GDWA Transnational Cruiserweight Championship/GDWA Western Heritage Championship: Keiko Mita vs. Sierra Browne

Scene opens up on a jammed packed US Air Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. There are 21,701 – screaming fans in attendance. “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


(The camera shows signs of ringside fans holding up “Let’s go Order!” and “Daisy Rocks the House”!)

Bishop: Fans, welcome to another addition of the Catfight. We are coming to you live from the US Air Arena in Baltimore…and these fans are gonna sure get their money’s worth tonight!

Mutt: And can you imagine how tonight could affect the Ironwoman Square Dance Tournament at the Fall Moonsault?

Bishop: The Fall Moonsault ’97 emanating from the Sky Dome in Toronto, Canada shall see Order, Medusa, Tiger and Andrea…but we don’t have to wait long for one of those matches. As a precursor to the Square Dance tourney, Lady Tiger takes on Andrea Chandler in a battle of the top contenders. Wrestlers banned from ringside…

Mutt: Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard that one before! I can’t believe that summer break is 3 weeks away! And then we reopen in the fall with the pay per view.

Bishop: All matches are leading up to that blockbuster card. Tonight we also see the Hyena Queens defend their WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES against the Suicide Blondes. How about the Idol Team Otanashi vs. the High Flying Dolls….

Mutt: Don’t you love the Idol Teams new attitude…I could just cry!

Bishop: And…Oh dear!

Micki Duran

(“All I Really Want” by Alanis Morissette begins to boom over the loudspeakers as the crowd erupts into boos.)

Bishop: What the hell is this?

Mutt: Looks like we’re about to get a visit from the champ!

Bishop: Oh, I don’t believe this…

(The curtains part, and “The Legend” Micki Duran appears. She is dressed in jeans, Doc Martens, and a yellow and black “Syndicate” t-shirt. The Internet belt is around her waist. Behind her, the Kingpin stands, wearing a black Armani suit and sunglasses. They begin to stroll towards the broadcast platform.)

Bishop: If they come up here…

Mutt: Then your presence will be graced with excellence! The champ is coming to visit us!

(Duran and the Kingpin climb up onto the interview platform. Micki runs her hand through Mutt’s hair, then pokes Bishop in the chest.)

Bishop: That’s it…I’m out of here.

(He begins to stand up, but the Kingpin puts a giant hand on his shoulder and sits him back down. Mutt hands Micki a microphone, and the Kingpin takes Bishop’s headset off and puts it on.)

Kingpin: Oh, now you wouldn’t disrespect us by bailing on us, would you, Bishop?

(Bishop tries to stand again, and is pushed back down by the Kingpin.)

Kingpin: Nah, I think you ought to stay for this…the champ’s got something to say.

Mutt: Yeah, pay attention, Bishop.

Micki: Yeah, pay attention, Bishop. I’ve got a couple of things to say. First of all, let me just say that I didn’t really appreciate the negative words you’ve had to say about me, Bishop. I get the feeling you don’t like me very much.

(Bishop says something inaudible by the mics.)

Micki: Well, I don’t give a rat’s ass if you like me or not. You can bite me.

(The fans continue to boo.)

Micki: I’m here to talk about one thing: Dalbello Rage. See, my favorite Rage had some unkind things to say about me, but they kinda got me thinking. I HAVE been kind of wrapped up in getting the World title away from Dementia, and have forgotten about the little things in life…things like the joy of beating the snot out of some chump who wants to take my belt. Things like hearing the snapping of kneecaps when I slap on the figure four. Things like beating some respect into my opponents.

Kingpin: Well, you’ve been focused.

Micki: A little too focused, it would seem. I’ve fallen out of favor with the few friends I do have. So tell you what I’m gonna do…we all know that all four of the Syndicate members…

Kingpin: But not Crystal, because they’re afraid to let her wrestle…

Micki: Of course, not Crystal. They’re still not giving her a license…but all of the other four members are in the top six, which means that we’re all going to get a shot at that fat tub of *censored* Dementia. I’ve already challenged Dementia, title vs. title, at the Moonsault. Of course, she hasn’t accepted yet.

Mutt: She’s afraid of you.

Kingpin: Of course she’s afraid of Micki. She’s gotten beaten twice by her.

Micki: But that’s another story. So here’s the deal. Andrea wants her belt back. Tiff’s got something to prove. Sally wants to make a name for herself and step up to the Syndicate challenge. They’re all free to jump up on the Dementia bandwagon. I’m off the chase, for now. I’ve got another priority. Three weeks until the break before the Moonsault. Three title defenses for the kid. I’m going to bring a little class to this belt, since it still stinks of Dementia. Title defense number one: Bloody Mary. Title defense number two: Daisy Butterfly. Title defense number three: Sierra Browne. Three defenses, three weeks. I beat them all, Bishop here will publically apologize to me, and so will Dalbello. Deal?

(The Kingpin forces Bishop to nod.)

Kingpin: We’ll just have to see about Dalbello.

Micki: Of course. But my girl’s got class. She’ll accept. So, umm….challengers? Sign the contracts. They’re in the mail. Bloody Mary, you’re on deck.

(The fans’ reaction is mixed. Micki grins at the camera, blows a kiss, then strokes Mutt’s shoulder as she hops off the platform. The Kingpin takes off the headset, slams it into Bishop’s chest, then hops off the platform and follows Micki back to the locker room as “All I Really Want” begins to play again.)

Mutt: What about that?! A real fighting champion!

Bishop: I hate them.

Mutt: You’re just jealous of the Kingpin and the number one stable in the GDWA, the Syndicate!

 (Fans all cheering as Spud McKenzie enters the ring….)

Mutt: Well, since Bishop is a little, frazzled (chuckles), right now…let me read off the rest of the card. In her final match up, Dalbello Rage takes on ‘Powerbomb’ Angela Bassett of the Hyena Queens. And good old ‘Yukon’ Jane get extreme on ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda in a Bodyslam vs. First Blood Match! No count out and no DQ!! The loser gets handcuffed after the match and gets beat on for 10 minutes…Now let’s go to Spud who has the call….

Spud: You’ve waited all week for us…now, the premier women’s promotion in all of Professional Wrestling is back.

(Fans all cheering while some chant: DAISY! DAISY! DAISY!)

The Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance has but one question to ask all of its fans….Are you ready!?

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!)

Spud: I said ARE YOU READY?!

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Spud: Then Let’s Get Rrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrumble!!!

(Fans cheer as horns go off & Spud McKenzie stands poised in the ring.)

Street Fight/First Blood/First Bodyslam Rules: Yukon Jane vs. Radhi Ananda

Spud: Our first contest is scheduled for one fall with NO time limit! It is a special street fight match with FIRST BODYSLAM vs. FIRST BLOOD rules….

Bishop: Alright ladies and gentlemen….

Mutt: Back from the dead, huh? I can’t wait for this one. Jane is gonna kick Jungle’s ass just like she did 2 weeks ago at the LEWA pay per view…

Bishop: Radhi Ananda is a 2 time former Western Heritage Champion…

Mutt: Did she dominate? No, ‘Yukon’ is a big bad ass who is gonna end this punk girls career!!

(Fans all boo as they hear ‘Bad Moon Risin’)

Spud: First, led down the aisle by her manager ‘Ranger’ Robin. From the Yukon. She stands 6 feet tall, weighing in at 160 pounds…here is ‘Yukon’ Jane!

(Fans all booing as ‘Yukon’ Jane heads down the aisle with her manager, carrying a table.)

Bishop: Jane coming down the aisle with a table. Robin grabbing a ringside chair as Jane sets up the table…and Robin heading back up the aisle!

Spud: And HER opponent…

(Fans pop and the Dawg Pound cheers as they hear ‘Paint it Black’ by the Rolling Stones!)

Spud: Hailing from Bombay, India. She is 5 feet 5 inches, 135lbs, here is ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda…

(Fans pop as Radhi Ananda comes sprinting down ringside with a 2X4.)

Mutt: Oh no! Ranger Robin backing off as Jungle rushes toward her…


(Fans all pop as Radhi Ananda cracks the board over Ranger Robin’s head.)


Bishop: Jungle the most wild…oh no! Jane running up the aisle as Jungle swings again…and the board *cracks* over Robin’s head.

(Hardcores cheer as Ranger Robin falls to the ground.)

Mutt: Jane upon Jungle, and they are pounding away! That steel chair has fallen to the floor as they trade punches. Jungle backing off as Jane winds back with POWERFUL lefts and rights. Now Jane with a Side Headlock and a head of steam…

Bishop: But Jungle with a Waistlock…But Jane with a shot to the forehead! Now Jane with a handful of hair and ramming Jungle’s head…

(Fans cheer as Radhi Ananda blocks the shot to the guardrail.)


Bishop: Jungle with a handful of tights and a head of steam…and Irish Whips Jane into the Ring Apron! And Jane’s back hit hard…

Mutt: Jungle needs to roll Jane into the ring. Jane leaning up against the ring apron, in pain, as Jungle picks up a head of steam and….’YUKON’ JANE WITH A CHAIRSHOT!!

(Fans boo as Radhi Ananda falls to the floor.)

Mutt: THAT’S THE BREAK JANE NEEDED! Jungle so stupid, actually both of them are, but Jungle taking way too much time.

Bishop: Jane stomping away on the shoulder area of Jungle…but you’ve got to wonder how detrimental the fall of Robin will be to Yukon. Yukon Jane with a pickup, and European Uppercuts to the head! Now a handful of hair and rams Jungle’s head into the ring apron!!

(Fans boo while Jane flicks them off.)

Mutt: Jane so strong, she’s nailing away with punches. Jungle looking dazed as Jane takes a hold of Jungle’s arm…Short Arm…

Bishop: No! Jungle ducking and nails a high knee to the midsection! Now Jungle rolling into the ring, and this is odd for her…

Mutt: No it’s not. She’s just stupid.

Bishop: Anyway, Jungle flying into the far ropes, flying like a bat out of hell. Jungle bouncing off as Jane gets up to the ring apron and…


(HUGE crowd pop as Radhi Ananda gets to her feet.)

Bishop: Jungle on the outside, shaking the cobwebs, and oh no! Ranger Robin walking down ringside…she’s got a chair and…Nails Jungle in the back!

(Fans boo as Ranger Robin hobbles over to ‘Yukon’ Jane.)

Mutt: Jungle is down, and Robin checking on Jane. Jungle so stupid to sign a match with no DQ. Jane could have had the damn OC, Syndicate or anybody else come down to kick her ass too!

Bishop: Jungle just getting to her feet now as the referee looks on. Ranger Robin heading over to Jungle, and pounding away with HARD right hands. But Jungle firing back! Robin overwhelmed by Radhi Ananda….

Mutt: Jane heading over to the announcer’s table, and grabbing the ringside bell. Jungle with her back turned, and doesn’t see Jane. She’s running over to Jungle. OH yeah!

Bishop: Jungle with boots to the midsection of Robin, and IRISH WHIPS ‘RANGER’ ROBIN RIGHT INTO ‘YUKON’ JANE! RANGER ROBIN IS DOWN!

Mutt: Jane nailed her with the bell, and now she’s pissed. Jane Jungle running at Jane wildly, and Jane with a Clothesline! Jungle is down!

(Fans boo and Jane flips them off!)

Mutt: Jane gets so easily distracted, my word! Robin about this time would be aiding her! Jane rolling Jungle in the ring, and that has got to be the worst move she can make.

Bishop: Jane in the ring, and now a pickup. Jungle dazed, and now Jane with European Uppercuts to the head. Jungle backing into the ropes, and Jane Irish Whipping Jungle to the near ropes. Jungle bouncing off…SIDEWALK SLAM!

(Dawg Pound boos as Jungle hits the mat.)

Bishop: Jane stomping away on Jungle Radhi Ananda, and Jungle is in trouble. Jungle trying to get to her feet and…’YUKON’ JANE WITH A SCOOP AND…

Mutt: Jungle with a headscissors! And now flipping up to Jane’s face and she biting Jane! ‘Yukon’ Jane can’t rely on the referee to make the break…and she falls over onto the mat! Jungle now nailing away with punches.


Bishop: The ref checking for blood, but Radhi with an immediate pickup. Jungle with an Irish Whip to the far corner as Jungle picks up a head of steam….AND DROPKICKS HER HEAD INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!!!

(Big pop from most fans as Radhi Ananda GRABS Jane by the hair.)

Mutt: Radhi Ananda pounding away on Jane, and Jane barreling out of the corner with European Uppercuts. Jungle backpedaling and Jane with European Uppercuts!

Bishop: An Irish Whip to the far ropes, no, reversal! Jane bouncing off and Jungle with a HIGH BACK BODY DROP! And Jungle now scampering to the near corner…

(Fans all chanting: RADHI! RADHI! As she climbs the turnbuckles.)

Mutt: Jungle so quick, she’s up high already. She jumps, and…… ….HITS the Guillotine Legdrop! And now Jungle slapping away on the head of Jane and screaming in her face!!

(Dawg Pound pops as Radhi Ananda gets to her feet.)

Mutt: Oh no! Radhi snatching Jane’s hair and lifting her to her feet. Jungle with a scoop…


(Dawg Pound erupts as both women lay out on the mat.)

Bishop: Oh my God! Jungle is down! Jane shaking her head, trying to clear herself. My lord!

Mutt: Did you see that Bishop? Jungle dished out all that she could, even that damn Leg Drop from the top, and Jane still connecting with maneuvers like that…how the hell does a woman her size connect with a Frankensteiner!

(Fans chant: Radhi! Radhi! Radhi! Radhi! Radhi! Radhi! Radhi! )

Bishop: Jane screaming at the fans…and for all of her raw talent Jane gets overwhelmed by 20,000 screaming maniacs in support of their former Western Heritage champion! Jane stomping away on Jungle, and now Jane rolling to the outside.

Mutt: She’s grabbing that chair. And Ranger Robin is down! Spud has the bell, of course, but we’ve got weapons strung out all over the ringside area.

Bishop: Jane propping that steel chair in the near corner, and she rolls back into the ring. What the heck? Jane with a pickup, and she’s pointing to the chair. Jane with an Irish Whip….


Bishop: Jungle rolling to the outside, and I must say that Jane has been impressing. Nobody dominates Radhi in a street fight…but Jane is doing it, and doing it well. Jane climbing through the ropes, and dropping down to the floor.

Mutt: Jane with a pickup, and walking Radhi over to the ring post, and RAMS her head into the steel! Radhi’s got blood flowing all over! And now Jane grabbing Radhi by the tights, and tossing her onto that table. Oh yeah!

Bishop: Oh no! Jane entering the ring, and you’ve got to wonder what the hell she’s gonna do. Jungle is laid out on that table, and Jane running toward the ring ropes….



(The arena *erupts* as ‘Yukon’ Jane crashes through the table!)

Mutt: Jane isn’t too bright.

Bishop: She’s down right stupid! She’s not graceful enough to perform a Moonsault…she’s just as stupid as ‘Luscious’ Lisa Thomas ever was…yeah, the comparisons ARE accurate.

(Fans chanting: Radhi! Radhi! Radhi! As she wearily rolls into the ring.)

Mutt: Damn it! Without Ranger Robin to direct traffic, I don’t know if this gal can win this thing…if ever she had an Achilles heel, it would be the lack of smarts upstairs.

Bishop: Jungle grabbing that chair, slinging blood all around the ring, as she points down at Jane. Jane clutching her back as she lays on the ring floor and…Oh no!

(Fans pop as Radhi Ananda sprints toward the ring ropes.)

Mutt: Jane needs to get up…oh no! Jungle catapulting to the outside….


(Fans all CHEERING as Radhi Ananda gets to her feet.)

Mutt: AND JUNGLE PROPPING THAT STEEL CHAIR IN THE CORNER AGAINS THE GUARD RAILING! Jungle bleeding profusely, and I still can’t see whether Jane is bleeding.

Bishop: This match going back and forth. Jungle with a Side Headlock, and Jane isn’t even moving. One crucial mistake…

Mutt: Jungle going for a high risk maneuver. Jungle with a head of steam…and Bulldogs YUKON JANE INTO THAT STEEL CHAIR!!!


Bishop: The ref has called the match! The ref has called the match and thank God he did! There’s blood all over Jane’s face, and Radhi Ananda grabbing a steel chair….AND NAILS HER AGAIN!

(Fans cheer as Radhi Ananda climbs out of the ring to the floor.)

Mutt: Right in the back of the head…What a coward! Jane had this match won, but she made a rookie mistake, and it cost her.

Bishop: Security is down here, and they are holding back Radhi Ananda. She’s gone savage again! Oh no! Radhi wants to inflict more punishment…and she’s walking away…

Mutt: They check on Jane as….oh no! Radhi Ananda has Ranger Robin! She’s propping her up against the Spanish announcer’s table!

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 23 minutes 25 seconds, your winner…. ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda!

(Fans all screaming as ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda climbs up on the ring apron, and climbs the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: She’s gonna end it for ‘Ranger’ Robin. OH no! Jungle facing the fans as she back flips…………….

(Fans all on their feet….)

Mutt: Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonsault!

(Hardcores pop as Ranger Robin lays on the floor.)

Bishop: We’ve got stretchers out everywhere! Robin is bloody, Robin may have crushed ribs, a broken back or anything else! Jungle has gone savage!

Mutt: Security is clearing the ringside area, and Radhi Ananda is leaving in a huff….you’ve got to ask yourself if this is just the beginning of a war! There better be some damn payback, that’s for sure!

Bishop: Fans, as they clean up ringside, we’ll go to Mike Whalen with the Wrestler of the Month Ceremonies…

Whalen: Thanks Allen. Fans, we once again honor one of GDWA’s finest for our Wrestler of the Month Award. This month we award it to a woman who has persevered through injury, feuding and personal adversity. Please welcome at this time….’Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita!

Keiko Mita

[Thundering Japanese drums sound as Keiko Mita walks out from behind the curtains. Keiko is dressed is loose fitting black silk pants, and a short black kimono decorated with three golden dragons, and is smiling cheerfully as the crowd roars. She stops to enjoy the cheers of the crowd a couple of times, sighing autographs before moving on to the ring. AS she is about to enter the ring she pauses, then grabs the top rope and vaults over it, making sure to land mostly on her good leg. Her hands are raised to the crowd as she walks to the middle of the ring.] Whalen: Congratulations.

Keiko: Thanks! It is a -huge- thrill to win Wrestler of the Month. I never thought about winning it. As you fans know, I’ve never been a wrestler who runs around trying to make people love me. I’ve never done things because it will make people like me. I follow the path of honor and do what I feel is right, no matter what the odds. I can’t describe how good it feels to be recognized for that. This award is not just about a momentary recognition of my skills or my place in the federation.

Keiko: The tradition behind this award is simply incredible. Zaranna and the late great Sachie Yokoyama won it first. Then Charlotte La Mancha, Andrea Chandler, Dementia Praecox and the woman I’m going to face later tonight, Sierra Browne. All those women have something in common. They were all Champions! Three World Champions, one Internet Champion, two Western Heritage Champions.

[Keiko takes a deep breath, then smiles.]

Keiko: That…is a lot of tradition to live up to. That’s a lot of faith the fans are putting into me. And I swear I will not let you down! This award marks a new beginning for Keiko Mita. I’ve fought alone most of my life. But now this is changing. Not only do I have the faith of the fans to live up to. But when you saw me taking notes at the Catfight last week, it was not scouting Bloody Mary. A new force is taking shape in the GDWA, one that will face groups like the Syndicate and Organized Crime on even terms. Ladies and Gentleman, I’d like to invite out the woman who I respect most in the GDWA, and in the time we trained together she became probably my best friend as well.

Daisy Butterfly

(DJ Kool’s “Let Me Clear My Throat” explodes through the PA and Daisy Butterfly emerges to huge cheers. She’s dressed simply in track-suit pants and a “Cherrybomb Pro” t-shirt. She makes her way through outstretched hands into the ring, where she and Keiko Mita hug as the crowd pops loudly)

Daisy: Congrats, girl! You earned it all!

(Daisy raises Keiko’s hand “victory-style” as the crowd roars)

Keiko: Daisy, like this award, what I wanted to talk to you about is a matter of tradition. Recently we’ve seen gang attack after gang attack, groups like Organized Crime attacking two on one or even worse odds. It’s time something was DONE about it! I live for the challenge of one on one combat, but too many people in the GDWA will take every cheap shot and sneak attack they can get away with. This has to stop, and I know the WAY. Daisy, I’m asking your permission…you’re blessing to form a NEW…DRAGON…TRIO!

(HUGE crowd pop!)

Daisy: (grinning ear-to-ear) Keiko, if I was to hand a legacy to anyone, it would have to be someone I trust. It would have to be to someone I care about. Most importantly, it would have to be to someone CAPABLE of carrying the torch. Keiko, you hit all three points firmly on the head. I would be HONORED if you’d carry on the Dragon Trio legacy!

[Daisy and Keiko hug, then turn to the crowd, each raising the other’s hand to the approving roar of the crowd.]

Bishop: So does that mean Daisy Butterfly is a new member or…

Mutt: Who’s gonna be in it?

Sierra Browne

[“Brown Girl” plays its happy trilling beat as Sierra Browne and Ororo Sentango make their way down to ringside. Sierra strides purposefully, the Great Western Heritage championship slung over her shoulder. Her gold fur flares out behind her as she stares at Mita from behind her gold sunglasses. Sentango is dressed in boot cut pants and a hard-wearing leather motorcycle jacket. Her long, thick reddish brown hair is left free around her dark face. She registers no expression as she follows Sierra and takes up position watching her back. Sierra calls for the microphone.]

Sierra: Mita, that was a pretty little speech. But now it’s my time to shine in the spotlight. Let me tell you something, doux-doux darlin’, there is just one thing wrong with your presentation. You shouldn’t be making it at all at all at all.. We both know who the wrestler of the month is. Me. What have you done? You fought injured? Dementia Praecox threw a fireball in my face. Did you defend a championship? No. I did. You wrestled in a tag-team match against Bloody Mary and a Medusa who didn’t want to touch you. You beat Daisy Butterfly? I beat the number one contender, Lady Tiger. I beat the brute Miko Azai and her partner, Lisa Thomas. I got my face burned, rammed into the ring. I stood up to Ma Porter and showed her that she can be beaten. There is nothing you have done that I haven’t. Nothing. But you take this award. You stole my chance to make history by being the second wrestler to win back-to-back awards. Fine. That’s all right with me. But now you’re getting extremely arrogant.

Bishop: What a damn spoiled sport! Browne has no class!

[Sierra pauses to look out at the crowd who is totally unsure of how to react.]

Sierra: I have performed for these people. I have worked my ass of trying to give them all the best bang for their buck. And I’ve done that. Now it’s my time for a reward. I’m the Great Western Heritage champion. And this is my chance to become the GDWA’s Great Western Heritage champion. But you want to try to steal my thunder again. You want a shot at the Western Heritage belt, too?

[Fans pop for the idea. Sierra looks around at them. She smiles, urging them on.]

Sierra: Keiko Mita, you’ve got yourself a deal. We’ll do it. On one condition. Two referees. One outside the ring to make sure nobody jumps in on the match and one inside to make sure somebody’s there to count your shoulders down. I’ll go you one further. Ororo?

Ororo: Yes, Sierra?

Sierra: Sister, you’ll take the night off too if Mita agrees not to bring down her little pal, Daisy Butterfly. Just you and me, Mita, one-on-one. Two referees. We will have a winner. And that will be me. I’ve got everything to lose and everything to gain. And I swear, Mita, that for all your honor and for all your talent, it will not be enough to stop me from getting exactly what I want. I promise you that. Doux-doux darlin, it’s gonna be hell in there. And when it’s all done. The only people that will come out the clean victor are the fans in those seats. I’ll carry you if need be, but you will perform with me. And you will keep up with me. And you will fail. Nothing can stop my time to shine, girl. Nothing.

[Sierra throws down the mike. She spins on her heels and stalks out, Ororo Sentango behind her.] [Keiko listens to the monologue, her eyes narrowing, burning with anger as she watches Sierra and bodyguard leaving.]

Keiko: Sierra, you DARE call me ARROGENT? I’ve never told the fans they should cheer me. You constantly, endless say you should be cheered, that you deserve the spotlight. -I- never did a commercial asking the fans to vote for me on this award, like you did. I don’t come out here and run you down, demeaning your accomplishments while glorifying my own. You have accomplished a lot, you should be proud of yourself. But, no matter what you want, the world doesn’t revolve around your desires. No matter how much you want to think otherwise, -I- am the Wrestler of the Month. Because the FANS voted for me. And because the WRESTLERS voted for me.

[Keiko pauses a moment, brushing her fingers through her hair.]

Keiko: You just don’t get it, do you Sierra. This award is not merely a win-loss record. If it was there would be no need for a vote. We could just feed the numbers into a computer and it would spit out the winner. And we’ve both had good records this month. This award is not about accomplishments, who has the biggest title. If it was the GDWA World Champion would always win it. There is more to it. Sierra, this is about character as well. I’ve always stood up for what I believed in. I’ve always stood for something more than personal glory, the desire to always have the spotlight on myself. I stand for Honor. For Respect. And for Tradition. THAT is what this award is about. The Wrestler of the Month is not a prize to be claimed by a wrestler. It’s an honor, given by the fans!

[Keiko paces away for a moment, then turns back to the crowd, her eyes flashing.]

Keiko: As for your challenge, of course I accept. A true test of skill between us is all I’ve wanted. No outside interference. Just the two of us. The odds favor you, yes. You are healthy while I’m still injured. You already have a championship title, I don’t. But face it, Sierra. You fight for yourself alone. For how much glory you can give yourself. For how much spotlight you can get for yourself. If that means you have to insult me and claim that if we have a good match it’s because you are carrying me, then you’ll do it. But that’s not my style. It will be a great match because we both are going to go full out. But while you fight for yourself, I fight for honor. And to uphold the faith the fans have put into me. You bring your best, Sierra Browne, because the Kyoto Crippler is ready for you!

[Keiko hands the mic back to Whalen, walking out with Daisy. All smiles are gone now, her look focused and intense as the fans cheer.]

Bishop: Oh boy! This is gonna be a hell of a night. WE still have Chandler and Tiger to go at it, and this is the epitome of GDWA competition.

(Fans boo as Congo Paul Roberts heads down the aisle.)

Bishop: What did you think of all of that…and of Radhi Ananda your former protégé?

Congo: She’s gotten soft, and she doesn’t have half the talent of ‘Yukon’ Jane!

Allan: Fans, the tag team action in the GDWA continues to sizzle. Our next match features the High Flying Dolls, looking to prove themselves after a disappointing DQ win over the Burning Rain. Idol Team Otanashi appears to have gotten its act together and this match promises to feature improved continuity from the Japanese team. And the man you all know and love, Congo Paul Roberts, is here for commentary. What more could I ask for?

Congo: Right now, you’re asking for a fat lip! But if that’s all the High Flying Dolls escape with, they’ll be lucky!

Allan: I take it you approve of the Otonashis new attitude?

Congo: Of course I do! Face it, they were getting nowhere fast in the GDWA. How can you expect to beat an opponent when your own team can’t even agree on one strategy? Now that they’re in sync, I see bigger and better things for Idol Team Otanashi.

Allan: Here’s Spud with the call.

High Flying Dolls vs. Idol Team Otanashi


(Crowd cheers as Lacy and Midnight emerge from the backstage area and Thunderstruck by AC/DC blasts over the PA. Midnight Fury wears a black cloth bodysuit and a brown and black mask. Lacy Gold wears a one-piece outfit that is light blue in front and dark green in the back. They swipe hands with fans on the way to the ring.)

Allan: I’m sure the Dolls feel like their last match didn’t prove anything, so they’re looking for a strong showing tonight.

Congo: Well, last week proved that the Suicide Blondes mean business! It also proved that they don’t care what happens to teams that are in their way, like Burning Rain or the Dolls.


(Crowd boos universally as kon’ya wa HARIKEEN [There’s a hurricane tonight] by Ohmori Kinuko begins to play and the Otonashis make their way to ringside. Both wear solid black trunks, and boots with a yin-yang on each side. They each carry a kendo stick. They walk to ringside purposefully, and when they are halfway there, they drop the sticks and sprint into the ring.)

****DING**** ****DING**** ****DING****

Allan: The Otonashis are storming the ring! Lacy is tripped up by Kasumi, while Kurumi is met with Fury’s knee! Kasumi is pounding away with an open fist while the ref tries to separate the two. Midnight is stomping away on Kurumi!

Congo: The ref manages to separate Gold and Kasumi, and they each head to a corner. Bad news for the Otonashis, because that leaves Midnight and Kurumi as the legal women in the ring. And right now, Midnight is grapevining the legs of Kurumi, but Kurumi reaches the ropes.

Allan: The ref forces the break, and Kurumi springs to her feet, and gives us a little impromptu martial arts demonstration!

Congo: Shut up, Bishop, don’t you know those fists are lethal weapons?

Allan: Well, anyhow, Fury doesn’t look to be too impressed, as she nails Kurumi with a clothesline. Now it’s Midnight with the pickup and a whip to the far side. Kurumi bounces back, Fury with a leapfrog, Kurumi on the return trip, and Midnight Fury with a monkey flip!

Congo: Kurumi is clutching her back in pain, but Midnight not relenting. A pickup and a standing dropkick. Fury, demonstrating her agility. Now she tags out to Lacy Gold…

Allan: Who immediately climbs to the top turnbuckle from outside. She’s going to enter the ring the hard way, with a…MOONSAULT!!! Wow!!!! Just as Kurumi was getting to her feet.

Congo: Gold with the pin!






. 2

. . . . . Allan: Easy kickout by Otanashi. Wrestlers like Lacy Gold can pull moves like that out of nowhere!

Congo: Well, that *is* why they’re called the High Flying Dolls, dunce!

Allan: Now it’s Lacy with a pickup, but Kurumi with a poke to the eye. That stops Lacy Gold.

Congo: Maybe Kurumi learned that from the Three Stooges.

Allan: I don’t think the Stooges are even known in Japan.

Congo: Sure, they are. They just call them Keiko Mita, Daisy Firecracker, and Miko Azai. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Allan: In any case, it’s Kurumi with a vicious kick to the midsection…Gold doubled over…and a swinging neckbreaker from Kurumi! Now Kurumi tags out, and in comes Kasumi with a standing elbowdrop. The Otonashis are showing more cohesiveness.


Congo: Now Kasumi gets the chance to show her aggression. She whips Lacy into the corner and follows up with a spinning heel kick! Gold collapses!

(Crowd boos as Kasumi shouts some words in Japanese)

Congo: Kasumi with a snapmare, and Lacy is in the center of the ring.

Allan: Now Kasumi is the one going up top! She’s taking just a little too long….Misses a flying splash! Gold with the quick cover!

1 . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3!!!!!!!!

Allan: No, the ref is waving it off, Kasumi got her shoulder up at the last minute.

Congo: Both women getting up, and Kasumi is right back in control following a thrust to the throat of Lacy. Gold needs to make the tag, but Kasumi is all over her, peppering her with double-ax handle smashes. Now Kasumi grabs Lacy’s hair and rams her head into the mat.

Allan: Now Kasumi walks over to Midnight Fury and slaps her right in the face! That was uncalled for!

Congo: And Midnight is trying to get at Kasumi, but the ref is holding her back. And while his back is turned, Kurumi is choking Lacy with that tag rope! A classic, I wonder if the Kingpin or Tony Angelo is secretly managing these gals!

Allan: Midnight finally relents and Lacy is down in enemy territory, so to speak. Kasumi tags Kurumi, and holds Lacy prone…

Congo: And Kurumi with a hard kick to Lacy’s exposed midsection. I’m liking these girls more and more!

Allan: Kurumi with a pickup, and a running powerslam!!!! Here’s the pin!

1 . . . . . 2 . . . . .

Allan: Foot on the ropes!

(Fans gasp!)

Congo: Kurumi is turning it up a notch as she pounds away on Lacy Gold. But Lacy is trying to fight back! There’s not much behind her punches, but she’s right in Kurumi’s face! Kurumi goes for a suplex….blocked!! And Lacy turns it over and suplexes Kurumi!

(Crowd is cheering!)

Allan: Lacy needs to get out of there…she’s a little woozy, but she stumbles into the right corner…

Congo: But here comes Kasumi! She charges the ring, and the ref didn’t see Lacy tag out to Fury!

(Crowd screams frantically)

Congo: Midnight is trying to get to Kurumi, but the ref is forcing her back. And the Otonashis pickup Lacy Gold and send her for a ride with a double Russian legsweep!

Allan: Kurumi returns to her corner, no tag made, I might add.

Congo: Oh stuff it, already! Does it matter?

Allan: Apparently not. Now Kurumi drops a big elbow onto Lacy Gold. A few more stomps, and it’s clear that the Otonashis are working on Lacy’s back.

Congo: Yes!!! Kurumi sinks on a Boston crab! Goodnight, Raggedy Ann!!

Allan: Lacy is banging her fists in pain, but there’s no quit in this High Flying Doll. Kurumi sinks it in, but Lacy is trying to find some measure of escape. The referee is asking….

(Crowd cheers as Lacy shakes her head no)


Congo: I can’t believe it, but Lacy looks like she might power out of it! She’s gotten into a pushup position…If she has enough leg strength, she can straighten out and escape this Boston crab!

Allan: She’s doing it…WAIT!!! Kasumi climbing to the top rope… Legdrop to the back of Lacy’s head!! She got knocked into next week! And Midnight Fury has seen enough!

Congo: She charges the ring and a dropkick sends Kasumi to the outside!! Now she’s pounding away on Kurumi as Lacy takes a much needed breather. The ref is threatening disqualification, but Midnight doesn’t seem to care!

Allan: Kurumi is fighting back, but Lacy is getting a timely second wind, and she and Fury double team Kurumi!

Congo: On the outside, Kasumi heads for the Spanish announce table… She gonna say something to all of Maria’s fans back in Tijuana? Uh oh….

(Hardcores pop **HARD** as Kasumi grabs the table and sets it up at the side of the ring, clearing it of broadcasting equipment)

Congo: And the ref finally gets in there, but I think it’s safe to say the tables have been turned, as Fury delivers one more kick for good measure.

Allan: The presence of that table can only mean one thing, it’s just a matter of time! In the ring, The Dolls make a tag to make it official.

Congo: We’re back to two women in the ring, and right now, Midnight Fury has a side headlock….Kurumi lifts her up for an atomic drop…

Allan: But Midnight goes 360 degrees and lands behind Kurumi…now Fury pushes her forward, into the ropes…a roll-up!

 1 . . . . . Allan: Easy kickout by Kurumi. Both women are on their feet, but the action has taken its toll.

Congo: Kurumi Otanashi, now, with a rake of the eyes…followed by a…jawbreaker!!! Midnight goes down.

Allan: Kurumi with a running splash!!

(Fans boo loudly as Kurumi spits on Midnight Fury)

Congo: Kurumi tags out to Kasumi. Kasumi, now, with the whip, and a backbody drop up and over to the outside!! Midnight Fury going all the way to the floor. My word!!

(Hardcores begin to bark!!!!)

Allan: The Dawg Pound is getting riled, Kasumi laying out Midnight Fury across that table. I don’t know if I can watch this.

Congo: Kasumi climbs back into the ring…The ref is trying to get Fury off the table, but Kurumi is getting in the way! Kasumi running….

Allan: BUT LACY GOLD WITH A FLYING FOOTBALL TACKLE!!!!!! Not quite the result Kasumi had in mind!!!

(HUGE Crowd p0p!!!)

Congo: Gold moved with lightning speed to stop Kasumi. She may have just saved her partner’s life!!


Allan: Now Gold and Kasumi are brawling, while Kurumi is still hassling the ref, and Fury is still laid out on the table, but she’s coming to her senses, I believe.

Congo: Kasumi has Gold slumping in her corner…Wait, she reaches into her tights! The ref is still distracted by Kurumi!


(CROWD BOOS INTENSELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Congo: Kasumi….backing up….not going for the pin…..OH MY, SHE DOESN’T WANT TO WASTE THAT TABLE!!!! SHE CATAPULTS FOR THE SUICIDE DIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALLAN: BUT FURY ABLE TO ROLL OFF THE SIDE!!!!! THAT TABLE IS SPLIT NEATLY IN TWO!!!! And Kasumi isn’t going anywhere for a while!!!

Congo: I think the ref has lost total control here. Who’s the legal woman? On the inside, Gold is still laid out. Fury has picked up Kasumi and is knocking her senseless!

Allan: Kurumi with a pickup and…INVERTED DDT!!!!! The cover….

1 . . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . . . 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

****DING**** ****DING**** ****DING****

Allan: The Otonashis finally enjoy a measure of success here, although they had to use dirty tactics and a foreign object to do it!

Congo: Which just goes to show that they should have gotten their act together sooner, rather than putz around the way they did.


(Fans boo and throw a lot of garbage as kon’ya wa HARIKEEN [There’s a hurricane tonight] by Ohmori Kinuko plays over the PA)

Allan: The Otonashis are savoring their victory in the ring for now, but I’m certain the Dolls will want a rematch.

(Mixed cheers as fans hear ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ by Guns and Roses!)

Bishop: What the hell?

Hyena Queens

Mutt: Looks like the World tag team champs got somethin’ to say!

(Terry McMillen & Angela Bassett head over to the announcer’s table wearing Red high heels and black and red robes with Hyena fur lining. The World Tag Titles are across their shoulders as they head over to the announcer’s table.)

‘Powerbomb’ Terry McMillen: ALL HAIL THE QUEENS!

(Mixed cheers as Angela Bassett tosses down the house mic.)

Bishop: Oh boy.

Mutt: Hey girls, what’s going on?

‘Technician’ Terry McMillen: Sam, let me tell you two a little something…It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize who the ONE and ONLY World Tag Team Champions of the GDWA are. You got ‘Big’ Angela the Powerbomb who’s gonna drop the bomb on that bimbo Dalbello Rage! Then ya got the one and only mat technician in this sport leading us into the ring against the Suicidal Blondes. Girls, we walk in with the belts and we’re walking out with ’em…end of story!

Bishop: That’s yet to be seen…

‘Powerbomb’ Terry McMillen: See, you showin’ your ignorance there! Tech’ and me gonna whoop the HELL out of Suicide Blondes. And if Porter wants to bring her fat ass down to ringside, tell her to bring some chef Boyardee to tide her over…cause after we get done with the Hollywood Blondes, we’ll give her a boot lickin’ too!

Bishop: Excuse me, they are called the SUICIDE Blondes.

Mutt: But Terry, how are you gonna account for Organized Crime…

‘Technician’ Terry McMillen: Organized Crime can’t take nothin’ from us! We ended the careers of the MISFITS, and tonight we are gonna turn the Suicide Blondes back to Brunettes. If the OC can’t understand that, they need to refer back to Madison Square Garden!

‘Powerbomb’ Angela Bassett: That’s it! Girls, line your asses up! Cause all roads to the World Tag Team titles lead through the ‘Queens of the Ring’!

(Mixed cheers as fans hear ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ by Guns and Roses! Terry McMillen holds the World Tag Titles over her head for all the fans to see as they head back to the locker room.)

Mutt: Ha! You got some straight comments from the African Dawgs. Now we’ll see if they can live up to ’em. According to the schedule I have in my hand, they will be wrestling two matches in a row. Can Angela Bassett handle it?

Bishop: We’ll just see about that. Fans, let’s go to our next match…

Lady Tiger vs. Andrea Chandler

Spud: Wrestling Fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit. It has been stipulated that all GDWA wrestlers and managers are banned from ringside!

(Fans pop as they hear the words “TIGER POWER”!)

Spud: Hailing from Bordeaux, France. 5 feet 6 inches, 127 pounds, here is the current #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship….Lady Tiger!!

(Fans cheer as Lady Tiger heads down the aisle, slapping hands with fans. She enters the ring wearing orange and black striped Olympic style wrestling attire with a Tiger Mask.)

Bishop: This has been a match greatly anticipated by GDWA promoters and match makers. Can Lady Tiger rise to the occasion? She is the #1 contender, but she faces the woman that has dominated the GDWA.

Mutt: I’m glad you are finally calling it down the middle! When’s the last time you saw Andrea Chandler lose a match? Andrea is the one woman that gives all the fan favorites nightmares. If Tiger wants to play in the sandbox, she’s got to get by THE BOSS!

Spud: And her opponent…

(Fans boo universally as they hear ‘Cold Blood’ by Kix…)

Spud: And her opponent, representing the SYNDICATE!

(Fans boo while Andrea Chandler pauses in the aisle and stairs into the ring with a smirk on her face.)

Spud: Hailing from Long Island, New York….she is 5 feet 7 inches. Weighing 142 pounds. The FORMER GDWA World Heavyweight Champion…. ‘Ritch Bitch’ Andrea Chandler!

(Fans are still booing as Andrea Chandler walks down ringside. Andrea heads up the ring steps wearing tiger print posing bikini, with black kneepads and boots.)

Mutt: Lady Tiger ranked #1?!? You gotta be kiddin’ me! Andrea should have done something about this a LOOOONG time ago. And now she is! It’s time Andrea showed Tiger who the REAL DEAL in the GDWA is, and do it at the expense of her old nemesis, Charlotte La Mancha!

Bishop: Andrea Chandler showing a total lack of respect for Lady Tiger dressed like that. Andrea has got to want a World Title shot in the near future. This has got to concern both Dementia Praecox as well as Micki Duran.

Mutt: As Andrea enters the ring, I think about how she used to toss around Lady Tiger manager, Charlotte La Mancha.

Bishop: SHE DID NOT TOSS HER AROUND! It was a tightly contested match up at last year’s Fall Moonsault. Andrea is a great talent…

Mutt: As I was saying, Charlotte was a high flyer too! But this Lady Tiger gonna learn the lesson in humility the hard way…she wants to call out the Syndicate and all the rule breakers that run this fed…fine! But it’ll cost ya!

Bishop: The referee going over the rules with each combatant, and now Andrea calling for time as she leans through the ropes…

(Fans boo as Andrea Chandler does a double bicep pose.)

Bishop: She’s stalling for time! My goodness!


Bishop: Andrea still taking her time as we begin this one. Fans, if you remember, in her last match Lady Tiger injured her hip during that incredible high flying maneuver against Bloody Mary. Tiger hasn’t shown any sign of injury as of yet…

Mutt: But she will…All Andrea has to do is slap on the Dividend and that’s all SHE wrote!

(Fans all still booing as Andrea Chandler checks her knee pads and elbow pads.)

Bishop: Lady Tiger looking flustered…and here we go. Andrea is ready. Collar and Elbow tie up, no, Tiger backing off. Both women encircling one another.

Mutt: And you have to wonder how much of a factor the removal of Charlotte La Mancha will be. She’s Tiger’s manager and the primary reason for Tiger’s success.

Bishop: Andrea moving in, and Tiger backing near the ropes. Andrea smiling and motioning around her waist. Perhaps a reference to her FORMER World Title days…

Mutt: or FUTURE World Title days! Andrea egging Tiger on…and Tiger lunges at Andrea Chandler…and dives through her legs?


(Fans cheer as the ref slides into position for the cover.)

Ref: ………………………………………………1

 ………………………………………………..KICK OUT!

(The Dawg Pound pops as Lady Tiger is tossed over the referee)

Mutt: Did you see that kick out?! Andrea so strong, she merely kicked out and it tossed Tiger up into the air.

Bishop: Tiger twirling to her feet and running for the side ropes. Andrea up but drops back down as Lady Tiger hops over her. Andrea back up as Tiger passes by….and MISSES the Clothesline!

(Fans all cheering as Lady Tiger ducks and runs for the far ropes.)

Bishop: Andrea spinning around as Tiger bounces off…

Mutt: Lady Tiger hits her with a dropkick!

(Fans pop!)

Bishop: Andrea back up, Lady Tiger hits her with ANOTHER dropkick!!

(Fans POP again!)

Bishop: Andrea Chandler up for a third time, and SPINS AWAY from Lady Tiger’s dropkick! Andrea measuring Tiger and CONNECTS with a running Kneedrop to the chest!!!

(Fans all booing as Andrea flexes for the camera.)

Mutt: Great agility by Lady Tiger, but Andrea Chandler is the best scout in the business. Add onto that that Tiger telegraphed it from New York City, and Tiger goes splat!

Bishop: Andrea now, stomping on the hip, and that’s her focus tonight, apparently. Tiger rolling for the ropes, but Andrea with a pickup.

Mutt: Andrea with a Frontface lock, hoists her up….

Bishop: But Lady Tiger with a Flying Head Scissors Takedown!!

(Fans all chanting: TIGER! TIGER!)

Bishop: Andrea back up and Lady Tiger with a Spinning Neck Breaker. Now she’s going up top….

(Fans all on their feet as she scampers up the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: Andrea looking unordinarily sluggish. Uncharacteristic of her. Tiger up high as she jumps….


(Fans all booing as Lady Tiger springs back into the mat.)

Mutt: Andrea was playing chicken! Chandler up to her feet, and THIS is how she deals with Tiger’s quickness. She uses her head.

Bishop: No cover. Andrea berating Lady Tiger as she stands over her…and now she’s slapping her in the head. Andrea with a pickup and a Frontface lock….VERTICAL SUPLEX!

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Andrea screaming about being the #1 contender. Andrea with a pickup and Whips Tiger into the near corner. Now a double bicep shot as she poses for Lady Tiger.

(Fans all booing as Andrea Chandler laughs heartily.)

Bishop: Andrea moving in, and grabbing a handful of mask. Andrea with a Gutwrench pickup into a Gutwrench Suplex! Now she backs up into the ropes, bounces off and HITS the Kneedrop across the chest.

Mutt: Andrea with a pickup, and administers a backbreaker…and she holds Tiger over her knee! Andrea hoisting up Tiger again and CONNECTS with another Backbreaker!

Bishop: Andrea hoisting up Lady Tiger a third time…and elevates Lady Tiger over her head for a Gorilla Press Slam!!!!!!

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF!WooF! WooF!WooF! WooF!WooF! )

Bishop: Andrea dropping down to one knee as she slaps a hand into Tiger’s chest for the cover.

Ref: 1………………………2……………………kick out!

(Fans cheer as Lady Tiger kicks out.)

Bishop: Andrea Chandler stomping away on Tiger’s hip, and Tiger squirming under the 140 pound powerhouse…

Mutt: And notice she went right back to the hip. Most wrestlers would have focused on another body part at this juncture. This is why she’s a former World’s Champion.

Bishop: Andrea with a Double Leg pickup…and Tiger immediately crawling for the ropes. Chandler with that intimidation factor called the Dividend.

Mutt: Andrea with a pickup, and Tiger kicking away at the midsection, and Andrea begging for more! No affect! Tiger nailing away effortlessly with punches that leave the former champ unphased….


(Fans all booing as Andrea Chandler stands over Lady Tiger, just shaking her head.)

Mutt: You notice how Andrea is taking her time? Notice how she stands mockingly over the fallen Lady Tiger? I bet you that is to get Tiger’s juices flowing, intimidate her, make her realize that Andrea Chandler is “the hands-down best wrestler in Grand Dragon,”

Bishop: You’ve been hanging around the Syndicate too much! Andrea with a pickup, and slaps on a Waistlock….German Suplex….

Mutt: NO!

(Fans all cheering as Lady Tiger flips out of it, landing on her feet.)

Bishop: Tiger’s back is hurting, but she’s able to land on her feet. Tiger running for the far ropes as Andrea Chandler gets to her feet and…LADY TIGER WITH A SPINNING HOOK KICK!

(Fans cheer!)

Mutt: Tiger with a pickup and a **snapping** Side Suplex!

(Fans all cheering as both women lay on the mat.)

Ref: 1………………..2…………………3…………..4

Bishop: She got Lady Tiger’s anger up! This is a prelude to what we’ll see at the Fall Moonsault! Lady Tiger vs. Andrea Chandler like we’ve never seen them before…

Mutt: Both women getting to their knees. I think Andrea was completely surprised by that sudden flurry of Lady Tiger. My lord! The ref can hardly believe the guts this kid has.

(Fans all screaming as Lady Tiger gets to her feet….)


(Fans all screaming as Lady Tiger writhes on the mat.)

Mutt: She hurt her back, she hurt that hip, and her pride will be hurt in a minute!

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Mutt: Andrea Chandler dizzily getting to her feet. She’s clutching her jaw as she picks up Lady Tiger. If Tiger EVER was a 100% coming into this match, she ain’t gonna leave that way!

(Fans all on their feet as Andrea Chandler points down at the middle of the ring.)

Bishop: Andrea with a Front Face Lock and hits a reverse neckbreaker! Now Andrea back up to her feet, and slapping on another Face lock for ANOTHER Neckbreaker!

Mutt: Andrea back up, and *connects* with yet another!

(Fans all screaming as Andrea Chandler sits up from the mat, and smiles.)

Bishop: Oh no! Andrea up to her feet, and pulling up Lady Tiger. Andrea Chandler WITH A MILITARY PRESS….TOSSES TIGER UP AND SLAPS ON A WAISTLOCK FOR THAT DIAMOND DRILL PILE DRIVER.

(Some fans cheer but most boo as Lady Tiger lays motionless on the mat.)

Mutt: Who’s the #1 contender now, Bishop?

Bishop: oh no. Andrea straddling Lady Tiger’s chest and withdrawing her sunglasses from her trunks…

(Fans all booing as Andrea Chandler poses over Lady Tiger.)

Mutt: And here’s the count!

Ref: ……………………………………………………1




(Fans all boo as Andrea Chandler laughs over Lady Tiger.)

Bishop: Lady Tiger is dazed, and…What the hell? She’s grabbing Lady Tiger by the face and…

(Andrea Chandler pulls out a small blade from her boot and begins to slice the strings on the back of Lady Tiger’s mask.)


Mutt: And here comes Micki Duran! Duran nailing Charlotte from behind as Tiffany Chandler and Sally McClane begin stomping away!

(Fans all screaming as Andrea Chandler begins pointing out at Charlotte La Mancha.)

Bishop: Here comes Rekka Sakura! But Sally McClane in her way… but Rekka with a Karate Chop!

(Fans cheer as Sally McClane hits the floor!)

Mutt: Tiffany Chandler in the fray, and now Duran and she beating down Rekka!

Bishop: Andrea Chandler slapping Tiger around in the face….AND SHE TAKES OFF LADY TIGER’S MASK! ANDREA HAS THE MASK!

(Suddenly, a MAJOR crowd pop as Radhi Ananda comes running down the aisle!)

Bishop: Andrea leaving the ring, and Jungle CLOTHESLINES Tiffany! And now she and Duran are going at it! Sally McClane joining the fray, and we have a riot!

Mutt: Micki Duran calling on Andrea, and they have a 4 on two situation! Duran holding up Rekka Sakura, and Tiffany Chandler pummeling her. Andrea Chandler trying to leave ringside, but here comes Jungle! Andrea and Radhi Ananda fighting all the way back to the locker room area. I love it!

Bishop: Lady Tiger in the ring, and the ref has her face covered.

Mutt: Sally McClane WAS right…she IS that ugly!

Bishop: OH no!

(Fans all screaming as Micki Duran and Tiffany Chandler leave ringside.)

Mutt: The Syndicate thought of everything. They knew someone was gonna attack and defend Tiger. This entire match was a set up to steal Lady Tiger’s mask! Ha! Tiger, let’s hear you roar now.

Bishop: Fans, let’s move on to our championship match up.

Allan: Our next match should be a classic! The Hyena Queens are eager to reign supreme, you might say, in the early stages of their tenure as champion. Your thoughts, Congo Paul?

 Congo: Early is a matter of perspective, Bishop. In my mind, the reign of the Hyena Queens is in its latest possible stage, because the mob darlings of the GDWA, the Suicide Blondes, are going to take away those titles tonight. And just in time for the big wedding!

Allan: I’m still waiting for my invitation to arrive in the mail.

Congo: Don’t hold your breath, microphone jockey!

Allan: (clears throat) Here’s Spud with the call.

GDWA Tag Team Championship: Hyena Queens vs. Suicide Blondes


(Fans boo **INCREDIBLY** loudly as ‘My Way’ by Sid Vicious erupts over the PA. The camera stays fixed on the backstage curtain for a few moments, then it’s swiped aside by Ma Porter, wearing her one piece wrestling gear with the strap over the left shoulder. The Blondes emerge one at a time, and they each wear a t-shirt that reads _______ across the front.)

Allan: The Blondes are the GDWA equivalent of Hannibal Lecter. They’re so damn good at psychological warfare.

Congo: Yes, and if you’re not careful, they’ll eat your liver with some Fava beans and a bottle of Chardonnay! That film was an underdog to win an Oscar, but my money is on the Blondes to take home the gold tonight!


Allan: Looks like McMillen will star t out this match with Taylor Monroe of the Blondes. Monroe is…posing for the Technician, a psychological or stalling tactic, I would suggest.

Congo: And the two lock up. No, Monroe sidesteps and gives us another pose. Terry looks impatient to get it on, but that’s probably how the Blondes want her to react.

Allan: McMillen charges Taylor, but Taylor ducks a clothesline and…Does the vogue?!

Congo: Technician is fed up, she connects with a neck snapping clothesline!

(Crowd pops as Monroe hits the canvas!!)

Congo: And Terry is all over Monroe, hammering her with punches. The Blonde is hauled to her feet! A snapmare. Now Terry yanks back on Monroe’s arms and plants her knee squarely in Taylor’s back.

Allan: We’re seeing a kind of modified surfboard hold, and Monroe’s legs are stomping the mat in frustration.

Congo: I think that’s pain, not frustration, Bishop! The Blondes are the cucumber team.

Allan: What?!?

Congo: As in “Cool as a….”. Nothing rattles the Suicide Blondes.

Allan: Well, Taylor Monroe is getting rattled pretty well right now, as Technician releases the arms, but applies a chinlock.

(Crowd boos as Ma Porter hops up on the ring apron)

Allan: What’s this? I knew Ma Porter wouldn’t be content just standing around ringside for very long.

Congo: The ref is arguing, threatening to send her backstage…and meanwhile, BJ Ross sneaks into the ring and stomps McMillen who is forced to release the chinlock. I love the classics, don’t you Bishop?

Allan: I’m not sure that we’d agree what the classics are. Now Powerbomb has entered the fray and she’s nailing BJ with body blows. BJ counters with a headbutt and Ma jumps down off the apron.

Congo: Meanwhile, Taylor has just nailed McMillen with a jawbreaker! The ref is trying to sort out just who is legal, and on the outside Ma is laughing at the Hyena Queens!

Allan: Taylor throws the Technician to the outside, so I guess the ref will have to settle for BJ and Basset being the legal women in the ring. Taylor delivers a few well-placed kicks to Powerbomb, but goes back to her corner.

Congo: And Ross has Angela in a choke! The ref, giving a warning…

Allan: And Ma Porter on the outside, “helps” Terry get back into the ring, but not before she gives her a vicious cheap shot to the throat!

(Crowd boos!!!!!)

Congo: BJ and Bassett now, battling for control as Angela gets to her feet. Ross slaps on a wristlock. The Blonde has the leverage advantage, but Bassett is so powerful…

Allan: She begins to turn it around, and Ross is…Ross with a yank of the hair, and Angela is flat on her back!

Congo: Baby Jane releases the wristlock and drops a forearm to the throat. She goes back to her corner and tags in Taylor.

Allan: Taylor enters the ring as Powerbomb struggles to get up, and Taylor…clips Angela’s leg!!!

Congo: Now Taylor raises her arms in the air! Listen to this crowd boo! And Taylor lies down and applies a leg scissors!


Allan: She’s trying to cut off the flow of blood to Powerbomb’s brain.

Congo: She needn’t bother, Bishop. Angela Bassett’s brain probably runs on molasses.

Allan; In any case, Taylor is really applying that pressure. She’s probably trying to sap Bassett’s energy to be able to apply the team’s finisher, the Suicide Stunner. Congo: And what would that make this leg scissors, then? The Suicide Squeeze?

Allan: Hey, the all-star game was last week. Bassett is really struggling to escape.

Allan: I think Technician is tired of wrestling this match according to the Blondes’ rules! She grabs a chair from our Spanish announce table!

Congo: Hasta La Vista, Baby Jane!

(Crowd noise swells in anticipation!!)

Allan: No! Ma Porter is blocking Terry’s way back to the ring, and there’s no way the Technician is going through the big Mafioso!

Congo: McMillen throws the chair to one side, but has words with Porter as she hops backup on the apron. Powerbomb has reached the ropes with her foot, so the ref forced the break. Both women on their feet now, but Powerbomb is wobbly.

Allan: Taylor runs at Angela, but Angela sidesteps. Monroe, off the ropes, and into an armdrag takedown from Bassett. The Powerbomb, with a second wind!

Congo: Second, but last. Monroe is right back on her feet.

Allan: But Powerbomb with a *hard* standing dropkick! She’s a little disoriented, but she’s wandering in the right direction to make the tag.

Congo: But Ma Porter trips her from the outside!!!! Ventured a little too close to the side, and Ma took advantage! Now there’s a great Mother-in-Law!

Allan: Don’t say the word “Law” too loudly with her around!

Congo: Monroe follows up with an elbowdrop to the back of Bassett’s head. And another. She backs into the far ropes…spinning heel kick!

Allan: Blocked by Bassett! Monroe crumples to the mat! The crowd is on its feet!

Congo: And Powerbomb makes the tag!!!

(Crowd pops *HARD*!!!)

Allan: Technician immediately climbs to the top rope and comes in with a…Hurricanrana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some aerials from the Technician!!!

Congo: And Terry is all over Taylor like white on rice, if you’ll forgive the allusion. She picks up Monroe for an Irish whip. Monroe bounces off…back body drop!!!


Congo: As we reach the halfway point, Terry McMillen is hustling

Taylor Monroe into unfriendly territory. She pounds Monroe’s head into her corner’s turnbuckle!

(The fans count: 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9..10!!!)

Allan: Taylor’s getting her bell rung in there, and now the ref is warning off McMillen. McMillen is arguing with him. And while his back is turned, Powerbomb is choking the life out of Taylor with that tag rope! Turnabout is fair play! Ma Porter is trying to get the ref to turn around!

 Congo: And Powerbomb drops the rope just in time to avoid being caught! The Hyena Queens are downright ruthless opponents!

Allan: Now Terry tags in her partner, and Powerbomb enters the ring. She seems to have shaken out most of the cobwebs. Bassett, draping Monroe’s neck on the top rope. She climbs to the other side of the ropes…and drops from the apron to the floor, snapping Monroe’s head!

Congo; My word! A modified Stun Gun from Angela Bassett! Now Taylor…DEAR LORD!!!!


(CROWD BOOS LIKE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Allan: The Blondes better be disqualified for that!!!!

Congo; Get real, Bishop! This is a World Title match. The fans want it, you and I want it, all the wrestlers backstage want it. It would take something big for the ref to issue a DQ in this one.

Allan: But he’s not gonna let Porter get away with that…he’s kicking her out!!! Ma is trying to plead her case, but the Ref is telling her to leave ringside.

Congo: Now Ma is shouting and turning red as Terry checks on her partner! Security comes running down the aisle!!! This is too much, they better not get in Ma’s way, or she’ll squash ’em like bugs!

Allan: She threatens to hit a security guard, but I don’t think she wants to spend the night in the slammer. Not that it would be the first time, I’m sure.

Congo: Cooler heads had better prevail as Terry enters the ring to take on BJ Ross. Speaking of cool, here comes the coldest heart in the business!!

(Fans boo ***INCREDIBLY*** loud as Nikita Marx jogs down to ringside)

Allan: And Nikita is getting in between Ma and these guards. Brave woman! And Ma seems to have cooled down; Nikita is leading her backstage

(Fans continue to boo as Ma heads backstage, glaring at ringside fans)

Congo: That leaves just Terry and Angela against BJ and Taylor. Right now, BJ and McMillen are locking up: I’m sure neither one is legal right now, but the ref certainly had his hands full dealing with Ma Porter.

Allan: Powerbomb is still struggling to get to her feet. The damage has been done. Baby Jane, with a kneelift to Terry’s stomach. And another. Now a slap to McMillen’s face.


Congo: BJ bounces off the far ropes and connects with a flying forearm!!! Now BJ is signaling for Taylor to go to the top rope.

Allan: What’s this gonna be? BJ picks up Terry and executes backbreaker with her knee! THIS IS GONNA BE THE HYENA’S FINISHER, THE BIG THROWDOWN!!!!

(Crowd is screaming!!)

Congo: But Powerbomb grabs that chair that McMillen threw aside earlier!! She’s into the ring!! Taylor is perched on high!!!


(Crowd heat ^intensifies^!!!!)

Congo: The ref is calling for the bell!!

****DING**** ****DING**** ****DING****


(Fans boo and throw a ton of garbage as “My Way” by Sid Vicious blasts over the PA.)

Congo: The Queen’s, exercising their champion’s prerogative to save their belts by taking a disqualification, but that’s always a coward’s way out.

Allan: Hey, the Blondes showed more than their fair share of cowardice, even though it was a hard fought match.

Congo: Well, who wouldn’t be afraid of The Hyena Queens? They look like Mack Trucks, for heaven’s sake!

Allan: Never at a loss f or an insult, are you, Paul?

(Sam Mutt heads back down the aisle with a Coors in his hand as Congo Paul gets up to leave.)

Mutt: Great beer…okay! Let’s do this!

Bishop: You two have the easiest jobs.

Mutt: No, Dalbello Rage has the easiest job. (Laughs!) She won’t last 10 minutes against Angela Bassett.

Bishop: Fans, this feud has FINALLY come to a head. With Dalbello’s retirement, once and for all the feud between the MISFITS and Hyena Queens may finally be put to rest…..

Mutt: After she jobs to Angela.

Spud: Wrestling Fans, our next contest tonight is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit. It is a special CAPTAIN’s match!

Bishop: Fans, this is our first Captains match in the GDWA. A Captains match is a singles contests pitting members of tag teams against each other…

Mutt: And what a match it is! Dalbello Rage saying Sayonara to America for greener pastures in Japan.

Spud: First…

(Mixed cheers as fans hear the “cryptic tune of the WU-TANG Clan’s “SECOND COMING”.)

Angela Bassett vs. Dalbello Rage

Spud: Led down the aisle by her partner ‘the Technician’ Terry McMillen! Hailing from Pine Bluff, Arkansas. She is 5 feet 6 inches, 137 pounds! One half of the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WORLD TAG TEAM Champions…’Powerbomb’ Angela Bassett!!

(The arena is cloaked in darkness as black roses fall into the ring. The Dawg Pound chants “QUEENS! QUEENS!” Ring side attendants roll out a red carpet as Spud McKenzie stares in amazement.)

Bishop: Many GDWA wrestlers are marking out for this one. Angela has had it in for Dalbello Rage for weeks now! Finally, these two get in on in Dalbello’s final GDWA contest….

Mutt: But why didn’t Terry McMillen take on Dalbello? She’s the technician.

(Bassett enters the ring wearing a two piece spandex, red on top and black on the bottom, with cowboy boots and RAGE KILLER stitched into the side of her leg. The GDWA World Tag Title shines around her waist.)

Bishop: Big Angela entering the ring, and she is a compact woman. At 137 pounds, she’s a size and force to reckon with. Dalbello is heavier, but doesn’t have half the power of Big Angela…

Mutt: But Dalbello isn’t a power wrestler. We’ll be seeing her at her best tonight, and that’s technical wrestling.

Spud: And HER opponent!

(Fans boo as they hear “Big Poppa” by Notorious B.I.G.)

Spud: In her final match up in the GDWA, she is led down the aisle by her Lauryn Rage! She is a multi federational, multi titled former champion. Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia! She is 5 feet 8 inches, 150 pounds, here is one half of the LADIES EXTREME Tag Team Champions……Ms. Perfect Dalbello Rage!

(Dalbello heads down the aisle wearing a skin tight black and brown one piece with a revealing backside and midsection.)

Bishop: Dalbello entering the ring….AND HERE COMES ANGELA!


Bishop: Angela nailing away with HARD forearm shots to the head. Terry McMillen on the outside shouting at Lauryn Rage. Bad blood everywhere.

Mutt: Angela pounding away on Dalbello who’s backed into the corner now. Dalbello is dazed as Angela rocks her with Forearm shots to the head. Now an Irish Whip into the far ropes sends Dalbello sailing.

Bishop: Dalbello bounces off as Angela comes sprinting after her…. And Dalbello with a flying Dropkick!

(Dawg Pound cheers!)

Bishop: Angela back up but Dalbello with an Armdrag Takedown! Angela back up and Dalbello with another Armdrag Takedown! Angela up a third time, and now Dalbello Irish Whipping Angela to the near ropes…

Mutt: Angela bouncing off and Dalbello with a Japanese Armdrag Takedown!

Bishop: A cover?

Ref: 1…………………………..2……………….kick out!

Bishop: Angela back up and Dalbello with a Droptoe hold into a side headlock. And Dalbello is laying all of her weight on Angela.

Mutt: OH yeah! I predict Dalbello is gonna use her leverage and weight advantage to take her down to the mat as often as possible. Dalbello always wanted to display her technical ability, and now in singles competition she’s getting her chance.

Bishop: Angela powering her way up to her feet, slapping on a Waistlock and….DALBELLO RAGE WITH A STANDING SWITCH

Mutt: Belly to Back Suplex!

(Fans pop!)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Angela slow to her feet and Dalbello with a Standing Leg Grapevine….and a Clothesline by Angela Bassett! Dalbello going for that Abdominal Stretch, and Angela using brute force to counter.

Mutt: Angela with a pickup, and a High Knee to the midsection. Now Elbowsmashes to the head and now a boot to the midsection. Double Arm Underhook…

Bishop: And Dalbello locking the elbow and hooking around Angela for a Backslide pin Combination!! !

Ref: 1……………………………………2………………

Bishop: Angela with a kick out and back up to her feet, and a Droptoe hold by Dalbello into a Hammerlock. And now Dalbello sliding across her back for a Frontface lock!

(Fans cheering on her wrestling ability as Angela Bassett slaps the mat in frustration.)

Mutt: Terry is on the outside a little concerned, and I would be too! Angela is having a very hard time.

Bishop: Angela back up to her feet, but Dalbello laying on the way. Angela bullying Dalbello into the ropes, and Dalbello with a Side Headlock….


(Fans POP as Angela Bassett runs toward the ropes.)

Bishop: And Angela bouncing off the ropes for a CLOTHESLINE!

(Dawg Pound cheers as Angela Bassett stomps away at the face of Dalbello Rage.)

Mutt: Dalbello forgot how savvy Angela is as well. She may be a brute, but she DEFEATED the MISFITS to get those World Tag Straps.

Bishop: Angela is irate. A pickup now, and Angela Irish whipping, no, reversal! Angela hitting the corner hard and….Dalbello Rage comes storming in with a HARD Lariat!

Mutt: Now Dalbello nailing away with boxing combinations to the head! This is the Rage we’ve gotten accustomed to in Grand Dragon. Angela, though, so strong! She’s taking them on the chin and fighting out of the corner. Angela with Forearm shots to the head. This is HER style of match now, and…

Bishop: Dalbello with a Droptoe hold! Both women back up and Dalbello with a Hip Toss! OH my! Angela popping right back up, but Dalbello RUNNING INTO HER WITH THAT PATENTED FLYING BULLDOG LARIAT!

(Fans scream as Dalbello Rage climbs the turnbuckles.)


(Fans all cheer as she makes the cover.)

Ref: 1…………………………….2………………shoulder up!

Bishop: Dalbello with a pickup and Angela with a rake to the eyes! Angela backing away as she holds the back of her neck. Hold on….Angela with a head of steam…AND CLIPS DALBELLO’S KNEE!

(Fans boo as Dalbello Rage rolls into the corner.)

Mutt: That’s that bad knee of Dalbello’s. Terry shouting orders for Angela, and now she’s stomping away on Dalbello’s leg. Dalbello crying out as the ref breaks it up.

(Dalbello Rage lays cringing in the corner as she pulls down her knee sleeve. A tight shot of the scar tissue and surgery marks from the arthroscopes can be seen.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by….. 5 remain!

Mutt: This is a tough gal, but Angela has found that Achilles heel. Lauryn roles her out of the ring. Dalbello having Lauryn massage the pain out….and here comes Terry!

(Dawg Pound cheers as Terry McMillen tackles Lauryn Rage to the ground.)

Mutt: That dumb little girl better watch out!

Bishop: Bassett from the ring apron…DROPS A DOUBLE AXE HANDLE TO THE HEAD OF Dalbello! OH no! She slaps Dalbello’s head between her legs.

Mutt: Oh yeah! Do it! Do it!


(Fans all boing as Angela Bassett rolls Dalbello into the ring.)

Bishop: Angela in the ring, and she picks up Dalbello. Oh no! She’s going for it all….she slaps Dalbello’s head between her legs.

Mutt: She’s going for the Razor’s edge. Angela looking out to Terry, as she laughs mockingly at Dalbello. She slaps on a Waistlock and hoists her up….

Bishop: Dalbello hooking the elbows! Dalbello hooking the elbows! And….Angela buckling and Dalbello reverses it into a backslide Pin combo!

(Fans chant: 1………………………..2……………….3!!!!)

Mutt: NO, only down for a two count. Angela Bassett just WILL NOT go down! She wants this one bad…

Bishop: Both women up, and Angela nailing away with Forearm shots to the head. That Piledriver has just about taken all the life out of Dalbello. Angela with a Front Face lock….VERTICAL SUPLEX!

(Mixed cheers as Terry McMillen applauds.)

Bishop: And now Angela is going up top. Angela in the near corner as she climbs the turnbuckles. Lauryn Rage slapping the ring apron as Angela is up high.

Mutt: This will be it! Dalbello slow to her feet and……


(Fans all screaming as Angela Bassett cradles the leg.)

Ref: ………………………………………………………..1


……………………………………………………shoulder up.

 (Fans gasp!)

Spud: 1 minute remaining….60 seconds left.

Mutt: Angela stomping away on that bad leg of Dalbello Rage. She’s furious. She wants this ended. She wants to prove a point to Bassett.

Bishop: Angela with a pickup, and an Irish Whip…no!…reversal!

(Fans all on their feet as Angela Bassett runs to the far side.)



Bishop: P E R F E C T — P L E X in t h e c e n t r e of the ring!

(Fans pop as Terry McMillen and Lauryn Rage climb up to the ring apron.)


Bishop: Lauryn Rage climbing the turnbuckles as Terry storms the ring…

Mutt: Lauryn Rage catching Terry McMillen with a hurricanrana!!!!

Bishop: DOUBLE PINFALL?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?

 Ref: 1………………. ………………………………………..




(MAJOR crowd pop as the Hyena Queens roll out of the ring!)


(Dalbello Rage holds up her LEWA Tag belt as Spud McKenzie enters the ring.)

Spud: Your winner, at 14 minutes 23 seconds….and saying farewell to the fans of the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance….

(Fans chant: RAGE! RAGE! RAGE! as they hear ‘Juicy’ by Notorious B.I.G)

Spud: Ms. Perfect…….Dalbello Rage!

(The arena grows dark as fireworks go off. Lauryn Rage hugs Dalbello in the middle of the ring as Angela Bassett stares in utter dismay.)

Mutt: The Hyena Queens grabbing their belts and leaving ringside. Terry not even looking back as Angela Bassett screams at Dalbello Rage. Damn!

(Fans all pop and give Dalbello Rage a standing ovation.)

Bishop: These fans applauding in appreciation…and look at this.

(Fans all cheer as Dalbello Rage and Lauryn Rage leave the ring and head over the guard railing.)

Mutt: Can we move on. I….

Bishop: Dalbello Rage in her finest hour! Retiring as LEWA Tag Champ. OH my! Dalbello, I’m impressed. You are a fine competitor.


Bishop: Okay, ok ay!

(Fans still chanting: RAGE! RAGE! RAGE! RAGE!)

Bishop: This next match has been months in coming. Daisy, Order, Grier and Wendy Marshall all knocked out of the tourney…

Mutt: And now the underdogs go at it. And look at their styles. Browne is a high flying, freestyle brawler. Mita is a freestyle martial artist. Both employing physical, high impact wrestling that would make Sachie Yokoyama proud.

Bishop: And now they meet here tonight. Things to watch?

Mutt: Mita has shown great bursts of strength in the past. Both women are rather quick though Browne is a tall, lean grappler to Mita’s petiteness.

Bishop: Fans, let’s go to Spud.

GDWA Transnational Cruiserweight Championship/GDWA Western Heritage Championship: Keiko Mita vs. Sierra Browne

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is for the Transnational Cruiserweight Championship finals in which the WESTERN HERIAGE CHAMPIONSHIP is also at stake….this is our MAIN EVENT this week scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit!

(Fans cheer as they hear the thunder of Japanese Drums.)

Spud: First, hailing from Kyoto, Japan! She stands 5 feet 4 inches, 115 pounds, here is…’Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita!

(Keiko Mita heads down the aisle with both fists lifted toward the crowd as she stalks to the ring.)

Bishop: Mita looks intense! Can you believe, we’ve finally made it to the finals?

Mutt: And who would have guessed it would have been these two?

(She enters the ring wearing a black sports bra with silver katanas crossed over the chest and loose black karate pants. Her hands and wrists are taped up and she wears a blue brace on her leg.)

Bishop: Keiko Mita entering the ring, and I’ve got to say that this crowd is electric! Mita and Browne getting it on!

Mutt: Excuse me, but the entire wrestling world is excited. You’ve got the two hottest Cruiserweights, excluding Micki Duran of course, in the GDWA! This is gonna get physical.

Bishop: Let’s hear the intro’s for Browne….

Spud: And her opponent….

(Mixed cheers as fans hear “Brown Girl” blast through the pa!)

Spud: …Hailing from Port-of-Spain, Trinidad! She is 5 feet 10, 130 pounds. Here is your Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION….’Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne!

(Sierra Browne heads halfway down the aisle, then suddenly stops.)

Bishop: What’s going on? Browne halfway down to ringside….

Mutt: OH YEAH!

(Fans all booing as Bloody Mary comes sauntering through the ring curtain.)

Mutt: Bloody Mary escorting Browne down to ringside!

(Fans in confusion as Sierra Browne heads toward the ring alongside Bloody Mary. She enters the ring wearing a glittering gold cape. She will be wearing her gold two piece and slightly heavier, short gold boots. The WESTERN HERITAGE title shines over her right shoulder.)

Bishop: Keiko Mita is pissed off, and I don’t blame her! The second referee has come down to ringside, and here is Spud McKenzie again.

Spud: Fans, this is the final of the Cruiserweight Championship tournament. We shall crown our inaugural champion tonight for all of you to see. Before we begin, let me acknowledge the presence of the International and National GDWA Championship Committee along with President Denmark Vessey in attendance. This match shall be officiated by referees Mark Patterson and Jacob Roberts…now, I have one question to ask of you. Are you ready?

(Fans scream: YES!)

Spud: I said ARE YOU READY?!?!

Spud: Then Let’s Get Rrrrrrrrrrready To Rrrrrrrrrrrumble!

(Fans all screaming as Mita and Browne stare blankly at each other.)

Spud: First, to my right, the challenger for the Western Heritage Championship. She in a very short period of time has become one of the most prolific wrestlers in Women’s Wrestling. Wrestling through adversity and injury, this woman has reached the finals with victories over the toughest in our sport. She is your Wrestler of the Month award recipient….from Kyoto, Japan! The ‘Kyoto Crippler’…Keiko MITA!

(Fans all cheering as Keiko Mita raises her fists, absorbing the fans.)

Spud: But her opponent is just as prolific. Earning the nickname GOLDEN GIRL from her lustrous professional turn around, she has defied all odds to reach the finals of this tournament. She has defeated the legendary Officer May Order on two occasions, the incomparable Lady Tiger in the Semifinals and has even dominated in matches against Miko Azai and Big Ma Porter. She is YOUR GDWA Western Heritage Champion…from Port of Spain, Trinidad! The ‘Golden Girl’….Sierra Browne!

(Mixed cheers as Sierra Browne spins around in a circle, basking in the crowd reaction.)

Bishop: The ref inside of the ring, going over the rules as Browne complains. She pointing down to Mita’s knee, and the ref checking…



(Fans all cheer as Sierra Browne stumbles backwards.)


Bishop: Mita moving in, and nailing away with Karate Kicks to the midsection. Now Mita nailing away with shots to the left knee of Browne as she backs into the ropes. Bloody Mary slapping the mat on the outside as Browne clutches the ropes.

Mutt: The ref calling for a break, and Mita backs off….and an Eye Rake by Browne! Mita backing off and Browne with a kick to that bad knee, and now a Dropkick!

Bishop: Mita is down, but roles away. Browne waiting as Mita gets up to her feet….AND SIERRA BROWNE IMMEDIATELY WITH A ROLLING C HOPBLOCK!

(Dawg Pound cheers as Sierra Browne gets back up to her feet.)

Mutt: Mita on the mat clutching her knee, beautiful strategy on the part of Browne, taking the legs out from underneath her. This ain’t Daisy Butterfly in the ring…this is a woman who desires to be the first GDWA bi-titled champion.

Bishop: Sierra stomping on that knee, and Mita trying to roll away. Browne with a pickup and a boot to the left knee. Now a Waistlock pickup….!

Mutt: But Mita with a Side Headlock, swinging around Browne’s neck into a Headscissors….

Bishop: …but Browne, still with that Waistlock, dropping down for a…


(Fans gasp and cheer as Keiko Mita nails away with tight Karate Chops t to the face.)

Mutt: Browne was going to counter the Frankensteiner with a Tiger Driver, but Mita two steps ahead and sitting up just as Browne hit the mat.

Bishop: Mita with a pickup and draws back on Browne’s hair…and Collides into Browne with a HEADBUTT!

(Fans cheer as Mita applies a Single leg pickup.)

Mutt: Mita stomping away on the hamstring of Browne, and now sliding to the outside. She’s pulling Browne over to the near corner, and she’s got her straddled around the post! OH no! Browne begging and…

Bishop: Mita rams the knee!

(Fans cheer as Keiko Mita pull s Browne to the outside.)

Ref: …………2………………3………..4……

Mutt: Keiko now with an Irish Whip, no! Browne locking the arms, turning around, and HIP TOSSING Keiko Mita onto the floor! Keiko back up and…DODGES the Dropkick!

(Fans cheer as Sierra Browne hits the floor.)

Ref: ……………………6…………………7………….

Bishop: Keiko with a pickup, and rolling Browne into the ring! Mita climbing through the ropes, and now a Single Leg pickup….

Mutt: But Browne taking advantage and grabbing a handful of hair for an Inside Cradle by Browne….1….2…..kick out!

Bishop: Both women back up, but Mita a little quicker. Mita nailing the midsection with a Karate Kick, now the back, now the back of the knee, and she’s pummeling Sierra Browne with those Muy Thai Leg Kicks!!!

Mutt: Browne hits the mat!

(Fans pop and Keiko Mita runs toward the far ropes!)

Mutt: Mita bouncing off as Browne gets to her feet…

Bishop: and MISSES the Swinging Double Axe Handle. Mita ducking and heading for the far ropes. Browne running for the opposite end, and we’re gonna have a collision.

Mutt: Both women meeting in the middle of the ring and Browne with a Somersault….

Bishop: …right into a Spinning Back Fist…

Mutt: NO!….Browne with a Waistlock and a *snapping* GERMAN SUPLEX!!!

Ref: 1…………………………2…………………kick out!

(Fans all cheering as Sierra Browne gets to her feet.)

Bishop: Browne with a single leg pickup….and Mita kicking her away! Both women back up and Browne rolling to the outside.

(Fans boo as Sierra Browne confers with Bloody Mary.)

Ref: 1………………………….2……………

Mutt: Sierra Browne very smart. She’s not lost any points, but hasn’t gained any either. SO what does she do? Take a breather, readjust and reconsider.

(Fans cheer as Keiko Mita drops down to one knee and raises her arms.)

Bishop: Browne back in the ring, and the ref holding off Mita. Browne and Mita encircling each other, and now a Collar and Elbow tie up…no! Browne with a Droptoe hold and a leg scissors.

Mutt: Mita scrambling around trying to find the ropes, and this is great stuff from Sierra Browne. Mita looking lost on that mat as she tightens on those scissors.

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 20 remaining.

Bishop: But Browne is inept on the mat, and so she releases…only to drive her knees into Mita’s left leg! Mita rolling away, but Browne with a single leg pickup….and she nails that knee with a standing Legdrop!

Mutt: Browne up again, and now a pickup. Browne with a European Uppercut…

Bishop: But Mita firing back with Karate chops! Browne with the leverage advantage, and Mita backs off. Browne nailing away with more European Uppercuts as Mita backs into the near corner. Browne moving in…

Mutt: And a Crescent Kick from the challenger! Browne is dazed, and now Mita moving in with Karate Chops! Browne is dazed, and Mita with more Muy Thai Leg Kicks!

(Dawg Pound barks as Sierra Browne falls to the mat.)

Bishop: Mita quick to the second turnbuckle, jumps, and HITS the Leg Drop to the upper body!

(Fans all cheer as Keiko Mita cradles the leg.)

Ref: 1………………………2……………..Foot on the rope!

Mutt: Horrible ring positioning from the challenger. If she wants to win this, she can’t make rookie mistakes.

Bishop: Mita up to her feet, and Sierra is STILL dazed. Mita with a pickup, reaching behind Browne and slapping on a Crossface…AND SIERRA BROWNE WITH A STONE COLD STUNNER!

(Hardcores cheer as Sierra Browne shakes her head.)

Mutt: Sierra scouting so well. Now she picks up Mita, and tosses her into the near corner. Browne nailing away with European Uppercuts, and Mita is dazed. Notice how Browne has compensated for a shift in momentum. She’s forsaken the leg for the head.

Bishop: Mita lacking the reach to fire back, and she’s dazed. Browne such a showwoman, pointing out to the Dawg Pound and she jumps up for a Headscissors…AND FRANKENSTEINS KEIKO MITA OVER THE TOP ROPE ONTO THE RING APRON!

(Mixed cheers as Keiko Mita hits the floor.)

Ref: ………………………2………………………………3.

Mutt: And Sierra Browne climbing up the turnbuckles. Mita is tough, as she is rolling around on the floor. But Browne is up, as she waits for Mita to get to her feet. Mita barely up as Sierra jumps…


(Fans all cheering as both women lay on the floor.)

Mutt: Keiko Mita diving out of the way at the last moment…oh my! She’s getting to her feet now, and rolling into the ring…and SHE’S going up top now!

(Fans all on their feet as Keiko Mita climbs the turnbuckles.)

Ref: 1…………………….2…………………………3…..

Bishop: Mita up high! Mita up high! Browne clutching her left knee as she rolls around on the floor and….


(Fans all erupt!)

Bishop: Bloody Mary coming over, and Mita calling on the ref. Those two are arguing, and Mita with a pickup…and a KARATE CHOP!

Mutt: Browne is hurt! Mita with an Irish Whip, right into the guard railing! Browne falling to her knees, and Mita moving in. Mita with those tight Karate Chops to the face, and Browne’s lip is busted.

Ref: 7…………………………….8…………………..

Bishop: Mita rolling Browne into the ring, and Mita climbing up the turnbuckles. Sierra looks out of it! This could be it! She’s poised up top, and Sierra slowly to her feet…

Mutt: And here comes Bloody Mary! The ref intervening…and Keiko Mita jabbering away at Bloody Mary. Hold on! Browne stumbling over, no! Browne running for the side ropes, Springboarding off….


(Fans all cheering as Keiko Mita falls to the floor.)

Ref: 1………………………..2………………………3….

Mutt: Browne clutching her knee, but she’s getting to her feet…oh my God! She’s climbing the turnbuckles, facing the fans now. Browne steadying herself up top…..


(Fans all cheering as both women LAY on the floor, motionless.)

Mutt: Browne broke the count with that maneuver, but both she and Mita are down. Both women are hurting. Mita’s head has taken a pounding and Sierra Browne’s knees and back aren’t too good either.

Ref: 2…………………..3……………………..4…..

Bishop: Here comes Ororo Sentango down to ringside, but she was banned! The ref forcing her back to the locker room, and Bloody Mary scampering over to Browne. What the hell is going on?!

Spud: 20 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Browne with a pickup, and rolling Mita into the ring. She’s hurting badly. Browne climbing the ring steps, and entering the ring…and she collapses atop Mita!

Ref: ……………………………………………………….1



(Fans cheering as Sierra Browne slaps the mat!)

Mutt: Browne with a pickup, and an Irish Whip to the near ropes. Mita bouncing off and Browne with a High Back Body Drop….No! Mita hooking the arms for a Backslide Pin Combination!!!!

 Ref: ………………………………………………….1


………………………………………………foot on the rope! (Fans all screaming!)

Mutt: Bloody Mary up on the ring apron now…and Mita complaining to the ref…and look ‘er here!

(Fans continue to boo as Tiffany Chandler heads down the aisle.)

Bishop: Both women wearily to their feet, and Browne with a rake to the eyes! Now an Irish Whip to the near ropes, Mita bouncing off and CONNECTING with a Flying Leg Lariat!!!!

(Fans all cheering as both women lay on the mat.)

Ref: 1………………………….2…………………3………

Bishop: Tiffany Chandler and Bloody Mary eyeing each other curiously. Oh my!

(Fans begin chanting: Mita! Mita! Mita!)

Mutt: Both women prepared for everything….maybe even too much. They both attempted to exploit the leg, but the other was well prepared for it. But now Tiffany Chandler is here to help…

Bishop: But I don’t see Tiffany aiding Sierra considering she wants the Western Heritage Title for herself.

Ref: …………6…………..7……………..8…….

Bishop: Sierra up on her knees, and clutching her left leg. Mita is still dazed. Perhaps those pain killers weren’t enough after all. Both women up, and Mita with a Karate Kick….

Mutt: Ducked by Browne and she runs past Mita toward the ropes.

Bishop: Mita with a quick turnaround as Browne comes off the ropes…AND A *SNAPPING* KARATE CHOP! Browne is down, but Mita with a pickup.

Mutt: Mita nailing away with those tight Karate Chops to the face. Mita now, with an Irish Whip to the Side ropes…no!…reversal…

Mutt: And a Double reversal right into the referee!!!

(Fans all cheering as the referee flies through the ropes.)< /FONT>

Spud: 25 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Bishop: Mita is down, and Sierra Browne climbing up the turnbuckles in the near corner wearily. The second ref enters the ring as both Chandler and Mary climb half way into the ring…this does NOT look good!

Mutt: Browne is up high. She jumps….and HITS the Flying Kneedrop!!!

(Huge crowd pop as Sierra Browne hooks the leg.)

Ref: 1………………………….2…………………….3!!!!

(Fans all screaming as the ref waves off the count!)

Bishop: Browne had the tights! She’s slapping the mat in frustration, and screaming at the ref. Tiffany Chandler mocking Sierra, and Bloody Mary shouting back at Tiffany….oh my! Browne with a pickup, and nailing away with European Uppercuts…this is it! This is it!

Bishop: Mita is dazed, as she leans up against the ropes. Sierra with a boot to the midsection, and now Irish Whipping Mita to the near ropes. Browne sprinting for the side ropes as Mita bounces off……

Bishop: And Sierra Browne Springboarding off the ropes and CONNECTING with a Flying DDT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mutt: NO!!!…..Mita counters with a………..SPINEBUSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Biggest pop thus far!!!!)

Mutt: Did you see that?!

(Fans all screaming as Keiko Mita dizzily swaggers on her feet.)

Bishop: WoW! Sierra Browne rolling to the outside now, and Keiko Mita pointing down at the floor…oh no! Mita with a start and….


(Fans all cheering as both women are down.)

Ref: …………..1…………….2……………3…………4….

Bishop: Mita up on her knees, and Mary has seen enough. Bloody Mary sprinting around the corner…and Tiffany Chandler getting in her way…


(Fans all screaming as the Syndicate comes running down to ringside.)

Mutt: Mary with those Iowa Heaven punches, laying waste to Tiffany…and here comes Duran! Here comes Sally! Mary getting it from both sides now!!! We’ve got a damn riot…

Bishop: Meanwhile, Mita rolling Sierra Browne into the ring…Mita climbing up to the ring apron and….

(Fans all screaming as Dalbello Rage comes hopping over the guard railing.)


(Fans all on their feet as Sierra Browne crawl s over to Keiko Mita.)

Bishop: Mita laying on the ring apron, and Browne rolling Mita into the ring…


Ref: ……………………………………………………….1




Bishop: Dalbello Rage charging into the ring, wants to know the results. Dalbello sold out these fans!!! They cheered her earlier in her last match in Grand Dragon…how could she?

Mutt: Sally McClane holding up Bloody Mary, and Duran with a boot to the midsection…oh no! She slaps on an Inverted Front Face Lock….’End’ Diamond Cutter!!!!

(Hardcores cheer as Bloody Mary clutches her neck.)

Bishop: What the hell is going on?! Tiffany Chandler now, getting up to her feet and stomping away on Bloody Mary.

(Fans all screaming as Dalbello Rage rolls to the outside.)

Bishop: Dalbello grabbing a chair, and Micki Duran accosting her. Mita accounted for everything but the unforeseeable! OH my!

Mutt: Mita got sucker punched, but it serves her right. Sierra wrestled a superior match up…

Bishop: Mita was about to end it! Anyway, Browne getting up to her feet now. Mita is knocked out! She’s hardly moving.

Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 28 minutes 49 second! Your winner via pinfall….

(Fans chanting: MITA! MITA! MITA! MITA!)

Spud: ….and Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance Transnational Cruiserweight Champion……..

(Fans all booing as they hear ‘Browne Girl’.)

Spud: ‘Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne!!!!

Mutt: Sierra Browne calling for the belt…and the Japanese and other International administrators leaving their seats in disgust. Here comes a GDWA official with a suitcase.

Bishop: Sierra Browne has sold her soul to gold and glitz. They present her with the gold, and she is our first ever bi-titled champion. OH my! Browne with the WH title around her right shoulder, and now strapping the C-title around her waist…and now she’s climbing the turnbuckles!

(Fans all booing as Sierra Browne pats herself on the back.)

Mutt: And now they are presenting her with the tournament trophy! And look, not Daisy Butterfly, Officer Order, Wendy Marshall, Lady Tiger, Jennifer Grier OR Keiko Mita could hang!

Bishop: Rage and Mary rolling into the ring…and Mita rolling to the outside. Mary heckling Mita. The Syndicate screaming at Mary and Rage. Mary shouting back. Fans, we are all out of time. See ya on the MVP.


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