GDWA Internet Championship is on the line as Daisy Butterfly defends against Sierra Browne

Scene opens up on a jammed packed Great Western Forum in Los Angeles, California. There are 21,701 – screaming fans in attendance. “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


(The camera shows signs of ringside fans holding up “Daisy Rocks the House”! and “Daisy will ALWAYS be Ironwoman!!”)

Bishop: Fans, we are coming to you LIVE from the Great Western Forum in Los Angeles. This is home to former World Champion ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson who was as dominant as they come as champions!

Mutt: And since Daisy took up the gauntlet for Lanny, we can assume she’ll be doing a lot of jobbing around here!

Bishop: The Fall Moonsault ’97 emanating from the Sky Dome in Toronto, Canada shall see Order, Medusa, Tiger and Andrea…but before that confrontation, we have that Survivor Series match up on our last card! That will be great!

Mutt: Hey, the faces are outweighed, out classed, and on that night… they will be outwrestled!!!

Bishop: Fans, tonight we have a blockbuster of a card for you! Bloody Mary takes on newcomer Princess Kallista. ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda faces a Mystery Opponent in a Falls Count Anywhere, No Disqualification brawl!

Mutt: And in the Main Event! We have my favorite ‘Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne vying for it all as she faces the 1996 Ironwoman ‘the Franchise’ Daisy Butterfly for the Internet Title!!

Bishop: Fans, we start out with a House of Styles with MISTER Furious Styles….

House of Styles: Savannah Charles, Allison Wren, Monika Frank

(Fans pop as they hear “Real Love” by Mary J. Blige. MISTER Furious Styles comes strutting down the aisle. He’s wearing a tuxedo, top hat, and sunglasses on while profiling with his steel tipped cane.)

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy! Who loves YOU baby?!

(Fans pop as MISTER Styles enters the ring. He twirls his mic around as he shakes his head in disdain.)

Styles: This week, I’ve got somebody on the show that reminds me a lot of another rookie that got too big for her britches, Jennifer Grier. Of course, the fact that this particular rook got BEAT by Grier tells me everything I need to know about her. Somehow, this no-talent pulled off the fluke of the century and UPSET the Golden Girl, Sierra Browne!

(He stops and stares, shocked, as the fans pop at the remark. He adjusts his tie as the noise dies down, then speaks.)

Styles: That is NO way to act when you’re told something like that! Sierra’s got more talent in her pinky toe than this loser has in her entire body! I don’t get you people sometimes. Oh, well…it’s time to bring out “Southern Steel,” Savannah Charles!!!

(The PA system blares out Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” and Savannah emerges from the back, wearing a confederate flag half- tee and painted-on jeans, her ensemble molding to the contours of her strong, shapely body. Directly behind her is Kevin Taylor, dressed in a tailored tan suit, carrying his clipboard. Walking with them is the team of Allison Wren and Monika Frank, dressed in similar jeans, combat boots, and button-down shirts. Styles seems bored as they slap hands with the fans, then climb into the ring.)

Styles: Okay, people, just calm down. It’s bad enough that I’ve got to humor this roided-out redneck and the Hee Haw gang. Okay, rookie. You pulled off the upset of your life against Sierra Browne, and you know she’s gonna eat your lunch in a rematch. What makes you think anybody takes you seriously?

(Savannah shrugs, and smiles broadly.)

Savannah: Heck, I dunno. Maybe they don’t. What difference does it make?

(Styles furrows his brow, a bit confused.)

Styles: Waitwaitwaitasecond, I don’t get it. I thought you goody-goods were obsessed with popularity and all that crap.

Savannah: Some are, but I’m just here ’cause I like a good scrap. I can’t do much about whether anybody likes me or not. I don’t play them games.

Styles: Yeah…well, that’s good, because after Sierra beats your ass a few times, NOBODY’S gonna be cheering for a rookie loser like YOU. Understand that?

(Kevin makes as if to approach Styles, but Savannah holds him back.)

Savannah: Mister Styles, I appreciate you bringin’ me’n my friends onto your show, but I think you got a few things wrong. For starters, I ain’t a rookie. I ain’t been a rookie for a few years now. I’ve been in about three or feds before this one, and I’ve had titles in all of ’em. That dog just won’t hunt.

(Styles frowns and shakes his head.)

Styles: Okay, so maybe you aren’t TECHNICALLY a rookie, you still ain’t much in my book until you’ve done some wrestling HERE in the GDWA. But you said I “had a few things wrong.” What else am I mistaken about?

Savannah: Well, I guess the main thing you’ve got wrong is about what’ll happen if Sierra Browne and I fight again. She ain’t gonna beat MY ass. It didn’t happen the first time, and it ain’t gonna happen the next time, either. After what she and her buddy “Miss Perfect” tried ta do to me, if we square off again, I figure I owe her the butt-kickin’ of a lifetime. And with a big ol’ tush like she’s got, I just can’t miss!

(Crowd pops a bit as Styles regards them with disdain.)

Styles: Is that so?

Savannah: Yeah, that’s so. Right, Kevin?

(Kevin Taylor steps up to the mic.)

Taylor: That’s correct. I still can’t believe that the GDWA didn’t throw a flag on that post-match attack on Savannah, and they still haven’t satisfactorily answered my demand to enlarge the role of a male manager when his charge is being criminally assaulted. They’d rather see people get hurt, which is outrageous and inhumane. But we’ve devised a strategy to deal with that now.

Styles: Is that so. Well what might that be? For example, what’ll you do if Sierra’s friends the Misfits show up and want to take out a piece of your hide?

Taylor: Actually, I think I’ll let your future world tag team champs, Allison Wren and Monika Frank, answer that one. Ladies?

(Allison and Monika approach the mic.)

Allison: Ah, you know us…we’re not much for coming out here and screaming and ranting about what we’re gonna do to who. We’re not worried about the Misfits.

Monika: At this rate, we’re never going to get to get into the ring anyway. We’ve had a contract signed against the High Flying Dorks for weeks. So don’t come talking about the Misfits. They’re old news, as far as we’re concerned.

Styles: Keep dreaming, little girls. The Misfits are more than you two scrubs could ever HOPE to be. What do you think’ll happen if you got a visit from, oh…the HYENA QUEENS? (He smiles fiendishly.)

Allison: (She just laughs.)

Monika: Please. Give me a break. The Hyena Queens, the Browne Girls, Idol Team Otanashi…they’re all the same to us: JAFT…

Allison and Monika Together: Just Another Freakin’ Team.

(Styles recoils as the crowd pops. Regaining his composure, he turns back to Kevin and Savannah.)

Styles: Okay, so you think you’ve got things covered on the tag side. What do you presume to do if it’s just Dalbello you’ve got to deal with? You can’t bring these two in that case!

Taylor: That’s our big surprise. (He turns toward the back.) Come on out!!!\

Chelsea Vanderbilt

(“Rag Doll” by Aerosmith plays as Chelsea Vanderbilt enters accompanied by her manager, Q.Q. Ellis. The crowd cheers, with a smattering of boos from the Dawg Pound. Ellis takes the microphone.)

Ellis: Surprise! I think this should serve as a nice wake-up call for the rest of the GDWA. I’ve been waiting for people to take notice for some time now.

(The crowd noise dies down except for the Dawg Pound, whose boos are more audible.)

Ellis (turning toward the Dawg Pound): I hear those boos from the Dawg Pound! I respect you purists. (Smiles.) You’re just going to have to face the fact that Chelsea and I are here now.

(Some of the Dawg Pound cheers at mention of their name.)

Ellis: OK, back to the point. A few weeks ago, I came out and issued a direct challenge to Tiffany Chandler, but she didn’t want Chelsea to make her look bad. Chelsea had an impressive win a couple weeks back, and I thought then that somebody would take notice. But I still hear no mention from anyone around here about my protégé, who was won three different ESWP titles in less than one year.

But then I figured it out. It seems that the stables in this company draw all the attention. And while Chelsea and I can handle things on our own, we thought things might go a bit faster if we could find a few friends. Job done. Chelsea and I will be watching the backs of these fine young wrestlers, and Chelsea and I are going to ride the wave this creates straight to the top of the GDWA!

(Ellis tosses the microphone back to Styles.)

Styles: Whoaaa!!! A new stable forms on MY show? Okay, so maybe — just maybe — I’m impressed. Tell me, who’s running this show — you or Q.Q. Ellis? And you wanna give me the name of this new group?

Taylor: Well, neither one of us runs it — I handle my people, he handles Chelsea. We’re just entering a relationship of mutual support. As for a name, as a matter of fact, we’ve got one. We figure we’re just evening the odds for ourselves, and thus we’re calling our faction “The Equalizers.”

Styles: Cute. But none of it’ll matter if Organized Crime or the Syndicate gets their hands on you. They’re THE stables in this fed, and they know how to TCB, if you get my drift.

Taylor: I’m well aware of how they operate, especially the Syndicate. And believe it or not, I’ve got a good working relationship with Christopher Bell, whom you all know as the Kingpin. But I won’t single anybody out, except to say that we won’t tolerate gang-ups or interference by ANY faction, so bear that in mind. And on that, Mister Styles, we need to take our leave. Thank you for your time.

Styles: (Speaking as they walk away.) Hey, it was YOUR pleasure. (Shaking his head.) Buncha jobbers. I’m outta here!!!

Bishop: Fans, our first match is a doozy!! “Jungle” Radhi Ananda grappling against that mystery opponent. This ought to get the old faithful GDWA fans going…

Mutt: Yeah, and I can’t wait to see who she’s facing.

(Fans all cheering as Spud McKenzie enters the ring….)

Spud: You’ve waited all week for us…now, the premier women’s promotion in all of Professional Wrestling is back.

(Fans all cheering while some chant: DAISY! DAISY! DAISY!)

Spud: The Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance has but one question to ask all of its fans….Are you ready!?

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!)

Spud: I said ARE YOU READY?!

(Fans scream: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Spud: Then Let’s Get Rrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrumble!!!

(Fans cheer as horns go off & Spud McKenzie stands poised in the ring.)

No DQ/Falls Count Anywhere: Radhi Ananda vs. Yukon Jane

Spud: Our first contest is scheduled for one fall with No Disqualification and Falls Count Anywhere!!!!


Spud: First……

(Fans pop and the Dawg Pound cheers as they hear ‘Paint it Black’ by the Rolling Stones!)

Spud: Hailing from Bombay, India. She is 5 feet 5 inches, 135lbs, here is ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda…

(Radhi heads down the aisle glaring as she reaches into the stands and grabs a chair. She heads down to ringside wearing a loose tiger print garment–barefoot with her hair disheveled–as she waves the chair above her head wildly.)

Bishop: Radhi with no immediate purpose other than to beat somebody up in this one. She’s been savage as of late, and this might be no different.

Mutt: Well what do you expect? Falls Count Anywhere and NO DQ? The last time we saw her she put Ranger Robin in the hospital.

Spud: And HER opponent…

(Fans all boo as they hear ‘Bad Moon Risin’)

Spud: Hailing from the Yukon. She stands 6 feet tall, weighing in at 160 pounds…here is ‘Yukon’ Jane!

(Fans all booing as ‘Yukon’ Jane heads down the aisle carrying a 2X4.)

Bishop: Jane screaming and calling on Radhi…and here she comes!!!!

(Fans all cheering as Radhi Ananda climbs out of the ring.)

Mutt: Yukon is pissed about her manager….this feud has JUST begun!

Bishop: Radhi charging up the aisle….& SHE GETS NAILED WITH THE BOARD!!!

(Hardcores pop as Yukon Jane takes out Radhi Ananda’s knee.)


Bishop: Yukon stomping away on the Jungle…Now she reaches up and CLOBBERS her in the head! A pick up and she rolls Jungle into the ring.

Mutt: Jane climbing through the ropes, and Jungle is up…and they are pounding away! They trade punches and now Jungle backing off into the ropes. The ref watching on as Jane charges in and….MISSES with the 2X4…

(Fans cheer as Radhi Ananda ducks through the ropes.)

Bishop: And CATAPULTS herself back *nailing* a Flying Clothesline!!!!

(Fans cheer as Radhi Ananda picks up the 2X4.)

Mutt: Jane quick to her feet….BUT JUNGLE WITH A blast TO THE HEAD!

Bishop: The board cracked in half, and now Jungle with a handful of hair and raking her eyes against the ropes! Jane is dazed, and now Jungle with an Eye Rake…and an Irish Whip to the far side.

Mutt: Jungle with a head of steam as Jane bounces off the ropes and….


(Fans boo as Radhi Ananda falls to the MAT.)

Mutt: Jane stomping away, and now a pick up and a Side Headlock! So much strength. The woman is 175 of steroids.

Bishop: Jane slowing this down and…Oh boy. Jungle strong in her own right as she pushes Jane into the ropes and…JANE TOSSING HER THROUGH THE ROPES TO THE OUTSIDE!

(Fans boo while Jane flicks them off.)

Mutt: Jane so strong, she Literally Hip Tossed Jungle to the floor out of a Side Headlock. Now Jane climbing through the ropes to the ring apron as Jungle gets to the feet. Jane jumping off…

Bishop: And Jungle with a shot to the midsection! Jane doubles over as Jungle pounds away, and now a handful of hair as she scurries over to the ringpost….AND NAILS JANE IN THE HEAD!

(Dawg Pound cheers as Jane stumbles away, covering her face.)

Mutt: Jungle from behind, with a handful of hair and HIGH KNEES Jane in the face! And there’s blood on Radhi….Yukon has been busted open!

Bishop: Jane is dazed with this rapid attack, and now Radhi with another handful of hair. And now Radhi with High Knees to the forehead of Jane….And Jane shoving Radhi to the floor.

(Ringside fans cheer while Yukon Jane stumbles toward the guard railing.)

Mutt: Hold on! That psycho path getting to her feet as Jane leans up against the steel. Jungle with a head of steam…


(Fans boo as ‘Yukon’ Jane hobbles toward the ring apron.)

Mutt: Jungle is down, and Jane unable to capitalize. This happened just a month or so ago. These two tore at each other mercilessly and…

Bishop: oh no! Jane with a head of steam as she encroaches the guard railing and…NAILS RADHI WITH A SPLASH!

(Fans all booing as Jane pounds away on Jungle.)

Mutt: The ref running down into the crowd as security follows. This is GREAT wrestling….OH yeah!

Bishop: Jane pointing toward the arena steps? Oh no! Jane hoisting up Jungle and sprinting toward the steps…AND POWERSLAMS HER!!!!

Mutt: The ref is out of position as Jane covers. Ringside fans are all trying to get a peak!

Ref: 1………………………..2…………………kick out!

Bishop: Jane with a pick up, and a waistlock for a Belly to Back… no! Jungle flipping out of it and landing on her feet! She has an Armpit facelock on Jane…..INVERTED DDT!

(Major crowd pop as both women lay on the ground.)

Bishop: What athleticism from the so called Savage. Both women down, and even you must admit that it was a GREAT counter.

Mutt: Jungle is irrelevant! Jane is bigger, stronger, and better.

Bishop: Both women slow to their feet, and Jungle charging in, biting away on Yukon’s wound. Blood is pouring as Jane flails away on Jungle. Now European Uppercuts as Jungle staggers away.

Mutt: Jungle moving through the crowd haphazardly as Jane follows. The blood is flowing for Yukon. Jungle shoving a fan aside, and grabbing a camcorder…AND NAILS YUKON IN THE HEAD!

(BIG pop from hardcores as Jane falls to the floor.)

Bishop: Jungle resting up against the guard railing for support. Jane beseeching the referee as he heads over to Radhi Ananda…

(Big pop from most fans as Radhi Ananda GRABS the referee.)

Mutt: What the hell? The ref flailing nervously and Radhi Ananda looking at him confusedly…oh no! Jane with a head of steam and…


Mutt: ALL 3 OF THEM HIT THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!

(Dawg Pound barks as ‘Yukon’ Jane picks up Radhi Ananda.)

Mutt: Jane and Jungle flew over the barrier back into ringside along with the ref. Jane with a pick up, and slaps on a Side Headlock…. AND RAMS JUNGLE’S HEAD INTO THE RING POST!!!!

(Fans ALL boo as Jane walks around ringside flipping them off.)

Bishop: Jungle clutching her head, and Jane rolling her into the ring. Jane bleeding profusely as she climbs the ring steps and drags Jungle toward the near corner.

Mutt: Jane is going up top!?

(Fans boo as Miko Azai comes swaggering down to ringside.)

Bishop: The GDWA Ninja ‘Tokyo Thriller’ Miko Azai looking on.

Mutt: In the ring, Jane is up on the second turnbuckle, and slaps Jungle’s head between her legs? OH damn!

(Dawg Pound is up on their feet as Jane applies a Waistlock.)

Bishop: Jane hoists up ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda…….and jumps off?!?!?

Mutt: Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper!

Powwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwer Boooooooooooooomb!!!!!!

(Fans ALL ERUPT!!!!!!)

Bishop: A powerbomb from the second turnbuckle! Jungle is down, and Jane slow to her feet. Miko Azai entering the ring, and checking on Jungle. Long time respect going on between those two.

Mutt: Jane has got her beaten!! Jane heading over to Jungle and…

Bishop: MIKO AZAI WITH A CRESCENT KICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Dawg Pound erupts as both women lay out on the mat.)

Mutt: Jungle up to her knees, clutching her back as drool runs down her face. Miko checking on Jungle as she helps her to her feet…and the ref is slowly making his way toward ringside.

Bishop: Jane is out! Miko Azai with a perfectly placed Karate Kick taking out ‘Yukon’ Jane. Jungle up to her feet as Miko Azai points over to Jane…..AND MIKO AZAI *NAILS* HER WITH A SPINWHEEL KICK!!!!

(Dawg Pound pops as Miko Azai stomps on Radhi Ananda.)

Bishop: Oh my God! Jungle is down! Jane is down! What the hell is wrong with Miko? She’s a loose cannon!


Bishop: What?

Mutt: Miko with a Double Leg pick up and….

(FANS POP as Rekka Sakura runs down the aisle!)

Bishop: Miko scurries from the ring as Rekka Sakura slides through the ropes. We’ve got carnage everywhere.

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 23 minutes 25 seconds, this match has been thrown out. IT is ruled a DRAW!

(Fans boo as medical attendants bring stretchers down the aisle.)

Bishop: My lord! What the hell was that about?

Mutt: That was Miko Azai making it known! She was sending a telegram!

Bishop: Fans, let’s get the ring cleared up. WE take you to a replay of the Harlequin Melody, ‘Sexy’ Sally McClane and Ma Porter ESWP TV title match up.

ESPW TV Championship: Melody vs. Sally McClane vs. Big Ma Porter

YY: Ladies and gentlemen, the Electronic Shoot Wrestling Promotion would like to thank the great fans of New Jersey to ESWP Slamfest!

(“Gold Dust Woman” by Hole plays as Sally McClane heads to the ring.)

YY: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the ESWP Women’s Television Championship! Introducing first the challenger, from the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance. “Sexy” Sally McClane!

MKF: Quite an interesting story surrounding this match here. Apparently…

MM: Can it wait?

HD: Let Mark finish.

(“Goodbye” by Gravity Kills plays as Melody dances to the ring.)

YY: And her opponent, from Sleepy Hollow, Illinois. The ESWP Women’s Television Champion, Melody!

MKF: As I was saying…

MM: I said wait!

HD: Melody’s in the ring and…What’s going on?

(President Lawson and Ma Porter of the GDWA head down the aisle.)

MKF: That’s Ma Porter of the GDWA. Like I was saying, this past Tuesday…

(President Lawson grabs the mic.)

DL: Ladies and gentlemen, as you are well aware, this past Tuesday. This woman right here (points to Porter) was told that she became the ESWP Women’s Television Champion after defeating Comedy, when it was in fact Melody here that holds the title. Now I don’t want to cause any friction between the ESWP and GDWA, so I’ve decided that this match will now be a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH, with Ms. Porter as the third woman in the ring.

(Melody jumps to the outside to complain while Ma Porter rolls into the ring and clotheslines Sally McClane.)


HD: And Porter picks up McClane and brainbusters her right in the middle of the ring, and the champion is still arguing the decision by the President.

MM: She oughtta! A last minute change like that!

MKF: Porter with a whip to the ropes. McClane comes off with a drop-kick but is batted away by Porter!

MM: Besides! Melody can take a break and then pound on whatever chick wins the fight in the ring!

MKF: Mauler, it’s not a triangle match, it’s a triple threat match.

MM: So.

HD: Triple threat matches means all three competitors are in the ring, and there is only one fall.

MM: Waitaminute! You mean!

MKF: Melody could lose this match without getting pinned.

MM: Mel! Get in the ring! It’s a trap!

HD: Porter with a powerbomb! Hooks the leg and…


(Melody notices the count)


(She dives into the ring and…)



HD: New Champion!

MKF: It looks like Ma Porter really is the ESWP Women’s TV Champion.

(The referee is trying to take the belt from Melody, who still has it strapped around her waist.)

YY: Here is your winner, and NEW ESWP Women’s Television Champion…Ma Porter!

(Porter grabs the belt and starts to pull it away from Melody. Melody pulls it back screaming “My belt! My belt!” Suddenly, Melody smashes the title over Porter’s head, knocking her cold.)

HD: Oh my…

MKF: What a poor play of sportsmanship on the part of Melody!

MM: You go girl!

(Melody rolls out of the ring, still holding the Women’s TV Title screaming, “She didn’t beat me! I’m the champ!” at the fans as she heads to the locker room.)

MKF: Well, despite what she says, Melody is no longer Women’s Television Champion.

MM: She’s got the belt! Possession is nine-tenths of the law!

Bishop: Now that was strange. Sally was TOTALLY overwhelmed by Porter. Nothing like their match up a few months ago.

Mutt: Maybe Sally *is* the least intimidating wrestler in the GDWA.

Bishop: Well, congratulations to Porter. Fans, we move on now to our next match up.

Princess Kallista vs. Bloody Mary

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.

(Minor cheers as fans hear “the Second Waltz” by Shostakovich)

Spud: Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland! Making her GDWA debut, she is 5 feet 5 inches, 129 pounds. Here is Princess Kallista!!!!

(Minor cheers as Kallista heads down the aisle. She enters the ring wearing a deep blue silk, medieval style dress, soft leather boots and black silk sleeves.)

Bishop: Kallista making her debut, and she’s been a rather successful athlete competing in the ESWP. Now she heads to the mecca of Women’s Wrestling with nothing but stars in her eyes.

Mutt: She’ll be seeing stars in a minute! Bloody Mary is gonna stomp this gal in the ground!!

Spud: And her opponent…

(Fans all boo as they hear ‘Midnight Rider’ by the Allman Brothers.)

Spud: Hailing from Davenport, Iowa. She stands 5 feet 9 inches, weighing in at 160 pounds…here is Bloody Mary!

(Fans all booing as Bloody Mary cockily heads down the aisle. Mary is wearing a black trench coat and boots with her blonde hair tucked neatly underneath a baseball cap. Underneath is her wrestling attire: dressed in 2 piece red muscle outfit, black wrestling boots, black elbow & knee pads.)

Bishop: It wasn’t that long ago that we were calling Bloody Mary a rookie. She came fresh from Japan with one thing in mind…taking ALL of the GDWA’s title belts.

Mutt: Heck, she’s come close so many times. She nearly beat ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda in a steel cage for the Western Heritage title about 6 months back. And in her FIRST match in the GDWA, she challenged Jungle for that belt. And most recently she faced Micki Duran for the Internet title.

Bishop: Mary entering the ring cautiously. Mary suffering from that concussion at the hands of Lady Tiger….

Mutt: Lady JOBBER as far as I’m concerned. Andrea Chandler showed her what wrestling is all about!!

Bishop: Mary tossing off her leather, and tugging on the top ring rope. She’s out to make a point tonight.

Mutt: And so is the newcomer. Kallista has a chance to upset a woman who claims to be the FUTURE Of Grand Dragon. And this woman has a concussion still.

Bishop: The ref going over the rules…and here we go.


Bishop: There’s the bell, and Mary moving in on Kallista. Collar and Elbow tie up and Mary TOSSING her into the near corner!

(Dawg Pound cheers as the rest of the fans boo.)

Mutt: You can’t go that route with Mary. She has just 3% body fat and is nothing but muscle.

Bishop: Mary moving in…and Kallista backing into the ropes and charging into Mary….AND BLOODY MARY WITH A HIGH BACK BODY DROP!

Mutt: But the Princess lands on her feet….AND A DROPKICK TO THE BACK OF BLOODY MARY’S HEAD!!!

(Fans cheer as Bloody Mary slams into the near ropes.)


Ref: 1…………………………2………………!

(Fans all cheering as Kallista runs for the side ropes.)

Bishop: Mary up to her feet as Kallista bounces off and MISSING a Clothesline. Kallista running for the far side and Mary twirling around.

Mutt: Kallista bouncing off and *HITS A FLYING CLOTHESLINE*…uh oh.

(Hardcores pop as Bloody Mary stumbles back, but remains on her feet.)

Bishop: Mary POUNDING into Kallista with Iowa Heaven Punches to the head. Kallista is bow legged, and now Mary with an Irish Whip to the far side.

Mutt: Mary with a start as Kallista bounces off and……..


(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF!WooF! WooF!WooF! WooF!WooF! WooF!)

Bishop: Kallista is down, and Mary with a pick up and slaps on a Front face lock. Mary backing into the middle of the ring….VERTICAL SUPLEX!

Mutt: Kallista is down, and Mary up to her feet, stomping away at the midsection. A pick up, and she HAIR TOSSES KALLISTA ACROSS THE RING!!!

Bishop: Kallista slow to her feet as Mary sprints across the ring and the Princess backs into the near corner….


Bishop: And Kallista comes Catapulting herself back into the ring….

Mutt: But Mary ducks…..

Bishop: And Kallista with a Sunset Flip!!!!

Ref: 1……………….2………………….no!!!!!!

(Fans all gaps as Bloody Mary kicks out.)

Bishop: Shades of Officer Order with that Sunset Flip. Kallista with a pick up and slaps on a Side Headlock and a Head of Steam….

Mutt: But Mary puts on the breaks….and slaps on a Waistlock….

Bishop: Bloody Mary with a Waistlock Suplex!

(Fans boo as Princess Kallista clutches her back.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Mutt: Mary slow to her feet, and you can see that her head is getting rattled far too much.

Bishop: Mary looks nauseous as she picks up Kallista, and SHOVES her into the near corner. Mary comes storming in and HITS the Clothesline!

(Fans all boo!)

Bishop: Kallista stumbling out of the corner, and Mary slapping her to the mat. Mary now, with a pick up and a neckbreaker.

(Dawg Pound cheers as Bloody Mary slaps her hand around Kallista’s neck.)

Mutt: Bloody Mary hoisting up Kallista…and KALLISTA….


(Fans erupt as Princess Kallista hooks the legs.)

Ref: 1………………………2……………………kick out!

(Fans all cheering as Princess Kallista picks up Mary.)

Bishop: Kallista now, punching away on Mary, and the big woman is buckling. She’s hurt! Kallista with an Irish Whip into the near ropes as she stomps the canvas…..SUPERKICK!!!!


Mutt: Mary is out on the ropes, and now Kallista running for the near corner, jumping off and SLAPS ON A SIDE HEADLOCK FOR A…..


(Dawg Pound erupts as Bloody Mary rolls out of the ring, holding her head.)

Mutt: The referee shouting at Bloody Mary, but that was a….. Strategically executed maneuver. Mary needed a reprieve, and she got it!

Bishop: Kallista is….stunned if that’s the term. She’s down on the canvas, and you’ve got to think to yourself that if this were Lady Tiger, she would have been attempting a high risk maneuver.

Ref: …………………….3……………………..4………

Bishop: Mary climbing back up the ring steps. She’s on shaky legs.

Mutt: Mary in the ring, and heading over to the Princess. Mary with a pick up and nailing away with those Iowa Heaven Punches! Kallista falls back into the near corner, and now Mary Irish Whipping her to the far corner.

Bishop: Kallista hits hard, but comes bounding out of the corner with a Dropkick….oh no!

(Fans boo as Bloody Mary slaps her feet away.)

Mutt: Not enough strength. Kallista is a featherweight you know.

Bishop: Mary with a pick up, and a Backbreaker! Now Bloody Mary pointing out to the Dawg Pound as she hoists up the Princess and drapes her over her shoulder. Oh no!

Mutt: Mary with a head of steam…..AND POWERSLAMS HER TO THE CANVAS!

(Fans boo as Princess Kallista recoils on the mat.)

Ref: 1………………………2………………….KICK OUT! Mutt: Mary with a pick up, and a Frontface lock. She hoists up Princess Kallista…and Kallista slides down her back and applies a Waistlock for a Sunset Flip!!!

(Fans all screaming as Bloody Mary stumbles backwards….)


(Fans all screaming as Princess Kallista writhes on the mat.)

Mutt: Ring the bell! Ring the bell!

Bishop: And that’s it!!!


(Fans all boo as Bloody Mary stands over Princess Kallista.)

Bishop: Mary walking off, and the ref raises her hand.

Mutt: Let’s get the official word.

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 9 minutes 29 seconds, your winner via submission….Bloody Mary!!!

(Fans all booing as they hear ‘Midnight Rider’ by the Allman Bros.)

Bishop: Mary leaving the ring, and you’ve got to think that the Princess was a move or so from victory.

Mutt: And..your point is?

Bishop: (Sighs) It’s obviously lost. Fans, let’s go to a special clip with the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Officer May Order.

Fall Moonsault PPV Commercial:

(Shot opens on a silhouette of a woman working out on a speed bag, as she starts to punch it, the voice over begins)

VOICE: She is one of the founding members of the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance…

(The camera begins to zoom in, as the woman still hidden in darkness begins going faster and faster)

VOICE: She was the first GDWA wrestler to put double digits in the win column…

(Camera pans to the right, now shooting over the woman’s shoulder as she works the speed bag like a professional boxer)

VOICE: Two time winner of the Western Heritage Title and the Lanny Manson Fan Favorite award…

(The woman starts to pour on the speed, pummeling the speedbag with rights and lefts with perfect rhythm.)


(Cut to a closer shot of the woman’s head, shoulders, and fists as they fly at a furious pace, working the speedbag faster than the eye can follow)

VOICE: And at this year’s Fall Moonsault, she’s going to put it on the line for the title of Ironwoman

(The woman as punches faster and faster, the camera pulls back and then with one swift roundhouse kick knocks the speed bag out of the mount… just as she does that, her theme music starts …)

Music: What ya’ gon’ … What ya’ gon’ … What ya’ gon’ a do ? Bust’s in to “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle >

(The woman turns around and steps into the light … Reveling it’s none other than Double O, Officer May Order, as folds her arms and smiles. The music dims.)

Order: So … What are you going to do?

(Screen changes to glowing Red letters on a black background which read;

Fall Moonsault Monday, October 13 Ironwoman Square Dance Only on Pay Per View

Mutt: Impressive, now the GDWA has resorted to infomercials.

Bishop: Fans, our Main Event is up next in what should be one of the most exciting matches in GDWA history…

Mutt: Well, it comes down to Technical wrestling versus freestyle/ STIFF Style.

Bishop: Browne is up against insurmountable odds. With her ankle injury and Daisy’s recent title victory, Sierra will have to perform a miracle.

Mutt: Fans, let’s go to the ring….

GDWA Internet Championship: Daisy Butterfly vs. Sierra Browne

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is our Main Event this week! It is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit…and it is for the GDWA Internet Heavyweight Championship!

(Fans boo as they hear ‘Browne Girl’ over the pa.)

Spud: First, the GDWA’s History Making Bi-titled Champion!

(Fans all boo as Sierra Browne comes through the curtain, the lights darken and gold petals fall from the rafters. She twirls around and blows a kiss to the Dawg Pound.)

Spud: Hailing from Port of Spain, Trinidad. She is 5 feet 10 inches, 130 pounds, here is your Transnational Cruiserweight, and Western Heritage Champion…..’Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne!!!

(Fans all booing as Sierra Browne twirls down the aisle, and opens her arms, embracing the jeers. She stops, standing in the middle of the aisle, wearing a red and gold sparkling 2 piece with an ankle brace on. She again heads toward the ring with one title belt over each shoulder.)

Bishop: Browne with a distinct limp as she proceeds to the ring…

Mutt: And a distinct handicap this week…WITHOUT Dalbello Rage. She’s been banned for a week I believe.

(Browne climbs into the ring and kneels in the middle of the ring, looking up at the overhead lights.)

Bishop: Browne so arrogant, she wants the third title! She wants the INTERNET Heavyweight Championship.

Mutt: She wants Duran’s title, and the Legend has GOT to be watching this one closely.

(Fans all on their feet chanting: Lanny! Lanny! Lanny! Lanny!)

Bishop: Fans, let’s hear the announcements for the champ…

(Fans *E R U P T* as they hear ‘Let Me Clear my Throat’ by DJ KOOL)

Spud: Led down the aisle by the ‘Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita!

(Fans pop!)

Spud: …hailing from San Francisco, California. She is 5 feet 7 inches, 130 pounds. The 1996 Ironwoman and YOUR Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance Internet Heavyweight Champion…….the ‘Franchise’ Daisy Butterfly!!

(Fans EXPLODE as fountain fireworks explode near the entrance. Daisy comes out, wearing a white facepaint, blue around the eyes and on the lips and silver glitter in her hair. A silver sleeveless bodysuit with blue boots and elbowpads. The word “FIRECRACKER” in Old English script in an arc on her lower back.)

Bishop: Daisy looks good! Daisy heading down the aisle slapping hands with the fans as Keiko Mita follows behind. Browne climbing up to the second turnbuckle and motioning around her waist.

Mutt: Browne with one belt around each shoulder, and her waist is bare. You think there’s room Bishop?

(Keiko Mita follows her to ringside on crutches, then suddenly tosses them to the floor as fans pop. Daisy stands in front of her, patting the Internet title around her waist.)

Bishop: Woah! Mita walking WITHOUT crutches, showing the bi-titled champ she is able to throw down.

Mutt: Daisy climbing through the ropes…and Browne rolling at Daisy’s leg….


(Fans pop!!!)

Bishop: Browne a few steps slower than usual as Daisy evades the challenger.

(Browne stands in the corner, glaring, as Daisy Butterfly stands in the middle of the ring holding her title above her head.)

Mutt: Browne is as serious as I’ve ever seen her. The ref pointing at both women, and taking the Internet title from Daisy. OH yeah! Let’s get it on.

Bishop: The ref going over the rules….and here we go!


Mutt: Browne in the middle of the ring, and the two women encircling one another…and she slaps Daisy!

(Fans gasp as Daisy Butterfly stumbles back.)

Bishop: Daisy enraged, and Browne charging into her with European Uppercuts. Daisy backing into the ropes, and Browne Irish Whipping her off the ropes…no reversal!

Mutt: Browne bouncing off and Daisy with a Dropkick! Browne up again with a Forward Roll and MISSING the Somersault Clothesline….

Bishop: …and Daisy COUNTERING with a Mexican Arm Drag Takedown!!! Daisy back up and running for the near ropes. Browne up and dropping back down with Daisy hopping over and running to the far side.

Bishop: Browne charging as Daisy bounces off the ropes……

(Fans cheering!)

Bishop: Flying Clothesline!!

Ref: 1………………………..2…………..kick out!!

Bishop: Both women back up and Daisy with a Side Headlock. Browne backs into the ropes, and Browne with forearm shots to the kidneys. The ref wants a break, and Daisy complies…


(Dawg Pound pops as Sierra Browne rolls THROUGH the ropes to the outside.)

Mutt: Though Dalbello is gone, we can see her influence already. Frustrate the champ, take short cuts, and get the HELL out of the ring.

Bishop: Browne moving back in methodically, and Daisy waiting on her. She looks intense as Mita looks on concerned. Browne with a Collar and Elbow and an Armdrag Takedown.

Mutt: And Daisy with a Drop toe hold! Both women back up and Browne nearing the ropes as Daisy charges….and Browne with a Somersault Monkey Flip!!

(Dawg Pound pops as Daisy Butterfly flies through the ropes to the floor.)

Bishop: Oh great Jahosephat!!! Browne quick to her feet as she tugs on the top ring rope….SUICIDE DIVE ONTO THE FLOOR!

(Dawg Pound erupts as Sierra Browne picks up Daisy and rolls her into the ring.)

Mutt: Browne limping as she climbs back into the ring, and climbs up the turnbuckles. She faces the fans as she’s up to the top! Daisy up to her feet as Browne Moonsaults………..

Bishop: AND DAISY BUTTERFLY CATCHING HER *into a Tilt-A-Whirl Slam!*

(Dawg Pound salutes as Daisy Butterfly gets to her feet.)

Bishop: At every step, Daisy is out quickening the injured bit titled champ. Daisy with a Single Leg pick up and a Strong Kick to the hamstring into a Fall Away Knee snap!

Mutt: Browne quickly into the ropes, and the challenger showing her Savvy. She doesn’t want to get caught in a mat game against the champ.

Bishop: Daisy with a pick up, and Open Hand Slaps to the chest. Browne up against the ropes dazed and now Daisy with an Overhand Wristlock Takedown into a Leg Grapevine for the cover!!!!

Ref: 1……………………………….2………………Kick out!

(Mixed cheers!)

Mutt: Daisy snatching up Browne and running across the ring for the far ropes. She tosses her into the ropes as she charges….DROPKICK!

Bishop: Daisy with a pick up, and Browne backs into the ropes. Daisy with an Armdrag and now a Leg trip and she straddles the champ!

Mutt: Browne frustrated as she applies a body scissors and takes Daisy over only to have Daisy roll through it…but Browne is into the ropes.

Bishop: Both women back up and Browne backing into the ropes as Daisy charges….RIGHT INTO A European Uppercut.

Mutt: Sierra with another Euro Uppercut, and now a Swinging Waistlock into a German Suplex!!!

Ref: 1………………………….2…………………kick out!

Mutt: Both women back up and Browne with a barrage of European Uppercuts, and now an Irish Whip to the far ropes as she runs for the side ropes.


(Fans boo as Browne is slow to her feet.)

Mutt: Browne with a pick up, and snatching up Daisy by her hair. Browne running Daisy over to the near corner….but Daisy with a Standing Leg Grapevine and A SIDE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!

(Fans chant: DAISY! DAISY! DAISY!)

Ref: 1………………2………..3……….4…………..

Mutt: Browne has been having serious problems in this match up. NO continued attack, and Daisy is cruising right along to retaining her belt.

Bishop: But why isn’t Daisy pinpointing the ankle?

(Fans cheering as both women get to their feet.)

Mutt: Browne the quicker of the two, and she sprints toward the champ, Somersaulting and…..

Bishop: ….Daisy catches the ankle, blocking the Axe Kick COUNTERING into Leg Whip!

(Fans pop as Sierra Browne cries out in pain.)

Bishop: Daisy with a Single Leg pick up and a Forward Flip *snapping* that left leg of Browne…and Daisy still holding on, and now applies a Twisting Leg lock.

(Fans all whistling and cheering as Sierra Browne slaps the mat in pain.)

Mutt: Daisy taking out the mobility and endurance of the challenger. This is getting serious, Browne is in trouble!

Bishop: Daisy releasing but quickly twirling around and applies a Leg Scissors!!

Mutt: But Browne twirling around on the mat as Daisy sinks it in…and Browne hooking the ropes.

Bishop: Daisy with a pick up and an Open Hand Slap to the chest, and now a Hip toss to the middle of the ring. Browne up and Daisy with a start and A BASEBALL SLIDE TO THE RIGHT ANKLE!!!


Ref: ……………………………….1



(Fans pop big time as Sierra Browne slaps the mat in frustration.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 20 remaining.

(Fans chanting: Daisy! Daisy! Daisy!)

Bishop: Daisy with a pick up, and Browne raking the eyes. She’s backing off as Daisy clutches her face. Browne hobbling toward the ropes, Springboarding off and…..


(Fans all cheering as Daisy Butterfly grapevines the leg for a cover.)

Ref: 1……………………..2……………………kick out!

Mutt: The champion completely dominant over Browne. Sierra essentially wrestling with one good wheel, but Daisy is oblivious to Browne’s ankle injury it seems.

Bishop: Daisy with a pick up and a High Knee to the midsection of Browne. Now a Fireman’s Carry into a Samoan Drop….

Mutt: No! Browne swinging around Daisy’s neck and lands on her feet. Browne now, running toward the ropes again as Daisy charges the challenger with a Running Lariat….

Bishop: But Sierra Browne….DUCKING the Clothesline and sliding through her legs. Browne hobbling for the side corner as Daisy Butterfly turns around….

Bishop: AND SIERRA BROWNE Perched up top…..

Mutt: But Daisy Butterfly with a Dropkick.

Bishop: But Sierra Browne holding on with one arm as falls to the ring apron. Browne climbing back up the turnbuckles as Daisy points out to the fans….turn around Daisy turn around!

Mutt: Browne flying off top as she connects with a Headscissors….

Bishop: VICTORY ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ref: ……………………1


…………………kick out!

(Fans popping wildly!)

Mutt: Daisy with a pick up, and Open Hand Slaps to the chest!! Browne is bow legged as she Irish Whips Browne to the ropes. Browne bouncing off and Browne with a Flying Headscissors…..



(Fans all screaming as Sierra Browne flails around on the mat!)

Mutt: Daisy with that Running Tiger Driver, they call that a Liger Bomb in the East.

Bishop: Daisy with a pick up and a Double Arm Underhook….

(Big pop from fans as Daisy looks around the arena…..) Bishop: BUTTERFLY SUPLEX!!!!

(Major crowd pop as Daisy makes the Lateral Press.)

Ref: 1……………………..2………………….kick out!

(Fans gasp as Browne gets the shoulder up.)

Spud: 20 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Daisy with a pick up and a Spinning Neckbreaker. Browne rolling into the ropes, but Daisy with a Legdrag takedown. Now Daisy with a Single Leg pick up and turns her around into a 1/2 Crab…. Mutt: No! Daisy with an Ankle Lock Submission hold!!!!

(Fans all on their feet as Sierra Browne shakes her head no.)

Bishop: But Browne isn’t submitting. Daisy has the wrong ankle. She’s on the right ankle. Daisy holding on and Browne slapping the mat in pain.

Mutt: But Daisy is breaking, it was simply a set up maneuver. Daisy with a pick up and an Armdrag Takedown into an Armbar. Browne looks depleted. She’s in tremendous pain.

Bishop: Browne with EXCELLENT ring positioning as she rolls into the ropes, and Daisy preventing the roll to the outside. Daisy with Slaps to the chest as Browne falls to the mat!

(Fans pop as Daisy Butterfly heads for the near corner.)

Mutt: Browne rolling into the ropes as Daisy is perched up high. Daisy leaping off…..

Bishop: AND MISSING THE ELBOWDROP!!! Hold on! Browne now with Daisy’s arm and….SLAPS ON A WAKIGATAME SUBMISSION ARMBAR!!!


Bishop: Oh MY God. This would be the most embarrassing moment in Daisy’s career. Daisy slapping her bicep as she flails around the mat. Daisy tagging the bottom rope with her foot and the ref wants a break.

Ref: 1………………2…………….3………………4…….

Mutt: Browne breaks, but is up to feet and drops a LEGDROP to Daisy’s right arm! Browne back up and ANOTHER Legdrop.

Bishop: Daisy back into the ropes, and the ref wants a break…but Browne smelling blood! Browne using the top ring rope as leverage as she chokes the life out of Daisy Butterfly with her foot!!!

Ref: 1……………….2……………3………………..4……..

Mutt: Browne with a pick up, and nailing away with European Uppercuts. Now an Irish Whip to the side ropes as Sierra sprints forward….

Bishop: And Sierra with a Spinning Heel Kick!!!!

(Fans all cheering as Sierra Browne lays on the mat clutching her ankle.)

Mutt: No cover! Daisy slow to move as Browne rolls around the mat. Daisy clutching her right elbow, and she picks up Browne. Daisy with a Waistlock and a Gutwrench Suplex!

Ref: 1……………………………………………………..



(Fans pop amazed as Sierra gets the shoulder up.)

Mutt: Daisy with an Irish Whip to the side ropes as she waits in the middle of the ring. Browne with a ONE LEGGED Springboard off……

Bishop: S P R I N G B O A R D D D T !!!!! !!!! !!!! !!! !!!!

(Fans all SCREAMING as both women lay on the mat.)

Spud: 29 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 1 minute remaining. 60 seconds!!

Mutt: Browne with a desperation move! She’s been desperate all night. Now, she has a minute left.

Bishop: Sierra the first to move, and she crawls for the far corner. OH MY! Daisy clutching her head as she lays on the mat. She was taken by surprise as…..

Mutt: Browne is going up top!

(Fans all screaming as Sierra Browne crawls toward the turnbuckles.)

Mutt: Daisy slow to her knees, trying to shake the cobwebs.

Bishop: Sierra Browne now, going up top!

(The arena fans all on their feet as Sierra Browne is climbing the turnbuckles.)

Spud: 30 seconds!

Bishop: Daisy crawling toward the corner as Sierra Browne facing the fans! She’s going for the High Sierra Moonsault Elbow, but her ankle is too unstable. Daisy stumbling forward as Browne turns around….


(Fans all screaming as Sierra Browne falls atop the top turnbuckle!)

Mutt: Daisy climbing up the turnbuckles as Keiko Mita looks on. Daisy with a Front face lock…..

Bishop: She’s going for a Superplex!!!

(Dawg Pound chants: Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy!)

Bishop: Browne hooking the ropes for all that they’re worth. Daisy trying to muscle Bowne off the top. But her arm…..

Mutt: Hold on! Browne slapping on her own facelock, and she leaps off the top…………….

(Fans all screaming!!!!)

Mutt: SPINNING DDT OFF THE TOP ROPE?!?!?!?!!?!?!??!

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Spud: 10 Seconds left!


Mutt: DAISY is DOWN! Daisy is….

Mutt: Sierra Browne inching her way, and….slapping her hand around Daisy’s chest for a lateral press!!!!!

Ref: …………………………………………………………1




Bishop: NO KICKOUT!!!!

Mutt: Browne and Daisy are down on the mat! The ref calling over Spud McKenzie as they have a talk.

Bishop: Sierra Browne completely outwrestled in this one. From opening bell Daisy dominated except for a few…..

Spud: Wrestling fans, after consulting with the referee, we have an official ruling…….

(Fans all screaming as both women get to their feet. Daisy is shaking her head as Sierra Browne is heavily favoring one foot.)

Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 29 minutes 56 seconds! Your winner via pinfall…

(THUNDEROUS boos as Sierra Browne hops around on one knee as the referee raises her hand in victory.)

Spud: And Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew Internet Heavyweight Champion! ‘Golden Girl’ Sierrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrra Browne!

(Fireworks shoot out of the turnbuckles and the arena lights darken. Daisy stands dazed as Sierra Browne snatches the belt from the referee.)

Bishop: What? What?

Mutt: Keiko Mita entering the ring, and she hardly knows what to say to Daisy. Ha! A one week wonder is Daisy Butterfly! How many times did she have this match won? How many times did Browne scream out in pain?!

Bishop: Daisy is standing there, stoically, as Sierra Browne straps the Internet Title around her waist! My God! She’s a tri-titled champ.

Mutt: I must admit, I didn’t think it could be done! Sierra got her ass whooped from opening bell. She underestimated her injury. She underestimated the lateral mobility of the FORMER champion….

Bishop: She didn’t earn it!!!!!

Mutt: She doesn’t have to be good! Just lucky!

(Fans are buzzing with quiet noise as they hear ‘Brown Girl’ blast through the pa.)

Bishop: Mita leading Daisy away from the ring, and Daisy is catatonic. Browne hopping around as photographers storm the ring. Browne dropping to her knees as tears fall from her eyes.

Mutt: Browne’s back is hurt, her arm is hurt, and you sure as hell better believe her ankle is hurt….My Lord!


Bishop: Daisy wrestled a HELL Of a match! What went wrong?

Mutt: The Cruiserweight champion….the Western Heritage Champion….and NOW the Internet Heavyweight Champion! The Golden Girl has all the singles gold but the World title! And if I didn’t know already that Jesus Christ was a man, I’d tell you that we have just seen the second coming of the Lord!!

Bishop: Fans, the DDT heard all over the world. My lord, Browne has all the belts sewed up. What ramifications will this have for the Fall Moonsault? Fans, we’ll see you on the Friday Night Tease…


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