Micki Duran defends the GDWA Internet Championship against Medusa Rage

The Syndicate & The Rages

[Fade in:

The cameras capture a huge lineup outside a Brooklyn brownstone. It seems strange because the building is rather unremarkable, not unlike any of its neighbors. Two big men stand outside the door, surveying the crowd. They point to various people and step aside to let them in. Brooklyn’s finest are in full effect, flossing playa style in lavish suits and urban camouflage. Dreadlocks and braids are sculpted into intricate hairdos. Bald heads shine with fresh wax. An afro pops up in and out of the crowd. Exotic-looking women seem to flow in and out in an endless stream. The two men, one a tough-looking blond, the other a scarred Black man beckon forth the cameras, letting the GDWA crew crawl through the doorway into the sudden burst of noise and music inside.

The brownstone is just a cover. Inside is a club. A little neon sign flashes Rage and from over the bar a picture of Medusa Rage glares out over the crowd, queen of all she surveys. The club is pitch black, three-stories. Reggae, rap, soca, calypso, and R & B takes turns on the speakers, inciting the crowd to jump and wine. It’s packed tight. Bodies crush together. The spot’s hot. The walls seem to shake. On the dancefloor Sierra Browne is in the mix, surrounded by willing dance partners, getting down, getting dirty on the floor, putting on moves that make her in ring repertoire pale by comparison. Her waist snaps, shaking her shiny gold minidress. Off to the right a giant Black man is dancing with a tall, sleek Caucasian woman. They are mobbed by women chanting “Derek, we love you.” As the camera focusses on him Derek Rage just nods curtly and points up. That done he goes back to his dance and his adoring fans. The camera picks through the crowd again, heading upstairs. The second floor is a lounge, people talking and drinking, munching on little snacks. Here, the air is scented with something other than sweat and human pleasure. There’s a little herb in the air and clouds of reefer smoke. Nobody looks at the camera, everybody huddled u at their tables, heads bent together in their conversation. Marissa Monet lounges on a long couch, her legs draped over the lap of a biracial man with long hair and a brilliant fuchsia sequined shirt on. They look like great friends.

As the camera focusses on them it the man’s identity is revealed. It’s Shadoe Rage, the other half of the IIWF World tag-team champions, the Prophets of Rage. The pair glare at the camera and Shadoe brushes a dismissing hand at them as he turns his attentions back to Marissa. Once again the camera ascends to the third floor. This floor is a little different. The air is somewhat cleaner. People lounge around watching videotapes of Medusa Rage in the ring and looped Knicks games. Starks’ “The Dunk” over the Bulls plays over and over, interspersed with shots of Medusa’s “The Rage” flying powerslam. The Queen herself is holding court in the center of the room. Medusa receives all visitors with a wink and a smile, hugging and kissing and giving pounds sincerely. Surprisingly, next to her is the Syndicate. Andrea and Tiffany look around the club.

There’s an open center in the middle of the floor, just behind their backs that looks down the other two floors. Dalbello and Godiva lean against it. Dalbello looks the most relaxed she’s ever been in a cream brocade minidress. She doesn’t seem self-conscious at all about the scars that divide her left knee. Godiva is in fine form, surveying the crowd, tipping drinks onto the partyers below and dropping her phone number on little folded bits of paper to her targets. She laughs wickedly as she shimmies and wines to the beat coming from downstairs.

Andrea nudges Tiffany Chandler, who sits beside her, arms folded in her lap, seeming a bit reserved.

Andrea: Tiff, dear, lighten up. Enjoy the ambiance! You’re not above having a bit of fun, are you?

Tiffany: Did you forget to tell me we were supposed to be having fun here? Really Andrea. I hardly call this fun…no stock quotes? No insider trading? No money changing under the table? Where’s the fun in…(She looks out onto the dancefloor and shudders a bit.)…this?

(Andrea pats her on the back.)

Andrea: Don’t let it intimidate you. You’re among friends, and no one will DARE try to take advantage of you in any way. (She nudges a drink toward her.) Here, try this.

Tiffany: What is it?

Andrea: It’s an amoretto sour. Trust me, it tastes good.

(Tiffany takes the drink, and eases it toward her lips. She tries a sip, then smiles and looks down at it.)

Tiffany: It’s delicious!

Andrea: Go on, keep drinking! (She motions to a waitress.) Two more for my friend! (The server nods and puts the drinks down before Tiff.)

Medusa: Dre, you better watch her. The rookie looks like she never drank before in her life.

[Medusa smiles wickedly, glittering fronts showing.]

Andrea: She doesn’t drink at ALL, so this is sort of a first. (Smiles as Tiffany downs the first one in a single gulp.) Do you have any words for your opponent when you DO face her?

Tiffany: I’m still waiting for Officer Order or Daisy Butterfly to accept my challenge… when they do…

Andrea: And once you’ve dispatched with them, who is next on your list? Don’t tell me you haven’t considered your next potential target. Perhaps…Sierra Browne? (Grins and nudges Medusa.)

Tiffany: Ha! Like Sierra Brown can hold my duffle bag… When I get into the ring with her, that title is coming home to where gold really belongs. With me!

Medusa: (Medusa leans back, crossing her legs and lets out a deep belly laugh.) Tiff, you’re too damn slow and musclebound to ever match up with a greyhound like Sierra. You get in there and she’ll probably give you whiplash as she flashes past you. Can’t believe you think you’re in Sierra’s league.

Tiffany: I’m more than just in her league, Medusa. I’m better. If she ever gives me a shot, I’ll prove it to you and everyone.

[Tiffany finishes her third drink… and turns a shade of blue… she scoots out of the booth and hightails it to the women’s room.]

Andrea: Tell me, Medusa, how does one get the whole Knicks team to come to ringside with her? You have some impressive friends.

Medusa: Baby, if you don’t know. You better ask somebody. I just call Charles. Charles calls Patrick … and so on and so on. Girl, I got power. People don’t know. But don’t sleep cause I can hook it up. Andrea: Of course, that preceded your match with Double O, which I’m sure you feel could have gone a bit differently. I won’t take anything away from Officer Order — she’s a great wrestler, frankly — but do you think backing up Bloody Mary affected you at all?

Medusa: Naw, I just beat myself by ever going into that. This tech wrestling business. I was so busy worrying about what I could do and what I couldn’t do that I wasn’t paying attention to the ring spacing. I can’t believe I bombed that little short ass girl so close to the ropes.

Andrea: Sierra looked good out there. I know she’s gone her own way of late, and it seems to have helped. Did you intentionally nudge her from the nest, so to speak?

Medusa: Dre, it’s like this. Sierra was always her own woman. It just takes people a while to see that. She isn’t one of the gang. She’s her own woman. So I didn’t nudge her. She’s doing what she needs to do to live out her dreams. There ain’t nothin’ to wonder about. Sierra just blossomed.

Andrea: Now, ‘dusa…is that can of mace just about empty? (Laughs.) Seriously, I thought the Misfits had the Queens’ number, but they pulled it out. Emotion aside, what’s your opinion of them as the new titlists? For what it’s worth, that was one hell of a match for both of you.

Medusa: Hey, I pick up mace by the crate. Maybe I’ll try pepper spray next time. Ha! The Misfits couldn’t win forever. I don’t like the Hyena Queens. Never did. Never will. See, you can’t understand that because you never have anybody stereotyping Whites, right. You know, it’s frustrating to see them go the way of the Bobo Brazil’s and stuff, playing Amos and Andy to get over. The loss, though, that’ll just give them more motivation the other way. Now let me ask you something. How will you guys feel when I take out Micki Duran and strip the last bit of gold from the Syndicate?

Andrea: ‘dusa, if Micki were here, she’d do a much better job of explaining how you had no chance in hell of accomplishing that. And I personally don’t see it happening, anyway. After all, I’ve taken your best — twice — and I’ve had PLENTY of advice for her. Granted, you might win, and I can’t think of anyone more qualified to take the belt from her. But Micki’s juiced like I haven’t seen before, so I don’t think you should assume victory just yet.

Medusa: Come on, dre. You know who the better woman is. I just want to hear you say it. And remember your complimentary drinks and cover depend on the quality of your answer.

Andrea: You know fully well that I’d much rather pay my own way than EVER admit that ANYONE is better than I am. Besides, I think you’d be a little disappointed if I DID give something like that up.

Medusa: Yeah, maybe I would. Ah, well, to hell with it. (She raises her glass.) Anyway, we’re here to have fun, so that’s what we’re gonna do. A toast! To the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance…

Andrea: …may it be the setting for our greatest adventures.

Medusa: Hear! Hear!

(They clink their drinks together, and the view fades as they drink deeply….)

Scene opens up on a jammed packed Meadowlands Arena in East Rutherford, NJ. There are 23,174 screaming fans in attendance. “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


Bishop: Fans, we are fresh from Madison Square Garden. This week in the Meadowlands we have a HELL Of a card!

Mutt: That’s right. On the undercard we have newcomer Brimstone going up against rookie ‘Jumping’ Jennifer Grier. We have ‘Yukon’ Jane taking on ‘Sexy’ Sally McClane. We got Daisy Butterfly taking on Keiko Mita in the semifinals of the Cruiserweight title tournament…

Bishop: …and how about Ma Porter against Sierra Browne for the Western Heritage Title…and in the MAIN EVENT! Can you believe a return match for the INTERNET Heavyweight title? Medusa Rage challenges Micki Duran…

Mutt: And why do you always forget the tag matches? How about Burning Rain against the High Flying Dolls in the battle of the fan favorites. And we got New Brown Girls against Idol Team Otanashis. Congo Paul should kick your ass!

Bishop: Anyway, fans, next week we’ll be replaying some matches from LEWA’s final pay per view. The Ladies Extreme Wrestling Association will be folding….

Mutt: So what?

Bishop: Oh boy. Starting off the night, Ma Porter had some sort of announcement. We’ll get to matches shortly fans. Sam, I’ll be back.

(Allan Bishop climbs through the ring ropes. Someone hands him a microphone)

Bishop: Ladies and gentlemen, we have set aside this time at the request of one of our superstars, who promised a big announcement. So, without further ado, let me introduce…..Big…Ma…Porter!

Big Ma Porter

(Fans boo as “I Shot the Sherriff” by Bob Marley begins to play. She emerges from the backstage curtain wearing a black business outfit. Tony Angelo follows, smoking a cigar and wearing a pinstripe suit with a fedora hat. Fans throw trash at her, but Ma Porter is grinning uncontrollably. The pair enters the ring. Tony Angelo shakes Bishop’s hand, and Ma Porter grabs him and kisses him on each cheek, mafia-style.

Bishop: (dumbfounded) Hello to you too! Now, Ma, what’s this about a surprise?

Tony: (grabbing the mike) No no no, Bishop, all wrong! Where’s your sense of timing? I got a lot I wanna say to these peons first!

(Crowd boos intensely and throws trash into the ring.)

Tony: Yeah, keep yer pants on, we’ll get to our announcement soon…if you all shut up!

(Crowd heat *INTENSIFIES*!)

Tony: First of all, let me address the new-school thing. Ma and I have talked it over, and agreed that a fed as volatile as the GDWA has gotta go through changes to keep afloat. So, we don’t have a grudge about folks like Chandler and Rage bein’ here, we just got a grudge against them. Medusa Rage thinks the fed, and possibly the universe, revolves around her and her inbred relatives. Chandler only wishes she had it as good as we do. Syndicate, my ass!!!! (Hardcores bark and cheer!!)

Bishop: So what are you going to do about it?

Porter: Oh, you’ll see. And I don’t care much for yer attitude, punk! (Gives Bishop a small shove). But your attitude ain’t gonna bring me down, wit’ the great mood I’m in. See, Rages, Chandlers, you ain’t the only ones with family. “Ma” ain’t my first name. Yeeah, youse all know where this is goin’! Since I been here, I been braggin’ about my kids, my Porter Boys.

Bishop: I have been wondering when we would finally meet…

Porter: (grabbing the mike) Shut up, ya dumb microphone jockey, I ain’t through yet. Medusa, I can’t even tell how youse Rages are all related. Sisters, parents, Cousins, wives. Probably some combination of all of ’em. But it’s no secret, I got kids. I may be no spring chicken, but I can beat the crap outta anyone who’d dare to get in my way. My boys got honor and respect for their elders, and they could teach you a thing or two, Bishop!

Tony: Hey Ma, let’s bring ’em out here.

Ma: Just what I was thinkin’. Ladies and gents, lemme introduce to youse, the two best kids a mother could ask for, Salvatore and Carlo, the Porter Boys!!!!!

(Fans boo as the violin theme from ‘The Godfather” plays over the PA. Two burly men, around 25, emerge from backstage. Each wears an identical Armani suit and carries some flowers. They climb into the ring. Each shakes Tony’s hand and gives Ma a flower, but each keeps some flowers)

Tony: Sal! Carlo! So good to see you again!

(The Porter Boys nod their approval)

Ma: I’m so proud of you two!

(Crowd is booing!)

Ma: Shut up! Now, as nice as that was, you were all pretty hungry for a big announcement, right? Well, don’t be disappointed. The Porter Boys are only part of it. Y’see, the reason I’m bringin’ them out, is because I’m so proud of ’em. My Boys both got engaged recently. Such respectable boys. And their fiancées are gorgeous!

Tony: Naturally. We spend so much time in *real* cities, like Hollywood, not like this dump!

(Crowd heat sizzles!!!!!!!)

Tony: Yeah, it was only a matter of time before these nice, handsome boys got hitched, ain’t that right, Carlo? (winks)

Ma: I know you rednecks are all thrilled to be sharing such an intimate family moment with me….

Tony: Hey Ma, let’s bring out the girls!

Ma: Should we?

Tony: Yeah. Folks, bang your hands together for the newest members of our family, of Organized Crime. These two dames and the Porter Boys are a match made in heaven. The sophistication. The glamour. Let’s give a warm reception for the blushing brides-to-be, BJ and Taylor!

Bishop: Oh no! Not….

(Crowd leaps to its feet and *screams* as “My Way” by Sid Vicious plays over the PA. From the backstage curtain emerges the SUICIDE BLONDES!! Both girls look down the aisle, oblivious to anything but the Porter Boys. They are dressed in pinstriped bodysuits and fedoras; obviously cashing in on their fiancées’ “associations.” They enter the ring and first kiss Ma Porter on the cheek, then walk over to the ‘Boys and embrace them with big wet kisses as the crowd “oooooooo”s.)

Bishop: My God! How…

Tony: Hey now, Bishop! Can’t you see Ma is ’bout ta cry? You wanna ruin this moment for her?

Bishop: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. Let’s see if I can get a few words with the…<clears throat>…lovely couples. Taylor, excuse me a second! Taylor, is this Salvatore?

Taylor Monroe: (grinning widely and looking at Baby Jane) I sure hope it’s Sal, or else girlfriend over there is gonna get her ass kicked!

(The Porter family all start to laugh)

Bishop: (To Baby Jane Ross) How did this happen?

Baby Jane Ross: Allen, dearie. It was all such a whirlwind. The lights, the heat. The cool breeze blowing through my hair and along my face. Did I mention the lights?

Taylor Monroe: TONS of lights, sweetie.

Bishop: What are you talking about? It sounds like puppy love if you ask me…

Baby Jane Ross: It’s not “puppy love” we’re talking about, dear. Atlantic City. Absolutely stellar. Wouldn’t you agree?

Taylor Monroe: Absolutely, one-hundred percent GUILTY on that

Ma: I got me two great sons an’ now two angelic daughters. Sal, Carlo, BJ, Taylor, youse ‘ve made me so proud…(stifles a tear)

Tony: Easy, Ma. We got a lot of preparations to make for the big day. But I already know what my gift is gonna be. Gold. (Holds up left hand, with chunky ring on the fingers) I’m no stranger to it, and Organized Crime can buy you two honeys the rings of your choice, but I hear gold is in for belts this year. An’ I’m gonna see to it that you cut through the competition here and bring the hardware to Organized Crime, where it belongs. Just like I’m gonna do for you Ma, when you meet Sierra Brownie tonight.

Ma: Yeah, GDWA, don’t expect any invitations to the big event. Unless some of the Rage Girls want to park cars for our guests. Man, you ain’t lived till you’ve been to an Italian wedding!

Bishop: Well, can I come?

Tony: Hah! Sure, I tell you what. You know how ta mix drinks? (Laughs to himself. The theme from “Godfather” plays over the PA. The Blondes leave the ring, with Sal and Carlo holding open the ropes for them. They walk arm in arm up the aisle, making goo-goo eyes. Ma beams with pride)

Mutt: Hold on! What the hell? Martial Law and Officer Order coming down the aisle

(Order and Law are both in uniform. Law looks outraged, while Order looks unhappy with what she has to do.)

LAW: HOLD ON! You two boys are going to have to come with us!

ORDER: I’m sorry Ma, but these two jumped bail on that Bank robbery charge back in Atlantic City and we’ve got a warrant for their arrest!

LAW: NOW COME OVER HERE! I’m not going to let you two hide behind your Mama, it’s time to face the LAW!!!

(Crowd cheers a bit and Ma looks distressed as Tony pulls out his wallet)

Tony: Now now, Martial, no need to get testy. I’m sure we can reach some sort of agreement. (Pulls out a few bills and lays them on the ring between himself and Law.) Why look! Some careless person has left thousands of dollars just lying on the mat. Well, we’ll all just turn away, and hopefully the person who left it will take it back. (He smugly signals to the rest of Organized Crime who turn and face the opposite direction)

(Law bends down and handles the money as the crowd boos. Then Law looks up at Tony and pushes him hard, sending him sprawling. The crowd pops huge!!!!!)

LAW: Why you’re lucky I don’t run all of you in for obstruction of Justice!!!

(Crowd continues to cheer)

ORDER: (interjecting herself between Law and Porter) Now partner… Look Ma, they knew that they had to be in court today and…

Porter: So? Is it wrong for two boys to want to see their mother in the spotlight one last time?

ORDER: I know, I feel terrible about this but the Law is the Law. They’ve got to come with us, and I’ll see what I can…

(The Suicide Blondes begin a shoving match with Martial Law as the boys duck out the back.)


(The Blondes manage to each grab on of Martial Law’s arms, holding him back as Ma and Tony step up blocking Order in, all as the boys duck out the back.)


(Crowd pops big time!!!)

Mutt: Well, enough talk, let’s get right into the action. This card can’t be held up by Double O’s antics! Spud McKenzie, take it away!!!!

(Fans all cheering as Spud McKenzie enters the ring….)

Spud: Wrestling fans from around the world…Are you ready!?

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!)

Spud: I said ARE YOU READY?!

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Spud: Then Let’s Get Rrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrumble!!!

(Fans cheer as horns go off & Spud McKenzie stands poised in the ring.)

Sally McClane vs. Yukon Jane

Spud: Our first contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!

(Fans boo as they hear “Golddust Woman” by HOLE.)

Spud: First…Hailing from Hollywood, California! 5 feet 6 inches, Weighing in at 135 pounds, here is….’Sexy’ Sally McClane!

(Sally heads down the aisle taking her time, stopping often times to jaw with the fans. She heads around the ring, still yelling at fans.)

Bishop: Sally McClane taking her time…and heading over to the announcer’s table! She wants to talk.

Mutt: Go ahead Sal! What ya wanna say?

Sally: Listen up, Jan, or whatever. I don’t know who you THINK you are, but you need a good reality check. See, I signed an open contract in hopes of having a big named, so-called, GDWA Superstar signing it, so I could prove myself once more before breaking rookie status…BUT since they were all scared, you picked it up. And it looks like now, I’m just going to have to kick your long ass back to the Yukon.

(She then winks and smiles before putting the microphone down. Sally enters the ring wearing a two piece black and white striped spandex with “SEXY” plastered across her chest.)

Bishop: The arrogance of that woman…she should be in the damn Syndicate! Okay fans, let’s hear the introductions for ‘Yukon’ Jane….

(Fans boo as they hear ‘Bad Moon Rising’)

Spud: And her opponent, led down the aisle her manager ‘Ranger’ Robin…from The Yukon! 6 feet tall, weighing 175 pounds. Here is ‘Yukon’ Jane!!!

(Jane heads down the aisle wearing a two piece red and blue singlet. She enters the ring and White Lightning climbs the far corner, pointing to the fans.)

Mutt: Yukon is a big girl. We’ll see what she can do in the ring against Sally. A classic confrontation between a brawler and a technician.

Bishop: Fans, we have some prerecorded comments from ‘Yukon’ Jane… ———————————————————————— I’m glad I got a match against you “SEXLESS” Sally, because I don’t appreciate wrestlers coming down the aisle and watching my matches up close. I will show you what pain and suffering really is. After the match, you’ll be sorry that you ever crossed me! And Ma Porker, you watch out because you numbers coming up little girl. ————————————————————————

Bishop: Jane storming the ring, and Sally charging her!


Bishop: That’s the bell, Sally with Karate chops to the chest of Jane and…Oh my!

(Hardcores pop as ‘Yukon’ Jane simply smiles.)

Mutt: She didn’t even budge!

Bishop: Jane firing back with PUNCHES to the head! Sally getting weak in the knees, and Jane just SO strong! Jane backed into the ropes, and now Jane with European Uppercuts!!!

(Fans with mixed cheers as Sally McClane nearly falls through the ropes.)

Bishop: Jane with an Irish Whip and racing across the ring…Sally bouncing off and Sally DUCKING the Clothesline!

Mutt: Both women hitting the ropes on the opposite side. They bounce off and Sal with a Diving leg hook and cradle!!!

Ref: 1…………………………2………………kick out!

Bishop: Both women back up and Jane with a hard right hand. Reminiscent of Medusa Rage. Jane now with a Scoop and a Bodyslam! Now Jane with a Reverse Chinlock!

Mutt: Sally ain’t playin’ that game though. Sal swiveling around Jane and countering with a Hammerlock! Jane up to her feet, but Sal with a Drop toe hold, and now Sexy Sal is bad mouthing Jane!

Bishop: She’s getting Jane mad! Jane up to her feet, and Sal backing into the ropes. The ref wants a clean break…and Jane with a HARD elbow to the head of Sal! Jane turning around, and nailing away with HARD right hands!

Mutt: Jane with a side headlock, and Sal countering out of it with a Wristlock into an Overhand Wristlock, and now Sal with a boot to the midsection! Jane doubling over and….

Bishop: DDT!

(Fans booing as ‘Yukon’ Jane lays on the mat, clutching her head.)

Bishop: Sal stomping away on the upper body now. Desperation move by Sal paying off. Sal now, straddling Jane, and slapping on her own chinlock…hold on! Sal draping the arms over her knees…

Mutt: Boston Crab!

(Minor cheers as ‘Yukon’ Jane gets to her feet!)

Bishop: Sal is in trouble! Jane so strong! Sal piggybacking Jane as she begins to hulk up….AND ‘SEXY’ SALLY MCCLANE SLAPPING ON A SLEEPER HOLD!

(Fans all on their feet as ‘Yukon’ Jane flails about incoherently.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Mutt: Both women working hard in this match…both trying to prove something. It makes you wonder which of the rookies will be at the Fall Moonsault pay per view.

Bishop: Jane doesn’t know a wrestling move to save her life. She is heading for the ropes, and Sal can’t stop her…so Sal drives a knee to the back of Jane!

Mutt: Jane draped over the ropes, and Sally with a Bodyscissors from behind, and rolls her up for a Sunset Flip!!!

Ref: 1…………………2…………………………..3?!

(Fans booing as Sally McClane releases the tights.)

Mutt: Sally walking around the ring, raising her hands, but the ref waving off the count…damn it! He saw her with a handful of tights!

Bishop: Jane getting to her feet, and Sal is bickering with the ref. Oh boy! Sal with a head of steam….CLOTHESLINE!!!

(Big crowd pop!)

Mutt: Sal is down! Jane with a pickup, and running over to the near corner….and rams Sally’s head into the turnbuckle!


Mutt: Jane looks on fire! Sal is draped in the corner. Jane with a Scoop and Bodyslam! Now Jane with a Double Leg pick up, and. . . .

Bishop: Sexy Sal with a Small Package!!!

Ref: 1………………………2……………STRONG KICK OUT!

Mutt: Every time Yukon tries to go to a submission or wear down maneuver, the superior technical ability of McClane overwhelms her.

Bishop: Both women back up, and Jane with a European Uppercut!

(Fans pop as Sal flies into the near corner.)


Bishop: Jane with hard right hands to the head now, and Robin on the outside directing traffic. Sal is in a world of hurt.

Mutt: You know Bishop, Jane used to chop down trees for a living…the only reason she’s in the GDWA Is because she can get paid more for chopping down opponents. She’s just a big brawler. Big and strong.

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Bishop: Jane climbing the turnbuckles now, and she’s going all the way up top!

Mutt: Sal is holding herself up by the top ring rope, as I’m sure she’d have collapsed by now…she’s so scrawny you know.

Bishop: Robin calling for the SUPER POWERBOMB?! Jane pulling Sally up the turnbuckles. She slaps Sally’s head between her legs and…

(Fans groan as ‘Sexy’ Sally McClane lands a low blow.)

Mutt: Jane is hurt! Sally slowly climbing up to the top now. Sal with a Frontface lock, and grabbing the tights….oh my! She’s going for a….

(Fans all screaming as ‘Sexy’ Sally McClane falls backwards…)

Bishop: ****SUPERPLEX****

(Fans all on their feet as Sally McClane drapes the arm for the cover.)

Ref: …………………………….1



(Fans pop as ‘Yukon’ Jane kicks out!)

Mutt: Sally with NO power. That Superplex should have been enough. She needs to hit the gym.

Bishop: Hold on! Ranger Robin, Jane’s manager, up on the ring apron as Sally gets to her feet. Sally is hurting. Jane reaching into her tights as Sally picks her up…


Bishop: BUT SALLY DUCKING, AND NAILING WITH A BOOT TO THE MIDSECTION! Jane doubled over, and Sal with an inverted facelock…Inverted DDT!

(Fans groan as Sally McClane heads for the near corner.)

Bishop: Jane rolling over, trying to get to her feet as Sal climbs the turnbuckles. Sal up top as Jane gets to her feet…..


(Fans pop while Sally McClane hooks the leg.)

Ref: 1………………….2………………….3!


Bishop: Hold on a minute! Here comes ‘Jumping’ Jennifer Grier. Sal up on her knees, still clutching her head. Jane is a HELL of a talent at 6 feet tall and 175 pounds.

Mutt: She reminds me a lot of Lisa Thomas to be honest.

Bishop: Grier grabbing the house mic.

Jennifer Grier

Grier: Where are your bodyguards now, Sally?

(Crowd pop)

Grier: I’ve been watching you Sally! And I’m getting real tired of your mouth! You know what? I should hop in that ring right now, and tear you apart with my bare hands… hell, would it not be fair to even have “Big” Rob there to do it for me!?

Mutt: What the hell does that rookie think she’s doing?

Bishop: It looks like Jennifer is standing up for her fellow wrestlers! She doesn’t seem to be too happy about what Sally did to Lady Tiger last week, and is making amends! And here she comes to the announcer’s booth!

Mutt: Hey! What the hell? Give me back that chair!

Grier: (waving the chair above her head) See this chair, McClane? If I was a lowlife like, this thing would be across your skull right now! But I’m better than you! Instead, I’m challenging you, right here, next week! There, you can’t avoid me, and you can’t run! And don’t even think about the bodyguards… I’ll have them taken care of!

[The crowd seems to enjoy this, as Jennifer throws the chair into the ring.]

Bishop: And here comes her manager, “Big” Rob Tucker! And look at that smile on his face!

[“Big” Rob hugs Jennifer, as Sally doesn’t look too happy inside the ring]

Bishop: Grier will be the featured guest on the HOUSE of STYLES tonight…you know, maybe this Grier girl is for real! Speaking of Styles, he’s up next with one of his HOUSE of STYLES.

House of Styles: Browne Girls

(Mixed cheers as MISTER Furious Styles heads down the aisle and enters the ring. He’s wearing a black and red striped double breasted suit and sunglasses.)

Styles: Jennifer Grier, I’ll get to you later….Now, you know this isn’t a GDWA event unless I hear from my dark chocolate supreme home girl, Medusa. And you know what? This time she ain’t just comin’ alone. She’s bringin’ a couple tall-ass honeys with her. All I can say is … Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy!!!

[“Brown Girl in the Ring” plays as the curtains part and Medusa sweeps out first. Indigo and Marissa flank her on either side. All three look serious. Indigo and the towering Marissa are in their scarlet wrestling togs. Medusa leads the way, gaily arrayed in a scarlet zoot suit with matching fedora. She swings a brass-topped cane and wears wing-tipped boots.]

Styles: Damn, ‘dusa, I’m glad I’m wearing these shades!

Medusa: (smiling) Well, it’s all about flair. You know that. But beneath the flash and the style there always has to be substance.

[Medusa opens her jacket, putting her hands in her pockets.]

Medusa: But Furious, there’s always got to be substance behind the style. And that’s something the Brown Girls need to learn. That loss against Burning Rain was the absolute limit. There is no way I will tolerate such happenings again. I told them that. They need guidance. They need someone to teach them to strive for perfection in every match.

Styles: So, you’re choosing them over the Misfits? The Misfits are the former GDWA tag-team champions! They have been since the division crowned its first champions. I mean I love you two girls, but ‘dusa… Come on, baby. That’s championship stuff!

Indigo: We’re championship-caliber, too, you know. It isn’t like we’re just the Misfits’ poor stepsisters. It isn’t as if we don’t have our own talents.

Styles: Hey, I didn’t see the Misfits on the wrong end of a three count to Burning Rain.

[Marissa lunges forward and grabs him by the lapel.]

Marissa: You listen to me. That’s something that was a mistake. We just didn’t connect properly that one time. But that will never happen again. I promise you. Any time Burning Rain sees fit to step into the ring for a rematch then we’ll be ready to throw down.

[Styles detaches himself from Marissa’s grip. He raises his hands sheepishly.]

Styles: All right. All right. I hear you! But I’ve got to see the goods. You’re in a match against Idol Team Otanashi tonight. And let me tell you, if you don’t run rings around those two then I don’t know what kind of future you have in the GDWA.

Indigo: Hekyll and Jekyll? Those two won’t be a problem. I promise you that. Look, everybody keeps talking about the Misfits and the Age of the Rage. We’re here to tell you there’s no such thing. We’re competitors. We’re ready to take on the Hyena Queens any time any place and take our rightful positions as the GDWA tag champions.

Marissa: I like ‘diva and Dal, but they can’t do anything against someone as quick as Indigo and as strong and big as me. The Misfits versus the Brown Girls. That’s the match of the GDWA, but until then I’ve got to content myself staying sharp, working on my ring skills with teams like the Otanashis.

Styles: You don’t sound like you give them a chance.

Indigo: We don’t. Let them come out here right now and we’ll show them exactly what we think of their skills.

Idol Team Otanashi

[“There’s a Hurricane Tonight” plays.]

Medusa: Here we go!

Marissa: Just like the Price is Right! Come on down! Come on down!

[Kurumi Otanashi comes out with her kendo stick.. behind her Kasumi Otanashi is pulling on her arm, but to no avail as the elder sister easily pulls her along.]

Styles: Well… here you go, girls. You don’t have to wait for the Otanashis… here they are!

Kurumi: Brown Girls! We no have to wait for you to fight. We fight right here. Right now.

Marissa: We fight right now. You turn into chop suey. You can’t speak English right. How you gonna come in my face?

Indigo: You just watch yourselves now. We don’t have a beef with you, but I tell you we’re just not in the mood.

[Kurumi brings the stick up to strike and Kasumi pulls it from her grasp, shaking her head almost in tears. She steps in front of her sister and pushes her back.]

Kasumi: No! I won’t let you do this, oneechan! You shame our name with violence! I sit and watch you do bad things to people here and you treat me worst of all. I not allow it any longer! I not allow you to go on like that and keep making things worse for us here.

[Kurumi steps up in a threatening manner to her sister… but Kasumi pushes her back.]

Kasumi: I say you stop right now. You learn to act more like me. I will not take it anymore! You understand?

[Kurumi raises an eyebrow at her sister, then nods.]

Kurumi: Very well.

[Kasumi turns to the Browns and bows]

Kasumi: Sincerest apology on behalf of our team. When we fight we fight with honor and good sport.

Marissa: Then y’all just take yourselves back to the dressing room, aight?

[Kasumi bows again, then suddenly cracks Marissa Monet with the Kendo stick. As Indigo Browne jumps forward to stop the blow, Kasumi clotheslines her with the stick. She then proceed to whap both girls with the stick. Kurumi gets into the action and begins to stomp on Monet. Marissa fights back with a legsweep. The two roll around on the ground, kicking and punching. Kasumi chokes down Browne until Medusa yanks her off. Kurumi pulls Monet by the hair towards the ring and rolls her in. Medusa throws Kasumi into the ring and the referee begins to separate them.]

Bishop: The refs are forcing them back to the locker room. Oh my! That match latter on tonight will be incredible! Anyway, it is time for our next match, but before we get started, I’d like to introduce to you all, a new commentator here at Grand Dragon, a man with enough wrestling knowledge to put Mike Tenay under the table. Here is Davey Jones. Welcome Davey.

Davey Jones: It’s my pleasure to be here tonight, Allen. And the reason I requested to come out on this particular match, is I LOVE, the Japanese style and I believe that Brimstone represents that style perfectly.

Allen Bishop: Speaking of Brimstone, we haven’t ever seen anything on her. What do you expect out of the rookie tonight? Sam?

Sam Mutt: It’s going to be a dud match. Brimstone, will fumble around the ring, til Grier gets the pin. Plain and simple.

Bishop: I guess that’s one opinion. How do you think it’ll go, Davey?

Jones: Well, Allen, I have to go with experience, here or not even experience, but familiarity. Grier, may still be considered a rookie here within the walls of Grand Dragon, but she is familiar with the GDWA style or better yet the American style. Brimstone isn’t. As much promise as I see in her, I think she’s in over her head and the win’ll go to Grier.

Bishop: Well, you know how I love underdogs, so I’m going to have to side with Brimstone in this contest, however, it looks to be one helluva match. But anyway, let’s go to Spud McKenzie and the introductions. Spud?

Brimstone vs. Jennifer Grier

Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is set at a 15 minute time limit. First….coming down the aisle….

[“Head Like a Hole” by Nine Inch Nails begins playing as out she comes wearing a one piece body suit, with flames on the side. She has red tights on her legs, and her arms are bare. On her right arm there is a circle tattoo with a small motif of a dragon being consumed in flames inside of it. Her suit goes up to her neck and provides a black hood that covers her hair. Along with a red mask that covers her mouth and chin area and the skin around her eyes is covered as well. Only with red paint, instead of cloth. And also attached to her back, is a long red cape]

Spud: ….weighing in at 118lbs, and standing over 5’6″ tall, from Tokyo, Japan….here is, GDWA Newcomer…BRIMSTONE!!!!!!!!!!!

[She enters the ring and takes off the cape, throwing it out of the ring attendant]

Bishop: Well, she looks impressive, I’ll give her that.

Mutt: She looks like a character out of Mortal Kombat.

Spud: And HER opponent….

[“Jump” by Van Halen plays as out comes, “Jumping” Jennifer Grier wearing some small Daisy Dukes, with a sleeveless, red button up shirt that is tied at the bottom. And her brunette hair waves behind her. She is accompanied, by a large man, and former men’s league commentator, her boyfriend, “Big” Rob Tucker]

Spud: ….weighing in at 125lbs, and standing at 5’7″…from Geneseo, Illinois, accompanied by “Big” Rob Tucker, here is….”JUMPING” JENNIFER GRIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[She enters the ring and after warming up a little turns to face Brimstone as Tucker steps out of the ring]

Bishop: Well, the referee, now going over the rules here. I’m really excited to see just what Brimstone has.

Jones: Me too, Allen. But I don’t think she’s really going to let loose in this match. However, I could be wrong.

Bishop: I think that since this is Brimstone’s first match, and Grier’s final rookie match, we’re going to see them take it very easy.

*Ding Ding Ding*

Bishop: And there’s a bell.

Jones: Interesting here, Grier, stepped out of the corner and extended her hand to Brimstone. Brimstone, looked at her awkwardly and then bowed. That proves, we’ve got two COMPLETELY different styles in there.

Bishop: Not really though. They’re both high flyers and evenly matched. It’s just the racial barrier.

Mutt: Who cares?

Bishop: Grier is holding back a little, almost waiting for Brimstone to do something, and Brimstone appears to be doing the exact same thing.

Jones: They’re both moving in now. Lock up….Grier backs Brimstone into the corner and there’s a clean break. I think Grier got that one, due to her slight advantage in weight and height.

Bishop: Could be. Brimstone and Grier locking up once more, and an arm drag by Brimstone. The fans really not into this one.

Mutt: Do you blame them? This is the greenest match I’ve seen in a while. Or well, since Yukon Jane vs. White Lightning. [Laughs]

Bishop: After the armdrag they both jumped up and Brimstone sends Grier into the ropes…

Jones: Leapfrog by Brimstone…Grier to the other side, and OH!! She just took Brimstone’s head off with a vicious clothesline. And now she’s lifting her up off of the mat.

Mutt: In my professional opinion, Brimstone is DEAD! D*E*A*D!! DEAD! I’m no Jennifer Grier fan, in fact, I hate her guts, but as of right now. Brimstone, doesn’t stand a chance.

Bishop: That’s a matter of opinion Sam! Grier now with Brimstone to her feet and there’s a kick to the gut, but Brimstone catches her foot, and….ENZIGURI KICK by Jennifer Grier, leaving Brimstone senseless.

Jones: Well, she knocked her for a loop that time. And the fans are starting to perk up a little, here.

Mutt: Do you blame the fans?

Jones: Ya know, that was a classic rookie mistake by Brimstone, not looking for that Enzuiguri kick right there.

Bishop: I agree. Grier, now into the ropes, comes back, SNAP LEG DROP, and a beauty. As Jennifer picks Brimstone up and an Irish Whip.

Jones: She bounces off the ropes and is coming back and Brimstone slides through the legs of Jennifer Grier. Grier spins around and there’s a Spin Wheel Kick and sends Grier through the ropes and to the floor.

[Crowd pop]

Mutt: Now what’s the rookie doing?

Bishop: She’s into the ropes, bounces off, coming back with a head of steam and there’s a Suicide Dive to the outside.

[Large Crowd Pop and the Dawg Pound barks]

Dawg Pound: “Woof, Woof, Woof!!!”

Bishop: A showing of approval from the Dawg Pound, as both women are stirring on the outside.

Ref: 1…….



Jones: I can’t tell whose hurt worse. Brimstone is still on her back, but Grier has used the ring apron to pull herself up.



Bishop: And Grier breaks the count, by sliding back into the ring. And Brimstone is stirring on the floor.

Mutt: That was an impressive move by Brimstone, I’ll give her that, but she injured herself worse than she did Grier, so what was the point?

Bishop: That’s why it’s called a high RISK maneuver, Sam.

Jones: Indeed, and Brimstone now back in as well but she is met by a boot to the back from Grier and now she’s hoisted up and there’s a vertical suplex…finds it’s mark.

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in this match….5 minutes have gone from 20 minute time limit…15 remaining!!!!

Bishop: Grier, now with an Irish Whip and Brimstone hits the turnbuckle hard. The fans, really don’t know who to cheer for here.

Jones: I don’t think it’s that. They just don’t know who, NOT to cheer for.

Bishop: Could be. Grier running in, behind Brimstone, and there’s a back handspring and she connects with an elbow and the fans go nuts.

Dawg Pound: Woof, woof, woof!!!!

Jones: And now there’s a snap mare out of the corner and she climbs to the second rope and down hard with an elbow. Devastating maneuver. And the fans are getting behind Jennifer Grier, here in this one.

Bishop: She’s actually had a strong fan following since allying herself with Lady Tiger and I hear that Tiger is in the back watching for interference right now.

Mutt: You mean, Tiger can walk? [Laughs]

Bishop: That’s not funny Sam!

Mutt: Depends on who you ask.

Jones: Grier now, with a pickup and a clothesline takes Brimstone back down, and now Grier lifts up her leg and is down with a leg bar. And ref’s asking Brimstone if she wants to give it up.

Bishop: She’s not going to get a submission out of Brimstone with a leg bar, not by far. BUT….she could take away some of that speed and agility.

Jones: Good point. But, you have to wonder. Can Brimstone even understand what the referee’s saying right now, and can he understand her?

Mutt: No matter what language, or country, or race, or nationality, you’re in, of, or about, you know that when you’re in pain, you quit. And that’s what Brimstone will do right here.

Jones: Not necessarily, as she’s just broken the hold by kicking Grier in the face, but now she’s up and she turned her back to Grier. And there’s a roll up…




Jones: Brimstone almost made a rookie mistake that cost her the match.

Bishop: Well she’s up now and Grier grabs her by the arm, and there’s another Irish whip…back drop coming up…NO! Leap frog by Brimstone, she goes over bounces off the other ropes and comes back but Grier ducks her Spin Heel Kick!

Jones: There’s a kip up by Brimstone, but….OH! She’s knocked back down HARD by Grier, with a Spin Heel Kick of her own. What a move!

Bishop: Indeed, and I think that one knocked Brimstone senseless as she’s now lying flat on her back in the ring. There’s a cover by Grier.




Bishop: Grier is up and she’s into the ropes coming back for a snap leg drop and she connects. And there’s a kip up as the fans are screaming once again.

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in this contest…10 minutes…with 10 remaining!!!!!

Mutt: Grier is now picking the rookie up. I think Brimstone is gone, personally.

Jones: Grier with another Irish whip, Brimstone’s coming back and Grier with a MISSLE DROP KICK!!!! On Target! And there’s another cover!




Bishop: These things are getting close, as Grier hoists Brimstone up once more, and she’s setting up for a Belly-to-Belly but Brimstone blocks it and she counters with a Spinning DDT!!! OH!! And now she’s trying to make it back to her feet.

Jones: Surprisingly the crowd is really getting behind the rookie here, as she’s pulling herself up. Grier charges in, Super Kick by Brimstone and Grier’s down once more. Brimstone has pulled herself up in the corner and now she’s going up top.

Bishop: NO! Grier go there first and she looks to be going for a Superplex, this thing’s over if she hits it…NO! She doesn’t get it. Brimstone blocked the Superplex, and she pushes Grier off, and now she’s flying and there’s a SUNSET FLIP FROM THE TOP!!!





Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen here is YOUR winner…at 13 minutes and 46 seconds, BRIMSTONE!!!!

[“Head Like a Hole” by NIN plays as Brimstone helps Grier up and then shakes her hand, before walking out of the ring. And then makes a few laps slapping hands with the fans before heading back to the locker room with Grier following]

Bishop: Well, that was one helluva match and a great debut for Brimstone.

Jones: You’ve got that right. And guys it was fun being here. I hope to come back soon, but as for now. I’m gone. Good night!

Bishop: Thanks Dave. And good night to you too!

Mutt: I’m glad that loser’s gone!

Allan: Our next match is a tag team affair that features two teams who never quite seem to earn the respect of their fellow wrestlers. A win tonight could earn either team that respect. Joining me for commentary is “Congo” Paul Roberts.

Congo: The pleasure is all yours. You wanna talk about respect. I can tell you why neither the High Flying Dolls nor Burning Rain get respect…because they suck! Neither team has that edge that you need to win in this fed!

Allan: Why is that, Paul? Because they stay more or less within the rules?

Congo: Well, you said it, I didn’t.

High Flying Dolls vs. Burning Rain


(Crowd cheers as “Thunderstruck by AC/DC explodes over the PA. Midnight Fury comes to ringside wearing a brown bodysuit with a black mask. Lacy Gold wears a shocking red spandex one-piece with HFD’s printed in gold on both the front and the back. Mary and Anna Conda try to keep the Dolls focused as they give high-fives.)

Allan: The crowd really getting wired up for this team!

Congo: And I’m sure that has nothing to do with Lacy Gold and her new outfit. The janitors here will be working overtime, mopping up drool.

Allan: That’s disgusting, Paul.


(Crowd pops LOUD as 1999 by Prince blares over the PA. Maria emerges from the backstage area wearing a shiny white bodysuit. Gojira wears military pants and a black shirt with glowing yellow eyes on it. They slap hands with the fans around the ring area)

Congo: Is it just me, or does Gojira get uglier with every match?

****DING**** ****DING**** ****DING****

Allan: And we’re underway! Maria starts out for the rain along with Lacy Gold of the High Flying Dolls. Two agile ladies, circling each other, looking for an opening.

Congo: And Maria makes a lunge for Gold, but Gold able to sidestep the Fire Angel. Lacy, taking her sweet time, confers with her partner in her corner. Uriquidez is getting impatient, but that may be exactly what the High Flying Dolls want.

Allan: And Gold…tags out to Midnight Fury. This must be a delaying tactic, there hasn’t even been enough action for Gold to need to tag out.

Congo: Maria, with her hand in the air, is asking the crowd if she should tag out to Gojira as well.

(Crowd roars its approval)

Allan: But before she can, she’s blindsided by Midnight Fury!! We’re seeing some action now! It’s Midnight with double ax-handles to the back of Maria. Now a kick to the ribs, followed by a knee to the shoulder.

Congo: Not much is known about this masked wrestler. She now lays into an armbar on Uriquidez.

Allan: And Gojira is itching to help out her partner. Maria manages to get to a sitting position, but Fury powers her back down.

Congo: And Gojira enters the ring and boots Fury in the side of the head!! Surprising behavior from Burning Rain!

Allan: Well, like you said, if they want to score the victories around here, they’ve got to be more aggressive. Gojira is giving Fury a sample of that new aggression right now, as kneedrops her back.

Congo: The ref is forcing Gojira out, no easy task, and Lacy Gold was about to enter the ring, but sees that there’s no longer any need.

Allan: And now it’s Maria Uriquidez with control, as she picks up Fury for an Irish-whip…A *hard* spinning heel kick. Moves like that will knock the mask right off of Fury’s head!


Allan: A lot of time was wasted in the early stages of the match. We’ll see if that comes into play later on.

Congo: Now it’s Maria with a belly-to-belly suplex and Fury is reeling! Maria grapples Midnight back into unfriendly territory and tags out to Gojira! Get out of there, Midnight!

(The Dawg Pound barks as Gojira steps into the ring and climbs onto the second rope.)

Allan: Maria’s got Fury in an armbar, and this isn’t going to be pretty!

Congo: Gojira comes down *hard* on the arm of Midnight Fury, and the crowd is lovin’ it!

Allan: Now it’s Gojira with a kick to the midsection. Fury doubles over, clutching her arm. And Takeshima slaps her head between her legs for a… PILEDRIVER!!!!!!

(Crowd PoPs LARGE!!!)

Allan: This could win it for the Rain! The pin!



Allan: Foot on the ropes! Midnight Fury is tough, it’ll take more to score the pin on her.

Congo: and I’m sure Gojira is liking the prospect of dishing out more punishment. She picks Midnight up and delivers a monster headbutt! Midnight is seeing stars! Hah, get it?

Allan: All too well. Gojira with another headbutt, and she follows up with a short-arm clothesline. We’re seeing tight wrestling from Burning Rain, and so far, they’re demolishing the High Flying Dolls.

Congo: It’s Gojira with the pick-up and a bodyslam…no! Midnight scuttles behind Gojira and pushes her into a neutral corner. Gojira didn’t hit hard, and she turns and charges!

Allan: And a legsweep from Midnight topples the giant! I thought Fury was done for!

Congo: Shows what you know, Bishop. Midnight with a quick legdrop on Gojira, and she runs to make the tag.

Allan: Fortunes have turned around for the HFD’s as Lacy Gold applies a grapevine to Gojira’s legs. Gojira….

Congo: Yes, yes, we know, Bishop! Every time Gojira gets in the ring, you remind us that her career has been plagued with knee injuries!

Allan: Well, I was going to say, that Gojira is almost within reach of the ropes…She extends a massive arm…but Gold smashes her in the back with an elbow, and Takeshima, or Big Tak, as some say, howls in pain.

Congo: Blecch! Big Tak? Remind me never to eat at McDonald’s again!

Allan: The Dolls, back to delaying tactics as Lacy really lays into that grapevine. Takeshima is wincing, but again she grabs for the ropes…

Congo: And Midnight drops to the floors and slaps Gojira’s face through the ropes! I like this team more and more!

Allan: And Gojira is enraged, but at least she wasn’t able to get to the rope and have the ref beak the hold.

Congo: Hold on! Maria enters the ring and crosses over to Midnight as she climbs back on the apron. Dropkick! Midnight goes back down again! Now Maria pulls Lacy off of Gojira! Little Maria Uriquidez is pounding away on Lacy Gold while her huge partner shakes out the cobwebs.

Allan: And the ref is warning Maria off. I think the crowd likes the more aggressive Burning Rain, but Maria and Gojira are coming awfully close to behaving like rulebreakers.

Congo: Hah! Burning Rain will always get cheers from these brain-dead fans, though the reason why eludes me.


Allan: Both Lacy and Gojira are back on their feet, and Gold is looking a little worried, understandably.

Congo: Here’s a lock-up, and Gojira throws Gold to the mat. And snarls at her! My word!

(Dawg Pound pops!)

Allan: And Gojira is all over Lacy, peppering her with forearms. Now she *bites* Lacy! That move was a bit questionable.

Congo: Uh oh! Speaking of questionable, here comes trouble!

(Fans boo loudly as the Suicide Blondes walk purposefully to the ring)

Allan: What are BJ Ross and Taylor Monroe doing here? We heard from them earlier in the evening.

Congo: Maybe they’re here to invite me to the big wedding party. Yoo-hoo! over here, girls!

(Fans boo even louder as Baby Jane Ross hops onto the ring apron and shouts at Maria.)

Allan: Things are getting out of hand here! The ref is trying to get Ross to leave, but his back is turned on the ring!

Congo: And Taylor Monroe swings her purse at Gojira, who was getting up! But not anymore! Heh heh!

(Fans boo and scream like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Allan: Gojira is knocked cold! Man, what does Monroe carry in her purse, anyway? A brick?

Congo: Nah, probably just makeup. The Blondes go through a lot of it, you know.

Allan: I noticed.

Congo: And the ref turns around as Lacy drapes her arm over the fallen giant. Monroe trips up Maria as he begins his count!! 1……………………………………..



Allan: No, not like this!!

****DING**** ****DING**** ****DING****


(Crowd boos as “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC plays over the PA)

Allan: I don’t get it, why would the Suicide Blondes, who are now a member of the Organized Crime family under Ma Porter, help the High Flying Dolls.

Congo: You are truly an idiot, Bishop. They did it to hurt Burning Rain, and they did it to send a message to all other teams. I think they succeeded.

Allan: And they’re not even done! They’re stomping away at Maria while Gojira still lays lifeless! This is a massacre! The High Flying Dolls don’t know what to make of it!

***DING*** ****DING**** ****DING****

Congo: Taylor continues to beat Maria savagely! And Midnight and Ross are locked in a stare down. These dumb Dolls should just be grateful for the assist!

Allan: No question, the Rain simply dominated this match! And the Dolls are heading backstage. What’s Ross doing?

Congo: She’s going into her purse…lipstick! What did I tell you, Bishop? Just makeup in those purses.

Allan: Yeah, but it was Monroe’s purse that clocked Gojira. I hope the Blondes aren’t planning to do what I think.

Congo: Yeah! They’re going to take Burning Rain to Beauty School! About time someone did!

Allan: This is horrible! They’re covering Gojira’s face in lipstick. And here comes the blush!

Congo: A cloud of it, thrown into Gojira’s face!! The beast might even pass for female after this.


Allan: Gojira is choking on all that dust, but at least she’s coming to. The Blondes head over to Maria, and Maria’s getting the same treatment. I hope that stuff comes off!

Congo; I hope it doesn’t! Heh heh. Ross is holding Maria’s head still, while Monroe highlights the eyes a dark red. To match her outfit!

Allan: This isn’t funny Paul, its degrading!

Congo: I say it can be both! The Blondes are admiring their handiwork on Maria, but Gojira is sitting up behind them!! She looks mad! Get out of there!!

Allan; The Blondes still don’t see as Gojira, her face caked in makeup, comes up behind them! She grabs each Blonde by the hair!


Allan: Double noggin knocker!!!! The Blondes crumple in the center of the ring! I think Gojira might kill them!


Allan: Wait!!!! Oh no!! The Porter Boys, Sal and Carlo, are running to ringside!!

Congo: They’re going to protect their fiancées! I think it’s romantic!

Allan: They tear into the ring, and throw Gojira out!!!! These are two big, burly guys. And they better be suspended for that!!

Congo: Shut up Bishop, they were just doing what any man would do!


Allan: And the happy couples are embracing in the ring. I had enough of this mushy stuff the last time. Organized Crime is on top of the world!

Congo: Yes, it’s about time that Organized Crime…..


(CROWD *!*!*!*E*X*P*L*O*D*E*S*!*!*!*!*!)

Allan: Now these guys are in for it! Law and Order are on the scene…Order hopping over the top rope, and a KARATE SHOT to Monroe! A karate shot to Ross! They both go down…

Congo: And Martial Law with that nightstick…and nails both Porter boys!

(Fans pop as he handcuffs the Porter Boys.)

Mutt: Officer Order can’t do that!

Bishop: law and Order escorting the Porters out of the arena…GDWA officials holding back the Blondes…oh my!

(Fans all cheering and chanting: ORDER! ORDER!)

Keiko Mita vs. Daisy Butterfly

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit! It is a semifinal match up in the Cruiserweight title tournament.

(Fans cheer as they hear the thunder of Japanese Drums.)

Spud: First, hailing from Kyoto, Japan! She stands 5 feet 4 inches, 115 pounds…the ‘Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita!

(Keiko Mita has short black hair and she looks intense and focused. Both of her fists are lifted toward the crowd as she limps to the ring.)

Bishop: Mita looking firm and determined tonight…can you believe we are at the semifinals already?

Mutt: And the winner faces Western Heritage Champion ‘Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne. I for one don’t see either Browne or Mita beating Daisy. At her best she’s second to Micki Duran.

Bishop: Yeah that’s right and….second to Micki Duran?!

Mutt: You’re getting slow old man!

(Mita enters the ring wearing a black sports bra with silver katanas crossed over the chest and loose black karate pants. A brace is on her left leg, and her hands and wrists are taped up.)

Bishop: This is gonna be a tough one for Mita. Mita is severely injured with that leg injury. Daisy Butterfly is going to hone in on that target big time.

Spud: And her opponent!

(MAJOR crowd pop as Fireworks shoot across the arena and the lights darken. Fans all rush to the guard rail as they hear “Let Me Clear My Throat” by DJ Kool!)

Spud: Hailing from San Francisco, California! She is 5 feet 7 inches, 130 pounds, the 1996 Ironwoman of the GDWA……the ‘Franchise’ Daisy Butterfly!!!!!

(Fans erupt as Daisy Butterfly comes through the curtain. She heads down the aisle slapping hands with fans.)

Bishop: Daisy looking confident. She knows that this is her tournament, and she knows what it will take to win this!

Mutt: Mita better be on her stuff tonight, Daisy is a woman on a mission…can you believe she’s never won a title? Actually, I can! (Laughs.)

(Daisy climbs the ring steps wearing a silver and blue singlet. The words “Ironwoman” run down the side of her leg in red.)

Bishop: It is hard to believe that her reign as Ironwoman is coming to an end…the next one will either be Lady Tiger, Andrea Chandler, Medusa Rage or Officer Order.

(Fans cheer as Keiko Mita meets Daisy Butterfly in the middle of the ring.)

Bishop: Both women nodding to the referees words…and they reach toward each other to shake hands!

(Fans cheer on their sportsmanship.)


Bishop: There’s the bell, and a Collar and Elbow by Daisy…no! Mita with a Backhand fist to the head! And another! And another! Now a Karate Chop!

(Fans groan as Daisy’s chest snaps!)

Bishop: Daisy is stunned, and Mita with an Irish Whip into the near ropes. Daisy bouncing off and Mita with a Spinning Back Fist to the head!

(Big pop from most fans as Daisy collapses to the canvas.)

Mutt: Mita immediately with a double leg pick up….but an inside cradle by Daisy.

Ref: 1…………………………..2………………kick out!

Bishop: Both women back up and KEIKO MITA WITH A SUPERKICK!

(Fans pop as Daisy Butterfly flies through the ropes to the outside.)

Mutt: Daisy acting a little too leisurely in this match. Mita is a killer, a crippler, and has no mercy or hesitation in that ring.

Bishop: Oh no! Mita climbing the turnbuckles…is she out of her mind? She’s up high as Daisy gets to her feet and….

(Fans all on their feet…)

Bishop: S o m m e r s a u l t P l a n c h D i v e !!!!!!!

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!)

Ref: ……..2……..3………..4………

Mutt: Mita is an idiot! Both women on the floor, laid out, and Mita isn’t even able to stand. She’s holding that left leg of hers. A true idiot…she’s injured and goes for a high risk maneuver like that?

Ref: ……………………6…………………..7………

Bishop: Daisy is actually the first to her feet, and roles Mita into the ring. Daisy now, climbing the ring apron…and entering the ring.

Mutt: Daisy with a pickup, and a high knee to the midsection! Now with forearm shots to the small of the back. Daisy with a Waistlock, and slaps Mita’s head between her legs.

Bishop: Daisy hoisting Mita up now, and with a head of steam… AND *NAILS* THE SPRINTING TIGER BOMB! THAT’S CALLED THE LIGER BOMB IN THE ORIENT!!

(Fans erupt as Daisy picks up Mita!)

Bishop: Daisy Irish Whipping Mita to the far ropes as Daisy nears the middle of the ring. Mita bouncing off and….


(MAJOR crowd pop as Daisy gets to her feet and points out to all the fans.)

Mutt: WoW! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many high risk, high impact maneuvers this soon in a match.

Bishop: Daisy with a pickup, and a Waistlock Takedown. Now a Side Headlock. Mita slapping the mat, trying to get to her feet. Daisy is cat like as she gets up to her feet.

Mutt: Daisy knows Mita is hurt, and now Daisy with an Open Hand slap…….

Bishop: AND MITA WITH A *snapping* KARATE CHOP!

(Fans all BARKING as Daisy Butterfly retaliates.)

Bishop: Daisy nailing away with Open Hand slaps…but Mita fighting back! Not flinching, or backing away at all. Daisy stumbling backwards, and Mita with a Karate Kick to the ribs.

Mutt: And Mita with a Frontface lock…and can’t get Daisy up! Daisy blocking, and grabs the tights…and Daisy hoisting up Mita!

(Fans all cheering!)

Bishop: Vertical Suplex!!!!

(Big time pop as Daisy Butterfly pops back up to her feet, but clutches her back.)

Bishop: Daisy with a pickup and a SPINNING Neckbreaker…and she drapes the arm over Mita’s body for the cover!

Ref: 1………………………2……………………kick out!

(Fans cheer as Keiko Mita weakly kicks out.)

Bishop: Daisy with a side headlock in order to reposition Mita….and slaps on a bodyscissors.

Mutt: But I don’t understand. Daisy hasn’t ONCE gone for a Figure 4 or a Twisting Leglock. What’s going on? Daisy should be attacking that left knee.

Bishop: Mita can’t find the ropes….but rakes the eyes for the break. Mita crawling off as Daisy gets up to her knees. Mita up to her feet, hobbling as she backs away.

Mutt: Daisy moving in, and a Collar and Elbow tie up! Mita the stronger of the two with a Side Headlock! Daisy countering out of it with a Hammerlock…and MITA WITH A SHARP BACK ELBOW SHOT TO THE HEAD!

(Dawg Pound barks as blood spurts out of Daisy Butterfly’s nose.)

Bishop: Mita swiveling behind Daisy, and Hammerlocks that left arm…and the right arm too….TIGER SUPLEX!!!

(Fans pop as Keiko Mita bridges for the pinfall.)

Ref: 1……………………..2……………………kick out!

Bishop: Mita first to her feet, and waiting on Daisy, but Daisy with a Drop toe Hold and sliding across Mita’s back for a Front face lock.

Mutt: Mita up to her feet, but can’t break it. Daisy using her weight advantage…you know, Mita is a tough little girl for only being 115 pounds.

Bishop: Daisy grabbing the tights, and hoisting up Mita…and Mita sliding down Daisy’s back…but can’t get her over for the Sunset Flip…


Ref: ………………………………1



(Fans gasp as Mita gets the shoulder up.)

Bishop: Daisy flipping around to her feet, and a Double Leg pick up. Is she….no! Daisy trying to flip Mita over for a Boston Crab.

Mutt: What the hell is going on?!

(Fans all screaming as Keiko Mita strains for the ropes.)

Mutt: Whenever Daisy takes her down to the mat, Mita gets lost in the ring…can’t find the ropes, loses her sense of balance…

Bishop: Mita reaching…but Daisy drops down and sinks into the Boston Crab!!!

(Fans all on their feet as the referee asks the question.)

Spud: 15 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 15 remaining.

Mutt: Mita so close to the ropes, but she’s in a world of hurt. Mita shaking her head no, but it is only a matter of time.

Bishop: I must concur. Daisy is rather proficient with the Boston Crab, and it is sunk in good here. It has been 10 seconds, and Daisy getting a tad frustrated.

Mutt: Daisy releasing, realizing she needs to do more damage to the back. Daisy with a Gutwrench pick up, and a Gutwrench Suplex!

Bishop: Daisy with an immediate pick up now, and an Irish Whip to the near ropes. Mita bouncing off and Daisy with a Tile a Whirl…


(Fans cheering as Keiko Mita clutches her back.)

Bishop: Mita up to her feet now, seizing her chance, and stomping away on Daisy’s back. Now Mita hobbling into the ropes, bouncing off and…MISSING the diving Headbutt!

(Fans POP!)

Mutt: Daisy rolling away, and now both women slow to their feet. Daisy with an Open Hand slap…but Mita firing back with Karate Chops…now tight shots to the face of Daisy and Daisy is stunned!

Bishop: Mita wants to fight, less wrestling…AND ANOTHER KARATE CHOP! THIS TIME TO THE CHEST! Daisy falling back into the ropes, and Mita with a HARD back hand fist to the head! Daisy falling to the outside.

(Fans cheering as Daisy hits the floor.)

Bishop: Mita fighting with all that she has, but Daisy will not go down. Daisy getting to her feet as Mita slingshots herself to the outside….


(Dawg Pound erupts as Keiko Mita gets to her feet.)

Ref: 3………………..4……………..5………….

Mutt: Daisy took that one full force. Mita with a pickup, and with a High Knee to the midsection. Now Mita, spinning Daisy around and…

Bishop: and slaps on a Crossface for a Crossface German Suplex!!! Right on the floor!

(Dawg Pound erupts as Keiko Mita picks up Daisy.)

Bishop: Mita with a pickup, and ramming Daisy’s head into the guard railing. This is INDEED the second coming of Sachie Yokoyama.

Mutt: Daisy backpedaling as Mita hobbles in…AND WHAT A KARATE CHOP BY KEIKO MITA!!

(Fans all groan as Mita nails Daisy with another Karate chop.)

Spud: 25 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit.

Mutt: The longer this goes, the more it favors Daisy…but Mita seems to be sticking in there.

Bishop: Mita with a handful of hair, and rolling Daisy into the ring. Mita climbing the ring steps now. Daisy seemingly waiting on Mita as she gets to her knees……

Mutt: Mita with a pickup, and an Irish Whip…no reversal!!!!

(Fans all cheering as Keiko Mita is sent into the ropes.)

Bishop: Mita bouncing off the far side…AND DAISY BUTTERFLY WITH A TILT-A-WHIRL-BACKBREAKER!

(The arena explodes as Daisy Butterfly drapes the shoulder over Mita.)

Ref: ………………………………………………1



Bishop: Daisy with a pickup, and Irish Whipping Mita to the near ropes. Mita bouncing off and Daisy with a High Back Body….

Mutt: NO! Mita double underhooking Daisy’s arms…BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Mita now, dropping down for the cover…..

Ref: 1………………….2……………..kick out!

Bishop: Mita slapping the mat in frustration, now cradling the leg for the cover.

Ref: 1…………………2………………kick out!

(Fans pop in amazement as Daisy Butterfly kicks out STRONGLY!)

Bishop: Mita with a pickup, and a HEADBUTT! And a Karate Chop! OH my! Daisy stumbling into the corner, and Mita charging in…


(Fans pop!!)

Bishop: Daisy clutching her back though…that Plancha dive and that Suicide Dive have taken their toll.

Ref: 2…………..3………………..4……………..

(Fans cheering as Daisy Butterfly heads for the near corner.)

Mutt: Mita crawling toward the near corner, and Daisy climbing the turnbuckles…Daisy is going up top!!!

(Fans all cheering as Keiko Mita gets to her feet.)


(The ENTIRE arena ERUPTS!!!)

Mutt: Man o’ man!

Spud: 1 minute remaining! 60 seconds left.

(Fans all cheering as Keiko Mita heads out to the ring apron, and climbs the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: What the hell? Mita up high, she’s straining against the pain as she slaps Daisy’s head between her legs…what the heck?

Mutt: OH my! Mita with a Waistlock…and hoisting up Daisy Butterfly over her head! Will the leg hold?! Will the leg hold!?

Bishop: She’s up high, and dives off……

(Fans all screaming as Keiko Mita dives down to the mat.)

Bishop: Razooooooooooooooooor’s Edge from the TOP TURNBUCKLE!!!!

(Fans all screaming as Keiko Mita clutches her knee, rolling around in pain.)



Bishop: Mita in excruciating pain, crawling over to Daisy Butterfly. Daisy is STILL down….and Mita draping the arm….

Ref: ……………………………………………………1




Bishop: I would have never thought! Mita with the win?!

Mutt: Daisy Butterfly clutching her back, and that girl’s ego lost her the match! Over confident. She thought she could win this without going after the knee…and credit Mita with giving all that she had!

Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 29 minutes 19 seconds, your winner via pinfall, and advancing to the FINALS of the Cruiserweight Championship….the ‘Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita!

(Fans popping big time out of shock as the sound of Japanese Drums thunder through the stadium.)

Mutt: The ref raises her hand in victory, and Mita checking on Daisy. Daisy just now getting up, and she’s slapping the mat with both hands in frustration.

Bishop: Mita sacrificing her body for the win, but I don’t care how many pain killers she’s taking, her leg is in bad shape…oh my! MAJOR UPSET!

(Fans cheer as Keiko Mita and Daisy Butterfly shake hands.)

Bishop: Mita rolling out of the ring, as Daisy sits in the middle, alone, and greatly disappointed.

Mutt: And look who’s here!

(Fans pop as ‘Brilliant’ Tiffany Chandler blocks the ring entrance and glares at the oncoming Keiko Mita.)

Bishop: Tiffany smiling, and walking back into the entrance way. Mita hobbling up the aisle, confidently, and I must say this has been a shocking night!

Mutt: Daisy wanted to look like the good guy. She could have gone after Mita’s leg and ended this thing 10 minutes ago…but NO! I love it! Mita with the win!

Bishop: It will now be ‘Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita against ‘Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne in 2 weeks! OH my!

Mutt: Well, we got a HOUSE of STYLES with ‘Jumping’ Jennifer Grier next. And this is gonna be something. I wonder what the hell Grier wants to say now…we’ve heard her mouth once already tonight!

House of Styles: Jennifer Grier

(Mixed cheers as MISTER Furious Styles heads down the aisle, and enters the ring.)

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy! Daisy “Jobber-fly”, go back to San Francisco baby! Cause you couldn’t make the cut! Now, my featured guest this week is a rookie who finally got out of the gutter with a win over Jenny Tyler. Please welcome ‘Jumping’ Jennifer Grier…

Bishop: I still can’t believe Daisy lost…she wanted that belt so bad….

Mutt: Ego does that…she wants to be called the Franchise? Fine! But she is an over hyped jobber as far as I’m concerned.

Styles: So, Grier. Looks like you got lucky, and finally ended your losing streak? It’s about time you did something here.

“Jumping” Jennifer Grier: (grabbing the mic from the hands of Styles) Listen up, Styles. I’m not in “your” crowd. I fight fair. It took me a while to get to know the ropes, but I got it. And I’m getting really tired of some of you announcers. All talk, and no action.

[Jennifer throws the microphone to the ground. The crowd falls to a hush. Styles doesn’t even bother picking the mic up, and yells.]

Styles: I don’t know who the HELL you THINK you are, Grier. You are a rookie, and you better not even THINK of doing that again. This is MY show, and MY microphone. The only reason I’m even letting you on MY stage is because it’s MY job. I’d like to shove MY fist down YOUR throat rig…

[Fans cheer as “Big” Rob Tucker comes down the aisle, and stands behind Jennifer. At 6’4″, he towers over Mr. Furious Styles. Styles hesitates, and then backs off.]

“Big” Rob Tucker: Listen up, Styles. Jennifer works here too damn hard to listen to wimps like you. She’s a worker. Tough, quick, and to the point. You better think twice before ever raising your voice to her again.

Styles: Oh yeah? Watch me!

[Styles takes a step towards Jennifer, and Tucker blocks his way. The two are caught in a stare down. Finally, Jennifer tugs on Tucker’s arm, pulling him away.]

Grier: Let’s get out of here. I’ve got to get back to the gym.

Styles: Some featured guest! With guests like those, I might as well have the Hyena Queens on the show.

Allan: Well, Paul Roberts is still around for our next match, which features the New Brown Girls and Idol Team Otanashi.

Congo: What do you mean ‘still around’? I’ll be doing commentary when you’re demoted to t-shirt salesman, you peon!

Allan: Let’s go to Spud with the call.

Idol Team Otanashi vs. The Browne Girls


(Crowd gives a mixed response as the duo heads up the aisle. Both wrestlers look intense as they head to the ring wearing black wrestling gear. Kurumi carries a kendo stick.)

Allan: The Otanashis, needing a win in this match to say competitive. I thought Vessey banned weapons at ringside.

Congo: Well, the Otanashis don’t speak English, so they didn’t know! You know, The Brown Girls also need a win. A newly formed team has to reset its win/loss record, and the Brown Girls are coming of a disappointing loss to Burning Rain.


(Crowd gives another mixed response as “Brown Girl in the Ring” blares over the PA. The Brown Girls head to the ring with Medusa giving them advice.) ***DING*** ***DING*** ***DING***

Allan: My God! What is going on? Kasumi just kicked Medusa and tripped Indigo and now has Indigo in a choking scissors. Kurumi yanks Marissa’s hair and throws her into the edge of the apron. She’s slamming Monet’s head into it and Marissa’s really out of it.

Congo: This is the sign of true champions. Look how the two work so well together. I’ll bet the goody-goody act was a fake until they had these others faked out of their leotards.

Allan: Well, this is horrible. The Otanashi have the Browne’s upset in the ring as they keep savagely beating them. Kurumi pulls up Marissa and throws her head-first into a ring post. Kasumi throws Indigo into a turnbuckle and follows-up with an elbow to her throat. Medusa reaches in, but gets slapped and kicked off the apron. Kasumi climbs up and rakes Indigo’s face, then an elbowdrop into the forehead. The ref is not able to control a thing.

Congo: Allan, look at the fans; they love this. Let the four fight it out and sit back enjoying it.

Allan: The ref finally pushes out Kasumi and Indigo steps out while Kurumi throws Marissa into the ring. She rolls to Indigo and tags her. Kurumi rushes over to grab an opponent, but Indigo flies off the top rope with a dropkick sending Kurumi flying backward to the center. That caught her in the head.

Congo: Indigo Browne, doing what she does best.

Allan: Indigo yanks her hair and drives an elbow into her throat, then throws her to Marissa who chops her throat and holds her for Indigo and a flying elbow to the chest. Looks like things are turning around.

Congo: Not so fast, here comes Kasumi. She runs in and dropkicks Indigo into the turnbuckle and grabs Kurumi’s arm and pulls her away for the tag. Marissa comes in and quickly grabs Kasumi in a bearhug, squeezing hard and lifting Kasumi off the mat. She’s got the Japanese beauty up and gasping for air. Indigo calls to her and Marissa turns and runs into the turnbuckle, ramming Kasumi’s back into the hard corner. Indigo climbs up and pounds Kasumi’s chest with lefts while Monet drives knees into her groin.

Allan: Kurumi comes over, but Marissa spins and rams a knee into her gut, then grabs a front headlock and drives a knee into her chest, sending her backward onto the mat. That girl has some power.

Congo: It’s so tough to tell exactly what the strengths and weaknesses of the Otanashis are. They may be the hardest team to scout in the GDWA

Allan: And Marissa is hoping Medusa has done her job. She pulls Kurumi’s hair and throws her across the ring, then kicks her chest as she tries to stand. Marissa looks possessed after that beating before the bell. Kurumi is lifted high and slammed hard into the mat, bouncing then just lying there. A hair pull and she goes up for another ride, but Indigo comes in and Marissa slams her back across an outstretched knee and Kurumi writhes in pain.


Congo: Kasumi runs in!! But Indigo dropkicks her back to her corner, then leaps high and lands two knees into her belly. The Brownes look like winners now.

(Crowd cheers in appreciation)

Allan: Kurumi tries to stand, but Marissa pulls her up and lifts her in a bearhug. She’s got her positioned up high and Indigo leaps off the top rope and clotheslines her across the throat, dropping her like a rock. Marissa drops a knee across her chest and the ref counts, 1……….2…. And Kasumi kicks Monet off her sister.

Congo: There’s still fight left. These two will win the belts someday.

Allan: Will you stop playing favorites? At least stick with one team!

Congo: Hey, better to support both. That way, I’m always right! Marissa with a splash across Kurumi’s chest and another pin, 1……….2.. And a kick out by Kurumi. Marissa looks frustrated and tags Indigo who quickly clamps on a headscissors and rolls to the side, pulling Kurumi’s head and neck back. That pressure on the neck will really hurt, but so far Kurumi is quiet. Kasumi tries to come in, but Marissa quickly jumps in and the smaller Japanese girl backs off. Indigo still has the pressure on, but Kurumi is fighting it.

Allan: Hey! What the…! It’s Kasumi with a kendo stick and she clubs Indigo with it, splitting her forehead open!!!


Congo: Marissa runs in and grabs her, but Kurumi gets up and grabs Monet and holds her arms back as Kasumi swings the stick and slashes Marissa’s ribs. The ref can’t stop this as Kasumi keeps hitting Marissa’s ribs and back. The ref calls for the bell!

***DING*** ***DING*** ***DING***

Marissa’s down and getting stomped as Indigo gets up, but Kurumi holds her and Kasumi whacks her across the neck with it. Medusa runs in, but Kasumi drops her with one swing across the chest. Kurumi grabs the stick from Kasumi and chokes Medusa with it. She’s gagging and flailing her arms trying to breathe. Kurumi just grins and keeps choking her. The ref is stopping this as the Otanashi are going crazy.

Allan: The Otanashis are all bad!!! They’re beating the Brownes with that stick and kicking them. The Misfits are running down to break this up and the Otanashi run off with Dalbello and Godiva in hot pursuit. I really hope they catch them.



Allan: The fans don’t like the outcome of this match at all. And who can blame them?

Congo: Ah, what do you know? They love seeing blood; I’m sure they’re happy. Indigo is spilling quite a bit of blood, and even Medusa looks a bit wobbly. Idol Team Otanashi may not have won the match, but they’ve certainly sent a strong message out to the rest of the fed: Don’t mess with us!

Allan: I’ll say! They humbled a premiere team in the GDWA, and even Medusa Rage!

GDWA Western Heritage Championship: Sierra Browne vs. Big Ma Porter (Officer Order as special referee)

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is a special stipulation match in which all GDWA stars are banned from ringside! It is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit…and is for the GDWA Western Heritage Championship!

(Fans cheer as they hear Bad Boys by Inner Circle.)

Spud: And fans, here is our SPECIAL guest referee, OFFICER MAY ORDER!

Bishop: Double O heading down ringside, and she’s been busy tonight.

Mutt: It’ll be interesting to see if Double O can remain impartial. She’s got history with both women that isn’t too flattering.

Spud: And now, the challenger!

(Fans boo as they hear ‘I SHOT the SHERRIFF’ by Blast through the speakers.)

Spud: First, hailing from Queens, New York. She is 6 feet tall, weighing 225 pounds…here is ‘Big’ Ma Porter!

(Fans all booing as Porter heads down the aisle, swiping away at fans hands.)

Mutt: Tony Angelo is a genius…Just when you think Porter has fallen out of the loop. We get the Suicide Blondes in Organized Crime. And they are gonna marry the Porter Boys as well.

Bishop: Well, Porter has more pertinent concerns here. This is Porter’s FIRST title shot since losing in the inaugural World Title tournament last year. She’s never gotten a title shot at ANY GDWA title since then.

Mutt: If her attention is split, then yeah, I’ll admit, Browne will beat her…but we’re talking BIG MA here Bishop!

(Porter enters the ring wearing a black and brown one piece with a single strap over her right shoulder. She rolls her neck about her shoulders, waiting on the announcements.)

Mutt: Sierra Browne, kiss that title goodbye!

Spud: And her opponent!

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Browne Girl’ blast through the pa.)

Spud: Hailing from Port-of-Spain, Trinidad! She stands 5 feet 10 inches, 130 pounds, here is your Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION…’Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne!

(Sierra heads down the aisle slapping hands with ringside fans. She’s wearing a gold faux fur over a gold halter and bikini bottom.)

Bishop: Sierra Browne with the biggest title defense to date. Porter nearly outweighs her by 100 pounds…

Mutt: But look! If Browne holds on to the title, she can demand an INTERNET title shot from Micki Duran.

Bishop: Likewise, Duran may be due for a World title shot soon. Browne has had a Cinderella story. From being lost in the shuffle to defeating Officer Order for the Western Heritage title.

(Fans cheer as Sierra Browne unstraps the gold title from around her waist and storms the ring.)

Bishop: Sierra storming the ring, and nailing Porter with a Dropkick! Porter backing up, and Browne with another Dropkick…

Mutt: But Porter’s head is simply…


(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )


Bishop: Sierra Browne with a pickup, and nailing away with European Uppercuts, and now a SNAP Suplex to the head!

Mutt: Porter is dazed, and now Browne Irish whips her to the far ropes. Porter bouncing off, as Sierra charges her…and a Rolling Chopblock to the knee!

(Fans all cheering as Sierra Browne climbs the turnbuckles.)

Mutt: Browne with that face mask, and I assume that has to be Porter’s target…Porter can’t afford this fast pace. And…

Bishop: Porter up to her feet as Browne is perched up high. She jumps….AND SIERRA BROWNE WITH A FLYING DOUBLE AXE HANDLE TO THE HEAD!!!

(Fans cheering as Sierra Browne makes the cover!)

Order: 1………………………………2…………………..No!

Bishop: Sierra with a single leg pick up, and stomping away on the left knee. Porter clutching her leg, and Sierra drags her across the ring!

Mutt: She places Porter’s leg on the middle rope. Browne jumping up…..AND PORTER WITH A GROIN SHOT!

(Fans groan as Sierra Browne falls to the mat.)

Mutt: Porter with a great desperation move. Browne going for a Buttdrop, and Porter so intelligent. She’s the smartest wrestler in the GDWA…next to Tiffany Chandler of course!

Bishop: Porter pulling herself up by the ropes, and now an Elbowdrop to the ribs of Browne. Porter up again, and dropping another Elbowdrop to the ribs. And now a Half Nelson with Sierra on the mat.

Mutt: Browne outmuscled for the first time in any of her title defenses. Even the stronger Miko Azai was out powered by Browne.

Bishop: Browne with a foot on the ropes, and Porter releasing. Porter with a pickup, and a handful of hair. Porter with a smile, and GIANT SWINGING her across the ring!

(Fans groan as Sierra Browne clutches her back!)

Bishop: Porter so strong! There is nobody stronger in Grand Dragon. Porter sauntering over to Browne, and now a pickup. A scoop and a Bodyslam…

Mutt: ….NO!…Headscissors takedown by Sierra Browne INTO a cradle!!

Order: 1………………..2……………….kick out!

(Fans cheer!)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining!

Mutt: Browne using Porter’s momentum to get her over. Great counter wrestling.

Bishop: Browne waiting for Porter to get to her feet. Porter up and…A Somersault Clothesline by Sierra Browne…oh no!

(Dawg Pound ERUPTS as Ma Porter slaps on a Waistlock!!)

Bishop: No affect!!! Porter absorbing that Clothesline…and backpedaling for a Belly to Belly Suplex!

Mutt: Porter up to her feet, measuring Browne, and…

Bishop: MISSES the Elbowdrop! Browne with a Single Leg pick up, and SNAPPING that left knee! Porter clutching her leg as Browne waits on Porter.

Mutt: Porter up to her feet and Browne with a Dropkick to the left knee! Now Porter running for the side ropes, bouncing off and DROPPING a Double Axe Handle shot to the head of Porter. The cover!!

Ref: 1………………………….2…………………..kick out!

Bishop: Browne quick to her feet as she waits on Porter. Porter is up and Browne with a SUPERKICK! The cover….

Ref: 1………………………..2………………….No!

(Fans all screaming as Browne runs for the side ropes.)

Mutt: Porter up to her feet as Browne Springboards off the ropes…and Browne slapping on a Front Face Lock….!!!


(Fans scream and groan as Ma Porter lays on her chest, smiling.)

Mutt: Browne going for that dreaded Springboard DDT, but she underestimated Porter’s size. Porter with a Front facelock now, and she’s bearing down on Browne.

Bishop: Browne dazed, but slapping the mat to maintain circulation. Oh my! So much at stake. Porter has been blasting the Age of Rage for months now.

Mutt: Browne sliding around to reach the ropes, but Porter laying her weight in. Bearing down on the champion. Double O asking if it is a choke hold, and Porter telling her to back off.

(Fans begin cheering as Sierra Browne steers toward the ropes.)

Bishop: Porter quick to her feet, and still holding on with that Frontface lock. Porter hoisting Browne up in the air….VERTICAL SUPLEX!

Order: 1…………………………..2…………….kick out!

Bishop: Browne with a kick out! WoW! Porter back up, a scoop and Bodyslams Browne. Now an Elbowdrop……HITTING!

Order: 1……………………………2……………….shoulder up!

(Fans pop as Ma Porter complains about the count!)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by. 5 minutes remaining!

Mutt: Porter complaining about the count, and Double O standing by it! Hey, you think Order wants Browne to retain the belt so SHE can have it?

Bishop: Oh COME ON! Anyway, Porter with a Chinlock, and Browne in a world of hurt.

Mutt: But Porter will have to take more chances if she’s gonna WIN! I don’t see her winning with this game plan with just 5 minutes remaining.

Bishop: Browne carrying ALL of Porter’s weight on her back. Porter really bearing in on her. Porter up to her feet now, and has Browne by the back of her hair. Porter with an Irish Whip right into the far corner.

(Fans all on their feet as Ma Porter sprints across the ring!)

Mutt: Ma Porter with a head of steam…..AND SIERRA BROWNE DIVES THROUGH THE ROPES!

(Fans all cheering as Ma Porter misses the Avalanche.)

Bishop: Browne with a single leg take down, and slides out onto the floor. Oh no! Browne straddling Porter. Her legs are around the ring post and…..SHE RAMS THAT LEFT LEG AGAINST THE POST!

(Fans pop as Officer Order chides Browne.)

Bishop: Browne back in the ring, and Order still arguing with her. Browne waiting on Porter to get to her feet….Sierra with a head of steam…


(Fans all cheering as Ma Porter falls to the mat.)

Bishop: Sierra clutching her back as she picks up Porter. She Irish whips the big woman to the far ropes. Browne with a head of steam….

Mutt: And a Shoulder block by Big Ma Porter!! Browne bounced off like a ball off a wall…but Porter’s leg gave out! No cover!

(The Dawg Pound erupts as both women lay on the floor.)

Order: ………2…………….3……………4…………

Mutt: Browne fighting to get to her knees as Order lays the count. I tell ya, these girls didn’t play tonight! We must be running with about 3 minutes to go.

Ref: …………….5……………………6……..

Bishop: Porter up, but falling back down again to her chest….she’s reaching into her tights! Double O, get in there.

(Fans begin to cheer as Browne gets to her feet.)

Bishop: Sierra Browne heading for the near corner, and she’s climbing the turnbuckles!

(Dawg Pound barks as Sierra Browne steadies herself, facing the fans.)


Mutt: And Porter rolling out of the way!!!

(Fans all screaming as Ma Porter gets to her feet.)

Mutt: Browne clutching her elbow, as Ma Porter waits on her to rise. Browne up to her feet….AND A HARD RIGHT HAND BY MA PORTER!

Order: …………………………………………………1




(Fans all screaming!!)

Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 13 minutes 36 seconds! Your winner via pinfall….and Neeeeeeeeeeeeew Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION….BIG MA PORTER!

Mutt: There’s the bell, and Ma Porter has the foreign object in her armpit. Sierra Browne slow to her feet, and Double O raising her hand in victory.


(Fans all cheering as Officer Order points to the foreign object.)

Bishop: Spud McKenzie bringing the belt into the ring…and Sierra Browne has it! She’s sneaking up behind Porter…AND NAILS HER IN THE HEAD!!!

(The arena erupts as Ma Porter falls to the mat!)

Bishop: Browne going up to the top!

Mutt: Officer Order calling for the bell?


Bishop: Browne is up high! Porter clutching her head down on the mat…


(The Arena EXPLODES as Officer Order talks things over with Spud.)

Spud: Wrestling Fans, due to Ma Porter cheating, the match was resumed at 13 minutes 36 seconds! Now, ruled at 13 minutes 49 seconds, your winner via disqualification……..BIG MA PORTER!

(The arena boos as Sierra Browne drapes her title across her shoulder and leaves the ring.)

Bishop: I can’t believe this!

Mutt: Browne is an idiot! YOU GO PORTER!

Bishop: Porter with the win, as she gets to her feet. And she’s cursing out Officer Order!! Porter leaving ringside, and Alison De La Cruz is coming down the aisle.

(Allison De La Cruz enters the ring and waves over at the broadcast table. She’s wearing a skirt and matching burgundy blouse as Officer Order parts the ropes for her to enter the ring.)

Bishop: The Vice President of the GDWA in the ring now.

De La Cruz: I figured since Double O was already here, we might as well do the Lanny Manson Fan favorite award.

(Fans compete with chants of DAISY! DAISY! & ORDER! ORDER!)

De La Cruz: Lanny Manson was the epitome of what a rule abiding wrestler should be. With her retirement, we are proud to once again award these plaques to Officer Order and Daisy Butterfly…

Officer Order and Daisy Butterfly

(MAJOR crowd pop as fans hear “20 Minute Work Out” by DJ KOOL! Daisy Butterfly jogs down the aisle, alongside Martial Law, and enters the ring.)

Daisy: (Daisy is handed the trophy) Thank you again, Alison. AND THANK YOU AGAIN GRAND DRAGON!!

(The crowd roars)

Daisy: Proof that the whole league hasn’t gone to the Dawgs. And…

(Daisy raises Officer Order’s hand as the crowd cheers louder)

Daisy: …proof that we REALLY ARE two different people. Now, if only we can get Medusa Rage and Shenehneh to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and disprove THAT little rumor!!

(Crowd ERUPTS in cheers! Even the Dawg Pound begins to bark! A part of the crowd begins chanting “Order! Order! Order!”)

Daisy: Now, May, I think some people out here would like to hear a thing or two from you. Are we still on for pizza?

Order: You bet! First off, I want to thank everyone out there, you guys are what it’s all about!! Give yourselves a big hand!!!

(The Crowd explodes in applause as the camera quickly pulls back over the capacity house, stopping on the Dawg Pound before changing back.)

Order: For the second time in a row, Daisy and I have been voted co-winners of the Lanny Manson Fan Favorite Award. This is because we show the kind of skill and honor necessary to become winners not only in the ring, but in life as well. You out there want to know that your heroes play by the same rules you do, I want you to know that I’m not going to let you down!

(Again the Crowd begins to cheer, as several jump up and down holding large signs reading “Daisy Rocks”, “We Love You – Double O” and “Medusa Who?”)

Order: Without fans like you there wouldn’t be wrestlers like us, so from the bottom of my heart Thank you!

(Huge crowd PoP as Daisy and Order raise the award, hand in hand and fireworks explode around the Garden)

Bishop: Hold on, there’s a commotion over in the Dawg Pound…

(Baby Jane Ross and Taylor Monroe hop the barrier and roll into the ring! They get right up behind Officer Order as the crowd screams!)


(Order starts to turn slowly and the BLONDES NAIL HER with a leg sweep/crescent kick combo as the crowd screams louder!! The Award hits the floor and Daisy turns around, stunned!)


(HUGE screams as Ma Porter rushes down the aisle to ringside!)

Bishop: BJ Ross whips Daisy to the ropes as Taylor lifts her up in a bearhug…SUICIDE STUNNER NECKBREAKER BY BABY JANE PUTS DAISY ON THE MAT!! Officer Order back to her feet…SHE RUNS TAYLOR INTO THE CORNER AND THROWS HER OVER THE TOP ROPE!!

(Louder screams as Porter gets in the ring and runs at Order!)


(Huge boos as Officer Order crumples to the mat. Martial Law runs down the aisle at the fans ROAR!!)

Bishop: Baby Jane Ross daring Law to enter the ring as Porter hoists up Order in a full-nelson and shakes her around! Order is out of it, and Law is being prevented from entering the ring by kicks from Ross! Taylor Monroe rolling back in the ring with a chair, helping her partner repel Law!

(Crowd starts chanting “Daisy! Daisy! Daisy!” as Daisy Butterfly slowly gets to her feet)

Bishop: Daisy groggily approaching the Organized Crime family from behind…



(Deafening screams and cries from the crowd as Marx hooks a neckscissors around Daisy’s head and is slowly hoisted back up!)


(Loud *crack* as Taylor Monroe blasts him on the head with the chair!)


(Taylor Monroe grabs the microphone)

Taylor Monroe: You want to take our men, Johnny and Jane Law? We’ll take your damned trophy!

(Taylor picks the trophy up and SLAMS it down on Martial Law’s back, rolling it back out to the floor and Baby Jane Ross)

Taylor Monroe: A funny thing about that award. Much like its namesake, Lanny Manson, it seems to have DISAPPEARED!! Mommy Dearest? (She holds the mic for Porter to speak)

Porter: <yelling> Order, I thought we had reached an understanding. I thought we buried our differences when we took on Sachie and Charlotte. But as long as you remain on your side of your precious “Law”, this fed ain’t big enough for the two of us. When you ran my Boys outta here, you declared war. And the law has always been too feeble to tackle Organized Crime. This’ll be no exception!!!

(HUGE crowd pop as BURNING RAIN rushes down the aisle!!)


Mutt: Well tough stuff! FINALLY, the END of Double O and the so called Ironwoman, all in one night! Kiss me somebody!

Bishop: The stretchers have come out, oh my! Fans, let’s go to our final match of the night.

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is OUR MAIN EVENT this week!!! It is set for one fall with a 30 minute time limit…and IT IS for the GDWA Internet Heavyweight Championship.

Bishop: Here we go! This is a return match for the INERNET title. Medusa/Duran part II.

Mutt: Tyson and Holyfield, take a backseat, because I think this is gonna get physical tonight!

Bishop: Before we get to ring announcements, let’s here from Medusa Rage with prerecorded comments….

Medusa Rage

[Fade in:

The cameras study Medusa Rage as she sits before her dressing table, examining the sharp angles of her cheekbones in the mirror. Her red lips are slightly parted, the edges of her gold fangs shining through. She wears only a red silk robe, parted open slightly in the front. From out of camera range an interviewer asks her questions as the camera closes up on the reflection of Medusa in the glass.]

Q: Medusa, you’re just a few hours away from yet another shot at your first singles title ever. What’s running through your head?

Medusa: (slight condescending smile) I’m dreaming. Seeing it all unfold in my head. Seeing every move, every counter, every nuance. I’m feeling that title in my hands. Did you expect me to say I feel butterflies in my stomach? I don’t. I’m not that young and not that green any more. Chicago won tonight, didn’t they?

Interviewer: 90-86. Michael went off.

Medusa: Hmmm, Michael Jordan. He reminds me so much of Dalbello. Just racking up title after title.

Interviewer: You have never been defeated in a title match in the GDWA, Medusa, yet you’ve never walked out of the ring a champion. That’s got to make you nervous. It’s got to make you wonder what is going to happen this time.

Medusa: No, I don’t. I never worry about things like that. I prepare. Micki Duran wants to prove she can beat me. The Syndicate and I have an agreement. Why do you think I worked towards a truce in our war? The only thing I know is this time when I Rage slam Micki Duran there will be nothing she can do. I guarantee you this time I’m walking out of the ring as champion. I can’t explain it, but my loss to Officer Order, it opened the doors to me. It gave me the freedom to fail. I don’t have anything to lose. Micki Duran does. And trust me, she will.

[Medusa purses her lips as she brushes on blush, making her cheekbones seem all the more severe, all the more angular.]

Interviewer: So you’re not afraid of failing again? You’re not afraid to leave the ring without a title? Surely you must feel your time is getting short. Dalbello recently called it quits.

Medusa: No, I can’t fail as long as I keep learning. My every defeat in the GDWA has led to something bigger and better. My first loss in the GDWA made me the number one contender. Now this past loss to Officer Order is going to lead me to a title. I showed the world I can hang with a technical wrestler and come out ahead on points. Now I get to put my game in action, too. Duran’s going to get wiped out.

Interviewer: What goes through your head when you step into the ring for one of these matches? How do you focus?

Medusa: I think about Patrick Ewing. Me, I say I’m the Patrick Ewing of wrestling. A big, strong, talented West Indian that just can’t get that big win. But I persevere. That’s the only thing I can do. That’s the only thing I know how to do. I’ll keep fighting until there isn’t a breath left in my body. That’s why I can’t be beaten. Hell, I’ll die first.

Interviewer: But are you going to cut loose on Micki Duran like you would… like you did on Dementia Praecox? I mean you and the Syndicate have become allies.

Medusa: Micki Duran has something I want. I’m a competitor. I compete for a living. I fight to earn a championship. Yes, Micki and I have some sort of understanding corollary to my athletic understanding with Andrea Chandler. You won’t see anybody running in. You won’t see any gang fights from me. That’s not how I’m doing business any more. Does that mean I’ll just put on a dress and be meek and mild-mannered? No. I’m a power wrestler. I will put marks on her. Hey, when that bell rings whatever relationship we had is on hold until it’s over. Micki Duran knows it. She felt me beat her the first time. This is competition. There’s no room for handholding and breastfeeding. I won’t do it. I’ll break Micki’s ass just as hard as I did Dementia’s. Only I’ll shake her hand at the end of it. That’s all.

Interviewer: Why is the Internet title important to you? Why does Medusa want it? What kind of champion will you make?

Medusa: The Internet title is a title. It’s a recognition of my athletic prowess. It says I’m among the elite of this federation. I’ve had a long and great career, but I’ve crowned too many queens, too many kings. I want this one for me. I have to have it. You know, I come from a family where everybody’s won an individual title. Imagine that, eight brothers and sisters who’ve each done better than you alone. You think I’m going to let that lie? No, I’m about competition. I’m about getting in the ring and just going. Let’s see who the last one standing is. And as to what kind of champion will I make? I won’t duck anybody. I won’t challenge injured wrestlers. I won’t defend once a month. A title is a midpoint in a wrestler’s ascendance. It ain’t an end. I won’t stop fighting after I get it. I will keep challenging away, the hunted being the hunter. I like it that way. I can’t last forever. But dammit, I’m going to be felt while I’m here.

[Fade out]

Mutt: Medusa wasn’t just somber there, she was determined…but I don’t see Duran dropping this match. She had to have prepared for an ENRAGE Medusa Rage.

Bishop: Fans, let’s go to the ring.

GDWA Internet Championship: Micki Duran vs. Medusa Rage

(Fans boo, with a couple of cheers, as they hear ‘Dvorak’s 9th Symphony’ from the New World.)

Spud: First, the challenger, hailing from Port-of-Spain, Trinidad! She is 6 feet tall weighing in at 160 pounds….here is Medusa Rage!

(Medusa Rage heads down the aisle solemnly. She enters the ring with her dreadlocks tied back, and wearing a multi colored spandex cat suit.)

Bishop: Medusa looks intense. She wants this badly, as she’s never held a title in her career.

Mutt: But how many times has Micki been defeated in Grand Dragon? I don’t know…this is gonna get ugly.


Bishop: Who’s that?

Mutt: I don’t know, it’s coming from the stands…

VOICE: Hey Duecy!

Bishop: Medusa in the ring, looking around jerkingly….

VOICE: No up here stupid!

(The camera swings up to show two ladies up in the nosebleed section. One is a redhead dressed as a clown, the other is a blond in denim with musical notes all over her attire.)

The Harlequins

COMEDY: Yo Duecy! It’s us! Comedy and Melody! The Harlequins are here in the GDWA! Isn’t that cool! Uh oh! Look out! Ooooo! That’s gotta hurt! You know Duecy, you should pay more attention to what’s going on in the ring. I didn’t win two World titles by getting distracted so easily! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!

Mutt: Something tells me the Hyena Queens aren’t the only team with hatred for Medusa Rage…oh man.

MELODY: (singing) We’d love to stay and chat but you look busy!


(Both ladies disappear into the crowd.)

Mutt: Medusa looks rattled…this couldn’t have been a good thing for her on this night. These Harlequins on her mind, the New Brown Girls on her mind….If she doesn’t regain her focus, it’ll be ‘the End’ for Medusa!

Bishop: Fans, let’s hear the announcements for the champ…

(Fans continue booing as they hear “All I Really Want” by Alanis Morissette.)

Spud: And her opponent…led down the aisle by her manager the Kingpin and FORMER World Heavyweight Champion, Andrea Chandler! Representing the Syndicate…

(Fans in the Dawg Pound pop as Medusa Rage parts the ropes for Micki Duran!)

Spud: …From Lake Ponchatrain, Louisiana! She is 5 feet 8 inches tall, weighing 124 pounds. Here is the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance Internet HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION….’the Legend’ Micki Duran!!!!

(Fans continue to boo as the Kingpin leads Andrea and Micki down the aisle.)

Mutt: Now tell me this Bishop! We saw Tiffany and Andrea together earlier in the program…where is Tiffany now? Shouldn’t she be out here with Micki Duran?

Bishop: I have to agree there Sam. Tiffany noticeably absent.

(Duran heads down the aisle wearing a white singlet with the word LEGEND across the back, with matching boots, and a headband. The INTERNET title, draped over her shoulder, shines in the ring lights.)

Bishop: The Syndicate in the ring…and here comes Medusa!!!!

(Fans pop as Medusa Rage charges Micki Duran.)

Bishop: Medusa shoving Andrea to the mat, and nailing away on Duran! The champ DEFINITLEY wasn’t expecting this!


Bishop: Medusa has her in the corner, and nailing away with European uppercuts…WoW! The power of the challenger overwhelming Duran.

Mutt: Medusa nailing away with boots to the midsection, and the ref trying to pull her away…and Medusa shoving him to the mat!

(Hardcores cheer as Medusa continues stomping into Micki Duran)

Bishop: Medusa stomping Duran into the mat. She’s fallen into the bottom of the corner, and now Medusa pressing her foot against Duran’s throat! Oh my! Medusa wants this badly!

Mutt: The ref pulling her away, and threatening the DQ…but I gotta give the nod to Medusa. That establishes a degree of physicality in this match. And I for one believe it is definitely in Medusa’s favor.

Bishop: Medusa with a pickup, and Irish Whipping Duran right back into the near corner. Duran stumbling forward clutching her back…..AND MEDUSA RAGE SLAPPING ON A WAISTLOCK FOR A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!!!

(Fans all cheering as Micki Duran clutches her back.)

Mutt: Medusa with a pickup, and a European Uppercut! And another Euro Uppercut sending Duran into the ropes. Rage with a head of steam….


Mutt: Medusa may have been going for that Rage Slam, and Duran now out of the ropes with a start. Duran with a pickup, and a Side headlock. Medusa shoving her off into the near ropes.

Bishop: Duran bouncing off and Duran with a HANDSTAND….

Mutt: But Medusa slapping her legs away! Duran falling to the mat, and now Medusa stomping away at the shoulders of the champ. Duran rolling into the ropes, and the ref wants a break…and Duran taking no chances by fleeing to the outside.

(Fans cheering as Medusa Rage rolls out after her.)

Bishop: Medusa chasing the champ, and Andrea the former World’s Champ barking at Medusa. Medusa ignoring her as Duran climbs back into the ring and heads for the ropes.

Mutt: Medusa rolling into the ring as Duran bounces off….AND MEDUSA UP TO HER FEET SCOOPING UP DURAN!!!

(Dawg Pound barks as Medusa Rage military presses Micki Duran.)

Bishop: What strength!!!!

Mutt: But Duran gouging the eyes, and Medusa losing her grip…hold on! Duran dropped onto Medusa’s shoulder, and Duran flipping forward, standing on the mat, and slapping on a Waistlock pick up….Duran so strong for her size…..


(Fans groan as Duran drapes for the cover!) Ref: 1………………………….2……………….kick out!

Bishop: Duran ready to go to work now! Duran with single leg pick up, and she’s stomping away at the hamstring. She’s gonna take out Medusa with the Figure 4!

Mutt: Duran with a Spinning Toe Hold, and Medusa slapping the mat in pain…you know Bishop, the Piledriver is one of the most devastating maneuvers in the sport. Medusa could be done for tonight.

Bishop: Medusa crawling for the ropes, and Duran releasing the hold, and now a Single Leg pick up, and an Elbowdrop! Now Duran dragging that left leg for the near corner…oh no!

Mutt: Duran draping her leg onto the middle buckle. Duran jumping up in the air….AND A BUTTDROP ONTO THAT LEFT KNEE! And now Duran stomping onto that left knee, and the ref calling for the break.

(Fans boo while the ref berates Duran.)

Ref: 1…………….2……………..3…………4…….

Mutt: Duran well prepared for this match. Look, Duran with a pickup, and slapping on a Waistlock. Duran with a short Sprint and a KNEEBREAKER!

Bishop: Duran dominating as she picks up Medusa. Fireman’s Carry by Duran into an Airplane Spin…..AND A SAMOAN DROP!

Ref: 1…………………….2…………………STRONG KICK OUT!

(Hardcores cheer while Medusa kicks out.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit.

Mutt: Duran with a pickup, and an Irish Whip to the near ropes. Medusa bouncing off and Duran with a Waistlock…


Ref: 1……………….2……………….3..no!

(Fans pop as Medusa kicks out.)

Bishop: Duran with a Leg Scissors now, and Medusa slapping the mat. Medusa’s been rattled by those…Harlequins?

Mutt: Not just that, it has been Duran. Duran dominating the pace and tempo of the match. Duran making sure she takes the power game away from Medusa…and since both are proficient in managing ring space, it is doubly crucial for Medusa to grab those ropes.

Bishop: Both women back up, but Duran with the advantage with a *snapping* Side Headlock and Takedown!

(The Dawg Pound chants: ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! as Rage slaps the mat in pain.)

Mutt: Medusa falling back onto the mat in pain, and the ref checking her shoulders!!!

Ref: 1…………………2………………….shoulder up.

Mutt: Medusa back up, and Duran spinning back up to her feet. Duran with a Single Leg pick up, and STOMPING away on that left leg. Medusa crawling toward the near corner, but Duran with a pickup.


Ref: 1…………………………2………….strong kick out!

(Arena begins cheering as Medusa Rage crawls away.)

Mutt: Duran REALLY hurt Medusa with that Piledriver…she hasn’t been the same since. Duran with a stomp to the knee, and a Single Leg pick up, and a leg grapevine…

Bishop: And Medusa with a boot to the head kicking her away!

(Fans cheer as Micki Duran lays on the mat, clutching her face.)

Bishop: Medusa using the ropes to get to her feet. She’s hobbling around, and heading for Duran. Duran up to her feet, and charging Medusa….


(Fans pop big time as Medusa Rage scoops up Micki Duran.)

Mutt: BODYSLAM! Duran back up again, and an ANOTHER Bodyslam!

Bishop: Medusa has Duran stunned. The Kingpin slapping the mat as Medusa Irish Whips Duran into the near corner, and Duran hitting hard.

Bishop: Medusa in the corner now, and nailing away with European Uppercuts. Duran with that dazed look in her eyes, but she isn’t falling this time.

Mutt: Hold on, Medusa scooping Duran up…backbreaker?…no! Duran over Medusa’s shoulder as she stumbles toward the side ropes….

Bishop: And Powerslams her throat first across the ropes for a HOT SHOT!

(Fans cheer as Duran falls to the outside.)

Spud: 20 minutes have elapsed. 20 minutes.

Mutt: Andrea checking on Duran, and Medusa leaning up against the ropes in pain…what’s up with Medusa. I expected Medusa the ring general. She’s using too many brawling tactics. And why use a maneuver that will knock Duran to the outside.

Ref: 3……………………..4………………………5……

Bishop: Duran on the outside, and she’s up to her feet. And Duran in no hurry to rush the ring. Duran taking her time.

Ref: …………………7……………………8………….

Bishop: Micki Duran climbing up the ring steps, and allowing the ref to hold off Medusa. Duran in the ring, and Medusa with a tie up.

Mutt: AND MEDUSA TOSSING HER ACROSS THE RING! Duran up to her feet and Medusa charging in with a Forearm Shot!

Bishop: Duran is down, and Medusa with a pickup. Medusa slapping Duran face first into her armpit…and Suplexes her up into the air and nails her face first onto the mat for a Reverse Suplex.

Ref: 1…………………..2…………………..Kick Out.

Mutt: Medusa with a pickup, and Duran with a Drop Toe Hold into a sitting Leg Vice.

Bishop: And leaning back for a Half Crab! Great wrestling from Duran. And we haven’t seen her this fluid since Founder’s Day Tradition.

Mutt: Medusa too strong though, and crawling into the ropes. Duran with a pickup, and Medusa with a European Uppercut! And another! And another!

(The Place erupts as Micki Duran staggers backwards.)

Bishop: Medusa with an Irish Whip into the near corner…


(Fans all on booing as Micki Duran points to her head.)

Bishop: She thinks she’s so smart. How arrogant! Duran with a pickup, and a Standing Leg Grapevine. Duran attempting to Leg Hook the head….

(Dawg Pound explodes as Medusa Rage Military Presses Micki Duran.)

Mutt: SHE’S GOT HER UP HIGH!!!!!!!!

Bishop: Medusa twirling Duran around in the air….

(Fans all cheering while the Kingpin climbs the ring apron.)

Mutt: Duran was going for a Royal Octopus hold, but Medusa still in it! And Medusa hobbling toward the middle of the ring….


(The arena chants: 1…………………….2………………..3!)

Bishop: You can count to 30, but the Kingpin has the ref distracted. Medusa with the leg cradled, and slapping the mat. Duran trying to roll into the ropes, and Medusa with a pickup.

Mutt: Medusa nailing away with European Uppercuts, and Duran looks beat! We could be crowning a new champion here! Medusa with an Irish Whip…

Mutt: RIGHT INTO THE Kingpin!!

(Fans cheer as Micki Duran bounces off the Kingpin.)

Bishop: Medusa with a Military Press….no!

Mutt: Duran sliding around Medusa’s back with an Inverted Facelock…

Bishop: “the END” Diamond Cutter.

Ref: 1……………………………2………………………3!


(Thunderous boos as fans hear “All I Really Want” by Alanis Morissette!)

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 27 minutes and 34 seconds, your winner via pinfall…..and STILL Internet Heavyweight Champion….

(Fans chant: ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa!’Dusa! ‘Dusa!’Dusa! ‘Dusa!)

Spud: “The Legend” Micki Duran!!!!

Bishop: Micki Duran rolling out of the ring, and Medusa holding her neck. Andrea massaging Duran’s back as they head up the aisle…I swear, that damn Syndicate! Medusa had the title won! Medusa had Micki beat…

Mutt: Hey, Micki Duran wrestled a better match. Medusa shouldn’t harbor any ill will toward the Kingpin. He did his job (clears his throat) as a manager…hell, Medusa should understand.

Bishop: Fans, that’s all for this week. See you next week.


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