GDWA becomes WISE; Sierra Browne defends the Universal Championship against Bloody Mary in a best 2 of 3 falls match. 

[Scenes of the Cruiserweight tournament begins to play, then scenes of the North American Heritage tournament, then of Bloody Mary vs. Black Lotus, and finally of Sierra Brown pinning Black Lotus as she raises the GDWA Title over her head, to a still shot. The words “GDWA Grand Dragon Glory” pops over the top, then fizzles to a shot of the inside of the small Portland Sports arena where a couple of thousand fans are moving around. Ed Bagel, Sam Mutt and Sonya Blade are in the ring. The fans begin to find their seats and cheers as Ed begins to speak.]


Ed: Welcome to the final GDWA’s final PPV, “Grand Dragon Glory.” Tonight, we will crown three new champions one way or the other. We will see a Triangle/Ladder match to determine the new Cruiserweight Champion. It’ll be Rachel Edwards, Maggie McGuire and “Officer” Order in that match. We’ll also have a Four Way Dance, with Ironwoman rules. The person to make the most falls in 30 minutes will win the match and become the first North American Heritage Champion. In that match, we’ll see Amanda Knight, Sarah Summers, Heidi Leick and Andrea Chandler going at it, with a special guest referee in Daisy Butterfly. And finally, we’ll see for the World Championship… current champion, Sierra Browne, will take on Bloody Mary with a special guest referee and as announce last week, it will be the best 2 of 3 falls. Predictions?

Sam: I gotta go with Order, as much as it pains me, for the Cruiserweight belt, Andrea for the Heritage belt and my girl, Sierra to keep the World Title.

Sonya: I’m gonna have to disagree with Sam on all but one. I do see “Officer” Order taking the Cruiserweight title, but I see Sarah Summers taking the North American Heritage Championship, and Bloody Mary will finally get her due, as she will beat Sierra Browne for the World Title.

Ed: Well, before we go to action… let’s bring out the woman who is making this all possible… here is the President of the GDWA… please welcome, Heather Chandler!


[“December” by Collective Soul begins to play as Heather Chandler makes her way to ringside. She carries a clipboard, as she steps into the ring and accepts the mic from Ed, as the trio files out of the ring, taking their places up in the ‘Crow’s Nest’.] [A podium has been placed in the center of the ring, and she moves to stand behind it. She asks for a microphone, and is handed one as she looks out into the audience.]

Heather: Hello, Portland! Are you ready for some great GDWA action?

[Crowd pops!]

Heather: Glad to hear it! We’ve some announcements to get out of the way at this time, so if you’ll bear with us for just a moment, I think you’ll find this worthwhile.

[Heather pauses just a brief moment, in order to get her notes together, then looks back out to the crowd.]

Heather: First, tonight starts a new era in the history of Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance. As previously announced, tonight brings one chapter of the GDWA to a close. But, that does not mean that we are done here. In fact, tonight starts a new beginning. If you’ll pay attention to the video wall at this time….

[The old GDWA logo appears on the screen, then explodes as the new logo appears proclaiming “WISE – A New Era of Tradition”. The words, “Women’s International Sports Entertainment” also flash across the screen, and the new logo flashes back on and stays.]

Heather: We’ve had three new titles made. Sierra Browne will be the last ever GDWA World Champion, and the winners of the titles tonight, will be given the brand new WISE Championship belts. Also in the works, the championship committee is working on putting together a Co-Operative Championship tournament for the near future. Wrestlers interested will want to find themselves a tag team partner.

[Heather again points to the video wall, where it changes from the WISE logo, to another logo that says, “Crime Spree 1999”]

Heather: The first PPV for WISE will be held at the Meadowlands Arena in Baltimore, MD on May 15. It’s going to be called, “Crime Spree 1999: Justifiable Homicide” and it’ll feature a match known as “Caged Fury”. Here’s how the match works:

1] Two rings are set up side by side, and a steel cage surrounds the entire setup. There is about a 4 foot way around the ring so you can be out of the ring, and still be inside the cage.

2] Participating wrestlers draw numbers and they will enter the ring in consecutive order by their chosen numbers. The wrestlers who draw numbers one and two must enter the cage first. They’ll battle for a five-minute interval. After that five-minute interval, a buzzer will sound and number 3 will enter the cage, and every two minutes thereafter, another wrestler will enter the cage.

3] Until all involved wrestlers enter the cage, there can be /no/ eliminations. Once all have entered the cage, then the elimination process can begin. Pinfall, submission or referee’s decision will determine an elimination.

4] The winner is the last person in the cage, and that winner will receive a shot at the WISE Champion during the August PPV, “Founder’s Day Tradition.” Heather: The main event will be for the WISE World Championship in a “Queen of the Hill” match, to be fought inside a steel cage. We will announce the rules for this match, and the number one contender for this match in the next few weeks. During “Crime Spree”, the wrestlers of WISE will be allowed to let their hair down and become as violent as they want to be. It will not be a pretty night in WISE, but I guarantee you that it will be a night of hardcore action, that you won’t normally see in WISE. “Crime Spree” will be a most violent night, you can guarantee it. There you have it! It’s time to keep the tradition moving forward in a brand new way. Let’s get started with some PPV action!

[Fans pop as the camera pans over them. Spud McKenzie is back in the ring.]

Spud: At this time, I have a special announcement. After many years with the GDWA, I feel it’s best to announce my retirement from the sport as a ring announcer.

[Fans boo loudly and a “Spud Rules” chant rings out through the arena. Spud holds up his hand.]

Spud… you see, I’ve been promoted to Vice President of Operations here at WISE!

[Loud POP for everyone’s favorite announcer.]

Spud: It’s my privilege to introduce to you my replacement here at the announce position … ladies and gentlemen … please give a roaring GDWA/WISE welcome to… Christine Donahue!!

[The theme from the Catfight plays across the arena as an athletic looking woman steps through the curtain. She’s dressed in black slacks and a white striped blouse, adorned with a black bowtie. Her long brown hair hangs across her shoulders as she grins at the fans approval. A few catcalls and whistles sound as the men in the audience obviously approve. She slowly makes her way down and into the ring, as Spud hands her the microphone and bows politely, before moving out of the limelight. Christine holds up her hand, trying to quite the crowd as she smiles. Once the arena is silenced to a dull murmur, she brings the mic to her face.]

Christine: Portland Oregon … WISE is /in/ /the/ /house!/

[The fans POP loudly and cheer for all their might. The 2,000+ in attendance, almost sound like a full-blown 20,000-person arena.]

Christine: Then LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

[The crowd continues to cheer, the a pop is heard as ‘Intuition’ by Natalie Imbruglia writhes from the PA system]


[Her body aches…and try as she might, her mind still weaves erratically between the reality of her present situation and the black memories of the recent past. Unrelentingly, the lurking disciples of despair tries their utmost to sink their sharp, slashing talons deeper into her very soul, in an effort to drag her back to a place that she had only just seemingly escaped from, but a couple of short weeks ago. However, this time the negative demons within her realizes no semblance of tangible success for their toil…Upon this occasion, she is determined to not let her insecurities plague her… This time she knows with an overwhelming clarity that she gave everything but eventually lost to a better fighter than she. There was no shame in that, and here was no reason to let the setback of a loss deflate her newly acquired sense of direction and determination.] [Keeping this thought within the forefront of her mind, the ebony-hued and slightly perspiring Hannah Blue, still dressed in her ring attire of a modest dark blue sports bra, tight leggings of the same shade and light aquamarine boots, brushes a stray wisp of her long, dark shoulder length hair from her angular features and does her best to smile pleasantly at the prying camera lens in front of her. Behind her, the familiar sight of the Women’s Locker Room is clearly seen.]

Hannah: “It’s only been a few minutes since we fought, Maggie, but I’ve just got to reiterate what I said to you when you kindly checked on my welfare after forcing me to submit in our match… You see, I feel it is my duty to tell everyone about that same phrase I somehow found myself repeating to you when you raised my arm high to the fans in a gesture of true sportsmanship…”

[Blue hangs her head to one side, and her smile takes on a more sincere aura.]

Hannah: “…Thank you…Thank you and congratulations. You were a worthy winner in our encounter, and I look forward to maybe locking up with you again someday. You have the attitude and grace of a true Champion, my friend, and I wish you nothing but the best of luck in the upcoming Triple Threat Ladder Match for the GDWA Cruiserweight Title.”

[Abruptly, the English girl’s demeanor changes from one of pleasant candor to one of thoughtful consideration. Unconsciously, she reaches for a towel that lies upon a nearby bench and begins to gently pat the perspiration from her shoulders and exposed midriff.]

Hannah: “Speaking of the Grand Dragon Glory PPV…I’ve just found out that I am to be on that very card, facing Jennifer Grier in a match that will decide the Number One Contender for the aforementioned Cruiserweight Belt… Whomever the Champion may be.”

[The ‘Midnight Angel’ ceases her attempts to dry herself and gives the camera a look that is laden with a decisive sense of effervescence, her bright blue eyes seemingly shimmering with a life of their own.]

Hannah: “Jennifer, fate has seen fit to throw us together in a battle that will no doubt be a defining moment for us both in our respective careers. For the victor, the reward will be a chance to realize a dream that we hold…The chance to earn the prestige and respect that only gold can supply…”

[The break in Miss Blue’s verbal reasoning is only fleeting.]

Hannah: “…For the defeated, it marks a return to the bottom of the spectrum, and the daunting task of ascending back into contention. Jennifer, up until recently, I was emotionally trapped in that very pit of dismal resignation and, with all due respect…”

[Within a heartbeat, the screen cuts to an all-encompassing darkness.]

Hannah: “…I’m NOT returning there anytime soon. Be ready Grier, because I will be…”


Christine: This match is scheduled for one fall, and will determine the number one contender to the WISE Lightweight Championship. Introducing first….

[The slim, ebony skinned figure of Hannah Blue strides purposefully into view and down the aisle. Her shapely upper body is enshrouded within a baggy, sleeveless black t-shirt, and across its chest there does reside a slogan decorated in a capitalized sky blue font, which simply states: “I’M A MIDNIGHT ANGEL”. Tight dark blue leggings and sky blue shin pads and boots adorn her lower extremities respectively. Hannah’s face is the absolute epitome of intensity and concentration … but despite this [and although her piercing aquamarine eyes never leave the squared circle in front of her], she still moves to the metal barrier to her right to slap hands with the appreciative fans that loudly greet her arrival. During her ascent of the steel ring steps, Hannah whips off the aforementioned T-shirt to reveal a modest sports bra that is the same shade as her leggings.]

Christine: She weighs in at 128 pounds … here is Hannah… Blue!

[Without even looking where she is throwing it, the GDWA athlete hurls the flimsy piece of cloth within her grip into the crowd. A wave of grabbing hands reach out in a hopeful effort to try and pluck the ‘discarded garment’ from its flight path, but are unsuccessful as it lands almost directly into the lap of a young boy in the second row. With a beaming smile now etched onto his face, the child returns his attention to the ring in which Miss Blue now stands. Hannah moves to a corner and waits.]

Christine: And her opponent….

[“Jump” from Van Halen begins, as Jen Grier steps out from behind the curtain, and the crowd explodes in jeers. Dressed in her usual tight blue jean shorts and tied down red shirt, she looks to the crowd with almost a sly grin. She slowly walks down the aisle as she stops halfway, grinning at the booing crowd as she rubs her hands together. She finally makes her way into the ring.]

Ed: The winner of this match will take on the new Lightweight Champion during WISE’s first Catfight, so this is a very critical match in both competitors’ career.

Sam: I’ve got my money on Jennifer Grier. She’s pretty ticked off as some of the more recent decisions from the referees here in the league.


Ed: Both women circling one another, and Blue offering her hand to Grier. Grier looking surprised by the confidence of the rookie wrestler.

Mutt: Yeah, and she only hesitated a moment before slapping Blue’s hand away. Grier’s not ready to trust anyone.

Sonya: Collar and elbow tie up and Blue with the weight advantage. Side headlock takedown.

Ed: Both of these women are high flyers, either one could pull off a win here.

Mutt: But Jen’s got some serious mental problems, she’ll be the more dangerous of the two.

Sonya: Jen may have the inches but Hannah has the cooler of the heads tonight. It could either way, Sam.

Ed: Blue is moving in and another Collar and elbow tie up. Grier is backing her into a corner…and the ref calls for a break.

Mutt: Grier with a knee lift to the stomach. Go Jen! This is my kind of action!

Sonya: [looks disgusted] The more these women hurt, the better you like it, Sam. What are you thinking?

Mutt: Hey, you want the fame, you gotta pay the price.

Ed: Grier with some hard right jabs to the head and Blue is dazed. An Irish whip to the far corner and Grier is going to the side ropes.

Mutt: Blue hits hard and Grier comes crashing in with a HARD reverse elbow to the head. A hip toss out of the corner and Grier is going into the side ropes.

Sonya: Grier bouncing off as Blue gets to her feet…dropkick!

Ed: A pickup and bodyslam, and now Grier is going to the top.

[Fans jump to their feet as she climbs the turnbuckles.]

Mutt: Blue gets up to her feet, charging the near corner and …

Sonya: Grier comes flying off and slaps on a flying front face lock for a spinning DDT.

[LOUD crowd pop!]

Ed: Here’s the count 1 … 2 … kick out!

Mutt: Both ladies are back to their feet.

Sonya: Both moving in again. Lock up…Grier Irish whips Blue into the ropes….

Ed: Leapfrog by Grier to the other side and she just about took Blue’s head off with a vicious clothesline.

Mutt: She’s lifting Blue off the mat. That’s it, the match is over. Blue doesn’t stand a chance in this match. And you all know I’m no Jennifer Grier fan.

Sonya: That’s your opinion, Sam. And you know what they say about opinions.

Ed: Blue’s on her feet, though a little dazed. Grier sends Blue to the ropes again, setting up for another clothesline….

Sonya: But Hannah grabs the ropes, stopping herself!

Ed: Jen spins around and Hannah catches her with a Roundhouse kick to the head!

Mutt: Where did THAT come from? She just sent Grier through the ropes and onto the floor.

Sonya: Hannah’s into the ropes, bounces off, and comes back with a head of steam Suicide Dive to the mats outside!

Ref: 1 … 2 … 3….

Ed: Both women look hurt. Grier is still on her back but Hannah is using the ring apron to pull herself back up. The ref is still counting.

Ref: 7….

Sonya: Hannah breaking the count by sliding herself back into the ring as Grier begins stirring on the floor.

Mutt: I’ll have to admit, that was some pretty good work by Hannah. Hey, you know I never noticed what nice hair she had. It musses in just the right way. Wonder if she would look that good after a night with me.

Ed: Grier back in the ring as well. Blue grabs her by the arm and it’s another Irish whip … back drop coming up … NO!!! Leap frog by Grier and she goes over Blue, bouncing off the ropes herself and comes back but Blue ducks her spinning heel kick!

Sonya: There’s a kip up by Grier…

Ed: But it’s Blue with another roundhouse kick to the head!

Mutt: There’s the cover by Blue.

Ref: 1 … 2 … kickout!!

Sonya: Hannah is up, going into the ropes and coming back for a snap leg drop … she connects! She kips up as the fans pop to their feet, screaming their approval.

Mutt: Hannah is now picking Grier up. Blue with another Irish whip, Grier’s coming back and Blue with a missile dropkick!!! Right on target, couldn’t have done better myself.

Sonya: [rolling her eyes] Right, Sam…There’s another cover.

Ref: 1 … 2 … 3 … NO!

Mutt: What’s /SHE/ doing out here?

Ed: Lady Tiger, on crutches, is making her way down to the ring area … I’m not sure what she has in mind, but she seems rather determined.

Sonya: In the ring, Blue has gone to the top rope again … and comes down with a Skytwister Press … but Grier gets her knees up and Blue is in a lot of pain now.

Mutt: I still want to know what Tiger is doing out here … she ain’t got no business being out here…

Ed: Grier is up and nails Blue with a series of rights and lefts … and Irish whips Blue … CLOTHESLINE by Grier and Blue is down! And Lady Tiger doing some cheers outside the ring … for Jennifer Grier! I don’t think Jen has seen her yet … Grier pulls Blue up again…

Sonya: Another Irish whip … Blue with a springboard … and NAILS Grier with a dropkick! Cover by Hannah Blue…

Ref: 1 … 2 … 3!!!

Mutt: Jen had her foot on the rope! What’s going on here!?

Christine: Winner of the match, Hannah Blue!

Ed: We have a bit of controversy … Jennifer Grier is explaining to the referee what happened … Lady Tiger slowly making her way into the ring … she is talking with Hannah Blue, who seems a bit confused.

Sonya: Jennifer has spotted Tiger and her and the ref move over … Tiger explains to the ref and Hannah … What the?!? Jennifer just pushed Tiger down and is leaving the ring…

Mutt: Hey … who needs Lady Tiger around? She’s just a glory hogging little bi…

Ed: Jennifer Grier grabbing her chair and storms up the aisle … she is /not/ happy at all.

Sonya: Hannah and the referee in the ring, helping up Tiger … she seems to be okay physically, but she doesn’t look okay emotionally. However, it is Hannah Blue getting the first Lightweight Title shot here in WISE.

Ed: Up next, we have tag team action, but earlier we caught the arrival of Brittany Yorke … let’s take a look.


[The scene opens to inside a locker room in the arena a few hours earlier where we find a less than pleased Brittany Yorke, and an, as always, dignified Andrew. The aging butler merely looks around with a raised eyebrow as Brittany glares at the rather unremarkable room.]

Brittany: I can’t believe this! I simply _can’t_ believe it! Do they seriously expect me to accept this… this… this _broom cupboard_ as a dressing room? Surely they are joking! This simply won’t do, will it now? Andrew: No, Madame.

Brittany: It’s a mistake, naturally. They haven’t finished furnishing it to my standards. I suppose one cannot expect any more from the lower classes, but still, I am a little disappointed. My talks with Andrea and Heather gave me the impression that this was supposed to be a classy operation… And then I cannot even find a refrigerator in my quarters?

[She looks at Andrew with a look of genuine shock on her face.]

Brittany: I mean, it’s positively primitive, isn’t it? And where is my masseur? What about a television where I may observe my future opponents? This room does not even have the bare necessities.

Andrew: Quite so, Madame.

[Suddenly a smile crosses her face, and she starts digging through her purse.]

Brittany: Well, we’ll simply have to do something about the situation, won’t we? After all, there are a few hours left before the event starts… That should be quite enough… Ah-HAH!

[With a triumphant outburst she pulls a silvery plastic card out of her purse and holds it up in the air with a grin.]

Andrew: Madame, if I may be so bold as to inquire….

Brittany: Yes, Andrew. It is daddy’s platinum card. I am certain he wouldn’t have wanted me to leave it back in England where it could not possibly do any good.

[A raised eyebrow indicates that Andrew might not share her opinion on the matter, but as always he stays quiet. Brittany never even notices.

Brittany: Now, do be a dear and fetch me a telephone, won’t you? Oh, and a telephone catalogue would be nice as well. I have some serious shopping to do if we are going to get this disaster into an acceptable state by the time left to us.

Andrew: Yes, of course Madame. Is there anything else you wish me to do?

[She pauses for a second, then gives a determined nod in the butler’s direction.]

Brittany: Yes. Have a little chat with these Sonia and Mystique people, won’t you? Do inform them that they are going to have to cut down their entrances tonight so that I may make a proper entrance. I’m sure they won’t mind. After all, I’m British… I’m rich. They are bound to agree with the sense it makes for me to be allotted additional time so that the public aren’t deprived of a much needed portion of class. Pandora probably already realized the need for a shorter entrance on her part. After all, the ancient Greeks were a rather sharp lot, weren’t they? And she has taken her name from one of their myths, so obviously she’s not a complete dunce.

[Another raised eyebrow from Andrew is all the reaction the elderly gentleman shows. As he leaves the room we can hear Brittany talking to herself.]

Brittany: Now then… That wall will have to go. I will put a proper closet there so that I have room for my outfits… Oh, and this shower is just not good enough… A Jacuzzi I think is what this calls for….

[Fade out]


Christine: This match is set for one fall and is a Team Relay match. Introducing first…

[“Touch It” by Monifa begins to play.]

Christine: Weighing in at a total combined weight of approximately 330 pounds … here is the team of Mystique … and Mistress Sonia!

[As the curtains part, a young woman wearing a gray robe starts down the aisle … following behind is another woman wearing only leather top and trucks, and carrying a leather whip. They make their way into the ring, on the back of the robe worn by one of the women is a picture of mist rising, and “Mystique” is barely visible. She removes her robe, exposing her tight blue jeans with holes in a knee and a white sports bra.]

Christine: And their opponents…

[“Heartshaped Box” by Nirvana begins to play.]

Christine: First … coming down the aisle, weighing in at 145 pounds … here is … Pandora!

[Pandora steps through the curtain and heads down the aisle … she climbs the steps, but refrains from entering the ring. When “Pomp and Circumstance” begins.]

Christine: And her partner for this match, weighs in at 198 pounds … here is “The British Bomb” … Brittany Yorke!

[As the music really gets going Brittany steps out from behind the curtains, dressed in a black and gold evening gown. She is a tall, longhaired and quite beautiful brunette with a powerfully muscled physique. An aging, white-haired and rather skinny man dressed in an immaculately tailored butler’s suit steps out behind her, looking like the very picture of quiet dignity. Brittany takes a few steps, then stops, raises her hands above her head and does a little twirl in place, flashing a smug smile at the camera as she shows off her dress, not to mention her rather magnificent physique. She then resumes her slow walk down the aisle, keeping the pace of the music perfectly and every now and again extends her arms, smiles that smug smile and does another turn on the spot before continuing. _Finally_ she makes it all the way down to the ring where Andrew, the butler walks up the stairs before her, then hold the ropes open for Brittany to step through. She does another full turn, showing herself off to the crowd, then moves back to her corner where the dress is revealed to be of a tear-away style when she quickly removes it, then hands it to Andrew who quietly steps down from the apron and stands near the corner of the ring with a completely stone-faced look on his lined face. Beneath the dress Brittany is wearing a sports bra, mid-thigh length tights and wrestling boots, all of them black with gold detailing and “Yorke” scripted in golden, flowing letters down the right thigh.]


Ed: There’s the bell and this tag team match is underway. Brittany steps out of the ring, no discussion as to who’s going to start … Pandora just shakes her head and looks across the ring.

Sonya: None of these women look as if they want to be in this tag team match, we’ll have to see how well they can exist. After a bit of discussion, it’s decided that Sonia will start out for her team.

Ed: Sonia here from the IWF, where she’s a very successful manager. She has decided to give it a shot as a wrestler in the ring here in this one time appearance.

Sam: Who? Sorry … I’m still in awe of Brittany’s entrance. What a babe!

Sonya: Sam … forget it. It’s not worth it.

Ed: We are finally getting this match underway … lock up? No … Pandora with a quick boot to the midsection … and Sonia doubles over … high knee lift … but Sonia with a trip and Pandora lands on her back, but quickly gets to her feet.

Sonya: Pandora playing a bit dirty, but Sonia’s familiar with those types of tricks. Pandora with a thumb to the eye and that stops Sonia … Pandora with a chop … and another … backing Sonia into the corner.

Ed: Cross corner whip, and Sonia hits the corner hard … Pandora runs into the corner and crushes Sonia with a clothesline … she grabs a handful of hair and pulls Sonia over to her corner and tags in Brittany.

Sam: Here we go … this gal has been ringside with Andrea Chandler as of late and I hear she’s a blue chip. Look at the way she’s built.

Sonya: She comes into the ring and immediately hammers on Sonia … with a couple of double ax handle blows … Brittany lifts her high into a Gorilla press and just drops her on her back.

Ed: Sonia rolls into her corner and tags in Mystique, who charges in and is met with a devastating clothesline. Brittany pulls up Mystique … inverted atomic drop … NO! Mystique reverses it with a DDT!

Sam: Mystique rallies with a series of punches to the skull of Brittany, backing her into the corner. Brittany stumbles out of the corner and Mystique nails her with a clothesline.

Ed: Mystique giving up 20 pounds to Brittany, however she has the power … she scoops up Brittany and slams her down. Mystique going to the top…

Sonya: Leg drop … MISSES … Brittany moves away … she makes the tag with Pandora who comes in … SWINGING DDT! Cover … one … two … kickout by Mystique … Pandora with a whip … HOT SHOT and another cover … one … two … kickout again by Mystique.

Ed: Pandora with an armbar … Mystique somersaults over and nails Pandora in the chin with a thrust kick … Mystique tags in Sonia who comes in nailing Pandora with a spinning heel kick … and a tornado DDT!

Sam: Whip by Sonia … and she hits Pandora with a flying clothesline … both wrestlers up … Sonia goes for a boot to the midsection, but Pandora catches it, and Sonia NAILS an enzuigiri.

Ed: Sonia picking it up a notch here, as she sets up and hits a Piledriver on Pandora … cover … one … two … strong kickout by Pandora … Sonia pulls up Pandora and hits a body slam.

Sonya: Sonia with a tag and Mystique comes in and NAILS a stunner … cover … one … two … th … kickout by Pandora … whip by Mystique … she ducks down … and Pandora off the ropes hits her hard with a neckbreaker.

Sam: She tags in Brittany who whips Mystique into the ropes and drops her with a clothesline. Picks her up and hits a backdrop driver on Mystique…

Ed: Brittany with a whip … tilt a whirl … shoulderbreaker! She’s signaling for something … Brittany locks in a full nelson…

Sam: I think it’s coming … the Brittany Bomb…

Sonya: Wha?

Ed: Brittany lifts up and slams her opponent to the ground! Oh my! Cover with a hook of the leg … one … two … three! It’s over…

Christine: Winner of the match … the team of Pandora and Brittany Yorke!

Sonya: Brittany taking the opportunity to pose for the crowd and the camera … who does she think she is? Sierra Browne?

Ed: Check out Pandora who’s walking back to the locker room. She is just smirking as she heads off behind the curtain.

Sam: I’m sold … where do I get an “I did Brittany” T-shirt?

Ed: Coming up, we have the Battle for a Name, plus … the EFW World Title on the line. First … let’s hear more about “Crime Spree”


[Sierra Browne is shown clinking teacups with Bloody Mary, as they both sit in the sun, in spring dresses. Maggie McGuire, Hannah Blue, Andrea Chandler and Daisy Butterfly sit at a card table playing Gin. Medusa Rage lies in a field soaking in the beautiful morning. Heidi Leick sits in with an orchestra, as she plays the violin.]

Voice-Over: There is a time for peace…

[The scene final scene shatters off the screen, as suddenly shots of chairshots, ring postings and falling through tables appear on the screen.]

Voice: The MOST violent night of the year takes place in the middle of Spring. Coming this May … anarchy will rule, as WISE goes on a … Crime Spree…

[The WISE logo, and the Crime Spree logo appears, and underneath the words: “Justifiable Homicide” appear, and the shot fades to black.]


[Backstage, at the entrance to the locker room area, a blue Corvette screeches up… the windows are tinted… and the camera cannot make out who’s driving… The Corvette is followed by a ratty looking Chevy Geo a few moments later … two men are in it… they get out… one is dressed in a suit… the other in a long black trench coat with sweats on underneath and a EFW baseball cap.]

Man w/ Suit: Hey … cameraman, you seen the crazy blonde who owns that ‘Vette?

[Camera shakes no.]

Man w/ Cap: She’s PROBABLY Still in the car… can’t you hear the music?

[The sounds of Ozzy’s “I Don’t Know” are blaring in the ‘Vette…. The two men walk over and the one with the cap starts to knock on the window… once … twice… and finally a 3rd time before the window rolls down… to reveal…]

Diamond Girl Heidi Leick: Hey-ya there Paulie! Long time no See!! Jerry!! You too!! WOW!!…

Jerry Styles: Cut the crap Heidi… what’s the deal trying to lose us like that… you know the GDWA said you had to escort me and Paul E. from the airport to the arena…?

Paul E. Furiously: Jerry … don’t be so hard on the kid … it’s just her nature to be confused *laughs*

Diamond Girl Heidi Leick: My nature? Huh? *Rolls up the window and shuts the car off , then climbs out* Whatta ya mean Confused?

Paul E Furiously: Never mind, Heidi… Ok I hope Lisa Drake decides to show up for this showcase… in this God-forsaken place … of all places to hold a Pay Per View in the winter … the GDWA has to invite us to a frozen tundra like Portland, Oregon?

Jerry Styles: Can we stop debating, and get inside where it’s supposed to be warm?

DGHL: Sure … *giggles* it is a little chilly  … isn’t it?

[It becomes apparent that this is obviously the EFW Announcing team, and Heidi and the guys grab their gear and bags, and head into the arena.]

DGHL: Jer-ry!…. oh Jer-ry!… I wanna do an interview!

Jerry Styles: Heidi … now? … I wanna get situated here … we have to check in…


PEF: Sheesh… Hell hath no fury like a Diamond Girl who wants her airtime… Go on Jerry… get it over with… *drops the bags*

Jerry Styles: Camera man… over here … is that taping? good… Ok … Good evening wrestling fans around the world, especially the GDWAites, and EFWites who are watching this broadcast, I’m the EFW’s own Jerry Styles, here in Portland, Oregon for GDWA’s Grand Dragon Glory to showcase some of the EFW’s Extreme Women’s talent. Right now, I’m here with the woman who brought Extreme into woman’s wrestling in many people’s opinion… The one … the only [Thank god]  … Diamond Girl Heidi Leick….

Diamond Girl Heidi Leick: ~Jer~ry~… Do it over… *Very angrily* You didn’t say *holding up the belt* GDWA EXTREME WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPION!

Jerry Styles: But … you’re not….

Diamond Girl Heidi Leick: I AM SO!!

Paul E Furiously: Just humor her, Jerry… It’s freezing!!…

Jerry Styles: Ok … Ok… *shakes his head* I’m here with the GDWA’s self proclaimed Extreme World Television Champion … Heidi Leick, as she prepares herself for what may be one of the biggest matches she’s ever had in her career…

Diamond Girl Heidi Leick: Illustrious career… *smiles*

Jerry Styles: Illustrious career… *looks annoyed*

[Heidi smiles bigger.]

Jerry Styles: Illustrious and star studded career… and she’s … Diamond Girl

Heidi Leick: Illustrious, star studded and awesome career …

Jerry Styles: WAIT… Enough Heidi! I’m doing the interview… and I’m doing it my way… any questions?

Diamond Girl Heidi Leick: Oh, Ok … you do it your way … How dull… but go on….

Jerry Styles: Thank you … *fixing his tie* Now Heidi, tonight, you go up against Sarah Summers, Lady Amanda Knight and Andrea Chandler. Three of women’s wrestling’s best athletes and competitors, in an Iron Woman match… Tell me … what chance do you think you have, and how do you rate your competitors….

Diamond Girl Heidi Leick: Chance? *grins evilly* I leave nothing to chance Jerry… and as for my opponents and my ~darling~ fans… I’ve got something ~special~ for them tonight… but, as for rating the other wenches… *psychotic giggle* I’ll run down my opinions on them one by one….

[A Cellphone Rings.]

Diamond Girl Heidi Leick: Wait… I have a phone call… *takes the phone off her side and is confused by who the heck would be calling her as she opens it.*

Diamond Girl Heidi Leick: Hel~lo?!?… Why, yes… I’m here… *giggles* Where else would I be… If I wasn’t here, you couldn’t be talking to me … my phone would just ring and ring and ring then … *pause* Whatta ya mean what am I doing? What does it look like I’m doing? Sheesh… I’m doing an Interview… can’t you see? *pause* I know we’re on the phone … but whatta ya mean you can’t see what I’m doing? *pause* Oh … right… *giggles* Sorry… *pause* Yes … Yes … everything is going as planned… I remember what’s going on … *giggles* Come there? Right now? But I’m in the middle of an interview… Okay … Okay! Sheesh… Bye… *hangs up the phone*

Jerry Styles: Ok, Heidi … now about your match…

Diamond Girl Heidi Leick: Jerry … your request for an interview has been put on hold … I have to meet someone….

Jerry Styles: MY REQUEST!??!

Diamond Girl Heidi Leick: Buh~ Bye~ Jerry!! … Have fun, Paulie!!… gotta run… If I don’t get there, I’m gonna piss someone off…..

Jerry Styles: Oh no, you don’t … You tell Frankie Starz he can wait, You asked me to do this interview and we’re damn well gonna do it….

Diamond Girl Heidi Leick: Can’t, Jerry-babes *giggles* He isn’t here yet!! Have your people call mine… we’ll set something up… Love ya… good luck….

[Heidi grabs her bag and heads down the hallway.]

Jerry Styles: Paul … she’ll never change…

Paul E Furiously: Did you ~really~ expect her to?

[Jerry and Paul Look at each other, and then back at the camera… with Jerry, finally getting it.]


Christine: This match is scheduled for one fall. Stipulations say that the loser of the match must desist in using the moniker of “Luscious”. Introducing first…

[“You Played Yourself” begins to play across the arena.]


[Inside the Dragon Dungeon Dojo is Lisa Thomas, who just got finish lifting weights. At her side is David Jones, her manager.]

David Jones: Ha Ha! GDWA you thought that I was gone. Well guess again. I’ve been working in the south making a name for myself and my team down there. I received a phone call from my good friend Ms. Thomas. She told me about the bull [censored] that is happening in the GDWA in which needs my assistance. Well, I’m here helping the soon to be “Luscious” one out.

Lisa Thomas: Lady Luck this is it! The final straw where only one woman can be name “Luscious”. I’ve been in the GDWA since it first open and everyone knew my name. I have wins and losses under this name. I’m not going to let some Las Vegas hoe beat me for what I earned. You think losing is fun, well you going to have some fun coming up at this pay per view. This is like a match for a title where two of the finest wrestlers deserve the shot. But only one can be the winner. I’ve been working out every other day so my muscles can heal. So, when I hit the ring you’ll feel it coming at you. Luck is very hard to come by these days in the GDWA which there only a few titles a person can win but only one will win the title of the name “Luscious” and that will be me! The Big LT not a Double L Cruiserweight who will feel her fate in the ring.

Christine: Being led to the ring by her manager, David Jones … she weighs in at 215 pounds … here is “Luscious” Lisa Thomas.

[David Jones emerges from behind the curtain, with Lisa Thomas in tow. He leads her down to the ring. David holds the ropes open for his charge, as she steps into the ring. The sounds of a slot machine registering a jackpot is heard.]

Christine: And her opponent … accompanied to the ring by Vincent Vegas … she weighs in at 119 pounds … here is “Luscious” Lady Luck!

Ed: Luck running past Vegas and sliding into the ring and now CHARGING Thomas….

Mutt: And Thomas with a leapfrog!

[Fans all pop!]

Sonya: Luck turning around and Thomas with a dropkick!

[Fans all cheering as Luck hits the canvas.]


Ed: Luck back up to her feet and Thomas with an Irish whip to the far ropes. Thomas with a head of steam as Luck comes flying off and…flying clothesline!

[Fans all cheering as Thomas pounds away with punches to the head.]

Mutt: Luck tried to get the jump on Thomas earlier, but Thomas was too quick. A pick up by Thomas and a Scoop…BODYSLAM!

Sonya: Thomas is so quick, running to the near ropes, springboarding off as Luck gets to her feet….Shoulderblock and Luck is down. Luck gives away almost 100 pounds to Thomas here … Lisa with a quick cover…

Ref: 1 … 2 … kick out.

Ed: Thomas with a near fall, and now a pick. An Irish whip to the far ropes, reversed by Luck. Luck with a head of steam as Thomas bounces off….

Mutt: Luck with a spinning heel kick but Thomas with a forward roll and now a kip up to her feet. Luck turning around and Thomas with a spin savate kick!

[Fans all pop as Thomas hooks the leg.]

Ref: 1 … 2 … kick out.

Sonya: Thomas with a front face lock, but Luck grabs the leg, and now fires hard right hands to the ribs. Thomas releases as she backs into the near ropes.

Ed: Luck with a head of steam as Thomas comes bouncing off and Luck with a high back body…..

Sonya: But Thomas lands on her feet! Luck running toward the ropes as Thomas follows. Luck bouncing off Thomas with a dropkick!

[Fans continue to cheer as Thomas stomps away on her back.]

Mutt: Luck can’t handle her. Thomas is taking Luck to school.

Ed: Thomas with a Double Leg pick up and trying to flip her over. Luck resisting as she uses her agility to her advantage.

Mutt: Thomas struggling, and Luck twists her off her feet!

Sonya: Both women back up and Luck with a kick to the stomach!

[Fans all groan as Thomas doubles back into the near corner.]

Ed: Luck firing into the corner and nailing away with kicks and punches to the stomach! Thomas is stunned in the corner as Luck hammers away.

Mutt: And now Luck with a kick to the knees of Thomas. Thomas cringing as Luck nails away with more kicks to the leg.

Sonya: Luck with a single leg pick up and drags Thomas out of the corner. Luck attempting a vertical suplex, but Thomas blocks … and delivers a suplex of her own! Thomas measuring her as she climbs the ropes…and _misses_ with the fist off the top rope.

Ed: Luck ducks as Thomas’ arm flies over her head and Thomas whirls to come back with a clothesline! And now a boot to the midsection and Front face lock…DDT!

[Fans all groan as Thomas hooks the leg.]

Ref: 1 … 2 … kick out.

Mutt: Thomas with a pick up, and back body drop, and we can see how the strength advantage is playing out.

Sonya: Luck on weak legs as Thomas nails away with strong kicks to the legs of Thomas. And now a scoop and bodyslam! Thomas now, with a single leg pick up and a step over toehold…figure 4!

[Fans all on their feet as the ref slides into position.]

Ed: Luck shaking her head no, and trying to reverse the hold. Thomas inching toward the ropes and grabs them.

Mutt: Thomas won’t let go.

Ref: 1 … 2 … 3 … 4…

Ed: Thomas releasing, and now Luck clinging to the ropes. Thomas stomping away on the knee, and Luck holding onto the ropes. The ref forcing Thomas away, and Luck pulling herself up by the ropes.

Mutt: Thomas moving back in and Luck fighting off the ropes with hard right hands to the head. Thomas with a high knee lift to the middle, and now slaps her head between her legs. [rather smugly] Now there’s a position I know rather well.

Sonya: SAM! We don’t even want to know!

Ed: P I L E D R I V E R!

[Fans all gasp as Thomas drops down and cradles the leg.]

Ref: 1 … 2 … 1/2!

Ed: Thomas with a pickup and a Gutwrench…but Luck flips out of her hands, landing on her feet. Luck runs to the far ropes, bouncing off and hits Thomas so hard she falls out of the ring!!!!

Sonya: Luck climbs the ropes… and it’s a suicide dive!!! Luck nailed Thomas, but Luck also hit her chest HARD on the steel railing.

[Minor cheers as both women lay on the floor outside the ring.]

Ref: 1 … 2 … 3 … 4…

Ed: Neither of these women seem to be able to get up right now.

Ref: 7…

Sonya: This could be serious.

Mutt: You bet it could be serious…I wanted to know which one was going to have to give up being ‘Luscious’. I thought I would help them find a new name…like ‘Lickable’. Of course I would have to be sure they qualified for that name, though. OUCH! Hey!

Sonya: You deserved it, Sam!

Ref: 10!

Ed: The referee is calling for a bell … let’s get the official decision here.

Christine: Both wrestlers have been counted out … this match is declared a DOUBLE COUNTOUT!

Ed: Both managers are checking on their fallen protégés … we’re not sure what this means in regards to the using of the names … but we’ll try and get an update for you before we go off the air.

Sonya: Perhaps a rematch will be in order here.

Sam: Hell no! Neither of them can use the name now. That’s fair.

Ed: As I see the ladder being brought out, I’m getting word that we’re going to be changing the order of the card … up next the Triangle Ladder match, following by the North American Heritage Championship match … then the EFW World Title match, and finally the WISE Universal Championship main event. Let’s go down to ringside.

Christine: Ladies and gentlemen … this match is scheduled for one fall … and it is for the WISE Lightweight Championship! This will be a Triangle/Ladder match … the winner will be the person who climbs the ladder and retrieves the new WISE Lightweight Championship. Introducing first…

The calm opening chords of “Nutshell” by Alice in Chains fills the arena..]


[Scene opens to a wrestling ring. A group of people are crowded around the ring, being held about 5 feet from the ring by steel railings. The camera focuses in closer on the ring, to notice two female wrestlers grappling inside the ring. One of the ladies is Rachel Edwards, who has another woman in a front chancery. She scoops the woman up in a bodyslam, holds her in that position for a second, then in one fluid motion smacks the woman down in the Freeze DDT. Rachel goes for a cover, while a referee quickly slaps the mat for a three count. Rachel gets up to a round of applause from the crowd. She helps the other wrestler up, and gives her a quick hug.]

RE: Next time kid, I’m not pulling any shots.

[They share a laugh, as the other woman leaves the ring through the back. The crowd parts as Rachel leans over the ropes, places her hand on the apron, then slingshots off the ropes onto the floor. The round of applause continues for Rachel, who pulls the hair-tie out of her hair, allowing her long brown hair to fall casually over her shoulders. Her hair is damp with sweat, as is her wrestling outfit, her normal wrestling attire. She catches a bottle of water as it flies onto the screen, and smiles.]

RE: Thanks sweetie.

[She twists the top off the bottle and takes a gulp from it. She walks over to the source of the water, which happens to be none other than “Iceman” Michael Ice, one half of Fire and Ice, the #15 tag team in the world according to the RSPWF Tag Team 200. Ice leans over and kisses her on the cheek as she nears him.]

MI: Great work out Rach. RE: Thanks. It could have been better, but she is new to the sport. When’s Leslie supposed to get here? MI: Soon.

[She reaches up and brushes a hair out of her face. She turns to face the camera.]

RE: Jeez, you wouldn’t believe my vigorous training schedule this week. When I found out that both Maggie McGuire _and_ Officer Order would be in the match… well, I immediately hit the gym. Needless to say, that’s been most of my life since Tuesday. MI: Yeah, tell me about it. RE: Go on, shoo. I’ll see you in a minute. MI: OK, OK. I think Alex has something lined up for us anyway.

[He gives her another kiss on the cheek before walking off screen.]

RE: Well, I supposed I should discuss my opponents, shouldn’t I? Maggie McGuire. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you. Hey, you handed me a loss in my first match in the GDWA. But, that was then, and this is now. New federation, new title, new ballgame. We know each other a little better this time around. I know more of what to expect. Now, don’t get me wrong. I respect you, and I respect what you stand for. You’ve got your head on straight, Maggie. I can see that. I like the fact that you offered to stand up for Lady Tiger, the sweetheart that she is. If we didn’t have this match, we could be friends. Good friends. But unfortunately, there’s a title standing in our way. And a brutal match to win that title. It’s going to be tough. To be honest, I’m not really looking forward to it. I love the chance to fight for the Cruiserweight Title, but hardcore just isn’t my element. But unfortunately… that’s the rules of the game. And I’ll play by those rules. There will be pain. There will be suffering. And when it’s all said and done, there will be a winner. And Maggie… I plan on being that winner.

[She takes another drink from the bottle.]

RE: Then, of course, there’s “Officer” May Order. You think of the greats in GDWA history. Ma Porter. Sierra Browne. Daisy Butterfly. Medusa Rage… Officer Order. Well guess what sweetie? This ain’t the GDWA. Or at least, it won’t be, come Grand Dragon Glory. Hey, don’t get me wrong either. I have as much respect for you, if not more, than I do for Maggie McGuire. What you’ve accomplished is an inspiration to many… including me. You are a true great. But name recognition doesn’t win you titles. Hard work, perseverance, and a strong wrestling knowledge does. And while I’m not saying that you don’t have those skills, May… I _am_ saying that I do. I know what I’m doing in that ring. As do you, May, and you, Maggie. This doesn’t come down to wrestling ability. This comes down to one thing. What is that one thing? Well ladies, you’d better figure it out. Because I know what the key to this match is. And if you realize that, then is when you’ll figure out what is needed to win this match. But hey, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe….

[She takes a drink.]

RE: Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about. Hey, ladies, think that all you want. The fact is, I know what I’m doing. I know my game-plan. Come match time, will you? I sure hope so. Because otherwise, the young underdog may just walk out of this match as the Cruiserweight Champion. And you two might be playing second fiddle to me. Hey….

[She smiles.]

RE: … It could happen.

[A female voice is heard in the distance.]

Voice: Hey Rachel, you ready?

RE: Ready if you are.

[A woman walks onto the screen. She looks to be very well toned, though not incredibly big.]

RE: How are you Leslie? Leslie: Less is more when it comes to talk, Rachel. You ready for that workout?

[Rachel takes a final swig of his water, swallows it, then takes a deep breath.]

RE: Yeah, I am.

[The two ladies start to walk over to the wrestling ring.]
[The fans give a mixed pop for the lovely Rachel “Ice” Edwards as she steps out from the back to an impressive fireworks display. She is wearing her usual wrestling attire, a blue two piece spandex outfit with “Ice” across the chest in black. She wears a glimmering robe covered in silver sequins that reads “Smooth as Ice” across the back, also in black.]

Christine: Walking down the aisle … weighing in at 128 pounds … here is Rachel … “Ice” … Edwards!

[Rachel walks down the aisle, past the ladder, giving high-fives along the way to anyone who will give her one. She stops as she reaches the ring, and the lights dim as blue confetti falls from the ceiling, as well as blue laser beams flickering across the canvas. Rachel is seen smiling briefly through the darkness, as she climbs the ringsteps, then into the ring.]

Sonya: Rachel looks very confident. We could be looking at the first WISE Lightweight Champion.

[The lights come back up, and Rachel waves to the crowd, drawing a few more cheers, as the crowd is slowly starting to warm up to “Ice”. She removes her robe, brushes a strand of hair out of her face, then grabs the ropes and starts to stretch a bit, preparing for the match.]

Christine: And her opponent…

[The music from ‘Violet’ by Savage Garden starts…]


Top Sarge enters a darkened room where Maggie McGuire is seen, dressed in blue jeans and an oversized white man’s oxford shirt. Her small feet, clad in sneakers, tap the floor absentmindedly as she sits, intently watching some videos as she brushes Huachuca. Her gleaming hair is pulled up in a ponytail, the ends of which fall like a fiery tassel down her mid back. She reaches up and brushes some rebel strands back from her eyes. “How goes the research,” he asks as he moves his muscular frame into a nearby chair. Maggie looks up, “I’ve got notes on Rachel Edwards, some of her favorite moves, some past moves that worked on her when we wrestled before. She wasn’t an easy opponent to get a win off of… right now I’m studying past tapes on Order.”

Maggie grabs the remote and pauses the tape, “Look at the height she got the top turnbuckle to connect with a front face lock for a spinning DDT!” Pushing another button she continues with the tape, “I’ve got my work cut out for me if I’m going to pull out a win here.” She takes a pen to make a few notes and flashes a smile to Top, “It’s almost like being back in school-all this research.” Top Sarge chuckles back as he looks her way, “And what have I always told you?” Maggie replies, golden glints lighting her green eyes, “I know, I know, the best defense is the offense,” she replies.

Huachuca swings his head around to watch Maggie as she puts away the brush, “Would you like to go with me to Portland, fella? I could use some luck in that ring.” Maggie asks as she rubs his head. Top Sarge cocks an eyebrow at her, “Hey, what am I? Chopped Liver?” Maggie laughs merrily, “No, but you like watching from the wings, you don’t go to ringside. I thought I’d bring Huachuca in…he’ll love the crowd and it couldn’t hurt.”

“No it couldn’t at that,” answers Top Sarge as Maggie reaches forward, stops the tape and turns off the TV. “You know, I was watching you and Hannah Blue out there during the last match. The two of you could work pretty well as a team. Ever thought of being a partner in a tag team?” he asks as he pretends to read some of her notes. Maggie tilts her head, “I had thought about it, sure. You really think we might get somewhere?” Top Sarge shrugs his shoulders, “Never know till you try. Maybe you should give her a call sometime.”

“I just might do that when I get back. I was just finishing brushing Huachuca after taking him on my 5k run. I’m heading to the gym now, care to join me? I could use a sparring partner.” Top Sarge stands and heads for the door. “I’ll go grab my stuff and meet you there, but be forewarned. I’ve nothing distracting me today so you’ll not get any leg sweeps under me this time.” Maggie shakes her head, “Don’t be too sure, sir. I haven’t spent all this time training and researching for nothing, you know.”

“We’ll see, I’ve got my truck, I’ll meet you there in say….15 minutes?” he queries. “You sir, have got yourself a date.” Maggie replies as she motions for Huachuca to follow her out the door. They walk to the jeep and she opens the door, “Up boy,” Maggie says and the husky is only too willing to comply. She crosses around the back of her jeep, opening the door before settling herself behind the wheel. Glancing at her rearview mirror she smiles to herself, “You’re as ready as you’ll ever be…just go out there and give them a match to remember, Margaret Kathleen McGuire.”

[“If there’s a way that you could be everything you want to be, would you complain that it came to easy?” The crowd jumps to their feet, cheering as Maggie steps out wearing black wrestling boots, black fingerless gloves, black briefs, a sleeveless shirt-black at the bottom with flames rising from the blackness to reach up the shirt as the black lightens to a sheer black over the shoulders. Her coppery hair is pulled back into a French braid. Huachuca enters beside her, looking up at her as she points out to the crowd.]

Christine: She is currently undefeated in competition … she weighs in at 120 pounds … here is “Firestar” … Maggie … McGuire!

[She waves to the crowd before she starts down the aisle, slapping hands with the fans who reach across the guardrails as she makes her way to the ring, her husky pads silently beside her. Maggie motions for Huachuca to lay down and the husky drops to the floor, his piercing blue eyes trained on her as he notices the crowd but is not fazed by them. The song continues as she enters the ring, “I’ve got a dream to take you over, exploding like a super nova, I’m gonna crash into your world and that’s no lie.” She walks over and shakes hands with Rachel, then moves to her corner, standing on the ropes and waving once more as she flashes the crowd a smile before pulling against the ropes for a final stretch of her muscles while she awaits the entrance of Officer Order.]

Christine: And their opponent…

[The House lights dim and the arena is filled with flashing Red and Blue lights. The crowd begins to cheer when they hear ‘Bad Boys’ by Inner Circle, and pop even harder when they see Double O, Officer Order, appear in the entrance. She is dressed in a black SWAT team jumpsuit with combat boots and a black ‘What Ya’ Goin’ Do?’ Officer Order baseball cap. She beams a broad smile as she waves to the fans on both sides and nods her head.]

Christine: She weighs in at 120 pounds … here is a former GDWA World Champion … here is “Officer” Order!

[Red and blue fireworks begin to explode on both sides of the runway as Order starts to run towards the ring. Just as she reaches the bottom of the ramp, she takes a sharp turn into the crowd, climbing over the barricade and into the crowd. She exchanges high fives and hugs with the fans as she makes her way around and through the crowd. She stops to point out a sign, which reads “Arrest Me Officer Order!” Double O takes a moment share a laugh with the young boy who holds the sign before she climbs over the barricade.] [Pointing out to the crowd, Order smiles and tossed her baseball cap into the stands. She then quickly slides into the ring and does a quick kip up – bringing her face to face with her opponents, where she smiles and nods at both of them with respect. Heather Chandler slowly makes her way into the ring and hands the newly made WISE Lightweight Championship to the referee who walks over, allowing the competitors, one by one, to get a view of the prize at stake in this match. We get a good shot of the belt that features a dove with an olive branch in its mouth in the center of the golden centerpiece. The words “Lightweight Champion” and “WISE” are decorated as well on the belt. The referee returns to the center of the ring and fastens the belt to the line, and as the crowd cheers, the belt is raised high in the center of the ring. Heather walks to each competitor and shakes their hand, wishing them luck, before making her exit. Referee calls for the bell.]



Ed: And this encounter is underway…

Sonya: None of the girls are looking to hook it up right away. You can see Maggie taking a few glances towards the ladder in the aisleway. That ladder will determine the new WISE Lightweight Champion.

Sam: Let’s get this thing going already!

Ed: Maggie and Rachel lock up … Order content to just watch for now…

Sam: I’ve been in that position before … *smack* HEY!

Ed: He deserved that one … Maggie with a whip … Rachel off the ropes … Maggie drops down, and Order NAILS Rachel with a dropkick … Order trying for a spin kick on Maggie, but Maggie drops down and sweeps the legs out from under Order who takes a fall.

Sonya: Maggie up to her feet … she runs off the ropes and NAILS Rachel with a clothesline, and Rachel is up and out of the ring! But Order nails Maggie with a series of chop … but Maggie reverses and delivers a few chops of her own.

Sam: Rachel getting to her feet … she notices the two in the ring and she heads for the ladder.

Ed: Irish whip by Maggie, but Order reverses … high back bodydrop, but Maggie lands on her feet, only to be NAILED by an Order savate kick!

Sam: Rachel on the outside, closing up that ladder … then begins to haul it to the ring…

Sonya: Order with a running start … and leaps out of the ring, onto the ladder AND crushing Rachel under it! But that move really hurt both wrestlers…

Ed: Maggie getting to her feet and sees the crumpled remains below … she steps onto the apron and springboards into a MOONSAULT and lands on the heap! Rachel again underneath the pile, gets the worst of the assault!

Sonya: Maggie pulls Order off the pile and Irish whips Order, who flies over the guardrailing and into the front row as the fans scatter to avoid the flying body.

Sam: Maggie grabbing the ladder and slides it into the ring. Rachel just now is starting to move…

Ed: Maggie in the ring, trying to set up the ladder … she’s having a bit of difficulty as the ladder has been battered already in this encounter.

Sam: But she’s finally got it set up … she starts to climb, but Rachel slides into the ring and pushes the ladder over … Maggie and the ladder tip over, and Maggie gets clotheslined on the top rope!

Ed: Order climbing over the guardrailing … she limps a bit towards the ring, and tries to get her bearings … she looks up into the ring and notices the two inside and waits a bit…

Sam: Coward…

Sonya: She is not! She just knows there’s no reason to get into the ring just yet … Rachel picking up Maggie and slams her to the mat … she picks up Maggie and snap suplex … and a sleeper!

Sam: Order sliding into the ring and tries to set up the ladder … Order going up … but Maggie pushes Rachel back trying to get out of the sleeper and backs Rachel into the ladder and Order’s back hits the top turnbuckle…

Ed: Rachel has let loose of the sleeper and is holding her back. Maggie a bit groggy from that sleeper, and is trying to shake off its affects.

Sonya: Order holding her back as she heads for Maggie and NAILS her with a spinning leg lariat. But Rachel is behind her and when Order turns around, she’s NAILED with a SUPERKICK!

Sam: Rachel going for the ladder again … but changes her mind … she picks up Maggie and tosses her out of the ring, then sets up Order … for a piledriver, but Order with a backdrop onto the LADDER!

Ed: Maggie to her feet, she slides back into the ring, only to be met with an Officer Order spin kick, and another … and a third and Maggie ends up on the outside again!

Sonya: Order picking up the ladder now and trying to stand it up … she starts to climb up … but Maggie is up on the apron behind Order … she leaps up and springboards off the top rope and NAILS Order in the back with a forearm smash!

Sam: The ladder falls forward landing on the top rope with Order on top … Rachel is to her feet and lifts the feet of the ladder and tips both Order and the ladder OUT OF THE RING!!

Ed: Order hit the ground, with the ladder coming down on top of her … inside the ring, Rachel turns her attention to Maggie, who hits Rachel with a flying headscissors takedown!

Sonya: Order moving slowly underneath the ladder, as she tries to untangle herself. Maggie with a whip … reversal by Rachel … and she NAILS Maggie with a SUPERKICK!

Sam: Rachel sees Order up on the outside and NAILS her with a plancha! Rachel pushes the ladder back into the ring and climbs up … and into the ring … she sets up the ladder and starts to climb … but Order screams to Maggie that Rachel is on the ladder, and Maggie gets to her knees and pushes the ladder over and Rachel falls OUT OF THE RING!

Ed: Order sliding into the ring and NAILS Maggie with a DDT! She sets up the ladder and starts for the top … no one around to stop her … going for the top … she’s almost there … but Rachel slides into the ring and grabs Order by the tights and pulls her down!

Sonya: Maggie nails Rachel with a boot to the back, then NAILS a gut wrench power bomb … and Maggie is now ascending the ladder! But Officer Order drop kicks the ladder and Maggie and the ladder crash to the mat.

Sam: Order picks up the ladder and folds it together … what’s she doing? Rachel to her feet, and Maggie getting there and Order with a clothesline WITH THE LADDER!

Ed: This could be it! This ladder has taken a tremendous pounding as you can see … Order setting up the ladder and moving to the top … Maggie slow to her feet … and Rachel on the other side…

Sonya: I think we have a new Champion … Order’s fingers are barely grazing that belt … it’s swinging now on the line … Maggie and Rachel both with a drop kick and the ladder buckles…

Sam: Order falls … and so does the belt! It lands on the mat … right near…

Ed: Rachel Edwards reaches a hand over and grabs the belt!!


Sonya: Rachel Edwards is the NEW Lightweight Champion!!

Christine: Winner of the match … and NEW Lightweight Champion … Rachel … “Ice” … Edwards!!

Ed: What an incredible matchup! All three of these wrestlers will be sore for the next few days, but I’ll tell you what … they put on a stellar performance.

Sonya: Looks like we have an injury here … The referee is calling for a stretcher … Order took a long fall off that ladder…

Ed: They are stretchering Officer Order from the ring … we aren’t sure what’s happened … could be that she reinjured that knee that Elizabeth Zavodsky worked on last week…

Sam: Hey … the real story is in the ring … Rachel Edwards is the new Champ … and if Maggie was smart … she’s just nail her with a chair or something … get pissed!

Sonya: That’s not going to happen … and you know it. Maggie looking a bit concerned with Order, but finally turns and congratulates Rachel with a handshake … some words are exchanged and Maggie limps out of the ring…

Ed: Heather Chandler making her way down to ringside, and she enters the ring … she is handed the belt by the referee, who is keeping Rachel up on her feet … exhaustion has set in for the Lightweight Champion.

[Heather and Rachel exchange a few words, and Rachel nods, smiling and Heather moves behind and straps on the new WISE Lightweight belt onto Rachel, then raises her hand, as “Nutshell” begins to play again.

Ed: We’ll be back momentarily with the North American Heritage Championship match!


[Fade in: The scene is black and white. Videotaped highlights of Sierra Browne in action fly across the screen. We see Sierra demonstrating her aerial prowess, dazzling the crowd with the Showstopper legdrop, mystifying the masses with her High Sierra moonsault elbow drop and nailing Micki Duran with her Sierra Slice. The shot explodes into Sierra, live and in living color, sitting on a big throne with Indigo faithfully by her side, videotaping everything. Dalbello is there, in her SPS baby T-shirt, hair tied back in braids, reading a magazine, blissfully ignoring the camera.]

Indigo: Take one … and … action!

Sierra: [on cue] You know, Dal, I feel so wonderful today.

Dalbello: [mailing in her part in a monotone] Why?

Sierra: Because Andrea Chandler said I deserved the title.

Dalbello: [stilted monotone] Oh that is very wonderful. Maybe now you won’t get screwed by the special referee that Heather Chandler assigned to the match.

Sierra: But Dalbello, my dear, you have been around wrestling long enough to know that the special referee always screws the champion. It’s the oldest trick in the book.

Dalbello: Well, Sierra, you are going to have your hands full dealing with both a crooked referee and a … I lost the cue card … oh, here it is … an opponent who is as dangerous with her fists as Bloody Mary.

Sierra: [nodding] Perhaps you could put a little more oomph into the reading?

Dalbello: [monotone] I am.

Sierra: Oh, whoever wrote this script is getting worse and worse at this stuff. I thought I had one of the best flash writers in the business and this is all he can give me to say?

Indigo: KAYFABE, Sierra.

Sierra: [springing out of her seat] F kayfabe. Listen, it’s pay-per-view time and I’m not going to let some burnt-out aspiring writer screw up my speech. Hell, I can do this on my own. I mean all that stuff I’ve been spewing the past two years. I’m not taking it any more. I’m going to speak for myself.

Dalbello: [finally perking up] Oh, this is going to be fun. What do you have to say?

Sierra: This is a pay-per-view right. All right, well let’s stop all this damn kissy kissy and cutesy cutesy stuff, right. Bloody Mary, friend or foe? Friend. Is that going to make one bit of difference at St. Valentine’s Day? Not a damn bit of it. I will do whatever it takes to put on the best show on the air even if it means that I embarrass you, hospitalize you, hurt you. So don’t worry about not wanting to face the Show, Mary. Oh yeah, you’re in the scene. Now let’s see if you can ever elevate your game to the level of star. Against me? I really don’t think so. That’s it. That’s all I have to say. Cut the cameras. Cut the lights. And let me get the hell on. Thank you. Goodnight.

[Fade out]


[SCENE: Backstage. Shelley Marks is standing in front of a crowd of children, with Daisy Butterfly standing in the center, smiling as she signs autographs. She’s already wearing her referee’s jersey for tonight’s North American Heritage title match]

Shelley: [slightly surprised] As you can see, Daisy Butterfly is still popular with the kids. Her turn-around seems authentic, but one has to wonder how tonight’s match will play out in light of the inclusion of Andrea Chandler, Daisy’s former co-conspirator.

[Shelley turns and holds the mic out over the children, Daisy’s eyes perk up]

Daisy: Hello, Shelley.

Shelley: Hi Daisy, a few minutes if I could….

[Daisy continues to sign autographs as she speaks]

Daisy: Sure… don’t mind me, I AM listening….

Shelley: Daisy, one has to wonder, will your past relationship with Andrea Chandler affect your duties as special referee for the North American Heritage championship?

Daisy: Not at all, Shelley. I’m here to make sure that belt goes to the most qualified woman, not to play favorites. I know Andrea has what it takes to be the champion… but I also remember that Sarah Summers has beaten Andrea before. Friend or no friend, if she isn’t at the top of her game, she stands no chance in Hel….

[Daisy looks down at the kids and blushes a bit, catching herself]

Daisy: Amanda Knight has looked very impressive. And I know what Summers and Leick can do. They’d all make great champions, but there’s only one belt. The belt I made…and I want to make sure it goes to the best of the best. This isn’t just a status symbol like the World title… this is the greatest prize in wrestling….

Shelley: And the World title isn’t?

Daisy: [smiling] I take that back…Sierra Browne is pound-for-pound the best athlete in the world…at least, active athlete. On talent alone, she’s giving the World Title the respect it deserves. She’s not a powerhouse freak, she’s not just a gimmick. She’s showy, but she can back it. I wish she’d learn from my mistakes and realize that controversy only takes you to the glass ceiling. To truly be the best, you have to be the best 24/7, and in all areas of your life. Shelley, have you read Dianetics?

Shelley: No.

Daisy: It would change your life.

Shelley: Ummmm…sure, I bet it would. Guys, back to you.

Christine: Ladies and gentlemen … please welcome BACK to WISE … your special guest referee for the following contest … this is Daisy … Butterfly!

[“Richter Scale” plays, whistling red and white rockets criss-cross in front of the curtain. Daisy Butterfly steps out wearing her referee’s uniform of a black and white striped blouse, as well as black slacks. She raises her fists in the air… on cue, fountains of sparks explode from either side of her on the platform. She makes her way down and into the ring.]

Christine: This match is scheduled for 30 minutes. It is for the North American Heritage Championship, and is being held with Ironwoman rules. The person who earns the most pinfalls in that allotted time will be declared the winner. Introducing first…

[“Heavy” by Collective Soul starts blasting over the PA. The lights dim, and a checkered pattern starts moving across the curtains.]


[A vast pine forest stretching for miles towards a mountain range in the far distance. Camera pulls back over the expanse of lush green trees to reveal the balcony of what is obviously a very expensive cabin- from the looks of things, this is at least the third floor that we’re on. The camera continues to slowly back up until finally we catch a shot of the full balcony as seen from a pair of opened sliding glass doors. Sitting in a wicker chair, playing a game of chess against the computer on the desk in front of her, is Lady Amanda Knight of Wild Knights infamy. She is wearing a loose light pink bathrobe over a black Testament T-shirt, with plaid shorts to show off her lean legs. Her feet clad in purple socks are crossed underneath the desk, and her blonde hair put up in a bun- though its unruly nature resists the tight constraint. She turns to gaze out at the gorgeous view and takes in a deep breath of fresh air.]

Amanda: [exhales] Ahhh, the great American Pacific Northwest. Not too different from Scotland, ‘cept we don’t have pine trees…..

[Looking over the virtual chessboard, she punches in some commands, changing the display colors. The next minute alternates between thinking and action; cunning as ever, it doesn’t take Amanda very long to gain the advantage by capturing a few key pieces.]

Amanda: So here I am in the GDWA. Didn’t think they’d ever want me, but here I am. Things are good so far- I was given sort of a rough welcome, but I made it through ok. The challenges don’t stop there: before long, I’m tae compete at the Grand Dragon Glory pay-per-view for the North American Heritage Championship. [chuckles] Funny, since I’m the only one with no North American heritage tae speak of. Oh well- ’tis a worthy cause, and one I don’t take lightly.

[She clicks her mouse button: on the screen, Amanda’s white bishop takes one of her opponent’s black pawns, putting the king in check. She smirks.]

Amanda: One thing about the GDWA, they sure know how tae make things interesting. Take this match for example: in it, there’s not one, but *four* women- competing for the same title. Furthermore, this has been deemed an “Ironwoman Match,” meaning the one who’s attained the most falls in a thirty-minute period will win.

[She pauses, assaying the layout of the game, before typing in her next move.]

Amanda: Four of us- each one strivin’ tae be the one who takes all? A perilous prospect, indeed…..

[Silence. Black mounts a counteroffensive, pushing back Amanda’s assault. She pauses again, assessing the situation with one finger pressed against her lips.]

Amanda: Well, can’t say I’ve done this before in my career. Should be exciting any way ye slice it- throw that many ingredients in a blender, and ye’re sure to end up with somethin’ tasty.

[Close-up on the monitor: deftly, Amanda’s pieces break the siege, and- led by the white knight- soon have black in retreat.]

Amanda: Four women, four ways tae go…..

[Close-up of Amanda’s clear blue eyes, wide with concentration.]

Amanda: Tae win, one must be brave, but cautious. Shrewd, yet assertive….

[The black king tries making a break diagonally, only to be cut off by the white queen. Amanda cracks a devious smile, her face lighting up with childlike mischief. She reaches for the mouse, chewing smugly upon her bottom lip.]

Amanda: And above all, first to act.

[With the click of a button, her white knight slides into place, and triumphant music starts to play. A photo of a smiling young man wearing glasses appears on the screen- her opponent, apparently. His voice comes out of the speaker.]

Computer: Checkmate!

Amanda: [sits back in her chair and folds her arms, grinning] Beat you again, Charlie.

Computer: Well done, Lady Amanda!

Amanda: Thanks. Another game?

Computer: Haven’t you had enough?

Amanda: [chuckles] Aw, Charlie. Ye’re breakin’ my heart.

Computer: [laughing] Alright, alright. You start?

Amanda: [smiles] Always do

[Amanda steps out and raises her hands to a huge pop. She’s decked out in her black leather jacket with chains dangling from the shoulders, a black Paradise Lost T-shirt, and tight black leather pants. Her long blonde hair looks to be in its usual unkempt state. She smiles as she struts down the aisle to the music, slapping hands with her fans and really working the crowd. Upon reaching the ring she slides under the bottom rope and stands up, raising a fist as she takes out a mic. She’ll wait till the noise has died down before speaking. Behind her head is a sign which reads: “Two Words, Amanda- Check and Mate!”]

Amanda: This four-way street’s only big enough for one of us. And ye’re lookin’ at her…..

[She removes her jacket and T-shirt, revealing a white leather top with a red horsehead emblem on the front.]

Christine: And her opponent….

[“Little Crazy” by Fight begins to play.]

Christine: Accompanied to the ring by “Sensational” Frankie Starr … weighing in at 135 pounds… here is “The Diamond Girl” Heidi Leick!

[Heidi Leick and Frankie Starz walk out, cursing at the fans… threatening to hit some … arguing with others until they get to the ring… She enters the ring wearing her cutoff blue Damage Inc.™ t-shirt, Daisy Duke Shorts, and her diamond blue wrestling. She enters the ring and whispers something into Christine’s ear.]

Christine: Here is your self-professed Extreme TV Champion, “The Diamond Girl” Heidi Leick….

[Starz stands there, arms crossed, smiling with a smug look on his face … She looks out at the crowd and smiles evilly as the music cuts. Heidi removes the championship belt from around her waist.]

Christine: And their opponent…

[Big Wreck’s ‘That Song’ suddenly cuts to life, drawing a large cheer from the crowd.]


[The scene cuts backstage where the muscular and ever imposing ‘Ultima’ Sarah Summers is pacing back and forth in a hallway filled with electrical equipment and wrestling stuff.]

Sarah [rubbing her hands together]: Well well well… It looks like it’s party time, boys and girls! I get to wrestle three women at once. Wow, what more could a girl ask for?

Amanda, you and I have never met before, but I’ve caught glimpses of you here and there, and from what I’ve seen, you’re not too bad. Enjoy yourself tonight, and don’t get too angry when I have to pin you. It’s every woman for herself, after all.

Andrea Chandler. I’m looking forward to seeing you again. Everyone had _so_ much fun the last time we fought, so I’m positive we’ll make magic again tonight. But, don’t think that just because you’re related to the new Management that’ll I’ll be going easy on you. It’ll be the exact opposite. If there’s one thing Chandlers are good for, it’s that they can take a beating like no one else. But that’s where all the Timex watch comparisons end, because you won’t still be ticking when the match is over.

And last, but not forgotten, the self-proclaimed Extreme TV Champion. You better not bring that shiny new belt of yours to the ring tonight because I’ll take it when I leave. In fact, I’m going to take every piece of you. I’m going to show you the error of your ways, and I’m going to show you what that oversized trap of yours is going to cost you. You’ve never met anyone like me, Heidi, so don’t jump to the conclusion that I’ll be easy pickings. Slap a chair over my head and I’ll get up. Choke me with electrical cord and I’ll shrug it off. Frog splash me from the top of the arena and I’ll shove you off. I’m not easy, Heidi. I’m tougher than any women you’ve met, and I’ll hit you ten times for every one time you touch me. And when the match is over, I’ll expect a public apology for your appalling attitude!

[Sarah smiles into the camera and cracks her knuckles in full view of the lens.]

Sarah: That’s it. The time for talking is over. Now we play.

Christine: Weighing in at 198 pounds … here is “Ultima” Sarah Summers!

[‘Ultima’ Sarah Summers steps through the entrance. Overlooking the crowd with a broad grin, Sarah flexes both of her thick biceps, pumping the crowd up more, before striding down the aisle to the ring. Sarah is dressed comfortably in a form fitting, dark gray cotton sports top with matching gray shorts; both of which are tattooed over with red tiger stripes outlined in black. Black boots, kneepads, and loose fitting cotton wristbands complete her wrestling attire. Slapping a last few outstretched hands, Sarah pulls herself onto the ring apron and steps into the ring, where she plays to the crowd by climbing into a nearby corner and flexing her arms some more.]

Christine: And the final opponent…

[“Bad to the Bone” by George Thurgood and the Destroyers screams out over the arena, classic slide guitar riffs resonating in the eardrums of the listeners as the lights dim. Flash bulbs begin firing as the curtains part, allowing dry ice fog to billow through into the aisle.]


[The screen fades from blackness to a satellite view of the earth, with starlit space visible beyond the curve of the horizon. The angle slowly moves over the cloudy surface until coming to rest on the upper half, with North America visible from just above the equator. The voice of Andrea Chandler can now be heard.]

Andrea: North America…home to the greatest country in the world, with a few others thrown in for color. Also the repository of the vast majority of the planet’s wealth — which changes every time I board a jet for the Continent, of course! Of all the notable landmasses, certainly it is most deserving of a championship belt in its honor…and certainly, I’m most deserving to hold it! I mean, really, who else would you entrust it to? That walking side of beef, Sarah Summers? Amanda “painfully generic” Knight? Heidi Leick, the woman who makes Charles Manson look like the poster-boy for mental stability? Forget about it!

[Andrea strolls on-screen just behind the planet, and drapes her arms across the top, resting her chin on the North Pole.]

Andrea: No, there’s only one acceptable choice for inaugural North American Champion, and that’s me. And I’m going to make that point painfully clear to my competitors at Grand Dragon Glory. Between my own awesome wrestling ability and the -totally- impartial officiating of Miss Daisy Butterfly, I’m going to smite my enemies and walk away with the gold. It’s that brutally simple. So everybody, brace yourselves — the great one is coming to lay the smack down on a few wanna-bees, and to show the world who the hands-down best wrestler in Grand Dragon is!

[A tiny, glowing UFO flits into view, to flit around beneath her at about the level of Lake Michigan. Andrea waves a hand at it.]

Andrea: Shoo!

[The UFO zips off, and she looks back to the camera and smiles as the view fades….]

Christine: She is a former GDWA World Champion … she weighs in at 151 pounds … here is “The Diamond Girl” … Andrea Chandler!

[The boos swell to a peak as Andrea Chandler strides out, clad in her studded black bodybuilder’s bikini and a box-cut leather jacket. Her designer sunglasses reflect the shower of silver sparks that erupt along the entranceway. She smiles and puts her hands on her hips, absorbing the negativity, drawing strength from it. Directly behind her stands Brittany Yorke, clad in a black sports bra and leather pants, her broad arms crossed. Pockets of Andrea’s fans can be distinguished amidst the masses, clad in black “Diamond Mine” T-shirts and sunglasses. Andrea and Britt saunter down to the ring, and ascend the steps. They duck through the ropes, whereupon Andrea hands her sunglasses to Brittany. She walks over to Daisy and gives her a big hug, and exchanges a few pleasantries with her.]

Sonya: You’ve got to be kidding me…

Sam: I’m sure it’s just out of kindness. I mean, they used to run together … that doesn’t mean that Daisy won’t call this one down the line.

Ed: I hope that Heather Chandler is watching … if anything funny goes on, I hope she makes some sort of decision … but so far, I’ve only seen impartiality out of Daisy. She’s checking each wrestler out, including Andrea.


Sonya: Daisy is calling for the bell … *ding**ding*

Ed: Now, this match has very few rules … falls only count inside the ring, however, there’s no tagging … it’s every woman for themselves and everyone is in the ring at the same time. No countouts, but there can be DQs.

Sonya: Sounds like Daisy has her work cut out for her … and Andrea Chandler makes first contact as she nails Sarah in the back. These two have had bad blood for months now … Sarah has an upset win over Andrea that Andrea would love to get in revenge.

Sam: We’ve only got 30 minutes here … Let’s get this thing underway! Heidi with a chop on Amanda … and another, but Amanda pulls Heidi into a corner and drives a knee to the stomach.

Ed: Andrea is pounding down Sarah, and then delivers a few stomps. She drops an elbow, but Sarah rolls out of the way and kips up to her feet and CLOTHESLINES Andrea…

Sonya: Daisy is just watching … she’s mainly here just to count pinfalls and call DQs. In the corner, Amanda with a flying legscissors takedown on Heidi … she rolls her up and Daisy right down there … 1 … KICKOUT by Heidi…

Sam: We’re just getting warmed up here … Sarah lifts up Andrea into a gorilla press! Heidi with a rake to the eyes of Amanda, and she clips Sarah, and Andrea falls on top … Daisy right there for the count again … one … two … th … KICKOUT by Sarah…

Sonya: Amanda with a springboard and she NAILS Heidi who runs into Andrea, who falls out of the ring … Brittany hurrying over to help out Andrea and Daisy being impartial, sending Brittany back to the corner.

Christine: 5 minutes have gone … 25 remaining.

Ed: Amanda off the turnbuckle with a corkscrew plancha onto Sarah … cover … Daisy is right there … one … two … KICKOUT by Sarah Summers … Andrea slides back into the ring…

Sonya: Andrea nailing Amanda in the back and stomping on her … Heidi tossing Sarah out of the ring, right near Brittany. Brittany with a clothesline on Sarah and Daisy hops out of the ring…

Sam: Daisy is having words with Brittany…

[Fans *pop*!]

Sam: She’s sending Brittany to the locker room! I can’t believe this!

Sonya: I’m still not convinced that Daisy is on the up and up … but Brittany and Daisy having a few words … and finally Brittany walks back towards the locker room.

Ed: Inside the ring, Andrea has Amanda up in vertical suplex position … and drops her down, face first into the mat! Cover … and Daisy slides into the ring … one … two … KICKOUT by Amanda.

Sonya: Heidi goes out of the ring … she whips Sarah … but Sarah reverses and Heidi goes into the steel railing! Sarah with a clothesline, that sends Heidi over the railing and into the first row of fans.

Christine: 10 minutes have elapsed. 20 minutes remaining!

Ed: 20 minutes left in this match, with no pinfalls as of yet. Andrea whips Amanda into the ropes … Amanda comes off with a side Russian leg sweep! Amanda with a whip … and SPINEBUSTER on Andrea! Cover … one … two … KICKOUT by Andrea…

Sam: Outside the ring, Sarah has a chair and has NAILED Heidi in the head … Heidi is dazed and Sarah with a hiptoss onto the row of chairs! She grabs a handful of Heidi’s hair and pulls her up to her feet, then drags her back towards the ring, throwing her over the railing!

Sonya: Inside the ring, Amanda with a T-bone suplex! Outside, Heidi grabs Sarah by the front of her tights and pulls her into the ringpost! Amanda has locked in the Gambit! The inverted STF with a sleeper on Andrea and she’s going out … Daisy raises Andrea’s arm one … twice…

Sam: Heidi to the rescue and she comes off the top turnbuckle and clocks Amanda with a dropkick to the head!

Christine: 15 minutes gone … 15 minutes remaining!

Sonya: Sarah on the floor has been busted open by that ringpost and she is bleeding profusely. She struggles to get to the apron, but a thrust kick by Heidi sends her back to the floor.

Ed: Andrea is up … she looks at Heidi, then … what’s this?

Sam: Hah! A high five! Something’s going on with Andrea and Heidi here … they begin to double stomp Amanda into the mat … trying to make her part of it!

Ed: This has been prearranged! Andrea and Heidi are working together here … Andrea with a bearhug on Amanda … and Heidi off the ropes with a clothesline! Cover by Andrea … Daisy is down … one … two … th … KICKOUT by Amanda!

Sonya: What’s going on here is within the rules, and Daisy really has no choice but to count that … she doesn’t appear to be favoring them … Sarah back up on the apron…

Christine: 20 minutes have gone by … there are 10 minutes remaining.

Sonya: but Andrea nails her with a clothesline, sending her back to the floor.

Sam: This is GREAT! Heidi going to the top turnbuckle … Andrea with turns Amanda over into a Boston Crab … and Heidi with a LEGDROP! Daisy checking with Amanda … but she shakes her head…

Ed: Sarah again moving to the apron … and Heidi grabs her by the head and clotheslines her on that top rope and Sarah falls to the floor. Amanda grabbing the bottom rope, and Daisy calls for a break … Andrea isn’t letting go … Daisy counting … one … two … three … four … finally she breaks.

Sonya: Daisy is serious about this … she’s giving Andrea the riot act … meanwhile, Heidi Leick is delivering a series of stomps to Amanda’s head!

Christine: 25 minutes have elapsed … there are 5 minutes remaining!

Ed: We are going to have a problem here … in 30 minutes if no one is pinned, then we will have a four-way tie … Heidi and Andrea have been double-teaming Amanda Knight, but so far haven’t been able to pin…

Sonya: And Sarah has been shut out, and busted open … she’s been trying to get back into the ring. Andrea and Heidi conferring … and they pull up Amanda … Heidi ascending to the top rope…

Sam: This is gonna be great! Andrea lifts up Amanda in vertical suplex position … Heidi is perched … Andrea with a JACKHAMMER! Heidi with a big splash!

Ed: But Heidi rolls off … and Andrea with the cover! Daisy is down … one … two … three … NO!!!! Amanda has the shoulder up! Andrea slaps the mat and nods to Heidi…

Sonya: Andrea pulls up Amanda by the hair and rams her head into the head of Sarah Summers who was trying to get back into the ring … Sarah again falls to the outside … and Andrea tosses Amanda out there with her…

Christine: There is one minute remaining! One minute!

Ed: Now, Andrea and Heidi locking up … Andrea with a scoop and a slam … and a cover … Daisy with the count … one … two … three!! What the?!?

Sonya: Oh, this stinks.

Sam: Hahah! Andrea has the only pinfall in this match, and Heidi gave it to her.

Ed: This is so unfair … Heidi and Andrea hugging in the ring … we have Amanda and Sarah outside…


Sam: It’s over! Andrea’s the champ!

Ed: Daisy is asking for the belt. Heidi up on the second rope, yelling at the crowd … Daisy raises the hand of Andrea!

Christine: Winner of the match … and NEW North American Heritage Championship … Andrea Chandler!

Sam: WHOA!

Sonya: Daisy just twisted Andrea’s arm and NAILED her with a Mafia kick! Heidi notices and comes after Daisy, who NAILS her with a Mafia kick and she falls out of the ring!

Ed: Daisy takes the belt and hops over the ring … Spuds McKenzie coming down the aisle … but Daisy breezes past him … he sees the carnage at ringside … I don’t suspect that there’ll be a championship presentation at this time … we don’t have a belt.

Sonya: Heidi and Andrea in cahoots with each other, but Daisy Butterfly had her own agenda! Brittany Yorke hurrying back to ringside and helps up Andrea…

Sam: Man! I’ll tell you what!? Daisy vs. Andrea?!? I can’t believe it! I thought Syndicate members were forever??

Ed: We have to get these wrestlers away from the ring … and we have an EFW title match … hold on … let’s go to Shelly Marks in the back.


[Scene shifts to Shelly Marks leading a camera to a door marked “Referees”..]

Shelley: I just saw President Chandler go into this door … I didn’t get a chance to see if anyone was in here … I thought maybe she was going to confront Daisy, but I honestly didn’t see Daisy back here. So my only guess is that she’s back here to talk with the Special Referee for our main event matchup. Unfortunately, I haven’t a clue as to who that might be. Back to you guys.

Ed: We’re going to swap places with the EFW crew and be back for the main event … but let’s hear some words from some of the competitors for this EFW World Title encounter.


High late-winter clouds blanket the sky, muting the sun and casting a dim pearly light down upon the mountain. Cotton fog hugs the recesses and pits and cliffs and peaks. There is no snow, but everything is white just the same.

Her house sits alone, isolated from the troubles of the world. It’s antique traditional Japanese design seems perfectly in place here on a flat ridge of the mountain.

The door is open, letting the chill air in, and just a little trace of light. The open room is darkened, and light from the paper and wood walls gives the place a dim glow.

She is just a shadow, only the outline of her body can be seen as she spins and thrusts and twists in perfect balance. The sword in her hand is like an extension of her own arm, moving in swift arcs and spiraling flourishes. The other shadow is much larger, Neko’s head only comes up to its chest. Despite its size, it moves just as fluidly as it is smaller counterpart, blocking each attack, the clang of metal against metal echoing across the mountain.

As their dance of metal reaches its climax they both stop suddenly, locked, frozen…a stalemate. Neko’s speed and agility can only match her opponent’s strength and skill. They are equals.

“You never could beat me.” the shadow says, his voice smooth, low, like the whisper of a storm.

“I never tried.” Neko says, her voice teasing.

“Why should I help you?” the shadow asks, his sword still pressed against Neko’s, not giving an inch.

“Blood. Blood is our bond.” Neko says, her voice hardening.

“Ahhhh.” the shadow hisses. “But we both left for our own reasons. You chose to return…and now you would drag me back with you. What’s in it for me?” “The chance to do what you enjoy so much, this time with no law, no rules, you can unleash yourself like you used to do in the underground tournaments.” Neko says. “Glory and honor will be yours once again.” “AND?”

“And nothing!” Neko shouts, then her voice drops to a whisper. “You owe me, remember that.”

“What do you want me to do?” he hisses.

“Just watch my back. Don’t let anyone interfere. That’s all. I’ll do the rest.” Neko says.

The shadow laughs, it is an unsettling sound. “Then I am to be your guard dog. So be it. But remember, now YOU…owe…ME.”

The shadow turns and stalks out of the dojo and into the morning light. He can only be seen from behind, his bone-white hair trailing down his back, past his waist. His skin is just as white. He turns his head slightly, looking back over his shoulder through the corner of his pinkish-red eye. “I always collect on my debts, little sister.”

Neko sighs and looks at the ground, not watching as Kainisu Daisuke disappears into the fog. “I hope I made the right choice.” she whispers.


[Scene: The countryside in England, and you have a wide shot up in the air of somebody bicycling down a country road. The next camera shot catches the bicyclist on the road…you can tell it is a woman, who is wearing a white T-shirt, black shorts, sneakers, and a red helmet, and riding on a silver ten-speed bike. Another shot cuts to further down the country road, where the bicyclist pulls over to the side of the road and stops. The cyclist reaches down and pulls up a water bottle on the bicycle frame. She drinks from the bottle, and the camera pulls in a little closer…you can tell from the features on her face, and the blond hair, that is “British Bad Girl” Lisa Drake. Lisa snaps the bottle back onto the bicycle frame, then turns toward the camera.]

Lisa: I know what’s on everyone’s mind… just what do I have in store for Neko Daisuke…and some may be wondering, what the hell are you doing out here in the countryside…shouldn’t you be preparing for Neko and the World title match? Well, for you bloody fools who don’t understand about what training is all about, I’ve always found that bicycling is one of the best ways to get yourself ready for competition. So…one of my trade secrets for training is given away. But don’t think for a minute that means I’m forgetting about other methods for getting ready… you can bet I’ve spent time in the gym, reviewing videos, and plotting an appropriate strategy… because believe me… despite how I feel personally about Neko and everyone else in the EFW, you had damn well better believe I take every match seriously.

[She rest her arms across the handlebars of the bicycle.]

Lisa: Neko…all this time, you’ve been wondering why I wouldn’t get in there to face you and Sexy Spice in that three-way dance. I’ll explain it to you…I walked in, beat several women, and won the right for a one-on-one bout for the title. Then delays come up, and all of a sudden, the rules have been changed. What people like you need to realize is that I’m not the type who is patient, and who doesn’t put up with bloody distractions added to thwart my attempts. I know my brothers and I had everybody worried that we might just take this league and crush it in the palms of our hands, so they threw some roadblocks in our way. Well, as you saw what happened to Sexy Spice…you see what happens when they throw a damn roadblock in the way of me! But, like I said, what happened to Sexy Spice was a message…a warning to you and everyone else…if you really think that is the best I have…believe me, I can and will go better…but why show you the worst I can do? Why not wait until the time is right to do it…and soon, that time will come.

[She stands up straight, as the bicycle tilts a little as she is still seated on it, and then she rubs her hands together.]

Lisa: And to think, there is not one, but two opportunities where the worst could come…the question is, when does it happen? Does it happen to you in what some might call your home territory…the GDWA…or does it happen back in EFW…in between the cold steel bars, where escape is the only means of victory. You see, the fact that we meet not once, but twice, has to be getting you thinking just WHEN is the time right for you to unleash your ultimate game plan? Do you risk it the first time, do you hold back for the next meeting…or does it never happen? I already have my decision made as to what’s going to be in store for you…have you?

[She removes her sunglasses and her blue eyes are narrow and cold.]

Lisa: Oh yes…you promised a surprise for me when you meet…bring it on. You think I am the slightest bit intimidated? Even a hint of being worried? [points to her eyes] You look straight into the eyes, and you won’t find even an ounce of fear…all you’ll find is contempt for you, and determination to take the bloody EFW Women’s title away from you. Bring your best attack, bring everything you’ve learned, and bring your damn reinforcements if you wish…because opposite you is going to be a woman with a huge fire burning inside that will engulf you and any hopes you have of surviving against me.

[She puts the shades back on and then prepares to start cycling down the road again.]

Lisa: It may happen in GDWA…it may happen in EFW…but no matter which it is…it WILL happen…I’ll be the next women’s champ…you say…don’t sing it, but bring it…be careful what you ask for…because you’ll bloody well get it from me!

[She then begins pedaling down the road and the camera turns as she heads down the road, increasing her speed as she fades into the distance. Camera fades out.]

Ed: Ladies and gentlemen, that, in case you didn’t know, was the EFW’s #1 Challenger for the woman’s title, Lisa Drake, and you’ll get to see her in action in a few moments, she’s next up… and we’re turning the booth over to Jerry Styles, and Paul E Furiously from the EFW, where they’ll showcase a World Title Match between Lisa Drake, and a familiar face here to us here in the GDWA, and now WISE. The Dragon, Neko Daisuke….

Ed: And it’s going to be fought under EFW rules… one fall to a positive finish…, and that means pinfall, or submissions only…. this should be a wild one….

Sonya: If you like that kind of ~garbage~ match… I don’t see why Neko is actually competing there… she’s way more talented than that….

Sam: We’ll find out soon…. Paul E, Jerry … the booth is yours….

Paul E. Furiously: Thank you Sam… It’s great to be here! Hello wrestling fans, and welcome to one of the most ~extreme~ spectacles of a wrestling match you’ll ever see, as “British Bad Girl” Lisa Drake cashes in one of TWO title shots she’s been given vs. the current EFW Woman’s Champion, Neko Daisuke … The EFW’s own Noel Schmertner is in the ring … and without further ado, he’ll announce the contestants for the next match…

Jerry Styles: Paul … did we ~have~ to bring him along?

PEF: I made him take a separate flight didn’t I?  … **laughs** let’s listen….

[The camera zooms into a man wearing a pair of black shorts, sneakers, a tuxedo jacket with no shirt on underneath, a green neck brace, with a bow tie on it, and is obese, with greasy black hair….]

Noel Schmertner: ~Well~, ~well~, ~well~… good evening WISE ones, and welcome to the part of the show that you’ve ~all~ been waiting for … *smiles bigger* the time where ~I~, “The QUIN~tessential Studpuppy”, Noel “Why don’t you stick your hand in my pocket to see if that’s a roll of quarters that your wives and daughters have been fondling when they sit on my lap”, Schmertner, introduce to you, my adoring fans, the finest examples of girls I’d buy a lap dance from, and specimens of womanhood who I’d love to give my ~hard ~….. *smiles* Earned money to see, and might I add from being invited into their locker rooms, some damn bodacious ta-ta’s… to ever enter the wrestling ring….

[“I Want More” by Chumbawumba kicks in over the speakers and laser lights shine down just in front of the ramp, forming the British flag. A Woman who has fairly long blond hair [just past shoulder length], comes out, she’s wearing a one piece wrestling outfit which has a British flag design, white kneepads, and white wrestling boots with a small British flag on the sides, near the top of the boots, She’s also wearing her white jacket with the British flag on the back … This is obviously Lisa Drake. She walks out from behind the curtain and stands in front of the ramp. She raises her arm and shouts “Hail Britannia!” as the crowd mostly boos.]

Paul E Furiously: Lisa Drake’s getting the villain’s welcome, this crowd knows Neko, and she’s gonna have them behind her … but Lisa Drake doesn’t care much for the fans anyway … we’ll see what effect it has on Lisa … and on Neko, being the hometown hero on this one….

[Lisa Drake walks down the aisle, jawing at some of the booing ringside fans as the she makes her way to the ring. Before she enters the ring, she removes her white jacket, revealing a one piece wrestling outfit with a British flag design on it. She places the jacket on the ring steps, then climbs onto the apron. As a ring attendant picks up her jacket, she leaps over the ropes into the ring, then mounts the second turnbuckle and raises her arms as the crowd boos. She then hops down after a few seconds.] [“Enchanted” by Delirium starts to play and the crowd goes wild. Neko steps from the curtain, her face stoic. The black skintight bodysuit that covers her toned form glistens as her bare arms tense and flex. She suddenly pulls her blade from the sheath held in her right hand, the fans cheering as the gleaming metal reaches toward the sky. Neko watches the crowd with her single ice-blue eye and then makes her way toward the ring. She’s got the EFW Woman’s World Championship belt around her waist … she makes her rounds at ringside … then slides into the ring….]

Noel: Introducing first, In the ring to my left, the Challenger …… hailing from London, England… Weighing in at a slim, trim, buff, cut, ripped, chiseled and Jaaaaaacked!! 130 pounds… Here is… A woman who I’d let be as bad as she wanted to be any day of the week… as she’s a member of the EFW Extreme Six man… I mean “person” … Championship team The British Bad Girl…Lisa Drake!

[The Crowd boo’s loudly as Lisa shrugs it off and stares at Neko.]

Noel: And now … Introducing…standing to my right, hailing from Tokyo, Japan, Weighing in at a sleek, sexy, sultry, and savage 156lbs, Here is the woman known as, the legend, She is  … The Current EFW Woman’s World Champion!… And a damn good looking woman as well … The Dragon, Neko Daisuke!!

[Noel quickly exits and the crowd cheers … Neko takes the belt off and holds it high… she gives it, and the sheathed sword to the referee.]



Paul: He’s one of a kind Jerry….

Joey: That’s obvious… and thank god for that, in the ring Neko and Lisa stare each other down, this one has been long in the making, as Lisa was mad Neko got booked into what Lisa felt was her World Title opportunity vs. Sexy Spice at Season’s Beatings 98, then changed to a 3 way dance… It’s history, as Neko captured the belt from a ~sickly~ Sexy Spice …Now it’s Drake and Daisuke, One on One … they move forward… and go to lock up… collar and elbow tie up… and Neko, the bigger of the two women, pushes Lisa back to the buckle with that 26-pound weight advantage….

Paul: The ref trying to get between them… Neko breaks the hold… and Lisa Drake with a quick kick to the midsection of Neko, chops Neko in the throat, again, and again… backs Neko up a bit… Lisa grabs Neko’s arm, and goes to whip her to the other side … NO! … reversed … and Neko throws Lisa back in the corner….. Neko follows… only to find no one at home as Lisa drops down and rolls to the outside, as quick as a cat….

Joey: Neko’s dazed for a second … she may have knocked the wind out of herself … Lisa rolls back in, spins Neko around, ooh! Straight right fist to the face…, again, and again…. she grabs Neko … Monkey flips her out of the corner … Oh she landed hard… Lisa rolls over… grabs Neko’s arm … and snaps on a Fujiwara Arm bar!! Neko’s in agony…. she’s trying to reach the ropes with her left hand…. Lisa’s got that pressure on her arm with that hold and it’s cinched in…. and Neko … reaches the ropes…. The ref’s asking Lisa to break the hold, and she’s not complying…. the ref counts… one … two … three … four… and Lisa breaks just before the five count… she didn’t have to though … this is NO DQ.

Paul: Lisa seems to have targeted Neko’s arm … she’s back on her… but Neko spins out as she was getting to her feet… hammerlock. no released … and a dropkick to the back of Lisa Drake sends her to the ropes, … and Through!!… The crowd liked that one… Neko gets up, and heads for the outside…. Lisa hit the mats hard…she’s struggling to get up….Neko grabs her by the trunks…at the waist from behind and at the shoulder … and goes to toss her back in the ring…. Lisa rolls in… Neko hops up on the apron… and Lisa up fast… and she DIVES towards Neko!!…

Joey: OH~MY~GOD!!! they both hit the guardrail~!! Neko backfirst, and Lisa headfirst… I think Lisa’s busted open!!… there’s blood on the floor…. Yes … it’s Lisa Drake, busted open… on a Suicide Dive onto Neko!… Both women on the floor ….. stunned, and in pain… Whoever gets up first will have a clear advantage … and it’s the Champion  … Neko Daisuke stirring first….. She rolls over, as Lisa Drake does the same, reaching for the guardrail assistance… Neko’s up … grabs Lisa by the hair… and rams her into the steel ringpost!…. Oh My!… Lisa Stumbles backwards … and the blood is coming down her forehead… Neko over… Lisa’s against the security railing… and Neko clotheslines Lisa over the railing!! … and falls with her … now Both women are in the crowd!! … Lisa landed on a fan… she pushes that fan out of the way… reaches over the railing and folds up the steel chair that the timekeeper was sitting on…. and … !!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~THWACK~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joey: OH MY GOD! … She just leveled Neko who was attempting to get up! … Now Lisa drives that chair into Neko’s throat… she’s holding it there, putting pressure on her neck… trying to do some damage… she ditches the chair … and grabs Neko up by the hair… Tucks her head! … and DDT!!!… OH MY GOD!… again!! Lisa Just DDT’d Neko onto that chair!! Just when you think she was discarding it, she set up Neko big-time … the champ is bloody now … and in big trouble!!….

Paul: This is just some of the extreme action the EFW’s famous for…. and we’re having a battle royal to crown our own Women’s Extreme World Television Champion Next week at our Pay Per View, Extreme Heartbreak, Live from The War Memorial Arena in Tampa Florida … a much ~warmer~ place than Portland… Brr…meanwhile … Lisa grabs Neko … Belly to Belly Suplexes her onto the concrete floor!…. Both women down … that took a lot out of both women…. Lisa trying to catch her breath , Neko writhing on the floor…. Lisa now getting up…. grabbing Neko’s hair again She’s setting Neko up for a Powerbomb!!…. NO!~!

Joey: Up and Over!! Reversed … into a back Body drop!… Lisa goes down hard on the concrete, but pops up fast… Neko with a superkick … that’s caught!! Lisa Drake Caught it!!… ENZUIGIRI!! Neko countered with an Enzuigiri!!… and Lisa Drake goes down hard!! Neko falls to one knee…. Lisa’s out like a light…. Neko grabs Lisa by the bloody trunks… and hoists her over the guardrail, back to the ring area… Neko follows,…. and now assists Lisa back into the ring…. Neko in, …. and grabs her … sets her up…. German Suplex!!… Whoa … she’s going for it again!!…. TWO… and Another!! YES! … THREE…. Neko Bridges….. The Cover…..




Paul: Kickout! How in the world?… Lisa and Neko Both on their feet… Now Lisa with a rake of the eyes….. Suplex… No NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX … Into a BRAINBUSTER!! That Northern Lights Driver’s called The SNOWPLOW!! A Series of Awesome moves by BOTH Women…Now Lisa’s covering…..




Joey: NO!! Neko got a shoulder up!! The ref is signaling TWO… Lisa Drake’s highly pissed!!… She’s up and in the ref’s face…. Neko’s getting to her feet….. Spins Lisa around…. European Uppercut!… again … and again!!….Neko whips Lisa to the ropes, drops to her knees and executes a forearm chop to the stomach !!,..Lisa goes down hard in a flip  … That’s called the Dragon Blade !! … Lisa Drake in trouble now!! That’s Neko’s Setup … for her patented ‘Dragon Driver’…. She’s got Lisa  … Lisa reaching into her boot for something…. Neko’s going for her finisher … Yes … Neko’s signaling to the crowd who is going wild!! Powerbomb… NO!! … Lisa Drake just nailed Neko!!…. Neko had Lisa up and was about to slam her back down into piledriver position … but Lisa just CLOCKED Neko with what appears to be a foreign object…

Paul: Brass Knuckles Jerry … she’s showing the crowd now…, laughing…. Now Lisa rolls outside … what’s she doing? She can Pin Neko now … and be the champ … just go for the pin!! … Oh My… She’s folding up the timekeeper’s table…that timekeepers had to be on the move at ringside tonight…. the ring is bloody from Neko and Lisa… and now Lisa slides the table in…. Neko’s not Stirring…. she’s out COLD… I Wonder if Neko has ANY friends here…. now’s a good time to use whatever ACE you may have Stashed Neko….

Joey: She’s setting the table up… Now she grabs Neko … and DDT’s her!! … What’s that for? Good Measure? Lisa Drake … on a mission to destroy the competition, rolls Neko on the table… Lisa Drake climbing up to the top rope…. The crowd is screaming!!… Lisa Signaling… Will Neko be able to roll away?







Joey: You’re Winner … and NEW EFW Woman’s World Champion!…..

[“I Want More” by Chumbawumba kicks in over the speakers and laser lights shine down in the ring, forming the British flag. ]


Paul: GDWA, WISE… EFW … Goodnight … our asses are on a plane to Tampa!!

Joey: You have a WISE Universal Championship matchup NEXT!


[Near deafening boos as Jennifer Grier steps out from behind the entranceway. Grier walks out, towel around her neck as she’s got a microphone in her hand. Fans boo as some near ringside try to reach out and touch her. Jen gives a few fans a look as she continues towards the ring.]

Sonya: Great. What’s *SHE* doing out here?

Sam: She’s about to lay the smack down!

Sonya: She’s going to what, Sam?

[Jen slides into the ring as the fans begin to boo once again. A sly grin crosses Jen Grier’s face as she looks around the ringside area and props herself up on the turnbuckle.]

Ed: Let’s see what Ms. Grier has to say.

[Jen taps the microphone as she brings it to her lips.]

Grier: Well, I guess it’s time that I say something public in regards to the screwjobs that have been affecting my career here in the Grand Dragon … or should I say, WISE?

[The fans boo as a sign catches some on-air time that reads: “Chairwoman of the GDWA = Crybaby of the WISE!”]

Grier: I am out here tonight to talk about a few things, and you folks out there are going to listen to me, whether you like it or not.

[Jen looks to the announcer’s booth.]

Grier: Ever since I’ve been reinstated in the Grand Dragon, things haven’t gone my way. Now that I think about it, ever since I originally signed with the GDWA, things have been against Jennifer Grier. I’ve always been the persistent one. Been called the GDWA’er who never gave up. Determined. Raw talent. But then, I became better. I grew. I learned the ways of the Grand Dragon. And then, something happened.

[Jen moves the microphone from her left hand to her right as she continues on.]

Grier: The GDWA was gone. Lawrence Davis, the man who gave me a chance to wrestle, hung up the tights, so to speak. Behind him, he left a great league, a great roster and great possibilities. But then, in came Robert Tucker.

[The crowd boos at the sound of his name.]

Grier: Yeah, you think the same that I do here. “Big” Rob Tucker. The “MAN” that was going to save the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance. And the fans cheered him on. But, did anyone notice that when “Big” Rob came in, Jennifer Grier was left out? Did anyone notice, that in “Big” Rob’s ways of thinking, Grier wasn’t worth the money she was being paid, and was sent home? No. No one cared, and no one gave me any support. Even my close friends, Lady Tiger and Sarah Summers returned to the ring, without a word in my memory.

[Jen hops down from the turnbuckle as she continues.]

Grier: And whether you short minded folks out there remember or not, it was *ME* that helped Tiger when she was hurt. When she was afraid to fly, it was ME who helped her get over it. When she was attacked, who is it who backed her up? ME. And Sarah, good old Sarah Summers. Where were YOU when I needed you? I was fired, and what did you do? You gave this great rant on how much I meant to the Grand Dragon, and that if “Jen went, so did I”. Well, that was great, girl. Now, the truth came out later, didn’t it, Sarah. You didn’t leave for me. You left for yourself. A great ‘job opportunity’ with the NCAA. Not a phone call to me. NOT ONE… you’re selfish, and now that you’re Ms. Big Time, Jennifer Grier is again left in the cold.

[Jen hesitates as the anger is obviously building up inside her.]

Grier: But the story isn’t over yet, is it? Oh not by a long shot. So now, I’m left on my own. “Big” Rob leaves the Grand Dragon, and yet ANOTHER ‘savior’ of the GDWA is brought in. This time, it’s Heather Chandler. The famous Chandler name. A wrestling ICON throughout the years. And most importantly, we finally have a woman leading the [mocking quoting her fingers in the air] “Best damn women’s federation in the world.” So what happens now?

[Jen clenches the microphone as her voice cracks as she nearly screams.]

Grier: I’ll TELL you where that’s gotten me. SCREWED and SCREWED again! Foot on the rope, missed. Handful of tights. Missed. Even YOU Bagel [pointing to Ed Bagel, in the broadcast booth], ADMIT IT! You call it ‘right down the middle’. I know DAMN WELL you see what happens to me, night after night. Yet, you say NOTHING to the effect of “Oh, Poor Jen!” I’m tired of YOUR crap, I’m tired of YOUR crap Heather, and I’m tired of YOUR crap too, Tiger. Don’t EVEN pretend to be my friend. At least SARAH has the ovaries to even SAY she don’t like me now.

[Jen points to the ground, as she continues to talk, anger making her face bright red.]

Grier: And if there’s only one thing I’ve learned from this, it’s this. I don’t need ANYONE. I *WILL* succeed in the Grand Dragon, the WISE, or whatever we’re going to be. I’ve worked too damn hard to get to where I was, and I can see now where my true allies are. [points to her chest] I am my ally. Wrestlers of the WISE, you want me? You think I’m a crybaby? Come and get me, cause I’m TIRED of being pushed away from success. Heather, you better have a DAMN good explanation for what’s happening, because you know DAMN well I mean business.

[Jen slams the microphone to the floor as she storms out of the ringside area….]

Ed: Jennifer Grier with quite a few solid points, however, I think that she may be going a bit overboard. I will admit that things haven’t quite gone her way, but those things do happen…

Sonya: She’s using all of this as an excuse to put herself in the spotlight.

Sam: I think Jennifer Grier is totally pissed and she’s gonna end up hurting someone.

Ed: We’ve got reports that Daisy Butterfly is outside … let’s go there now…


[A camera rushes through the backstage dressing area and out to the rear parking lot, catching Daisy Butterfly [surrounded by WISE security] about to hop into a waiting limo, the WISE North American Heritage title thrown over her shoulder. She turns and sees the camera, her brow bent with anger.]


[She opens the door and throws the belt inside, turning back to the camera.]

Daisy: Andrea… Heidi… you two deserved to get laid out for that stunt you pulled. Yeah, Andrea Chandler and I were friends. Real good friends. Good enough that she figured she could [BEEP] all over my legacy. You back-stabbing cow. You thought I’d just hand you this belt — MY BELT – because we’re “friends”? You thought you could screw the fans, throw competition to the wind and win a title based on shady backstage deals? You must not have ever really known me. You must not have ever really respected me.

[Daisy shakes her head, smirking.]

Ask around backstage, Andrea. I MADE YOU. I put you over when you started here. I saved your career when you were floundering. And you couldn’t even give me the respect to fight this championship match on the up-and-up.

[She gets in the limo, rolling down the window.]

Andrea, girl… you’re a Judas. Your jealousy is very unbecoming. I’m reversing my decision… the match was a four-way draw. After what you did, I’ll make sure you NEVER get the North American Heritage title. Even if *I* have to step back into the ring and defend it. It’s not about the Syndicate anymore. The Syndicate is dead. It’s all about the fans, and the Show.

[Daisy rolls up the window as the limo drives away.]

Sam: Can she do that? Can she declare the title match a draw?

Ed: She can, and she did. But this is indeed a turmoil … we’ll have to get wording from someone with some authority, I suppose. Where’s Heather Chandler during all of this?

Sonya: We haven’t seen hide nor hair of her since the Cruiserweight Title match…

Ed: Let’s go down to ringside and to Christine Donahue!

Christine: Ladies and gentlemen … this is your WISE main event for the evening!

[Fans *pop*]

Christine: This match is scheduled for the best two out of three falls. It is for the WISE Universal Championship! Introducing the challenger….

[A sexy woman’s voice comes over the PA and seductively says “A word to the WISE”. Then the first few bars of “We Are the Champions” by Queen play as fireworks spray and sparkle at the entrance.]


[Scene is an empty gym, dark with the only light showing on Bloody Mary dressed in red and black two piece workout garb with black shoes. She is seated on a folding chair turned around, resting leaning on the back of the chair, she seems to be in deep thought. She addresses the camera which pans in slightly above Mary looking down at her as she gazes up.]

Bloody Mary: Valentine’s Day, spirits are lifted, hearts are broken. Portland, Oregon, Grand Dragon PPV, Grand Dragon Glory, spirits will be lifted, hearts broken there, too. Titles will be won, hopes will be dashed, some will give up, some will vow to fight another day. *Mary looks away, pauses, then looks up at the camera again.* Sierra Browne, you’re a great champion, a good friend, someone I respect and admire. But, I too, intend on becoming the next great champion on St. Valentine’s Day. I can only do this by checking friendship in the locker room, keeping the respect and admiration for you in the ring. I intend to wrest that title away from you and hopefully picking up our friendship along with my respect and admiration on the way out of the arena. How about you, Sierra. Are you up to that challenge?

[Mary gets up from her chair and walks into the darkness, camera fades.]

Christine: She weighs in at 150 pounds … she’s the current number one contender to the Universal Championship … she’s led to the ring by Ana Conda … here is Bloody Mary!

[A black Harley Davidson motorcycle coasts slowly through the shower of colored sparks just as the music changes to “Midnight Rider” by the Allman Bros. We see Ana Conda driving with Bloody Mary the passenger. Ana wears a gray trench coat with black beret, Mary has her black trench coat with black cowboy hat on as they approach the ring and Ana guns the engine as Mary hops off the cycle. A special muffler is being used to minimize the gas fumes but the audience is still somewhat bothered by the smell but applauding the raucous cycle entrance. Mary slides off her coat and hands her hat to Ana tousling her long wavy blonde hair and reveals a white sports bra tie dyed with red splotches to mimic blood droplets, red briefs, red boots with white laces and white socks. She grabs the ringpost and leaps to the apron and jumps over the top rope as Ana exits with the cycle driving around the ring and up the entrance ramp. Mary limbers up, ready for battle.]

Christine: And introducing … the champion!

[The house-lights go down. Laser lights start to flash. The drums and bass kick in. The synthesizers warm their way through the PA system. Puff Daddy’s remix “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” blisters over the PA system, getting the crowd hyped.]


[Fade in: In the locker room, Melanda Hartley is there with the champion, Sierra Browne. Sierra is doing a few last minute stretches, perfecting her inverted splits between two chairs as Indigo and Dalbello brace her. Sierra smiles as she rights herself, throwing a few jabs in the air. She’s ready for action in her liquid gold togs and the GDWA championship belt around her waist.]

Melanda: Sierra, you look ready and focused. But how are you going to match up against the fury of Bloody Mary in two out of three falls when you’re going to have a special referee?

Sierra: [with a supercilious look] Melanda, please. I’m Sierra Browne. This is a pay-per-view. We all know exactly what’s going to happen. They’re going to set up a screw-job to make Mary the new WISE champion. That’s what they always do to me on pay-per-views. Bloody Mary? Is she in my class? No. She can’t generate the same kind of Q-ratings, the same pop when she comes out. She can’t ignite the masses with just a simple look, display the range of facial expressions that I do in the ring. She can’t put on a show like Sierra Browne. That’s really all there is to it. She cannot sell like me. She cannot run the show like me.

Melanda: But she is a fierce fighter and that’s what counts.

Sierra: Yeah that’s what counts. Mary’s real good with her fists. And she’s a decent wrestler. I give her that. She’s stronger than me. And she’s damn quick for her size. But I have experience on my side. Dalbello is the greatest women’s wrestler ever. And she’s one of the best female boxer’s out there. With her as my strategist do you really think I can lose?

Melanda: This brings me right back to the special referee. That’s a wild card that you can’t control.

Sierra: Melanda, I’ll go out on a limb right now and say the special referee is going to be Syndicate. After all, a Chandler runs this ship. Andrea’s in a match. Where’s that Zavodsky on the card? Where’s the supposedly retired Micki Duran? You know she’d love to make a return to wrestling by costing me a title and proving once and for all that she can’t generate a lick of attention without me. Daisy came back. Order came back. Medusa came back. Micki Duran is going to come back, too. I’ll say she’s the ref. And the Syndicate will try to hijack the spotlight again as usual.

Melanda: You really think that’s the scenario?

Sierra: Don’t you watch wrestling? The special referee unknown until match time? That can’t benefit the champ. That means they’ve got to surprise people. That means it’s somebody who isn’t my ally. It’s a pay-per-view. They want to shock the world. Well, Sierra Browne isn’t going to go down without a fight. Tonight, I’ll make whoever the referee might be famous. Tonight, they’ll be talking about this match for ages. The last GDWA champ isn’t going to go down without a fight. And I’ll drag the name of the WISE through the muck with me. Quote me on that.

Christine: Ladies and gentlemen… children of all ages… Chandler Entertainment is proud to present to you… the Show… starring on center stage the greatest performer… the greatest wrestler ever to lace up the boots… the consensus 5th best women’s wrestler in the world… she is the master of the High Sierra and the devastating Sierra Slice… she was the only two-time bi-titled champion in the history of the GDWA… she was the only TRI-titled champion in the history of the GDWA… she was the longest reigning champion in the history of the GDWA… she was 138lbs of sculpted steel and sex appeal… the hardcore luchador… the Suprastar… accompanied to the ring by her videographer, Indigo Browne… ladies and gentlemen… please stand and give an ovation… I give to you… the woman… the legend… THE SHOW!!!… The last ever reigning GDWA World Champion … SIIIIIIIIIIIIIERRA BROWWWWWWWWWWNE!!!!

[The curtains part and Sierra Browne bursts through, holding up her GDWA Championship belt! She gestures for the fans support, getting a huge pop of face and heel heat. Indigo Browne darts out behind her, filming “the Show’s” entrance as she strides down the ramp, heading to the ring in liquid gold booty cutters and a matching halter top. She wears knee-length black boots with hard shinguards. She swaggers her way to the ring, arms raised confidently, begging for the crowd’s heat, which they rain on her. Sierra slips into the ring, smiling. She stands atop the ropes and holds her title high in the air, before dropping down and conferring with Indigo.]

Christine: And ladies and gentlemen … introducing your SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE….

[“December” by Collective Soul begins … and the fans stand to their feet with a loud pop!]

Ed: Whoa!!

Sam: With what happened earlier with Daisy, I guess Heather decided to make sure this one ended on the up and up!

[Heather Chandler steps through the curtain, wearing an oversized black and whited striped tank top, black T-shirt underneath. Barely visible underneath, is her skin tight black and white striped shorts. She stands for a moment at the top of the aisle and looks around, smiling, then heads for the ring. Bloody Mary and Sierra Brown both look very intrigued by this, as they watch from the ring. Heather slides into the ring and walks over to the GDWA Champion and has a few words … Sierra hands over the title and Heather hands it to the timekeeper outside the ring. She looks over at Bloody Mary and asks her if she’s ready … Mary nods … then to Sierra who nods as well … Heather calls for the bell.]



Ed: This is fall number one … and a definite surprise here, as Heather Chandler takes the reigns in this one. Mary and Sierra meet in the center of the ring…

Sam: Sierra taking smack to Mary, and Mary just grins. She’s not about to lose her cool. Sierra slapping Mary now … and Mary grabs Sierra around the throat…

Sonya: Sierra breaks the choke and nails Mary in the gut with a kick … Sierra off the rope and OH! Mary with a devastating CLOTHESLINE! Sierra spun almost twice before hitting the mat! Mary with a cover, and Heather down there…

Heather: One … two….. *pause* THREE!

Sam: WHAT?!?


Ed: Heather with a deliberate pause there … but Sierra had her clock cleaned … and Mary got the pinfall!

Christine: Winner of the first fall … Bloody Mary!

Sonya: It was all power on the part of Bloody Mary … she just used her weight and turned Sierra inside out! Indigo Browne inside the ring … and Heather Chandler is checking up on Sierra…

Ed: The fans are absolutely silent here … as Indigo helps up Sierra and helps her back to her corner … we’re about ready to start the second fall, and Sierra is down by two … she has to win the next two falls to retain the championship.

Sam: Heather is talking with Indigo and Sierra … and she’s calling for the start for the second fall here.

Sonya: One thing we haven’t mentioned is that during that brief break, Mary sat in her corner, nodding and conferring with Ana Conda. She’s looked more determined than I have seen her in her life.


Ed: Beginning of the second fall … one other thing … you noticed how Heather paused during that three count … I honestly think she expected Sierra to kick out of that pin attempt.

Sonya: I know it shocked everyone here … Mary is up and meeting Sierra in the ring … she pushes her back into the corner and nails her with rights and lefts … and Sierra drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring.

Sam: Sierra is trying to catch a bit more rest here … she reaches for the leg of Mary and pulls her to the mat … and wraps that leg around the ringpost! Mary screams out in pain…

Ed: Mary backing up in the ring as Sierra slides in … she begins to regain her bearings and starts to stomp on that knee … she picks up that leg and drops her knee across it!

Sonya: Excruciating pain … Sierra has come back and is taking it to Bloody Mary. Sierra trying for the Figure Five, but Mary kicks her off and Sierra goes right into the corner…

Ed: She springboards off the second turnbuckle and moonsaults onto Mary’s lifted knees!

Sam: Ack! Mary slow to get up … she’s limping just a bit … she helps Sierra up and helps her back down with another clothesline … but Sierra with a legsweep, and Mary is down…

Sonya: Mary’s having a hard time getting into this second fall, especially with Sierra working over that leg. Sierra has brought this up a notch, since that devastatingly quick first fall. Sierra has to take the next two falls.

Ed: Sierra up, and taking the leg of Mary … she drives her knee repeatedly into Mary’s … time and time again … and Mary looking for an escape.

Sam: Sierra pulling on that leg … then pulls Mary into the corner … and slides out underneath the rope … she wraps Mary’s leg around the ringpost … and applies a FIGURE FOUR!!

Ed: Indigo Browne up on the ring apron, but Heather Chandler pushes her off … and hurries over to start the count on Sierra … Heather: One … two … three … four…

Sonya: Sierra breaking the hold before the five … and Mary is scooting away from the corner … she can’t get to her feet, so she’s just pushing herself back.

Sam: Sierra getting back into the ring … she’s set on her goal … she pulls up Mary, and tries for a cross corner whip, but Mary just falls into the turnbuckle … Sierra moving over…

Ed: She picks up Mary and ties her to the ‘tree of woe’ … she moves to the far corner and an upside-down broncobuster on Mary!

Sonya: This is humiliating … it has to be … Sierra is really working over Mary here … Sierra showboating a bit here … she drags Mary out into the middle of the ring…

Sam: FIGURE FIVE! Sierra is slapping on the Figure Five!

Sonya: Mary is screaming out in pain … Ana is on the outside, slapping on the apron … Heather Chandler is asking Mary, who’s shaking her head … she’s exerting a tremendous amount of energy fighting this Figure Five.

Ed: Mary down … and Sierra is clamping down on the hold … Heather is asking Mary … and Sierra is grabbing the rope … pulling it and using it for leverage…

Sam: Mary’s shoulders are down…

Heather: One … two … thr … SHOULDER UP!

Ed: This does not look good … Heather turning around … but Sierra has already released the ropes … Mary’s shoulders are down again …

Heather: One … two … three … *she waves it off* SHOULDER UP!

Sonya: Mary is trying to get herself to the corner! She’s moving … she’s moving … too much energy! Mary collapses…

Heather: One … two … three!!


Ed: Mary passing out here … gives Sierra the second fall … Sierra releases the hold, and now, Indigo is up on the apron … Ana has come into the ring to check on Mary and we’ve got a 90 second rest period here…

Sam: Sierra slides out of the ring, and while Indigo has Heather distracted, Sierra grabs a chair and slides back into the ring and LAYS out Ana! She rolls her out of the ring, and begins to work on Mary’s leg!

Sonya: Now wait a minute! Heather Chandler is not a seasoned official, but Indigo Browne is keeping her occupied during this supposed rest period and Sierra is chopping at that leg with a steel chair! Mary is screaming out in pain with each chairshot!


Sam: Sierra tossing the chair out of the ring, as Heather turns around … she begins to question Sierra as she sees Mary on the ground still … but Sierra feigning ignorance … and the fans are showering boos down … this place is shaking!

Sonya: Ana is up … and she’s after Indigo! Indigo and Ana are going at it … they are fighting up the aisle…

Ed: Heather down asking Mary if she wants to continue and Mary nodding … she tries to get to her feet, but she cannot … Sierra with a determined look … I really think she thought someone was going to try and screw her out of the title.

Sam: Ana and Indigo have disappeared behind the curtain…

Sonya: Heather finally directs Sierra to start the match … Sierra moving in and laying the boots to Mary’s knee … she’s pulling Mary back out to the middle…

Sam: She’s gonna try and put Mary away right now … and goes for another Figure Five … but Mary with a roll up!

Heather: One … KICKOUT by Sierra…

Sonya: Sierra up and again drives a boot to the knee of Mary … she bounces off the ropes and baseball slides into Mary, forcing her under the bottom rope and to the floor.

Ed: Sierra following her out … she drapes that bad leg of Mary’s over the guard railing and pulls it tight! Heather with a count … but Sierra keeping a close eye on things…

Sam: Sierra rolling into the ring, then back out… breaking the count … Heather is trying to get this match back into the ring … Sierra picks up the top part of the ringsteps and drops it across that knee!

Sonya: I don’t see how Mary can come back from this … Sierra pulling up Mary and rolling her back into the ring … Sierra sliding it…

Sam: She’s calling this one over … it’s time for a “Showstopper!” She bounces off the ropes … bounces off the far ropes … and corkscrew legdrop!

Sonya: NO! Mary rolls away and Sierra hits the mat!

Ed: But Mary is having a lot of trouble getting to her feet … she’s in the corner … Sierra up and coming in after her … but Mary brings a good leg up and nails Sierra in the face!

Sam: Mary is pulls Sierra into the corner and delivers some Iowa Heaven punches … and pulls Sierra into a short arm clothesline! Mary nearly hopping on one leg, as she delivers an elbow drop…

Sonya: But Mary is having a hard time getting up … she finally does and gets Sierra into position … she’s going for the Lightning Rod DDT … she gets Sierra up, but her knee gives out and Sierra falls on her…

Heather: One … two … thr … KICKOUT by Mary!

Ed: Sierra up, and Mary is getting up … Sierra off the rope … but Mary NAILS a POWERSLAM!

Heather: One … two … KICKOUT by Sierra!

Sonya: Mary with a whip … and BACKBREAKER…

Heather: One … two … th … KICKOUT by Sierra…

Ed: Mary up, but Sierra clips her in the back of the leg … she cradles!

Heather: One … two…

Sonya: Sierra pulling the tights!

Heather:  … THREE!!


[“Baby, I’m a Star” by Prince begins to play.]

Christine: Winner of the match, and STILL WISE Universal Champion … “The Show” … Sierra … Browne!

Ed: Sierra Browne retaining the title … in a hard fought matchup here … Heather is checking on the condition of Mary, helping her out of the ring…

Sam: Sierra Browne, is the last GDWA World Champion … and the FIRST WISE Universal Champion. Heather is coming back into the ring, with the title. She raises the hand of Sierra and wraps the new belt around her waist.

Ed: There you have it. Sierra Browne defeating Bloody Mary in one battle neither will soon forget!

Sonya: I’m beat! My voice is almost gone … but I’ve had one heck of a time here tonight!

Sam: Hey … if this is how WISE is going to start, I can hardly wait to see what’s in store for the future!

Ed: For everyone here at WISE … we’ll see you next week for a PPV Wrap Up program! Goodnight everyone!

=================[c] 1999 WISE/Chandler Entertainment============

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