Scene opens up on a jammed packed Fleet Center in Boston, Massachusetts. There are 18,854 screaming fans in attendance. “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


Bishop: Hello everyone, I’m Allen Bishop along with Sam Mutt. We’ve just begun our national tour this week. And it won’t end till our Fall Moonsault Pay Per View! On the Saturday House Show for that blockbuster line up, we will be broadcasting live from the Mecca of professional Wrestling, Madison Square Garden!

(Fans chanting: We Want Lanny! We Want Lanny! We Want Lanny!)

Mutt: I’m sick of these damn fans! Get a life! Yes, we are here on the East Coast in the United States. And most of the time, I love it here!!! But for once, this place is sickening. Do I have to hear this crap week after week after week?

Bishop: Sam Mutt, the fans miss Lanny Manson. The former World’s champ has disappeared for almost a month now. Even fellow wrestlers of hers are beginning to comment on her.

(Fans chanting: We Want Lanny! We Want Lanny! We Want Lanny!)

Bishop: This place is out of control!!…They all want to see the FEAR FACTORY!!

Mutt: They’re not gonna get it…She’s such a has-been!

(Suddenly, the lights go down as the crowd goes wild)

Mutt: What’s going on??

Bishop: I don’t know!! Is this a replay from ‘In Your House’?

Lanny Manson

(The sound of a guitar solo fills the air as the crowd goes ballistic! Color lasers fills the air moving very fast. Finally, a spot shows Lanny Manson Doing her solo on a moving platform just above the fans. The platform moves to a corner of the arena to another. Most of the crowd is headbanging as those who are close try to touch her. As the solo advances, the lasers move faster and fireworks explode everywhere. As she finishes her solo, fireballs are sent in the air. The crowd goes wild as she throws them her guitar pic and some drumsticks. The lights return as she comes down the aisle clapping hands and hugging the fans. Spud McKenzie is standing in the ring. Lanny Manson enters the ring. As she headbangs, the crowd scream their heads off!!!)

Spud: Wrestling fans! You’ve waited a month. Now you’ve got her! Here she is your former World Heavyweight Champion! ‘FfffffffffffffEAR FACTORY’ Lanny Manson!!!!!

(Entire arena explodes as fans Headbang! Allen Bishop enters the ring and hugs Lanny Manson.)

Bishop: So Lanny, where the hell have you been for 3 long weeks??

Lanny: YOU ASK……

(The crowd scream so loud, she can’t hear herself…She headbangs a bit more as they go crazy)


(Crowd screams)

Lanny: I’ll tell you where I’ve been, after losing my title to Zaranna, I went home and I trashed the house!!!

I was so frustrated, I felt like everything I ever done here was worth zero….I even thought about what leaving wrestling, but when I saw all these fans supporting me and screaming my name and I said to myself, You worked too hard to get there and now you want to let this end like this…NO WAY!!!!…

(Huge crowd pop!)

You know Zaranna, this match was the hardest I ever fought and you did get a clean win but you know you cheated during the match…

Bishop: Lanny, you look in the best shape of your career….

Lanny: I’ve been in the gym all day long when I was absent…and you know what?? Now that I’m back…I’LL DO WHATEVER I WANT IN THIS FED!!! If you thought Big Daddy Cool had a bad attitude, wait till you see Manson! The only things that counts for me is all my little factories, my friends and to KICK SOME ASS!!!

(Another crowd pop!)

…I don’t care who gets in my way!! I don’t care how big, how tall, how crazy, YOU CAN’T GET ANY WILDER THAN ME AND YOU KNOW THAT!!!!… I’m gonna be as reckless as I wanna be, I might use chairs, bells, chainsaws but the thing is I WILL BEAT ANYBODY THAT Stands in my way!!!

Bishop: Any plans for getting the gold back??

Lanny: Zaranna said that she’ll give me another shot…I’ll take it and I’ll win this belt again!!!…That belts place is around my waist. …Don’t you want to see that happen again you crazy headbanging fans!!!??

(Crowd goes wild)

But before that happens, I will prove to my FAN FACTORY that I’m still the best around…beginning with you NIKITA MARX!!!!…You’ve been doing good lately, let’s see if you’re good enough to beat the fear factory…. right at the next catfight!! What da ya say???!!

Bishop: Have you watched the fed while you were gone?

Lanny: The only reason I stopped training was to watch it and I’ve been impressed. Some VERY talented wrestler are in now…and I’m sure most of them all want a piece of me…well girls, COME AND GET IT!!!!!!!!…..

(Fans whistle as they cheer on Lanny Manson!)

I must congratulates The Dangerous Queen for dumping Thomas outta here!!! Good move DQ!!…1 less piece of trash in the league…And that’s why I’m back for…TAKING OUT THE TRASH!!

Bishop: What you’re saying is that you will not hesitate to bend the ru…..


(Replica by Fear factory blares trough the speakers as Manson headbangs and goes back to the dressing room clapping hands with the fans)

(Allen Bishop heads back to the broadcast table.)

Bishop: WoW! She’s back! “Fear Factory” Lanny Manson has returned to the GDWA!!!!!!!

Mutt: Big stinking deal. As soon as Nikita Marx returns from her injuries, she’s gonna slap the Red Menace on that idiot Headbanger and put her to sleep once and for all!

Bishop: Well, we’ll just see about that. Fans, we have a heck of a lineup tonight. Lanny Manson was just the icing on a very big cake. We have newcomers Andrea Chandler and Sierra Browne going at it. We have the ‘Playmate’ Dixie Foxy squaring off against another one of GDWA’s newcomers in Blackjack Belmonte. And in our main event, Charlotte La Mancha faces the so called Legend Micki Duran.

Mutt: So called? Hey, you better watch your mouth! The Legend and the Kingpin of pro wrestling don’t like you talking like that.

Bishop: Fans, Spud McKenzie is in the middle of the ring now. We’re ready for action. Here we go….

Spud: Wrestling fans…Let’s Get Rrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrumble!!!!!

Dixie Foxy vs. Blackjack Belmonte

(Fans cheer as horns go off & Spud McKenzie stands poised in the ring.)

Spud: Our first contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!

(Fans boo as they hear ‘Same Old Situation’ by Motley Crue.)

Spud: First, coming down the aisle, from Wherever the Hell Her Perfect Body Wants to….

(Fans boo even louder!)

Spud: She is 5 feet 7 inches, 125 pounds, here is the ‘Playmate’ Dixie Foxy!

(Fans boo as she teases the men and blows kisses. Dixie Foxy enters the ring wearing her two piece black bikini like outfit with PLAYMATE written on the top and SEXY written on the bottom in silver.)

Bishop: The bleached blond bombshell, the ‘Playmate’ Dixie Foxy, makes her appearance on the Tuesday Night Cat Fight for the second week in a row. She lost to Lady Starr last week. She now faces a hungry newcomer in Blackjack Belmonte.

Mutt: Blackjack who? Foxy is gonna run all over this kid. Sorry babe, but this ain’t Vegas and it ain’t Atlantic City. Tough luck in the Grand Dragon!

Bishop: Speaking of Vegas, have you stopped betting Sam?

Mutt: Ummm….

Bishop: Oh boy. When will you ever learn? Fans, before we got to the arena, Blackjack Belmonte had some comments for ‘Playmate’ Dixie Foxy. Let’s listen in…

Dixie Foxy

<Fade in on “Lady Luck” Blackjack Belmonte, sitting at a roulette table, in a nearly empty casino. She is wearing a tuxedo and gold sequined glasses.>

Well, Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance, here I am! All the way from Reno and into the ring. Sure, it’s a gamble giving up my true calling to step into the ring. But I know which gambles tend to pay off. I’ve proven enough here in Vegas. I’ve broken the bank at every casino there is. Why wrestle, you ask? Not for the money, that’s for sure. The ring is the only place where I have ever been able to truly satisfy my craving for excitement, for the risk of chancing a dangerous move. But there’s more to it. The good fans of the GDWA pay hard-earned money to see the matches. A lot of people didn’t have the luck I did, so I like to put on a good show for the fans.

<Gives the roulette wheel a spin>

Dixie Foxy, seems like you’re my first match. Let me be honest with you. I don’t like you. With that pretty little face of yours, you’ve had everything handed to you on a silver platter in your life. You’ve never risked anything for your success; it’s just been given to you. When I started out, I had to suffer my losses, just like the other honest gamblers, and it applies to wrestlers, too. When our match comes, you’re gonna learn that life ain’t always cotton candy, dear. C’mon, luck be a lady tonight!!

<fade out as Blackjack follows the roulette wheel and high fives a spectator, etc…>

Bishop: Let’s hear the introductions for the newcomer….

(Crowd begins cheering as they hear ‘The Gambler’ by Kenny Rogers.)

Spud: And her opponent, led down the aisle by her manager Chuck “Acey” Deucey…..from Reno, Nevada! She is 5 feet 6 inches, 132 pounds. Here is ‘Lady Luck’ Blackjack Belmonte!!!

(Blackjack Belmonte enters the ring wearing a silver sequined bodysuit in the ring. Her wrestling boots are gold with the letters BB emblazoned on in green.)

Bishop: Alright fans, here we go!


Bishop: Blackjack and Foxy tie up and Foxy immediately bullying her to the ropes. Blackjack with a Sideheadlock and Foxy with an Irish Whip, no! Reversal. No! Double Reversal! Blackjack flies into the ropes, bounces off and nails Dixie Foxy with a High Cross Body! 1…. 2…kick out!

Mutt: Foxy back up and Blackjack with an Armdrag Takedown! Foxy up again and Blackjack with another Armdrag Takedown. Foxy up a third time and for a third time Blackjack Belmonte connects with an Armdrag Takedown!!! Damn!

(Fans cheering!)

Bishop: Dixie Foxy back up now and Blackjack with a Dropkick! Dixie Foxy up again and Blackjack with a second Dropkick! Foxy up a third time and for a third time Blackjack nails her with a Dropkick!

(Big Crowd pop as Dixie Foxy tries to get to her feet but stumbles over.)

Bishop: Not much power behind those Dropkicks, but she has excellent precision. Blackjack with a pick up and a Front Face lock…. BEAUTIFUL SNAP SUPLEX! Belmonte with the Lateral Press….1…2… kick out!

Mutt: Blackjack with a pick up and Irish Whips Foxy to the far side. Foxy bounces off and GETS NAILED WITH A SPINNING BACK KICK! DIXIE FOXY IS DOWN! The cover…1…2…kick out! The Playmate with that great reserve kicking out again!!!

(Fans cheering as Blackjack Belmonte heads for the corner.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 time limit. 10 remaining.

Mutt: Blackjack is climbing up the turnbuckles. She’s pointing out to all the fans! She jumps…

Bishop: ….AND MISSES THE MOONSAULT! Blackjack is so quick, but Dixie Foxy with just enough left to roll away. Blackjack clutching her midsection as she rolls around the mat. Foxy real slow to her feet, and drops an Elbow to Blackjack’s midsection. Now Foxy with the Lateral Pres…1…2…foot on the rope!

(Fans cheering.)

Mutt: Dixie Foxy back up to her feet, and Double Underhooks Blackjack’s arms. Oh yes! She falls back and nails Blackjack Belmonte with a Piledriver!

Bishop: Dixie Foxy now, heading for the corner….

(Fans cheering as Blackjack Belmonte slowly gets to her feet!)

Bishop: Dixie Foxy too busy cooing with the males in the arena. She’s climbing up the turnbuckles….and Blackjack caught her!!! She’s punching away on Dixie Foxy, and Foxy falls back down to the mat.

(Fans cheering as Blackjack Belmonte climbs up the turnbuckles.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Bishop: Blackjack is perched up high! Chuck Deucey on the outside calling her on. Dixie Foxy back up to her feet and gets nailed with a Double Axe Handle!

(Fans cheering as Blackjack Belmonte grapevines the leg for the cover!)

Bishop: 1…2…..1/2!!! Blackjack with a pick up and an Irish Whip, no! Reversal…..

Mutt: ….Right into the referee! The Ref flies through the ropes as Blackjack falls to one knee. Dixie Foxy has taking a real beating in this one. She’s real slow walking over to Blackjack. Blackjack turns around and DIXIE FOXY NAILS HER WITH A THRUST KICK!

Bishop: Dixie Foxy now, with a pick up…and an Inside Cradle! No count. The ref is still out on the floor.

(Fans booing as Vlad, Valkyrie and a masked woman run down the aisle.)

Mutt: Here comes the cavalry! They climb into the ring and are beating the hell out of Blackjack Belmonte! The two women with a pick up and apply a Front Face Lock! YES!!!

Bishop: Chuck Deucey entering the ring and Vlad kicking him out of the ring. Oh no!! Dixie Foxy cheering Valkyrie and the masked woman on….AND A DOUBLE SLINGSHOT BRAINBUSTER!!!!!

(Fans all booing as Dixie Foxy blows a kiss.)

Bishop: Valkyrie has left the ring, and is out on the floor. Meanwhile, Foxy pointing out to Vlad….and applies the Cross Face Chicken Wing on Blackjack Belmonte!!!!!!

(Fans screaming as Blackjack Belmonte calls out in pain.)

Bishop: The referee finally back in the ring, and he immediately calls for the bell!


Mutt: Dixie Foxy is not letting go! The ref calling for the break and Dixie has the Chicken Wing slapped on tight.


Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner via submission is……. ‘The Playmate’ Dixie Foxy!

(Fans booing as Dixie Foxy still refuses to release the hold!)


Bishop: Foxy won’t break the hold! Someone has to stop her. She’ll hurt this rookie bad!

(Fans cheer as Staci X runs down the aisle.)

Mutt: What’s Staci X doing here? Staci X trying to climb through the ropes, and Valkyrie nails her! The masked woman nail her! Now, they toss her into the ring and are just stomping away. Hold on! The two women with a Front Face Lock….AND NAIL STACI X WITH A DOUBLE BRAINBUSTER!!!!

Bishop: The referee has finally forced the break, and now Valkyrie AND the masked woman are standing over Staci. Hold on! Vlad is bringing Val the microphone.

Mutt: Shut up, Bishop! I’m trying to listen.


(Valkyrie walks over to Blackjack Belmonte who lays writhing on the mat.)

Valkyrie: “WE of the Evil Empire would just like to welcome you to the GDWA you spineless little sissy. Blackjack Belmonte, perhaps you learned a valuable lesson tonight.”

(Fans boo as ‘the Playmate’ Dixie Foxy tosses her head back and laughs.)

Valkyrie: I would also like to announce the latest addition to the Evil Empire, THE PLAYMATE DIXIE FOXY. Why don’t all of you morons stand up and give her the appreciation she deserves”

(All in attendance booing as Dixie Foxy takes a bow. The Evil Empire claps as fans throw garbage into the ring.)

Bishop: I can’t believe this! First the Evil Empire attacked Vonya, now they attack a rookie, and then they attack Staci X. My God! Someone has to stop them.

Mutt: They’re leaving the ring to a chorus of boos. Hey, not everyone can be loved like that! The Playmate gets the win and the Evil Empire gets to go home. I love it!

Bishop: The ring has been cleared, and I hope Staci X and Blackjack are alright.

Mutt: Will you stop with the sentimentalism!? Let’s move on to our next match up!

Andrea Chandler vs. Sierra Browne

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.

(Fans boo as they hear ‘Cold Blood’ by Kix.)

Spud: Led down the aisle by ‘The Legend’ Micki Duran and her manager The Kingpin…..Making her summer residence in Beverly Hills, California! She is 5 feet 7 inches, 142 pounds, here is Andrea Chandler!

Mutt: Yeah! The Legend escorting Andrea Chandler to the ring. This’ll be great.

Bishop: Uh oh. I think they’re heading over here.

Micki Duran

(Fans boo as the Kingpin walks over to the broadcast table along with Micki Duran. The Kingpin stands in front of Allen Bishop and snatches away his microphone.)

Kingpin: It seems you had a lot to say, Mr. Bishop, this past Saturday about Micki Duran. Seems you’re a “so-called” legend, Micki. Did you know that? That you’re only a “so-called” legend? A “self- proclaimed” legend? Seems the 4 World titles, 5 World tag-team titles, 2 World TV titles, 2 American tag-team titles, and 3 North Pacific titles you’ve won don’t mean much to Mr. Bishop here. Seems you’re a ROOKIE…

(Micki continues to stare down Bishop, who is slinking uncomfortably from her gaze.)

Kingpin: Well, Mr. Bishop, I guess we’re going to have to do some proving here. See, the measuring stick has changed around here, and you’re looking at it. The Syndicate is here, whether you like it or not. Get used to it. And Charlotte…..OH CHARLOTTE…..I wouldn’t even show up to the ring tonight. I’d stay in the locker rooms. You come out here tonight, and you go home on a stretcher. Count on it.

(He slams the microphone into Bishop’s chest, knocking him to the ground, and saunters off behind Micki Duran.)

Mutt: What ya got to say now, Bishop?! Speechless?

(Andrea Chandler enters the ring Micki Duran and the Kingpin clap.)

Bishop: The nerve! The arrogance! How dare they? The Syndicate? Well, we’ll see about that. Let’s hear the introductions from Spud McKenzie.

Spud: And her opponent….

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Brown Girl in the Ring’ blare through the speakers.)

Spud: Led down the aisle by her manager Medusa Rage…from Port of Spain, Trinidad. She is 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighing 140 pounds. Here is Sierra Brown!

(Fans cheer as she slaps hands with the fans around the ring.)

Bishop: Medusa looks like a mean one, but Sierra is as warm and friendly as I’ve ever seen. The two look ready. You know, Sierra has a sister that wrestles here that we will perhaps see in the upcoming weeks.

Mutt: Ha! You’re still spooked Bishop. Don’t try to play it off. The Syndicate scared the hell out of you.

Bishop: Let’s get right into the action. And leave me alone Sam Mutt!


Mutt: That’s the bell. Look at Andrea, will ya? She’s a fine specimen. A big woman, strong like I haven’t seen for a woman her size. She’s only 142 pounds, but look at those arms. She’s gonna tear Browne up!

Bishop: Andrea, posing to the fans….AND SIERRA BROWNE WITH THE ROLL UP FROM BEHIND! 1…2…KICK OUT!!!

Mutt: Andrea back up and Sierra with an Armdrag Takedown! Andrea up again and Sierra with a Dropkick. Andrea falls back into the ropes… bounces off and nails Sierra Browne with an Elbowdrop! She poses for the cover…1…kick out!

Bishop: That Dropkick wasn’t executed very well. Browne just caught her in the shoulder. Andrea with a pick up and Irish Whips Browne to the ropes. Browne bounces off and Andrea with a Gorilla Press Slam! WoW!

(Fans booing as Andrea Chandler flexes her biceps.)

Mutt: I love her attitude.

Bishop: Andrea walking over with a pick up and a Bodyslam! Now another Elbowdrop and the cover….1…kick out! Andrea runs into the ropes, bounces off, and MISSES the Kneedrop! Sierra back to her feet, and runs into the ropes.

Mutt: Andrea back up to her feet, but drops back down to the mat. Sierra hops over her for the ropes, bounces off, and nails Andrea with a Rolling Headscissors! Damn IT!

(Fans cheering as Sierra Browne gets back to her feet.)

Bishop: Medusa is calling for something. Sierra with a pick up and Irish Whips Andrea to the ropes. Andrea bounces off and SIERRA BROWNE NAILS HER WITH A SUPERKICK!

(Big crowd pop as Andrea Chandler hits the mat!)

Bishop: Sierra is on fire. Sierra with a pick up and a Swinging Neckbreaker! The cover…1…2…kick out!

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining. 10 left.

Bishop: Sierra with another pick up and Irish Whips Andrea Chandler to the far side. Andrea bounces off and SIERRA WITH A TILT A WHIRL…..


(Fans groan as Sierra Browne hits the mat hard.)

Bishop: Andrea Chandler with so much power!

Mutt: She’s what you’d call a middle weight. She’s around that Dementia Praecox size. But she’s as strong as an Ox. Andrea with a pick up now and a Backbreaker! Yes!!!

(Fans boo as Andrea Chandler walks over toward the ropes and gives the Kingpin a kiss on the cheek.)

Bishop: Andrea Chandler now, backing up against the ropes and nailing Sierra Browne with a Kneedrop! Right in the back! Sierra is rolling around, trying to get her bearings. Andrea with a pick up and another Backbreaker!

Mutt: Andrea now, rubbing Sierra face in the mat! I love it! Medusa is up on the ring apron complaining, and the ref is calling for the break. The referee is trying to get Medusa down from the ring apron…

Bishop: Andrea with a pick up and a Bodyslam…no! Sierra Brown with an Inside Cradle!!!! She’s got her locked in. The ref slides into position…1…2…kick out!

(Fans cheering on Sierra Browne!)

Bishop: Andrea Chandler up to her feet now and Sierra with punches to the midsection. But no power behind them. Andrea with a kick to the midsection and a Front Face Lock. She flips her around and connects with a Neckbreaker!

(Fans booing as Andrea Chandler poses for the camera.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Mutt: I love her. I hope she and the Kingpin don’t have a thing going, cause I want her!!!

Bishop: You forgot all about Lisa Thomas, huh?

Mutt: Lisa who?

Bishop: Andrea with a pick up and Irish Whips Sierra to the far ropes. Sierra bounces off and DUCKS the Clothesline! Sierra runs to the near ropes, bounces off and NAILS ANDREA CHANDLER WITH A BULLDOG CLOTHESLINE! OH MY!!!!

(Huge Crowd Pop as both women lay out on the mat.)

Ref: …..2…..3….4…

Bishop: Both women down on the mat! INCREDIBLE maneuver by Sierra Browne. High Flying really seems like her style. It’s been thrown off completely by the strength of Andrea Chandler. No one expected her to be such a powerhouse!

Mutt: Both women making a move to get to their feet. The ref has stopped the count. You know, we haven’t see much if any close contact wrestling. No punching or chops. They would have a hard time with wrestlers like Zaranna, the World Champ.

Bishop: Andrea is up first. She comes running over with a Clothesline and Browne counters with a Drop Toe Hold! Chandler back up and Browne applies a Waistlock for a Belly to Belly Suplex! And she’s going up top!

(Fans all cheering as Sierra Browne heads for the corner.)

Bishop: She’s up high! Browne perched on the top turnbuckle. Andrea up on her feet, turning around….AND SIERRA BROWNE WITH A HIGH CROSS BODY!!!!

Mutt: But Andrea uses the momentum to flip her over

Bishop: She’s got the tights!!!

Ref: 1…..2…..3!


(Fans boo as ‘Cold Blood’ by Kix blares through the speakers.)

Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen, at 12 minutes 45 seconds! Your winner via pinfall and making a successful debut here at Grand Dragon is Andrea Chandler!

Bishop: She had the tights! I can’t believe it. The ref didn’t catch it.

Mutt: Well believe it Bishop. The Legend in the ring now, shooing out the loser Sierra Browne. Hey, the Legend’s match is the Main Event for the second card in a row. And right here in Boston Andrea is gonna get her first Grand Dragon victory.

Bishop: Sierra Browne wrestled a great match. She just couldn’t get her feet off the ground. How could she have compensated for Andrea Chandler’s strength? Next time…

Mutt: Allen, why do you like so many ‘next time’ wrestlers? Just like Charlotte La Mancha. She’s always talking about the next time she faces someone in the ring. Damn woman, just win, and no excuses! Enough of that, take it away Spud!

Micki Duran vs. Charlotte La Mancha

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 30 minute time limit. This is a return bout from the Saturday House Show, and is our Main Event this week!

(Fans booing as Andrea Chandler raises Micki Duran’s hand in victory!)

Spud: First, already in the ring with her manager The Kingpin, and Andrea Chandler…..Hailing from Lake Ponchatrain, Louisiana! She is 5 feet 8 inches tall, 124 pounds! Here is ‘The Legend’ Micki Duran!

(Fans all booing as Micki Duran throws off her robe and motions for the belt around her waist.)

Mutt: The beauty of the woman! I love it.

Bishop: She wrestled Charlotte in a hell of a match on Saturday Night. I must admit that she’s mighty impressive. But now we’ll see if she can actually BEAT the prankster from Nice France!

Spud: And her opponent….

(Fans cheering as “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” blares through the speakers.)

Spud: Accompanied down the aisle by Daisy Butterfly….

(Big crowd pop!)

Spud: From Nice, France! She is 5 feet 6, 130 pounds! Here is, Charlotte La Mancha!

(Charlotte comes down the aisle slapping hands with the fans. She lucks into the ring with a determined look in her face.)

Bishop: Charlotte and Daisy enter the ring and Micki Duran is mocking the Frenchwoman’s regiment. I guess she doesn’t care for 17th century attire.

Mutt: And neither do I! Hey, The Legend is here to wrestle, not to compete in a Fashion Show! Go get her Micki.

Bishop: Daisy Butterfly demanding that Andrea Chandler leave the ring first. Andrea simply smiling and asking her to bring it on. The ref is intervening and he forces both women to leave the ring.

Mutt: Andrea looks antsy on the outside. Daisy Butterfly offering Charlotte some more of her useless advice. Oh, this is gonna be great.

(Fans all cheering on Charlotte La Mancha as the ref talks things over between the two combatants.)

Bishop: The referee is ready! Duran is ready. And so is La Mancha. Let’s get right into the action.


Bishop: Both women immediately locking up and Charlotte backing into the ropes. The ref calls for the break and Charlotte with a Kick to the midsection!

(Fans all cheering as Charlotte repeatedly kicks her in the midsection.)

Bishop: Charlotte Irish Whipping Duran into the far ropes and she runs for the near ropes. Duran bounces off and heads for the middle of the ring and CHARLOTTE WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE! Charlotte immediately back up and runs to the far ropes.

Mutt: Duran back up and sets up for the Back Body Drop….but Charlotte counters with a Crucifix!

(Fans cheering as the ref makes the count.)

Bishop: 1…2….kick out! Duran back up and Charlotte with a Dropkick right in the jaw! The cover…1..2..kick out!

Mutt: Hey, that count was way too quick. Duran and Charlotte back up to the neutral position and Duran with a Handstand…..and a Headscissors Takedown! Great move!

Bishop: Charlotte befuddle by the Headscissors. She’s scooting over near the ropes and the ref forces the break. Charlotte back up and Duran with a Forearm to the jaw. Now a Sideheadlock but Charlotte countering with an Atomic Drop!

(Fans all cheering as Micki Duran clutches her lower back.)

Mutt: Charlotte bouncing back against the ropes and connects with a Rolling Inside Cradle!….1….2…kick out! Thank goodness! Charlotte back up and Charlotte runs back into the ropes. Duran gets to her feet and NAILS CHARLOTTE LA MANCHA WITH A POWERSLAM!!!!!

(Fans all booing as Micki Duran immediately picks up Charlotte.)

Mutt: Micki Duran running Charlotte over to the ropes and rams her head into the top turnbuckle! Now a Waistlock and nails Charlotte with a Belly to Back Suplex! Beautiful.

(Fans booing as Charlotte tries to get to a sitting position.)

Bishop: Micki Duran gets to her feet now, backs into the ropes and bounces off nailing Charlotte with a Dropkick to the back of the head!

Mutt: Duran now with a Reverse Chinlock and Charlotte’s in trouble! Yes!

Bishop: Charlotte immediately scrambling to her knees and Duran switches into a Sideheadlock. And she’s really grinding down on her. Charlotte backing into the ropes…and CAN’T throw off Duran. Too strong.

Mutt: Duran with a Takedown away from the Ropes and Charlotte with a Headscissors to escape. Duran easily countering out of it with a Double Leg Pick up and using that great strength….SLINGSHOTS HER TO THE TOP RING ROPE!

Bishop: Oh my!

Mutt: Beautiful modified Stun Gun.

Bishop: Micki Duran now, charging forward and Clotheslines Charlotte over the top rope.

(Fans booing as Charlotte hits the floor hard.)

Mutt: Micki Duran has the ref distracted and Andrea Chandler coming over to Charlotte. And that idiot Daisy Butterfly immediately running over to intercept. Andrea is warning Daisy and Daisy is tending to Charlotte.

Bishop: Charlotte is helped into the ring by Daisy and Duran immediately kicking away at the uppershoulders. She’s been focusing on that area all night. Duran now, choking Charlotte against the bottom ring rope. Get in there ref!

Ref: …2…3…4…

Mutt: Duran with a pick up and a Thrust Kick! Charlotte crumbles to the mat. Duran now, stomping away on the upper shoulders of Charlotte. Charlotte crawling over and grabbing the ropes like the coward that she is.

Bishop: Charlotte using the ropes to get to her feet and Duran with a Front Face Lock and Charlotte immediately back into the ropes. The ref trying to make the break and Duran just nailing away. He forces Duran into a neutral corner and….

Mutt: ….and here comes Andrea Chandler!

Bishop: …and here comes Daisy Butterfly! She’s been waiting for this. Daisy with Open Hand slaps to the chest of Andrea. Andrea backing up and trying to connect with a punch but Daisy just too quick. Daisy with a kick to the midsection and Irish Whips Andrea into the guardrail!

(Huge crowd pop as Daisy Butterfly calls on the fans.)


(A bigger crowd pop as Daisy Butterfly runs back into the corner of Charlotte La Mancha.)

Bishop: Charlotte withstood the 10 count but Duran immediately upon her. Duran, beating away with punches to the body, and now a forearm to the head and Charlotte is dazed on the ropes.

Spud: 15 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 15 remaining.

Bishop: Duran with a shoulder to the midsection and Charlotte is all bent over. Duran with a pick up and Charlotte immediately hooking the arms! Backslide pin combination!!!!

(Crowd cheering as Micki Duran’s shoulders hit the mat!)

Ref: 1…2…3!

Mutt: No kick out! The Legend has dominated this one from open to finish. But she needs to put her away. Charlotte is using all of her reserve to stay in this one.

Bishop: Duran and Charlotte back up to the neutral position and Charlotte staying near the ropes. Duran with a Side Headlock and Charlotte holding on to that top ring rope. Hold on! She heads toward the corner, running up the turnbuckle, and flips out of the Headlock.

Mutt: The Legend turns around and Charlotte with a Running Clothesline! Damn it!

(Big crowd pop as Micki Duran slumps into the corner.)

Bishop: Charlotte with punches to the jaw of Duran and now hiptosses her out of the corner. Charlotte quickly climbing up the turnbuckles. Duran getting to her feet….AND CHARLOTTE LA MANCHA JUMPS OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE WITH A FLYING BULLDOG!!!!

(Biggest pop of the night!)

Mutt: No cover! Charlotte is all out of gas. The Legend has taken her apart piece by piece. She can’t even mount a sustained offense.

Bishop: Charlotte picking up Micki Duran and Irish Whipping her to the ropes. Charlotte runs to the near ropes, bounces off, AND MISSES THE FLYING REVERSE ELBOW!

(Fans boo ‘the Legend’ Micki Duran drops down to the mat.)

Bishop: Duran rolling her over for the pin…1…2…shoulder up!

Mutt: Duran with a pick up and a Front Face lock! She flips Charlotte over….

Bishop: And Charlotte is biting. She’s biting Duran’s hand!

(Fans cheering Charlotte La Mancha powers back out of the hold.)

Bishop: Charlotte twisting back around to face her and CONNECTS WITH A SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE!!!! Both women are down.

(Fans all cheering as the ref makes the count.)

Mutt: Both women are down. I think Duran’s neck is still sore from Saturday’s card. Her head really snapped from that Short Arm.

Bishop: The ref is making the count, and both women getting to their feet. Charlotte, heading back over to the ropes, and Duran is back up to her feet. Micki Duran with a head of steam….AND CHARLOTTE LA MANCHA BACK BODY DROPES HER OVER THE TOP!

(Fans cheering as Micki Duran hits the floor hard.)

Ref: ….3…..4……5….

Mutt: She hit real hard on the outside. She’s conscious, but is real stiff. Andrea Chandler trying to get her up, but Duran isn’t making it!

Bishop: Charlotte La Mancha is leaning against the ring ropes, just barely holding herself up. Daisy Butterfly is calling on the crowd!

Mutt: Duran is on her feet. Can she make it?

(Crowd counts:…..7!………….8!…………9!………….10!)


Spud: Wrestling fans! At 23 minutes 55 seconds, your winner via countout…..Charlotte La Mancha!!!!

(An even bigger pop as “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” blares through the speakers.)

Bishop: Charlotte’s experience saved the day. Charlotte wins via countout!

Mutt: What kind of win is that? Charlotte couldn’t pin or defeat the Legend. Micki Duran had the perfect strategy tonight. Charlotte, consider yourself lucky. And Daisy, you better watch who you put your hands on.

(Fans cheer as Charlotte La Mancha’s hand is raised in victory.)

Mutt: Micki Duran is smiling. She’s pointing to Charlotte and is leaving ringside. Daisy Butterfly is up on the top turnbuckle as the rich girl Andrea Chandler screams at her.

Bishop: Fans, that’s the Cat Fight for this week. See ya on the Friday Night Tease. For all of us here at Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance, I’m Allen Bishop saying so long everybody!

(Fans still cheering as Daisy Butterfly and Charlotte La Mancha celebrate in the middle of the ring.)


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