The series opens up with Boone walking down a busy street, seemingly without a care in the world. As he gets to an alley, something catches his eye, and he turns to see a man running.

No. Being chased by three other men.

Boone springs into action by sprinting down the alley, then turns the corner to follow. As we get a better look at the commotion, it looks like the fleeing man has stolen something, and the police are following him.

There are various people who exist in the world,” Boone narrates over the action. “Thieves. Cops…

The thief has managed to outmaneuver the policemen running after him, but Boone is hot on his heels.  The thief turns into a major street and leaps over the top of an outdoor dining table, sending the patrons’ food all over the sidewalk. Boone leaps over the mess and continues the chase.

The thief turns the corner and crashes into some folks on the sidewalk, and all of them are sent sprawling.

Boone leaps over the thief, continuing to run. The thief wasn’t his target after all.

He stops to look and sees people being pushed to the side by some invisible force. Suddenly, a black cloud appears along with a ghost, looking right at Boone and shrieking at him.

Ghosts. There are even ghosts that exist in this world.”

The ghost takes off running, and Boone follows after him.

Boone finds himself in an abandoned pool house.  He followed that ghost inside, but as he looks around, the ghost seems to be hiding. Boone looks around, and something catches his attention as he looks up towards the roof just as the ghost shrieks at him and drops down at him.

Boone punches the ghost right in the face, sending the ghost into the great beyond.

Boone’s alarm goes off as he reaches over to tap his phone to turn it off. He sits up in his bed, stretching with a groan, and then heads out of his bedroom. He sits down on the closed toilet as he brushes his teeth, still trying to fully wake up when the bathroom door slowly creeps open.

His head turns slowly towards the sound, and we see a pair of feet floating by, black smoke fuming off of them.

I see ghosts,” he explains as he continues his narration.

The female ghost turns her head and looks at him.

God dammit,” he narrates. “She saw me.”

Suddenly, the ghost is in front of his face, “You saw me, didn’t you?” she asks.

Boone tries to pretend he didn’t see her and continues to brush his teeth as she tries to get his attention. She tries to wave her hand in front of his face as she floats in front of him, and he turns his head away. Brush. Brush. Brush.

She begins to laugh as he finally turns his head to look at her, “You did see me.”

Black smoke begins to fall from her mouth, and Boone winces at the smell, “And they stink,” he narrates as he hauls off and punches the ghost right in the cheek. “And I can beat them up.”

The ghost in the shower, holding up her hand, “You almost displaced my jaw. Look! See how it moves funny now?” she complains as Boone stands over her.

Boone points his toothbrush at her, “Don’t come here again, or next time I’ll send you to the beyond.”

The ghost nods her head, “I promise! I promise to never come back here!” And with a puff of smoke, she disappears as Boone moves to stand in front of the mirror to continue to brush his teeth in private now.

Don’t get the wrong idea. I didn’t just hit a girl,” Boone continues. “I hit a ghost.”

Boone walks down the street with a backpack strapped over his shoulder.

Whenever I need money, I beat up ghosts. People pay good money for me to get rid of their ghost infestation.”

Boone is led into a room. He seems pretty confident as he cracks his knuckles, but as soon as the ghost turns around, Boone’s cocky grin fades as he sees a very large ghost standing before him. In a puff of smoke, the male ghost disappears and reappears right in front of him. Side by side, we see the ghost stands nearly a foot taller than Boone and, if he were human, would probably have 150 pounds on him.

Boone stares at his chest for a moment, then slowly draws his eyes up to meet the eyes of the ghost.

The next thing we see is Boone rushing out of the room and running down the hall to escape.

Of course, I only beat up the weak ones,” he narrates.

A montage of Boone beating up ghosts plays, and each time he hits one, they turn into a pile of money.

One hundred thousand dollars. That’s all I need to raise. One hundred thousand dollars. That is my life’s goal.”

Boone pulls his balance from the ATM and looks at the receipt that reads, “$57,000” He lets out a sigh, “This is going to take forever,” he mutters. “Fighting the weak ghosts is taking too long to make the profit I need. I might need to start fighting the stronger ones and raising my prices.” He lets out a sigh and walks on.

“That’s all for today,” Professor Ilias states as she closes the textbook in front of her at the podium. Do not forget that your report on floating exchange rates is due next week.”

The class groans. We see Boone seated in the center.

“Because the research for this report will be extensive, I will divide you all into groups so you can share the burden.” She points to the list of names on the board. “Have a good weekend,” she says before walking off the stage.

Boone grabs up his backpack and starts to head out when a female student calls out, “Boone!”  He takes a dramatic pause, forces a smile, and turns around.

“We could really use your help this time.”

Boone turns to look at the list of names on the chalkboard. He walks up to it, takes the eraser and erases his name from the list, and places it in a new group all by himself. Boone turns back to the group, “Good luck. You’re on your own.”

He gives the group a salute, turns, and walks out of the room as one of the students mutters, “Asshole.”

On a city bus, Tetzuku is sitting quietly, working on a crossword puzzle. A little boy sitting across the aisle from him just stares at him.

Tetzuka looks up from his puzzle at the little boy and gives him a big smile.

The boy quickly turns away.

Tetzuka shrugs his shoulders, but the kid slowly turns back to him, which only encourages the older man as he starts to make goofy faces at the little boy.

The boy’s face goes from curious to frightened quickly as he starts to cry.

The mother, who sits on the other side of the boy, tries to figure out what’s wrong as Tetzuka tries to look innocent, reaching to ring the bell to get off the bus.

The bus pulls over and lets Tetzuka off and then drives off, leaving the man to look around, “Where the fuck am I?”

Boone is eating lunch in the quad underneath a tree, but even as he eats, he seems very distracted with a big smile on his face.  We soon see the source of his distraction as the camera pans over on Cameron, reading a textbook.

The way Boone looks at Cameron, it’s not too hard to notice that he’s smitten beyond belief. Everything is in slow motion as the wind blows through her hair. She closes her book and looks up at the trees, and just takes in a deep breath as Boone just stares, knowing she has no clue how bad he has it for her.

“It’s a pity, really?” says a voice, shaking him out of his self-induced delirium. A young Japanese woman sits down next to him. There’s a larger male student behind her, but as he tries to sit, he realizes there’s no room for him to sit, so he stands there awkwardly. “Sitting in a romantic place like this all by yourself. College life isn’t meant to be this lonely.”

Bennie leans in closer and points to Cameron, “Look at her. How nice would it be to eat a meal, hold hands and date a girl like that?” She turns back to Boone, “Do you know why you’re sitting here alone, staring uncomfortably at that poor girl?”

Jersey points at Boone’s face, “Look at his face. He’s totally clueless.”

Bennie scoots in a little closer to Boone, “I know we just met and all….”

“… we haven’t met…” interrupts Boone, but Bennie ignores him.

“… but hold on.” She turns to look at Jersey, “Look at his baggy eyes. Those dark circles.” She reaches for his wrist and places her fingers on it as if checking for a pulse. Jersey places his fingers there but nowhere near the right spot.

“His pulse is weak because there is darkness surrounding him,” Bennie continues dramatically.” She looks up at him, “You didn’t know that, right?”

Boone just sits there, not saying anything.

“Freshman, let me ask you one question,” Bennie says as she looks into his eyes, “Do you believe in ghosts?”

Boone looks at Bennie, then looks over at Jersey, then back to Bennie, but says nothing.

Bennie turns back to Jersey, “He doesn’t believe. He’s not a believer.” Jersey snickers. Bennie turns back to Boone, “There’s a lot of darkness in this world that you just can’t see. There’s so much darkness surrounding you that it’s making you weak.”

Boone just takes a deep, annoyed breath.

Bennie gets serious now, “I know this is scary to hear, but ghosts are all around us. In fact, there’s one right behind you.”

Boone starts to turn around, but Bennie shrieks out and grabs his head, “Don’t look.”

Jersey is holding his heart, “I can’t believe he almost did that.”

“Don’t turn around, or it’ll haunt you,” Bennie warns him. “So, what will you do? Will you continue to live in darkness?” Bennie motions her hand towards the sun, and Jersey mimics her as she continues. “We can shine the light upon you.”

There’s a moment of awkward silence before Boone looks up.

“Probably shouldn’t look directly into the sun like that,” Bennie says as she turns away from it and blinks her eyes. “Anyway, if you want to know more, just come to this place after class.” She nudges Jersey, who opens a folder, pulls out a slip of paper, and hands it over to Boone.

In big letters, on top of the registration form reads, “The Paranormal Club.”

Bennie grabs his hand, “Let’s fight this darkness together.”

Boone looks from one to the other and then places the paper on Bennie’s lap, grabs his backpack, stands up, and walks away without a single word.

“He left,” Jersey states.

“I saw that. He even left his food,” Bennie nods, handing Jersey back the registration form. “He’ll probably show up.”

Bennie and Jersey walk through campus, going behind a building, down some stairs, and into the lower floor. They walk down the hall and stop in front of a door where there is a notice posted that reads, “Eviction Notice.”

Angrily, Bennie rips the notice from the door, and they head inside.

“We’ve been at this for a week, and no one wants to join our club,” Jersey says as he drops his folder on the coffee table. The room is decorated with all types of paranormal décor. “At this rate, we’re going to get kicked out of our room. If we get kicked out, I’ll have to move into the dorm, and I can’t afford to move into the dorm.” As quickly as he sits down, Jersey is back on his feet. “Perhaps if we start selling some of our stuff, we can raise enough for room and board?”

Bennie’s eyes go wide, “What are you talking about? Those are our precious assets!”

“Bennie!” screams Jersey, “What do we gain from keeping all of this shit? We haven’t caught a single ghost with any of this equipment that we scraped and saved for.”

Bennie picks up one of the contraptions, “We haven’t yet, but we will. We will very soon. All we need is one shot. One photo or video that proves ghosts are real, and we’ll be set. If we can have photographic proof that ghosts are real, we will be rich. Our YouTube channel will gain millions of followers, and we’ll make bank!”

Jersey nods his head, “Right, but when is that going to happen? We are running out of time!”

Bennie struggles for an answer, so she does what she probably shouldn’t do. She lies. “Tonight! We’ll go catch a ghost tonight!”

Jersey arches up his eyebrows.

“Let’s go live for the first time,” Bennie says.


Bennie points her finger towards the bulletin board where a tabloid article reads, “Ghosts at Middle High.”


It’s night outside of Middle High School. Since most don’t believe in ghosts, the haunting rumors didn’t deter parents from sending their children to the school, but only the guard at the gate was present at night.

Creeping outside of the gate, Bennie and Jersey are crouched down. “It’s really creepy in there,” Jersey says as he jumps as thunder roars. “Nothing bad is going to happen, is it? Bennie? Bennie?”

Jersey turns around to see Bennie applying some makeup, “What?” she asks, “We’re about to go live, and I need to look good,” she whispers and resumes her preparation.

Jersey isn’t have it, “I heard six girls died here! Why are you putting on makeup? What if we die in there?”

The mention of the six girls causes Bennie to pause. She turns to Jersey, “Six girls died?”


There’s a long pause as Bennie considers that before she finally answers, “It’ll be fine! It’ll be just fine.” She takes a few deep breaths. “We can do this.” She pats Jersey on the back, “Don’t be scared,” though it’s obvious she’s a little frightened now. “Okay, let’s go.”

Bennie duck walks to the middle of the gate and lifts herself over as Jersey follows.

“We’re gonna die,” we can hear him say.

Back at his apartment, Boone closes his textbook and reaches for his laptop, opening it up. He immediately sees a curious email at the very top, “Paranormal Live? What’s this shit?”

There’s a big red button. He clicks on it, and it brings him to the YouTube page for Paranormal Live, and the first thing he sees are those two idiots from the quad earlier.

Are we on?” he can hear Bennie ask.

Yeah, we’re live,” Jersey responds.

“Okay! Welcome to Paranormal Live!” Bennie says into the camera as Jersey squeezes himself into the picture. “This is an exclusive live broadcast. Where are we?”

“A place that will stop your heart,” Jersey says dramatically.

They act frightened when Bennie looks into the camera and says, “Middle High School.  You might recall we reported that seven people fainted after claiming to witness a ghost in this very building….”

Jersey nudges Bennie, “Comments….”


“They don’t believe we’re at Middle High School.”

Bennie looks at the comments and then into the camera, “You want proof? Fine.” She turns the camera until the words on the wall show they are at Middle High School.

Suddenly, their comments light up as alert sounds come rapidly. “You’re damn right. We’re going to find a real ghost here tonight.” Bennie is getting excited. This is the most viewership they’ve had for a show ever, but a long shot.

“Let’s go.”

Soon they are walking down a long hallway, “It’s pretty quiet here tonight,” Bennie narrates as the two slowly slink down toward the other end of the hall. “I think we’re going to see something really scary here.”

They seem to move more slowly as they get to the other end when suddenly, Jersey drops a notebook, and it smacks hard on the tile floor, scaring the shit out of them both. Bennie covers her mouth and screams, which causes Jersey to scream as well. When Bennie realizes it was Jersey who caused the sound, she smacks him several times in the back. “Goddammit! Stop playing around!”

“Sorry! Sorry, everyone!”

“You scared the shit out of me,” Bennie scolds. “Let’s continue.”

As they move on, behind them, a figure steps out into the hallway.

“This room is where the reports say the ghost was found,” Bennie says as Jersey slowly reaches down and turns the doorknob. As they open the door, it squeaks loudly in protest. “This is the science lab.”

Jersey gets pushed ahead, “Why do I have to go first? This is where ghosts always come out in horror movies. I don’t want to die!”

Bennie turns the camera around, and someone is standing there! Both Jersey and Bennie scream out loud and scramble around before running out of the room, not realizing it was just a skeleton display.  Of course, in the commotion, they missed the girl ghost standing off in the corner watching them.

In the hallway, something catches Bennie’s eye, and she points the camera down the hall. “What’s there?”

Boone has been watching the broadcast, and when Bennie aims the camera down the hall, he squints as if he can barely see something.

On the screen, something is moving, but it’s hard to see exactly what it is. Suddenly, someone points on his door, “Boone! Boone! Open up!” and that scares the shit out of Boone as he clutches at his heart.

“The fuck?” he says as he tries to catch his breath.  He slams the lid down on his laptop and gets up to go answer the door. He just twists the doorknob and pushes the door open, already knowing who’s at the door.

Tetzuka comes inside in a hurry. He hands off a bag he’s been carrying to Boone and disappears into his bathroom.

Boone stands there, holding the grocery bag as awkward sounds coming from inside the bathroom. “Gross,” Boone mutters under his breath and then looks into the bag and sees some food and a bottle of liquor.

A few moments later, Tetzuka emerges from the bathroom, closing the door behind him. “You need to answer the door faster, you punk. I almost crapped my pants,” he mutters. Meanwhile, while he was in the bathroom, Boone was already heating up the food that Tetzuka brought.

Tetzuka points to the door, “And when are you going to fix that door? It’s been three years now?”

Boone shrugs as he stirs the noodles in the pot, “You’re the only one to visits.”

“You need some friends,” Tetzuka scolds. “I’m just staying the night. I have to leave in the morning.”

That seems to surprise Boone, “Wow. Your trips are getting shorter these days. Perhaps you should consider retirement?”

Tetzuka scoffs, “I’m just taking a little break. I’m still very much in demand.”

Boone brings the pot of noodles over and sets it on the table along with some pasta sauce.

Tetzuka looks at it for a moment. “No meat?”

Boone shrugs, “I’m all out. Just eat it.”

“Bah, you kids these days,” Tetzuka says as he digs into the meal. He takes a bite and grins, “It’s delicious!” He looks up at Boone, “You’re keeping that promise, right? You promised me you’d stay away from ghosts.”

“I got it,” says Boone, not actually answering the question. He slides the bottle of booze over towards Tetzuka, “Have a drink and relax.”

“Now you’re talking,” Tetzuka says as he pours himself some liquor. “Oh, I almost forgot.” He sets the bottle down and reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a slip of paper. “Your father told me to give you this. You should have told him your new address when you moved.”

Boone makes a face, “What for? It’s not like he’ll come to visit.” His cell phone beeps, and he fishes it out of his pocket.

Tetzuka continues to wave the paper, “Take it.”

Looking to see who messaged him, Boone nods to the table, “Just leave it there.” He rises from the table, still looking at his phone as he walks into the other room.

“Fucking kids these days,” Tetzuka says as he sets the paper down and goes back to eating.

In his bedroom, Boone sits at his desk and reads the text.

Sir, are you an exorcist?”

Boone prefers the term Ghost Fighter to exorcist, but it’s essentially the same thing. Before he can answer, a second text comes through.

Can you get rid of a ghost? There’s a legendary evil ghost at our school. Can you remove it?

Okay! What kind of ghost are we talking about?

A high school girl. Can you do it?”

Piece of cake.”

How much?

Boone thinks about it for a moment and then types.


There’s a pause where all he sees are the three floating dots, and then they stop.


Are you sure you can get rid of it?

100 percent.

Can you come right now?

Where is it?

Middle High School.

Wait a minute. Boone remembers that school for some reason. When he doesn’t answer right away, another text comes through.

If you do it right now, I’ll give you $10,000. Deal?

Boone’s eyes go wide at that number. It was way more than he expected to remove a teenage ghost from a school. He quickly types.

Deal, deal, deal. I’m on my way right now!

He hurries out of his room when Tetzuka sees him. “Where are you going?”

Fuck, busted. Thinking quickly, he rushes back to his room and grabs his backpack, “Study hall!” he improvises.

Tetzuka just stares at him. “This late?”

“I have a final coming up,” Boone explains as Tetzuka goes back to finishing his meal. “I’ll be back!” Boone says and hurries out of the apartment when Tetzuka yells at him.


Boone cringes as he has a feeling he might be busted. He slowly turns around.

“Buy some meat on the way home,” Tetzuka grins at him.

Relief crosses Boone’s face as he nods, “You bet. Happy to do it.”

Inside one of the high school classrooms, we see that every computer is turned off except for one.

One that has a chat app open, and someone’s been using it.

They’ve been at the school all night and haven’t found a single ghost, despite the rumors. Bennie knows this could be the end of her podcast if she doesn’t do something quick.

“Wait a minute,” she says into the camera. “Can you hear the sound of a beating heart? The air is suddenly very chilled.” She looks over at Jersey, who looks confused. She turns back to the camera, “Everyone, take a deep breath. This could get very scary. We’re going in….”

As soon as she turns around, she trips over something and sprawls onto the floor. This causes Jersey to scream out loud. Bennie scrambles back up and uses her flashlight to see that she tripped over a mop bucket.

“Dammit, Bennie. You scared the shit out of me!” Jersey says, holding his heart.

Bennie looks into the camera, “Don’t worry, everyone. I just tripped. Let’s go find the ghost,” she says, getting up to her feet again.

As they walk into the girl’s bathroom, Jersey continues to film.  Dramatically, Bennie opens one of the stall doors and screams but stops. “Nothing in there. Don’t be afraid. Calm down,” though she’s probably talking mostly to herself at this point as she moves to the next stall.

As dramatic music plays in the background, Bennie slowly starts to push the next stall door open when suddenly, a door begins to creep open a few stalls down, and that causes them both to scream out loud.

“What the fuck was that?” asks Bennie. She looks back at Jersey and then slowly moves towards that door. She takes a few deep breaths and then reaches for the door and begins to push it open. The loud creaking of the door is heard as she pushes it, and suddenly a cat darts out from inside the stall and runs off as Bennie and Jersey scream in fright and runs like hell to get out of that bathroom.

They run as fast as they can down the hall.

They run like hell out of the school, past the sleeping guard, and jump over the gate and down the street.

Shortly after they disappear, Boone walks towards the gate from the other side, just missing the two YouTubers.

He looks around, and when he doesn’t see anyone, he pulls out his phone and types.

I’m here. Where are you?

When he doesn’t get a response, he asks himself out loud, “What’s going on here? Is she already inside?”

He hops the gate, sneaks past the sleeping guard, and enters the school.

“Hello? Miss? Are you here?” he whispers as he walks through the hallway.

He walks past a window and then stops and backtracks, looking inside where he sees a young woman standing there, reading something. Her back is towards him, but somehow she senses him and slowly turns around.

Boone ducks back. “So, you’re the ten thousand dollar ghost, hm?” he says to himself. “Don’t look so tough.” He psychs himself up and looks into the window again, but she’s not there.

Instead, we see her standing behind him. He spins around and takes a swing at her, but she easily dodges his punch.

“Who the fuck are you?” Aubrey asks him.

Boone counters with, “Who do you think I am? I’m the ghost fighter who’s going to get rid of you. I don’t go easy on ghosts just because they are female either, so you better be prepared.”

The look on the girl’s face shows that he’s misunderstood, and as she tries to explain, he grabs her in a headlock.

“Hey!” she yells out, “Let go of me! It’s not me!”

Boone gives her a throw, flipping her on her back in the hallway.

“Ow…” she mutters as she slowly sits up, holding her arm.

Boone isn’t impressed, “Stop acting like you’re weak. You’re a fucking ghost.”

Aubrey is pouting now, “I know I’m a ghost, but I’m still a girl, and that really hurt! How dare you hit a girl!” she whines at him.

Boone seems very proud of himself. “I warned you, ten-thousand-dollars. Get up, and let’s finish this so I can collect my money.”

Aubrey’s eyes go wide, and then she grabs her heart, “Oh, my heart,” she feigns as she falls to the floor and pretends to be injured.

“Stop playing around.”

She croaks, “My heart really hurts. I died from a bad heart,” she explains her lie further.

Boone’s face grows serious, “Hey. Hey.” He starts to lean down.

Aubrey is facing away from him, and as he gets closer, she closes her eyes and lets her arm fall.

Boone looks closer at her and starts to shake her, “Hey. Wake up.”

A grin spreads across Aubrey’s face as she flips around and pokes him in the eyes with two fingers causing him to stagger back, clutching at his head.

Aubrey gets to her feet and tosses her hair back, “Who the hell are you to be going around beating up ghosts anyway?”

Boone is trying to clear his eyes when she points at him, “Anyway, you’re so fucking dead.”

She comes at Boone, would takes a couple of swings at her, which she dodges. He grabs her, but she climbs the wall and falls to her feet behind him.  He takes another swing, but she grabs his arm and throws him over her shoulder, sending him sprawling down the hall.

As he tries to get up, she runs at him and gets on his shoulders in the electric chair position, and begins to pull hard at his hair. “Do you want to die? Hm? I’ll fucking kill you,” she says as she shakes his head back and forth as he staggers.

“Get off of me,” he screams. “I’m going to kill you.”

He leans forward, and they both sprawl onto the floor. She scrambles back to him and grabs his hair again, but this time he grabs her hair too, and they roll back and forth on the floor.

“You piece of shit, let me go,” she demands, flipping up and landing on his stomach, straddling him. She begins to pummel down on his face with fists and slaps. “Block this, you stupid idiot,” she taunts him as she grabs his hair, shakes his head around, and then clamps her hands around his throat.

Not satisfied, she grabs two handfuls of his hair and pulls his head towards her and leans down, and bites him!

Aubrey picks up his notebook, “I went to this college,” she states as she notices the emblem on the cover of it. She smirks as she looks out the window and sees Boone staggering from the school.

Boone walks out of the high school as he lifts the back of his hand up to his nose and pulls it away, “Dammit, I’m bleeding.”

Suddenly, the notebook that Aubrey had flies down from the third floor of the school and smacks Boone right on the top of the head.

“Ahhhhh!” he screams out as he holds the back of his head. He snaps his head back and looks up at her, and Aubrey is laughing at him.

“If you come here again, I’ll kill you!” she threatens.

Boone seethes as he stares at her, then calmly he turns, bends down, picks up his notebook. He stares at it a moment as he just burns with anger before stalking off as up in the window, Aubrey dusts off her hands, satisfied with her night’s work.

“He can’t even fight, and he calls himself a ghost fighter,” she mocks him under her breath as she watches him walk across the football field.

Tetzuka is passed out on Boone’s couch as Boone slinks back into his apartment. As the door slams shut, Tetzuka snaps away, startled by the noise.

He starts to drift off when Boone makes a beeline straight for his room and slams his bedroom door, startling him awake once more. This time, he’s more awake.

Boone is brushing his teeth furiously, obviously still thinking about his encounter with that ghost. In the mirror, we see he’s got a little bit of a shiner and a fat lip. He accidentally touches the fat lip with his toothbrush as he brushes, and he winces in pain.

This makes him even angrier as he recalls the book being thrown at him from the third floor of the schoolhouse and that ghost laughing at him.

“Bitch,” he mutters and begins to brush his teeth even harder.

Aubrey is going down the street when she spots her friend Marja, a fellow ghost, harassing a young man who’s trying to work on a school project at the coffee shop. Aubrey gets excited and phases through the door, “Marja!”

“Hey, Aubrey!” Marja is running her fingers through the man’s hair, and he keeps reaching back to smooth it back down, having no clue that there’s a ghost next to him.

One thing to notice is the difference between Marja and Aubrey is that Marja has that typical ghost glow about her while Aubrey does not. “How long are you going to keep messing with that guy?”

Marja grins at her, “Until he dies, of course. Then we can meet properly.” Marja notices that Aubrey looks a little scuffed up. “What happened to you?”

Aubrey rolls her eyes, “Some exorcist started a fight with me,” she says. “I sent his ass packing.”

They both have a laugh.

Aubrey sighs, “I wonder why I’m stuck here? Aren’t you supposed to, like, go to heaven or hell when you die?” She slumps down into one of the seats.

Marja nods her head, “Typically, unless you have unfinished business. Or! Someone murdered you? Did someone murder you?”

Aubrey shrugs her shoulders, “I don’t remember much of anything. The only reason I know my name is that it’s on my college ID.” She pulls it out of her pocket, and it has her name on it.  I don’t even know who my parents are.”

“That might not even be your name. It doesn’t have your picture on it or anything,” Marja points out. “It does make sense that you went to that college, though. Remember that day we met? You came to take your final but didn’t even know you were dead.”

Aubrey does remember that day, now that Marja mentions it.

“Maybe your last regret is you didn’t take your final?” Marja says. “You should go take your final, and maybe all your memories will come back.”

“Will that even work?” Aubrey wonders aloud. She turns to look up at her friend, “Marja, why are you still here? What regret do you have?”

“I wonder,” Marja says, teasing as she blows into the man’s ear, causing him to get the wiggles.

Aubrey just stares at her. Suddenly, Marja stands up, “I need to get to church.”

Confused, Aubrey asks, “Why church?”

“I need to pray that he dies soon. See you!” Marja takes a few steps and poofs.

Aubrey watches her leave and then sighs, “Do I need to take that final? Seriously?”

“Is it ready?” Tetzuka groans as he lies on the couch. The sun has filled the room with brightness.

Boone has cooked up some eggs and sausage. “It’s almost ready. Get your ass off the couch.”

Tetzuka rolls off the couch and holds his back as he walks towards the kitchen. “How is your night of studying?”

“Fine,” Boone says. The less he is reminded of last night, the better.

Tetzuka gets some coffee and sits down, and is about to start eating when he looks at Boone across from him. “Who punched you in the face?”

“I don’t want to talk about it. Just eat,” Boone says.

They eat in silence, and then suddenly Boone asks, “Tetzuka. About female ghosts… are they more powerful than male ghosts?”

Tetzuka ahhs and nods his head as he chews his food. “Female ghosts with lots of regrets are incredibly strong. You know the old saying that a women’s vengeance knows no bounds? Very true. They will suck the energy right out of your body, so stay away from female ghosts!”

Boone nods his head, “But, do they have any weakness?”

“Of course! Everyone has a weakness,” Tetzuka says. “All ghosts, including female ghosts…” suddenly Tetzuka stops speaking and stares at Boone.


“Why the sudden interest in ghosts?” Tetzuka asks.

Well, shit. Boone thinks and then says, “I mean, if a ghost attacks me, I want to be prepared.”

Tetzuka points at Boone’s eye. “You got beat up by a ghost! Goddammit, I told you to run away if you ever see a ghost!”

“What am I supposed to do if they chase me?” Boone explains. “I’m telling you there was something very powerful about that ghost!”

Tetzuka sighs, “It’s all my fault. I should have never involved you in all of this shit.”

Boone sees an opportunity, “Then show me how to fight back. What if I encounter this ghost again? Don’t you hate seeing all these marks on my handsome face?”

Tetzuka looks at him for a moment, then takes a deep breath.

Tetzuka and Boone walk into an abandoned home. It looks like a hurricane or a tornado went through it. The doors are off the hinges, and the windows are busted open. Tetzuka motions for Boone to stand in the doorway as he begins to search each room.

Boone motions towards the back of the room, and Tetzuka nods his head and slinks towards it. “Why are we here? I just wanted to know the weakness.”

As Tetzuka kneels down, we see there’s a drunk ghost there. “Just watch,” he says. “If you look at a ghost long enough, their weakness becomes very evident.”

Boone rolls his eyes.

Tetzuka stares at the ghost, though he actually can’t see the ghost, so he stares just past him. The ghost snorts and snores in its drunken state. “I used to be able to see it right away….” Tetzuka says.


The older man hushes Boone, “There’s a divine energy around this particular ghost. I think it’s a little kid.”

Now, Boone can see the ghost, as he has been able to see them most of his life, so he knows that this ghost is an older male ghost who’s very drunk.

“Little boy, it’s time to go to heaven,” Tetzuka says in a little childlike voice. “Time to go.”

Boone is watching this with some amusement. Tetzuka used to be a world-renowned exorcist, but his skills have obviously diminished as he’s gotten older. The one advantage that Boone has over other exorcists is his ability to actually see the ghosts.

Boone has seen enough and wanders off.

Tetzuka continues to taunt the ghost until the ghost has finally had enough, and we hear Tetzuka scream out.

Bennie and Jersey are sitting in the Paranormal Club room, and Bennie is furiously deleting all the negative comments posted during their failed stream the previous night. “Take this, Josh39493. Take this, GhostLover392. Take this, Parastormin45!”

Jersey is sitting next to her, “So what do we do now? This was supposed to help us increase our members, but we’re running out of time.”

Bennie looks at him, “What are you talking about? We try and try again!”

In fact, that very night, Bennie and Jersey are sneaking back to the high school to find this ghost they failed to find the night before.

“You sure you want to do this?” asks Jersey as Bennie crosses herself.

“We gotta do it to save the club.”

Bennie starts to move towards the gate but pauses and turns back around. “Just give me one second,” she takes in a deep breath. “Okay, let’s go.”

Inside the school, they begin placing remote cameras in the hallway. Bennie turns to Jersey as she holds the handheld camera, “You ready?”

Jersey nods his head.

Suddenly, they are live, “Hello everyone!” Bennie says. “Today, we will stay here until we see a ghost! Even if it takes all night!” Jersey nods his head but otherwise doesn’t say anything.

“Since we don’t know when the ghost will appear, feel free to go grab a snack or some drinks while you wait,” Bennie continues.

“Oh, and take a bathroom break!” Jersey interrupts.

“Right, bathroom break. Get all of that out of the way while we wait for the ghost!”

As the camera pans back, we see they have chosen the stall in the bathroom to set up base. They have a TV tray set up with a laptop, and Bennie reaches over and turns on the hallway camera they’ve installed.

Outside the school, Boone walks up to the gate, ready to confront that ghost again.

He stares at the building in front of him with confidence, “It’s the perfect weather to fight ghosts,” he says as thunder rumbles in the background, and he moves towards the building.

Aubrey is inside the library of the school, reading through old school yearbooks. “Not in this one either. Maybe I didn’t go to this high school?” she says as she tosses the book into a pile that has accumulated. She’s trying to find some way to jog her memory back.

Boone comes around the corner and heads down the hallway. He stops suddenly and yells out, “I am back, ghost!”

Aubrey smirks, “Back for another beatdown. Dumbass. I’m already pissed off, so perfect timing,” she says to herself as she cracks her knuckles. She steps into the hall, and Boone just chuckles.

They have an old-fashioned staredown until Aubrey raises a hand and motions for him to bring it.

With a primal yell, Boone charges towards her down the hall, but as soon as he gets there and takes a swing at her, she poofs into thin air, reappears behind him, and gives him a kick in the ass.

He spins around to punch her, but again, she disappears, only to reappear behind him, and she kicks him in the butt again, this time harder, sending him sprawling down the hallway.

This time she charges at him, leaps in the air. Boone raises his arms to cover, but as she reaches him, she disappears.

Boone opens his eyes, not realizing that she’s behind him. “Hey,” she whispers into his ear.

Boone scrambles to his feet and creates some distance, facing her again.

“I told you not to come back here,” Aubrey warns him.

Boone comes at her, but when he tries to punch her, she grabs his arm and gives it a twist. Aubrey kicks him in the stomach and then chops him right in the throat. Boone swings at her with his free hand, but she ducks and drives a fist right into his ribs.

Aubrey kicks him off, but Boone goes for the spear, and they end up rolling down a set of steps, stopping at the landing below with Boone on top of Aubrey.

Realizing the situation, Boone scrambles to his feet and takes a few steps back, acting as if nothing happened.

Aubrey, on the other hand, remembers something.

We see Aubrey lying in a crosswalk in the middle of a street. Blood streams down her forehead as rain pours down on her. She remembers a sign, “Language Department.”

Folks begin to gather around her and call for help.

Aubrey’s eyes snap open as she recalls the incident, but only that small fraction.

Boone is looking down at her, “I didn’t hurt you, did I? Why are you acting so strange?”

Aubrey gets up to her feet and then just knees Boone right in the balls, causing him to cry out in pain.

Bennie snaps awake, having fallen asleep in that bathroom stall, while Jersey doing something on his phone. “What was that?” she asks.

Jersey glances up from his phone, “What?”

“You didn’t hear something?” asks Bennie.

Jersey shakes his head, “I didn’t hear nothing.”

“Maybe I dreamt something,” Bennie considers. She glances at Jersey’s phone. “Did you find the information I asked for?”

Jersey nods, “Here’s all the people who died in this school.”

We see the stream still going on. One of the camera feeds cuts in and out, and a figure suddenly appears on screen, but it’s not Boone nor Aubrey. Each time the feed cuts out, the dark figure moves closer to the camera until we see that it’s a woman with a dark aura around her.

Of course, Bennie and Jersey are preoccupied and miss the entire thing as Bennie holds up the handheld, “We are still on site, everyone.” She then yawns, which causes Jersey to yawn as well.

We see the figure moving into the restroom, and suddenly lightning flashes and thunder crashes, and Bennie and Jersey shriek out in fright!

“I wasn’t scared,” Bennie says as she turns the camera towards Jersey, “Were you scared?”

“Damn, that lightning was close,” says Jersey. They begin to laugh about how it frightened them.

Bennie leans against the side of the stall and closes her eyes again, but a black mist begins to fall down behind her. She reaches behind her to brush away what is touching her, and she slowly looks up.

And screams!

Which causes Jersey to scream.

Hovering over them is a creepy ghost! Dark and brooding. The ghost lets out a loud shriek.

Bennie grabs the laptop, and Jersey tries to open the door. They begin to scream louder when the ghost tries to come into their stall underneath. Jersey finally gets the door open, and the two screaming ghost hunters run like hell out of the bathroom and then down the hall with the ghost chasing after them.

They run right by Boone and Aubrey in the hallway. Aubrey sees the ghost coming, and she screams and takes off running but ducks into one of the rooms instead of following Bennie and Jersey down the hall. Boone sees the ghost, and he starts to scream and runs after Bennie and Jersey.

They reach the end of the hallway, and Jersey pounds on the elevator button, and the door opens. They rush inside, and Boone follows them in and begins to punch the button to close the door, and as it closes, Boone is still screaming, leaving the ghost outside of the elevator door.

They all breathe a sigh of relief, but it’s only momentary as a hand reaches through the door and grabs Boone by the throat, and lifts him off the ground. Bennie and Jersey start to scream again.

Bennie pushes the button to open the door, as Boone’s neck starts to turn black from the ghost sucking out his life, and in a move of desperation, Boone just punches the ghost right in the face, sending her sprawling back onto the hallway floor.

Boone has seen ghosts. But he hasn’t seen a ghost like this. It oozes evil.

Bennie starts pounding on the button again to close the door when the ghost begins to twitch and sit upright. She flashes an evil grin at Boone before turning her head all the way around to look at Aubrey, peeking out from one of the rooms back in the hallway.

As the door closes, Boone looks up from the ghost to Aubrey down the hall, whose face already gives away she knows she’s a goner and this evil ghost will kill her.

Boone and Aubrey lock eyes as the door continues to close.

Moments later, the three bolt out of the school but stop at the steps because rain is pouring down.

“Who was that bitch?” asks Bennie.

Jersey suddenly remembers and pulls out his phone as they stand under the awning of the high school entrance. “It was the English teacher who died 18 years ago!” He holds up the photo on his phone, showing a photo.

Bennie shakes her head, “Nope. Not going back in there. Let’s get the fuck out of here.”

Just then, more thunder, scaring them both.

Boone isn’t there.

Aubrey goes flying across the classroom, crashing into desks and chairs as the evil ghost begins to move in on her. The ghost is several feet away, and then suddenly, she’s right in front of Aubrey.

She grabs Aubrey around the throat and lifts her off the ground, choking her with both hands. The ghost walks several feet and then just slams Aubrey through a table and then mounts her and starts to choke her.

Suddenly, the lights come on, “Get your hands off of her, you bitch!”

The ghost turns her head, and Boone is standing there with a baseball bat.

Boone throws the bat like a javelin, but the ghost moves, and the bat crashes into some supplies. Boone charges in to punch but gets thrown for his trouble. The ghost kicks him in the side, sending him rolling over onto his back.

Aubrey is hiding behind a chair when she rolls her eyes.

Boone is on his knees in front of the ghost, begging off. “I may have been wrong about you, miss ghost. You don’t seem like a bad ghost at all. If you want to continue what you were doing, she’s right over there.” He points to Aubrey, whose mouth drops open at the betrayal.

As the ghost turns to look at Aubrey, Boone charges to give her a chop to the throat, but the ghost blocks it. Then the ghost lifts Boone up into the air and does an airplane spin while Boone shrieks out.

Aubrey rushes in and kicks the ghost. The fight goes on until Aubrey spots something glowing on the back of the ghost’s head. Aubrey grabs the ghost by the arm and locks her legs around its neck, and screams at Boone, “The back of her head!”


“Hit her in the back of the head!”

Boone glances around and finds the baseball bat and rushes in and, with a primal scream, smashes the ghost in the back of the head, and it disintegrates into thin air.

The elevator door opens, and Aubrey and Boone step out of the elevator, both looking like they were just in a fight.  They stop walking, and Boone turns to look at her, “You’re not so bad,” he says.

Aubrey shrugs, “You weren’t so bad yourself.”

“What’s your name?” Boone asks.

“Aubrey. You?”


Aubrey cracks up laughing. “Your name is Boone? Like Daniel Boone?” She’s laughing so hard, she’s starting to cry.

Then something occurs to Boone, “I got rid of the ghost. I don’t even know who’s supposed to pay me.”

Aubrey stops laughing as her eyes go wide. “No clue,” she lies.

She’s not a very good liar as Boone stares at her, “You sent me those text messages?”

Aubrey shakes her head, “Nope. Not me.”

“It is you! You owe me ten thousand dollars! Give me my money.”

Whining, Aubrey stomps her feet, “It’s not me!”

Boone is getting pissed, “I think it is you. Give me my money!”

“Hey!” Aubrey shouts. “I’m a college student who’s a ghost! Do you think I have ten grand lying around? Are you a fucking idiot?”

“If you didn’t have the money, why did you hire me?”

Aubrey points at the elevator, “I was scared of that ghost!”

Boone scoffs at her, “You’re a ghost who’s scared of other ghosts? Give me my money!”

“While we’re on the subject, it’s not like you killed that ghost alone. We killed it together!” Aubrey yells back at him. “Why should I pay a weak exorcist like you?” She gives him a shove.

Boone is beside himself. “Forget it. If I ever see you again, I’ll send you beyond with my own bare hands.”

“I’d be happy to never see you again!”

They each turn away from each other and walk off.

Boone storms out of the school right into the flashlight of the police. “Who are you?” they ask.

“Why were you in there?”

Boone just sighs, knowing there’s no way out of this one.

Aubrey is sitting at the coffee shop, picking debris out of her hair and overall just being miserable when Marja walks in.

“Did you get into another fight?” Marja asks.

Aubrey just nods.

Marja shakes her head, rolling her eyes. “You can’t go a day without fighting!”

Wanting to change the subject, Aubrey asks, “Where have you been?”

Marja grins widely, “Praying. I’m hoping my prayers get answered.” But she isn’t quite finished talking about the first topic, “Who did you fight today?”

Aubrey hesitates and then sighs, “There’s this weird guy….”

“God, you must be cursed. You have the worst luck with men,” Marja snickers.

Then Aubrey remembers the most important part as she leans on the table, “I bumped into something, and I suddenly had some memories.”

“What did you see?”

“They were…” Aubrey starts to speak but stops. She groans, “Goddammit! I can’t remember! What do I do now?”

Marja nods her head, “It’s really obvious. Just go around bumping into things until you remember.”

Aubrey isn’t sold on that idea, “I suppose I could do that,” she mutters.

“What did you bump into?”

Well, Aubrey isn’t about to tell her she bumped into Boone.

“What do you do for a living?” the officer asks Boone.

Boone is sitting across from an officer who’s taking his statement. “A college student.”

“College student?” The officer eyes Boone for a moment, “If you’re a college student, why were you in a high school?”

Another officer brings over a video recorder and hands it to the first officer. There’s a video of the girls’ bathroom on the video. The officer looks up at him. “And why were you videotaping the girls’ bathroom?

Boone raises his eyebrows, “Wait. That’s not mine.”

The next thing we see is Boone being placed in a holding cell. “Pervert,” the officer mutters under his breath.

“Hey, don’t I get a phone call?”

Aubrey is walking down the street. Suddenly, the memories she had come flooding back again.

“Boone,” she whispers under her breath as if she had an idea.

Tetzuka rushes into the police station. “Boone! Boone!” he yells out, not really caring that he’s in a public place, much less a police station. He spots the police officers and rushes over, “I’m here for Boone.”

They point to the holding cell, and Tetzuka turns to look at him.

It’s daylight as they walk out of the police station, having apparently cleared things up. Tetzuka stops and places his hands on his hips, “Why call me? You should have called your father.”

Boone doesn’t bother answering the question. He has his reasons.

Tetzuka decides he’s done waiting. He pulls a slip of paper from his pocket and hands it to Boone. It was the ATM receipt. “How’d you make this much money?”

Again, Boone isn’t very talkative.

“Are you exorcising?”

Boone doesn’t deny it.

“Hey!” Tetzuka snaps at him, startling Boone. “How many times have I told you to stay the fuck away from that stuff? Are you trying to get yourself killed?”

“Why are you yelling at me?” All that gets him is a glare from Tetzuka. Boone relents. “I needed the money.”

“What for?”

When Boone doesn’t answer, Tetzuka kicks him in the shin.


“Why do you need money?”

“I’m trying to raise money for my eye operation! I need one hundred thousand dollars, and they’ll fix my eyes, just like you said,” Boone finally tells him. “That’s why I’m doing it. I’m careful.”

A soft groan comes from Tetsuka, “Not careful enough! Dealing with ghosts can make you one yourself! Can’t you see that?”

“I’m going now,” Boone says. He turns and walks away, in no mood to be scolded right now.

Even though no one can see her, Aubrey is enjoying walking around the college campus. The sun is on her, and a big smile is on her face. Students walk by her, not even knowing she’s there, but she doesn’t care one bit.

As she passes the quad, she hears the sound of a dog barking, and curiosity gets the better of her. As she turns the corner, a group of students are gathered around.

“Be careful.”

Professor Ilias is squatting down a drain, and a poor puppy is trapped inside. Ilias tries to reach down to help the puppy out but gnashes at her with its teeth, just barely missing as she jerks her hand back.

A college security officer warns her, “Mr. Kim already got bit trying to get that one out of there.” He removes his leather gloves, “Try this.”

Aubrey can’t see because of the crowd, but she finds a bench to stand on to see over the stop as Professor Ilias declines the gloves. “The little guy will be even more scared if I put those gloves on. Besides, your hands are much larger than mine. I’ll be okay.”

She looks down the drain, “Listen here, little boy. I’m going to help you out of there, okay? Just be calm.” Ilias reaches her hands down, and the dog begins to bite her, but she doesn’t pull back as those around wince at her bold action.

Then everyone awws as the puppy is pulled free. Ilias has a few bites on her hand, but she stands up and holds the puppy in front of her, “I bet you were scared, weren’t you?” If the bite was bothering her, she’s not letting on at all. “Why did you go in that hole in the first place? Let’s go get you taken care of, shall we?”

Aubrey sighs, “Even the professors in this school are cool.” She hops down from the bench, vanishing but knocking over a rake in the process, which catches Professor Ilias’s attention, but only briefly. She addresses the students, “Let’s get inside, so we aren’t late for class.”

Aubrey is walking around the registration office. When one of the clerks gets up and walks right through her, leaving an open seat, Aubrey drops down in it and begins to type.

“Wait, is Boone his first name or his last name?”

She shrugs and types it in anyway. It doesn’t matter as he’s the only one in the college with the first or last name of Boone.

She also has his address now.

Boone is walking home, doing a little sulking after the night he’s had. He got kneed in the balls, beat up by a ghost, stiffed out of his promised pay, and got arrested.

“What a shitty night,” he mutters when something catches his attention.

A school bus has stopped, and a mother is doting on her small son before letting him get on the bus.

Boone suddenly remembers something he has tried to put behind him.

He was a small child when he was waiting on the corner for his mother to return from the store. He holds his father’s hand.

When his mom spots him across the street, she smiles and waves at him.

Little Boone waves right back, but his smile fades as he sees black smoke rising up behind his mother.

As a car drives by, the ghost behind his mother pushes her right into traffic, and she’s hit by the car. She bounces off the windshield, dropping her bag of groceries. She flips head over feet over the car as it drives underneath her, and she crashes down on the street.

Boone’s father springs into action as he bolts across the street while Boone stands there on the sidewalk in shock.

Others begin to rush towards the accident, but Boone’s mother slowly turns her head towards him, and they make eye contact as she takes her final breath.

That was the first time he ever saw a ghost.

Aubrey spots Boone walking up some stairs as she looks down from a rooftop. “What has he been doing all this time if he’s just getting home?” Seems she didn’t notice he got arrested outside of the schoolhouse last night. She poofs.


Boone turns his head and has to do a double-take when he sees who it is.

“What took you so long? I’ve been waiting here forever!” Aubrey says.

It has to be a delusion, Boone thinks to himself. “Why are you here?”

“Did you forget?” Aubrey teases him. She holds her arms out, “I’m a ghost.”

Boone doesn’t seem impressed, “I asked you why you were here?”

“What, you think I came because I missed you?” she asks.

“I told you not to show yourself in front of me again,” Boone reminds her. He lets out a big, tired sigh. “I’m not in the mood to fight.”

“I’m not in the mood to fight either.”

“Then why are you here?” he says, starting to get super annoyed.

“I just need to confirm one thing. Don’t move.”

Boone doesn’t move.

“Just so you don’t get the wrong idea. I’m not trying to start a fight.”

Boone is confused, “What are you talking about?”

Aubrey floats towards him, and Boone isn’t sure what she has in mind. As she gets closer, he pushes her away, “What do you think you’re doing?”

Aubrey just needed to knock heads with him, like she did last night, and she had her vision. She gives him a pout, “I just need to check something.”

Boone doesn’t trust her at all after last night. “Forget it. Run along and leave me alone. I told you, I don’t want anything to do with a young girl like you.”

Aubrey actually blushes, “Well, thank you for thinking I’m younger than you, but in fact, I died five years ago, which technically makes her older than you. You’re just a college freshman. I would have graduated college by now.”

Boone rolls his eyes, “I think you’re full of shit. I’ve had a long night, thanks to you. I’m tired. I’m going inside and going to bed. Leave me alone.”

As he starts up the stairs to his apartment, Aubrey looks at him. “You’re so annoying!”

As Boone rounds the corner to the door to his place, he checks his pockets and realizes he doesn’t have his keys.  He reaches for the doorknob, but the door is locked. “Dammit.”

Suddenly, the doorknob turns, and the door slightly opens.

This intrigues and concerns Boone all at once. “The fuck?” he mutters. Is there someone in his apartment? Maybe Tetzuka came back? Boone reaches for the door, and as he opens it, Aubrey is standing there.

“Ta-da!” she says with a flourish.

Boone is not amused. “Who said you could come into my apartment?”

“That’s a weird way to say “thank you,” but okay,” Aubrey says.

“Fine. Thank you very much.” Boone says, and then he motions down the hallway. “And now you can leave.” He steps around Aubrey to go into his apartment, letting the door close in her face.

He walks through the kitchen, looks into his small living room, and lets out a sigh. It’s been left a mess by Tetzuka. Trash everywhere, dirty dishes on the table and in the sink, and the blanket just left on the couch. Suddenly, Aubrey poofs next to him. “God, you live like a pig,” she says, wrinkling her nose up.

An hour later, Boone has his place cleaned much more to his liking as he scoops some dirt into a dustpan and drops it into a garbage bin. Aubrey didn’t help as she seemed to always be in his way.

“I guess you don’t normally live like a slob after all,” she tells him.

Boone turns to look at her, “You can leave anytime. I never asked you to be here. Just go.”

“Just do me this one favor, and I’ll leave. Just close your eyes,” Aubrey tells him. She really needs to see if this triggered memories or if it was just a freak accident.

Boone pulls the full trash bag out of the can, “Do you honestly think you’re the first ghost to try and get over on me? Trust me, I’ve heard them all.”

Aubrey’s gonna have to pull a fast one, and she knows it. “How about…”

“How about no. Go bother someone else,” Boone tells her. “Or how about this? Do you want my help? Get me the ten grand you owe me, and I’ll consider helping you with your little problem.”

Aubrey grumbles under her breath, “I can’t believe you’re upset of a measly ten thousand dollars.”

“Measly? Measly? If ten thousand dollars is such a small amount to you, then hand it over!” Boone holds out his hand. “You can put it right there, and I’ll be happy to help you with your problem. You know what? Forget it.” He pulls out a drawer, “I know I have my ghost exorcising amulet around here somewhere.” He closes it, pulls out another, grabs something, and holds it up in front of Aubrey, and she poofs out of there and quick.

Boone smirks as he walks over and drops the convenience store receipt in the trash can. “They fall for it every time.”

A little while later, Boone drops the trash bag off at the dumpster, “I was gonna try and nap before class, but that stupid ghost had to come bothering me.” He walks a few feet and stops.

Boone turns around, and Aubrey is behind him. She smiles at him sweetly and gives him a wave. Boone wants to say something but instead just huffs and turns around and walks away from her.

Of course, Aubrey follows.

“I got it! I got it!” Jersey exclaims as he goes through the footage they recorded the other night.

Bennie drops the camera she was trying to repair and rushes over, and sits next to him.

The footage shows Boone, swinging at… nothing.

“He just hit a ghost! He just hit a ghost, right? I was right!” she screams.

“I can’t be sure,” Jersey says, “I mean, I can’t actually see the ghost, but he’s definitely trying to hit something.”

“You were there!” Bennie smacks Jersey on the arm. “You saw the ghost just like I did!”

“I mean, I did see the ghost, but there’s nothing on this video to prove it,” Jersey admits.

“It’s the silver code,” Bennie tells him.

Jersey looks at her, “Right, the ah, silver code.” It’s plainly obvious that Jersey has no clue what that is.

Bennie just glares at him. “Look, the silver code is when a person is in the grips of terror, they can actually see ghosts. That moment when you and the ghost connect is called the silver code.”

“Ah, the silver code,” Jersey says, getting it now.

Bennie looks like she may want to choke him out, “You’re the vice president of this club. You should know these things.”


Bennie turns back to the still frame on the screen, “However, this guy here, he does not see ghosts using the silver code. He’s staring right at the ghost. This is why he can fight them!” She leans back in her chair, “We really need to recruit this guy. Do your computer thing and figure out who this guy is so we can find him again.”

Jersey nods and starts typing on the laptop as Bennie gets up but stops when Jersey says, “Done.”

Bennie turns around, “Already?”

Jersey nods.

“Damn, you’re good.”

She takes a seat again as they study the college entrance form that Boone submitted.

Boone sits in the quad, eating his lunch when Professor Ilias walks by with her rescued puppy. She’s across the street, but students stop to fawn over the cute little puppy.

“Now, that’s a cool professor,” says Aubrey as she appears next to Boone on the bench my to Boone’s dismay. “You should get a puppy, and then you wouldn’t look so sad and lonely.”

Boone chews his food and just glares at her. She notices that he’s eating sushi, “Is that a tuna roll? Tuna rolls are my favorite! Can I have one?”

Boone stares at her for a moment, swallowing his mouthful of food, and then mutters, “Go buy your own food.”

Aubrey pouts, “You seem to forget that I’m a ghost. I can only have food when a human offers it to me.” She leans in and bats her eyelashes, “So may I please have a tuna roll?”

Boone considers it and then uses his chopsticks to pick up the roll. Aubrey is giddy to get a tuna roll and opens her mouth, but instead, Boone shoves it into his mouth.


Just then, Bennie and Jersey walk up. Aubrey has to scatter as Bennie nearly sits on her, moving to the other side of Boone. Jersey sits next to Bennie.

“You’re always eating alone,” Bennie comments.

Jersey nods, “It’s kind of sad.”

“We didn’t formally introduce ourselves last time. I’m Bennie, psychology Major.” She holds out her hand and Boone just sort of looks at it.

She motions with her hand again, “I’m Bennie.” She’s obviously expecting him to shake her hand, but even after the second time when Boone doesn’t accept the handshake, she slides it over to point at Jersey. “This is Jersey. He is a computer science major.”

“And?” Boone asks.

“And,” Bennie responds, “We saw your courageous battle with the ghost at the high school. We’d like you to join our team of ghostbusters.” Bennie holds out her hand, and Jersey puts his hand on top of hers. Bennie reaches over and places Boone’s hand on top, but Boone promptly removes his hand.

“Pass,” he says, setting the rest of his lunch on the bench and walking off.

Aubrey gets all excited as she really wants to eat that tuna roll but can’t grab it when Bennie reaches over and grabs the last one and shoves it in her mouth. Aubrey clenches her teeth like she wants to punch Bennie right in the mouth.

“We need a different tactic,” Jersey says as he looks to see if there’s any more sushi left, and disappointed when it’s all gone.

Aubrey, meanwhile, gets right next to Bennie and seethes.

Bennie gives a little shiver as Aubrey storms off.

Boone walks into the classroom, surprised to see it so full.  As he takes a seat, Professor Ilias walks in from the back, “I see we’ve got a full house today. I’ve only 22 students on the roster, so I’m not sure where the rest of you came from. If you’ve been told this class is fun, you’ve been misled, I’m afraid.”

The class laughs.

“Let me introduce myself. Professor Lynn will no longer be teaching this class. She had to take time for personal reasons. I will be your professor for the remainder of the semester. My name is Claudia Ilias. I am a veterinarian by trade, but I also have my teaching certificate and a degree in economics.”

A hand goes up in the class, “That was really cool when you saved that puppy yesterday.”

Another voice chimes in, “Is your hand okay? Does it hurt?”

Ilias holds up her hand, “I’m perfectly fine. Nothing to be concerned about. The puppy is also doing just fine.” She laughs a little, “It’s like I’ve become a celebrity overnight. It’s a little embarrassing, I must say. So, if I may, let’s begin class. Unfortunately, I must ask anyone not officially enrolled in my class to kindly make your way to the exit, so you’re aren’t a distraction for the students who need to pass this class.”

There’s an ‘aww’ rumbling through the class as students begin to get up and walk out of the classroom. “Perhaps I’ll see some of you next semester,” Ilias says as the classroom practically empties out.

As Ilias does roll call, Boone finds himself staring at Cameron again as she sits in the section across from him.

“What are you staring at?” Aubrey asks as she appears next to him.

Boone is startled but knows if he says anything to her, he’ll look like a lunatic. So, he ignores her.

“She’s pretty, though,” Aubrey says, obviously fucking with him.

Boone is getting annoyed. He leans in close and whispers, “Don’t you have somewhere to go?”

“Nope. I don’t,” Aubrey says, shaking her head.

Boone lets out a big sigh, “You’re driving me crazy.”

The girls in the row in front of him turn around to look at Boone and shush him.

Ilias takes notice, “You, over there.” She scans the roll, “Boone?”

Boone glances up at hearing his name, “Yes?”

“Do you have a problem?” Ilias asks.

Boone shakes his head, “Oh. No, ma’am. No problem at all.”

Ilias smiles, “Let’s continue.”

Boone looks awkward now as he turns to find Cameron looking at him. She even offers him a smile. He returns the smile and then turns to look at Aubrey and sneers at her.

Aubrey just smiles turns away from him. She’s having way too much fun with this.

“Why are we going so far down in the rankings?” Bennie asks as she scrolls down the YouTube rankings. “And why is this Colt365 making so many negative comments about our content?”

Jersey shrugs, “I don’t know, but if we don’t do something soon, we won’t even be able to pay the maintenance fees on our equipment.”

Suddenly, there’s a pounding on the door, “This is the housing office. Open up!” More knocking as Jersey hurries over and shuts off the television, and they become very quiet.

“We know you’re in there, so we’re giving you one week to vacate the room, or we’ll be forced to come in and move you out, and the cost will be added to your tuition.”

Bennie and Jersey are quiet as can be until they hear the footsteps walk away from the door.

“What do we do now?” asks Jersey.

Bennie shrugs, “What can we do? We have to use any means necessary to recruit Boone into our club.”

“He doesn’t seem like the club type,” Jersey says. “He’s always sitting by himself.”

Bennie shakes her head, “We have to get him in the club. An actual ghost fighter within our ranks and our ratings will go up, and money will just fall from the skies. Everyone will want to join our club.”

Suddenly, the electricity goes out.

“Those bastards!” Bennie mutters. “I can’t believe they’d stoop that far to shut off our power.”

“It’s kinda dark,” Jersey says, glancing around.

“That’s all the time we have for today,” Professor Ilias tells the class. “Who’s the student assistant?”

Cameron raises her hand, “That’s me.”

Ilias nods her head, “I feel like the position may require some assistance. Is there someone who’d like to assist Cameron?”

As Boone is looking over at Cameron like a lovesick idiot, Aubrey reaches for his hand and raises it up in the air. Boone looks over at Aubrey with his eyes wide.

“Very good,” Ilias says, seeing Boone’s hand up. “You’ll help Cameron out with the assistant duties. I’ll see everyone in the next class.”

It looks funny when Boone snatches his hand back from no one. He glares at Aubrey, and she just shrugs innocently. Boone lays his head back and just sighs deeply. Aubrey nudges him when Camera walks over to them.

“Boone? Is that your name?” Cameron asks.

Boone clears his throat and stammers out nervously, “Yeah.”

“I’m Cameron. I guess we’ll be working together,” she says as she offers a hand.

Boone looks at it for a moment before Aubrey jabs him again, and he reaches out to accept the hand. “Nice to meet you.”

He watches her as she walks away.

“Ahem. You’re welcome, by the way,” Aubrey tells him.

Boone’s goofy grin becomes a sneer again as he turns to growl at her before grabbing his pack and stepping over her to get out of the seat.

Aubrey sneers right back. “You know you like her, so stop pretending!” She mutters under her breath, “Ungrateful asshole.” She hops out of her seat and scrambles after him.

Professor Ilias is sitting on the steps as her new puppy eats some food, “You must be starving,” she tells it as she gives it some scritches. Cameron walks up.

“I was hoping to find you, Professor.”

Ilias looks up from the puppy, “What do you need?”

Cameron hands over a yellow folder, “Professor Lynn asked me to take care of this file. Now that she’s gone, I’m not sure what to do with it.”

“Oh,” responds Ilias, accepting the envelope. “I’ll make sure she gets it.”

“Thank you.”

Ilias turns her attention back to the puppy, “Slow down, little one. You don’t need to rush to eat.”

Cameron looks at the puppy curiously, “Isn’t this the puppy that bit you?”

Ilias pets the dog, “See? You’re famous. Famous for being evil,” she teases the hungry puppy as it continues to eat.

“He’s so cute,” Cameron says. “Are you going to raise him?”

Ilias shakes her head. “No, no. Just keeping him until his owner comes for him. If not, I’ll have to take him to the clinic tomorrow.”

Cameron nods and leans down to pet the puppy as Ilias’s cell phone rings.

“This is Professor Ilias,” she responds. “Oh, right. I lost track of time. I’m heading there now.”

Ilias sees how well Cameron is doing with the puppy and asks, “I’m sorry. Can you watch him until he’s done eating? I’ve placed some medicine in it, so he has to eat it all up.”

Cameron nods her head, “I’d be happy to.”

Ilias reaches over and pets the puppy, “You eat all your food like a good little boy, okay?”

Boone is walking home when he sees a man complaining about his neck and shoulder pain.

The man doesn’t know that Marja is still hanging on to him from the coffee shop. Literally hanging on him with her arms around his neck.

Boone just shakes his head and walks on.

Aubrey runs after him, stopping only when she sees Marja, “Still with that guy?”

Marja nods her head, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m following someone.”

Marja seems curious now, “Who?”

Aubrey looks after Boone and then turns back to Marja, “I’ll tell you later!” She hurries after Boone.

Marja turns her head, and suddenly she sees something better.

Someone better.

Professor Ilias.

As Ilias gets into an Uber, Marja hops down from the man’s back and starts towards the Uber, but it takes off, and she starts running after it, “Wait for me!”

Up on the rooftop of the apartment building, we get a small montage of Boone training. Incline situps, curls, punching the bag.

Aubrey peeking around the bag, which causes Boone to roll his eyes and walk away.

“It’s so hot outside. Why are you working out so hard?” asks Aubrey as Boone does pushups.

Boone pushes up and says, “Shut up and leave, okay?” Then resumes his push-ups.

“Isn’t it better to work out with someone?” she asks.

Boone stops again in the up position, “Who’s working out with you? Now get off of me.”

As the camera pans back, we see Aubrey on Boone’s back as he does his pushups.

“You’re kind of weak for a guy,” she tells him. “Maybe that’s why you’re always getting beat up.”

“Get the fuck off of me,” Boone says as he pushes up again.

“I’m hungry. Aren’t you hungry?” she asks, not moving from her perched position.

We see Boone starting to strain now.

“How about fried chicken? I haven’t had fried chicken in years!” she cries out. We now see that she’s actually standing on his back, jumping up and down, and he’s getting more pissed by the moment as he collapses on the ground.

She floats into the air and grins at him as he leaps to his feet, “You little…”  he grabs a stick and starts to chase after her.

Night has come, and we see a POV of someone walking towards a house.

Inside the home, a man is sleeping on the floor, lying on his back.

As he shifts on the floor, his foot kicks a liquor bottle, and it rolls and stops against a wardrobe, apparently disturbing something inside as the doors on the wardrobe begin to rattle.

The door opens, and some black smoke rolls out along with a hand that begins to creep down the front of the wardrobe. A female ghost, wearing pajamas and with a headwound of some sort, crawls along the floor towards the sleeping man. Bloody tears are streaming down her face as she creeps up on the sleeper.

She crawls over until her face is right over his ear, and as the black smoke pours from her body, she whispers something into his ear. He rolls over onto his back, and slowly his eyes begin to open, and then they pop open quickly as he sees the ghost hovering over him.

Outside of the home, we hear him scream, and then the door begins to rattle as if someone is trying to escape.

The screaming stops as we hear something being torn, and then the door stops shaking.

“That poor soul,” a woman says the next morning. “I heard he died last night.”

Tetzuka walks by, seeing three women gossiping at a picnic table.

“I heard it was the ghost of that girl from the coffee shop who died a few years ago.”

The conversation catches Tetzuka’s attention as he stops walking to eavesdrop. He starts to creep closer.

“I heard they discovered her body in the closet.”

“I heard that her asshole husband beat her to death.”

“I heard he got stabbed and died in the same place.”

One of the ladies turns around and is startled to see Tetzuka standing there. “Fuck! Who the hell are you?”

“Where is this place you’re talking about?” Tetzuka asks.

One of the other ladies points, “Just up the road, at the end on the right.”

Tetzuka nods his head, “Thank you.”

As he walks off, one of them asks, “Who was that guy?”

Tetzuka walks up to the residence and plucks down the yellow police tape. He pauses before he steps inside, psyching himself up. The rumors of this downfall have indeed been greatly exaggerated.

He takes in a deep breath and steps into the room. Suddenly, he is grabbed and pulled deeper inside.

“Call for help!” he screams as the sounds of crashing and thudding are heard within the home.

Ilias retrieved the puppy after her meeting and headed over to the vet clinic that she runs. As she enters, nurse Bethany runs over, “Hello, doctor!” and spotting the puppy, she says, “Oh! Who’s is this?”

Ilias sets the small kennel down, “A new member of our family. Can you make sure he gets some vitamins for me?”

Nurse Rosanna comes in from the back, “You’re a little late tonight, Doctor.”

Ilias nods her head, “I had to run back to the school to pick him up.” She starts towards the back but pauses and asks, “Is the surgery room ready?”

Rosanna nods her head, “Yes, of course.”

“I’ll go change, and then we can get started,” Ilias tells the nurses.

Bethany picks up the puppy and places him in the window display on a pillow, “You just stay there and take a nap.”

Back in her office, Ilias removes her shirt, and on her back, we see a dark spot. That dark spot has tendrils forming off of it in eight different directions as if it’s spreading. As we get a closer look at it, the tendrils appear to be slowly moving.

“Boone! Wait for me!” yells Aubrey as she rushes to catch up with him.

Boone doesn’t slow his pace as he keeps walking with his backpack on. Aubrey catches up and grabs onto his arm.

We see Aubrey, bored as she sits next to Boone in class. She begins to rock from side to side, bumping into Boone, who’s getting annoyed.

In the library, Boone is doing some research while Aubrey sleeps on top of the desk.

In the quad, we see Boone torturing Aubrey in retaliation by eating his lunch right in front of her as she begs for a bite and is denied every time.

Aubrey tries to talk to Boone on the bus ride after school, but instead, he puts in his headphones, and the disappointment is evident on her face.

“Is stew the only thing you know how to make?” Aubrey asks as Boone is chopping up some vegetables in his kitchen.

He pauses his chopping to look at her, “I have a knife in my hand. You might want to be quiet.”

“What about a hamburger? Can you make a hamburger?” she asks, hopping up and down next to him.

Boone takes a deep breath, obviously annoyed at her antics, “Can you please just leave me alone? Don’t you have a home to go to? Friends from your past that you can haunt? Why me?”

Aubrey’s expression falls at the mention of home. She slowly slinks away from him and sits down at the kitchen table. “I don’t have anywhere else to go,” she admits. “I don’t remember where I live. I don’t remember my parents. I don’t remember my friends. I don’t even know how I died.”

Boone stops chopping as he listens to her talk.

“Don’t you feel bad for me?”

He turns around to look at her. “This is your new story, is it? I don’t feel bad for one. Not one bit.”

Aubrey sneers at him, cursing him under her breath.

Suddenly, there’s a pounding on the door, “Boone! Boone!”

Boone’s eyes go wide as he hears Tetzuka at the door. He looks at Aubrey, “You really need to go. If he finds you here, he’ll really send you packing.” Boone wipes off his hands to go let Tetzuka in.

Aubrey just sighs, “Goddammit,” she mutters and poofs away.

Boone lets him in, “I thought you’d be gone longer.”

Tetzuka slinks in and hands Boone a grocery bag. Boone takes it and peeks inside, then gets a good look at Tetzuka.

“What happened to you?”

Tetzuka looks like he got worked over by a gang of hoodlums.

“Ah, just a little bump in the road,” Tetzuka explains. “I may need to crash here a few days.” Suddenly, a strange look comes across his face as he steps deeper into the apartment. “I sense a strange presence here.”

Boone looks around, wondering where Aubrey may have gone to.

Tetzuka walks into the kitchen, looking around, and then…

He sniffs.

“What are you making here?” He turns around and looks at Boone, “Is it ready? Can we eat?”

Boone half-laughs, thinking perhaps Tetzuka had sense Aubrey, but she seems to have gone.

As the two sit down to eat, Aubrey looks into the window from the outside, eyes of sadness at the food they are eating. The food she wants to eat.

“So, who beat you up?” Boone asks as Tetzuka starts to eat. Boone figures two can play at this game.

Tetzuka takes a couple of bites and then sets down his fork, “Boone. When I tell you that I don’t want you to be exorcising, I mean it. I’ve been doing this for decades, and I nearly died today.”

Boone nods his head, “Then, can you loan me the money I need for my operation? I only need about 45,000 dollars.”

Tetzuka stares at him, unamused. “Let’s just eat.”

Boone smirks and starts to take a bite when he notices Aubrey in the window. She’s doing all sorts of hand motions to let him know she wants some of that food. Boone gets up from the table.

“Where are you going in the middle of dinner?” asks Tetzuka.

Boone motions towards the window, “To make more sausage. A stray cat is running around hungry.” He starts up the stove again.

Tetzuka starts to eat when something occurs to him. “What kind of cat comes up to the fourth floor?”

“The wicked kind,” Boone says as he looks right at Aubrey through the window. Aubrey scowls at him, and then when she sees he’s actually cooking more food, she smiles brightly and motions for him to make ‘a lot’.

Aubrey is all excited as he begins to cook.

Bethany and Rosanna are finished with their shift at the vet clinic and walk by Professor Ilias.

“We’re leaving now. Did you need anything else?” Bethany says.

Ilias looks up from her desk and smiles, “No. Have a good night and be safe out there, walking home. I’ll close up the clinic.”

As the nurses leave the clinic, Ilias gets up, walks over to the printer, and pulls off the poster she created to try and find the owner of the lost puppy that she rescued.

Meanwhile, outside, Cameron is walking by the clinic and sees the little doggy in the window. She steps up to the window, “Aren’t you the little puppy from the college? How can you be so cute?” she says as the puppy looks back at her, wagging his tail.

She sees movement inside the clinic and spots Ilias walking to the storefront. Ilias tapes the lost puppy notice onto the glass and spots Cameron on the outside. She walks out of the clinic, “What bring you by?” asks Ilias.

“I didn’t know that you ran this hospital,” says Cameron.

Ilias nods her head, “I do. Do you live close by?”

Cameron nods her head, “I do. This clinic is on my way home.”

“I wanted to thank you for helping out with the puppy earlier,” Ilias says.

Cameron shakes her head, “It really was no big deal. I had fun with him. But, you still haven’t found his owner?”

Ilias shakes her head, “Not yet, but hopefully soon. I’m sure they miss the little guy. I won’t keep you, but if you would, could you keep this location a secret from the rest of the class? The whole dog rescue incident has already made it difficult for me on campus. I don’t need it affecting my business as well.”

Cameron chuckles, nodding her head. “You have my word. I’ll be going.”

Tetzuka is fast asleep on the couch as Aubrey slips inside. He mutters some stuff in his sleep as she tiptoes past him and walks through Boone’s bedroom door. The first thing she notices is how Boone sleeps.

He’s on top of the covers, curled up into a ball.

“How can he sleep like that?” she wonders out loud. She snoops around his room and finds some pictures. “This must be him and his parents,” she says. There are several. “Why does he live alone then?”

She flips through some of his textbooks, then finds his bank book. She goes through it, “He lives so frugally. Is he cheap?” She looks his way with a bit of a sneer. She sets it down on the desk and gives a little angry stomp, “I just need to check one thing. Why is he such an asshole?”

Then she slowly turns to look at him, and her eyes go wide as she realizes this may very well be her chance. She looks around the room, perhaps to make sure no one can see her before she slinks over and gently crawls onto the bed until she’s kneeling on it. She does it very carefully and breathes a sigh of relief that he’s a heavy sleeper.

“Okay,” she says to herself. “Just a small headbutt, and perhaps I’ll get some more memories back.” She leans in really close, and then just as she’s about to crack her head against his, a scream is heard in the living room.

Tetzuka sits upright on the couch and then looks around, confused. He lays back down and closes his eyes, and is soon fast asleep.

Back in the bedroom, Aubrey breathes out a sigh of relief, and as she turns back, Boone’s eyes are wide open, looking up at her.

Aubrey immediately scrambles off the bed as Boone sits upright. “What did you do to me?” he growls at her accusingly.

She tries to look innocent, “What do you mean?”

“You…” he says and leaps from his bed. Aubrey has already run off through the door and into the other room. Boone has to open the door before he can go through.

Aubrey takes a lap around the living room with Boone on her heels, then she leaps on the back of the couch, across Tetzuka, and poofs into thin air.

Tetzuka snaps away, “What? What? What’s going on?” He sits up, looking up at Boone, “Did you just walk on top of me?”

Boone shakes his head, “It was the stray cat I told you about.” He stalks back into his room and closes the door leaving Tetzuka confused sitting on the couch.

“Stray cat? I hate cats,” he mumbles before he lays back down.

The following morning, Tetzuka is away and trying to awkwardly apply some ointment to his back, “I must have gotten hit harder than I thought,” he mutters as he pulls his shirt down and slowly settles himself into one of the kitchen chairs.

He reaches for his phone, “How come he’s not responding to my texts?” he says before tosses the flip phone onto the table as Boone walks out of his bedroom and heads towards the bathroom.

“Boone,” Tetzuka stops him. “Did you open the letter from your father or not? What did he have to say?”

Boone shrugs his shoulders. “No idea.”

“You didn’t read it? Go read it right now, dammit,” Tetzuka demands.

“I threw it away,” Boone admits.

Tetzuka is astounded, “Why would you do that?” he snaps at Boone. “Aren’t you curious what your father is up to or where he is?”

Boone shakes his head, “No. Not really.” And for Boone, that is the end of the conversation as he heads into the bathroom and closes the door.

Tetzuka has been trying to reach Boone’s father for a few days now with no luck. The man usually answers when he calls, but lately, it’s just been going to voicemail. In his t-shirt and sweatpants, Tetzuka walks over to the dumpster. “Why did that punk throw away a letter from his father? Disrespectful little…”

Tetzuka starts to dig through the trash to try and find this letter. He starts tossing bags of trash out of the dumpster when a ladies’ voice is heard, “Excuse me….”

“I threw something away by accident….” Tetzuka starts to explain, but the lady isn’t buying it before he can even finish.

“Going through someone else’s trash is an awful thing to do. If you need money, go get a job. I’m calling the cops.”

“Wait, there’s no need for you to call the cops….” Tetzuka tries to reason with her as Boone steps onto the street. He sees the commotion, but there’s something else missing, so he ignores it.

“I wonder where she went. She’s nowhere to be seen,” he says to himself as he looks around for Aubrey. It was kinda weird not seeing her.

As the two argue, Boone glances at them once more and then walks off.

Boone is on his way to class when someone yells for him, “Boone!”

He turns around and sees Cameron, “On your way to class,” she asks.

Boone nods his head, “Microeconomics.”

Cameron winces, “Ouch. That’s Mr. Knight’s class.”

Boone nods his head, “Yeah.”

“Well, I’ll see you in class later,” she says as she heads off past him. Boone turns to watch her leave, and suddenly, his mood is much better.

In fact, he’s grinning from ear to ear as he sits in the classroom. He pulls out his notebook from his backpack, and his pen falls on the floor.  He leans down to reach for it when another hand picks it up and hands it to him, “Thank you,” he says before looking up.

There goes his mood.

Aubrey grins at him, “You’re welcome,” she says with a flourish. “What’s put you in a good mood today?” she asks.

Not so much anymore, as Boone scowls at her, “I was until I saw you,” he mutters.

“Why are you upset to see me?” she asks. “I’m happy to see you.”

“Of course you are!” snaps Boone, thinking he’s the only one in the classroom, which is far from the case as two heads peek out from behind the back row of desks.

Bennie and Jersey.

They see him talking to himself and give each other a look.

“I’m pretty too, you know,” Aubrey explains.

Boone rolls his eyes, “Stop playing. How can you say a thing like that with your face? I have class. You need to go and leave me alone.”

Bennie turns to look at Jersey, “It’s a little scary. It’s as if he’s talking to someone.”

“Maybe he’s talking to a ghost,” Jersey tries to find an explanation.

Boone continues to try to shoo Aubrey away as Benne and Jersey sink down behind the back row and slip out of the classroom.

As Boone and Aubrey walk out of the classroom, Boone gets a phone call.

“Yes, this is Boone?”

Aubrey looks at him curiously.

“Yes, I can do that. How about two hours? I’ll see you then.”

He hangs up, and Aubrey wonders, “Who was that? Why are you so happy all of a sudden?”

As Bennie and Jersey lurk in the background, Boone turns to Aubrey. “I’m going to work now. Don’t follow me.” Bennie and Jersey are almost one hundred percent sure that Boone is talking to a ghost.

“I’m gonna follow,” Aubrey says defiantly.

Boone glares at her, then rolls his eyes and moves on. Aubrey starts to follow, and behind her are Bennie and Jersey, trying to be sneaky about their surveillance.

Suddenly, Boone turns, and seemingly to nobody, he yells, “Seriously! I told you not to follow me.” Jersey and Bennie quickly rush ahead of Boone and take a seat on a bench within earshot.

Boone notices but doesn’t seem to care as he turns to Aubrey, “I’m asking you to not follow me. Please.” He clasps his hands together.

Aubrey mimics the motion and says, “If you do me one little favor….”

Boone sighs, “Just forget I asked,” he mutters, turns, and walks away, right past Bennie and Jersey.

When he’s out of earshot, Jersey turns to Bennie, “I’m sure he’s talking to a ghost again.”

Bennie nods her head and points to her arm, “Look, I’ve got goosebumps all over. Dammit, we need to get him into our club.”

Jersey nods his head, “But seriously, how can he see ghosts?” They get up and follow.

Night has fallen. Boone and Aubrey are walking up to the house that Tetzuka was beaten up at a couple of days earlier. Jersey and Bennie are sneaking around behind them.

“Why’s he going in there? It’s so spooky,” asks Jersey.

That’s the question that Bennie wants an answer to. She motions for him to follow.

Meanwhile, as Boone and Aubrey step up to the porch, a woman rushes over, “Are you the exorcist I called?”

Boone nods his head and smiles politely, “I’m Boone, the ghost fighter.”

There’s a bit of skepticism in her voice, “Aren’t you a little young to be doing this type of work?”

Aubrey snickers and says, “Maybe if you bought some new clothes once in a while, folks might not ask.”

Boone continues to smile though he wants to punch Aubrey right now.

“You don’t look like a convincing exorcist because of how you dress,” she continues to ramble on as he slowly turns his head to look at her with a look that might express that she needs to shut the hell up.

“What?” she asks.

Boone turns back to the woman, “I’ll go in now.”

“That exorcist ran off with my money without finishing the job, so I won’t pay you until it’s done. If I ever see that asshole, I’m going to kick his ass,” the woman begins to rant.

“Ma’am, I assure you. I’m much different from those con-artists,” Boone explains. “I have no problem getting paid after I deliver. Once you see I’ve removed the ghost, you can just transfer the money into my account.”

The woman is impressed, “I like the way you do business, young man. All right. Go on inside.” The points inside the house, “The ghost is usually on the first bedroom to the right.”

And with that, the woman ain’t sticking around just in case that ghost comes after her. She hurries down to the bottom of the stairs and locks herself in her car to wait.

Boone starts into the house with Aubrey on his heels, but she stops at the door. She hears something, so instead of going into the house, she goes around to the side of it. As soon as she disappears, Bennie and Jersey sneak up the stairs.

Bennie turns on the camera on her phone and starts up her live stream, making sure they both get in the picture. “Bennie and Jersey here from the Paranormal Network. We apologize for the sudden stream but stay tuned. You’re about to see something amazing.”

They slip into the house.

Boone walks through the living room and enters the bedroom. He sees the wardrobe off to the side. He reaches over and flips on the light, and starts to look around.

Meanwhile, outside, Aubrey has gone around to the back of the house. There’s a bunch of discarded trash back there, but something catches her eye.

The black smoke.

She kneels down to get a closer look.

As Boone searches the room for ghosts, the overhead light begins to flicker.

In the living room, Bennie’s phone begins to malfunction, “What’s going on with this all of a sudden?” Jersey asks.

“Whatever happens, just keep rolling,” she demands.

Aubrey reaches down and pulls up a knife. The knife is emitting that same dark smoke that evil ghosts emit.

Boone hears something in the wardrobe.

He slowly walks towards it.

He slowly inspects it before placing his hands on the handle of each door and pulls it open.

To find nothing.

He was certain there was something there, but the ghost is here somewhere. He just knows it.

He turns around to walk away when a pair of hands reach out from inside and pull him inside, the doors shutting behind him as he screams out.

Bennie and Jersey look at each other.

Aubrey hears his scream and runs back around to the house entrance.

Inside the wardrobe, Boone winces as he tries to leave, but a female ghost whispers into his ear.

You must run away. Now.”

Boone turns to look at her. She’s not a scary ghost, but a frightened one.

A woman is thrown across the floor.

A man walks up to her, and she tries to defend herself, but he just kicks her in the chest. He reaches down and pulls her up by his hair, grabs her around the throat, and slaps her hard across the face.

While she’s down, he stomps on her a couple of times and then pulls her back up by the hair. He drags her over to the wardrobe and opens the door, and pushes her inside. He gives her one more slap in the face before closing the wardrobe door.

Suddenly, Boone hears Aubrey screaming. He kicks open the wardrobe door, and a male ghost has Aubrey around the throat, holding her up in the air. He throws her with ease into the wall, and she slumps down onto the floor, wincing in pain.

“Goddamn you,” Boone yells and charges in, spearing the ghost through the bedroom door and into the living room.

Meanwhile, Tetzuka has come back to the house to try and finish off that ghost once and for all. “It’s even scarier at night,” he tells himself as he slips onto the property. “Maybe I’m going senile for coming to a place like this at night.”

Suddenly, a crash inside startles him, and he backs away. “You know what? Maybe I’ll come back in the morning….” He turns and gets the hell out of there.

Boone bursts into the room, and all Bennie and Jersey see is Boone wrestling on the ground with himself. Bennie covers her mouth in shock.

“Is he fighting a ghost?” Jersey asks as they stay hidden behind a couch, just peeking over the back with Bennie continuing to steam live.

Boone takes a hit and staggers back against the wall, but as the ghost goes in, Boone kicks him in the stomach, creating some distance.

Boone hits him a couple of times, but the ghost grabs him around the neck and lifts him off his feet against the wall. After a moment, the ghost throws him down through the coffee table.

Jersey and Bennie watch as Boone is pulled up and lifted again into the air. He just hangs there as their eyes go wide.

Aubrey walks out into the living room and sees that Boone is in serious trouble. The ghost has him by the throat, lifted up by one arm, and punching him in the stomach with the other hand.

Aubrey cracks her neck from side to side and mutters, “You’re a dead motherfucker,” she charges in and kicks the ghost right in the nuts.

The ghost drops Boone, who lands on his feet. Aubrey looks at him, “Are you okay?”

“Yep,” Boone says just as the ghost throws a punch, but Aubrey catches it in her fist, and Boone punches the ghost right in the face. He staggers back and then chargers back in, knocking Boone back down.

Aubrey moves in but gets thrown for her trouble.

Boone rushes over and helps her up, and they give each other a look.

Suddenly, a spot on the ghost’s ribs begins to glow that only Aubrey can see.

The woman in the wardrobe is being choked by the man. He’s definitely going to kill her this time. Her hands reach around until she clasps a knife, and she drives it into his ribs.

The man cries out as he just snaps her neck, killing her instantly, and then falls back and dies himself.

It was the same knife that Aubrey found earlier that was emitting the black smoke.

The ghost charges at them, but Boone lifts up Aubrey, and she uses both feet to kick him back. The ghost is barely fazed as he charges at them again. Aubrey moves in behind and grabs him from behind, and yells, “His ribs! His ribs!”

Boone hesitates and then rushes in, driving a kick to the ribs as sparks fly out from the spot. He drives one more fist right into the same spots, and the ghost disintegrates into a cloud of fire and smoke until he disappears.

Boone takes a deep breath, and Aubrey grins at him, and they high-five each other, but something catches Aubrey’s eye. She turns and sees the abused woman standing there. Aubrey starts to go after the ghost, but Boone holds her back, “Just wait….”

With tears in her eyes, the woman ghost mouths the words “Thank you” to them and slowly vanishes into the air. Not with black smoke and fire, but a white mist, disappearing from view.

“She was trapped here because of that asshole,” Boone explains.

Aubrey understands now. “You did a good job, Boone,” she admits. “You crushed that evil ghost and send his victim off to a good place.”

“Let’s go,” Boone tells her. “I’ll cook you something good.”

Later that evening, on the rooftop, Aubrey and Boone are looking out over the city. He turns to her, “So, tonight and that last time, how did you know what their weakness was? You can see it?”

“And if I can?” Aubrey asks with a grin. “Do you want me to tell you how I do it?”

Boone nods his head, “Yes, please.”

“No thanks,” she teases him.

Boone rolls his eyes and starts to walk towards the door but stops and looks back at her. “Why do you keep following me around? You have a crush on me, don’t you?”

“Fuck that,” she tells him.

Boone considers, “Are you trying to feed off my amazing energy?”

“Hardly,” she responds.

“Then why?” he asks, now serious.

Aubrey pauses for a moment, then decides to level with him. “I don’t have any memories of my past. However, when you and I collided, I suddenly had some memories.”

Boone looks at her, “So, you want to collide with me again?”

Aubrey is getting frustrated, “Just forget it.”

Boone suddenly walks up and headbutts her.





“Hello? Mr. Ghost?” Tetzuka says softly as he sneaks into the home of the ghost that beat his ass a few days earlier. It’s the morning after Boone and Aubrey vanquished the evil spirit to hell.

“How about you just do the polite thing and go on to your next life,” he says in a rather sing-song voice.

Something catches his eye, though, as he walks by the couch.

Passed out, both Bennie and Jersey are sound asleep.

“What the hell?” screams Tetzuka, which in turn wakes up Bennie, who sees Tetzuka and begins to scream, which in turn wakes up Jersey, who also begins to scream.

After a long bit of screaming by all three parties, they quiet down, and Bennie looks up at him and asks, “Who are you?”


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