Heidi Leick vs. Amanda Reese in the main event from Japan.

Scene opens up on a jammed packed Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, Japan. “Tom Sawyer” by RUSH starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of old school Grand Dragon fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


[The G.D.W.A. presents the Road to Glory: the Asian Tour]

Wildchild Hatori vs. Panda Nakahara

Tanaka: A pickup by Nakahara an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Panda with a head of steam as The Wildchild bounces off and Panda Nakahara with a Clothesline!

(Fans pop as the Panda does the Panda dance.)

Tanaka: The Wildchild crawling for the far ropes, and Panda running after her. A pickup and an Irish Whip to the far ropes.

Loh: The Wildchild bouncing off and HITS the Hurricanranaaaaaaaaa!!!

Ref: 1……………………2…………………kick out!

Loh: Both women up and The Wildchild Hatori backing up….

Tanaka: Panda charging in after her as The Wildchild backs into the corner!

Matsuda: Too much power…she’s intimidated by the Panda’s size and strength.

Loh: Panda charging into the corner and nails away with VADER-FOREARMS to the side of the head! Hatori is quivering, she’s dazed!

(Fans pop!)

Tanaka: And now Panda Nakahara with a full Nelson, and hoists her up! Panda picks up a head of steam…..AND SLAMS HER TO THE MAT!

(Fans CHEER)

Matsuda: and Hatori HIT HARD. Panda now, with a handful of hair and a scoop . . . BODYSLAM!!!

(Fans applaud as she applies a Double Leg pickup.)

Loh: Hatori waving her arms….

Tanaka: …and the Panda trying to turn her over…

(Fans all stand as Hatori holds her back.)


(Fans all cheer as The Wildchild taps.)


(Fans ALL pop!!!)

Tanaka: Panda clutching her shoulder as Wildchild Hatori crawls for the ropes.

Loh: Good win by the GDWA grappler Panda Nakahara. And a great homecoming for her.

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 9 minutes 23 seconds, your winner via submission…Panda Nakahara!

(Fans all applaud as Panda helps up the Wildchild. Panda begins dancing as the camera pans over to a broadcast booth near the ring curtain. A Canadian White male and a Creole American sit comfortably at a booth with the GDWA logo over it.)

Bishop: Wrestling fans, we welcome you to another edition of the Tuesday Night Catfight. Many of you will be watching this on tape delay on the LIFETIME Network, the network for women.

Mutt: Hell, who’s gonna be up at 4 in the morning on a school night to watch wrestling? Not YOUR kids, Allen Bishop!

Bishop: They better not be! Anyway fans, in the ring Takuro Tatsumi is doing the intros for the rest of the card this evening.

Mutt: Hell, Panda FINALLY earned a win in Grand Dragon. After that loss to Princess Yamaguchi, she needed to defeat The Wildchild.

Bishop: Anyway fans, we have a great card for you this evening.

(Fans can be heard cheering in the background as the announcer introduces Amanda Reese.)

Bishop: Fans, we have 2 Preliminary World Title tournament matches this evening . . . a debut of two Superheavyweight newcomers…and a Sudden Death Bracket Cruiserweight Division match up.

Mutt: You’re talking about the Technician Rachel “Ice” Edwards facing Anais Exotica! And I’ll tell ya, Rachel needs a good showing to throw off the efforts of Exotica.

Bishop: Also, in our first bout of the evening. “The Hammer” Aiko Motokawa faces fellow newcomer Belle Jones.

Mutt: I love watching newbies come to Grand Dragon…we’ll see if they can hang!

Bishop: Also, in World Title matches, Amanda Reese faces Heidi Leick, and Daisy Butterfly faces Marissa Monet.

Mutt: Monet is a big woman…Daisy better bring the pain tonight to take out Miss Millennium…and as for Amanda Reese…now we’ll see she can handle Miss Extreme the “Diamond Girl”.

Bishop: No doubt, both women WANT to be the WORLD CHAMPION!

Mutt: And I’ll bet that the Syndicate is in the house alongside their girl Heidi.

Bishop: Fans, let’s go to the ring where Takuro Tatsumi is waiting.

(The overhead lights up pictures of the upcoming combatants as Takuro Tatsumi pulls out cue cards in the middle of the ring.)

Belle Jones vs. Aiko Motokawa

Takuro Tatsumi: Wrestling fans, our very first match up is a GDWA Heavyweight Division bout scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.

[“Five to One” by The Doors begins to blare through the PA, as the crowd sits in wonderment for a moment. As the song begins to pick up the curtain parts and out steps all 6′ and 200lbs of Belle Jones. She is dressed in her black one piece tights with no sleeves and a low cut neck. Black knee pads, and black boots. Her matted hair is knocked back out of her face, and over her upper body is the EXTREMELY tight “Tiger Trio” t-shirt that she had on earlier. She walks slowly to the ring, with an angry look on her face, and pays no attention to the quiet crowd.]

Tatsumi: Hailing from Blackpool, England. She is 6 feet tall weighing in at 206 pounds, making her Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance debut, here is Belle Jones!

[Once to the ring she steps over the top rope and walks to the middle of the ring, looking around for a moment. Then as the song begins to die down she balls up her fist and lunges it high above her head letting out a slight yell as she does. Upon doing this the tight t-shirt splits straight up the back and her arm drops immediately as her angry expression turns to a disgusted one and she rips the shirt off of her body]

Mutt: Jones is a big brawler, but that’s about all I know about her. She’s a newbie and hasn’t earned her marks yet.

Bishop: Tonight she faces the Hammer, and I wonder how they’ve prepared for each other.

Tatsumi: And her opponent….hailing from Fujisawa City!

(Fans cheer as they hear “Come With Me” by Puff Daddy.)

Mutt: She’s from Tokyo? I guess she’s a local!

Tatsumi: Also making her Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance debut. She stands 5 feet 7 inches, 210 pounds, here is Aiko “”Kanazuchi” Motokawa!!!

(Fans applaud as Motokawa heads down the aisle. She wears black baggy tights with a red sleeves top. Down the right leg of the pants “MOTOKAWA” is written in red letters vertically, “HAMMER” down the left in the same style block lettering. A silver stripe can be seen on either side of the lettering. The top is red spandex with silver trim around the neck, arm holes, and wide silver bands down each side under the arm holes. The chest of the top bears Motokawa’s logo. The logo features the initials “AHM” emblazed in white with black trim over the top of a flame containing two crossed sledge hammers.)

Bishop: Motokawa entering the ring, and Jones is glaring at her…

Mutt: The ref ringing for the bell, and here we go!


Bishop: Both women encircling one another….AND THEY BEGIN BASHING EACH OTHER WITH FOREARM SHOTS!!!

(Fans all pop!)

Bishop: Akira is getting weak kneed, and Belle Jones now with an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Akira bouncing off and Jones with a Huuuuuuuuuge Clothesline!!

(Mixed cheers as Motokawa hits the canvas hard.)

Mutt: Jones showing her power, and now a pickup. Jones with a knee lift and shoves her into the near corner.

Bishop: And Motokawa shoots out of it with a kick to the chest! Belle stumbling backwards and Jones with a stiff kicks to the legs of Jones.

Mutt: Jones down to the mat, and now a hair pull pickup and she nails away with Knee Blows to the head. Jones is dazed, and now an Irish Whip to the near corner….

Bishop: Jones hits hard as The Hammer goes flying in…but Jones with a head of steam _ducking_ the Lariat and slaps on a Waistlock for…


(Fans applaud as Belle Jones gets to her feet.)

Bishop: Jones backing into the near ropes, bouncing off and leaps up…..NAILS a *BIG* Jumping Elbowdrop!

(Mixed cheers as Jones makes the lateral press.)

Ref: 1………………………….2……………kick out!

Bishop: Jones with a hair pull pickup and slaps on a Front Face lock.

Mutt: And now she’s grinding down on her, trying to wear out her fellow heavyweight.

(Fans applaud then begin to boo as someone comes out through the curtains.)

Mutt: Both ladies apparently have the same strategy…forearm shots and high impact maneuvers. They didn’t know much about each other while this match was signed.

Bishop: Who is coming down the…aw hell.

(Fans boo as Marissa Monet saunters down the aisle.)

Mutt: Aiko powering out of the facelock, but Belle is soooo strong… Fireman’s Carry pickup into a Samoan Drop!!

(Fans cheer as Jones crawls for the near corner.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: A pickup and Aiko nails away with Clubbing inside Forearms to the head. Jones is dazed and she slaps on a Waistlock… Belly To Belly Suplex!!

Ref: 1………………………..2…………kick out!

Bishop: A hair pull pickup by Aiko and she slaps on a front face lock…but Jones with a leglock.

Mutt: And Jones with a handful of tights….VERTICAL SUPLEX!

(Mixed cheers as Belle Jones picks up Aiko.)

Bishop: Jones with a Gutwrench pickup into a GUTWRENCH SULPEX!

(More cheers.)

Bishop: Another pickup by Jones, and this time it is a Gutwrench pickup….INTO A P*O*W*E*R*B*O*M*B!

((Fans ALL POP!))

Mutt: Jones is obviously the stronger of the two, and Monet is watching all of this with interest.

Bishop: And Jones looks primed for the win. A pickup and she hoists up Aiko….Scoop and Bodyslam!

Mutt: And now Jones backing into the side ropes, bouncing off and NAILS the Hammer with a falling Headbutt!

Ref: 1……………………….2……………..kick out!

Bishop: Jones with another pickup, and Irish Whips her to the far ropes. The Hammer bounces off and . . .

Mutt: The Hammer with a Spinning Back Elbow!

(Mixed cheers as Belle Jones drops to one knee.)

Bishop: Aiko with a pickup and a Front face lock…but Jones with a High Back Body Block!!!!

(Americans pop as Jones flexes her muscles.)

Bishop: Aiko pointing to her back and the referee forcing Jones away…

Mutt: But she is fighting the ref. She wants a piece of Motokawa.

(Fans all boo as Marissa Monet hops through the ropes.)

Mutt: And here comes Monet!

Bishop: Marissa with a Crescent kick to her blind side and Jones goes down!


Mutt: Aiko looking on as she hops back up to her feet.

Bishop: She wasn’t hurt at all! Aiko was playing possum!

(Fans all boo as Marissa Monet picks up Jones.)

Bishop: Monet, slapping her hand around Jones’ neck?

(Fans all stand as Monet looks around the arena.)

Bishop: She hoists her up……HAND OF G-O-D CHOKESLAM!!!!

((Americans bark: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! ))

Mutt: Jones is 205 pounds, and the 6 foot 7 Monet hoisted her up into the air and planted like she was 150 pounds!

Bishop: Aiko laughing as Monet smiles and points down at Jones. Both women stomping away on her, and the referee is trying to regain…

(Fans pop: “Ohhhhhh!” as Monet slaps her hand around Aiko.)

Bishop: Aiko flailing her arms, and Monet looking deep into her eyes! She hoists her up……HAND OF G-O-D CHOKESLAM!!!!


(Fans all booing as Aiko crawls for the near ropes.)

Bishop: Belle Jones is slow to her knees, and Monet with a handful of tights and tosses her through the ropes to the outside.

(Security rushes down the aisle as Marissa Monet stomps away on Aiko Motokawa.)

Bishop: Monet with a handful of hair and tosses her OVER the top rope!

(Fans all boo as Monet spits down on the canvas and nods her head.)

Bishop: She’s such an egomaniac! She can’t be the only big woman in Grand Dragon, so she tries to eliminate the competition.

(Fans continue to boo as security ushers Monet out of the ring.)

Bishop: Monet faces Butterfly tonight, and I hope the former Ironwoman beats the hell out of Monet…she ruined a good match.

Mutt: Monet is laying her claim in Grand Dragon, so to hell with you Bishop!

Bishop: Alright fans, let’s go back to the ring with Takuro Tatsumi.

Lida Yanagisawa

Tatsumi: We now present to you a woman who will face America’s May Order in the Semifinals of the Transnational Cruiserweight tournament. She is Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiida Yannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnagisssssssssssawa!

[Opening beats of “What Y’all Want” by Eve shake through the arena.] [CROWD ERUPTS!!!] [Out steps Lida Yanagisawa to a massive crowd pop. She wears her shiny red and black attire with high cut shorts and a bare midriff, with the Japanese characters for “Aguila Dojo” written in black on the sides of her high, deep red boots.]

Mutt: Lida embracing the fans in her hometown…but I’ll tell ya this, when we go back to the States, those ingrates won’t know how to appreciate an athlete of her caliber.

Bishop: Anyway fans, Lida beat Jen Grier last week to enter the Semifinals…but can she defeat the red hot “Double O” Officer May order?

[Lida begins her usual strut to the ring, but as in last week, shows none of her characteristic smirk, only an intense, almost shaken looking gaze to the wildly emotional crowd…she pauses as an attendant parts the ropes for a moment, and slowly enters the ring. Lida brushes her hazel-dyed hair back as she takes the mic… she appears to be breathing unevenly as she stands in the middle of the ring, looking out at the cheering fans, but she does not smile. Music fades out.]

Lida: “Pull that camera in close.”

[Cheers stagger as Lida begins]

Lida: (takes a deep breath and looks down to the mat, then back up at the crowd) “Last week, the Fukuoka Dome was filled with 30,000 fans to see the greatest wrestlers in the world compete for the GDWA cruiserweight title. All of them…”

[Lida stops for a moment, shuts her eyes momentarily as her voice gets shaky.]

Lida: “… and all of you, know me.” (She gulps down air before continuing) “You know the reputation, the rumors…”

[Crowd goes to a hush]

Lida: “You know who my father was. I’ve been around the world, from here to Mexico and the States. And never…”

[Lida bows her head for a moment, taking a deep breath. Her eyes glisten.]

Lida: “Never have I heard anything like I heard from them, or I’m hearing from you.”


Lida: (pauses briefly, her breathing unsteady as she continues) “They say Aguila Dojo made me. Mexico and the US made me. But only here, in my native country, has anyone-” (she stops suddenly, here words being choked out of her mouth) “-welcomed me-”

[Crowd erupts again in massive roar! Lida turns to see all the fans… a tear has appeared down her face…]

Lida: “This…” (She wipes away the tear} “… You need to understand.” (She takes a breath) “This epoch is MINE. That hasn’t changed.” (Her breathing steadies) “I’m going to the states to finish this tournament. Only when I come back, I’m bringing home the most important title in the world. The wrestler’s title. A title of tradition. I promise you, I will stand in this ring and hoist that belt over my head!”

[Another deafening roar!!!]

Lida: “Look out there, May!!!” [Crowd is still in a frenzy] “Look at these fans!!! THEY MADE THIS SPORT!! THEY MADE ME!!!! And they made–” (tears stream down Lida’s face as she screams-) “A CHAMPION!!!! AND I WILL NOT ALLOW THEM TO BE DENIED!!!!!!!!”

[Crowd erupts in cheers!! Lida tosses the mic away, and slides out of the ring. Her music bumps through the arena as she struts down the aisle, walking tall as her tears flow down her face.]

Bishop: What is this? A heel with a heart?

Mutt: Hey Bishop, she’s at home…

Bishop: So much for her Yakuza tough girl gimmick!

Mutt: Oh geesh!

Rachel Edwards vs. Anais Exotica

Takuro Tatsumi: Wrestling fans, our next contest is a tournament match up for the Transnational Cruiserweight Championship. It is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.

[The slow, languid strands of the theme from “Exotica” startup and a curtain of smoke billows across the entranceway. A single, red-tinged spotlight illuminates the smoke, and slowly a form can be seen. Draped in a long cloak, red in the light, only the figure’s head is visible, the cloak hiding the body and spilling to the floor. The music pics up and she casts the cloak off in a spin, letting it flutter to the floor as she bathes in spotlight. The blonde, supple form of “The Showgirl” Anais Exotica is sheathed in white one-piece singlet with a red and black flame design licking along the edges of her ribcage. White boots with red buckles and fingerless, white, elbow-high gloves complete the ensemble.]

Tatsumi: Hailing from Nevada, United States. She stands 5 feet 7 and weighs 129 pounds, here is “The Showgirl” Anais Exotica!

Mutt: The Sports Entertainer here in a very big match up. She faces the former Number 1 seed in the tourney.

Bishop: But she hasn’t looked well in recent weeks. She had her wrestling boots stolen by Dina Porter for Christ’s Sake.

[She stops halfway down the ramp, eyeing the Japanese crowd and assessing their reaction. A slight smirk plays across her face, like a secret joke she’s sharing with herself. She slinks the rest of the way to the ring, and slither under the bottom rope, crawling on hands and knees towards the ref before finally climbing to her feet.]

Bishop: She’s odd as all hell, but somehow she’s reached the Quarter finals of the Cruiserweight tourney.

Mutt: And we’ve seen already that Edwards has incredible talent. Now, we’ll see if Exotica can hang.

Tatsumi: And her opponent…hailing from Sacramento, California! She stands 5 feet 4 inches, 128 pounds…here is Rachel “Ice” Edwards.

(Fans boo as Edwards heads down the aisle. Her hair is flowing freely and she wears a black and lime two piece with the word ‘ICE’ running down her leg.)

Bishop: Dawn Le the official calling the technician over, and Exotica blowing into the official’s ear?

(The Americans whistle and cheer as Exotica winks.)

Mutt: Boy oh boy…if I had just 5 minutes alone with her!

Bishop: The ref has gone over the rules…and here we go!


Bishop: Exotica very cautious as we begin this one. Edwards moving in and a Drop toe hold by the Icewoman.

Mutt: Edwards immediately into the ropes as Exotica crawls into the ropes.

(Fans applaud as the referee divides the two.)

Mutt: Exotica does not want to be caught in a mat game. Just ask Marissa Monet. She’s gonna want to stay away from Daisy’s technical assault tonight.

Bishop: The Icewoman ready to go as Exotica walks along the ropes. She’s keeping her back to the ropes, away from Edwards.

Mutt: Anais feeling her out, and the Icewoman….

Bishop: A slap from Exotica!

(Fans all groan as Exotica slips out of the ring and onto the ring apron.)

Bishop: Edwards is shocked as referee Dawn Le warns her.

Mutt: Wasn’t she the ref responsible for the Order/Sakura controversy?

Le: 2………………………….3…………4……..

Bishop: Anyway, Exotica sliding back into the ring and Edwards charges in.

Mutt: Exotica hooking the ropes, and Edwards with an Armdrag…

Bishop: And Edwards falls back onto the ring and Monkey flips her to the canvas!

(Fans applaud as Edwards holds onto the Armdrag.)

Mutt: Edwards’ back is to the ropes and Exotica can’t reach them. Great ring positioning by the Icewoman.

Bishop: Exotica up to her knee, and Edwards slapping on an Armbar. Real tight as Exotica slaps the canvas.

Mutt: And Exotica is back on the mat as the Icewoman applies more pressure. Rachel shoulda been the first seed in this tourney, but she just got careless.

Bishop: Edwards up to her knees as Exotica rises up with her…and now the technician up to her feet, holding on to the Armbar.

Mutt: And Exotica rakes the eyes! Now a Wrist-grab and an Armdrag by Exotica?

Bishop: Anais with a Scoop and Bodyslam!

Mutt: the “Showgirl” backs into the ropes as the shocked Icewoman rises up to her knees. Anais bouncing off and…

Bishop: NAILS a *snapping* Legdrop to the back of the head!

(Fans all groan as Exotica rises back up to her feet.)

Bishop: Exotica measuring her and nails *another* Legdrop to the back of the head. Edwards is stunned as Exotica picks her up and slaps on a front face lock….

Mutt: *snap* Suplex . . . !

Bishop: And a cover!

Le: 1………………………….2………………..no!

(Fans applaud as Rachel strongly kicks out.)

Bishop: Exotica running to the side ropes as Edwards is slow to her feet. Exotica bouncing off and Edwards with a Leapfrog.

(Fans all begin to cheer as Anais Exotica runs to the far side.)

Bishop: Exotica bouncing off and Edwards with a High Knee lift and front face lock…Swinging Neckbreaker!!

(Fans applaud.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Edwards up to her feet and runs to the near ropes. She bounces off as Exotica gets to her feet…

Mutt: Clothesline…no!

Bishop: High Back Body by Exotica!

Mutt: But Edwards lands on her feet. Spins around with a Spinning Heel Kick….._MISSED_….

Bishop: and Exotica with a Standing Dropkick!

(Fans all applaud as Exotica runs for the near ropes.)

Bishop: Exotica bouncing off and hopping over the stunned Edwards and backflips for a Standing Moonsault!

(Fans all whistle as she cradles the leg.)

Le: ………………………………..1



(Fans all applaud as Rachel Edwards kicks out.)

Mutt: Great pace by “Miss Sports Entertainment.” She’s got the Technician reeling.

Bishop: A pickup by Anais, and a Backbreaker!

Mutt: And now Anais is running for the side ropes. Edwards is slow to her feet as Anais Exotica SPRINGBOARDS off the ropes and…


(Fans ALL POP!)

Bishop: Exotica spinning around and plants herself behind Edwards. The Icewoman is slow to her feet, turns around…

Mutt: S U P E R K I C k

((Fans all pop as Anais Exotica heads for the far corner!))

Bishop: Edwards was nailed flesh on the chin!

(Fans all rise as Exotica scales the turnbuckles.)

Mutt: Exotica has never looked so good. And now, she’s one move away from sending Rachel Edwards back to the United States and out of Glory Days.

(The Americans all whistle as Exotica rubs her hips up on the top turnbuckle.)

Bishop: Exotica up high, and she’s poised firmly at the top!

Mutt: She’s taking too much time!

Bishop: Exotica leaping off the top…..

(((Fans all stand and whistle)))

Bishop: F L Y I N G – E L B O W D R O P

Mutt: And she grapevines the leg!

Le: 1…………………………..




Bishop: She got it! Rachel Edwards is out of the tourney!

(Fans all applaud as Exotica slithers across the canvas and kneels.)

Mutt: The referee raising her arm in victory, and I must admit that I thought Edwards was gonna win this one. Exotica has never looked so good, so focused.

Takuro Tatsumi: Your winner via pinfall, at 6 minutes and 13 seconds….”the Showgirl” Anais Exotica!

(Fans applaud as the referee raises her hand in victory.)

Bishop: Now, ‘Jumping’ Jennifer Grier shall face Anais Exotica in the Semifinals of the tourney. The winner goes to Glory Days and the loser goes home.

Mutt: Grier better put away her anger and focus on wrestling a great match, because Exotica looks incredible. She has all of the momentum of a top contender.

Bishop: A great bout by Edwards early on, but Exotica counter wrestled her and got the 3 count.

Mutt: Well, speaking of three counts, Monet is gonna either choke out or outright destroy Daisy Butterfly.

Bishop: A Main Event match up anywhere, there’s no way Monet simply “destroys” the Franchise. She is a former Internet and Intercontinental Champion…she was the inaugural Ironwoman…

Mutt: Who gives a rat’s ass! That’s the OLD Grand Dragon…these are new waters and you have to adapt your game to handle grapplers like Heidi Leick, Amanda Reese, Marissa Monet and Anais Exotica! Get over the past, Bishop, because this is a new day with a new Dragon!

Daisy Butterfly vs. Marissa Monet

Takuro Tatsumi: Wrestling fans, our next contest is a tournament match up for the GDWA World Heavyweight Championship. It is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.

[The houselights go down. The crowd begins to buzz in anticipation as the first futuristic beat pulses through the sound system. The bass and drums pump and kick and Missy Elliott’s “The Rain” signals the arrival of the future. The crowd begins to boo as the curtains part and Marissa Monet strides out, drawing herself to her full 6’5 height. Her face is preternaturally calm, almost expressionless. She strides toward the ring, wearing long black tights, hard kneepads and black kickboxer’s shin guards over her knee-length boots. She wears a cut-off red T-shirt with MillenniuM written across the front. Across the back is stenciled F— OFF AND DIE!]

Tatsumi: Hailing from New York, United States! She stands 6 feet 5 and 208 pounds…here is Marissa Monet!

[Marissa strides to the ring, loosening her braided hair so that it falls freely about her shoulders. Her hazel eyes shine sharply. The polished onyx of her skin glistens as she steps up to the ring, staring out at the crowd in utter contempt.]

Bishop: This is going to be a trying test for the former Ironwoma…

Mutt: OH yeah, we’ve already felt Monet’s presence this evening. And now, Marissa is gonna have to live up to the hype or destroy Daisy.

Bishop: Fans, the winner of this bout will go to Glory Days to face the winner of the Mary/Order bout. And oh boy, Double M obviously has got something to say…

[She calls for a microphone and gets it. She raises it to her mouth, pausing, making eye contact with the fans. They recognize the contempt in her expression and respond with resounding boos.]

Marissa: Daisy Butterfly, it seems that you have been presented with a challenge. Rekka Sakura wants you to back out of the World Title tournament so you can face her at Glory days. Well, she’s as good as out of the Cruiserweight tournament. And you, Daisy Butterfly, you don’t have to worry about thinking over that pathetic challenge. You don’t have to worry about whether or not you face that puny little “hater.” Because Daisy, you and all your fraudulent tactics won’t pass muster against the future. The least trusted superstar in the GDWA? You think nobody realizes you’re trying to fool them and make the big switch? You see all these pathetic morons out here? They’re all on to you. They go back to their little keyboards and their pathetic little lives and chat on message boards and e-mail about what’s going to happen next. They place little wagers and try to influence the powers that be by voicing their opinions. Well, the fans don’t trust you. The Ivory Towers don’t trust you. Hell, I don’t trust you. So bring yourself down here. Step into the ring with the future and find out that your time has long since passed. You are not fit to survive. And Daisy … (she pauses as the crowd boos) … oooh … Marissa’s gonna kill you!

(Fans all boo as Marissa tosses the mic and waits in the middle of the ring.)

Bishop: Daisy Butterfly has come back to this sport for one reason, and one reason only, and that is to capture the gold that has eluded her throughout her career. The Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship.

Mutt: And do you think she can defeat Double M? I don’t know…

Tatsumi: And her opponent…

(The arena lights drop to a crowd pop…Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” rolls in over the PA with the opening drum beat. As soon as the electric bass line kicks, huge red and white fountain pyros explode at the aisle way entrance with a giant bang. The lights are raised, the smoke clears and Daisy Butterfly stands in a matter-of-fact pose, arms crossed, smirking as she looks down the aisle. She wears a red sleeveless one-piece bodysuit; the midriff exposed to show her chiseled abs; and white shootfight-style boots and kneepads. Over her wrestling attire.)

Tatsumi: Hailing from California, United States. She is 5 feet 7 and 145 pounds, here is ‘the Franchise’ Daisy Butterfly!

Bishop: Daisy heading down the aisle, and she looks concerned.

Mutt: No doubt she should…the fans may have heard on “Between the Ropes” that Daisy has had a string of bad luck as of late. She needs to be on her A & B game to defeat Miss Millennium.

Bishop: Daisy climbing through the ropes, and Monet complying with referee to back off and….

Tatsumi: And introducing your guest referee….

(The Crowd gives a mixed reaction as they hear ‘Bad Boys’ by Inner Circle begin to play over the PA. Red and Blue lights sweep the Arena as fountains of red and blue sparks begin to rain down on the entrance ways. On the Dragontron, we see ‘ 911 ‘ in burning letter across a black background, which is quickly replaced with a montage of Double O in action. As this is going on, Double O steps through the shower of sparks and into the spotlight. As she does, Order is greeted by a mild pop which seems to set her back a bit.)

Bishop: The surprise guest referee, Officer May Order?!

(Dressed in combat boots, black jeans, and a striped referee’s shirt, Double O quickly runs to ringside, slapping hands and exchanging High Fives with many fans along the way. After sliding into the ring, she does a quick kip up and signals that she’s ready.)

Mutt: And notice, Monet is smiling while Daisy B is in shock…I think Monet knew about this! I think she caught wind while Daisy doesn’t have a clue!

(Fans all popping as Order ushers out official Dawn Le and goes over the rules with the combatants.)

Bishop: Fans, May has come to bring Order! This is gonna be a hot one…let’s hook ’em up!


(Americans all whistle as Monet stands in the middle of the ring, nodding her head and smiling.)

Bishop: You just don’t know how big this woman is…Daisy looking on at the 6 foot 5 monster.

(Fans boo as Marissa points to Daisy’s cast.)

Mutt: Marissa wants that cast checked, and she very well should. It’s an illegal object….

Bishop: It is not! Anyway, referee Officer May Order checking on Madame Butterfly’s arm….


Bishop: And Daisy dives out of the way!

(Fans all applaud as Daisy grabs her by the collar and tosses Marissa into the corner.)

Bishop: Daisy firing away with that cast to the head of Marissa. Double M is dazed and Daisy with an Armlock and a hip…

(Fans all go “ohh!” as Marissa shakes her head no.)

Bishop: Daisy going for a hip toss, but Monet grabbing the ropes…and now, Monet firing away with punches to the head of Daisy.

Mutt: Butterfly is dazed, and Monet with a Collar hold of her own and….A JUDO THROW?!

(Fans pop as Daisy does a Kip Up back to her feet.)

Bishop: And Monet with a head of steam….RUNNING BELLY TO BELLY!

(Americans bark: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Bishop: Daisy clutching her back, and now Marissa with a hair pull pickup and an Irish Whip RIGHT INTO A BIG BOOT TO THE HEAD!

(Fans all boo as Monet raises her hand in a black fisted salute.)

Mutt: Marissa zeroing in on the Ironwoman’s head, maybe prepping her for that Head-Wrecker Japanese Chokehold.

Bishop: Daisy into the ropes, and she’s dazed. Double O wants a break and Monet backing off. Quite unlike her I must say.

Mutt: Daisy up to her feet, and Double O signaling a continuance of the match. Daisy is a bit hesitant I must say.

Bishop: And it makes sense. Monet is damn near the size of a basketball player. She’s huge.

(Fans all applaud as Daisy flails her hands and readies for the tie up.)

Bishop: Daisy ready to tie up, and Monet not moving in. She feigns a kick to the head as Daisy backs off.

Mutt: And Monet is showing some intimidation tactics. The monster is not a woman to be trifled with.

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Daisy and she encircling, and Daisy diving for the left leg and Legdragging Monet to the canvas.

(Fans all applaud as Monet twirls back up to her feet.)


(Fans pop as Monet stumbles backward.)

Bishop: Daisy back up and *another* Dropkick!

(Fans POP as Monet stumbles back further.)

Bishop: Daisy a bit stunned as Monet is still on her feet. Daisy with a wrist-grab and Whips Monet to the far ropes. Monet bouncing off as Daisy runs to the middle of the ring…


(Fans pop: “OHHH” as Monet rushes forward.)

Bishop: Monet to the far side as Daisy gets to her feet and…


(Fans all **POP** as Monet cradles the leg.)

Le: 1………………………..2………………..kick out!

(Fans all applaud as Daisy kicks out.)

Mutt: Gut check for Madame Butterfly.

Bishop: Both women back up but Monet with a leg hook and Half Nelson…..LEGLOCK SUPLEX!

(Fans all begin to cheer as Rekka Sakura bursts through the ring curtain.)

Mutt: Daisy landed on her face!

(Fans begin to boo as Monet snatches Daisy by the back of her tights.)

Bishop: Daisy firing away with Palm strikes to the chest, but Monet with a Forearm shot to the jaw. Daisy falling into the near ropes.

Mutt: And now Monet, draping the arm over her shoulder.

(Fans all stand as Monet points out at Rekka Sakura.)

Bishop: Monet Reaches between Daisy’s groin and hooks the right leg….EXPLODER SUPLEX!!!

Mutt: Right out of the ring!

Bishop: Daisy landed on her head!

(Fans all screaming as Rekka Sakura looks down in shock.)

Mutt: Monet dropping down to one knee, and opening the ropes for the “Burning Cherry Blossom”!

(Fans chant: Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! )

Bishop: Daisy is down on the floor, and she fell right in front of Rekka Sakura. Rekka looking down at her enemy, and looking up into the ring.

(Fans chant: Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! )

Mutt: This is for the World Title tourney…the winner goes to Glory-Days and the loser goes home! You think Monet came to play around?

(Fans all whistle as Rekka Sakura helps Daisy to her feet.)

Le: ……………….3………………….4…………….

Bishop: Daisy glaring at Rekka as she helps her around ringside.

Mutt: Daisy climbing up the ring steps, and Monet just waiting in the middle of the ring. Daisy visibly shaken up, clutching her neck. She took a stiff fall.

Bishop: Daisy in the ring, and the Ironwoman is not at a loss for courage…trust her or not, she is a tough warrior.

(Fans all stomping their feet as Monet crouches and welcomes her in.)

Mutt: If you want to defeat Monet, go back and look at Black Lotus. She had enough size to go straight at the Brooklyn native.

Bishop: But Daisy is only 140 pounds…she’s got to find another way.

(Fans chant: Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! )

Bishop: Collar and Elbow tie up, and Daisy with a Side Headlock into a Standing Switch and a Hammerlock. Monet rushing at the near corner and running up the turnbuckles…..

(Fans pop as she backflips and lands on her feet.)

Bishop: Daisy twirling around and NAILS a Superkick!

Mutt: And she hits the referee! Officer Order is down!

(Fans all scream as Marissa Monet charges in….)

Bishop: And Daisy Superkick Monet!!!!

(Fans pop as Monet backpedals.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Mutt: Order is down, and referee Dawn Le is sprinting down the aisle and sliding into the ring!

(Fans all whistle as Le scoots Order out of the ring. Order hits the floor as Le regulates the action.)

Bishop: Meanwhile, Daisy with a Wrist grab and hooks the arm. A head of steam…..B U L L D O G A R M B A R!

((Fans ALL CHEER!))

Mutt: Sakura probably feeling ambivalent right now as she doesn’t know if she should cheer or boo.

Bishop: Monet clutching her arm as Daisy raises up to her feet, measures her, and nails an Elbowdrop to the left arm!

(Fans all pop as Daisy applies a Single Arm pickup.)

Bishop: Monet cringing in pain as Daisy jumps up and GUILLOTINES the left arm! Monet slapping the canvas in pain as Daisy leaps up again….GUILLOTINE LEGDROP!

((Fans pop: [Y.E.S.] ))

Bishop: Daisy with another single arm pickup and drapes the legs across her shoulder for a Short arm scissors!!!

(Fans all jumping up and down as Marissa Monet shakes her head.)

Bishop: Dawn Le is checking, but Monet is defiant as she screams no!

Mutt: Daisy has won many awards and many championships, but she’s never been World Champ! Now, she’s just 3 and a half minutes away from Glory-Days!

(((Fans all stomping their feet as Daisy tightens up the hold!)))

Bishop: Monet can’t find the ropes, but she won’t give!

Mutt: Daisy has only recently attacked the arm, but it’s been effective. Now, Monet is in trouble.

(((Fans all screaming as Monet flails her legs.)))

Bishop: The ref is checking….the ref is checking….

((Fans all get to their feet as Monet begins to rise.))

Mutt: Monet gathering her composure, and she’s raising up to her feet!!!

Bishop: Daisy won’t release the hold!!!

(Fans all popping as Monet walks toward the ring ropes.)


(Fans all popping as Marissa Monet staggers forward!)

Mutt: She’s dragging her along the mat!


((Fans all whistle and applaud as Monet falls into the ring ropes.))

Bishop: The break! The ref forces the break! And Daisy can’t believe it!

Mutt: Daisy kicking away at the ribs of Monet, and now a hip lock and tosses her into the middle of the ring.

Bishop: Monet up to her feet and Daisy with an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Monet bouncing off….

(Fans all waiting….)

Mutt: T i l t – a – W h i r l S l a m ! ! ! !

Le: ………………………1……………………



(Fans all applaud as Monet kicks out.)

Bishop: Daisy with a pickup and front face lock…no!

(Fans all screaming as Monet blocks the Suplex.)

Bishop: Monet with a cross face…but she can’t get Daisy up! Her arm is worn as Daisy applies an INSIDE CRADLE!

Le: 1………………………..2………………….no!

Bishop: Both women back up and Daisy with an Armdrag, but Monet with a Forward Roll and reverses the hold into a Double Arm Underhook….

Mutt: But Daisy fighting it, and a turn around, trying to connect with a Backslide…

Bishop: Monet with a turnaround and a Standing leg grapevine… SIDERUSSIAN LEGSWEEP!

(Fans all boo as Monet points out to Rekka Sakura.)

Bishop: Rekka slapping the canvas, rooting for Daisy as Monet snatches Daisy by the back of her ear. She slaps on Cross face and hoist her up…..CROSSFACE SUPLEX!

((Fans ALL BOO!))

Mutt: Monet with the cover!!!!

Le: ………………………1……………………



((((Fans all boo!))))

Bishop: Monet picked her up!

(Fans boo as Monet does a Kip up to her feet.)

Spud: 14 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 1 remaining…60 seconds remain.

Bishop: The match should be over, but Monet pointing out at Rekka Sakura as she snatches up Daisy. An Irish Whip to the far side and Daisy is sent sailing.

Mutt: Daisy bouncing off and Monet S^l^a^P^S a hand around her throat…..

(Fans all screaming as Monet looks out to the Americans in the cheap seats.)

Bishop: ~~ T.H.E. ~~



~ G. O. D. ~

C ~H~ O~ K~ E~ S~ L~ A~ M~~

((Americans pop: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! ))

Bishop: No cover!

(Fans all screaming as Monet grabs Daisy by her hair.)

Mutt: Monet holding her up like she’s a doll. A little ragdoll.

Bishop: Daisy slapping Double M’s sides as Monet looks down on her with scorn.

(Fans all booing as Marissa looks over at the time keeper.)

Mutt: Monet reveling in the moment. Monet twirling Daisy around and slapping Daisy’s head between her legs..

(Fans all booing as Monet applies a Cross Arms on Daisy.)

Spud: 30 seconds left!

Bishop: Marissa, so methodical. She faces Rekka Sakura as she hoists up the “franchise” Daisy Butterfly…..

Mutt: P O W E R B O M B !

Le: 1………………………..2………………….3!


Bishop: And Monet slapping Daisy’s head between her legs again?

((Fans all screaming as Rekka Sakura grabs a chair.))

Bishop: Dear God…Marissa with a Waistlock pickup…..

Mutt: P O W E R B O M B !


Bishop: Rekka Sakura sliding into the ring and Officer Order climbing up the ring steps. Monet slipping to the outside, and flipping off the two fan…uh oh.

((Fans all whistle as Sakura and Order stare off.))

Bishop: Daisy is down on the canvas, and hasn’t moved as Sakura and Order argue.

(Japanese officials rush down to ringside as Monet marches through the curtain.)

Mutt: Rekka and Order arguing as …. as….

Bishop: Sachie Yokoyama slides into the ring. I almost didn’t recognize her wearing jeans and a blouse.

(Fans all stand as the officials crowd around Daisy B.)

Bishop: They’ve finally got Daisy up to her feet, and tears are running down her face. Sachie is her best friend, and she reaches out her hand…

Mutt: And she turns her back on her?!

(Fans with minor applause as she limps across the ring and between the ropes.)

Bishop: Daisy hasn’t even looked at Rekka Sakura as Officer Order and the “Burning Cherry Blossom” look on with inquisitiveness.

(Minor “daisy” chants rise from ringside as Daisy shakes her head and points inside of the ring.)

Mutt: I think Monet broke her spirit…along with a dislocated shoulder. (Laughter!)

Bishop: The officials along with Sachie Yokoyama following and trying to console her as Daisy simply ignores them.

Mutt: And look, Rekka and Order are still standing in the ring, just stunned.

Bishop: Fans, we must go and there’s only 1 match remaining. Amanda Reese facing Heidi Leick.

Mutt: And hell, at least those two don’t have to face Marissa Monet. Man, I’ve never seen Daisy like this.

Bishop: Well, we have one more match up…Amanda Reese against Heidi Leick.

Heidi Leick vs. Amanda Reese

Takuro Tatsumi: Wrestling fans, our next contest is a tournament match up for the GDWA World Heavyweight Championship. It is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.

[Traditional Japanese music begins to play. It creates a haunting and beautiful sound as it echoes out across the crowd. The fans know who is coming out and there is a bit of a pop, but a respectable Japanese one. As the music continues, two young Japanese girls dressed in white dresses step out holding a white streamers in their hands that lead back to Amanda Reese. As she steps out, there is a big smile on her face. The crowd pop gets just a little louder as she comes out. Behind her are two more girls holding streamers as well. All four streamers lead to Reese, who is wearing a white, billowy Kimono over her wrestling gear. Behind them is Stevie Powers, a tall brunette with curly hair and a powerful frame. She is dressed in street clothes. Both she and Reese wave to the fans as they head to the ring. AS they get half way there, white petals fall from the ceiling, creating a bizarre snow effect. The crowd applauds this as well. Once at ring side Reese steps into the ring and the young girls remove her Kimono and step out. Reese’s wrestling togs remain the same, white one piece singlet, with no sleeves and biker shorts legs. Red, white and blue fringe runs down the side and on her forearm pads. Her boots are also a mix of Americana, with red and white stripes and a blue triangle with white stars in the front. Reese tests the ropes and awaits her introduction. Stevie Powers stands with her and just smiles.]

Tatsumi: Hailing from Chicago, United States. She stands 5 feet 11 inches, 145 pounds, here is “Ivory Dragon”…..Amanda Reese!

Mutt: The white what?

Bishop: Amanda Reese has quite a reputation in Asia. She’s known throughout the continent as the White Dragon.

Mutt: Well, she does need a tan…

Bishop: Will you stop?! Anyway, Reese is in the ring and fans, recently we heard that the “Ivory Dragon” is beginning her retirement tour…

Mutt: What the hell is that?

Bishop: It is when a grappler wrestles a series of matches that are her final, and perhaps, most memorable.

Mutt: What I don’t understand is why she’s turning babyface all of a sudden…now she’s American as apple pie again? Give me a break! Reese, Leick is gonna put two feet right up your ass!

Bishop: Fans, we go back to Tatsumi for the introductions.

Tatsumi: And her opponent…Hailing from New York, United States!

(Minor boos as fans hear ‘Volcano Girls’ by Veruca Salt.)

Spud: She is 5 feet 7 inches, 135 pounds…here is the “Diamond Girl” Heidi Leick!

(Heidi scurries down to the ring brandishing a Singapore Cane.)

Bishop: Heidi sliding into the ring, and Reese is looking on cautiously.

Mutt: Oh yeah, Leick is capable of just about anything…the Hardcore icon has made her claim to the World Title…

Bishop: And so has the newly reformed Amanda Reese, and it makes me wonder how the American fans will take to her sudden “turn”…or return.

(Fans applaud as Leick and Reese get eye to eye, and the ref attempts to separate them.)

Mutt: Man, these two coulda been friends…

Bishop: Now, one goes to Glory Days to contend for the World title while the other goes home…

Mutt: And notice Bishop, no Syndicate! What’s up with that?

Bishop: Fans, at the end of the night we will have 3 out of the 4 participants in the World Title Semifinals…let’s hook ’em up!


Bishop: Both women tie up and Reese immediately driving Heidi back. The taller and heavier Reese with a Side Headlock and grinding down on her.

Mutt: Heidi shoving off….no!.

(Fans applaud as both ladies fall to the canvas, yet Amanda holds on.)

Mutt: Reese exploiting that bad neck of Heidi Leick…and I gotta tell ya that Leick better be careful or she’ll be seeing the underside of a 3 count.

Bishop: Leick slow to her feet, as she’s the stronger of the two. Leick backing into the ropes and the ref wants a break.

Mutt: Dawn Le has been doing double duty this evening.

Bishop: Reese breaking and Leick with hard right hands to the head. Reese stumbles back a bit and Heidi charging her and…

Mutt: …. Reese with a High Back Body Block!

(Fans pop as Reese spins around on her feet.)

Bishop: Leick getting up and Reese with a Dragon Screw leg whip taking her back down to the mat.

Mutt: And Heidi’s head hit hard, and now Reese charging as Heidi scampers into the ropes.

(Fans applaud as Leick scampers into the ropes.)

Mutt: I’ve never seen Leick on the run. She’s usually the aggressor in her matches. The ref wants a break, and Reese hesitantly backs off.

(Fans applaud as the referee calls for a return to action.)

Bishop: Both women ready to tie up, and Leick with a wild right hand….

Mutt: But Amanda ducking and *connects* with an Armdrag!

(Fans pop!)

Bishop: Leick back up and Amanda with another Armdrag. Leick up a third time and for a third time Amanda Reese *connects* with another Armdrag!

(Fans all applaud as Reese applies an Armbar.)

Bishop: Leick trying to get to the ropes, but Reese has her cut off…and now, a Headscissors as Heidi Leick is slapping the canvas in pain.

(Fans boo as Micki Duran and Andrea Chandler head down the aisle.)

Mutt: We’ve got company as the SYNDICATE is down at ringside.

Bishop: Heidi is hurting as she flails her legs…Heidi was injured as a result of Zaranna’s DDT against the steel chair.

Mutt: And you gotta think that Reese must become more aggressive. The Syndicate is down here now and ….

(Fans all boo as they attack Stevie Powers.)

Bishop: Reese is distracted as the two Syndicate members pound away on Reese’s bodyguard. Like wolves, Andrea and Micki are pounding away.

Mutt: Heidi is able to get into the ropes, and Reese now, enraged, pounding away with kicks to the head. A pickup and an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Heidi bouncing off…

Bishop: A High Knee to the midsection, and Amanda drapes the left arm for a Spinning Neck Breaker!

(Fans applaud as Heidi Leick grabs her neck.)

Mutt: Micki Duran with an Inverted Facelock….<<diamond CUTTER>>

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Mutt: Stevie is down! Duran nailed her with a Diamond Cutter right on the ring floor.

(The Americans all pop as Duran throws up the old SYN’cate sign.)

Bishop: Andrea Chandler climbing up to the ring apron now, and the referee running over to get her down. Heidi is doubled over on the mat as Amanda picks her up….

Mutt: U p p e r c u t – P u n c h !

(Fans all boo as Amanda Reese falls back to the mat, dazed.)

Bishop: She had brass knuckles!

Mutt: Amanda is down, with blood trickling down her cheek as Heidi is slow to her feet.

(Fans all booing as Heidi chuckles to herself.)

Mutt: Perfect Syndicate interference. The distraction provided ample time for Heidi to reach into her tights for insurance.

Bishop: Chandler dropping back down to the floor as Heidi picks up Reese. Heidi with a front face lock and drapes the arm. She hoists her up….Vertical Suplex!

(Fans all boo as referee Dawn Le slides into position.)

Le: 1………………………..2………………..kick out!

(Fans applaud as Heidi Leick gets to her feet.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Mutt: Amanda just being overwhelmed as Heidi stomps away on Amanda. A pickup and Heidi slaps on a Side Headlock. A head of steam by the Diamond Girl….BULLDOG!

Le: 1………………………….2……………….rope!

Bishop: Heidi going for quick pins, and now she tosses Amanda into the side corner. Heidi with a head of steam and…

Mutt: Reese charging Heidi and Heidi catches her with a Scoop…

Bishop: But Amanda slipping behind her back, front face lock, D D T !!

(Fans all pop as Heidi Leick holds the back of her neck.)

Le: ……………….2…………………3…………….4….

Bishop: Heidi is slow to her feet, and those brass knucks have truly upset the tide of this match up. Amanda is just dazed as she crawls into the ropes. Heidi stomping away and the ref wants a break.

Mutt: Heidi with a pickup and a Standing Leg grapevine. She’s trying to hit the Inverted Leg Sweep, but Amanda hooking the ropes.

Bishop: Amanda grabbing her collar and *counters* with a SIDE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP!!!!

Bishop: And a float over for the cover!

Le: 1………………………….2………………..no!

(Fans applaud as Heidi Leick strongly kicks out.)

Bishop: Both women slow to their feet, and Amanda backing off. Heidi charging in….Savate Kick!

(Fans all begin to cheer as Amanda Reese applies a Double Leg pickup.)

Bishop: Step over toe hold by Amanda Reese….and she falls back for a Figure Four Leglock!!!!!

(Fans applaud as Heidi Leick flails her arms.)

Mutt: She has not worn down Heidi’s legs, though…but this provides Amanda Reese with a great rest. The side of her mouth is full of blood. She may have broken teeth.

Bishop: Dawn Le really in Heidi’s face as she asks the question, but Leick shaking her head no.

Mutt: Heidi has never submitted in her professional career. If she’s gonna submit, it can’t be today…not for a spot at Glory Days…any day but today.

(Fans all stomp their feet as Heidi reaches for the ropes, in vain.)

Bishop: She can’t reach them!

Mutt: But Heidi won’t submit!

(Fans all boo as Andrea Chandler rises up to the ring apron.)

Bishop: And Micki Duran storming the ring…and _misses_ the elbowdrop!

(Fans all pop as Reese rolls out of the way.)

Bishop: Reese up to her feet, staggering, as Duran rises up… a boot to the midsection and a hair pull turn over…

Mutt: L O T U S – DEATH – D R O P !

(Fans all whistle as Micki Duran rolls out of the ring.)

Bishop: Reese turning around, and Heidi crawling into the ring ropes. Reese with a Double Leg pickup as Leick holds on to the bottom ring ropes.

(Fans all cheer as Amanda looks around, blood trickling down her face.)

Bishop: Double Leg pickup….and Step over toe hold?


(Fans all whistle as Andrea Chandler points the ref over at the two wrestlers.)

Bishop: Dawn Le wants a break as Heidi is still holding onto the ropes. Amanda won’t break….

Le: ………..1………….2…………3…………….4…..!

(Fans all applaud as Amanda Reese finally breaks.)

Mutt: And what the hell?

(Fans all boo as Anais Exotica scampers down the aisle.)

Bishop: And Exotica is heading down to ring…oh no!

((Major boos as Marissa Monet sprints down the aisle.))

Mutt: Monet with a forearm shot to the back of the head. Exotica is down, and Monet is stomping away.

Bishop: What the hell is going on? Reese is looking out at the chaos as Leick crawls into the near corner. Reese staggering forward as Heidi pulls herself up to her feet.

Mutt: Reese firing away with kicks to the midsection. Now an armlock, but Reese with a Waistlock….Belly 2 Belly Suplex!!!

(Fans ALL boo!)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Both women laying on the canvas, and the chaos on the outside is escalating. Monet with a pickup and whips Exotica into the guard railing!

Mutt: Exotica lays up against the steel and Monet with a head of steam and CLOTHESLINES her over the guard railing!

((Ringsiders all pop as Anais Exotica hits the ring floor!))

Bishop: She has no business out here! Marissa Monet always spoils the wrestling matches.

(Fans all rise as Dawn Le lays into the count.)

Le: …….5…………………….6……………..7…………

Mutt: Leick is slow to rise, and Amanda Reese rolling over on her stomach.

Bishop: Heidi is dazed as she heads for the near corner, and climbs the buckles?

(The Americans all pop as she climbs to the second turnbuckle.)

Bishop: Heidi is up high, and she’s jumping off….!

(Fans all stand….)

Bishop: And _misses_ the Legdrop!

(((Fans all stand and whistle)))

Mutt: Amanda rolled out of the way!

Bishop: Heidi Leick clutching her left leg, and Amanda Reese rising to her feet. Amanda with a pickup and slaps Heidi’s head between her legs…..P I L E D R I V E R !

Mutt: And she grapevines the leg!

Le: 1…………………………..



(Fans all applaud as Heidi Leick slips the shoulder out.)

Bishop: Amanda dragging Heidi by her left leg, and Amanda with a quick start and NAILS an Elbowdrop to the head!

Le: 1………………………2……………..no!

Bishop: Time is flying by as Amanda picks up Leick and applies a Front face lock…but Leick bullying her into the near ropes. The ref wants a break…

Mutt: And Leick rakes the eyes!

(Fans all boo!)

Spud: 14 minutes have gone by. 1 minute remains. 60 seconds left.

Bishop: An Irish Whip by Leick, no, Reversal!

Mutt: Double Reversal as Amanda hits the ropes and HEIDI LEICK >hammers< into her with a Spinebuster as she bounces off!

Le: 1………………………….2…………………….1/2!

(Fans all applaud as Amanda Reese gets the shoulder up.)

Bishop: Heidi is dizzy as she picks up Amanda Reese. She fires away with weak right hands and now a Short arm….

Mutt: But Amanda Reese _ducks_ the **–Clothesline–** and applies a Waistlock…standing Switch…

Bishop: And Amanda Reese slaps on a Full Nelson!!!!

((Fans all popping as Heidi Leick flails her legs!!!))

Mutt: And Andrea Chandler grabbing Reese’s boot!

(Fans boo as Chandler holds onto her ankle.)

Spud: 30 seconds!

Bishop: The referee complaining as Heidi backs into the near corner. Heidi with back elbows to Amanda’s jaw. Amanda clutching her face as Heidi turns her around and slaps on a Frontface lock….

((Fans all rise as Heidi backs out of the corner…))

Mutt: She hoists up Amanda Reese….

Bishop: !!!!!!spinning Fisherman’s Buster!!!!!!

Le: 1………………………..2………………….3!


Bishop: A travesty!

Mutt: And now the Syndicate entering the ring and raising Heidi’s hand…

Bishop: Reese had this match one…the incompetent Dawn Le just wasn’t doing her job….

Mutt: And Reese holding her mouth as Heidi laughs in her face.

(Fans all boo as the referee informs Tatsumi.)

Tatsumi: Wrestling fans, at 14 minutes and 38 seconds, your winner via pinfall….Heidi Leick!

Mutt: We have a Syndicate Semifinals!

((Fans all boo as Marissa Monet leaves ringside with a nod.))

Bishop: Heidi limping off as Reese and is in serious pain. Stevie Power complaining to the referee…

Mutt: And this is it. We have 3 of 4 competitors of the Glory Days World Title semifinals…and now! Now we have a Syndicate semifinals! The road to Glory-Days is all but decided!…ha! The Syndicate is running the whole f’ckin Show!


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