Viewer discretion warning: The second episode of Ghost Fighter Boone deals with the sensitive subject of Cyberbully that leads to suicide. In light of events within our community over the past year, if you are at all triggered by the subject of Cyberbullying or suicide, you may want to skip this episode. Even though there are comedic aspects to Ghost Fighter Boone, we would never attempt to make light of Cyberbullying, especially when it leads to suicide.
Please do not Cyberbully. If you are a victim of cyberbullying, speak out. If you are considering suicide, please reach out to someone for help.

Boone and Aubrey are sprawled out on the rooftop. It’s really only been a few moments since Boone headbutted Aubrey, but for them, it seems like hours. Aubrey is the first to awaken as she pushes herself up on her elbows.

The look on her face is that of disappointment. Not a single memory. Not a hint of a memory. Nothing. She’s back where she started. She doesn’t know a damn thing about her past. All she ended up with was a knot on her forehead.  As she reaches up to rub it, Boone groans softly.

“What is your head made of?” he mutters as he sits up and grabs his head.

“Every delicate thing in the world,” Aubrey says, a little offended at the comment.

Boone gets to his feet and walks over, and offers a hand to Aubrey. Aubrey accepts the hand, and Boone helps her to her feet.  “Did you remember anything?” Boone asks.

Aubrey shakes her head, “No. Nothing.”

“Well, I did you a favor, now you owe me a favor,” Boone says.

Aubrey is skeptical, “What do you want?”

Boone looks off to the side, avoiding her gaze. “Just help me out, like you did earlier. When I have to fight a ghost, be my partner. I mean, you were kinda useful earlier….”

Aubrey has stopped listening as she finds herself deep in thought about who she really is and where she came from. How did she die?

“Are you listening to me?” Boone asks, noticing her drifting off.

Aubrey snaps out of it and nods, “Yeah, sure.”

“If you help me with the exorcisms, I’ll overlook the ten grand you owe me,” he adds.

Again, Aubrey is lost in her own thoughts.

“Hey!” Boone snaps.

Aubrey looks up at him, “Sorry.” And she takes a couple of steps and poofs.

Boone starts after her but stops when she vanishes. “What the fuck?” he says under his breath as he seems rather confused at the moment.

A woman sits in front of a mirror, putting on lipstick. The repeated sounds of an alert is heard, and a glance at her phone shows that it’s her Instagram account. Something she posted is getting many responses, but she doesn’t seem concerned with that as she stares at herself in the mirror, methodically applying the lipstick.

We finally see a few of the comments appearing on her phone.

She’s such an attention whore. Fuck off!”

“She thinks she’s all that.”

“Did you get an abortion again, murderer?”

The sounds keep coming. The woman seems very sad as she stares at her image in the mirror. She finally glances down at the phone long enough to pick it up and walk out of the room.

As she enters the living room, we can see she’s wearing an elegant red dress. She has made herself up for a special occasion.  In the living room, we can see she’s several floors up, perhaps even the top floor of the building.

With a sad face, she takes one more look at her phone before setting it down on a table. She slowly walks over and turns up the volume on her stereo.

Above the stereo is a portrait of her, and in the reflection, we see the woman hanging from her ceiling from a dark red rope.

From where she hangs, we see that she had turned on her stream, and the phone sits underneath where she hangs as a few drops of blood fall onto the screen.

As Boone heads out for class the next morning, he looks around to see if Aubrey is going to show up or not. The way she bounced the night before has left him a little uneasy.

“I guess she really has disappeared,” he mutters under his breath as he continues to walk.

Cameron walks by and sees the Lost Dog poster in the window of Ilias’s vet clinic. She then walks back to look at the puppy, still in the window. It makes a little whine.

“Are you still here?” Suddenly, she gets a determined look on her face.

Aubrey sits alone at the coffee shop, deep in thought, when Marja poofs in and takes a seat across from her. “Aubrey!”

“Where have you been?” asks Aubrey.

“I met the most gorgeous woman the other day,” Marja says.

“Met?” asks Aubrey.

Marja nods her head, sighing dreamily. “It’s taken me thirty years, but I think I may have found my soulmate. I’ll follow her around now.”

Aubrey looks confused, “What happened with that other guy you were fawning over? Wasn’t he your soulmate?”

Marja lifts a finger and shakes it from side to side, “This one is the real deal. She’s smart and attractive. I think she’s a professor. The moment I saw her, it was butterflies all up in my stomach.”

“That’s attractive,” mutters Aubrey.

Marja frowns, “What’s wrong with you?”

Aubrey relays the story from the night before.

“Wait, did you remember anything?” asks Marja.

Aubrey sighs, shaking her head, “No.”

“No? Nothing at all?”

“Nothing! Shit!” Aubrey smacks her hand on the table. “I don’t know why it didn’t happen? The last time, some memories did come back.”

Marja feels bad for her friend, “Sorry.”

Aubrey just looks dejected, “What do I do now?”

Marja glances at her like she might have an idea.

Boone is sitting in the quad. Instead of eating, he’s looking around. Suddenly, there’s a voice in his ear.

“Who are you looking for?” asks Aubrey as she poofs in behind him.

Boone turns around, and she’s right in his space, so he backs up a little.

“Were you looking for me?” she asks.

Boone tries to ignore her as he begins to poke at his food.

Aubrey sits down next to him, “It’s almost been a whole day since we saw each other. Aren’t you happy to see me? I’m very happy to see you.” She says with a bit of over-exaggeration.

Boone is getting annoyed. He roughly sets his food container on the bench and turns to glare at her.

“You’re scaring me a little,” Aubrey admits.

“Scaring you?” asks Boone. “You really don’t know? Let’s start a list. You’re shameless. Selfish. Arrogant. To be honest, I’ve really nothing to talk about with a ghost.” He turns his back on her and grabs his food, and stalks off.

Aubrey grits her teeth and then remembers what Marja said to her at the coffee shop.

There’s something about him that triggers your memories. Stick to him like glue, no matter what. You never know. Those memories could come back any time. Find an excuse to continue to hang around him.”

Aubrey forces a smile, “Boone! Wait up!” and she runs after him.

Cameron is standing by Professor Ilias’s car when she walks up to it after class.

“Is there something I can do for you, Cameron?” the professor asks.

Cameron has been working up the courage to ask. She clears her throat and nods, “Yes, Professor. It’s about the puppy you saved.”

Ilias is curious now, “What about it?”

Cameron finally asks, “I hope you’d let me take care of it until its owners are found. To be honest, I can’t seem to stop thinking about him sitting in that window all alone.”

Professor Ilias seems to be okay with this as she nods her head, “I don’t see any reason why we can’t do this. Come by after class, and I’ll let you take him. I’m sure he’ll be a very happy puppy.”

“Are you not going to talk to me at all today?” Aubrey asks as she follows Boone between an aisle of books at the library. “What book are you trying to find? I can help.”

Boone looks at her and then just walks off to the end of the aisle and into the next row over. Aubrey walks through the books to the next aisle. Boone picks up a book and flips through it when Aubrey snatches the book from his hand, “Answer me!”

“Give me back the book,” Boone demands.

Aubrey holds it away from him, “If I give it back, will you forgive me?”

Boone grabs at the book, and the two struggle with it, “Give me the fucking book!”


Suddenly, Boone stops struggling as he looks up and sees a group of students sitting at the table and looking at him like he’s lost his mind. He smiles at them politely, takes the book, and hurries off, embarrassed.

Boone walks out of the library as Aubrey runs to catch up with him, “Wait for me!”

“Why do you keep following me?” Boone finally asks.

Aubrey seems surprised by the question, “Didn’t you ask me to work with you to help get rid of ghosts?”

Boone nods as he keeps walking, “Yes, and then you ditched me without answering me. You think I’ll trust you?”

Aubrey leaps in front of him, causing him to stop walking. “Look at this face. Isn’t this the face of a trustworthy ghost?”

“You’ve already lied to me several times. You’re up to something, and I don’t want anything to do with it,” Boone tells her.

Aubrey stomps her foot like a petulant child. “I’m not lying.”

“Then what’s going on?” Boone asks. “Did your memories come back or not?”

Aubrey finally admits, “No. They haven’t.”

“See?” Boone scowls at her, “I was told never to believe the word of a ghost.” Boone starts to walk off, but Aubrey steps in front.

“Listen, when we were at the high school, it’s true I had a flashback of some memory,” she explains. “Just, last night they didn’t. I was upset about it, and I took off. I wasn’t being sneaky, and I wasn’t lying. I really am trying to remember about my past life.”

“So, what now? You don’t have your memories, so why do you agree to help me?”

Aubrey needs a reason to keep hanging around Boone, at least according to Marja. “I was wondering if you’d help me study for my final exam.”

Boone is confused, “Final exam?”

“Listen, if you weren’t smart, they wouldn’t have let you into this college,” Aubrey explains. “One thing I never got to do when I was in college was graduate because I died before my final exam. It may be the reason I’m not crossing over. I’m hoping that if I can pass my final exam, I’ll finally be ready to leave this place.”

Aubrey looks up at Boone with puppy dog eyes.

Boone isn’t sure whether or not to believe her or not.

“How about this!” Aubrey says, “You help me pass my final, and I’ll pay you back the ten grand that I owe you. I’ll help you with your exorcism, and you keep my half of the payment until we make up the ten grand. That seems more than fair.”

Boone is ready to negotiate. “One-quarter of the pay.”

“One third?” she counters.

“Fine,” Boone finally answers as he walks past her.

Aubrey jumps up and down, very excited about this. She notices he’s gone half a block and yells, “Hey! Wait for me!”

Bennie is on her computer, playing a video game. It looks like they somehow finagled their power back on, but the deadline for their eviction is looming.

Jersey asks, “Aren’t you going to class?”

“No. I’m not,” Bennie answers as she kills a few aliens on her computer screen. “Class isn’t my priority at the moment. This asshole is about to kick my butt if I don’t get some power-ups.”

Jersey grabs his backpack and slides it over his back, and then walks over to stand behind her, “You’ve been at this since last night. Give it a rest.”

“This idiot is the one who keeps leaving negative comments on our channel. I’m going to get past fucker if it kills me,” she says as she smashes down on the keyboard.

“Oh, this guy? You think it’s the same guy. I mean, maybe it’s just a different guy with the same handle,” Jersey says he watches.

“I don’t believe that for a minute,” Bennie says as she continues to fight. “He keeps taunting me.”

Jersey pats her on the shoulder and walks out of the room.

As the door closes, we hear Bennie yell, “Die, fucker!”

Boone realized he was running low on groceries and supplies, so he stopped at the store on his way home. He walks down the hygiene aisle and picks up a bottle of shampoo, “This was buy one get one free. I guess the promotion ended,” he mutters as he puts it back on the shelf.

Suddenly, something lands in his shopping cart, and he turns to Aubrey, “What was that?”

“A toothbrush.”

“I see that it’s a toothbrush. I’m wondering why you put it in my basket,” he asks.

Aubrey blinks her eyes at him, “Do you know how long it’s been since I brushed my teeth?”

“I don’t need to know that,” Boone says, “Besides, where do you plan to keep it? In your pocket?”

“At your place, of course. You’re going to let me stay with you while we work together, right?”

This is the first that Boone has heard of this. He leans down on the edge of the shopping cart, “Who said you were staying with me?” He points to the toothbrush shelf, “Put it back.”

“Aren’t we a team now?” Aubrey asks. “It’ll be easier to work on exorcising ghosts if we live in the same place, don’t you think?”

Boone smirks, “Nice try. I don’t live with ghosts.”

“So, let me get this straight,” Aubrey lays it out. “You want me to help you with these ghosts, but I can’t stay with you? How is that going to work? It makes much more sense if you just let me stay with you until I cross over.”

Boone shakes his head. He’s not budging on this.

Aubrey sighs, “To be honest, I just have nowhere to go.” She folds her hands together, “Please? Please? Please?”

Boone is about to object when something hits him, “Fine. Room and board knocks it back down to a quarter of the fee. You get one quarter, and I get three quarters, and you can stay with me. On the couch.”

Aubrey’s eyes go wide, “At that rate, I’ll never be able to pay back the ten grand!”

Boone shrugs, “Fine. Forget it then.” He starts to move the cart when suddenly Aubrey jumps in front of it.

“Okay! Okay! It’s a deal,” she admits.

Boone smirks, knowing he got the better of that exchange as he nods his head and pushes the cart.

Aubrey seems to have disappeared, but when Boone goes down the meat aisle, suddenly the cart stops.

“Let’s get some steak!” Aubrey says as she grabs onto the aisle, and she’s suddenly sitting in the cart.

Aubrey grabs some steak and drops it into the cart.

“Bullshit, I’m paying for these groceries. We can’t afford steak,” he says as he puts the meat back on the shelf, only for Aubrey to grab another. Suddenly, they are having a tug of war over meat, and people are walking by, looking at Boone as if he’s lost his mind.

Boone slowly turns around to the clerk behind the meat counter, who is staring at him. He gives her an awkward smile and places the meat into the cart, and moves on. Aubrey seems really happy with herself, while Boone just seems embarrassed.

Walking home, Aubrey is very pleased with herself. “I can’t wait to eat steak.”

“Are you happy?” asks Boone. “Because of you, I’ve overspent on groceries.”

Aubrey shrugs her shoulders, “I mean, you’re going to eat some meat too.”

Boone is tired of arguing with her and just walks on when suddenly, Aubrey grabs his arm and jerks him back, and points to a dress in a store window, “Can you buy me this dress? It’s gorgeous! Think of it as a celebration of our working together to slay evil ghosts!”

Boone looks at the dress and then looks at her and says, “No.”

Aubrey tries to convince, “But, don’t you think that dress would look amazing on me?”

Boone glances at the dress again and then again at her, “Nope. I don’t think it would look good on you at all.”

He starts to walk on, but she grabs him again. “Just take another look.”

She poofs and reappears behind the mannequin in the window. “Well?”

Boone sighs and shakes his head, and heads down the street as Aubrey looks crushed.

As she steps through the window to chase after him, we see Boone with a big old smirk on his face. “Why are you so negative all the time?” she mutters. “Wait for me,” she yells and chases after him.

Rosanna is curiously watching, being a busybody as she usually is, peeking in on the Professor who has Cameron in her office. Ilias is giving the puppy a final check-up.

“Seems to have some eye issues here, but hopefully, it’ll clear up. You should probably bring him in once a week for a check-up until they get better,” Ilias says as she puts her penlight away.

“Okay,” Cameron says.

“Oh, before I forget,” she slides a package over to Cameron, “Give him one in the morning and one in the evening.”

Cameron nods her head.

Ilias turns to the puppy and gives him a pet, “It’s goodbye, for now, little guy. Cameron here will take good care of you.” As she picks up the puppy, the puppy’s foot knocks a pen off the desk and onto the floor. Cameron reaches down and picks it up, noticing something written on it before setting it back on the desk.

“Go see Cameron. She’s going to take care of you from now on,” Ilias says as she hands over the puppy to her student.

As Cameron takes the puppy, Bethany walks over to see what Rosanna is looking at. “What?”

Rosanna nods towards the professor, “Why do the students flock around her? It’s always the pretty students too.”

“Hey,” scolds Bethany. “One-sided love is always sad.” Then Bethany gets an idea, “Let’s drink after work.”

Rosanna nods her head, “Your treat?”

You have been killed by Sadako!”

The words remain on Bennie’s computer as she has moved to the couch to crash out.

The door to the clubroom opens, and a slice of light comes in from the hallway, “What the…?” Jersey says as he flips on the lights, but Bennie doesn’t move. Jersey sits down next to her, “What’s wrong with you?”

Bennie just lays there on her stomach, half of her face dug into the couch cushion. “Lara died. Over and over and over again. That bastard…”

Jersey glances over at the computer, “I see…” Jersey just shakes his head, gets up, and walks over to the other side of the room when the computer sounds.  Bennie’s eyes go wide, and she leaps up and rushes to the computer.

Sadako: Nice going, dumbass. You’ll never beat me.”

“Dumbass? Dumbass? DUMBASS? How dare you call me a dumbass!” shouts Bennie at the computer.

Sadako: Is your little sidekick there helping you, and you still can’t beat me? You suck at this game, just like you suck at your little broadcasts.

Bennie: Where are you?!”

Sadako: Why? Are you going to try and find me? Probably have as much luck as you have finding ghosts, loser. You better just stay where you are.”

“Bennie: When I find you, I’m gonna kill you!

As Bennie throws a temper tantrum over the tauntings, Sadako enjoys poking fun at the duo. He has the TV on, and a newscast comes on the channel.

Pop Singer Minka has committed suicide, her publicist has announced today. What’s more shocking is the suicide itself was streamed live on the singer’s official Instagram account.

As Sadako turns off his computer, the TV suddenly goes to static. Sadako looks at it curiously and then gets out of his computer chair to look at it, wondering why his cable went out.

His phone vibrates, and suddenly a song begins to play on it. “What the hell?” he asks as he reaches for it to find the video of Minka’s hanging playing on it, and he immediately throws it down. “Who sent me that shit?” he asks.

The TV comes back on, only this time it’s one of Minka’s music videos.

“What’s going on with this?” Sadako asks as he takes a couple steps away from the television.

With his eyes focused on the television, he doesn’t see the black smoke pouring from underneath his bed. Nor does he see the arm sneaking out as the ghost crawls out from underneath.  As her head emerges, that’s when Sadako sees her. It’s the ghost of Minka, and as she crawls towards him, Sadako begins to scream, “Don’t come near me!”

The sounds of his screams echo down the hallway of his apartment building.

“Would it have killed you to buy me that dress?” Aubrey has probably been talking about that dress all the way home.  Darkness has fallen, and Boone opens the apartment door and carries the groceries inside.

“I already told you I overspent buying you a toothbrush and the meat you wanted so badly,” he explains. “You think I can afford to buy a dress?” He sets the bags on the table and turns on the light, “Do you take me for a fool?”

“No. It’s not that,” Aubrey explains. “It’s like this.” She points to the blouse, “I’ve been wearing this for five years. It’s starting to wear out.”

Boone starts to remove his backpack, “What about ghosts that have been dead for a hundred years?”

“You’ve smelled those old ghosts before. They stink because of their old clothes!”

Boone shakes his head, “A ghost shouldn’t be complaining about their clothes.”

Aubrey begins to whine and pout

“Even if I bought it for you, could you even wear it?” Boone asks.

Aubrey gets excited, “Of course! You just have to burn it first.”

Boone is appalled. “So, I have to buy you a new dress just to burn it?”

Aubrey, acting like it’s the most normal thing, “Yes, exactly!”

“Again, I say, I am on a budget. I can’t afford to be frivolous.”

Boone starts to put things away. He finds Aubrey’s toothbrush and pink plastic cup. He walks into the bathroom and sits next to his cup, and Aubrey just grins as she looks at them.

“What’s with that look?”

Aubrey looks at him, “Hey! I’ve been dead for five years. I haven’t received any gifts in all that time. Let me enjoy this moment.”

Suddenly, Boone asks, “Wait, can ghosts even brush their teeth?”

“Are we not allowed to?” Aubrey asks. “I happen to be a very hygienic ghost. What’s wrong with you?”

Boone starts to really think about this, “You said you haven’t received a gift in five years. Does that mean you haven’t brushed your teeth in five years?” Boone smirks. “Very hygienic.”

Aubrey scowls at him, but as he walks past her, she sees her cup and toothbrush and smiles again. Very happy.

Boone starts dinner, cooking up some of the steaks they bought.

“Put another steak on for me!” Aubrey insists.

Boone shakes his head, “One is enough.”

Suddenly, there’s a pounding on the door. “Boone! Boone! Let me in!”


Aubrey’s face falls. She knows what that means. She’s not going to get to eat any of the food now. As Boone removes the food from the burner and goes to answer the door, Aubrey stomps her feet angrily and disappears.

Boone returns with Tetzuka in tow. Tetzuka stops and inhales, “Are you making steak?”

“Yes,” Boone says as he puts the steak back on the burner.

“Good,” Tetzuka says. “I’m starving. What’s the special occasion that you made steak?”

Boone serves up the food and sits down, and Tetzuka doesn’t hesitate to begin cutting into it as Aubrey watches with sadness from the window. That was her steak. Her eyes are about to spill over in tears.

“No reason,” Boone responds, “Eat up.”

A half-hour later and every bite of food has been eaten. Tetzuka rubs his belly, “That was great.” Suddenly, his stomach makes a sound. “Oh, shit. I’ll be right back.” He slides his chair out and rushes to the bathroom.

Boone gets up and takes the dishes to the sink, but Aubrey is standing right in front of him as he turns around. She glares at him and asks, “Where’s the meat?”

Boone winces and shows her the empty pan, “I’m so sorry.”

Aubrey takes in a breath as she sees the food is gone. She bites her lip for a moment and then points to the bathroom, “Is that old man always here?”

Boone looks over at the bathroom where she’s pointing. “No. Not always. A couple of times a month, maybe?” Suddenly, the door flies open.

Tetzuka is holding the pink toothbrush in his hand, “Boone! What’s the deal with this toothbrush?!”

Aubrey’s eyes go wide, “That’s my toothbrush!”

Tetzuka obviously doesn’t hear her, “Did you buy this for me to use?”

Aubrey’s hands go to her mouth, and her eyes go wide. “Don’t you dare…” she mutters. She wants to run over and snatch that toothbrush right out of that old man’s hand.

“And why, of all the colors in the world, did you get me pink?” Tetzuka asks.

Aubrey turns to Boone, “That’s my toothbrush! Why is that old man touching my toothbrush?”

“I’ll use it well!” Tetzuka says as he puts some toothpaste on it, and in slow motion, he brings it to his mouth and begins to brush his teeth.

“Noooooooooo!” Aubrey screams out and holds her head with both of her hands. Then suddenly, her hands drop to her side as she sighs in resignation.

Tetzuka is fast asleep, but Aubrey is kneeling next to him, probably plotting his death. That old man ate her food and used her toothbrush. She clenches her fist, “I’m so angry!”

She glares at him, “I hope you fall flat on your face and break your nose, old man.”

She stands upright and starts to walk away when suddenly, Tetzuka starts to turn over but instead rolls right off the couch and onto the floor. Aubrey ducks down behind the couch, her mouth wide open.

“The fuck?” Tetzuka says as he rubs his elbow, “Did I break it?” He groans as he gets to his feet, “I ate so much,” he grumbles and climbs back onto the couch as Aubrey grins, thinking she caused him to fall.

Aubrey stands up as she cackles, “Serves you right, you old fucker,” she giggles at him. Then something dawns on her. “Where the hell am I supposed to sleep?” She turns and walks through Boone’s closed door and sees that he’s only taking up half his bed.

She sneaks over and gently sits down on the edge of his bed so as not to wake him up. She lies down next to him and sighs softly, “It’s been so long since I slept on a bed.”

Suddenly, Boone turns over and faces her, his face just a hair’s width away from her as her eyes go wide. She stays there silently for a moment before awkwardly turning over onto her back.

Hours go by, and Boone finds himself cold, so he tries to pull the covers over him, but they won’t budge. As his eyes open, he seems confused first to see Aubrey lying next to him. She has turned to her back is to him, so he sits up to see if she’s actually asleep and finds that she is.

He sighs as he scoots from the bed, pausing only when she starts to stir in her sleep. He picks up the blanket, covers her up, and then slides off the bed, walking into the living room. He throws his pillow onto the floor and lies down on the floor next to the couch.

Tetzuka shifts in his sleep, and for the second time this evening, he rolls right off the couch. This time, however, he crashes down on poor Boone, who groans out in pain. Boone pushes him out of the way, and as Tetzuka falls asleep on the floor, Boone crawls up onto the couch and finally curls up and goes to sleep.

The morning comes, and as sunlight streams into Boone’s bedroom, Aubrey wakes up. She sits up in the bed and stretches her arms out as she yawns. Suddenly, she notices the blanket over her and that Boone is missing.

In the living room, both Boone and Tetzuka are awake. Tetzuka is inspecting some of his exorcism tools while Boone is folding up the blanket. Tetzuka has a sword that he’s polishing up as he asks, “Boone. Why were you sleeping out here instead of your room?”

Boone’s eyes go wide. He didn’t think about that one. He struggles for an answer and finally says, “Oh, it got too hot in my bedroom.”

Tetzuka is about to accept that answer when something dawns on him. He turns to look up at Boone, “By chance….”

Boone is afraid of what is about to come from his mouth.

“… did you miss me or something?” Tetzuka asks.

Boone rolls his eyes, “Get real,” and storms out of the living room as Tetzuka has a laugh about his joke.

Boone takes the trash outside, separating some of the different types into their proper bin before walking back inside, where Tetzuka is dressed and ready to head out. “Leaving without breakfast? That’s unlike you.”

Tetzuka nods his head, “I know, but I have a meeting outside of the city, and I have to catch the bus. I’ll see you on your mom’s memorial day.”

Boone nods, and we see that Aubrey is behind Boone, “Mom’s memorial day?” she says mostly to herself.

“And Boone,” Tetzuka continues, “Stay the fuck away from ghosts. They’re nothing but trouble! Absolute monsters.”

Aubrey has appeared right next to Tetzuka, and she mocks him as he speaks.

Boone waves him off, “Yeah, yeah. I understand.”

“Don’t just tell me you understand,” Tetzuka emphasizes as Aubrey just glares at him.

“I know, Tetzuka.” Suddenly, Tetzuka turns and looks right at Aubrey.

Boone’s eyes go wide. Aubrey hasn’t moved from her spot next to Tetzuka. Boone is afraid that the jig is up when Tetzuka finally says.

“I feel an energy in this place.” He turns and looks right at Aubrey again and then around her, “Do you feel anything? See anything?”

Boone’s eyes are wide as saucers. “Nope. I don’t see a thing.”

That seems to pacify the elder as he nods. “Take care of yourself. I’ll see you soon.”

As Tetzuka walks out of the apartment, Aubrey scowls at him, “Does he think that all ghosts are evil? I’ve met plenty of nice ghosts. Fuck that old man. He just passes judgment on all ghosts. I don’t like that jerk one bit.” She suddenly turns to him. “When do we eat?”

Boone is amazed that she changed the subject so quickly. “Do you think of food the moment you wake up?”

A bit later, Aubrey is finishing up a bowl of cereal. She finally slides the bowl away from her.

Boone looks at her, “Three bowls was enough? You need a fourth?”

Aubrey rubs at her belly, “Nope. I’m good.”

“Maybe we need to renegotiate our contract.”

Aubrey seems surprised, “What do you mean?

“I know I said I’d provide you food and a place to sleep, but if you’re going to eat so much, I don’t think I’ll be able to afford it.”

“Are you saying I eat too much?” she asks.

Boone nods, “That’s exactly what I’m saying.”

“Look, you’ve already talked me down to 25 percent….” Aubrey starts.

Boone interrupts, “Let’s make it 20 percent.”

“I didn’t eat that much,” she protests.

Boone takes the cereal box and holds it upside down over the table, and a few crumbs fall out. “We bought this yesterday.”

Aubrey bites her lip, “Look, I can help you fight ghosts better if I’m well fed.”

“You haven’t even started yet!” Boone exclaims.

Aubrey scowls.

“What, you don’t like it? We can forget the whole thing….”

“Fine!” Aubrey finally gives in. “Twenty percent, but you can’t go any lower no matter what! It’ll take me forever to pay you off as it is.”

A little while later, Aubrey is sitting on the couch, patting her belly. “It’s nice to have a belly full of food,” she says to herself when she hears Boone’s door open, and he comes out. She hops up and rushes over, “Where you going?”

“Why?” Boone asks slowly.

Aubrey smiles at him, “So I can come with you!”

Boone shakes his head, “I don’t think so. We might have a business arrangement, but we also need to have private lives. Understand?” He turns and walks out of the apartment, leaving her standing there.

Aubrey scoffs.

Bennie is walking down the sidewalk with a purpose, “I will slap the taste right out of this asshole’s mouth.”

Jersey is struggling to keep up with her, “Do you really want to do this?”

“I’ll slap him once. If he says anything, I’ll slap him again. I’ll keep slapping him until he shuts that fat mouth of his,” Bennie continues to rant. “I will end this asshole.”

Jersey stops walking, “It’s right here.”

Bennie had walked too far, so she turns and walks back.

The apartment is above a storefront. A narrow stairway runs up between two stores, and the second floor of this block is a series of apartments. “He lives here?” Bennie asks.

“That’s what I found,” Jersey tells her. “You might be careful. There are rumors that this Sadako guy knows some martial arts.”

Bennie looks concerned for a moment, then decides, “It’s probably bullshit rumors. I’m not scared of this punk. I can’t wait to put this guy in his place.” Bennie starts up the stairs.

Jersey follows.

As Bennie walks down the hall, she asks, “Which apartment?”


“204, 205, 206, 207!” she says as she begins to pound on the door. “Open up. I’ve found you, you little turd!” There’s no answer, so she pounds again, “Listen up, Sadako! Open up this door and take your ass whipping like a man.”

Again, there’s no answer. Bennie smirks, turning to Jersey. “He’s scared. Probably so scared, he pissed himself.” She reaches for the doorknob, and it turns and opens easily. “Didn’t even lock the door.”

Bennie bursts into the room and begins to scream as she sees Sadako, dead, leaning against his desk with blood running from his eyes. When Bennie begins to scream, Jersey begins to scream, and they fall over each other, trying to get out of the room.

Paramedics wheel the gurney down the stairs and towards the ambulance as Bennie and Jersey watch from across the street. An officer is taking their statement. We overhear the comments of the Detectives assigned to the case.

“He was a nasty type, I hear. Always posting horrible comments on social media.”

Detective Barnes shrugs, “I hear that Minka sued him for slander before she committed suicide.”

“Oh, that pop star,” Detective Pike points to Bennie and Jersey. “What do they have to do with this?”

“Oh, they are the ones who called the police. I guess they run an online thing, and this guy also makes some nasty comments about them. So the girl came to fight him,” Barnes explains.

Pike looks confused, “She came to fight a guy over comments on the Internet?”

Bennie and Jersey are seated at the precinct in front of Detective Pike. The detective glances at Jersey, “So you used his game ID to hack into his account to get his personal information?”

Jersey nods.

Pike turns to Bennie, “And you were so mad at what he was saying over chat that you decided to confront him at his apartment?”

Bennie nods.

“And you were so mad that you killed him.”

Bennie nods her head and then stops and holds up her hands, “Wait, no. I didn’t kill him. He was already dead when we got there.” She turns to Jersey, “Right? Tell him!”

Jersey stammers, “That’s right. We didn’t do anything at all. It was all like that when we got there.”

Detective Barnes is standing behind Pike, and she leans over, slamming her hands on the desk, “You’re lying. You had a grudge.”

Bennie shakes her head, leaning away from the imposing detective, “I swear to God, he was like that when we got there.”

An officer comes up and sets a thumb drive on the desk, “They’re not lying. They arrived after he died. We have the video footage from the store next door. Their alibis are pretty solid. However, you two might want to check this out.”

Bennie and Jersey give each other a high five at the news of them being cleared, but then a concerned look when there’s more.

The two detectives pour over the documents handed to them as the officer walks off. “These are all the trolling comments made on Minka’s social media accounts. People are awful,” Detective Pike notes.

Detective Barnes seems confused, “I’ve never heard of some of these words.”

Pike shakes his head, “You don’t want to know. Words can be very hurtful. I almost don’t blame her for taking her own life after reading some of this stuff.”

“It looks like the one who wrote the worst stuff is our victim. See his handle, Sadako? Apparently, he runs an anti-Minka website. Look here, another user who frequents that site is this guy. Wait for a second. I’ve seen that name before.” Barnes grabs another folder off the desk and opens it up. “This guy was found the night before last. He’s also dead. Broken fingers, bloody eyes, just like Sadako.”

Bennie and Jersey are looking as well, and at that news, Jersey begins to tap Bennie on the shoulder as they listen with their mouths wide open.

“Here’s another name with a lot of comments,” then both of the detectives look up at Bennie, but she already knows.

“That would be me, I imagine,” she admits.

Pike stares at her for a moment, “You wrote a lot of nasty stuff here too.”

Bennie shakes her head, “It wasn’t me. My account got hacked, and this Sadako asshole wrote all that stuff!” All her stammering and squirming don’t seem very convincing, and the detectives absolutely don’t believe her. “I’m serious. I didn’t write any of that.”

The pop star Minka, who killed herself a few days ago, filmed herself committing suicide. It was a shock to everyone. The video has spread and has become a viral sensation. The police are having a hard time….”

Bennie gets up and walks over, turning off the television. The duo are back at the clubhouse, and while Jersey is doing some stuff on the computer, Bennie has been watching the news footage of the Minka suicide. She walks back over and plops back down next to Jersey.

“Do you think Sadako’s death has anything to do with Minka?” she asks. “Why would those detectives ask me to call if anything happens? Is something going to happen to me? I don’t have a good feeling about any of this.” It’s more like she’s rambling. She turns to see what Jersey is up to on the computer, “What are you doing?”

“Bennie, look.” He points to something on his computer screen, setting his laptop on the coffee table. “This is the anti-Minka site. Look at these comments.”

“That guy Sadako, I heard he died.”

“That other guy also died.”

“News reports say that their fingers were broken.”

“It’s the Minka curse.”

“If you wrote nasty comments, you’re probably next.”

“What about Bennie? She wrote a lot of nasty comments. She’s probably next.”

“What? I didn’t even write that stuff!” Bennie screams out. “No way! I’m not next!” Jersey gets up and walks off as Bennie continues to ramble on. “I liked Minka’s music. I have it on my playlist! What do I do? Will her ghost come for me too?” She turns to her side to see that Jersey is gone. He’s putting on his backpack on the other side of the room and is ignoring her.  She gets to her feet, “Where are you going?”

Jersey wants to get as far away from Bennie as possible. “I just remember I had somewhere to be.”

“Where are you going? You didn’t tell me you had an appointment!”

“I need to go back to my hometown,” Jersey explains.

Bennie rushes over to him, “This is your hometown! You think I don’t know that?”

“My parents called last night and told me I was born in a different town. One that’s really far away from here!” Jersey explains.

Bennie smacks him in the shoulder, “You’re a fucking coward. That’s what you are. It’s my life on the line here, and you’re running away like a little chickenshit.”

Suddenly, the static sound is heard on the laptop, and a music video from one of Minka’s songs appears, and both Bennie and Jersey are scared by it.

The lights in the clubhouse begin to flicker on and off, and they both begin to scream. When Minka turns to look at them in the video, her eyes turn red, and blood begins to drip from her eyes, and that’s when Jersey and Bennie scream and run out of the room.

A woman is typing on her phone as she gets into an elevator.

Crazy bitch,” she types. “Do you want to get mocked even after your death?”

The elevator door opens, and she gets in and pushes the button for the fourth floor. She goes back to type and doesn’t see that the button for 4 goes dark, and the button for the 6th floor lights up.

She types away on her phone when the lights begin to flicker in the elevator. She glances up nervously, “The fuck?” She glances down at her phone, and it’s the image of Minka’s suicide on her phone.

She feels something on her neck, and as we look at the woman, black smoke begins to swirl around her. The woman nervously turns to the side, and suddenly, dead Minka is in front of her, and the woman screams out loud.

When the elevator door opens up on the 6th floor, the woman falls out of the elevator. Dead.

As the elevator tries to close, the woman’s body blocks it, so it opens up again and tries to close. As we get a closer look at her, blood runs from her eyes just like all the other victims.

Aubrey looks very excited to sit in Boone’s class as she looks around, ready to take notes and everything. Boone doesn’t look all that excited at all as he turns to her.

“Do you really have to come to class with me?” he asks.

Aubrey beams at him, “Of course! It’s fun!”

Boone is not as enthusiastic about school as she is, “Just so you know. I don’t come to school just for your amusement.”

Aubrey waves him off. “Just pretend I’m not here. It’s been five years since I sat in a college class. Don’t you feel sorry for me?”

He doesn’t. “First of all, you don’t remember anything, so how can you miss it? Secondly, you can sit there but be quiet, so I can concentrate.” Boone turns away from her and mumbles to himself, “Don’t talk to her. People will think you’re losing your mind.”

Aubrey just scowls at him.

Walking out of class after the lecture, Aubrey doesn’t seem as excited as when the class was about to start. “Why are these lectures so long?” she complains. “Now I’m starving.” She turns to Boone, “Let’s go eat?”

“I’m starting to think your death is hunger-related? Did you die of starvation or something? Why are you always hungry?” Boone asks her.

“Maybe I did die of hunger,” Aubrey starts to consider the idea. She looks up and stops walking, “Hey, look. It’s that girl.”

Right outside of the building, Cameron is talking to another classmate. Boone glances up, wondering who she’s talking about when he sees Cameron, he does a double-take.

Aubrey grins and gives his arm a light tap, “Look at that happy expression on your face. You got it bad, dude.”

As Cameron chats away, Boone is just staring at her. Aubrey can’t help but laugh, “Don’t just stand there looking stupid. Go ask her to lunch or something.”

“What the fuck are you talking about? Let’s just go,” Boone stammers, looking like a deer caught in headlights. He starts to turn to go the other way when Aubrey grabs him by the arm.

“Ouch, hey!”

When Boone cries out in pain, Cameron turns to see what the noise is about. “Oh, hey Boone!” she says, dismissing the other person she was talking to and heads towards Boone.

“Hello,” Boone manages to say as she approaches while Aubrey looks on, amused.

“Go on, ask her to lunch,” Aubrey whispers.

“Is class over?” asks Cameron.

“Oh, yes. It is.”

“Oh, yes. It is,” mocks Aubrey. “What kind of man are you anyway?”

“Oh, well, I hope it was a good class. I guess I’ll see you in tomorrow’s class,” Cameron starts to head off when Boone stops her.

“Cameron,” he starts to say.

“You got this,” mutters Aubrey. “Words are good.”

“I was wondering,” Boone continues, ignoring Aubrey. His throat suddenly feels dry.

Aubrey jumps up and down, “Hurry up and ask?” Meanwhile, Cameron is just looking at Boone, waiting.

“About lunch,” he continues, but suddenly, Cameron sees Professor Ilias down the hall and gets distracted.

“What about lunch?” she asks.

Boone chickens out as he finishes, “I just wanted to say to have a good lunch.” He laughs awkwardly.

Aubrey just looks at him like he’s pathetic.

Cameron smiles at him, “Same to you. I’ll see you later.”

“Sure,” Boone says as Cameron goes around him and walks down the hall.

“Oh my god,” Aubrey says. “That was just sad to watch. It’s like watching a plane crash into the ground. ‘I wanted to say to have a good lunch,’” she imitates him. “Dude, she’s way out of your league. It’s pretty obvious.”

Boone just stands there, nearly in shock. He turns to look at Aubrey. “Shut it.”

“Shut it,” she imitates.

Boone is getting angry, “Don’t imitate me.”

“Don’t imitate me!”

Boone turns to face her, “Do you want to die?”

“I’m already dead,” she says to him and heads out as Boone watches her leave.

“Hey! Hey!” he rushes after her.

“Professor Ilias!” yells Cameron as she hurries after the teacher in the corridor.

Ilias stops walking and turns around, “Oh, Cameron.”

“How are you?” asks Cameron.

Ilias nods her head, “I’m doing great. How’s our puppy doing?”

“He’s perfect,” says Cameron. “He still hasn’t gotten his appetite back, but he’s doing well otherwise.”

Ilias looks concerned, “It could be the new surroundings. He might just need some time to adjust. It’s not uncommon. If it goes on for too long, make sure to bring him by the clinic, and I’ll take a look. I’ll be there today and tomorrow afternoon.”

Cameron smiles at the professor and nods. “If it’s still an issue tomorrow, I’ll bring him by.”

As they depart from each other, going separate ways, Ilias hears the sound of a cat meowing, perhaps in distress, and she stops walking and looks in that direction. She walks over and discovers a student feeding a stray cat.

“Excuse me,” Ilias calls out to the student. “We try not to feed stray cats on college grounds. It tends to bring more stray cats.” Ilias slowly approaches the two, “I was wondering who was feeding this cat.”

“Hello, professor,” the student rises as Ilias approaches.

“This building is for animal research. We’re pretty strict about wild animals in this area.”

The student nods her head, “I’m sorry, professor. This cat just looks hungry, and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to bring it some food.”

Ilias nods her head, “Next time, feed the cat away from school property if you don’t mind.”


Ilias smiles, “There’s a security guard that floats around campus. If he sees you feeding the stray cat on school grounds, he’ll give you a ticket. So, just feet it off school grounds.”

The student is relieved that she’s not in trouble, “I’ll do that. Thank you.”

Ilias is about to walk away when she notices something and bends down, “Did this cat just give birth?”

The student kneels down as well, “I did see some newborn kittens nearby. Is there something better I should be feeding a mama cat who’s just given birth?”

“Chicken or beef,” Ilias tells her. “Really, something filling, if you can. Perhaps I should examine her,” but as Ilias reaches for the cat, it strikes out, slashing her arm with its claws, then shrieks and runs off.

“Are you okay?” asks the student.

Ilias looks angry at first but forces a smile, “I’m fine. Just a little scratch. I must have frightened it.” Ilias’s gaze follows the direction in which the cat ran off.

Tetzuka is on the bus, heading towards his next job, when his phone rings.  “Oh, it’s you.” Tetzuka rattles off an address and says, “I need you to check on him. Because it’s right close to where you live. Just stop in and give it a look. It’s Boone’s father. Okay, thanks. I appreciate it. I’ll owe you one.”

As he hangs up the phone, he wonders aloud, “Where has he gotten off to that he doesn’t answer my calls anymore.”

Boone and Aubrey are walking home, and Aubrey suddenly stops him, “Look, if you’re not gonna go for it, you should just give it up. Either tell her how you feel or fuck off, seriously. Think of me as your big sister.”

“Big sister? What kind of shit is that? Pass. Are you the expert on love now?” Boone asks her.

“Boone! Boone!” Boone hears his name being called and turns around just as Jersey runs up to him.

“What’s up?” asks Boone.

“Boone,” Jersey says, though trying to catch his breath.

Boone is already ready to blow him off, “Look, I already said I’m not interested in your club….”

“No. It’s not about the club,” Jersey tries to explain. “It’s Bennie. She’s in trouble.”

Bennie has acquired every superstitious object that may be rumored to ward off evil spirits. She has two crosses, one in each hand. She has a string of garlic around her neck. She has a little vial of water next to her on the nightstand. She has a cloak around her, and she huddles in the corner of the room to make sure the spirit can’t sneak up on her. “What’s taking Jersey so long?” she whines and then starts a prayer.

“You see, it’s like this,” Jersey tries to explain. “You know that singer that died. Minka. Bennie wrote some nasty stuff on her website. I mean, this guy Sadako hacked into the website and posted things that looked like it was from Bennie.”

Boone and Aubrey are both trying to follow where this is going when Jersey’s phone rings. “Oh, it’s Bennie.” He answers the phone. “Yes, I’m with Boone right now.”

Suddenly, the phone is all static.

“Hello? Hello?”

Bennie is yelling into the phone, “Hello? Hello?” but it’s just filled with static. When she pulls the phone away, the music video is playing on her phone. It suddenly switches to the video of Minka’s hanging, and Bennie throws the phone, gets up from her corner, and rushes off.

“Bennie!” Jersey screams into the phone. He reaches up and grabs Boone by the strap of his backpack, “We have to go now.” He begins to pull Boone away, and Aubrey follows.

Bennie bursts out of the clubhouse and runs down the hall, screaming all the way, but as soon as she turns the corner, she stops.

Minka is floating at the end of the hallway.

Bennie screams and turns to run back, but Minka floats after her. Bennie goes back into the clubhouse, slams the door, and pushes on it from the inside.

“Oh my god! Someone save me!” she cries out as the lights begin to flicker inside the room.

Suddenly, drops of blood begin to fall on Bennie, and she slowly looks up just as Minka drops down towards her.

Bennie scrambles away from the door, and Minka poofs and reappears right in front of Bennie, who screams some more.

Then faints.

Minka scowls at the unconscious streamer and grabs Bennie by the hand, and begins to twist the fingers, just like she did the others who posted awful things about her, but as soon as they begin to crack, Aubrey appears in the room.

“Don’t!” Aubrey yells as the spirit. Minka turns around, and Aubrey charges in and spears her down to the floor. They both scramble to their feet. Minka tries to hit Aubrey, who ducks and kicks Minka right in the stomach, sending her sprawling back, slamming up against the wall.

Aubrey starts to approach the ghost, “Stop doing this. Killing people will not change the fact that you are dead.”

As Aubrey approaches, the look changes in Minka’s eyes. They look more scared than angry as they were before.  Aubrey is just about face to face with Minka when the spirit disappears and reappears in another part of the clubhouse.

As Aubrey goes towards her, Minka appears beside Aubrey and shoves her into a bookshelf. “All I wanted was to be complimented,” Minka tells her as she has her hands around Aubrey’s throat. “Why did they hate me so much?” She screams it again, “Why did they hate me so much?!”

Suddenly, the door kicks open and Boone storms into the clubhouse. He sees Aubrey in danger and rushes over to grab Minka and throws her to the side. Minka disappears and reappears behind Boone, and as he turns around to face her, she punches him hard, sending him across the room to crash into some boxes.

Aubrey watches Boone go crash, but as she turns to deal with Minka, Minka gives her a right that sends her over a table. As Aubrey crashing on the other side, Minka leaps up onto the table. Aubrey scrambles to her feet and sweeps the legs from under Minka, who lands hard on the table.

Aubrey climbs up and mounts Minka and tries to punch her, but Minka blocks her. Aubrey screams down at her, “You’re the one who hates you the most!”

Suddenly, Minka stops struggling as she looks up at Aubrey. “Killing people won’t change a thing!” Aubrey says again.

Suddenly, Minka flips Aubrey over, straddles her, puts her hands around Aubrey’s throat, and squeezes. “How dare you tell me how I am supposed to feel! How dare you tell me what to do! How could you possibly know?” Minka lets out a blood-curdling scream as she squeezes down.

The scream awakens Boone, who sees Aubrey in danger as Minka tries to choke her out. Boone scrambles to his feet and rushes over, grabs Minka, and hurls her into the wall.

As the ghost singer gets to her feet, Boone turns to Aubrey and helps her sit up. “Are you alright?” he asks.

Aubrey nods her head, “Yeah.”

As Minka is about to act, something catches her eye, and she turns towards the mirror. She brushes the hair away from her eyes, looking into her own red eyes and blood tears. Aubrey’s words ring in her ears, “You’re the one who hates yourself the most.”

As Minka comes to the realization that Aubrey might be right, she starts to fade out as her body begins to disappear. Boone and Aubrey watch as the singer disappears into a puff of black smoke, heading into the great beyond.

Aubrey stares at the spot where Minka was standing, perhaps even regretting the harsh words she spoke when suddenly Jersey comes in with a mop, waving it around. “Where is that ghost?!” He looks around and sees that it’s already been dealt with and drops the mop until his eyes fall on the unconscious Bennie.

“Bennie!” he screams and rushes to her. “Don’t die! Are we too late?” he cries out in anguish.

Climbing the hill towards Boone’s apartment, Aubrey grumbles under her breath as each step she takes is rather dramatic, “I’m so tired,” she mutters.

Boone is several feet in front of her and stops when she tells him, “Wait, I can’t walk anymore. I’m going to go home first and meet you there.” She takes three steps and poofs into thin air.

Boone watches her leave and just smirks, “It’s the first time I’ve ever been jealous of a ghost.”

He starts to walk when Aubrey poofs in behind him. He turns around, “Why are you back?”

“I’m so tired, I can’t even poof to other places,” she says, out of breath. “Let me try this again.”

She takes three running steps and poofs again.

Boone shakes his head and starts up again, but this time Aubrey poofs in front of him and nearly collides.

“You startled me!” Boone tells her.

“Sorry, sorry,” she apologizes, still out of breath. “I can’t do it. Too tired.”

“I thought you said you were going home ahead of me?” Boone asks.

Aubrey doesn’t like it one bit, “Other ghosts seem to do it just fine. I don’t know why I’m having so many issues!”

Boone smirks, but the smirk fades when he notices the holes in her outfit that she pointed out the other day when she told him she’d had it for five years.

Boone clears his throat, “Good job today.”

“I did do a good job, didn’t I?” Aubrey pats herself on the back.

Boone rolls his eyes, “I can’t even compliment you, can I?”

“What’s for dinner?” she asks, ignoring his comment. “Can you make meat since I didn’t get any last time because of that old man?”

Boone considers it but takes too long to answer, so Aubrey just sighs. “Fine. Fix whatever. You’re such a cheapskate.”

Boone nods, “Let’s have meat today.”


“There’s a market on the way home. I’ll stop by,” Boone tells her.

Aubrey gets all excited, “Hurry home! I’m starving.” She turns around and poofs again.

Boone walks into the apartment, carrying the grocery bag which he sets on the kitchen table. He notices it’s awful dark and quiet, so he walks into the living room, where he finds Aubrey passed out on the couch.

“She asks me to hurry back because she’s hungry.” He smirks and walks back into the kitchen.

A little bit later, he’s on the roof, tending to the fire in the grill.

While down in the living room, something causes Aubrey to wake up.  As she lies there on the couch, her old outfit slowly disintegrates, and the new pink dress that she wanted so badly appears on her.

As she looks down at herself, slowly, a happy smile forms on her face.

Boone finishes burning the dress and stands up, just as Aubrey fades onto the roof, “Boone!”

She’s so proud of that new dress, she spins around to show it off, and suddenly, Boone sees her in a different light.

Jersey put Bennie on the couch and put a blanket over her. He keeps checking on her, “C’mon, Bennie. Snap out of it,” he tells her.

Suddenly, Bennie groans. She coughs a couple of times and then asks, “Am I still alive?”

“Yes! Yes, you are,” Jersey tells her, happy that she’s come back. “You’re alive, and you didn’t get your fingers broken.”

Bennie reaches up and grabs Jersey in a hug, “I was so scared,” she tells him.

Rosanna and Bethany are finished with their shift at the clinic. They turn to Ilias, “We’re heading out, doctor.”

Ilias seems surprised as she looks at the clock, “Oh! I didn’t realize how late it was getting.”

Bethany suddenly spots something, “Did you hurt yourself?” she says, seeing the scratch on Ilias’s hand.

Ilias shakes her head, “I got scratched by a cat.”

“It never goes well, trying to feed a stray cat. I bet that’s how you got it,” Roseanna says.

Ilias doesn’t really answer that question, “Thank you for your hard work today. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Good night,” they say as Bethany grabs Rosanna by the wrist and drags her out of the clinic.

Ilias follows them out and yells after them, “Get home safely.” She goes back inside and begins to turn off the lights and lock everything up.  She walks back to the office and takes off her jacket, hanging it on the hook.

It’s dark at the college when the student from earlier is out looking for the mother cat, “Nabi! Where are you?” she calls quietly to the cat. She has a can of food in her hand.

Suddenly, she hears the meowing of kittens, but as she finds them, she sees the mama cat is dead and the kittens are looking for food, staying close to their mom.

Back at the clinic, as Ilias places the coat on the hook, she pauses as if she senses something. As she looks down at her arm, there are actually more cat scratches on her forearm that weren’t there before.

An evil expression appears on her face.





Detective Pike   HAKEEN MACK
Detective Barnes   SAM TOLSON


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