A man is hiking up in the woods, and after a good while, he appears to be a little lost.

He tries to find a landmark or anything that will tell him where he is so he can figure out which way he needs to go.

However, he takes one wrong step and falls, bounding down the hill, head over heels, until he comes to rest at the bottom of the draw.

He groans to himself as he gets to his feet. He checks himself out and brushes off the leaves. He starts to reach down for his walking stick when suddenly an eye is looking back at him, buried underneath the leaves.

The man screams, running back up the hill as fast as he can go.

Police tape now marks off the place where Kimberly’s body was found. Detective Pike and Detective Barnes are on the case as they gently remove some of the leaves away from Kimberly’s face.

“Who in the world drags a corpse this far into the woods to bury it?” asks Barnes with a grimace.

Pike shakes his head, “Some sly son-of-a-bitch, that’s who.”

The two detectives move out of the way so the body can be excavated from the earth.

Meanwhile, Ilias is driving into an alley and finds a burn barrel. She gets out, walks to the back of her SUV, and removes a bag of items. Some of them belonged to Kimberly, such as her university ID card and some notebooks, along with Ilias’s clothing she wore that night whens he took Kimberly to the forest to bury her body.

Ilias watches with a slight smirk on her face as the flame catches and grows as it feeds off the items as if they were a sacrifice.

Boone slowly wakes up the morning after the ghost fight. The first thing he notices is Aubrey sitting on the floor, but her head is on the bed, and she is sound asleep.

He also notices that she’s holding his hand.

He begins to remember some stuff from the night before, but as he does, Aubrey’s eyes slowly open, and they lock eyes.

Suddenly, as if they were electrocuted, they leap away from each other.

Awkwardly, Boone asks, “Who said you could come into my room?”

“What?” asks Aubrey. She’s also a little embarrassed and responds, “I didn’t mean to. I just fell asleep. I’ll leave you be.” She gets up quickly and poofs out of the room.

Boone throws the cover off and sits up. He immediately notices the calendar on the wall, and that Saturday’s date is circled. Today’s date. It’s that time of the year again.

As he exits his room, he has on his best suit, complete with a tie. Aubrey is standing in the kitchen as if she were waiting for him. She’s surprised to see him all dressed up, and of course, Boone catches the expression.

“What are you looking at me like that for?” he asks.

Busted, she shrugs, “I mean, I’ve never seen you all dressed up like that before. What’s the occasion? Something special? Can I come?”

Boone shakes his head, “It’s not something fun. Just stay here, and for once, don’t follow me.”

“Liar,” Aubrey says. “You just don’t want me spoiling your fun.”

Boone glares at her and then heads to the door.

Of course, Aubrey follows.

Aubrey probably should have listened as she stands there awkwardly a good distance off as Boone sets flowers on his mother’s tombstone. Tetzuka met Boone at the gravesite, and together they sit and talk amongst themselves.

“You still haven’t heard from your father?” Tetzuka asks.

Boone shakes his head. It’s actually the way he prefers it. His father really isn’t someone he cares to talk to. “If he hasn’t called you, he’s not going to call me.”

Tetzuka nods his head, “Something isn’t right. He hasn’t gone this long without some sort of contact.”

Boone has had enough of this conversation as he rises to his feet, “I’m heading out,” he says as he walks over and places a hand on the tombstone. “Bye, mom,” he says and walks off. Aubrey rushes over to meet him.

Tetzuka watches Boone leave, then slowly shakes his head. He needs to find out what’s going on with Boone’s father.

Bennie and Jersey are at the University club administration office, beaming proudly as Jersey dishes out the two applications they need to keep the club alive. “Here are these,” Jersey says.

Bennie nods her head, “And we already paid the maintenance fee that we owed, so please give us the key to our clubhouse back, please?” She extends her hand.

The manager looks at the applications and then slides them back, “Sorry, the Paranormal Club was disbanded officially yesterday. If you had shown up yesterday with these, you could have saved your club.”

Jersey seems confused, “When you say ‘disbanded,’ are you saying we’re terminated?”

Bennie quiets Jersey, “I had a feeling this was going to happen, so I came prepared.” She reaches into her backpack and pulls out a clipboard. “Here, manager, is a brand new club request form, complete with the stamp of approval by the university administration.”

The manager’s eyes go wide, and he snatches the clipboard and inspects it to ensure it’s legit.

Jersey is truly impressed, “When did you have time to do all of this?”

“The new club name is Ghost Extermination Services,” Bennie explains to the manager.

“That’s a weird name for a club,” the manager responds.

A few moments later, they are standing in front of the door to their clubhouse. With satisfaction, Jersey reaches up and rips down the eviction notice still taped to the door.

Bennie places the key in the lock and slowly, dramatically turns the key. With a nudge, the door creeps open, and the two walk in as if it were a massive homecoming.

The maintenance fee was paid for the damage caused by the fight with Minka the ghost. Jersey walks over and brushes his hand across the table, “I have missed this table,” he says.

“And look,” Bennie says, with a tear in her eye, “Our couch!” she plops down on it. “It’s good to be home again.”

“Is this a dream?” asks Jersey.

Bennie shrugs, “If it is, I don’t want to wake up.”

“I think we should celebrate!” Jersey says as he plops down into a chair.

Bennie’s eyes go wide, “I have a much better idea. But, we need to make sure everyone participates.” She leaps off the couch, “Let’s go!”

Cameron is finishing up a yoga class, and outside of the classroom, Bennie and Jersey are watching the class. “Why are we here again?” asks Jersey.

“We have to get Boone to come to the retreat,” she nods towards Cameron, “She’s our secret weapon.”

After class, Cameron and a friend leave the gym when Bennie and Jersey approach, “Can we have a moment?” asks Bennie.

Boone is walking when Bennie and Jersey come running up. “Boone,” yells Bennie.

Boone stops walking and looks at them.

Bennie nudges Jersey, who nudges Bennie, who nudges Jersey. Back and forth do this for a few moments while Boone looks at them like they’re a couple of complete morons.

Shortly, they are at the clubhouse. Aubrey is checking out the room while Boone is seated across from Bennie and Jersey at the table. “What do you think?” Bennie asks.

“A retreat?” Boone asks, still a little confused.

Bennie shakes a finger at him, “Not just a retreat. Club membership training. The official grand opening of Ghost Extermination Services. A change to welcome new members. It will be a spectacular, action-packed retreat,” she says, selling it big while Jersey nods his head at pretty much everything she says. Then she adds, “It could change your life.”

Aubrey has taken a seat beside Boone as she listens to the pitch and the expression on her face says she’s sold on this retreat. She turns to Boone, “We should go! It sounds amazing!”

Boone glances at her for a moment, then turns back to the others, “I’m not really feeling it,” he tells them, and Aubrey’s face falls.

Jersey finally speaks up, “We will cover everything. There’s nothing for you to do except to show up. We will provide transportation, food, shelter.”

The more they talk, the more excited Aubrey seems to get about this retreat. She turns to Boone, “See that, cheapskate? You don’t have to pay a dime for anything. It’s all free! C’mon, let’s go.”

Boone glances at her and gives her an expression that may be telling her to shut the fuck up. He turns back to the other two and just shrugs.

Bennie nods her head, “Well, I guess it’ll just be myself, Jersey, and Cameron at the retreat then.”

Boone’s eyes go wide, and Aubrey suddenly isn’t feeling this retreat.

Jersey nudges Bennie, “That’s right. All the other members of the club will be there. Cameron has already agreed to come. If you’re not feeling it, then….”

Aubrey whips her head to Boone, “Perhaps we shouldn’t go. It really doesn’t sound that fun at all. I think it might rain tomorrow.”

Boone reaches for the paperwork, “Let me think about it,” he says, suddenly changing his tune.

Aubrey sighs.

Bennie claps her hands, “That makes four of us! Excellent!”

Aubrey just scoffs.

“We’ve got a hit on the identity of that body we found in the forest,” Barnes yells out as she types away on her computer.  Pike gets up from his desk and leans over to read the computer screen.

“Kimberly Johnson. She’s a student at the university,” he reads off.

Barnes points to the bottom of the screen, “Cause of death. Asphyxiation. She was strangled by someone with strong hands.”

Pike nods his head, “She was strangled so hard, her neck was broken in several places. How is anyone this strong? What about the time of death?”

Barnes scrolls further down the screen, “24 hours ago. I called over to the University, and they said she had class but was marked absent.”

“What class?”

“Animal Studies with Professor Ilias,” Barnes said as she looks down at her notes. “Seems she was a veterinarian major.”

Pike slowly walks over to his desk, wondering where to go next on this case.

Cameron walks into the vet clinic, greeted by both Bethany and Rosanna.  Ilias is just walking out of her office when she sees Cameron, “Welcome!”

Cameron is carrying her new puppy, “Hello, professor.”

Ilias motions her to come back to the office, and after getting seated, Ilias asks, “What brings you by? Nothing is wrong, I hope.”

“Actually, no. But, I was wondering if you’d be willing to watch this little guy for a day,” she explains.

Ilias seems intrigued, “Are you going somewhere?”

Cameron nods her head, “I have a club retreat tomorrow.”

“A club retreat? How exciting,” Ilias says as she reaches over to pet the pup. “Which club?”

Cameron thinks for a moment, “To be honest, I don’t know that much about it. I was just asked to join and decided I would. Boone is in the club as well,” she remembers, knowing Ilias would know who that was.

“Oh, Boone is going as well?” Ilias asks, and then her mind seems to drift off.

“Yes, so…?” Cameron tries to get the topic back on track.

Ilias shakes herself out of it and nods, “Of course, we have plenty of space here.”

Cameron smiles and places a baggie on the desk, “Thanks for everything. I really appreciate this.”

Ilias curiously takes the paper bag and opens it up, “What this?”

“Just a little something to show my appreciation for your help,” Cameron explains.

Ilias pulls out a small box and opens it up. Inside is a fountain pen, and it looks a little pricey. “You shouldn’t have, but I have meant to get one, so I’ll just say thank you.”

Nosey Bethany and Rosanna watch the exchange and talk back and forth, but not so loud that we can hear what they’re saying. They don’t seem too thrilled about Cameron getting cozy with Ilias.

Cameron hands over the puppy to Ilias, “Looks like it’s just you and me, Ben,” Ilias says to the puppy as she takes him from Cameron. “He’s starting to get big.”

Boone is packing some stuff for the trip, and Aubrey pours as she sits on the bed.

“When I wanted to go, you said no because you have class. Now, all of a sudden, you want to go. What kind of bullshit is that?” Aubrey nags.

Boone stops packing to look at her, “I decided I could miss one class,” he responds and goes back to packing.

Aubrey’s trying to find some way to keep Boone from going on this trip. Suddenly she says, “I thought you were going to help me study? Let’s just stay home, and I’ll study real hard.”

“Wasn’t it you who said we needed a break once in a while?”

Aubrey is getting exasperated, “Once you start having fun, you just can’t stop. Trust me on this. I know.”

Boone puts the last of his clothes into his backpack and turns to look at you, “Who said I was taking you? You just stay home and study.”

Aubrey stands up, “What?” As Boone walks around her and out of his bedroom door, she cries out, “Hey!” and follows him out.

Boone and Aubrey are waiting at the college for the others to show up. Boone looks at Aubrey, “I told you not to come. Why do you keep following me? You didn’t even want to come. No, wait, you did, and then you didn’t.”

Aubrey is not amused by his jokes. In fact, she’s doing a little bit of pouting, “You’ll be gone. What am I supposed to do all alone at home by myself?”

“You realize I won’t be able to interact too much with you with everyone else around, right?” Boone reminds her.

Aubrey sticks her tongue out, “I’m well aware.”

“Boone!” yells a voice.

Cameron walks up to them, and Boone snaps to attention, “Cameron. You’re coming?”

Cameron is all dressed up for this retreat, and Aubrey just scowls at her, “Why is she wearing such fancy clothes? It’s just a damn retreat. Not a fucking fashion show.”

A car sputters up to them before anyone else can say anything, and Boone is almost embarrassed. “Not that car again.”

It’s the same van as before, with duct tape holding up the bumper.

Then it occurs to Boone, “How are we all going to fit in there?”

Before, the four of them barely fit in that little van.

As Jersey and Bennie sing “Life is a Highway,” Boone is in the middle while he is flanked by Aubrey and Cameron. Though, it looks a little funny since no one can see Aubrey.

“Sorry it’s tight back there,” Bennie yells to the folks in the back seat, “We may have overpacked. It’s only an hour’s drive, so hang tight. We’ll be there before you know it!”

“We have to stay cramped like this for an hour?” complains Aubrey as Boone glances over at her.

Boone whispers, “Cool your shit. It’s not that long. And you didn’t have to come, you know?”

Jersey glances in the rearview from the driver’s seat, “You guys look like a couple sitting so close back there.”

Bennie nods her head, “They’re even wearing matching colors. Look at them both in sky blue.”

Aubrey yells out, “Boone’s shirt is not sky blue. It’s sea blue!” She snaps a glare at Boone, who just grins, looking straight ahead.

Jersey takes a hard right off the highway onto another road, causing Cameron to squish into Boone, who squishes Aubrey against the door, and she cries out, “Hey!” She is not having a fun time so far.

“How long have you been driving?” she yells out.

The van pulls up, and immediately, Aubrey poofs from inside the van to outside the van and stretches out, “Finally!” she mutters. “It was like a fucking sardine can in there.”

Meanwhile, everyone else gets out of the van the old-fashioned way, through the doors.

The cabin is actually very nice, prompting Boone to ask, “How did you rent this? This looks expensive.”

Cameron nods her head, “It looks more like a vacation home.”

Bennie stands proudly, “This happens to belong to the family of my very best friend, Jersey.”

Jersey pretends to be flattered, “Stop, you’re embarrassing me,” he teases.

“His family is very wealthy, but he doesn’t like to flaunt it,” Bennie adds to the surprise of everyone else who had no clue. She frames his face with her hands, “Look at how humble he is.”

Cameron smiles at Jersey, “It’s very nice.”

Jersey tries to respond but seems a bit speechless at the compliment. He just moves up the steps to the door. Bennie steps closer to the other two, “Don’t worry about him. He gets speechless when complimented. Let’s grab our things and head inside.”

Meanwhile, Jersey is up at the door. He slides up the panel to the keypad and punches in a number. It beeps back at him. Denied.

Bennie steps up behind him, “This box is heavy. Let’s get that door open.” Jersey is trying to recall the code now. He turns and whispers to Bennie, “I think my grandmother changed the code.”


Bennie turns to see the others starting to come their way with their things, “You didn’t know she changed it?”

Jersey shakes his head, “I didn’t ask. My grandmother will kill me if she finds out I came here with you.”

“Why does everyone in your family want to kill me? It was just that one incident!” Bennie whispers to him. “How many times do I need to apologize? You need to do something, or this retreat is going to end real quick.”

“Wait, let me try my grandmother’s birthday,” Jersey says, and he starts punching in numbers. When he finishes, there’s a pause, and then suddenly, an alarm begins to go off.

Boone, Cameron, and Aubrey are watching from the bottom of the stairs, “Is there a problem?” Cameron asks.

A half-hour later, a security team arrives and opens the door after Jersey calls his grandmother. “Be careful next time,” the officer says.

Jersey nods his head, “Sorry about that.”

Bennie motions for the others to head inside, and after they do, she leans in and asks, “Did your grandmother throw a fit?”

Jersey shakes his head, “She asked if ‘she’ was here, and I said no.”

“What ‘she’?” asks Bennie.


Bennie seems offended at first but then grins, “Well, at least we’re in. Let’s go.”

Aubrey is rather impressed with the house as she dances around.  Boone walks up next to her, “Stay out of trouble,” he whispers to her.

Aubrey sticks out her tongue at him, “I don’t want to. I’m going to explore.” With that, she dances off.

Boone sneers as he watches her disappear up the stairs and then turns back to the others, “I’ll go bring the rest of the stuff in.”

Cameron pipes in, “I’ll help,” to which Boone is happy to accept that offer. The two disappear outside, and Jersey grabs his bag and a few other items, “I’m going to take this upstairs.”

Bennie lays out on the couch, “I’m just going to rest here for a moment.”

Jersey climbs the stairs, but as he reaches the top step, he somehow misses and finds himself tumbling head over feet down the stairs to the first landing.

Aubrey hears the fall and goes to find out what happened.

Jersey is knocked a little loopy, and as he squints through blurry vision, he sees an angel walking down the stairs towards him, wearing a pretty pink dress. His mouth drops open as his vision begins to clear, and she’s standing over him.

“Are you okay?” she asks him.

Jersey is dumbfounded as he stares up at this girl, “Are you an angel?”

“What happened?” asks Bennie as she comes running up the stairs. “Wake the fuck up, dude!” She kneels at his side, and as Jersey points up towards Aubrey, Bennie gives him a slap right across the face, which immediately snaps Jersey out of his possibly concussed stupor.

Jersey looks to Bennie, then back up the stairs where he briefly saw Aubrey, and she’s not there.

“Are you okay? You scared the shit out of me!” Bennie says.

Jersey is still looking up the stairs, “Bennie. I… I think I saw an angel.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Bennie tells him. “You almost became an angel.”

Jersey shakes his head, “No, no. I’m serious. I saw an angel coming down those stairs right in front of me!”

Bennie hugs Jersey to her and shakes her head, “You poor thing. You almost crossed over to the other side. Clumsy ass.”

Aubrey is back at the top of the stairs, leaning against the barrister as she watches Bennie help Jersey down the stairs. “I’m glad he’s okay,” but then she gets curious, “Did he see me?”

After helping Jersey lie down, Bennie walks into the kitchen with a box. He glances at Boone and Cameron, putting stuff away from the boxes. She grins, knowing full well, she’s gonna try and play matchmaker. She claps her hands together, “Well, it wouldn’t be a trip if I didn’t forget to pack something.”

Boone asks, “What did you forget?”

“Marshmallows,” Bennie says. “Can’t have a campfire without marshmallows. Would you two mind walking down to the corner store and picking up some?”

“I don’t mind at all,” Cameron says, “I need to pick up a few things for myself anyway.”

Boone is more than happy to go on a walk with Cameron, “I’ll go too.”

“I’ll meet you outside. I left my wallet in the car,” Cameron tells Boone and heads out.

As she does, Aubrey passes her on the way in. “What’s for dinner?” She starts looking through the stuff on the counter.

“We’ll be back,” Boone says.

Bennie stops him, “Boone.”


Bennie gives him a sly grin, “Take your time getting the marshmallows. Take advantage of this romantic moment!”

Aubrey’s eyes pop open.

Boone finds this entire interaction very strange, “Whatever,” he says as he heads out to meet Cameron.

“Boone! Where are you going? Why do we need marshmallows?” she yells at him, having missed the entire previous conversation.

Bennie pats herself proudly, “Love is in the air, thanks to me.” Then she goes to finish putting stuff away, firstly pulling out two large bags of marshmallows.

Aubrey watches and points at the marshmallows, “What the fuck?”

“I’m so smart. If I have anything to say about it, those two will be getting it together before we head home,” Bennie says as she grabs a bottle of water and starts to drink.

Aubrey is not happy. Not at all. She reaches up and pats the end of the bottle, and it spills all over Bennie, “Gah!” Bennie says as water falls down her shirt. “Goddammit!” she mutters and reaches for a paper towel.

Aubrey glares at Bennie and then poofs to catch up with Boone and Cameron.

“Boone!” Aubrey yells as she comes out of the house, “You don’t need to go. We have plenty of marshmallows. Bennie was just teasing you.”

Cameron grabs her purse from the van, “Boone, I’m ready to go.”

Boone starts to follow when Aubrey grabs his hand, “I said you don’t have to go.”

Boone pulls his hand back, “Cameron needs some things anyway.” He goes to catch up with Cameron while Aubrey sighs.

The corner store is fairly small, and the old woman behind the register starts to ring them up, glancing from Cameron to Boone, “You two make a great looking couple. Are you dating?”

Embarrassed, Boone shakes his head, “No, nothing like that.”

“We go to school together,” Cameron explains.

The old woman gives a sly smile, “That’s how it always starts.” She counts the ice creams on the counter, “Four ice creams,” she starts to ring up, but Boone stops her, “Oh, wait.” He reaches into the freezer and grabs one more. “Here’s another.”

Cameron is confused, “There’s only four of us.”

Boone stammers for a moment, then explains. “I really like ice cream.”

“I see,” Cameron says as the clerk bags up all of their items.

Walking back towards the cabin, Cameron turns to Boone, “They were begging so much, I felt bad not wanting to come. So, I decided to do it.”

Boone nods, “They are very persistent.”

“It’s kinda weird, though,” Cameron continues. “We never really talked all that much before Professor Ilias’s class. Now we’re on this retreat together.”

Boone is getting a tad nervous talking to her, so he just stammers, “That’s true.”

Cameron looks up at him, “What? You don’t think we’ve become friends or something?”

“I never said that!” Boone insists.

Cameron chuckles, “I’m just teasing.” She begins to fan herself, “But it sure is hot today.”

“Oh!” Boone says as he reaches into the bag and pulls out ice cream. He even opens it up before handing it to her.

Cameron accepts the ice cream, taking a bite. “Thanks!”

“Let’s get back,” Boone says.

As the two approach the house, Boone sees Aubrey sitting on the dock at the lake by herself. He watches her for a moment and then walks on after Cameron.

Jersey is lying on a bench out back, while Bennie tends to the BBQ. Jersey has an ice pack on the top of his head.

“How did you end up falling down the stairs?” Bennie asks him.

Jersey scoffs, “Can you just get me some water?”

“You want some water?”

“Yes, please.”

Bennie gets up and walks over to the cooler, and pulls out a bottle of water.

“We’re back,” announces Boone as he and Cameron walk out onto the porch.

Cameron gasps when she sees Jersey lying on the bench with an ice pack. She moves towards him, “Are you hurt?”

Embarrassed, Jersey immediately sits up and then stands up, “Oh, it’s nothing.”

Cameron tries to check his head, but he ducks under her hand and nearly falls, moving away from her. “Really, it’s nothing.”

Bennie moves over near Boone, “Why’d you come back so early? You should have stayed out longer.”

Meanwhile, Cameron is still trying to find out what happened to Jersey. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

Jersey nods his head, “Yes, yes, of course.”

Boone points to Jersey, “What’s up with him?”

Bennie looks at Jersey, “Oh! That. Seems he took a tumble down the stairs. Bonked his head real good.” She pulls out ice cream from the bag and throws it at Jersey, “Hey! Ice cream!”

Jersey was not expecting it, and it hits him right on the head. The ice cream bounces off the top of his head and falls to the deck. Cameron just turns and looks at Bennie like, ‘what the fuck?’  She leans down and picks up the ice cream, and hands it to Jersey.

Bennie looks apologetic as she reaches into the bag and pulls out the two remaining ice creams, “Oh, there are two left. I’ll eat these,” she says greedily, but Boone grabs at one of them.

“Oh, this one is mine,” he says, though he has one in his hand already.

Bennie points to the one in his hand, “You have yours right there.”

A small tug of war begins over that extra ice cream that Boone had bought for Aubrey. Boone finally snatches it, and Bennie seems surprised about how adamant he was about it. She shrugs, “Fine if you really want it.”

Boone smiles apologetically.

Aubrey is sitting on the dock, feet dangling over the water, when we see someone looking at her from underneath the water, creeping closer to her.

Next, we see an underwater shot of a female ghost just hovering inside the water.

“Aubrey!” Boone yells as he approaches.

Aubrey looks at him and then turns away from him, still fuming over earlier.

Boone takes a seat next to her. He offers her the ice cream. “I got this for you.”

“I’m not hungry,” she says angrily.

Boone shrugs, “I mean, if you don’t want it, I’ll eat it.”

She snatches it out of his hand and scoffs at him. “Since when do you give a shit about me?”

“Aren’t you bored here? I’m the only person who can see you,” Boone asks.

Aubrey shakes her head, “I’m not bored at all.”

Neither one noticed the head of a ghost peeking out at them in the middle of the lake.

Jersey is pulling hot dogs and hamburgers off the grill while Bennie is setting beers around the table. Cameron and Boone sit next to each other while Aubrey is sitting at the end of the table. She sees the beer and gets excited, “Oh, alcohol.” But a glare from Boone reminds her what happened the last time she drank, so she shuts her mouth.

“Let’s toast our first official club function,” Bennie says as everyone cracks open their beer and lean in to toast. “To the Ghost Extermination Club!”

Everyone takes a healthy swallow, except Boone, who barely takes a sip. Aubrey glares at him, “If you’re not going to drink it, you should give it to me.”

“Absolutely not,” Boone mutters to her under his breath.

“Dig in!” Jersey says.

As they begin to eat, Boone even sets a small plate of food aside for Aubrey.

Bennie motions across the table to Boone and Cameron, “You two look great together. You should really start dating.” Aubrey glares at Bennie.

Boone and Cameron both look embarrassed when suddenly Cameron begins to cough.

Jersey points out, “It looks like the smoke from the BBQ is going right towards her!”

Boone glances at the BBQ, and Aubrey is intentionally blowing the smoke towards Cameron. He glares at her, but she just sticks her tongue out at him.

Back at the college, Detectives Pike and Barnes approach Professor Ilias, sitting outside enjoying the sunshine.

“Professor?” asks Pike, and the two detectives hold up their badges.

This surprises Ilias, seeing two detectives show up at her school, “How can I help you?”

Barnes asks, “You have a student, Kimberly Johnson, in one of your classes, right?”

Ilias nods her head, “She’s one of my major’s students.”

Pike nods his head, “Right. When was the last time you saw her?”

Ilias puts on a show of thinking back, “Well, I haven’t seen her for a couple of weeks, actually. She hasn’t shown up to any of her classes. Has something happened?”

“We’re sorry to report that Kimberly Johnson was found dead in the forest a couple of days ago,” Barnes informs Ilias.

Ilias puts on an expression of surprise, “What? Dead? Are you sure?”

“Did you notice her close to any of the other students?” Pike asks, ignoring the question.

Ilias thinks for a moment, “I really don’t know very much about the personal lives of my students. In fact, I’ve only recently taken over the class, so I’m still learning about them.”

Pike closes his notebook and nods his head. “Right. We heard you’ve only just arrived at the college. Well, thank you for your time. If we have any other questions, hopefully, we can come and ask?”

“Of course,” Ilias tells them.

The cops start to walk off when Barnes turns and rushes back, pulling a card from her pocket, “If you happen to think of anything, please don’t hesitate to call.”

Ilias nods, taking the card, “I will.”

Pike is watching Ilias’s expression as she turns to walk away. She definitely seems preoccupied about something. As the two cops get into the car, Barnes notices Pike’s preoccupation. “What is it?”

Pike can’t quite put his finger on it, but something is up with that professor. He turns to his partner and shakes his head, “Probably nothing. Let’s go.”

Bennie and Jersey are the first to the dock as they run from the house. Bennie sets down an innertube, but Jersey comes up from behind and pushes her off the dock and into the water, “In you go!” he laughs.

Luckily, Bennie lands on her feet, and it’s only a few feet deep there, “Damn you! I wasn’t ready yet!”

Boone and Cameron sit on the dock while Jersey jumps in after Bennie, who splashes water on Jersey and spray Boone and Cameron in the process.

Aubrey is amused at the antics as she laughs as she watches from a distance.

Bennie looks up at the two sitting on the dock, “You’re not coming in?”

They both shake their head, but Bennie and Jersey are having none of it as they head back to the dock. Jersey goes after Boone, who immediately gets to his feet, and as Jersey comes at him to push him into the water, Boone just sidesteps and pushes Jersey back into the water.

Boone doesn’t see Bennie behind him, and she kicks him in the butt, sending him off the dock and into the water. Bennie then turns her sites to Cameron, pushing her into the water before jumping into the lake.

There’s a montage of them playing and splashing in the water, and Aubrey is amused at first, but suddenly her expression changes to something more serious as she realizes she can’t join them and have fun like them because she’s a ghost.

A little while later, everyone is on the dock. Cameron is drying off her hair with a towel. Bennie and Jersey are taking a selfie on the edge of the dock when Bennie says, “Hey, you guys. Let’s take a group photo!”

Everyone gets into place, and Bennie snaps the photo. “Okay, now I’ll take one of you,” she says, stepping away from them. She starts to aim the camera and glances at Jersey. “What are you doing?”

“You said you were taking a picture of us!”

Bennie rolls her eyes, walks over, grabs Jersey by the ear, and drags him away from Boone and Cameron. “I meant of them.”

“Oh!” Jersey says, now understanding what’s going on.

“Okay, get together,” Bennie tells them, and when there’s still a good foot between the two, she shakes her head, “No. Closer!”

Aubrey is watching, and she’s not having it. She poofs.

As Boone and Cameron get shoulder to shoulder, Aubrey suddenly appears and pushes her way in between, glaring up at Boone, who glares back at her.

“I said closer, not father apart,” Bennie says.

So, Boone hip checks Aubrey, sending her backward, and scoots closer to Cameron as Aubrey fumes and Bennie takes some pictures.

What they didn’t see is there’s a sign nearby, lying on the ground that says “Restricted Area.”

The detectives are having lunch at the precinct, and while Barnes is eating her meal, Pike is just staring at his meal. Finally, Barnes asks, “What is up with you?”

As if snapping out of a stupor, Pike looks up at Barnes, “Do you have that file on Professor Ilias?”

Barnes nods her head and gets up to go get it while Pike just feels that something is not right with this.

Barnes returns and takes a seat, “Why all of a sudden do you have a hard-on for this professor?”

If Pike knew how to explain it, he would, but he can’t. “I’m just curious, is all.”

Barnes shrugs and begins to read from her notes, “Professor Ilias, 30 years old, youngest professor in the history of the Department of Veterinary Medicine. She owned a very well-known clinic over on the west coast before transferring here to take the position at the university. Now, she just runs a small clinic near the college.”

Pike nods as Barnes reads the data, but nothing is clicking as off to him.

“Here’s something,” Barnes says, “Before she took the position at the university, she was actually offered and turned down a teaching position at a very prestigious college over in the UK. I should say, she accepted the position, but then at the last minute, she changed her mind and came here instead.”

Pike takes the book from Barnes, “Why would she turn down a much better paying position and close down a booming vet business in the process, just to come here and teach at our smaller college?”

It’s night, and the door to Boone’s bedroom opens up, and someone walks in wearing a ballcap and dark clothes. As the person walks into the light provided by the street light outside, we can see it’s Ilias.  She has a flashlight out and looking around his room.

She walks past his bed and then stops and turns her light towards his dresser, shining the light on his family photos. Some of the same photos she has in that photo album in her desk at her office.

Ilias just smirks as if she’s just confirmed what she was hoping to find.

She starts to head towards the door when something stops her. She shines the light on that forbidden room. She reaches down and turns the doorknob, and opens it up.

Ilias walks inside and looks around, but her attention is drawn to a bookshelf. There is a row of VHS tapes there. She reaches down and pulls one out, and all that’s written on it is a date.

Ilias gets a curious expression.

Back at the cabin, the gang is playing some drinking games and having a good time. Aubrey is having fun as the fun progresses, but as time goes by, her smile begins to fade as she realizes they are having fun without her. That as a ghost, she’ll never have this kind of fun ever again.

Tetzuka walks up towards Boone’s apartment.

Ilias is walking out of the apartment.

As they pass on the sidewalk, they each take a couple steps and stop walking.

Ilias smirks and turns her head to the side, “It’s been a long time.”

Tetzuka slowly turns around, mouth open, eyes wide. He doesn’t say a word.

Ilias turns forward and walks on, and Tetzuka watches her disappear around the corner, as he just stares, unbelieving that he saw her.

As we return to the cabin, Bennie and Jersey are sufficiently drunk. There is a shit-ton of empty bottles on their side of the table, while on Boone and Cameron’s side of the table, they each only have one bottle.

Jersey reaches down and spins the bottle in the center of the table. It goes around and around until it points to Bennie.

“It’s me again,” Bennie slurs. She looks at Jersey, “You can ask me a question.”

Jersey thinks about it for a long moment, “How about….”

“Too late,” Bennie says. “You took too long.” She looks at Boone. “Do you have a question?”

Boone shakes his head, somewhat amused. “I don’t.”

Bennie slowly moves her glazes eyes towards Cameron, “How about you?”

“What is your last name?” asks Cameron, knowing already it’s a lame question.

“Lee,” Bennie says. “I am a 45th generation member of the Lee family. My last name is spelled L-E-E, in case you didn’t know.” Bennie spins the bottle, and it spins around and points to Cameron.

“Cameron!” Bennie says, rather loudly, and then in a much lower voice, “Is there someone you have a crush on?”

Cameron looks embarrassed. She thinks about it for a moment and then slowly nods her head. “Yes, there is.”

Bennie slaps Jersey on the back, “I knew it!”

Aubrey is still pretty silent as she watches, and when that question is answered, her expression grows even more somber. Boone smiles, thinking perhaps that it’s him. At least hoping so.

Bennie nudges Jersey, “You ask her something.”

Jersey is very unsteady as he nods his head, thinking of what to ask. He turns his head, and suddenly, he sees Aubrey sitting there. Aubrey looks at him.

Jersey lifts his unsteady hand and points towards Aubrey, and her eyes go wide when she realizes he can see her.

“Oh my God,” he says. “She’s right there. My guardian angel!”

Bennie reaches over and rubs the back of Jersey’s head, “You hit your head harder than I thought.” She turns to Cameron, “Fine. Since Jersey can’t ask, I’ll ask!” Bennie stares at Cameron, “Is there someone here in this room that you have a crush on?”

Boone begins to smile. That’s how certain he is. He turns to look at Cameron.

Cameron shakes her head, “Not here, no.”

Boone is heartbroken. Aubrey can’t help but smile a little. When Bennie goes to spin the bottle again, Boone stops her, then turns to Cameron, “Do you like this person a lot?”

Cameron nods her head slowly, “Yeah. I think so.”

The look on Boone’s face now has Aubrey actually feeling sorry for her. Her smug expression falls away as she feels empathy towards him.

Bennie reaches over and spins the bottle. It lands on Boone.

Cameron speaks up first, “Is there someone you have a crush on?”

There’s a moment of silence, then instead of answering, Boone takes his shot.

“Excuse me for a moment,” he says as he stands up and walks down the hall.

Cameron also stands up, oblivious to the fact that she just crushed Boone’s heart. “I need some fresh air,” she says and walks outside.

Bennie spins the bottle for fun now, and it lands on Aubrey. She sighs softly and nods, “I think I do have a crush on someone,” she admits to herself since there’s no one else around who can hear her.

The next morning, Aubrey is already sitting on the dock when Cameron walks by her to the end of the pier, removes her shoes, and sits on the edge. Aubrey glares at her for a moment, now more pissed that she broke Boone’s heart than anything else.

What they don’t see is a ghost is watching them, especially watching Cameron.

Suddenly, a hand reaches up from out of the water and pulls Cameron off the pier and underneath the surface of the water. Cameron lets out a small scream first, but then her scream is stifled by the water as she’s pulled under.

Aubrey gets to her feet and asks, “What’s going on with her?” Then realizes that Cameron is in distress. “What do I do?”

Boone is walking by when he sees Cameron splashing around in the water, and he yells out, “Cameron!” and runs to the pier. He lays down on the dock and reaches down to grab Cameron around the wrist, and starts to pull her back towards the pier. Jersey arrives down at the scene, and he grabs Cameron’s other arm, and together they pull her out of the water.

They lay Cameron on the dock on her side so she can spit out the water.

“Are you okay? What happened?” asks Boone.

Cameron doesn’t move, “I’m not really sure. I felt something pull me into the water,” she explains as Aubrey looks down at her, concern on her face.

“Oh no,” Bennie says, arriving just after the others. “She cut herself. I don’t think we have anything for that.”

Boone shakes his head, “I’ll go get something.” He stands up and looks at Aubrey, then motions with his head to follow. He walks past her, and she turns to follow him.

When they get a good distance away, Boone turns around, “You went too far this time. You hurt her, for real.”

“I hurt her?” Aubrey says. “Are you saying I pushed her into the water?”

Boone is pissed, “You were the only one there. Who else could it have been?”

“I said it wasn’t me,” she tells him.

“I don’t believe you,” Boone says right back. “You’ve hated her since we got here. For no reason. Why would you do that?”

Aubrey grits her teeth, “I told you I didn’t do it. I should never have come here.” Aubrey walks a few steps and poofs out of sight.

Boone rushes into the corner store and asks the old lady behind the counter, “Is there a drug store around here?”

Curious, the old woman asks, “Is someone sick?”

Boone shakes his head, “Someone fell into the lake and scratched her leg.”

That piques the woman’s interest even more, “You aren’t going in that lake behind the cabin up the road, are you?”

Boone nods his head, “Yes, we are.”

“Are you crazy? There’s a sign telling people not to play in that water. You didn’t see it?”

Boone shakes his head, “We never saw any sign.”

“Oh my gosh,” the woman says. “The lady of the lake lives in there. She’s an ancient, vengeful ghost and comes out of the water. So many people have died there….”

Boone now understands what happens, and not even waiting for the woman to finish, he bolts out of the store and runs towards the cabin as fast as possible.

Aubrey is sitting on the dock, kicking her legs back and forth, when suddenly hands come up and pull her into the water.

As she fights to get air, Boone is running as fast as he can towards the dock. He runs the length of the dock and dives into the water, seeing Aubrey floating in it.

He swims towards her, and as she sinks towards the bottom, he swims with all his might towards her.

As he reaches her, the lady of the lake grabs his foot.  Boone pushes Aubrey towards the surface, but the ghost begins to climb his back and clings to him as he begins to sink towards the bottom.

Quickly, Boone slams his head back into the ghost’s head, and she lets go of him. He tries to swim towards Aubrey, but the lady of the lake reaches for him. He spins around under the water, and with both feet, he kicks her hard in the stomach, and it’s enough for her to dissipate and disappear.

Now that he’s rid of the ghost, Boone spies Aubrey sinking towards the bottom of the lake. He swims down and scoops her into his arms, and brings her to the surface. He walks towards land and stops to give her a shake, “Aubrey! Aubrey!”

She starts to disappear in his arms but then comes back, and her eyes open. Confused, she looks around for a moment, and then their eyes meet.

“Are you okay?” he asks with concern.

“Boone,” she says as she starts to cry, “I was so scared.” She wraps her arms around his neck and holds him tightly.

He stands there holding her and pats her back gently, “Everything is okay now.”

“12th place?” An angry mother yells at Garrison. “Since when did a daughter of mine get 12th place?”

Garrison is staring down at her report card with a tear in her eye.

“You went from third place to 12th place!” The mother continues to rant and rave, “How does that even happen? You need to get your act together, young lady! I worked my ass off to get you a private tutor, and this is the thanks that I get?”

An hour later, Garrison is crying her eyes out as she stands on the ledge of their apartment building, looking down at the street. As she considers jumping, she hears something behind her.

As she slowly turns around, a creepy male ghost is standing behind her, snarling at her.

Garrison screams.

Back from their trip to the lake, Boone is packing his backpack and heads out into the living room, “Aubrey? Aubrey?”

Aubrey is fast asleep on the couch but having a dream.  

In the dream, she is crossing the street. Headlights illuminate her. Then she sees herself lying on the crosswalk, a pool of blood underneath her. Rain is pouring down on her. She recalls seeing a sign lit up across the street where she lies there, bleeding out. The sign says, “Language Academy.”

Someone leans down and taps her face, trying to wake her up.

She sees lights.

Hospital lights.

A woman’s face, calling her name. “Aubrey! Aubrey!”

As Boone approaches her and kneels by the couch, it looks like she’s having a bad dream, so he reaches out and gives her a shake, “Aubrey!”

Slowly, her eyes open.

“Are you sick?” Boone asks her.

Aubrey doesn’t attempt to really get up, “I don’t feel so good,” she says.

“I wonder if it has something to do with what happened at the lake,” Boone wonders aloud. “Is it really bad?”

Aubrey shrugs it off, “I’m okay. I think I’ll be fine once I get some more sleep.”

Boone motions towards the other room, “You can sleep in my bedroom if it is more comfortable.”

“No, I’m good,” she tells him. She closes her eyes.

Boone’s phone rings, so he gets up and walks into the dining room, “Hello?” he answers.

Boone? Where are you?” It’s Cameron.

Boone glances over at Aubrey, who really doesn’t look good at all right now. Turning back, he answers, “Can we reschedule the discussion for our projects?

Is everything alright?”

“I just am not feeling so hot today, so I think I’ll take the day off,” he explains to her.

Get some rest. We can meet tomorrow, okay?”

“I will. Thanks for understanding.” Boone hangs up the phone and walks back into the living room, “Aubrey! Get up and go sleep in my bed,” he tells her, but she is so out that she doesn’t stir.

Boone scoops her up and carries her into his room, and lays her on the bed. He picks up his blanket and lays it over the top of her and then looks at her for a moment and wonders aloud, “What do you do with a sick ghost anyway? It’s not like I can take her to the hospital.” Then an idea comes to him.

A few minutes later, he’s got some ground beef in the skillet, chopping up some veggies and adding it in.

When it’s finished, he brings it into the bedroom and sets it on the nightstand, “Aubrey. I made you some soup. You should eat something,” but again, she doesn’t even respond. She just continues to sleep.

“Wow, even the mention of food doesn’t snap her out of it,” Boone says as he grabs the chair from his desk and spins it around, and sits at her side.

Bennie has some V/R goggles on doing some weird fighting moves, yelling out.

Jersey is going through some photos he took at the retreat when he suddenly stops on one photo. “It’s her!” he says, but Bennie doesn’t hear him with her headphones on. “It’s my angel!”

A look at the photo that the group took together at the picnic table. Behind them, there is a faint, blurry image of what could possibly be a girl.

Jersey puts the photo up close to his face to try and see. He then glances at Bennie, who is still very preoccupied with her V/R fighting game, and he slips the photo into his binder.

Bennie is making all sorts of obnoxious noises, and Jersey has had about enough. He gets up and screams, “Pow!” at Bennie, who falls back onto the couch and pulls down her goggles, looking up at him with wide eyes.

“How long are you going to play that? Just stop already,” Jersey tells her.

Bennie pulls the goggles all the way off, “These are amazing.”

Jersey motions towards them, “Where did you get those anyway?”

“This? I borrowed it from a friend,” Bennie admits.

Something doesn’t sit well with Jersey, “Where did you get a friend? You don’t have any friends.”

Bennie is almost insulted as she snaps back, “I do…” she pauses, then continues, “… not have any friends,” she admits. She holds her heart, “Why would you poke at such a painful part of my life like that?” she asks overdramatically.

Jersey snatches the goggles from her, “Where did you get this? You probably wasted all your money on this stupid thing.”

Bennie stammers, “Well, I mean, it’s not as expensive as it looks….”

After all their financial issues earlier, Jersey leans in on her, causing her to scootch away until she’s cornered at the edge of the couch. “Are you out of your goddamned mind? What is wrong with you? How much it costs is not the issue here!” He sets the equipment on the coffee table and scoops up a stack of receipts, and puts them in her face, “Look at this. Retreat fees, gas money, groceries! The retreat was your idea, and now we have to pay off all of these bills.”

Bennie shoves him away from her, “To be fair,” she explains. “When you start a new business, there are always start-up fees.” She picks up the goggles, “This may not seem important, but our club members might just find these very import—”

Bennie stops talking as Jersey leans in on her again, “We are spending more than we are making!”

“This is why I have an investment opportunity all lined up,” she explains.

Jersey has been with Bennie throughout all of her little schemes, so, logically, he seems very skeptical, “What investment opportunity?”

She snatches the pile of receipts from Jersey’s hands, “These bills? Measley compared to what we’ll make once this investment comes through. We will be swimming in money after this.” She throws the receipts at him.

Jersey watches the receipts fall all over the floor.

Bennie stands up, “Let’s go meet the investor.”

Tetzuka’s phone rings. He’s riding on a Greyhound bus. He digs his phone from his pocket. “Hello?”

Where are you? You were supposed to be here by now.”

Tetzuka seems confused, “Did we have a meeting scheduled? Sorry, I’ve been a little out of sorts lately. Whatever it was, it’ll have to wait. I’m on my way to check on Boone’s father. Something doesn’t sit right with me. I’ll meet with you another time. Bye.”

Tetzuka hangs up the phone and heaves a heavy sigh. He recalls a couple of nights ago when he passed that woman coming from Boone’s apartment complex. The words she spoke sent chills down his spine.

He snaps himself out of it. “It can’t be. It just can’t be,” he tells himself, though his gut is telling him something else entirely.

Marja is sitting at a bus stop, and every woman that passes by, Marja leans closer to get a good look. After a few, she just stomps her feet, “Where is that professor anyway?”

Suddenly, her eyes go wide as she spots Ilias getting into an Uber.

“There she is!” Excitedly, Marja hurries after the Uber, poofing into thin air.

Boone is silently reading a textbook as he watches over Aubrey, who begins to shift a bit.

“Are you awake?” he asks.

“Mmm,” she manages to respond as her eyes peek open. She realizes where she’s at and asks, “Why am I here?”

Boone snaps closed his book, “I moved you here. You must be hungry. I made some food earlier, but you were too tired to eat. Let me heat it up for you.” He grabs the tray and carries it back into the kitchen.

Aubrey sits up and follows him out. She quietly watches him as he fawns over her, and a grin comes to her face that he’s taken care of her this far.  She walks out of the room, and Boone turns around.

“Why are you out here? You should be lying down if you don’t feel good.”

Aubrey shrugs, “I told you I just needed some rest, and I’d feel fine. I really do feel fine now.”

Boone smiles, “Good.” He motions towards the food on the table, “Eat something.”

Aubrey beams and takes a seat, “Thanks, Boone.”

“It was nothing,” he responds.

She starts to eat some soup when something occurs to her, “You didn’t go to school?”

Well, Boone isn’t going to admit that he stayed home just to take care of her, “I was kind of tired myself.” Aubrey nods at this, but Boone has another question. “So, do ghosts get sick?”

Aubrey nods, “We can get some of the same symptoms as when we were human. Oh!” she suddenly remembers, “I had some more memories during the night.”

“Really?” he asks. “What were they?”

Aubrey thinks for a moment, “I had some of the same ones as before, but the new one was that there were these bright lights, and I think I was lying down. But a woman was looking down at me and crying.”

“Who was it?”

Aubrey shakes her head, “I just saw it was a woman. I couldn’t make out her face. But she was crying hysterically.”

Tetzuka gets out of the Uber in front of a house, and after the car drives off, he walks through the gate and up the path to the house.

The door is partially cracked open already, so he pushes it, “What’s this?” He peeks inside without actually going in and sees there’s no one there.

“Why is everyone looking for that man?” a female voice asks.

An elderly lady, obviously the neighborhood busybody, is standing by the gate. “There was someone else here earlier looking for him.”

Tetzuka reaches in to close the door and turns back to the lady, “We are just old friends. I was passing through and decided to stop by. Say, I hear that a young lady came by looking for him too.”

The woman thinks for a moment and nods her head, “There was a woman. She came by my place asking if I’d seen him. I didn’t get a good look at her face. My eyesight is awful these days. I think she says she was his daughter.”

Tetzuka finds that curious, “His daughter?” He knows damn well that Boone doesn’t have a sister.

“I saw that man later and told him his daughter was looking for him, but his face got very serious. He walked towards his place and then suddenly, he ran off into the mountains as fast as he could. I assumed he owed someone money or something.” The woman shrugs, “He ran away and never came back.”

Tetzuka walks up to her, a serious expression on his face, “Can you show me where he ran off to?”

Ilias gets out of her Uber and walks into the vet clinic as Marja poofs in front of the storefront. “So, this is where she works?” Then she gets a curious expression on her face, “Isn’t this where Aubrey is staying?”

Ilias is greeting by Rosanna and Bethany as she walks in.

“What’s on the schedule for today?” Ilias asks.

Bethany glances at the chart, “You have three appointments for today.”

Ilias nods with a smile, “Let me get changed, and we’ll get started.”

Marja walks up to the storefront and peeks inside, “I never imagined she was a full-fledged doctor. I really know how to pick them,” she says, very proud of herself.

Tetzuka is walking through the forest, and he finds a broken branch. He makes a turn and moves down into a small clearing where he finds some rocks with blood on them.

“Something bad happened here,” he says softly to himself.

He leans down and places his hand on the rock. The blood has long since dried.

“He wasn’t chasing something. He was being chased.”

Boone is walking from his house, heading to the college, when Aubrey poofs next to him.

“I thought I told you to stay home and rest?” Boone says to her.

Aubrey just grins at him, “I told you I was fine.”

Boone’s phone chimes in, and he pulls it out of his pocket to see a text from Cameron.

I’ll see you in the study room at 11:00.”

Curious, Aubrey asks, “Who is it?”

“Cameron,” Boone tells her, “We’re supposed to discuss what we’re doing for the final lab today.”

Aubrey isn’t happy about that, “Just the two of you?”

Boone nods as if it’s not a big deal. He starts walking down the sidewalk, and Aubrey yells after him, “Wait for me!”

Later, Boone and Cameron are in a small cubicle, discussing their project while Aubrey is watching through the glass. She frowns and leans against the wall, “Just hurry it up, will you?”

Jersey and Bennie walk up, and Bennie stops in front of a house.

Jersey looks confused, “Wait? This is the place? This house?”

Bennie nods her head, “Yes.”

Jersey looks at the house again. “This is my grandmother’s house.”

Bennie nods her head again, “Yes.”

“So, the investor is my grandmother?”

Bennie nods her head, “That’s correct.”

Jersey is flabbergasted, “What the fuck is wrong with you? Why are you harassing my grandmother for money? You know she hates you. And you also know that I moved out from here because I wanted to make it on my own. I don’t want any help from her.” Angrily, Jersey starts to walk away when Bennie grabs him by the shoulders and spins him back around.

“We’re not asking for a handout. We’re asking for an investment.”

Jersey shakes his head, “Absolutely not.”

He starts to walk away when an elderly woman peeks out the window and then comes out the door, “Jersey? Is that you?”

Jersey suddenly looks happy to see her, even if he’s faking it. “Grandma!”

“Come here, my precious boy,” she grabs him in a big hug. “How long has it been? You should come by more often.” Meanwhile, Jersey is glaring at Boone, who tries to stand there, acting innocent.

“Hello, grandmother,” Bennie finally says.

With disdain, the older woman looks down at Bennie and turns to Jersey, “Why did you have to bring her with you? Didn’t I tell you that she was bad news? You need to be more selective about your friends.”

“I’m right here,” Bennie says, trying not to look offended.

“Grandma, Bennie is a good person,” Jersey says, even though he’s pretty pissed at her right now. “Oh, and she has something she wants to say to you.”

This comes as a surprise to Bennie, “What?”

Jersey’s grandmother can’t possibly fathom what Bennie would have to say to her. “Fine. Let’s all go inside.” She pushes Jersey up the steps.

Bennie stands will, and the grandmother finally turns around, “You too.”

Bennie and Jersey are seated on the couch when grandma brings in a plate of cookies and two glasses of milk, “Here.” She sets the plate of cookies in front of Jersey and puts a glass in front of each of them. “Have a snack.”

Jersey takes a cookie and begins to eat. As grandma takes a seat, Bennie also takes a cookie and is about to eat when grandma asks, “You had something to say to me?”

Bennie sits there with a cookie nearly in her mouth. She slowly pulls it back, “Yes, of course. Your grandson and I are going to start a one-of-a-kind business that will turn the business world on its ear….”

“Talk slower! I can’t understand a thing you’re saying!” the grandmother snaps at Bennie. “Are you trying to con me? Listen, just get to the damn point.”

Bennie is a little flustered at the overbearing woman. She nods her head and starts again, “Jersey and I were trying to start a business, but we are struggling to get off the ground due to a lack of funding, so we thought we would come to talk to you.”

This doesn’t make any sense to Grandma, who asks, “How can you be struggling when you haven’t even started yet? What kind of business is this?”

This question makes Jersey nervous.

Bennie, however, came prepared. She pulls a binder out of her backpack, flips it open, and hands it across the table. “This is our business plan.”

“Ghost Extermination Service? What in the blue hell is this nonsense?” asks Grandma.

Jersey looks over at Bennie, “When did you put this together?”

Bennie has been preparing for this for a while, and she’s excited to begin her schtick. “The GES is state of the art, multi-communication ghost extermination service, complete with a 24-hour emergency on-call mobile application and payment system. It’s the first-ever online exorcism application.”

Suddenly, granny is chasing Bennie out of the home, throwing couch pillows at her as Bennie scrambles to flee the scene of her crime.

“You punk girl! You are trying to con me!” the elderly woman yells as Jersey runs after Bennie to catch up.

“This seems like a good place to stop,” Boone says as he puts his laptop back into his backpack. Aubrey is watching from the outside, and she gets all excited that this study session is over.

“Oh wow, it’s noon already,” Cameron says. “Do you want to grab some lunch?”

Boone seems surprised, “Lunch?”

Aubrey poofs into the cubicle, “Tell me you’re not going to lunch with her.”

“You know, that mid-day meal that everyone eats?” Cameron says with a grin.

Boone glares up at Aubrey before turning back to Cameron and nods, “Sure, let’s grab a bite.”

“Awesome,” Cameron says while Aubrey pouts. Boone seems amused by her.

As they walk out of the study hall, Boone asks, “What should we eat?”

Cameron suddenly notices Ilias walking across the quad. She turns to Boone, “Do you mind if I reschedule? I need to talk to Professor Ilias about something.”

Boone nods, “That’s fine.” He’s a little disappointed, but he also remembers that Cameron mentioned she had a crush on someone else in the end.

Cameron smiles at him, “I’ll treat next time.” She turns and runs after the professor.

“Isn’t she the one who asked you to lunch? What’s up with her?” Aubrey asks.

Boone shrugs, “Let’s go.”

“How as the retreat? Boone went with you, right? Are you two close?” asks Ilias as Cameron and her walk into the building.

Cameron nods her head, “We have become good friends, I think.”

“Excuse me,” Detective Barnes says as she and Detective Pike walk into the building.

Ilias seems surprised to see them again, “Was there more to ask me?” she asks.

Pike shakes his head, “Actually, we’re not here to see you, Professor.” Pike turns to Cameron, “Your name is Cameron? Cameron White?”

Cameron is surprised that cops are looking for her, “Yes, that’s me.”

Barnes nods, “We have a few questions to ask you in regards to your classmate, Kimberly Johnson. Do you have some time?”

“Wait, Kimberly is dead?” asks Cameron a few moments later. The news brings tears to her eyes.

Pike nods his head, “Unfortunately, yes. When was the last time you saw her?”

Cameron is obviously distraught over this news, “She missed class all last week, so must have been the week before.”

Barnes asks, “Was there anything unusual going on with her? Anything at all that you can think of?”

Cameron thinks for a moment, “She was very distracted that last time I saw her. Maybe even nervous about something.” Cameron remembers seeing Kimberly holding Professor Ilias’s pen that day. She also remembers when she attempted to give her the day’s handouts, Kimberly rushed off, leaving that pen behind.

“A fountain pen?” asks Pike. “Do you still have it?”

Cameron shakes her head, “No. I gave it back to Professor Ilias.”

“Wait, Professor Ilias?” asks Barnes.

Cameron nods her head, “It belonged to Professor Ilias.”

Pike and Barnes exchange curious looks, but something catches the corner of Pike’s eye, and he glances up and finds himself exchanging looks with Professor Ilias up on the next level.

“Is there anything else you remember?” asks Barnes.

Pike and Ilias exchange nods, and Ilias walks off, out of sight.

Tetzuka is still sitting on the porch of where Boone’s father was staying. He pulls out his cell phone and dials the number, and it rings with no answer, just a message to leave a voicemail.  He sighs.

“I hope nothing bad has happened to him.”

There’s a phone vibrating inside a desk drawer.  A hand reaches out and pulls open the drawer to reveal a phone. Tetzuka’s name is listed as the caller.

Ilias reaches down and picks up the phone.

As the phone continues to vibrate, Ilias looks at herself in the mirror, seeing her demonic doppelganger, Saila, in the reflection.

“So, did your grandmother deposit the check? Check again,” asks Bennie, still very optimistic.

Jersey’s eyes go wide, “You’re fucking insane, you know that? After the way she reacted to your ‘business proposal,’ you still think she’s gonna give us money?”

Bennie clears her throat, “Well, it’s not may fault she doesn’t see what an amazing opportunity this is for her. Maybe we should ask her one more time.”

“I mean, sure, if you want to be the first ghost we have to exterminate, by all means, you head on over.”

Boone walks over and takes a seat next to them.

“Long time no see, Boone!” Bennie says.

Boone gets right to the point, “How come we’re not getting any work? I need to make money. We’ve only had, what? One job?”

Bennie nods her head, “Don’t you worry. Business will be pouring in soon. So much, we won’t know what to do with it all. Just enjoy the downtime before business picks up, and we’re working all the time.”

Boone isn’t so sure about teaming up with these two idiots.

Jersey suddenly remembers, “Oh! I have something for you.” He reaches into his backpack and pulls out a stack of photos, and hands them over. “I got these pictures of the retreat printed up for you.”

Boone begins to flips through them and stops at one with him and Cameron together.

“You guys look good together,” Jersey tells him.

Boone knows that Cameron doesn’t like him, so his mood sours. “I’m going to go.”

As he walks off, Jersey yells, “You really do make a cute couple.”

Bennie reaches over and smacks him lightly across the face, “Are you stupid, or what?

Jersey blinks, “What?”

“Don’t you remember at the retreat when Cameron said she had a crush on someone but that someone wasn’t at the retreat? She doesn’t like Boone,” Bennie spells it out for him.

Jersey is about to respond when he gets a message on his phone.

My precious grandson. I have sent you some pocket money. Make sure you eat well.”

Bennie gets all excited.

And don’t hang around that loser girl!”

Bennie blinks, “Who’s she talking about? Are you hanging around another girl?”

Jersey glances over at her, “No idea, loser.”

Bennie stops grinning, getting it now.

“Why are we going to the library all of a sudden?” Aubrey asks as they walk the ramp up to the building.

Boone looks over at her, “To study, of course.”

Aubrey stops walking, “Can’t we study at home?”

Boone explains, “It’s hot at home. The library has air conditioning.”

Aubrey has an idea, “How about you study at the library, and I’ll go study at home.”

She starts to walk off, but Boone grabs her by the shoulders. “You’re not going anywhere. You have to study too. Follow me.”

Aubrey sighs as they go inside the library.

Some time later, while seated at one of the tables, Aubrey seems excited. “I finished all the problems…” she stops when Boone doesn’t even look up, engrossed in his own studying.

Aubrey finds herself staring at him as his attention is diverted.

He suddenly turns and looks at her, looking at him. “What are you doing?”

Busted, Aubrey shakes her head, “Nothing! Nothing at all.” She slides her work over, “I solved all the problems.”

“Already?” Boone seems surprised. He even glances at his watch. He takes the work and checks the answers when Aubrey sees the pictures peeking out of his backpack. She reaches over and pulls a few out, and begins to flip through them, stopping to glare at him when she finds one of Boone and Cameron together. She sees one of everyone together at the picnic table and says to herself, “I was there too, but you’d never know it by these pictures.”

Suddenly, she gets an idea. She grabs her pen and begins to draw.

When she finishes, we see she drew devil horns on Cameron’s head. Then she adds a mustache. She giggles, and Boone turns to look at her, “What are you so giddy about?”

She tries to hide the picture, “Nothing.”

“What are you doing?” he demands.

Aubrey smiles at him, “How did I do? Perfect score?”

Boone grimaces at her, “I wouldn’t be smiling if I were you.”

In big red numbers, Boone has written ‘52’ on the top. “My teaching may very well be in vain.”

She looks at the paperwork and points, “I was close here. I should at least get partial credit.”

“Maybe you should give up taking that final and just cross over,” he tells her. “I don’t think your score is going to get any better.”

Aubrey scowls at him, “Maybe I just have a lousy teacher.”

Boone is shocked, “How dare you! You’ll never find as outstanding a teacher like me! Some people just can’t be taught.”

Aubrey thinks, “Maybe if you were to reward me anytime I get an improved score? Like a carrot is given to a horse. Gimme a carrot!”

Boone grimaces, “Carrot, my ass.”

“Seriously! If I do well on the exam, you should reward me,” Aubrey offers.

Boone sighs. He just wants to quit arguing with her and get back to studying, “Fine. If you get an eighty percent or better on the exam, I’ll grant you one wish.”

Aubrey wasn’t expecting that, “Really? You’ll grant all of my wishes?”

“One wish, within the budget I set. As long as it’s not unrealistic, I’ll do it.”

Aubrey gets all excited and claps her hands together. “Awesome. Now, I have a reason to study! I’ll study so hard. Getting an 80% will be a piece of cake.”

A couple hours later, they walk out of the library into the lobby. Aubrey is stretching her back and making a big scene out of having to sit for so long when she looks to the side and spots someone.

Garrison, from before. She looks very pale, and her lips are almost blue. She is just standing there. Her mouth is moving like she’s talking to someone but staring off into nowhere, really. Suddenly, Garrison stops talking and looks up at Aubrey. Then just as quickly, she looks away and continues to talk. It’s more like she’s repeating something she’s memorized.

Boone glances at Aubrey, “What?”

Aubrey shakes her head, “I could have sworn that person just looked at me.”

Boone glances over at the girl and shrugs before turning and walking out of the library. Aubrey watches the girl for a moment and then follows Boone, leaving Garrison to her jibberish.

Garrison watches the two walk out of the library.

Boone walks out of the bathroom, just having showered. He grabs a water bottle from the table and sees Aubrey in the living room, lamp on, studying.

“You’re studying at this hour? You’re usually long asleep by now.”

Aubrey is almost offended, “Of course! I have motivation now!” She turns back to her studies. She already knows what she’s going to wish for.

Boone watches her for a moment, then chuckles as he takes a drink of water.

Garrison’s mother is talking with someone on the phone as she prepares a snack for the girl, “Don’t you worry. She’ll be ready for the Academic Olympiad. She’s studying her little heart out as we speak. Let me go give her this snack to keep her strength up, and I’ll call you back later.”

The mother hangs up the phone, picks up the plate, and walks towards the room, “Garrison, I have a…” she stops speaking when she opens the door.

Garrison is sitting at her desk. She has a knife and is literally taking the knife and stabbing it into the book’s pages and drawing the knife down the center, cutting through pages at a time. The floor of her bedroom is just littered with torn paper.

The mother drops the plate of food, “Garrison! What are you doing?”

Garrison turns to her mother, stopping her stabbing of the book, and merely says, “Get out.”

The mother looks at her daughter, then at the knife in her hands, and leaves the room.

Bennie is looking through some suits on a rack, “These are all pretty expensive.”

“Why are we here?” asks Jersey.

Bennie pulls a suit from the rack and holds it up, “When you look at Boone, do you see that he’s an exorcist. No. He needs to dress the part.”

Jersey is confused, “When did we get money to buy suits?”

Bennie sighs, “From the investment. The one your grandmother sent over.”

“Investment?” Finally, Jersey understands. “That wasn’t an investment! That was a gift to me from my grandmother!”

Bennie is appalled, “How dare you! Your money is my money, and my money is yours.”

“Then why are you looking for a suit for yourself?” Jersey asks as he watches Bennie put the suit up next to herself and admire how it looks.

Bennie turns to him to explain, “I am the face of the company.”

“Why am I here?” asks Boone as he walks up. Aubrey is at his side.

Bennie explains, “We need uniforms for the job.”

Clothes shopping? Now that causes Aubrey to get excited. “Shopping? Uniforms? I want one too!”

Boone is confused as he looks at Bennie, ignoring Aubrey. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Let me show you. Come here.”

Reluctantly, Boone steps onto the platform, and Bennie grabs a suit and holds it up to him. “See? This is the way a professional dresses.” Aubrey is nodding her head in approval. Bennie pushes him towards the dressing room, “Go change.”

Boone doesn’t like this. Not one bit. He sighs and takes the suit, and goes in to change.

As Boone disappears into the dressing room, Bennie’s phone goes off. She pulls it out of her pocket, “See that? We already have a client, and you haven’t even put on the suit.” She answers the phone, “Ghost Extermination Services. We are here to fulfill your exorcism needs 24 hours a day. How may I help you?”

Soon, Boone, Jersey, and Bennie walk down the sidewalk, all three in a suit. Bennie and Jersey wore the same suits before, with Jersey having slack-based shorts instead of pants.

“Wow, you look great!” Aubrey says as she hurries to catch up. “Can I please have a uniform? Everyone has one but me!” Boone stops walking and turns to her.

“You keep asking me for things….”

Bennie and Jersey stop walking when they hear him talking. Bennie yells out, “Boone, let’s go!”

Boone hurries to catch up while Aubrey pleads, “Please? Can I have one?”

The pounding on the door has gotten to Garrison’s mother as she cowers in a corner and covers her ears with her hands. Tears are streaming down her face.

“Open the goddamned door, I said, you fucking bitch!” yells Garrison from inside. We see that the mother has padlocked Garrison into her room.

Bennie and Jersey are practically clinging to one another as the yelling and pounding are scaring them.

Boone is looking at the door with concern, while Aubrey has no clue what the fuck is going on. Boone looks down at the mother, “Tell me what happened.”

“She cut me,” the mother says, holding out her arm, which is now bandaged, but blood has soaked into the bandage. “She cut me, and then she smiled. There is something wrong with my baby.”

“What’s wrong with you?” yells the mother as she holds her hand over the cut. Garrison walks over and pushes the woman down to the floor.

“Don’t you feel sorry for a daughter who has a mother like you? All along, you’ve pushed and pushed me into something I don’t want to be. All because of your own greed. You don’t even care how much she suffered, do you?” Garrison tells her as if it’s not even her speaking.

As she turns and looks at herself in the mirror, it’s not her that she sees, but the ghost from the rooftop which has possessed her.

“Why are you doing this, Garrison?” the mother asks, still lying on the floor.

“Garrison?” the woman scoffs. She walks towards her mother, who starts to scoot away from her. “Your Garrison is dead. And who could blame her, having to live with someone like you? You’re suffocating. That’s why your husband cheated on you and ran off with someone else. He didn’t want anything to do with you.”

Garrison walks out of the room, steps over her mother, digs into her mother’s purse, pulls out a wallet, and walks out of the apartment.

A little bit later, Garrison’s mother is walking into a club. A bouncer is trying to stop her, but she pushes him off. “I’m looking for my daughter. Leave me alone.”

She walks through the club, the lights are flashing, and the music is loud. She finds a private room near the back and storms in, finding Garrison cuddled up to a man much older than her. Angry, her mother walks up and pulls her away from the man and then just slaps her across the face. “Let’s go.”

Garrison reaches up and removes the hair from her face, and just laughs. She laughs at her pathetic mother.

“Ever since that night, I have taken her to churches, hospitals, but no one can help us,” the mother explains after telling the story. “It just makes things worse.” She begins to cry, “You have no idea what a good child she was. I don’t know what happened to her…” the mother begins to sob now.

The angry tones behind the door turn to laughter, perhaps having overheard the story. “Open this door now!” Suddenly, the pounding stops, and the sound of glass shattering is heard, causing everyone to jump.

Garrison’s mother leaps to her feet and starts to run towards the door, but Boone stops her. “Let me go in.”

The mother walks over and picks up a key off the table, and hands it to her, “You’ll need this.”

Bennie has long been reconsidering this particular client, “Boone, I don’t have a good feeling about this. Please, be careful.”

Jersey nods in agreement, “Do not get hurt.”

Aubrey watches on as Boone looks at the other two, “I’ll be back.”

He walks to the door and puts the key into the lock. Boone slowly pushes the door open, and he and Aubrey walk inside, closing the door behind them.

There doesn’t appear to be anyone else in the room, but the walls are covered in blood as if someone was clawing at the walls to the point of tearing the skin from their fingers. There is paper littered all over the floor from where Garrison ripped the pages from her textbooks.

Then there is laughter.

Garrison hides behind the bed in a nightgown, her fingertips are bloody, and she has a gash on her forehead and hand. She bites at her fingertips as she knocks her head against the wall. She’s staring off at nothing, but then her eyes turn to the intruders.

“Another preacher?” Garrison scoffs. She slowly turns her head to get a better look, “No. You’re different.” Her eyes turn to Aubrey, “And you didn’t come alone.” She goes back to biting at her fingernails.

Aubrey’s eyes light up, “She’s the one I saw at the library! Remember? I told her I thought she saw me.”

Boone nods his head, “She’s possessed.” Garrison continues to bounce her head lightly off the wall.

“What do we do?” asks Aubrey.

Boone  turns to look at her, “We have to get the ghost out of her.”

That got Garrison’s attention as she crawls out from behind the bed and yells, “Who said you could do that?” She swipes at Boone’s leg, tripping him and sending him feet over head as he lands on the floor. As soon as Boone lands on his back, Garrison is on him, straddling his body and hands around his throat.

Aubrey rushes in, but Garrison smacks her hard, sending her flying into the wall.

As Garrison looks down at Boone, she asks, “Why is she always tagging along with you? How about you dump her and take me with you instead?” She looks like she might try and possess Boone when Aubrey rushes over and dropkicks her off of him.

Garrison gets to her feet and screams and then charges Boone, kicking him in the stomach, and when Aubrey comes at her, she grabs her around the throat, lifts her into the air, and throws her against the wall. Garrison then runs past everyone and escapes out the door.

Her mother rises from her chair, “Garrison.”

Garrison stops and looks at her mother and then busts out laughing. Then she runs out of the apartment, still in her nightgown.

Suddenly, Bennie and Jersey breathe, not realizing they had been holding their breath until this point.

Inside the bedroom, Boone grimaces as he lies there on the floor. Aubrey rushes to his side, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” he mutters as he grabs his side.

Aubrey glances up and runs after Garrison. Boone slowly gets to his feet and runs after them both.

Same as before, Garrison is standing outside of the barricade on the rooftop of the building. The breeze is blowing her hair, and she looks down at the street below.

Slowly, she lifts a socked foot up into the air as if to step off when Aubrey’s voice is heard, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing now?”

Garrison puts her foot back down and turns her head to look at Aubrey, “Why do you even care?”

“What about you?” Aubrey asks, “Do you want Garrison to die?”

Garrison smirks, “This is what she wanted all along. She’s actually rather pathetic. She’s not strong enough to actually go through with it, so I’ll help her along.”

Garrison starts to tip forward when Aubrey poofs and reappears right next to her, grabbing her and pulling her back over the barricade onto the roof, where they land with a crash.

Aubrey flips her over and straddles the girl, grabbing her cheeks, pleading, “Garrison! Garrison! Wake up!”

As Garrison’s eyes snap open, Aubrey sees a brief glimpse of the ghost inside her. Garrison mutters something unintelligible and then reaches up to grab Aubrey around the throat with both hands, squeezing hard as Aubrey grabs at Garrison’s hands and starts to choke.

Boone finally arrives on the rooftop, and Garrison sees him, throws Aubrey off of her, and gets to her feet. Boone charges in with a kick, but Garrison cartwheels away from him. Boone takes another swing, but Garrison knocks him down with an overhead kick.

Aubrey gets to her feet and rushes in with a punch, but Garrison grabs her by the wrist and flips her onto her back. As Boone gets to his knees, Garrison leaps over him and grabs him around the neck, and begins to squeeze.


Garrison’s mother is on the rooftop. As Garrison looks over at her, her mother softens her voice, “Please. Don’t do this. I’m sorry. I did all of this because I wanted you to do well. I was wrong to push you so hard. Please, don’t do this.”

Garrison keeps hold of Boone’s neck, “Don’t call me that! Don’t call me that!” she screams at her mother, who begins to walk closer, “Don’t you dare come closer. Don’t do it!”

Suddenly, Garrison begins to spasm, and her body falls away from the ghost, who maintains his grip on Boone. Garrison falls back onto the rooftop, unconscious.

Her mother runs to her immediately, “Garrison! Garrison! Wake up!”

Boone flips the ghost off his back, sending it sprawling across the rooftop. He leaps at it with a punch to the face and then another. The ghost tries to flip him, but Boone lands on his feet and nails a nasty uppercut, sending the ghost heel over head, but as the ghost flips in the air, it dissipates into fire and smoke.

The mother holds her child, trying to wake her up when suddenly Garrison’s eyes open up wide, and she screams out in horror before realizing where she is. She looks up at her mother and begins to cry, “Mom. I was so scared,” she cries and then notices the bandage on her mom’s arm. “Did I do this to you? Oh my God, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay,” her mother tries to calm her down. “It’s over now. It’s all over.”

As the two cling to each other, crying their hearts out. Aubrey is watching them, feeling a bit uncomfortable. Boone walks over next to her, and they exchange glances when suddenly, bursting onto the roof and screaming their heads off, Bennie and Jersey come running.

“What can we do to help?” asks Bennie.

Jersey nods, “You guys take a rest. We’ll handle it from here!”

Boone and Aubrey walk down the sidewalk afterward when Aubrey slows her pace and says, “Boone?”

Boone was deep in thought himself, so Aubrey’s voice snaps him out of it. He stops and turns to her.

She catches up to him, “That lady in my dream? I think I know who she is.”

Boone seems curious. “Who?”

“My mom. I think she was my mom,” Aubrey says with a smile. Seeing Garrison and her mother at the end caused her to come to that conclusion. The look on Garrison’s mom’s face was the same look on the woman’s face in her dream. “Seeing Garrison’s mom crying over her like that? I think my mom would have cried over me like that.”

Boone smiles at her, “It’s great your getting some memories back.”

Aubrey nods her head, “Even if it wasn’t my mom, it does mean that someone really missed me like that.” She looks up at Boone with a smile, “Let’s go. I need to study hard to get my wish.”

Aubrey skips on ahead as Boone watches her and then turns to walk after her.

Night has come, and Boone slams a stack of papers on the coffee table. He and Aubrey are sitting there. “Take this practice exam. You have one hour.” As he reaches for his watch to start a timer, Aubrey stops him.

“Give me just a second,” she says. She closes her eyes and clenches her fights to psych herself up. Then she turns to him and says, “I’m ready.”

As she reaches for her pencil, Boone turns on the timer. “You may begin.”

We see a brief montage of her answering questions. Some she obviously struggles with, some she is happy with her answer, and some find herself surprised that she remembered how to do it.

Afterward, Boone is grading her exam, and he looks over the papers at her, though his expression is hard to read, and it’s frustrating Aubrey.

“What? What is it? Did I get an 80?” she finally asks, no longer able to hide her curiosity.

“Nah,” Boone says, and Aubrey’s face falls.


“Actually,” he slams the papers down, and on the top of the page in big red numbers, he wrote “82%.”

Aubrey’s eyes go wide as she looks at those red numbers. Her hands go up to cover her mouth as Boone watches on, amused.

“You did a good job. It was worth it.”

Aubrey squeals in glee as she picks up the papers, “Of course it was worth it. I worked so hard!” She hugs the papers to her and rocks from side to side, and then lays them down to look at her handiwork. Then it dawns on her, and she turns to Boone, “So, now you have to grant my wish, don’t you?”

Boone drags it out for a moment and then nods, “A promise is a promise.”

“Yes!” Aubrey says.

Boone asks, “So, what is your wish anyway?”

“There’s someplace I’ve wanted to go,” she tells him.

Curious now, Boone asks, “What place?”

“The amusement park.”

“Amusement park? How old are you anyway?”

Aubrey is afraid he’s not going to do it and whines a little, “I really want to go.”

Boone smirks at her, “Only little kids go there.”

Aubrey grabs him by the arm, “You promised.”

“Fine,” Boone says. “But your wish is kinda lame.”

That doesn’t matter to Aubrey. This is really what she wanted. “Can we go tomorrow? You said your exams are tomorrow, we can go after?”

Boone thinks about it, “I should be done with my exams by three, so I guess we can go after that. Let’s meet there at four.”

Aubrey bounces in glee, “Yes!”

Ilias is doing some paperwork in her office at the clinic. We see her demonic reflection on her computer screen as she scribbles across some papers.

The dogs in the clinic begin to bark at something, and she lifts her head up, wondering what’s going on.

Detective Barnes is on the phone, “You conducted the autopsy on Kimberly Johnson, didn’t you?”

The coroner on the other side responds, “I sent the official report already. Didn’t you receive it?

“We received it, but we have a few more questions,” Barnes says into the phone.

Sure, go ahead.”

Barnes looks down at her notes, “Did Kimberly Johnson have a broken neck? Could it have been broken when she fell?”

No chance. If it was broken after she died, there would be evidence to support that theory. Her neck was definitely broken before she died.”

Barnes looks visibly confused, “Is a human strong enough to break a live person’s neck like that?”

I mean, it’s not impossible. But your average person couldn’t break someone’s neck with their hands just by squeezing the throat like that. But I wouldn’t say it’s impossible.”

“What about a female?” asks Barnes. “Would a female have that strength?”

I highly doubt it. Most women don’t have that strong of a grip.”

This blows her theory about Ilias out of the water, unfortunately. Barnes hangs up the phone just as Pike walks in and sets a USB drive on the desk. “What’s this?”

“Video footage near where Kimberly Johnson died,” Pike says.

Barnes knows that Pike wouldn’t have brought it if nothing was there, “You found something?”

Pike shakes his head, “I’m not entirely sure. There’s something. I’m just not sure what it is. Take a look and tell me what you think.”

Barnes takes the drive and plugs it into her computer, and starts the video. The video shows Kimberly walking down the alley. Suddenly, she turns towards the camera, and someone walks out to meet her. But as that person does, the video goes fuzzy and then goes dark altogether.

“Wait,” Barnes taps on the monitor to try and get the picture back, “What happened? Where’s the rest?”

Pike shrugs, “That’s where the recording ends. It’s all black for the next few minutes. Look.”

Pike reaches down and forwards the video a little bit, and the camera comes back on, showing the empty alley. “For about five minutes, it went blank and then just came back on like nothing happened.”

Barnes leans back in her chair, “So, our killer can break someone’s neck with their bare hands and manipulate the camera feed. Who on Earth could do this?”

The dogs in their kennels are throwing a fit as Ilias walks out into the clinic lobby from her office. It sure seems that they are barking at someone.

Ilias looks around the room, but then something draws her back towards her office.

Meanwhile, inside her office, Marja poofs inside. She begins to look around the office, “So this is where she works? Ilias. Even her name sounds sexy.” She walks behind the desk and sees some of the photos Ilias has of herself. “Look how photogenic she is.”

Suddenly, a phone begins to vibrate somewhere.

“What’s that sound?” she asks. Marja leans down, “It sounds like it’s coming from right here,” she says as she opens the drawer. However, her attention isn’t drawn to the phone. It’s drawn to a University ID card.

The ID card has Aubrey’s face on it.

“What does she have this for?” she wonders out loud. She hears a noise and quickly puts the ID card back but can’t close the drawer before Ilias walks into the room.

Ilias walks around to her desk, sees the draw open, and even sees that the ID card has been moved from its spot. She lets out a sigh and slowly pushes the drawer shut.

“You probably shouldn’t have come in here,” Ilias says. Marja is standing by, knowing full well that the human can’t see her, but the statement causes her some confusion. Who was she talking to?

Ilias scoffs, “And now we have a problem.”

She slowly turns her head until she looks Marja right in the eyes. Marja’s smile slowly fades when she realizes that Ilias can see her.

Ilias smirks and moves in on Marja.



Salia (Ilias’ Ghost)  TARJA KINGSTON


Lady of the Lake   MARY ELLEN HARRISON


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