Officer Order battles Big Ma Porter in the main event.

Bloody Mary

(Scene is Bloody Mary pumping weights doing leg thrusts, she stops towels off, takes a drink of water & addresses the camera)

Bloody Mary: Lady Tiger! I’m so glad to hear you challenge me. I’ve wanted a chance at you for a loooong time! I’m just glad you could tear yourself away from your fancy French wines & cheese long enough to step on the real side of wrestling life! Oh, I know you’re good, good enough to be #1 contender. Good enough or lucky enough? We’ll see soon enough. As you can see my legs are 100+ % & so am I & ready for you! It’ll be a good match if nothing but to save me from the boredom of having to face The Crippler or Moth Girl. I look forward to it Lady T, grrrooowwwlll! Au Revoir Ta (Mary resumes her leg exercises)

Scene opens up on a jammed packed Pittsburgh Civic Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There are 20,290 screaming fans in attendance. “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


Bishop: Fans, welcome to another addition of the Catfight. We’ve just been informed that the Fall Moonsault ’97 will emanate from the Sky Dome in Toronto, Canada!

Mutt: Woah! That’s our first international pay per view…do we have any Canadian wrestlers?

Bishop: I’m not sure…but I’m from Canada and will be right at home in the SKYDOME in front of 70,000 fans!

Mutt: Well, we are about a month away from Summer Break. And speaking of breaks, look who just showed up!

[Camera shows Keiko Mita dressed in street clothes making her way through the crowd. She’s leaning heavily on one crutch and moving slowly until she takes a seat at ringside. She smiles and waves to the camera when she sees it.]

Bishop: What?? What’s Keiko Mita doing here? I thought she was still having her knee worked on.

Mutt: Well, she’s looking a little better. A rare smile from the ‘Kyoto Crippler’, obviously in a good mood after winning ‘Wrester of the Month’.

Bishop: Well, speaking of the Wrestler of the Month, her arch nemesis is here tonight! Bloody Mary tackles the #1 contender to the World title Lady Tiger right here tonight.

Mutt: And the match I’ve been waiting on all week long…Ma Porter against Officer Order. OH HEAVEN HELP US!

Bishop: And fans, check out the rest of the lineup…’Jumping’ Jennifer Grier going up against ‘Sexy’ Sally McClane as well as Savannah Charles. The Suicide Blondes take on Burning Rain for a title shot against the Hyena Queens…

Mutt: But what about the Double Otanashis going up against the High Flying Dolls? And the rookie match up of the week. Brimstone against ‘Forbidden Fruit’ Shelly McVay!!!

(Fans all cheering as Spud McKenzie enters the ring….)

Spud: You’ve waited all week for us…now, the premier women’s promotion in all of Professional Wrestling is back. The Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance has but one question to ask all of its fans….Are you ready!?

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!)

Spud: I said ARE YOU READY?!

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Spud: Then Let’s Get Rrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrumble!!!

(Fans cheer as horns go off & Spud McKenzie stands poised in the ring.)

Brimstone vs. Shelly McVay

Spud: Our first contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!

Bishop: Alright ladies and gentlemen, our first match looks to be a great one. We have the awesome newcomer Brimstone, who scored a pin in her first match, over Jennifer Grier. Going against another hot rookie, in “The Forbidden Fruit” Shelly McVay. Questions or comments, Sam Mutt?

Mutt: Yeah, where’s that Davey Jones character at? I was told he would be out here for rookie matches from now on, so I wouldn’t have to pay as close attention to these losers.

Bishop: Well, Dave had an unfortunate incident hosting his show on WrestleVision this week, and we won’t say any more about it.

Mutt: [laughing] He got kicked around by Sally’s fella.

Bishop: Well….let’s get to the ring, and I’d like to wish Mr. Jones Godspeed in his recovery.

Mutt: Oh puh-lease, I’m fixing to vomit.

Spud: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OUR NEXT MATCH, IS THE ROOKIE MATCH OF THE NIGHT…[some cheers are heard]….First off, coming down the aisle..

[“Head Like a Hole” by NIN blares through the PA as the fans all begin standing]

Spud:…Weighing in at 118lbs and standing at 5’6″ tall. From Tokyo, Japan, here is….BRIMSTONE!!!

[She comes through the curtains to the cheers of the fans, wearing a one-piece body suit, with flames on the sides. Along with red tights on her legs, and her arms bare. She has a tattoo on her right arm. It is a circle, with a small motif of a dragon being consumed by flames inside of the circle. And the body suit goes up to her neck, and creates a black hood that covers her hair. She also wears a red mask around her mouth and nose, and the skin around her eyes is painted red. And she also wears a long, flowing red cape to the ring. She enters the ring and disgards the cape as she waits for her opponent]

Spud: And HER opponent…

[“Keep the Faith” by Bon Jovi plays as the fans begin to boo]

Spud:…Weighing in at 122lbs, and standing at 5 feet, 4 inches tall, from Iceland, here is…”The Forbidden Fruit” Shelly McVay!!!!

[McVay comes down the aisle to the boos of the fans and the cat calls of some guys. She enters the ring and goes to her corner]

Mutt: Not a real flashy entrance by McVay there, was it?

Bishop: Maybe she’s not a flashy gal.


Bishop: We’re under way here and Brimstone is in, and firing off with some VICIOUS reverse knife edge shots, to McVay, and Shelly McVay has been backed into the corner by Brimstone.

Mutt: My money’s on McVay to get the win here, I don’t care what everyone thinks about Brimstone, in my opinion, Brimstone should hook up with Lady Tiger and Jenny Grier to form a stable of the worst gals in the Grand Dragon.

Bishop: Speaking of Lady Tiger, there is a lot of speculation as to how well she will fair against Andrea Chandler, Medusa Rage, and Officer Order, in that Ironwoman SquareDance coming up at GDWA’s Fall Moonsault. I would like to say that there are still tickets available for this card, and even though all the matches aren’t signed yet, don’t worry, with the action we have here, in Grand Dragon and the great stars, this is gonna be one for the record books.

Mutt: You’re completely missing this match, in order to plug our Pay Per View.

Bishop: SORRY…Brimstone hip tossed McVay out of the corner moments ago and now she’s kicking McVay and has just brought her to her feet with a hand full of hair…IRISH WHIP….and Spin Heel Kick by Brimstone.

Mutt: This is pathetic.

Bishop: How so?

Mutt: BOTH of these girls look LOST in there, McVay just more so than Brimstone.

Bishop: I agree…Brimstone now has McVay by the head, she lifts her up off the mat and there’s the set up…YES…Vertical Suplex, and McVay hits HARD to the mat, as Brimstone climbs up top, and the fans are cheering loudly.

Mutt: HOLY….!

Bishop: Brimstone, with an awesome Corkscrew Plancha off the top turnbuckle and she leveled McVay, and there’s a cover…












 T H R E….


Mutt: I’ll give Brimstone credit for that one.

Bishop: And the Dawg Pound’s showing their approval as well.

Dawg Pound: Woof woof woof!!!!!

Mutt: Brimstone now, has McVay up and she slings her into the ropes, McVay bounces back and there’s a dropkick from Brimstone.

Bishop: You realize, that McVay has shown NO offense whatsoever in this match?

Mutt: Yeah, I noticed that.

Bishop: Brimstone now, runs into the ropes, bounces off and is coming back….OH…SPINNING DDT!! [crowd pop]

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in this match…5 minutes gone from the 20 minute time limit…15 remaining.

Bishop: Brimstone has stepped out to the outside, and she’s got a hold of the ropes and is waiting for McVay to get up….McVay’s up and Brimstone slings herself in…HURRICANRANA, and the legs are hooked…












T H R E ……


Mutt: McVay still got out, but Brimstone is up, and she’s waiting for McVay to make it to her feet. McVay’s up and she takes a wild swing…[Mutt laughs]

Bishop: She spins around with her back to Brimstone and there’s the “Hellfire!” That Double Arm Hook Chicken Wing, with the Leg Scissors.

Mutt: Who?

Bishop: McVay’s crying out in pain, and YES…she gave up!!


Mutt: Big whoop!

[Crowd pop and “Head Like a Hole” by NIN plays through the PA once more]

Bishop: There’s another great newcomer of the GDWA in the form of Brimstone.

Mutt: I’ll agree, but she’s nowhere NEAR ready to take on the greats of this fed, like Chandler, Porter, Rage, or even Ananda. [laughs]

Bishop: Fans, we have a HOUSE of STYLES up next with MISTER Furious Styles.

House of Styles: Radhi Ananda

(Fans pop as they hear “Hypnotize” by Notorious B.I.G. MISTER Furious Styles comes strutting down the aisle. He’s wearing a red and black striped tuxedo along with a top hat and sunglasses; and of course, he’s styling and profiling with his steel tipped cane.)

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy! IS Pittsburgh in the HOUSE?!

(Fans pop as MISTER Styles enters the ring. He twirls his mic around as he shakes his head in disdain.)

Styles: And Who’s House is it?

(Fans pop as they scream: STYLES!)

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy! That’s the ticket, daddy!!

(Fans continue to cheer as MISTER Furious Styles shakes his head and points out to Keiko Mita.)

Styles: We got the GDWA Gimp in the Dawg Pound. But I don’t think she’ll want any parts of Bloody Mary tonight! Now……

(Arena lights start to flicker)

Styles: …hold on, what’s this!?

(The lights go out as the arena screams. Suddenly, under the pitch black blanket, “Paint It Black” by the Rolling Stones explodes through the PA and the crowd cheers wildly!)

Styles: (voice) Awwwwww shit!

(The lights snap back on and RADHI ANANDA is standing right in front of Furious Styles, her arms folded and eyes blazing with intensity. Styles jumps back three feet when he sees her as the crowd goes absolutely wild!)

Styles: DAMN!! What the hell are YOU doing out here??


(Fans pop!)

Styles: Returned?

Radhi: I have spent weeks reflecting on what I have lost and what I have won. I toured parts of the world, wrestling some of the best within; ending with LEWA’s final pay-per-view. And, I have found, NOWHERE IN THIS GREAT WORLD BUT THE GDWA AM I AT HOME!!

(HUGE cheers)

Styles: Yeah, girl, we saw you on that PPV. “The Jungle vs The Yukon.” Girl, you was looking pretty desperate in that ring…

(Styles’ smile instantly drops when Radhi glares at him)

Styles: Yo…Jane wants you in a “Bodyslam” match. Says she ain’t gonna give ya the cage match…

(Crowd boos. Radhi comes as close to a smirk as she can)

Radhi: Yukon Jane, you don’t understand something. This isn’t LEWA again; this is the GRAND DRAGON WRESTLING FEDERATION. And here, you’re JUST Yukon Jane. I AM RADHI ANANDA!!

(More cheers)

Radhi: You don’t make the challenges, Yukon Jane. I DO. Your refusal to face me in my cage smacks of cowardice.

(Huge roar from the crowd)

Styles: Yo, what about her bodyslam challenge?

Radhi: Her stipulation favors her, not I. But I will wrestle her with a slight change in the rules. If this one can make you bleed before you can bodyslam her, you lose the match. A “Bodyslam” match for you, a “First Blood” match for me.

(HUGE cheers! The Dawg Pound starts chanting “Radhi! Radhi! Radhi!”)

Styles: Oh, HELL NO!! No way in HELL ANYONE in their RIGHT MIND would wrestle you in a Blood match!!

Radhi: Then I’m done with Yukon Jane. She may have gotten a “victory” over me, but the Eighth Wonder DESTROYED her and her friend. You can talk all you want about a “second coming” of Demonica…but REMEMBER WHO DESTROYED DEMONICA!!

(HUGE cheers!)

Styles: Okay then…you got that off your chest. Whatcha gonna do next?

(a long pause)

Radhi: You’ll find out…all too soon.

(“Paint It Black” plays again as the crowd roars!! Radhi hops out of the ring and into the Dawg Pound, leaving through the crowd)

Styles: Nikita, you’re my featured guest this week. We’ll just have to get you on later tonight. That was just Radhi Ananda…on one of her better days…

Bishop: We’ll see if ‘Yukon’ Jane has any comments regarding this challenge. First Blood vs. First Body Slam?

Mutt: I got money on Jane…this gal is big and bad. She’s just green behind the ears and could use some experience squashing Radhi Ananda.

Bishop: Fans, speaking of Radhi Ananda, Jenny Tyler is back and has words for the woman from Bombay, India….

Jenny Tyler

Camera on Jenny Tyler, who is kicking the heavy bag.)

JT- Well, I’ve been busy training again, but now I’m back. I have a little challenge for Radhi Ananda, since we both wrestle barefoot, how about a Bret Hart Style kiss my foot match. And to make things interesting, let’s make it submissions only!

Bishop: Brief and to the point. We’ll see if Jungle is willing to do double duty next week like ‘Jumping’ Jennifer Grier will tonight! Fans, let’s move on to our next match.

Savannah Charles vs. Jennifer Grier

Spud: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 15 minute time limit.

(“Hit Me With Your Best Shot!” by Pat Benatar plays to a mild crowd pop)

Spud: Currently entering the ring, weighing in at 194 Lbs, she is .. . . . Savannah Charles!!

(Savannah approaches the ring confidently with a huge smile on her face. She wears a red skintight athletic crop-top with the Confederate battle flag (the “Stars and Bars”) crisscrossing the front. With this is a red pelvic thong, kneepads with the Stars ‘n Bars on them, and red knee-high boots.)

Bishop: Savannah approaching the ring with a big ol’ smile on her face, slapping hands with the fans! Well, after all the serious types we’ve got in the GDWA, this is a welcome change!

Mutt: Why wouldn’t she be happy? She’s stepping into the ring with the jobber of all jobbers, Jennifer Grier!! Hell, even *I’d* be happy!

(“Jump” by Van Halen plays to a roar from the crowd!)

Spud: And her opponent!! Being accompanied to the ring by “Big” Rob Tucker! She hails from Geneseo, Illinois, and weighs in at 125 lbs. . . . . “Jumping” Jennifer Grier!!!

(Grier approaches the ring in blue Daisy Dukes, and a red button down shirt, sleeveless, with the bottom tied. Tucker follows her to the ring, slapping hands along the way.)

Bishop: And here comes Grier!! She’ll be doing double duty tonight; following this match, she’s got a match with possibly the most arrogant woman in the GDWA, “Sexy” Sally McClane! And you’ve got to believe Grier is looking forward to that one!

Mutt: This is great! Grier gets handed two losses in one night! I can’t wait!

Bishop: Before we get to the match up, let’s hear from Grier…

Jennifer Grier

[The scene: La’Roma’s restaurant in lovely Geneseo, Illinois. Jennifer Grier and Rob Tucker are sitting at a front table, facing the front window, enjoying a peaceful lunch. Subject of conversation, GDWA.]

Tucker: You’ve been pumped up all week for this coming Saturday, Jen. I hope you can handle the pressure. You know, you’ve got two matches within an hour’s time span.

Grier: No problem, Rob. This is my chance to prove myself. My time to stand up, improve the record, knock down one of the largest women in the game, defeat the biggest cheater in the game, and come out, and prove what Jennifer Grier is made of.

Tucker: Jen, you don’t have to prove yourself. You’re one hell of a competitor. The record means nothing. You go out, almost EVERY WEEK, and get the attention of the league’s finest. You take charge of anything you can, and do what you must. You’re doing just fine.

Grier: But I’m not done yet. I’ve got a long week ahead. Hell, I shouldn’t even be here. I should be in the gym still.

Tucker: You’ve been in there seven to eight hours a day, isn’t that enough? You’re becoming obsessed. You’ll do fine.

Grier: Fine isn’t good enough. Savanah is a mountain of a girl. I must beat her, and move on to Sally. There is no option. And when I get to Sally, I have to be in top shape, able to return every cheap shot she gives. Listen up, Sally. I’ve finally gotten you in the ring. Don’t think for a second that I’m a rookie without a clue. I’ve seen your work. Every damn thing you’ve done

I’ve seen the tapes, I’ve seen the hair pulls, I’ve seen the bodyguards. And, I’ve seen your dirty ass in every possible situation. You want to find a new one, I’ll be prepared. I’m NOT a stupid country girl, don’t expect that.

[The waiter comes to the table, holding a telephone. He hands it to Jennifer.]

Waiter: Telephone call for the lady.

[Jennifer takes the phone, placing it to her ear.]

Jennifer: Hello? (pause) Hey Tiger. Yea, I’m doing great. Yeah, I’ll be ready, no worries. (pause) Yeah, I heard. Good luck against Mary. She’s already ripped my head off. (Pause) Yeah, I’ll get Sally for you, and you take care of Mary for me.. (A laugh, and then a pause) Alright. Yeah, I’m headed back to the gym. (Pause) Alright… I’ll meet you there.

[Jennifer hands the phone back, and continues talking to “Big” Rob.]

Jennifer: Yeah, that was Tiger. Great gal. So, as I was saying….

[The scene fades as the two continue on in their conversation.]

Bishop: The ref has gone over the rules with each combatant, let’s hook ’em up!

Ding!! Ding!! Ding!!

Bishop: Well, there goes the bell, and Savannah offering a handshake!?!?

(Grier looks out to the fans; some are yelling yes, some no)

Bishop: Grier advancing forward . . . and they shake hands!!

(Cheers form ringside fans!)

Mutt: Oh boy, it’s going to be one of “those” matches.

Bishop: All right. Savannah closing in on Grier, but Grier dancing around, perhaps a bit hesitant in locking up with this 170 lb behemoth!!

Mutt: Yeah, this outta be something special. We saw Grier job to a rookie last week, and we get the replay this week!!

Bishop: Give me a break!! Grier finally advancing on Savannah . . . and a quick leg sweep catches the behemoth off-guard!!

(Cheers form the fans as Savannah awkwardly tumbles to the mat)

Bishop: Savannah goes down, and Grier is in like lightning trying to capitalize!! She grabs Savannah’s leg, and starts dropping the knees onto it!

Mutt: But Savannah is just so big; easily reaching out to snag the ropes.

(A few fans applaud a clean break by Grier)

Bishop: Alright, both combatants back up on their feet. Grier keeping her distance, hitting a few quick strikes, and Savannah looks a bit frustrated. This is her first time in a GDWA ring, and she’s in there with . . .

Mutt: A JOBBER!! Somebody who loses to ROOKIES!! Savannah’s got nothing to worry bout!

Bishop: Cut the girl some slack!!

Mutt: For jobbing to, <ahem>, Brimstone!?!? I don’t think so!!

Bishop: Well, so far, we haven’t seen much out of either of these two. Savannah seems to be taking a defensive stance, and Grier keeping out of Savannah’s range.

Mutt: Grier, *finally* advancing on Savannah with a quick dropkick!! The big woman stumbles back to the ropes, and Grier in with some quick chops . . . no effect!!

(Fnas mutter as Savannah looks on and smiles)

Bishop: Grier with a quick Irish whip, and Savannah bouncing off the ropes! Grier following, and a high-cross body . . .

Mutt: But Savannah catches her!!

(Oohs and ahhs as Savannah walks around the ring effortlessly with Grier)

Bishop: And a *BIG* body slam!! The cover!!

1 . . . . .

2 . . . . .


Bishop: Grier back up to her feet . . . and a clothesline by Savannah knocks her back down!!

(A few cheers as Savanah poses and preens for the fans)

Mutt: Savannah rolling Grier on to her stomach, leaping up . . .

Bishop: And *missing* the big elbowdrop!!

(Cheers form the fans as Grier gets to her feet)

Mutt: Grier backing into the corner, rushing out and . . . *dropping* the knee to Savannah’s legs!! And now a spinning toe hold. Wow. Grier has the advantage . . . . for a change.

Bishop: Sound strategy on the part of Grier! Take the big woman off her feet, and immobilize the legs. And Grier keeping just out of reach with this spinning toe hold.

Mutt: But once again, Savannah easily reaching the ropes! When you’re that large, you’re always near the ropes. Nice strategy, Grier!

Bishop: Grier with a clean break, and Savannah back to her feet. Grier bouncing off the ropes, doubling back. Savannah ducking down, and Grier with a leapfrog! Savannah with a turnaround . . .

Mutt: And Grier with a flying clothesline!! Staggering the big lady!

Bishop: Grier going up top now, facing the crowd!! Savannah on her feet . . .

Mutt: And Grier *connects* with the moonsault!!

(Huge crowd pop!)

Bishop: Grier with a quick cover!!

 1 . . . . .

 2 . . . . .


(The ref raised two fingers, to the astonishment of Grier)

Spud: 5 minutes gone by in this contest. 5 minutes.

Bishop: Grier not letting up! She’s going back up top for some more!! Savannah on her feet, and she looks dazed! Grier leaps off for . . . . . a Missile Dropkick!!

Mutt: But Savannah caught her angle on the way down . . . .


(Groans from the fans as Grier goes flying towards the turnbuckle!!)

Bishop: What strength!! What strategy!! She had that move well scouted!

Mutt: And it looks like Savannah is back on track! No wonder she signed for this match!! You just can’t LOSE against Jennifer Grier!

Bishop: Oh, will you be quiet?!?!

Mutt: Savannah advancing in on Grier, and damnit, Savannah still looks happy! She picks Grier up out of the corner and slings Grier over he shoulder . . . .

Bishop: And *hits* the powerslam!! Savannah drapes the arm across Grier for the cover!

1 . . . . .

2 . . . . .


Bishop: Savannah not even hooking the leg on that one. A rookie mistake, perhaps?

Mutt: Who cares? Savannah with another pick up, looks like a bodyslam. Savannah with a head of steam . . . . And *drops* Grier into the backbreaker!!

(“aahs” from the fans as Savannah hoists Grier back up)

Bishop: Savannah still with a hold of Grier, and *another* devastating backbreaker!

Mutt: and she still has a hold of Grier!!!

Bishop: Savannah picking Grier up, oh no!!! She picking Grier WAY up!! Grier is poised upstairs for a big military press!! This could finish it!!

Mutt: But Grier slides down Savannah’s back for a sunset flip!!

 1 . . . . .

 2 . . . . .


Bishop: We nearly had a pin there! Grier back to her feet . . . . and Savannah beheads her with a brutal clothesline!!!

(Groans from the fans, followed by some cheers as Savannah poses)

Mutt: She should be following up, not preaching to these morons!

Bishop: Savannah walking over to Grier, and again, no cover! A pick up, and Savannah is signaling to end this!! She wants to end it with her finisher!!

Mutt: Savannah looking to make a big impression, by being the 9th or 10th person to finish off Grier . . . . .

Bishop: <sigh> Savannah picking Grier up . . .

Mutt: But Grier hops behind Savannah instead!! Grier hitting the ropes as Savannah turns around . . . .

Bishop: And Grier taking Savannah down with a dashing Frankensteiner!! Oh my!!

(Fans pop big time as Grier goes to the top!)

Bishop: Impressive Frankensteiner by Grier; reminiscent of another GDWA superstar I might add. Grier perched up on top, Savannah back to her feet . . . .


(HUGE crowd pop!!)

Bishop: There it is!! The Slipknot!! It’s over!!

 1 . . . . .

 2 . . . . . . . . . . .





(Gasps form the fans, and a shocked look on Grier’s face!)

Spud: 10 minutes gone by in this contest. 5 remaining.

Mutt: HA HA!! Oh man, she can’t even put Savannah away with her *finisher*!! She really does suck!!

Bishop: The slipknot, not having it’s full effect on someone the size of Savannah! She’s just too big for it to be effective!

Mutt: Savannah still on the mat, and Grier going back upstairs. This could be a mistake, Allan!!

Bishop: Grier poised on the top rope, leaping off . . . . .

And *HITTING* the flying elbow drop!!!!

 1 . . . . . .

 2 . . . . . .


Ding!! Ding!! Ding!!

Bishop: And Grier takes a hard fought victory on the cat fight!! Lets go to spud for the official word!!

Spud: The winner of the match, at 10:34 . . . . . “Jumping” Jennifer Grier!!!

Mutt: Good gawd. Someone “else” lost to Grier??

Bishop: Savannah came in here with some good strategy, I’ll give her that! She must have been well trained! But, in the end, Grier just too much for the newcomer.

(Fans mutter as Savannah approaches Grier)

Bishop: Savannah face to face with Grier . . . and a handshake!!

Mutt: Oh gawd!

(Fans laugh as Savannah picks Grier up for a *BIG* hug!!)

Bishop: <laughing> Oh my!! Grier looking a bit winded by that one! And both competitors leave the ring for the dressing room! Great match…Fans, let’s go to another House of Styles. (Mixed cheers as MISTER Furious Styles heads down the aisle and enters the ring. He’s wearing a black and red striped double breasted suit and sunglasses.)

House of Styles: Micki Duran

[Styles] Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy! I’m back! Now, since I just got word that Nikita Marx won’t be on the show this week, I’m gonna have as my guest the baddest ass member of the baddest ass stable in this entire damned league! She’s the Internet Heavyweight Champion and last week, she had one HELL Of a match against Dementia Praecox! Give it up for “THE LEGEND” MICKI DURAN!!!

(The crowd erupts into boos as the Internet Champion walks down to the ring. She is dressed in jeans, a black and yellow “Syndicate” t-shirt, and huge black Doc Martens. The Internet belt is around her waist, and her long black hair is flowing freely around her shoulders. She marches confidently to the ring, and steps through the ropes.)

[Styles] Now Micki, we all know you’ve had beef lately with Dementia Praecox, but I’m gonna get to that in a second. What we all wanna know is, what’s up with you and m y chocolate-covered honey dip, Medusa Rage?

[Micki] Styles, shut your mouth before I shut it for you. I’m not out here to answer any of your *censored* questions. Medusa snapped. She tweaked. She was full blown in her own Vietnam and she slipped up and jumped the wrong girl on the wrong night. *censored* happens. But she cost me my World title, and I’m a little pissed about that. Medusa, I ain’t mad atcha. We got the same goal in mind–get the title off of Dementia so this league can return to some kind of dignity. Could’ja just take care of your business at some time other than my *censored* match next time?

[Styles] But I thought…

[Micki] See, that’s your problem, Styles. Leave the thinking to me, huh? You just stand there, look cute, and hold my mic. Now I’ve got something to address. Why don’t all y’all take a look at the big screen up there? We got something to discuss.

(Four huge screens decend from the ceiling, facing the crowd.)

[Micki] Roll that tape. (The screen lights up with a segment from the Monday Night MVP.)

Dementia: (snarling, foaming a bit at the mouth) Medusa!…heh…Thank you for those wonderful tips on how to defeat Duran..hee hee heh….but you really ought to have had more faith in me!!! (Shouting loudly) ****I WAS BEATING THAT WALKING JOKE FROM PILLER TO POST!!!!..heeh heh heee….****WHO THE HELL NEEDS YOU, RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!*****

(Takes a few deep breaths)

Wait, it’s all becoming clear to me…You came down to save Duran’s title, when you saw I was about to put her away! Then, you attack her as well, to make it look random. ***WELL, I’M NOT FOOLED!!!!*** There are conspiracies everywhere, all out to get me! But I won’t let them! Will I? No!!! Hee heh hehh hhehh. *I’M NOT FINISHED YET!!!* Duran, *YOU* are the worst champion the GDWA has ever seen. Not me, you. You haven’t done a goddamn thing since you won a belt, and the only thing you will ever do with it is lose it. Even that pathetic Nomad gave me a better match than you did, and you weren’t even close to Medusa’s league. Face it, you’re nothing but a second-rate Chandler clone, who I allowed to win the Internet title because I foresaw myself winning the Heavyweight Belt.

[Micki] Turn that *censored* off.

(The screens fade to black.)

[Micki] See, what we have here is a failure to communicate. Dementia, I’m not asking you for a title match. I’m TELLING you, that, as the Internet champion who has defended this title twice, you HAVE to give me a title shot. You don’t have a choice. You shouldn’t have said, “I’m not going to make you wait for your demanded match.” See, when you did that, the challenge became yours, not mine. NOW I’m challenging, and the shot IS mine. And I’ll get it, too…before you defend against anyone else.

[Styles] She thinks she whooped your ass last time, Mick.

[Micki] Yeah, well she’s a God damned idiot. You were beating me from pillar to post? Yeah, for, like, five minutes. Maybe you’ve forgotten what actually happened in that match…roll those clips.

(The screens light up again.)

Bishop: Micki Duran sitting Praecox up, and now DURAN climbs the turnbuckles…we haven’t seen her go up in some time! Duran up high as she jumps….

(Fans all screaming….)

Bishop: And *HITS* a Dropkick to the back of the head!!

(Fans all screaming as Dementia Praecox lays motionless on the mat.)

Mutt: But Praecox did the damage early. Duran unable to capitalize. She’s on the mat, collecting herself. Her back is in pain.

Bishop: Micki Duran slapping on a Chinlock now, and she’s wearing down the neck even further. Praecox flailing her hands in the air as the ref checks for a chokehold.

(Fans all on their feet as Micki Duran nods her head.)

Bishop: Duran knows how close she is! She can smell it…despite Praecox’s efforts, THIS is where Duran wanted to be in this match.

*The camera switches to another clip.*

Bishop: Praecox using those powerful legs of hers, getting to her feet…and Duran with a Droptoe hold and Half Nelson! Praecox grounded again!

Mutt: Duran just might be able to get a submission from here. Praecox’s neck pretty worn down, and she’s flustered. Losing her composure while Duran dominates her on the mat.

 *The camera switches to another clip.*

 Mutt: Duran backs into the ropes, and Praecox with an Irish Whip. Duran to the far ropes as Praecox runs to the middle of the ring….


(Fans pop as Micki Duran staggers backwards.)

Mutt: Praecox rolling around the mat, clutching her knee! Duran with a devastating dropkick to the left knee while Praecox was still running…oh my!

(Fans all screaming!!)

Bishop: Duran up to her feet, and now a single leg pick up!! You know what that means!!

(Fans all screaming as Medusa Rage runs down the aisle.)

 (The screen fades to black.)

[Micki] Okay, yeah, Dementia. You really kicked my ass there. Sure. All of the help from Medusa, all of the training from Hecate, and all of the faked idiot lunacy in the world couldn’t stop me from decimating your ass and leaving you looking at the lights while I slapped on the figure four. So talk all the *censored* you want. I kicked the living snot out of you, and I’m gonna do it again. Next time you won’t be so charitable? Good. Maybe I’ll break a sweat. Last time I looked, a “Medusa” wasn’t a legal hold, so my good buddy Daisy would say.

[Styles] Micki, you sound like you’re forgetting about one Miss Sierra Browne. You gotta fight her, you know.

[Micki] Oh, I know, I know. Sierra wants an Internet shot. Wants to see if I can run with a greyhound. Well, a dog is a pretty good analogy here. See, she’s a greyhound, and I’m a *censored* Rottweiler, and when I get into the ring with her, I’m gonna do things to her that her momma never told her about. But I’m not defending this belt against her until Dementia puts her belt on the line against me. Oh, and Sierra, when we dance, it’s title vs. title, Sunshine. You don’t get something for nothing.

[Styles] All this title vs. title….damn! Well, the rest of the Syndicate ain’t here. What’s up with that?

[Micki] Look, bitch, I’m tired of everyone getting all up in our business. Andrea, Tiff, Crystal and I are just fine. We’ve all been a little busy doing our own things. Andrea’s looking to kick Lady Tiger’s ass. I’ve got that moron Dementia. Tiff and Sierra Browne are gonna mix it up. Crystal’s just trying to get a wrestler’s license. We’re all busy. But we’re still family, and anyone who doesn’t think so can come on down here and try me and see how fast three of the meanest bitches in the bunch rain down fiery hell on your ass. Don’t even trip.

[Styles] Well, is there anything else? Anyone else you want to piss off?

[Micki] No. Dementia, your ass, all three hundred pounds of it, belongs to me.

(The fans begin to boo heavily. Micki turns in a small circle, flipping them all off.)

[Micki] *censored* you. *censored* you all.

(She turns and steps through the ropes, wandering back to the dressing room.)

Bishop: Woah, that was a different Micki Duran there.

Mutt: She sounds pissed and unwilling to take crap anymore!

Bishop: She sounds insecure! What the hell is that with video clips of a Praecox interview and last week’s match? She’s lost her mind! She wants the world’s title so bad…

Mutt: Hey, Duran is the Living Legend and she can come out here to do and say whatever she wants to! Just ask Medusa what the ‘End’ means!

Bishop: Let’s move on to that featured tag match between the Blondes and the Rain.

(Fans boo as Congo Paul Roberts heads down the aisle.)

 Allan: Well, folks, we’ve got a match coming up between two teams that fiercely hate each other. They entered the GDWA at about the same time, and both teams have enjoyed some success, but so far, the titles have gone no further than the Misfits and the Hyena Queens. This #1 contender’s match could put either Burning Rain or the Suicide Blondes in a position to change that, though. Joining to commentate is Congo Paul Roberts. Congo: You just keep talking and talking, don’t you? Well I know that Sam Mutt doesn’t mind because he’s paid by the hour, but I have a yearly contract, so will you please shut your stinking trap? Allan: I don’t know why I bother getting up some days… Congo: Yeah, do us all a favour and stay in bed. Anyhow, this match ought to be a memorable one. If you peons remember, The Blondes humiliated the Burning Rain by interfering in their match with the Dolls, and covering their faces with make-up. Just the Blondes’ style! Personally, I think they did Gojira a favor, but that’s just me.

Allan: And the Blondes are looking to follow up with a win for their new stablemates, Ma Porter and Nikita Marx of Organized Crime. Congo: Might I add, the *best* stable in the GDWA right now. The Age of Rage is in tatters. The Syndicate is busy with jokers from ESWP and fluff like Keiko Mita. Ma Porter is a genius! She predicted all of this, and patiently waited for it to happen. A sharp mind, indeed!

Suicide Blondes vs. Burning Rain

SPUD: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE FOLLOWING TAG TEAM MATCH IS SCHEDULED FOR ONE FALL, WITH A THIRTY MINUTE TIME LIMIT. FIRST, ACCOMPANIED TO THE RING BY TONY ANGELO, AT A TOTAL COMBINED WEIGHT OF 270 POUNDS, AND HAILING FROM BRENTWOOD, CALIFORNIA, HERE ARE BABY JANE ROSS AND TAYLOR MONROE, THE SUICIDE BLONDES!!!!!! (Fans boo *incredibly* loudly as “Where Eagles Dare” by the Misfits begins to play over the PA. Tony Angelo wears a black business suit and a lot of jewelry. Taylor wears a shiny, white vinyl bodysuit with a zebra-print collar. Baby Jane wears a two piece vinyl outfit, in shocking red. They blow kisses to the fans and giggle innocently.) Allan: Fans are throwing garbage and cups of soda everywhere! What a mess! Congo: One just hit Taylor on the leg! I hope that outfit is water-resistant!


(Crowd cheers as 1999 by Prince plays over the PA.)


(Fans literally erupt as the pair emerge from the backstage curtain. Maria wears a black and red bodysuit, cut off at the sleeves and a black and red mask. Gojira wears her military pants and a solid black shirt, and a military green mask with yellow eyes. They half-heartedly shake hands with a few fans on the way to ringside)

Allan: You can tell that the Rain are becoming a bit dejected with the problems they have had of late. We’ve received a note that both Gojira and Maria suffered a hypo-allergenic reaction to the makeup that the Blondes smeared their faces with. That would explain the masks.

Congo: What? I know that the Blondes only buy the finest products from the most expensive boutiques! Sal and Carlo wouldn’t have it any other way! Maria and Gojira just probably aren’t used to using make up!

Allan: Hah! Knowing BJ and Taylor, they probably laced it with poison ivy, just to make sure. The Rain have seen their share of hardship here!

Congo: And Gojira must be drowning her sorrows in hot fudge. She looks like she gained a couple pounds, as hard as *that* is to believe.

****DING**** ****DING**** ****DING****

Allan: And this long anticipated match is underway! Looks like BJ Ross will start things out, along with Gojira of the Rain. Gojira charges after Ross, but Ross sidesteps and the big woman goes flying! Ross stomps on her back and then allows the monster to get to her feet. Ross is in the enemy corner, beating her chest like a gorilla, mocking Takeshima. Boy, these Blondes are masters of psychology.

(Crowd *boos*!!)

Congo: And Gojira charges again! Ross with a leapfrog, and Gojira crashes into Maria!!!!!!

(Crowd gasps!)

Congo; Fire Angel just went flying! And now it’s Ross with roll-up!!

1 . . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

****DING**** ****DING**** ****DING****

Allan: I can’t believe it!!!! The Blondes win it in less than a minute!!!!!

(Crowd boos thunderously as “Where Eagles Dare” by the Misfits plays over the PA.)


Allan: A GDWA record! This is a shock!

Congo: It’s not so surprising. Burning Rain looked clumsy and sluggish, even just walking to ringside. A high class team like the Blondes should be able to walk all over “Lacking Brain”.

Allan: And Gojira and Maria are stumbling back up the ramp, trying to get out of here as quick as possible. The Blondes, meanwhile, are celebrating in the ring with Mr. Angelo.

(The crowd boos like crazy as Taylor Monroe grabs a microphone, both Suicide Blondes gloating over the laid-out Burning Rain)

Taylor Monroe: Goliath, sweetie; next time don’t believe your own press. My girl Baby Jane proved that you are FAR from monster you appear to be! Must have been the make-overs, right dear? A pretty face makes the beast into a beauty, huh?

(Monroe extends the mic towards the downed women. Maria Uriqidez tries to lunge at Taylor but slips and falls flat on her face)

Taylor Monroe: Oh my, how sweet. Baby Jane! This one still has some life in her!

(Baby Jane Ross gives Maria a little kick to the ribs, sending Maria rolling out of the ring in pain as the crowd boos louder)

Taylor Monroe: Girls, the message has been sent loud and clear. NOBODY jerks the Suicide Blondes around, and NOBODY jerks our Family around. Burning Rain, you two take your fake asses backstage and tell your lil’ buddies Daisy Flutterby and Officer Order that this little situation is far from over…in fact, it’s far from started. Baby Jane, let’s get out of this dump. This GARBAGE is starting to reek!!

(Monroe slams the mic on the mat next to Gojira’s head, breaking it and scaring the hell out of Gojira; who quivers like a gunshot went off near her head. The Suicide Blondes laugh and exit down the aisle to deafening boos and a thunderstorm of garbage raining down on them.)

Congo: It’s times like this where I love my job. I work for 49 seconds and make enough to last me for two weeks. Plus I get front-row seats for the Suicide Blondes. Enjoy your hourly wages, Sam Mutt. Maybe someday you’ll leave behind your clock-punching ilk.

Allan: When he comes back, I’m going to tell him you said that.

Bishop: Sometimes I actually prefer to have Sam Mutt out here…oh my lord!

Mutt: What did I miss?

Bishop: Suicide Blondes DESTROYED the Burning Rain. They face the Hyena Queens next week.

Mutt: Hey, hold on….yo Bishop! Mike Whalen tells me that Terry McMillen just left the locker room area….I bet she’s coming over to the announcer’s table!

Terry McMillen

(Mixed cheers as fans hear ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ by Guns and Roses! Terry McMillen heads over to the announcer’s table wearing Red high heels and black and red robes with Hyena fur lining, and one of the World Tag Titles across her shoulder. A leather black one piece reveals her shapely figure underneath as she saunters over.)

Bishop: Okay Terry, what’s up with you?

<‘Technician’ Terry McMillen>: Well now that I see who the ‘Queens of the Ring’ the Hyena Queens will face next week…I can say it came as no surprise!

Mutt: Yeah, gotta agree with you there.

Bishop: Where is Angela your tag team partner?

<‘Technician’ Terry McMillen>: Don’t worry about Angela. She’s been a little too riled up as of late, so I told her to stay her ass in Arkansas. Now, let’s talk about US! We’re the World Tag Champions, and I want the world to see what we gonna do to these girls next week.

Mutt: How do you feel about the comments the Organized Crime…

<‘Technician’ Terry McMillen>: See, we had no beef with the Suicide Blondes…until Monday Night. Then they open up their trap and say some things they’ve been thinking for a long time! Our beef was with Ma Porker and Tony!! Porker, I wouldn’t advise bringing your ass to the ring next week. Cause we just may have something waiting for your big behind…and Blondes. This wouldn’t be the first time you’ve been used in your life. The only consultation you have NOW is that at least this time it was 2 women who used you like that Hollywood Hookers that you are…..instead of 2 men. BOTTOM LINE: Take on the best…(laughing) and *you know* the rest!

Bishop: Okay, and any thought on Dalbello Rage?

<‘Technician’ Terry McMillen>: I have a lot of thoughts on Dalbello Rage…but I’ll keep it short. Dalbello fails to realize that *I* am the greatest technician this sport has ever seen. And if she wants to step up to the plate against Big Angela, she better bring more than she’s shown so far. Dalbello has had two chances to pin Angela, and she’s failed miserably both times. Next week, we not only dye the Blondes back to Brunettes, but we end the career of the Misfits!

Bishop: Well thank you Terry.

<‘Technician’ Terry McMillen>: It’s been a pleasure. Sam, Allen, you 2 aren’t like that ingrate Sister Styles at all. Gentlemen…

(Mixed cheers as fans hear ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ by Guns and Roses! Terry McMillen holds the World Tag Titles over her head for all the fans to see as she heads back to the locker room.)

Bishop: Fans, let’s go to our next match…

Lady Tiger vs. Bloody Mary

(Fans pop as they hear the words “TIGER POWER”!)

Spud: Wrestling Fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.

Mutt: Where’s Lady Tiger? I don’t see her anywhere near the ring entrance!

(Suddenly, fans begin to cheer from a section near the boonies. The spotlight moves up, and we see Lady Tiger and Charlotte, high fiving fans as they make their way to the ring, through the fans. )

Spud: Led to the ring by her manager, former Internet Heavyweight Champion, Charlotte La Mancha….from Bordeaux, France. 5 feet 6 inches, 127 pounds, here is the current #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship….Lady Tiger!!

(Fans cheer as Lady Tiger passes through the Dawg Pound and hops over the guard railing. She enters the ring wearing orange and black striped Olympic style wrestling attire with a Tiger Mask.)

Bishop: Lady Tiger in the ring, and one must think that this match with Bloody Mary is a warm up to a possible match up against Andrea Chandler next week…

Mutt: Hey, Bloody Mary is nobody’s warm up! She’s the Legend Killer. She put away BOTH Sachie Yokoyama, lord bless her soul, as well as Lanny Manson!! Neither of them have step foot in the ring since…er, Sachie for obvious reasons.

Spud: And her opponent…

(Fans all boo as they hear ‘Midnight Rider’ by the Allman Brothers.)

Spud: Hailing from Davenport, Iowa. She stands 5 feet 9 inches, weighing in at 160 pounds…here is Bloody Mary!

(Fans all booing as Bloody Mary cockily heads down the aisle. Mary is wearing a a black trench coat and boots with her blonde hair tucked neatly underneath a baseball cap. Underneath is her wrestling attire: a black one piece with cut offs at the bottoms.)

 Bishop: Bloody Mary climbing the ring steps…wait a minute, someone is coming over the guard rail!?

[MAJOR crowd pop as Keiko Mita, crutch in hand slides over to guard rail and cuts off Bloody Mary. The two exchange angry stares, Mita after a moment raising her hand, egging the crowd on.]

Mutt: That Wrestler of the Month aware must have gone to Mita’s head. All Bloody Mary needs to do is grab that crutch and start bashing her leg with it!

Bishop: The Kyoto Crippler exchanging words with Bloody Mary, pointing toward the ring then back to a furious Bloody Mary. Let’s see if we’ve got a microphone over there yet…

[Bloody Mary slaps away Mita’s pointing finger as the mike cuts in, Keiko yelling “…broken neck match?? This is not about knees, bodies, injuries anymore! This is all about pride! About honor! THAT is what’s going on the line in our next match if you have the guts!” ]

Bishop: Bloody Mary looks ready to get it on now, but Mita’s stepping aside, waving her on as security shows up.

Mutt: That has to be a first, security actually showing up before the fight. All that talking must have let them finish their donuts.

[Bloody Mary continues on as Keiko raises her fist to the roar of the crowd before heading back to resume her seat.]

Bishop: Mary entering the ring, and she’s flustered. Mary now, standing in the far corner as the ref goes over the rules. She has an awful look on her face.

Mutt: And rightfully so…Lady Tiger, prepare to get the ass whoopin’ of your career!


Bishop: There’s the bell, and Mary moving in on Tiger…Tiger backing into the corner. Mary moving in…and Lady Tiger forward rolling through Mary’s legs.

Mutt: Lady Tiger quick to her feet….AND A DROPKICK TO THE BACK OF BLOODY MARY’S HEAD!!!

(Fans cheer as Bloody Mary slams into the turnbuckle and stumbles out.)

Mutt: And Lady Tiger with a boot to the lower back. Now an Irish Whip to the far corner….no, reversal by Bloody Mary. Tiger sent into the far corner as Mary charges…

(Fans all cheering as Lady Tiger hops up to the second turnbuckle.)


(Hardcores pop as Bloody Mary stumbles, but remains on her feet.)

Bishop: What agility by Lady Tiger, but not strong enough to knock the big woman down!

Mutt: Tiger into the ropes now, bouncing off as Mary turns around, and Mary with a Clothesline….

Bishop: NO! Lady Tiger hooks the arms and swings around Bloody Mary’s body for a Crucifix…oh no!


(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF!WooF! WooF!WooF! WooF!WooF! WooF!)

Bishop: Lady Tiger with great ingenuity, but Mary is awesome! She has about 3% body fat and is one of the strongest women in the promotion.

Mutt: Keiko Mita taking notes out there in the stands as Bloody Mary picks up Tiger. Mary now, nailing away with those Iowa Heaven punches, and Charlotte screaming for Tiger to reach the ropes. Tiger backpedals…

Bishop: But Mary slapping on a Full Nelson, and Tiger screaming out in pain! Mary really leaning into it as….

Mutt: Hold on! Lady Tiger dropping straight down to the mat and throws her legs back up to Mary’s head for a Victory Roll!!!!!!

(Fans all screaming as Lady Tiger hooks the legs!)

Bishop: 1……………….2………………….no!!!!!!

(Fans all gaps as Bloody Mary kicks out.)

Bishop: Tiger waiting for Mary to get to her feet. Mary up and Tiger with a Spinning Heel Kick to the head and Bloody Mary is down! She’s warming up for the Longbow.

Mutt: No doubt, but she’s gonna have to wear that muscled neck down before she even thinks about it.

Bishop: Hold on! Tiger going up top! Tiger quick to the turnbuckles as Mary gets to her feet.

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

(Fans all on their feet as Lady Tiger is poised on the top turnbuckle.)

Bishop: Tiger jumps……………………..

(Fans all pop!)

Bishop: And HITS the Double Axe Handle…oh no!

(Dawg Pound cheers as Bloody Mary tosses Lady Tiger into the near corner.)

Mutt: Bloody Mary now with a head of steam…and a Clothesline! Mary so strong! She caught Tiger in midair, and now Mary nailing away with Iowa Heaven Punches in the corner.

Bishop: Charlotte complaining to the ref as Mary scoops up Tiger…BODYSLAM! And Tiger is hurt. Mary now, with a pick up and a front face lock for a SNAP Suplex!

Ref: 1………………………2……………………kick out!

(Fans cheer as Lady Tiger kicks out.)

Bishop: Mary now, with a Double Leg pick up, and she’s trying to turn Tiger over for a Boston Crab!!

Mutt: Mary has been restrained in this match up. She’s using more wrestling holds than we’ve seen as of late. Tiger is on her game tonight, but Mary just so strong.

Bishop: Charlotte slapping the mat as Tiger squirms for the ropes… but can’t reach them!

Mutt: Mary can’t get this thing set. Tiger like a little worm, squirming around.

Bishop: Hold on! Tiger twirling around, and sitting up towards Mary and…applies a Side Headlock Takedown!!

(Fans cheer as Bloody Mary hits the mat.)

Bishop: Both women up to their feet but Tiger with an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Mary bouncing off and Lady Tiger with a Flying Headscissors!

Mutt: Both women back up and Tiger with a Dropkick…no!

(Fans boo as Bloody Mary slaps her feet away.)

Bishop: Tiger telegraphed that one.

Mutt: But even if she hits the Dropkick…so what? What has Tiger done to actually hurt Bloody Mary? I don’t think she’s got enough pepper to take the big woman down!

Bishop: Mary with a pick up, and a Backbreaker! Now Bloody Mary pointing out to Keiko Mita as she applies a single leg pick up….Stomps that left hamstring!

(Fans boo as Lady Tiger recoils on the mat.) Mutt: Mary with a pick up, and a Frontface lock. She hoits up Tiger…and Tiger slides down her back and applies a Waistlock for a Sunset FLip!!!

(Fans all screaming as Bloody Mary stumbles backwards….)


(Fans all screaming as Lady Tiger writhes on the mat.)

Mutt: Ring the bell! Ring the bell!

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Mutt: Charlotte up on the ring apron, and Mary has her head pinned to the mat!

(Fans all on their feet as Lady Tiger taps the rope with her foot.)

Bishop: Mary still has Tiger’s head palmed, as she hoists Tiger up in the air…oh no! Mary tossing Tiger up into the air…and she falls straight down on the top ring rope!

(Some fans cheer but most boo as Lady Tiger clutches her throat.)

Mutt: Mary needs to stay on her! No breaks, don’t give her any damn room to move around!! All Tiger needs is a chance.

Bishop: Bloody Mary with a pick up and nailing away with Iowa Heaven Punches. Tiger falls to the mat, and Mary with a pick up now. A Waistlock and a Side Suplex…and Mary rolls into it for a cover.

Ref: ……………………………………………………1








(Fans all pop as Bloody Mary complains about the count.)

Bishop: Mary with a pick up, and an Irish Whip to the near ropes. Mary charging her with a head of steam as Tiger bounces off…!


(Fans all groan as Lady Tiger hits the floor.)

Mutt: Tiger now understands what it is NOT to be 160 pounds of muscle. Mary rolling to the outside, and you gotta wonder what Andrea Chandler thinks of this match up!

Ref: 1………………………………..2………………..3

Bishop: Bloody Mary with a pick up, and an Irish Whip right into the guard railing! Tiger’s head nearly flew from her shoulders and…oh no! Bloody Mary with a head of steam….

Mutt: And Bloody Mary flies chest first into the guard railing! Tiger dove away at the last second.

Ref: 5……………………………………….6…………

(Fans all cheering as Lady Tiger rolls into the ring.)

Bishop: And Lady Tiger going up top at the instruction of Charlotte La Mancha!

Mutt: Lady Tiger twirling around and jumps………………….

(Fans all cheering as Bloody Mary turns around….)

Bishop: ……………………Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooonsault!

(The arena explodes as Bloody Mary flies over the guard railing!)

Bishop: Lady Tiger climbing back over the guard railing for the ring and…SHE’S CLIMBING THE TURNBUCKLES AGAIN!?!?!

(Fans all on their feet as Lady Tiger steadies herself up top.)

Bishop: Lady Tiger pointing out to the Dawg Pound as she jumps…!

(Ringside fans clear out of the way as Bloody Mary gets to her feet….)


(Dawg Pound *E_x_p_l_o_d_e_S* as Bloody Mary lays motionless on the concrete.)

Mutt: OH MY GOD!


(Fans all cheering as Lady Tiger rises up to her feet.)

Ref: 4…………………………5……………………6….

Bishop: Lady Tiger leaning up against the guard railing, I think she’s hurt. Charlotte La Mancha picking up Tiger, and throwing her over her shoulder…

Spud: 1 minute remaining! 60 seconds left.

Ref: ………………………….7…………………..8……

(Fans all cheering as Charlotte rolls her into the ring!)

Ref: ………………….. …..9……………….10!!!!!!!!!


(The arena *explodes* while Lady Tiger lays in the ring, clutching her hip.)


Mutt: Mary eased up on Tiger. That’s got to be what happened. Not enough. Where was the blood and the chairs and…she….damn!!!

Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 14 minutes 03 seconds…Your winner via countout….Lady Tiger!

(Fans all pop as they hear “Eye of the Tiger”)

Mutt: The ref raises her hand in victory, and Tiger being helped up by Charlotte La Mancha. Mary withheld her trademark brutality in this one. She only turned it on in the end…but damn!

Bishop: Keiko Mita sitting up in the stands watching as Charlotte helps Tiger up the aisle. Paramedics have come down for Bloody Mary. She’s unconscious.

Mutt: Damn it! A big win for Lady Tiger. I can only hope Bloody Mary gets a rematch…damn! I just knew Mary was gonna win this one! F…

Bishop: Sam!….Fans, Whalen tells me we are about to hear from Q.Q. Ellis…

Mutt: Who the hell cares!

(“My City Was Gone” by the Pretenders plays as Q.Q. Ellis enters. This time he is dressed in black jeans, a black shirt, and a Cubs cap. He has a clipboard in hand.)

Chelsea Vanderbilt

[Ellis] Well! How we all doing tonight?

(Crowd pop!)

[Ellis] That’s good! I’ve got somebody I want you al l to meet. Now introducing, from Miami, Florida, the ESWP World Women’s Champion, “Golden Eagle” Chelsea Vanderbilt!!!

(“Rag Doll” by Aerosmith plays as Chelsea Vanderbilt comes down the aisle. She wears a black warmup jacket with “Golden Eagle” on the back, a white monokini underneath, and the ESWP gold over her shoulder.)

[Vanderbilt] Okay! Let’s get this picture started! You all seem pretty happy tonight, but I’m a bit surprised. I came here tonight because I figured I would be making my GDWA debut. But from what I hear, Tiffany Chandler can’t “lower herself” to a match with me. She and some others in the fed seem to think that this thing over my shoulder is some minor-league belt. Not so! I worked damn hard for this thing! I came here because I love the competition. The GDWA is a great fed, as is the ESWP. I’m not coming out here to piss on either fed, claiming to be a “Real World’s Champion” or anything like that. I just like more competition. Tiffany Chandler may not have any respect for me, or she might be scared of me; I don’t know or care which. But I’m here, and I’ll be here for long time!

(Ellis hold up the clipboard and takes back the mic.)

[Ellis] On this clipboard here, I have a GDWA match contract!

(Ellis hands the clipboard and a pen to Chelsea, who signs it.)

[Ellis] Anybody who wants to sign the dotted line to f ace the Golden Eagle can step right up and do so! I don’t care who it is! I’ve got a lot of respect for the folks like Daisy Butterfly, Lady Tiger and the like, but she’ll take you on and fight fair. Or if the likes of Andrea Chandler, Micki Duran or Medusa Rage want to sign on for a match, come right over, but be forewarned, cheaters don’t prosper against us!

(Ellis drops the clipboard in the middle of the ring.)

[Ellis] See you next week!

Allan: Fans, the tag team action in the GDWA continues to sizzle. Our next match features the High Flying Dolls, looking to prove themselves after a disappointing DQ win over the Burning Rain. Idol Team Otanashis appears to have gotten it’s act together and this match promises to feature improved continuity from the Japanese team. And the man you all know and love, Congo Paul Roberts, is here for commentary. What more could I ask for?

Congo: Right now, you’re asking for a fat lip! But if that’s all the High Flying Dolls escape with, they’ll be lucky!

Allan: I take it you approve of the Otanashis new attitude?

Congo: Of course I do! Face it, they were getting nowhere fast in the GDWA. How can you expect to beat an opponent when your own team can’t even agree on one strategy? Now that they’re in sync, I see bigger and better things for Idol Team Otanashis.

High Flying Dolls vs. Idol Team Otanashi


(Crowd cheers as Lacy and Midnight emerge from the backstage area and Thunderstruck by AC/DC blasts over the PA. Midnight Fury wears a black cloth bodysuit and a brown and black mask. Lacy Gold wears a one-piece outfit that is light blue in front and dark green in the back. They swipe hands with fans on the way to the ring.)

 Allan: I’m sure the Dolls feel like their last match didn’t prove anything, so they’re looking for a strong showing tonight.

Congo: Well, last week proved that the Suicide Blondes mean business! It also proved that they don’t care what happens to teams that are in their way, like Burning Rain or the Dolls.


(Crowd boos universally as kon’ya wa HARIKEEN [There’s a hurricane tonight] by Ohmori Kinuko begins to play and the Otanshis make their way to ringside. Both wear solid black trunks, and boots with a yin-yang on each side. They each carry a kendo stick. They walk to ringside purposefully, and when they are halfway there, they drop the sticks and sprint into the ring.)

****DING**** ****DING**** ****DING****

Allan: The Otanashis are storming the ring! Lacy is tripped up by Kasumi, while Kurumi is met with Fury’s knee! Kasumi is pounding away with an open fist while the ref tries to separate the two. Midnight is stomping away on Kurumi!

Congo: The ref manages to separate Gold and Kasumi, and they each head to a corner. Bad news for the Otanashis, because that leaves Midnight and Kurumi as the legal women in the ring. And right now, Midnight is grapevining the legs of Kurumi, but Kurumi reaches the ropes.

Allan: The ref forces the break, and Kurumi springs to her feet, and gives us a little impromptu martial arts demonstration!

Congo: Shut up, Bishop, don’t you know those fists are lethal weapons?

Allan: Well, anyhow, Fury doesn’t look to be too impressed, as she nails Kurumi with a clothesline. Now it’s Midnight with the pickup and a whip to the far side. Kurumi bounces back, Fury with a leapfrog, Kurumi on the return trip, and Midnight Fury with a monkey flip!

Congo: Kurumi is clutching her back in pain, but Midnight not relenting. A pickup and a standing dropkick. Fury, demonstrating her agility. Now she tags out to Lacy Gold…

Allan: Who immediately climbs to the top turnbuckle from outside. She’s going to enter the ring the hard way, with a…MOONSAULT!!! Wow!!!! Just as Kurumi was getting to her feet.

Congo: Gold with the pin!

1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Allan: Easy kickout by Otanashi. Wrestlers like Lacy Gold can pull moves like that out of nowhere!

Congo: Well, that *is* why they’re called the High Flying Dolls, dunce!

Allan: Now it’s Lacy with a pick up, but Kurumi with a poke to the eye. That stops Lacy Gold.

Congo: Maybe Kurumi learned that from the Three Stooges.

Allan: I don’t think the Stooges are even known in Japan.

Congo: Sure, they are. They just call them Keiko Mita, Daisy Firecracker, and Miko Azai. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Allan: In any case, it’s Kurumi with a vicious kick to the midsection…Gold doubled over…and a swinging neckbreaker from Kurumi! Now Kurumi tags out, and in comes Kasumi with a standing elbowdrop. The Otanashis are showing more cohesiveness.


Congo: Now Kasumi gets the chance to show her aggression. She whips Lacy into the corner and follows up with a spinning heel kick! Gold collapses!

(Crowd boos as Kasumi shouts some words in Japanese)

Congo: Kasumi with a snapmare, and Lacy is in the center of the ring.

Allan: Now Kasumi is the one going up top! She’s taking just a little too long….Misses a flying splash! Gold with the quick cover!

1 . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . 3!!!!!!!!

Allan: No, the ref is waving it off, Kasumi got her shoulder up at the last minute.

Congo: Both women getting up, and Kasumi is right back in control following a thrust to the throat of Lacy. Gold needs to make the tag, but Kasumi is all over her, peppering her with double-ax handle smashes. Now Kasumi grabs Lacy’s hair and rams her head into the mat.

Allan: Now Kasumi walks over to Midnight Fury and slaps her right in the face! That was uncalled for!

Congo: And Midnight is trying to get at Kasumi, but the ref is holding her back. And while his back is turned, Kurumi is choking Lacy with that tag rope! A classic, I wonder if the Kingpin or Tony Angelo is secretly managing these gals!

Allan: Midnight finally relents and Lacy is down in enemy territory, so to speak. Kasume tags Kurumi, and holds Lacy prone…

Congo: And Kurumi with a hard kick to Lacy’s exposed midsection. I’m liking these girls more and more!

Allan: Kurumi with a pick up, and a running powerslam!!!! Here’s the pin!

1 . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . Allan: Foot on the ropes! (Fans gasp!)

Congo: Kurumi is turning it up a notch as she pounds away on Lacy Gold. But Lacy is trying to fight back! There’s not much behind her punches, but she’s right in Kurumi’s face! Kurumi goes for a suplex….blocked!! And Lacy turns it over and suplexes Kurumi!

(Crowd is cheering!)

Allan: Lacy needs to get out of there…she’s a little woozy, but she stumbles into the right corner…

Congo: But here comes Kasumi! She charges the ring, and the ref didn’t see Lacy tag out to Fury!

(Crowd screams frantically)

Congo: Midnight is trying to get to Kurumi, but the ref is forcing her back. And the Otanashis pick up Lacy Gold and send her for a ride with a double Russian legsweep!

Allan: Kurumi returns to her corner, no tag made, I might add.

Congo: Oh stuff it, already! Does it matter?

Allan: Apparently not. Now Kurumi drops a big elbow onto Lacy Gold. A few more stomps, and it’s clear that the Otonashis are working on Lacy’s back.

Congo: Yes!!! Kurumi sinks on a Boston crab! Goodnight, Raggedy Ann!!

Allan: Lacy is banging her fists in pain, but there’s no quit in this High Flying Doll. Kurumi sinks it in, but Lacy is trying to find some measure of escape. The referee is asking….

(Crowd cheers as Lacy shakes her head no)


Congo: I can’t believe it, but Lacy looks like she might power out of it!

She’s gotten into a pushup position…If she has enough leg strength, she can straighten out and escape this Boston crab!

 Allan: She’s doing it…WAIT!!! Kasumi climbing to the top rope…Leg drop to the back of Lacy’s head!! She got knocked into next week! And Midnight Fury has seen enough!

 Congo: She charges the ring and a dropkick sends Kasumi to the outside!! Now she’s pounding away on Kurumi as Lacy takes a much needed breather. The ref is threatening disqualification, but Midnight doesn’t seem to care!

Allan: Kurumi is fighting back, but Lacy is getting a timely second wind, and she and Fury double team Kurumi!

Congo: On the outside, Kasumi heads for the Spanish announce table…She gonna say something to all of Maria’s fans back in Tijuana? Uh oh….

(Hardcores pop **HARD** as Kasumi grabs the table and sets it up at the side of the ring, clearing it of broadcasting equipment)

Congo: And the ref finally gets in there, but I think it’s afe to say the tables have been turned, as Fury delivers one more kick for good measure.

Allan: The presence of that table can only mean one thing, it’s just a matter of time! In the ring, The Dolls make a tag to make it official.

Congo: We’re back to two women in the ring, and right now, Midnight Fury has a side headlock….Kurumi lifts her up for an atomic drop…

Allan: But Midnight goes 360 degrees and lands behind Kurumi…now Fury pushes her forward, into the ropes…a roll-up!








Allan: Easy kickout by Kurumi. Both women are on their feet, but the action has taken it’s toll.

Congo: Kurumi Otonashi, now, with a rake of the eyes…followed by a…jawbreaker!!! Midnight goes down.

Allan: Kurumi with a running splash!!

(Fans boo loudly as Kurumi spits on Midnight Fury)

Congo: Kurumi tags out to Kasumi. Kasumi, now, with the whip, and a backbody drop up and over to the outside!! Midnight Fury going all the way to the floor. My word!!

(Hardcores begin to bark!!!!)

Allan: The Dawg Pound is getting riled, Kasumi laying out Midnight Fury across that table. I don’t know if I can watch this.

Congo: Kasumi climbs back into the ring…The ref is trying to get Fury off the table, but Kurumi is getting in the way! Kasumi running….

Allan: BUT LACY GOLD WITH A FLYING FOOTBALL TACKLE!!!!!! Not quite the result Kasumi had in mind!!!

(HUGE Crowd p0p!!!)

Congo: Gold moved with lightning speed to stop Kasumi. She may have just saved her partner’s life!!


Allan: Now Gold and Kasumi are brawling, while Kurumi is still hassling the ref, and Fury is still laid out on the table, but she’s coming to her senses, I believe.

Congo: Kasumi has Gold slumping in her corner…Wait, she reaches into her tights! The ref is still distracted by Kurumi!


(CROWD BOOS INTENSELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Congo: Kasumi….backing up….not going for the pin…..OH MY, SHE DOESN’T WANT TO WASTE THAT TABLE!!!! SHE CATAPULTS FOR THE SUICIDE DIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALLAN: BUT FURY ABLE TO ROLL OFF THE SIDE!!!!! THAT TABLE IS SPLIT NEATLY IN TWO!!!! And Kasumi isn’t going anywhere for a while!!!

Congo: I think the ref has lost total control here. Who’s the legal woman? On the inside, Gold is still laid out. Fury has picked up Kasumi and is knocking her senseless!

Allan: Kurumi with a pickup and…INVERTED DDT!!!!! The cover….

1 . . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . . . 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

****DING**** ****DING**** ****DING****

Allan: The Otanashis finally enjoy a measure of success here in the, although they had to use dirty tactics and a foreign object to do it!!

Congo: Which just goes to show that they should have gotten their act together sooner, rather than putz around the way they did.


(Fans boo and throw a lot of garbage as kon’ya wa HARIKEEN [There’s a hurricane tonight] by Ohmori Kinuko plays over the PA)

Allan: The Otanashis are savoring their victory in the ring for now, but I’m certain the Dolls will want a rematch.

Mutt: Hey man, great match…now beat it Congo! I’m paid by the hour! Hey, is it Main Event time?

Bishop: No, we have “Jumping” Jennifer Grier against ‘Sexy’ Sal…

Mutt: That’s all I need to hear!

Sally McClane vs. Jennifer Grier

Spud: Our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!

(Fans boo as they hear ‘Golddust Woman’ by HOLE!)

Spud: First, led down the aisle by CCW superstar Ricky Revolution. Hailing from Hollywood, California! She is 5 feet 6 inches, 135 pounds….here is ‘Sexy’ Sally McClane!

(Fans whistle as Sally McClane heads down the aisle, ignoring the fans and consumed with herself.)

Bishop: This woman is truly arrogant. And as we saw last week, she can go toe to toe with the best of them.

Mutt: Oh definitely. That match against Tiffany Chandler was a great one. Hey, Bishop! I can’t wait to see Tiff snatch the Western Heritage belt from Sierra Browne.

Bishop: That’s yet to be seen!

(“The Bullet” Ricky Revolution is dressed in a pair of black and white Vans, with some dark denim, Silver Tab Baggies and a “Sexiness is next to Godliness” “SEXY” Sal t-shirt, with his Trademark small, aerodynamic shades as well. Sally McClane enters the ring wearing a rather revealing two piece string bikini with the words CCW stitched into the bottoms.)

Bishop: Sally posing for the fans, doing the splits…(clears his throat) on to other matters….er, let’s hear comments from ‘Sexy’ Sally McClane with this Bullet fellow.

Sally McClane

[The scene cuts to see, “SEXY” Sally McClane standing in the Grand Dragon interview area, with the GDWA logo behind her. Next to her is GDWA correspondent Mike Whalen. He holds a microphone to her mouth. She wears her small two piece, bikini-like wrestling tights, with a pair of small aerodynamic shades. And behind her, is her man, former CCW International Champion and Current WAR! Liberty Champion, “The Bullet” Ricky Revolution. He is an attractive and youngish man, with long, shaggy, brown hair and a good tan year round. It can be seen from under his clothes that he has a nice physique but its’ quite obvious his muscles aren’t ripping. He wears a pair of black and white VANs, with some dark denim Silvertab Baggies, a “Sexiness is next to Godliness!” ‘SEXY’ Sal t-shirt and some small aerodynamic shades, just like Sally’s. His WAR! Liberty Title is draped over his shoulder and a big smile is over both of their faces]

Mike Whalen: Thank you Allen, and Sam. I’m Mike Whalen, and here with me, is GDWA’s own, “SEXY” Sally McClane, and the man she manages in CCW, and WAR! Current WAR! Liberty Champion, “The Bullet” Ricky Revolution.

“SEXY” Sal: Thanks, Mike. And it’s a pleasure to be here tonight, because for a one time shot, I get to do the wrestling and Rick here has to stand idely on the outside. Isn’t that right?

Revolution: Well, you could beat Grier with both hands tied behind your back, so there’s no point in me being there anyway, EXCEPT, for “Big” Rob. In case that big Redneck wants to put his hands on Sally, WELL then, he’ll have the pleasure of having his ass kicked, by the WAR! Liberty Champion.

 [They both laugh]

“SEXY” Sal: That’s right, and Grier, after I get through snapping your Skyweight ass in half, I’m going to move on to your little friend, Lady Lion, er whatever. Oh…and before we go…Tiffany Chandler, congrats on your win over me, things like that come few and far between, BUT I would like to say that I have no more respect for you now than I did when we entered our match. I still believe you not to be worthy of the Chandler name, because Andrea is the GREATEST female wrestler in history, and I personally admire and respect what she has done for and in wrestling. The only thing I see bringing her down right now, is being associated with you. Ta-Ta 4 now!!!

[She smiles and blows a kiss to the camera as Ricky places his WAR! Liberty Title over her shoulder and the two of them exit, hand in hand]

Mutt: Hey, that’s my girl! Reminiscent of former GDWA competitor Valkyrie with a lot more attitude.

Bishop: Speaking of attitude, as well as know, Sally’s bodyguards Trey and Mohammad have been banned from the GDWA for physically abusing a Lady Tiger and Charlotte La Mancha….

Mutt: All they did was hold ’em back while Sally kicked those Frenchy’s asses! I’m glad at least the Bullet is out here.

Spud: And her opponent!

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Jump’ by Van Halen!!)

Spud: Led down the aisle by her manager Big Rob! Hailing from Geneseo, Illinois. She stands 5 feet 7 inches, 125 pounds…’Jumping’ Jennifer Grier!

(Fans cheer as Big Rob follows Jennifer Grier down the aisle.)

Bishop: Grier looing about rather carefully. I think she’s looking for a set up by Sally…

Mutt: Sally in the ring, and looking out contemptuously. Sal doesn’t respect Jennifer’s ability…and actually, neither do I.

Bishop: Will you stop! Grier slapping hands with ringside fans, what a trooper.

(Jennifer Grier enters the ring wearing blue Daisy Duke cut offs, a red button down sleeveless shirt with the bottom tied.)

Bishop: Sally blowing off Grier as she points out to ringside fans. Sally is truly arrogant to the bone.

Mutt: My question is, will Sal be contending for any belts in the next few weeks or at the Fall Moonsault. Win lose or draw, she’ll still be in the Top 10 after tonight! I’d love to see some gold around her waist.

Bishop: The ref going over things with Sally and Jennifer…and there’s the bell!


Bishop: Grier backing off as Sally moves in. She’s near the ropes, and a Collar and elbow tie up now. Arm Drag Takedown by Sally….

Mutt: …but Jennifer Grier with a Headscissors take over! Both women back up to the neutral position, and Grier nailing away with hard right hands! Grier backing into the ropes now as Sal moves in…

Bishop: And an Armdrag Takedown by Grier into an Armbar. Sally smiling as she applies a Bodyscissors and flips Grier onto her back…and Grier kicks her away!

Mutt: Sally flying into the ropes, catches her balance and sprints towards Jennifer Grier….


(Fans cheer as Sally McClane runs to the far side!)

Mutt: Sal off the ropes and Jennifer Grier with a Dropkick! Sal back up and Grier with a Front Face lock. She drapes Sal’s arm over her shoulders…


Ref: …………………………..1 ………………………………..2 …………………………foot on the ropes!

 Mutt: Grier has just uncanny ring presence. Sal with a Crossface, and has Grier ground. Grier easily into the ropes, and the ref forcing the break.

Bishop: Both women back up and Sal with hard right hands…but Jennifer Grier firing back! Sal backing off, throwing up her hands, and Grier with a boot to the midsection…and an Irish Whip!

(Fans cheering as Sally McClane is sent into the ropes.)

Bishop: Sal bouncing off and Grier with a High Back Body Drop!!

(Fans POP!)

Mutt: Grier just waiting as Sal gets to her feet…ENZIGURI KICK!

(Fans pop as Sally McClane hits the mat.)

Mutt: ‘Jumping’ Jennifer Grier quick to the ropes now. She’s got Sally dazed on the mat as she steadies herself up on the second turnbuckle…..


Ref: 1…………………2………………….kick out!

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Grier with a Bodyscissors, and this conservative game plan is unlike “Jumping” Jennifer.

Mutt: She must be winded from her earlier match. I’m not sure what is going on with her.

Bishop: Sally with a Wristlock and twirling out of the Chinlock with a Hammerlock. Sal quick to her feet, and stomping away on that left arm. Grier crawling into the ropes, and Sal backing off…and steps on Jennifer Grier’s hair!

(Fans boo as Jennifer Grier slaps the mat, trying to get up.)

Mutt: The ref backing her away, and Grier keeping her temper in check. Another Collar and Elbow tie up, but this time Sal with a Side headlock. Grier with a Waistlock pick up…

Bishop: and Sexy Sal raking the eyes. Grier dropping Sal, and Sally slapping on a Frontface lock….DDT!

(Fans boo as Sally McClane heads for the near corner.)

Mutt: She’s climbing up high! Sal up to the second turnbuckle as she jumps…

Bishop: …and MISSES the BIG Elbow! Grier with that great ring awareness. Sal rolling around, holding her elbow, and Grier with a pick up. AN Irish Whip by Grier, no reversal!

Mutt: Grier flies into the ropes, bouncing off and Sally with a Drop toe Hold right into a Leg Vice!

(Fans boo as Sally McClane laughs heartily out loud.)

Bishop: Sal with an Overhand Leglock now, and Grier with that superb ring positioning, crawling into the ropes. The ref wants a break…


Ref: 1…………………2………….3…………..4……..

Bishop: Sally breaking, but moving right back in. Sal with a pick up, and a Hip Toss away from the ropes. Grier slow to her feet…


Ref: 1……………………2………………shoulder up!

(Fans all cheer as both women get up to their feet.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Mutt: Sally with a pick up, and a boot to the midsection. A quick Single Leg pick up…AND SALLY FALLS BACKWARD FOR THAT WHEELCHAIR DDT!!

(Fans groan as Jennifer Grier rolls around the mat & clutches her left knee.)

Bishop: Sally with a Double Leg pick up, and now dropping a Headbutt to the midsection! Sal quick to her feet, and now a Legbar from the CCW Superstar…

Mutt: …she’s a GDWA Superstar also! And this is why she’s so great. She’s so smart, she realized Grier was falling right into her mat game. But she didn’t rush things. She waited, was patient, and now Grier has fallen in so deep…she ain’t getting out!!

(Fans all cheering as Jennifer Grier crawls toward the ropes.)


Mutt: That’s a Regal Stretch like maneuver, and Grier is stretching for the ropes. She’s flailing her arms around, and is in serious pain!

(The fans all booing as Sally McClane.)

Mutt: Sal hasn’t even been after the leg tonight. She’s been alternating between head and leg, and now we see her going in for the kill. Sally wants to wrench Grier’s head from her shoulders.

Bishop: Grier maintaining her composure as she grabs the ropes. She looked ready to give! Sal releasing, and now a pick up. A Frontface lock and Sal bearing down on Grier.

Mutt: Jennifer Grier losing her senses. She looks droopy as she gets weak in the knees….

Bishop: Hold on! Grier backing into the ropes, and the ref wants a break. Sally Irish Whipping her from the ropes, no reversal!

Mutt: Sally bounding off the far ropes…..AND JENNIFER GRIER WITH A FRANKENSTEINER!!!!

(Fans all cheering as both women lay on the mat.)

Ref: 2………………3…………………4…………..

Bishop: Sally McClane holding her neck as she scurries over to the near corner. Grier up to her knees, trying to regain her senses.

Mutt: Sally McClane got hit with that from nowhere, and you got to believe Lady Tiger watched that one closely. Her finisher, that damn Longbow Frankensteiner, is deadly.

Bishop: Grier up to her feet, and so is Sally. Sally sprinting out of the corner and…AND JENNIFER GRIER WITH A DROP TOE HOLD…


(Fans all booing as Sally McClane nods her head, and laughs.)

Bishop: Sally’s still dazed from that INCREDIBLE Frankensteiner. But Grier just can’t capitalize. Big Rob on the outside slapping the mat to motivate Grier.

Mutt: Bishop, Grier came with the wrong strategy tonight…dreadfully wrong. Sally WANTED to keep this contest on the mat, and unfortunately that was where Grier thought she could defeat the Sexy one.

(Suddenly fans pop as a woman wearing a tiger mask sprints down the aisle.)

Bishop: Lady Tiger at ringside, and Sally McClane dropping the hold. She’s nearing the ropes, turning her back to Grier. Grier crawling toward Sally…and rolls her up from behind!

Ref: ………………………………………………………1 ……………………………………………………………2 …………………………………………………….Reversal!


 Ref: ………………………………………………….1




(Fans all booing as they hear “Golddust Woman” by HOLE)

Bishop: Sally McClane laughing, almost as if she KNEW Jennifer Grier was behind her.

Mutt: Well, it was a mixed night for Grier. 1 win and 1 loss.

Bishop: Sally leaving the ring, let’s hear the official rule.

Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 14 minutes flat, your winner via pinfall….’Sexy’ Sally McClane!

(Fans boo as Sally McClane points to Jennifer Grier, and spits.)

Mutt: I enjoyed that match. And look at Grier inside that ring…she looks like someone ran her through the cleaners.

Bishop: Unfortunately, we’ve got to move on. It’s main event time fans, and I for one have been waiting all week for this! Porter and Order again!

Officer Order vs. Big Ma Porter

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is our MAIN EVENT this week. It is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit.

(Fans cheer as they hear Bad Boys by Inner Circle.)

Spud: First, led down the aisle by her manager Martial Law! From San Francisco, California! She is 5 feet tall, weighing in at 120 pounds. The FORMER Western Heritage Champion….OFFICER MAY ORDER!

(Fans ERUPT as Officer Order heads down the aisle.)

Bishop: Double O heading down ringside, and she looks grim. This match tonight is a continuation of a long time feud. The very FIRST feud in GDWA history. Order at one time said it was her MISSION to rid the Grand Dragon of Porter…

Mutt: And what did she go and do? She became Porter’s tag team partner at Dawg Pound Nights! She goes ahead and supports Porter in destroying the Dragon Trio! Order is an idiot!

(Officer Order enters the ring wearing a black policewoman’s uniform and her hair tied back in a ponytail. She points out to all the fans as they chant: ORDER! ORDER! ORDER!)

Spud: And her opponent!

(Fans boo as they hear ‘I SHOT the SHERRIFF’ by Bob Marley blast through the speakers.)

Spud: Led down the aisle by Tony Angelo! Representing Organized Crime!!…from Queens, New York. She is 6 feet tall, weighing 225 pounds…here is ‘Big’ Ma Porter!

(Fans all booing as Porter heads down the aisle, swiping away at fans hands. Officer Order leans through the ropes and calls on Porter to enter the ring.)

Mutt: I don’t see the rest of the OC, but I bet ya they are waiting in the wings!.

Bishop: Porter hesitant. She knows it is a fight the moment she enters that ring…oh my!

Mutt: The ref holding back Double O as Porter climbs up the ring steps. Oh yeah, these gals HATE each other!

(Porter enters the ring wearing a black and brown one piece with a single strap over her right shoulder. She rolls her neck about her shoulders, waiting on Order to advance.)

 Bishop: The ref shouting over Order and Porter who are bickering…and he’s calling for the bell!


Bishop: Order and Porter encircling one another, and Porter diving at Double O!

Mutt: But Order with Karate Chops to the chest of Big Ma! Ma backing off as Double moves in now with Karate Kicks to the midsection. And now the ribs! Order is vicious.

Bishop: Double O with an Irish Whip to the near ropes. Porter runs off, bounces off the ropes…AND OFFICER ORDER MONKEY FLIPS HER ACROSS THE RING!

(The arena bursts into tears as Ma Porter hits the mat!)

Mutt: Order running into the ropes, bouncing off as Porter gets to her feet. And…

Bishop: And Order DUCKS Porter’s Clothesline. Porter running for the side ropes as Order runs for the far side. They meet in the middle of the ring…

Mutt: And Porter with a Football Tackle! A pick up and Porter nailing away with punches. Order with Nerve Strikes to the ribs and Porter with a MONSTER Headbutt!

(Fans all booing as Double O falls into the ropes.)



(MAJOR crowd pop as Ma Porter hits the floor.)

Mutt: Officer slingshotting herself to the outside, and we’re seeing a vicious Double O…Porter brings out the policewoman in her. WE haven’t seen this side of Order in a while.

Ref: 2…………………………………3…………………

Bishop: Order with a pick up, and rolling Porter into the ring. Notice she didn’t go for any high risk maneuvers. She knows Porter is a cagey wrestler.

Mutt: Porter getting to her feet as Order enters the ring. Order with Karate Kicks to the back as Porter cringes. Those kicks hitting right in the kidneys. Order now, with an Irish Whip to the far ropes.

Bishop: Porter bouncing off…..AND CONNECTS WITH A FLYING HEADBUTT!

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Mutt: We haven’t seen that from Porter in almost a year! Order was going for a SUPER Hiptoss, and Porter raging right through her!

Bishop: Porter with a pick up, and a Gutwrench Suplex! Now a Standing Legdrop to the upperbody, and Porter choking out Double O with a shin over Order’s throat!

(Fans boo as Tony Angelo claps.)

Mutt: Porter slapping both hands around Order’s neck. She lifts her up from the mat, tosses her up in the air….AND PORTER THROWS OUT HER THIGH FOR AN INVERTED ATOMIC DROP!

(Fans groan as Officer Order balls up on the mat.)

Mutt: Remember, this is the first time these two have met since Porter gained weight! Porter outweighs Order now by 100 pounds!

Bishop: Porter pulling up Order by the hair, and HAIR TOSSING HER ACROSS THE RING! Order crawling into the corner, and using the ropes to pull herself up…oh no! Porter with a head of steam…..

Mutt: ……………..A V A L A N C H E !!!!!!!!!!

(Fans all scream as Double O crumbles out of the corner to the mat.)

Ref: 1…………………………2……………shoulder up!

(Fans cheer!)

Bishop: Porter with a pick up, and a handful of hair. Porter with a smile, and GIANT SWINGING her across the ring again! Now Porter sauntering over to Double O. This is the biggest, strongest, most powerful woman in Grand Dragon wrestling the woman who probably has the most heart.

Mutt: Porter with a pickup, a Scoop and a Bodyslam…..


Ref: 1……………………….2………………kick out!

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 20 remaining!

Mutt: Both women back up, and Order backing off now. Porter moving in and Order into the ropes. Porter pounding away, and the ref wants a break. Porter with a Frontface lock, and Order slapping away at Porter’s ribs.

Ref: 1……………..2…………….3……………..4……

Bishop: Porter breaks, and Order slipping through the ropes…!


(Dawg Pound ERUPTS as Ma Porter staggers backwards!!)

Bishop: Order kneeling on the mat, as Porter shakes off that last shot. What power! Porter moving in, and Order with a Leg Sweep!

Mutt: Porter back up to her feet, and Double O with a KARATE CHOP!

(Fans pop!)

Mutt: And another Leg Sweep!

Bishop: Porter up on one knee, and Order with an Axe Kick to the shoulder. Porter is down, and Double O backing off. She’s hurting.

(Fans all cheering as both women glare at each other.)

Bishop: Porter up, and slow in moving in. Order feeling the full brunt of this attack as she stays near the ropes. A Collar and Elbow tie up, and Porter with a High Knee…

Mutt: no! Order so agile, hooking the leg and flying over it trying to roll Porter up but….!

(Fans all screaming as Porter laughs.)


(Fans scream and groan as Ma Porter slaps on a Reverse Chinlock.)

Bishop: Porter laying her weight on Order as she applies that wear down hold. OH my!

Mutt: The first time they met, it wasn’t even a match. Officer Order was about to defeat Zaranna, and Porter charged the ring and attacked her. This resulted in Order having cracked ribs. They wrestled to a draw in their first match as May Order wrestled against doctor’s orders. The second time they wrestled in San Francisco and Order got the pinfall. And the third time was at the 1996 Summer Supercard where Porter got the pinfall in a Lumberjack match! And doesn’t include all of the brawls they got into outside of their matches and during other wrestlers’ matches.

Spud: 20 minutes have gone by. 10 minutes remaining!

Bishop: Order with a foot on the rope, as Porter releases the hold. Porter up to her feet, and stomping away on the upper body of Order. Order rolling over, and now Porter stomping on the back.

Mutt: The ref gets in there, but Porter just tossing him aside. Porter with a pick up, and slaps on a frontface lock….

(Fans begin cheering as Officer Order reverses out of it with a Wristlock.)

Bishop: and Officer Order with a Leg Sweep. She’s still got that arm as she twirls around and fall back to the mat…….with a Wakigatame!

(Fans all pop as Ma Porter screams out in pain!)

Bishop: Porter easily into the ropes, and Order up to her feet. Order with a pick up and a Karate Chop to the chest! Now an Irish Whip to the far corner. OH my!

Mutt: Officer Order with a head of steam…AND A HANDSPRING ELBOW!


Bishop: Order now, nailing away with Karate chops as Porter is slumped in the corner…and now Order climbing up the turnbuckles. And she’s nailing away with punches….

(Fans count: 1………………2………….3……………4…)

Mutt: But Porter slapping on a Waistlock…BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!

(Hardcores cheer as Ma Porter gets to her knees.)

Bishop: Porter with a pick up, and a handful of hair. She runs over to the near corner…and Officer Order backflips off of the middle turnbuckle.

Mutt: But Order can’t capitalize as she can’t land on her feet. She up now, and Porter turning around, and charging Order…


(Fans all on their feet as Ma Porter gets back up to her feet!)

Bishop: and Officer Order with a Mule Kick, right to the mouth!!

(Fans all cheering as Ma Porter hits the mat.)

Spud: 5 minutes left. 5 minutes remaining!

Bishop: Order slow to her feet as Porter rolls around on the mat. There’s blood on the canvas!

(Fans pop as Officer Order gets to her feet.)

Mutt: Porter bit off the tip of her tongue! There’s blood all over her mouth and…

Bishop: Order waiting on Porter who’s clutching her face. Porter turning around…AND A CRESCENT KICK! OH MY!

(Fans all cheering as Ma Porter falls to the mat.)

Bishop: Order straddling over Porter as she applies an Armbar. She’s hurting in that ring…probably out of gas too.

Mutt: And you’ve got to ask yourself what next? Order hasn’t accounted for Porter’s increased size. Sure, Porter is slower, but Order didn’t even seem to capitalize on that in this one.

Bishop: Order with a pick up, and Irish Whipping the big woman…no! Reversal! Order into the ropes…and Springboarding off…..



Bishop: She’s putting Porter to sleep and…oh no!

(Fans all booing as Nikita Marx comes running down the aisle.)

Bishop: Porter is almost out! Order with a Headscissors sleeper hold of hers, and she’s in the middle of the ring. Nikita Marx climbing up to the ring apron and entering the ring…

Mutt: And here comes Brimstone! Brimstone sliding into the ring, and we have a brawl! Order up to her feet as the referee attempts to get some control.

(Fans all screaming as Porter is slow to her feet.)

Mutt: And Porter slapping on a Waistlock for a German Suplex!!!!

 Ref: ……………………………………………………1






(Fans all screaming as Ma Porter gets to her feet.)

Spud: 1 minute remaining! 60 seconds left!

Bishop: Nikita Marx and Brimstone battling it out in the ring. They’re rolling around the mat as Porter picks up Order. An Irish Whip to the near ropes and Porter with a head of steam….

Mutt: And Order DUCKS the Porterline! She runs to the far side as Porter follows. Order holding onto the ropes, waiting on Porter as the big woman moves in…


Spud: 30 seconds!

Bishop: Order firing off with Karate Chops, she has to really reach to get any kind of affect! Porter stooping over, and Order with a Frontkick to the head! Porter is down! Porter is down!

Ref: ……………………………………………………1









(Fans all screaming!!)

Mutt: And here come the Blondes! The Suicide Blondes storming the ring, and they are stomping a mud hole into Brimstone and Order and…

(Fans pop as Rekka Sakura sprints down to ringside.)

Bishop: The Loose cannon Rekka Sakura grabbing a chair and storming the ring. The Suicide Blondes fleeing for their lives…and oh no!

(Fans boo as Ma Porter Porterlines Rekka Sakura from behind!)


Bishop: Nikita Marx slapping on the Red Menace on Brimstone…and Officer Order has the chair now…AND NAILS PORTER!

(Fans pop as Porter falls to the mat, and rolls out of the ring.)

Bishop: Nikita is choking out Brimstone, and Order charging Nikita…and NAILS HER FROM BEHIND!!!

(The arena erupts as Nikita Marx falls to the mat.)

Mutt: Ma Porter rolling Nikita out of the ring, and it is lucky that Order had back up tonight. There’s no love in that ring!

Spud: Wrestling Fans, due to time expiration, this bout is ruled…a draw!

(Fans boo as Nikita Marx raises Ma Porter’s hand in victory.)

Mutt: Tony Angelo telling them to leave ringside. There will be another day. And there will be! And you saw how Order couldn’t put Big Ma away!

Bishop: Well, that’s it for this weeks…wait a minute…I’m getting a report in in back…Gojira Takeshima..Maria Urquidez..Burning Rain are here??

Burning Rain

[Gojira and Maria, both still dressed in street clothes, come charging down the aisle from the dressing rooms to the announcers table. Gojira is carrying the wooden sword she’s not carried to the ring for some time. Crowd POPS! As they get to the table Gojira grabs a microphone..]

Gojira: WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY?? SUICIDE BLONDES! You just DUG your own graves!

Maria: We were on our way to the arena when we made a stop and someone slashed our tires! We tried calling but could not get through, now we find out we already LOST the match?? WE just now got here!

Gojira: You better start running now, Blondes! Because we’re coming for you!!

[Gojira slams the wooden sword on the table before looking around then charging back stage again furiously.]

Maria: <pointing her finger at the announcers> There better be a match for us with those blondes witches next week. They might have trotted out some bogus team this week, but next week the REAL Burning Rain are going to rip them apart!

[Maria takes off to join Gojira, looking for the Suicide Blondes.]


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