies and gentlemen; the winners at 24:47 and still GDWA Tag-team Champions because of disqualification, the Misfits, Dalbello and Godiva Rage.

(Crowd cheers the victory, but boos as Strike raises their arms on the way back to the dressing room!

Tara: The crowd sure loves them, even when they look like chewed up ragdolls. This attack was completely unpremeditated. And violent! Godiva’s bleeding. Dalbello look like she’ll have a black eye. I can guarantee you that this is far from over.

Allan: The Misfits are being helped backstage by ring officials.


 Tara: Much as I like good action, nothing can justify what Strike did here tonight. This is not the kind of thing we need to be showing to everyone on a PPV! Strike ought to be ashamed.

Allan: Well, let’s try to move past this ugly incident and onto our next match.

Bishop: At this point, let’s move on to our first installment of our GDWA editorial.

Mutt: Ain’t this the thing they are gonna broadcast on the Friday Night Tease every 2 weeks?

Bishop: That’s right same. Fans, we’re taking a brief intermission as we go to some in-depth commentary regarding our Pay Per View Spectacular……

 Mutt: …%%%FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION%%%…Yeah, yeah, we know! And this being our first card back from Spring Break, we’ve got a new viewership who’d love to hear some editorializing. Now hurry up so we can return to the action….


Hello GDWA fans, wrestlers, handlers & all others attached with this grand alliance. It seems appropriate that we launch this new project on the auspicious occasion of following Founders Day and entering a new year of GDWA weekly cards. We are now marking our second year and it appears to be every bit as successful as the first, probably more with much of the growing pains behind us and new adventures before us. We hope this editorial which will be presented every two weeks will provide food for thought on the happenings, trends, personalities of the GDWA in an objective manner. The thoughts and opinions expressed will be culled from keeping our eyes and ears open to the goings on at GDWA with no bias intended. Opinions will be objective, truthful, and hopefully enlightening to all concerned with the GDWA. No doubt there will be differences of opinion and some will maybe even be offended by some of the ideas expressed. Some will want to perhaps expand on some of those very ideas.

This column while written by selected editorialists will be open to rebuttal the week after each editorial. We in turn may respond to rebuttals as well. The important thing and bottom line to this feature is providing a forum for discussion with nobody left out. Everybody’s input will be important and we invite you to submit ideas for editorials as well as responses to editorials. We hope this feature will meet with everybody’s favor. I want to start this feature out with a look back at the Founder’s Day pay per view card and comment on the card itself. March 17, 1997 was a celebration in the form of a wrestling card presented to commemorate The GDWA’s first anniversary.

Amid all the buildup, pomp and circumstance, and features we were treated to, such as, Whitney Houston singing The Canadian National Anthem, House of Styles with guest Medusa Rage, Andrea Chandler’s presentation as favorite wrestler of the month for the second consecutive month and several mysterious appearances by an unknown woman, we also saw some matches that typified the GDWA persona. The card was commentated on by Allen Bishop, Mutt, Sonya Blade and Sally McClane. We’ve become used to some of the biased commentary by some but Sally McClane was especially annoying. Sonya Blade finally had enough and the two nearly came to blows. I for one would’ve loved to seen that as an impromptu match, but Sally did calm down after being ejected by security guards when she did push the envelope a little too far. The commentators had their own opinions on the wrestlers and their matches, now let’s look at the matches and I’ll offer some of my own opinions. The first match was a 20 minute, 1 fall match that saw the Texas native, Vonya come back after a long absence to face the relative newcomer from France, Lady Tiger. Vonya wasn’t favored to win due mostly to her long absence and good showings from Lady Tiger of late. Vonya proved the pundits right with a loss to Lady Tiger but it was a good effort from Vonya. This was a good mostly technical match with a lot of high flying moves from Tiger and surprisingly good technical moves from the usual rulebreaker, Vonya. What did in Vonya was her own arrogance letting her guard down and allowing Lady Tiger to regroup winning the fight with a plancha dive and a suicide dive weakening Vonya and doing her in with The Long Bow Frankensteiner in 18 mins. and 25 secs. Vonya’s future has been called in to question but she still shows a lot of promise if she can just stay focused.

The next match was a grudge tag team match with Wendy “Wildchild” Marshall and “Super model” Eleanor Royal teaming to face Nomad and a mystery partner. After some confusion the audience realized that her manager, Princess Nelli was her partner. Most thought this was a bad idea and I have to agree. Nelli is a manager and seems only expert at interfering in Nomad’s matches. Wendy and Eleanor were anxious to get revenge on both the Iraqi wrestlers and uncharacteristic of their usual styles Wendy and Eleanor helped turn this match into a brutal brawl that saw them defeat Nomad when they constantly double-teamed her and eventually won after Nomad was DDTed at 13 mins. and 55 secs. Nelli was little help to her charge. Now maybe Nelli will stick to her manager position. Wendy and Eleanor may be seen in a new light with their aggressive showing.

Next came “Burning Cherry Blossom” Rekka Sakura vs. Keiko “The Kyoto Crippler” Mita in a match billed as Battle of the Japanese Stars. This match would be the first of several matches that saw outside interference by those having no business in them. Tiffany Chandler chose this time to exact revenge on Mita by attacking her shortly after the match got underway with a piledriver. After she was chased from the ring, Rekka despite only moments before was in the start of a vicious battle with her rival now was showing her sportsmanship by helping the ref get Mita looked after for possible injuries. This match would be postponed if held at all. This proves that you can wrestle aggressively and still show sportsmanship. Rekka should be applauded for that and may be a future role model for this kind of behavior.

A similar match followed with tag teams, Double Otanashis facing Burning Rain. This could best be described as a combination technical wrestling and outright brawl. Maria Urquidez and Gojira Takashima gave a good showing against the volatile sister team of Kasumi and Kurumi. Knee problems would plague Gojira but she held out taking and dishing out punishment. Maria managed to hold the team together but fell victim to her own move The Senton Splash, when it failed and Kasumi pinned her, although time ran out at the 3 count and the match was declared a draw. It amazes me that Double Otanashis can pull off being a tag team, with their polar opposite styles, Kasumi being the technical wrestler and Kurumi the brawler who makes no secret she prefers singles matches. Somehow they stay cohesive but for how long given their own arguments?

Rekka Sakura and Keiko Mita resumed their match and gave the audience a spectacular show of technical expertise in high risk moves and rough fighting style. Flying headbutts, Guillotine legdrops, and Tiger Drivers were plentiful with Rekka eventually pinning Keiko after a Fisherman’s Suplex at 16 mins. and 33 secs. As Rekka was acknowledged for her victory another appearance by the mystery woman occurred as she handed them both a sword, significance unknown and the two Japanese stars parted the ring in a sportsmanlike manner which was appreciated by the audience.

Contention for the Internet Title was next as “The Legend” Micki Duran faced Daisy Butterfly in a 30 minute scheduled event. Duran appeared to want to wrestle her fairly as she extended her hand, Daisy slapped it away but did bow in respect. This match progressed to a good rough but technical match but was marred by more outside interference when Zaranna knocked Daisy’s foot from the rope allowing Micki to get a pin and allowed to be the contender. Zaranna then needlessly attacked Daisy as Daisy was exacting her revenge on Micki who showed her true colors. Disappointingly, Micki could have stood a chance to win this match easily without Zaranna’s presence but chose the low road. Andrea and Tiffany Chandler entered the fray double teaming Daisy. Officer Order and Lady Tiger came to Daisy’s rescue, then Crystal Lewis, then Lanny Manson turning this into a full melee. Totally unnecessary. It was then announced the World Tag Belts would be shown at a later date featuring the Suicide Blondes vs. The Misfits. A lame reason was given that the potential violence of this match would have some negative influences or something like that. Well given the nature of some of the other matches it couldn’t have gotten any worse negatively short of someone killing the other. It’s speculated one of the handlers particularly Medusa Rage may be the culprit. A match of this magnitude should have gone on and if it was indeed postponed by the whim of one of the handlers, then the powers that be at the GDWA better get tighter controls over these handlers. The promoters run the cards NOT the handlers.

The Western Heritage Title was next with “Double O” Officer Order facing Radhi Ananda in this 30 min. match. Radhi has stubbornly held this title against some of the best the GDWA can offer since last September. Double O has wanted this title badly. This was a vicious match from the get-go despite the commentators criticizing their styles as conservative for them. It was a plenty rough match given the reaction from the Dawg Pound. Again outside interference marred the outcome when Radhi seemed to have the match in hand after Double O KO’d the ref & Radhi nailed Double O with a Bulldog Stun Gun. Then Rekka Sakura made her presence known, this after I complimented her for her sportsmanship earlier. Radhi distracted after Rekka was led off didn’t anticipate a mindless attack by The Syndicate again, when Andrea Chandler attacked her with a chair so bad they dented the chair repeatedly. Daisy Butterfly came to the rescue laying into Andrea & security eventually led them off leaving Radhi writhing on the floor. Double O apparently oblivious to all the interference resumed the match taking advantage of Radhi’s weakened condition. Radhi fought back with a powerslam then tried to jump off the top rope with a flying clothesline only to be met in midair with a flying headscissors by Double O. This move probably the most spectacular of the entire card in my opinion would allow Double O to win this match & capture the Western Heritage Title she so long sought after in 38 mins. & 45 secs. I never understood why the officials allowed this match to go over the time limit whether they took off for the time Andrea and the rest interfered or what? It’s also beyond me why Andrea Chandler would risk injuring herself knowing she has to defend her title soon. Is she so consumed with hatred for her rivals or so full of ego that she doesn’t think of her own title but would rather interfere in others defenses. One can only speculate how the ending would’ve turned out had Radhi not been attacked.

The Internet Title defended by Dementia Praecox against Micki Duran is next. This 30 min. match was full of spectacular moves by both. True to form for both it turned into an ugly bloodbath when Madame Hecate handed Dementia a foreign object. Still again Andrea interfered along with Crystal Lewis who bloodied Dementia with a chair. Andrea actually added insult to injury when she casually sat in the chair & watched the rest of the match. Despite her best efforts, Dementia fell victim to Duran’s Diamond Death Cutter losing to Duran by pinfall at 26 mins. & 44 secs. Despite Dementia initiating the bloodletting I still feel sorry for her losing the title. I guess you come to expect this behavior from her and had Duran won without interference I would’ve given Micki full approval for the victory but it was a tainted victory as far as I’m concerned and I don’t think she’ll hold on to the title for long. Finally, the main event matchup,

The World Heavyweight Title defended by Andrea Chandler over Dementia Praecox. Andrea finally in her own fight. Dementia has to be admired for going into this while less than half an hour before she lost her own title in a bloodbath. This match started slow but built to a promising hard fought fight we expected until you guessed it, here come the troops from outside. This time Medusa decides to embarrass Andrea attacking her Syndicate cronies with Medusa’s Serpentines. The outside action looked like something from Westside Story, two rival gangs beating the hell out of each other fully intending to hurt each other using ball bats that have no place in the ring as does any other foreign object unless special stipulations are agreed on. Predictably this action degenerated in full carnage with men & women from both gangs being carried out on stretchers with broken ribs, black eyes & blood everywhere. Meanwhile the attention is turned to SURPRISE the action IN the ring. Madame Hecate takes this down a level throwing powder into Andrea’s eyes. An ironic twist, Andrea Chandler now the victim of interference. Medusa reenters the ring area and outside fighting resumes for the rest of the match meanwhile a hell of a match goes on in the ring for the title with Andrea recovering from the powder but being ultimately out wrestled by Dementia losing to a pinfall at 53 mins. & 13 secs. After what can only be described as a brutal but spectacular match. The final surprise was yet to come as Zaranna who had been at Andrea’s side through so many of tonight’s skullduggery reveals herself to be Organized Crime’s newest recruit when she attacks Andrea after she is pinned. After Ma Porter proudly proclaims this, Double O makes the promise that her & her cohorts will be policing future cards preventing much of what occurred tonight not to happen again. It was an exciting card, no doubt about that but you do have to wonder when excesses do occur like all the interference what some of the outcomes would have been like. Since this card even Medusa Rage recanted on her actions seeming genuinely ashamed. One has to question her sincerity but maybe there is time for a positive change. We’ll have to see, no doubt this will provide some good points to ponder for future editorials. What do you think?

Bishop: Great editorial, and as we said before, this will be one of the highlights of the Friday Night Tease. Fans, wrestlers, managers, if you have anything to respond to or argue mail your comments care of Sonya Blade to the Friday Night Tease. Mutt: Can we get to some wrestling action now?

Bishop: Sure, but you won’t be here. We’ve got another tag match.

Mutt: Aw damn!

Bishop: Fans, this match will pit two teams that really dislike each other. The Burning Rain and Otanashi have feuded for a long time, here and in other feds. At the PPV, they battled to a time limit draw. I guess both teams wanted resolution, so they signed for a special “No time limit match” tonight. With me tonight is my almost steady partner, Tara “The Terminator” Collins, former Women’s and Internet Champion in the NCW.

Tara: A no-time limit match between Lacking Brain and the Double Jobbers? Fans, don’t thank the GDWA booking committee all at once! Seriously, though, The Burning Rain is a young team with two very different women who work well together. The Otanashi are sisters who sometimes do not work well together. In fact, Kurumi has made it clear she wants a singles title, and soon. Kasumi is a good tag-team wrestler, but doesn’t have that killer instinct she needs to really succeed. I think the Burning Rain will take this quite easily.

Allan: We’ll see. Here’s the Spudmeister with the intros.


Spud: Ladies and gentlemen. This is a one fall match with no time limit. Now coming up to the ring, from Shimonoseki, Japan, at a combined weight of 278 lbs., here are Kurumi and Kasumi, the Double Otanashis!!!!!

(“There’s a Hurricane tonight” blares. Some fans cheer as two women dressed in white leotards with the red sun across the chest and short, black boots walk down the aisle. They enter the ring and move to their corner where they stand and stare at the opposite corner, waiting for the Burning Rain. As they loosen up, their short hair becomes tousled which gives them a sexy appearance.)

Spud: And now from Ponce, Puerto Rico and Kobe, Japan, at a combined weight of 286 lbs., here is the team of Maria and Gojira, the Burning Rain.

 (Fans cheer for them as they appear from behind the curtain. They walk down the aisle, Maria wearing a white t-shirt with “wild” across the chest, white bicycle pants and matching boots. Gojira wears a dark green tank top with slanted eyes painted on back, baggy, green military camouflage pants, fingerless black gloves, and black boots and carries a Kendo stick. When they enter the ring, Maria tosses her t-shirt to the fans and reveals a white sports bra.)

Tara: So far a pretty basic entrance for two teams that dislike each other. I wonder if Gojira will use that stick.

 Allan: Yes, but look at Gojira glare at the sisters. And Kurumi is shooting daggers at her with that stare. Putzi will have his hands full tonight. There’s the bell and Kurumi starts against Maria.


Allen: They lock up and Kurumi pushes her against the ropes and quickly starts with a forearm across the throat. Putzi breaks it, but Kurumi moves in and kicks Maria’s belly, then yanks her hair, pulling her into a front headlock. This looks like a choke, but the ref can’t tell yet. Hey! Kurumi just pulled something from suit. She’s rubbing it across Maria’s eyes and Maria’s screaming. Putzi breaks it and talks to Kurumi who of course denies everything.

Allan: Look at poor Maria staggering around the ring, trying to grab the ropes and get to Gojira. Kurumi quickly grabs her hair, but Gojira runs in and kicks her back. Putzi tries to push her out, but Gojira with another kick and Kurumi is down on one knee. Maria runs to Gojira and tags. Gojira comes in and slowly grabs Kurumi’s left arm, twisting it into an armbar. She starts yanking on the arm and has Kurumi screaming in pain. WOW! She just launched a horrible kick to Kurumi’s face that snapped her head back. Another and Kurumi’s down. Gojira yanks her back up and throws her into their corner. Kurumi rams into the corner, back first and falls. Maria reaches through the ropes and yanks her hair, pulling her head back. Gojira with a well-placed kick to the throat.

(Crowd pops!)

 Tara: Well, the fun is about to end as the ref breaks it up, but at least the Burning Rain got back the momentum. Gojira clamps a front headlock on Kurumi and tags Maria who leaps off the top rope, dropping an elbow into Kurumi’s back. This has got to hurt, but Kurumi tries to stand. She’s yelling for Kasumi to help her, but Kasumi looks confused. Maria has Kurumi in a side headlock and drags her to Gojira who puts a boot to her head. Maria pulls Kurumi to a standing position and throws her against the ropes, then nails her with a vicious dropkick, sending her crashing against the ropes and down.

 Allan: There’s another tag and Gojira enters with an elbow drop to Kurumi’s back. She hauls her up and pounds on her back with those hammer-like fists. A warning from the ref, but no one really listens to him.

Tara: As it should be.

Allan: Gojira tosses Kurumi across to Maria who flies off the second rope with a forearm to Kurumi’s chest. The big girl is down and Gojira flips her onto her belly for a Boston crab. Kurumi screams, but won’t submit. A tag to Maria who comes off the top rope with a kneedrop across Kurumi’s back. God, this poor girl has taken enough. Just say “I give”.

Tara: My god, listen to you. These women are wrestlers, not porcelain dolls. She’ll bounce back, or maybe bounce on her back. Not bad, huh?

 Allan: Hey, look at this! Kasumi ran in and pushed Maria off Kurumi and dragged Kurumi to their corner for the tag. Kasumi locks up and pushes Maria into the ropes. A clean break and they lock up again. Oh my, Maria with a knee to Kasumi’s belly and a forearm to the chest. She leaps for a dropkick, but Kasumi ducks and Maria lands hard. Kasumi picks her up and clamps on a side headlock, then flips her to the mat.

Tara: Spud not bothering to call out the time elapsed as this is a no time limit match. I was expecting conservative strategies on the part of both teams, but they’re going at it tooth and nail.

Allan: Or fang and claw, in Gojira’s case. A quick headscissors by Maria, Kasumi kicks out and they stand. These two would make a great scientific match, or team. Another lock up and Kasumi flips Maria with a hip toss. She has a wristlock and keeps her down with that pressure. Kurumi yells to her sister to drag Maria to her, but Kasumi won’t listen. She’s really working that arm and just may deaden it for the rest of the match.

 Tara: Here’s Kurumi running in with a stomp to Maria’s head. The ref yells at her, but she gets in another as Gojira enters. She’s stopped by Putzi who doesn’t see Kurumi run in again and kick Maria’s chest. Kasumi yelled something to her sister and Kurumi yelled back. Doesn’t seem very loving for two sisters. Kasumi still has Maria, but the dynamo is starting to get up.

 Allan: WOW! What a move. Maria managed to flip Kasumi over her own body and break up the wristlock. That had to hurt, but she’s out and got to Gojira for the tag. The big bully is in and quickly sees that Kasumi doesn’t go far. Gojira with several slaps and a knee to the belly. She pulls Kasumi’s hair and throws her to Maria who grabs her head and slams it into the turnbuckle. Kasumi is dazed, but here’s Kurumi to the rescue. A quick kick to Gojira’s ribs, then a chop to Maria’s throat and Kasumi is free. They tag and Kurumi returns to battle Gojira. The two lock up, but Gojira pushes her into the ropes and holds her while Maria kicks her back. The ref stops it, but Gojira has Kurumi’s throat while the ref scolds Maria.

 Tara: Looks like Kurumi is sinking fast. She can’t breathe and she’s too weak to fight off Gojira. She’s waving to Kasumi to help, but her sister is too hesitant. Geez, your partners hurt, you do whatever it takes. No teamwork here. Looks like Putzi finally broke the choke and Kurumi ran to Kasumi for the tag. That’s a lapse in Burning Rain concentration. They should never have let Kurumi get free. Kasumi back in and she quickly flips Gojira with a hip toss, then an armbar. She’s really wrenching that shoulder, putting a lot of pressure on it. Gojira tries to stand and get some leverage, but Kasumi kicks out the left leg and Gojira falls back to the mat. Kurumi is telling Kasumi to bring her to their corner, but Kasumi will have none of that. Kurumi looks really PO’ed at her younger sister and runs in to kick Gojira. She’s lashing out with several nasty kicks to her head. The ref pushes her back out and Maria tries to enter. Hey look at Putzi move. He catches Maria before she can connect with Kasumi’s head and carries her to her corner.

Allan: Yeah, but Kurumi just came back in and stomped all over Gojira’s head and back. Kasumi still has that arm, only now it’s a wristlock and Kurumi is kicking the arm and shoulder. They tag and the mean sister’s now in. Putzi breaks it as both sisters have Gojira in their corner and as Gojira tries to stand Kurumi drives a mean left foot into her belly, then a spin kick to her head, dropping Gojira like a rock.

Tara: Looks like things turned around fast. Maria is in now and locks up with Kurumi. The bigger Otanashi has her in a side headlock and digs into her eyes with something!!! Maria screams and tries to push her off, but Kurumi holds on to her hair and has that headlock on tight.

(Crowd boos!!)

Tara: Maria is trying to slowly steer them toward Gojira, but Kurumi keeps her in the center. Hey, Gojira just ran past Putzi and bashed Kurumi’s head with a forearm. Maria’s free and turns on Kurumi with a snap mare and dropkick as she stands. Another snap mare, a third, then a flying fist to her chest and Kurumi is down. Maria drags Kurumi to their corner where Gojira wraps the tag line around her throat. The ref didn’t see it and is yelling for them to break. They both back off, but Gojira still has that rope around Kurumi’s throat. She’s gagging and gasping for air, but her sister won’t come in to help.

Allan: The ref finally breaks the choke, but Kurumi looks finished. These Burning Rain are very impressive tonight, wearing down the Otanashis. They still have Kurumi trapped and Gojira has her left arm draped over the ropes and kicks her ribs, then Maria rams an elbow into that hurt left shoulder. Still no Kasumi. No, wait, she’s coming in to push Gojira, but Maria leaps in and nails Kasumi with a flying dropkick. Kasumi gets up and Maria with another, but Kasumi steps aside and pushes her legs away. She grabs Maria and throws her against the ropes and decks her with a dropkick, smashing into her chest. Gojira has Kurumi tied up in the ropes and pounds away with fists to her chest and belly, then a knee to her back and kidneys. She sees Kasumi lift Maria for a bodyslam and rams a shoulder into Kasumi, dropping her with Maria on top. Too bad they’re both the illegal wrestlers or we’d have a pin and this mess would be over. Gojira and Maria now really working over the younger Otanashi. Gojira has Kurumi up in a torture rack and Maria has Kasumi in an abdominal stretch. Neither will submit, but they can’t hold out much longer.

 Tara: Hey, wait a minute! That’s the Misfits running down to the ring!!


 Allan: What are they up to? What do they care about these two teams? Godiva and Dalbello jump in and gang up on Gojira!


Allen: She drops Kurumi and tries to fight off the two Misfits, but they hold her and kick her ribs, then pound on her back and neck with two double-axhandle chops!

Tara: It’s mayhem in there! Leave it to the Misfits to interfere in a match after that warning by President Vessey!

Allan: Not only that, but they came to ringside at a no time-limit match! The Rain are exhausted! They can’t defend themselves!

Tara: The Otanashis know how to get while the getting good! They’re heading back to the locker rooms! Gojira’s down and now the two look to Maria. Medusa grabs her from behind!!! She and holds her while Dalbello drives a shoulder into her ribs, then Godiva leaps high with a legbomb across her chest. They have her up and Dalbello lifts her and slams her with a vicious powerbomb. What is going on? Why are they doing this? Where are the security people and the Misfits had better get one heck of a suspension for this flagrant misconduct!

Tara: Relax, Al. The fans love this. This is why they come to see the GDWA. Looks like Putzi finally found his brains and stopped the match. He’s given it to the Burning Rain on a disqualification.

Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winners on account of disqualification, at a time of 24:47, Maria and Gojira, the Burning Rain!!!

(The fans cheer, but many are still stunned by the sudden appearance by the Champions)

Allan: The misfits, leaving ringside, but their damage is done. Well, the Burning Rain certainly did make a statement tonight. And the attack by the Misfits may mean the champs are a bit nervous about facing the Burning Rain. This looks like a move to intimate them.

Tara: You’re right Al. The Misfits are in a league by themselves, although I’ve beaten two of them before. Did I ever tell you about that? Anyway, back to this. The Misfits are worried about this team and the way they work so smoothly. But the champs will have to face them sometime. At the break I’ll tell you about how I destroyed Medusa and Dalbello.

 Allan: Gee, thanks Tara. You only tell us every time we’re on TV. Now a word from our sponsors. (Aside to producer: can we tape up her mouth?) After Strike’s punishment, we should hear something from the Commissioners about this interference, maybe a suspension, or even an expulsion from the GDWA. Cut off your nose to spite your face?

Allan: What? Do I need a nose job? Is that what you’re saying?

Tara: Now a word from our sponsor, Purdue Chicken and Basketball Co. And it’s spokesman, Bobby “Ain’t I Lovable” Knight.

Bishop: (laughing!) actually, we’re gonna take a look at that match aired on CCW’s pay per view extravaganza CCW EXPLOSION from Sunday March 30th….


(Camera pans over to a broadcast booth near the ring entrance. Two men are sitting there with blue blazers and the GDWA logo on their chest pockets.)

Bishop: Hello fans, I’m Allen Bishop along with Sam Mutt. We are representatives of the GDWA announcing team. Thank you for having us on the CCW Explosion pay per view.

Mutt: And what can we say about the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance? Yes, we are a Women’s wrestling promotion, but don’t expect any Tits and Ass from us…

Bishop: SAM! We’re on live…

Mutt: Hey, this needs to be said. Our ladies could wrestle rings around these fat slobs you call Men’s Wrestling and…

Bishop: What Sam is trying to say is that our athletes are on par with individuals from ANY wrestling promotion.

Mutt: No, I meant what I said and…

(Little commotion as a short, balding Caucasian man heads down the aisle and enters the ring.)

Spud: Wrestling fans, I’m Spud McKenzie, ring announcer AND time keeper for the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance. On behalf of the GDWA, thank you for having us on your INCREDIBLE pay per view…CCW EXPLOSION!!!!

(Fans cheer as Spud McKenzie reads his cue cards.)

Spud: Wrestling fans, this GDWA contest is scheduled for 1 fall, with a 15 minute time limit…

(Moderate cheers as fans hear ‘Poison’ by Alice Cooper)

Spud: First, hailing from Yellowknife, Canada…she is 5 feet 8 inches, 137 pounds! Here is CRIMSON!!!

(Crimson heads down the aisle wearing a green & black one piece spandex. She takes the ribbon out of her brown hair, and it drapes over her shoulders as she enters the ring.)

Bishop: You all know Sally McClane as a manager here, but she’s a rookie awaiting her debut in professional wrestling tonight. And she faces a worthy and formidable opponent in Crimson…

Mutt: OH yeah! Crimson is a rookie in Grand Dragon, but has wrestled but once before. She’s a tough cookie, as she put up a good fight against GDWA veteran Officer Order.

Bishop: Let’s hear the introductions for Classic Championship Wrestling’s Sally McClane.

Mutt: That’s “SEXY” Sally.

Spud: And her opponent…

(A lot more cheers as they hear ‘Goldust Woman’ by Hole.)

Spud: Led down the aisle by West Coast Inaugural champion ‘GQ’ Geoffrey Quartz…

(Mixed cheers as ‘Sexy’ Sally McClane walks through the ring curtain and blows a kiss to the fellas at the broadcast booth.)

Spud: …from Hollywood, California! She is 5 feet 6 inches, 135 pounds! Here is….***SEXY***SALLY***MCLANE!!

(Men whistle and hoot as Sally McClane heads down the aisle wearing a red 2 piece bikini-sports bra. She has bleached blonde hair that whisks around her face with every turn of her head.)

Mutt: Did you see that?! She’s making goo-goo eyes at me!

Bishop: Oh boy. Sally making her way down ringside, and we can already see that Crimson isn’t AT ALL Intimidated by this show of force by Sexy Sally. She’s got alongside her the CCW’s inaugural titlist, but Crimson doesn’t care.

Mutt: Yeah, if you want to play head games with the Canadian, you gotta do better than that.

Bishop: GQ


Bishop: Both women slowly encroaching one another and…Crimson charging Sexy Sally….

Mutt: But Sally with an Armdrag takedown!

(Fans cheer and whistle as Crimson twirls around to her feet.)

Bishop: Crimson back up to her feet and Sally with another Armdrag Takedown! Crimson back up but Sally with a high kneelift! Crimson staggering back a little and Sexy Sally with a Hiptoss!

(Fans boo as Crimson rolls to the outside.)

Mutt: The hometown crowd supporting Sexy Sally over Crimson. Can you believe that?

Bishop: Crimson wisely to the outside, but Sexy Sally following her. Sally with a handful of hair, and a hard right hand…

(Fans boo as Crimson rakes the eyes.)

Mutt: Crimson with a handful of hair, and now RAMMING Sally’s head into the ring apron. Crimson known to get a little dirty from time to time!

Ref: …….2…………….3………………….4……….

Bishop: Crimson with a pickup, and AN INCREDIBLE Hiptoss onto the ring floor. Almost like she was heaving garbage. Sally clutching her back as Crimson picks up a head of steam…


(Fans gasp and boo as Sally McClane clutches her head.)

Ref: ……..6…………………..7…………………….

Mutt: Great high impact move! Crimson adjusting her knee pads as she picks up Sally McClane, and this could be over early!

Bishop: Crimson rolling her into the ring, and now Crimson climbing the ring stairs…and now climbing the turnbuckles from the outside.

Mutt: GQ on the outside, looking concerned. He’s warning Sally, but she took a hell of a shot. Crimson up top, steadying herself on the top turnbuckle….!

(Fans all on their feet as Crimson waits for Sally McClane to turn around.)

Bishop: Flying Clllllllllllostheline!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fans pop big time as Crimson scrambles over and hooks the leg.)

Mutt: ….1…………………….2………………..kick out!

Bishop: Crimson with a pickup, and a Frontface lock…Snap Suplex!

(Fans boo as Crimson chokes away on Sally McClane.)

Ref: 1…….2……..3…….4…..break

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Crimson finally breaking, but Sally is beat. She didn’t expect this fierceness.

Mutt: Crimson having her way as she slaps on a Frontface lock for a…..!

Bishop: NO! Sally with a Single Leg Takedown, and twirls around with it for a Figure 4…no! Crimson kicking away from her at the last moment.

(Men whistle and minor chants of: Sally! Sally! Sally! erupt.)

Bishop: Crimson up to her feet, and Sally is STILL dazed. She must not have EVER recovered from that Bulldog. Crimson with a hard right hand, and now a body blow that staggers Sally into the near ropes.

Mutt: Crimson double underhooking the arms going for a Butterfly Suplex…but Sally leg hooking the bottom rope. Sally slipping out of the arm lock and reversing it into an Armdrag.

Bishop: Crimson grabbing the ropes and the ref calling for a break…AND “SEXY” SALLY MCCLANE WITH AN ELBOW SHOT TO THE HEAD!

(Fans cheer as Crimson is blinded and clutches her left eye.)

Mutt: The ref reprimanding Sally, but that was her best move of the night. Sally Irish Whipping Crimson for the far ropes, as she backs into the near ropes…

Bishop: Both women bouncing off and meeting in the middle of the ring…AND “SEXY” SALLY MCCLANE WITH A DIVING CLOTHESLINE CRUMBLING CRIMSON TO THE MAT!

(Fans all cheering as both women lay on the mat.)

Mutt: GQ slapping the mat and the fans are rallying around this rulebreaker. Can you believe this?

(Fans stomping their feet in support of the hometown favorite.)

Mutt: If this were the GDWA, they’d be cheering Crimson…maybe I should moonlight here for some pocket change.

Bishop: Sally McClane up to her knees, and heading for the near corner. Crimson getting up to her feet as Sally climbs up the turnbuckles. Sally diving off the top as Crimson ducks….

Mutt: ****************SUNSET FLIP*******FROM THE TOP!**********

 Ref: 1…………………….2…………………………3!!!!

Bishop: No!

(Fans gasp and boo as Crimson kicks out!)

Mutt: Crimson up to her feet, and stomping away on Sexy Sally. Sally hasn’t done enough punishment to put this gal away like that. Crimson stomping away on the midsection of Sexy Sally…

Bishop: …and GQ on the ring apron. I swear these rule breakers never stop. Crimson a woman of heart, cursing out one of the most hated men in Classic Championship Wrestling.

Mutt: Hold on! Sexy Sally, crawling over to the near corner. Crimson turning around, and right back on the attack. Great presence of mind by the Canadian.

Bishop: Crimson with a pickup, and Sally with a Droptoe hold. And now a Hammerlock, and she’s putting the brakes on this match. Crimson slapping the mat, and sliding over to the ropes.

Ref: 1………………..2………………3……………4….

(Fans all booing as Sally McClane gets to her feet and stomps away on Crimson’s left arm.)

Bishop: The ref threatening to disqualify, and Sally trying to stay in this one. Sally with a pickup and Crimson with a HARD right hand. Now a side headlock…!

Mutt: But Sexy Sally with a Waistlock pick up, falling back into the near ropes, and spinning around for a Belly to Back Suplex!!!

(Fans all cheering as both women lay on the mat.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Bishop: No cover! Sally is in pain, and Crimson a little overwhelmed by the technical wrestling. Crimson up first, and she’s picking up Sally…

Mutt: Sally McClane with a DDT!!!!!!!!

(Huge crowd pop as Crimson rolls around the mat, holding her head.)

Bishop: Sally McClane with no cover. She’s up to her feet again, and staggering toward the near ropes. She’s climbing up the turnbuckles, and Crimson still stunned from that DDT. Too stunned to notice Sally up high……


(Biggest pop thus far!!!!)

Mutt: Man, did you see that? Great Elbowdrop to the forehead.

Bishop: But SALLY WITH NO COVER! Sally with a pickup, and slapping Crimson’s head between her legs…PILEDRIVER!

Mutt: That’s it!

(Fans all cheering as Sally McClane makes the cover.)

Ref: …………………………………………………..1







 …………………………………………………KICK OUT!

(Fans still cheering while Sally McClane slaps the mat exhaustedly.)

Mutt: THAT was a hell of a kick out! Crimson will have to be worn down some more. Can you believe this? Sally has thrown Crimson off of her game plan, ever so slowly, with that technical wrestling of Sally McClane.

Bishop: Sally with a pickup, and a Front facelock. A handful of tights, but Crimson with a leg block…and now driving Sexy Sally into the near corner.

Mutt: Crimson now, holding onto Sally for a reprieve. That’s a boxing strategy Allen!

Bishop: The ref wants a break, and Sally….raking the eyes!

(Mixed cheers while Sally McClane fires away with hard right hands.)

Bishop: Sally flipping around, and forcing Crimson’s back into the corner. She’s nailing away!

Mutt: Not much power behind those shots, but it’s keeping Crimson unbalanced.

Bishop: Sally with a Waistlock pick up, and planting Crimson on the top turnbuckle. She’s going up high! Sexy Sally on the second turnbuckle, as she slaps on a Frontface lock. She’s going for a Superplex….

(Fans all cheering as she hoists up Crimson….)

Bishop: She’s up……


Ref: …………………………………………………..1








Bishop: Crimson got it! INCREDIBLE maneuver half way into Sally McClane’s move…

Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 13 minutes 23 second! Your winner via pinfall….Crimson!

(Fans all booing as they hear ‘Poison’ by Alice Cooper.)

Mutt: Crimson hoisted up high during that Superplex, adjusting her weight, and landing ON TOP of Sally McClane to counter that Superplex.

Bishop: Sally McClane took a lot of damage in that one. Crimson looking down at her, and Sally up to her feet. Crimson climbing through the ropes and ‘GQ’ Geoffrey Quartz blocking the way.

Mutt: Crimson with some choice words for him…and Sally CLIPPING Crimson’s leg from behind!?

(Fans boo as Crimson collapses to the mat.)

Bishop: Sally tugging on that left leg and now stomping away on that left knee. GQ in the ring immediately and the ref…HE SHOVED THE REF DOWN TO THE MAT!

(Fans boo!)

Mutt: I love it! Sally now, dragging her into the middle of the ring. She’s gonna do it the way the match was SUPPOSED to end. Sally with a Single leg pick up, twirling around…FIGURE 4 LEGLOCK!

(Fans boo as Crimson screams out, then begin to cheer as Security man Fast Fighter races down the aisle and storms the ring.)

Bishop: Sexy Sally immediately releasing, and clutching that left arm of hers. She’s calling on GQ, and we’ve got a stare down!

(Fans all cheering as the two men glare at each other in the middle of the ring.)

Mutt: Sally being a little embarrassed hear in front of her CCW crowd. And not to mention that this is on pay per view.

(Fans cheer as several referees and officials enter the ring, and GQ leaves the ring with Sally McClane. Fans boo as Sally blows a kiss toward Crimson.)

Bishop: Both are rookies in the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance. This really didn’t need to go this far, we had a clean contest until now.

Mutt: Hey, Crimson wanted to showcase her skills on pay per view. She got what she deserved. That was a BIG win for Crimson. Sally couldn’t allow that to go unpunished.

Bishop: Well, I hope we didn’t offend anyone in the viewing audience. We want to thank Classic Championship Wrestling for allowing us a chance to showcase two of our promising rookies, one of which is a major star here! Guys, back to you.

Bishop: Great night of wrestling at the pay per view.

Mutt: Yeah, but that’s all gone and done with! Let’s get to some wrestling right here in Tacoma….

Bishop: Hold on! I have….Wow! President Denmark Vessey on the line.

(He pipes the call through the PA system.)

Bishop: President Vessey?

Vessey: Yes Allan. How are you and Sam…?

Bishop: Fine, fine! What’s going on? You’ve never called the show before.

Vessey: I’ve been watching the matches tonight…and the antics of our beloved Strike and Misfits particularly.

Mutt: Oh no!

Vessey: Ladies and gentleman, before I address the issue at hand, I would like to offer a hearty congratulations to all the wrestlers who were in action at our Founder’s Day event. The fans went home with a great feeling, and that’s the most important thing. Special congratulations go out to Micki Duran, Officer Order and to Dementia Praecox for capturing titles. If Ms. Praecox is listening, I’d like to inform her and her manager that we could not get clearance for the live chickens for the sacrifice you requested at the next marketing meeting. Sorry. Anyway, I wish to comment on the actions of one of our oldest teams at GDWA, Strike. Liz Sinclair and Heidi Noelle Lenhart have always carried themselves with the responsibility I expect from all GDWA employees. Their actions at Founders Day however, were not only a great disappointment to me, but also to the scores of fans who were watching an excellent, clean match between the Suicide Blondes and the Misfits. I want to make it abundantly clear that I will not put up with this sort of thing in the GDWA tag division. Officer May Order has taken it upon herself to try and prevent some of the needless interference that occurs in the singles rank, and I applaud and endorse her for this. But we have rules in this federation, and when Strike decides to blatantly disregard those rules, I have no choice but to take firm, punitive action.

Mutt: WHAT!?

Vessey: (ahem!) Therefore, effective immediately, the team of Strike is hereby suspended indefinitely. No appeals. No second chances. GDWA, the law has been laid down. Abide by it, or pay the penalty, like Strike has.

Bishop: Any ruling on the MISFITS actions? Will they be stripped of the Tag belts? Suspended?

Vessey: I’m still debating over that one. Sam, Allan, thank you for the time.

Bishop: Thank you Mr. President…


Bishop: Fans, let’s move on to our House of Styles installment. We’ve heard from the Hyena Queens, we’ve heard from Lanny Manson, now let’s hear from Medusa Rage! Go ahead MISTER Styles!


Styles: Yeah, baby, coming to you LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!! From the only spot to be, the GDWA and let me tell you something. Who’s the man?

Crowd: Styles!

Styles: That’s MISTER FURIOUS STYLES!!!! And have I got a House of Styles for you tonight! Man, you know, as many times as she comes out here I think she might have a l’il sumpin’ sumpin’ for the Furious One. Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for the one … the only … the woman 10 out of 10 INTELLIGENT BLACK MEN prefer … and a regular hit on my Web Page … LOVE HER … HATE HER … BUT PLEASE APPRECIATE HER! MEDUSA RAAAAAAAAAGE!!!!!!!!

[“Symphony No. 9: New World” by Dvorak plays with all its Russian- American majesty as Medusa peeps through the curtains and then saunters down to the interview stage. She’s decked out in an exquisite cream gabardine dress, slit high up on the thigh and low cut in the cleavage. Her healthy brown skin shines. She wears high high heels that make her around 6’4. A chiffon scarf is tied at her throat and her dreadlocks are twisted into a coil atop her head.]

Styles: Awwwwwww, DAAAAAAAAAAMNNNNNNNNN!!! Is there any better reason to do this job?

[The crowd pops, whistles and catcalls appreciatively.]

Medusa: (looking slyly modest) This little ol’ thing. Why, I wore it special for you. You like it?

[Medusa twirls for Styles, the dress flares up demonstrating her exquisite calves.]

Styles: Damn straight I like it. I mean … DAAAAAMNNNNNNNN!!!!! Is there anything else to say?

Medusa: For the first time in a long time, I’m feeling like myself again! You know I wrestled hurt for a long while. I wasn’t right. I started taking painkillers and … well … let’s just say I’m off that junk now. I’m back, feeling good. I’m not in that haze any more.

Styles: And you aren’t carrying that snake.

Medusa: Serpentine? Oh, I still have her. I just won’t be getting as…familiar … with her as I used to. And you know what else I realized when I shook off the stupor?

Styles: What’s that?

Medusa: The GDWA has gone crazy! I mean, I woke up for a minute and I thought I was at Turner Studios or something. Did Eric Bischoff buy this place or what?

Styles: I don’t think so. What are you talking about?

Medusa: If anybody tells me they liked Founder’s Day then that tells me they’re ignorant of REAL competition. You know what I mean? I went there to watch a match. Yeah, I went there to harass Andrea Chandler. I admit that much, but a gang fight between the Serpentines and those bat wielding Syndicate? That’s just too much. How many matches involved outside interference? How many? Nearly all of them, dammit. And you know what, the Syndicate got involved in a lot of it.

[The crowd boos the Syndicate. Medusa holds up a hand.]

Medusa: Hold up! Hold up! They aren’t the only ones who messed it up, though. See, I started this! I was the one who started this war with the Syndicate, getting hard, getting into gang fights. And, as usual, whatever Medusa does the rest of the GDWA copies. Hell, I even got Officer Order joining a gang. Damn. Well, GDWA, take another cue from me. Let’s cut out this crap. You know how long it’s been since I whipped somebody’s ass one-on-one? That goes all the way back to Nikita Marx. And you ain’t seen her ass in the ring since, have you? Yeah, that’s the way it should be done. One-on-one. How you gonna be hard? How you gonna call yourself the baddest when you only doing it by hook and by crook?

Styles: Medusa, you’ve done a lot of this mess, too, though. How you gonna go back? The Dawg Pound loves it!

Medusa: Damn, that. Look, I got problems with Andrea Chandler, I got problems with Dementia Praecox. I went down to ringside to psych them both out. That’s true, but you know what, every time a match ends with outside interference I get a little sicker, because it’s taking away my SPOTLIGHT!!! And that’s not something I want to see ever happen! It’s dulling my luster. You don’t ever steal Medusa’s spotlight. That’s just a fact. And now, Furious, I’m going to hijack your show for a minute. I’m going to do something a little unexpected. I’m going to call someone down here. Someone who I have a lot of things to settle with…CHAMP, come on down….

Styles: You’re calling out Dementia Praecox?

Medusa: No, the real champ. At least the last legitimate champion. Andrea, if you can hear me. I’m inviting you down … right here. Right now. Let’s squash this thing.

[The crowds waits with anticipation as Medusa trains her attention on the curtain. Murmurs and hushed conversation are traded as they wait to see if Chandler will appear. Then through the drapes comes Andrea, clad in a tight, high-cut black leotard, kneepads, and kneeboots. Her thick blonde hair is pulled back into a ponytail, and she is bereft of jewelry or furs. She stalks up to the ring, then slips inside.]

Styles: DAAAAAMNNNNN!!! I can’t believe this! She actually came out!

Medusa: Of course she came out! Now, Andrea! Let me ask you something, right. What’s going on, baby? You’re lookin’ bad, girl. You know, a lot of people are probably expecting some kind of conflict between the two of us, right? Well, let me be the first to hold up my hands and say I mean you exactly no harm. But I want the world to see, that the two most influential women in the GDWA are on the same page. Now, I’ve come out here to say something. And that’s that I’m sick of the gang warfare! No, I’m not sick of the rough stuff, but it should be one-on-one! And I’d like to shock the world by hearing you make the same pledge. Will you and the Syndicate join my campaign to rid the GDWA of the gang mentality it’s taken on?

[She takes a mic and looks out at the crowd, then down at the mat. Finally, she meets Medusa’s gaze and says,]

Andrea: Yes.

[Medusa looks at the former champion curiously. She shakes her head.]

Medusa: Girl, are you all right? Look, I’m trying to do something here. Maybe a little conviction might go a long way.

Andrea: Screw conviction. Get to the point.

Medusa: Fine, you want me to get to the point. Here it is. I’m facing off against your cousin tonight. And it would show me something if you and Micki and Crystal didn’t show up. Are you going to be there? Are you going to interfere?

[Andrea looks at her for a moment before answering.]

Andrea: No. I won’t interfere. Nobody in the Syndicate will interfere. Tiffany needs a baptism by fire, and you’re as good as any. If you keep your dogs penned up, so will we.

Styles: For real?

Andrea: (She shoots a glare at him.) Yes, Mr. Styles. For REAL. Everyone here saw that I didn’t need help to win the World’s Championship, or to keep it. I don’t WANT it if I can’t take it on my own.

Medusa: See, that’s what I’m talking about! A return to sportsmanship! Chandler, I’ve almost got my respect for you back. Now tell me something. Are you going to win that title back so I can finally beat you for it, or are you going to step aside and let a real competitor have a run for once?

[Andrea sighs, pensive. She finally says,]

Andrea: I’m really not sure.

Medusa: What the hell’s the matter with you, Chandler? Damn, this ain’t the end of the world. You look like you’re gonna cry. Don’t let it end like this. You were tough once. Man, get tough again.

[Andrea steps close to Medusa, and leans toward her. Both women look eye-to-eye…]

Andrea: Oh, I’m tough, Medusa. You know that first-hand. I didn’t hold the world’s title for six months and win the Wrestler of the Month twice in a row by being a shrinking violet. Despite what you’d like everyone to believe, I am hands-down the baddest, meanest, sexiest BITCH in this fed, and I’ll prove that to anybody who doubts it. But you see, I’m a trifle… unfocused right now. I should be screaming for Dementia Praecox presently, but you know, that wouldn’t do any good. I can’t MAKE her give me a rematch, and I suspect she won’t for a while, because she knows that when she does, I’ll get MY belt back. She’s a phony champion and everyone is aware of that. Problem is, even though I should be screaming for her, I’ve got someone else on my mind right now. And that isn’t you Medusa.

Medusa: Oh, it isn’t?

Andrea: No. I want that two-bit back-stabbing piece of trash, ZARANNA.

[The crowd noise rises, a mix of cheers and boos given the name of the former champion.]

Andrea: You heard me. Zaranna wormed her way into our entourage, and that’s my fault. I took pity on the poor dear. She’d been out of the game for so very long, I figured we’d humor her. But I saw that look in her eyes, the one that said, “I want what she’s got.” She wanted the belt that she knows she’s not good enough to have anymore. But I let it slide, thinking that she was basically trustworthy. My mistake. I won’t make it again.

Medusa: You live and learn.

Andrea: That’s right. You find out who you can trust and who you can’t pretty quickly around here. Zaranna proved she’s got no class and no courage by jumping me, and now she’s in my sights. She got her shot in, then ran to hide behind Ma Porter and the rest of the lowlifes in Organized Crime. Thing is, that’s a pretty weak bunch to hide with. You or I could crush the best of them on our worst day.

Medusa: Darling, that’s the Andrea I know and love. And hell ya, you’re right. Overweight and over-the-hill. Everybody knows this game belongs to the Syndicate and the Age of the Rage. Chandler, show ’em what you got, girl. Show ’em. You do want the belt back, right. It all starts with clearing all the garbage out of the ring. The way I see it, you and I will show the way to the rest of the peons as to how wrestling really should be.

Andrea: Exactly, Medusa. So to answer your question, yes, I want my belt back. If Dementia grants me the shot I granted to her, then I’ll be the champion the next day. If she doesn’t, then Micki Duran’s going to plant her into the mat and have TWO belts. But while I’m waiting, I’m going to show Zaranna just how much better the new blood is. I’ve felt the Z-Blaster. Now she’s going to feel the Dividend. And I might not let go until her damned LEG snaps off!

[Mild crowd pop.]

Medusa: Girl, that might not be to Zaranna’s liking. I know I didn’t enjoy the feeling. Even though I was going to get out of it. I don’t know if Zaranna or Ma Porter have the stones to survive it, though. They might be as brittle as dry timber.

Styles: I can’t believe I’m seeing this. Can you believe this?

[The crowd pops in disbelief.]

Andrea: And I promise, Medusa, that if I get that belt back, you’ll get a shot. I didn’t duck you at Founder’s Day. I just wanted you when you were totally healthy. Stay that way, and the two of the best warriors in this fed will give this rabble another example of wrestling excellence. But for now … I like your proposal, and the Syndicate will take part. Let’s see if the rest of Grand Dragon has the courage to follow suit.

(She extends her hand to Medusa.) To seal the deal.

Medusa: Some might say I’ve made a deal with the devil. Hell, I think we just saved the federation! [Medusa teases a handshake then pulls back before gripping Andrea’s hand firmly and shaking. There’s a huge crowd pop.]

Styles: I can’t believe this! The two sexiest women in the GDWA! The hottest chocolate and the coolest vanilla all mixed into one. And right here it happens on the House of Styles! Damn, is there any other reason to watch?

[Everyone’s heads are thrown up in shock as the opening chords of “All I Really Want” by Alanis Morissette begin to boom over the loudspeaker.]

Styles: What the hell is this?

[The curtains open, and “The Legend” Micki Duran steps out in street clothes, Internet title strapped firmly around her waist. Behind her, The Kingpin strolls out, jet black suit sharply tailored, with mirrored sunglasses on and gold-headed bone cane in hand. The fans erupt into boos as they maneuver to the set.]

The Kingpin: [grabbing the hand of Styles and pulling the mike to him] Wait, wait, wait…hold on here a second. [He grins and shakes his head.] We seem to have a little problem here.

Medusa: Problem? [She moves up into Kingpin’s face.] We got a problem here? Let’s start with you hijacking my time. Don’t ever do that!

Kingpin: See, here’s the thing: When you make proposals to the Syndicate, you don’t bring them to Andrea. Don’t forget who’s running the show here, sweetheart.

Styles: Whoa! A little dissention in the ranks here?

Kingpin: Shut up, Styles. There’s no dissention here. There’s simply a little breakdown in communication, that’s all. You talk to the Syndicate, you deal with the man. That’s all there is to it.

Medusa: Man, I saw a problem. I’m gonna solve it. I ain’t here to baby nobody’s ass. Kingpin, Andrea’s the woman I got trouble with. Andrea’s the one I deal with.

Micki: Medusa, hold on there honey. You and I go back longer than anyone. Back in the GAL of the IWA, your girls used to go round and round with my good buddy “The English Assassin” Arian Ash. I know you better than anyone here could dream. And I respect you. I may not like you, but I respect you.

Medusa: Look, you and your boy are hijacking my time. You got something to say? Say it. And I respect you, Micki. Just don’t push it. Make your point.

Micki: Then it’s like this: don’t disrespect this beautiful black man. You want to make peace with the Syndicate, you bring it to the man, that’s all.

Medusa: So you want to keep being thugs. Is that it? And it’ll be a cold day in hell before I ever willingly submit to this man’s jungle fevered ass. Hear me, Pinhead?

Kingpin: Sister, please…relax. We’re behind ya’. I like your style. Let’s do this.

Medusa: Don’t think this is some sort of lovey-dovey partnership type crap, either. Don’t even consider it a cease fire. This is just so nobody gets any ideas about jumpin’ each other anymore. When I beat the lot of you, there won’t be any excuses.

Micki: [laughing] Wouldn’t have it any other way. Andrea was a little misguided when she said she was the meanest bitch in the GDWA. She hasn’t ended a career here yet. I have. And you haven’t SEEN me be mean yet. Dementia, get your hospital bed in advance. I don’t give a damn if it’s in the parking lot, in the ring, or in the damn SHOWERS…I see your face, I stick this belt in your ass. That’s a promise. Porter, Organized Crime, with the Syndicate down with the Age of Rage, you’d better just keep out of our way. This whole gangfighting thing is played out, tricks, and we’re all about ending it one way or another.

Andrea: Micki, one distinction. I haven’t ended a career here yet because I haven’t TRIED. And given what happened to me recently… [She smiles malignantly] …I think it’s time to START.

Styles: Well DAMN! Can you ever predict what’s gonna happen on my show?!

Medusa: Never darling. Hugs and hisses! [Medusa plants one on Furious Styles, leaving him weak in the knees.] [Not to be outdone, Andrea grabs Styles, gives him a hard kiss, and then lets him go. He slumps back against the ropes. Micki looks at Styles, then shakes her head and pokes him in the forehead with her index finger.]

Micki: Not even on your birthday, son. The Brazilian Bitch don’t play that.

Andrea: Diamonds are forever, love. Ta ta!

Kingpin: Yeah…see ya’, nine-to-fivers.

Medusa: (throwing a hand onto the Kingpin’s elbow as the group walks off the set.) Andrea, what really did go on between you and Whalen? Micki, what’s up with the Brazilian Bitch? What the hell is that? I thought you were from Louisiana. Let’s see, Rich Bitch, Brazilian Bitch and the Queen Bitch. Y’all, we sound like an ad for PMS.

Bishop: Can you believe that!?

Mutt: Organized Crime is gonna have some fun now! The Syndicate in a united effort against Zaranna? Medusa patching things up with Andrea Chandler…oh boy!

Bishop: Fans, our next match features the debut of one team and the long-awaited return of another. With the permanent suspension of Strike, and some sort of discipline in order for the Misfits, any team with a couple of matches under their belts is primed to make a run for those tag belts. Maybe that’s what drew the Hyena Queen’s back. Paul?

Congo: That’s Congo to you, Bishop. I like what these Hyena Queens bring to the table. I just want to let them know that if they ever want a manager, who better than Congo to handle the Hyenas!

Allan: They’ll be facing a rookie team in the Gladiatrixes. Not too much is known about Tawny and Rusla, but rumor has it they fancy themselves as warriors of ancient times. Praecox, is there room in that asylum for two more?

Congo: Here’s Spud with the call.


(Crowd boos as “Rip her to Shreds” by Blondie plays over the PA. Tawny and Rusla come down the aisle slapping fans hands out of their way. They are each dressed in Xena-like leather and metal garb, and they each carry a sword.)

Allan: More weapons! When is the GDWA rules committee gonna crack down on this? Gojira Takeshima of the Burning Rain brings a kendo stick, these two have swords…Someone’s gonna get hurt!

Congo: It’s wrestling, Bishop. If you want a safer sport, try bowling or something. Besides, Gladiatrix is the female form of the word Gladiator. These weapons are a part of their identity!

Allan: Thanks for the anthropology lesson! Fans, prior to bell time tonight, the Gladiatrixes had this to say regarding their opponents…


(Scene is lounge area of gym as Tawny is seated on arm of couch watching Rusla sharpening her sword seated in plush easy chair)

Tawny: Well Rusla, we have our debut in the GDWA against the Hyena Queens, isn’t that a laugh?

Rusla: (rolling her eyes back) Yeah a real laugh, alright.

Tawny: You don’t sound very enthused, granted their not the Suicide Blondes which we really wanted. They’re just a couple with more of reputation for lunacy than wrestling but you should be excited!

Rusla: Oh, I am. (She says drolly) Just the kind of match I always wanted for a debut a couple of fine thoroughbreds vs. a couple of life’s mistakes.

Tawny: O.K. Rusla I know they’re just a steppingstone for us but you’ll be ready right?

Rusla: I’m always ready (She sounds a little more excited as she swipes her sword in air)

Tawny: (Looking into the camera) Queens we’re not spending a lot of energy on you. We’re not taking you lightly either but the sooner we dispose of you on we can go. We’re like 2 lionesses on the hunt & you’re just a pair of lowly scavengers only this time the carnage you should be after will be your own carcasses. You see your small to us but then most of the other teams are as well. We really wanted to exact revenge for the Dolls against The Suicide Blondes but good things come to those who wait. Blondes you’ll feel our wrath soon enough. So will EACH team. Let me see if my calculations are correct & we can manage to get a team to challenge us at least every other week we should own the entire tag division by what Rusla May or June?

Rusla: May I think but June definitely, then let’s hope the GDWA can attract some more teams. We’d hate to be idle figurehead champions with no one who will fight us…or can fight us!

Tawny: Well said, my fellow warrior. Queens your doomsday is coming very soon, see ya!



(Crowd mostly boos, but hardcores pop like crazy as “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns and Roses erupts over the PA. The Hyena Queens look focused as they come down to ringside, acknowledging the cheers of the Dawg Pound. They wear one-piece blood red tights with leopard-fur trim.)

Allan: The long awaited return of the African Dawgs. They look awfully wound up tonight!


Congo: There’s the bell, and this one is under way. The ref is checking the Gladiatrixes costumes for foreign objects. Wise move.

Allan: There’s so much metal in that leather that foreign objects aren’t even necessary. Good, the ref is making Tawny and Rusla lose some of that armor.

Congo: And the Hyenas not waiting anymore time, jumping the Glads. Powerbomb is clubbing Rusla with forearms, and Terry McMillan is peppering Tawny with lefts and rights.

Allan: And a double Irish whip-in…The Gladiatrixes collide, and I think Rusla got the worst of that one!

Congo: Rusla, near the ropes, and rolls outside. The ref forces Powerbomb into her corner, and it’s McMillan against Tawny.

Allan: Technician, with a vicious chopblock to the knee, and down goes Tawny. Angela stomps away at the fallen Gladiatrix. Now she kneels down at her side and…What’s she doing?

Congo: She’s biting Tawny’s forehead!!! What viciousness by the Hyena Queen! I love it!!

(Crowd boos loud, but hardcores are on their feet!!)

Allan: Now, Terry tags out to Angela. That frequent tagging is a strength of the Queens.

Congo: Much as I hate to agree with you, Bishop, The Hyena Queens probably are the most unselfish team in the GDWA. Powerbomb picks up Tawny and delivers bodyslam. Tawny is clutching her back as Bassett picks her up again, and this time…a headbutt. And another. Tawny drops to the mat. The Gladiatrixes with no offense yet in this match.

Allan: Powerbomb, grabbing Tawny’s legs for a slingshot…no! Tawny with a well-timed kick to the stomach. Powerbomb doubles over as Tawny grabs her hair, and…SLAMS her face into the mat. Ouch!

Congo: My word! Tawny tagging out to Rusla now. Rusla measuring…and a legdrop to the back of Angela Bassett’s head. What kind of a name is Rusla, anyway? It sounds more like an alternative band.

Allan: Maybe, but Rusla displays some sound wrestling technique by nailing Powerbomb with a fall-away slam. That takes strength!

Congo: And now it’s Rusla with the quick tag out. Tawny drags Bassett into a neutral corner. These Gladiatrixes, careful to cut the ring in half. And Tawny climbs to the second rope and comes down hard on Powerbomb’s leg.


Allan: Now Rusla slips on a chinlock…no, wait it’s a blatant choke! C’mon ref! Angela Bassett can’t breathe at all!

Congo: Yeah, she’s waiting to exhale. Heh.

Allan: The referee finally forces the break, but Powerbomb is panting heavily. Rusla drags her into the center of the ring for a snapmare. Now, she resumes the chinlock, but the ref is keeping a close eye on that forearm.

Congo: Rusla really sinking in that chinlock, but Bassett is trying to power her way out of it. Bloody Mary, on the outside is screaming instructions at Rusla. Basset is pretty strong, I think she just might do it. She’s almost got that forearm off her face….

Allan: But Rusla drives a knee to her back!

(Crowd Boos thunderously!)

Allan: Rusla tags back out to Tawny. Tawny moves in and flexes for the audience.

Congo: That leather really accentuates her muscles. Lucy Lawless has nothing on these Gladiatrixes!

Allan: Tawny, now, picks up Bassett. Bassett with a thumb to the eye! You can’t get too cocky when you’re in there with a Hyena Queen! Bassett’s gotta make the tag! She crawls over too her corner…Rusla runs in and prevents the tag!

Congo: Technician has seen enough, she’s entering the ring to put the hurt on the Gladiatrixes. The ref, though, stops her, trying to force back outside.

Allan: And while his back is turned, the Gladiatrixes are hammering Powerbomb with forearms!

(Crowd boos, throws garbage)

Congo: These fans seem to be behind the more experienced Hyena Queens. McMillan wastes no time getting out of there; The Hyena Queens know this tactic inside and out, so Terry with the presence of mind to listen to the ref.

Allan: Tawny, hoisting up Powerbomb for a suplex. She’s holding her up there! And Terry McMillan picks this moment to come in! She dropkicks Tawny. Bassett lands on her! The Gladiatrixes shouldn’t try to beat the Hyena Queens at their own game!

Congo: Both Powerbomb and Technician arrive at their corner so that the tag can be made. And here comes Terry McMillan!!

(Hardcores pop furiously and crowd cheers a little)

Congo: Terry, delivering another dropkick to Tawny! And now a hiptoss! Terry, Irish-whipping the Gladiatrix in for… a back body drop! What height!

(Terry pumps her fist at the Dawg Pound and yells! Bloody Mary is slamming the mat in frustration)

Allan: The Technician now, turns Tawny over, and locks in a Boston crab! Will we see the Gladiatrix submit?

Congo: I doubt it. The motto of a gladiator is “Win if you can, die if you must, but never give up.”

Allan: Really, I thought it was “Those who are about to die salute you”. Or “Hail Caesar”. Or something like that.

Congo: You really are a boob, you know that?


Allan: We’ve reached the halfway point of this match, and so far, the Glads have held their own against a fiery Hyena Queen team.

Congo: But it will all be over soon. McMillan has that Boston crab locked on Tawny, and she won’t be able to take much more.

Allan: Wait! Rusla climbing her own turnbuckle! She’s gonna fly more than halfway across the ring to break the hold…

Congo: My word! McMillan knew just when to break the hold, and Rusla slammed into her own partner with a double-ax handle! This crowd is going nuts!

Allan: Terry McMillan throws Rusla over the top rope to the outside. Now Powerbomb Angela Bassett enters the fray and the two Hyena Queens are double teaming the hapless Tawny. McMillan locks on a legscissors and Powerbomb with a BIG baseball slide into Tawny. Man, that’s gotta hurt.

Congo: Rusla, on the outside, is being handed something by Bloody Mary. Rusla rolls under the top rope.

Allan: She nails Terry McMillan with a Heart Punch!! With some sort of weapon in her hand!!

Congo: The Glads call that Caesar’s stab, I believe.

Allan: Whatever they call it, Technician is not moving. This will be a travesty if the Gladiatrixes win it like this. Here’s the pin…

1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 1/2!!!!!

Congo: Just two, as Bassett makes the save. Powerbomb, standing over her partner’s body, and she’s not gonna let anyone near! Rusla is trying to goad her into a lock up. Uh-oh, Tawny is up and she creeps up behind Bassett…

Allan: But Angela Bassett with a pimp slap to Tawny. Now Powerbomb hits the shocked Rusla with a shoulderblock. She drags the Technician out of harm’s way, to their corner.

Congo: But Tawny, with more than enough time to recover, nails Powerbomb as her back is turned. I think we might see an upset tonight.

Allan: The ref is finally bringing this match under control, and Tawny is punishing Bassett.

Congo: I think each team came to the ring tonight with a strategy the sorely underestimated the other team. Neither the Glads nor the Hyenas have been able to mount a consistent offence. Both teams are resorting to roughhousing.


Congo: This match is winding down as Tawny picks up Powerbomb for a shoulderbreaker.

Allan: The Gladiatrix with the pickup…Irish whip. No, reversal. And Tawny runs right into McMillan’s boot! This is the break the Hyena Queens need!

Congo: Angela tags out to Terry and they both pummel Tawny with kicks. Rusla comes in to make the save, but Technician with a drop toe hold….and Powerbomb with a legdrop!! Great tag team mechanics!!

(Anticipation begins to mount in crowd…)

Allan: The Hyena Queens throw Rusla to the outside. That might be a mistake, I think she’s more hurt than Tawny. Wait, what’s this? Powerbomb picking up Tawny and McMillan heading for the top turnbuckle. I think it might be time for…

Congo: Da Big Throw down!!! My, these teams have an interesting vocabulary. Powerbomb gives Tawny a back breaker and holds her there…And a B*I*G elbowdrop from the technician.

(HARDCORES GIVE DEAFENING POP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Congo: Here’s the pin.

 1 . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . . . 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Allan: A cleanly fought match, much to my surprise. Your impressions, Paul?

Congo: A big return for the African Dawgs, but give credit where it’s due. The Gladiatrixes fought a damn good match. In my opinion, of all the new teams, only these Gladiatrixes have proven themselves to be in the same class as the Misfits, the Hyena Queens, the Suicide Blondes. They’ll be racking up wins here at the GDWA in no time. And as always, an impressive showing by The Hyena Queens. Really solid tag mechanics in a great effort here tonight.

Allan: And that leads us to our next match….our final one of the night between Medusa Rage and the Syndicates “Brilliant” Tiffany Chandler.

Mutt: Tiffany with a TALL order to fill. Rage is wrestling like a madwoman. And Tiffany’s gotta show us something special in order to win this one.

Spud: Wrestling fans, our final contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.

(Fans boo as they hear ‘Another Night’ by Real McCoy.)

Spud: First, representing the Syndicate…

(Fans boo as Tiffany Chandler walks through the curtain and sneers at the fans.)

Spud: From Yale University! She is 5 feet 6 inches, 138 pounds…here is ‘Brilliant’ Tiffany Chandler!

(Fans boo as Tiffany Chandler heads down the aisle. Tiffany enters the ring wearing a two piece singlet; a black top with tight spandex shorts exposing her midriff.)

Bishop: Fans, prior to bell time, Tiffany had this to say…


[Scene focuses on a familiar training room. Tiffany Chandler is doing some sit ups. She finishes and sits up… breathing in and out deeply to cool down. She stands and reaches for a towel and wipes her face down. Though she hasn’t looked at the camera, she appears to know it’s there and begins to speak.] [Tiffany] Founder’s Day Tradition is history. After a couple of weeks to reflect on the incidents involved in the entirety of the PPV, I can see that some changes are going to need to be made. Ma Porter and Zaranna… I will NOT play your game and the Syndicate will NOT fall into your poisonous trap. If you want us, all you have to do is sign on the dotted line and we’ll be there.

You see, the Syndicate has run amuck over the GDWA is a way that no one has been able to adapt to until recently, and now our game plan has to change. You see, we’ve bullied the best… but the question still remains, can we wrestle our way back to the top?

Medusa Rage, I have no beef with you… except you are one of the top stars in the GDWA and I want to prove to myself most of all, that I deserve to be counted as one of the best in the GDWA. And to do that, I’ve got to beat you. No members of the Syndicate will be at ringside for my match. I’ve seen to that. I want to beat you by myself without any interference whatsoever. I’ve asked even the Kingpin to remain in the back. It’ll only be you and me, Medusa. As I said, I have no problem with you. I want an athletic competition and I feel that you are the best person to give that test to me. If I can’t beat you, then I need to go back and train myself until I can beat you. I want to be one of the best.

I realize that there are those who want to get their hands on me. My back will be watched… just from a distance. Medusa, I hope you are ready for “Brilliant” Tiffany Chandler.

Bishop: Tiffany sounds pumped!! And considering there won’t be any Syndicate members at ringside, she’ll especially have to be on her p’s & q’s.

Mutt: Alright, let’s get to it….

(Mixed cheers as they hear “Dvorak’s 9th Symphony” by the New World blast through the pa!)

Spud: And her opponent…Hailing from Port-of-Spain, Trinidad! She is 6 feet tall, weighing 160 pounds. Here is….Medusa Rage!

(Medusa is carried down the aisle in a royal sedan like an Egyptian Queen by the Serpentines.)

Bishop: Wow!

Mutt: Medusa is all about style. And Medusa pointing at Tiffany in the ring. Medusa psyching out her rookie newcomer opponent.

(Medusa enters the ring wearing red spandex leotards and thigh-length black boots with one black glove on her right hand. Her snake, Serpentine, is wrapped around her shoulders.)

Mutt: The Serpentines leaving ringside, and Medusa placing her snake Serpentine in a bag. And look at Medusa….

(Medusa leads cheers of: ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa!)

Bishop: Tiffany smiling and seemingly unaffected…


Mutt: And she is probably the most intelligent woman in Grand Dragon. I’ve watched her and this Yale-gal. Look at her matches. Not only is she technically sound, but she is as slick as a cat. She should take advantage of her opponents more often.

Bishop: The ref has gone over the rules with both combatants, let’s hook ’em up!


Bishop: Medusa walking over into the center of the ring, and Tiffany offering a handshake…but Medusa wants a test of strength!

(Fans look awed and begin cheering as Tiffany looks about…)

Bishop: Tiffany locking up…and Tiffany showing she’s got GREAT strength. Medusa using her leverage and weight to stay in this, and Tiffany with an Overhead Wristlock…and a Takedown!

Mutt: Medusa quick to her feet and Tiffany charging her…HARD EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!! AND ANOTHER EUROPEAN UPPERCUT! AND ANOTHER!

Bishop: Tiffany is dazed…and Medusa slapping on a Waistlock for a belly-to-belly Suplex!

Mutt: And Medusa up to her feet and stomping away at the upper body. Tiffany rolling into the ropes, and Medusa with a pickup. The ref calling for a break, and Tiffany wisely staying in the ropes.

Bishop: Medusa moving Tiffany and the Brilliant one with a rake to the eyes. Now Tiffany with a start and a sprinting Side Headlock Takedown!!!

 (Fans pop big time as ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda heads down the aisle through the Dawg Pound, and stands ominously.)

Mutt: Tiffany Chandler cranking down on that Side Headlock…and sees Radhi Ananda. Oh boy! Radhi Ananda nodding her head and picking up a chair…AND POINTS IT AT TIFFANY CHANDLER!

(Dawg Pound chants: Radhi! Radhi! As she heads back up towards the exits.)

Mutt: Radhi Ananda leaving, and Tiffany has RETAINED her composure. Hold on, Tiffany losing her grip as Medusa struggles…

Bishop: Tiffany quick with a Half Nelson as Medusa slides over near the ropes.

Mutt: Both women with cat like awareness in the ring. Tiffany up nailing away punches…AND MEDUSA WITH A clubbing CLOTHESLINE!

(Dawg Pound pops as Tiffany Chandler hits the mat.)

Mutt: Tiffany up and Medusa with European Uppercuts. Tiffany up against the ropes, and Medusa Irish Whipping Tiff to the far ropes. Medusa with a head of steam as Tiffany bounces off…Tilt a Whirl Backbreaker!!

(Fans bark as Tiffany Chandler clutches her back.)

Bishop: Medusa on fire as she picks up Tiffany and CONTINUES to nail away with European Uppercuts. Tiffany weak legged in the corner as Medusa nails away. ..

Mutt: And….Medusa scooping her up! Oh no! Medusa climbing up the turnbuckles…..POWERSLAM OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!!!!

(Dawg Pound erupts as Medusa Rage hooks the leg.)

Ref: 1…………………………2……………….kick out!

Mutt: Tiffany with GREAT endurance, kicking out strong!

Bishop: Medusa with a pickup and slapping on a Hammerlock…Bodyslam…No! Inside Cradle!!!

Ref: 1……………………………..2………….kick out.

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Both women back up and Tiffany with a Fireman’s Carry Take Over and an Elbowdrop! And another Elbowdrop to the upper body of Medusa. The cover…

Ref: 1………………………2……………..STRONG kick out!

(Fans cheer as both women get to their feet.)

Mutt: Tiffany with a Collar and Elbow tie up and Medusa backing into the ropes. The ref intervening for a break….LOW BLOW BY MEDUSA!

(Fans boo as Tiffany Chandler doubles over.)

Bishop: Medusa up against the ropes, waiting as Tiffany Chandler rises…!

Mutt: …and Medusa Rage with a Running Bulldog Lariat!!

(Huge crowd pop as Medusa Rage points out to the Dawg Pound.)

Bishop: Medusa with a pickup, and she applies a Gutwrench Pick up into a British Bombshell!!!!

(Fans all hooting as Tiffany Chandler bounds off the ropes and plummets to the mat.)

Mutt: Medusa has come into this TOTALLY prepared…over prepared! Tiffany bumbling through this match. Tiffany down on the mat, she’s got a LOT of energy left, but she’s stunned right now.

Bishop: Medusa now flipping her over, and sliding down across Tiffany’s back….

Bishop: ……STF SUBMISSION HOLD!!!!!!!!

(Fans all on their feet as Tiffany Chandler screams out….)


(Fans all cheering as Keiko Mita heads down the aisle in street clothes and watches the match.)

Bishop: The ref is asking!!!! The ref is asking!!!…it’s over!


Bishop: Keiko Mita leaving ringside, shaking her head, as Tiffany Chandler leaves rolls out of the ring.

Mutt: She just got a wrestling lesson to remember. You don’t wrestle the top competition and show up ill prepared! Tiffany is good, but she’s got to be GREAT every night.

Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 9 minutes 47 seconds! Your winner via submission….Medusa Rage!

(Most fans boo, but the Dawg Pound is cheering as they hear ‘Dvorak’s 9th Symphony’ by New World.)

Bishop: Medusa leaving ringside with her Serpentine, and I must say that she got a work out but not much else. Medusa is looking back at the Dawg Pound and they’re cheering her on!

Mutt: Medusa with maybe a tear in her eye…and she’s charging the Dawg Pound!!!

(Dawg Pound chanting: ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! as they greet her.)

Mutt: Medusa the psycho is gone…this is the return of the Matriarch!

Bishop: Fans, that’s all for the Tuesday Night Catfight. For all of us here at the GDWA, I’m Allan Bishop saying Goodnight everyone. See ya on the Saturday Nite Special…


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