GDWA Internet Champion Micki Duran defends against Daisy Butterfly

Scene opens up on a jammed packed Cow Palace in San Francisco, California. There are 20,701 – screaming fans in attendance.  “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers.  The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by.  This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


(The arena is chanting:  ORDER!  ORDER! ORDER  ORDER!)

Bishop: Tonight, GDWA action has returned to the GDWA.  Big news regarding our next cards.  We have 3 cards before Fall Moonsault ’97 is presented.

Mutt:  And the huge news?  No title defenses allowed!  Our midcarders are getting a chance to job, I mean wrestle, for a chance.

Bishop:  And also, big news regarding the ICW Memorial pay per view. Due to Classic Championship Wrestling’s financial fall out, the pay per view has been cancelled, but we will STILL pay tribute to Internet Championship Wrestling….

Mutt:  So we have on our final card prior to the pay per view that Survivor Series match!!  Oh yeah!

(Fans all scream and boo as the video screen shows the Syndicate limousine drive up to the Cow Palace.)

Mutt:  My girls have arrived.

Bishop:  Speaking of arrived, on tonight’s card we have Melody of the Harlequins defending her ESWP TV title against ‘Sexy’ Sally McClane.  ‘Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne….

Mutt:  Stomps a big ass hole in the chest of the RACIST rookie Savannah Charles…

Bishop:  No she’s not!  And anyway, fans, we have a BIG main event tonight as Micki Duran defends the belt against Daisy Butterfly.  The Internet title up for grabs in what can only be called a blockbuster card.  Fans, we start off the night with a HOUSE of STYLES up next with MISTER Furious Styles.

House of Styles: Officer Order

(Fans pop as they hear “Hypnotize” by Notorious B.I.G.  MISTER Furious Styles comes strutting down the aisle.  He’s wearing a red and black striped tuxedo along with a top hat and sunglasses; and of course, he’s styling and profiling with his steel tipped cane.)

Styles:  Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy!  Frisco, who do you love?!

(Fans pop as MISTER Styles enters the ring.  He twirls his mic around as he points up at the video screen.)

Styles:  Now tonight, I have 3 guests.  Number 1, I have the honor of having the bi-titled Cruiserweight and Western Heritage Champion… ‘Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne on the show.

(Fans all boo as MISTER Styles claps.)

Styles:  We also are graced by the presence of Medusa Rage to the show!

(Mixed cheers as MISTER Furious Styles applauds again.)

Styles:  And my featured guest tonight, the home town favorite, she is your so called World Heavyweight Champion….

(The arena *EXPLODES* as fans chant:  ORDER!  ORDER!  ORDER!  ORDER!)

Styles:  Officer Order, yes….

(Fans all cheering as MISTER Furious Styles shakes his head.)

Styles:  So let’s start out with the luckiest woman alive, your WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Officer May Order.

(The arena jumps to their feet and cheers as they hear ‘Bad Boys’ by Inner Circle.)

Bishop:  This arena is ecstatic.  The home town hero has come to show off their World Title!

Mutt:  How damn melodramatic.

(The house light dims as Red and Blue flashing lights fill the arena. After a moment or two, Styles looks around wondering where she is as a single spot flashes down to the Dog Pound where Officer Order sits on Martial Law’s shoulder among a sea of Police Uniforms who take up every seat in the Dog Pound)

Order: First off I want to thank a  few of my friends from Police Department’s all around California for being here tonight, They do a tough job every day of the year  Let’s give them a hand everyone …

*Crowd pops, as the spot grows to show that the pound is filled with cops*

Order:  and thank you Mister Styles for having me on tonight!  We all know how much Mister Styles Loves the police!

*Cops in the pound begin to laugh loudly as the rest of the crowd pops while Styles looks annoyed*

STYLES: How do you feel now that you’ve finally won the World Heavyweight title?

Order: I want everyone to understand something, I’m not here for the title… I’m not here for the cash, I’m not here for the fame. There is one reason I’m in the GDWA and one reason only, that’s the FANS!

*Crowd Pops hard as Order points out to them. Several kids begin to run down to the Pound, two carrying signs which read “Double O – OUR HERO” and “Order CHAMP 4 LIFE”*

Order:   When the kids at home tune in to the GDWA I want them to see me win and know that I’m doing it fairly! I don’t have to cheat and I don’t need a gang to back me up!  I want them to know that if I do it …  by the book … Then THEY CAN TOO!

*Crowd cheers as even more kids and a few adults stream towards the Pound, some holding up Officer Order t-Shirts, others with Signs like ” Order Rocks” and “Congrats to Double O”*

STYLES:  Didn’t you try and start your own gang of goodey-goodeys?

Order: No, I want the Heroes of the Grand Dragon to step forward and stamp out all this rule breaking and Gang banging. We don’t play that here, in the GDWA. HERE it’s put up or shut up!  HERE you either prove you got what it takes to put marks in the win column or you get beat down!  HERE it’s all about what you can do in the ring, not who you know, not about how many friends you got. HERE it’s all up to YOU!!!

*Crowd Pops as even more people come down to ringside,  some adults carrying kids too small to walk down by themselves*

ORDER: Just like when you kids get offered drugs on the playground, it’s up to YOU to say . . . NO!

* Crowd Pops as a crowd of kids surrounding Order yells “NO!” at the same time she does*

STYLES:  How do you feel about the recent decision that Sierra Brown gets to keep here title?

Order: Well, I’ll tell you … it stings just a bit. It’s like busting someone dead to right and having them get off on a technicality.   IF she should have been disqualified for unruly and unsportsmanlike conduct, then why didn’t the fight end there?  We ALL saw her GIVE UP and THEN take off with the title, it’s like she KNEW she couldn’t lose it!

*Crowd begins to yell in agreement, as Order looks pissed *

Order:  I’m not saying that Sierra had some sort of deal worked out ahead of time, all I’m saying is that IF they REALLY want to have the title held by someone who embodies the ATHLETICS of the GDWA, then they should put it too another contest !   One that’s fought BY – THE – BOOK! NO changing the rules after the match, NO front office saves!  A REAL Contest of Champions!

*Crowd cheers as even more kids stream down to ringside in front of the Dog Pound*

STYLES: Aren’t you angry with Sierra Browne? Isn’t this just another case of her trying to cheat you out of the Western Heritage Title?

Order: Look, I may not agree with her tactics and I may not like the fact that she won the Western Heritage title, but she DID beat me to get it! I got no problem with that. She also fought a lot of top level competition to get that Cruiserweight belt, and I’m not going to take anything away from that.  Honestly, there is no love lost between us but the word from the Front office is that she SOMEHOW managed not to lose the title and WE ALL have to live with that.  Personally, IF the title IS going to stand for ATHLETIC and COMPETITIVE competition, then I feel that Sierra isn’t fit to represent US!  If she is going to clean up her act and BE a Champion then I wouldn’t have any complaints. Otherwise SOMEONE is going to step up and take that title!

*Crowd ooooo’s at that as Styles begins to think he’s on to something *

STYLES:  Are you saying you’re going to take her title?

Order: Sure, I could get my  title shot now that I’ve beaten her, but like I said before I’m not here for the titles …   I’m here for YOU GUYS !

* Crowd Pops HARD as Order points toward to crowd and into the camera *

STYLES: So what’s next?

Order: well right now I’ve got my sights set on the Ironwoman Square Dance.  That’s going to be FOUR tough fights!  I’ve faced everyone but Lady Tiger before, and there is no easy win in ANY of the matches.  Daisy did it last year, so this year I’m not going to miss out on the action! After that who knows … May be I’ll start my own House Show.

*Crowd laughs along with Double O as Mister Styles does a double take. The kids in front of the Dog Pound jumping up and down *

Order: Sorry Styles, but it look like Duty Calls! THANKS EVERYONE!

*Order slips down from Law’s shoulder and walks into the crowd of kids, signing autographs, getting her picture taken, giving out hugs, and letting kids touch her new World Heavyweight Title Belt. *

Bishop:  Interesting to note that Order was the referee for the Square Dance matches last year, and now she goes in as a participant.

Mutt:  We’ll see just how well that girl can wrestle.  Double O is a Double ZERO in my opinion.

(Fans all cheering as Spud McKenzie enters the ring….)

Bishop:  Looks like we are ready to begin the night.  The ESWP TV championship is on the line.  Let’s go to Spud….

Spud:  Wrestling fans, we’re proud to present GDWA action to all of you in the Cow Palace.  Now, we ask you what is the #1 Women’s promotion in NORTH AMERICA!

(Fans shout:  Grand Dragon!)

Spud:  And what is the very best wrestling promotion IN THE WORLD!

(Fans shout:  Grand Dragon!!)

Spud:  Now fans, the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance has but one question to ask all of its fans….Are you ready!?

(Fans scream:  YES!!!!!)

Spud:  I said ARE YOU READY?!

(Fans scream:  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Spud:  Then Let’s Get Rrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrumble!!!

(Fans cheer as horns go off & Spud McKenzie stands poised in the ring.)

ESPW Women’s TV Championship: Comedy vs. Big Ma Porter

Spud:  Our first contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!

Bishop:  Let’s hook ’em up!

Mutt:  Yeah, yeah, just ring the damn bell.

(Nothing but silence as Spud McKenzie simply looks around.)

Spud:  Ahem.  Our FIRST contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.

(Silence.  Then Mike Whalen runs down the aisle and hands Spud a note.)

Bishop:  What’s going on?  Sally McClane of the Syndicate is scheduled to wrestle Comedy.

Mutt:  Hold on, sounds like Spud has an announcement.

Spud:  Fans, due to unknown reasons, Sally McClane is NOT available to compete tonight.  The GDWA and ESWP championship committees defer her title shot to the #2 contender to the ESWP Women’s TV title….

(Fans all booing as they hear ‘I Shot the Sheriff’ by Bob Marley.)

Spud:  First, led down the aisle by her manager Tony Angelo. Representing Organized Crime!

(Fans all booing as Ma Porter steps through the curtain and flips off the San Francisco fans.)

Spud: From Queens, New York!  She stands 6 feet tall, weighing in at 225 pounds.  The #2 contender to the ESWP Women’s TV title…. ‘Big’ Ma Porter!

(Fans universally boo as Ma Porter marches through outreaching hands down the aisle.  Her hair is greased back and she’s wearing a black and grey one piece with “OC” written on her left pant leg.)

Mutt:  No love for the New Yorker…

Bishop:  Porter is a notorious rival of Officer Order.  She’s hated most here in the hometown of the World Champ!  Porter climbing through the ropes, and she’s ready for Comedy.

Spud:  And HER opponent…

(Fans all booing as they hear ‘House of Fun’ by Madness!)

Spud:  Led down the aisle by her manager Tragedy.  Hailing from Sleepy Hollow, Illinois.  She stands 5 feet 2 inches, weighing in at 122 pounds, here is the ESWP Women’s Television Champion…… Harlequin Comedy!

(Mixed cheers as Comedy heads down the aisle, falling back in laughter.  She encircles ringside wearing clown face paint, striped- unmatching red, blue and orange clothing and the ESWP Women’s TV title around her waist.)

Bishop:  This is the first cross promotional match up pitting a GDWA wrestler and an ESWP wrestler for a title.

Mutt:  And why isn’t Sally McClane wrestling?  Did Organized Crime attack her before the match?  Both Porter and McClane were contenders for this belt…and you KNOW OC doesn’t get along with the Syndicate.

(Comedy enters the ring to mixed cheers as Ma Porter stands in the far corner, rolling her head about her shoulders.)

Bishop:  The ref taking the belt, and holding it up for all to see. WoW!  Porter is ready!  And can you imagine the pressure.

Mutt:  Hey, we already have those damn Cherry Bombers on our back, don’t go antagonizing ANOTHER Promotion. And ESWP is actually a pretty good organization.

Bishop:  The ref has spoken to both women, let’s hook ’em up!


Bishop:  Comedy pointing and laughing at Ma Porter who isn’t amused one bit…now a Collar and Elbow tie up…AND MA PORTER…..!

(Fans all >>>GASP<<< as Ma Porter hoists up Comedy into the air and holds her.)

Mutt: Ma Porter has her elevated….AND SLAMS HER INTO THE MAT!

(A few cheers as all other fans boo.)

Bishop:  Comedy rolling into the ring ropes, and her manager Tragedy advising the champion.  Comedy is the size of a Cruiserweight, and shouldn’t go toe to toe with big Porter!

Mutt:  Comedy back up and another tie up, no, a Standing Switch and now a Drop Toe Hold.  Porter is down, and now Comedy with a Reverse Chinlock…

Bishop: hold on!  Porter forcing her way to her feet.  Porter back peddling into the ropes, and Comedy jumping up and OVER the top rope.

Mutt:  What agility!

Bishop:  Porter turning around and Comedy with a modified Stun Gun!

(Mixed cheers as Ma Porter stumbles backwards.)

Mutt:  Comedy catapulting herself back into the ring and connects with a flying Sleep hold!  Porter getting put to sleep, and Comedy showing off some ingenuity.

(Dawg Pound cheers as Ma Porter flails her arms around wildly.)

Bishop:  Porter working her way toward the ropes, and Comedy still piggybacking Big Ma.  AN 8 inch difference in height between the two. Porter into the ropes, and the ref forces the break.

Mutt:  Comedy now, firing away with right hand jabs to the head, and Porter unaffected as she leans dazedly up against the ropes.  Comedy Irish Whipping Big Ma to the far ropes….

Bishop:  No! Big reversal as Comedy is sent hurtling toward the far ropes.  Porter with a head of steam as Comedy bounces off and…

Mutt:  Comedy ducking the Porterline, hooks the arm, swings around the shoulders and slaps on a Front Face Lock…

Bishop:  DDT!!!!!

(Fans cheer as Comedy hooks the leg.)

Ref:  1………………………………………….



 Kick out!

Bishop:  Comedy with a pick up, and a Side headlock with a Standing Leg Grapevine….SIDE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP!!!


Ref:  ……………………………………………………..1


……………………………………………………Kick out!

(Dawg Pound cheers while Comedy slaps on a Frontface lock.)

Spud:  5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.  10 remain.

Mutt:  This is a great Lady Tiger strategy.  Utilize speed and athletic ability to neutralize Porter’s size and strength…and conversely, Porter looks lethargic in the ring.  She wasn’t ready I don’t think!

Bishop:  Porter could make history by becoming the first GDWA wrestler to hold a non GDWA title.  And she could do it in our territory as well.

Mutt:  Porter slapping the mat, trying to get some circulation going. I tell ya, Porter needs to regroup here.  Use her weight and superior strength.  Comedy looks especially small in comparison to most of our GDWA Superstars.

Bishop:  Porter is down, and Comedy looking out to the fans, just laughing!  And can you believe, the fans despise Porter so much, they are cheering this clown on?

(Fans begin to grumble as Ma Porter gets up to her knees.)

Bishop:  Porter fighting her way up, and she grabs the tights as she gets up to her feet.  Comedy looks concerned as Porter looks out to the Dawg Pound enraged and….


(Fans all gasp as Ma Porter sits on her knees, sneering.)

Bishop:  Comedy is hurt!  Porter up to her feet and dropping an Elbow to the upper body.  Porter up again, measuring Comedy, and dropping a second elbow!  Now a Side headlock, and Comedy is down on the mat.

(Fans chanting: ORDER!  ORDER!  ORDER!  ORDER!)

Mutt: Porter grinding down on that headlock and Tragedy is slapping the mat.  Tony Angelo calling out to Porter as she gets up to her feet.  Porter heading into the near corner, and ramming Comedy’s head hard!

Bi shop:  Porter with a headbutt, and Comedy is stunned.  Porter with a handful of hair and…TOSSES HER HALFWAY ACROSS THE RING!!!

(Fans boo as COMEDY rolls around the mat and clutches her neck.)

Bishop:  Porter with a head of steam as Comedy slowly gets to her feet and….MA PORTER WITH A PORTERLINE!!!!

(Fans all booing as Comedy hits the mat hard.)

 Ref:  1……………………….2…………….STRONG KICK OUT!

Mutt:  Porter with a pick up, and Irish Whipping Comedy to the near corner.  Porter with a head of steam….AVALANCHE!!!

(Fans all booing as Ma Porter mockingly calls on Sally.)

Bishop:  Porter with a pick up, and….

Mutt:  Comedy with an Inside Cradle!!!!

Ref:  1………………..2………………3…no, kick out!!

Bishop:  Both women up to their feet, and Porter with hard right hands.  Comedy falling to the mat, and Porter with a Standing Elbow Drop….

Mutt:  MISSED!

(Fans pop.)

Mutt:  Comedy is worn out.  She’s tired, but with great presence of mind to roll out of the way.

Bishop:  Porter back up, measuring Comedy and…MISSES the Elbowdrop! And now Comedy up to her feet, and stomping away on that left arm of Porter.

Spud:  10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.  5 remain.

Mutt: Comedy with a Single Arm pick up and…

Bishop: AND slaps on the Wakigatame!!!

(Big pop from most t fans as Ma Porter flails around the mat.)

Mutt:  Porter is hurting!  Porter is hurting!

Bishop:  Porter flailing around the mat, and this is what we may see later from Daisy Butterfly.  Porter sliding into the ropes, and Comedy giving up too much weight and position to maintain the hold.

Mutt:  The ref forcing the break, and now Comedy with a pick up. She rakes the eyes, and Irish Whips Porter to the far corner.  Comedy with a head of steam….

Bishop:  AND A HANDSPRING ELBOW….oh no!!

(Fans all screaming while Comedy walks out of the corner.)

Mutt:   No affect!  Porter sprinting out of the corner as Comedy walks off with her back turned and….


(Dawg Pound boos as Ma Porter gets to her feet.)

Bishop:  Comedy is down, and Porter jumping up to her feet and a drops a STANDING Headbutt to the ribs of Comedy!  Porter up again, and again Porter with that Standing Headbutt!!

(Fans all booing as Ma Porter backs into the near ropes.)

Mutt:  Porter bouncing off….AND NAILS THE GIANT SPLASH!!!!!!!!!!

(Fans all screaming as makes the lateral press….)

Bishop:  The ref sliding into position…oh no!

Mutt:  Here’s the count!

Ref:  ……………………………………………………..1



Bishop: Ma Porter jumps up to her feet and points out to the Dawg Pound.


Bishop:  I can’t believe this. The ref raising Porter’s hand in victory, and Tony Angelo entering the ring.

(Fans booing as they hear ‘I Shot the Sheriff’ by Bob Marley.)

Spud:  Wrestling fans, at 12 minutes 35 seconds, your winner via pinfall….and NEW ESWP Women’s Television Champion…..

(Fans all booing as Ma Porter slaps the belt around her shoulder.)

Spud:  ‘Big’ Ma Porter!!!

(Fans all booing as Nikita Marx and the Suicide Blondes come down ringside and applaud Ma Porter.)

Mutt: Ma Porter winning her first belt, and it isn’t even a GDWA title…what’s going on!?  Sally McClane would NOT have missed this match.

Bishop:  Porter with a cheesy smile on her face as she flips off the GDWA fans.  She hates San Francisco, and it is especially a slap in their face that she won the title in this city.

Mutt:  I can’t believe it!  Porter has made history.  And Double O, you can go to hell!

(Fans all booing as Ma Porter leaves ringside with Organized Crime.)

Bishop:  Fans, we’re gonna take you to some action from action from Cherry Bomb Pro Wrestling.  Dalbello Rage faced Tiffany Chandler just a few weeks ago.  Let’s take a look at that action…

————————CHERRY BOMB PRO —————————–

Dalbello Rage vs. Tiffany Chandler

Johnny:  Our main event of the night promises to be a really exceptional match.    Allot of GDWA history is on the line here, Chandler v. Rage, Syndicate v. Age of Rage, newcomer v. veteran. Dalbello will have an unpleasant surprise waiting for her if she thinks this is still the GDWA though.  WE will not tolerate actions like her recent interference in the Sierra-Mita cruiserweight battle.

Razor:  And to think I was under the impression we were all in this together, C-Pro a regional league of GDWA?

Johnny:  We are, more or less.  But that doesn’t mean we have the same lax, anticompetitive attitude as many in the GDWA front office. Over there massive gang fights in title matches mean ratings, so they don’t try too hard to stop them.

Razor:  I doubt we’ll have that to worry about in this match.  The experience of Dalbello against the power of the younger Chandler.  My bets on Dalbello.  Tiffany is smart, but she thinks too much.  I’m betting she’ll get in there, see another Rage across the ring from her and remember getting munched by Medusa Rage.

Johnny:  I’m not so sure.  Tiffany has enough confidence to go out on her own without the Syndicate around.  She’s arrogant and high handed, but she can wrestle.  Let’s go down to the announcer for introductions.

[Toshio:  Ladies and gentlemen, this is our MAIN EVENT!  Set for one fall with a 30 minute time limit.  Coming out first, she’s 5’6″ and 138 lbs.  Hailing from Yale University… .’Brilliant’ Tiffany Chandler!] [Fans boo as the blonde haired Tiffany walks out, wearing a conservative, business like blouse and shirt.  She turns up her nose at the fans, walking aloofly to the ring.  Once in the ring she removes the business garments to reveal a black top and tight shorts, her midriff exposed.]

Johnny:  No doubt about one thing, she seems calm enough.  We’ll see if it’s real or a front soon though.

[Toshio:  Our next combatant is no new comer to the ring, having won titles all over the globe.  She’s 5’8″ and 150 lbs., hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  ‘Ms. Perfect’ Dalbello Rage!] [Mostly boos, but some cheers from the crowd as first a young cocoa skinned woman comes out, followed quickly by the older Dalbello, her pale brown skin setting off her thick black hair cut in a bob.  She wears a bandeau top and black spandex cycle shorts.  A choker surrounds her neck, three small chains connecting the choker to the top, three more fine chains link the top to the front of the shorts. A black athletic sleaze covers her left knee and a black glove is on her right hand, black boots completing the outfit.]

Razor:  See?  Not all boos, Japanese fans can appreciate skill.  And Dalbello has had a great career over the years.  The question now being, is she too old and has she accomplished too much to still compete. The woman with her is Lauryn Rage, Dalbello’s protégé.

Johnny:  We’ll find out soon enough.  The flowers are given and passed out of the ring without incident for once.

Razor:  Dalbello and Tiffany are both looking very calm and focused. They aren’t going to waste time with distractions.


Johnny:  and we’re set to begin!  Dalbello and Chandler both coming out cautiously.  They’re ready to lock up!  No…Wait…Tiffany backing away, taking a moment to adjust her outfit.

Razor:  Mind games from Tiffany, but Dalbello’s not buying it.  I’m sure Tiffany has a lot of tricks left though.

Johnny:  they are back in the center of the ring again, locking up collar and elbow, Tiffany Chandler with a SLAP!  Taunting the older Rage…THAT got Dalbello’s attention…who comes back with a hard boxing jab, then another! It’s didn’t take long for this to start breaking down.

Razor:  The veteran will not take a lot from the youngster. Chandler bailing out of the ring, slowing the pace a little and breaking the momentum.

Johnny:  Dalbello not going after her, wanting to keep this match in the ring, but Tiffany’s stalling tactics has to be annoying.  Tiffany back into the ring now and they approach again…armdrag from Dalbello! She’s older, but clearly a little faster than the younger Chandler. Dalbello pulling Tiffany up by the arm, whip into a short arm clothesline!

Razor:  Dalbello starting well, moving toward Chandler always, but Tiffany trying to slow the pace down.  Dalbello with another jab, but Tiffany with a poke to the eyes!

Johnny:  Pick up for a bodyslam, but Dalbello Rage with SMALL PACKAGE! Ref down making the count.

Ref:……………..1……………..2.kick out!

Johnny:  Nice reversal by Rage, who seems one step ahead of Tiffany Chandler.  Both are up again, HARD kick to the gut from Chandler and another pick up by Tiffany..holding Dalbello…POWER SLAM!  She PLANTED Rage with that slam, and now right into a head scissors.

Razor:  Smart strategy by Tiffany, working at wearing down the older woman.   She’s got that scissors locked in but you can see the wheels going in the mind of Rage.

Johnny:  Tiffany holding that head scissors tightly, Dalbello turning her over, punching to the thigh…that can give you a charley horse pretty fast.  Rage out the back door, reversing to hold Tiffany’s legs in a modified Indian leg lock.

Razor:  Dalbello so sneaky in there.  She’s dragging Tiffany toward the center of the ring…unwinding the legs. Boston Crab!  Turnabout is fair play, Tiffany!

Johnny:  Rage with the Boston crab in the center of the ring, putting a lot of pressure on Tiffany’s back.  The ref is down checking her, but Tiffany just pushing him away.  She’s trying to power out….she’s lifting…and out!  Great power from Chandler!

Razor:  She had little choice, it was a long trip to the ropes. Dalbello on the attack again, another eye rake from Chandler!  Tiffany with the whip into the ropes, STRONG clothesline sends Dalbello to the mat!  Tiffany kicking away at the downed Rage, trying to keep her there.

Johnny:  Dalbello up fast though, and coming right back with that boxing jab!  Now hard body punches backing Tiffany into the ropes! Dalbello could probably give boxer Christy Martin a good fight.

Razor:  The ref into separate them, notice Tiffany.  She’s taking some punishment, but she’s keeping her cool. She’s matured a lot from her first couple matches in the GDWA.

Johnny:  They are circling each other, now locking up, whip into the ropes by Dalbello, who bouncing off the ropes on the other side, Flying Dropkick…NO!  Tiffany sidestepping it and Dalbello bouncing off the mat! Tiffany stalking the downed Rage, measuring her…Elbow Drop..JUST misses as Dalbello rolls out of the ring!

Razor:  You can see how both of them have had a chance to scout each other from their GDWA days.  This makes for a match that is much more of a chess match the some of the earlier matches.

Johnny:  Dalbello consulting with Lauryn outside the ring.

Razor:  More likely just telling the kid ‘See how it’s done?’

Johnny:  And back into the ring and approaching each other…Dalbello with the drop toe hold!  She’s up fast and stomping away at the lower back of Tiffany.  We’re seeing the quickness edge of Dalbello here. Now Rage locking in a camel clutch!

Razor:  The ref checking but this is really just working on Tiffany’s lower back more.  No way will she submit this early. Tiffany working to get free..getting her arms free and grabbing the legs.

Johnny:  Tiffany is working her way up to her knees…and STANDING! SHE JUST FELL BACK AND SLAMMED DALBELLO TO THE MAT!  Amazing show of the Chandler Strength!  Now grabbing the leg of Dalbello and kicking away at that left knee.

Razor:  Dalbello has a bad knee and Tiffany obviously knowing about it. Elbow drop to the knee and Dalbello is in pain!

Johnny:  Tiffany wrapping up the legs, trying to turn Dalbello over …yes! Texas Cloverleaf and Tiffany really pulling back, punishing the knee of Rage.

Razor:  but notice, Dalbello working toward the ropes right away. Great presence of mind.  And she’s got the ropes!

Johnny:  Referee calling for the break, but Tiffany slow to release it…but finally does!  Dalbello rolling out of the ring again to give her knee a chance to recover.  We’re seeing a noticeably slower pace, neither one of these women is terribly reckless.

Razor:  When you have the rep, you don’t need to take the risks. Dalbello back in and Tiffany coming right after her.

Johnny:  Tiffany wading in with punches to the head, Dalbello coming right back with jabs and crosses!

[Crowd roars as punches are traded.]

Johnny:  Tiffany’s forearms are strong, but Dalbello’s faster and sharper…Dalbello with the go behind, waistlock..GERMAN SUPLEX! There’s the count!

Ref:…………….1……………..kick out!

Razor:  Tiffany out of there fast, those punches setting up the suplex nicely.    Tiffany getting to her feet but the faster Dalbello shooting in, grabbing the leg….DRAGON SCREW LEG WHIP!

Johnny:  Dalbello going after the leg now…KNEE BAR!  Tiffany Chandler in pain as Dalbello works that knee with the knee bar. Tiffany kicking at the face of Rage, but Dalbello just leaning back and away, putting more pressure into the knee lock.

Razor:  Tiffany Chandler using that power, working her way to the ropes now…and she got it!  Ref trying to break the hold but Dalbello taking her time…finally breaking.

Johnny:  But Chandler still in pain…both getting to their feet. Dalbello shooting in again, grabbing for a leg but this time Tiffany Chandler with then Elbow Smash to the back of the head!  Another follows and Dalbello looks dazed!  Tiffany slapping Dalbello’s head between her legs..Dalbello resisting..but Chandler showing her POWER, getting Dalbello up for the PILDRIVER!  Picture perfect!

Razor:  And the cover!



…….kick out!

Razor:  Dalbello with a strong kick out still.  Chandler grabbing the leg, stomping away on the knee again.  Elbow Drop to the knee! Tiffany’s calculating..methodical..and has a bullseye on that knee.

Johnny:  Tiffany back up, holding up that leg…going for the FIGURE FOUR!…REVERSE INTO A SMALL PACKAGE BY DALBELLO!



………………………………kick out!

Razor:  Tiffany has to be getting frustrated, Dalbello Rage the master of reversals.  So close to a pin there.

Johnny:  and Tiffany right back up and on the attack, stomping away at Dalbello….now measuring her…ELBOW DROP!  Dalbello clutching her chest, backing into the corner now.  Tiffany follows, a couple more kicks to Dalbello…but Rage grabbing the tights and pulling Chandler hard into the turnbuckle!

Razor:  Dalbello sliding out of the ring as Tiffany gets her bearings, grabbing Tiffany’s leg from under the ropes to pull her down!

Johnny:  Rage getting Chandler’s legs around the ring post…FIGURE FOUR AROUND THE RINGPOST!

[Fans rain down boos, the ref jumping out of the ring to try to break up the hold.]

Johnny:  Dalbello holding that figure four as Tiffany screams in pain, FINALLY the ref getting it broken up.  Dalbello back into the ring, and Tiffany is HURT!  Dalbello with the pickup…whip into the ropes. ….FLYING DROPKICK FROM RAGE!  Tiffany’s down, but Rage picking her up again, whipping her into the ropes, running start…

Razor:  BULLDOG LARIAT!  Dalbello is just relentless now, picking up Chandler for a side suplex!  Tiffany rolling into the corner, breathing hard now.  Dalbello after her, HARD KNEE into the gut from Tiffany, reversing to push Dalbello into the corner.  Two more hard knees hammer Rage in the corner, then Tiffany with an armdrag take down.  She’s slowing the pace, giving herself a chance to recover from that furious assault from Dalbello.

Johnny:  Tiffany really bringing her power to bear, holding Dalbello down, finally Dalbello to her feet, Tiffany with the whip into the ropes, CLOTHESLINE!  Dalbello is down again!  Tiffany Chandler with the pickup, wrapping her hand around Dalbello’s throat…


Tiffany just DRIVING Dalbello into the mat…and the cover!



……………………………………………FOOT ON THE ROPES!

Razor:  The Rage experience again, instinct guiding her even after that choke slam.   Tiffany knocking the leg off the ropes before picking up Dalbello, slapping on a front face lock…

Johnny:  VERTICAL SUPLEX..BUT RAGE FLIPING OVER TO LAND BEHIND CHANDLER! Waist lock. Tiffany breaking it with two hard back elbows. REVERSAL! Tiffany with the waistlock now. MULEKICK from Dalbello breaks the hold and she reaches back, inverted facelock…STONE COLD STUNNER!  Amazing string of moves there by both women, but Dalbello Rage just one move ahead in this human game.

Razor:  Don’t say it!  It’s one of the most tired clichés in wrestling..just…don’t say it.  That Mulekick by Dalbello very low and the ref warning her about that, but she’s slowly back on the attack.  Both women are hurting though.

Johnny:  Dalbello up first, picking up Chandler, POKE to the EYES! by Chandler, then whipping Dalbello into the ropes!  RUNNING CLOTHESLINE! She’s not fast, but Chandler packs a lot of power into those Chandlerlines.

Razor:  Oh please…Tiffany with the pick up again, a couple hard forearms as she backs Dalbello into the ropes, Irish whip, REVERSAL… Chandler into the ropes, BULLDOG LARIAT again!

Johnny:  Chandler is down, only slowly getting back to her feet as Dalbello gets her breath back.  Dalbello with boxing jabs again, Chandler’s face swollen and puffy from those punches all match long. Dalbello with the whip into the ropes, kicking Tiffany in the belly to double her over..FLIPPING OVER HER FOR A SUNSET NECKBREAKER!

Razor:  Allot like Bagwell’s top rope neckbreaker, without the top rope.  Still almost deadly.  And notice, suddenly Dalbello is after the neck.  Her targets keep changing.

Johnny:  Dalbello with the cover!




Johnny:  Tiffany still strong, bridging out of that pin attempt!  But she’s hurting.  Her whole body will be black and blue tomorrow. Dalbello back on the attack, picking up Tiffany, but Chandler grabs Dalbello’s hair, her head right under Rage’s chin as she drops down! OUCH!  That rattled Dalbello’s world.

Razor:  Tiffany slowly back on the attack.  An Elbow Drop hammers Dalbello!  Now Tiffany’s got the leg, spanning toe hold…INTO A FIGURE FOUR!  Smart wrestling, right back to the knee!

Johnny:  Dalbello writhing around on the mat, the figure four really sunk in, but going right to the ropes.  Chandler once again in no hurry to break, but finally releases the hold.  Dalbello only up slowly as Tiffany hits her with a couple of forearms.  Waist lock for a side suplex!  Tiffany making the cover, hooking the leg!

Ref:……………..1………………2…..kick out!

Razor:  Tiffany picking up Rage again, waist lock for ANOTHER SIDE SUPLEX…NO!  Dalbello twisting around AND COMING DOWN ON CHANDLER! Real veteran instincts there.

Johnny:  Dalbello up, waist lock, RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!  She must have thrown Chandler halfway across the ring!  Dalbello up and dragging Tiffany back into the middle of the ring…she’s got the leg…STF!  She’s got that cross face on and is wrenching at Tiffany’s neck!

Razor:  The referee in..he’s checking!  He looks ready to call for the bell, but Chandler fighting it.  Slowly she’s crawling closer to the ropes…can she make it!  YES!  Tiffany finally getting an arm over the ropes!

[BIG pop from the fans, the ref trying to get Dalbello to break the hold…finally it’s released.]

Johnny:  Tiffany out of the ring, stalling for time again.  That STF really had her hurting.  Chandler back in the ring now and Dalbello on top of her right away.  A couple hard jabs have Chandler reeling, but a rake of the eyes stops Dalbello in her tracks.

Razor:  Tiffany with the fast pick up, running, almost falling forward into a POWERSLAM!    It’s wasn’t pretty but it HURT!  Tiffany backing off now…breathing heavily…waiting…

Johnny:  Dalbello slowly getting to her feet…SUPERKICK!  Tiffany Chandler with a great superkick and Dalbello is down!  Tiffany Chandler waving to the fans arrogantly now slapping on a front facelock, she’s hooked the leg…TRYING FOR THE FISHERMAN BUSTER …Dalbello sagging back…SHE’S GRABBED THE ROPES!  Chandler trying to get Dalbello up, but her grip on the ropes is stopping the ‘Dunce Cap’ Fishermanbuster or this would be all over!

Razor:  OOoh…LOW BLOW by Dalbello to escape the hold.  This match was almost over right there.  Both women slow to rise, Tiffany moving forward again, kick to the ribs doubles Dalbello over.  Tiffany Chandler pushing Dalbello’s head between her legs…setting up for the PILEDRVER!

Johnny:  BACKDROP REVERSAL FROM DALBELLO!  Both women rising, Dalbello slamming jabs and crosses into Tiffany’s face!  Inverted front face lock…STONECOLD STUNNER!

Razor:  Tiffany saw it coming but could not quite block it.  Dalbello with the cover!



 ……………………………………………FOOT ON THE ROPES!

Razor:  Tiffany Chandler showing some ring awareness of her own, but she’s almost out.  Dalbello backing off now as Tiffany Chandler reels to her feet, the veteran can sense blood!

Johnny:  Tiffany turning to face Dalbello..PERFECT PUNCH!  A HARD uppercut/hook bolo style punch just leveled Tiffany.  Dalbello with the pickup, front face lock applied.  SHE’S HOOKING THE LEG!  Tiffany Chandler with a weak forearm to the gut, BUT DALBELLO LIFTS HER UP …FISHERMAN SUPLEX!!!

Razor:  That’s ‘Ms. Perfect’s’ Perfectplex, the ref counting!




[HUGE POP from the crowd as the ref calls for the bell.]


Razor:  Tiffany Chandler’s still down.  She has to be disappointed, but more than once she was so close…

[Toshio:  Ladies and Gentlemen…your winner by 20 minutes and 34 seconds…..’Ms. Perfect’ Dalbellllo Rage!] [Big pop from the crowd, a mixed reaction of cheers and boos.]

Johnny:    Great win for Dalbello.  It was tough but her experience pulled her through.

Razor:  And Tiffany put up a tough battle.  She’s smart for a rookie and was much stronger then Dalbello, she got off to a rough start in the GDWA also, she’ll be back strong.

Mutt:  Not bad!  Funny how it’s OUR GDWA superstars that are featured in their main Event.

Bishop:  Interesting.  You know, those Cherry Bomb commentators find our FREEDOM in North American problematic.  Maybe they aren’t tough enough to CUT IT here in the States.

Mutt:  Hell, you’re starting to sound more and more like me, Bishop!

Bishop:  OH boy, Heaven help us all.  Fans, let’s go to another House of Styles.

House of Styles: Sierra Browne

Styles:  Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy!  That’s the ticket, daddy!!  Now, my next guest this week is arguably the greatest Western Heritage Champion of ALL TIMES!  It’s been a long time since I done one of these with someone as damn fly as my next guest.  And let me tell you she’s much cooler than Daisy Butterfly who can kiss my ass for her stunt last week.

(Fans all booing as MISTER Styles struts around the ring.)

Styles:  No, my next guest is the craziest, supa dupa flyest wrestler going in the GDWA today.  I mean she got body like Vivica Fox.  Did ya see her on Vibe?  Damn, her headlights was blindin’ me. And that bumper!!!!  Awww, dammnnnn!!!!  But my next guest got a bumper like you wouldn’t believe.  And believe you me you may look at her like she’s a hoochie, but every one of y’all wants her coochie. I know it.  She knows it.  Give up … live and direct … from the center of every rude boy’s dreams … Sierra … “Golden Girl” … BROOOOOWWWNNNNNEEEEEE!!!

[“Brown Girl” trills as the curtains part.  Sierra Browne comes skipping out in a little gold minidresses that just brushes to the top of her thighs.  She wears a gold choker around her neck and big gold hoop earrings which set of her gold-streaked short fingergurls.  She skips around ringside, flashing her lean brown thighs at the audience, wiggling and shimmying better than Shawn Michaels could ever do.  The skirt flips and swishes, giving teasing glimpses of what’s underneath. Sierra spins up to the stand with Furious Styles, backing into him and wining.  Styles’ backs up quickly.]

Styles: Oh no you don’t.  You ain’t gonna get me in trouble on national TV.  Goddamn, though, girl.  Your back’s gotten bigger since you won the cruiserweight belt.

Sierra: I been livin’ well, doux-doux darlin’.  I ‘ave to maintain my shape for all the happy little camera fans at ringside who are just wishing they had mirrors on their shoes right now.

Styles: I just got mine polished.

[Sierra looks down at his shoes and smiles.  She steps a little closer to him.]

Styles: I think I just saw the Garden of Eden!

Sierra: It is paradise all right.  And you know what else is paradise? Being the first and the only bi-titled champion in the history of the GDWA.   Officer Order can’t say dat.  Andrea Chandler can’t say dat. Micki Duran can’t say dat.  Even the great Medusa Rage can say dat, you know.  Styles, I  ‘ave done what nobody coulda ever tink possible. I beat our current champ, Officer May Order, twice.  I done beat everybody you put in front of me.  And if I didn’t get the victory, I gave them licks like they wouldn’t believe.

[The fans boo sharply.]

Styles: I don’t think they’re happy with your success.  They’ve been booing you ever since you started winning.

Sierra: I know and it makes me sick, you know.  It makes me sick.  I tell ya, all y’a, how many times I tried to be good for you?  How many times I tried to impress ya?  And what did you do?  You cheered Officer Order.  You cheered ‘er even when she ‘it me after the bell.  You cheered when Martial Law put his salacious little hands on me.  Well, I beat May twice.  Who knows, I may just beat her again for the World Title now, too.

Styles: You certainly got that gold jones, girl.  I’ll tell you that. You got that gold jones.  Man, I still get goosebumps thinking about you going off on Keiko Mita like that.  Was that your idea or did Dalbello cook that one up?

Sierra: I decided that was how we would play things.  I got sick of being good and trying to impress people when they didn’t give two damns about me.  I tried to and tried and all it got me was burned by that crazy, broken-necked champion, Dementia.  Well, Dementia, you see what ‘appen to ya  when ya mess wit the Golden Girl.  And Keiko Mita, yes, girl, you’ll ‘ave your rematch.  When I decide you shall ‘ave it.  I take great pride in being  a champion.  I  ‘ave two belts to show for it.  And I promise you I will defend them regularly.  I have defended them regularly.  I put my belt on the line twice in that cruiserweight tournament.  I had more to lose than to gain, including ten pounds.  You think you’re going to get to me? You think I’m going to let all that go easily?  No, Keiko.  You and the rest of the challengers step right up.  I’ve got to defend this thing once every five weeks and the Great Western Heritage belt once a fortnight. You’d think I’d get sick of performing in front of these unappreciative fans.

Styles: Hell, I would.

Sierra: well, they don’t matter.  Because I have my clique.  And I have the people who respect me.  Sierra Browne is not a clown.  She isn’t somebody to just lie down for you when you want it.  No, to beat me you’re going to have to earn it no matter what.  (Shouting) And you know what, every Japanese official, committee member, sushi-server can do one thing!

Styles: What?

Sierra: They can all suck their mother’s foot!  You think changing the rules around on the Cruiserweight title will stop me?  No.  It won’t. To take this belt from me you’ll have to kill me if my schedule doesn’t do it first.

Styles: Speaking of your schedules, that’s a good point.  Are you taking on too much?  I mean can you keep up the pace?

Sierra: Can I keep up the pace?  Doux-doux, I can go all night long. You only wish you could test me on that, don’t you?  But I’ve got a team to take care of me.  I’ve got the slickest manager in all the world in Dalbello Rage.  I’ve got the slickest bodyguard in the business in Ororo and I’ve got the SICKEST, meanest partner in the business in BLOODY MARY!

[The crowd reacts in shock as Sierra smiles and nods.  She grabs the microphone from Styles’ hand.]

Sierra: Bloody Mary, come on out here, big girl and tell ’em what time it is.

Bloody Mary

[Bloody Mary enters to Allman Brothers Midnight Rider, takes her time, swaggering to the stage, taking in the audience.  She is dressed in her trademark long black leather trench coat.  Just as she enters the stage, she takes off the coat to reveal her trim down figure having lost 15 lbs. dressed in a 2 piece red muscle outfit & red wrestling boots posing, showing off her washboard abs & flexing her biceps. She hugs Sierra, then kisses Styles on the forehead, then dips him with a big kiss on the lips. Styles reacts shaking his head, half smiling.]

Styles: Damn!  What’s going on here?

Bloody Mary:  What’s going on here is the FUTURE of the GDWA!  Isn’t it AWESOME!! Ever since I entered the GDWA with my own group Wild West Management, I’ve made no secret in showing my respect and admiration for The House of Rage. They’ve been tough competitors in singles competition with Medusa I had one of my best and roughest fights ever. The old Brown Girls were tough competitors for my girls, my best friends, The High Flying Dolls. Our competitions are far from over, my other friends, The Gladiatrixes will face The New Browne Girls and no doubt The Dolls will again.  I WILL probably face Medusa, again and no doubt at some time even Sierra, here.  NOW.HOW can I possibly say I’d face Sierra and say I’m joining her as an ally at the same time?? BECAUSE. WE are the only consummate professional wrestlers in the GDWA!!  We KNOW what true competition is. We Know, that in order to dish out pain and punishment you HAVE to TAKE IT, as well.  I expect no less from Sierra and The Rages and they expect no less from me and my group. I’ve patterned a lot of my wrestling after The Rages… I was accused of this time and time again. And now I’ll admit it. There’s a saying “Immature poets imitate, mature poets steal.”, when you recognize true quality you’re a fool not to exploit and learn from it. I learned a lot watching Sierra and Medusa.  I also learned we shared a lot of the same traits…ideas for our futures…and common enemies. I knew right away we were kindred spirits.  With that how could we not ally ourselves with The United Front as we called it? BUT, that planning was with Medusa, who has solid plans of her own, right now. I wish her the best.   Then with a lot of talk between Sierra and I and our wrestling families we agreed to form this alliance.  A TRUE United Front… A True dream team for the US and the fans. And the worst nightmare ever for our competition.  I present to you BLOOD & GLORY!!!! (Mary raises Sierras hand with hers in victory then picks up Sierra)

(Crowd reacts, Sierra begins talking as the commotion subsides)

Sierra: The fact of the matter is, Furious.  The two of us fit naturally.  Mary is loyal.  Not like these fickle fans.  Mary is all right.  She walked out to my Cruiserweight championship match with a concussion to watch my back.  Tell me, does someone come any better than this?

[Sierra throws an arm around Mary and kisses her on the cheek.]

Sierra: This right here is a beautiful woman!

Bloody Mary:  And don’t forget your bad ankle, when you came down to my match!  Sierra, I just want to correct you on something you said at the beginning. YOU are NOT a bad person, you are a beautiful woman, inside and out!  You are kind-hearted.  You’ve shown that in YOUR loyalty to me. And friendship.  The fact that you’ve chosen to show a more aggressive side of yourself and let all your wrestling guile and expertise out just shows you’ve matured into the kind of wrestler I want to be proud to call my partner. The truly bad, The Syndicate, Organized Crime, The Dragon Trio, heh, had better watch out now!

Styles: So Mary, what are you going to get out of this?

Bloody Mary:  (Face to face with styles, threatening tone of voice) Styles, will you get your eyes off those mirrors and pay attention. I get the best partner I could possibly imagine, someone to look out for my back while I look out for hers when we need to.  I get a chance to elevate myself to the positions I deserve.  More respect, more shots at titles and less interference from those who couldn’t win a match on their own to save their lives.

Sierra: Hold on, hold on!  We’re going to blaze a path of glory right through the GDWA.  It’s time to elevate our games.  We’re on some next level stuff right here.  And speaking of next level.  I’d like to bring somebody else out here.  The woman who is going to try to take my championship away at Fall Moonsault, Tiffany Chandler.

Styles: What???

Tiffany Chandler

[“Higher Learning” from the Brand New Heavies plays over the sound system as Tiffany Chandler, business as usual, comes out.. she’s wearing a white blouse, with a black jacket and a black and white pin-striped shirt.  Her blonde hair is tied up in the back and she carries her briefcase.]

(Mary postures defensively crossing her arms, glaring at Tiffany)

Styles: Sierra, you done lost your mind.  Tiffany Chandler, what is going on with you, girl?

Tiffany: Mr. Styles.  Ms. Brown.  Ms. Mary.  I’m here on official business.

Sierra: Tiffany and I have made a little bet on this match, ain’t that right, Tiff?  We’ve wagered our affiliations.  See, if Tiff loses that match at Fall Moonsault, she’s out of the Syndicate!

[Huge crowd pop of disbelief.]

Styles: Damn!  That’s nasty!  And you agreed to this, Tiffany?

Tiffany: I live my life taking risks.  I don’t run the single most successful business in the United States by sitting back and watching everyone else run by.  You see, in order to make money, you have to pay money.  In order for me to win the Western Heritage Title, I needed to put up my single most valuable asset.  The Syndicate.

Sierra: Yes, that’s right.  If I lose I get thrown out of the pack. The union of Blood and Glory gets stillborn.  Do you think that will happen though?  Do you really think I’ll let that happen, Furious?

(Mary continues to glare at Tiffany, not saying anything)

Styles: You’re riding a high, Sierra.  But you got to come up short some time.

Sierra: I came up short early in my career.  I’m not lying down for anybody any more.  I promise you that.  Mary, you’ve just jumped on a wild ride, girl.  I hope you can hang on cause here we go.  Whoosh!!!

Styles: Ladies and gentlemen … the first bi-titled GDWA champion… Sierra Browne!!!!

[“Brown Girl” plays as Sierra kisses both Mary and Tiffany on the cheek and departs, still dancing for the crowd, showing off.  She pauses and beckons for Mary to join her.  Mary flexes and poses her physique, then picks up Sierra lifting her off the set.  Tiffany Chandler glowers after her on the set.]

Styles: Tiff!  I can’t believe what I’ve just heard. The Syndicate is responsible for you being here in the first place. How can you just give it up so easily?

Tiffany: Mr. Styles, I assure you that I’ve not gone into this without calculating every single risk.  I guarantee you that when Fall Moonsault is said and done, that “Brilliant” Tiffany Chandler will be still a prominent member of the Syndicate and the NEW Western Heritage Champion.

The Syndicate

[Through a nearby entrance comes Andrea Chandler, Micki Duran, and the Kingpin striding toward the ring.  They hop up onto the ring apron and slide through the ropes, with unamused expressions on their faces.]

Andrea: Tiffany…have you lost your MIND?  What on earth were you thinking?

Tiffany: Andrea.  I know exactly what I’m doing.  If you think I would set this stipulation light, think again.  You are my flesh and blood, and so is the Syndicate.  I am not going to lose this match.

Andrea: In a truly one-on-one capacity, I’d never doubt your ability to defeat that little twit for a moment.  But you’ve seen her lately, she’ll stop at nothing to win.  You do NOT make guarantees under those circumstances!!!

Micki: Look, kid…why don’t I come down to the ring, just to be on the safe side? Sierra sucks, true, but she’s got friends…

Tiffany: I don’t need any help with Sierra.

Andrea: I understand your optimism, but I’m hard pressed to agree with it. I don’t like this.  The risks are much too great.  We’re your teammates, Tiff.  You should have made this decision WITH us, not inform us about it after the fact.

Micki: No sh*t. This is a team issue, and you went outside the team. Dammit…hot-headed ass kid…

Andrea: Well, if you’re committed to this, then there’s nothing else to do but support you as best we can.  And when you’ve got the support of the Syndicate, you’ve got the best wrestling organization on the planet backing you.  That by itself poses a problem for Sierra Browne.

Tiffany: Sierra Browne will not walk out of Fall Moonsault as the winner, or as the Western Heritage champion… I guarantee it.

[All four walk off the set, as Styles stands there gawking at this turn of events.]

Bishop:  She still didn’t address the issue of Sally McClane.  Where is she?

Mutt:  Styles is getting soft.  We need a host that’ll answer the key questions!

Bishop:  Fans, we have a hell of a match up next.  Our bi-titled champ Sierra Browne up against Savannah in what should be….

Mutt:  A Squash!

Bishop:  Before we get to it though, we all know Browne defends her C-title against ‘Jumping’ Jennifer Grier at Fall Moonsault ’97.  With comments, here is the challenger.

Jennifer Grier

[The scene:  Back in beautiful Geneseo, Illinois.  The local gym, where ‘Jumping’ Jennifer Grier is working out, sweat beads lining her brow.  She is continuing her upper body workout, pressing more than previously.  Surprisingly, “Big” Rob Tucker is nowhere to be found. Jennifer speaks from underneath a set of weights.]

Grier:  It seems I finally got my match, for the title.

[Jennifer continues to press, but finally slows.  She sits up, and takes a towel from nearby, wiping her body, and tossing the towel over her shoulders.]

Grier: This is what it’s all about.  The gold.  Damn, I never thought I’d see the day where I got the chance. And Ms. Browne, don’t think for a minute that my record, or my seemingly soft reputation will allow you to take me lightly.  I’m telling you RIGHT now, you better bust your ass, because I am.  As the saying goes, “somewhere, someone is practicing, and when the two of you meet in head to head competition, she will beat you.”

Well, I’m your head to head competition, Browne.  I guarantee that I will surprise you, sending you to the mats.  No, I am NOT guaranteeing a win.  I am promising you, though, that if you don’t come prepared to meet me in the squared circle, you will be mine, along with that belt. THAT is a promise.  You BETTER be ready.

[Jennifer stands up, and takes a drink from a nearby bottle.  She adjusts her hair, and again wipes her brow.  A few steps, and she is to the leg press machine.  As she sets the weights up, she turns back.]

Grier: There seems to be a LOT of doubt on what I can do.  You’ve seen me beaten, over and over again.  You’ve seen my record fall to 2-4, yes, quite embarrassing.  You’ve seen me fallen, while everyone else around me succeeds.  Well, I’ll tell you one thing.  That’s done.  There’s a new me.  A winner.  But some things never change.  You get to knock me down, sure as HELL I’ll pop right back up, and be right in your face.

I’ve learned a lot.  Mostly from Lady Tiger and Charlotte.  A lot about winning, and having the right attitude.  But I’m not blind.  I’ve seen a lot of things happen.  I’ve seen the winners, and the cheaters, a lot of the time the same people doing both.  And I’ve thought.  Maybe my road isn’t as clear as I’d like to think.  Maybe it’s time for Jennifer to take a chair to the back of an opponent, and take a tarnished win.  A lot of thought.

[Jennifer turns her back, and begins to work again.  Lift after lift, the camera continues to shine on her.  Exhaustion begins to set in, and she again slows.  But she does not stop, as she knows the cameras are directly behind her.  Finally, she turns around.]

Grier: And you know what I’ve come up with?  Yeah, maybe I need a new direction.  I need to have a hand in the happenings in the GDWA, to have a say in what happens, and not to be just someone to toss around.  But cheat?  I don’t think so.  I won’t go down that road.  But there IS a road that I may travel, and you don’t always know where it will take you.

[Jennifer smiles, and winks as she turns once again, and continues her workout…]

Mutt:  And how smart is she?  When’s the last time SHE Wrestled?

Bishop:  She beat Savannah Charles, that’s telling.  And Browne faces her tonight.

Mutt:  Hell, if Jennifer ‘the Mexican Jumping Bean’ Grier beat this Savannah Charles, what the hell do you think Browne will do to her?

Bishop:  Anyway fans, we have that match underway!

Sierra Browne vs. Savannah Charles

Spud:  Wrestling fans, our next contest is a non-title bout scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.

Bishop:  Fans, before we see Savannah, let’s hear some comments from Sierra Browne…

Sierra Browne

[Fade in:  Sierra Browne, both title belts draped over her shoulders, stands before a swimming pool at a beachfront resort in Trinidad.  The clean blue water of the pool is inviting.  Palm trees sway in the background.  Sierra is done up in a gold bikini with a gold filigree scarf tied around her hips in a sarong.  She wears a series of gold choker necklaces and large gold hoop earrings which set off her small, angular feline face and the short cropped hair around her head.  She looks almost regal, except for the faintly smug, pixyish grin she wears.]

Sierra: This is my life.  And you know what.  Here in the real south, it doesn’t take that much to achieve it.  I’ve been noticing an influx of blonde powerhouses into the GDWA since Andrea Chandler’s reign as champion.  Tiffany Chandler, you’re just a clone off the old block aren’t you?  And Savannah Charles.  I don’t know why, but I don’t trust you, either.  We have a tilt comin’ up and if you think I’m going to take you lightly, doux-doux darlin’, you’re absolutely wrong.  Because I’m just beginning to feel it.  I’m just beginning to understand you, my dear little Southern Belle.  Now, I don’t just hate that flag you wear.  Now I feel a great bit of competitive spirit.  See, my island was never a refuge for the masters and their plantations.  Slavery didn’t work in Trinidad like it did in the United States.  Every opportunity to govern us failed because we were too independent.  You want to hold up your Stars and Bars, Savannah?  You want to revel in the Confederate flag and all the blood of my people on each star on each bar.  You do that, but Blondie, I want you to realize something.  From every action comes a bad reaction.  You’ve taken action.  Now prepare yourself.  Because I tend to be irrational when I react.

[Sierra smiles.  She drifts over to a chaise lounge, stretching out her full, long, lean frame on it.  Since she made weight for a cruiserweight not an inch of her is spare.  She’s built like a greyhound, no spare fat anywhere, her muscles taut and swollen in long graceful curves.  The sun has bronzed her already brown skin, giving her a healthy underglow.  She slips sunglasses on, sighing deeply as she soaks up the sun.]

Sierra: Then that brings me to my next opponent, the would be Great Western Heritage champion, Tiffany Chandler.  Tiffy, I really must tell you, I admire your courage for accepting this match.  I admire your courage for taking my dare.  You, my dear, are growing up to be such a competitor.  But there is still one problem.  You aren’t as much of a shark in the ring as I am.  That’s where the difference lies.  You don’t have the killer instinct that I do.  And you don’t have the name yet, either.  All people remember is there’s a Chandler in the Syndicate.  And they don’t think it’s you.  Tiffany Chandler, I hear you has some troubles over there in Japan.  Think nothing of those compared to what I’m going to do to you.  You better have another cousin you can hide behind.  Because when I’m done with your sorry flat booty you’ll be short three hangers on. Hopefully you’ll use that time to learn the true nature of single competition.  When there’s no gang at your back there’s a whole lot more and a whole lot less you can do in the ring.  Now watch me this week and see how it’s done!  Whoosh!!!!

[Fade out]

(Minor cheers as fans hear “Hit me with your best shot” by Pat Benatar.)

Spud:  Making her summer residence in Atlanta, Georgia!  She is 5 feet 11 inches, 194 pounds, here is Savannah Charles!

(Savannah heads down the aisle wearing a red, skintight athletic crop-top with the confederate flag crisscrossing the front of her chest. She wears matching knee pads and daisy dukes.)

Mutt:  Charles waving hello to all the fans and I tell ya, this idiot…

Bishop:  Is heading right over here Sam Mutt.

Mutt:  What?

(Savannah Charles slaps the hands of ringside fans and makes her way over to the announcer’s table.)

Savannah: Sam!  Good ta see ya, buddy!  How ya doin’?

Mutt: (Staring at Savannah’s chest.)  Um…uh…good, I guess….

Savannah: Look, I know I didn’t do all that hot in my first match, but you gonna gimme a chance to make up for it?

Mutt: Uh, well, I suppose….

Savannah: Good!  Tell ya what, if I beat Sierra, will ya be just a TEENSY bit impressed?  I mean, I just don’t wantcha judgin’ me based on that Jennifer Grier thing….

Mutt: Yeah!  I mean, if you can get by Sierra, you’ll be okay in my book!

Savannah: GREAT!!!  (She pulls Mutt’s face to her bosom for a moment for a big hug, then hops up from his lap.)  Thanks, fellas!  (She runs her fingers through Mutt’s and Bishop’s hair, then moves toward the ring.)

Bishop: Looks like you’ve got a new friend.

Mutt: (Attempting to re-gain his composure.)  Oh!  Well, you know, she’ll still have to prove herself in there against Sierra.

Bishop: Suuuure she will.

Mutt: Really!  I mean, I wouldn’t give her preferential treatment just because she…she…um….

Bishop: Suuuure you wouldn’t.  Let’s hear some prerecorded comments from Savannah Charles….

Savannah Charles

(“Southern Steel” Savannah Charles is standing near the center of Little Five Points in Atlanta, watching as the passers-by wander the sidewalks. Intermingled with the tourists are college students in baggy clothing, most bearing some kind of piercing or body art.  They filter in and out of the restaurants and knickknack shops, all adorned brightly with murals and vivid colors.  Savannah herself is clad in tight, faded blue jeans and a sleeveless blue half top, her hands in her pockets.  Her thick red hair is pulled back into a ponytail, and a rebel flag baseball cap sits proudly atop her mane.)

Savannah: Hey, y’all!  Good ta see ya again.  I thought I’d come on down here to Little Five Points to give ya a little better idea of what the south – and hell *I* — am all about.  What you’re seein’ is diversity, with all races, ages, creeds, and political persuasions minglin’ `cause I guess they just don’t know no better.  Sierra Browne said some pretty harsh things about me and people down here, gettin’ all huffy about the rebel flag (she tugs at the brim of her cap) and makin’ all kinda assumptions about it, and me, and us.  I got one thing to say to ya, Sierra:  lighten up!  Sure, we got our share’a numbskulls that use this to justify bein’ racist idiots, but most of us don’t.  Nobody with any sense down here thinks slavery was a good idea, so when you say stuff like that, it makes you sound like you live in a movie theater or somethin’.  (Switches accents)  So doux-doux darlin’, before shoo go making assumptions `bout tings you don’t know, you be best to keep joor big mouth shut.  (She winks.)  Okay, so that was probably more Jamaican than Dominican, big deal.  She don’t care to get her facts straight, so why should I?  But, what can I expect from a girl named after a Crayola? (Shrugs.)

(Savannah puts her hands on her hips, and smiles.)

Savannah: Sierra, you didn’t stomp and spit on that flag `cause you give a flip about racism and whatnot.  I mean, yeah, you care about it, but that ain’t why you brought it up.  You were just tryin’ ta piss me off, and we both know that ain’t gonna happen.  I mean, hell, losin’ ta Jennifer Grier is enough ta piss off anybody, but you don’t see ME hoppin’ around.  If anythin’, if lit a fire under me.  And as for Hooters, well, they got `em in the north, south, east, and west, so I don’t think they’re a good cultural barometer, if ya know what I mean.  Oh, and notice this – (she brings her ponytail around and drapes it over a shoulder) – I’m a REDHEAD!  Who the hell didja think I was, the Rich Bitch?

Sierra, all that matters is what happens when we hit the ring, and you know it.  And lately, you ain’t exactly been impressin’ anybody with your individual skill.  You gotta have help from your friends ta win and keep your titles, and frankly, that sucks.  Hell, Keiko Mita, hurt knee and all, almost sealed your fate.  And now you’re lookin’ for easy pickin’s goin’ into the Moonsault.  Well, that’s fine.  Just remember this face – and this flag – while you’re countin’ the lights after I WHOOP you!  See ya Saturday!

(Savannah strikes a side biceps shot, and the view fades.)

Mutt:  She’s mocking the ability of our first bi-titled champion?

Bishop:  Found your tongue, huh?

Spud:  And HER opponent!

(Fans boo as they hear ‘Browne Girl’ over the pa.)

Spud:  Led down the aisle by her manager ‘Ms. Perfect’ Dalbello Rage!

(Fans all boo as Sierra Browne comes through the curtain, the lights darken and gold petals fall from the rafters.)

Spud:  Hailing from Port of Spain, Trinidad.  She is 5 feet 10 inches, 130 pounds, here is your Cruiserweight, and Western Heritage Champion…..’Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne!!!

(Fans all booing as Sierra Browne twirls down the aisle, and opens her arms, embracing the jeers.  She stops, standing in the middle of the aisle, wearing a red and gold sparkling 2 piece with an ankle brace on.  She again heads toward the ring with one title belt over each shoulder.)

Bishop:  Charles could use this win.  Not only would it give her a title shot, but it would build up a good rep for her.

Mutt:  And that’s what every rookie wants in this sport.  Browne with just a hint of a limp as she climbs up the ring steps.  The ref attempting to go over the rules, but Browne simply tossing him the Western Heritage title…

Bishop:  Sierra Browne with a bolt and NAILS Savannah with the Cruiserweight title belt!  Savannah is down, and Sierra Browne stomping away IMMEDIATELY on the left leg of Charles.


(Fans all booing as the referee pulls her off and threatens a disqualification.)

Mutt:  Browne tossing the belt, and now a pick up right into a boot to the midsection.  Charles is dazed as Sierra Irish whips her into the far ropes.

Bishop:  Sierra running to the side ropes, and bounces off with a head of steam as Savannah Charles comes off the far ropes….and a HIGH KNEE LIFT TO SAVANNAH CHARLES’ head!!

(Fans groan as Charles flies back into the mat.)

Mutt:  Sierra immediately running for the side ropes, bouncing off and CONNECTING with a Somersault Legdrop to the throat!

(Fans all boo while the ref separates Browne from Charles.)

Bishop:  She’s wrestling like it’s for one of her titles!  The aggression being displayed, oh my!

Mutt:  Browne has taken this racial issue to heart.  Browne is screaming at Savannah, and the ref with the 10 count.

Ref:  1……..2……3…..4…5….6….7…8……

(Fans all stomping their feet and clapping as Savannah Charles rises up.)

Bishop:  Hold on!  Sierra Browne shoving the ref aside and charging Charles….


(Fans POP!)

Mutt: Charles with a pick up, and nailing away with hard right hands, but Browne right back into her with European Uppercuts.  The 194 pound giant is staggered as Browne wails into her and….

Bishop:  Hold on!  Charles locking Browne’s right arm…and CONNECTS with a Short arm Clothesline!

(Fans pop as Savannah Charles cries out for their support.)

Bishop:  Charles with a pick up, and a Neckbreaker! Now Charles into the near ropes, bouncing off but Sierra Browne rolling into her way. Charles hopping right over.

Mutt:  Browne up and into the ropes as Savannah Charles comes bouncing off the far side…..POWERSLAM!

(Dawg Pound barks:  WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Bishop:  She caught Browne with a GREAT Powerslam!  And she hooks the leg for the cover!

Ref:  1………………………2…………………Strong Kick out!

Mutt:  Charles with a pick up and scoops up Browne, no!  Browne slipping behind her back and DROP KICKING that left knee from behind.  Browne limping a bit as she applies a single leg pick up.

Bishop: Charles reaching for the ropes, and Browne stomping away.

Ref:  1………………..2…………3………………4……….

Mutt:  And a break.  Browne not done as she picks up Charles and heads her into the near corner.  Browne with a Waistlock, but Charles too strong, grabs a handful of hair….


(Unanimous boos as Sierra Browne climbs the turnbuckles.)

Mutt:  Sierra is up high as Dalbello Rage orders her to drop the big one.  Sierra jumps……………………………….


(Fans popping as Sierra Browne hobbles into the ropes.)

Mutt:  This attack on the legs is proving futile.  Browne with limited weapons for her attack.

Bishop:  Savannah on her feet, awkwardly as she charges Sierra, and CLOTHESLINES HER OVER THE TOP ROPE!

(Fans pop big time as Dalbello Rage helps Sierra to her feet.)

Spud:  5 minutes have elapsed in the 15 minute time limit.

Mutt:  Dalbello with some great advice I assume as she whispers into Sierra’s ear.  Sierra walking around the ring, and utilizing those ring steps.  I thought Browne would dominate this one.

Bishop:  Sierra entering the ring, staying along the ropes. Charles charging Browne, and Sierra slipping out to the ring apron.  Charles waiting patiently, and the ref wants them to wrestle.

Mutt:  Sierra re-entering the ring, and wants to tie up.  Savannah ready for the Collar and Elbow, but Browne with a Drop toe hold, and slaps Charles in the back of the head.

Bishop: Charles back up and Browne faking a Rolling Chop block. These two act as if they’ve wrestled before.  Browne and Charles encircling and Charles the aggressor.

Mutt:  Collar and Elbow tie up and Charles shoving Browne to the mat!

Bishop:  What power!

Mutt:  Browne back up and Charles with a start and a shoulder tackle.  Now a double Leg pick up, and a boot to the midsection! Browne rolling around the canvas and Charles with a pick up.

(Fans pop.)

Mutt:  Charles with a Waistlock and hoist her waaaaaaaaaaaaay up in the air for an Atomic Drop…..

(Fans pop again as Sierra Browne staggers around!)

Bishop:  And Savannah Charles rushes forward and Clotheslines Browne in the back of the head!

(Fans all cheering as Savannah does a double bicep shot for the fans.)

Bishop:  Savannah is on fire!  Browne crawling around, begging Charles to lay off.  Charles with a pick up, and Browne with a rake to the eyes.

Mutt:  She needed that reprieve.  Browne walking around the ring along the ropes, trying to regain her composure as Charles moves in.  Charles has good wind, she’s kept pace with Browne every step of the way.

Bishop:  Charles with a boot to the midsection, and Browne doubling over.  A pick up and Backbreaker by Charles!  Now another pick up and Irish Whip to the side ropes.


(Fans *POP* BIG TIME!!)

Ref:  1……………………….2…………………….no!

Spud: 10 minutes have elapsed.  10 minutes.

Bishop: Browne with the shoulder up, and Charles the rookie having her way.  She slaps Browne’s head between her legs.  OH boy, she slaps on a Waistlock and pick up….


(Fans ALL cheering as Savannah Charles straddles Sierra’s chest, flexing, and delivering a broad sexy smile.)

 Ref:  …………………………1……………………….












(Mixed cheers as Sierra Browne kicks out.)

Bishop:  What?!

Mutt:  You gotta respect her for that!  This gal is tough.

Bishop: Savannah Charles with another pick up and slaps her hand around Sierra’s throat.

(Fans cheer:  YES!)


Mutt:  Both women back up and Browne backing up into the ropes. Charles with a hard right hand, and another, and another!!  Browne is down, and Savannah is nodding her head!

Bishop:  It’s time!  It’s time!

(Fans all chanting:  USA!  USA!  USA!  USA!)

Bishop:  Charles with a pick up, and hoists up Browne up across her shoulders….

Mutt:  NO!  Browne with a Side Headlock, sliding across in front of Savannah Charles…..S T O N E   C O L D   S T U N N E R ! ! !

(Fans ALL booing as Sierra Browne sits, smirking, and looking out to Dalbello.)

Bishop:  Incredible counter!  She slipped around Charles’ neck to turn that Headlock to an Inverted Face lock, and then POW!

Mutt:  POW is right, but Sierra is hurt.  Fortunately, she’s made this Southern Girl over confident.  Browne was biding for time.

Bishop:  Sierra now, up to her feet and dropping Double Axe Handles to the head.  Now a pick up, and that European Uppercut onslaught!!

(Fans boo as Savannah Charles stumbles backwards, stunned.)

Bishop: Browne with an Irish Whip to the side ropes as she runs for the near ropes.  Charles is winded!  Charles bouncing off the ropes AND SIERRA BROWNE WITH A SPRINGBOARD DOUBLE AXE HANDLE SHOT!!!

Mutt:  Right to the head!

(Fans all booing as Sierra smirks.)

Mutt:  Browne clutching her back, as she picks up Savannah.  She applies an Armdrag and SUPERKICK COMBINATION!  Charles is down, and Sierra is going up top!

(Fans all on their feet screaming as Sierra Browne climbs the turnbuckles.)

Bishop:  Browne is wincing, that ankle is probably flaring up again.  She’s up top, and pointing down at Savannah Charles.

Mutt: Hold on!  Charles getting to her feet…..


(Thunderous boos as Sierra Browne lays on the mat, laughing.)

Spud:  1 minute left.  60 second remain!

Mutt:  Browne up to her feet, and flexing for the crowd.  She’s mocking Charles.

Bishop:  Browne pointing down at Savannah, and now Dalbello is calling for the HIGH SIERRA.  Browne limping over to the far corner.

(Fans all chanting: USA! USA!  USA!  USA!)

Bishop:  Browne facing the fans, and now giving them the finger as she steadies herself.  Charles looks out of it, and Browne wasting time.

Mutt:  She’s got it!  Browne backflipping……………..

 (Fans all screaming as they remain on their feet!)


 Ref:  …………………………………………………1










(Fans all booing as Sierra Browne pulls her up.)

Spud:  30 second left!

Bishop:  What the hell?!

Mutt:  Browne motioning for the near corner, she’s gonna do it! She’s gonna do it again!

(Fans all screaming as the referee argues with Browne.)

Bishop:  Dalbello calling for the cover, but Browne shoving the ref aside.  Browne flexing over Savannah Charles and…What’s going on?

(Sierra Browne stalls as a man climbs over the guard railing.)

Mutt:  That’s Kevin Taylor…oh my lord.  He used to be….do you know who that is?  Oh damn!

Bishop:  The name sound familiar, but no I don’t.

Mutt:  Browne and Dalbello arguing with the referee, and Savannah Charles crawling up behind Sierra Browne AND SAVANNAH CHARLES WITH THE INSIDE CRADLE!!!!!

(Fans all SCREAMING!!!!!!)

Ref:  1……………………………2…………………..3!


(Thunderous cheers as fans hear “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar!)

Spud:  Wrestling fans, at 14 minutes and 56 seconds, your winner via pinfall…..Savannah Charles!!!

(Fans all booing as Sierra Browne stomps away on Charles.)

Bishop:  Browne grabbing Charles’ by the legs, and pulling her between the ring post and…Oh no!  Browne rolling to the outside, and APPLIES THE FIGURE FOUR AROUND THE RINGPOST!!!

(Fans all gasp as Savannah Charles screams out in pain.)

Mutt:  And here comes the Internet Champion…hey!

(Fans boo as Bloody Mary and Micki Duran fight near the ringside entrance.)

Mutt:  Charles clutching her knee, and the ref breaking the hold.  Sierra re-entering the ring, and arguing with the ref…


(Fans all booing as Sierra Browne stomps away on that left leg of Savannah Charles.)

Bishop:  Dalbello grabbing the bell, and she storms the ring. Oh no!

Mutt:  Dalbello measuring Charles….AND NAILS HER IN THE leg!

(Fans all screaming as Sierra Browne and Dalbello stomp away on her.)

Bishop:  Taylor running to the back to fetch security.  Browne with the bell, and CRASHES IT INTO CHARLES’ LEFT KNEE!  And now Sierra screaming for Andrea?  I don’t understand this…is she calling for Andrea Chandler, or some other woman?


Mutt: Sierra with that bell, and she’s going up top!  Dalbello holding the legs of Charles.  Oh yeah!!!!

Bishop:  oh no!  She’ll end her career!

(M_A_J_O_R Crowd pop as Officer Order sprints down the aisle.)

Bishop:  Order sliding into the ring, and NAILS Rage with a Karate Chop! Browne jumping off the top, and ORDER NAILS HER WITH A KARATE KICK!


Mutt:  But Rage back up, and clips Order from behind.  Rage stomping away on Order, and Browne up to her feet.

(Fans still screaming as security scurries down the aisle.)

Bishop:  Browne with that bell, and Dalbello Rage picking up Order. She’s got Order’s arms pinned behind her back as Sierra charges Double O and……



(Fans all screaming as Officer Order lays bleeding in the middle of the ring.)

Mutt:  Well, maybe Order won’t be such a smart ass…Ha!

Bishop:  Security is marching the bi-titled champ and her manager out of the arena to a chorus of boos.  We need a stretcher!

(Kids are screaming and crying as Officer Order and Savannah Charles are carted from the ring.  Fans boo universally as Sierra Browne twirls her way back up the aisle.)

Mutt:  Oh well.  It’s time for another House of Styles.

Bishop:  You can be so callous sometimes.

Mutt:  OH well.

Styles:  Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy!!!

(Fans still in shock as MISTER Furious Styles struts around the ring.)

House of Styles: Medusa Rage

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy!!!!!!!  I want to tell y’all something.  My next guest can only be described as … as … I don’t know.  She’s just too damn fly!  Nobody can touch her.  Nobody.  This is my girl right here.  Unfortunately, she can’t be here with us in person. The stupid GDWA suits won’t let her in the building.  But do you think that’ll stop her?  Hell no.  We’re talking about the greatest and most dangerous wrestler in the world people … we’re talking Medusa Rage!!!!

[The crowd pops in confusion as Dvorak’s “Symphony 9: From the New World, 3rd movement” plays its ominous opening.  Styles just crosses his arms and smiles.  As the music bursts to crescendo the video screen lights up.  Medusa Rage smirks across the arena.  She’s smug, she’s confident, she’s relaxed.  The crowd pops.]

Styles: YEAAHHHHH, BOYYYYYYYY!!!!  What did I tell you?  I told you that Medusa Rage would be here and there she is.  This is a live show. Nobody said you had to be here in person.  ‘Dusa, you’re a genius.  It’s been way too long, girl.

Medusa: You’ll have to wait a little longer, Furious, darling.  This is the last day of my suspension.  And come midnight tonight, the GDWA will face its greatest challenge — the return of Medusa Rage.  I’ve been watching what’s been going on in my absence and I have to say … I’m appalled at the lack of discipline … I’m appalled by all the upstarts who think they can just jump on the bandwagon and ride it for all it’s worth.

Styles: But once you got suspended Sierra Browne just blew up!  It was like you were keeping a lid on her or something!

Medusa: (smiling) Furious, I don’t keep lids on anybody.  It wasn’t me. She blew up long before I got suspended.  She’s just listening to her own directions now.  I hope she knows the road she’s travelling.

Styles: What’s that supposed to mean?

Medusa: (sitting back, absently touching her purple gele) It means I walked down that road myself.  You all saw it — wild, savage, untamed. That sort of mindless aggression only gets you in trouble.  She’s going too hot too fast.  She may find she just burns herself out.

Styles: Girl, if anybody knows about burnout I’d have to say it’s you. Tell me something, what are you going to do the next time you see Sam Mutt?  He’s been dogging you since you took this little vacation.

[Medusa’s eyes narrow into a flinty stare.  The smile that was on her lips seals itself into a tight, cruel line.]

Medusa: I’m gonna make Sam Mutt sorry for even suggesting something like that.  Sam Mutt, the GDWA, the fans are going to see what I bring to the dance.  They’re going to see that I’m no Lanny Manson.  I’m not running away crying.  I’m not going to hurt over a loss.  No, what I did was I went away and found my focus again.  I can see this game again where before my vision was cloudy.  And Styles, you know when I can see, I can’t be beaten.  There just isn’t a chance in hell of it happening.

[Crowd pop]

Styles: So we’re going to be seeing Medusa go back to business taking names and numbers and kicking the asses of everybody who dares oppose her?

Medusa: Would I ever be any different?  There’s certain immutable rules to the world, Furious.  One is that Medusa Rage never quits.  The second is that Medusa Rage never goes soft.  You’re not going to see my style change.  You’re not going to see me get all soft-hearted on Daisy Butterfly and her cohorts in the Survivors’ series.  What you are going to see is Medusa Rage focused and intense.  What you’re going to see is a woman who finally achieved some maturity in the game.  This bash ’em over the head with a pipe business.  I look back and I’m sorry that I took the easy way out time and time again.  If there’s anything I regret it is that.  Better to lose convincingly than to win unconvincingly because you know where you have to improve.  See, I started to abandon my craft a little bit.  I started to forget the intricacies, the little details that made me great.  I started to forget exactly what it meant to be a competitor.  I just wanted to win.  Well, you see what happens when you fight from anger.  You get beaten.  You get sloppy.  You lose. I promise you I will never get sloppy again.  I will never not do my homework again.  I’ve got my sight back.  I can see this game again, Styles.  The Survivors’ series is just the warm up for the big time.

Styles: The Ironwoman tournament?

Medusa: You better believe it.  It’s Medusa Rage against the champion and the two top contenders for the GDWA title.  You better believe I am prepared for this.  You better believe I have focused for this.  I’ve pulled together ideas.  I’ve seen this from every angle.  I can envision this match.  And let me tell you it gets me juiced right now just thinking about it.  With Officer Order as the world’s champion, at least we finally have somebody without a cowardly streak down their back.  She won’t be able to run at the Ironwoman tournament.  I think she’s become the most desperate person there.  Whoever beats her gets a title shot. That’s a pretty daunting task.  She could lose three times.  Have to face those three contenders as well as the top five?  That’s not something she could hope to relish.

Styles: Sounds like you’ll be gunning for her the worst then, eh?

Medusa: I’ll get my title shot.  That I know.  I’m more interested in facing Lady Tiger.  I’ve never competed against her before.  She looks like she’ll be a handful.  Incredible courage and quickness.  And she’s young.

Styles: Aw c’mon now, woman.  We know the match you want.  We know the match we all want to see.  You and Andrea Chandler hooking it up one more time.  That’s what we want to see.  You gotta want it too.  You gotta want to know who’s better.

Medusa: (laughing) Styles, I already know that in my heart.  Andrea is a phenomenal competitor.  I won’t lie about that.  But I am, too.  She’s got a great scouting team.  She’s a magnificent wrestler.  If we wrestled 100 times we might win fifty a piece or we might just never decide who wins.  It’s a match just like all the others.  It’s necessary to win the tournament.  Above that, the notion means nothing to me. Dre and I have been talking about it.  We’re cool.  This is competition. Not personal.  If you’re looking for the Medusa that’s going to scream and shout and tell her I’m gonna hand her her ass you’ve got the wrong woman.  I don’t do that anymore.  It’s beneath me.  It’s beneath the sport.  What I will do is show you what a warrior can do.  What I will do is show you in my country that I am the driving force behind the GDWA. My family, my friends, are the lynch pins of the system.  When one gives up the spotlight the next one takes over.  Well, everybody’s had their turn.  Sierra, the Misfits.  I get the time now.  In the tag ranks, the Brown Girls got next.  I’m back in just a few short hours, Furious.  Let the GDWA know that when I return … _HELL_is coming with me.  Hugs and hisses, baby.

Styles: I love you, baby.  You drive me crazy!

[Medusa flickers her tongue at the screen snakelike before it fades to black.]

Bishop: Well fans, we have another championship match.  The Main Event this week pits Daisy Butterfly against the Internet Heavyweight Champion ‘Legend’ Micki Duran.

Mutt:  And I can’t wait!  Duran and Daisy for a second time.  And now that Duran is champ, the only thing Daisy has to look forward to is ‘the End’.

Bishop:  Fans, we have some comments from the 1996 Ironwoman, but word has it that Officer Order is alright.  A few stitches for her.  Savannah Charles with a severe knee injury, 2 weeks out of action by the hands of Sierra Browne…

Mutt:  And you gotta love it!  Browne making her statement.

Bishop:  Fans, we have comments from Daisy….

Daisy Butterfly

(SCENE:  A GDWA press conference.  Standing at the podium is DAISY BUTTERFLY, dressed in a dark blue blouse and a black split-skirt. Standing beside her is ALISON DE LA CRUZ, among other GDWA officials and dignitaries.  Daisy smiles and chats informally with the press as the conference is underway…)

Daisy:  …and she proved that their truly are role-models for the young women of the world.  Finally, a champion that everyone can respect.

(The press all clamors for Daisy’s attention.  Daisy singles out a man)

Daisy:  Ummmm…go ahead Todd.

“Todd”:  Daisy, it’s been said that YOU could have been World Champion months ago, but you lost steam.  What exactly happened?

Daisy:  (grimacing) Well, that’s a good question.  It’s no secret I’ve been pre-occupied emotionally the past few months.  I’ve let that get in the way of all personal goals, and rightly so I might add.  With Sachie passing so suddenly, Charlotte being forced out of the sport and Lanny hanging her boots up, I’ve truly felt lost in a sea of strange faces.  Couple that with the overwhelming gang-mentality present in today’s GDWA, and you have a climate that doesn’t suffer any weaknesses. Hopefully, with Keiko’s new Dragon Trio, we’ll see the league return to its heyday.  Carol?

“Carol”:  Daisy, you mentioned the new Dragon Trio.  Will you again be a part of this group?

Daisy:  (smiling) Only Keiko Mita knows for sure who’s a part of the new trio and who isn’t.  This isn’t my show anymore, this is Keiko’s. I trust her judgement.  She understands more about legacy than I think she even realizes.  You could even say she’s a legacy herself.

(The press again all shouts out at once.  Daisy points at a random gentleman)

Daisy:  You, sir.

Man:  Hi.  Bill Ging, Vandelay Ring Snitch e-zine.  Miss Butterfly, you’re in the position of a lifetime here.  Tuesday night you have the opportunity to win the GDWA I-Title.  You’ll also receive the same shot at the Fall Moonsault should you prove unsuccessful Saturday.  My question is, should you win the belt Saturday, would you then defend it against Micki Duran at the Fall Moonsault?

Daisy:  Well, Bill; if I do win the belt and Duran asks for a rematch at the Moonsault, I’d gladly give her a shot.  As far as I’m concerned, no matter what happens Saturday, I’ve got a match against Micki Duran at the Fall Moonsault.  That’s good business…that match should just about double the buy rate of the pay-per-view.

(Daisy glances over at Alison de la Cruz, who smiles)

Daisy:  I hate to sound arrogant, but it’s only proper that I get an opponent of my own caliber at what is essentially “my party.”  Barbara?

“Barbara”:  Hi Daisy.  Competition aside, what do you REALLY think of Micki Duran and the Syndicate?

Daisy:  (smiles widely) Well, I’ll be honest.  Up until Andrea Chandler won the GDWA World Title last year, I thought that the Syndicate was nothing more than a couple of trash-talking bushwhackers. The Dragon Trio and the Syndicate even butted heads a few times.  After all was said and done, I would honestly say that I’ve got respect for Micki Duran professionally and personally. Andrea Chandler has been a dominant part of this promotion since her arrival here, and has sparked a competition in everyone that wasn’t here before. Unfortunately, that also led to the gang war mentality.  I’ll tell you, any respect I had for Andrea was tossed out the window when she stole Lady Tiger’s mask.

Tiffany Chandler has potential, but spends too much time in her cousin’s shadow.  I think her decision to wrestle abroad could only help her in the long run.  And Sally McClane…I don’t even know where to start.  Just a little girl who got in over her head and needed some people to watch her back, before her enemies watched it for her.  But Micki Duran…yeah, she’s not all bad.  Keeps the censors employed.

(The crowd laughs)

Daisy:  Who knows?  When all is said and done with regards to the I-Title, maybe I’ll even go out on a limb and ask Micki to tag-team with me.  Seems like a few of the teams we have here now could stand to be taken down a peg or two by REAL athletes, not these made-for-television sideshow acts.  Are your ears burning, Blondes?

(A few laughs)

“Barbara”:  You mentioned tag team wrestling.  The Hyena Queens unsuccessfully called you out a few months back.  Is this an avenue you’d be willing to explore?

Daisy:  You don’t know how glad I am that you asked that question, Barb.  I started my career in tag teams and six-woman matches over in Japan.  Here I’ve been fortunate enough to wrestle alongside Sachie and Keiko Mita; both with rather positive outcomes, I might add.  But one thing I haven’t been able to find is a partner willing to go for the gold.  May has her hands filled with other duties as of late, so it wouldn’t be fair of me to ask her.  At one point I DID talk with Lanny Manson about teaming together.  If I did put a short list together, it would look a bit like this:  Keiko Mita, we’ve got a ring chemistry that extends beyond the both of us.  It’s almost as if Sachie is there looking over our shoulders.  Micki Duran.  I know it would shock the hell out of everyone, but putting two ring generals in the same army could only yield positive results.  Maybe a rookie, like “Jumping” Jennifer Grier.  She’s got a TON of untapped potential I know I could help her realize.  Maybe if I could get Charlotte to come back…hmmm…

(Alison de la Cruz leans into the mic)

Alison de la Cruz:  Let’s wrap this up, Daisy.  You’ve got to do that Ironwoman interview.

Daisy:  Okay.  Everyone, it’s been a pleasure as always.  Thanks for coming out today.  If you’ve got any more questions for me, feel free to post them in my America On-Line folder and I’ll do my best to respond.  And no, I DON’T have any “pics.”  Take care of yourselves!

(Daisy flashes a “V for Victory” sign as Alison de la Cruz accompanies her off-stage)

GDWA Internet Championship: Micki Duran vs. Daisy Butterfly

Spud:  Wrestling fans, our next contest is our Main Event this week! It is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit…and it is for the GDWA Internet Heavyweight Championship!

(Fans all on their feet chanting:  Daisy!  Daisy!  Daisy!  Daisy!)

Bishop:  Daisy Butterfly is gonna need to be on her p’s and q’s tonight…

Mutt:  And Duran won’t be taking any chances.  I expect the Syndicate to give the Cockroach a hard lesson in life…

(Fans give a standing ovation as they hear ‘Let Me Clear my Throat’ by DJ KOOL)

Spud: First, the challenger, led down the aisle by the ‘Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita!

(Fans pop!)

Spud:  …hailing from YOUR hometown in San Francisco, California. She is 5 feet 7 inches, 130 pounds.  The 1996 Ironwoman of the GDWA! Here is the ‘Franchise’……..Daisy Butterfly!!

(Fans EXPLODE as fountain fireworks explode near the entrance.  Daisy comes out, wearing a sparkling gold and red kimono, her face painted yellow with red around her eyes and on her lips and red Japanese characters on her cheek.  Gold glitter in her hair.  Her wrestling attire is a sparkling gold sleeveless bodysuit with red kneepads and boots.  On the lower back in red Old English script and in an arc is the word “FIRECRACKER.”  Keiko Mita follows her on crutches.)

Bishop:  Daisy slapping hands with ringside fans on her way down the aisle.  This is her first shot at the Internet title.  She’s failed to capture every belt and now she’s got a chance with the second most prestigious belt in pro wrestling.

Mutt:  And Duran doing may have made a mistake.  Defending 3 weeks in a row against top contenders prior to the Fall Moonsault.  I don’t know if that was smart….and if Daisy gets another shot at the belt at the pay per view, she’ll have Duran well scouted.

(Daisy enters the ring and fans continue to chant her name.  Mita looks about cautiously as Spud McKenzie nods toward Daisy.)

Bishop:  Fans, let’s hear the announcements for the champ…

(Fans begin booing as they hear “All I Really Want” by Alanis Morissette.)

Spud: And her opponent…led down the aisle by her manager the Kingpin and ‘Brilliant’ Tiffany Chandler and the 1997 Wrestler of the Year Andrea Chandler!  Representing the Syndicate…

(Fans boo as Micki Duran comes walking through the ring curtain.)

Spud:  …From Lake Ponchatrain, Louisiana! She is 5 feet 8 inches tall, weighing 124 pounds.  Here is the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance Internet HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION….’the Legend’ Micki Duran!!!!

(Fans continue to boo as the Kingpin leads Tiff, Andrea and Micki down the aisle.)

Bishop: Where is Sally McClane?  Is she injured?  Was she attacked by Organized Crime?

(Tiffany Chandler and Andrea Chandler position themselves around the ring as Micki Duran climbs through the ropes.  She’s wearing a blue and white singlet with the word LEGEND across the back, with matching boots, and a headband.  The INTERNET title, draped over her shoulder, shines in the ring lights.)

Mutt:  Daisy is in for a long night, and the Syndicate is out in Full Force…

Bishop:  No they aren’t.  And I must agree, Duran looks like she is ready for business.

(Fans pop as the referee calls Daisy Butterfly and Micki Duran together.  They glare into each other’s eyes as the ref explains the rules.)

Bishop:  Duran handing the Internet title to the ref, and he holds it high above his head.

(Fans all cheering as Micki Duran glares into Daisy Butterfly’s eyes.)


(Fans chanting:  DAISY!  DAISY! DAISY! DAISY!  DAISY!  DAISY!)

Bishop:  Collar and Elbow tie up and Daisy with a snapping Side Headlock Takedown.  Duran reversing out of it with a Wristlock and Hammerlock combination, but Daisy twirling around into a reversal. WoW!

Mutt:  Duran sliding around to her feet and grabbing a handful of hair for a Snapmare Takeover…but Daisy holding onto that Hammerlock taking Duran over with her!

(Fans all cheering as both women get to their feet.)

Mutt: Daisy charging Duran and Micki Duran with an Armdrag Takedown. Daisy back up and Duran with an Armdrag…no!  Daisy reversing out of it and catches Duran with a Standing Dropkick!!

Bishop:  Both women back up and Daisy with Open Hand slaps to the chest.  Duran backing off into the ropes, and Daisy with an Irish Whip to the far side.

(Fans all cheering.)

Mutt:  Daisy running in after her as Duran comes bouncing off the ropes AND A RUNNING HIGH BACK BODY DROP!!!!!!

(Major pop!)

Bishop:  Duran back up and Daisy a Collar and Elbow tie up, but Duran with a high knee to the midsection.  Duran with a Front face lock into a Sideheadlock.  Daisy with a Waistlock, and backing into the ropes….

Mutt:  But Duran putting on the breaks, and a Side Headlock Takedown by the champion.  Daisy with a Wristlock, but Duran so strong. She’s having a hard time getting out of it.

Bishop:  Daisy twirling around, trying to find a way out, and she hooks the leg, falling back for a near fall….but barely a one count as Duran is back up.

(The entire stadium breaks into chants of:  Daisy!  Daisy!  Daisy!)

Bishop:  Duran shifting into a Chinlock as Daisy attempted to reverse out of it.  OH my.

Mutt:  Duran just may be the very best mat wrestler in the sport. And with that incredible strength coupled with her demure frame, she’s in great shape.

Bishop: Daisy shifting her weight as Duran sticks her knee in Daisy’s back now.  The Kingpin likes what he sees, and Keiko Mita with some words of encouragement for these fans.  She wants them riled up.

(Fans stomping their feet as Daisy Butterfly gets recharged.)

Bishop:  Daisy twirling around, now rising up to her feet.  Duran right back with that side headlock, and Daisy slapping on a Waistlock RIGHT INTO A KNEE BREAKER!

(Fans all cheering as Micki Duran falls to the mat.)

Bishop:  Daisy stomping away on the midsection of Duran, and Duran with a Drop toe hold.  Daisy though, slapping on a Side Headlock of her own, right into a Frontface lock.

Mutt:  Duran so strong though, easily working her way up to her feet, and forcing Daisy into the ropes…and Duran with an Irish Whip to get Daisy off of her.

Bishop:  Daisy bouncing off and Duran MISSING the Clothesline…


(Fans cheering as Daisy Butterfly does a kip up!)

Mutt:  Duran is down, and Daisy with a Single Leg pick up right into a Spinning Toe Hold!  And Duran is being taken a back.  This is not our usual Butterfly wrestling tonight.

Bishop: Micki Duran has been successful utilizing her strength, and Daisy with her quickness likewise.  But what the hell are we seeing from the challenger?

Mutt:  Duran crawling into the ropes, and Daisy stomping away on the midsection of Duran.  The ref with the count, and the Ironwoman breaking.  Daisy with a pick up and more Open Hand Slaps!

Bishop:  Duran up against the ropes, and Daisy with an Irish Whip to the far ropes.  Daisy with a head of steam after her as Duran bounces off….


(Fans all cheering as Daisy Butterfly looks out to the fans!)


(Fans all screaming as Micki Duran slaps the mat and shakes her head no.)

Spud:  10 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit.

Mutt:  Duran using her strength to push-up out of it, and Daisy switching to a Half Crab applying more pressure to that left leg of Duran.  Duran doesn’t know if she’s coming or going in this one!

Bishop:  The Kingpin looking concerned, but Duran reaching for the ropes…and Daisy Butterfly twirling Duran’s body around, and twirling around for a Figure 4 Leglock…but Duran with an Inside Cradle!!!!

Ref:  1…………………………………2………..kick out!

Mutt:  Both women up to the Neutral position, and Daisy with a tie up. Daisy with an Overhead Wristlock as Duran forces Daisy down.  Hold on! Daisy falling back to the mat and Monkey flipping Duran over!!!

Bishop:  Duran back up and Daisy with a DROPKICK!  Duran back up and Daisy with a Dropkick!  Duran up a third time and a third time Daisy CONNECTS with a Dropkick!

(Fans all screaming and cheering as Daisy Butterfly picks up Micki Duran.)

Bishop:  Daisy is on fire, and she slaps on a front face lock for a Fisherman’s Buster!  And now daisy with a pick up and Irish Whipping Duran into the near ropes.

Mutt:  Duran bouncing off, NO, Duran holding onto the ropes and applies a Headscissors takedown!  Both women back up and Duran backing off.

(Fans cheer as Daisy Butterfly moves in.)

Bishop:  Daisy nailing away with those Open Hand Chops now.  Duran backpedals as Daisy slaps on an Armlock and HIPTOSSES Duran away from the ropes.

Mutt:  Duran up to her feet and Daisy with a Superkick?!

Bishop:  Duran is stunned as she flies into the ropes.  Daisy pulling her away, and slapping Duran’s head between her legs…oh yeah!  Daisy with a Waistlock pick up…..POWERBOMB!!!!!!

Ref: 1………………………….2……………..kick out.

(Fans cheering as Daisy Butterfly picks up Micki Duran.)

Bishop:   Daisy Irish Whipping the Legend to the side ropes, Duran bouncing off and Duran with a Shoulder Tackle.  And now Duran rolling to the outside.

(Fans booing as Micki Duran leaves the ring.)

Bishop:  Hold on!!!!  Daisy Butterfly with a head of steam and…. HIGH CROSS BODY TO THE OUTSIDE!!!!!!

(Fans all screaming as Daisy Butterfly pound away on Duran on the floor.)

Mutt:  She had that delay tactic well scouted.  And now Daisy with a pick up, and rolling Duran into the ring.  Daisy climbing the turnbuckles from the outside now.

(Dawg Pound chanting:  Daisy!  Daisy!  Daisy!  Daisy!)

Bishop:  Daisy Butterfly up high as Micki Duran slowly gets to her feet. Daisy jumps off…..DROPKICK!!!!

(Fans all on their feet as Daisy Butterfly picks up an arm.)

Bishop:  And Daisy Butterfly with a Cross Armbar!!  That’s usually the wear down hold for the Butterfly Deathlock. Duran holding on, as the Kingpin and the rest of the Syndicate look on nervously.

(Fans all cheering as Micki Duran reaches for the ropes.)

Spud:  20 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit.  10 remaining. 10 minutes left.

Mutt:  She just can’t reach ’em.  Daisy with great ring positioning. Duran slapping her shoulder, trying to get circulation.  Daisy came out with that with great timing. And notice the position of the legs and feet on Duran’s body.  Great application.

Bishop:  Duran holding on, and using her strength to drive her legs into the mat.  She’s partly up on her feet as she scrambles into the near corner.

Mutt:  The ref forces the break, and Daisy quick to her feet, stomping into the rib and kidney area.  Duran’s back has taken great punishment in this one.  Even more so than the arms.

Bishop:  Daisy with a pick up, and Irish Whipping Duran into the far corner. Daisy with a head of steam and….MISSES THE HIGH KNEE SHOT!

(Fans boo as Daisy Butterfly rams her knee into the middle turnbuckle.)

Mutt:  Duran diving away at the last moment.

Bishop:  Duran slow to her feet, and stomping away on the right leg of Daisy.  Daisy with Open Hand Slaps to force Duran away…AND DURAN WITH A SUPERKICK TO THE HEAD!

(Fans all boo as Daisy Butterfly falls to the mat.)

Ref: ……………………………………………………1





(Thunderous cheers as Daisy Butterfly kicks out strongly!)

Mutt: Duran with a pick up and slaps on a Waistlock Suplex. And immediately she applies a single leg pick up, grapevines the leg, and FALLS BACK ON IT!

(Fans all boo as Daisy Butterfly clutches her leg.)

Mutt:  Daisy slapping the mat as Duran applies a legbar, and this is what Duran has needed.  Daisy has been pushing this too fast, and too hard. Duran needs to keep it on a technical level.

Bishop:  Daisy sliding around and easily into the ropes.  Duran up to her feet and stomping away on Daisy’s leg.  The ref wants a break, and now the count…

Ref:  1……………………2…………….3………..4…….

Bishop:  Duran with a Gutwrench pick up, and draping Daisy over her shoulder.  She runs for the near corner and….



Bishop:  Daisy with an Irish Whip to the far ropes and Duran comes bouncing off…..FRANKENSTEINER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ref:  ……………………………………………………….1







…………………………………………………….kick out!

(Big Crowd pop as both women twirl around to their feet!)

Bishop:  Daisy with Open Hand slaps to the chest of Duran, and she looks to be changing her strategy a bit.  Daisy, with Dropkick as Duran flies into the near corner.  Daisy with High knees to the midsection, and Duran is stunned!

Bishop:  Daisy with an Armdrag, and jumping up into the air, springing her legs off of the top ring rope AND NAILS MICKI DURAN WITH A HEADSCISSORS Takeover!!!!….

Mutt:  …..BUT MICKI DURAN COUNTERS by HOOKING the leg for an inside cradle….1……2…….Shoulder up!

(Fans cheer as Micki Duran complains about the slow count.)

Bishop:  Both women back up and Duran with a DROPKICK!!!  Daisy is down, and Duran with a quick pick up.  She slaps Daisy’s head between her legs…PILEDRIVER!!!

(Fans boo as Micki Duran cradles Daisy Butterfly for the cover.)

Ref:  ………………………………………………..1



 …………… ……………………………………….2


 …………………………………………………KICK OUT!

(Fans all cheering as Micki Duran kicks out.)

Mutt:  Daisy with a pickup and a Double Leg Takedown into a forward roll!

Ref:  ………………………………………………..1





 …………………………………………………KICK OUT!

 Bishop:  Daisy calling out to fans.

(Fans chanting:  DAISY! DAISY!  DAISY!  DAISY!)

Bishop:  Daisy with a pick up and Irish Whipping Duran into the far side. Duran bouncing off and Daisy with a Dropkick…no!

(Fans all booing as Micki Duran holds onto the top ring rope.)

Mutt:  Duran with great ring presence, and now the Legend stumbling over to Daisy. Her back is in bad shape.  Duran slapping her hand around Daisy’s throat.  Hoists her up from the mat…….CHOKESLAM!


Bishop:  And now Duran on her feet, and stomping away on Daisy Butterfly. Duran with a Spinning Toe Hold….

Mutt:  And Daisy with an Inside Cradle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ref:  1…………………………………2………………….no!

(Fans all cheering as both women get to their feet.)

Bishop:  Duran with a charge and a Clothesline…..

Mutt:  But Daisy ducks and runs for the far side.

Bishop:  Duran dropping down to the mat as Daisy hops over.  Duran back up to her feet as Daisy bounces off….




Bishop:  AND HOOKS ON AN STF SUBMISSION HOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fans all cheering as Daisy Butterfly rocks into the hold.)

Bishop:  He’s asking!!!!  HE’s asking!!!!

Mutt:  Duran too far from the ropes.

Bishop:  Keiko Mita slapping the mat as Daisy Butterfly holds on!

(Fans all screaming as Micki Duran shakes her head no.)

Spud:  29 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 1 minute left.

Mutt:  Duran with that great conditioning.  She’s holding on, but for how long?  The Kingpin ready to spring the troops at any moment. Duran shaking her head no still.

Bishop:  Daisy has it locked in!  She’s been waiting all night to slap it on!!!!

Mutt:  The ref is asking the question.  He’s all up in Duran’s face.

Bishop:  If she can hold out just for another 45 seconds.  Duran is screaming and……..and………

Mutt:  OH no!!!!!


(Fans POP!  Big time as they hear ‘Leg me Clear My Throat’ by DJ Kool.)


Mutt:  Damn.

Bishop:  She had Duran in the middle of the ring, and she submitted to the STF.

Mutt:  Duran was ready for an arm attack, or at least the Butterfly Deathlock.  Daisy gambling it all on that damn STF….damn!

Spud:  San Francisco….Your winner………..Via Submission……


Spud:  And…Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew Internet Heavyweight Champion….

(Fireworks go off as Daisy Butterfly sprints around the ring, tugging on the ring ropes and clutching at her hair….)

Spud:  The 1996 Ironwoman……’the Franchise’ Daiiiiiiiiiiiiisy Butterfly!!

(Fans all screaming as the Cow Palace is racked with pyrotechnics and lights shoot off over the Dawg Pound.)

Bishop:  Duran is beside herself.  The ref entering the ring once again as he carries the belt…and Duran snatches it away!

(Micki Duran glares over at Daisy Butterfly.)


Bishop:  Duran walking over to Daisy…and hands her the title!  Duran with a handshake, and slowly exiting the ring.

(Fans wave and scream as Keiko Mita enters the ring and hugs Daisy.)

Mutt:  Daisy went back to some of those high flying roots tonight.  I’ll be damned!

Bishop:  She earned every bit of that one.  From opening bell Daisy had a plan.  Duran with an incredible match, probably would have defeated anyone else tonight.

Mutt:  Just take us out…damn!

Bishop:  Fans, that’s all for this week.  See you on the Friday Night Tease.

(Fans with a standing ovation as Keiko Mita straps the belt around Daisy’s waist.)


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