Scene opens up on a jammed packed Meadowlands in East Rutherford, New Jersey. There are 23,174 screaming fans in attendance. “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


Bishop: Hello everyone, I’m Allen Bishop along with my broadcast partner Sam Mutt. And this is the best in professional wrestling here at the GDWA’s Tuesday Night Cat Fight. So much going on tonight, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Mutt: Well, I can honestly say that I’m excited! The Fall Moonsault pay per view is a little more than a month away. And do you know who’s been selected to wrestle in the Ironwoman Square Dance? The World’s Champ Zaranna, the former champion ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson, Daisy Butterfly, and the #1 contender to the World title, Big Ma Porter. YES! That’s gonna be a great card.

Bishop: And what makes the Square Dance so special isn’t the point system, but the fact that you have to wrestle all of the other 3 opponents. So, sometime during that night, Zaranna will have to face Big Ma Porter, Daisy Butterfly and Lanny Manson. Talk about main event match ups!

Mutt: And they only have 15 minutes to wrestle. That may put a damper on some of these wrestlers in terms of their wrestling style and strategy. I don’t even know who to root for.

Bishop: Well, let’s talk about what’s on the card tonight. We have the Syndicate taking on the Browne Sisters in our first ever Tag Division match up. Then we have ‘The Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama taking on Staci X in a non-title match up……

Mutt: And the match that I’ve been waiting for! Big Ma Porter sticks her big foot down the throat of Charlotte La Mancha. Oh, life is good.

Bishop: Wrestling Fans, the Tuesday Night Cat Fight is gonna be electric tonight. Before we get to the matches, Paul Laurence Dunbar is down here at ringside with a special interview.

Officer Order

(Paul Laurence Dunbar is standing on a small stage setup in front of the Dawg Pound at ringside. Next to him is Officer Order in uniform with her night stick in her hands.)

Dunbar: This is Paul Lawrence Dunbar speaking with one of the great wrestlers here in the GDWA, ‘Double O’ herself, Officer Order.


Order: Thanks Paul, I just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know I’m still on patrol in the GDWA. It’s gonna’ take more than one bad call to run me out of here!


Order: Some People forget that I still have a real job. I’m a street Cop, that’s who I am, that’s what I do. But don’t kid yourself when I’m in the ring I’m giving 2000 %. I’m here to show all the fans that Cheaters never prosper! In Fact, I have something special coming up to show just how dedicated I am to keeping things here in the GDWA on the up and up.

Dunbar: Last time we saw you was your defeat at the hands of Big Ma Porter, any comments?

(A look of anger crosses Orders face, as the entire crowd falls silent and leans forward.)

Order: I’m not going to lie to you, I think it was a bad call. I’m not saying that the ref was paid off or that he was incompetent, I’m just saying that he made a bad call. That kind of thing happens to me in court sometimes, you catch the guy red handed and the judge still let’s him walk. It’s frustrating, but I have a special message for Porter and her friends…

(Order looks into the camera and points into it with her baton)

Order: Enjoy this time while you can, ’cause Order is coming back to the GDWA! AND next time Porter, I’ll make sure that things are fair and square. In fact Porter every time you wrestle you better make sure you have someone watching your back ’cause I’m, going to be there watching. If you even think about cheating, I’m going to be all over you like cheese on pizza. YOU HEAR ME PORTER?

(Huge Crowd Pop!!)

Dunbar: What about your upcoming title bout against the ‘Dangerous Queen’, any comments?

Order: First Off, Sachie Yokoyama is one of the best wrestlers in this fed that’s a fact. She won the Western Heritage Title, that right there tell you a lot about her. But remember we have wrestled three times, twice to a draw. It’s a great opportunity for me. I promise everyone here tonight, it will be a show to remember!


Dunbar: Thank you Double O, now back to you, Allen….

Bishop: Officer Order is back in the GDWA! And it’s obvious from the crowd response that the fans still love her.

Mutt: Yeah, we’ll see about that. After her match Saturday, we’ll see if she can hang in the Grand Dragon!

Bishop: Starting off tonight, we have the debut of Championship Tag Team action in the GDWA and…Sam, where are you going?!

Mutt: Did you even bother to read your press release? Tag team matches aren’t in my contract. I’m gonna go get a cold one while you get to know your tag team broadcast buddy. Here he comes now, see you later.

(Crowd boos as “Congo” Paul Roberts walks down the aisle to the broadcast table)

Bishop: “CONGO” PAUL ROBERTS?!! I thought that you would be long gone by now, seeing what Radhi Ananda did to you!

Congo: Go ahead and laugh, cur. All that ungrateful piece of trash did was help me renegotiate my contract with the GDWA. President Vessey felt I would help enhance the reputation that you and your colleagues have. A man of my bearing will do wonders for this federation!

Bishop: Of course. Fans, Spud McKenzie is in the middle of the ring now. We’re ready for action. Here we go….

The Browne Girls vs. Strike

Spud: Wrestling fans…Let’s Get Rrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrumble!!!!!

(Fans cheer as horns go off & Spud McKenzie stands poised in the ring.)

Spud: Our first contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit and is also THE FIRST GRAND DRAGON TAG TEAM BOUT!!!

(Crowd roars!! The PA crackles and “Brown Girl in the Ring” blasts through the arena)

Spud: Team number one, accompanied to the ring by Medusa Rage. At a combined weight of 280lbs. Sierra Browne and her sister, Indigo Browne; both ladies stand 5’10” and weigh 140lbs. They are THE BROWNE GIRLS!!

(The Browne Girls rush down the aisle to a chorus of cheers, slapping hands with the fans along the aisle and around the ring. Medusa Rage walks to ringside behind her team, completely focused)

Bishop: We saw Sierra Browne wrestle in single’s competition a few shows back. She is a very exciting athlete and really gets the crowd behind her. Look at the way she’s playing with the crowd while she and her sister bounce around the ring!

Congo: Mr. Bishop, we both know that professional wrestling is not a popularity contest. And if my memory serves me correctly, Ms. Browne lost that match against a lady who may just show up here at ringside tonight.

Bishop: Meaning Andrea Chandler of the Syndicate?

Congo: Yes, yes you dolt! The Syndicate is here simply to dominate, by force and by mind games. Chandler represents defeat to Sierra Browne. By having her out here, the Kingpin will demonstrate to the Browne girls that he has, and will, defeat them.

Spud: And, their opponents, accompanied to the ring by the Syndicate; the Kingpin, “The Legend” Micki Duran and Andrea Chandler…

(Mixed response from the crowd as Public Enemy’s “Welcome to the Terrordome” floods the speakers)

Spud: First, standing 5’4″ and weighing in at 122 lbs.; from Denver, Colorado; “Lethal” Liz Sinclair. Her partner, at 5’5″ and 117lbs; from Quebec City, Quebec; Heidi Noelle Lenhart. Together, they are STRIKE!!

(The Syndicate move together in a mob down the aisle, alternately ignoring and smirking at the fans)

Bishop: Look at this. This is starting to become a problem, all these wrestlers showing up at matches that do not involve them. The GDWA officials need to do something about this!

Congo: Oh yeah, it’s all fine when someone like Daisy Butterfly hides behind a gang of thugs, but when stablemates take an interest in a match and wish to cheer on their friends, it becomes a problem. Bishop, they should have sent you to the back and left Mr. Mutt out here!!

Bishop: Ummm, right. Anyhow, look at how these competitors stack up. On one hand we have the Browne sisters. They’re practically identical at 5’10”, these are two big girls. We know Sierra Browne is light on her feet, but supposedly, Indigo is the more agile of the two.

Congo: Their speed comes from their Caribbean training that they are so proud of. Over there, they wrestle a much faster game than you’re used to seeing in the States. And their near-identical likeness will undoubtedly come into play as they will probably try to pull a switcheroo without a legal tag. Combine that with their big brute of a manager, the aptly named Medusa Rage, and you have the potential for some real rulebreaking.

Bishop: I don’t think that their minds are quite as devious as yours. On the devious side of things, we have their opponents, Strike. They are the smaller team in the ring, but from what I’ve seen of them, they are quite the powerhouses!!

Congo: Correct. Some may say that the Browne Girls have a tactical advantage by being sisters, but I’d give that to Strike. These ladies, both former Olympic-caliber gymnasts, have performed alongside of and against each other, they know exactly what the other is capable of. They have formed a bond extending that of tag team partners. Couple that with an arsenal nearly as vicious as they are and you have the team to beat. These ladies are smaller, but definitely the stronger team. Much like another gymnastics champion, our wonderful champion Zaranna, they are total packages.

Bishop: Anyway, the ring is vacant except for the two teams, debating amongst each other who’s starting things off. Congo, did you notice any tension between Sierra Browne and Andrea Chandler?

Congo: Looks were exchanged, but if Sierra’s lucky, Ms. Chandler will find another outlet for her aggression tonight.

Bishop: Meaning? Never mind, the teams are ready to go and it looks as if it will be Sierra Browne and Liz Sinclair starting things off. The two measuring each other…


Bishop: Neither ladies quick to lock-up. Sierra is backing up away from Sinclair as Sinclair stands ready against…DROPKICK TO THE KNEE BY SIERRA!! THAT JUST CAME FROM NOWHERE!! Sinclair bent over as Sierra rushes back and connects with a Bulldog!!

(Crowd cheers!)

Bishop: Sierra takes Sinclair down and immediately begins working on that leg she dropkicked with a Spinning Leglock! Liz Sinclair tries to get the ropes…and does. Browne breaks the hold, well into the ref’s count, and backs up as Sinclair pulls herself back up. Sinclair and Browne lock-up in a collar-and-elbow tie up and Sierra is backed into the ropes. The ref calling for a break and Sinclair sinks into Browne with a savage European Uppercut! Another one and Sierra is reeling!!

Congo: Those uppercuts deliver a greater impact over a greater surface area, using the forearm oh-so-wonderfully to dislodge Sierra Browne’s jaw!

Bishop: A wristlock by Sinclair and an Irish whip–reversal by Browne–and Sierra Browne catches Liz Sinclair on her return with a Drop Toehold. Sierra Browne, again on that knee! Medusa taught her girls well!

Congo: Any idiot knows that mobility is the key to wrestling. Let’s not give that woman more credit than she deserves. Look! Indigo Browne is climbing the turnbuckle in her corner! What is that idiot doing? She can’t be up there!!

(Crowd begins to cheer on the Browne Girls)

Bishop: As you can hear, she’s leading the fans in cheering on her sister! Sierra Browne, flashing a smile to her fans as she grinds in that leglock. Sinclair trying to get to the ropes again…


(Big Crowd pop!)

Bishop: The ref runs over to her but she’s out of the ring before he can begin the count. The ref chastising Indigo and Medusa as Sierra picks up Sinclair. Lenhart over in the corner, debating whether or not to rush in while the ref is distracted. Sierra with an Irish Whip and a FRANKENSTEINER–NO!–SINCLAIR REVERSES IT INTO A TIGER BOMB!!

(Dawg Pound goes crazy!!)

Bishop: Both wrestlers hurting after that one. “Lethal” Liz Sinclair crawls over and drapes her arm! 1….2….kickout by Browne. Medusa Rage grabs a hold of Sierra and pulls her out of the ring!!

Congo: Indigo Browne jumps off the apron and the three of them are having a little pow-wow. The ref is counting as Liz Sinclair tags in Lenhart. The Kingpin is yelling at the ref and Duran and Chandler make a move towards the trio. These Browne Girls are cowards, I think they’re about to leave!

Bishop: Sierra crawls back into the ring. She still looks a bit dazed from that Tiger Bomb. Lenhart underhooks the arms and a Butterfly Suplex—Sierra counterbalances AND LANDS ON HER FEET!!!

(Crowd pops in amazement!)


Bishop: Hahaha! “Sierra” catches Heidi Lenhart with a Spinwheel Kick as she gets back to her feet! A cover! 1…kickout by Lenhart. She’s fuming right now, as she realizes the switch!!

Congo: Liz Sinclair is yelling to the ref, trying to alert him to the switch and INDIGO BROWNE BOUNCES SINCLAIR OFF THE APRON!! Heidi Lenhart catches Browne on her return with a running clothesline! Strike is angry with the way that the Browne Girls have been playing with them!! Lenhart with a pick-up and a Belly-to-Belly Suplex!!

Bishop: The entire Syndicate on the outside is screaming!! This match has barely started and I think we’re on the verge of a full- scale riot!!

Congo: Heidi with a pick-up and she BEELS INDIGO OVER THE TOP ROPE BY HER HAIR!! Right at the feet of the Syndicate. Pretty convenient, wouldn’t you say?

Bishop: The ref having words with Lenhart as INDIGO BROWNE IS BEING STOMPED BY SINCLAIR!! Rage runs over to help but is screened by Duran and Chandler! Turn around, ref!!

Congo: Sinclair rolls Browne back into the ring and Heidi Noelle Lenhart with a Dragon Suplex!!

Spud: 5 minutes have passed in the 15 minute time limit. 10 minutes remain.

Bishop: Sinclair tagged in. Lenhart whips Browne into the Strike corner and connects with a Handspring Elbow Smash!! Sinclair runs in and CONNECTS WITH ANOTHER HANDSPRING ELBOW SMASH!!

(Dawg Pound erupts, as do some impressed fans!!)

Congo: Brilliant display of ferocity by the gymnasts. Indigo is sagging in the corner as Sinclair climbs the turnbuckles and Bulldogs the Browne girl to the mat!

Bishop: Look at the smile on the Kingpin’s face. A cover by Sinclair; 1…..2…….thr..SAVE BY SIERRA BROWNE!! The ref pushing Browne back to her corner as Andrea Chandler yells at her from the outside. Now Medusa Rage and Andrea Chandler having a verbal exchange!!

Congo: A pick-up and a Gorilla Press by the shorter Sinclair!! Wait, she’s twisting Indigo around….FLYING SHOULDERBLOCK TO LIZ SINCLAIR’S LEGS BY SIERRA BROWNE!! GODDAMNIT!! KEEP THAT DAMN GIRL OUT OF THE RING!!

Bishop: The ref again having words with Browne and Rage. Both women in the ring are on the mat, it looks as if Liz Sinclair’s already weakened knee may have hyperextended.

Congo: I DON’T LIKE THIS!! The Browne Girls should be disqualified for their actions! Sinclair could have suffered a serious injury with that constant focus on her knee!

Bishop: Sierra Browne is outstretched, trying to get the tag!! Indigo is working her way over to her corner and Liz Sinclair is trying to cope with her knee! The fans are all screaming as Indigo reaches out to Sierra!!

Congo: BUT SINCLAIR IS UP FIRST!! SHE DROPS A KNEE TO INDIGO BROWNE’S BACK!! She should have gone back to her corner and tagged Lenhart in!! That knee is really hurting her still! Both ladies on the mat and Liz Sinclair with a desperation headlock, trying to keep Indigo from tagging her sister!!

Bishop: But she can’t keep her from the rope!! Indigo on the rope and Liz Sinclair will not break the hold!!

(Ref: 1…………2…………….3……………..4………….. )

Bishop: A break and she tries to cinch it back on but Indigo pops up and tags Sierra Browne!!

(Huge crowd pop!!)


(Crowd pop!)

Bishop: Sierra stands Sinclair back up and delivers a standing dropkick square to her chest!!

Congo: That’s not where the action is!! Look at what’s going on outside between Micki Duran and Medusa Rage!! Duran has backed the big lady into the gates as Lenhart pulls Indigo Browne off of the apron! A pick-up, POWERBOMB BY LENHART!! RIGHT ON THE HARD ARENA FLOOR!! MEDUSA RAGE IS FLYING INTO A FRENZY AS SHE STARTS SLUGGING IT OUT WITH BOTH THE LEGEND AND LENHART!!

(The arena goes crazy!!!!)

Bishop: In the ring, Sierra Browne catches Liz Sinclair with a Flying Body Block!! Sierra Browne climbs the ropes…..








Congo: But at what cost?! Look at Indigo, she’s not moving out there!! And Medusa Rage, the big lady, is getting the beating of a lifetime at the hands of Micki Duran and Heidi Noelle Lenhart!!

Bishop: Sierra all smiles as she gets the pin. She looks outside and sees what’s happening to her manager and sister–RUNNING CLOTHESLINE FROM BEHIND BY ANDREA CHANDLER!!! CHANDLER ROLLS SIERRA OUT TO THE REST OF THE SYNDICATE!!

Congo: Lenhart has just picked up Rage and slammed her down, back first on the metal guard rail here at ringside. Duran now stomping away on Sierra Browne as Chandler rolls Rage into the ring. Lenhart and Chandler get into the ring. Lenhart climbs the turnbuckle….



(Hardcores pop massive as the rest of the arena gasps!!)

Congo: That’s a take on the Strike finisher, the “Lethal Strike.”


Bishop: Wait, Lenhart is going back up!! Chandler with another pick- up, ANOTHER LETHAL STRIKE!!!

(Hardcores go absolutely wild!!!)

Bishop: The Syndicate is going crazy!! Look, now the Kingpin is in the ring! Chandler and Lenhart pick up Rage and hold her as the Kingpin slaps her!!

(Crowd begins to cheer as Daisy Butterfly and Charlotte La Mancha run down to ringside)

Congo: Well, if it isn’t the Wonder Twins…

Bishop: Butterfly and La Mancha run into the ring! The Syndicate drop Rage and both parties exchange words. Look at the gazes between Butterfly and Chandler….

Congo: CHANDLER WITH A CLOSED FIST STRAIGHT TO BUTTERFLY’S FACE!! The cockroach is stunned as the Syndicate holds Chandler back!! Charlotte pulling Daisy back, she’s smart enough not to get her friend involved in a war with the Syndicate.

Bishop: Kingpin finally gathering his troops and leaving ringside. But the damage has been done. Sierra and Indigo Browne are shaking off the cobwebs on the outside as Charlotte is seeing if Medusa Rage is alright. Daisy Butterfly is cupping her nose, it looks as if she’s bleeding.

Congo: You get your nose busted when you jam it into someone else’s business. Look at Charlotte, trying to assist all four crash test dummies back to their dressing rooms!

(Fans cheer as the five leave ringside)

Bishop: This isn’t good. I guarantee you, the Syndicate will not get away with this. They’ve made quite a few enemies in the short time that they’ve been here, and it’ll all snowball and get them later.

Congo: Maybe, Bishop. But did you see what they did here tonight? They had the Browne family defeated, but instead of getting the win, they went with torture.

Bishop: Right. Anyway, we’ve been waiting for the official word…

Spud: The winners of this contest, at 9 minutes 37 seconds; THE BROWNE GIRLS!!

(“Browne Girl in the Ring” blares through the PA as the ring remains empty)

Congo: Now that’s wrestling…

(Sam Mutt returns to the broadcast booth with a wide grin.)

Mutt: Congo, you do a great job! Allen, that match was beautiful. Maybe I can get my contract altered?!

Bishop: I hope not

Mutt: Don’t you just love the Syndicate? They get right down to business. Hey, you should have told good old Congo to stay for this match up.

Bishop: No, that’s quite alright. Sam Mutt is more than enough for me. What do you think of this upcoming matchup between Sachie Yokoyama and Staci X?

Mutt: Staci is a big, tough girl who’ll give the Dangerous Queen something to worry about. Can’t wait to see her crush DQ.

Bishop: I would agree, but Sachie has had a little bit more experience in the ring than Staci. Staci has wrestled beautifully, but will have to be at her best tonight. Fans, let’s hear what the Western Heritage champ has to say….

Sachie Yokoyama

(Opening camera shot: GDWA Western Heritage Champion, Sachie Yokoyama is standing in front of the GDWA logo. Yokoyama-san in wearing a black wrestling outfit and has the GDWA Western Heritage title around her waist.)

YOKOYAMA: “Konnichiwa. It has been a very long time since you have heard from me. It has been an equally long time since you have seen me in action. I would like to apologize for both, especially for the fact that I have been missing from action. Since my match with Lisa Thomas, I have taken some time off to both recuperate myself and to allow some minor injuries to heal. I expended a lot of energy when I made my run for the GDWA Western Heritage title. Now I am back and I feel better than ever.

I have a very important title match coming up on Saturday against Officer Order, but before that I have a match with Staci X. Staci- san, you have impressed a lot of people since making your debut here in the GDWA, including myself. You have a lot of raw talent and one day you will have gold around your waist. Even though our match tonight in a non-title match, I promise you that if you defeat me and then go on to retain my title against Officer Order, then you receive a title match on the following Saturday House Show. I know that may sound like a lot of ifs, but please believe me because I am a woman of honor. Without honor you have disgrace. And with disgrace you neither receive respect from others nor do you have respect for yourself. Sayonara.”

(Yokoyama-san bows to the camera and the camera fades out…..)

Bishop: Let’s take it back to our ring announcer Spud McKenzie….

Staci X vs. Sachie Yokoyama

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is a non-title match up scheduled for one fall, with a 15 minute time limit.

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Fuel’ by Stick.)

Spud: First, hailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida! She is 5 feet 11 inches, 146 pounds! Here is Staci X!

(She comes walking down the aisle slapping hands with the fans.)

Mutt: Staci X has really got to be at her best tonight. Sachie hasn’t been beaten since her bout with Officer Order.

Bishop: Staci X entering the ring, and I got to tell you, Staci has wrestled well lately. Now, she’s entering a new arena of competition in Sachie Yokoyama. Staci X is in the top 10, but hasn’t wrestled the level of competition that Sachie has.

Mutt: Hey, we’ll see if DQ can hang. Ever since she joined up with the Dragon Trio of Charlotte La Mancha and Daisy Butterfly, she’s lost her harder edge.

Bishop: Well, we’ll see about that.

Spud: And her opponent….

(Fans cheering as “Antonio Baka Guy” by Shonen Knife blares through the speakers.)

Spud: Accompanied down the aisle by Charlotte La Mancha….

(Big crowd pop!)

Spud: From Tokyo, Japan! She is 5 feet 6, 140 pounds! Here is, the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance Western Heritage Champion…The ‘Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama!

(She comes walking down the aisle with a smile and a hand for all the fans at ringside. The Gold belt buckled around her waist is sparkling.)

Bishop: As we all know, this is a non-title match up. Sachie just looking incredible tonight. This should be a great match up. Staci will be out to prove something, and Sachie will be looking to show up Officer Order.

Mutt: Well, Staci has a chance tonight. If Sachie is a woman of her word, she’ll defend her title against Staci if she can defeat her. But the Dangerous Queen has got to get past Officer Order first.

Bishop: Sachie Yokoyama in the ring now, and shaking hands with Staci X. Charlotte doing the same, and we should see a good, clean wrestling match tonight!

(Fans all cheering as Sachie Yokoyama hands the belt to the referee.)

Bishop: Charlotte La Mancha exits the ring this match is underway!


Bishop: The referee has given them the go ahead, and DQ surprising Staci X by nailing her with a quick spinwheel kick to the face.

Mutt: Staci has been floored to the mat! Man, did you see that? See, that’s the old Sachie Yokoyama!!! A handshake and a smile, and a boot to the head. Beautiful!

Bishop: Staci is back up, and Yokoyama with a hip toss. Staci X back up and Yokoyama with another Hip toss. Staci X up a third time and Sachie Yokoyama with another Hip toss!!!

Mutt: Staci X right back up to her feet and the Western Heritage Champion with an Armdrag Takedown into an Armbar. Beautiful. Sachie Yokoyama has taken away the strength advantage of Staci X. Now she’s grounded the big Florida native and got her guessing. Great quickness from the champ.

Bishop: Staci X trying to get to her feet. She’s slapping her arm, trying to get some of the pain out of it. She’s heading over to the ropes….and grabs them. The ref asks for the break…and it’s made.

 Mutt: Hold on! Staci X immediately punching away on the smaller Sachie Yokoyama. DQ backing into the middle of the ring, and Staci X with an Irish Whip. Sachie Yokoyama bouncing off the ropes and DUCKS the Clothesline.

Bishop: Sachie runs to the far side, bounces off…..

Mutt: ……And Staci X with a Shoulder tackle!!!!!

(Fans all cheering as Sachie Yokoyama hits the mat.)

Bishop: Staci X charging DQ and DQ drops down to the mat. Staci X hops over her and runs to the far side. Sachie Yokoyama back up and STACI X NAILS HER WITH A DROPKICK!

(Fans all cheering.)

Mutt: Staci X a lot slower than the champ, but she nailed that one beautifully. She didn’t get the snap that a Vixen usually has in her Dropkick. Staci X with a pick up and a Neckbreaker….

Bishop: No! Sachie Yokoyama blocking and turns her around to counter with a Snap Suplex!!! The cover…1…2….kick out!

Mutt: Sachie and Staci X back up to the neutral position and Sachie Yokoyama with an Armdrag Takedown into an armbar. Now a twist, and she’s straddling Staci X who’s down on the mat.

Bishop: Staci X having a hard time with the technical abilities of Sachie Yokoyama. Staci ranked rather high in contention. A win today could catapult her to the #6 or #7 position.

Mutt: That’s what’s so funny about not wrestling a lot. If you lose, it’s incredibly difficult to rise up in the rankings. If you win, you skyrocket up top. And you know, Sachie Yokoyama can’t take Staci X lightly. She’s yet to get into the top 10.

Bishop: Staci X trying to get up to her feet and Sachie Yokoyama releasing the arm and applying a Drop Toe Hold. Now an Armbar and Staci is pinned down again.

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Mutt: Sachie Yokoyama, still with the Armbar, rising up in the air, and nailing Staci’s left arm with her knees. She rises up again, and nails Staci with her knees a second time. Staci rising up in pain, and Sachie Yokoyama releasing the hold, but nailing away with Strong kicks to the midsection.


(Big crowd pop!)

Bishop: Sachie Yokoyama now, with a pick up and Irish Whipping Staci X to the corner. Yokoyama comes running in and STACI X BACK BODY DROPS HER OVER THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!!!

(Crowd groaning as Dawg Pound cheers!)

Mutt: She hit hard on the outside, Bishop. It might be over for Sachie Yokoyama. Staci X with that great endurance, able to get herself out of that jam. And anyway, Sachie telegraphed that from a mile away.

Bishop: The ref making the count as Staci X rolls to the outside. She picks up Sachie Yokoyama and nails her with a Neckbreaker! Now another pick up and she rams Sachie’s head into the steel post. Staci getting rough on the champ.

Mutt: But that was stupid. Anyone with some common sense would have allowed the ref to make the count. Sachie Yokoyama flew over the top turnbuckle and to the floor on the outside. Staci X might have gotten the count out win just that quick.

Bishop: Staci X now, with a Sideheadlock and a head of steam….

Mutt: ….but Sachie Yokoyama countering with a Waistlock and an Atomic Drop. Sachie Yokoyama reentering the ring, and breaking the count. I think Sachie wants a decisive winner out of this one.

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Bishop: Staci X up on the ring apron and Sachie Yokoyama with a Thrust Kick to the midsection….AND A VERTICAL SUPLEX BACK INTO THE RING. THE COVER….1…2…KICK OUT!

(Fans cheering on as Sachie Yokoyama picks up Staci X.)

Mutt: Sachie Yokoyama with an Irish Whip and Staci X hits the corner. Sachie rubbing her head as she heads over to the corner. Sachie Yokoyama now, nailing Staci with a number of vicious roundhouse kicks to the body and head. She got the champs dander up.

Bishop: Sachie Yokoyama walking away from the corner….AND A SPINWHEEL KICK TO THE HEAD OF STACI X! STACI X CRUMBLES TO THE MAT.

(Dawg Pound barking: Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!)

Bishop: Sachie with a pick up and a Shoulder Breaker. Lateral Press. ..1…2…kick out!

Spud: 14 minutes have gone by. 60 seconds remaining! 60 seconds left!

Bishop: Sachie Yokoyama pointing out to her friend Charlotte La Mancha, as she picks up Staci X. She applies a Waistlock and a Saito Belly to Back Suplex. Oh Wow!

(Crowd cheering as Sachie Yokoyama applies an Armbar!)


Mutt: She hasn’t got it applied very well, but with all that damage she did to her left arm, it could just be a matter of time.

Bishop: Staci X in a grip of pain. She’s got great stamina, but her arm has really been hammered upon since the opening bell. Can she hold out?

(Big crowd pop as Staci X writhes around on the mat.)

Spud: 30 seconds!

Mutt: Sachie Yokoyama is down on the mat really grinding down on it. This could be it.

Bishop: Staci’s making the nod!


(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Antonio Baka Guy’ by Shonen.)

Spud: At 14 minutes 38 seconds, your winner, via submission is the Western Heritage Champion! The ‘Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama.

Bishop: Sachie Yokoyama showing a bit of a temper at the end of the match, but now she’s showing some sportsmanship. She’s checking on Staci X, and Staci gets to her feet. She looks her dead in her eye… and shakes her hand!

(Fans pop as Sachie Yokoyama and Staci X hug.)

Mutt: That makes me sick. Charlotte, Sachie and Staci leave the ring together like the best of friends. Makes me sick.

Bishop: Before we get to our Main Event, let’s take you down now to Paul Laurence Dunbar for a special interview with Daisy Butterfly. Paul?

Dunbar: Well, Allen, I was scheduled to interview Daisy Butterfly, but she’s not here yet. Maybe we should take the cameras back to the dressing room and find out where…. 

(The Kingpin comes strolling out, followed by Andrea Chandler, Micki Duran, and STRIKE.)

Dunbar: What the HELL are you doing out here? This isn’t your time; this is Daisy Butterfly’s time…

Kingpin: Well, son, I just don’t think that’s going to be happening tonight. Daisy chose to run her mouth about us last week, and today we had to show her exactly what happens when you jump on The Syndicate. Perhaps next time, she won’t be so quick to write checks with her mouth that her ass can’t cash.

Dunbar: What do you mean, you had to show her what happens?

Kingpin: Well, why don’t you trot your little ass back to her dressing room and ask her?

Andrea: Wait, I don’t think she’s going to be able to answer… (They all laugh.)

Dunbar: You people are sick. Allen, we’re going to try and get a camera back in Daisy’s locker room and find out what this is all about.

(Behind him, Micki Duran pulls out Daisy’s ring robe, and the Syndicate takes turns punching and stomping on it.)

Dunbar: This is just ridiculous…Back to you, Allen!

Bishop: Oh no! I hope Daisy is alright.

Mutt: This is just lovely. Now, let’s get to our next match. Just makes life perfect for once.

Charlotte La Mancha vs. Big Ma Porter

Spud: Wrestling fans, our final contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit…..and is our Main Event this week!

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Robin Hood: Men in Tights’)

Bishop: Charlotte looks concerned, yet focused. I think something has happened to Daisy.

Mutt: So? Hey, she shouldn’t mess with the Syndicate. Now she learned her lesson. Hold on, I just got word that Paul is in the back with some news. Go ahead Paul!

Dunbar: Thanks, Sam. We’re back in Daisy Butterfly’s dressing room. As you can see, Daisy isn’t here. She’s been rushed to the hospital, where she’ll be getting what the paramedics said should be nine stitches to close up a gash in her forehead put there by the Syndicate, who apparently stormed into this locker room earlier, and pummeled Daisy brutally. The Executive Board will be looking into this, and probably levying some heavy duty fines against the Kingpin and company. Once again, Daisy Butterfly should be all right after this horrible attack by the Syndicate, and should be back next week. Back to you, Sam and Allen.

Spud: Hailing from Nice, France! She is 5 feet 6, 130 pounds! Here is Charlotte La Mancha!

(Fans cheer as she heads down the aisle in a rain coat, carrying a whale harpoon.)

Bishop: Sachie Yokoyama isn’t out here to accompany Charlotte. She must be with Daisy at the hospital.

Mutt: That makes it all the better for the big woman. I can’t wait!

Spud: And her opponent….

(Fans boo as they hear ‘I Shot the Sheriff’ by Bob Marley)

Spud: Led down the aisle by her manager Tony Angelo…from Queens, New York. She is 6 feet tall, weighing 212 pounds! Here is Big Ma Porter!!!

(Fans from all over throw trash and debris as she spits on a ringside fan…)

Mutt: She may be the most despised woman in Grand Dragon history, but she’s also the most feared. You remember the Grand Dragon magazine! She’s gonna destroy this Frenchwoman.

Bishop: Before today’s card, Charlotte had some comments for Ma Porter…

Charlotte La Mancha

(The camera opens on a room in a television studio, and it looks like it’s pledge time. There’s a bank of phones on one side of the room, under a large sign that tells how much money they’ve raised so far. The host steps in front of the camera, complete with tacky polyester suit and ear-to- ear grin. The host, Charlotte LaMancha refers to a nearby video monitor as she speaks.)

Charlotte: Yes, friends, I’m here today to ask you to reach into your pockets and donate on behalf of these poor souls, who cannot control their basic urges. Yes, friends, I am speaking of…overeaters! If the scientific facts we’ve given you so far haven’t swayed you, listen to this, tragic tale:

(The video monitor shows the interior of a Fast-food restaurant, which looks nearly deserted. The young man behind the counter is idly wiping the counter when the ground starts to shake. He gets a look of panic on his face, and screams…)

Kid: OH no!!! IT’S HER!!

(A huge man, wearing a Ma Porter mask, walks in to the restaurant, barely squeezing through the door. ‘She’ walks up to the counter, her shadow dwarfing the young man behind the counter.)

Porter: Give me 2 dozen Cheeseburgers

Kid: mm, I’m sorry, miss…but, we’re all out of cheeseburgers.


Kid: I’m sorry, Miss Porter, but you ate them all for breakfast!


Kid: Well, you see…


(The video monitor shuts off, returning us to Charlotte.)

Charlotte: Yes, folks, if you contribute just a few dollars now, we can help poor souls like Ma Porter, who have to go through every day a huge, disgusting, overfed blimp. Please…give generously.

Mutt: How dare Charlotte! Ma Porter is gonna kill her once she hears about this!!!

Bishop: Charlotte, always the prankster. Back to the action, Ma Porter so arrogant. Yelling at Charlotte La Mancha. Pointing at Charlotte now, more or less saying she’ll squash her. And Charlotte is motioning with the harpoon saying something about ‘thar she blows’!

(Fans cheering as Ma Porter enters the ring.)

Bishop: Porter is pissed off! Charlotte is in the corner giving her raincoat and harpoon to a ringside attendant….

Mutt: …and Ma Porter charges in!

Bishop: ….but Charlotte was expecting it! Ma Porter rams into the corner as Charlotte rolls her up from behind…..1….2….kick out!

(Fans cheering as Ma Porter and Charlotte La Mancha get to their feet.) *Ding*Ding*Ding*Ding*

Bishop: There’s the bell, and Charlotte immediately with a Single Leg Takedown on the slower Porter. Charlotte with a Spinning Toe Hold and Ma Porter kicks her out of it!

Mutt: Charlotte flew half way across the ring! What power! Ha! I love it.

Bishop: Ma Porter back up and Charlotte on her feet. Ma Porter charging Charlotte La Mancha and Charlotte with a Dropkick!

(Dawg Pound barking!)

Mutt: And Charlotte merely bounced off. NO effect on the Grand Dragon’s Mafioso! Charlotte back up and another Dropkick!

Bishop: …But Ma Porter merely shaking it off, and drops a Standing Elbow Drop to the ribs of Charlotte!!!! Ma Porter losing her temper, choking away on Charlotte La Mancha! Ma Porter with a pick up now, and picks her up for a…

Mutt: No Bodyslam! Charlotte slips behind her and backs into the ropes. Ma Porter turns around and Charlotte with a Thrust Kick! Ma Porter stumbling backwards, and Charlotte Irish Whips her to the far side.

Bishop: Charlotte still in the middle of the ring as Ma Porter bounces off the ropes, and Charlotte nails her with a Clothesline!

(Dawg Pound barking: Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!)

Mutt: Ma Porter just stood there and took it! Ma Porter now, with a Big Headbutt and Charlotte drops to one knee. Ma Porter grabbing Charlotte by her ears, and Headbutting her again!

Bishop: Ma Porter hasn’t wrestled since the Summer Supercard. I haven’t seen any ring rust as of yet. She is slower than usual, but that is to be expected.

Mutt: But she’s enraged tonight, and that’s all she’ll need!

Bishop: Ma Porter with a third Headbutt, and Charlotte looks out on her feet. Ma Porter now, with a Waistlock and a Belly to Belly Suplex!!!!!!

(Dawg Pound cheering as Ma Porter makes the cover.)

Bishop: 1…..2…..3!

Mutt: NO! Porter pulled her up!!! Everybody knows Charlotte can dish it out, but can’t take a beating. Charlotte is about to get the crap kicked out of her. I love it!

Bishop: This is the biggest match of Charlotte’s career thus far. Ma Porter up to her feet now and nails her with an Elbowdrop! Right into the ribs. Now she’s talking trash to the fallen Frenchwoman.

Mutt: This could be it! Ma Porter back up to her feet….and a Standing Legdrop! Porter kneeling now, and laughing out loud. Porter back up to her feet and places a foot on Charlotte’s chest…1. …2….3!

Bishop: NO! KICKOUT! Ma Porter with a pick up now….

(Fans all cheering as Officer Order comes walking down the aisle.)

Mutt: What?!


Mutt: She’s got no business at ringside. She’s got Ma Porter all rattled.

Bishop: Ma Porter pointing out to Officer Order…and Charlotte with an Inside Cradle! 1….kick out! What power!

Mutt: Charlotte rolling over to the ropes and Ma Porter going after her. The ref calling for the break, and Porter simply ignoring him.

Bishop: Charlotte on her feet and heads out to the ring apron. The ref stopping Ma Porter and their arguing. Hold on! Charlotte pulling back on the top rope, AND SLINGSHOTS HERSELF INTO THE RING NAILING MA PORTER WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE!!!

(Big Crowd pop!)

Mutt: Charlotte is back up, clutching her ribs. She’s heading for the ropes!

(Fans all cheering as Charlotte La Mancha heads for the top turnbuckle.)

Bishop: Ma Porter back up to her feet….AND CHARLOTTE LA MANCHA NAILS HER WITH A FLYING BULLDOG! Charlotte now, with an Armbar and Ma Porter is down.

Mutt: Tony Angelo really taking notice now! He’s shouting at the ref as Officer Order slaps the mat in support of Charlotte La Mancha. Damn!

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Ma Porter getting to her feet and Charlotte with a twist, AND A THRUST KICK! Ma Porter is down. Charlotte now, stomping away on that left arm, and Tony Angelo looks real concerned now.

Mutt: Hey, he’s got nothing to worry about. Zaranna destroyed Charlotte when THEY met. Ma Porter doesn’t have a worry in the world.

 Bishop: Charlotte has improved a lot since then! Ma Porter sitting up now, clutching her shoulder, and Charlotte is climbing the turnbuckles again.

(Fans all cheering as Charlotte La Mancha climbs up the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: Charlotte up on the top turnbuckle now. Ma Porter getting up to her feet and Charlotte with a Cross Body Block! 1….2…kick out!

Mutt: Charlotte with a pick up and Irish Whipping Ma Porter to the ropes. Ma Porter bounces off and nails Charlotte with a Football tackle. Now a Standing Legdrop and Charlotte is downed again! Porter now, with a pick up and a Front Face Lock. And she’s pointing out to Officer Order!!!!

Bishop: She thought she had done away with Double O at the Summer Supercard, and now the Law and Order of the GDWA is back! Porter hoists Charlotte up and holds her there. 5 seconds! 10 seconds! 15 seconds and she slams her down hard with a Vertical Suplex! WoW!

(Fans booing as Ma Porter sits up laughing.)

Mutt: Charlotte’s ribs are through. Ring the bell before the Dragon Trio only has an Uno! Ha!

Bishop: Ma Porter back pp and a Standing Elbow Drop! An arrogant Lateral Press….1…2….shoulder up! She had her, but too arrogant to really pin her.

Mutt: Charlotte doesn’t have enough muscle to handle Porter. She’s a high flyer. How can she tackle the 200 plus pounder?

Bishop: Ma Porter with a pick up and Irish Whipping Charlotte to the ropes. Charlotte bouncing off and Ma Porter with a Military Press! No cover! Charlotte is hugging her ribs as Ma Porter walks around her. So arrogant!

Mutt: Porter is having fun now. Ma Porter with another pick up, and Irish Whipping Charlotte to the ropes a second time. Charlotte bouncing off….


(Big pop as both woman are down on the mat.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Ref: 3….4…..5

Bishop: Ma Porter up first, but she’s holding her head. An INCREDIBLE Frankensteiner from Charlotte La Mancha.

Mutt: That’s Charlotte’s finisher, but she couldn’t capitalize. And look, Porter is the first up. Tony Angelo calling for the Vertical Splash. If Porter hits this it’s over!

Bishop: Ma Porter backs into the ropes, bounces off….MISSING THE GIANT SPLASH! Charlotte rolled out of the way.

(Fans all cheering on Charlotte La Mancha as she heads over to the ropes.)

Bishop: Charlotte La Mancha leaning up against the ropes, just barely holding herself up. Ma Porter up to her feet and Charlotte running over nailing Porter with an Armbar Bulldog!

Mutt: Charlotte now, dragging Porter over to the ropes, and yanking Porter’s arm against the middle rope!

(Some fans boo as Hardcores pop!)

Bishop: Charlotte bending the rules a bit. She’s had a sound strategy since the beginning. Hit and run, take out that Left arm. That seems to be what’s on her mind.

Mutt: The ref finally getting her to release, and Charlotte with a pick up….AND PORTER WITH A HEADBUTT! ANOTHER HEADBUTT, AND CHARLOTTE FALLS INTO THE ROPES!!!!

Bishop: Ma Porter, choking away on Charlotte as Officer Order berates Porter. Porter spitting down on the seated Order as she Headbutts Charlotte for a third time!

Mutt: Time to end it! Ma Porter now, Irish Whipping Charlotte to the far side. Charlotte bounces off and Ma Porter with a Running Clothesline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bishop: No! Charlotte hooking onto the arm and slapping on the CRUCIFIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ref: 1………………………2………………………..3!


(Biggest pop of the night as Ma Porter slaps the mat in anger.)

Mutt: Ma Porter can’t believe it! She’s kicking away at the ribs of Charlotte. Oh yes! Porter now, backing into the ropes and Drops THE GIANT SPLASH!!!

Bishop: Officer Order on the outside, fighting with Tony Angelo. Angelo with a chair….and Officer Order nails him with her Nightstick!

(Fans all screaming as Ma Porter drops another GIANT SPLASH.)

Mutt: YES! YES!! YES!!! Porter once again, backing into the ropes and Drops THE GIANT SPLASH!!!

Bishop: Officer Order now, rushing into the ring, twirling around her Nightstick. Ma Porter jumps ship as Order charges her with her stick.

(Fans all cheering as ‘Robin Hood: Men in Tights’ blares through the speakers.)

Spud: At 12 minutes 35 seconds, your winner via pinfall, is Charlotte La Mancha!!!!

(Officer Order raises Charlotte’s hand in victory as she helps her to her feet.)

Bishop: Charlotte is hurt. Order trying to escort her out of the ring, but Charlotte wants the mic. Her ribs are hurt in a bad way. She may need medical attention.

Mutt: Paul Laurence Dunbar in the ring, he’s gonna do a quick interview.

Dunbar: Charlotte, if I can have a few words with you. That was one heck of a match out there. Congratulations on beating one of the GDWA’s premier wrestlers.

(Charlotte Looking winded but happy)

Charlotte: Thanks.

Interviewer: You’ve had one HELL of a streak as of late…what do you have planned next?

(Looking right into the camera, Charlotte’s expression suddenly hardens.)

Charlotte: Demonica, I haven’t forgotten you, big lady. I haven’t forgotten how you and your friends tried to beat me senseless during the Internet Title tournament. I haven’t forgotten how you cost me a shot at the title! Demonica, you have something that belongs to me, and I’m coming to take it! Shine up that belt, because it will belong to me very soon!

(Big crowd pop as Charlotte points out to all the fans.)

Bishop: Charlotte can hardly stand. Officer Order is helping her out of the ring. Big win for Charlotte.

Mutt: Hell! Porter just underestimated the Frenchwoman. And to be honest, she STILL could have beaten her. There were several points in the match where she had that woman beat like nobody’s done before. Get the rematch signed tonight! Porter can’t have her rep bruised by a match like this.

Bishop: Because of this win, Charlotte flies up the contention. You head it fans, Demonica is next on Charlotte’s hit list, and she wants Demonica’s Internet title as well. Until the House Show, we’ll be seeing ya!



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