The Misfits take on Burning Rain in the main event.

Dementia Praecox

(The scene opens at ringside of Market Square Arena. The ring is being set up, and a lot of construction workers are busy installing it. Madame Hecate and Dementia Praecox, wearing her WORLD TITLE, are seen on the left hand side)

Hecate: Now remember Dementia, you have to earn friendship. Challenging these workers to arm-wrestling isn’t gonna do it. You have to be nice. Dementia: Nice? I hate nice!!!!! (Sulks)

Hecate: Praecox, everyone in this damn fed is scared stiff of you! You don’t get along with the wrestlers, the referees won’t go near you. You have to get along if you want to stay champion!

Dementia: (Shaking) OK….I’ll…give it….a shot.

(Dementia shyly walks up to a construction guy who is carrying one of the ring posts)

Dementia: Uh…hi.

Construction worker: Hi…omigod! It’s you! (He drops the ring post and quickly walks to the other side of the arena, nervously looking over his shoulder)

Dementia: Aww (begins sniffling) why doesn’t anybody like me? Why? (Grabs nearest construction worker by the lapels) WHY DAMMIT! WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?!? ANSWER ME, YOU DUMB GREASE MONKEY!!! (Exasperated, she shoves him away, sprawling. Dementia picks up the fallen ring posts and hoists it over her head menacingly. Madame Hecate runs over and touches her shoulder)

Hecate: Dementia! Stop at once!

(Dementia pauses for a moment, than eases the ring post down gently. The construction worker scurries away. Dementia begins sobbing and buries her head in Hecate’s shoulder)

Hecate: There there, my pet. Perhaps you will make some progress tomorrow…

(Fade out as Dementia sobs into Hecate’s shoulder) –

Scene opens up on a jammed packed Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, Indiana. There are 19,125 screaming fans in attendance. “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


Bishop: Wrestling fans, welcome to the Tuesday Night Catfight!

Mutt: They need to take her back to the nut house!

Bishop: (chuckling) Hi, I’m Allen Bishop along with my broadcast partner Sam Mutt who will be doing the color commentating….

Mutt: And do we have a broadcast for *YOU* tonight!

Bishop: Fans, we’ve got some serious talent on tonight’s card. Jam packed tag team action is the REAL highlight of the show. But look at the card…how about Jenny Tyler, making her debut in Grand Dragon, going up against Crimson? How about Miko Azai taking on Lady Tiger…

Mutt: And don’t forget our tag matches!

Bishop: I was getting to them….

Mutt: Well I GOT to them…how about the Gladiatrixes taking on the Suicide Blondes!?!

Bishop: And we have a DOUBLE main event for you fans. Western Heritage Champion ‘Double O’ Officer Order defends against golden girl Sierra Browne! MISFITS defend against the Burning Rain for the World Tag Team Championship!

(Fans pop as Fireworks shoot off and sirens ring!)

Mutt: Tell me this Bishop! Does Sierra Browne get a title shot if it were a mere month ago? I’ll answer for you…HELL NO! She’s not only on a winning streak, but she’s possibly on her way to winning her first singles title.

Bishop: Order with a concussion, opting to wrestle this thing out INSTEAD of resting up…but she would have had to defend eventually anyway. She’ll be injured for some time now.

(Fans cheer as more fireworks go off and Spud McKenzie runs down the aisle.)

Bishop: Fans, this one is about ready to start. One has to wonder, if Order can defend successfully tonight, who will her next opponent be…

Mutt: She’ll be a lucky son of a gun I tell ya! Sierra Browne I bet you will be going all out!

Bishop: Spud McKenzie running down the aisle and entering the ring. Starting things off tonight will be Tyler and Crimson…

Mutt: And did we mention that tonight on the HOUSE of STYLES, we have the Suicide Blondes as well as Ma Porter….and Bloody Mary!

(Fans cheer as Spud stands in the center of the ring.)

Spud: To all of our fans in Market Square Arena! To all of our fans at Purdue University, Indiana University and Notre Dame!!!

(Fans pop big time as Spud McKenzie walks around the ring!!)

Spud: To all of our friends in the Midwest…and all around the world, ARE YOU READY!!!!!!

(Fans scream: YES!)

Spud: I said, ARE YOU READY?!?!?!?!?!

(Fans cheer louder and scream: YES!!!)

Spud: THEN…..Let’s Get Rrrrrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrrrrrumble!!!!

(Crowd EXPLODES as fireworks go off around the ring)

Jenny Tyler vs. Crimson

Spud: Our first contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ by Republica.)

Spud: First, making her debut in the GDWA…Accompanied to ringside by her manager Duke Thomas! Hailing from Chicago, Illinois! She is 5 feet 2 inches, 110 pounds…here is Jenny Tyler!

(The blonde haired Jenny Tyler heads down the aisle with a rather somber look on her face. She enters the ring wearing a blue ring jacket with a white & blue singlet underneath.)

Bishop: The rookie newcomer rather focused as she enters the ring. Her manager Duke Thomas has managed others in Ms. Tyler’s wrestling family…

Mutt: Excuse me, but this gal can put on that heritage crap back where it came from! This is the GDWA, the big leagues of women’s wrestling! She can save all that insider crap for the minors.

Bishop: SAM! Please! (Sighing) And to think I have to work with Congo Paul tonight….damn! Fans, let’s listen for Crimson’s introduction.

(Mixed cheers as fans hear “Poison” by Alice Cooper blast through the pa!)

Spud: And her opponent! Hailing from Yellowknife, Canada! She is 5 feet 8 inches, 137 pounds. Here is….Crimson!

(Mixed cheers as Crimson heads down the aisle wearing a gold and black wrestling singlet. Her black hair is tied back as she stares intently into the ring.)

Bishop: Both women with similar mind sets. Not much attention to the fans as they are greatly focused on their match.

Mutt: Yeah, Crimson is gonna kick this little gals but! You know why? Because Crimson doesn’t care about fan far. She’s not the biggest, the strongest or the fastest wrestler in the league! But every time she’s in that ring, she guarantees that her opponent will be in for a fight…I like that! But she’s missing something…

Bishop: You believe she just needs to cheat more…


Bishop: The ref has gone over the rules with both combatants, let’s hook ’em up!


Bishop: Both women slowly encroaching one another and…they shake hands!

(Fans cheer on their sportsmanship.)

Mutt: Crimson, you really disappoint me!

Bishop: And look at this…!

(The Dawg Pound cheers as Medusa Rage, Indigo Browne and friend Marissa Monet head down the stairs and seat themselves in the heart of the Dawg Pound!)

Mutt: Should make tonight interesting! The Age of Rage buying tickets tonight.

Bishop: Okay, fans on with the match….Crimson backing away as Jenny Tyler encroaches. Tyler with a lock up and Crimson with an Armdrag takedown!

Mutt: Tyler up and charging Crimson who applies an Armdrag…no!…Tyler countering with an Armlock and attempts a hip toss….oh yeah!

(Fans pop as Crimson counters with a Short Arm Clothesline!)

Mutt: Jenny Tyler needs to hit the weight room! Crimson over powering what would have been a great counter to the Arm Drag Takedown.

Bishop: Crimson now, stomping away on the upper body as Tyler roles into the ropes. The ref forcing the break as Tyler gets to her feet. Crimson in there now, nailing away with HARD right hands!

(Mixed cheers.)

Mutt: Sloppy punches, but Tyler is humbles up against the ropes. Crimson breaking as the ref intercedes.

Bishop: Crimson back in there and bullies Tyler into the near corner. Now Crimson, nailing away with hard right hands, and now stomping into the midsection of Tyler!

Mutt: And here we go! Crimson with a Waistlock, and planting Tyler up on the Top Turnbuckle. Crimson climbing the turnbuckles, and is up top! She slaps on a Double arm underhook…..

(Fans all on their feet!)

Bishop: Butter Fly Suplex off the TOP!!!!!!!

(Big crowd pop as both women hit the mat!)

Mutt: No cover, and that might be a mistake by Crimson. This puny little fan favorite looks threw for the night.

(Fans cheer as Crimson picks up Tyler.)

Bishop: Crimson with a Frontface lock, and Tyler with a Drop toe hold? She slaps on an Armbar!

Mutt: Finally some offense from her. And you noticed Bishop how so many Cruiserweights have entered Grand Dragon lately. This will be a great advantage for the division AS WELL as one for our Heavyweights and Powerweights!

Bishop: Crimson squirming her way around the ring…and immediately into the ropes.

Mutt: Crimson back up and tying up with Tyler…and slapping on a Frontface lock…no! Inside Cradle by Tyler….1…….kick out!

(Fans pop as she kicks out at the 1 count!)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Both women back up and Crimson throwing that technical game out the window. Very smart of her! She nailing away with hard right hands as Tyler is backed into the ropes….

(Fans all cheer as Crimson Irish Whips Jenny Tyler to the far ropes.)

Bishop: Crimson into the side ropes as Jenny Tyler comes bouncing off the far side………BULLDOG!

(Fans pop big time as Crimson snatches up Tyler by the back of her head.)

Mutt: Crimson with a Front face lock and Turn around……


Mutt: The Lateral Press!

Ref: 1…………………….2…………………………3…..


Mutt: She could count to 5 and Jenny Tyler STILL wouldn’t kick out! Who is this Jenny Tyler?! She ain’t ready for the big time!

Bishop: Tyler needs to put together a better showing than we saw. I will agree with you there Sam.

Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 6 minutes 23 seconds! Your winner via pinfall….Crimson!

(Mixed cheering as fans hear ‘Poison’ by Alice Cooper.)

Mutt: Tyler obviously going into this match playing it by ear. But you got to have some sense of what you are gonna do IN THE RING when you reach Grand Dragon. Crimson with her second win as she leaves ringside.

Bishop: Jenny Tyler rolling out of the ring, and being consoled by her manager Duke Thomas. Tough loss for the rookie, as she lost to a rookie a little bit more focused than herself. I hope she doesn’t lose heart though.

(Fans cheer as MISTER Furious Styles heads down the aisle.)

Mutt: Well, we got that BIG interview with the Suicide Blondes up next. I can’t wait to hear what these gals got in store for us. Who cares about that jobber from Chicago, Illinois?

House of Styles: Wild West Management

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy!

(Dawg Pound barks as MISTER Furious Styles points out to the Dawg Pound. Medusa stands and blows a kiss toward MISTER Furious Styles in the middle of the ring.)

Styles: You GOTTA love her…okay fans! Hold up, hold up! Before we get into the show…tell me one thing. Aight?! Just *WHO* is the premier broadcaster in Grand Dragon?!!?!?!?!?!?!??

(Dawg Pound barks as MISTER Furious Styles profiles around the ring.)

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy!!!!

(Fans cheer as MISTER Furious Styles struts around the ring.)

Styles: My first guest tonight is a woman who has taken this promotion by storm. Her first match in the big time was for the WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPIONSHIP! Please welcome the head of Wild West Management….Bloody Mary!

(Bloody Mary enters flanked by both The High Flying Dolls & the Gladiatrixes, Styles looks very agitated by all this so Mary whispers to them & they leave much to Styles relief)

Bloody Mary: Hey Styles (she grabs him around the shoulder tight) thanks for having me back on the show. C’mon relax, they’re gone but I have some news that’ll make you AND the whole GDWA excited. (Styles looks surprised & confused). That’s why I’m so glad to be here tonight. Styles you get the scoop because I like you so much

(Styles smiles embarrassingly & still nervous wiping his brow)

Styles: Oh yeah?! What surprise is that Mary??? Bloody Mary: I’m here to announce some major changes within the Wild West that have been in the works a long time that will affect all the GDWA.

Styles: OH YEAH?! Well break it down then! What surprises do you have for ol’ Styles?

Bloody Mary: (smiling) First, if you haven’t met her already, I want to introduce to you our personal trainer, the woman with the python arms & legs. ANNA CONDA!!! (Anna steps into view of the camera saying nothing) This woman has been whipping our butts in gear training us, showing us new holds, getting us in shape mentally as well as physically. To show our generosity, we’ve made Anna available to those special friends of ours that want to use her skills. (Anna exits) Exiting, huh, Styles?

Styles: Get to the point! What’s the big deal?

Bloody Mary: (smiling) But that was just the first surprise! One of the friends we intend to borrow Anna out to & someone looooong speculated by the GDWA pundits & fans as being in cahoots with The Wild West, sort of. Someone I have long admired & yes emulated my career after. You know who I’m talking about! GDWA, I’d like to at this time bring out MY FRIEND…FROM THE HOUSE OF RAGE…MEDUSA RAGE!!!!

[The crowd goes hush as Dvorak’s “9th Symphony: The New World” begins to play in all its majesty. The curtains part and Medusa is borne out aloft on her divan, the Serpentines, transporting their adored queen to the set. Medusa is garbed in a fishnet lace dress with black cat suit underneath. The Serpentines deposit her on the stage and she dismounts, smiling and winking at the stunned looking Furious Styles. She sticks out her hand and Mary takes it. They shake firmly. Behind her, her friend Marissa Monet also dismounts to stand next to her. The 6’5 giant woman is casually dressed in a crosstie halter top, jeans and a burgundy velvet smoking jacket.]

Dawg Pound: Dusa! Dusa! Dusa! Dusa!

Bloody Mary: Medusa & I have been talking back & forth for months now & now the time seems right for Wild West to join The House of Rage in a UNITED FRONT. We’re both STILL separate entities, but we feel if we pool our resources, Medusa’s experience, knowledge, mine & my girls moves & enthusiasm, among other things, we will be a force to contend with joining against those with a gang mentality, those that have proclaimed themselves police officers of the GDWA. We will not only be a force to contend with. Soon WE WILL BE THE GDWA!!!

Medusa: Furious, pick up your jaw, boy. See, it’s all falling into place now, isn’t it? You’re really seeing what you’re supposed to see. It isn’t Denmark Vessey who’s running the show here. It’s me. The way I see it, the GDWA is undergoing a generation gap. One side, you’ve got the talent — The Age of Rage, the Syndicate, Wildwest Management. On the other, you’ve got Organized Crime, Order and Daisy Butterfly and that Boris Badinov impersonator, Nikita Marx. Things are beginning to shake down. I told you all that I was going to put an end to this gang violence and I meant it. I’ve made things one love with the Syndicate. And Mary came to me and said ‘I wanna be down, too, ‘dusa! I wanna be just like you. Well, that’s impossible, but I can make her close enough that everybody will forget that the crybaby, Lanny Manson is in the house and the old-schoolers won’t even exist. The GDWA has just had a transfusion. It’s all about the NEW school now. See, everybody wants to be like Medusa Rage. I bring in a clique, everybody wants to have a gang. I get a little hardcore. Everybody’s a bad ass now. I paint a room red. And people paint their rooms red. Furious, I kiss you.

[Medusa plants a deep one on Furious that again leaves him weak in the knees. Medusa pulls back.]

Medusa: And you know what, player. Nobody else will. They know Medusa’s territory.

Styles: Damn, I love it when you come out here! Girl, you’re so full of surprises! Who’s the tall girl? Another trainer?

[Styles nods towards Marissa Monet.]

Medusa: You know Marissa, dawg. She’s one of my home girls. And she always will be Marissa’s just hangin’ out with me, chillin’. She’s seein’ what the GDWA really has to offer.

Styles: Damn but you’re tall, girl. You ever play ball?

Marissa: Oh yes. But I like this atmosphere even better. Medusa: See, dawg. It’s all about me. This is my world. You know this. Everybody’s happy around Medusa Rage. Mary, take it to the finish line. I’ll be chillin’ with my Dawg Pound!

Dawg Pound: Dusa! Dusa! Dusa! Dusa!

Bloody Mary: To end, I know both our factions have had problems. We can fix that. I know you think how can 2 forces with massive egos coexist? We’re the consummate wrestling professionals, that’s why! Our tag teams will continue to compete against each other. Hell, Medusa & I may get in the ring again!! We can do that because we’re professional warriors to the nth degree! This alliance may bond like glue or blow up like a volcano, only time will tell! But for now Dementia, Nikita, Keiko, Jennifer, Sally & all you others consider this the FUTURE OF THE GDWA!!!

[As Mary walks off the set, Medusa immediately heads into the Dawg Pound, giving hugs and daps and getting props from her adoring fans.]

Bishop: Boy, GDWA is definitely getting interesting.

Mutt: Well, my question is WHO ISN’T Medusa Rage trying to be friends with…and why now? This is getting real….

(Fans pop big time as the Hyena Queens march down the aisle. They are wearing jeans, tank tops, and oversized coats with hyena fur.)

Bishop: Oh damn! Terry McMillen and Angela Bassett heading over to the broadcast table. And…

(‘Powerbomb’ Angela Bassett snatches the mic from Allen Bishop. Her voice is pumped through the pa.)

Angela Bassett: Medusa Rage! (Shouting!) We heard what you had to say on the Tease. How dare you call us out of our names!! You out here runnin’ your mouth like a coward…talkin’ about how you run sh*t. Well Jamaican girl, the only thing you’re runnin’ is away from us!! The African Dawgs don’t play that! So you think the Black race can do without us, huh?! Now this sh*t is personal!

(Dawg Pound barks as Indigo Browne attempts to hold back Medusa.)

Terry McMillen: Medusa, watch your stinking back! You got a title defense tonight! And if I were you I’d call for security and an ambulance AHEAD OF TIME!!! Because it should be obvious to you by now that ‘the Queens of the Ring’ THE HYENA QUEENS and the Age of Rage can’t coexist in the same place at the same time.

Angela Bassett: So Medusa…quit runnin’ your mouth!! Quit talkin’ about the Age of Rage!! ONLY COWARDS HIDE BEHIND WORDS! If you got somethin’ to prove to the Hyena Queens, *be true to it and DO IT*!

(Dawg Pound cheers as Medusa Rage scrambles out of her seat. Security hold her back from hopping over the guard railing as they escort the Hyena Queens away from ringside.)

Bishop: Security escorting the Hyena Queens out of here. My lord, what’s gonna happen tonight!

Mutt: I don’t know, but I’m glad you and Congo Paul Roberts have to deal with it. Cause I won’t be here!

Bishop: Fans, let’s move on to a commercial break before going to more action. My lord!

[the scene cuts to a black screen where the slight low sound of fans cheering can be heard. Suddenly the scene fades in to a black and white shot of a jam-packed arena as a deep voice monologue begins]

“For years, the fans of wrestling have settled for the same.”

[Scene shows two masked wrestlers flying through a table]

“The word “extreme” has come to a point where it’s replaced Technical wrestling.”

And the same ol’ same ol’ in pro wrestling continues…..

[The scene cuts to a large logo that reads MPW: The Biggest “LITTLE” fed on the net!”]


“That’s right, MIDGET PRO WRESTLING has been born. The NEWEST and MOST ORIGINAL fed around.”

[Scene cuts to show two midget wrestlers standing in a ring]

“With the great wrestling action you ALL love”

[Scene then cuts once again to a shot of the logo then fades into a picture of “SEXY” Sally McClane]

“And you saw her commentary skills at Founder’s Day, and NOW GDWA’s own “SEXY” Sally McClane takes the mic as premiere commentator.”

[Scene fades from Sally to the logon once more]

Allan: Our next match features two teams that are generally considered to be the cream of the crop in women’s tag wrestling, but both are coming off of disappointing losses. Joining me for commentary is Congo Paul Roberts

Congo: Oh, am I excited tonight! These teams, the Suicide Blondes and the Gladiatrixes are my two favorites! And later, I get to watch as the Misfits beat the holy snot out of Burning Rain!

Allan: Let’s try to focus on one match at a time, shall we? Here’s Spud with the call.

(Fans universally boo as ‘Rip her to Shreds” by Blondie blasts over the PA. The Gladiatrixes take their time getting to the ring. They each wear leather armor bodkins, and studded leather skirts, a la Xena. They also have greaves and forearm guards out of leather. They both carry mean looking daggers.)

Allan: Boy, these are two women I wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley.

Congo: Some think they’re not playing with a full deck, what with these costumes and all. Maybe they should get together with Dementia Praecox. I think dementia is Latin, isn’t that right?

Allan: No, she’s from Parts Unknown.

Congo: No, you meathead, the word “dementia” is Latin. I’m sure she’d fit right in with the Gladiatrixes.

Suicide Blondes vs. Gladiatrixes


(Fans boo even louder and throw trash as Ross and Monroe emerge from the backstage curtain and “Where Eagles Dare” by the Misfits plays over the loudspeaker. The Blondes wear tight fitting black vinyl bodysuits with zebra-print collars and cuffs. They blow kisses to the crowd on their way to ringside.)

Allan: These Blondes are just so grotesque. Look at all that make up and blonde hair.

Congo: Much as I hate to agree with you, Bishop, I haven’t seen a whole lot of things scarier-looking than the Suicide Blondes. And I’ve been on safari!

*****DING***** *****DING***** *****DING*****

Allan: There’s the bell, and it’s Baby Jane Ross starting out for the Blondes along with Tawny for the Glads. Both teams are looking to make some headway in the standings. I wouldn’t be too surprised if we saw some funny business over the course of this match.

Congo: I’m not too sure about that, Bishop. Vessey is doing everything in his power to clean up the tag ranks. The Misfits have already shown that they’re not going to let him intimidate them, will the other teams feel the same way?

Allan: In any event, Tawny and Ross lock up now, and a side headlock by the Gladiatrix. Ross pushes her into the rope and Tawny bounces off with a shoulder block. BJ is a bit stunned!

Congo: You don’t want to match power with a Gladiatrix, and Tawny demonstrates that by flexing to BJ Ross.

Allan: Another lockup, and this time it’s Baby Jane with a hammerlock…reversed by Tawny…back to a hammerlock by Ross…and an elbow to the mush by Tawny!

Congo: That’s the thing to remember with these Gladiatrixes. They’re professionally trained combatants. If you want to wrestle them technically, they’ll oblige you. If you’re a brawler, they’ll brawl with you. The Glads may just be the most adaptable team in the GDWA.

Allan: And Ross is holding her jaw and scowling at Tawny. Maybe she thinks that face is worth something!

Congo: I hear both the Suicide Blondes have their faces insured to the tune of a million dollars.

Allan: Well, after this match is over, the Blondes may just have the opportunity to collect. Now Ross and Tawny lock up once more, and BJ delivers a knee to the midsection. And another. And a series of European uppercuts. Now the Blondes are on track.

Congo: BJ tags out to Taylor Monroe, who climbs the top rope and nails Tawny with a double ax-handle. Now Monroe stomps away at the Gladiatrix. She puts her foot on Tawny’s chest as poses down, just like Tawny did earlier. No doubt about it, the Blondes know all about mind games.

Allan: Monroe points to Rusla on the outside, and Rusla tears into the ring. The ref intercepts her, though, and tries to force her back outside. Meanwhile, BJ and Taylor team are double-teaming Tawny!

(Crowd boos!!)

Congo: Ross stops just in time to avoid being caught. So sneaky, these Suicide Blondes. Now it’s Taylor Monroe with a reverse chinlock.

Allan: Tawny able to get to her feet, though…an elbow to the midsection of Taylor…another, the hold is broken. Now Tawny backs into the ropes and comes off with a big clothesline. She tags out to Rusla!!

Congo: Rusla, a house of fire! She nails Monroe with a reverse knife-edge! And another. Ouch! A karate thrust to the abdomen! She calls that the Eviscerator. My word!


Congo: Now Rusla goes in behind Taylor Monroe…a waistlock… into a German suplex! Monroe’s head just bounced off that canvas. Here’s the pin!

1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Allan: And a two count is all Rusla can muster. She tags out to Tawny, who comes into the ring via the top rope…Rusla has Taylor in an armbar…and Tawny comes down hard on that exposed arm.

Congo: Great teamwork by the Gladiatrixes! Now it’s Tawney, laying into another armbar…Monroe looking for an escape…and Tawney turns it into a hammerlock!

Allan: We’re getting a fine display of submission wrestling by the Gladiatrixes. Whoops, look like I spoke too soon, as Tawny starts driving her knee into Taylor’s back.

Congo: Monroe really needs to make that tag. Tawny is trying to keep her on the mat, but Taylor powers her way to her knees. That hammerlock is still locked in. Monroe gets to her feet, grimacing.

Allan: The hammerlock gets reversed! But Tawny with an elbow to the face, and Monroe crumples to the mat. I don’t care how hard you hit Taylor Monroe in the face, anything you do can only be an improvement!

Congo: You should talk, Bishop! I’ve seen some of your dates. Tell me, do you ever get tired of all that baying at the moon?

Allan: Ahem. Getting back to the action here, it’s Tawny tagging back out to Rusla after a series of stomps. Monroe is near the Suicide Blonde corner, can she make the tag? No, Rusla drags her into the center of the ring.

Congo: It’s Rusla with an elbowdrop. Now she’s signaling to the fans! Morituri Te Salutant!

Allan: What are you talking about?

Congo: It’s the Latin phrase gladiators would shout to the fans before they began a match. It means “Those about to die salute you”. That may sound a bit severe, but in a second, Taylor Monroe won’t think so!

Allan: Oh my, Rusla is grasping those arms and legs and…It’s a surfboard! This move is a little awkward, but man, is it painful.

Congo: Not unlike you, Bishop. The Glads call it The Roman Ceiling, and Rusla is rocking back and forth, trying to lock it into place. The only drawback of this hold is, the one applying it can be counted for a pin if her shoulders are touching the mat.

Allan: And Rusla gets her in the air! Taylor is howling in agony! The crowd is on its feet!

Congo: Baby Jane Ross has seen enough! She goes…wait a minute…she goes to the outside. What’s she doing?


Allan: Oh NO!!!! She’s got one of those Gladiatrix swords!!!!! This will be the end of Women’s wrestling. If this happens, GDWA will be taken off the air!


Congo: Tawny sees what’s going on and moves in front of Rusla and Monroe. Ross has still got that dagger! I hate to say it, but these Blondes have really bad attitudes! Ross is trying to get to Rusla, who still doesn’t know what’s going on, with that surfboard locked in. I think Monroe may have passed out!

Congo: The ref doesn’t want to get too close to BJ! He calls for the bell!

**DING** **DING** **DING**

Congo: Tawny manages to wrestle the weapon out of Ross’ hands, thank god! It’s thrown to the outside. Now Ross and Tawny are mixing it up, and Rusla breaks the Surfboard and assists her partner. What could have caused all this bad blood?

**DING **DING** **DING**

Allan: The Gladiatrixes are nailing Ross with punches! I can see why Vessey is so keen to clean up the tag division. We nearly had a disaster! What’s the ref doing? He’s on the phone? Who’s he calling? Fans, as soon as we have some answers, we’ll give you the official outcome of the match. That must be what the ref is doing.

Congo: Now the referee is conversing with Spud. I would think that the Gladiatrixes should win this one via disqualification, but why is it taking so long? Oh, here we go.

(A hush falls over the crowd)


Congo: Oh boy.


Allan: And a puzzling outcome to this match.

Congo: It’s not puzzling at all. President Vessey has gone on his high horse again, sticking his toffee-assed nose into the tag division. Well, he’s going to have some explaining to do for this!

Allan: And the Gladiatrixes are complaining to the referee, understandably, as Ross helps Monroe back to the dressing rooms. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think anything was settled here tonight, and this one is far from over.

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy!

Bishop: Sounds like we have another House of Styles. I guess Sam Mutt is still drinking in the back, so we’ll go directly to MISTER Furious Styles.

House of Styles: Big Ma Porter

Styles: Now, my next guest tonight my take offense to having Medusa Rage out here earlier. She’s the BIG Mafioso of the GDWA. Please welcome…BIG MA PORTER!

(Fans boo universally as they hear ‘I Shot the Sherriff’ by Bob Marley. Ma Porter comes sauntering down the aisle in a two breasted suit and her hair slicked back.) Styles: How ya doin’ ma?! Now, let’s get straight to business! All the fans want to know when will you and Zaranna will be in the ring next. Since we will be in New York soon….

Porter: Ahhh, New York. Da Big Apple. My home. Only problem with the Big Apple, it’s got a lotta worms. Worms like you, Andrea Chandler. Like I said before, GDWA is Porter territory. I ain’t making any concessions to a stuck-up hack like youse, Chandler. I’ll gladly face ya in New York, your hometown an’ mine. But make no mistake. If it’s a wrestling match you’re lookin’ for, youse are messing with the wrong mother, pardon the pun. If it’s gang warfare you want, I can bring it to ya. Hell, if you wanna get it on in the middle of Times Square, I’ll be there!! See, me and the Z-ster, we got a real problem with all these goddam new-schoolers, especially the Syndicate. Us old-schoolers made GDWA what it is today, with our blood and our sweat. So, we’re gonna teach each and every one of youse a wrestling lesson ’til you know who runs this here fed. And that’s Organized Crime.

Styles: What do you think of the ‘understanding’ that Medusa and Andrea have come to?

Porter: Mister Styles, I was hoping you’d ask that. Leaving the Rich Bitch aside for the moment, I wanna say that I think those moronic dreadlocks are pulling a bit too tight on your empty head, Medusa Rage. You come out a few weeks ago, insisting that when youse came to ringside at Founder’s Day, you came youse, Chandler. I’ll gladly face ya in New York, your hometown an’ mine. But make no mistake.

Styles: What do you think of the ‘understanding’ that Medusa and Andrea have come to? Mister Styles, I was hoping you’d ask that. Leaving the Rich Bitch aside for the moment, I wanna say that I think those moronic dreadlocks are pulling a bit too tight on your empty head, Medusa Rage. You come out a few weeks ago, insisting that when youse came to ringside at Founder’s Day, you came against the Syndicate, so you figured if ya couldn’t beat ’em, ya might as well join ’em. I’m just surprised that Chandler fell for it. If Chandler hadn’t been such a coward, she woulda faced me, and then I would have showed you how it ought to be done, Rage. Pity. But don’t worry about sneak attacks, Medusa, Organized Crime hasn’t planned a hit on you. At least not yet. If we did attack you, it would be the biggest compliment you ever got. But you and your Ovaltines, or whatever you call ’em, are such pathetic hypocrites, you don’t deserve the attention of Organized Crime. (Hands mike back to Styles)

Styles: Do you feel that your work is accomplished now that the World title is arrested from Andrea Chandler?

Porter: It’s funny you as, Styles. The belt has been a thorn in my side ever since I lost that match to Lanny Manson way back when. I earned a shot at it when I beat Double O, but declined to take it because I didn’t wanna have to fight my partner-in-crime, here, Zaranna. You can’t get that kinda loyalty anywhere but in Cosa Nostra! It bugs me that I ain’t ever held a belt, sure. But the one thing that I can say is, Lanny Manson earned my respect when she beat me. I don’t like her, but I respect her. Same with Double O. And Sonya Blade. And Lisa Thomas. You know why? Cause we were the ones who sweat it out in the smoke-filled arenas when this fed was attached to Straczek’s sinking wagon. We were the ones who kept this fed alive and breathing while the DPW and ICW crashed in flames around us. It grated me, and I know it grated Fear Factory, May, Z-ster here, Lisa, Sonya, and even Jungle and Praecox to see our belt in the hands of a worthless piece of crap like Chandler who could just waltz in here and not have to left a damn finger to keep this fed alive like we did. So I’m glad the belt is back in the hands of an old-schooler. But my work ain’t done. That’ll become real clear in the weeks to come.

Styles: What is Organized Crime’s goals now?

Porter: Nothing would please me more than to see Zaranna take the Internet belt from the so-called legend, Micki Duran. As soon as possible. But since I know that Duran is so used to hiding under Andrea’s dress, she ain’t gonna give Zaranna no title shot anytime soon. As for Ma Porter, well, people often accuse me of resting on my laurels. They say I don’t do enough to stay competitive. My win-loss record has slipped a bit. But when you’re 212 pounds of pure, 100% badass, you don’t give a flying f*ck about your record! My problem is, Andrea ducked me cause she knew I could take her belt. It don’t seem to matter that much now. I want to teach all of you pathetic, talentless new-school jobbers out there a lesson. All you stupid immigrants, Rekka Sakura, Keiko Mita, that means you. Sally McClane, you bigmouth, care to test your mettle against Big Ma? Eleanor Royal, Wendy Marshall, you got the guts to face me? See, I don’t rest on my laurels, no-one’s got the guts to take me on! I’ve put more wrestlers outta action than any other woman in GDWA history, and everybody knows it. Kicking the crap outta all these opponents will fix my win-loss record so that scared little girls like Andrea Chandler can never duck me again. And that, Mister Furious Styles, is what Ma Porter has planned.

(Fans boo as Ma Porter climbs through the ropes and leaves the ring.)

Bishop: Oh boy, I expect a HARSH response in the days to come. Fans, let’s move on to our next match!

Miko Azai vs. Lady Tiger

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is set for 1 fall with a 15 minute time limit!

(Big cheers as fans hear ‘Eye of the Tiger’.)

Spud: Led down the aisle by her manager, former INTERNET Heavyweight Champion Charlotte La Mancha!

(Big pop!)

Spud: from Bordeaux, France! She stands 5 feet 6 inches, 127 pounds, here is…Lady Tiger!

(Lady Tiger heads down the aisle wearing her tiger mask with a one piece orange and black striped singlet. She and Charlotte head down the aisle slapping hands with fans with matching scarfs around their necks.)

Mutt: How disgusting! Do they think they are cute?!

Bishop: Fans, this is Lady Tiger’s first appearance outside of a pay per view. She is on a winning streak here in Grand Dragon…

Mutt: but she faces former Western Heritage contender Miko Azai. And let me say this! Miko Azai has been out of the ring for a few months, but this gal has a new attitude and has more ability in her little pinky than Tiger has in all 4 claws.

(Fans begin to boo as they hear ‘Gangstas Paradise’ by Coolio blast through the pa!)

Spud: And her opponent! Led down the aisle by her manager David Jones! Hailing from Tokyo, Japan! She is 5 feet 5 inches, 135 pounds. Here is….Miko Azai!

(Fans boo as Miko Azai cockily heads down the aisle. She’s wearing a red ninja suit with the words DANGEROUS scrolled on her back.)

Mutt: Hey look! Indigo Browne leaving her Dawg Pound seats, and heading up toward the exits. What’s that all about?

Bishop: I don’t know. Anyway, Charlotte giving Tiger some last minute consultation in the ring. Miko Azai a great athlete who hasn’t reached her potential in Grand Dragon. Much like Lisa Thomas was, this gal needs focus.

Mutt: Yeah, and so does Daisy Butterfly (laughs). Leave Miko Azai alone. She’s back, and with a vengeance!

Bishop: Anyway, both women in the ring, and Miko ready to tie up. Lady Tiger a little reserved as the ref calls for the bell!


Bishop: Both women circling one another, and Tiger charging Miko. Miko backing into the ropes, bouncing off and Lady Tiger DUCKING the Clothesline!

(Fans cheer as Miko Azai runs toward the far ropes.)

Mutt: Lady Tiger running for the near ropes, and bouncing off toward the middle of the ring as Miko Azai bounces off the far ropes….!

Bishop: And Lady Tiger with a Flying Clothesline of her own!

(Dawg Pound pops as Miko Azai hits the mat!)

Bishop: Miko back up and Lady Tiger with a DROPKICK!

(Fans cheer!)

Mutt: Miko back up and Lady Tiger with ANOTHER Dropkick! Miko up again and Lady Tiger with a Spinwheel Kick!

(Major pop as Miko Azai roles into the ropes.)

Bishop: Miko Azai rolling to the outside and here comes Lady Tiger!! Tiger running for the ropes as she catapults herself over the top rope….


(Fans all whistling and cheering as BOTH women lay on the floor.)

Ref: 1……………………………….2………………..3

Mutt: Lady Tiger too quick for Miko Azai. And I must say, this Cruiserweight came ready to rumble tonight!

Bishop: And look at this!

(Fans cheer as the Browne Girls, Sierra Browne and Indigo, stand near the ring entrance.)

Mutt: Sierra Browne doing some scouting for her Cruiserweight match up against Lady Tiger in a few weeks.

Ref: …………………7………………….8………

Bishop: Lady Tiger hobbling a bit as she gets up, and rolls Miko Azai into the ring. She must have hurt her knee during that high risk maneuver. Tiger in the ring, and Miko Azai up…

Mutt: And a Karate chop! And another, as Lady Tiger is backed up into the ropes! Miko Azai now, with a Spinwheel Kick….

Bishop: MISSED! Lady Tiger slipping through the ropes…and pulling back on the ropes catapulting herself back into the ring…

Mutt: but Miko Azai ducking down…

Bishop: …and Lady Tiger slapping on a Waistlock for a Sunset Flip!

Ref: ……………………1


…………………kick out!

(Fans cheer!)

Mutt: Both women back up and Lady Tiger with an Inside cradle!!

Ref: ……………………………….1





(Fans pop big time as Miko Azai slaps the mat in frustration.)

Mutt: Lady Tiger with Tiger like strikes as she capitalized on Miko Azai’s lack of quickness. And Miko from what I remember is a quick gal!

Bishop: Miko Azai up to her feet, but backing into the corner. David Jones offering some advice, and you must acknowledge that Charlotte La Mancha quick pin strategy there. You can see the influence of her mentor quite obviously here.

(Fans chanting: Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!)

Mutt: You know, before Miko got smart, these morons used to cheer for her too. But she got wise and with her new attitude, I see great things in her future . . . provided she wrestle more often.

(Fans cheering them on as the two women tie up.)

Bishop: Collar and Elbow tie up, and Miko raking the eyes! And now a Karate chop, and Lady Tiger backing off. Miko with another Karate chop as Lady Tiger walks along the ropes.

Mutt: Miko Azai with a hand on that mask as she walks Tiger into the near corner…and rams her head into the top buckle!

(Fans boo as Miko Azai nails away with another Karate Chop.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Lady Tiger fighting back with weak punches, and Miko with a Belly To belly Suplex out of the corner. Tiger slow to her feet….AND MIKO AZAI WITH A SUPERKICK!

(Fans all booing as Lady Tiger plummets to the mat.)

Ref: 1……………………..2……………………kick out!

Bishop: Miko with a pick up and an Irish Whip to the near ropes. Tiger bouncing off and sliding through Miko’s legs! Miko running into the near ropes as Lady Tiger runs for the far side…

(Fans cheering!)

Bishop: Miko Azai in the middle of the ring as Lady Tiger bounces off…and a leapfrog, no! Lady Tiger puts on the brakes…

Mutt: And *HITS* a NASTY standing dropkick.

(Big pop!) Bishop: Lady Tiger running for the near ropes as Miko Azai gets to her feet….AND DAVID JONES GRABBING AN ANKLE!!!

(Fans boo as Lady Tiger stumbles forward.)

Mutt: And Miko Azai catching her off the ropes with a FRANKENSTEINER!!! And now Miko is going up top.

(Fans all on their feet, booing, as Miko Azai climbs the turnbuckles in the near corner.)

Bishop: Miko up high, flying off the top….and MISSING the Guillotine leg drop!

Mutt: Lady Tiger rolling out of the way, and now Charlotte La Mancha calling on her protégée to cover!!!

Ref: 1……………………..2………………….kick out!

(Fans all gasp as Miko Azai kicks out.)

Mutt: Both women back up, and Miko Azai with a Frontface Lock for a DDT…no!!…Lady Tiger with a Single Leg Pick up rolling through the DDT for modified cradle!

Ref: 1………………………..2……………kick out!

Bishop: Both women back up, and Lady Tiger running for the near ropes. Miko Azai ducking down for a High Back Body…but Lady Tiger with an Elbow drop to the back of the head!

(Fans all cheering as Miko Azai runs for the near ropes.)

Mutt: Lady Tiger Springboarding off the ropes and HITS the Elbowdrop!

(Fans all cheering as Lady Tiger picks up Miko Azai.)

Bishop: Lady Tiger with a frontface lock….SWINGING NECKBREAKER!

Mutt: And now she’s going up top…..

(Fans all cheering as Lady Tiger braces herself up high.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Bishop: Lady Tiger jumps……………..

Mutt: …….AND *HITTING* THE FISTDROP off the TOP!!!!!!!!

(Huge crowd pop as Lady Tiger picks up Miko Azai and points to the outside.)

Mutt: Lady Tiger tossing the former Lady Starr to the outside! And…Oh no! Lady Tiger running for the near ropes, catapulting to the outside….AND ***nails*** A TOPE!

(The arena explodes as Medusa Rage simply crosses her legs and shakes her head.)

Bishop: The fans have gone berserk!

(Dawg Pound, except for Medusa Rage, chant: TIGER! TIGER!)

Bishop: Lady Tiger the daredevil of the Squared Circle! Miko Azai looks beat! David Jones slapping the mat in frustration as Charlotte La Mancha directs traffic.

Mutt: Lady Tiger rolling Miko Azai into the ring, as she climbs up the turnbuckles from the outside…and here comes David Jones up on the ring apron. Charlotte telling Tiger to ignore him, but she’s arguing with him!

Bishop: Miko Azai weakly up to her feet, and she climbs the turnbuckles…AND NAILS A KARATE CHOP!!

Mutt: Lady Tiger stunned as Miko Azai quickly slaps on a Frontface lock…..SUPERPLEX!!!!!!!

Bishop: It’s over!

Ref: 1…………………………………………..!





(Fans pop BIG TIME as the referee holds up 2 fingers!)

Mutt: What the hell?!

Bishop: Miko Azai with a pick up, and nails a backbreaker! Charlotte La Mancha slapping the mat, and Miko Azai flipping her off as she heads for the near corner….!

(Fans all screaming as Miko Azai climbs the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: Miko Azai up top as Lady Tiger gets to her feet. Miko jumping off with a Double Axe Handle….


(Huge Crowd pop as Lady Tiger slaps the mat for fan support!!)

Ref: 1………………………2………………………

(Fans pop as the GDWA Phantom is seen walking about the rafters.)

Mutt: There she is! She’s watching this match closely!

Ref: 3…………………………………4……………..

Bishop: Tiger up to her feet first, as she picks up Miko Azai. Lady Tiger with an Irish Whip…no reversal and Lady Tiger hits the corner HARD!

Mutt: Miko Azai sprinting for the far corner as she drops down for a Handspring Elbow…!

(Fans pop as Lady Tiger drops down out of the way.)

Mutt: Lady Tiger with her quickness *AGAIN*!

Bishop: Miko Azai held up by the ropes as she is slumped in the corner. Lady Tiger up to her feet, with a Waistlock and planting Miko up on the top turnbuckle.

Mutt: She’s pointing out to Sierra Browne….

Bishop: Long Bow FRANKENSTEINER off the top!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ref: …………………………………………………1






(Fans pop big time as the referee raises Lady Tiger’s hand in victory!)

Bishop: Lady Tiger planting Miko Azai up top, and yanking her off with that Longbow Frankensteiner! WoW!

Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 13 minutes 47 seconds! Your winner via pinfall….Lady Tiger!

(Fans all cheering as they hear ‘Eye of the Tiger’.)

Mutt: Sierra Browne and Indigo leaving as Lady Tiger celebrates in the ring. Charlotte La Mancha in the ring hugging her girl…and can you believe she is *still* undefeated?

Bishop: Keiko Mita with a tough loss, but cheaters never win…!

Mutt: Whatever! Lady Tiger with the lucky win.

Bishop: Sierra Browne later on tonight with a chance to win the Western Heritage Championship…but in a few weeks she faces THE OTHER hot Cruiserweight in Grand Dragon Lady Tiger. And that one will be in the Semifinals of the Title tournament!

(Fans continue to cheer as Charlotte La Mancha and Lady Tiger roll out of the ring and head up the aisle.)

Bishop: Miko Azai still in the ring, frustrated and….

(Fans pop as the GDWA phantom drops down into the ring, and detaches the cable.)


(The GDWA Phantom is dressed in all black, with trench coat, boots, and gloves. Her face is covered in black and white face paint with red Asiatic characters covering it.)

Mutt: The GDWA Phantom gives Miko Azai a hard stare…and hands her a black bat?

Bishop: The Phantom turning her back, daring Miko to hit her. Miko Azai with the bat, and David Jones wants her to nail the phantom! Miko….

Mutt: drops it to the mat!

(Fans on their feet as the Phantom turns around.)

Bishop: The Phantom staring into her again…and bows! The Phantom snatching up the bat from the canvas….and ascends back to the rafters.

(Fans pop as Miko Azai stands in the middle of the ring, stupefied.)

Bishop: That’s creepy! My lord, Sierra Browne should take a lesson from this Phantom about high flying…

Mutt: Speaking of Browne…Indigo Browne back up in the Dawg Pound, and I’m curious! What’s up with that?! Whalen, you ain’t doin’ nothin. Whalen!

Whalen: Er, is someone calling for me?

Mutt: You hear me on that intercom! Go check out Medusa and the rest of the Age of Rage clan. Earn your check for once!

(Shot pans over to the Dawg Pound where Mike Whalen quickly scampers out of the exits to meet Medusa Rage and the gang.)

Whalen: Fans, I’m gonna attempt to interview the Dawg Pound’s own Medusa Rage.

(He walks into the heart of the Dawg Pound. Medusa is in a burgundy velvet smoking jacket with black velvet cuffs and a black velvet ascot with a diamond stud over a silk pajama suit. Her dreadlocks are brushed back from her face and secured under a big velvet top hat. She’ll top off the outfit with gold-rimmed designer sunglasses. She’ll be carrying a gold-topped walking stick as well.)

Whalen: Let’s see if we can get a word in!

(He stands before Indigo Browne who is wearing a crimson velvet bolero jacket and harem pants pulled low on the hips with a black bra top underneath. The woman known as Marissa is wearing jeans, a midriff-exposing crosstie blouse in burgundy and a black and white checkered man’s sport coat with a head scarf.)

Medusa Rage, Indigo Rage & Marissa Monet

Whalen: Medusa, what are you doing out in the audience tonight? You’re not planning anything tonight are you?

Medusa: (rolling her eyes) Shut up, Whalen. Look, me, Indigo and ‘Riss are just hanging out tonight. Taking a little vacation and watching as Sierra gets set to take Officer Order to the next level and put her down.

Whalen: Indigo, I’ve got to ask you. If your sister wins the great Western Heritage Title the Browne Girls will probably be finished. How do you feel about that?

Indigo: (rolling her eyes just like Medusa, but adding a bright smile) Mr. Whalen, I love my sister. I wish her nothing but the best. This is her moment. I just want her to shine.

Whalen: And what about you, miss? (Turning to Marissa)

Marissa: The name’s Marissa Monet, thank you. I’m just here chillin’ with my girls and checkin’ things out. You know, I love this stuff. I watch the GDWA and I feel like getting in there and handling business myself!

Medusa: (laughing) Take it easy, girl. Whalen, don’t you have somebody’s bags to carry? Get out of here.

[Medusa begins to pelt him with popcorn until he walks away in a huff.]

Mutt: Thanks Whalen! (Busts up laughing!)

Bishop: Sam, I think you are having too much fun tonight! Must be those beers. Fans, let’s go to our GDWA Flashback with Mike Whalen…

(Mike Whalen walks around the rule breaker locker room wearing a blue blazer with GDWA logo on the pocket as the camera comes into focus.) Whalen: Hello fans, and welcome to another installment of the GDWA Flashback. The Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance has grown in popularity, so we thought it prudent to introduce you new fans, and re-introduce to old fans, some of the GDWA’s most memorable moments.

(He walks over to Vonya’s locker and peeps around.)

Whalen: There was once a stable by the name of the Evil Empire. Though they’ve gone there ways now, this formidable group was comprised of ‘Playmate’ Dixie Foxy, Valkyrie and Vonya. Vonya is a Texan who just seems to be a few notches below greatness. Anyway, our focus this week is on the ‘gang warfare’ that has been rampant in Grand Dragon. But long before this mentality took surface, the GDWA was a rather hostile environment.

(Mike walks over Dementia Praecox’s locker.)

Whalen: Vonya and the rest of the Evil Empire feuded with Madame Hecate’s tag team of Dark Asylum; former Internet champion Demonica and current World Champion Dementia Praecox. Their battles make Organized Crime and the Syndicate’s feud look like child’s play.

(He peeps around making sure no one heard him.)

Whalen: Good thing Andrea isn’t here… (Ahem!) Anyway, our Flashback tonight is a match taped on October 8th of last year from the Nippon Budokan Hall in Tokyo, Japan. Vonya was wrestling Dementia Praecox in what would turn out to be one of the most explosive matches in GDWA history. Medusa Rage and Radhi Ananda, eat your heart out!

Flashback: Dementia Praecox vs. Vonya

Kosei: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!

(Fans boo as they hear “Brain Damage” by Pink Floyd)

Kosei: Accompanied down the aisle by her manager Madame Hecate….Hailing from Parts Unknown! 5 feet five, Weighing 141 pounds, here is….Dementia Praecox!!!!

(Dementia Praecox heads down the ramp cupping her hands and jerking about. She enters the ring wearing rags and looking out of it in general.)

Bishop: The demented one always in the middle of some controversy. This match signed because of Dark Asylum’s actions from Saturday night.

Mutt: We’ll see if she’s ready for Vonya. I don’t think anybody BUT Dark Asylum would appreciate being locked in a coffin, gagged and bound!

Bishop: Before ring time, we had some comments from Dementia Praecox…

Dementia Praecox

<Fade in on the Dark Asylum locker room. Dementia Praecox is in her straight-jacket, but Demonica’s chains hang from the wall, empty. There are candles lit and pictures of Charles Manson and Ted Bundy on the wall>

Dementia: They’ve left me all alone!! (Sobs for a few seconds) Suspending Demonica was the least of your problems, GDWA, now you have to deal with me! And I don’t go quietly! (Laughs maniacally, then looks right into the camera)

Vonya! There ain’t enough hot sauce in all of Mexico to prepare you for the hurt I’m gonna lay on you. Was the coffin not clear enough of a message for you? Personally, I think you’d have been better to stay locked up, it could have saved me some time.

<Fade out slowly>

Bishop: Let’s hear the introductions now for Vonya.

(Mixed cheering as ‘The Great Southern Trendkill’ by Pantera plays!)

Spud: And her opponent, led down the aisle by her manager Night Crawler….from Dallas, Texas! 5 feet 7 inches, weighing in at a solid 133 pounds! Here is Vonya!!!!!!!!

(Vonya heads down to the ring wearing red boots, black spandex pants and a red tank top.)

Mutt: Oh yeah! Praecox and Vonya already arguing it out!

(Vonya and Nightcrawler enter the ring and the ref talks things over.)

Bishop: Vonya is pissed! She’s charging Praecox, and they’re going at it already!


Bishop: Praecox holding on with a Collar and Elbow tie up…and Dementia Praecox tosses Vonya into the corner. That’s called strength! Hold on, Vonya charging into Praecox, and Praecox is Headbutting away. Vonya is getting wobbly, and Praecox now, grabbing Vonya by the back of her head….LEANS BACK AND DELIVERS A HUGE HEADBUTT!

(Fans cheer as Vonya hits the mat.)

Mutt: The fans love the physical nature of this one!

Bishop: Praecox with a pick up and runs toward the near corner. Praecox with a Waistlock Pick up, runs up the turnbuckles, AND EXECUTES A BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX OFF THE TOP!

(Dawg Pound explodes in cheers!)

Bishop: No cover! Praecox too busy choking away on the prone Texan! The Evil Empire and Dark Asylum do not get along at all! The ref forcing a break, he knows not to even bother with a count. Praecox with a pick up, and Irish Whipping Vonya into the far corner!

Mutt: Praecox with a head of steam, and Vonya sprints out of the corner with a Clothesline! Praecox hit hard! Vonya with a pick up, and nails away with a Karate Chop! And another! And Another!

(Fans popping hard as Dementia Praecox drops down to one knee.)

Bishop: These two have met just once before. And it was just as intense. Vonya with a Front Face Lock, and Praecox is blocking the Suplex! Praecox with a pick up…..AND CHARGES FORWARD SLAPPING VONYA UP ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!

(All the fans up on their feet as Dementia Praecox climbs the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: Both woman up high! Praecox slapping a hand around Vonya’s throat, and Vonya with a rake to the eyes. Vonya now, scooping up Dementia Praecox….


(Fans cheering as Vonya cradles the leg!)

Ref: 1……2……kick out!

(Huge pops and groans as both women lay on the mat.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: WoW! What endurance from the woman from Parts Unknown. Praecox and Vonya both executing high impact maneuvers. Vonya now, picking up Praecox and nailing her with another Karate chop. She Irish Whips Praecox to the far ropes, and Vonya sprints across the ring after her.


(Huge cheers as Dementia Praecox climbs the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: She’s up high! Nightcrawler trying to warn Vonya as she gets to her feet….AND DEMENTIA PRAECOX WITH A PLANCHA DIVE!!!!!

(Fans all cheering as Dementia Praecox picks up Vonya.)



Bishop: Dementia Praecox in her element now! Praecox with a head of steam, and rams Vonya’s head into the guard railing. Vonya stumbling backwards. She’s hurt!

Ref: ………6……..7………8……….

Bishop: Praecox slapping on a Full Nelson now, and swinging Vonya around. Vonya can’t break it. She’s helpless! Praecox making up her mind…and nailing a DRAGON SUPLEX right on the floor!

(Dawg Pound cheering and bowing before Dementia Praecox.) Mutt: Nightcrawler is waving at the entrance way. And here come the troops!

(Fans all booing as Dixie Foxy and Valkyrie run down the ramp.)

Bishop: Oh no!

(Dawg Pound barks as Demonica runs down the ramp way after them!)

Mutt: Praecox with a pick up, Dixie Foxy berating Praecox. Praecox not too smart, easily distracted. Madame Hecate barking out orders, but Praecox is chasing Dixie Foxy!!!! Dixie Foxy running around the ring, and the ref still counting away.


Bishop: Valkyrie and Demonica duking it out on the rampway! WoW! You talk about a Tuesday Night Catfight!

Mutt: Dixie Foxy rolling into the ring, and the ref is warning her to get out! Hold on, from behind Vonya with a chair, and nailing Dementia Praecox!

(Fans boo as Praecox falls to the floor!)

Bishop: Vonya visibly hurt. She’s gingerly picking up Praecox, and Bodyslams her on the floor. Vonya climbing up to the ring apron, no! She’s changed her mind and is climbing up the turnbuckles!!!

(Fans cheering as Demonica rolls into the ring.)

Mutt: Dixie Foxy screaming as Demonica clutches her around the throat! She lifts up the ‘Playmate’ and Bodyslams her down! Demonica backing into the ropes, bouncing off and nailing the Legdrop!!!!!!!!

(Thunderous cheers!)

Bishop: Vonya meanwhile, perched up on the top turnbuckle…and comes flying off to the floor with an Elbowdrop!!!

(Hardcores pop hard as the rest of the fans groan!)

Mutt: Madame Hecate is up on the ring apron complaining and the ref is about to throw this one out. Hold on, Demonica with a pick up, and tossing Dixie Foxy into the ropes.

Bishop: Dixie Foxy bouncing off and Demonica catching her by the throat……..C*H*O*K*E*S*L*A*M*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fans shoot out of their seats as Demonica picks up Dixie Foxy!)

Mutt: Demonica slapping Dixie Foxy’s head between her legs! Oh boy! Are we gonna see it?! Demonica with a Waistlock………


(Biggest pop thus far as Dixie Foxy bounces up from the mat like a rag doll.)

Bishop: Demonica just DESTROYED Dixie Foxy. The ref warning Demonica, and she grabs him around the Throat!!!!

(Fans cheering as Madame Hecate orders Demonica to put him down.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Mutt: Hold on! Valkyrie on the floor now, and she’s running up behind Madame Hecate. She nails Hecate! Valkyrie with a pick up, AND A BRAINBUSTER RIGHT ON THE FLOOR! Val shouting back at the fans as she picks up Madame Hecate again. Valkyrie applying a Front Face Lock hoisting up Madame Hecate, and ANOTHER BRAINBUSTER RIGHT ON THE FLOOR!

Bishop: Meanwhile, Vonya with a pick up. Vonya with a karate Chop, and Praecox is smiling! Praecox charging forward with a Clothesline!!!!


Bishop: Demonica climbing to the outside, hold on! Valkyrie has a chair. She’s snuck into the ring, and the ref warding her off…..Val nails the referee!!!

(Hardcores pop as most fans boo.)

Bishop: On the floor, Demonica and Dementia Praecox pounding away on Vonya.

Mutt: Hold on! Valkyrie climbing up the turnbuckles….AND JUMPS OFF NAILING DEMONICA IN THE HEAD! THE DEMON IS DOWN!

Bishop: GDWA security is out here now! Dementia Praecox chasing Valkyrie around the ring, and security is breaking this whole thing up. Someone is gonna get hurt.

Mutt: Someone IS hurt. Madame Hecate is down! The stretchers are here. Dixie Foxy has left ringside with the Evil Empire. Dark Asylum just now noticing that Madame Hecate is laid out. Oh my!

Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen, at 11 minutes 44 seconds, due to the unruly nature of this bout, this match was ruled a double Disqualification!

(Fans cheer as ‘Brain Damage’ by Pink Floyd blares through pa.)

Mutt: Madame Hecate has been stretchered out. My lord, this war needs to be settled. There are gonna be body bags before long.

Whalen: It could be argued that these two teams burnt themselves out. Dark Asylum broke up on amicable terms, and Demonica would drop the Internet title to Charlotte La Mancha. On the other end of the spectrum, the Evil Empire would be dismantled by the Syndicate at Dawg Pound Nights! And that is a story in itself! Fans, hope you enjoyed that one. Allen, Sam, back to you guys!

Bishop: Thanks Mike!

Mutt: You know Allen, as well as those two matched up, Praecox and Vonya’s styles were incredibly different from each other. Praecox is a freestyle, somewhat high flying power wrestler. Vonya is a brawler that likes to mock technical wrestling.

Bishop: Yes, and it could be said that their styles are just as varied as Sierra Browne’s and Officer Order’s. Browne is your consummate high flyer while Double O is a Martial Artist.

Mutt: Well, Sierra Browne has the Western Heritage Champion down 1 match to none already. And now tonight, it is for her belt.

Mutt: Well, now it all comes to a heat. ‘Double O’ Officer May Order defending against ‘Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne…

Bishop: Golden Girl?

Mutt: Well damn! She doesn’t have a nick name…

Bishop: This isn’t some other fed, Samuel. You don’t need a nickname or gimmick here.

Mutt: Call me Samuel again and I’ll kick your….

GDWA Western Heritage Championship: Officer Order vs. Sierra Browne

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is one half of our DOUBLE Main Event. It is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit…and is for the GDWA Western Heritage Championship!

(Mixed Cheers as they hear ‘Browne Girl’ blast through the pa.)

Spud: First, the challenger! Hailing from Port-of-Spain, Trinidad! She stands 5 feet 10 inches, 130 pounds, here is…Sierra Browne!

(Sierra slaps hands with fans as she heads down the aisle. Fans thrust signs like “Order rules” and “Browne is Going Down” in her face. She enters the ring in red two piece singlet. Gold lights flicker as she points to the Dawg Pound from the middle of the ring.)

Mutt: WE are in a ‘markish’ territory, that’s for sure! These Midwestern hicks not liking Sierra very much because she kicked Double O’s ass last week!

Bishop: That is not true…at least not about the ass kicking part. Order had that much well in hand prior to her injury. Now that concussion has given Sierra Browne great leverage tonight.

Mutt: Remember when May Order feuded with Ma Porter? She incurred a rib injury from the Big Mafioso, and got through a grilling 20+ minute match with her! Can she wrestle through an equally devastating match tonight?

Spud: And her opponent!

(MAJOR crowd pop as fans hear “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle blast through the pa! Indigo Browne, Medusa and Marissa stand up in the Dawg Pound and give a thumbs down.)

Spud: Accompanied down ringside by her manager Martial Law. Hailing from San Francisco, California! She is 5 feet tall, weighing 120 pounds….

(Chants of: ORDER! ORDER! Ring through the arena as Officer Order steps through the ring curtain.)

Spud: Here is your Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION….Officer May Order!

(Fans pop big time as Martial Law leads her down the aisle. Officer Order slaps hands with ringside fans as she peers intently into the ring. She signs autographs with ringside fans as Martial Law walks right beside her. The WESTERN HERITAGE title shines around her waist!)

Bishop: Sierra Browne tugging on the ropes and jogging in place. She’s feeling it tonight! This is her first opportunity at title gold….

Mutt: …and with a record like hers, it may be the only one she gets for a long time. Heck, this Cruiserweight tournament has given her the opportunity to show the GDWA that she is much more than a jobber to the Syndicate…and every other rulebreaker for that matter (bursts out laughing!)

(Fans continue their cheers as Martial Law leads Officer Order up the ringsteps. She enters the ring wearing black pants, a black SWAT baseball cap and a dark blue police uniform with a gold badge over her heart.)

Bishop: Order unstrapping the belt, and climbing up the turnbuckles! This crowd is SOLIDLY behind the Western Heritage Champion.

Mutt: And Sierra Browne looks antsy. Martial Law in the ring, almost acting as a bodyguard…

Bishop: WoW! Can you feel the electricity!?…

Mutt: Well, you’ve got to figure that these fickle fans will cheer for just about anybody…and considering what is at stake, they are outdoing themselves.

(Double O climbs down and hands the belt to the referee. She meets Sierra Browne in the middle of the ring as fans chant: ORDER! ORDER! ORDER! )

Bishop: The ref going over the rules with the two of them…and let’s hook ’em up!


Bishop: Order IMMEDIATELY backing away as Sierra Browne lunges with her European Uppercuts. Double O with an Armdrag Takedown, and Browne back up to her feet…KARATE CHOPS BY THE CHAMPION!

(Fans cheer!!)

Bishop: Double O exploding into Browne with Karate Chops, and Sierra into the ropes. The ref calling the break, and Order looks intense. Browne ready again and Order with Karate kicks to the midsection! And now a Single Leg pick up and…

(Fans cheer as Sierra Browne swings her leg through the air!)

Mutt: …and Sierra Browne MISSES the Enzuiguri Kick! Officer Order ducking under, slapping on a Waistlock….!


(Hardcores cheer as Officer Order backs away.)

Bishop: Sierra Browne charging the champion and Order side stepping and tossing the challenger into the far ropes!

Mutt: Browne bouncing off and Order dropping down to the mat.

(Fans cheer as Sierra Browne hops over and heads to the far side!)

Bishop: Browne bouncing off and Order with a Front Kick…no! Browne sliding through the legs and quick to her feet…

Mutt: Slaps on a Waistlock for a GERMAN SUPLEX!

Ref: 1………………..2……………….kick out!

(Fans cheer!)

Bishop: Order up and Browne with A Dropkick!

(Big pop!!)

Bishop: Order rolling into the ropes, and Browne on the attack! Browne with a pick up, and NAILING AWAY WITH EUROPEAN UPPERCUTS!!!

Mutt: This is the test! Order is covering her face as Browne nails away with punches now! The ref wants a break….and Sierra Browne shoves him away! Alright!

(Fans boo!)

Bishop: Browne Irish Whipping Order to the far side as Sierra Browne sprints across the ring and…


(Major Crowd pop as Officer Order cradles the leg.)

Ref: ……………………………………………..1 …………………………………………………..2 …………………………………………………..3!

(Fans scream as Sierra Browne weakly kicks out and the count is waved off.)

Mutt: Order looks dazed, as she slaps on a Side headlock to slow this down.

Bishop: But Browne up to her feet, and running for the near ropes. Sierra Browne keeping the pace up beat. Browne shoving off as Order is sent into the ropes…!


(Mixed cheers as Sierra Browne immediately runs for the side ropes.)

Bishop: Browne bouncing off and a Somersault Leg Drop!

Ref: 1…………………………..2…………….kick out!

Bishop: Browne with a pick up, and Order into the ropes!

Mutt: Notice her attack plan. HEADSHOTS! HEADSHOTS! HEADSHOTS! She’s attacking the head and keeping up the tempo. Why? Because when you have a concussion, your head feels like has Excedrin Headache 57! Know what I mean? You get nauseous from movement and are susceptible to black outs.

Bishop: Order out on the ring apron, and Browne shouting at the champion. Daring her into the ring. Order back in, and here comes Browne!

Mutt: Browne with European Uppercuts, and Order covering her face. Browne now with body blows, and…A STANDING DROPKICK to the midsection! Order flies through the ropes!

(Fans chant: ORDER! ORDER! ORDER!)

Bishop: Martial Law checking on the champion as she is laid out on the floor. Order taking some damage early in this one and…

Mutt: **Sierra Browne with a Plancha Dive onto the floor!** Good girl Sierra!

(Medusa Rage leads cheers in the Dawg Pound as the referee makes the count.)

Bishop: Sierra with a pick up, and nailing away with European Uppercuts…and Martial Law shoving her to the ground!

(Fans pop as Sierra Browne calls on the referee.)

Mutt: The ref is throwing him out!

(Fans boo as Martial Law complains. Security escorts him away from ringside.)

Bishop: Browne with a pick up, and nailing away. No! Order ducking down for a Waistlock and DRIVING SIERRA BROWNE INTO THE GUARD RAIL!

(Big pop!)

Ref: 2…………….3……………………………

Mutt: Sierra Browne clutching her back…AND A KARATE CHOP!

(Fans pop big time!)

Bishop: Order with ANOTHER Karate Chop, and now a Waistlock pick up….AND AN ATOMIC DROP ONTO THE GUARD RAILING!

(Dawg Pound barks as Sierra Browne groans in pain.)

Bishop: Order with a handful of hair, and rolling Browne into the ring. Order in the ring now and…NO COVER! Order draping the left leg over the bottom rope. Order tugging on the top ring rope as she pulls herself up into the air…AND A BUT-DROP!

(Fans all cheering as Sierra Browne cries out in pain!)

Ref: 1……………….2………….kick out!

Bishop: Order with a single leg pick up, and NERVE STRIKES to the hamstring of Browne. That is her focus tonight!

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 20 remaining.

Mutt: Browne into the ropes, and the ref wants a break. These 2 have set a nasty tone for this one.

Bishop: Order with a pick up, and now shoves Browne into the corner. Order with HARD Karate Chops to the chest! Now a boot to the knee, and Browne is in a world of hurt.

(Indigo Browne and Medusa Rage lead cheers of: Browne! Browne!)

Bishop: Order opening up Sierra Browne, and a CRESCENT KICK to the jaw. Sierra Browne dropping straight down to the mat now!

Mutt: Double O with a Double Leg pick up, and dragging Sierra into the middle of the ring! And a hard thrust kick to the left hamstring.

(Fans all cheering as Officer Order points down to the fallen Browne.)

Bishop: Order with a pick up, and an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Sierra bouncing off and OFFICER ORDER with a Mule Kick!

(Fans all cheering as Sierra Browne hits the mat.)

Mutt: No cover! Order down on the mat, probably a little dazed. This gal CAN’T cover for the pinfall.

Ref: 2………….3……………………….4……………

Bishop: Both women now moving, and it is actually Browne up first. Sierra Browne stumbling a bit as Officer Order moves into her with a KARATE CHOP!

Mutt: Browne backed up into the ropes, and her chest is turning red. Order moving in for the kill as she Irish Whips…

(Fans all gasp….)

Mutt: …no! Sierra Browne hooking the arm and swinging herself about Order’s neck….dropping down to her feet applying an inverted Facelock…


Spud: 20 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

(Fans all cheering as Officer Order’s head bounces off the mat.)

Bishop: Sierra Browne and Order fighting this out like animals. There is something more here than mere competition. Both women down on the mat as the ref makes yet another count.

Mutt: Notice how Order never made ANY comments regarding her loss to Browne last week. I tell ya, Order took that loss personally. And with all of Browne’s gloating, these two might…

Bishop: Sierra Browne up first, and now with a pick up. Browne with an Armdrag…..AND SUPERKICK COMBINATION!!!

(Fans groan as Officer Order flies back into the mat.)

Mutt: And now Sierra Browne hobbling into the near ropes and..MISSES the Elbowdrop! Sierra Browne with some beautiful chain wrestling maneuvers. Order with that great quickness just BARELY getting out of the way.

Bishop: Order rolling into the middle of the ring, now slowly to her feet. Browne up again, and jogging over to Order….

Mutt: AND Order with a Legsweep!….Browne trying to roll away, and Order with a handful of tights, rolling into a leg arm hook and has the ROLL UP!!!

Ref: …………………………………………………..1






…………………………………………..STRONG.KICK OUT!

(Fans all cheering as both ladies get up to their feet.)

Bishop: Order nailing away with Karate Chops, but she doesn’t have the rapidity that she had earlier. Browne stumbling back into the near ropes….


Bishop: Sierra slumped in the ropes, as Order jumps up, to the top rope, slaps on a Front face lock….SPRINGBOARD DDT!!!

Mutt: But Sierra Browne leg hooking Order for the cradle!!!!!!!!!!

Ref: 1…………………..2………………….3……no!

(Fans all cheering and gasp as Sierra Browne clutches her hip.)

Spud: 25 minutes have passed! 5 minutes remaining!

Mutt: Sierra Browne couldn’t hold her down. Order with a good job earlier wearing down the leg. But Browne isn’t moving. That DDT caught her full force…

Bishop: …and a tad bit of mockery, as that maneuver is a trademark of Sierra Browne. Order up now, and a pick up. And she…tosses Sierra Browne to the outside!

(Hardcores cheering as fans begin chants of: ORDER! ORDER!)

Mutt: Order rolling to the outside, and Sierra Browne down on the floor. Order with a pick up, and nailing away with successive Karate Chops to the chest, and Order has dominated the flow of this match.

Ref: ……5………………6…………………7…..

Bishop: Order with an Irish Whip right into the guard railing…

Mutt: ……and SIERRA BROWNE Springboarding off the guard rail and HITS the Flying Headbutt!!!!

(Crowd pops as Sierra Browne hobbles up the ring steps.)

Spud: 24 minutes have elapsed in the 30 minute time limit. 1 minute remaining.

Mutt: Sierra Browne is hurt! Order down on the floor, and this could end in a time limit draw, a count out or count out win for Browne or…

(Fans begin to boo as Medusa Rage runs down the ring steps.)

Bishop: Browne in the ring, and she….has broken the count as she nears the ropes. The ref arguing with her as Medusa Rage snatches up Order…AND rolls her into the ring!

(Mixed cheers as Sierra Browne hobbles toward the near corner!)

Spud: 30 seconds left!

Mutt: Order is down, and Sierra Browne climbing up the turnbuckles. She’s up high!

Bishop: Order still down on the mat. 1 headshot too many for the champion…oh no! Medusa Rage slapping the mat, as Sierra Browne is facing the ringside fans.

Mutt: Sierra Browne BARELY with her balance up top! Browne closing her eyes as she Backflips through the air……………..

Bishop: And *HITS* The High Sierra Elbowdrop!!!!!!!!

(Fans all screaming as Sierra Browne hooks the leg.)

Ref: 1……………………………………………….!








(Fans all screaming!!)

Mutt: There’s the bell, and Sierra Browne has DONE IT!

Bishop: Order hasn’t moved! She’s down on the mat, and here comes Daisy Butterfly!

(*HUGE* crowd pop as Daisy Butterfly roles into the ring.)

Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 29 minutes 36 seconds! Your winner via pinfall and…Neeeeeeew Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION….Sierra Browne!

(Fans with mixed cheering as they hear ‘Browne Girl’ blast through the pa.)

Mutt: The ref is calling for a stretcher for the SECOND week in a row. Yes, Sierra Browne the Golden Girl is a bad ass!

(Sierra Browne poses over Order’s body as she’s given the title. Browne falls to her knees hugging the WESTERN HERITAGE TITLE and holds it up to the rafters as a shower of gold falls over her.)

Mutt: Sierra Browne in noticeable pain. She leaped off the guard railing, taking a chance that paid off, but aggravating her injury.

Bishop: Here comes Indigo. Indigo Browne storming the ring, and hugging her sister. Medusa Rage entering the ring now along with Marissa, all congratulating her.

Mutt: The Age of Rage together again I suppose.

(Mixed cheers as the MISFITS storm the ring.)

Bishop: Order up to her feet, and she’s through. The ref trying to talk her into getting on that stretcher as she points at her belt.

Mutt: Sierra Browne dancing and pointing out to the fans….and she’s walking over to Order. Browne opening up her arms to hug Order….

Bishop: And a KARATE CHOP!!!!!

(Huge crowd pop! Fans cheer but begin to scream as Order collapses to the mat!)

Mutt: What kind of sportsmanship was that?!

Bishop: Daisy and the ring attendants getting her onto the stretcher, and they are hurrying out of the ring. And what do you mean?!

Mutt: She just hit Sierra….

Bishop: Medusa Rage interfered in the match if you didn’t notice! Order would have retained the title…

Mutt: Sierra Browne got a legal pinfall, and Order is just being a sore loser. She’s a paper champion as far as I’m concerned.

(Fans chant: ORDER! ORDER! As Sierra Browne gets back up to her feet.)

Bishop: Medusa Rage cussing out the former champion as she is carted out of the ring. The referee forcing the Age of Rage out of the ring as fans boo!

Mutt: Well, we got a World Tag Title match up next. This will be interesting to see!

Bishop: Sierra Browne being booed as she leaves ringside with the Western Heritage title around her waist. I hope Double O is alright.

Mutt: Well, enough of this. It might get dangerous during this Misfits Tag title defense. You and Congo tough it out!

(Sam Mutt leaves ringside as ‘Congo’ Paul Roberts joins Bishop at the announcer’s table.)

Congo: Enough about Double O! I’ve heard you whining. Let’s get to tag action.

Allan: Well, ladies and gentlemen, things have really been heating up in the tag ranks lately. There was so much needless interference and cheating that GDWA President Denmark Vessey had to put his foot down. Vessey’s actions were desperately needed, wouldn’t you say, Paul?

Congo: Hell no, Bishop! Vessey’s become so paranoid about rules and justice that he’s robbing the fans of what they want to see! That’s what you can expect from a guy named after such a backwards, left-wing country. Allan: And I have to apologize on behalf of our color-man, “Congo” Paul Roberts, to any GDWA fans of Scandinavian descent.

Congo: Get real, Bishop. Hey, if there are any Norwegians out there, go back to Norwegia!

Allan: I can tell I’m in for it again tonight! Getting back to Vessey’s actions, though. To try and clean up the tag ranks, he has permanently suspended STRIKE, he has issued a stipulation that the tag belts, in fact, can change hands on a disqualification, and he has installed 2 referees for the championship match tonight. Vessey, clearly trying to send a message.

Congo: Yeah, that message is “What happened to my brain”. Listen up, Bishop. Old Bulletproof Vessey suspends Heidi and Liz to warn other teams, so what happens? The Misfits come down to ringside in the Double Otanashi/Burning Rain rematch. The Misfits are the champs and they had nothing to gain by interfering. I think they were sending a message *back* to the Prez saying “No way you or any other suit-wearing front office pencil pusher is gonna tell the Misfits what to do”. And that attitude is precisely why the Misfits are still the champs.

Allan: Well, in any event, it’s doubtful that any shenanigans will occur tonight, what with the two referees. Here’s Spud with the call:

The Misfits vs. Burning Rain


(Crowd absolutely erupts as You’re Nobody Til Somebody Kills You” by the Notorious B.I.G. plays over the loudspeaker and fireworks go off by the curtain leading from backstage. Dalbello is lean and angular. She emerges from the curtain wearing a black bandeau top, dog collar and mid-thigh shorts. The shorts and collar are connected to the bandeau top by three links of chain. She wears her hair in a wavy black bob. She wrestles in heavy black boots and wears a black glove on her right hand. She wears a neoprene sleeve on her left knee. Godiva is muscular and defined. She wears a black bandeau top, dog collar and bikini bottoms. She wrestles barefoot with ankle braces. Her hair is a shoulder-length blonde bob and her eyes are blue. Her skin is a light caramel color.)

Allan: Listen to this crowd! The Misfits are really lingering by the DAWG POUND section, giving the fans high fives. They better be on their game tonight, because with two refs, it’s gonna come down to who’s a better team.


(The crowd gives a pretty good pop as “1999′ by Prince plays over the PA, and a shower of red pyrotechnics falls from the ceiling. Maria comes out first, a dusky skinned, pretty Hispanic girl wearing a white T-shirt that reads ‘Wild’ over a white sports bra. White bicycle pants and boots complete the outfit. Maria high fives with the fans as she comes out. Gojira is right behind Maria, a heavy set Japanese women dressed in a dark green tank top, big slanted yellow eyes on the back of her top. Baggy military camo pants, fingerless black gloves and black boots round out her outfit and over her shoulder she lazily carries a dark wooden kendo sword.)

Congo: This is some fancy light show. Oh, wait a minute. It’s supposed to be…burning rain. I get it.

Allan: Clever, Paul. The Rain haven’t even made it into the ring yet, and already Dalbello and Godiva complaining to the ref about that kendo stick.

Congo: As well they should! If Denmark Vessey really want to clean up the tag team division, ban all these swords and sticks from ringside.

Allan: And evidently the referees agree with you, they’re forcing Gojira to give it to a ring attendant. Medusa is berating the ref. Gojira is looking steamed, maybe the Misfits should have just let her keep it around! She gives it up, and the attendant brings it backstage. Here we go!

*****DING***** *****DING***** *****DING*****

Allan: Dalbello starting things out for this Misfits, along with Fire Angel Maria Uriquidez for the Rain. No, wait a minute. Dalbello won’t come out of her corner. She’s calling out Gojira! Is she nuts?

Congo: The big woman looking around the arena. The fans are cheering for her…and Maria makes the tag! It’s the behemoth against Ms. Perfect.

Allan: The two circle each other, looking for an opening. Here’s a collar and elbow tie-up, and Gojira *forces* Dalbello to the mat.

(Gojira looks up at the ceiling at beats her chest).

Allan: Dalbello is complaining to the ref about a hair pull, but the ref isn’t buying it. Now Medusa is complaining to the outside ref. I guess the Misfits thought that having to referees might help their complaining.

Congo: Dalbello is back on her feet. She and Gojira lock up once more…and it’s Gojira with a big bodyslam.

Allan: Ms. Perfect wasting no time is rolling to the outside. Medusa, Godiva and Dalbello are having a little conference. The ref begins his count. Uh oh, Gojira’s gonna take to the outside.

Congo: No, she’s being warned off by the outside ref. Hey, this stipulation has already payed off for the Misfits.

Allan: Well, Dalbello climbs back into the ring and is met with a big boot by Gojira. And another. Now it’s Gojira with a kneedrop. She takes a run at the far ropes.

Congo: And goes over the tope rope! Medusa pulled down the top rope. I love it!

Allan: Neither referee saw that, and Medusa is denying at all, of course. Gojira gets to her feet slowly. Dalbello grabs her by the hair and into the ring. A kick to Gojira’s knee. That knee has been a problem to the big woman her entire career, and the Misfits know it. Congo: Dalbello is placing that leg on the bottom rope, right by a neutral corner. She climbs to the second rope…and CRASHES down on the prone leg. That’ll turn the knee pretty bad.

Allan: Gojira is holding her knee and limping as she gets to her feet. Dalbello tags out to Godiva, who runs into Gojira with a clothesline. The bog woman backs into a corner, but doesn’t go down. Godiva delivering a standing dropkick to Gojira, and she stays in that corner. Impressive stuff from the feisty brit! Now Godiva backs up…and a running forearm smash. Gojira down on one knee now! Godiva moves in behind Gojira…and a front-rolling neck snap. That’s more the kind of move I’d expect to see out of Ms. Perfect. Maybe their sharing their repertoire.

Congo: What’s this, a French word from Bishop? I didn’t know you were so well-educated. I thought you took something like basket-weaving in University. Allan: I’m not sure what I took is important, but nevertheless, it’s Godiva now, with a standing elbowdrop. Godiva picks up those legs…she’s going for a Scorpion Deathlock. If she can apply this, it’s over. Listen to the anticipation in that crowd…

Congo: She’s locked it in!!!!

(CROWD POPS LIKE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Allan: The Fire Angel comes in to break it up…Dalbello enters the ring trying to intercept her. Uriquidez….leapfrogs over Dalbello and delivers a spinning heel kick to the back of Godiva’s head!! Godiva may be knocked cold!!

(Crowd continues to pop)

Allan: Maria broke the hold, and now the ref is trying to get her back in her corner. While his back is turned Dalbello drags her partner to a neutral corner and returns to grab Gojira by the hair.

Congo: Wait a minute. The ref on the outside is now on the ring apron telling Dalbello to clear the ring. I think Ms. Perfect may need some practice in illegal tagging.

Allan: Dalbello gives Gojira a knee to the back for good measure, and then returns to her corner. Both Godiva and Gojira are stunned and need to make the tag. It’s Gojira on her feet first. She limps over to Godiva in that neutral corner and starts choking her against the bottom rope.

Congo: Now the big woman backs up and lands hard on Godiva’s back. Medusa is going crazy on the outside.

Allan: Gojira tags out, and here comes the Fire Angel! She hauls Godiva to her feet and peppers her with lefts and rights. She whip Godiva into the ropes…HURRICARANA!!!!

(Crowd Pops HARD!!!)

Allan: Here’s the pin!

1 . . . . 2 . . Allan: And that’s all! Godiva with a strong kickout.

Congo: Now Maria’s got Rage’s legs…headbutt to the midsection.

Allan: Uriquidez heads for the corner. She’s going to that top rope, where she’s at home. Medusa heading to that corner too. Uh-oh, the ref better keep an eye on her. Dalbello is keeping the outside referee busy, and Medusa knocks Maria off her perch! She crashes into the ring


Congo: Godiva tags out and here comes a fresh Dalbello Rage. She hauls Maria to her feet and delivers a series of European uppercuts. Shades of Zaranna. Now she’s hitting Maria with punches. Dalbello Rage, not giving Uriquidez any breathing room. Gutwrench suplex!

Allan: And Dalbello picks up Maria and delivers a German suplex. She is absolutely manhandling the high-flier!

Congo: Um, manhandling?

Allan: Or woman-handling, as the case may be. She keeps those arms wrapped around Maria, and delivers another devastating German suplex! She bridges for the pin

1 . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . . . . Congo: Broken up by Gojira. I must say the tag team continuity of Burning Rain is growing by leaps and bounds. But their still not in the class of the Misfits.

Allan: And it looks like the champs are out to teach the Rain that lesson as Dalbello stomps away on Maria. Medusa is yelling for her team to switch up, and Dalbello goes to make the tag.

Congo: The powerhouse of the team, Godiva, taking her time. She picks up Maria and delivers a chopblock. She backs up…takes a running start at Maria…and Maria with a hiptoss! She pulled that out of nowhere.

Allan: But The Fire Angel is too worn to capitalize. Godiva gets to her feet first and takes another run at Maria. Here’s another hiptoss…No, it’s blocked! Godiva wraps a hand around Maria.

(Crowd builds up anticipation…)

Allan: C*H*O*K*E*S*L*A*M*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(CROWD POPS BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Congo: Godiva raises her hand in the air! Now she’s posing for the fans! That girl is something else…

(Crowd all turns to face the aisle) Allan: Oh, wait a minute. We’ve got some uninvited guests. The Double Otanashis are heading down to ringside.

(Kurumi comes down to ringside with a kendo stick in her hand, staring at the ring. Kasumi follows her and tries to get in front of her. Kasumi faces Kurumi and pleads with her.)

Allan: Oh no. The renegade Otanashi is coming to settle the score with Burning Rain. That’s terrible!

Congo: That’s not the worst of it. If Kurumi nails Burning Rain with that stick, The Misfits will get disqualified, and because of Vessey’s stupid new rule, they’ll lose the belts!

(Crowd is booing)

Allan: I bet Gojira wishes she could have kept her stick. Kasumi gets in front of her sister once more, but Kurumi tosses her aside and sprints for the ring. Here we go!!

Congo: Kasumi runs right over to the Rain corner…

Allan: And passes it! What the hell? OH MY GOD! Kurumi just nailed Dalbello Rage with that stick! Dalbello is on the ring apron, screaming in agony! Kasumi is weeping at her sister’s actions.

(Crowd is booing, throwing trash)

Congo: And here comes Medusa, caught a little off guard! Godiva right behind her! Medusa nails Kurumi with a clothesline! Now she and Godiva are stomping away and Kasumi is trying to get them to stop attacking Kurumi!

Allan: It’s chaos out here. The Burning Rain are totally bewildered! The ref calls for the bell


Allan: This match obviously ending in a disqualification.

Congo: Kurumi and Godiva are squaring off, as are Kasumi and Medusa! There are punches being thrown like mad. The Burning Rain have seen enough, they’re entering the fray!


Congo: Both Gojira and Maria are helping Godiva beat up on Kurumi! I know for a fact that Gojira carries a grudge for anyone who would attack the knee. Medusa isn’t faring so well against Kasumi….Kasumi just delivered a stand suplex on the concrete! My word!

Allan: And here comes Indigo Browne! She’s here to help her old mentor! But where’s Sierra?

Congo: Who cares, Bishop? Indigo Browne heads over to Kasumi and starts exchanging punches! Dalbello Rage is just limping to her feet after that whack with the Kendo Stick, but Medusa is still down!

Allan: Fans it is absolute mayhem out here! Maria is holding Kurumi while Godiva grabs a chair. This is it for Kurumi! WHAM! Godiva just nailed the Otanashi with the hardest chair shot I ever saw!

Congo: Medusa, Dalbello, and Indigo Browne are all wailing away on Kasumi, but Dalbello and Medusa are both badly hurt.


Allan: And here come the Hyena Queens, running down to ringside. We’ve got more than half the entire Tag division duking it out tonight!

Congo: This is great, Bishop! I bet Denmark Vessey is pissing himself right now! Fair play this, El Presidente!

Allan: The African Dawgs, wasting no time, heading right for Medusa Rage


Allan: There is absolutely nothing anyone can do, these women are gonna kill each other! Terry McMillan and Angela Bassett, now, attacking Medusa Rage, clubbing her with forearms. Dalbello Rage is trading lefts and rights with Kasumi, but she’s not getting much behind her punches with that bad leg. Indigo Browne is trying to fight off the Hyena Queens, but without much success! Again, where is Sierra?

Congo: There are about a dozen officials trying to get between these ladies, but all they’re doing is slowing them down! Over on the other side, Kurumi is bleeding heavily from a cut above the eye. Nevertheless, she’s trying to choke the life out of Maria Uriquidez on that metal rail but Godiva pulls her off and throws her into the ring. Maria is left gasping for breath as Godiva enters the ring and picks up Kurumi for a…..Powerslam!!!


Allan: I have never seen anything like this in my entire life! Indigo Browne gets a thumb to the eye, courtesy of Powerbomb! Dalbello has Kurumi in a full nelson! The Technician is picking up those metal stairs. Oh no! She throws then down on the prone Medusa Rage!

Congo: Now someone else is heading down the aisle…who is that? I’ve never seen this dark-skinned woman before!

Allan: I think I’ve seen her near Medusa Rage in some of her recent interviews. In any case, she runs over to Terry McMillan and delivers a knee to the back! The Technician goes sprawling into the metal ring post! Now this mystery woman heads for Powerbomb as she pummels Medusa Rage!

Congo: She kicks Bassett in the stomach. She’s got Angela Bassett’s noggin between her legs. Officials are crowding this woman, trying to get her to release Bassett.

Allan: P**O**W**E**R**B**O**M**B**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congo: This woman just powerbombed the Powerbomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allan: In the ring, Godiva Rage has legdropped Kurumi, and now she….Plancha Dives over the top rope and onto Kurumi who was being held in that full nelson.

Congo: Burning Rain has seen enough, they’re heading back to ringside before anyone else comes out.

Allan: And this mystery woman has single-handedly dispatched the Hyena Queens! They go over the guard rail and into the crowd, probably back to their dressing room!

Congo: Kurumi is bleeding badly, but she slips through the bottom rope and collects Kasumi, who got nailed with that plancha. The Otanashis look much the worse for wear, they’re hightailing it out of here!

Allan: Dalbello can barely stand up, and Medusa is just lying there. Indigo Browne is helping Medusa while Dalbello leans on her partner Godiva.

Congo: That just leaves this mystery woman, who chases the Otanashis up the aisle and behind the curtain. Spud’s got the mike. My word, I almost forgot this started out as a wrestling match!



Congo: These fans really got their money’s worth tonight! The Age of Rage is back in the ring celebrating to the applause of the audience. Indigo shakes hands with the Misfits. But who was that other woman? Believe me, Bishop, this is not over!

Allan: Well, it is for tonight. Thanks for watching, folks

(Fade out as fireworks erupt around the Age of Rage in the ring)


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